Sophie - your diarreah incident on the boat brought back my memories from a similar event of a few years ago. I was on a small motor-boat on a lake with 5 close friends on a birthday celebration. We all had fun and drank a lot of everything, fortunately no-one had had to drive the boat bcause we hired a captain. I was aware that the boat had no toilet, but I was in real distress because I suddenly felt I had to go. We had champaign, beer, gin and whiskey all together and I all that drinks made me feel that I had to pee really very urgently. I was in a shock as I didnīt know what to do. I whispered to my friedn that I was in a very unconfortable situation and my bladder was about to explode. She told me that there would be no other chance than going to the edge of the boat and peeing into the water. I had no other choice but doing it, my friend helped me balancing by holding my arm after I had lifted up my miniskirt and lowered my panties, I felt reallly drunk and was afraid of felling out of the boat, just a second later I started peeing a hissing stream into the water. It appeared to be the longest pee of my life - over three minutes non-stop. I admit I was very shy doing it before everybody on boat but I was too drunk to realise this and it was fun. You canīt imagine the relief. However, obviously I didnīt empty everything as 10 minutes later I had to pee again, but this time my stomach was very upset, too, and I expected some big problem. So I had no choice but hurry back to the edge, my friend helped me again with the balance, this time I peed another forceful strem but also had simultanously horrible diarreah that splashed into the water. It must have been the sequel of drinks I had all night. Next time weīll better do a party at a place where there are toilets available!

college guy
when i was in 4th grade a kid in my class pissed his pants. i always thought "that's gotta be the most embarassing thing you could ever do" but today i was witness to something much worse in more than one way.

i'm in college, and my math class is about an hour and 45 minutes long. this girl was sitting in front of me and she wouldn't stop sliding around in her seat. before i knew it, she kind of halfway stood up from her seat and i heard an awkward sound, then she stood up completely...the damage was bad, i couldn't believe she let it happen to her but there was a large bulge in the back of her pants and a faint brown stain on her butt that was slowly getting darker. she gathered all her stuff and hurried out of the room without saying anything and didn't come back. i was compelled to move my seat but there weren't a lot of open spots, so i had to stay even though the smell was close to unbearable. after that i decided that's gotta be the most embarassing thing you could do...especially since there was no reason to do it, i mean it's not like you need the teacher's permission to go to the bathroom in college, you can pretty much just step out if you really need to. not only that but how could she not hold it in for that long? i just think it's a little ridiculous that a girl in college would just have a BM in her pants during class. she clearly knew she had to go for a while because she was fidgeting so much, so it's not like it caught her off guard. oh well, i suppose she'll be dropping that class and not coming back. i do think i overheard someone who knows her saying she soiled her pants once in high school too, but i'm not sure.

Mr. Clogs-I don't remember being taken into the ladies room by my mom, but I have been the guy on the crapper when a guy brings his little girl into the restroom. Usually he moves her into a stall pretty quickly and I always make sure she can't see anything more than my legs. Usually you can hear him talking to her before they enter, so you can cover yourself appropriately. Unfortunately, sometimes he goes to the urinal after she's done, and she is looking around, even when her pops tells her not to. It is a bit uncomfortable, but as long as I'm covered up, and she leaves pretty quickly, it's not a big deal.

Hi im amy and I have Epelipsy and one day I was in a public toilet staul and I had been Seizure free for 1 year when boom I had a frikin seizure and then went into shock for a period of time.

Ritsuko san,konnichiwa,
a few years ago two very attractive Japanese ladies stayed with us, and they were both completely unselfconscious about nudity and using the toilet. If I was in the bath they'd just drop their underpants, sit on the can and talk while they relieved themselves. when they farted or made plopping noises, they'd catch my eye and smile.

TO: MICHAEL: i think you must put the doors back on the toilet booths because what happens when there is a long line for the ladies room, and we need to go into mens restroom, I understand legally, women cannot use toilets without doors, so you must put them on.

holding it
hey, 2day i had coffee and i peed and it smelled like coffee. one girl on the bathroom actually said, who has coffee? y is that?


I am sorry that happened to you. She was very mean! You could have been hurt.

