Laura S.
This is my first time posting here, so I will describe myself. My name is Laura, I'm currently live in Connecticut (originally from Quebec City, Quebec Canada, my first language is French, so excuse my english if I make a few grammatical mistakes). I'm about 5'7" 138 lbs, brown eyes, light brown hair which goes down to my shoulders, and very athletic.

I am currently a Junior in college. During class, I had this urge to use the toilet. I had quite a bit of Wheaties cereal for breakfast, and my lunch wasn't helping things either ... lol... I decided that I would sit through the lecture. 45 minutes later, the lecture finally ended, and I made my way to the Student Centre's Women's washroom. While walking, I slowly let out these silent but deadly know, the ones to help relieve the pressure in the stomach.

When I arrived, I realized that I wasn't the only one who needed to move my bowels. There were at least 6 other girls in there pooping and plopping up a storm (I could tell by the smell, but, what are you going to do, when a girl's got to go, a girl has to go)!

Luckilly, there are approx. 8 stalls, so I found a middle stall. When I went in, I quickly shut the door, put one of those protective covers on the toilet seat, lifted my skirt, pulled down my panties and sat. Once I got comfortable on the seat I started urinating. While urinating, I couldn't help the farting noises. I could feel my poop move into place, and this huge log krept out of me as if there were no tomorrow. I couldn't but help but hear the women in the other stalls fart and plop away. The girl to my right had to go badly as she kept dropping these little plop balls, one after the other...plop..plop...plop.

Finally the poop landed in the toilet, but, I was no where near done. I relaxed for about a minute. I felt more pressure in my stomach and slightly pushed. Once again, I let out a huge trump (fart) and some loose poop (must have been the fiber from breakfast). I could hear the girl to my right wiping (she must have had a sticky butt, she must have had to use at least 20 pieces of toilet paper). When she flushed, she exited her toilet. Another girl quickly came in, urinated and farted.

I was close to being done, but my stomach still had some poop left. I urinated some more, let out a few more trumps, and a few pieces of poop fell back into the toilet.

That was all I had to do, as I felt totally relieved. I grabbed some toilet paper, wiped my front, and wiped my behind (very messy back there). I needed to flush twice. I pulled up my panties, lowered my skirt and exited my stall as I went to wash my hands. While washing my hands, I felt the need to fart again, but, it was not a fart, I needed to push out more poop. I quickly dried my hands, and walked off to an open stall.

Once again, I closed the door, put a toilet seat cover on the seat, lifted my skirt, lowered my panties and sat. Right away I let out a silent but long trump (the smell was horrible). I let go a few more pebbles of poop and felt relieved again. I decided to sit there for a while just in case if I needed to go again. I sat for about 10 to 15 minutes. A few stalls down, I felt bad for the other person as she was having some diarrhea. I continued to have a little gas, but, it wasn't that bad. Once again, I wiped, flushed and exited my stall. The Student Centre ladies washroom was still busy, and there was a heavy smell of poop in the air (I feel that I had to do with a lot of it.. lol). Oh well, like I said before, when a girl's gotta go, we gotta go. When I poop, I usually don't poop big, but I will poop at least twice per day.

I washed up, left, and felt much better after that (even though, I did have gas for most of the day, and when I went to work during the afternoon.

I will update the next time I need to poop either at work, or at my University.

Talk to you all later!!


