ashley poo
As I sat at the computer moments ago, contentedly surfing the net and farting tiny farts, I felt it: the sudden, familiar, yet much-dreaded urge to quickly evacuate my bowels. I stood and began making my way to my toilet, only to realize -- too late, too late. I stopped and felt the pasty shit fill my crack, as if squeezed from some kind of physiological caulking gun. The urge stopped; I went into the bathroom and did the cleaning routine.
Sadly, you see, this kind of incident is not unheard of in my world.

I suffer from an unfortunate disease that requires me to take large amounts of immunosuppressive drugs -- the same drugs people who have had organ transplants take. The worst side effect, for me, at least, is "GI distress." Sometimes the distress comes in the form of several watery blasts of shit in quick succession. Sometimes it comes in the form of cramping. And sometimes, like today, it comes in the form of an overwhelming urge to shit only two seconds before the flow commences. It's a real bitch, but the alternative life without the drugs would be worse. Suffice it to say, it's not fun to be me.

In the shower just now, I recalled an incident that occurred about three years ago. I think the time has come to share the story with my peers here on ????.

It was a cold January morning, and I'd already visited the toilet twice to push out toothpaste-consistency butt lava. I was sitting with my daughter, then four, having breakfast. As is often the case, the morning meal induced more bowel contractions, even if I think I've emptied myself. These urges were STRONG. I stopped in mid-bite, concentrating with every ounce of strength to hold myself clamped and hoping the urge would pass so I could make it to the toilet -- about fifty feet away -- and release my burden into the porcelain.

My daughter must have noticed the expression on my face. In her sweetest voice, she asked, "What's wrong, Mama?"

I didn't answer -- I was holding on with everything I had. This felt like the rectal equivalent of Mount St. Helens, and we all know how catastrophic her last eruption was.

The urge subsided. I cautiously released a tiny bit of pressure on my sphincter, as, quite frankly, I was spent. At that very second a HUGE contraction hit; I was totally powerless as liquid shit shot out of my anus and into my pajama bottoms (I was not wearing panties). This was accompanied by the sound of a large gas bubble, which caused my daughter to first jump, and then laugh with glee -- she KNEW what had just gone down. However, her peals of laughter were soon stifled as the acrid stench of the liquishit hit her preschool nostrils. "Mama, what happened, did you POO?" Oh how I wished it was just poo.

Now -- how to get out of this mess? I was seated on a barstool. I had no choice. I stood up and rivers of shit flowed down my legs and into my fuzz-lined slippers. Oh ????, I'd forgotten to take them off! I kicked them off now, and the diarrhea flowed onto the hardwood floor. It was awful.

I decided to just take off the PJ bottoms; they were clearly making things worse as they continued to release their bounty. I stepped out of them, wiping down my legs with the few remaining spots of clean flannel. I surveyed the damage. It looked like someone had spilled a Port-o-John on my lovely kitchen floor.

The next part of my story, is the worst (or best, depending on your view of the world). My sixteen-year-old dog had caught wind of what was happening. As most of you know, dogs love to eat shit. Yes, my fellow poopers, she made a beeline for the puddle and began lapping away. And right at that time, another contraction hit, and I added some more pudding to the already disastrous situation -- only this time I had no pajamas to slow the flow. My daughter finally fully comprehended the situation, and began retching from the birds-eye view she got on her barstool.

I knocked the dog away from the mess with one leg and shouted to my daughter to stop looking at the shit so I wouldn't have VOMIT to clean as well. I went into the laundry room and pulled out some old towels we normally use for bathing the dogs. I threw them onto the pile and wiped up the stinking, cooling river of poo. My daughter still sat on the barstool, eyes wide as saucers, observing my shit-streaked bare ass and legs, and said simply, "Mama, I think you need to take a shower."

I took the soiled towels, pajamas, and slippers, put them in the washer, poured in detergent, and set it for super wash/large load/hot. I figure the "three-minute rule" applied here -- if you can get them into the washer before the shit congeals, the items can still be salvaged. I'd just made it.

I took a couple of cleansing breaths and headed up the stairs to the privacy of my shower. I turned on the water and stepped into the shower. Ahhhhhhh, such sweet relief. However, I was soon not alone. My daughter stood at the end of the walk in shower and "supervised" the clean up. She even asked for the hand-held shower, told me to turn around, and expertly blasted my crack for me.

