Thanks for getting back to me Sarah! I like your stories! That's got to be tough having diarrhea everytime you are in your period, but you probably have gotten used to it by now!

Anyways, I really like taking a good dump outdoors whenever I get the chance and enough privacy. It all started some years ago when I began to go on a lot of outdoor trips like canoeing the Boundary Waters or backpacking in the Porcupine Mountains. At first I was really reluctant to go, but after a while it kind of grows on you.

On my first trip (when I was probably 15), I really didn't want to go for the first several days. I must have held up a good sized load for about 5 days and after that would have probably pooped my pants. Plus some of you know what trail food is like. It is high in fiber, grease, and calories and tends to go through your system really fast. My bowels started hurting and I knew I couldn't hold it much longer. Well, I was determined to not fill my pants and so wondered off and found an old log a good ways from camp so I could have some privacy! I dug a small hole with the trowel I brought behind the log and then and gathered up enough courage. After pulling down my pants and undies, I didn't even have to push hard. I just had a big wet fart and--2 big logs, 3 smaller ones, some mush, and 1 wave of diarrhea came out. I peed as well. I stood up and it was the biggest pile I had ever made. I usually don't do that much, but I kind of expected it after 5 days of holding it up. there were a lot of leaves around so I wiped with leaves and this was the worst part, becuase my ass was pretty messy after this dump. But after everything was finished I felt so much better, relieved, and happy. After this I didn't feel so afraid about using the woods.

Everyone in my group congratulated me for using the woods.

One other thing! My girlfriend just got some diapers and some time she wants us to take a dump in them. I haven't gone in my pants since I was maybe 2, and am kind of nervous--especially if I have a messy dump. Has anybody had any experience with this? What would you recomend? Is it fun? If anyone has a story please share!

Thats all,

hey ya'll i'm back and lovin every moment :) of life well ack proposed and well i said no i wasn't ready. it was soooo hard to say no to that cute face, but it had to happen. i'm flyin solo right now enjoying my single days while i still have them. i know i sound so unrateful for everything zacks done and zack if you read this: i'll miss your great smile and awesome looks.
ok, now a br story, i was driving home from work...i got a job, can you believe it?? and i didn't pee after lunch and the traffic on the freeway was horrible! i was squiming around not sure what to do. i saw a starbucks cup, slid my pants down and aimed the cup under my vagina, i filled it to the top i got the seat wet a bit too...but i prevented wetting my self...

To Todd- that was a good story too bad you did not make it home in time but at least you did not do it on the bus. keep them stories coming

Todd, underwear is make to catch and absorb anything that comes out of our bodies. You just used them for what their specific porpose is. your luckey you had on jockeys and not boxers or those tuds would have fallen into your pants.

On tuesday I had the day off from school (jewish holidays) and i had a great day. Today, wednesday, I woke up and i felt really lousy, but i forced myself up and out of the door to go to school. I was fine for the first three periods, but the fourth AND fifth periods i have were gym (double gym...uck!) and during it I started feeling really crappy. I told one of my friends, and she told me, "yeah, you don't look good." during lunch I ate some plain pasta, and then I started feeling really sick. but i went to class (history) and during history I started feeling like I was going to barf, so I excused myself, ran to the bathroom, heaved a lot, but nothing came up. I felt to sick to really continue school, so I went to the nurse. The nurse told me to lie down, so i did, but after five minutes I felt terrible and I ran to the toilet in the nurses office and barfed a little (very little) bit. She then took my temperature...100.7 degrees. She said she'd call my parents, that I should lie down, so i did. While she was on the phone i felt stuff come into my mouth, so I ran to the toilet and threw up everything. Normally after you barf you feel better, but I still felt crappy. Finally the nurse reached my parents, and I went home.

My mom was at work (my mom and dad are divorced, and i alternate houses, but today i was going to my moms) so I went to my room and lay down. Suddenly I felt my butt and stomach react, sat up in bed and barfed and had diarrhea all over my bed. yay me.

Well as to the person that takes 45 min to go poo. WHOA! It takes me about a minute, sometimes less. I guess I am just lucky...

noone imporent
emo girl u could like try to poop or wet the bed....

when I was 19 I worked in a hotel during the vacation.The men's toilets in the hostel where we stayed had stalls without doors. Most of us were college kids. Six of us had a shitting contest. We all ate a cube of chocolate laxative and waited to see who could hold on longest while the other guys and girls watched. There was me, Lisa, who was in her thirties, John, Rita, Jenny and Kaylene. Lisa was the first to drop her panties and sit, and I was second. For the next few minutes we watched the others make faces as they tried to hold on and one by one dropped their pants, sat down and caved in. Rita was the last to give in but she left it a second too late and filled her knickers.

To Dave: I liked your Home Depot story. Funny how guys can just seem to make going to the bathroom uneventful.

To Hairy Barry: I used to be really shy about shitting in front of others. I had a buddy right out of high school that broke me of that inhibition. His name was Paul. We met at church and then got our first jobs at Sears. I remember the first time Paul and his brother spent the night at my house. I was brushing my teeth and he just came in dropped his drawers, and let it go. I acted like it was nothing, but I was going "what's he doing?" in my head. If I was on the crapper, he would come in and talk to me. Your story of your boss reminds me of my friendship with Paul. We had doorless stalls at Sears. We would sit there and crap together, or wait so we could go together. Talk about male bonding. lol Really enjoyed your story. Keep us posted.

I would like to know if anyone has used Dual Action Cleanse that I have been seeing on a infomercial, I was wanting to know if it really worked....I am a 44y/o male and my turds have been a little smaller than usual...

