My female friend and me (female) were going out on a guy expediton, as we called it. We went to a bar, got a table and were looking for hot guys. My friend Britt, a very pretty, skinny, dark haired person, danced with a man and went off to his table. As for me i was stuck at a table by myself, drinking beer after beer. I found about two guys that looked like they were looking for a dance too, but after talking to them i found that they were just getting drinks for their dates.

After about an hour i had drank about 3 pitchers of beer not counting the amount before Britt left. I really had to pee. I started to walk over to the restroom, finding out how drunk i really was and how much i really had to pee. When i finally reached the restroom i found that the line was going for a while. I, in my drunken state, thought that i could last the length of the line, so i got to the end and waited. I didn't realize that i was gripping my crotch, dancing, and humming until the girl in front of me looked back at me up and down, and asked, how long i had been holding. I answered that i had held on for 3 hrs. because i hadn't gone since i got off of work at 6. She looked back at the table i had come from, and noticed all of the pitures still on the table, and grimaced. She must have been wondering how i could hold so much liquid.

After about 30 min. I had my leather pants pulled up so far i had a cameltoe, just so it could hold my pee hole tight. When i finally got to go inside the restroom, i was literally crotching down. Every stall was full, and this must have not been a thinking town because there were a lot of ladies peeing themselved waiting for a stall. i couldn't take it. The site of the water from the sink, and the women peeing. The sounds of people moaning as they let go, the pee, and the water. It was all too much!

I was bound and determined to not pee my jeans, because i had tried and didn't like the feel and of it against me for so long. So, bold as i was, i stepped out of the line of girls holding themselves for a stall and walked to the middle of the small room. I started to pull down my pants and all the girls stared wandering what in hell i was doing. I squatted and just peed all over the floor. It took me about a min and a half to let go of all of the beer i had taken in. While i was peeing about 6 women gave in and their piss joined mine. One girl was in the middle of a piss while trying to pull down her tight jeans. She eventually finished peeing in a sink. When i was finally done i looked down and realized why everyone was so determined not to pee on the floor, but in something like the sink and toilet.

The bar had recently redone the floor and still had yet to put in a drain. So, since i went pee the whole floor was covered from all of the accidents and my flood put together. I walked out with all eyes on me.

By the time we were ready to leave i had to go again, but this time i didn't dare go it the girls restroom, it would have reeked by now. Britt was also in a desperate state, so on our way home she stopped the car and we peed freely in an old parking lot. It felt soooo good.

Gym chick
long ago when I was 14 years old I was at school when I needed to take a huge shit.I went most through the day but as PE came along which was my final period I had doubts I would make it (you know with all the exersise...)I couldnt do it in the locker room because of no-stall toilets and thousands of girls filling the room. Many werent shy they'd do their load without care of who saw. but I was different.during our running exersise which was our last thing of the period I tried to close my butt cheeks together to prevent a turd from slipping by but one managed and slid down into my panties... It was disgusting I quickly finished my laps before anyone else and ran into the locker room.I could feel more poop urging to come out. I knew I had to make a choice so i made one. being shy and for fear of others seeing me I slipped into one of the shower stalls and locked it. Since no one ever took showers it would be perfect for me. but...there was a problem...I had no TP...but my mind made another choice I would squat and let the shiot fall into my already soiled panties. so I took my panties off laid em on the shower floor squatted and leaned against the wall and set my turds free...during my relief many girls came in and out and the bell rang to go home...of course I remained silent and waited till I was positive everyone from school was gone....
The next day my friend came to me and said "Did you here about the panties full of crap thrown into the trash?" I said "no"

but hmm....I wonder who did that....?