My humiliation complete, I pondered the fact that life had come full circle. I was now being cared for by my daughter -- something I didn't think would happen for at least several more decades.

I'm happy to report that I've not had had anywhere near a repeat of that performance since then. The eruptions are smaller, rare, and usually contained within my crack. I've learned a lot since that memorable day three years ago. I'm now

Hey Pete
I have the same problem. My time is from 6:20 till about 7:15 AM. I'm
so regular that I really can't even sleep in on the weekends.

Michael: OK Big question....Who cleans and restocks the restrooms at your JC Penney? If it isa female, you shold put the doors back on. Let me explain: A cleaning woman can knock on the door and ask "anybody in there'? but if a man is taking a shit in a doorless stall andis hard of hearing, he cannot hear her, and she walks in on him wiping his ass or dropping a log... VERY embarrasing....If you have males cleaning, then of course, leave the doors off, it don't matter...

Red Headed Michele
Hello Everyone! I just wanted to chime in a bit on the discussion about the doorless stalls. Two weeks ago I was shopping at K-Mart and I needed to use the bathroom. I could feel a big poo coming on quick as I started getting sharp stomach cramps. I headed to the ladies room and when I entered there were three stalls. Only the wide handycapped stall had a door on it. Weird huh??? All three stalls were taken and there was one lady waiting. We waited off to the side I guess out of politeness and did some small talk. I guess she could tell I had to go bad because I was doing a little poo dance. You know bending the knees and arms folded over the t???y. She said don't worry I'll be quick I just have to pee really bad. I just smiled and said that's Ok but it was quickly becoming not OK. I was really hoping I would get the handycapped stall though as I'm anything but an exhibitionist. After a minute more one lady came out and the other went in. I could hear the person in the handycapped stall moaning a little and was definitely pooping too. I was just about to burst when the lady I was waiting with came out from the middle doorless stall and said all yours. I had to go in. I ripped my shorts and panties down and had and explosion in the toilet. It's bad enough when you ahve to go like that in public but to not have any privacy at all is terrible. I hated it. When I left there were two young girls waiting and they kept looking in at me waiting for me to finish. Women's rooms definitely need stall doors. I think guys should have them too.

As a child I would wet my pants quite frequently. It seemed that I just did not want to bother with stopping my play to go into the house. At the same time, I didn't want to be seen using the bathroom outside. In looking back, I guess that I found wet pants less embarrassing that outdoor peeing. During school I was very embarrassed to ask to leave the classroom unless the entire class was going to the restrooms. Once again, wet pants was less embarrassing that publicly admitting that I needed to use the bathroom. I vividly remember one of the first days of my 3rd grade year. After the morning recess I felt the urge to urinate. I didn't feel that I needed to go before recess when most of my classmates stopped on their way to the playground. I looked at the clock and realized that I had over an hour to go before the lunch restroom break. My reaction was "oh well, I will probably wet my pants" and I simply stayed at my desk doing the work assigned. Well, sure enough, before long I realized that I was wetting my pants. After I finished wetting I looked down and saw that since I was wearing a brand new pair of dark blue jeans it wasn't obvious that I had wet my pants. My real shock, however, came when I got home from school. My mother required me to change from good school clothes into play clothes. When I took off my new jeans and looked down I saw that my underwear was a very obvious blue color. I immediately realized that the blue color from the new jeans soaked through to my white underwear due to the fact that I had wet my pants. At least the next time this happened I wasn't so surprised when my underwear turned blue upon wetting my pants. I was able, however, to wet my pants without getting caught for a month or two until my blue jeans gradually faded due to daily wearing and frequent pants wetting episodes.

Here's part of a news story about Rita victims. This is a Mayor or emerg. management official in Texas, I think.

John Owens, emergency management coordinator and deputy police chief in the town of 57,000, said pleas for state and federal relief were met with requests for paperwork.

"We have been living like cavemen, sleeping in cars, doing bodily functions outside," he said.

Maybe once things are rebuilt, we can hear some stories about the bodily functions outside!


I am new here, but just wanted to set some of you straight with regard to recent suggestions here that there are NO female public toilets without doors on the stalls.

Numerous beaches on the Pacific Coast have female restrooms with no doors on the toilet stalls, so at any given time, you can walk in there, and while you are standing at the mirror washing your hands, behind you, you can see women & girls sitting on the toilets, pooping, and wiping their butts.

