Last week I got SO constipated. I didn't go poo for like four days. By Thursday night I was so gassy and miserable, and I was about ready to take some Correctol. When I got home after work I got out of my dress and heels and put my robe on over my pantyhose (no undies). I had a big salad for dinner and after dinner went to watch TV (my normal TV night). I didn't want to spend the evening in the bathroom, so I put an old towel on the floor in front of the TV and curled up in the fetal position. I pushed down every few minutes to see if I could get anything moving. After while I finally felt some poo moving and it finally got down into my rectum after passing a lot of gas. When it got down into my rectum it was huge. At that point I didn't think that Correctol would help since it was already so big and hard. I was thinking I would have to have an enema, but I laid there and just kept pushing every few minutes and over the course of a few hours, it came out! It really stretched out my hole, but since I went so slowly it didn't hurt too bad. When I got up to get a pop I walked around with all that poo in my nylons and it felt really neat! Kind of, I don't know, sexual? maybe….. I left it in there till after the late news when I took my shower before bed. I'm starting to understand why you girls want to have "poop your jeans" parties.

Does Anyone have stories about having the stomach flu or having food poisoning if so please share thanks

Chris( toast)
To Holdingon

You wanted some pee stories, I will have to searach my slective memory but for now i have this one and i will have more to come.

Quite some time ago, when I was 9 I made a rather embarasing mistake that resalting in an embarasing problem. We were in the car going to Galveston,Tx and I had drank a bunch of Big Red, coke, sunny D and A mcdonnolds mcflury well it all cought up with me at the worst possible time, when we were driveing through a part of the state with no gas station or restroom for miles so here i am holding my self rather tightly trying despratly not to loos it, every few seconds i would test my self to see if i could let my hand go but when i did that i would squirt abouta table spoon in to my undies and this happend sevral times till i couldnt hold it any longer and the dam broke and i soked my self lucky no one noticed and i was able to make it to the hotel room to change with being cought.

Ill tell you more another time.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO FRUSTRATED IN FLORIDA...Deb... how did you go? The constipation you mentioned, I have certainly experienced it... that is where a suppository could be useful. I find if the hard bits can be pushed out the rest of the poo is much softer and easier to eject. Possibly plenty of fliuds and fruit ( fruit might offer a softer fibre). Also have your boyfriend massage your stomach... if you want to try naturally before the suppositories try a bit of rectal lubrication. Also your b/f rubbing your stomach when you are trying to push.

To Red Headed Michele... sounds like constipation or a stomach bug. Even though you may have been having BM`s what is coming out may be less than what should be coming out and it "stock piles" over time, hence the cramps and pains..hope you are feeling better

Hello there,

How's everyone doing?

Heres a question:

What kind of foods make your poop extremely thick or wide?
Does anyone know?
I know eating salad is one of them because well.....I eat alot of salad plus drink lemon tea with lots of honey in it almost every day.

Because I want to produce a wide one for my boyfriend's birthday present. Im going to deliver it in front of him in my bedroom.

Anyway I'll tell u how it went after his birthday.

I've been playing with enemas lately.. I just used my first one a couple of weeks ago.
Here is my hold up... When I first used one.. it was room temp/cool water.. and I had no problem holding it in. I REALLY enjoyed the sensation of the cold water coming back out.
I was told a few days later to use warm water.. and I tried it.. but I couldn't hold it in for more than a few seconds. The second I had filled up my rear, I actually had to run upstairs to the tub, fighting not to poo all over myself the entire way. By the time I got to the tub (the only place I could think of to get to lol) I had dribbled a good amount down the backs of my legs and was having to push on my bum to keep the rest from exploding onto the floor. I ended up squatting in the tub and without any pushing at all shit EVERYWHERE. The force was so powerful it sprayed on the sides on the tub, splashed up part of the wall, and ...well lets not talk about how covered in poo my legs were after this whole ordeal LOL.
Is there a trick to this I have yet to master? I remember my mom telling me stories of having to hold enemas in for a half hour at a time. How on earth does she do it?!

