Last weekend my friend and I went on a hike together. It was a beautiful, sunny day. The hike was long, but not particularly difficult, and towards the middle of the hike I noticed my friend squirming like she needed to go to the bathroom really badly. I needed to go too, and since she was clearly to shy to tell me she needed to use the bathroom, i said, "anne, I need to pee." she looked nervously up at me. "Where are you going to pee?" she asked me, and i responded by telling her that i was going to pee behind the bushes over a bit. She told me to go ahead, she'd wait on the path for me. Right was i was pulling my pants down, Anne came to me and said "what the hell, i need to shit SO badly!" so i pulled down my pants and stood behind one bush and peed, and she, where i couldn't see her, squatted behind another bush and took a shit. At first she released some serious gas, then what sounded kind of liquidy came out, followed by lots of grunting and straining. When she was done we got back on the hike.

I just took a huge dump.
I didn't even know I could hold that much. 2 logs, about 12-14 inches long. They were HUGE!
It felt so good I feel really empty now.


My first public wee was when everyone was watching me squatting in the parking lot. It felt so good to just squat and just wee on the gravelly road. Then one guy just asked me out, after watching me go wee wees!
Bye for now
Kirsten xxxx

Guess my other thing didn't get posted cuz it has a link in it.

To unknown poster: Yeah, I've had the stomach flu, but it came from upstairs and not downstairs O_o I guess barfing isn't as bad as diarreah!(It sure was then...)

Well, I've got no stories, except that I haven't to pee right now. Ciao 4 now!

Funny story. I was playing tackle football with my friends yesterday. Near the end of the game, the other team was driving and about to tie the game. On third down and 7 their quarterback threw a pass over the middle to his receiver, and being the middle linebacker, it was my job to break up the play. I came at him with a full head of steam and nailed him right in the stomach. When he hit the ground I heard him say "Oh shit!" I thought was hurt, but then I heard the crinkling sound of a poo coming out. He tried to get up but when he got on his feet he just stood there and crapped his pants. His pants really started to bulge out as he pushed more and more out into his briefs. He waddled over to a bathroom and cleaned up as best he could. He seemed embarrassed, but no one really cared. We're all friends, so we all had a good laugh about it. By the way, he dropped the pass when I hit him, and they ended up turning the ball over on downs the next play so we won.

OK Ive been reading here for a while now but never posted so thought I'd post something that happened to me a few years back.

It was the last day in the office for a few of us who had been working on a temporary contract so the manager brought in some wine and snacks. Had a couple of drinks of wine (rather cheap tasting) and some crisps. All was OK till the end of work we then went over the road to the pub for a few more drinks. After about 30 mins I felt the urge to pee so went into the toilet to the urinal and started peeing after a while I let out a fart only to find that some runny stuff followed through so I went in to the cubicle and let out some more. This happened to me another time that night too. I just found it strange as there was no feeling of needing a crap and just came when I pissed think it must have been the cheap red wine. This ever happened to anyone else? HAd the runs without cramps?

I saw a post by Amy asking what foods make the biggest, widest stools. You mentioned that you want to make a really hard wide stool for your boyfriend on his birthday, well this may be a way to do it:
I found this out when I tried the Adkins diet. This is a diet that really works, I lost 10 pounds, you eat just protein foods like meat, cheese, bacon, anything like that but no bread, sugars or sweets.
Well it works well, but many people get constipated. I got constipated big time. Having a really hard stool going to the toilet is a draw back to this diet. I almost always have a struggle with my bowel movements. I only go once every 4 to 7 days and have to strain out hard wide stools that really hurt.
My boyfriend, when he comes over, likes to watch me while I sit there and strain and moan. He seems to get excited with this process I go through. When I am done, he looks in the toilet to see the size and gives me a big hug saying "Wow, you did it girl!". I clog the toilet every time!
So when I was on that diet, I went 11 days without going to the toilet. The diet does not seem to leave much residue to produce bulk. The stool just collected in my rectum, hard pieces slowly build up and packed into a hard wide mass. This was happening so slowly that I didn't realize it. When I did go, bf was there listening outside the bathroom door. I sat there on the toilet for about a half hour or more pushing, taking deep breaths, really pushing down hard. But it was so wide that it just would not come out. I was stretched wide open with the big stool trying to open me even more. I sat there all red in the face and my butt hurting terribly. I finally had to help it out. Using tp on my finger I picked it out, one piece at a time until it I could finally force some ky jelly in there and rub it around. Then it finally came out. He loved it.

Hope your boyfriend likes his present when you push it out.

Almost had an outdoor accident today, but luckily made it in to my place in the nick of time. I do hate cleanups though.

Nathan, Why feel guilty about having a need that everone has. Would you feel guilty about taking a piss? The only thing that makes it feel weird is that society doesn't talk about something everybody does.