In many cases, women are even less modest than men, and, at any rate, everyone has to pee, everyone has to poop, everyone has to wipe their butt, and everyone has to take baths showers.

Pooping is nothing to be ashamed of.

Also, in MANY schools across the country, you find female toilet stalls without doors.

Almost every Scout camp out there has public restrooms for boys & girls without ANY stalls whatsoever - just like in the military - a bunch of toilets right out in the open for women and girls to poop in.

Also, if any of you has ever been to a nudist resort, where the goal is to be " natural " - there are no " mens " or " womens " restrooms - only one " unisex " restroom, with a whole row of toilets ( no stalls at all ) right out in the open for women and men to poop, pee, and wipe there butts in right out in the open and in front of each other.

As a good looking girl, I have no problem dropping my pants and pooping in front of other girls.

Last Week I had an interesting week in pooping.

Monday- After dinner I had an extreme urge to go pooping. It felt like it was going to be semi solid. I went on some errands because I had to. When I came home, I ran to the toilet. The moment I sat on the toilet 2 logs (8 inch long, 1.5 inch wide each) shot out of my butt. The poop was soft but well formed and dark brown.

Tuesday- I had a normal afternoon poop with a medium firm brown log.

Wednesday- I was at school, when I suddenly felt the urge to have a diarrhea. At lunchtime, I went into the bathroom to look for the cleanest stall (I never like public bathrooms). When I sat down the urge got even more powerful. At first I heard a small gush of watery diarrhea come out (I was like oh, no not a stomach virus. But fortunately it stopped and was proceded by a lot of gas. When I looked in the toilet I saw what looked mucous tinted light brown. That afternoon I had a headache. When I was walking home, I felt another urge and almost lost it so I went behind a tree and pulled down my pants. So my but made a gurgling sound and I had the same bowel movement as earlier in the day. An hour later I had to go again, but when I sat on the toilet, a soft 6 inch formed log came out.

Thursday- I had a sore throat and I had another soft 6 inch formed log in the afternoon.

Friday- I had full blown cold symptoms but no fever. In a class, I had a presentation and mine was last. Unfortunately, I had a powerful urge to have diarrhea but was to embarrased to ask the teacher to use the bathroom. Throughout the presentations and including my own I almost had an accident in my pants. When it was lunch time, the urge wasn't as strong but I went to the bathroom anyways. In the bathroom I had mini squarts of rust colored brown water in the toilet. I felt I didn't have to go anymore and left. A few minutes later, I had an intense urge. I ran to the bathroom and took the first stall that I could see, even though it was a little bit dirty. I pulled down my pants sat down and let out a big gush of watery diarrhea and towards the end a lot of gas. Then I gave another push and more watery diarrhea came out rapidly and I felt what felt like 2 big lumps escape my butt quickly. What I saw in the toilet looked like a national diasaster area. There was a whole bunch of brownish yellowish water with a small areas of soft shit scattered and two enormous logs that probably had a combined length of 20 inches, I guess those were what I felt were the big lumps. I wiped and felt much better for the whole day.

Saturday- Woke up with an intense urge to poop. I sat on the toilet and let out a medium to large solid formed log and a pile of light brown mushy poop

Hey everyone! Great stories.

Holly: How do you do it? It sounds interesting and I'd like to give it a try.

Brandon: Sounds like you've peed in a lot of different places.

A follow up to my last post..about an hour after I posted that I decided that I wanted to have a bit of fun. I couldn't wet myself because my friends were over and they'd probably think it was really I got in the shower, crossed my legs tightly and let it go. It felt so good just to pee so freely. Does anyone else have any stories to share about shower pees?


Tuesesday, September 27, 2005

Outdoor Jenny
Hello Everyone!

Well I had an interesting experience the other day, its not outdoors but it's a good story none the less. I was at my friends wedding over the weekend and I think the food was a little bad for some stomachs. I was sitting there having a drink and talking to my friends when all of the sudden I got some cramps and I knew I was about to have a nasty poo. I farted twice on the way to the ladies room. This is where it gets interesting, the first thing i noticed was there was no doors on the 5 stalls that were in the bathroom, never had that happen but I didnt mindu couldnt see anything anyways since all the ladies had there dresses hiked up, but I went in with one stall open and took it. I could tell at least two had the squirts like I was about to have. One was just peeing and farted a few times and left and another lady came in and started to have the explosive poops with the rest of us. She had her friend with her who was doing the poo dance.

