Hola mis amigos,

Hope everyone is fine and doing well.

I did a really nice slow crap yesterday morning. It was really built up since Saturday and I was suffering.
I really like my slow poops, even though they take a long time. When I first sat, I started peeing. By the time the dribbles stopped, I could feel the first turd squeezing out. It was thick, but smooth. I heard it plop loudly into the toilet as I exhaled a little. The next turd came after some minutes of pushing. It was also big and splatted down on top of the other. I knew that the first turd was a big one because the second one splatted on top before hitting the water. Nu was already up and about and had just taken a shower. She stuck her head in and asked if I wanted some coffee. I nodded yes because I hadn't had my morning dose yet.
"'Smells nasty in here," she said, handing me a cup.
"Yup," I answered.
I grunted, and another plop splatted down.
She was standing in the doorway naked and sipping her coffee when a loud crackling sound came from my butt followed by a hard one.
"Paaa-Lop!" Nu said giggling, setting her cup down on the counter by the sink.
"Ummnnnhhhh," I moaned softly.
"Big one?"
"Nnnnyeah…. I haven't taken a poop since Friday," I replied. I could feel more turds inside of me.
"Yuck, you stink," Nu said, wetting her toothbrush and applying some Crest.
A few minutes passed as I sat studying a broken fingernail. Nu was still brushing when---
For a moment, all I could hear was the sound of her toothbrush going at her teeth. Now I could smell fresh shit and minty toothpaste. Those two elements combined make a really horrible smell.
Now, that was a big one.
"Peww!" Nu said, still scrubbing away at her teeth. (she's got the whitest teeth on the planet).
More minutes passed as we made small talk about work, and what we were going to make for dinner etc. Nu spit and rinsed as I squeezed out another.
"Are you still going?" she said, smiling from ear to ear.
"Yeah. I feel like I've got a pound left in me."
Nu then began rubbing lotion over her chest. She started covering her arms, then moved down to her t???y before slipping on a bra.
My butt made some little wet farting sounds as more squeezed out. I farted louder and grunted. By then, I needed to fan the air between my legs.
"Eeeewww, that stinks," I said.
"Don't send it my way!" Nu said while slipping on a pair of undies, then pulling them up over her hips. We were out of air freshener too, so that means I had to open the window when I was through. I stood up to look at what I'd done, then pulled off some TP. The toilet was just full of turds. You could barely see any water at all. One big thick brown one on the bottom, very long and bent in half. The second was long, but not as thick and lay bent over on the top. There was so much poop.
"That's gross," Nu mumbled while craning her head over to steal a peek.
"Yeah, but I feel much better."
When I flushed, I could see that it clogged. The water was dark brown and rising to the top of the rim. So, I had to turn off the water to the toilet, plunge, then turn it back on for a second try. Trust me, nothing smells worse than plunged poo! I had to do it 3 times before the toilet was flushing normally again. After everything was okay, I sat back down on the pot to wipe my butt. The TP flushed ok.

Hasta luego todos,

Suspicious Stains
Hi, i'm Dan, 23, and my girlfriend recently moved in with me about 4 months ago. I noticed about 1 month ago while i was doing laundry that several pairs of my girlfriend's underwear have stains in them, if you know what i'm talking about. When i first noticed i just brushed it aside and ignored it, then later figured they were just skid marks, perhaps from not wiping thoroughly. Then yesterday, i was doing more laundry, when i got a look at a couple of pairs where it was just impossible for the stain to just be from not wiping thoroughly...just the size and color of some of the stains made me seriously think...has she been pooping in her pants? i snatched a pair as evidence, a white one, that really backs up my case. the panties have a large, faint brown stain that takes up the entire seat and goes into the crotch, and has skid marks all up the back and a little on the waiste band. i'm sorry, but i find it hard to believe that that mess could come from just not wiping. it looks to me like she has some bad diahrreah one day and wound up going in her pants. does anybody have any suggestions of how i might ask her about this?

Heyy Everyone! I've been a lurker for quite some time but never had the time to actually finish a post! I, like Megan, Kris, Lexi, and Cady, have an extremely large bladder. My friends and others who happen to be in thee bathroom at the time, just stand in awe, or snicker. I have always been sumwhat proud of my superior bladder. Anyway, I several posts 4 u.