On a silly note..
My mom called me this afternoon to ask me to rake some leaves for her in her back yard. I popped over and started raking. After about 15 minutes of raking.. and having created one HUGE mound of fallen leaves in the middle of her yard.. I've got to pee. Now, I could have walked in the house like a good girl and gone in the bathroom... but where's the fun in that?! I dropped my jeans in the middle of her yard and decided to squat right over this huge pile of leaves. The pile was actually so high that from a distance I'm sure it looked like I was sitting in the pile. I pissed so hard it was just nuts. I stood up.. and after removing the hundred and twelve leaves that were stuck to my behind (guess it's a rather nice place to be stuck lol).. I hiked my jeans back up... told my mom the leaves were ready to be bagged.. and went home.
We'll just tell her they're soaked from the rain... right? hehe

Growing up my mom had the hardest time getting me to pee in the potty i would poop and pee anywhere, anytime I had to go. I guess I didnt get it. When I was 3 I remember having to pee real bad. I squated down and squeezed my penis so i could hold it until i found a place to pee. I didnt like going on myself so i could go anywhere else (except the toilet) I remember being at my babysitters house, I had on some loose fitting sweatpants and a t-shirt. And being 3, that was easy to get off. I remember running into her living room and sitting on her loveseat so i would pee on myself. I remember having to pee really really bad. So instead of going to the bathroom I got up on to my knees, pulled down my pants alittle and pissed in to the crack of the couch. And It was so little sprinkle either, it started to spill out on the floor but i couldnt stop so I pissed even harder, and just as I was finishing up my babysitter walked out and screamed. I still couldnt stop peeing so she told me to finish and that I would get my punishment when I was done. I pissed for another 45 seconds into the couch and shook my dick dry. As soon as I did this, she spanked me.

When I was 6 I had to pee REALLY...REALLY bad. I was at the park with my older sister (who potty trained me so I was really used to her helping me pee and poop) but this time I didnt want her to help me I wanted to find a private place to relieve myself alone. I looked around trying to find my sister, Janelle was no where to be seen, so I made a beeline dash for the woods where I could take my leak in privacy. I felt alittle squirt so I quickly grabbed my penis and continued to run. Just as i reached the place I was so dying to pee, Janelle grabbed my arm and spun me around. "Austin, do you have to go pee pee?" I tried to shake my head and say no but if I let go of my penis i would piss all over myself, "Well I think you do so we're gonna go try" I pouted but if I didnt go soon I was gonna cry and pee all over the place. I had like 6 cups of kool-aid and spent 20 minutes (no lie) at the water fountain and I mean I REALLY had to pee, it was going to be massive. thats more the reason I wanted to go outside bcuz when i really have to pee i cant always controll it and i end up having to clean the floor, so i followed Janelle squeezing myself pretty hard now, we came up to a porta-potty. As I knew she would she followed me in. But at this point I didnt care anymore, I ran in and pulled my pants down to my knees and leaned forward over the bowl. Janelle stood over me and held on to my penis. I really didnt want her to to do that so I decided as much as I didnt want to i would only pee alittle. She shook it alittle to get me to start pissing, so i let out a few small squirts and told her i was done, even tho i was dying. She shook and stroked my penis a few times and pulled my pants up. "Good boy Austin!" We left the porta-potty and I ran to the playgroun careful not to piss on myself. Janelle walked over to the bench and sat down and began to read her book again. I knew it was now or I was going to pee on myself. I was already dribbling into my underwear at this point. I ran as fast as I could over to the tree house nearest the woods and instead of climbing up I ran behind it. It was very big and had lots and lots of bushes around (I guess so if we fell we would have something to land on lol) I ran faster then ever, I got behind the bushes, you could still kind of see my from the side of the park so I stood close to the tree and lowered the rim of my pants enough for my very loaded penis to come out. As I did this I had already began to squirt, my pants were alittle wet but I managed to get my penis out just in time, I let lose. I pissed so hard it made an indention in the dirt. I spread my legs and leaned back so i could get more distance. I felt like my insides were melting out of me, I closed my eyes and sighed in relief. I continued to piss for over a minute and a half. A small puddle had formed and I had to spread my legs more so i could run. Finally as my stream was dying off I stroked my sore penis to help the last few squirts come out. I had a pretty big puddle of piss at my feet when Janelle walked over. "There you are Austin! What are you doing??! I thought you went peepee already in the potty?" I shook my penis dry and put it away I looked up at her and shrugged "I couldnt hold it, I had to" Needless to say she never let me out of her sight again after that.