She was begging me to hurry up as well as the other ladies but my stomach hurt and i couldn't stop farting and pooping, finally she couldnt take it, she took the garbage can, opened it up, hiked up her dress, ironically she had no panties on, and had an explosive poo. She did it almost right in front of my stall, we all talked as we pooped, finally one lady finished and the girl ran in there and pooped some more as I was washing my hands. I counted 12 wet farts on my part, idk what it is but hearing ladies have those kinda poops is kinda cool...well ladies keep the stories coming. Carmalita, desperate to poop, you both rock. until next time

Last night I was dead tired so I egnored the small urge to go to the bathroom and went to bed. That night I was dreaming I was using the toilet. The next morning I woke up to a horrible smell. I had comepletley loaded my panties with poop and I even peed! The poo was really soft and had oozed out the leg holes and had stained my sleeping pants and my bed. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Where they were dreaming about using the bathroom and woke up with an accident in thier pants?

When I was younger I always used to get babysat by my sister. She was so mean! She used to torture me all the time and always got away with it!

When I was nine, I was on my way to the bathroom when she ambushed me and tackled me down to the floor. I almost lost controll right then but I managed to hold on. She sat on my stomach and kept pressing down hard on it.
"Oh! Please stop Allysa. I have to go to the bathroom!" I wailed but she wouldn't listen. "Please! I'm going to have an accident. Ohhhh no! Stop! Its coming out..."

She didn't stop untill I had comepletley loaded my panties with poop and soaked them with pee. Then my parents got home and scolded me for what I had done. They had no idea it was Allysa's fault!

How long can you guys hold your poo before having an accident?

I tried it last weekend and held it for about 6 days before I couldn't any longer and filled my panties while doing dishes.

A problem I've never had is constipation. In fact, I'm too regular! Some time in the morning between about 7 and 11, in the space of about 5 minutes I suddenly go from no need to go at all to an urgent need to empty my bowels. My wife's sister has this problem too. Can anybody explain the reason why some of us are like this?

Michael at JC Penney's: Compromise, perhaps put one stall door on one booth for any male that needs to shit like the gals do (behind closed doors) and / or that optometrist, who probably is just bashful about the size of his penis. Otherwise, I don't see any point in asking for problems to resurface in your 'little boys rooms" ...


I'd like to hear any stories about brides having to poop on their wedding day. Has anyone ever had to hold up the dress while the bride relieved herself, or heard of it happening?

1. Your age? 30

2. Your gender? M

3. On a scale of 1 - 10, how do you feel about having someone of the same gender be able to see you when you are relieving yourself (assuming that they can't see your private areas)? 1 being "not in a million years", 10 being not a problem? 10

4. Someone of the opposite gender? 10

5. On a scale of 1 - 10 how do you feel about having someone of the same gender be able to see you when you are relieving yourself if they COULD see your private areas? 1 - "not in a million years", 10 - not a problem? 10

6. Someone of the opposite gender? 10

7. Which would bother you more, being seen at all, or having your private areas seen? Neither as long as no cops are around.

I had a similar problem when using the heavier tampons. Not to the point of accidents, but where I constantly had to go and then burned when I peed. Thought I might have a bladder infection but the doctor assured me I was fine and the problem would take care of itself in a couple days healing time. Maybe try a smaller tampon next time and just change it more often.

One time i had to pee really bad and i was downstairs watching tv and i was drinking this danimal's yogurt and once i was done i pulled out my winky and peed in the danimal's bottle.

browneye boy
I remember the last time I pooped myself I was 11. I was running a fever and felt awful. I was laying in bed on my stomach when I felt a load of poop push through. I was too tired to get up but I tried and ended up plopping more poop in my briefs. I looked back at my ass and there was a huge sticky brown bulge. Oh my God so much poop. I made my way to the bathroom and threw out my undies. I checked the mirror and my butt was covered in poop and sweat. It was disgusting

Hey everyone!

How are you all? I really enjoyed reading your most recent stories. I don't really have anything to interesting to say, other than the fact that I have to pee extremely bad right now. I've been holding it for 12 hours and I think I may wet myself soon.
I'll post again when I have a story for you all.


Chris AKA toast
New number two, The better toilets have watter to the top but they dont go all the way up most of the time cause of the danged economy" gota save watter" i think its a pain cause sometimes you gota flush more than 3 times to get all down.