Deborah Anne

I am a 38 year old female, 5'9" tall with a medium build and light brown hair and a law enforcement officer with a county sheriff's department just outside a large metropolitan area. Several months ago, I was assigned to a traffic enforcement detail on the interstate highway that runs through our county. On this one Tuesday, I went into work and headed out on patrol at 8AM. I had to go BM since 9AM hat morning but figured I could hold it until I got off work at 5PM. I had not had a BM in 5 days. About 2PM, i was sitting in the median behind a bridge abutment (where no one could see me until it was too late) when this 23 year old guy roars past me in a Ford pickup doing 84 m.p.h. in a 70 m.p.h. zone. I gave chase and pulled him over about 1.5 miles down the road. As i was chasing him down, I could feel cramps and knew that I would need find a toilet and do a poop before long. I figured I could at leat hold it until i finished this traffic stop and go to the Burger King at the next exit down the freeway. Once I had him stopped, I exited my patrol car and went up to him to get his license and registration and informed him as to why I pulled him over. As I was walking up to his truck, i felt a couple of painful cramps and let out a couple of farts. I got his license and registration and returned to my car to write him a speeding ticket. I finished writing the ticket, got out of my car and went to give him his ticket and return his license and registration to him. As i was walking past the front bumper of my squad car I felt a really bad cramp and let out a pre-pooping fart. I felt another BAD cramp as i reached the rear of his truck and felt the head of a semi-soft log rush its way uncontrollably past my sphincter muscle out into my pants. I stood there for 20 seconds as I did a massive BM in my uniform. As the poo was coming out, I could feel it move the Kotex Extra-long maxi-pad I had on for my period and tent outward the back of my pants. I touched the back of my pants and could feel a MASSIVE bulge forming back there. I went up to the driver and gave him his things back. I heard him say to his buddy "The officer stunk her pants bad". The odor from my BM was so strong that he was gagging several times when I handed him his things. I went back to my patrol car with my pants soooo full of poop that my butt waddled liken a duck as I walked with several chunks of poop working their way out of my underpants and rolling down my pantlegs onto the shoulder of the highway. Got into my squad car to go back to the station to clean out my pants and it felt as if I was sitting on a really big cucumbers. It stunk up the car so bad that other deputies did not drive that particular car for three days. I was the talk of the department for a while after the incident and needless to say I was embarrassed about being the deputy who pooped her pants out on patrol. Prior to this, I had not done a BM in by pants since i was 6 years old on the way home from school.

Today I relized I had to go pee BAD!!! But I was out. I held it in for about 3 painful hours until we arrived home. I ran into the bathroom and ripped my clothes off in a hurry. I sat down expecting to gush out pee. Nothing came out. It was kinda weird. Pee slowly trickled out of me for the next 5 minutes. It was really painful sense I was so full, but the relief after was awesome.

Desperate to poop
Hi all

Outdoor Jenny - cool story! Bet you were glad to get that out of your system.

On the doorless stall theme, I remember taking a very urgent dump once in a doorless stall. I was travelling home with my G/F when I got a severe urge to shit and I mean severe. Trouble was we were travelling down some country roads and there didn't seem to be any decent place to be able to pull over or any sign of toilets. I finally found some toilets and dashed in to find two wooden blocks together with holes in the middle. Very primitivie style toilets to the say the least. A middle aged lady was sitting on one having a poop. I apologised and said I'm sorry but I really had to go. I quickly dropped my jeans, whipped my frillie knickers down and let out a large torrent of sludgy poop moaning as I did. It stunk quite bad but the smell was already pungent from the lady already there. My girlfriend also needed to go but was not too desperate and was waiting in front of us two, I smiled at her as I let another nasty wave of sludge go. After about six/seven minutes the other lady started wiping and then left. My Girlfriend joined me and we shat in Unison for another ten minutes. Finally we finished, wiped and left ourselves much relieved

It happened again this morning! My period is almost over, finally, so I am able to wear an Ultra Thin Long maxi pad by Always. That's good because it gives me coverage where I need it and still covers my panties when I have diarrhea attacks. It's kinda like a diaper, but without the bulk whith the pads that I have to use during the beginning and middle of my period.

Anyway, I made sure to use the bathroom before I left for work this morning and was able to go and I thought that I was done, so I went on my way. As I was driving out of my neighbourhood, I felt that familiar feeling in my lower stomach. I got onto the highway when it started. It was as if my intestines were turning to mush and the diarrhea started making it's way out of my body. I got off the highway at the very next exit that I could and turned around to go home. I actually thought that I was going to make it when the light at my neighbourhood entrance turned red. The diarrhea started running out between my butt cheeks even though I was squeezing and trying to hold on the best I could. It was no use once again.