Hello everyone!
Yet another buddy-dump with a woman to report! It's been a weird month-and-a-half or so!
Me and some friends who run the road took a 3 day break from work - our bosses told us we worked hard and deserved a break with pay - so we were all in a good mood. We decided to take a trip to a lake and camp there and get nicely wasted for a couple of nights. We'd all been there before but never to stay over night, and I'd never used the facilities there. About 6PM or so I decided to go chop off a log. I headed for the port-a-jons. I noticed something strange: they were wider than usual ones with an equally wide door. I opened one up and then understood: these were 3 seater units! No stalls, no doors, just 3 seats with a lever between each. The one on the far right had a broken lever, so I took the one on the far left.
I had eaten some spicy Mex food at lunch that day, so I had a bit of a fire block happening. As I pushed out the first log, the door opened abruptly and in stumbled a woman about 40 years old I'd guess. She seemed to not be the shy type and she had obviously been there before as she was not the least bit surprised regarding the no-privacy situation! She sat on the seat to the far right - the one that the broken lever - and as soon as she was seated she started farting and grunting. I had finished but was still suffering the "ring of fire" symptoms, which makes it feel like you still have to shit. She continued to struggle, farting really tightly and half standing up for levreage I guess. Out of the corner of my eye at one point when she flexed herself up I saw a short brown stump emerging from her ass and it moved a bit. I started to wipe but then got a second wave. I pushed lightly and a huge pile of HOT HOT HOT diarhea came out. It burned so bad coming out but it felt sooo good when finished. The woman looked over at me and said "I wish I had YOUR problem!" and laughed. I laughed back, but she was instantly back to grunting. She said "I think I might be here a while!", but then she stiffened and her mouth opened and I heard at least - no word of lie - 30 splashes as I was wiping round two. I said "THAT sounded like a good pipe cleanout!" She said sorry and I said no worries - we all do it!Just as we both finished wiping and I stood up another woman dashed in and yanked her shorts down and started dumping out a river! She was already wiping by the time the other woman and I were re-panted and ready to leave. I couldn't help but look over to the far-right bowl that couldn't flush - she had tried and then said "Oh shit" and laughed when she realized it wasn't doing anything. There was SOOOOOOOO much shit in that bowl it could have choked a whale! Sorry to be gross but it was pretty amazing!
Anyway, I walked with her until I reached our campsite. She was there camping alone about 4 sites up and said we should join her for some drinks later. I told her maybe but the guys and I decided to try our luck at fishing down off the wharf instead.
One thing I've definitely noticed - women seem to talk to their fellow shitters. In gender-separated washrooms, men almost never talk to each other. I don't know if all women do, but the three who I have spoken of seem to! We'll see what goes from here! Interesting to say the least!

Uncle Al
Hello everyone. I have an embarassing story to share with you all that happened yesterday. I feel so bad about what happened and I don't know what to do. I am a teacher in an elementary school. I am a 30 year old male. Well, anyway yesterday we had a couple of substitutes in our building , no big deal. One of them was a young perhaps college age or fresh out of college girl who was rather cute. Now, let me explain our bathroom situation. There are exactly 2 toilets to service the entire staff in our school. One is in the faculty room with a broken lock. So you have to knock, and it's tough to poop in there because everyone can hear you if you have diarrhea or something like that. In addition, men and women share the bathroom because it only takes one person at a time. The other bathroom is in the hallway of the first floor near the main office and across the hall form a second grade classroom. I usually use this one, because it seems to offer a bit more privacy and the lock on this door works perfectly. So... yesterday at around 12:40, I headed to "my" hallway toilet. As I usually do I gave a quick knock knock on the door out of courtesy even though I know the lock works (in retrospect, I realize I that I knocked very quickly). I did not get a reply but I didn't wait too long either. I then opened the door and to my surprise the substitiute teacher girl was on the toilet, pants and panties way down and had the open mouth shocked look on her face. Also, as soon as the door opened, I was hit with an unbelieveably strong smell of poop. The room is small and offers no ventilation, and it was clear that this poor lady was in the midst of a rough poop or propably diarrhea. I don't think she felt well because I noticed she had a hand rubbing and clutching her belly. When I noticed her, I was shocked and just kind of said "oh" and tried desperately to get out and leave her alone. Unfortunalely the door to the bathroom has an air shock and closes very slowly. As I backed out of there she tried to cover up while she jumped off of the toilet to pull the door shut. Of course, the stupid door is heavy and slow. At this point I was already walking away when I heard a bunch of students in the second grade class yell oh, and whoa, look oooh. The second grade students saw her pooping after I did. I feel so bad about what happened. I really feel terrible and have been thinking about it all day. That poor girl must have been the most embarassed she has ever been. I wanted to apologize but decided to leave the situation alone. I just wish she understood how sorry I was, especially since the kids saw her. The only thing that I can say is that I know the lock works on that door but obviously it was not locked. Maybe she had to go so bad that she forgot to lock it or she thought it was locked. Who knows. I can only imagine how she felt. It's another reason that I feel our society ought to think about drastically improving restroom facilities. Please post any feedback that you may have.

I had so much pain and struggling with this one that I had to ask Has anyone plopped one out the size of a baseball bat before?

PeeMonster (the artist formerly known as HisLilPeeMonster LOL)
Postman: It sure shuts em up quickly! I'm going to attempt the enema ordeal tonight.. her dog's been tied up and barking for about 5 hours straight. I'm irritated and think she deserves a nice gift LOL
I'll let you know how it goes!

Hey Guys,

This is a story when I was about five or six. My older sister and went to the park one day because I was bored and my friend Alex usually played there. She was babysitting me since my parents were on a trip. Anyway, Alex was there and we played for about and hour or two. We were thirsty so spent about five minutes at the drinking fountain plus both of us shared a water bottle. So were both kept playing and I started to have to pee. He said he did too. We both ignored it for a while, but the pressure got bigger. We stopped playing because I was afraid that my sister would take me home to go to the bathroom. The park was next to a small woods so Alex and I decided to go and pee there. Once we were a good distance into the woods, we had built a fort back there and the knew the woods well, we made of a game to see who could hold it the longest. Whoever won would get a candybar. So we waited for what seemed like forever. I really had to go and started to feel very uncomfortable. I grabbed my penis to try and hold it better. Alex had done the same. But him grabbing his penis too, I could tell that his was bigger than mine. Sort of embarrest, I turned away. By this time we were both very desperate. I told him I couldn't hold it anymore. He said to make it fair we would both go at the same time. We pulled out our penises and counted,1...2...3. He let go but I still held it cause I wanted to win. He peeded for away two minutes! Still holding my penis in my hand, was was uneasy about peeing in front of him, so when he was finally finshed, I went to the closed tree and let he fly. I peed for like 4 minutes! I was almost done when my sister came out of nowhere and asked what we were doing. She spun me around while I was still peeing and pee went flying on her. I felt so relieved that I almost forgot that she would be mad at me. She was mad! Alex and I ran away as fast as we could. Luckily she never told my parents. I'd love to hear your stories when you were a kid.

