Once when I was nine I was out with my family at a fair and had to poop. I went into a portapotty and pulled my overalls and panties down and sat on the toilet. I had a really mushy, sticky poop. Afterward, I realized there was no TP. I cracked open the door and asked my dad to go get me some TP. He went off looking for some while I sat inside. After a few minutes, he came back and gave me napkins to use, but when I closed the door, I dropped them on the floor. They got all wet and dirty and I didn't want to ask my dad to go get more so I just pulled my overalls back up without wiping my butt. It was really gross down there, there was a big glob of it still squished between my buns. I eventually found a portapotty with TP and wiped my butt. It took a lot of wipes!

Marcella in Michigan
I am a 43 year old female. The earliest accident I can remember happened when I was 3 1/2-4 years old. I was wearing a diaper and plastic pants underneath my shorts as I was not completely potty trained yet. (it took me longer than most children to get potty trained) This happened in the days before disposable diapers and pull-ups. My aunt and I went out for a stroll. I rode my tricycle and she walked alongside me. I was riding slightly ahead of her when it became obvious I had to go BM. The urge to go got worse and I gave a push and let it all out in my push me up slightly off the seat of my trike as it came out. It was a solid BM and it felt as if I was sitting on a cucumber and it was quite uncomfortable so I got off and walked the rest of the way home. When I got home, my mom took me back to my bedroom and put me on the changing table, changed me and put me in a clean diaper.

michael explosive diarrhea
It's been about 5 months since my last post. I have to say that I am becoming more comfortable with taking a dump in public. Over the summer i went on vacation and took the biggest shit ever. We were eating out a lot almost every single meal. on the 4th day when I woke up in the morning I felt really full and the need to take a dump. We were going to a baseball game so I just hold it in. The urge got stronger and stronger until I let it subside. After the game my dad takes us out to wendy's. I orderd a triple burger with everything on it with a super biggie coke and super biggie fries. When we got home I immediately headed for the bathroom. I locked the door picked up the newspaper and sat down on the toilet. As i flipped through the pages I pushed out the head of an enormous turd. With all my might I forced out this beast.I felt it hit the water,but the body of this turd was still being dispensed out out of my butt like making sausage. With one more big push it collapsed into the toilet beneath me. I wiped really good and sprayed some febreze,about half the can was needed,phew it was retchid. I measured it at approximately 21 inches. It looked like a burmese python it was so huge. The average shit for me that entire trip was around 8 inches long.

This year at school I've been using the toilets without any hastle of being embarrassed. I've taken some noisy shits in a particular stall,and have a story about stinking up the nurses toilet. In the morning during 1st hour I was feeling sick to my stomach so I visited the nurses office.She was acompanied by 2 girls, probably student aids. As she was evaluating me she asked me questions like when was the last time I had a bowel movement or ate anything. I got a sharp pain in my lower abdomen and my rectum started to cramp up. I asked her if I could use her bathroom because It was an emergency. I got into the bathroom,ripped my jeans and boxers down and jumped onto the toilet.Without hesitation a loud eruption of farts and gas followed by explosive diarrhea sprayed into the toilet. This lasted for about a minute or so. Some more trumpet like farts sounded off and about one more gallon of diarrhea. The bathroom stunk so bad. I covered my nose and waved my hands back and forth trying to get rid of the smell. I flushed and exited the bathroom. The nurse,sitting at her desk gave me a weird look and the girls looked disgusted. As i exited her room I said"Don't go in their for atleast an hour."

Frustrated in Florida
To Thunder from Down Under - Thanks for the advice. I'm going over to my boyfriend's place tomorrow (Friday) and staying until Sunday. Today I stopped at the drug store and bought some laxative suppositories, so I'll take them with me and hope for the best. I'm also going to drink more liquids, because my poos have been really dry when this happens. Adding more bulk I don't think will work, because when I've done that, I still couldn't go but it cramps much worse with all that quantity of poo dried out up inside me like cement. The embarrassing thing is, that when I get constipated, it usually hurts when I finally do go because the poo is hard and comes out in lots of tiny pieces, each of which taking a lot of straining to make it come out. But I think it'll be good to have my boyfriend with me through that, it won't feel as bad if he holds my hand while I push. Thanks again and I'll let you know how everything "comes out", if it comes out at all. I tell you, if I go home and do a huge poo on Monday when he's not with me, like has been happening, I'm going to be mad. If only I didn't live 350 miles away from him, I could just call him up and have him come over when I had to go. Oh, well!