When I got home I ran into my bathroom and stright to the toilet and the rest of the diarrhea just shot out of me. My pad, panties and pants were a write off this time. Evidently, the Ultra Thin pad I was using didn't give me enough coverage for this accident. The diarrhea had made its way out of my panties and into my pants staining right through. So I showered, changed and once again, made my way to work, this time accident free.

Fortunately I had left early for work this morning, so I wasn't running too late. I blamed it on the traffic this morning for being a few minutes late to work and not on the fact that I had another attack of the runs.

Here's to better days.

To Emogirl: Did you pee standing up or squattin?

Chris ( Toast)
Hey its me again, I had a truly annoying thing happen Last night. It was around 4am and I was of course sleeping when my stomach started cramping like you wouldnt bleave but I blew if off as just cass cause I had drank a lot of rootbeer and it offten has that affect on me. So any way I Ignored it and it just got stronger and stronger and quickly moved south, thats when I relised I had seconds before desaster so I Yank my bathrobe out of my closey and fly to the batheroom and no sooner do I sit down when it explodes out of me and its not remotely sollid, consistancy of mudd.The first waive stops and im thinking oh good its over i can go back to sleep, WRONG cause just as I was about to stand up and wipe round two hits and lasts for about 10 min just like the first round. When round 2 is over I think yes may i please go to sleep now?. My ancer came prety quick, my stomach ancerd me" NO" thus round 3 beggins 10 min later I think I'm empty so I wipe as good as possable with the cheep TP my dad gets. and go back to bed tossing my bathrobe over my music stand, lay down and resume a rather plesant dream of no relavents to this . But my stomach has a scence of humer.
Its going to wait till im comfortable than say " you got 2 seconds , better run" so I fly right back to the toilet beggining round 4 wich lasted bout 5 min ( i was almost empty by than i think)I decide to make the cross town drive to Wal-Mart and get some Pepto. Now in the state I was in at that time I didnt trust my stomach to behave at the store so I brought a spare pare of under ware just incase and good thing to.
as its 430am ther is only one check out line open and about 4 or 5 people inline and the checker is moveing exeptionaly slow.
Than the simi worst thing that could happen did.
the cramps returnd in full force when i was waiting in the line and i could feel the count down . Mercyfully the girl at the register sped up and i payed to much for the pepto and sprinted to the bathroom at walmart sat down and began round 5 wich lasted about 5 min cause my stomach was finaly empty of all contence. At that point I took some of the pepto i just over paid for and with in minutes the cramps stoped as did the nasty annoying runns that seemd to never end. I got up wiped and went home and attempted to sleep but after driveing across town I just wasnt tired enough to sleep any more so thats it.

I hope you enjoyed my story .
PS Have any of you ever had that happen to you???

hey, it`s me again, and i have a few stories for you time in jr. high school , i think i was in biology at the time. anyway, the class was talking quietly and the topic of poop came up. and this one guy said he had a friend and was walking with him one day when suddenly he farted and shitted his pants, the story was funny but most of the class didn`t believe it, but which goes to show that people will occasionaly talk about bathroom related stories.

i have another story for you.a couple of days ago my mother took me and my siblings to my aunts house because we had sprayed the house with a fogger for killing insects. anyway i hadn`t gone to the bathroom in the morning like i usually do but a while after watching tv i felt the urge, with light cramping. i had to wait awhile as someone was in the bathroom but tried to avoid farting as it would be embarrassing. before the bathroom door opened and my mother came out i farted a few times and rushed in, where i let out a few mushy logs, which smelled very bad. when i left the bathroom i found my cousin ashley standing outside the door waiting, and when i got out she said, " you had to let your doodoo out, didn`t you." i just laughed and went back into the room to watch tv, she followed me in and said, you let it out real good like uuuuuunnh!" i just laughed again, even though embarrassed and said, yeah.

and i know that she takes big, hard dumps because of her comments and the fact that you could hear her grunting everytime she went.

ashley poo
a few days ago i had a poop explosion and when i got off the seat my buttchecks was completely covered in poop i mean my whole butt was cover in poop i couldn't see any white spots.
does this happen to any of you other girls? plz answer back
ashley poo