Mr. Clogs
Chelsha: Hey great post, but I'm curious about the 4th one about having to pee EXTREMELY BAD, that you had to pull over and use the cup. I'm curious, was it a small cup or one of those supersized one? Also when you did it, did you have on a skirt, shorts or pants? Just wondering. Anyways thanks for the post. Take care.--Mr. Clogs

Cori Lynn

I am a 36 year old female. I had a major poop accident in my pants this summer while walking home from a friends house. I had to go BM since early that morning, but held it in because I had alot I wanted to get done and had numerous errands to do. At 3:30pm i left my friends house for the 3/4 mile walk back to my house. I figured I would have no problem making it home. About halfway home, I farted three times and began to feel some strong cramps. I continued on doing the best I could to hold it in. A really big cramp came and it became apparent to me that I was not going to be able to hold the bowel movement in and I was going to poop my pants, As the cramp came, I felt my sphincter muscle give way and felt the head of a large semi-soft log slide its way uncontrollably past my hole and into the seat of my pants. As the log was coming out, I could feel it push on the Always extra long Maxi-pad that I was wearing at the time for my period and dislodge the pad. I touched the seat of my jeans and felt a massive bulge forming in my pants as I gave a big push. By this time, I noticed the odor, which was very strong. A minute later, a couple of joggers went by. They noticed the horrible stench from my BM as they went by me and gave me a wierd look. I wore a pair of loose fitting light blue button fly jeans. My pants were full enough that my butt waddled like a duck the rest of the way home. As I continued walking, small chunks of poop worked their way out of my underpants and rolled down my pant leg and onto the dirt path that I was walking on. When I got home, I looked in a mirror in the bedroom and noticed how massive the bulge was. It went from the crotch area to just below the waist line. The log was about 16" long and 1 3/4" thick. I undid my belt and went into the bathroom and took off my clothes. My jeans were OK-just a few spots in the seat area and the inside of the legs where the poo had rolled down. My underpanties and the Always maxi-pad were a total loss. I cleaned up and changed into fresh clothes and showered.

Sorry i havent posted in a while

My friend just taught me this strange peeing style, i don't get the point but any way.
You lie across the loo with your pussy/dick over the bowl and go

Hi All, I have recently returned from Holiday on the North Norfolk Coast, my Husband played Golf, I took my self to a Local Railway Society 60th Annieversary of World War2. There were a lot of re enactement people including females dressed in clothes from the era. As I am Bi I had been looking around!!.I was wandering on the platform , the train had just left, I found the Ladies and went in , it was empty I checked all 6 cubicles.Checking my hair etc in the mirror when A lady came in dressed in a Naval Officers uniform from the 40's ,she stood next me adjusting her make up . I went into the 3rd cubicle bolted the door lifted my skirt skipped down my knix, sitting on the wooden toilet seat.The Naval Officer entered the Cubicle on myleft, I ripped off some TP crumpled up that started my Pee going. I could hear rustling of clothes from my left she drooped the seat down & began to pee , my pee was dribbling away. She farted loudly followed by some grunts, I was in my usual positon elbows on my knees straining too.There was ah from my left followed by plopp, plopp, I done a small pebble one , I strained some more Kersplonk , I had another large piece coming , it cracked its way out & dropped into the water Kersplonk. I did some more pee. We both ripped off TP and wiping , I used 4 lots of TP

CONGRATULATIONS , you let it go!
How do you feel about it now? are you embarrassed?
I really hope that those you were with, Julia, put themselves in your postion and realised it could well have been them.
Hopefully more will follow your example.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

a few poop/pee stories for you guys and gals out there

1)one day at school i had to take a HUGE bm.
so during our 5min. break i sliped into the restroom to find 4 of the 5 stalls taken...and the one I had to use,the door wouldnt lock,luckily my friend was in there and she went in with me to guard the door.(i am a somewhat shy girl and dont like pooping/peeing around ppl i dont know)
i let out some small farts inbetween each huge log that came out...
when i was done i got to class realizing i was 20mins. late!i guess i took longer than i thought....

2)once while taking a shower I had just got down washing my butt when a huge wave of poo hit me i quickly ran out of the shower and since i didnt wanna sit on a wet sit i just stood and let the terds fall out...after about 4 logs i peed alil and went back to wash myself again.

