Gruntley Bogwell: Oops, sorry to get part of your story wrong. I'm sure you did hear the girl correctly. "Pipiando" means peeping, it's just that I never heard anyone say it out loud before. Maybe I need to go to Spain. I'll take the same stall and you can watch all you want.

Hola El Nature Boy: So far there are no doors to the men's room, though I've only been in there once or twice and that was just to replace toilet paper etc. Trust me, men are not shy, and are very willing to let me come in and do that while they go about their business. However, I never do. I can't do that at work, it's not professional no matter how tempting. In fact, they even seem to like it! Besides, men's rooms are just the worst!! Sorry guys. They draw these fitlthy pictures on the stalls, things like women with their legs spread wide, and cocks and balls etc. I've always wondered what makes a guy want to do that while he's pooping. Someone even wrote "?????????" next to a drawing like that. I won't even begin to translate that, except to say that it's really disgusting! I've even seen my name scratched on the wall and trust me, it's not flattering at all.

Nu took a really nasty, smelly shit tonight. Yuuuuuucccckkkkk! Stinks so good!


To Estrella,

I can only imagine how tough it was for you. I bet it wasnt cool that you had to be scolded while she was pooping also. Its kinda like Stench punnishment too. I used to know this woman who had 2 young children and when they would be going to school (as they are now) she would have her morning poop before driving them... She had a laid back job so she said she wore jeans to work everyday. well anyway when her sons would act up while she was doing her hair in the bathroom she would make them sit in time out on the edge of the bathtub... She would not speak to them about their behavior untill she would undo her jeans and sit down to poop. she said she would speak firmly and all through her scolding she would fart and poop. I never witnessed her pooping but when we dated she farted once and it smelled like rotten eggs and garbage... Sometimes she would call me in the morning as I was getting off work and she was getting ready, so I listened to the scoldings and the pooping with the farts... sometimes I would hear one of her sons beg to leave the bathroom because she stunk it up...

When I am at work I dont mind someone of the same pay grade as me pooping in a stall next to me but I too try to avoid using the bathroom when one of my supervisors is in there, reguardless if I have to pee or poop.

A while back I was reading some old posts from people who were concerned about men missing the urinal and dribbling on the floor. Well, as a recovering paruresis sufferer, I am now enjoying the use of urinals, but was surprised and quite embarrassed to discover that I was a "dribbler". I thought I was being careful about my aim, and was puzzled as to where the water was coming from. After some investigation I discovered the problem was that I was standing too far from the urinal. When the stream was strong, as in mid-pee, it would go into the urinal as expected. However, at the start and the end, it would briefly go either straight down, or slightly backwards, just like a small stream of water from a garden hose will sometimes do. Because of stature, I could not see this happening. Once I discovered this, I began to stand as close to the urinal as possible, and VOILA!! No more dribbles :-).

Man i can't believe my eyes. There are some people that pooped there pants and have the nerve to flush their underwear down the toilet. Man, do you know what wadded up underwear does to a septic system?

It causes back ups and allows the sewage to be backed up into several areas of a building

Hi! I've posted a few times, and have been lurking ever since. Just a recap: I'm Kennedy, female, eighteen, brunette, a little stocky with a large ass.

I recently moved in with my boyfriend of three years. We're very much in love, but he's very closed about his bathroom habits. I usually leave the bathroom door open, as it's just the two of us. And while he's not afraid to come in there when I'm on the toilet, it's a different story for him.

Whenever John has to use the bathroom, he makes sure to close the door. I've seen him peeing a couple of times, but on the occasions when I've gone in and he was crapping he'd blush madly, freak out, and cover his privates which is something I don't quite understand, as we've been lovers.

What can I do to allow him to open up to me.

this is the coolest thing i have ever seen. i poop all the time.once my sister pissed me off and i pooped in her shoe.ill poop anywhere,anytime.i love pooping.

tinkle, tinkle, little star.
hey there, yeah been a while! anyway today I was at my new hairstylist's place and before I left I thought, "better just wait till I get there or I'll be late; don't have to go that bad yet and I am sure they will have a bathroom there I could use if needed." anyway, so I make the 20 minute drive there and well, getting there just before the 3 o-clock appt time by about 10 mins; she was ready to take me. anyway figuring that in order to be comfortable I'd better go now and so I asked her, may I use your restroom first, please?" "sure, but I think somebody is in there, but give her a second" she said. anyway, I said ",no problem, I'll give her a minute at least" [ as we all know that I can't finish in a second or even a minute! LOL anyway, soon as she walked out I went in and closed the door, of course locking it. seat down! no problem and so, I undid my belt first, then my lee rider shorts and pulled them down, my undies too, letting them all fall to my ankles almost and of course, exposing my trimmed brown haired twat so I could "go to the ladies room" in polite speak. looking at the toilet which was round and had an almost clear color seat and the bowl completely filled with water of course from the back to under the front rim; I glanced drown at the clear water and thought " time to tinkle, cheryl!" and so, I sat down and sure enough, in like 5 secs or so, began to urinate into the toilet and could hear the moderately soft sound of my urine as it tinkled into the water filled toilet bowl for the next 45 secs at least non stop. for a few secs, I could smell the coffee I drank earlier now exiting as urine![along with the 20 oz cup raspberry crystal light I drank too, more then likely!] seeing that the toilet paper roll was almost out, i took a very small piece and was holding it in my hand all the while. while going I was thinking " wonder if anyone can hear me as all there is between me sitting there half naked and everybody outside is that door!" anyway, after 45 secs it began to slow down but still continued to come out as I could still hear myself tinkle into the toilet's water, just a lot softer and more gentle now. I kept going for another 30 secs at least before stopping. then I paused for a few secs, let a little more tinkle out in two little streams and then I was finished. I wiped my twat, and dropping that paper into the toilet first, I got up. as I was pulling up my undies and shorts I looked back the bowl's water, which was now all golden yellow from all my urine that had just tinkled out of my twat but had no foam at all in it. then before buckling my belt I flushed it and shut the lid[ out of habit], then turning around saw the sign on the wall above the tank which read " please hold handle down, thanks." I lifted the lid to check and could see just a little bit of clear water as it was refilling and thought " all that nasty 'cheryl pee' is gone! no problem!" and so, I washed my hands and walked out after my usual two minutes in the bathroom and was all ready to get my hair styled. well that took a little more than a half hour and before I left, after first making another appt for five weeks from today, before leaving I had to go to the bathroom again and yeah, "tinkle" ["yeah cher! when you gotta go, you gotta go, don't ya honey?"]