Indi here i've been lurking for quiet some time so i figured i'd tell ya'll some things about me. Im 5"3 16 straight brown hair tan skin and I live in Alabama. So about a week or two ago I was really sick with the stomach flu. All night i was up puking my guts out. And was sick all day friday and saturday. So on Saturday i was feeling a little better so i just hung out in my bed all day watching movies. At about 11 my boyfriend Nick came over to see me and he brought chiken soup. So he hung out for awhile and since i was feeling ok i ate the soup. Bad idea since the only thing my mom let me eat was toast and light foods the chiken soup really didnt agree with me. A little later my stomach started complaining and at the moment me and my boyfriend where snuggling so i sat up desperatly and ran to the bathroom. As soon as i sat down on the toilet a huge amount of diareah cam out. It was litterally brown water with a few chunks of poo now and then. Nick came in quickly and held my hand and rubbed my back. A couple minutes later I start heaving and Nick gets a bucket and i start pucking into it. For 15 minutes im pucking and having diarreah. So Nick runs out to the general store for some Gingeralle to calm my stomach. By the time he got back i was back in bed with my quilt wrapped around me. So for the rest of the afternoon we snuggled and watched movies. I felt much better on Sunday.

--indi-- U can email me and

To EmoGirl

Some experiments you might try are seeing how long you can hold it, how much you can hold, how far you can pee, how fast can you go, try going in strange places, try going while out in public with a skirt and no underwear on (and not wetting the skirt). Find a friend to experiment with or a boyfriend if you want to break the ice. Be sure to write about all of your findings.

Hello everyone!

I just came back from a trip to NY state to visit some relatives and overall it was pretty good. The only thing really that disapointed me was that I didn't make any good, big jobbies the whole time I was away. The car trips were a good 10 hrs each way and long road trips are, by and large, good catalysts at helping me create some nice logs. Add to that, my relatives always like serving big meals with all the trimmings. But nothing happened in either case...
In fact, I think I had only 2 unremarkable dumps the week or so I was there. (By far, I spent most of my bathroom time peeing rather than pooping.)

TO mommy who poops too much:
Are you getting enough fiber in you diet? i.e. Grains... rice... unprocessed fruits & vegitables...
All of them are excellent at making your stools more cohesive.

TO James D.:
Read some of the archived posts. You'll find the ladies can be as loud as any guy (both grunting or farting... take your pick.)
Until found this page, it never occoured to me that women can be even more nasty than men. You'll find plenty of accounts here from ladies who were doing a #1 or #2 and heard the women in the next stall having a very messy dump then just getting up & leaving the washroom (i.e. without cleaning up or washing their hands.)
At my workplace, the ladies can recount messy tales of other women who weren't drunk, sick, or in a panic, and pooped on the floor or toilet seats. For a while, they even complained to one of the managers that an unknown co-worker was taking her shits but not flushing (or wiping for that matter.)
To my knowledge, the identity of that phantom pooper was never established.



Mr. Clogs
To the person who asked the question about my posts of me using the bucket in my room for the purpose of using it as a toilet. As far as my room stinking when I poop/pee into the container (bucket), occasionally it would for a few minutes and the odor would go away, and it also depends what I eat and how it's processed. Usually brocolli, chili, spicey are foods with garlic flavoring would make it stink.If the odor was really funky, then I'll spray some air freshener to mask the smell. As far as getting caught, no because I usually wait until the coast is clear if you know what I mean. Now on the question about anyone finding the bucket full of poop and pee, no I usually dump it out before anyone gets home, when it gets too full, or when I get ready to take my shower, kind of a slick idea. As far as someone finding the bucket or me forgeting to dump it out and there reaction. The answer is no and if they did, they wouldn't like the the idea and would be angry at me. Nice though to ask but hasn't happened yet. Maybe I should stop using it and use the toilet like common folks do, is that what you want me to do? Then my posts would have no purpose nor meaning, and may post if something unique that I've experience comes to mind. It would be like how everyone else here uses the bathroom, and would make my posts that I post boring, even I wouldn't read it. Thanks for your question, I hope this helps answering it. You're welcome to try it, maybe you'll find it fun rather than boring. Besides when you have free time, you usually find something to occupy it. Thanks anyway

Also using the containers, well sqautting to take a dump helps people eliminate their bowels faster than the toilet, and I find myself a lot emptier than I when I use the toilet. As a matter I used the bucket today if this satisfies your question, but I'll be going back to using the toilet now because I won't be home a lot, and occupying that free time I talked about. If I was being sarcastic in my reponces to your questions, I appologize but I guess you're like me, always curious about what other people go to the bathroom, once again thanks for inquiring.

Kitty: Wow, very creative keep posting soon, thanks.

EmoGirl: Hey, great post. Yeah, those foods do kind of make you have to go like that especially those mashed potatos and roast beef, sounds like a football player's diet! Ha...ha! As far as experiments, I got several, try going standing up, in bucket perhaps if you have the room or time too, in a super-sized or large cups if you're daring. As long as you clean up the mess when you're done and it doesn't harm anybody. I hope this helps.

HisLilPeeMonster: Hey it's been a while, hope you're doing ok. About your 7 year old son, when I was his age I use to make a lot too, I guess as you get older for some people, the amounts get less and less. Not sure why, as I get older the amounts gets less and less. Anyways take care.

Well go to go, I'll check back some time to time. If anything interesting in toiletland comes up, then I might post some.--Mr. Clogs


Let us know how the big dump went!! For experimenting.. well... you could go outside. Maybe you could find some creative places around your neighbourhood. Or if you're really daring, you could try going in your pants. Not many of us have done that since we were really little.

Actually, there's tons of ideas in some of the stories posted over the years. Esspecially creative was Ash.D who used to post all the time.

But yeah, please let us (or me atleast, lol) know how the big dump went! Thanks!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

I was in a Home Depot Saturday morning about 8:30, I decided I had to take a dump, so I left my wife in the appliance dept, talking to a salesman about smooth-top ranges... I found the gentlemens restroom, and was surprised to find all 5 stalls had the doors removed. They were all occupied by employees (their orange aprons were all hanging over the partitions) They were all farting and shitting and talking, One fellow wiped his ass, checked the toilet tissue carefully, and said to ME, because I was standing there waiting.. "I better be clean, it's gonna be a hot day today" we both laughed. I jumped on the bowl when he finished, and cut loose. Then the guy who was working with my wife came in to shit...I saw him and said "Had enough of my wife already? I'm married 30 years to her" we both laughed, and he sat on the next available toilet. I finished up, left, met up with my wife again. "Dan' returned to talk more to my wife... She didn't know where he went. I told her after we left the store. She laughed ....