I think my live-in girlfriend is one of those mega bladder women, but I can't find a way to get her to measure it for me. She can hold it forever and always outlasts me. I offered to have a contest, but she just laughed and said that was silly. Once we went out for dinner (lots of water, wine, and coffee) and returned home to find the sewer backed up in our apartment. I thought I would get my chance, but she actually held it to the next morning and walked to a local bagel shop to use their toilet. While we were living apart, we would go on all day dates (with several bottles of water and cups of coffee) and she wouldn't go once. Even while hiking and camping she holds for many hours and usually finds a porta potty. Any suggestions for finding out her capacity?

I don't want to just time it, because I had a previous girlfriend that peed often with very long and noisy productions. While camping in a cabin one night she took this really, really long noisy pee into a small trash can. She was so proud we decided to measure it. It turned out to only be a pint and a half after measuring it.

EmoGirl - Sounds like you have tried a lot of experiments. You can hold over a liter? - wow. What is your age, height, and body build to hold that much? Are you like 6 feet tall? What do you use for a container to hold it all? Are you desperate at that point?

Cheryl - Sounds like you have a big capacity too. Ever measured it?

To Fustrated in Florida,
I was sorry to hear about your miserable experience on the weekend. You have probably read my suggestion of a enema by now; I may just explain a little more. If you have hard poo using olive oil (warmed) will soften the poo and greatly lesson the pain of expelling it.
Using something to lubricate your bottom is a good idea, thou there are more effective things than KY jelly, Olive oil or haemorrhoid cream are two I can think of. You will need a squeeze bulb enema to put the olive oil in as it probably won't run through a normal bag enema. One or two cups of oil should be plenty, then use the warm water enema to move the oil further up the bowel. Only take as much as you can comfortably, start on your left side then get on your hands and knees with your head down to allow the liquid to run down by gravity. Be prepared for leaks and be able to poo if you suddenly need to. That is if you have the enema in the bedroom, which is more comfortable, then put down plastic sheeting and have a bucket which you can poo into if suddenly get a strong urge. You may want to take another enema, warm water only, after you clear the bulk of hard poo. Pooing is also best done squatting rather than sitting on a toilet. Enemas have a undeserved reputation for being acts of torture, but this is not true and many people enjoy them. Even if you find it very uncomfortable it will be much better than the hours of pain you went through last week.
I hope you find this helpfull.
Regards Aussie John

Elli. I enjoyed reading about the dump you shared with your friend Anne in the libaray toilets. It sounds as though your need was onviosly more urgent than hers as you soon got started and you said it took her five minutes to get the first logs out. She sounds very fussy though, wiping the seat before use, unless it was in the sort of state where it really needed to be wiped!

Punk Rock Girl. Re your post about constipation. We all get constipated sometimes and going two or three days without a motion isn't really anything to get too worried about. In an otherwise healthy person, nature usually sorts the problem out sooner or later. Looking at the list of things you'd eaten I'm not surprised you were bunged up. Cheese seemed to feature prominently on your list and much as I love it I find it very constipating.

Best wishes to all

Hi FRUSTRATED IN FLORIDA....sounds like a bad case of constipation. The Ducolax suppositories seem to suggest that. I would really recommend an enema. They are good because they do not introduce any chemicals that might irritate the bowel. You could also explain the situation to a chemist...some laxatives are better than others, but people still can react badly and if you are really constipated there is pain. Hot packs etc are good for pain relief. I think it sounds like you have to "knock constipation on the head" as soon as it may be apparent...leaving it a day may make it worse. Have you tried prune cleans me out!
Your b/f sounds great!!! Maybe he could rub your stomach... that might also help....How were you when you got home? If all returned to normal maybe you might have irritable bowel syndrome? Maybe your bowels are shutting down due to the sub conscious fact that you will be dumping in front of another person? The best way to solve that problem is to recognise it and keep trying and you will certainly come round. The fact that you went through all the indignity etc on the weekend may make next time easier. Stick with it!

Hi FRUSTRATED IN FLORIDA....sounds like a bad case of constipation. The Ducolax suppositories seem to suggest that. I would really recommend an enema. They are good because they do not introduce any chemicals that might irritate the bowel. You could also explain the situation to a chemist...some laxatives are better than others, but people still can react badly and if you are really constipated there is pain. Hot packs etc are good for pain relief. I think it sounds like you have to "knock constipation on the head" as soon as it may be apparent...leaving it a day may make it worse. Have you tried prune cleans me out!
Your b/f sounds great!!! Maybe he could rub your stomach... that might also help....How were you when you got home? If all returned to normal maybe you might have irritable bowel syndrome? Maybe your bowels are shutting down due to the sub conscious fact that you will be dumping in front of another person? The best way to solve that problem is to recognise it and keep trying and you will certainly come round. The fact that you went through all the indignity etc on the weekend may make next time easier. Stick with it!