-cheryl lynne-


Estrella- I do have a suggestion for you. When you go to the bathroom, take your ipod or cd player with you. When your supervisor realizes you're listening to music, she'll stop talking. And if she does'nt, you won't be able to hear her anyway.

She gives Performance Reviews in the john? That's not cool. After all, there's a time and a place for everything.

Hope this helps.

Hello everybody
Long time no see!
I must say it again!
NOBODY should be punished for having accidents!!
Right? You parents out there, like it never happened to you!

Iwas out doing my regular morning jog(at 8 and get bach at 9) when i thought i might have to poop since i haven't gone in 11 days. I made it through my jog and went home. I didn't go till 9:30 though. When i went i peed and and started to push out a terd. I had a little trouble pushing very hard and had lots of gas but after that first terd it was smooth sailing. It took me 38 minutes and and i pushed out 17 terds and felt so releived. This has go to be some kind of record.

A guy with two strange sisters
my two lil sisters (12 and 9) have formed a way of pooping at the same time on the same toilet that yall may wanna hear...

if one of them is on the toilet and the other one says she has to use it,the sis on the toilet scoots back and spreads her legs far apart,and the other one sits down.there both quite skinny but still havea tough time doing it at the same time. its usualy my 11 year old sis whos on it when my 7 year old sis barges in.
its quite funny,but damn annoying when im using it(since we have no lock on the bath door)and then one of them wants to poop with me!!

That was a good story! My question is what happened afterwards? How did these guys react? I have seen situations like long lines in the Ladies'. I remember there's one at Seven Eleven. A big tall guy chose to guard the gents for some desperate ladies when it was empty. I was kind of wondering if any of them used the urinal. If I saw it I would have freaked out!

Well, I'm a first-time poster, but I've been lurking here for about 8 months.

I have been having some unusual BMs lately. I used to go 2 or 3 times a week, and it would be one long, soft-but-formed turd, easy to push out, little or no gas.

Well, now, I have to go twice a day, 7 or 8 shorter-but-thicker, same texture turds, hard to push out, and quite a bit of gas.

Does anyone know if there's a serious problem? Should I see my doctor? Thanks.

This is not about me but it's about a freind and I think you will enjoy.
So me and my friend Molly were in the basement playing games on the computer and Molly said she had to pee. But she wanted to hold it in as long as she could. I started making pee sounds and shaking my soda. Molly said she could'nt get to the bathroom in time. Suddenly I noticed a streem of pee coming out and soaking the chair

Mary - Ellen
To: can you and other men make cocky without a stall door? when you stand up, other men can see your coolie, and the cocky you made in the toilet bowl? and brown stinky cocky in your coolie... I would rather make cocky in my pants than have somebody else see me, and I am 25 y/o lady.

im a 36 year old trucker. for the past couple days I've had a bad case of the squirts and because of my job that's damn inconvenient. Ive had to stop several times a day. yesterday I didnt make it. Id dropped a semi solid load earlier. later in the day my guts started to cramp and rumble, and I felt like i had to fart. so I lifted my leg a bit and let it rip. It was too late but when I was done I felt a bit of warm runny shit in the seat of my skivvys. so I clamped my butt cheeks and stepped on the gas. after about 15 minutes of nasea cramps and rumbling guts I got to a rest stop and ran in. problem was I had to do something about the mess in my pants. this rest area was seriously screwed up - no stalls just some toilets. and two of them had dudes on them. but I figured it was better just to take care of my problem anyway there than make a bad mess plus I couldnt really hold it anymore. so I dropped my shorts and sat down. my ass exploded - loud wet farts and squirty liquid shit. I took a look down at my briefs. they had a big nasty wet light brown stain in the seat so I cut them off with my pocket knife. the dude next to me had the shits too so I wasnt too embarassed. he saw my underwear and said something like damn you've got it bad. finally I decided it was safe to start wiping up so I did. but when I stood up my guts gave a real loud growl and I felt everything rush to my arse so I got back on the can and let loose a few more rounds of liquid shit and wet farts. then I wiped my ass - used about all the tp my arse is real hairy and pretty much covered in bits of diarrea. I wadded up my briefs and pitched them in the trash. the bathroom smelled like rotten shit and there was even some on the back of the toilet and all in the bowl. so from now on Im staying stocked up on pepto.