Love, Deb

Hi, just me again, from Calgary, Alberta. Before I tell another one of my many stories, there are two in particular that I must set up as they are related to my experience.

The first one is actually a tampon commercial...

Has anyone ever seen that tampon commercial, Tampax I think, where the two girls are out shopping? The voice over of the one girl goes something like this:

"I was out shopping with my friend and there I was, stranded, STRANDED, in a department store. I needed a pad, but my friend, she only had tampons."

The experience apparently turns the girl of maxi pads and on to tampons. But what if you are like me and either don't want to, or can't use tampons? Then what? Surely there has got to be a drug store near by so the girl could go buy some pads, right?

The other story I read a while back right in this forum, I think it's on about page 1347 or so. The girl is shopping at a mall with her boyfriend and has the urge to fart. When she farts she accidentally pooped her pants, which of course, has happened to me before.

This happened to me last fall...

It was a Thursday, and my boyfriend and I took a long weekend of work. We went shopping at the Chinook Centre for the afternoon and were going to see a movie later that evening.

I was actually feeling pretty good most of the day. I was starting to cramp up from time to time, as I usually do when I am in PMS mode. My period was supposed to start either Monday or Tuesday sometime like it usually does.

At one point in the afternoon we stopped in the food court for some food. We went to the washrooms after that and I peed. My pee had a tint of red in it, which for me is normal a few days before things begin.

We were in a clothing store called RW & Co. and a huge cramp hit me. I farted a few times and eventually it went away. About an hour or so later, we made our way down to Old Navy to look for jeans. I found a pair that I liked along with a couple T-Shirts.

Once I was in the change room, things got interesting. I put my purse on the floor, pulled off the shrit that I was wearing and unbuckled my shoes, took them off, then pulled off my jeans. So there I was standing in my pink bra and matching pink panties. I looked in the mirror and could not beleive what I saw. My period had started! Talk about being stranded! I pulled down my panties to assess the internal damage. As most girls will account for, the damage on the inside was much worse than had bled through my panties. I checked my jeans as well and there was only a small blood stain that had not leaked throuh yet. I put my jeans back on the bench and reached for my purse to get a maxi pad. (I have been known to change pads or put them on in dressing rooms before.) As I went to reach for my purse a huge cramp hit me and a fart immediatly came out of me. It was silent but wet. I froze! I stood straight up and tried to hold everything in. I knew that there were bathrooms nearby, but I could not get to them in my current state. Another fart squeezed its way out of me and then the diarrhea really started. So there I was, having another diarrhea attack and pooping my panties, this time only wearing my panties. When I was done, or thought I was done, I proceeded to pick up my clothing. I put my shirt back on first, then grabbed my jeans. This part was very uncomfortable as I had to pull them back on and the diarrhea started coming out the sides of my panties and started moving its way up my back and front.

Once my shoes were back on, I left the dressing room with the clothing that I was going to try on. I found my boyfriend and in the line up for the checkout and said, "we have to go, now". He said, "are you going to buy those?" I said, "sure, but we have to go home, right now". He asked me why and I told him that I wasn't feeling well. He asked if I had to use the washroom and I said that I would use it when we got home. I ended up telling him what happened. He was pretty nice about it as he has been all along.

By the time we got home the mess in my pants was pretty bad. Plus with my period coming three days early, I had also bled through my jeans.

Anyway, there's another one for you.

holding it
i m a 36DD and i can hold a fair amout, i dont think it has ne correlation. I still have a lot of growing to do, im only 14.