Hi everyone, I really like all your stories, and hope to contribute a few of my own. Let me start off by giving you a little bit of an idea about how I look and such. I am a 21 year old college student, I live in a pretty rural area, lots of farm land; barns, cows, the classic farm picture. I'm about 5'6, 120 lbs. I have shoulder length curly brunette hair, and green eyes. I am an only child and so I'm the center of attention of my parents whenever I stop by to visit them, because I live in my own little house, not a very big one, but it's good enough for one or two people. Last weekend I was really sick, and my boyfriend was staying with me to make sure I was alright, and getting things for me, since I was simply too week to get up and move around by myself. At about 5:00pm I began to feel a pressure build up in my stomach, and I realized that withing a short while, I'd have to go to the bathroom, but I was too shy to tell him, so I held it. Then when he went out to buy me some medication that my doctor had prescribed, I climbed out of my bed and slowly began to make my way to the stairs, so I could go downstairs to the bathroom. About halfway down the hallway outside of my bedroom, I let a little fart escape, which allowed my butt to begin opening up, so I started walking a little faster, but it was no good. I felt a sharp pain hit my stomach, and I hunched over in the middle of the hall and squatted in the middle of the hall. As soon as I squatted, I felt myself push involuntarily, and I began pooping my panties right in my own home. After a minute or two, the poop stopped coming, and I reached under me and felt a large, moist bulge. I started crying and was then, to my own great embarrassment, hit by another cramp and continued to further poop my pants. When I had finished humiliating myself, I started to very, very slowly make my way to the bottom of the stairs. And luck should have it that my boyfriend walked in right there. So I was standing there, sick, smelling of human excrement, with a load of poo in my panties. Being the nice guy that he is, he cleaned me off, put a pair of clean panties on me, and carried me back upstairs and laid me back down in my bed and told me to just TELL HIM if I needed something.

Well, by for now.

I'm new to this site even though i think its cool, i was wondering if there are any pages with stories that i HAVE to read...thanks xoxo

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER To RED HEADED MICHELE: I would agree that all public toilets should have doors. Although one should not be embarrassed about opening bowels etc my viewpoint is for people to "go" whenever they feel like it. Open cubicles really discourage people from doing this.
I think after your evacuation you can be proud of yourself for having the courage and sense to listen to your body.
The part of the world I come from just about all toilets have doors... I have used doorless toilets when there have been nobody around. I would have absolutely no problem using doorless toilets if I knew I would not be recognised by anyone I knew.
To Emo Girl. I almost always pee in the shower but whilst I like holding pee it is for the relief when voiding... I have no interest in wetting my pants...too much cleaning up!
TO ALL THOSE WITH DIARRHEA just let it out... cut back on food, in fact
take only fluids (clear)... rest and then small quantities of bland food. If the diarrhea persists then see your doctor because you might have a bug that needs medication.
Come to think of it I have not had a decent diarrhea for very many years.
Occasional short periods of diarrhea can be good for you... a clean out


Doorless Stall Annie:
I've been to a couple of nudist camps here in Indiana
and here's what I found. There was a "mens' and "womens"
restroom with doors. The other on was like a outhouse with
two holes but it had a door.

Could the girls and women fully describe what type and kind
of panties that you wear or if you don't wear any at all?
And if you do or don't wear panties with skirts and desses?


Friday, September 30, 2005

Punk Rock Girl

That got your attention, I'll bet. It sure got mine!

Colin and I were camping this past weekend and we were hiking along the road that leads to hiking trails when my bowels churned and cramped and creaked. I looked around, but the forest is very bare in the area we were, and I didn;t want to take a shit in full view of the many people who could see me.

We turned and rushed back to our campsite which had an old wooden outhouse. It even had the moon cut out of the door. I lept inside, yanked my jeans and underpants down and sat on the seat. I should point out that it was a rickety old thing, and there were big open cracks. Anyone who was close enough would have gotten some nice glimpses of my bare thighs.