I had a conversation with a total stranger today while I was taking a dump in a doorless stall. I went into the same park restroom with 2 doorless stalls and went into the stall closest the wall because someone was pissing in the first one. I wiped the seat, put down paper, pulled my briefs and shorts down to my knees and sat down. A guy, probably in his early 30's, came in and saw me and said, Hey, I just talked to you a little bit ago, right? I said, no, and he said he thought he tried to sell me a CD player earlier. I said, nope, wasn't me. I think he may have been a transient, because he started putting his stuff in the shelf above the sink and started to shave. He put shaving cream on his face and started talking to me. He started talking about some paper he got and then about some fireman guy he knew, and a bunch of other innocuous things. I would respond back to him or laugh at a joke he would make. The entire time we were talking, he was leaning against the sink or standing by the sink, looking right at me like he was talking to a buddy. It was a little strange, but I just acted as though I did this all the time. He seemed pretty harmless. I would say something to him and then I'd push out a turd. He must have known when I was pushing one out by the way I'd bite my lower lip and tense my stomach. This went on for a few minutes. Then I started to wipe. It didn't faze him at all. I'd lean forward, with my right hand wiping myself, while he was talking to me, or while I was talking to him. He'd watch as I'd look at the paper, fold it over, and wipe again. I was responding to him as I was wiping myself from the front, looking down only to check the paper and fold it over. Then I stood up and wiped a few times. He had finished shaving by then and was wiping his face with a towel. He said something else funny and I laughed getting paper from the roll. It was a bit surreal, standing there naked from the waist down, joking with a stranger. I finished up, and pulled up my red briefs. Then I pulled up my shorts, flushed, and washed my hands at the sink. Then I said, see ya later and left.

It was a pretty cool experience, one that I wouldn't mind having more often. It would be nice if people weren't so uptight about bodily functions.

Okay girls, here is my problem I have a 10 yr.old girl who has a problem holding potty to the bathroom when she has been tickled, told a joke to, or teased. She can NOT seem to hold it, she doesn't potty all over she gets to the bathroom with tinkle spots on her panties and pants. How am I supposed to handle this, I have not had this problem. Sometimes my even younger daughter who is 7 does this too. However, she seems to have a better handle on it than the older one. I am afraid I poty trained them wrong or I have done something to inhibit her in some way. Dear GOD have I destroyed her for life? Please somebody write me and tell me if this is normal. WHAT I should do, I am clueless I have threatened her, reasoned with her, everything I could think of and nothing is helping. My fear is that she is gonna go somewhere with friends they are gonna do something to get her tickled she will of course laugh, then won't make it to the bathroom with out some potty on her pants. Then some one will notice and it will be all over for her from there. She is really an intelligent girl, loves to read and knows more than I knew at her age about history and different places. That is part of the reason why I get so frustrated with her, because I feel that she should know when to go so that she wouldn't do it. Please help if you can, give me some insight or something to go on. Thanks!!!!

Hi Estrella,
you ask for suggestions about feeling vulnerable on the toilet talking to your supervisor. I used to be like that until I used a two hole toilet on the beach a few times, sitting next to people and talking to them. Try it. It's fun!

My best friend's Mike's family was a big boating family. He was always asking me to go fishing with them. I wasn't much of a boater, but decided to spend the day on the boat with him and his dad. It wasn't a big boat, but big enough for the three of us to fish, swim, and even try a little water skiing. After fishing all morning, we headed to an island, where people went to party. His father brought a barbecue. We ate well with fish, burgers, and salads. There were no bathrooms on the island, but more than enough trees for us boys to find a place to pee. As we were leaving to head home, my stomach began to hurt. The need to shit was coming on strong after eating so much. There was definitely no private place to go on the island. I needed to just wait until I got home. I underestimated how long it was going to take to get home, in comparison to how long I was going to be able to hold back the load building up. I got real quiet as we bounced along the waves, heading back across the large lake. I began to fear that I was in serious trouble. While his father was driving the boat, Mike noticed I wasn't saying much. "Hey, are you okay?" Mike asked. "I don't feel good", I moaned. "Are you sea sick?" Mike asked. "I have a stomach ache", I replied. "Sit by the side in case you have to throw up", Mike said. I whispered, "Mike, I have to take a shit". "Can you wait until we get back?" he asked. I mumbled a quiet no, with tears beginning to form in my eyes. There was no question I was in serious danger of crapping in my pants. Mike yelled to his dad, "Dad, Justin has to take a dump real bad." His dad turned to me and said, "Can you wait until we get to the dock?" I just shook my head no. He stopped the boat in the middle of the lake and said, "Well there's no one around us. When you have to go on a boat, you just go out the side of the boat." That was way too embarrassing for me to do that. I started to cry a little more. His dad said, "Mike, help him. You've done it before". Mike said, "Let me help you. Really, it's not that bad." I no longer had a choice. It was either go out the side of the boat, or shit my pants. The former sounded like a better idea. Mike pointed to where I should stand, then told me to drop my pants to my ankles. I couldn't have been more embarrassed, but time was no longer on my side. I dropped my pants and my boxers to my ankles. No one had seen me naked in many years. Even in junior high, we weren't forced to take showers in gym yet. Now my best friend Mike was not only getting a great view of my package, but he was about to see me shit. How did I ever get in this situation? He told me to sit on the side of the boat. He then took hold of my hands and held me, telling me to get my butt out as far as I could, so I didn't go on the side of the boat. It just continued to get more embarrassing for me. I leaned back over the side of the boat, holding his hands. Mike told me to just let it go. He didn't have to tell me twice. Soft poop shot out of my butt. The more it came out, the thicker it got. Every splash in the water was so embarrassing, and the smell was bad. This wasn't going to be a quick one. It just kept coming. I was groaning in relief. Mike smiled and said, "Man, you really did have to go!" I gave a weak smile with tears still in my eyes. The poop just kept coming. I finally felt the end was near. Mike asked me if I was done. I pushed one last little bit out, then shook my head yes. When Mike pulled me back in to the boat, his dad handed me some napkins and told me to wipe with them. It took more than one napkin, which was also embarrassing. Mike handed me the garbage bag to toss the used napkins in. I pulled up my boxers and shorts, relieved it was all over. I apologized to Mike and his Dad for making such a mess. Mike's Dad said, "It's no big deal. It happens to all of us." Later Mike and I talked about it. He said fish always make him shit too. He smiled and said he kind of got off watching me shit. It isn't something you get to see someone else do very often. We remained close friends for many years after that, and actually had a few other times that one of us got caught short.