Oh! I forgot to tell you the story of when I was 8!

I was on the computer/watching tv and had to pee. I was feeling kinda creative, so I lifted up my skirt, pulled off my underwear and peed. I cleaned the spot up and no one ever new. =)


I remember this one time while I was at work, as I was coming back from the restroom(I wasn't using though), this one woman(she looked about 20 and had short brown hair in a short selved shirt and shorts) was at the register her hands tightly holding her butt, she couldn't stand still at all, well I went back up to the register and ask her "Can I help you?" then she said that she needed a toilet very badly, so took her where the only toilet was. and she ran in, and I stayed there listeing for a few mins as I heard her pull shorts and panties down and throw herself down on the toilet. then a huge fart, but I had to go back to the front, and about an hour I saw her come back up the front(wich I thought had left already)and get a soda and came up to the register and I ask if she's feeling better and she was, she payed and left and it was time for me to get off work, so I clocked out as another girl clocking in, well I went to the toilet and the lid was down and damn it stunk in there, I lift up the toilet lid and there was the most amount poop in there I had ever seen in one place, it was all coiled up and past the water level with a few turds on top of that and quite a bit of toilet paper and pee too, well I sat down and peed and wiped and then went home.

Right now I need to crap so badly. I just had a huge dinner of roast beef, mashed potatoes, squash, beans, and cake for dessert. Im just starting to cramp up so its gonna be a nice watery crap.

I want to do some...I don't know...experiments with bathroom activity. Any good ideas that i should try??


mommy who poops too much
so my roommate told me that these are my people and that i need to leave a message. my poop is always runny and i don't know what to do. i went to the doctor and they don't know.

To the new manager at the JC Penneys: A few things I thought of since my last post. What are the laws and construction codes in your area? Some municipalities (apparently Seattle is one) have laws prohibiting doorless stalls. How are other retailers in your area handling the restroom vandalism/ vagrancy issues? If the stalls face the sink, doorway, or otherwise have the user in plain view of others in the room, have you considered the broad age and physical (not just genital) differences of the general public? Also, have you considered the situation of the man who has to take his toddler daughter to the bathroom? Lastly, in the very early part of this forum there was a man named Ryan who was an employee at a Penneys store where they removed the stall doors. It may be worthwhile to read about his experiences.

Sasha (male)
Hey Kevin, great story about 3 generations at the 'mill' gotta be a sight to see your dad, you, and your sons all sitting next to each other farting and dropping logs. Nice to be so open. I'm 19 and always thought about shitting with male family members like your situation, but I am too bashful. I need a door. How did you guys overcome your bashfulness? Thanks

To the person who posted: Ever since I remember, it has taken me long to go number 2. I'm just wondering if this is normal because sometimes I can take as long as 30-45 minutes. I know most people don't take this long. If anyone knows, please post an answer.

I think it depends on the person. My time varies depending on what I eat. It normally doesn't take me very long.. but my 7 yr old son takes as long as you do to go (30 mins +). He also produces about 3 times more than I do.
Go figure.

I had a problem at a super market. I had to poo when I found that there was not a washroom so I went to my car and drove home when I got home I ran into the bathroom rushed down too fast and fell onto the floor when I finished I had to go back to the and buy what I wanted to the first time

To 45 minute pooper: I often take 20 minutes and sometimes much longer but this is the time from pulling my pants down and sitting on the toilet to pulling my pants up at the end. If I sit on the toilet when I first get the urge to go I always have to wait a long time for my poo to start coming out. Sometimes I give up after 15 minutes or so and walk away with nothing accomplished. Once my poo manages to poke its head out it usually takes less than 5 minutes for it to all come out. Except sometimes it gets stuck just as the tip is peeping out and then it can easily be a 15 minute wait before it starts to move again and finally gets its head out. I've also had it stop half way many times and I just have to sit there for 5 or 10 minutes with it hanging. As you can probably guess, I don't push at all because I like it to come out all on its own.

To Kevin: Good point. I really don't see why there is so much fuss about going to the bathroom. When you gotta go, you gotta go. I also think that in the situation there at the mill, the guys are used to it. If you're around people who are not self conscious, then you won't be either. My family sounds like yours. My grandpa, dad and my brothers (there are 2 of them)all used the bathroom in front of each other. Now the new generation is doing the same (10 grandkids between us)Congrats on your tight family, you sound awesome.

Thought I'd repost this. On the subject of doorless stalls, I grew up in the Chicago northwest suburbs in the early 80's. In elementary school the washrooms all had toilets with partitions and doors but when I went to my newly-built junior high school at age 12, all of the school's washrooms had doorless toilets. I have no idea how it was for the girls washrooms. When I entered high school at 14 it was the same story. The school had been built during the 20's, then added to in the late 50's and again in the late 60's. All of the boys washrooms had doorless toilets and trough-style urinals. Both the junior high and high school toilets were at the end of the washroom so no one really saw you unless they came to the far end of the washroom, although the end toilet usually had a view of the mirror and if you stood there and messed with your hair, you could sometimes see a boy in the mirror behind you taking a shit. I can remember many times seeing guys on the toilet taking a dump. I took a school shit maybe once a week, but only if I could slip in there during the study period after lunch when few students were around. Other boys had the same idea, and lots of times when I came in during a quiet period, one or even two or three guys could be on the toilet taking a shit, sometimes talking to each other, sometimes shitting in silence and a bit embarassed. Communal shitting hardly ever happened in junior high, in fact when a friend of mine DID take a shit there (I was in the washroom with him at the time), other boys came in and this boy got quite a bit of teasing from the other young dudes who just seemed freaked that boys actually needed to shit at school sometimes. By the time we got to high school, kids grew up a bit and it was considered ok to do it. If you really needed to go you just found a way to do it, usually during class periods or lunch periods. The 14 yr old freshmen were always still a bit shy, but sometimes I saw brave young freshmen in the act of unloading their turds. One kid, the look on his face was relief as he realised that I was going to let him dump in peace and not harass him. LOL I'm willing to bet they have now put doors on all those old school toilets! :(

Hello "hey all".