Of course, this also meant any sounds I might make were not the least bit muffled. Well, my bowels exploded like a geyser with a HUGE wet fart and what sounded like a bucket of chunky soup being dumped into water. I tried to keep my oral noises to a minimum but involuntarily let out a loud groan. It was one of the worst cases of the shits I've had in years.

Of course, after shitting my guts out was when I saw there was no frigging toilet paper. On another day, I might have just tolerated the butt mud, but it was really slimy and gross between my buns, so I asked Colin to run and get me something to wipe my ass with. He ran off and came back a few minutes later with the best he could do, newspaper.

Better then nothing, though not very nice on my poor bottom. Once I had gotten as clean as I was going to get, I pulled up my pants and stepped out of the outhouse. A couple of little kids across the road were giggling at me, I stuck my tongue out at them. What kind of adult gets upset at little kids' teasing?

My ass was a bit too sore for a long hike, so we just sat at the camp and enjoyed the pleasant weather. That is, until I had to shit again.

Nice weekend, despite my watery bowels.



Mr. Clogs
What's going on everybody? Nothing much just hangin' out and taking it easy. I have a post to share so here goes.

This one involves peeing into a container I use for going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I guess you call it lazy, but I like peeing into containers, who needs toilets anyways. i tossing and turning in the bed until I felt the sudden urge to go. I grabbed the empty container from under my bed, closed the door to my room for additional privacy, put the container up to the woody and proceeded to pee in it. Ahh, it felt so good filling my container with my urine nearly half way I guess 24 oz. When I was done, I put the lid back on the container and placed bsck underneath my bed, opened my door and went back to sleep.

This one is about me needing to take a dump this time I got up 5:05 AM and walked to the bathroom to sit over the toilet to take a dump. I removed my shorts and sat with butt cheeks spread apert and let it rip. Ahh, I felt so much better now, it took me 15 minutes to take a dump, felt somewhat empty. I wiped up several times with TP, washed my hands, flushed the toilet and sprayed some are freshner to get rid of the stench and went back to sleep.

Outdoor Jenny: Nice post about the lady in the ladies room desperate to take a dump. Thank goodness for small favors, luckly that garbage can was in there for her to use otherwise she'll have to go on the floor or something, thanks for posting.

Ashlea: Hey, great post. About having dreams like that, yes I have but never having that experience that you had, I guess dreams are ways of predicting reality from time to time, anyways great post.

Well hope you all have a nice week and take care for now. --Mr. Clogs

For the third time in three days I messed my pants. I am 24 years old and live in Calgary, Alberta and have what can be a long drive to work. Well, today was one of those days as anyone who has ever been in a traffic jam on the Deerfoot Trail can imagine.

First of all, I'm on my period and wear the biggest maxi pad that is made by Always. I use the maximum protection ones since my period is very heavy on the best of days. That was my saving grace today. I didn't have to go when I left for work this morning, but just as I got on the highway this terrible cramp hit me and I knew that I was going to be in trouble. I squeezed my but cheeks the best I could, but the diarrhea just pushed it's way out and into my panties/maxi pad. I got off the highway and stopped at a Tim Horton's and ran into the bathroom. When I got into the toilet stall, I pulled down my dress pants and panties and releived myself for the next few minutes. The damage wasn't as bad as I thought, but the clean-up took a little while. I was wearing a fresh pad and I only had two more pads left for the day and since my period is so heavy right now, I just wiped off the diarrhea and pulled my panties back up.

Things were fine when I got back on the highway towards work, however right before I got to my parking spot it happened again. This time was worse as the diarrhea pushed it's way out of my pad and through the sides and back of my panties. I had to change my pad this time which, in hindsight was rather too bad due to the heavyness of my period. Again, I cleaned myself up and got going with a fresh maxi pad.

I was fine for pretty much the rest of the day since I was landed at work. At lunch time I had to change my pad which was soaked and into the last maxi pad I had with me and had to rely on that get me through the day. That did not work out so good for me. I work in retail and have to stand most of the day. My pad ended up leaking and I also bled through my jeans. What a great day!