Hi everyone I haven't posted here in a loooooonnnnggg time but I still read when I'm not too busy which unfortunately is not very much. Megan if your still around I did see your story about when you peed a long time in front of that boy at the campsite and if that had been me I would have been mortified! I'm always really careful not to pee around my guy friends, especially this one I have a crush on, because I don't really wish him to know I'm some kind of peeing freak or something. I think they do know I'm different though because I never pee when all my girlfriends have gone three or four times in an evening. Its not even fair to call them my friends sometimes because their not exactly suttle about my long pees even though they know it embarrasses me to talk about something like that around my guy friends! But one time James was like gosh Lex don't you ever pee? And Trish was like "oh yeah, she pees. And pees. And pees and pees and pees!" Trish and Jenny were almost on the ground laughing, James and Josh (the JJ twins, they aren't really but they look way alike) were eyeing them weird and then me for some kind of explanation, which I just shrugged off but I don't think any amount of makeup any the world could have covered my blush. This other time we were in the car when Jenny said she was about to wet herself. Trish again wasted no time getting a shot in "at least you and not Lexi, or else we'd have to post flood warnings and evacuate the vehicle!" Same scene as before, but the JJs bless their hearts are too nice to try and get details and I don't offer any. Great girl friends I have right?

But anyway I wanted to take some time out of my busy senior schedule to comment on Kris' story and share a new one of my own. Kris seriously I think you are my hero because I still have a hard time peeing in a really crowded bathroom knowing that I'm going to be there a while. I mean its not my fault I was born with a bigger bladder than most or that bathrooms really aren't designed to handle women like us, let alone two at the same time! Which brings be back to the story. As I said I am a senior this year and one of the first assignments we got in English was the major terrible time-destroying borrrrring term research paper. This thing is going to be a monster. Well my mom has really been on me about my grades this semester. They weren't just great last year and this is my last chance to prove myself before college admissions come cracking down. So anyway very uncharacteristic of me I decided to get a jump on my paper this past week, staying a couple of hours after school in the library and forcing myself to stay awake and avoid day-dreaming. Well about the third straight day of this I was failing miserably and had to take a study break. I needed to pee, just like you Kris not too urgently but enough to notice. I could have put it off but I figured this was as good a time as any to stretch my legs and refill my giant bottle of aquafina. I made my way to the tiny library bathroom and stopped at the sink to splash a little water on my face, maybe wake me up a bit. Suddenly the door opened not a minute after I had come in, frankly it scared the hell out of me because there was hardly anyone in the library it seemed. So this gangly, awkward looking freshman girl (could have been older but I didn't recognize her so I'm assuming) came in and headed for the row of three stalls before she saw me and just stopped with this dear caught in headlights look in her eyes. I had been scared by her sudden ninja like entrance but now she was the one practically terrified, like I was this big bad upper classman who spent time in the girls restroom feeding on frosh. "Hi" I said as sweetly as I could muster, but her expression did not change and she did not move a bit. It was so cute in the most pathetic way. "It's ok" I finally said. "I'm not gonna bite you. I just came in here to stretch my legs and empty my bladder. I assume that's why your here?" Slowly she nodded her head, still just as white as a ghost. Poor girl, I knew she was new now because of how terrified she was, but I imagine her self-confidence wasn't quite up to par, I mean whose is when their a teenager I guess. By al means then, don't let me stop you I said as I made my way into the stall closest the sinks. I think my action finally snapped her out of her funk and she took the stall closest the wall, at least she was versed enough to know stall etiquette and leave the middle one open if at all possible.