3)another time my toilet was broken and i had to poo really bad so i just proped up on the sink and let out a long poop followed by a stream of pee.some turds were so big i had to use my hair conditioner container to smush them down just to get em to fit down the drain!!

4)long time ago while i was driving my car i had to pee EXTREMELY BAD.I had been holding it for 14hrs. so I couldnt take it anymore and pulled off the side of the road.luckily i had a Mcdonalds drinking cup in my car so i peed in it.i gotta say i mustve at least filled it and poured it 5 times before finally stop peeing...dam i had to go

Anna Maria
Michael and Bryan...If I was shoppng at either of your retail stores, and the ladies room had no doors for privacy while I urinated, I would leave and NEVER go back...I asked my husband, he said his YMCA does not have stall doors and he and his swimming buddies have bowel movements there every day....RIGHT IN FRONT OF EACH OTHER !!!! and none of the men ever complain !!! I guess it's OK for the mens room, i suppose..YUK...

Peeping Tom
College Guy
Tell us about the kid in the 4th grade.

Desperate to poop
Hi All,

I worked over at a clients site recently and I noticed that the windows for the toilets weren't that frosted and you could quite easily make out a lady or man walking in. I chatted outside on my phone for a while and spotted a lady wandering in. She was quite attractive and had a shapely but. The window was also open which made it even more easy to see. When I finished I went in and decided to join her. She had taken the middle stall so I went next to her. I had a short pee. The lady was taking a nice big dump and just after I finished peeing let out a large fart and started moaning lightly under her breath. Just then another girl came in and took the last remaining stall. She had a loud gushing pee. I tried to get out a small amount of poop and was intently listening to the others. The middle lady was stinking the place up and dropping lots of soft stuff. I finished my poop and decided I'd better go. As I left another lady came in and took my place she smiled as I came out and I said 'hi'. She hithced her skirt up and let go a booming fart so I bet she was going to poop as well. Later on I went back to have another small poop and took the middle stall it had quite a few streaks on the pan, which I guess was the lady I saw go in. I noticed in her the office later and would have loved to have said something.

ONE time i had to pee and we were at our grandparents house spending the night but this was during the day i was using the one i told you my bro pissed on the floor in and i decided to pee in the plant they had in the bathroom so i pulled out my lizerd and went it was a long sizzling piss and it felt good. I flushed the toilet to make them think i was accutly using the bathroom.

one time I dared my brother Preston to pee on the tile floor and i wouldn't tell on him and it was at our grandparents house in one of the upstairs bathroom's and i watched him do it up close. Then he pulled out his penis and went. It was flowing and it was everwhere. Then when he was done we made sure it was all cleaned up so we wouldn't get caught.

Another time i had to pee real bad after we ate and i was trying to hold it all the way back to my cousins house but i pissed my pants and soaked them but then we got there and used the bathroom to finish of peeing and then changed my undies and my pants.

When we were at our grnadparents i was in the tv room watching tv i think. When i had to pee and the bathroom was occupied and my sis and bro were at our cousin house. We'll i couldn't hold it and so i was thinking what to do like go outside and use it or what then i thought i couldn't hold it any more so there was this draw with video and games beside the TV and i just unbuttoned my pants and unzipped them. Then pulled out my willie and pissed behind the draw and it got all over the wall behind it and all over the floor. I was relieved and thankfully my grandparents or parents found out.

It was when we went to my grandparents house in Kentucky and one day we went to our cousin house to stay for awhile i also had a few cokes and i had the urge to pee badly and i don't know if the bathroom was occupied or if i was emberresed to ask. But what i did was wen't around the side of the house in this corner behind a bush i think and peed like an ocean for minute.

It happend at the park when we where playing me and preston and preston and i had to pee so we went behind some trees near the lake and just peed in the lake.

Mr. Clogs
Zip: Hey, yeah I remember those days, I guess being the only child at the time and growing up during the 1980s (I getting old people!) people were starting to harm children. So I guess my mom was looking out for my best interest even though I didn't think so. I guess I'll find that out when I have children someday. At least I got a change to look inside the what the ladies room looks like and how they go about answering the call of nature. No, I haven't witness or even hear women or girls pooping, mostly peeing. Put it in perspective, I was embarrassed to even go in with her even as I got older. Just came as a though that I wanted to share and pose the question to see if anyone else ever experienced that before, I thought I was the only one. Thank you for your thoughts and comments.