Sara M.
I'm an 19 year old girl with long brown hair. Has anyone ever taken a buddy dump with their mother. It was the weirdest experience ever. We were both walking through the mall and I, out of the blue, said, "I have to take a poop." My mother said "I have to go too." We went to find a restroom as the urge got bigger and bigger for both of us. Once we got in, the urge had gotten so strong I was about to go in my pants. The problem was that there was only one stall available and the urge was urgent. So my mom says "We have to use the same toilet." We both enter the same stall and close the door. My mom pulls off her pants and underpants. I noticed a brown skidmark on her panties as she pushed them to the side. Her butt cheeks jiggled as she sat on the toilet. She spreads her legs and tells me to sit down between them. I take off my pants and panties and sit down. We both proceeded to begin our poops. I hear my mother sigh and could feel her pushing. I felt her breath on my neck and heard her poop begin to crackle out of her. It was strange feeling her pubic hair on my butt. I began to relax my poop muscles and dropped three soft firm logs in the toilet. We sat for about 7 minutes. I heard my mom drop two more poops. The smell was getting pretty good. I stood up and wiped while my mom remained seated. We got up and got a good look. The toilet was almost completely filled with poop. Both of our dumps were the same color and it was almost impossible to tell whose poop was whose. We both exited the stall and nobody commented on two women using the same toilet. It was a very strange experience, especially with one's mother. Has anyone ever taken a buddy poop with mother before?

I once had a job where I lived just a very short distance from the office and could walk home for my morning break, or at noon for lunch. One day I really had to go to the bathroom, had to go poo, and hurried to make it home. I DIDN'T! The last hundred steps or so I tried SO HARD to hold it back but then couldn't. I felt it filling my pants with each of the next dozen steps. It fels SO STRANGE ... felt strangely GOOD, to have that warm mess squishing between my bottom cheeks and between my legs as I walked along. Inside of course, I immediately stripped down and showered, after which I washed out my under pants and slacks and put them into the washing machine. I changed clothes and went back to work. It wasn't accidental the next few times.

I was at a concer this weekend, and something really needs to be done about the lack of bathrooms at events this size. there were thousands of people there, yet only 2 bathrooms per sex with about 9 stalls each. the lines were ridiculously long all night.

after seeing the opening band i decided to get in line as i needed to pee. it wasn't an urgent need but enough to be uncomfortable. and i just wanted to get it out of the way before the next band started so i wouldn't have to leave in the middle of their set. well, during the half hour intermission the bathroom line had hardly moved and there were still at least 20 people ahead of me. so i decided to go back out to the arena so i wouldn't miss the band. i have great bladder control so i figured postponing a pee for another hour was no big deal.

during most of the bands set i was fine but near the end, my urge to pee started to get worse. i had a jacket on that covered the front of my pants, so i unbuttoned the first button on my jeans to take some pressure off of my bladder, which helped a bit. i think part of the reason i needed to go so bad was because of the tight jeans i was wearing.

after the show was over i headed back out to use the bathrooms but the lines were even longer now that it was all over. i also had to meet up with my friends who were seated in a different section after the show, so i just decided i would wait until we go to the hotel before using the toilet.

I met up with my friends and on the way to the car they mentioned they missed the first few songs of the second band because they were in the bathroom line for 45 minutes, so i'm sure they didn't need a bathroom nearly as much as i did. i really was never that worried though. i've never had an accident since probably the age of 5.

the hotel was about 35 minutes away from the event and i did let a drop or two out on the way there, and in the parking lot i accidentally left a few more drops of pee out while gathering my things. i was finally able to use the toilet when we got to the hotel lobby and it was MUCH NEEDED relief. i began peeing before i was even fully seated on the toilet. my panties were slightly damp and pee stained in the crotch area so i just changed them after my shower that night

I,ve been reading the posts about the doorless stalls and they strike me as interesting. Where I am (NYC area) I can only distinctly remember seeing doorless stalls once in a vocational high school bathroom, and that was some time ago.

Does anyone have any stories about having to pee while stuck in traffic, or while driving on an interstate?

I have a question. If you hold your pee in for a long time what will happen? Will it flood your kidneys? Burst your bladder? Or will you just wet yourself before it happens...??? I am reeeallly curious!

