Michael, about your JC Penney dilemma, I say as long as the women have doors with locks, the men are used to shitting without doors, so who cares, leave them off, from what I hear from my husband,men brag about stinking the restroom up, so, I say, leave them off... One gals opinion..

Michael : At J. C. Penney's I say less vandelism, less guys 'cruising' it's a 'no-brainer' long as the cleaning gal keeps the bowls clean, seats wiped down nice, mops the floor, and she restocks the toilet tissue rolls, and sprays the stinky shit smells away, what do you guys need with doors on the stalls. Your only shitting with other men... not having a tender moment with your wives....Leave the stall doors off...

To Michael: I live in Houston and I've never seen doorless stalls at any of our JC Penney stores. Where are you guys located? As far as doors, it doesn't make any difference to me. When you gotta go, you gotta go. I don't know anyone who's life was ruined because someone saw them take a dump. lol

Konnichiwa! My name is Ritsuko, I'm 17, and I'm African American/Japanese. I'm kinda into androgyny and I like to wear dude's clothes (but I look sooo good ^_^)and I have short, fine hair. Anyways, I go to a university and today I used the men's urinal at the animal science department. No one is there around 5:00 PM, so I decided to slip into the men's room. There was only one toilet and one urinal (I know, really small). The urinal was in a cubicle,so no one would see me if they walked in. Anyways, as I was about to pee, I realized that there was this little hole in the urinal that was filled with urine (Guessing no one flushed the urinal) and the smell was strong. Finally, I peed using my homemade stand to pee device (I haven't mastered the 'hands-free' method yet). I was sorta nervous, but I had peed in a urinal b4 though, so I was kinda used to it. I didn't flush the toilet becuz I didn't want to draw attention to myself in case someone was around. I may go back to the animal science department again someday. Especially when I have to pee really bad. Sayonara.

Billy Boy
I was busy all day today. I usually have my #2 in the morning after the coffee kicks in but for whatever reason went the whole day fine. Before I took my shower tonight I thought I'd sit and pee on the toilet and as I did felt the need to push a bit to see what was up there. I strained a bit but managed to push out a rather hard and long set of ???? sausages. They went out kind of dry and hard but it was a relief. This is quite different from my coffee-induced AM sessions. Those usually come out lickity-split!

Today I had my first ever accident since I was like 5 yrs. old. Well, now I am 15, what happened was me and 3 other friend had went to the coffee shop had about three cups and then shopped went to about 3 shops. Well in the shops (these shops were lined up along a street) I started to feel the urge to pee but I thought I could hold it. Well about in the fifth store I started to squirm really bad crossing my legs and such. After 5 min, I told my friend I really had to go pee, bad, she said she did also, so after she tried on 1 more thing on we said we had to find a bathroom, NOW!! So we ran up to the cashier, and he was on the phone after like 5 min he finally got off and we asked, "Sir, Do you have a bathroom in here, we really need to pee" Well of course he said "no, our bathroom is for employees only its an insurance thing". We begged and told him we were about to have an accident but he still replied "no, Im sorry, the nearest bathroom available is a block away at the restaurant. We told my other 2 friend we were going to have to run over there and they said ok. We took baby steps over there to avoid wetting ourselves and finally reached the restaurant. Well I asked the hostess where the restrooms were and she said it was for customers only, we told the same stuff as the guy at the store but she would not let us. Finally I screamed at her to sit me at a table then and she pointed me to the br. To my surprise there was a busboy in there and then I started. I told Mary I was having an accident and 10 sec later my pants began to get soaked everyone in the restaurant saw. Well She made it to the bathroom after the guy figured out she had to pee. (besides from peeing in her panties a lot. Well she ran to the store and got me new clothes and both of us panties and as we left one of my friendsasked me "Hey Brittany, want to get a cup of coffee?" "very funny" I said. Has anyone else had a similar experience??

Mr. Clogs
Hey everybody, hope everyone is doing well. Got a post to share that I think is interesting. Yesterday I took a dump in my 5-quart bucket that I keep in my room for that purpose. This being the first round of the day, I needed to take a dump, so I grabbed the empty bucket from my closet (it won't anyplace else). I had some pee from last night, I poured it into the bucket which helps me to dump the poopy filled container out. So I removed my shorts and got into position and let it rip. I felt so much better now, I a to push a little bit go get the last remainder pof poop out me. Since I pee while I poop, so luckly I had the empty container near by, so I peed into it making a nice golden stream into the container. Once I done, I put back my shorts back on and wadded off to the bathroom to wipe up. Now round two I did pretty much the same thing, but not as much poop this time, oh well at least I got it out. Since I needed to take a shower, I took the nasty bucket with me to the bathroom to dump it out and rince it out for next time.

Hottie: Hi, I guess the name lives up to the post, by the way great post, it's a nice to read them, keep those hottie posts coming, thanks.