One day my boyfriend and I decided to drive to florida. Well, about 6 hours into the trip i felt an urge to pee. Well since I have great control i decided to wait even tho there was a reststop 2 miles away. An hour later, slight discomfort, but nothing i couldnt handle. Yet another had passed and i was getting desperate. But i was too shy to tell my bf. So i waited. 2 hours later, unbearable! But, again, i decide to wait, and an hour and a half later, i could not waste another minute holding it, "babe, we need to stop! i gotta pee sooooo bad!" he said"sorry sugar, not another reststop 4 about 56 miles", !!!.
I was at the point where i was clutching my stomach with one hand, the other tightly holding my crotch. My pussy was burning, and tears rolled down my face, then i sed "pull over!" he did i got out, but b4 i got my jeans down, i flooded mah jeans in front of the whole highway, i peed for 6 minutes straight. my bf told me it was alright, and we pulled over at the next restop to get cleaned up.

Another time, I was working as a waitress, but we were far to busy for me to take my much needed pee. 14 hours of holdin(i did not gett a chance to piss b4 my shift) and my shift was done. I was just dying for a pee, but then i thot, "Casiie, be naughty", so i played the holding game. When i got home, i went straight to bed, but had little sleep since i had to go so bad. In the morning, around 11, i headed off to work, not until i was half way ther did i realize how bad i had to go! Casiie, be calm" i sed to myself, and as soon as i got ther, i headed to the bathroom. A customer went in right ahead of me, as she walked she was holding her crothed, and wiggling all over, i knew she haddda go to, but there was only 2 stalls, one occupied, so she quickly raced ahead of me, but at the same time, another stall opened. I peed and peed and peed, like i have NEVER peed before, i looked at my watch, 4 minutes so far, and this girl next to me was still peeing, i finally finish after 9 minutes, and we stopped around thhe same time, we both got out n washed our hands, then suddenly she grans her crotch, she wasnt done, she sed, and runs into the stall, i stay curiously, and she pees 4 another 5 and a half minutes, n ill tell ya i thot she was fillin the missisippi river from scratch, we wound up bcoming friends, and she tells me its always a long pee 4 her, wow, i wud like to witness this gal pee, well gotta run, plenty more posts 4 later

does anyone have any stories about massive diarrhea accidents, if so, post them, thanks.

Elli I liked your story about the library dump with your friend. But i think i liked her dump more because i think it's cool that she could sit for 20minutes pooping all the time and still release the "main" turd after pooping so much and for so long time!! i would love to hear more of your stories with long shits!

TO THUNDER DOWN UNDER - No, it wasn't the same episode. That problem I had at work with the urge that kept going away was like 10 years ago. My recent problem was last week. I think I eat a pretty balanced diet, and I normally have a BM every day, but it just seems like about once every three months or so I get really plugged up. I haven't been able to trace it to any particular food. I normally take some Correctol and it fixes me right up. I usually don't go the enema route unless my stool is really big and hurting me. I don't have any enema equipment but I usually keep a Fleet enema on hand if I need it.
TO FRUSTRATED IN FLORIDA - Try taking one Correctol each night before bed starting with the night before you meet your b/f. The usual dose is up to three but that is too much for most people. If that doesn't do it, go up to two. I usually take one as a "preventative measure" if I haven't had a BM for more than two days, and then if I feel like I have to go but can't, I'll go up to two. Good luck, if this doesn't work then try an enema.

super pooper
ok this is my first post...but i have been reading for a few weeks now and decided that i will post this...Ever since i have moved down here to college i have not been eating very good so i have been having soft poop, and i was really starting to miss my big hard long ones. SSo this weekend i went to the store and bought some fruits and ???? and started eating. i had one more soft poop on saturday morning, i guess i had to get that last poo out of my system. but i have not been since its been the rest of saturday, sunday, and so far today and i just ate dinner and can feel a big hard log down there so i would say i have about five minutes before i will be rushing to the toilet. I am going to take a mirror in there this time(i read a few stories about people doing that) i will be sure to come back and let you know how things came out lol...i will post again as soon as i get out!