Hi, Kiana. Personally I like to use diapers. One time(the first time since infancy that I'd worn diapers), at a sleep-over when I was 16(I'm 25 now), all of my friends dared ME and one of my other friends to put on my other friend's baby sister's diapers, and stay like that for the rest of the night, using them and everything. Much like what happened to you. They however, agreed to change us when we used them, once we started to complain about how it felt, like when the pee got cold or something. So what we did, was; we grabbed about 6 diapers, I put one on, and one of my other friends put one on, and the rest were for changes. We put them on at 4pm, and at about 7, my friend was talking when she stopped mid-sentence, stayed silent with a look of concentration on her face, then continued talking. Then about 15 minutes later she asked to be changed because the cold and damp diaper was starting to bother her, we were all taken aback at the fact that she'd wet herself and neglected to mention it. We all helped change her after that, much to her humiliation, though she does still joke about it. At about 9, I finally felt the need to go, but mine wouldn't be quite as simple to hide as my friend's, because I needed to go #2.
I tried to hold it, and by 10 it got so bad, but I was so embarrassed that I asked if I could just go to the bathroom, I remember one of my friend's said "You're wearing *your* bathroom" with an emphasis on "your". I continued to hold on, and most of my friend's didn't notice, but my other, diapered, friend, said "Just go, it's not so bad." I told her, "You only had to pee." That got her attention, and she turned a bright red and said "Good luck." We turned on the TV and in the middle of a Cartoon that we were all fixated on, my butt gave way and you guessed it...within a minute, everybody had turned in my direction, and I had my head in my hands, and everybody saw that I had crapped myself. My friend's then (reluctantly)changed me, and later my diapered friend soiled herself, and I peed myself, so basically we did things in the reverse order as one another. But all-in-all it's one of my favorite memories.

I've been a lurker for about a month and thought it was time I posted one of my many accident stories. I've got both pee and shit stories, but I'll start with one of the latter.
About 13 years ago, I had this thing I got from IKEA called "The Aspvik." It was a cheap quality attempt at being a fold out bed. It had no rigid frame to it. It was just 3 or 4 thick cushions all hinged together via thin strips of material. When it folded out to be a "bed," it laid flat on the floor. One morning I woke up and went to stand up. Upon doing so, the exertion and pressure on my abdomen caused by trying to stand up from the floor forced a nice hot blast of totally liquid diarrhea into my pajamas. So there I was, a fully grown, 30 year old woman crapping herself. I hadn't even felt the urge to defecate, which was the scariest part of all! It was just a real eye-opening surprise. I threw out my underwear and pajamas. The Aspvik was spared.
Thanks for all the great stories! I will post more stories as I remember them.

fartbean: I've figured out the trick is not to worry about it LOL. The first couple of times I used it I had a death grip on it and was pushing it as hard as I could onto myself so I wouldn't leak. Didn't work too well. Since then I've just kind of relaxed and hold it pretty lightly against myself. Seems to work fine that way. I carry it in my purse now.. ya never really know when you'll need it right? LOL I ended up cracking my car door in the parking lot of a store this afternoon and peeing. I love that ya don't even have to drop your pants.. just unzip and let it go. I don't think weight would have much to do with whether or not you can use it correctly. Check out some websites on it.. they give a lot of good tips. It's pretty awkward to use til you trust that it's not gonna leak.
Good luck with it though- and keep me posted!

@ HisLilPeeMonster

You wrote: "...and my neighbor's porch (a little payback haha)"

Could you please go a bit into detail?

Thanks in advance

I was wondering if anyone has any gurgling stomach stories and then had diarreah or any Thanksgiving stories. Also, I was wondering how many people get stomach aches before they have to poop. Thanks!

One day at school I had to go pee sooooo bad I couldn't get my pants off in time. Has this happened to anyone? Why could I wait 12 hours and couldn't wait another 5 seconds to pull my pants down?

To Zip: That was a very nice thing you did, offering your own tissues for those two men to wipe the shit from their ass-cracks. Did you wait for them to finish, and take your tissues back? I would have waited.