I usually have diarrhea a day or two before my period starts and then through out that time of the month. It can be pretty bad sometimes, but like the situation with yourself and your girlfriend have found out, wearing those extra long maxi pads can help.

I have another story for you though, this one happened last summer when I went white water rafting with my friends...

It was a weekend trip, we got there on Friday evening and went rafting all day Saturday and all day Sunday. I had a feeling that my period was going to start on Monday and I wasn't disappointed. I only had one bathing suit with me, a two piece that was dark red. The shorts were those boys boxer type that covered a nice area of by butt and thighs.

On Saturday when we got in the bus I started getting crampy so I asked if there was a bathroom at the drop off sight and the guides said no. My friend Melanie said to go in the bushes, but I just couldn't do that, so I decided to try and hold it. Big mistake! The first few rapids went by and the pressure in my lower stomach was just too much to take and I could feel my guts start to rumble. Then it happened, we hit a rapid and I started pooping in my bathing suit! I tried to stay as calm as possible and tried not moving around too much, which is hard considering all the rapids and water.

Our tour group took a break for lunch and I went to the rest room area to get cleaned up, which was somewhat hard as I had pooped alot in my bathing suit. My other friend Laura who was also with us offered me her shorts that she was wearing over her bathing suit. Laura actually had her period at the time and was wearing a pair of shorts over her bathing suit to hide the fact that she was wearing a maxi pad during this trip. She's like me, can't, or won't use tampons. Laura insisted that I take her shorts to cover up with since she was able to tuck the wings on her maxi pads around her one piece bathing suit with out too much notice, although you could see the faintest buldge from her pad through her bathing suit.

Anyway, when we finally got back to our camping area later on Saturday, I went to the showers and cleaned myself up and cleaned my bathing suit as well so I could use it on Sunday.

Luckily that was the only incident of that particular trip. Like I said, my period started on the Monday and the rest of that week wasn't too bad. I only had one other diarrhea incident that week. Have a happy period? Yeah, right.

to unknown poster who asked what foods to eat that will give them diarrhea. well, you could try very spicey foods or foods with very high fiber, but i would also recommend lots of prune juice or a laxative. if you are turn on by having diarrhea, as i am, then i hope you find what you`re looking for. see ya, DR

I cannot believe what happened today. I haven't crapped in 5 days and by the end of the day today, it was tough to hold it in. Going home on the bus didn't help much either. It was bouncing up and down, so by the time my stop came I was close to letting go. As I stepped off the bus, I knew I wasn't going to make it inside. So I ran as fast as I could behind some bushes in my yard so no one could see me and let go. 5 days of poop came out into my tight Jockey briefs. The first log was huge, and made a big bulge in my shorts. However, I ended up pooping 3 more logs into my briefs, which actually caused them to fall down a bit. I got inside and examined the damage, and when I pulled down my shorts I found a bulge of at least 5 inches in my briefs. I tipped the poo into the toilet, showered, put on fresh briefs, and washed my clothes. Thank goodness no one was home at the time.

hello,aimee here,both of us have been lurking here for a while.i've known sean since 7th grade (a long time ago)we are still good friends.
we both(unadmitedly) have an intrest in each others bathrom habits.
I will never forget the day we were in 8th grade,in 4th period class,noticing sean,sitting in the desk right in front of me,geting a little fidgety.then he raises his hand and ask's the teacher if he could use the restroom. she did not like him very much,and told him he had to wait until class was over. he sat back down. 5 min later he stood up (i knew he was in distress) let out a loud fart,then told the teacher he needed the restroom now!!!! as a few classmates lauged,she sais sean,sit down now,you will not use the restroom on my time. he then crossed his legs (obviously doing the poo poo dance).out of nowhere another loud fart escapes from his general direction,and the next thing i know i notice a smell of poo poo,then i see a bulge growing by the second in seans black "guess jeans". he now was red as an apple and blurted to the teacher that he just crapped his pants, she finally let him out of the classrom to clean he walked out of the classrom (waddling like a duck).mrs r.let me go with him. we went to the gym locker, i helped him clean up of the massive load he soiled his white cotton briefs with. the guess jeans were able to be saved.(i threw the underpants in the trash),and then my mom came and got us out of school for the rest of the day.he and i have been good friends since.(and then some). i have showed sean this website, but he is now sleeping(19 yrs later). if he does check this site,he will read this story,realize who told it, then my own poop experiences will be revealed and posted.ciao,aimee

Hello everyone Barry here, nice to find a site dedicated to something interesting.

I got a new job about a week ago and the restrooms are blocked off for men and women. They must have ran out of money on the mens room because the toilets are stall-less and less than 12 inches apart in a row of 3. No urinals are in there and if youre on the last toilet the door opens onto you. I have never been bold about being seen while using the toilet, not shy, but not on my list of things to do. One day after working for an hour or so I felt this huge urge to take a sit. I knew the bathroom wasnt private at all but I couldnt help it.
I ran to the bathroom and it was empty, thank goodness. I pulled down my shorts and lifted up my shirt and sat down to relieve myself. I pushed a little and only a small portion of it came out.. and I couldnt get it to come out all the way I pushed and pushed nothing, just the top of it, and when I stopped pushing it went back inside. Suddenly the door opens and my boss comes in, says hello and pulls his trousers down and sits next to me. Now the toilets are so close its leg to leg, we are both tall and heavier guys. Now I was in a lot of pain and he wanted to chat, we started chatting and about halfway thru his sentence he grunted a little and said here it comes, he let out a fart and one ploop. I was kind of shocked, he smiled and said how good it felt. I embrassingly told him I had one ready to go, but I couldnt get it out. He just gave me a good slap on my knee and said concentrate and he will do one with me, so we tryed it, he said he was holding it til I said I was ready, I got it about halfway out, he said ready? I said yes and we both let one go at the same time and laughed about it. This was something new to me, never thought it would be so easy to go with another person around me.
Now I look forward to going while on the job, we both try to go at the same time, talk and have become pretty good friends in the last week or so taking our toilet breaks together.