I mentioned that I messed my pants three times this week in total. The other two were pretty bad also. The first time was the day before my period started I was hiking in the mountians around Banff with my girlfriends on a rather busy hiking trail on Saturday. Unfortunately, there were no bathrooms, or porta poties on this trail and since it was so busy it was rather hard for me to leave the trail to go in the woods. In fact, at this time of the year people are not allowed to do that because of the bears.

Anyway, I was lagging behind by girlfriends who were being nice and walking at my pace. We were going on a 6 km hike and by the time we were at the halfway point I was in trouble. My stomach was rumbling and cramping with each step I took. It came in waves and I had a feeling that I was getting my period either that day or the next. Finally my stomach tensed, rumbled and the diarrhea started oozing it's way out of my but and into my brand new pink bikini panties. I filled them completely, not once but twice on the hike. When we got back to the start of the trail where the washrooms were, my best friend Melanie came into the bathroom with me and tried to help me. But it was no use. I emptied out my panties and jeans the best I could and had to sit in the remainder of my diarrhea filled pants for the next two hours as we went home.

The second time this week was on the first day of my period at the mall. I had to go very badly as you can probably imagine, and the line up to the ladies room was very long. I was with my sister Megan and I just couldn't hold it. Fortunately I was wearing a pad, just like I am today, so the damage to my panties and kakhi's wasn't that bad.

Today was the worst though. I messed my pants twice on my way to work, then ended up bleeding through my clothes because of my heavy period. Every month this happens to me to some degree or another.

Anyway, that's my most recent story, or stories. How many of you have had messed their pants three days in a row, or five times in three days?

Now, what are the school colors of Western Michigan university?

I had some interesting experiences on my wedding day. Having put on my wedding dress, in the car going to the church I started feeling like I was going to have diarrhea. I get diarrhea when I'm nervous sometimes. Anyways, I started freaking out, because wearing my dress and in the car were not so cool when you're about to have a diarrhea attack. Luckily my sister was driving the car, so she pulled over on the middle of the highway, got me out of the car, held up my dress so that i wouldn't ruin it, and gave me a little waste basket she keeps in her car. I sat on it and had just dreadful, painful diarrhea. When I was done my sister helped me get back into my dress, and we drove to the church. I had a great rest of the day, and neither my sister or I have ever told anybody (my husband included) about that event, though I think my oldest daughter might be on to me....

Oh, once I was at a friend's wedding and during the service the bride started squirming and looking uncomfortable. I was bride's maid, so i was really close (well, not really close, but close enough) and so although most people wouldn't have been able to hear, I heard her let out a little yelp, turn red, and continue with the service. Afterwards I went up to inspect, and where she was standing there was a huge puddle of urine, though nobody would know about her accident unless they went up to inspect as i did, because her dress was long.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER Right now I am in dire need of a wee and an attempt at a poo might be in order. I did not get the urge this morning, had the feeling at noon but it was quite hard and did not budge... quite frankly I was not in the mood to put in much effort.... anyway my story of embarrassing work poo stories... I have two.....
A few years ago had a bit of constipation (not too serious) and took a herbal laxative the night before. I was at a client`s office when "nature called".. went into the toilets, selected a cubicle and sat my arse on the throne and spurted out a whole lot of mushy poo. Now bear in mind that these toilets have a good air suck out system but as I sat there a couple of blokes (whose voice I recognised) said , or exclaimed "WHOES IN THERE!!!! I knew my poo smelled but did not realise it was that must have been sitting in my colon for a bit long.
Fortunately they did not see me.
The next story was at a client, one of the secretaries, Eve, was about 5 foot nothing and slim and a vegetarian. A couple of times during my visit she silently farted and I have never smelled farts anywhere near as strong and long lasting... it was if she crapped her pants, something chronic but she had she should have been embarrassed but was not.
Well. I will head off to the toilet now and try and push one out
Good luck


Anna Maria

I am a guy I could never go infront of a guy never I only really poop at home and I have the shower running half the time cos I am so shy. :( I like it that way though. I think I could poop in front of a girl if she was my girl friend I don't know I haven't tried that one. oh well cya :)

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