At a sleepover once I was dared to wear a pullup for the remainder of the night and half of the next day. I refused to at first but then I ended up going into the bathroom and putting it on.

It was no big deal untill they wouldn't let me go to the bathroom. They said I had to do my buisness in the diaper. When I couldn't hold it any longer I ended up peeing but thank god no one noticed. A little while later I reallized I had to poo and I really didn't want to do that in the diaper. When my friends saw the obvious discomfort on my face they asked me what was wrong. I begged them to use the washroom but they still wouldn't let me. So I had to squat in the middle of the room with all of them watching as I pooed. It was the most embarrasing thing in my life!

When I was a pre-schooler, I had a pretty blonde friend about a year older named Judith, who lived three houses away. When I went round there, sometimes she'd be pooping on the toilet round the back of the house with the door wide open, and she'd give me a sexy smile and giggle. Once I was talking to her in this situation and my mother came round and said "Peter don't be rude!" The next thing I heard was a loud plopping noise and a long fart, and an embarassed mother.


Have you ever tried these experiments if so what kind of containers have you peed into to measure?


I've lingered here forever, but still have no good stories to post but i do have a request...
Does anybody have stories about bodybuilders/powerlifters taking dumps? Or professional cyclists for that matter...anyone who consumes 7,000+ calories on a daily basis? do you crap many times a day, or are on a low carb diet and take a huge dump but not too often?
Any stories would be appreciated very much :)

I totally shit my pants last night ! I wuz laying in bed watching tv, farted and sprayed the seat of my boxers with diareha! hadn't had the shits that day or nothing, and this was like pure liquid - when I went to the bathroom to finish shitting it sounded like I was pissing outta my ass. no cramps or anything though. this happen to anyone else?

I've never posted before but I need help!! I have to pee sooooo bad but my toilet is being unclogged they said it could take a few hours and I don't have another toilet in the house. I really don't wanna wet my pants. What do I do?!

Oh! Yeah! This one! 1)I was 6...

...and Me, My cousin, my Grandparent were driving along the countryside of where they were living. It ony was one mile til mw got there, but my cousin and I had a conversation like this:

cousin(whispering): (my name), I have to go to the bathroom real bad and don't tell anyone so what should I do???

Me(whispering very hard): Hold it, duh stupid.

I was a real bratty kid when I was in my youth, don't think I'm a bad person for saying that. Well anyway cousin said: GRANDMA!!! (my name) called me stupid!!!

Grandma: Why did you do that, (my name)?

I was also a very truthful kid.

Me: He doesn't want me to tell you.

Now, as a child, I LOVED to see other people get whatever they desevred. Like, um, your brother loves to eat mints, so he takes all of yours. He also hates sloppy joe's. Guess what? It's sloppy joe day at school! Well, this is what he deserved too, because he blamed me that I drew on Grandma's house's walls. Anyway...

Grandma: Why, (my cousin's name)? What is it?

cousin: Ummm...

So, lastly, it ended up he had to pee on the road behind the front door that was opened so no one could see his face, it was RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. I wasn't really into bodily functions then, so let's hope that view was funny while I shielded my eyes.

2) It was real weird. Okay, I was riding on my bus to get home back in 3rd grade, and we had to pass a parking lot near a lake where people parked to fish and swim and stuff. Well, there was a little bathroom house thing, y'know, and 10 feet away was a mom and her toddler(2 I guess?) he had his pants off, his lil 'thingy' hanging out for EVERYONE TO SEE, and guess what? Right. He was peeing. Now, us 8 year olds back then loved to stare out the window. So I said to my friend sitting next to me, "That's something you don't see everyday." well, we came back around and there was the mom, carring her kid down to the lake. Now everytime later I passed that, I always looked closely there for more peeing babies :o)

3) When I was a kid, I usually only had to use the bathroom twice a day in 3rd, once every two days in 2nd, and I barely used the bathroom in 1st. Sometimes I only went once at school, and held it until I got dropped off at home, and I never wet myself, I had a mega-bladder(which I still have, lol).