Now I'll admit that I'm not the innocent senior that I make myself out to be, for I did relish the idea of showing off my bladder a little bit, perhaps leave her with a sense of awe for her elder classmates. I soon learned I shouldn't have felt so superior. Unmentionables down, soon I was seated on a freshly cleaned toilet and let go a moderate stream straight into the water. For a few seconds I was the sole pee-er of the room but my timid friend it seemed had finally overcome her anxiety enough to quickly lower her jeans and begin peeing her own stream into the water, building up to a rate similar to myself and then a bit stronger still. Sometimes I wish I was one of those girls who is able to pee at a rate which sounds like a super soaker water gun being sprayed into toilet under full pressure, but that has never been the case for me. This wasn't exactly the case for miss scared either, for I have certainly heard stronger pee streams, but all the same I was rather surprised when I realized I had been peeing for over a minute and she was still going on strong as well. Good for her, despite her plain looks and social disgrace at least she had a decent bladder on her. I leaned back on the toilet, bladder still feeling quite full, and vaguely tried to think of what kind of angle to pursue for my paper. I had collected so much information it seemed and just needed that common link to pull it all together. I didn't exactly become lost in thought, but a good two minutes had passed when I glanced at my watch again. Yes, I was still peeing, this was/should not be a shock by this point, but as you probably know by the way this story is going so was the scooby-doo like girl, and she showed no signs of slowing down. Wow, I was throughly impressed. In fact not since my six flags recounting have a met another girl who was able to keep up with me in the bladder department, and that one completely outshined me. This was to be no different. Now as I said, I wasn't completely bursting, but I had plenty of pee in me when I started and I found myself running dry with miss ghostly white fraidy cat super bladder peeing away like there was no tomorrow. Damned if I didn't finish, clean up and make my way to the door with a constant, incessant urine splatter greeting my ears the entire time. It was my turn to stare at her stall door with that same look she had given me earlier. As much as I wanted to stay and chat with her, I didn't have the heart nor care to admit being so completely out-peed by a mousy freshman. I mean as much as I talk about how I can get embarrassed by my bladder output, it is still that one thing that sort of makes me unique, and out of nowhere this short, frail girl who couldn't have weighed more than 90lbs was able to pee more than a group of drunken sailors could ever dream. Outside of the bathroom, I couldn't help but eye the door to see when she would finally make her way out, which she finally did, but not after I wondered for a while if she would ever run dry. Kris, what you said about not being able to tell who might have a huge bladder is absolutely true. I would have thought this girl would have been incapable of filling a dixie cup let alone make me look like a little squirt.

Since that first week I have seen brown-haird peeing wonder a few times in the hall, looking as shy as ever. I want to somehow take her under my wing, become like a big sister or something. I know I could share some peeing stories with her, and I bet hers would be even more crazy than mine if she would open up about them.

Mr. Clogs
I would like to respond to the question posed here, so here goes.
Has anyone ever use a cup or some wide mouth container as a toilet, i.e. going to the bathroom in it?

As a matter of fact I do, on occasion, I used to be a usual cup pisser. To really be daring, I might take a crap in a cup or those large mouth containers. I haven't dumped in a cup in while, last month or 2. That reminds me, I haven't used the bucket in a while, so maybe I might take my morning dump in it sometime. I'm I the only one that does this, does anybody think that this is thing is crazy?, or just the engenious ideas that I come up with? I wondering if anyone out there that do these things?

Katie: You poor thing, I feel sorry what happened to you, don't you just hate it when the call nature comes unexpectely. I have come close to that, but I take public transpotation, and probably more embarrassing if that happend to me. You take care.

JJ: Hey great post about the nurse, I just curious is to how you found out. Anyway's great post keep them coming, thanks.

Kris: I could agree with you on that, it must be the female anatomy that is able to produce such incredible leeps and bounds. Men like myself, have a hard time holding in. Going on road trips were often unpleasent for me epecially when I was little. I do at times can't hold on long, but I'm amazed how long I could hold on to my bladder. Thanks for posting. My ego isn't shattered by such therory, but I look at this phenomenon with such amazement.

HAIRY ANNIE: Hi, nice post, as far as the question about just letting loose in your pants/underwear. No, Annie that hasn't happen to me, sorry. Anyways I like your posts.

Well I just had a bottle full of citrate of magnesia and a glass of water. I got to unclog myself from all the food I had over the Labor Day holiday. So by tomorrow morning, I should have a nice liquidy dump tomorrow, maybe I'll use the bucket or a can, I don't have to splatter my mess in the toilet. Anything comes up, I'll post. Take care.--Mr.Clogs

I went to work this morning and decided to leave at 1pm so I could get some lunch & do some shopping. I bought a v?????e wrap and took it into the park to eat, but halfway through, I got stomach cramps and knew I needed to crap. The nearest toilets are in the park, but they're gross so I didn't want to use them. The second nearest are in the library, so I decided to go there instead. You usually have to ask for a key and I hate doing that, but they were out of order anyway, so I didn't have to. The third nearest toilets are in the town hall, but I didn't want to leave the library without getting some books out, so I decided to try and wait a bit.

I've read a lot of the stories on here and whilst I was looking for my books it got me thinking what would I do if I suddenly got a really bad cramp and accidently started crapping my pants? Would anyone hear it or smell it? Would I be able to stop mid crap or would I end up totally emptying myself on the spot? I began to get a little bit worried, but not worried enough to find a toilet and I carried on looking for books. I had to bend down quite a few times to look at the books on the lower shelves and I could feel my crap getting closer to my bum hole, which freaked me out a few times. I was wearing a belt too which didn't help!

In the end, I decided enough was enough. I didn't dare wait any longer and risk crapping myself, so I chose 2 books and left. I then nipped across the town square to the public toilets and used them instead of my pants. Funny thing was though, I thought I was quite desperate to go, but it turns out I was slightly constipated!

Anyway, sorry this wasn't a crapping my pants story, but the next time I write in here, I might have managed it! I'm dead tempted to find out what it's like, but I've got to wait until my parents have gone out first, 'cause there's no way I want them to find out about it!