oh my god... i just took the srap of my life. i was sittin here checking my email when i felt something move in my intetines, judgement day was about to arrive, so i packed up my fav book, band of brothers, and headed off to the loo. mine is an outside hole-in-the-ground as u might say, so i trekked outside in my boots and into the shak. and i lowered my paants i sat on a chair that i cut a hole through for the turds, i could feel as if i was going to have a baby. as i put down my book (i thought i could drop this load quikely)the massive beast was at the portal waiting to go through. as i strained to get this enormous rock hard excrement out of my cave i soon realized that was only the begining of my adventure, cuz as if on cue my hole opened about 1inch and this massive beast within minutes was on the ground of my outhouse. and here i start again. well another 6 large turds were escaping through my bum through lots of pushing, i farted and they stunk up a storm. at my last leg of the bm race i realized i had only minutes to go. as i pushed and strained the last 2 mondos eased theyre way out of my ass-hole. and i was finally empty. another day another poop.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Has any ever felt uncomfortable going poop in a public place like a college dorm for example?

So the other night i was sitting in my dorm studying for mid terms when the feeling came over me. I had the urge to take a massive dump. So i put my books down, walked into the bathroom opened up the stall and sat down. It started with a big fart the kind you pray that no one hears. After that it was like my bowels were opened. I shit about 6 4inch turds. after the deed was done i wiped and went back to more dorm room that is all

Outdoor Jenny
Hey Everyone!!

Well we were at a party the other night and we had been drinking beer and eating greasy food. About 2 hours into the party i could feel a greasy poo making its way down my stomach and i knew it wouldnt be long before i had an accident. I was wearing a light blue sweater with a long skirt that cut all the up to my lower thy. There wre 3 people ahead of me inline and i knew i couldnt wait that long, i went out onto their deck. Desperate times call for desperate measures....i sat on the deck with my vagina and butt hanging over the edge, my skirt pulled up and panties to my knees...i was relaxing waiting for it to come out when another girl came out too. She said the beer got to her and had to pee soooo bad. I said "i'm sorry but im about to explode", she said" poop away, everyone does it." I let out a fart and ten mushy pecies of poo shoot out of my butt onto the grass below. As I was having this massive poo the lady sat up on the deck to pee but her vagina facing out...she spread her legs, pulled her thong aside, lifted her clit and peed like i have never seen before....She said "man this feels good." AS i agreed with her i knew i wasnt doen, i had a long 13 second zipper fart with some really chunky poo. She all of the sudden finsihed peeing, said " I think i have a lil poo in there as well" She was wasted keep in mind...She held her legs up stuck her butt out a little more, farted and squeezed out two meduim turds. She was done, she used some napkins wiped and left. I continued pooping for a few more minutes....All that time no one except that girl knew what we did....It was fun and exciting to see her pee like that....until next time


HisLilPeeMonster- Great story about your neighbor. I have a neighbor from hell too, so maybe I should try that.

I just finished my morning dump, and it came out thick, soft, and long. I've been eating a lot of whole grain bread lately, and I've noticed the difference in my BM's. Might be worth trying for anybody whose constipated .

Bye for now.

PRG- GOOD to hear from you, a long time reader and no posts- well, keep reading, oldies like you always post the best good stories from everyone else to

Sarah in Calgary
Hi there,

I think that my period is going to start in about a week or so, right on schedule. Since I have troubles each month with having diarrhea just before and during my period, last month in particular, I've been thinking about trying out Poise Pads, or even Depends. Any suggestions? Has anyone used either of these before? Are they any good? I use the Always Maximum Protection maxi pads right now, and ther're not too bad, but I think that I might need even better protection.

I have posted recently here before. I'm the one with the very heavy periods and I also usually have the "runs" during this time. This has occured as long as I can remember.

Thank you!

Sarah, in Calgary.

PeeMonster (the artist formerly known as HisLilPeeMonster LOL)
I've been eating tons of fruit lately. Two things I've noticed about this change in diet. 1: I have constant gas.. and 2: I poop more than I have ever pooped in my life. I'm still going 5-8 times a day and the amounts seem to be increasing over the weeks.
I'm not usually one for "accident" stories.. I prefer more the nature adventures.. pooping with a partner etc.. but I had a "first" today so I figured I'd share.. Enjoy!

I've had a stressful week. Stress for me usually equals watery poop. This morning I decide to go hiking after I dropped my son off for school... hoping this hike will relieve some stress. There are two trails on this hill.. one goes straight up to the top, the other winds around the bottom edge by the lake. I decided today to hike the bottom trail as I had never hiked it before. I figured the water would be calming etc etc. About halfway around this thing I feel one of those sudden gut churning poops coming on. I figured I could wait until I got to the first trail that would take me to a street and look for a bathroom once I was back to civilization. Bad bad idea. I hiked about another 10 minutes and by this time I was fighting to keep it in... 15 minutes further I am squirming and finding it hard to walk. I figured the next spot I found with a bunch of trees I'd give in and let loose. I guess expecting a big groups of trees on a hill by a lake is a bit much to ask. I ended up walking for another 45 minutes before I found the exit to the street. By that time I had dribbled tons of poop into my panties and work out pants.. and let a few more solid chunks slip out.
This is my first poop accident ever (that I can remember). I was rather embarrassed and hoping nobody saw the brown dribbles that had soaked through my light blue pants by that point. I had to walk two blocks north to get to the parking lot where my car was. I unlocked it and hopped in and decided there wasn't a chance in hell I was making it to a bathroom.. I ended up having a rather messy accident sitting in my car in the parking lot.
Now on a more serious note.. anyone know what will take that kind of stain out of my favorite work out pants?! LOL

Today assembly ran late. Finally everybody stood up thinking that assembly was over, but we were told to sit down. The girl behind me, named Emily, was clutching her stomach looking positively sick. THe teacher nearby looked at Emily and told her "if it's another emergancy you can just run to the bathroom, you know." and she said "thanks!" and took off. Curious, I told the teacher I had to pee and left assembly too. I entered the ladies room, and in the stall next to me was emily having terrible diarrhea. It smelled, and sounded disgusting. Finally the diarrhea stops, and I hear gagging and then retching. Then i hear a huge fart and saw diarrhea drip onto the floor. I then wiped and washed my hands and left the bathroom.