There's been a few people asking for more pee stories lately, so here's one from a couple of months back:

I was in London (England) visiting a friend in hospital and left the hospital at about 6:30pm to come home. I had a headache when leaving and knew it was because I hadn't drunk enough that day (it was a hot August day) so bought a couple of 750 ml bottles of water and drank one down straight off. I then got straight on to an Underground train and made my way to Euston station where I was catching my train home.

When I got there, I was absolutely bursting having drunk so much water and Underground trains and their stations do not have toilets. I looked to see if my train was in yet to use the toilet on there, but it wasn't in for another 8 minutes and I couldn't wait that long. All the toilets in the station required you to put a 20p coin into the turnstile to get into them (you only ever see this in the large stations in this country, but it's to stop vandalism). Of course, I didn't have the right coin and hadn't got the time to mess around getting one so I had to find another solution - FAST! Because of the terrorist attacks on 7th July, there were police *everywhere* and was about to leave the station to find an alley somewhere when I saw a sign to an underground car park in the station. I followed it and soon enough found a dark underground car park with lots of corners to "use".

There were lots of CCTV cameras around, but I didn't plan on being in there for long so found a corner that seemed to be out of sight and unzipped and went. If anyone had walked past, they would have seen everything I was doing, but I was beyond caring. I could barely get 'myself' out before the pee started flowing. I made a very large puddle in the corner I was in and must have been there well over a minute. I had visions of the police tapping me on the shoulder at any moment, but thankfully I went unnoticed. I shook off the last drops, zipped up and quickly made my way upstairs to catch my train which had just arrived. I sat down, very relieved and quite excited thinking about what I had just done and how noone around me had any idea!

More stories of girls peeing in non-bathroom places please!!

To Todd- it sounds like you are having a bad streak as of late. Thanks for the stories though

I've got a very attractive friend, a redhead in her early forties. She recently moved house, and I called in at her new place to have a look. Her 9 year old son answered the door. When I asked to see Mum he led me through to the bathroom where she was sitting on the toilet with a bad case of constipation. But we all had a good laugh about it and she managed to squeeze out some pebbles. She's back to normal again. The last time I went round there she said she'd done a cartload.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Well.. my neighbor and I have really not gotten along lately. We live in townhouses and our doors pretty much touch eachother. In the back yard there is a wooden gate to divide the porches.. one day she decided it'd be a smart move to tie her dog to this wooden gate.. giving it free run of both my yard and her yard. The dog decided my porch was a great place to shit. I asked her several times to tie her dog somewhere else.. or at minimum clean the shit off my porch. She didn't.. so I figured it was only fair to return the favor... right? The first time was about 12 am a month or so ago. I'd had a ton of chicken for dinner and felt like I was going to unleash the mother load from my bum.. so I snuck over to her porch.. hiked my nightgown up and left the biggest pile I'd ever seen lol. A few days later I had started my period (which always means runny poo).. I'd still been having the same problem with her.. so I threw on a skirt around 11 am in the morning and stood on her porch and just pushed as hard as I could. It turned out to be messy.. quite a bit on my legs and ankles.. but worth it to leave a bloody pile of wet crap on her porch.
I've done it about 7 times total.. and peed on both her front and back porch a couple of times..
Considering her dog is around 10 lbs.. I'm sure she's figured out it's not from the dog lol
The best satisfaction in all of this.. is listening to her complain to her friends about having to clean it up.
My next adventure is going to be unloading an enema on her porch... when I have mastered being able to hold them in for more than 15 seconds LOL

Bladder Splatter
Hi everyone,

Sorry I have not posted in a while, Does anyone have any advice about squatting with long, tight fitting pants on?

The problem is your brain gets ahead of itself, you walk into the stall and see the toilet, your brain says "Yes Finaly" and the part of your brain that controls your bladder tells it to contract, causing you to start peeing, Make sense?

Wow, 6 minutes? I could probably, do 1 1/2 minutes full force but six, thats out of my league! I'd love to here the whole story!