That's it. Oh and check out...oh yeah, you can't post links. Just check out ??????????? TO MOD: JUST A PLACE WHERE PEOPLE WRITE STORIES. NOTHING ELSE. TRULY. I'M A PARENT, BELEIVE ME. Anyway, click search, then click dow??????????. click the 3rd one, if you really are interested in people peeing pants, read the first chapter, you'll LOVE IT. It's about a fictional character named Nick who pees himself at a wedding rehearsal. Well, ciao 4 now.


Hi I'm kinda new at this but I've been reading for a while. Ok well im 12 im 5' 4" have brown shiny hair and bright blue eyes and tanned skin. I love your stories and I have many explosive diarrhea stories to share.
Here's just one...
I woke up one morning and didnt feel well, but mum thought i was faking coz i had an exam that day. so i got up and had eggs for brekkie and caught the bus to school, i felt abit queazy but thought nothing of it. Now at my school we have 5 periods a day and my exam was in 5th period.
In first period i was getting cramps so i excused myself to go to the bathroom and sat there for about 20 minutes with this liquid shit (diarrhea) exploded out of my crack. it was a greeny/yellow/orange colour and smelt completely foul. but after 20mins i wiped (ALOT!) flushed and ran back to class..thinking my explosions were over.
2nd period was fine but i has massive cramps and at reccess i told my best friend rhianna that i had diarrhea and needed to go real bad so she sprinted with me to the toilet and came into the stall with me as i let out globby loud farts and volcanic erumptions of diarrhea. she askd me if i wantd to go home but i told her id studied really hard 4 the tests and wanted to pass.
in 3rd period i excused myself 4 the bathroom again and puked up everything (or so i thought) in my stomach.
4th period was ok but i still felt sick.
halfway through the exam i let a fart rip but i felt diarrhea leave my ass. it was hot and bubbly but i sat in my filth and finished the test.
i ran for the 1st bus and was sitting nxt to sum hot boy and i got cramps agen...REALLY bad. i was almost home and thought i could wait but the wave of liquid shit poured out of my ass and it was my stop so i jumped up and ran home....everyone on the bus could see the diarrhea patch on my new white skirt and the mess i left on my seat.
that was 4 weeks ago and im still puking and shitting my guts out...i havnt been to school scince coz i cant go 5 mins without shitting or vomiting...
please write back
luv summer xoxo

TO EMO GIRL and those interested.
When a man is at the urinal he should look straight ahead. it is OK to look at the ceiling but not at the other man`s penis. If you really need to look make it a split second glance.
Do not stand next to other men, unless there is no alternative and that is OK.
If you deliberately stand next to a man when there is plenty of room to allow for space then you might find yourself the recipient of abuse.
Some men prefer to use the cubicle, if so it is normal not to close the door. Those that need to close the door are wondered about.
Young boys find it necessary to pee as high as they can up the wall, it is a sign of man hood..., or is it?
If you really know a person well a common form of practical joke is to give him a push in the back, hard enough that he stumbles forward but not so hard as he stumbles into the urinal. Where I come from urinals are usually called troughs!
It is also OK to talk to your neighbour at the trough.
In schools the boys toilet is a common meeting ground... in fact at my school in the late 60`s a group of boys formed their own choir and practised in the toilets until the deputy headmaster at a whole school assembly offered the "out House Choir" a class room to rehearse in.
In fact at certain musical events, due to lack of alternatives warm ups and practise was conducted in the toilets!
Where I come from the toilet is always an important land mark and the sceen of important events and decisions.
In parliament house there would be a politician who use to lock himself in the cubical, sit on the toilet and listen to conversation from the opposition as they stood at the urinal... he was indeed a spy!