EmoGirl good stories for today.

Anon: I have done a lot of experiments. Yes, I can hold over a litre, when I am extremely desperate to the point of almost wetting myself. I'm 18, 5 feet 7 inches and about 150 pounds.


AJ :o)
Hi Again!

I took off for awhile, thanks to other things to do and a computer that wouldn't let me online for over two weeks (UGH! Need a new motherboard, which I can ill afford at this time, because it costs much more than a time--Yeah! I'm a poet and I know it!).

The last time I posted here, I was trying to get hold of this friend who does a lot of handy work for my family and me.

I would later find out that his wife was in intensive care after suffering a stroke, and she would end up passing away.

My toilet seat was about to bite the dust, but I wasn't about to ask Charlie to come over and fix it at this time in his life when he's worn out and grieving--and not in too good of health, himself.

He wants to get back into things now, so he plans on coming over and doing some work for my mom and me sometime this week.

Please keep him and his family in your prayers and positive, loving thoughts.

Back to what happened to the toilet seat...

I could feel it cracking apart more and more.

My original plans were to put this seat in the trash and replace it with a seat on a non-working toilet in my second bathroom (and just find some kind of cheap seat to put on the latter).

But I couldn't get the seat on the non-working toilet undone--and neither could a friend who came out to work on it and replace the seat.

So, we ended up getting a seat that (even with tax) was just some change over six dollars, and I love it.

That nasty seat I had in my main bathroom before had split apart, and I told Bud that I now had a prison-style toilet--which was fine for number one, but that I wasn't looking forward to having to poop, which I, eventually, would.

Anyway, Bud got me all fixed up, and I was really pleased with this toilet seat.

It's white and made of molded wood--and so easy to clean.

My other seat (and its two "brothers" before it) cost three times as much, and it was just fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, making it easy to come apart.

Charlie had tried to reinforce it, but that didn't keep it from coming apart.

And the mess!!!

Don't even get me started!!!

That toilet seat (made to look as if it were made of stained wood) was a filth-magnet!

I couldn't keep it clean--I couldn't even get it clean!!!

This new seat wipes up in a jiffy--with the big test being the next time (after it was put on) I had a monthly period.

Nothing stuck to the bottom of the seat that I couldn't wipe away.

The other seat had a history of every monthly period I'd ever had since putting the seat on, because it just would let go of so much filth with the rest ingrained and/or becoming like barnacles.

I could be more detailed in my description, but I really don't think that I need to, as I'm sure that you could just imagine a toilet seat like this! UGH!

Graet story Todd, keep them coming. I love it when a guy has an accident. You know you can't stop it once it starts so you just follow through like your friend did.

TO EmoGirl:
Impressive jobbies! I think Anne, the English Bus Driver, would smile at that little account.
BTW... Can we have a few more details? ex. How thick they were, how long they took to come out & the effort you had to put into it, the number of wipes to clean up... and so on.

TO HisLilPeeMonster:
You've done what I'm sure uncounted thousands of other people have wanted to do to annoying neighbours. I say, BRAVO!!!!!!!

(But needless to say, careful you don't get caught. If I had the balls to do multiple dumps on an aggravating neighbours porch, I wouldn't want the story to come out in court.)


I have a survey for you all.
1. What is better, the thrill of relieving a full bladder, or taking a huge, good shit? full bladder
2. What was the longest piss you took? 9 and a half minutes
3. What was the longest you have ever held your pee? 28 hours
4. How long for a poop? 5 hours
5. Do you have a large or small bladder? large
6. Have you ever had an accident because a teacher or parent denied you permission? no
7. Have you ever had an accident because of a traffic jam? yes, both pee and poop 3 diff. times, but thats a post 4 another time.
8. Have you ever peed in a container? yes
9. (For the Gals) Have you ever stood up to take a piss or used a urinal, please explain your technique. yes, just pull ur pussy up spread the lips and aim
10. (For the Guys) Would you rather see a girl pee or poo?
Thanx. The answeres next to the questions are mine
posts 4 the day!
one time i was driving on the highway and there was a huge traffic backup. I had drank a lotta water and really had to pee. i was squeezing my crotch, and clutching my stomach. just when i thot it could not get any worse, it did. I got this huuuuuuge urge to poop! Losing total control, i felt the slimy, greasy shit slide out into my thong. it slid out of my pink thong, and into my jeans and became very squished. I realized it was diareahh, and it just kept coming and coming and coming! Shit poured out of my ass for about 10 to 15 minutes. Because of this, I totally gave up and my bladder opened. Pee gushed everywhere, and I was peeing for about 6 - 7 minutes. The odor was unbearable, and as soon as all this happened, trafficed moved!