I will fill you in with more if this seems interesting to you.

Good morning; warm here. I underwent surgery recently, with doleful results in my pooping. First, the pain medication caused constipation; at one point I had not gone for 4 days, most unusual for me (I average twice a day, often 3 times). At one point I pushed so hard that it popped the cap off my urinary catheter and sent urine all over my clothes; but no poop. A day later I finally felt the powerful urge that meant the real thing. Sitting on the toilet with a urinary catheter hanging from my penis was agony; yet I could feel the monster poop coming to the exit. As I pushed, it felt impossibly large and hard, but it did start out. It came out for a very long time, then dropped with a splash. Another smaller turd (but still fairly large for me) followed. After I wiped (no traces on the paper), I looked; the big turd was about two inches thick, and quite long, I'm sure over a foot, with part of it down into the hole. The other turd was maybe 8 inches long, an inch and a third thick. I was sore for hours afterward. As I was coming out of that surgery, I had a setback and had to return to a catheter just last night (urinary retention is a peculiarly painful affliction). My bowels had just begun to return to normal, so I was dreading once again having to find an endurable seated position on the toilet to poop. I tried a couple of times earlier this morning--no luck, as the sensation had gone away by the time I was settled on the seat. I went outside for a moment and felt the need to poop returning--and I had an inspiration. It felt as though the poop would come out in my pants if I let it (which I do not do), so I thought I would lower my pants just enough, let my bottom hang over the toilet, and basically poop standing up. It worked wonderfully--the turds slid out easily, six or eight of them, fairly good-sized, making hefty splashes, so that when I looked I had a nice pile at the bottom of the bowl. Very satisfying. Wiping was harder--normally I like to have my cheeks well spread so as not to smear. Nonetheless, and with the help of Noxzema on the final wipe, I got that done, too. Just a thought for you if you ever had a time when sitting is uncomfortable--poop standing up.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Hi Gina,
you wonder why it takes you so long to poop. Join the club! It takes me a long time too. Even when I need to go urgently, I sometimes pull my underpants down and get seated just in time, then plopplopplopplop!I drop a huge load and heave a sigh of relief. Then nothing happens for 10 minutes or so. On one occasion the door of an automatic toilet opened on me in the main street because I'd sat there too long.There was a lady waiting her turn and she saw me sitting there with my undies round my knees! On several occasions I've thought I'd finished, used the last of the TP then felt another lot coming and had to yell for more paper. Maybe we should poop together. At least we'll be able to have a conversation instead of just sitting in bored silence.

i have a question For Mr. Cloggs. Doesn't all that poop and pee make your room stink ? Has anyone in your house ever caught you pooping ? and have you ever forgotten to empty your bucket and somebody found the poop ? if so what was their reaction.

I am a new poster to the site and i would like to give a brief description. I am a blonde blue eyed guy age 15.I like to hear stories about pooping.I was in my woulds when i realized i had to take a poop. so i found the nearest tree , pulled down my pants and let her rip.It all came out in one neverending load.I grabbed some leaves and wiped my butt.I felt so much better and liked it more than taking a poop on the toilet.
If there are any chicks who also dont mind taking a poop outside please reply.

James D.
Hi all. I just found this site and thought that I would ask a couple questions. I am a 33 year old male and every time I go into a public restroom, if there is a guy pooping in there, he always makes audible grunting or sighing noises. Though, I too grunt or sigh when I'm taking a good poop. My question is for the women that go into public restrooms- when there is a woman pooping in a stall, does she usually make a grunting or sighing that is audible, even if it is just barely noticeable? What about yourself, when you are at home alone pooping do you grunt or sigh?
Thanks a lot for your comments!

The Nature Boy
Speed-Dumping...? And sanitation issues...

I had this in mind since Thursday, but this is sorta in response to the un-named poster that says (s)he takes a long time to poop. I experienced the other end of the spectrum at my older cousin's (late 20's) home a few nights ago.

There had been a bit of a bug going around the family where anything we ate would shoot right through us. So the other night she was eating some fast food (hunger overrides common sense I guess) while watching a new episode of a fave show. Sure enough about 15 minutes later her stomach started gurgling and she ran to the bathroom durng a commercial. At best she was in there minute tops. Then she came back out. At first I thought she just had to pee, until the smell from the bathroom came over to me through the half-closed door, and she was remarking to her neice that it hadn't failed in 3 days that she had to run to the bathroom as soon as she ate!

I guess, if you're literally seconds away from crapping your pants...and it's all liquid so you're not "wiping" your butt so much as drying it with one go, it makes sense. But I *really* don't think she washed her hands either! Well, it would be...awkward to bring that up, for sure. I've mentioned that there are a lot of fans of products like Purell hand sanitizer, maybe she used that or something.

Now, I DO get in a hurry on some things, but I like to be able to take my time on the john, trots or no trots. She did it again today, again during a show. Maybe she just likes to hurry in there. The show might have something to do with it. Is she shy? She didn't use the fan to cover her smell...but then again, using the fan would be like announcing you're taking a dump. Either way, she, I and her neice were all talking about having the runs the other night, so a prude, she isnt. Anyway, comment time:

Outdoor Jenny - great story!

Gina - when you gotta go, et cetera...but hope the chick dosen't hold a grudge!

PRG - yet another SUPERB story! And you just stuck your tongue out at the kids, it's not like you yelled at them...I think you handled it fine!

Laura - great story!