Frustrated in Florida
Hello Thunder and everyone,

Well, here's last weekends poop report. My boyfriend is well aware of my constipation problem because he has seen me straining on the toilet with nothing coming out before. It's like the rhyme about sitting brokenhearted, tryed to shit but only farted... well anyway, I went out and bought some Dulcolax suppositories this time and kept drinking a lot of fluids. I wouldn't say it was a complete success, but I guess it wasn't a complete failure either. I went over to his house Friday afternoon. I normally poo right after I get up in the morning and eat breakfast, but maybe because of the excitement about staying with him over the weekend, I didn't get the urge. I figured I would have to go Saturday morning, but I ate breakfast and drank coffee, and... nothing. I probably should have taken the hint and used one of the suppositories then, but I waited. By that evening, I could feel the bloated, crampy feeling of constipation setting in like usual. I told my boyfriend about my problems and that I wanted him to help me. I had him rub some KY jelly on my anus and insert one of the suppositories while I laid on my stomach on the bed. My insides began to make strange gurgling noises for the next 45 minutes. Finally, it felt like I had to explode, so I had him come with me and I sat down on the toilet. A wet fart escaped from my butt, but I pushed for like a half hour and nothing came out except a little bit of mucus. We were up half the night, with me on the toilet every 15 minutes, and each time nothing coming out. The pain felt like I was going to have a baby. Around 5am after another 10 minutes of straining, I got up off the toilet and felt the poo move. I quickly sat back down again and a lot of hard chunky poop finally came out, followed by some liquid. My boyfriend was very nice the whole time, petting me and wiping the sweat off my forehead while I was in pain with all the straining. I was finally able to sleep for a few hours before I was back on the toilet, with diareah about once an hour for the rest of the day. Yes, I did poop, but it was most definitely NOT fun or sexy or what I had in mind. So for now I'm still Frustrated in Florida! I'm hoping for better the weekend after this coming one, which I'll probably spend hunkering down from the hurricane that's headed here. But I don't think I'll use those laxative suppositories again. They turned a normal episode of constipation into a painful nightmare. Any other ideas? A different kind of laxative maybe? I've tried fiber and stimulants so far and neither has solved the problem. Thanks!

Love, Deb

I am Elli, 17 year old high school student. One day last week we had free period. I was in school's library with Anne. She is my classmate and best friend. I was feeling a bit gassy and my rear department was full. I took a look around and there was anyone near us. I lifted my ass cheek and let out a silent fart. Anne glanced at me and giggled. A few minutes later I farted again. I said to Anne "Oh, I must go to the toilet. To be frank with you, I need take a dump.". "I'll come join you", she said and told that it had been awhile since she had had a bm and she needed to go too".
I like use library's toilet because it is always much cleaner and less traffic than other girl's room in school. It is a perfect place to take a dump! There were 4 stalls, all vacant. One girl was washing her hands but she went away soon. I went the far stall next to the wall and closed the door. Anne entered in adjacent stall. I heard she take few sheets of toilet paper and wiped seat before she unzipped her jeans and sat down. I pulled my jeans and underpants down and sat on the toilet. As I was peeing I let out some small farts. Anne was peeing too. I leaned forward a little and looked under the wall into Anne's stall and noticed that she reached to take a book from her backpack which was lying on floor. Reading during pooping is not usual habit for me, but I do it every now and then. We had a plenty of time before next class so I followed my friend's example and took a book too. I started reading and let out some more hissing farts. I could feel my load pressing against my anus. The first part was knobby and hard. I grunted a couple of times and few small, hard pieces of poop fell in the water with loud plop. Then my poop got softer and smooth. Turd emerged out of my butt hole almost without an effort. I grunted and strained once in a while and log began sliding out slowly. It was quite thin, but long one. It hung 7-8 inches out of my butt until it finally broke off and splashed into water. I dropped 3 more about 2 - 4 inches long logs some gas between each others. Cause of reading our exertions were not very intensive. Anne had slower start. During the first five minutes all I could hear was turning pages while she was reading. But then it started happening. I didn't hear her grunting but there was a nice "splat" sound about every minute or so followed by a soft, puffing exhale. She must release at least dozen lumps because we sat there about 20 minutes. I started wiping and asked Anne was she done. "Just in a minute" she replied. Then I heard short crackling sound followed by "PLOOOMP-PLOP…AHHH" and she started wiping.