A recent episode of MTV's "The Real World-Austin" shows a male and female roommate returning from a local bar. As they walk into the house (having a minor arguement) the female heads directly for the bathroom screaming "I'm going to piss in my pants!" The male also heads for the bathroom but seems to be in better control.

It was a Wednesday when it happend I was at the Gym when my bowl reacted badly since I was wearing a leatard lets just say I didnt make it.

I peed in the trash can a few times before if i had to go really bad while watching a movie.

Hottie thanks for writing another story again, I enjoyed it a lot.
Please write some more, and you too Sadie if you are still looking on here.


My name is Angeline, I'm from New Orleans. I just moved to Vancouver...then moved again cos my dad insisted that his boss was picking on him, and that my sch sucked.
So...okay, we are stuck (not stuck) in Florida -yeah.

I'm new and u can call me angel or Angel.Line (see my name)...I have pretty interesting trips myself and it just so happens I'm in a mood for storytelling........... :)

This was when I was 17- I went to the movies with my "friends", they were cool so I wanted to blend it. OMG -what a mistake to do tt. I suffered. We went to watch pirates of the carribean then i had to pee -real bad. That was only half of the show. I couldn't hold for longer. The movie was abt 2hrs 15m and it was only abt 1hour!! Sh**!

I excused myself. One guy (there was a girl and 2 guys) said, "Hey,where u going?" "...Popcorn?" I said, hopelessly. I needed to pee and NOW. So i was bursting to put it simply. "Sit down, yur blocking me." He shoved a box of popcorn to me. "There -plenty."

I managed to hold it. (okay, I was lucky.)
then after the movie, I said, i need to touch up. "Whatthe f***?" the other guy said. The lady said, "hey, we liketa look ok-perfect, u know?" she said, "lets go together." *gulp* Shit. Okay, to tell u, its uncool to pee -to them, that is.

So i went to the ladys, I said "im not done, u wait outside first." She said ok and left the ladies. I ran -practically RAN- into a stall and peed. I didn't care if there was anything on my skirt. I couldnt care a HECK!

I escaped out of the mall and disappeared. I tried avoiding them in sch after that.

Another incident (22) was when my boyfriend and I went to the beach. I had to pee. He hugged me and we exchanged lots of kisses. I neeeded to pee! I couldnt tell him. I finally felt naughty and told him. "I need to pee real bad too." We went into the water adn peed together while kissing. Sweeeeeeeeeet. I'm marrying that man, anyway he proposed and I accepted. Although that was kinda awkward, we had fun adn we still do that -together. He's a desperation-fetish too! Ah-ha.
I love that man.

hey this is roxanne as you all know dr is my brother and he stink so bad that it kills butt anyway i only wanted to say am sorry that i note been posting o and i will like to give my lil cosin rico my lil cosin rayshon and my best friend shameeka a shout

smart guy!!!
hey, i havent posted up any stories for quite a while... but i do have a few stories that i might want to share with you guys..

1. me and katlin is going camping. Our camp is like a 5 hours away.... so we decided to go at 7am so we could get there around the afternoon.. so after we had a small breakfast, we started to drive to the camp.... After 9am, she told me that her stomach was starting to feel uncomfortable now.... so she decided to take a nap since the camp is pretty far away.... after 20minutes, she said that she couldnt go to sleep because of her stomach... after 2 more minutes, she said that she think she needed to fart really badly, but she doesnt want to stink up my car(since her fart was usually smelly), so she decided to hold it in as long as she can.. every minute that has gone by, her fart was starting to get hard to hold in..... after an hour has gone by, she told me that she doesnt know how much longer she could hold it in, because her fart is kind of hurting her stomach even more... so she told me that she thinks that she may needed to let go of her fart in the next few minutes.. and she also told me that she think that her fart may make her needed to poop.. and she said that her poop is going to be a pretty hard one because her stomach doesnt feel runny right now...