I am a truckdriver for a living. I was parked at a rest area that had a canteen and 2 log buildings for washrooms. This by the way is also a "doorless stalls" entry.
I was having a cheeseburger and I was briefly chatting with a woman who was eating the same. She is I'd guess 2 - 3 years older (30 - 31). About 5 minutes after I felt my stomach give the warning churn that that burger was a bit on the greasy side and that I'd better use the toilet before getting back behind the wheel. I was enjoying our conversation and we even decided to meet in the town where I was delivering to, about 6 hours East of where we were as she was also headed there. I excused myself to go to the washroom and she said she'd better go before hitting the road too. I went to the cabin marked "Mens" and she to the women's.
The men's cabin was empty and when I walked around the corner I noticed 3 toilets on a plywood finish bench. No walls, no doors, not even a 1 foot high partition. Oh well, I am by myself and if I hurry....just then a woman's voice came around the corner. It was Joyce (woman I'd mentionned)and she said the women's was full with a line and that she was desperate. I started to point to the absence of doors but she'd already noticed and just said she didn't care, but she wanted the stall farthest from the entrance with me at the bowl next to her so that it wouldn't be a complete stranger sitting next to her if one were to enter. I said OK, I guess this is hard for both of us. I sat down on the seat and she did the same and I felt my asshole open and I did everything I could to keep from making too much noise, but it came out splattery and smelled. I was wondering if she was there to pee or poop. She peed while I did this, but when I went to shit the solid parts out I heard her give a shy grunt, flexing her thighs a bit, knees down then up, then I heard a thick snapping sound from under her seat so she was obviously doing the same as I was. I noticed her looking at me and when I looked at her she smiled a little, but then said unnhhh! and then a tight faced oooops and then she exploded some juice from her ass at the same time as I dropped a monster load of diarhea. "Damn burgers!" I said and she laughed but sounded strained. She stiffened and then grunted louder than she had been before and said Oh God! Not more! And the loudest splash I ever heard. We both wiped up and talked another minute. She thanked me and gave me a wink and got into her car and took off.
6 hours later I pulled into a rest stop in the town for which we were both heading, about 5 PM. There was her car but she wasn't in it. I went over to the prot-o-jons ( there were 3 of them with the two ends vacant and centre occupied. I stood for a pee and then I heard a familiar woman's grunt and "Ooops!" and uhhnnhh. I leaned toward the vents and said "Joyce?" She said yeah and that she would meet me in 5 minutes by her car. We went to dinner and then played pool and then drove me back to the rest stop where I was parked and she gave me her number for if I was ever through town and wanted to go for coffee. I'm going there tomorrow and maybe I'll see if she wants to meet in the bathroom!
Talk later!

A few days ago I was talking to my mom about these devices made to allow women to pee standing up. She swears by them.. and said she had a new one I could have. This has got to be the most maginificent invention ever created. I can not only pee standing up, but I don't have to do anything other than unzip and wiggle this little thing under my panties.. No dropping of the pants needed- and they don't leak! I've been pissing EVERYWHERE and nobody has a clue. I've gone in parks, in the woods, hiking (right on the trail with people passing!), while pumping gas, and out the door of my car while waiting at my son's school to pick him up.
I went to a pumpkin farm today in Spokane and ended up peeing in the middle of about 6 strangers and nobody knew.. it's definitely a rush! They're small enough to fit in your purse for tons of peeing fun! I am so in love with this thing lol.
Have any of you ladies tried these? If so, what were your experiences with it? I think this is the best thing every created.

Mr. Clogs: I'm doing wonderful.. just busy busy busy. :o)

Frustrated in Florida
Hey everybody, I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I want to know what you think I should eat if I want to be able to have a big poo. My boyfriend told me that he would like to see me take a dump and I really want to do it for him and let him watch as it comes out, but every time I spend the weekend with him, I get constipated and can't go. It's really frustrating because I never get constipated usually. Thinking it was because I get off my normal eating schedule and start eating stuff I normally would not when I'm away at my boyfriend's place for the weekend, I tried eating fiber cereal to make me have to go while I'm over there, but that just made me more constipated. Help!