To Fustrated In Florida,
Get your boyfriend to give you a enema, that will work for sure. If you are constipated and your poo is hard use olive oil first, and make sure it is warm, about 40 degrees Celcius.
That will reduce any cramping. If you enjoy pooing and sharing it with your boyfriend you will probably enjoy the enema.
Aussie John.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO TRACYGIRL. Your post the other day suggested constipation. Is it still the samr bout of constipation.
What you did was great. Sitting on the toilet for really long periods and straining is bad for your rectum etc..could get piles or an anal fissure...I have had an anal fissure and it was PAINFUL and my one was not that bad! Even then sitting their and working so hard for no results is frustrating!
You went with nature and allowed it to work its way out in a more gentle fashion. How big was the turd..was it hard...did anything follow...with me it is often nice soft mushy poo.
A couple of years ago I had a bit of a problem where I got the urge to reaaly go but it lasted only a couple of minutes and went.. each time I was out and about and by the time I got to a toilet there was nothing so the constipation went on. I wish I was in the poistion to push it out on would have really helped me a lot..but I would be seen by too many people and it would be embarrassing etc.
Well done Tracygirl and I hope things are moving better now... by the way try not to get so constipated and an enema occasionally is such a wonderful relief.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Punk Rock Girl

Constipation from hell over the last few days came to a painful end this morning.

Thursday - opened face roast beef sandwich smothered in gravy with a side of macaroni and cheese for lunch; for dinner - more macaroni and cheese with meatloaf.

Friday - cheese, cheese and cheese.

Saturday - A hamburger for lunch, grilled chicken for dinner

Sunday - starting to worry about not taking a dump for two days. Ate v???s and fruit all day, which I had not noticed were absent from my diet the last few days.

This morning - woke up feeling bloated after three days without shitting. Ate yogurt and berries for breakfast, with a psyllium husk chaser. Planned on having Colin give me an enema this evening if necessary.

Fifteen minutes ago - The urge to crap hit me like a locomotive. One second I was just sitting at my desk drinking coffee and filing emails, the next I was clenching my buns and struggling to make it to the restroom. I entered the unise, chose the middle stall (my fave), pulled down my pants and underpants and sat my bare ass down.

No explosion, no spray, no wet fart. Just a HUGE, LONG, HARD LOAD. It forced its way out like a couch being maneuvered through a door. It hurt. I imagine it was similar to being sodomized by a horse. I did not know it was possible for a human anus to stretch open that wide. My ass is still sore.

After that monster log finally plopped into the water, it was followed by some semi-soft ooze. Then came the wet farts. Painful, but I felt so much better. My poor posterior is sore, but my guts are feeling good. I stood up and peeked in the toilet. Lots of shit in there. I wiped my ass carefully and pulled up my pants and flushed. Took a second flush to get it all down.

Too much cheese, too much beef, not enough fiber. I've got to avoid making that mistake again. Not a big fan of feeling like I'm giving birth to a baseball bat out of my ass.



I finally started getting up early in the morning to have my bowel movements before my sisters and the rest of the family entered the bathroom. However, I was late this morning waking up, and I missed my daily morning bowel movement. As soon as I was in class I had to go and I mean really bad. I tried to hold it back by sliding forward in my seat and tightening my buttocks together. But it kept on pushing hard to come out. I knew the teacher would say no, but I desperately got up and asked, "could I please use the restroom because I have to go really bad." She sternly said, "no." I went back to my seat reluctantly and sat down. I slid forward in my seat and again tightened my buttocks together with all my might. I was letting off an odor cause I could faintly smell it. I could feel the head of my poop pushing out of my anal ring and pressing against my panties and my seat. Man did I have to go bad! I kept figiting in my seat.

In between classes I had so far to walk that I couldn't stop and take a shit. Each teacher kept telling me "no" when I pleaded to use the restroom. Finally at lunch I hurriedly went to my locker. I was so tense and in a hurry that I kept messing up my combination to get into my locker. The giant load inside of me really started pushing hard to come out. I tightened my buttocks, rocked back and forth, and finally had to sit on my foot to keep from shitting myself. Finally I got my combination right, threw my books into my locker, and headed to the restroom. The stalls were all filled up when I got there and I tried leaning against the sink to try to push my poop back in. A girl had to wash her hands so I had to get up. When I did my poop forced its way out of my anus and into my panties. Once it started I couldn't stop it. I had a pretty firm and big load which bulged my jeans out in the back. It stank and other girls were looking at me because the restroom was crowded and in close quarters. I was way embarrassed and felt like running home. A stall opened fortunately and I quickly slid inside and locked the door. When I pulled my jeans and panties down a huge ball of poop was in my panties with some stuck to my buttocks. I had inadvertly peed myself a little because my panties and my pad were wet. I took my jeans and panties all the way off and slipped the big wad of poop into the toilet. I wiped the excess poop off of my buttocks and my anus. I finished peeing. I put my jeans back on and wadded up my panties and then threw them away in the waste basket. I didn't care who saw me. I just wanted out of there. The rest of the day was uneventful, but I couldn't believe I had shit myself earlier. I just couldn't hold it.

I hope this never happens again and I can definately sympathize with the others who have posted accidents on this web site. Yvonne.