This week was even weirder. I met up with Joyce (woman I talked about last time), we hung out etc etc...good time. I was on the road by the same cabins that had no separate stalls, just 3 bowls in a piece of plywood. No doors no walls just 3 places to shit/piss with only about 1 foot between each. I walked into the mens cabin and there was a woman there by herself. I was taken offguard - I knew this was the men's cabin - but she was just barely seated when I walked in. She said Oh no I went in the wrong place....then suddenly : Is it ok if I just go in here? I really need to go. I don't care if you're here the whole time or not and laughed. I sat down next to her. For a minuted she just peed, then let out a small puff, peed again and then two or three more puffs. She needed to go but she was shy. I figured maybe what I had been saving might help progress, so I farted and gave way to a few glops. This seemed to ease things a bit. She grunted softly twice and then I heard a rapid hissing sound that turned to snapping and what sounded like at least three logs fall under. She didn't move though. I finished up my shit and went to wipe, then she grunted this time very loud. She was looking at me kind of like "sorry" but I felt kind of bad for her - she looked like she was having a rough time getting out what she needed to. When I finished wiping, I saw her start to wipe, so I started to get up. She stopped suddenly, took a deep breath and let out a series of tight farts and pushed her knees down, another loud grunt, another push on the knees only this time just a lazy fart and a half-asses *sploush*. ohhh she whispered. Then before I coud walk to the sink she grabbed my hand and said "Please give me your hand/...." and she pulled and squeezed it and then came the loudest, juiciest, smelliest fart ever followed by an enormous splash. OOOHhhhhh!! She said. I stood in amazement. Here was this beautiful dark haired half Latina girl who is even less shy about pooping than a trucker! She was out of toiletpaper, so I passed her my roll and she smiled and said thank you. Her name was Alisha. One of the hottest women I've ever met, yet I look forward to seeing Joyce again.

My sister has a problem...when she needs to pee she never does and usually goes 10-18hrs without a single drop coming from her. I find this amazing.Like a huge bladder or something

however one day, she had to go SO BAD that while we were out in the woods she pulledd her jeans and panties to her knees and held her shirt above her "hole" and took her belt off and shot a jetstream that lasted for at least 6mins. I mean it was gale force that whole time. she was just sighing in a huge amount of relief as it shot out. infact the force was so strong that it had hit the ground bounced back up and soaked the bottom of her jeans, feet, and panties. but she didnt mind. and neither did the 6 guys around watching her...(excluding me...)

Dave B

I'm a 17 year old Senior in high school. I've been reading a lot of stories on here lately about how people talk about how they hold in their poop for hours or even days. I think I have something that can top all those other stories. When I was about 8 or 9, I alway hated going to the bathroom. It just fustrated me everytime I went and sit on the toilet to strain. Well, one day, I decided that I would try to hold it in as long as I could (bad idea). What I would do was take a wad of toilet paper and put it on the inside of my underwear just in case I would let any access poop out. That never really helped at all though cause I still ruined so many pairs of underwear. I was holding it and holding it for the longest time. Every now and then, little bits of poo would get out, but still not that much. Almost everday I would get a horrible stomach ache and I always tried to ignore it the best I could. I continued to do this for an entire month! One day my stomach had the worst pain ever and couldn't take it anymore. It was trying to tell me to go to the bathroom, but I didn't want to. My parents saw that I was in horrible pain and they gave me some laxatives to try to help me out. (really bad idea). The pain became so unbariable that I was forced to go sit on the toilet. I sat there and I could barely get anything out. I had the most horrible constipation ever. So, I sat and sat holding my stomach trying to get something out, but all attempts were useless. My thinking was that sitting on the toilet might have been the problem, so I decided I would try to sit over the bathtub (extremly bad idea). So I went over to the side of the tub and strained and pushed and all attempts seemed meaningless until..."The Volcano Erupted." I just began to crap all over the bathtub and it came out in a hard, soft, mushy, and liquid form all at the same time. After the disaster of my anus spewing out chaos, the aftermath of the whole situation was a gigantic log swimming in a tub of liquid shit! It was like an anaconda in a brown colored marsh. I felt so relieved, but my anus suffered the consequences. My butt was sore for about three days after that. I felt bad that my dad had to clean it all up though. It was one of the worst pains I've ever had in my life next to the pain I felt after my finger being crushed when I was 14, but that's another story. I don't think any other post about constipation can top that! Well from then on, I started eating fruits and breads for fiber and I've been going to the bathroom pretty smoothly ever since. I don't know why I was so scared to go back then. Now I always find that it can be fun to go =P Well before I end this I want to give a few "shout-outs."