Well until next time everybody, take care and be safe!
--Mr. Clogs

my friend lily and i were at the bus stop with the guy i like, and the bus wasn't comming. so being silly seventeen year old girls we started flicking our hair and stuff at the boys (though not my crush, i'm really shy when it comes to the people i like). anyway, my friend starts muttering about how she feels sick to the stomach, and suddenly this stupid pigeon shits on my head!! I wiped it off quickly, but it was on my hair and so it was still there, and my friend wouldn't look at it and tell me if it was off because "she felt sick." anyway, after half an hour passes and the bus still hasn't come, she accidentally looked. i guess that was to much for her, because the second she saw the bird crap, she threw up all over everything. i know she felt sick before, but i still think that if she hadn't seen the bird crap, she wouldn't have gotten sick.

one day my best friend and I went rowing. it was a large lake, and when we were in the middle of it without any warning my stomach started hurting really badly, and i knew i couldn't make it back to land in time. i started crying and asked my friend, and i was in seriously pain. she said sit on the edge of the boat and shit over the side. i was so desperate i did just that, and for the next 40 minutes i had diarrhea. my friend was really nice about it. i didn't know until we put the boat back onto land that my diarrhea had gotten all over the side of the boat....

I've been looking at the site for about 18 months now, so I thought it was about time I told some of my stories. I'm into peeing really, not pooping, especially women/girls peeing. I'm not into watersports as such, I prefer the natural thing. I suppose my interest started when I was a child, hanging out in the woods with the rest of the gang, and would be very interested if one of the girls mentioned they needed to pee.

Anyway, on with my story. I was in Spain a couple of years ago, on the beach when I noticed these two girls sunbathing in their bikini's, when one of them stood up and wrapped a towel around her bottom half. She then removed her bikini bottoms and squatted onto the sand. She lifted the towel up slightly from her bottom, so she wouldnt wet the towel, at the same time, making sure she didnt get spotted. Then she let the pee flow. It lasted about 20 seconds, then she took some TP and wiped up, and casually walked over to the bin to put the paper in. She then walked over to where she peed, covered it with sand, and put on her bikini bottoms again, then removed the towel. No-one else saw this exhibition, and she didnt know she was being watched, so I thought I'd share the story with everyone on this site.

hey. I'm new friend Blaize showed me this site and thought it was funny since I work with ppl that are very open about bathroom habits. Just for those who care, I'm 19, tall, thin, emo guy. I have longish red-black hair, several piercings and lots of eyeliner. I'm bisexual, but I have a serious b/f at the time.

Today at work was really interesting. I work in the mall and we have a tiny bathroom in our stock room for employees only. Today my assistant manager made me clean wasn't too bad though b/c one of the girls working there cleaned the toilet yesterday, so I only had to clean the sink and mirror. And apparently, everyone has a good aim b/c the floor was clean.

I got into a conversation with 2 of my coworkers today about peeing. One was the assisstant manager. She told me how liquids run through her and after she drinks anything she has to pee with in 5 minutes--its true--i can't count how many times she has left me in charge of the store while she goes to pee. The other guy I work with, Jae, is 17 and he was telling me about the time one of his friends tricked him into trying to use this ink pen that shocks you and it shocked him so bad he wet his pants. This was like a couple of weeks ago. He said it embarrassed him so much, but he was laughing pretty hard when he told me about it. And the first night he worked I had him helping me--I was on a ladder and he was handing stuff up to me. As soon as we finished, he said, "Before we do anything else, I have to pee RIGHT NOW!" I was in his way, and I said "No, bathroom breaks during your shift." just to see how he'd respond. And he was like "I just drank a huge Sprite! You better let me go or you'll wish you had." so i laughed and let him go.
But this other guy I work with (Camden...I think Blaize mentioned him a month or so ago...) is really shy about bodily functions. Its like, it seems like he's always in the bathroom, but he never tells anybody he's going. In our store, all employees are supposed to be on the sales floor at all times unless you tell whoever you're working with where you're going and why. (In case only 2 ppl are working, the other person should know s/he's alone on the floor and for about how long to keep a better eye on customers and stuff...) But Camden never tells anybody anything. I seriously think the poor guy is so uptight that he'd rather die than admit he has to pee. He's the serious perfectionist shy type. But the other day, I was in the stock room working on a shipment and he came running back to the bathroom and I could hear him peeing. He REALLY had to go! He avoided looking at me when he came out and then he ran right back to the sales floor.

Hopefully lots more hot guy peeing stories to come! :)


Hey Clogs -

I went drinking one night with a friend, we both spent several hours in a couple San Francisco bars and were pretty loaded when we left. I peed several times in the bar restroom, but my friend neglected such detail.

We walked out of the bar, and a couple blocks down the street he had to pee. So we stop at a convenient alleyway, 1/2 block or so deep, not a bad place if you gotta go. So I take up my post on the sidewalk, ready to sing out if I see any PSO (Public Safety Officers, ie the fuzz) show up. I figure my friend will go deeply into the alleyway, and I'll have plenty of time to warn him.