so she asked me that if i could find any public washrooms for her to go to.... after 20minutes, we came up with nothing..... so told me that she dont know if she can hold it anymore because her stomach is really hurting very badly now.... so she told me that she think she'll just have to hold it till we made it to the camp, since thats the only place that has a washroom.... after when we got there, her stomach feels like if it were about the explode... when i found a place to park, she told me that she cant move because once she moves, she'll fart and might have an accident in her jeans even though there wasnt anyone around our camp... then, she dont really care now, she just started to fart, it was a huge one... then right after she farted for over 10seconds, her but hole started to open up.... she jumped up and just started to poop in her jeans.... she kept moaning and stuff while shes pooping into her pants.... she kept trying to get her jeans down but it was kind of tight so its really hard to pull it down...

after shes done, she pulled down her jeans and got out of her jeans... her poop was pretty long... there was like 3 pieces in her under wear and a couple was in her jeans.... so we quickly dumped it somewhere around the bushes, and she had put the jeans back on again before anyone she her half naked... that was really emaressing for her, even though there wasnt anyone that has seen that besides me... so i promised her that i wont tell anyone about this, until today anyways.

2. this story is around 2 years ago... me and katlin was going to the the museum of world science for fun. so we decided to go for lunch right after we were done looking at stuffs at the museum. after lunch, we decided to go to my apartment, since we dont have anything to do... after we got there, it was around 5pm. we just didnt do anything for the rest of the day... so we just decided to just watch tv until a while, then after 7:45pm or so, we just started to make dinner.... then her stomach started to growl, it was so loud that even i could hear it like if she was farting or something.... i asked her if she's alright, she said yes, she just told me she was kind of hungry, but she was actually having an stomach ache... so she just ignored it... after 8:20pm, we just started to finish making dinner... after 8:30pm, we finally finished making dinner... then, after 5 minutes while we were eating dinner, she kept rubbing her stomach.. i asked her again about if she's alright, she said that she have a stomach ache... so then, she said theres she just had to go to the washroom... she told me that she thinks that if she moves, she might have an accident in her tight pants...

then, she said that her butt hole is starting to open now... she asked me if she could do it on a piece of newspaper or a plastic bag? i told her yes, then she said hurry up.... i went to get a old piece of newspaper, then she quickly lifted her tight pants down, but then she gasped, then said that shes starting to go into her underwear.. she she quickly pulled down her pants and kept going into her underwear, she managed to stop it, now her poop is hanging from her butt... her poop was really thick, and pretty hard...then she started to pull her pants down again, and then right after she finished pulled down her underwear, she accidently leg go her poop again... so she just tried to stop it, but she only slowed down the poop down a bit.... since the washroom was like 30seconds away, she just decided to just tried to walk there, since she really have to make it to the washroom...

she just started to walk there, but every step she tooked, she kept loose a bit of control of her poop... then, after she slowly tooked baby steps, and before she got to the washroom, she stopped, and asked me that if she could poop on the newspaper or something? i told yes, again.. then i hurried up because she said that she cant really hold onto her poop anylonger and she have to let go of it in like a minute or so. then i found a worthless newspaper that i dont like, then when i got the newspaper, she started to lose more control of her poop, and told me that shes starting to lose control again and tell me to hurry up and get that newspaper or she'll do it on the floor.... i quickly put it underher, and she started to let go of her poop and then her poop just slided down very easily.. then she kept pooping, then after 3 minutes, she was done... she had pooped out a lot of poop.... then, after 2 minutes, she accidently farted very loudly, then started to poop very quickly again... after 1 more minutes, then she said that she is really finished right now.... right after that, i helped her clean up her mess then we just tried to lose that memory and try not to think of it anymore.

this is the only stories i have, so bye.... ill posts more after if i have anymore...... peace!!!!!

Traveling Guy
Yep, the original T.G. here, for you long-timers or those who read the old posts. Great to see this place still going strong.

MICHAEL - You didn't say how many stalls you have in your Penney's men's room, but you might try putting a door only on the last or the middle stall, or on every other one, if 4 or more. Just leave a doorless stalll beside or between the ones with doors. I've seen that done to keep a lid on vandalism, cruising, etc. That way, shy customers and your optometrist should be happy, but you'll still cut down on unwanted behavior.