Have I mentioned yet that I FINALLY got to see Sandra Bullock's diarrhea scene in Two Weeks Notice? Well, if I did I'll do it again!!! Pretty darn good, IMO. I like how she gets uncomfortable and fidgety in the car ('Oh, MAN!')...but I'd say my favorite part was her doing the 'desperation dance' in full view of the truckers while she papered the seat. And while it would have been more 'authentic' with sounds, her moans were good too...especially 'whoa mama!'

Oh, and one more thing i've meant to do for curiosity's sake: T?????Y
(still 'censoring' that term for your stomach?)

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO DEBORAH ANNE five days without a b/m is too long.
Consider this idea for making the bowels move. I had an problem with my hand and went to a massage therapist who deeply massages the inside of my right elbow on each visit. After visiting her I did a big poo soon after and apparently this is somee sort of "energy point" that also governs the colon as I later discovered.
Another method, it has been mentioned before is abdominal massage. With practise you can feel the colon and its contents and massaging breaks it up and moves it along. I have used this method on others with success. I start off with a back rub to relax the person and lower back muscles... it is a good idea to wee first as the massage does involve the bladder area. When starting the abdomen use plently of oil and be very gentle but as you go the colon can be kneeded more vigorously always pushing the "contents" along.
I wish I had somebody who would do it for me when the need arises. Trouble is many massage therapists do not like doing it... yet it is just another form of massage.

Hey I'm a loong time lurker soi'll tell you somethings about myself. Im 19 5"2 and 115 pounds with wavy blonde hair and brown eyes. So anyway I have my first story....
So it was last sunday and when I woke up at about 8 I had to pee kind of but since i wasnt doing anything that day I decided to play the "holding game" So I waited until 11 when both my parents left for brunch with some of there clients. I was really starting to jiggle before the left so after the left I ran into the bathroom and sraddled the toilet seat. I was just teasing my self though and I was fully clothed so I let my pee almost come out bu then shoved my hand up my crotch to stop it and each time i felt hot gushes of pee. So then I heard the door bell I really panicked and ran to the door. It was my noyfriend and all my friends and they had come to hang out well they dragged me out of my house to go to the beach. Bye now it was about 1 and i was really about to cry because it takes about 1 hour to get to the beach we where going to and im really shy and everything. So the whole ride there I could feel pee rushing to my undies but luckily i was wearing a pad. I felt little dribbles of pee come out every few minutes. Then we where there and the minute I stood up i almost lost it a huge gush of pee rush into my pants and soak my pad. I looked around really desperatly but there was no bathroom in sight. So I followed my friends to the beach. I was so desperate and then my boyfriend hugged me i lost it pee just rushed out of me froze and for 5 minutes i peed my boyfriend then took my hand and led me to his car and helped me clean up! He was so nice about it but I was so embarrassing!


Desperate to poop
I really stunk out BHS today! I went out last night and several beers but not enough for the hangover I had this morning I thought. Anyway all morning I was farting little stinkers. Me and my girlfriend decided to go out for a walk in the park. I continued to parp whilst I was walking but didn't feel the need to poop. We had a little sit down partway through. Not far from the toilets as it was. I saw a couple of ladies go in and you could hear the doors banging as they shut the cucibles. One lady was in for about five minutes so I reckon she might have had a short poop.

Anyway we continued our walk and then went into town. Whilst in town I started to get the urge to poop and was passed a hot and a bit wet fart. My girlfriend was looking at the lingerie so I said i'd be back and was heading to the toilet. She said she'd get a coffe afterwards as I would probably be a while :). She wasn't wrong. I headed off to the toilets. They were quite busy in BHS and I had to wait in line. Luckily only one in front though. After about four or five minutes A medium size brunette lady in her early forties came out and I got to go in. The toilet seat was very warm and there was an aromatic smell of poop and perfume. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. I quickly took my jeans down pulled my sloggies down to my ankles and sat. No sooner I had sat down that than I did a big paaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfffffffffffffffffffffffffttttt and a hot serving of sludge went flying into the pan. Boy did it stink! I continued to push out soft serve and fart for the next ten to fifteen minutes. I flushed once while seated as the toilet was becoming quite full and smelly to the say the least. As I was going I tried to see who was in the stalls with me. The Girl who went in, before me was pooping a nice big log. She would grunt on and off and from time to time a low moan could be heard. I peeked under her stall and saw a bright pink thong down by her black hipsters. She was in there for about seven minutes and didn't help with the Aroma either. Everyone else seemed to be peeing that was until I left. As I washing my hands a young lady in her early twenties came in and the took the stall I had just left. She let rip a large fart as she entered the stall and then started dropping turds one after each other in rapid succession. As I was leaving I heard a big sigh of relief. I pittied her for having to use my stall though it must have stank!

Happy pooping. Outhouse Jenny - any more good stories for us? I love pooping stories and your last one was cool

TO Massie:
About 3 or 4 years ago we had a wonderful English bus driver who posted here very regulary. (Those of you who've been here a while will know who I'm talking about.) She was one of those lucky few people in the world that could regularly produce big, thick 'logs' (and was very proud of it too!) If you look back into the archives, I'm certain you'll love her accounts. I think you'll find her stories around the 600's or 700's, but I may be wrong. Explore the archive and you will find pleny of other treasures!

Speaking personally, I think I most enjoy reading of the accounts of the various couples who like to share thier BM's with each other. Hearing about thier intimate, special bond they share is always nice. (I hope one day that I'll be able to find such a partner myself... But I'm not holding my breath.)

TO Chelsha, Re. story #2:
This may have occoured to you after the fact, but if it happens again you might just want to let it all go right there in the shower. The clean up would certainly be easier to handle.
I usually do my morning pee in the shower because, #One. I don't have the hastle of anyone in the household complaining that I left a drop or two on the seat or on the floor infront of the toilet , and, #Two. It feels good.

In fact, after one real pooping accident in the shower, I began to go in the shower every now & then simply to enjoy the feeling. However, I had to stop my activities when it became clear that it was affecting the shower drain. (Nobody in the house found out, but better safe than sorry.)