So I'm just taking my station on the sidewalk, and I look down, and a river of pee is heading my way. My friend walked maybe 5 feet into the alley and is busy pissing (half a dozen pints anyway) against a dumpster. And the next thing I know, a police car goes crawling by, looking for miscreants. So I yell out my warning, the cops make a quick U-Turn, and light up, and they're out across the sidewalk and grabbing my friend, who is still in full flow.

I stood back and tried to stay out of the way - like I said, we were both pretty loaded, and I didn't want a D&D ticket too. The dumbass couldn't go into the alley - he stood practically on the sidewalk. What did he expect?

He got a $80 ticket for "Had to pee" (as the ticket read).

wet pants
hi this is my frist time posting here anyways i was at school and was wereing my brand new leather pants and we had a big math test well i had to pee but he wouldn't let me go well i managed to last through the hour and i ran for the bathroom but it was packed in there so i couldn't go so i went to class and about 20mins later everyone was looking at me of the sound of peeing in leather pants i put my head down and cryed

Hello im luci and I am 38 born england moved to canada I am a stay at home and I have a horabal story. I was helping at the school my child attends when I felt a growwl in my ???? area. then while i was walking on the teachers floor that growl came back this time it told my bum something bad it told my bum to find a toilet fast! so i walked quickly into a bathroom with a sing on the door that said FOR TEACHERS ONLY anyway I used the toilet without pirmiton and I pooped so hard my legs shook, when I was pooping i felt dissy then poof i had a seizure or something off the toilet took a wierd turn fell on my bum and when I woke up I was in an ambluance

An Enema Experience

I brought an enema kit and decided to give it a go...after stuffing up the first attempt I got it right the next day. I have been having a bit of wind and discomfort down below and when I go for a poo it only seems as though I pass a fraction of what is there ( incomplete evacuation which is a symptom of IBS which I am plagued with ).
Anyway I put lubrication on the end of the hose and some up my rectum etc.. I filled the enema bag with luke warm water that was a little soapy..(not too much) I laid in the shower and inserted the hose need to direct the nozzle forward a little to follow the natural line of the rectum. I turned the water on and when a got the stong urge to do a poo I turned it off. I laid there for a short time and when I got up a little squirt came from my bottom... the urge to "go" came and went as I walked around the room. after several minutes I returned to the showere and inserted the hose again and added a little more water which was met with a dire urge to evacuate. I turned the water off and lay there for a minute and then raised my lower half up to assist the water to flow further down my colon. I then let in some more water and soon got an uncontrollable urge...I pulled out the hose and stood up (I was next to the toilet) and I was desperate...a couple of little squirts went down my leg and for safety sake I decided to sit on the toilet and hold it. No way! Toilet seats are designed to spread butt cheeks and as mine parted there was a squirt of light brown water and another squirt and another small squirt and with each contraction of my gut there was a small squirt and then despite tring to clamp my arse it exploded uncontrollably like a fire hydrant which went on for a few seconds and steadied down to a little trickle before stopping. The water in the toilet was brown with little rabbit poos of shit floating around but nothing of anything but tiny size. There was not much smell either. There was another urge and this time with a bit of a push another gush and then plop, plop, plop,plop, which was the feeling and sound I enjoyed so much ...and the relief ( quite a rank smell too). I felt so much better and the effects lasted for days. The next morning, although my first attempt to relieve my usual t?????y pains was unsuccessful, the second attempt gave me blessed relief.
Yes! I will be using the enema again... not too often as it is not recommended for constant use. The trick is to introduce the water bit at a takes longer to do but the effort is soooo good, it is heaven!

Justin, when we have shit on an open boat, we go swimming with a line behind the boat moving slowly and "let it go". If you just go in the water when swimming, it floats LOL. Don't forget to pull the line back up to keep it from getting in the prop. One time a friend did it while scuba diving, (shallow, warm water, no wetsuit), It was funny seeing it float up.

To Michael, the new manager at the JC Penneys store: A couple things to consider: Are the restrooms open to the public? If so, do the doorless stalls offend the customers, maybe to the point that they won't come back? Or do they appreciate the cleaner, safer restrooms more? What is the custom in your part of the country? Where I live now, the nearest doorless stalls are 25 miles away, yet in other communities they appear to be quite common. Also, do the stalls face a blank wall, where a person still has a reasonable amount of privacy, or do they face the sinks, or worse, the entrance, where a person using the toilet is in plain view of everyone in the room? Please keep in touch with us, and let us know how it all comes out (pun intended).

Alexis in Chicago
Hi. my name is Alexis, and i am a 23 yr old black man. Today during lunch break, I had to piss, but not much. So after I bought my lunch, I hurried to the men's room, went to the urinal, peed away, washed my hands, and was done in a flash.

Hey, long time lurker, first time poster. BTW, i'm 19, male, and in college

I've been pooping really big lately, for some reason. I usually make 1 piece, about 6-12 in. long and 1-2 in wide. But I've had really big poops lately, softer than usual, which sorta pile up in the water. They've been about a 2 on the weights and measures scale, which is alot for me. I have also been passing more gas while dumping than usual. Not that any of this is bad, in fact, i hope it continues!