My best doorless stall experience was in Bolivia, at an open air market near a small town. I'd been on a bus most of the day and needed to take a wicked bad dump. The "facilities" were in a small, mud-wall building without roof, about the size and shape of our small park restrooms. Both entrances were doorless, just with view blinds, and there were no signs for "men" or "women." I slowly went into one side. Not surprisingly, the space was completely open, with two pit-type squat toilets, flat cement slabs with small, oblong holes in them. There was a brick urinal trough on one side. The ground was really filthy with turds, especially right around the holes. Ugh! I like squatters, but I'm not gonna get that crap on my shoes and pants, I thought.

I went to the other entrance and said, "Hello?" No one answered, so I went in. The arrangement was exactly like the other side, but this time a woman in her mid-20s, dressed in sweats, was squatting there. She very calmly looked up at me and said with a slight smile, "The men's is on the other side." Startled and embarrassed, I apologized and started to leave, explaining that the other side was very dirty. "Don't worry, it's no big deal," she said. I had to go so bad by then (you know that "let it start to slide" feeling you get when finally get near a john), so I asked if I could please use the squatter next to her. Long-time readers know my reports about how open rural people in South America can be about elimination. "Well, OK," she replied, like it happens all the time. I turned my back to her, dropped my pants, and squatted. We didn't talk each other, just went about our business side-by-side but looking straight ahead. She finished a little before I did. She took some tp from her purse and offered some to me. Neighborly gesture! I thanked her for her underatsnding. Then she wiped, pulled up her sweat pants, and was on her way. No one else came in before I left, but if they had, I'm sure they would have forgiven a gringo for being on the wrong side.

Alicia, I'd love to hear about your results. Please tell more. Thank you.

TO luci:
My goodness! Have you found out the cause yet? Food poisoning???
Was it actually a seizure??
I say that because I have epileptic seizures. While I've never had a bad one sitting on the toilet, I had one in my shower once when I was a kid. I was washing my chest in the shower and the next thing I remember is being on the bathroom floor surrounded by paramedics. (Obviously, not the best way to start my day...)

(PS. It's always nice to see another Canadian on the site.)



wee accident
At school i was in class, just after recess, and we are meant 2 go during recess because we aren't allowed 2 go during class, but i had 2 do an errand for the teacher, and had no time to go. so i asked the teacher because i rarely ask but i was VERY desperate because i had held it in the whole day and i really needed 2 go. unsuprisingly, she said no so i tried 2 hold it and i went back 2 my seat, but i asked the teacher another 3 times and she got really annoyed so she let me go. i asked my friend 2 come with me and she said she would come once she finishes this math problem, so i waited... 30 seconds later i couldn't hold it so i grabed my friend, pulling her out of her seat so i told her i needed 2 go badly so we ran. running put alot of pressure on my bladder and once we got 2 the toilet i was about 2 lock the toilet door but the lock was jammed i forced it to lock but by the time i locked it my pants were all wet and soaking!! how embarresing and a class just walked past while i went back 2 the class and they all laughed at me!! :(

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Michael: funny thing about JC Penny, some of their mens restrooms DO have doors on their stalls, many do NOT, guess it depends on the manager. I say leave them off, this way if you make a stinke bomb, you don't need to be trapped in your own shit stinks, it disperses quicker. Did you say the gals do or do not have doors on their poopers? I just cannot imagine my wife mother or sisters shitting without a door, but for those of us blessed with penis's , its no big deal... leave them off...

Teresa, since there is a kidney problem, please be sure to talk with the doctor before trying the things I suggested. Obviously I don't know the details of what is wrong with your daughters' kidneys, but you need to find out if these efforts to hold their urine could cause reflux back into the kidneys. Remember that they can't help what's happening. Look into protective garments such as Good Nights for them to wear, but don't force them to use something. Let them make that choice for themselves. If they're afraid to wear them because others may find out, you might ask them to consider which would be more embarrassing, wearing a GN's, or wetting their pants? It's important to let them make the choice whether or not to wear protection for their own self esteem. Support them but put them in control of how to deal with it.

To Justin: I'd be more worried about having a dirty butt, then having someone see me keep it clean.