Gotta pee and shit real bad, so more posts later. Buh bye. Love to all. Oh No! I lost it, I'll post about this tomorrow. Bye, ooooh, it feels good

Hey everybody Im new here. I don't have anything relly too post but I have a request. Has enyone ever played tackle footbal and pooped their pants either while tackling someone, being tackled? If so please post the stories.

Hello from me in L.A.

Soz that ive been off latly, not much on my end, but hers some stuff...

In my first post i said that i 'pee alot'
No one seemed to understand what i meant, what i meant was that i have a bladder disorder making me pee more then normal

I tried the peeing style that my friend told me, it was uncomfortable and gave no advantages

I took my kids to the movies yesterday
On the car-trip there my daughter seemed to have to pee, she was shifting in her seat and stuff.
When we got there i asked, as any good parent would, if anyone had to pee, she didn't no that i was on to her.
She said no.
During the film she shifted more ugently and started to hold her self.
After i said again, Does anyone have to pee, me my son and my hubby [lol] all went, my daughter stayed.
On the ride home it looked as if her bladder was going to burst.
I offered to pull over if she had to pee, she said that she was ok,.
She was smart enough to realise that her saying that meant that she couldn't run to the toilet the second that we got home.
When we were home, my son went into the toilet.
In 0.5 minutes my daughter banged on the door and yelled to go in, i came to see what was going on and just as i got there she peed herself

Did me post about the roadside peeing get posted or not?

Tim. I had an experience like yours several years ago, although I don't think cheap wine was to blame. It's called an ambush motion and can catch the unwary out when they're least expecting it. You could say it was one of the hazards of standing to pee. At least women are safely on the pot as a rule and so if an unexpected motion occurs it just drops harmlessly into the toilet. I wonder how many women here have gone to the loo only expecting to do #1 only to find that they've ended up doing a #2 as well?

Uncle Al. I can't help feeling sorry for you, and your poor female teacher colleague. It wouldn't surprise me if toilet facilities for teachers in schools on both sides of the Atlantic were more often than not woefully inadequate. It wouldn't surprise me if a number of teachers tried to organise their routines so that the need for #2 was dealt with at home either before or after school. Most will almost certainly have to go to pee at some point during the day inless they've got exceptional bladders.

Best wishes to all

Michael explosive diarrhea
Lately I have been having large healthy bowel movements.I have gone on a diet to lose a couple of pounds.I've been eating foods high in fiber like,weight watchers cereal,apples,vegetables,grains,pastas,and bran muffins.I went to the supermarket with my mom to pick up some groceries.
Shopping for food,the urge to take take a crap became stronger and stronger.I told my mom I was headed for the restrooms.I got into the restroom and headed for the last stall.The other one was occupied by somebody else who was straining for a bowel movement.I locked the door and covered the toilet with a seat protector.I proceeded to pull down my jeans and boxers just below my knees and began to shit.I farted and pushed out a long thick turd. It was about 17 inches long and 2 inches thick.1 wipe was necessary and then I flushed the beast away.I just want to know if there are any other foods that are very high in fiber.

My name is Tate. I'm an 18 yr old male. The other day i took a dump in school. I dropped my pants and my briefs, sat on the toilet, and slowly let a turd slide out of my ass. It felt so good that I sighed, "Ahhhhhhhhh" out loud. Good thing no one else was in the restroom at the time. When I looked back I noticed that it was about a foot long. No wonder it felt so great!

I thought I'd start off by saying hello to everyone. I'm a male aged between 13 and 16. I'm pretty small at a bit over 45 kg (keep this in mind), and reasonably smart. I've been lurking here for a very long time (probably four years or more) and have even made a couple of posts, but never under this name.