Katie - I really enjoyed your story about having to go when there was a test. I've suffered through that before. I hope to hear my stories from you =)
Jasmine - I'm really sorry to hear that you can't pee at all. Jeesh holding it in for a day. I can understand holding in your poop, but not your pee. Hope you find a way to go and that your bladder doesn't explode.

I'm off now and I'll see if anyone writes about my story. I'll be sure to let you in on more stories later.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TRACYGIRL: It is "shit" not being able to "go" when you really neeed to!
Whilst I am not a supporter of dumping in pants the position you were in really allowed and demanded it. Obviously you needed a movement and was having trouble. You were on a call you could not reasonably get away from. Now if you had have resisted the need for a poo your problems could have got worse. You did the best thing possible and ejected the offending turd there and then. I think your outlook is very healthy...well done.
UTOH well done! I am glad for you she was hot... that is some consolation. What is your relationship with your neighbour now? Maybe it is even better and deeper.
ZIP you are sensible to go when the urge struck and a great citizen for supplying wipping material. I hope your around if I get caught short.

kitty- yes i live in australia so we wear uniform, it was a SCHOOL dress :P
summer- more stories!8D
this week i had my period :(
period = diarrhea
luv soph

Mr. Clogs
Here are some answers to Aly's survey, here goes:

1. What is the consistancy of your poop normally? Medium amounts.
2. Have you ever had an accident? If so, when and what were the circumstances? No, but have come close to.

3. If you had an accident at school, would you rather be a popular kid, or a not popular one? Which do you think would be worse? No.
4. Have you ever peed/pooped on the street for fun? Yes I have, peed on some boxes when I was little and I had to go really bad, I forgot to use the bathroom before leaving the office that I use to work for.
5. If so, where? On boxes, behind the bushes (for some privacy!)
6. Have you ever seen anybody poop/pee that is not related to you? No, do you count total strangers, hum...?
7. Have you ever seen anybody else have an accident? No.
8. When you have a stomach virus, do you a) barf, b) have diarrhea, c) both, but at different times, d) both, AT THE SAME TIME! Yes, different times. If I had to barf (throw up) I try to do that before hand, but never at the same time.
9. As a child, did you have any interest in pooping/peeing? Yes, don't we all.
10. Have you ever pooped/peed in water? Yes, toilet bowl full of water or container full of water.
11. Have you ever pooped/peed in a container? Yes, I peed and pooped in containers before and from time-to-time still do, it's so much fun and rather enjoying to use than the toilet, using the toilet is boring!

1. Which do you like better. The relife from having to go pee so bad and then letting it all out, the the relife from having to go poo really bad and then going? well, peeing because it's less messy than poop, although I like to poo to.
2. How long can you/ do you think you can hold your pee on a daily basis? 4 hrs, usually if I have to go really bad.
3. What do you do when you really have to go pee but someone says you have to wait 3 more hours. I just hold it, but if I get tired of holding, I'll find something or place for some relief.
4. What do you do when you really have to go poop but someone says you have to wait 3 more hours. Just hold it in.
5. What was your biggest pee? At one time since I drink alot of water, I guess about 1.5 Litres, can you believe that for a guy! Wow.
6. What was you biggest poop? I gues when the bottom of the commode is full of soft poop.

I meant to comment on a budy dump post, very intersting, I'm still trying to imagine how two women could use the same toilet at the same time, that's amazing!

Outdoor Jenny: Hey great post, yeah seems like there are some people that get food from Taco Bell, something weird happens when it comes to pooping, usually the runs. Hey that's why I like foods like that, comes out easier!

Tracygirl: Nice post about taking a dump in those nylons. Well you got your extra few cents out of them.

HisLilPeeMonster: Great post about peeing into your undies. Thanks for posting, take care.

Carmalita: Hey, hope everything's ok with you, miss your posts, take care.

Well got to go for now, take care.--Mr. Clogs

Hi Outdoor Jenny,
you ask for outdoor pooping stories. Like you, I've sat on a fallen log with two friends, a married couple I was tramping with. We'd all had my home-made muesli for breakfast, and as you'll know, outdoor exercise keeps you regular, so we were all very busy. We'd all been hanging on for a while because there weren't any suitable places to shit. I hate squatting. When we saw the log, my friend said "I need to shit." His wife and I both said we needed to as well. All the others in the tramping party thought it was a great joke and winked and giggled. Somebody had a camcorder and recorded the whole show. The girl was first to finish and she used all the toilet paper, so her husband and I had to sit and wait while one of the girls found some more in her pack and said "Here you are gentlemen, toilet paper for two bums".