My town used to have doorless stalls in both the JCPenny and the Montgomery Wards stores. It didn't seem to stop anyone from shopping there. Both sets of stalls were across from the sinks and mirrors, so anyone washing their hands could see the guys on the toilets. It was funny too, when someone would go into the stall, because you could see him as he stood facing the mirror while he unbuttoned his pants. Then he would disappear out of view as he sat down. Then he would reappear as he pulled his pants and underwear back up or if he stood while wiping.

I lived near a beach area with no doors on the stalls. On busy summer days, there would be a line of guys waiting to use either the stalls or the urinals. The line often started right in front of one of the stalls. Many times I'd be there with a guy standing in front of my stall, waiting for it or the urinal. Once, while I was waiting, there was a very attractive surfer on the can, with his wetsuit pulled completely down to his calves. Basically naked on the toilet. Not too shy, that guy.

I was sitting on a public toilet when I saw there was no toilet paper so I put my hand under the stall next to me and asked the woman was mean and yanked my arm so I fell off the toilet and there was poop on the floor (since I hadend wiped yet) so I began to cry and out of compasion the f????r kicked me. true story that idiot

Mr. Clogs
nitecruzr: Hey, what's going on, sorry what happened to your friend, I guess he should of found an alley way for additional privacy, maybe he wouldn't got that ticket. I mean this stuff is common in urban areas, I never got a chance to witness such thing, but you could see remains of what people did. I did that sort of thing when I was a kid, yes a cop car was near by, but no cops. I was told to use the bathroom before leaving the house, but I didn't. So my mom and I got downtown, then I really had to go. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my thing (penis) and let it rip! My mom got half way up the block and realized that I wasn't with her, she turned around, ran and got me before the cop saw anything! That was the fastest I ever saw her ran, she could of gotten a ticket for that, and I would gotten a serious beating for that! I was maybe 7 or 8, I'm not sure how old I was, but I was old enough. Now that I'm on the subject my first posting on this site was something like that, but I found a tall bush to find for releif. Someone could of called the cops on me for doing such thing and I would gotten a ticket for that because the town I use to work in their cops don't play, so I would of been ticketed and arrested for public urination. Oh well.

Ritsuko: Interesting post, it's good thing no one saw you entering the men's room nor no men in the men's room at the time. Pretty daring of you, if you have anymore posts, please post. Thanks.

I've got another question to ask all of you, all are welcome to answer. When you were a kid, did your mom like mine took you into the ladies room, or if are a daughter did your father take you to the men's room to use the bathroom when you are with them? Did you feel unconfortable entering the bathroom, and did you get looks from the people using restroom?

Take care, bye for now.--Mr. Clogs

Hi gina 43 Boston,MA and one day I was supply teaching my sons grade and some of the students did not enjoy me being the teacher so they put a laxative in my coffee and then during class they told me after I I already drank it! :s So it hit me about 10 minutes later and I had to leave sick

The Nature Boy
I was reading a gun magazine today, and came across something I'd been wondering how undercover cops and concealed carry citizens dealt with - how to use the bathroom without advertising that you carry. Naturally, you DON'T just drop your pants to your ankles with the gun holstered on your belt! ;-) Ideally the stall has a large door and you remove the gun AND the holster and hold it on your thigh. Y'know, I don't think they mentioned an easier and faster method...pull your pants to your KNEES, not all the way to the ANKLES.

It's ironic that the author points out that other writers are too 'delicate' to mention such an issue, but HE leaves out what to do if faced with a doorless stall...! He does say if you're at risk to be 'peeped' at to use a book, newspaper, or if you have to your shirt to cover the weapon.

So I guess the moral of the story is that people who carry concealed weapons need to also carry some Immodium to avoid having to sit on the throne too often while packing! Well, the only gun I own is a 'pocket pistol' anyway so if I ever get a permit it should be a non-issue for me.

Oh yeah, to the JC Penney's manager. That the employees don't mind having doorless stalls makes your choice harder, but like someone else pointed out on here, if it's a public bathroom you need to think of the customers too. You might try something like I've seen used in a department store in the mall, a large sign that states that the restroom is monitored to deter vandalism etc. I guess it worked, the place was spotless with nothing untoward going on.