I wet myself yesterday.
It was a true accident. I was at the park kinda playing football with my friends,(we were just passing around the ball) and my friend made me laugh really hard. I'd been holding my pee all day and I was gonna wait until I got to my friend's house to pee. Anyway, my friend started joking around and made me laugh and then I started to laugh so hard I completely pissed myself. I was wearing semi-dark jeans but it still showed a lot. It kinda turned me on, and I know my friend liked it because there was suddenly something extra in the pants. *wink* lol. I went back to his place and I borrowed an extra pair of pants from his sister.
I haven't had an unintentional accident in a while.


Stacy's Stories
Hi everybody, I've been a lurker here for over a year, and have a lot of stories. first, let me tell you I, like some, wear diapers. The reason I finally decided to post was because I was flipping through channels and came across a movie called "Campus Confidential" where one part of it mentioned these two cheerleaders that had apparently taken so many diuretics that they had become incontinent and needed diapers, and then it showed the two cheerleaders walking away, pulling their skirts down. Then later one of the people that had exposed the two cheerleaders said "because of our leaky cheerleaders, we should install baby changing stations in the ladie's rooms." I found this quite interesting.

I had a really refreshing, in more ways than one, piss on a person's palm tree this afternoon. I was working on a PC for a woman I knew from college this afternoon, 5 hours of work, and naturally I developed a need to take a piss after a while. This person I was working for is a chain smoker, literally, and her house is absolutely thick with smoke. Vents in her ceiling have brown "gunk" in them, if that gives any idea how bad it is there. I personally do not smoke, so you have to know my situation there...gagging, gasping for clean air. At one point, I noticed she had gone into her room to nap or something, and seeing as how she's on dial-up and I was downloading Windows updates, I had good enough reason to get away for a few minutes. So this presented the perfect opportunity to go outside and get a bit of fresh air, and of course relieve myself in the process. I could have used her bathroom across the hall from where I was working, true, but I needed to get out of there and actually breathe for a moment. Kill two birds with one stone...sure. Anyway, knowing what I was going into today, I wore some old swim trunks and a T-shirt. For those who don't remember me or who are new to this forum, I'm a 24-year old male, 5'9, 195lbs, brown hair, hazel eyes, straight and single, and I live on the east cost of the US. Anyway, the woman's yard is rather small, but it's almost entirely emcompassed on the front (shielded from the road) by palm trees, and the front yard is basically white stones, with bushes all around. Since the woman was napping and I knew there'd be some shielding from the road, I took a walk outside, breathing in the fresh air outside. I didn't have to pee badly, but I like to go outdoors in odd situations, so I walked over to one of her palm trees, whipped out Junior, and gave the tree a nice warm wetting. Some of the rocks beneath the tree turned a medium yellow till my piss trickled between and below them. Again, wasn't an urgent piss or anything, just one of those "I've got to get some fresh air" pisses. I was later tempted to take a dump out there, but decided against it. Would love to hear some more good outdoor stories from the ladies, especially. I liked Outdoor Jenny and HisLilPeeMonster's recent posts.

Red Headed Michele
To the person who was wondering if there stomach aches usually before pooping, mine always seems to lately. It's really gotten to be a little bit of a problem lately at work too. Were I work at Market I'm in charge of some cashiers and it's hard for me to leave sometimes. Lately, I've been getting some mild pains in my lower t?????y quickly followed in about 10 minutes or less with some really sharp cramps that go from my ???? to my crotch. They really hurt and I have to get to the toilet quick. A couple of times it's been close the last couple of weeks at work.
As to someone elses question about bust size and bladder size comparision. I don't think it matters at all! I'm a 44DD and I always seem to have to go. Sometimes I think the bigger the boobs the bigger the cramps though. God is my stomach killing me right now. I'd better go now.