Hi, Eric in Chicago is right about pears and plums giving you the shits! The autumn before last I was helping an old lady pick some in her orchard, and we both ate huge amounts. The next morning I called in at her place and desperate for a shit, even though I'd had one before leaving home. I rushed to her toilet and opened the door and she'd beaten me to it. She was sitting there with her old fashioned bloomers round her knees and alternately plopping and moaning. I had to ask her to move over and give me a turn. I told her she'd be able to tell her sister that she'd had a pants-down session with a man today. She put her hand round my bum, squeezed it and we both laughed.

Several years ago I was tramping in the New Zealand bush when I stayed in a hut where the other occupants were the warden, a nice looking part Maori woman and a couple on honeymoon from Britain. When they told us that they were on their honeymoon, the warden saw that I had a fishing rod and since there was only one room in the hut where we all cooked and slept, she winked at me and said "let's go down to the river for an hour's fishing". It was a fine warm evening so we went down to the river and gave them some privacy. The next morning the rain was pissing down. The warden took a roll of toilet paper and headed for the door. She obviously wanted to sit on the outside toilet, and I needed to go too, so I said "Mind if I join you?" and she said "good idea" and smiled at me. I smiled at the British guy and said "we'll be quite a while,give us a yell when you've um, finished." We all laughed. The warden and I sat next to each other, her on the hole, me squeezed up next to her, both with our pants down, and after a few minutes we swapped places, with the door open, admiring the view and listening to the rain pouring down. The British couple came out and she said "Do you two feel better after that?" I said "mmm, and you two?" and we all laughed again.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Outdoor Jenny
Well it is fall time here in Wisconsin and for me and my friends that means playing football on Saturday afternoons. I was on my way to the field with my freind Tracy and I was really hungry so we stopped and had some Taco Bell, I had two crunch wraps and a soft shell and my friend had a taco salad and a soft shell. Well we get to the field and start tossing it around with a few of our friends when all of the sudden I get this huge urge to have an explosive poo....I had forgotten what T-bell does to me. I told my friends, there was 4 girls and 6 guys hat i needed to poo really bad, they just told me to do it right there in the was surrounded by woods and stuff so really no one would see me...however my back was kinda sore for working out the day before so i didnt want to quat if i could help it....luckily the woods weren't very far away. My friends tracy and ahna joined me to find a fallen tree as quickly as possible, we ended up finding one and I immediatly pulled my sweats down and hung my butt over the edge.

I let out 3 really wet farts before a huge wave of chunky poo started falling out of my butt. My friend tracy had worked up a poo on the way to the woods and my friend ahna figured she would just pee before we started running around. My friend tracy and I ended up having 2 really explosive poos while our friend ahna just was pretty long pee though and she had a nice fart in the middle of it. When she was done we were still farting and pooping..and Ahna went and found a bunch of leaves to wipe with. We finsihed after about ten minutes of crapping our guts out and went and had fun playing some football...Any outdoor pooping stories out there?

After reading all these stories about pooping in your pants, either accidentally or on purpose, I thought I'd post mine.
I'm a secretary in a sales office. One day I was really having a frustrating time with a BM. I'd feel like I had to go really bad, but when I'd go and sit on the toilet, it seemed like the urge would vanish and I couldn't push anything out. During the day I was in and out of the bathroom like six times with no results. Finally, late in the afternoon, I was on a long distance call with a client, and the urge came back really strong. Oh great, I thought, I can't cut this call off to go to the bathroom again, since we've been trying to get ahold of this guy for days. Well everyone else had left for the day and I was all by myself in the office. I had on a short summer dress and pantyhose with no underwear. My nylons had runs in them and I was going to throw them away when I took them off tonight anyway, so I thought, what the heck. I stood up and started to push, trying not to grunt or make any straining noises so the client would notice. I pushed my poop partway out of my butt, until it came up against my pantyhose and then I couldn't move it any further. I had to stick my hand up my skirt and pull my pantyhose away from my butt so the poop would come out the rest of the way. It was pretty firm so it wasn't too messy. When I got off of the call I went in the bathroom and dumped the poop out of my nylons and cleaned up, and went home shortly after. It was an interesting feeling, walking around with that load in my nylons.