You know, 'Corporate' makes us keep the corridor to the bathrooms locked where I work, but we get anywhere from 5 to 30(!) requests to let customers in. We don't have a key to give them...and frankly the lock's a b!tch so you have to know JUST how to work the handle and key. Plus the same key opens the break room, I don't want customers getting in there to our stuff. So we have to let them in ourselves.

So I read all these stories of how people are DENIED using store bathrooms, I SEE signs in stores around here that say 'no public bathroom.' How the heck can THOSE guys get away with it and WE can't? I should make a report that shows how much more work we could get done without having to drop everything every five minutes to let someone into the john! There's a damn Burger King 20 feet from our front door, it's not like we're the 'last chance in town!' If we can't deny people the bathroom, I've seriously thought about just 'accidentally' breaking the lock to the bathroom hall so that we can just tell people where the door is! Take about a year for them to fix it at the rate they go, heh heh heh!

I wonder how many MORE times a day we'd have to let people in if they weren't shy about it like me. Though Friday night at Khol's I REEEEEAALLY had to drain the lizard and was going all around the store looking for the bathroom, and was about to ask someone, when I saw it. If I had just gone right instead of left, I would have been there from the get-go!

Hi, I'm a new poster, my name's Alicia, I am 15, I am fairly small(5'3"), and am pretty accident prone, I've probably had more accidents in my life than any 5 students at my school so I have few friends. But on the other hand, I also like to have intentional accidents, as long as nobody finds out about them. Right now I'm sitting on my bed, typing this, and I have to poop pretty badly, and I'm not going to get up to go to the bathroom, it'll probably be a while before I actually poop myself, because I like to try to hold it for a while. I have my panties lined with a couple layers of paper towels so my parents don't find out about it. Anybody who wants to know how this little experience turns out can just ask.

I had to go so bad when i woke up i peed on the wall.

stealth pisser
Hi you may remember me as Middleman but I have changed my name to make it relevant to the topic. Anyway in August I was staying with my Aunt and Uncle at the Sagamore in Lake George,New York. Its a really nice fancy hotel. My parents were staying at some nice little motel a ways back down the road. The first night my cousin and I were on the computer before we went to bed. I drank a ton of ice water. I woke up at around 3. I had a terrible urge to pee. I ran towards the door to the bathroom which was in the other room of the suite. I stopped and tried to unlock the normal door out of the room but it was no use. I soaked my boxers with urine. Once I took hold of the situation I realized how bad this was. My cousin was still asleep. I decided to stuff my boxers that were now soiled and my shirt into a pocket on my suitcase. I put on new boxers and a new t-shirt and realized there was a huge wet spot on the floor i just hoped for the best. When I awoke the next morning I checked the wet spot it was damp but invisible. I thanked god and went down to breakfast. At lunch my Aunt said that the bolt lock was undone the night before. I told her that I was afraid of a fire where we were trapped and my parents said to keep it locked from then on and I did. When I got home a week later I threw away my underpants.

Hey have you been?

School started for me a couple weeks back (senior year of high school) and our football team just started practising again last week. I was at school late one day talking to my rugby coach, and just after the coach left one of the football players came running into the gym. It was a pretty good friend of mine, Max. Max is about..6 ft tall, dark hair, olive skin, muscular build..he's actually pretty hot. lol! He still had all his equipment on, except for his helmet, and he was looking really stressed out. I asked him what was wrong and he said he needed to take a crap really badly and all the washrooms were locked. I offered to let him go into the girl's and I would stay outside and make sure no one came, but it was locked too. He ran across the gym to the other door where there was a washroom just down the hall. Just as he was approaching the door he slid and fell (because of his football cleats) and when he stood up a large bulge had formed in the back of his pants. I guess the shock of falling like that made him involuntarily let go. He got so red and he was really embarrased. I felt so bad for him I went over and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek and told him not to worry, and everyone has accidents. I checked the hallway for him and as soon as it was empty he went into the washroom (that one was unlocked.) I waited for him and about 10 minutes later he came out. I asked him if he was okay and he said yes. He thanked me for being understanding and he went back out to practice. Every time I see him now we just smile at each's become like an inside joke.