Love, Deb

Thanks everyone for your comments.

My friend John crapped his pants last night. I slept over at his house last night, and in the middle of the night, we were playing a game on his PS2. During the middle of it, he announced that he had to crap, so I said pause it and go. But since we were pretty close to beating the level, he decided to try to hold it in. Near the very end he just couldnt hold it anymore, paused it, and took a step towards the bathroom before losing it. A huge log came out into his (im assuming) briefs. He had to waddle upstairs to clean up and put on fresh clothes. When he came downstairs, I had to crap. So to make him feel better, I crapped my pants too. Nothing too big, didn't even leave much of a stain. I put on clean briefs and we continued the game. My whities really took a beating this week.

New Person
Hi, i've never posted here before, but sometimes I read. I'd like to read more about going to the bathroom in odd places. Tell some stories - Thanks!

Hi again.

heyall-Wow...did it leak through or was it one of those extra absorbent or something?

Sophie-When you were twelve wearing a dress? :/...

Mr. Clogs-Man, you're posts are me that is.

And what's with the ?????s? I've seen them mostly as 't???y'. What's wrong with that word? My kids are adiccted to saying it, go figure.

Anyway, in my first story, I told about 2 of my kids, Jake and David? My oldest child is Samantha(aka Sam)(9). During that hour she had a fever of 103 degrees for 4 days, followed by a cold for the rest of the week+2 days, just like me when I was in 2nd grade O.o weird, eh? At least she's in 3rd...

Anyway, I don't have no stories today...maybe tomorrow...ciao...

Bec: I've done most of those, just not lately. I try to pee outside or in strange places as much as possible, but there's too many people around here. I live in a pretty busy area.

Mr Clogs: It does sound like a football player's diet! LOL! I'm a rugby player, It's close enough! haha!

Luke: That was a really good dump. I held it in for a full 24 hours. My bum hole could barely hold it all in. I sat down and pooed for what felt like forever! When I looked in the toilet there was a HUGE log, maybe 12 inches or so. It felt so good. I don't really like crapping my pants, but I do enjoy a good poo.

At the moment I need to pee so bad! Actually now that I think about it I haven't peed since before I went to sleep last night! I woke up late and didn't have any time to pee because I had to get to class, and I've been super busy all day. I have to go really badly, but I think I'll hold it for a while longer. This reminds me of a story!!!...

In the summer I was at the Vans Warped Tour with some friends (for those who don't know, It's basically a rock/punk music festival type thing.) Me and my friend both had to pee really badly, so we decided to go pee by these trash cans that were by the fences. So we go over there and we both squatted down and started to pee. As we were peeing these three guys came over so we tried to stop peeing and get up and try to look like we were just chilling there. My friend couldn't stop peeing, so in the process of pulling up her pants she peed all down the back of her jeans. She was laughing so hard that it made her pee even harder. Fun times at warped.


Hi everyone,

I check in from time to time. Its a rainy day today so I was reading some of the recent posts and someone had asked about wedding dress situations.

I had posted one last September about my friend Ellen's wedding. I found it on page 1304, about midway down. I still remember it quite vividly, because something like that doesn't happen that often, much less in a portapotty!

I can't say that I have any other memorable events than that, BUT, the other reason I wanted to go onto the forum is to post something that I saw yesterday. I was driving along Route 80 in New Jersey, in the slow lane since my exit was coming up soon. I saw a car off on the shoulder of the road and there were a few trees scattered off on the side of the road, but fairly sparse. This guy, maybe 30-ish was standing near one of the trees and it was obvious that he was urinating (although I didn't see anything specific and besides was going too fast to really pay close attention). At first I was surprised to see this guy peeing on the side of the road because there are several exits in that area that would have restrooms, but if he was from out of state he probably wouldn't want to get off of one of the exits because they can be confusing to get back onto the highway sometimes. Or maybe he initially thought he could hold it and realized that he couldn't. I can attest to being in situations like that myself, but have needed to find a bathroom to use because I'm just not brave enough to go squatting on the side of the road (guys have it much easier in that regards).