The general consensus here seems to be that females have a larger bladder capacity than males, but I'm not entirely sure I believe that. Everything I've seen seems to suggest that males' bladders should be larger, but from what I've seen here, women seem to be able to hold longer and pee more than males, so I devised a theory, based on nothing but anecdotal evidence.

I'm an only child, and my parents don't seem to have the highest opinion of urinating outdoors. So, without as much outside influence as most boys, I can't even remember the last time I peed outside (and I mean that quite literally; it is very possible that I never have. I'll use a bathroom even if it's some distance away or rather unclean), and now I'm able to go for a lot longer than most people without having to use the bathroom. I'm not sure that my bladder has actually gotten bigger, but I do think perhaps that I have better control of my reflexes than most, and I have a feeling that I could wait until my bladder exploded where most others would wet their pants. I've gone more than 24 hours without using the bathroom, but I've never really made an intentional effort to hold it in for as long as I could.

On the other hand, it's not quite as socially accepted for females to pee outside, and so they probably exercise their bladder capacity more. Now I can't say if this is actually true or not, but at least it seems reasonable to me. What do you think?

Anyway, being the curious person that I am, I decided to measure how much urine I can hold. I thought it would be awkward to try and use a container, and it would certainly raise questions with my parents if discovered, but I don't think that the amount of time spent peeing is an accurate way of measuring either. So I decided to weigh myself before and after urinating.

I drank about a litre of iced tea (I drink quite a bit, too), waited four hours until I was feeling a bit uncomfortable (I'm going to have to try this again, waiting until I'm positively desperate), weighed myself (I weighed 47.0 kg), urinated, and weighed myself again (This time I weighed 46.0). Assuming that pee has the same density as water, that's exactly 1000 ml. That seemed like quite a bit, particularly since I could have gone quite a bit longer. Unfortunately, I can't find any reasonably consistent statistics about bladder capacity on the internet, nor could I find to many people who posted here, but I know there are quite a few. I still get the impression that this is high, though, particularly given how small I am.

Anyway, I was quite happy with this method of measuring bladder capacity, as it's about as simple as it gets but still reasonable. I'd recommend it if you've been afraid to pee in a container just to measure it. Soon I'm going to try doing this again after holding it even longer.

Mr. Clogs
Hey everybody, it's Mr. Clogs again, hope everyone is doing well. Well this weather were I'm from has been a soggy mess here. I taking it in stride, oh let get on with my post here!

Monday (yesterday), I amazed myself on how long I could hold in my pee and crap in! Considering the tea that I drink, it works like a laxative so you all know what that does w/o going into detail. Anyways, I got at the school were I'm doing some training at. Now you had to get a key to get in. Figuring I do my morning routine, there were no keys to the bathroom so this disrupted my routine! I said no problem i just hold it in. So as time went by, the pressure kept building up and causing some discomfort. As soon as breaktime came by and the keys were out. I made a run for the toilet! So made my way to the stall, unzipped my jeans, slide my tighty whites a bit and proceeded to pee into the urinal. felt so good to get that out. I must of been standing there peeing for like 2 minutes, no kidding. I felt better and zipped up, washed my hands and exited the bathroom and put the key back.

EmoGirl: Damn EmoGirl! That's some seriously large turds! Wow! Did it hurt while it came out of you. I know it would of hurt down there for me. Thanks for posting.

PeeMonster: Hey, when you get a chance, could you post that experience. I guess you neighbor is getting what is coming. Sounds like a neighbor from hell. Surprises are so sweet! Have fun!

Punk Rock Girl: Sounds like a football player's diet! All those good foods adnd not able to get things in motion becomes a big problem. Maybe take a laxative or something to loosen up things. Hope this helps.

cheryl: Hey, how's it going? Its been a while. Great posts as usual, yeah turing that pretty blue water green by your beutiful golden yellow stream into the toilet's bowl is a really cool thing. Were do find such amazing rest stops to use? I meant to ask you this, do you cover the seat of the toilet when you sit down to pee or crap? As always, great posts. Thanks.

Venus and Mike: Haven't heard from you in a while, hope things are going ok.

Well enoughs said, got to go and I'll check back sometime. Take care.--Mr. Clogs

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