Lemmie say, I'm real interested in females pooping, and I wish more chicks 16-25 would post about their dumps. Would anyone like to fill out my survey?
What's the Biggest Dump you've ever taken (detailed stories encouraged!):
How often do you poop:
What's the average poop for you:
Do you enjoy pooping:
How often do you fart:
Do your farts usually smell:
What's the longest fart you can remember ripping:

To Lexi, Kris, Megan and all the other girls who post their amazing stories of pee capbilities. Thank you, I am amazed and fascinated by your abilities. You guys should start your own club, or even website. I have some questions, as this subject has always interesed me. I think it was said before that it is sometimes a female competition/ psycholgical sexual thing that can sometimes be embarrasing, or thrilling depending on your perspective. I just have a few questions, as I am amazed at anyone who can pee for such long durations.

1. Have you ever intentionally tried to put anyone in shock just to see their reaction? Or if you didn't like them, show them your superiority?
2. Do you ever stop short from finishing, because you are too shy?
3. If you could change your bladder size, would you? and why?
4. In general, what similarites have you noticed between yoourself and your peers who have huge bladders?
5. Have you ever measured your ouput?
6. Is your bladder still growing, or at what age do you think it stopped?
7 In your case, is there a correlation between your bladder size and bowel capability?

Again, keep these amazing stories coming. There are not enough pee stories on this board, but you guys are keeping it alive. From an average pisser.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Mr. Clogs
Hey, hey, hey, it Mr. Clogs again! Ok, this post is about desperation than actucally get the urge to go to the bathroom. This morning, at 7 AM, I woke up with these stomach cramps and the sudden urge to take a dump, but I knew it was time for moms to take her shower before going to work. So I didn't want to go first because it would interfeare with her routine. So I put back the covers over me and went back to sleep (at least tried to). I kept tossing and turning in the bed from the agonizing pain and desperation from holding back such a massive load. So I got out of bed to take my morning pee, so I grabbed the container from underneath my bed and proceeded to pe into the container filling it half way up which is about a litre because the container is 2-litre compacity plenty of room for some more pee. While peeing into the container, I could feel the massive load pushing out, so I had to tighten up my butt muscles tighter to keep the load back and from making its way into my shorts! Soon I was done peeing into the container, I put the lid back on the container and placed the piss filled container under the bed. I figured that would help, but I was wrong! It was ready to come out, I thought about taking a dump while I was lying in the bed and cleaning up the mess later, I thought about going downstairs and using the "old peoples" bathroom, or use my container's for relief, but then it would make the room stink. So I put all those thoughts aside and went back to bed and agonized some more for another 10 minutes! Finally moms was done using the bathroom, I quickly make my way to the toilet were I removed my shorts and plopped my butt on the toilet seat and let it go!. I sat there for 15 minutes until I felt better, wiped up, wash my hands and went back to sleep. I couldn't believe how long I held it in, but was worth the wait!

I got a quick question to ask, has anyone publicly relieved themselves in plain view of the public eye to see? Did anyone get arrested or issued a tick for such act?

I hope you all enjoyed my post. Talk to you all later, got to make me something to eat its lunch time, enjoy!

--Mr. Clogs

holding it
i peed in a pad befor, it holds a fair amount but get REALLY heavy and hard to walk in. my advise, dont do, only if u have to. then throw it away rite away.

Teresa, I dount that what is happening is because of anything you have done wrong in toilet training the girls. What you are describing is stress incontinence - common in women after they have born children. The first thing I would do is have them checked by their doctor to make sure that there is not a physical, or medical reason for this. There are a couple of things that you can try with them that may help. Before I talk about that, be assured that the girls most likely can't help what is happening as it can be torture to them in front of their peers. Love them, support them, help build their self esteem and get away from any blame either of them, or yourself.

First, pick a time and day of the week that they can do this at home as it is not something that is easy to do in public, and has the potential for an accident. Have them fill their bladder as full as they can get it, until they are about to have an accident. When they are at that point, have them pee into a container to keep track of the volume and write this down in a log. A plastic 2 or 4 cup measuring cup works well. If you can do this more than once a week that's even better. The other thing to try is what in essence is Kegel excercises. Each time that they have to pee, have them start the flow and then try to stop. Have them work their way up from once, to several times each time they pee. Keep it light, even make a game out of it, and encourage don't punish them. The start stop peeing, can be done anytime, or anywhere they go to pee. Don't push them hard about this or they may become obsessed with it. Relax, give them the tools to work with and let them run with it. In the meantime, perhaps they can use either sanitary napkins or the incontinence pads for women. This won't help for a complete voiding, but will help with the dribbles. Good luck!

Regarding the doorless stalls at the J.C. Penney and other places in America. I cannot imagine such a thing! It is a violation to basic human dignity and decency. I imagine that it appeals to exhibitionists and people with similar fetishes.

Yahoo!im back with my 2nd story!!!!!!!!!!