Tuessday, October 04 2005

I just got back from a feild trip at my 7 year old daughters school. I was in charge of 4 7 year olds so I had no time to use the toilet all day:(. When We got back to the school it was resses and time for me to empty my bowel into the toilet. Since im a parent I was only aloud to use the bathroom in the teachers lounge. By the time I got there I could barley walk my bum was hurting so much. So I walked up and the door was locked. I knocked and a nice lady said one moment please When the lady finally came out and it was my turn my daughters teacher came up and said may I bud you... I said NO she said sorry im a teacher I go first I said No you go next we both argued into the bathroom and then I did it I shoved her out of the way and I ran over to the toilet and started pooping with her right there... She got so upset she walked away

Ever since I remember, it has taken me long to go number 2. I'm just wondering if this is normal because sometimes I can take as long as 30-45 minutes. I know most people don't take this long. If anyone knows, please post an answer.

Mr. Clogs
Hey everybody! Just want to say hello to a few folks and chime in on some topics here if you don't mind.

EmoGirl: Hey, great post about the question of peeing in the shower, I do that, only if I have the urge to go. It wouldn't make sence to use the toilet to pee in while taking a shower. I just aim and let go. Hope this helps about your curiousity of other people doing that, well I do that from time to time.

Sarah: Ah, you poor thing. Interesting post regarding the pad, unfortunately the designer's didn't anticipate accidents happening, maybe they should reconsider. Anyways take care.

Now about doorless stalls, I don't mind peeing into them, when it comes to taking a dump, I prefer a door one for privacy and concentration. The grammer school that I attended from 5-8th grade had them, and never used them to take a dump in them because the lack of privacy. You figuring a guy like myself needs additional privacy you may ask? Well we all do from time-to-time. Besides, people especially kids can be cruel, rude, and unconsiderate. I could remember back when I have to hold in my bowel movement all day long until I got home!

Well enjoy your weekend folks and I'll check in later.

Take care.--Mr. Clogs

I'm new to this post, but I've been reading some of the posts and they are quite good!

Anyways, I've got a story! I went on a hike last weekend with my girlfriend! When we were out in the middle of the hike, I got a really bad cramp! Because the area we were in was thinly wooded there was no place to go in privacy! My girlfriend is into pooping her pants and other unusual places and had some maxi-pads in her purse! She had already tried going in one of those extra-long maxi-pads and thought it would be cool if a guy tried it as well! Anyways, I was pretty desperate and ready to try anything, so I put one in and somehow it fit just fine! It covered my BM area and she kept encouraging me to see how it went! So I just pushed and it came out really mushy! I peed in it also. I didn't know what to do, so I made it back to the bathrooms and got cleaned up; not too bad! She was really excited to see that this method could work for guys as well! Normally, I thought only girls would use a maxi-pad to have a BM becuase they fit so much better probably, but desperate times call for desperate measures! It felt kind of weird and cool at the same time!

I read your diarrhea story Sarah and I am really interested in why you have such diarrhea! Do you know why?

Pants pooper
Hey m new and i was watching 3rd watch when this man murderd his wife or tried to and her son was hiding in the closet he said a few things then he asked Aw Baby did you wet urself? he looked down and tere was pee on the floor and they accualy showed it. so i was wonding for things like that do they make the kids wet thwm selfs for the show?

sarah, i love your stories and hope you will post more of them

What foods can i eat that will give me diarrhea

Like Clockwork
Steve & Pete
Same here - No sleeping in on the weekends. I guess my bowels don't know the difference ... "when nature calls" and all that.

First post, hope it's good. About a month ago, I had my friend John over, and we were playing video games in my basement. It was a racing game, and we were in the middle of a longer race, and I just got a huge urge to take a dump. The game is all weird so when you pause it, the race gets messed up, so I knew i couldn't pause the game to go to the bathroom. I was focusing more on my need to poo rather than the race, so I fell into second. About two-thirds of the way through the race, there was a really tight turn that I really needed to do right to have a chance to win, and in concentrating on the turn, I let my guard off on my butt. As I was making the turn (which I ended up doing perfectly), I let my load go into my underwear. I hadn't gone in a week, so the load was huge. The log pushed out my pants about 4 inches or so, but the smell was unbearable. After the first log came out, I farted and more came out, which completely filled my tighty whities to the top. It was sooo embarrassing. John let me pause the race and start it over, since he had taken a huge lead due to my accident. The worst part was my parents were upstairs, where the nearest bathroom was, so I had to confront them and tell them of my accident. They weren't too happy, but they just told me to clean up and not to do that ever again. I showered and changed into a fresh pair of underwear and went back downstairs. Not as bad as I thought having an accident would be, but it was still very embarrassing. By the way im 13.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER Have had a rather uncomfortable day. Yesterday did not poo and later that afternoon got a bit of a pain and rumble in the stomach...actually I have had rumblings (abdominal) for a couple of days...sat on the toilet at work for a short time but nothing...that night tried again and only a couple of turdlets after much effort. Woke up this morning in need of a motion...sat on the toilet ...only a few turdlets and felt poo stuck in my back passage.. tried rocking and no go....came to work ...the urge returned ..sat on the toilet and a heap of soft bulky and very smelly poo projected out of my arse.
Often I need to go and just cannot... and then at some time later the gates open and some days I cannot stop pooing.
Does anybody else experience this?