Ok, got more reading to do here.


well my bestfriend is a guy, his name is Greg, we are both 12 and leave across the street from each other. one afternoon we were playing outside when i had to pee soooooo bad, i really didnt think i was gonna make it home. I looked over and told him that i was gonna go a few feet away in some bushes and take a leak. I am a real tomboy by the way. Anyway, he asked if he could watch. I told him he could. We ran over toward the bushes and about half way there i had to grab my crotch and hold it real tight. When we reached the bushes I walked behind them so no one else would be able to see me piss. Greg asked me if he could stand behind me and watch my pee come out. Again i granted him permission. Before i had time to even think about it, i pulled down my panties and lifted my skirt. I spread my legs, squated only a little bit and leaned over. I quickly began to piss, it shot like a supersoaker right into the bush i was standing in front of. Greg reached over and held up my skirt for me so i could concentrate on relieving myself. I pissed so much a small puddle started to leak out from under the bush i was pissing in. I spread my legs alittle more to force out more pee. When i was done Greg wiped my vagina with a leaf from behind. I stood up and pulled my panties up. I felt soooooooo much better.

browneye boy
my moms friend came over and she brought her gorgeous high school track star daughter over. she and i are the same age and we get along and talk when she comes over. we were talikng in my room on my bed when I get this wiff of a fart. i look at her and she laughs. then she adoringly asked with puppy dog eyes, "where's the potty". Now at this point i was really turned on and could barely answer. so she went to the bathroom directly donw the hall. she barely closed the door and I looked in my mirror to see her. After a couple seconds I heard her maon a few times and then rip a long wet fart. Then a long crackling sound and a splash in the toilet. a sigh of relief. then she gets up to start looking for toilet paper and I could see two brown streaks on her ass when she bent over. she wiped came out and said with a smile "wow that was a big one" and begins rub her ass and let out 2 quick farts. it was the hottest thing i've ever seen.

I have some questions to ask you!
1. What is the consistancy of your poop normally?
2. Have you ever had an accident? If so, when and what were the circumstances?

3. If you had an accident at school, would you rather be a popular kid, or a not popular one? Which do you think would be worse?
4. Have you ever peed/pooped on the street for fun?
5. If so, where?
6. Have you ever seen anybody poop/pee that is not related to you?
7. Have you ever seen anybody else have an accident?
8. When you have a stomach virus, do you a) barf, b) have diarrhea, c) both, but at different times, d) both, AT THE SAME TIME!
9. As a child, did you have any interest in pooping/peeing?
10. Have you ever pooped/peed in water?
11. Have you ever pooped/peed in a container?

1. Which do you like better. The relife from having to go pee so bad and then letting it all out, the the relife from having to go poo really bad and then going?
2. How long can you/ do you think you can hold your pee on a daily basis?
3. What do you do when you really have to go pee but someone says you have to wait 3 more hours.
4. What do you do when you really have to go poop but someone says you have to wait 3 more hours.
5. What was your biggest pee?
6. What was you biggest poop?
My anwsers.
1. I love both but the relife from holding your pee in all day and then letting loose is wonderful.
2. I can probably hold my pee in for 18 hours, drinking the same amount of licqid I do.
3. I would wait probably holding myself.
4. I wouldn't make it.
5. Biggest pee was about 900 ml.
6. Biggest poop (if you string the poop together) would probably be a yard.

I've never actualy tried this odd peeing style, my friend just told me about it

one day when i was about 32 or so, i was stopped for speeding. a female cop approached me and i could tell she needed to relieve herself. she was fidgety and walked funny while writing me a ticket, she kept moving from one foot to the other and and sighing loudly i luv seeing cops piss themselves so i thought this would be a great oppurtunity to talk to her for a long time. long after she gave me the ticket i blabbed on about the weather. she would just say "mm hmm" and when she thought i wasnt looking she would grab her bladder.finally about 15 minutes after the ticket deal she leaned down and desperately grabbed at her bladder for the last time.she must have pissed for atlest 5 or 6 minutes straght, she ran to her car and left.