Last night after i was taking a bath i had an urge to go #2 but shruged it off and continued my bath instead.after my bath i wrapped my bath towel around me and went to my room with a big bag of chips and a coke and watched a hour later while i was half way in the movie i felt another surge of pee so i took of my bath towel laid it on the floor and had a hot steamy long one on it(may of been 22 secs. long not sure).i paused the movie and Then i threw the towel in the washing machine(it was soaked!DUH!)
Later on i felt the #2 comeback so i decided to run to the tiolet and let er consisted of long farts,big splashes,and a quick pee(prolly lasted 20mins. takes me awhile to get a big turd out =D)

My 2nd i hope ya liked it!g'bye!

HSH, your story about your girlfriend and her kids reminded me of my own childhood to a tee. There were 5 of us kids and sometimes when we were rowdy and mom happened to be sitting on the toilet, the offender or offenders had to cool out in the bathroom, usually kneeling over the side of the bathtub, and wait for her to finish so we could get our punishment (normally a spanking). Over time we just got used to the smell of mom's poop, and if the stink embarrassed her at all she never let on.

Miss Cally

Have been "lurking" for a while. Do sesame seeds give anyone else really sloppy poop? I discovered this in college. I had two of
those sesame crunch bars and about an hour later my guts starting gurgling and churning and I needed to fart real bad. It got worse and worse and while I was on my way to the toilets, I felt a huge fart building up and pooped messily in my pants. Couldn't stop myself. Took ages to get cleaned up and had dump my poopy pants in the bin and go home without! Haven't touched them since.


Miss Cally

I've been looking at the site for about 18 months now, so I thought it was about time I told some of my stories. I'm into peeing really, not pooping, especially women/girls peeing. I'm not into watersports as such, I prefer the natural thing. I suppose my interest started when I was a child, hanging out in the woods with the rest of the gang, and would be very interested if one of the girls mentioned they needed to pee.

Anyway, on with my story. I was in Spain a couple of years ago, on the beach when I noticed these two girls sunbathing in their bikini's, when one of them stood up and wrapped a towel around her bottom half. She then removed her bikini bottoms and squatted onto the sand. She lifted the towel up slightly from her bottom, so she wouldnt wet the towel, at the same time, making sure she didnt get spotted. Then she let the pee flow. It lasted about 20 seconds, then she took some TP and wiped up, and casually walked over to the bin to put the paper in. She then walked over to where she peed, covered it with sand, and put on her bikini bottoms again, then removed the towel. No-one else saw this exhibition, and she didnt know she was being watched, so I thought I'd share the story with everyone on this site.

peeing nature lad
i just found this site and boy do i have storeies.
by the way i am a boy and so is my cousin.
One time i was at my cousinis house and i felt the
urge to pee. Scince we were playing hide and seek
i hide in his closet. I quickly leaned against the
wall in the closet and let loose the stream in the
closet. no one ever found out because the room stunk
really bad from lef over food.
Another time i was at my cousins house and we were alone and playing video games. Then my cousin said he had to pee. So i dared him to go in his pants. He said okay. so his pants were becoming wet and he was all relived. Then he dared me to pe in a towel. i said okay. i quickly took the towel and wraped around my willie and the i started to pee and it was very relaxing. the towel became wet very fast.
i will post again soon you should try peeing in a towl it is very fun.

I was just wondering about how accident fans feel about their own *real* accidents. And I mean people who don't normally pee or poop themselves on purpose. If you like seeing accidents but don't do that, how did you feel when you had an accident yourself, and how did you feel thinking about it later after the initial embarrassment, teasing, etc. were over (like, years later.) Fond memory or traumatic one? (And was the accident in public or in private? Is anyone, accident fan or not, embarrassed by public accidents but not private ones?)

And, of course, if you'll tell the story, other accident fans wouldn't mind hearing it!

(I was thinking of this because I've been an accident fan since I was a young child but was always afraid of having accidents when I thought I might have one and did *not* enjoy the time I soiled myself at school... but I like thinking about that incident now.)

Semi-unrelated: I've also noticed, in the Coughed Up/Spit Out archives (why'd that board go down?) that most posts seemed to involve bragging about not having puked in years. There was nobody there, it seems, who enjoys puking or seeing others puke or eating things they know make them sick in order to enjoy a good hurl or how hot it was when an attractive member of the opposite sex threw up. I was also wondering why that is.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

once i was in a long grocery line when i was about 5.we were at the end of the line and i had to pee. not urgently though. pretty soon we were in the front and i was grabbing my bladder just trying to tell my mom that i neede to go. she started chatting with the grocery lady but a couple seconds later she looked at my face and got the hint.when we made it to the potty there was a line. i held my pee for the longest time ever. and i made it to the front of the line.then my mother ruined it . she picked me up but she was putting lots of pressure on my full bladder. well my bladder popped and i must have peed for at least 3 minutes straight!!!