I work at a paper mill in town. Been there 23 years, pretty much the main employment in town...My dad has been working there for aver 40 years, and now my twin sons have graduated high school and are working with us, We proudly hail as one of 3 other 'three generation' family at the mill. Its an old building, old plumming, and all the toilet stalls in all the gentlemens restooms are without doors for privacy. My sister works there also, and she says the women have doors on all the stalls in the ladies room, with locks. But my point is this, Michael at JC Penney....when men need to move their bowels, privacy is not an issue. The main mens restroom has eight toilet stalls, with very short wooden dividers between them, they barely reach the end of the toilets, so we can see everyody's knees when we are sitting and when we stand to wipe our 'privates' swing with the wind for all to see. Afternoon breaks (at 2:45) are the most busy, as everybody needs to defacate after lunch, so with 8 toilets for 150 men, we need to move fast. Doors on the stalls would only slow down everyone, as if we had privacy, w might read a newspaper, etc. But when I see my dad, and my twins sitting there, doing their business, It makes me proud to be part of a great family of providers... PS... both my twins are marrying a lovely pair of twins. I couldnt be happier...

I saw some posts about doorless stalls so I decided do my part. I have a few experiences of doorless stalls too, latest one over year ago. We were on holiday trip (we used to do a small holiday trip every summer). In the evening of third day of our trip we ended up to the nice camping site. We rented a cottage and settled down. After unpacked necessary goods my husband wanted go to fish and kids started playing badminton. I played with them a few minutes but then I decided go to walk and look around a bit.
I hadn't pooped yet that day and walking got my bowels working. I felt urge to take a dump coming on. It wasn't really bad but urge became stronger quickly. There was a log building on the small hill where was showers and toilets. As I approached building I noticed that two women were heading towards to the toilets from other direction. They went inside and I followed them with the same opening of the door. Right side of the door was two sinks. Left side was high partition wall. As we looked behind it we saw four toilet seats quite close to each others. There were no proper stalls, no doors, just minimal partition between the each bowl. We stood in the middle on the room, looking each others astonished look on our faces. Then older lady said jokingly: "It seems like building contractor has forgotten to install doors." Woman was about my age, maybe a couple of years younger but definitely her early 40's. Younger lady was about 17-18. They were so same looking that they had to be mother and daughter.
Well, we had no choices. Doors or not, they need to go and I need to go. Young lady walked to the furthest stall and her mother took the first one. I selected adjacent of hers. I dropped my shorts and panties down and placed my butt on the seat. Both ladies started peeing and I did short pee too. Girl stopped peeing about same time with me but her mother peed 10-15 seconds longer, then stopped, peed again for about 5 seconds. In the end of her pee she let out a small fart. Then after short silence girl began grunting softly. Woman in my next stall passed some more gas, they were quiet, long farts.
It was obvious that we all three needed take a dump. I felt my butt hole open up and a firm log emerging out. I leaned forward a little and let it come out naturally and slowly. There was a high gap between floor and partition. I saw how my neighbour pulled her feet closer to the seat and went up on her tip toes. I heard a slight grunt followed by three small splashes only a few seconds apart. My log broke off and it dropped into water causing a loud plop. Just a couple of seconds later I heard very similar plop from girl's stall.
Next few minutes were interesting. At least every ten seconds you could hear grunting, plopping or farting sounds as we dropped turds in turns. I did four solid, 4-6 inches long logs. Young lady had very similar motion with me. But her mother produced absolutely biggest amount of plops. Most of her plops sounded like rather small turds mixed a few larger chunks. The girl was ready first. She walked pass to the sinks as I was wiping. Woman started wiping too. I noticed that she did it partly standing position.
Later in the evening I went to the toilet again. This time for a pee. There was one lady at sinks washing her hands. One stall was occupied by young woman, maybe about 25-30. She was sitting on the toilet with her shorts mid-thigh, legs slightly apart. Obviously she was in mid-poop. There was fresh smell of poop and as she noticed me she looked embarrassed and pressed her legs together. I didn't saw anything, but I quessed there was a long turg hanging out of her ass. I was right. I barely managed sit down as I heard huge splash. I peed for about 20 seconds, then I wiped and left letting that young woman finish her business in privacy.

One when i was in 3rd grade getting bad stomach cramps and i had to go to the bathroom i knew i was going to have diarrhea and i really diden't want to go at school but i really had to go so i asked my teacher if i could go to the bathroom and she let me so i walked as quickly as i can to the bathroom and grabbed the first stall that i saw open and i ripped down my pants and sure enoght as soon as i sat onthe toilet a huge burst of diarrhea came out of my butt followed by a bunch of wet farts then after 10 minuets i wiped and flushed and went back to class but that wasen;t the end of my diarrhea 20 minuets later i got more stomach cramps and my stomach was making all kinds of weird noises and i had to go again but i felt embarassed to ask again so i tried to hold it as long as i could and i tried to fart to relieve some pressure in my stomach so i did but when i did it was really wet and i felt diarrhea starting to come out so i had to ask my teacher if i can go again so once again i raised my hand and asked my teacher if i can go to the bathroom again and she said but you just went and i said but i really have to go again and she said fine go so i rasn as quickly as i could to the bathroom and ran in the first stall and ripped down my pants and before i can sit on the toilet loud nasty diarrhea started shooting out of my butt it splattered a little bit on the toilet seat but i was able to clean that up quick then after 20 minuets i was done but i still felt more in there so i pushed really hard and this time it was pure water this lasted for 15 minuets then i wiped and flushed i was so embarassed this never happened to me in school then i went back to class and my teacher said Chase what took you so long and i said i don't feel good and she saod whats wrong and i said i have an upset stomach and she said did you throw up and i said no i have diarrhea and she sent me to the nurses office and she called my mom and i went home and had diarrhea the rest of that day

Calboy: I was standing up and wearing panties only.

Thunder From Down Under: Yeah, the only drag is cleaning up. I still do it once in a while because I love the feeling.

I just got home from a party about an hour ago, and since we were drinking a lot there was a lot of bathroom activity. At one point I needed to take a crap so badly. I swear as soon as my butt hit the seat I just exploded. It was beer diarrhea, which is the worst. I pissed an ocean and when I was done I sprayed air freshener, which didn't really do much. As soon as I came out my friend went in and when he went in he just turned around and looked at me and started was so funny. Then another one of my friends decided to take a piss in the middle of the driveway. It was entertaining to say the least.


Sunday, October 02, 2005

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