Pee lover
hi i have a post to share wit u all
well today i had to pee really badly and i wanted to use somethin other than the toilet so i went in my room and found a paper cup
i took it in the shower and took off me pants and started to pee in the cup
by the time i had finished it was at the rim
wen i took the cup it was hot i poured out the pee in the toilet and threw out the cup
i cant wait to do tht again
plz have more pee stories

Mr. Clogs
I posted like yesterday about drinking the citric magnezia to help unclog myself from all the holiday food I've consumed. Well i like to share my dumping exterience with you all, hope you like it, so here goes. I did 2 rounds over the toilet. I drank the stuff like around 12:30 AM and got ready for bed. Like a 1/2 hour later I was ready to go, so I dashed out the bed and headed to the bathroom. I quickly removed my sleeping shorts, spread my butt cheeks wide appart (less wiping!) and released some semi-liquid poop. It was proceeded by several waves of liquid poop for about 20 minutes. So I wiped up and washed my hands and went back to sleep. That morning after 6 AM, I felt round 2 coming on, so again I headed for the bathroom before mom got up to get ready for work. So I did the same for about 15 minutes, wiped up, washed my hands and went back to sleep. Now I was saving this round, that would be round 3 for the bucket. So I grabbed my bucket from the milk crates, removed the lid and got into position (Mr. Clogs style) and let it rip! This one was quick though, it took like 2 minutes folks! So I put the lid back on the container to keep the smell from permeating through my room. Since I getting ready to take a shower, I wrapped my towel, grabbed a washcloth wadded to the bathroom to wipe up, clean the bucket out for next use, and took my shower.

I hope you'll enjoyed my post, I post again later if something comes up. Take care and have a nice weekend.--Mr. Clogs

Hey I haven't written in a few weeks so here goes. Tonight Igave myself an enema because laxatives don't seem to work for me. So anyway I wake up and well the urge to go is kind of bad so I just went there!
Anyway I have a question: Do you guys think enemas are better than laxativves or the other way around?
Anyway gotta go bye.

Farah i would love to hear more stories about you and your friend

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Annie, there was someone here a month or more ago who had an accident after spending hours at a slot machine (describing mostly the lights and motion as the motivation for staying long enough to have an accident. As an autistic person, that was especially interesting to me. Wish I'd had the words to ask about it then.)

Hi, everyone. I am a new poster here, but have read a lot of your stories since I started reading them a week ago. I like going to the bathroom anywhere but...the bathroom! Like I have this little secret door in my closet that leads to a tiny little room about 4 feet by 4 feet, and I like to poop there on the floor, which I cover with newspapers, like when somebody is house training puppies. I've never been shy about my bathroom habits, and have even told a few friends about my poop-room. Only one of my friends has ever tried pooping in there, and she liked it. I just get in my closet, close the closet door, take off my pants, go into the poop-room, and just go! I do this around the house when I'm not expecting company, because I have a couple stacks of newspapers scattered around the house, and if I'm not feeling good, or am in a lazy mood, I'll just open up a newspaper and go on the floor, or wherever I am. I'll occasionally go on the couch, as long as I cover it with newspapers first, this is usually when I'm just lazy or have a stomach bug.

I first started my poop-room thing when I moved into this house. I opened up my closet and realized there was a door just to the left inside of it. I opened it up and realized there wasn't really anything in the room, just a few kid's toys that had been left behind from the previous owners. Then one day the toilet broke and I had to go to the bathroom, I was sick and had to call the plumber, so while I was waiting for him to get it fixed, I got desperate and thought about the room. I grabbed a newspaper because I didn't want to go through the hastle of mopping up a mess while I was sick. Then I went into the room, pulled down my pants(this was before I started leaving them in the closet), and pooped on the newspaper. When I came out, I found myself face to face with the plumber, he asked me if I was alright, I told him I was, he asked me what I was doing in there, and I replied, "Just taking care of some business." I find it funny that he didn't get the joke.

Hairy Annie- I often pee and/or crap myself subconciously. One time I was out in my backyard playing my guitar, and I got the urge to take a crap. I was sitting on the grass at the time so I didn't really worry about going inside to the bathroom. I figured if I just let go it wouldn't be the end of the world. I stayed there until I realized that I had just pissed myself. I was wearing under armour lycra shorts (that you wear underneath sports equipment) and I pushed and filled them with crap. It felt so good and I stayed like that outside for a while before cleaning up.

Calboy- I love to pee in urinals. I learned to pee standing from a site a few years back and after much practice in the shower and backyard I've become very good at it. Last time I pissed in a urinal was when I went clubbing with some friends. I was really desperate to go, and as usual the line for the women's washrooms was backed up for miles, and the men's had no line at all. I grabbed one of my male friends and I told him that I had to go badly or I would piss myself and asked him to come to the men's with me. I was practically in tears I was bursting so badly. He agreed to come with me. (The only reason I didn't want to go alone is because of what a bunch of drunken men might do to someone like me...) We entered to find all the stalls occupied and 6 urinals. Three of them were occupied and I went to the one on the end. My friend had to take a piss too so he went to the one beside me, to somewhat shield me from the other men that were now staring at me. I stepped up to the urinal, lifted up my skirt, and pulled my panties to the side. I positioned myself correctly and peed. It felt so good to let all that pee out. My friend was amazed that I could pee like a guy. He had a new found respect for women after that, I think. haha.


I was 16 when i had to take a dump but all the stalls in school were taked so i when to class in class i fell it coming so i pull down my panties and when in the waste basket

Is anyone else out there shy about having a bowel movement when there supervisor is in the next stall? My supervisor is completely unselfconscious and wants to chat away with me or anyone else who is present. Of course her bowel movements are very genteel. She comes in, lifts up her dress, lowers he panties down to her calves, sits down and grunts and signs very gently. I grunt a lot more and that makes it hard to carry on a dignified conversation! One time she even spent the whole time criticizing me for being late and for a mediocre piece I had written. I deserved the criticism, but I felt unusually vulnerable.

Any suggestions.