When I went to the gym this morning I decided I needed a shit, so I webt into the changing room toilets and did three distict PLOPS. The other three people in the changing room must have heard me

Iwas out doing my regular morning jog(at 8 and get bach at 9) when i thought i might have to poop since i haven't gone in 11 days. I made it through my jog and went home. I didn't go till 9:30 though. When i went i peed and and started to push out a terd. I had a little trouble pushing very hard and had lots of gas but after that first terd it was smooth sailing. It took me 38 minutes and and i pushed out 17 terds and felt so releived. This has go to be some kind of record.

Someone: I've had the same thing happening to me for the past month or so. I usually have to poo once a day... but lately I've been going 4 or 5 times a day and having almost constant gas (not painful though). Mine isn't any harder to push out though... Have you made any changes in your diet that would have caused this? If you're really worried you could go see a doctor I suppose.. but I'd just enjoy it if I were you ;)

Zip: read your story about some guy watching while you were dumping. Had a similar experience at a beach bathroom last summer. I went in to take a crap and walking in behind me was this older guy like 35 or 40 with a backpack. I went to the last stall and pulled down by swimsuit to sit and down and he stood right in front of me and started to change into swim clothes. All the while he was looking at me and making conversation, like how often do you come to the beach, nice looking girls here, etc. At first I was a little embarrassed to be conversing with the guy while crapping especially since he could see me tense up and hear the plopping sound. I wonder if he was just being friendly or was there to watch me defecate.

Mary-Ellen: Yes,it can be embarrassing to do it in a doorless stall while people are around but when you have to go, you have no choice.

i dont like using my new school's restrooms. Unlike the others, this are smaller and i feel a little shy now, thing that had only happened once before. On Thursday at P.E. we were forced t run for 5 minutes up and down the stairs of the school. I had been holding my poop for an hour and this was not helping me in any way. When we finished i went to the bathroom but some others were in there, so i decided to hold it as long as i could. I held it until it was time to go. When i arrived at my friends house (i was invited to dinner) I went with my friend upstairs and went into the bathroom. I pulled down my pants and let it go. My poop started coming out quickly and it was soft pieces of poop that took me about 10 minutes to finish. They were like 8 pieces about 5 ichs long and i wiped 10 times to get completely clean.

To Trucker: I had the same thing happen to me, only I was in a tux. Imagine that!

To Zip: It's good to be laid back about shitting. I've gotten pretty chilled out about it also. What town is this park restroom located?

To Justin: Cool story. Be glad it was close friends you were with on that boat. Are you still pretty uptight about crapping in front of others? Hopefully this will show you that your life won't change if you crap in front of others. lol

Its certanly normal for girls that age to have pee spots on their panties/pants/underwear.
But if its show to much, consider let both girls wear diapers for a while. If that not helps them, try talk to them.

Mary-Ellen-I guess I'm just not uptight about someone seeing me go "cocky" or seeing my "coolie". I don't understand what you meant by the "brown stinky cocky in your coolie", but I suppose I'm not uptight about that either. I mean, everyone poops, right? Since most people get freaked out by crapping, then they probably are going to avoid looking my way anyway, and those who aren't weirded out by it can have a look. If by "coolie" you mean genitals, then I figure that these guys have probably already seen some in their lives and its not a big deal if they see another. If you meant anus, I don't turn and show it off to anyone. No one sees it. I don't have anything to be embarrassed about and neither should anyone else who sees me.

I used to be embarrassed if someone saw me dumping, but I realized it is not a big deal. I'd be more embarrassed to crap my pants because of some false modesty on my part.

accident prone
i'm seventeen, and my parents are out of town for the month and have left me alone (i'm an only child). lots of the boys at school like me, and i'm concidered "hot". anyways, last year there was this costume party, and my friend and I went to it. My costume was hard to get on and off, and during the party I really had to pee but couldn't. I made it until the end of the party, and then when my friend and I were walking home I started to get desperate. I made it to my friend's house, and when i was in her bathroom i tried to take off the stupid costume. i had to ask my friend to help me, but we couldn't do it in time, and I started peeing before it was off. I put my hands to my crotch to try and stop the flow, but it did no good. my friend never told anybody.

once my grade was going on a field trip, and we were in the bus. the ride was 5 hours long, with no bathroom stops. there was a bathroom on the bus, but we were warned to not use to poop because the toilet didn't flush anything that wasn't liquid. two hours in i got the urge to poop, and i really had to go. i made it another hour, and then was so desperate i went to the bathroom and sat there so i could do whatever i needed to do to keep the poop in. when we had only another hour to go i was dying. finally i stood up to pull down my pants and just poop in the toilet even though we weren't supposed to, but when i stood up i started pooping really loose, squishy logs into my pants. when i was all done i took off my underwear and threw them away, and nobody knew.

then we can get to probably the most embarrassing moment of my life. i was 15, and i was sick, but i went to school anyways. during second period i felt so sick to my stomach i thought i was going to vomit, so i went to the bathroom and it turned out i had diarrhea. when i thought i was done i went back to class. towards the end of it i felt so sick i was clutching my stomach, and suddenly i had an enourmous amount of diarrhea in my pants. to make things worse, i proced by projectile vomiting my breakfast all over the guy i had a crush on. i then went home sick.

or my other most embarrassing moment, which took place on the first day of school this year. when i get nervous i need to use the bathroom, and i was very nervous and i had drunk a LOT. during last period i had to pee SO badly, and then the teacher asked me to stand up and do a math problem at the blackboard and i stood up and walked to the blackboard, and while i was doing the problem I started dripping urine into my undies. when i was done i turned around, and i started peeing full stream infront of everybody. i stayed home sick the next day of school.

oh, and on friday morning i wet the bed. but i felt really sick when i woke up so i stayed home from school, and spent the rest of the day vomiting and having diarrhea.