When I was 16 I stayed with some cousins for a week. I hadn't realised it before this, but it turned out that my 11 year old girl cousin had rather a weak bladder. They lived on a farm and had an outside toilet, and "Melissa" would always head out there as soon as she got up, before getting dressed or anything. One morning she and her older brother were both heading for it at the same time, they saw each other and ran for it, and "Paul" got there first. (I was already up, and it was the sudden movement outside my window that took my attention) I watched in delighted fascination as Melissa then struggled to wait outside the toilet, presumably unaware that she was being observed, high stepping all around, bending her legs at all sorts of angles, and finally holding herself between her legs. She looked really desperate, and as soon as Paul came out she dashed in like a shot. I contrived to pass her as she came back in to the house, and sure enough there was a quite large wet patch in the front of her nightie where she'd been holding herself. I took more notice of her for the rest of my stay with them, and although I didn't see any more episodes of desperation, on a few occasions I saw definite small wet patches in the crutch of her shorts when she was sitting down with her legs a little apart.

hi all! :)

well it has been a really long time since I have been in here. lets see , yeah bout a month I guess. been busy trying to get something going on e-bay and yeah writing my story as well. anyway , saturday night I was down in N** H**** at this place attending a support group for lesbians[ never mentioned this, but yeah, I am a ??????????] and before leaving , what else, cheryl has to go to the ladies room and let out all that soda and coffee, which really was not much, except for the two 20 oz bottles that I drank hours ago[ before 8 PM] while driving there. anyway, that gusher came out just 45 mins after I arrived as I loudly tinkled in the ladies room toilet for over one minute non stop. OHHH! the flood gates of cheryl's sweet LABIA, and then discovering that there was NO TOILET PAPER IN THAT STALL[ WET LIL' PINK POLKA DOT UNDIES SWEETIE! YAY! HA HA HA!]no big exciting thing though, but I LOVE THAT PRETTY BLUE WATER AND HOW IT TURNS GREEN AS YOUR YELLOW URINE TINKLES INTO IT! CUTE! HA HA HA! anyway, now nearly 11:30 PM and being one of the last three to close up after our group, I hadn't peed since 9:00 PM or maybe a little after. I had drank just one small cup of coffee and probably three or four small cups of soda , but a lot less than my usual thirst quenchers which you may as well call " pee makers"! ha ha ha ! "ohhhh ^-^ cher! you crazy B***h!" well , as I and three others were heading out the door , I said " I better make a stop in the gals room before leaving" and so , I walked in and after closing the door behind me, I went into that stall , this time carrying a handful of napkins with me to leave on the toilet's tank top. hey we girls gotta wipe our twats ya know! why I was wearing my summer's eve island splash y'all know! [ "my other deodorant!" ohh! ^-^] anyway, so I walked in wearing my cute little "plussy sized" 16W cargo skirt [ knee length denim dress] my orange FLORIDA GATORS " definition" tee shirt[ unisex XL- which fits my " C-cups" fine]and my really pretty little white stag dress pumps with those noisy two inch heels on them[ I love the way my blue toenails show right through em! sweet! and yeah, my hair now longer and more of a straight style, new stylist hon! soon as I got in , I placed my lancome` tote bag on the floor, took off my little blue unisex looking handbag and after placing that on top of the toilet tank with the napkins of course ^-^ ohhh!, closed the stall door behind me; my heels clicking on the floor as I walked in. first I lifted my denim cargo skirt to above my waist[ I wear it low like my riders, sweetie!] then at the same time with my heels clacking on the floor * clack! clack* , I pulled down my pink dotted undies in order to expose that little fuzzy brown haired twat of mine[ trimmed] and of course , TINKLE! shoving the skirt up some more[ it fell back down slightly], I sat down on the white open front seat; legs apart in the " typical cheryl lynne style" and soon could hear the dainty sound of my urine as it began flowing from my labia and PIDDLED into that pretty blue water. for the next 35 seconds or so, I watched through the open front seat as the water was rippling slightly from the impact of my urine splashing into it right about in the front-middle; yet all landing into it completely except for a few stray splatters which I saw land on the dry slope in the bowl's inside front. IT WAS SO KEWL LOOKING TO SEE THAT BLUE WATER TURNING ALL GREEN WITH LITTLE " HISSY-FOAMIES" FORMING ON IT'S SURFACE AND MAKING LITTLE SWIRLS IN THE WATER! ^-^ ohhh! then it stopped , but of course , the "cher" was not done yet! [ is she ever?] I pushed a little and sprayed out a few more splishes and splashes of yellow urine from my labia for another 15 secs. and again stopped." sploop-tinkle-tinkle, sploop" [ ya know how us gals sound!] another quick two splashes which at first shot straight up against the bowl's dry front inside before tapering off as the last few drops piddled directly downward into the already green water. I finished and reaching behind to my left took two of those napkins from the top of the toilet bowl's tank. with them in my right hand, I pressed them up against my twat and blotted that yellow urine, then getting up and also wiping from behind YEAH! HA HA! WET LIL' GATOR HONEY! LOL dropping them into the bowl, as I pulled my little pink dotted undies up and lowered my denim skirt,straightening it out to my knees;while turning to flush, I glanced downward into that toilet bowl for a second. " kewl! lil' soda foamies" I said to myself as I reached for the flush handle and thought, " now flush your tinkle, little lady! ohhh!" I clicked my heels against the floor twice like cinderella does with her fairy godmother as I slung my handbag over my shoulder; then opened the stall's door and walked out. picking up my tote I walked out the door and believe me, the cool night air on the ride home had me thinking as I drove out of the city and up into the hills, " good thing I peed back there"; this as I felt it blowing straight up that denim dress against my twat! ^-^ ohhhh!

-cheryl lynne-

Ben-Yeah, I thought it was a nice gesture on my part to provide them with tissue for wiping. I didn't wait around for the box though, because I would have been just standing in front of them, watching them clean up. Although I wouldn't have minded, since they didn't ask for the tissues, I really didn't think it was ok to wait. Now if it was me, I probably would have thanked the guy and probably started a conversation with him, so I could wipe, and give him back his box.

THUNDER-I'd be happy to provide you with a box of tissues or roll of paper if you needed to wipe. As for being sensible to go when the urge strikes, one shouldn't wait to dump out of a sense of modesty. We all have to crap at some time. The toilet was meant to be used, so I happily use it.