I was in an accident and as the result I broke both of my legs. I was sleeping so my mom left to go out for a few hours and she left me a note on my end table to me to call her if I needed anything. I was watching t.v and I had very bad gas so I let out a fart. Then a few more. I was trying to see how loud I could make them. I wanted to make this fart extra loud so I pushed with all my might. To my horror I ended up getting a little more thaan I bargained for. You guessed it. I comepletly filled my pants with poop. I had to lay there for about 3 hours before my mom came home and helped me get cleaned up! I was soo embarrased and should of known better.

When I was driving in my car I got into the traffic jam from hell. There was a huge accident and the traffic was backed up for miles. I also had to poop. Isn't that wondeful? I had already pooped my pants at my sisters house and I definetly didn't want to do so here.

Fifteen minutes later the urge was worse than ever. I thought that maybe if I let only a tiny bit of poop out the urge wouldn't be soo bad and neither would be the mess. I lifted my but off the seat and held myself up with my arms and I pushed very lightly. At that moment I completley lost controll and I couldnt stop my poop from coming out! I tried hopelessly to stop pooping but it was no use. I felt the poo fill up the seat of my panties and start to slide along the gusset. Finally I just gave up and pushed harder to get my poop out all at once. To my surprise, I felt a hot stream of pee shoot down my legs! I had filled my panites to the brim and had also comepletly soaked them! I had only just ment to go a little bit in my pants, not all the way. Now my arms were getting tired and I couldn't hold myself up much longer.

My arms ended up giving out and all the poop smashed in my panties when my but hit the seat. I could feel it oozing out the leg holes and staining my jeans. I just sat there in my car, memories of when I had pooped my pants at my sisters house haunting me. It was most horrible!


So how was your business? I mean was there anything special about the dump you took?

Everytime I go out with my friends There is this girl that comes along I will Call "C". She has a pretty nice butt and a tounge piercing and many tattoos... Since We always go out for wings and drinks I wonder when she poops and what it is like when she poops... I kinda want to talk to her about my interest in women pooping but I dont know how I can do that with out tipping my other friends off to my interest. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? HSH

Remember the story about the nurse in the appartment building??
Well...she hit today again....
The same story as last time... she hang her gown, hiked up her skirt, and squatted over the bowl... She strained a little bit then exploded with a wave of soft poop that splattered all over the place and on the rim of the bowl...after 3 waves of soft poo she peed a strong and thick stream, that mixed the poo in the bowl... the smell of soft poo mixed with pee was terrible... Soon she finshed, wiped... then cleaned her mess with TP... afterwards she sprayed air freshener..and scooted out...

I have a question for anyone who has used a diaper before. Do you think diapers are better suited for the male or female anatomy?

holding it
i've been holding it since i left for school about 13 hours ago. i love the feeling of a full bladder and feeling desprate! i pee about 1/2 a liter. thats my record.

I have an interesting question about women pissing for distance.
I'm male, 22 years old and I can pee 6.5 feet (2 meters) in front of me, and about 2 feet (60 cm) in height
I wonder is there any Girl or Woman who could pee further and higher than I?

Dear Girls or Women, let's make a virtual pissing-for-distance contest to see who can pee further and higher.

It'll be very interesting to see replies.


I had a very large dump today at at public park restroom. I was about to burst, so I pulled over and went into the restroom. There are 2 doorless stalls, and the one closest to the door was occupied by a very large man. He looked at me as I walked in and we nodded to each other as I went to the toilet next to his. I saw that the seat was clean and so I dropped my shorts, adjusting them so they are bunched up at my shoes and not touching the floor (it was pretty dirty) and then I dropped my underwear down to my ankles as well. I let loose a large pile of crap, so much that it piled up above the water line. Another guy came in and went to the urinal and then went to the sinks in front of the stalls and started washing his hands. I could tell he was looking into the stalls as he washed up. I started wiping like I usually do, first from the front, by lifting my "stuff" out of the way. I did that a few times, then I stood up and started wiping. The guy in the next stall stood up at the same time and we could see each other since the partitions only came up to about mid-chest. He went to the sink and they were both watching as I wiped. The firts guy goes to the now-empthy stall and wipes his hands dry with TP, all the while standing about 2 feet from me as I clean up. I looked down and saw the huge pile of crap with tp in the bowl and figured they could see it too. I wiped one last time, flushed (I wasn't sure it would all go down)and then pulled up my blue briefs. I adjusted myself, and pulled up my shorts. It was a very satisfying dump.

To Stacey and Clarissa
I really liked your 2 stories about flushing poopy panties down the toilet. When you flushed the poopy panties down the toilet did it clog it up? What type of to toilet was it that you flushed the panties down? I hope the 2 toilets were american standarad 5gpf toilets you can flush anything down those toilets. If you have any more stories about flushing poopy panties down the toilet I would really like to hear.

To Farah
I really liked your story about you and your friend poopy your panties together. Now that you have started pooping your panties with your friend are you going to continue? I would like like to hear more stories of you and your friend pooping in your panties.

I am largely a lurker now though I have posted a few times here on the topic of women with large bladders (WWLB). However, this past holiday weekend with a little extra time to web surf I discovered a recent post by Erika glancing on the subject that could virtually be the most closely guarded secret of the sexes- some of we women have very large bladders and pee for avery long time! Over the years I could give example after example of instances where either myself (or on ocassion another woman with an exceptional mega-bladder) relieved themselves for a seeming eternity, and in the process received reactions from other women that were just priceless if only one could photo-document it. Demonstrating bladder capacity and peeing ability sends a psychological, even psycho-sexual message of female superiority. I know that and I'm in my early twenties!