Question: Do you think the bigger the boobs, the bigger the bladder size?

Eric in Chicago
The poster who wanted to know what foods give you diarrhea:
If I drink at least two standard (8 ounce) glasses of prune juice, I always start spitting mud within an hour or two. You can also try eating *lots* of cherries; right now I'm reading a novel where one of the characters ate about 300 cherries when he was 14 and wound up messing his pants. Pears and plums should also work, as should the old childhood standby, unripe apples. Sugar-free candy also works if you eat a lot of it.

Hi Everyone!

This past weekend we had our Thanksgiving Day here in Canada. For those Canadians here who had a nice big feast with family & friends this past weekend, I was wondering if all that food & drink has managed to give you a good BM yet?

Today I passed some very satisfying turds. I didn't make any monster logs, but it was pretty clear that the 4 or 5 ~3" (L) x 1.5" (W) stools I saw were from the big meal I ate on Sunday.

Oh... In case anyone's wondering, they were all solid and had a light shade of brown, accompanied by a noticable (but not overpowering) aroma. The whole lot came out almost without any effort and left me with a good 'empty' feeling.
Total time sitting on the can, ~6 - 7 minutes.



Okay this boy I teach put a high power laxative in my coffee and after I drank it I had to poop during this class so I ran litterly ran out of class took my huge poop and then POOPED AGAID 5 minutes later eventually I decided to wait it out I was sitting on the toilet for 2 h pooping suverly

I was about 17 at the time when my nextdoor neighbours (Hot) mom got into a car accident. She was fine except for she could not walk fast bend sit-or stand for a wile.Around the same time I finished high school. My neighbours son had gone off to collage and I had not decided if I was going to yet. Her husband came to my house and politely asked if I would stay and help her out, and I agreed. When I got there I had to help her slip into her clothes (tights and a t-shirt) and help her go down the stairs. She was In the kitchen when she for the first time said I have to poop. I helped her up and we walked into the bathroom and I pulled down her pants and panties and Pulled her solwly down to the toilet. I saw her bum jiggle when it touched the seat and then se held on to me as she pushed the poop out of her body. When she was done I handed her the tp and she couldnt reach her bum so I had to do it for her :(. After a couple hours she had to poop again this time it was urgent.. I rushed her to the toilet and she made noise making me feel very uncomfterbul.

A week later she was still in bad shape when I took her to the super market and she had to poop. I went into the Ladies room ... (IM A GUY) and assisted her.

To His Lil Pee Monster:

I have one of the stand to pee devices. My success has not been as great as yours, but well, I'm fat, so it's harder to position. I also have a medical conditon that makes me have to go RIGHT NOW, and sometimes I'm already starting to leak. I think I need to spend the winter practicing at home, because I think I could get good at it if I tried and lost weight! I'm glad you have had so much success. I hope I'm as good as you one day!! :)

Hi TR,
you asked about pooing while driving. I was on the toilet in my friend's camper van. The door was open so I could see the view while she was driving. We pulled up at an intersection next to a car with four ladies in it. I gave them a wave and they all laughed.

Who has the biggest bladder you know?

Mike and Jenna
Hey Canada_Man ... I bet Dr. Neil Clark Patrick-Harris from E-Harmony, would add that story to his 29 dimentions for meeting your perfect match... Shitting side-by-side after a cheeseburger....Hey...why not?

To Aly Here are my answers to your questions and quiz
Question 1. soft 2. Yes i had to go bad 3. not poular 4. no 5. n/a
6. no 7. no 8. b 9. no 10. peed in water 11. peed in container
Quiz 1. going poop 2. 8 hrs 3. yes 4. yes 5. n/a 6.n/a
Have peed or pooped in shower? my answer i did both more pee than poop.