Good morning--cool here. Two things to report. First, I went to help out at an event at the grade school where my wife works. I stopped in the boys' restroom, and in the middle toilet was a very large, thick, near-black turd. Hard to tell length because part of it was in the hole, and it had been there for a while so that the water was quite murky. After urinating on it, I flushed it down--lots of skidmarks. Second, since my surgery (as I reported before) my bowels have not behaved normally. Recently, as I slowly have gotten off the pain and other medications, I have noted some return to normalcy--yesterday my stools were decently formed, if a bit small. This morning, though, I just experienced The Return of the Poo! As I got up I could feel the urge building, so I went in, sat on the rim, and pushed suddenly and hard to achieve maximum projection. It came out at once, quickly and satisfyingly. After wiping, I looked--and I had a lovely medium-brown snake that curled almost from one end of the bowl to the other, as well as a few shorter ones. Using toilet paper (4" on the side), I measured: the main turd was 17" long, the shorter ones totaled 6", a grand total of 23". They averaged 1.25" thick. Undoubtedly my best bowel movement in about a month.
Happy pooping, everyone!

To Chris(toast): If you weren't teasing us, let's have some of your p stories.

To unknown poster who needed to pee but with pain waited 3 hours. Expecting a gusher when she got home, she couldn't pass a drop at first. It happened to me once. My bladder filled fast one morning when I was on a 200 mile drive to another town for an urgent appointment. So for nearly three hours I passed rest areas while my bladder continued to bulge. I was in terrible pain. I tried to ignore it. I stopped, entered the men's room, and stood at the urinal. Nothing. I was scared and finally went into the stall, sat down, and tried for 10 minutes. Finally a few drops, a dribble, and a gusher. I will never do that again. A h. s. buddy used to hold his for 8 or 9 hours to p only at home. One day he had one coke too many at noontime. He was in terrible pain when he got home. He tried to pee for an hour. He was a skinny guy. He looked at himself in the mirror. His bladder bulged out looking like he had a basketball below his belly button. Eventually he told his mother and she took him to the ER where the doctor catheterized him. He had over a quart in his bladder.

To the person who wondered about friends/relatives having megabladders. I have 2. I will tell your about one. He is my cousin. He is 3 years older than I am. When I was 12 and he was 15 we used to look at each other's penises while peeing outdoors. He had a very large
penis circumcised as is the custom in the U. S. (I also was cut but was smaller.) I got the idea that he had a bigger bladder also. So we began to play holding games. He always won. One Saturday we went to a double feature movie in downtown. We met there. We had agreed to take our night pee about 11 p.m and to skip our morning pee (about 9 hours later). We met with full bladders. He had no pain but I did. We then had bladder busting cokes.The loser would pay for the movie and the drinks. By the end of the first movie it had been about 15 hours since we had pissed. I gave up and went to the men's room and peed for about 2 minutes. He didn't move. We sat through the second movie and left about 2 hours later. He didn't go to the men's room. It was now 17 hours into his hold. At the bus stop we waited to take our buses home. Finally he suddenly went into a alley at the back of another movie house. It was the place were the metal fire escape came down. I went with him to watch. He peed for about 4 minutes. The piss ran down the metal stairwell to the bottom. Like a flooding river it made a really loud noise. We both started to laugh. He won again. All that looking and holding was good fun. I had to reimburse him for the movie and drink.

This has really got to stop. I keep having accidents. Just today I had another one. I was staying after school for speech/debate, and by the end of the class, I really had to go to the pee. So I went to the bathroom and started my pee in the urinal. As I'm peeing, I farted and a very soft poo came out into my briefs. I had no urge to go before I started peeing, but there I was crapping my pants while peeing. After I was done peeing, I waddled into a stall and tried to clean out my undies. I got the majority out, but there was still some brown stuff in there. Before I knew it, I checked my watch and saw that the late bus would be coming in about 5 minutes. So I pulled up my briefs and instantly felt the leftover poo on my ass. There was a bit of a smell, but I didn't think it was too bad. However, when I met up with my friends outside to catch the bus, I think they smelled something because when I sat down on the bus, they asked me if I had farted. I told them I had and that was that. When I got home, my mom was there, and the second I walked in, she smelled poo. I guess the smell was worse than I thought. So I told her about my accident and she told me to take a shower and come back for my punishment. I changed out of my FTL's and into some Hanes and went back downstairs. She made me clean out my briefs in the toilet in just my underwear with the door wide open. Not too bad, considering my sister is at college and my dad is on a business trip. She also made me spend the rest of the night in just my briefs, which wasn't really much of a punishment. Oh well, I lived.