This past June I attended a 3-day seminar which was held in a conference room at a nearby Doubletree hotel. It was the third one I've gone to as part of my continuing education. By in large they are boring, the speeches frequently long-winded to the point they could cure insomnia; you get the picture. With this in mind thank goodness the company putting on the seminar paid the hotel for a table located at the rear of the room with large coffee urns and bottled water readily available. But with that much fluid taken over a period of hours, naturally by mid-afternoon break the women are running for the restroom and this particular hotel has the smallest women's room on the mezzanine level and located right across the hall from our good-sized conference room.

My urge was fairly strong but nothing desperate and a peeing exhibition was the furthest thing on my mind, but I just had to get out of that chair before my mind went absolutely numb. So with that in mind I followed the procession into the ladies room which, naturally, filled quickly to the point a line formed behind the relatively few available stalls. Working forward amidst the symphony of urine sounds emitting from the stalls, one almost on a sub-conscious level takes sequential notice as the doors open and close; woman A went in before woman B so she should be coming out first. It's simply how the mind works. But that afternoon a huge variable was thrown into the pee time equation. Of the quartet of stalls in the restroom was one door that just-did-not-open from the time I rounded the corner at the restroom's entrance to the time the line thinned enough for me to stand adjacent to the stall. Even with the noisy splash of urine from the other stalls and the low level of chatter from other women talking in line, I could easily detect an incessant splatter coming from behind the beige stall door. As several other doors opened and closed the sound of urine from this stall continued to drone on and on, ocassionally tapering off to a prolonged drip-drip before building back up. By the time I stood at the head of the line I'd been in the restroom a good four minutes- and whomever it was had been peeing before that!

A stall became available to her left and I dashed in not so much because I was desperate (I wasn't) but because I was enjoying the unfolding show so much. This restroom "drama" was absolutely what I have written about here, women with large bladders who pee forever. As I raised my Navy Blue skirt and slipped my pantyhose down the splatter next door continued like someone had aimed a hand-held sprinkler into the toilet. And soon two of us, strangers yet comrads in mega-bladder heaven, were peeing away side by side as the crowd of women waited outside the stalls. We went and went and went (mind you this woman had been peeing long before I) and an interesting dynamic began as now TWO stalls of the four were effectively put out of commision.

The line of women grew restless. Most if not all were from our seminar, and were aware that the resumption of class was drawing near. As the two minute mark passed (for myself not Miss Endless Waterfall) I cut-off my flow, waited a good ten seconds and then sent a strong stream resuming into the center of the bowel. A nervous titter came from outside our stalls and I heard a little, "Oh boy" from one and a sarcastic "false alarm" from her seminar associate. Another full minuter passed when the corner stall on my other side finally became available and one sent the other off with a caveat, "Mandy, I hope you're not going to be in there for the long term as well. We've got to get back." Her friend quickly assured her, "well at least I know I'm not able to be THAT long." I thought whatever do you mean my dear? (She was right, a pathetic little tinkler.)Both squirted and dashed back to the conference room.

Comensurately the restroom began to empty as women decided the hassle of waiting wasn't worth the priceless knowledge of the afternoon seminar topic. In a remarkablely short time, the place emptied out save for me who was prolonging and choreographing my pee with kegals exercises...and Miss Endless Waterfall who, thank god, had at least showed that she was more or less human by slowing to the point she was alternately peeing spritzing and dribling, though even here she repeated the process over and over. And through it all she seemed (at the time) oblivious of me or her surroundings; it was as if she was just intent on empting that titantic maga-bladder of hers no matter HOW long it took. I was really pushing out my final ounces with my kegals when I heard the sound of tissue ripping off the roller. In keeping with my restroom decorum I allowed a few discreet seconds to pass before I followed her out to the sink area.

You never know who the owner of a mega-bladder will look like but generally those women are not who you'd expect. Most are not the enormous heavyset Brunhildas but frequently, like me, they are tall with a wide pelvis. As I went to a sink a couple down from her she definately fit that mold, a woman a few years older than I, fairly slim, and about 5'10." Something else, by her uniform tag I could see she worked the front desk or in hotel reservations. Frantically searching for something to say I glanced at my watch. "Yep, I just knew I was going to be late if I stopped in to take a sprinkle." She faintly smiled but said nothing and took out a lipstick. I continued. "Are you employed in this hotel? This is the third seminar I've attended and every time I've had to use this restroom the place fills up so FAST. And sorry, when I have to go girls you may as well place a 'do not disturb' sign on my stall. They definately need to put in a larger restroom." She nearly blushed as she smiled and bit her lower lip; I had obviously struck a sensitive chord. We continued to dabble and fix up our hair at the sink as I prayed she would respond with something. Seconds ticked by.

"Are you expecting?" I shook my head. (More time passed) Finally she gathered up her purse and came over to where I was standing. "In that case you are REALLY headed for trouble." I grabbed my shoulder bag and headed out the door with her. "Are you?" "No, my daughter was born last year but..." (I finished the thought.) "Oh great, as if my bathroom breaks aren't long enough now you're telling me my bladder going to grow another ten sizes after I give birth? That's all I need...another fifteen minutes peeing more gallons." Light-hearted outragious comments go over well in times like that. As we went into the hallway she just said "'re not alone...(sarcastically holding her heart) I feel your pain. I'm the same way." That was what I was waiting for. As I headed back to the conference room and she to the front desk she called out, "take a book to read- I do."

My bladder size theory is true. End of story.

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