I just started my new job as store manager of a large JC Penney. I was truly shocked when I went to the mens restroom on my first afternoon, and found the stall doors were all removed. I inquired to the assistant store manager why, and she said she had a problem with loitering, etc, so she decided to remove all the stall doors, but now it was MY decision to leave them off or re-install them. I asked several of the male staff teir opinion, and they all agreed, since the doors were removed, there is no grafitti,illicit behavior, etc. Men just go in, make their shit, wipe, and back out the door. Since I'm not bashful, I think I will leave things as they are. Only one person complained, the Optometrist in the vision department, claims his patients should not see him with his finger wiping his ass, and then putting drops in thier eyes... There is a sign that "Employees must wash hands before returning to work' so I don't see that being an issue. What wouldyou guys do? Gents, your opinios please...

Hey people, Im new here, keep us the great stories. As for me, I have a good one. A couple weeks ago, my house was packed full of family members. At around 8:30 at night, I had the urge to take a major dump. Well, to my dismay, both of the bathrooms were being used. I had no time to wait, I rushed out into my back yard. I went to the side of my house were no one could see me, and pulled down my pants, and started pushing. I really had to go, I pushed out at least three turds. It took me at least 10 minuets. After I was done, I wiped with some tissues I had in my pocket. The worst part is, I could not find the shovel. So, I went inside and got three trash bags and bagged the crap up. I threw it away later. Good times.

Calboy- Some of the men's reactions were amusing, actually. A couple guys looked away and wouldn't look at me at all, and a couple of them just stared at me the whole time. It was a bit of a turn on, actually.

Has anyone tried to pee into a women's menstrual pad before?
If so, did it work well?


The Nature Boy
Maltia - thanks, I was wondering. I guess I'm not like those men, I'd be shy about doing my business with a hot woman in there...probably even if I knew it was you (and knowing you as us forumers do)! But I'd probably relax eventually! ;-) Anyway I agree about the 'content' written on many stall walls....wassup wit dat?

Estrella - your post is why I'm glad that the men's room at work is just a one-occupant deal while the women's room has stalls. But then again most of my male supervisors are okay. I wonder sometimes about how the girls manage it, because the female supervisors can be uber-b!tchy at times. I agree with the music player idea. Or, how about get on your cell and have a conversation (or even PRETEND to). But the BEST idea may just be to tell her that you'd like some 'alone time' in there. She should understand, and if she don't, I'm sure that being hassled on the crapper should fall under any anti-harassment policy that should be in place in the modern workplace.

As a longtime fan of Fox cartoons (Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy, American Dad), I've seen quite a few male toilet references. But tonight the 'fourth wall' (IE - FEMALE toilet references) was finally broken in a big way by the newest one, American Dad. Well, I shouldn't be surprised, looking back:

Premire/teaser type bit: The Smith family shops for stuff for a hot dog dinner. Mom Fran goes over to daughter Hayley (who is over 18, which becomes important later for all sorts of stuff they do with her on the show!) with two cans of chili and asks her "I forget sweetie, which brand of chili gives you the toots?"

Another episode Hayley moves into her hippie b/f's van with him. In the morning we see her going outside with an empty coffee can and starting to undo her belt behind the van. Cut inside to Fran who's watching and she says to herself "Oh no, THAT'S not how you make coffee!" I wondered if it was #1 or 2 she did till later when the doting mom shows up at the door of the van and announces that she washed some clothes for Hayley "and I washed your tinkle-can!"

So on the season opener tonight, she breaks up with her b/f for a while, and he mourns his loss in the back of his van, crying over a picture. We get to SEE the picture and see that it's a pissed-off (no pun intended!) Hayley on the throne with her pants at her ankles covering herself with one hand and trying to shove...ah, Jeff I think his name is - out the door. Jeff's sobbing as he looks at the photo and saying "...and this was the first time we talked about 'boundries'"


hey I have constipation problems about evry month or so and need an enema to really unstop me. my mom who has never really been into enemas has given them to me when I ask but it seems really awkward asking for them. What is the best thing to do to to get her help without feeling too emberassed about asking?

Hi I've been a long time lurker here never had anything to post I'm male 19, have long hair half way down to my back, average height and weight. Live in Australia.