This weekend I was at a lodge that had a large obscure glass window next to the toilet in the registration area restroom. One time, I saw a guy with a light colored t-shirt sitting on the toilet, through the glass. I saw him stand up, seeing a dark patch of pubic hair before he turned his back to the glass. I could see a dark line which was obviously his crack, and saw as he pulled paper off the roll and wiped it clean. Then he pulled up some white briefs, which were quite visible, and green shorts. It was an interesting sighting.

Yesterday I found a coffee shop that has a restroom on the 2nd floor. Right in front of the toilet, there is a clear glass window with no blinds or curtains. I went there at night and used the toilet. It overlooks a busy street, but anyone on the 2nd floor in the building across the street could see when someone comes in to use the restroom. It isn't a large window, but as I stood in front of it, I figured someone in that building across the street could see me lift my shirt, un buckle my belt and unbutton my pants, and probably even see the top of my pubes as I pull my briefs down. I can see the building while I'm sitting. I decided to wipe while standing as well. The building was dark, and the light in the restroom was very bright.

Mr. Clogs
HisLilPeeMonster: Yeah, I would say revenge is sweet. You was trying to be a good neighbor, but I guess your neighbor took your niceness for dumbness. So I guess your neighbor got what was coming for them. Take care.

EmoGirl: Nice post, that never happened to me, it was interesting to read it and keep the posts coming thanks.

Carmalite and cheryl: Hope ya'll doing ok, miss those posts you ladies have, it's always a pleasure to read. Take care

Red Headed Michele: Intersting observation, I can't comment on that because I'm a guy and wouldn't know. Well let's see what others think about it. Lets assume that's true, but it's intersting to think about it. For guys like me, that comparrison would fascinate us out of our minds often wonder if its true, but I leave it to other's to decide.

As for me, well nothing out of the ordinary, no containers and such. Just the normal trips to the toilet to pee and poop. Man I miss using those containers, I mean I still have them, but haven't used them since the summer. Maybe I use them sometime and post later. Thanks and take care.--Mr. Clogs

I think I may be coming down with a stomach virus. I wasn't feeling all that great when I woke up yesterday morning, but I knew my mom wouldn't let me stay home, so I just went to school. About halfway through my 2nd period, a huge cramp hit me. I knew that I needed to get to the bathroom fast! I asked my teacher if I could go to the bathroom. I ran out of the classroom and went into the bathroom. As soon as I sat down, I farted and chunks of wet, mushy poo hit the toilet water. 20 minutes later, I finished up and went back to class. 15 minutes later though, another cramp hit. I asked the teacher if I could leave again. I ran to the bathroom and sat in there for another 20 minutes having major diarrhea. I went back to class and finished my work. During 2nd period, I rushed to the bathroom 4 times and had wave after wave of diarrhea. I missed most of that class because I spent so much time on the toilet. I spent all lunch hour in the bathroom too. After lunch, I went to the office and told the secretary if I could call my mom because I was feeling really sick. As I waited for my mom to come, I puked 4 times and had the 'runs' 2 more times. My mom picked me up and once at home, I ran to the bathroom and pooped for another 20 minutes. I did that about 6 or 7 more times that day and puked another 4 times. I'm not at school today, because I have a fever of 101 and my puking and diarrhea still hasn't subsided.

Last week on Friday in the evening I was given a special present when I went to my girlfriend's house to visit for a few hours. As soon as I arrived she gave me a big hug and kiss and whispered in my ear to go into the bathroom upstairs because she had left a surprise she wanted me to see. She told me as soon as she had gotten out of the shower (she took one after she got off work) she had to go number 2 real bad and wanted to save it to show me. I went upstairs excited to see what she had created.

I walked into her bathroom and closed the door behind me almost all the way but not quite. She had left the toilet bowl open for me so I didn't have to lift the cover. I looked in and saw about 3 big wads of paper and two pieces of her shit floating in lightly yellowed water. They were not really big but a decent size. One had the width and rounded shape of a hot dog and was about 4 inches long, the second was a small triangular piece that looked like it had probably been pushed out last. Both were soft looking and light brown.

The paper was probably the most interesting part, all of the wads were totally filthy and the one on top was covered with a mound of her poop, like she had wiped off a piece that was clinging to her bottom. I bent over to see if I could catch any of her scent because I couldn't smell anything standing over the bowl. It was very faint but I could smell it tiny bit after getting closer. When I was done admiring her work I flushed for her and the shit totally broke apart, probably because it was soaking a while, and it left two brown streaks on its way down and out.

Here are my questions
1. Ladies (girls), Men (boys) do you wipe after peeing?
2. Men (boys),Ladies (girls) do you like to pee or poop in portajohns?
3. Do you flush after peeing?
4. Do you pee or poop in the shower by accident?
5. Do you like open front seats?
6. Men (boys) do you put the seat down to pee?
7. Ladies (girls),Men (boys) have you ever used the opsite sex restroom since you were born?
8. Do you clean restrooms of both sex's?
Here are my answers
1. N/A
2. Pee, Poop in a emergency
3. Sometimes
4. Sometimes
5. Yes and No but in public i will use them
6. Sometimes
7. Yes
8. Yes i do it is part of my job.
Here is a story about my self about peeing and pooping
10/20/05 I went pee when i got then fushed it down the drainup then about 1 hour i had to pee again the about 1:20 i had to pee and poop then i then flushed it down the drain then about 15minutes later i had to pee before going to work then about 8hrs later i had to pee at work then about 12:00 midnight i had to pee i did it in the shower the before going to sleep i had to pee again

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