I was inside the loacal libary when I got suvire cramps and suddenly I had to poop. Since the libary did not have a ladies room I had to sneek into the back and used the toilet ment for staff I guess when I was finished I found the toilet was broken so I had to tell the Libary staff and I was FINED 250.00

Last week I was showing three ladies around our district when one, Alison, needed to poo. We all went in with her to the toilet down by the river and sat on the bench next to her. When she'd finished, she had to get off the seat to reach the toilet paper, which was fixed to the door. I was the only one who took the opportunity to look at her beautiful pink bum. Her two friends were looking in the bowl to see how much she'd done.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Hey, I am an occasional poster (maybe once a month or so) but the past couple months I have been having a problem with wetting myself while having. Each incident happened when I was just waking up in the morning with a very full bladder, I would feel the urge to pee, but nothing really urgent just the usualy morning need. As I would start to get up I would end up peeing in the bed, not a lot but i really had to concentrate to stop. This has happened four or five times, one of the time into my jeans when I was on my way to the bathroom.
All f these incidences occured when I had the largest size tampon in (I have a really heavy flow), I'm afraid however that my muscles are getting weakened, and cannot control my bladder and urethra at the same time as "holding" the tampon in place. Any suggestions or similar problems. And yes I have tried Kegals, and have done them on and off for the last few years and I feel that my vaginal muscles are tight or of normal size, I'm only 24! how can I be already having wetting problems

Bry: yeah, you get used to taking a shit in open stalls when you live near nice beaches. Where I live (California) many of the beach restrooms have open stalls and benches across from them where surfers and swimmers can change. So there are often guys shitting and changing at the same time. Some conversation often occurs in these circumstances. The guy who chatted with you while you were shitting was therefore probably just changing. It was cool of you to have a friendly convo with him while dropping your load. It's true that there are some weirdos out there that might to watch a young guy take a shit, but this ain't really common. I always feel relaxed about taking a shit in open stalls at beach restrooms. I'm always a bit unsure, however, about actually wiping my ass when there are guys outside the open stall. Sometimes I wait til they've left. If it looks like they'll be there for a long time, I just reach back and wipe and throw the soiled TP into the bowl without inspecting it. I guess that shouldn't gross out anyone. Would you feel comfortable wiping your ass in front of other guys?

To Anon & Trekkie-
Thanks so much for writing and helping me out. I have been just baffled about the whole thing and did not want her to get worse. I have also found out since that there is a Kidney abnormality that causes them to do this as well. I have taken her to the Dr. before & he ran tests & they came back normal. If she has the kidney thing you can only find it through a ultrasound. So back we go to make sure that this is the thing, if it is not then I will definately be doing some Keagel excercises w/ her to get her through this!! Thanks Again!!

To RP no I have not punished her or spanked or anything, I am guilty of
showing frustration and have told her I will be more sensitive to her about it. Thanks for writing!!

Here's a survey for you all. Just copy and paste the questions into the posting window, and put your answers next to the questions. This should not be considered as something of a sexual nature, but just the kind of curiosity that can be asked/answered under the annonimity of a site like this.
1. Your age?
2. Your gender?
3. On a scale of 1 - 10, how do you feel about having someone of the same gender be able to see you when you are relieving yourself (assuming that they can't see your private areas)? 1 being "not in a million years", 10 being not a problem?
4. Someone of the opposite gender?
5. On a scale of 1 - 10 how do you feel about having someone of the same gender be able to see you when you are relieving yourself if they COULD see your private areas? 1 - "not in a million years", 10 - not a problem?
6. Someone of the opposite gender?
7. Which would bother you more, being seen at all, or having your private areas seen?

Some poop girl
k. koala - Do you have any interesting BM diaper stories you can share? I think that would be cool.

Also I would like to have a girls survey

1. Age
2. Race
3. Weight group
4. Describe your avergae BM
5. What does your poop look like?
6. How long does it take?
7. Are you comfortable pooping near people in public? Friends? Girls only? Bf only? family only?
8. how strong is the smell?
9. Do you or would you ever poop:
A. a friends house?
b. school?
c. work?
d. Bf's or Gf's house?
e. Neighbors house?
f. porta potty?
g. outdoors?
10. Does it feel good?

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