Well I could remeber when I was a little kid growing up in the 80s, my mom and her boyfriend at the time and I were out hanging out went to eat some chinese food. So we all finished eating and was about to leave. So we all left the resturant and my mother's boyfriend had to use the bathroom, so I had to go too, so I followed him thinking obvious that he was a trusted person so we went together. We went to like a bar that was a few store doors down and used the bathroom there. We did what we had to do and left. Of course mom being overly protective of me was looking for me and couldn't find me. So we both walked out the bar and went to his car, and mom's saw me and wondering were I had dissappeared to, so I told her were I was and being the climate that it was. I got a beating for disappearing to the bathroom with him and not telling her, but I didn't think nothing wrong with that, I didn't do that anymore.

I guess you all saying poor Mr. Clogs, boo...hoo...hoo...yada...yada...
Like I said before she was doing what any real mother wold do for her child, but I guess as children we don't think of things like that.

Well got to go for now, I'll check back later, and have a nice day and weekend to come. --Mr. Clogs

hello everyone i am going to tell u about what happened to me at class.
i was going to the toilet which i was only a little baby. i always wanted to go to the toilet by myself which my mum didn't let me because she that i was to small and it was to early for me to go to the proper toilet. i was toilet trained. i never liked my poty that i used to do my business in. my mum always said that there was a gost in there so whenever i went in there the gost will come and get me. my dad said it wasn;t true i always belived my dad because he told my the truth. so once i sneaked up to the toilet and thought to myself should i go in there or should i not. i said maybe i could so i went to get the stool so i can see whats inside the toilet.i quickly climbee on it and put my head then i started screamy because my head got stuck. my mum came running downstairs and found out that my head got stuck in the toilet. finally my mum got my head out and i started laughing my head off. i hope u read my next story that i write. lol.

AJ :o)
I've had just about enough of my fancy "wooden" toilet seat--and the feeling is mutual, since it's about to crack open at any time! Hoping that a friend will come down and switch another old-time toilet-seat from a non-working toilet.

Not exactly switch, either, because old Woody is going right into a garbage bag just as soon as Charlie gets it loose.

Will just get a cheap-o one for the non-working toilet so that it will have a lid.

Don't even get me started re: what's wrong with the "wooden" toilet seat!

Okay! Short version:

I've had three of those suckers.

The first one split apart.

Charlie put on a second one and reinforced it so that it could handle my weight! C'mon! I'm fat, but I don't weigh a ton, and the first one should have been able to hold me for longer than it did.

Reinforced, it caught blood when I menstruated and kept itself perpetually filthy. Might have caught poop on the back, too.

Anyway, the front bottom side is totally-filthy and runs a mess down the front of my toilet all of the time. Might even be poop in the mixture, too, though I don't know how, as I don't sit up on the front of the toilet to poop.

Whatever the contents: blood, urine, and--possibly--poop

It's a stomach-turner and discouraging to keep clean.

When the second one got hopelessly-filthy enough, I had Charlie switch me to a new one in hopes that I could keep it cleaner by getting at it sooner, but I would have to be on the darn thing all of the time and use a steam hose or something on it.

Now, Woody #3 is filthy and coming apart, so I've called Charlie.

He's picking up the grandkids from school, no doubt, so I left him a message and said I'd call him again in a couple of hours (giving me time to write and mail a letter to my uncle, get a bite to eat, etc).

Not going to even bother with cleaning toilet until he's ready to come over, because it would just get filthy again!

Just had a not-that-significant poop.

The only things significant about it was that I had to pass it with my left cheek raised in the air, because the seat is now getting ready to fall apart on the left side, so there's no relaxing on the seat 100%.

It wasn't really big--in fact, quite small.

It was a kind of medium-dark-brown and shaped like a fish (which is about the most I could say when it comes to whether or not it was unusual).

However, the poop that I had a dream about this morning was something else.

Why I had a dream like this, who knows--maybe, because I was thinking about bananas close to bedtime last night.

In the dream, I passed a poop that just felt unusual coming out my butthole, so I decided to check it out--and this is what it looked like:

A giant banana (without the peeling).

It had the color and the impressions of a banana, but it was about as long (and as big around) as my arm from my wrist to my elbow. In fact, it might have been somewhat longer, but it was about that big around.

And it curled.

Then, I looked again, and it was still the same size, but it now looked like an ear of white corn.

When I flushed it, it wouldn't go down.

Then, I woke up.