I had the biggest accident this morning. I had the day off from school, so I slept in. Somehow, when I woke up, I really had to go to the bathroom, so I started to run to the bathroom cuz the cramps were getting stronger and stronger. Once I got into the bathroom, I realized I was out of TP, so thinking quickly, I jumped in the shower to get off the rug and just unloaded into my pants. At first, I thought it was just a log, but then I felt some runniness in it. It wasn't diarrhea, but it was close. Anyways, while I was crapping my pants, I peed too. So after a few minutes I was done, my briefs were yellow in the pouch and brown in the bottom. I got out of my dirty underwear, grabbed some TP, and cleaned myself up. Thankfully, I remembered to dunk my undies in the toilet water to get most of the poo out, like my dad did when I would have accidents as a kid. I ended up getting about 95% of it out, so I went downstairs and washed my briefs, and then showered. When I got my briefs out of the dryer, I only found 2 tiny skidmarks, I was very impressed. I really don't mind the solid accidents, but the messy ones like the one today I would rather avoid. Im just glad I wear briefs, and not boxers.

I took a shit in a plastic mini Jaffa Cakes container yesterday. I know it sounds like a weird thing to do, but I just fancied doing it to see what it would be like. I washed the container afterwards but had to throw it away 'cause I couldn't get rid of the shit smell!

Hi Canada_Man,
I don't know how you managed to concentrate on your driving after your sit-down with Joyce. I'd like to have buddy dumped with you both.

Mr. Clogs
Hey everybody. I'm doing good, I'm back in school now, yes back in school, well to get some special training in the computer field. So I'll be kind of busy and may post here on a sporatic basis.

Here is a quick post.

I needed to take a dump before my class start, so I decided to use those public bathrooms in a public transportation hub station like Journal Square, if you from the NY/NJ area then you know what I mean. I felt the need and decided to go. Got to the bathroom, found an empty stall. I swear, soon as I got in, the other stalls began to fill, I hate that, but didn't care because I needed to go. So I got in, pulled down my jeans and "tighty whites" down with a ploped down on the covered seat (to prevent the spread of germs). So I begin to push to get things going and made a few plop...plop...plops of turds in the toilet! Once I was done, I wiped several times, I guess 7 times, I don't remeber. Pulled up my "tight whites" and jeans back on, exited the stall to wash my hands, dried them and headed off to McDonalds to get some breakfast and head off to class.

Kareen: Great post, I guess that old saying is so, when you got to go, you got to go!

HisLilPeeMonster: Good to hear, hey we all do from time to time, thanks for checking in. Take care.

Kitty: Thank you for your comments, I try to be at times, that's why I try to post things that may be of interest. Thanks any.

EmoGirl: Yeah I was right, all of those foods mixing up in your stomach can give you a ???? ache, but I guess that makes the food so good, going in and coming out! Thanks and take care.

I got to go for now and I'll check back sometime.--Mr. Clogs


I'm a 16yr old female. I live in New Jersey.

Last week at school, I really had to take a shit, but was in the middle of a test. It was an essay test, and I was afraid I wouldnt have time to finish if I took a bathroom break. So I sat there, writing frantically as I clenched my ass cheeks together. By the time I was finished and rushed up to the teacher to hand her my test, a load was poking out of my asshole. She gave me the hallpass and I ran to the girls room into the closest stall, pulled down my jeans and sat on the toilet.

Out came a huge load. No farting, not even much stinkiness. It was quite a relief. It plopped into the toilet and I wiped my butt and pulled up my pants. I peeked in the toilet, and was amazed at how huge it was, like one of those sausages that hang up in a butcher shop! I flushed and went back to class, and sat my empty butt back at my desk.

Chris (toast)
Ok this is an intresting accadent infact i havetn Pooped my pants on accadent in years and the one time it was an accadent i was like 7 or 8.
I was at daycare and it was nap time and we had to sleep on these matts on the floor and normaly I didnt have much trouble sleeping exept this one day I had just lay'd down for my nap and I got tell tale cramps but being young and dumb I didnt know the diffrence in gas cramps and poop cramps. this turnd out to be the latter. I thought to keep a stomach away thus makeing me sleep better I should just fart and get the gass out, this was a mistake cause insted of gass I filled my pants. I got scared and ran to the bathroom and emptyd my underware wich were stained by the way and didnt sleep well that day or night casue i hated doing any thing that would get me introuble.

I got hundreds of pee stories if you like but those are for another time.


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