Gruntly Bogwell
Buenos dias afficiandos de cuentos de poo, especialmente mi querida CARMALITA! Yes, I would love to sit on the tub in your bathroom talking to you and hearing you unload one of your brown monsters into the toilet below your cute self…thank you for your kind invitation. Maybe you or anyone else on the forum has had the following experience while doing a poop in the woods? I had stepped to the back of my yard to put some biodegradable garbage in the compost pile, when then urge for my second morning poo came upon me. I thought about you and BUZZY relating stories of natural poos in the forest. So I stepped into the woods behind my house, and checking to see if any of the neighbors might see…satisfied with my relative privacy I pulled down my blue shorts to my knees and lifted my tan polo shirt, exposing my skinny white rump to the forest. I squatted down and held on to a sapling for leverage and grunted slightly, because the second poo of the morning is always softer. I felt my anal tension release and a turd snaked forth from my brown eye. I sighed with the emptying sensation as the contents of my bowel rippled out sending up the odor of fresh poo from under my hovering bottom…it was indeed a wettish soft serve offering. Just then, the autumn wind picked up and swirled around my grunter while it was engaged in doing its business. This gave me a cooling sensation all around my nether hole, right in the middle of the pooing process. The breeze seemed to be trying to go up inside my hole. This kept up for 15 seconds, until the turd tapered itself out to a point and looped into my pile already on the ground Just wondered if anyone else had had this warm turd, cool wind experience?

Oh, by the way, I was being observed during this whole time, unbeknownst to me. As I turned around to find a fallen leaf to wipe my bum…I saw a herd of five deer watching, sniffing the air and shaking their heads, like they could believe the strange smell they were picking up.

JaLE...great story about the women in the doorless restroom!!!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Hi everyone, I have an interesting story from today.
I was in class today talking to a guy friend of mine, Shawn, and we somehow got onto the topic of bathrooms. It was pretty funny because he was telling me about the first time he had to crap in a doorless stall, which was about a year ago in the school locker room. He had to take a crap really badly before rugby practice and the stalls with doors were all full, so he had to go in the one with the broken door. It was the first one inside the bathroom door, which was pretty much visible to anyone in the changeroom. Ever since then, he claims to be way more open about crapping in public. Just thought it was an interesting conversation. It continued on to a conversation about how guys pee in urinals and where to look while they do it...haha. Shawn said this: "Well, most guys look down or up. The gay ones, look to the side." Does anyone actually look up at the ceiling while pissing? LOL!

I don't think I'd be comfortable crapping in front of other girls. I do like to crap outside, especially in the woods. A story about that later.


I was 12 Years old.... weeks before this i hadnt layed a turd...i'd been constipated for 2 weeks! so mum had taken me to the doctor and he reccomended laxatives :S So early that morning I'd taken them and mummy sed to stay at home but i soooo wasnt missing out on a field trip!!!! I was in the 7th grade.
So we were coming back from an excursion and I had a new boyfriend called angus and he was that popluar/blond/surfer boy who all the girls dreamed about. =D
Angus let me sit on his lap! [u can see where this is going] and despite the scowls from all the girls hoping to marry him one day i sat on his lap contently. all of a sudden i got the shit cramps. they were so strong i started moaning and angus kept askin "wats wrong baby?" and i kept on replyin "nothing". then it was TIME. i let out this huge groan and angus sed "r u sure heres nothing wrong?" i grabbed my t???y and whispered "i need to poo!" TOO LATE! it gushed out of my ass...sloshy, steaming, liquid shit....
i swear i could win the award for hugest diarrhea attack in history! it leaked through my school dress andf onto angus....
surprise, surprise.....he dumped me.....or should i say i dumped ON him! :P

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