Last week I had my wisdom teeth out I wasn't able to eat for a few days surviving on liquids my teeth are fine now but the doctor did warn me that the medication I would take to help my teeth would make me constipated so I thought that's alright and seeing as I wasn't eating much anyways I expected not to be going anytime soon. I only went twice during the week but I thought since I was eating well again I would be fine.

Well tonight I have been getting these terrible cramps in my stomach I tried going but once again was only able to push out a small portion, and it's all in little bits not together and there was a bit of blood as well.( if that makes sense.) I knew it was there I could feel it but it wont come out these cramps wouldn't go away so I had to resort to sticking my finger up my bum and kind of scrape it out which wasn't very pleasant at all. Can someone help me? I don't know what to do I don't wish to use a laxative, perhaps and enema bag would be better but I'd be too embarrass to get one or talk to my parents about it.
Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanking you all in advance Constipated Australian.

Woohoo, today I pooped three turds. together they were 16inches long and all were about 2-3 inches wide. It felt so good. they were light & darkbrown all mixed up.

Mr. Clogs
Hi everybody it's me again. I was out and about at the mall today, I just had some lunch at Taco Bell which they completely messed up my order. I was disappointed but what i said what the heck I'm starving anyways. So I had to eat my food and drink my soda I had with it. I was done and did a little window shopping to work off some of the lunch I had (I'm trying to lose some more weight)! Anyways, I felt the urge to pee so I had to cut my window shopping to look for a bathroom to find some relief. I took a shortcut throught Macy's and made some zig-zag turns to get to the public mall bathrooms. So I got there headed to the men's room to answer the call of nature. I found a urial for me to handle my business, so I took the middle stall which is unusual for me, but I had to go. So, I unbuckled my belt then unzip my jeans and pull the fly of my underwear slightly so I could pee a clear stream into the urinal. Once I did those things, peed a nice healthy stream into the urinal without getting a little dribble on myself (I hate when I do, so embarrassing). I was done about a minute later zipped up, buckle my belt, wash my hands and walked out the men's room and continued window shopping.

Carmalita: Hey, that's one of my biggest pet-peave about using public bathrooms is the offensive grafitti on the stalls in the men's room. I don't know if you ever encounter this problem in the ladies room. For me, I don't want to see that while I'm taking a dump or making some "pee-pee" over the toilet, and I agree with you, I'm not all flattered by it. As always, great posts, I look forward to reading them, keep em' coming, and say hello to your friends, you got get them over and have those adventurous experiences going to the bathroom together as a group, thanks.

cheryl: Hi cheryl, good post. I'm amazed by this one because you didn't produce any foam, usually there's some foaming involved, that's what makes your posts interesting to read. Oh by the way, I like the "tinkle, tinkle, tinkle" intro with this post, pretty cool way to introduce your post. As always, a pleasure to read, thanks.

I got to go take care for now. Peace and be safe. Also I would like to send my thoughts and condolences to all of those affected in some way by 9/11 and to the hurricane Katrina.

--Mr. Clogs

Mr. Clogs

k. koala
Answer to Jenny:

I wear diapers regularly and i find they work quite well for me. I am female. I would think that a penis would get in the way and make the diaper leak, whereas a woman's pee always goes right into the most absorbent part of the diaper. That's just my idea.

Teresa: First and foremost, kids don't have accidents because they enjoy it or the aftermath. It's not about her will or her intelligence. She has a physical problem that she cannot be threatened out of. You haven't damaged her... but if she is made to suffer for something she can't control *by the person who should be the most understanding* then I promise that you *will* damage her. No threatening. No punishing. (Not saying you have punished her. If you haven't, good. Don't. If you have, stop, and tell her you're sorry next chance you get.) And no reasoning: she needs you to know that she can't help it. If you try *nicely* to get her to stop you still express the belief that it's her fault. You can't control her body any more than she can, but you can make it so that she doesn't have to fear what happens if *you* see her have an accident. Be an understanding mother who doesn't make her feel embarrassed and is a source of compassion and encouragement. (And not of fear. Don't talk like that post where she can hear it.)

If you haven't taken her to the doctor, do it now. If one doesn't take you seriously, try another. In the meantime... black pants cover wetness best, I find, and there may be other colors and/or materials. If she's wearing clothes that hide accidents well and she has one, she must remember to continue to act as if nothing's different. No need to call attention to it when she could get away with it. If it can't be hidden with normal measures, she may have to wear protective underwear (find something as un-diaper-looking as possible.)

Katie: Ugh! That sounds pretty awful, especially having to sit back down in it.

What's the story of the accident at your sister's house? (Surely you didn't mention it *twice* with no plans of talking about it. C'mon, don't leave us hanging. *nudge, poke*) And are you particularly "accident-prone" or is it coincidence that it happened twice with apparently little time between the two incidents?

Wow. I've posted twice within days instead of the usual months.

While I'm here... was there *ever* any word on what happened to Andrew and Kendal?

Hottie and Sadie, I loved your pee stories, please write some pee stories if possible.

Monday, September 12, 2005

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