Didn't have to poop but had to pee, so I did. Didn't have to poop, in fact, until just a few minutes ago when I passed the brown "fish" with my left butt-cheek raised.

Couldn't even wipe to my satisfaction, because just about anything would make that stinking toilet seat dissolve at this point and land me in the toilet or on the floor!

Charlie! HELP!!! S.O.S.!!!

S.O.S. might stand for Switch (to) Older Seat!

The seat in the other bathroom is probably close to 50 years old, but it's real and not some kind of paper-mache, cheap-o seat impersonating an old-fashioned, stained-wood toilet-seat!

My bathroom is filthy, Filthy, FILTHY and an embarrassment to me--plus not really sanitary. Carpet in front of toilet (and around it, too) needs to be taken up and replaced because of that leaky, blankity-blank thing!

I have the notion to ask Charlie just to rip it up until I can get it replaced. It's sooooooooooo GROSS!!!

Anyway, first things first, and that's replacing that blasted toilet seat before I find myself in the toilet or on the floor! UGH!!!

AJ :o)

Johnny Half-Pint
Regarding the "toilet doors required in women's rooms but not in men's rooms in the USA" saga, doesn't the USA have sex discrimination legislation? And at least in the case of employees, don't your companies' policy handbooks make sex discrimination a sackable offence? I suggest taking the matter before an industrial tribunal {or just going on a good old-fashioned strike}. Expecting men, but not women, to use doorless stalls is blatant sexism.

Of course, in the USA where there are several different levels of lawmaking, it gets a little more complicated and interesting! If whatever law requires stall doors for women was passed before the sex discrimination act, then there is a good chance that the SDA makes it automatically apply to men's toilets: men need stall doors. OTOH, if the sex discrimination act came first, then it would invalidate the sexist requirement: women do not need stall doors.

Anyway, in a department store setting, there is a good chance that any customer would have access to all the necessary wherewithal to give themself some privacy {a large tablecloth and some screw-in hooks spring to mind}. Or, even better, get a member of store staff -- if you are a customer, you are paying their wages -- to hold up some sort of screen in front of the stall you are using.

Store staff should be checking toilets that are available to the public every 15 minutes or so just as a matter of course, so loitering is *not* a valid concern.


Friday, September 23, 2005

The New Number Two
I was curious. Could any posters who come from the USA fill me in on what the toilets look like. I hear that they have water nearly up to the top. True or not?

One time i had to pee really bad when we were on are way back from Athen's Georgia from seeing are sister for her birthday and before we were on are way home we got some snacks and drinks and we were preety close to home i don't know how far but anyway my dad was driving and my step-mom was in the passenger side. In the middle was my brother and our friend jeff and in the back was me and my sister. Also my brother had to go also but he held it we'll back to what i was saying. I was wearing my ????????? high school football shirt and some short jeans and our parents said if you gotta go then go but what i did was i unzipped my pants and couldn't pull down my underwear or anything because it was kinda hard and my sister was in the back seat with and didn't want to get emberessed so i pulled my underwear apart because some underwear have a little hole and i pulled out my thing and then covered it with my shirt so my sis wouldn't see and used the bootle i drank from and stuck my thing in it and relieved my self.

Michael: I work at a Home Depot here in Florida. About a year ago, the store manager had a meeting with the staff explaining why she had to have the stall doors removed from the mens restrooms, she gave reasons as "pilforage" "vandelism" and "loitering"and it was certainly NOT meant to embarrass either us (the employees) or our male customers, but it needed to be done. When a male employeee asked her if the womens doors would also be removed, she replied "By law, womens restrooms are REQUIRED to have private stalls, while it is a luxury for men" Only time I've been embarrased is when the cleaning gal pops in unnanounced (this annoys all of us) and catches us wiping our asses. Otherwise, its no biggie....

To DNA: I had a girlfriend once who wet her panties and pantyhose while she had a tampon in during her period. She said because she had a tampon in her, that caused it to happen. So you're not the only person this has happened to. I never got an explanation why this happens to some women, does anyone know? I suggested she wear a pad under her tampon to catch the pee in case it happens again. Another time she threw up and had diarhea in her panties at the exact same time and I washed them out for her. I made her wear a pad the rest of the evening in case it happened again.

I had to poop one time when i was outside playing at our grandparents house when they lived here in Georgia and so i just went under a tree and had nothing to wipe with and i used a leaf.

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