well, today was like... wow.... well i was in the woods and i was wearing a pair of pj bottems (light blue the kind that shows piss imediatly)i felt the urge to poop suddenly and ran towards the nearest closed in area, but i squated and went to pull down my pj's but i guess i messed and started pushing. i pissed my self while shitting and made a softball sized lump and a HUGE pee stain on the pj's. i was shocked when i relized i shit my self. i was shaking and i leaned against the tree and pushed out a few logs. i wasnt going to strip down and i WAS wearing briefs, so i couldent let it slide down the pant leg. the pee dried about 15 minites later. i look down a bit and saw the stain of shit. it was brown and tinted green in areas cause blue and brown make green i guess.

well i started out of the woods and had a half mile to go home. i was so embarresed when my old lady neibor called me up her drive way to help her. when i told her what happened she told me to go clean up and i was a immiture person. ((?????) as i walked to my house i felt the bulge. im sure 100 people saw it on my way home.

A few weeks ago I drank some prune juice. Everything was going good until I felt the urge to go. Man did I have to go, but I held it in for awhile. I went to my grandmothers to mow her lawn and the whole time I had to go bad. My dad came to pick me up and when I got it was straight to the toilet with me. Man I did have to go bad it just came out lke a bomb.

A couple of weeks ago on my bus this girl in highschool said she awful pains in her stomac so people started to make her laugh anyway she made home but the next day she said that she gone big time.

Happy pooping!

L.C.pee pants
this had happened to me once,but i don't remember it i was 4or 5 my parents said that one time in gatlineburg tn. they caugt me peeing on a sidewalk.but no one else saw me.this also happened the same day that i remember we was in dollywood but it was called silver dollar city back then,this isn't a really a toilet story,but i was on a log ride and i got wet and when it was over i pulled down my shorts and under wear went with it because it was dad took me in the bathroom to dry me with paper towels.

The thing I most like about tramping in the New Zealand bush is the pooping experiences. The exercise and eating plenty of fruit and breakfast cereal keep your bowels busy, and everybody seems to lose their inhibitions. Once I was staying at a hut with about 20 others, mainly women from a tramping club.I was washing the breakfast dishes and looking out of the window at the outhouse about 30 metres away. It was raining heavily so we'd all agreed that to save anybody a wasted trip in the rain, we'd all leave the door open and stretch our legs out while sitting out there, so everyone could see it was occupied. It was that time of the morning, so I saw a procession of attractive ladies going out there, one after the other and pairs of legs with panties round the ankles. Needless to say, I took my time doing the dishes.

One of my most enjoyable toilet experiences was on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. There was a two-hole toilet with no door so when you sat there crapping, you were looking out at the Canyon. I needed to go urgently, and there was a car parked next to it. A lady wound down the window and said "my husband's on there, but he won't mind your company" and smiled. Sure enough a good-looking man was sitting gazing at the skid marks in his undies, not the view. So I sat next to him and when I let loose an enormous load he looked surprised and said Yeah, that's what I was like just now. I just got here in time. Does anybody know if the toilet is still there?

I missed the episode of The Vicar of Dibley where they showed Dawn French on the toilet. Can somebody describe it please.

I've been traveling for several months over land and sea, rarely being able to have the occasional quick look at what is going on here.

I have a little episode to tell. It was a balmy day with a light breeze which let our boat slip through the water at a leisurely four knots or so, and I was writing an entry into the ships log when my dear wife called down from on deck that she had just had the most wonderful experience. More whales?, I asked, as we had been seeing a few specimens of the larger cetaceans lately. No, she had just pooped most splendidly over the side of the boat! She had stepped on to the side deck, lowered her cut off jean shorts and white panties with little blue flowers printed on them to her knees, and holding on to the hand rail on the coach roof, had pushed her bottom under the lifelines and out over the side. In that position it is easy to sit comfortably on the teak rail-capping and relieve oneself directly into the sea three feet down below one's butt whilst gazing at an unbroken horizon or some distant shore. T'is truly a loo with a view. She went on to say that it is a heavenly feeling to feel the wind fan her fanny - in the US as well as the UK sense of the word - and to listen to the splashes of her droppings hitting the deep blue.
I must admit that I have not tried that yet.

So much for now, bye everybody,

Sunday, October 16, 2005

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