Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I just have to tell this to somebody, but there is no one else that I would dare tell it to. This is my first week of college. I was sitting in class and I suddently had to go to the bathroom -- it must have been something that I had for lunch. Now, I know that in college we don't have to ask permission to go to girls' room like in high school, but for some reason I didn't feel comfortable just getting up and leaving the room. In high school, I was never shy about asking for permission to go to the girls' room (and I went at school a lot), but for some stupid reason, I just couldn't get up and leave class in college.

I did manage to make it to the end of class, but I couldn't quite make it to the ladies' room. Some came out in my panties on the way and the rest came out once I got into the stall but before I could pull my pants down and sit on the toilet. I guess I was lucky it didn't happen in class where everyone would have known what I did, but as I sat there in the stall staring at a big load in my uderwear, I didn't quite feel lucky.

I got myself cleaned up which was not a pleasant task without a washclothe and only that crummy single-ply toilet tissue to use. You wouldn't believe how much toilet paper I had to use to get myself clean. Suffice to say that I was mighty lucky that stall was fully stocked with two full rolls, because I emptied a full roll and a lot more before I was done. My panties were totally ruined so I just flushed them down the toilet. Miracously, though, the manage to contain the full load and spared my jeans any damage.

No one knew what I'd done, but I still couldn't help but feel embarassed as I headed back to my dorm room for a clean pair of underwear. This was the first accident I've had since 4th grade.

holding it- I often hold my pee for long periods of time too. I held it for just over 24 hours that was hard to do. I do like the feeling of a full bladder. Actually I currently need to go quite badly as I've been holding it since 10 last night, about..16 hours now.

Question: Is it bad to hold it for that long? Like..will it damage anything?

Once when I was watching a movie with my sister I had a stong urge to poo. I had been holding it all day but the movie was getting really good so I just waited. Soon the urge became much stronger so I asked my sister to pause the movie while I went to the toilet. She refused so I just waited a little longer. Finally, when I knew that I would poop my pants for sure I attemped to get up off the couch clenching my butt muscles tightly. To my horror, my foot got stuck in the blanket and I fell off the couch onto my stomach. The fall caused me to lose controll and completley fill my panties. As I got up I felt the heavy, warm and sticky load weigh down the seat of my pants. My sister comforted me and then she leaned forward and I seen a brown bulge form in the back of her pants. She had just pooped her pants too! I couldn't believe it.

I work at the Burger King in my town. Yesterday afternoon at work I needed to have a bowel movement and headed for the girls' room. I don't particularly like using the bathroom at work for my bowel movements but its not too bad as the bathrooms is cleaned several times a day and it isn't really too bad. Besides, I didn't have much of a choice as I had to go too bad to wait until my shift was over and go at home.

When I went into the girls' room, though, I immediately detected a distinctive odor -- a smell that you often smell in public bathrooms but this time the smell was overpowering. It seemed to be coming more from the sink than the toilet, so I went to take a closer look. To put it mildly, I was shocked at what I saw.

In the sink was a pair of panties with with a bowel movement in them. I don't mean there were skidmarks or a little bit of fecal matter. I mean, these panties were completely full with a very large soft but solid bowel movement in them. Clearly, this wasn't a case of someone losing a little bit on their way to the bathroom. This was someone who did the whole bowel movement in her panties. Furthermore, its wasn't diareah but look like a well-formed BM all pushed together in the panties. This were not little girl panties, either, but those of an adult or at least an older teenager.

Of course, I was immediately disgusted by the sight of this, but I couldn't stop looking at it. I mean, these were very frilly, very feminine looking panties, but here there were with a decidedly unfeminine looking bowel movement in them. I couldn't help but note the contrast. I also couldn't help but wonder why someone would put them in the sink. I mean, I imagine the poor girl who had this accident was in a state of panic as she trying to clean herself up in a public bathroom, but what was she thinking when she put the panties in the sink. Maybe at home you'd try to wash out the panties (although given the size of this load, you'd have to conclude that the panties were totally destroyed), but I'd don't think you'd want to be doing that in a public bathroom. My attitude would certainly have been to just get the panties off, get my butt wiped cleaned (not an easy task with that crummy one-ply toilet paper that was in there) and get the hell out of there. I mean, there was more bowel movement in the panties than there were panties. Obviously, they just needed to be flushed down the toilet and not put on display in the sink for everyone to see.

The smell was starting to get to me, so I wadded up some toilet paper and went over to get the panties. I grabbed a clean corner of the panties, took them over to the toilet and then flushed them down. Its surprising how fast the smell started to lessen as the panties sailed down the toilet.

I next did my own business and went back to work.

feels so good girl
i'm girl who just finished pushing out this huge turd. OMG it was huge!!! i started to push and i knew it was gonna be big. pushed some more and it came crackling out. it was so thick but fell soooo good coming out. pushed more and it all came out. it was about 4 inches thick and 7 inches long and big!. pushed again and a little chunk finished off the dump. it felt great!

Anonymous Guy
Hi all, yesterday my girlfriend put on another fantastic display for me in my bathroom and I thought you all might like to hear the details. It was Sunday morning around 10 am and my girlfriend had just shown up at my apartment to accompany me downtown again for my monthly visit to my mom's place. As soon as she came into my apartment and she had given me her usual kiss and hug greeting the first words out her pretty mouth were "I have to go to the bathroom really bad, number 2. You wanna come watch?" I just smiled a big smile at her and said "I think you know the answer to that."

I let her go ahead of me into the bathroom and I watched as she pulled her tight fitting jeans and light purple panties down to just below her knees. She sat down on my toilet and I sat down in my usual spot on the edge of my bathtub. I was surprised when right away I could hear the crackling sound of a long turd being emitted from underneath her bottom. Usually she takes a very long time to poop and usually it is in many small pieces. I said to her "It sounds like you really had to go." She then told me she knew she had to take a dump really badly before she left but she wanted to hold it for me and that she even had to clench her butt cheeks together while driving here to keep it from coming out.

Since she was finished pushing out the first large piece and was finished peeing she stood up to take a look at what she had produced and to let me see as well. As soon as she stood up I was hit right away with the scent of her bowel movement which was fairly strong. I looked into the bowl and I could see two pieces floating in the water. Both were medium brown colored and softish but also firm looking. One was a tiny triangle shaped piece and the other a much longer banana shaped piece about 5 or 6 inches long I'd say.

She sat back down sounding relieved and we started a conversation while she waited to see if more was left. While I was talking to her she let out a sharp grunt which I thought was cute, this must have been an accident because she usually pushes very discreetly. Unfortunately shortly after that she started looking upset about something and asked if she could have some privacy so I had to leave. I was still very much grateful for what I *was* able to see though!

yesterday I woke up during the night and kind of had a stomach ache, i walked to the bathroom and pulled down my pj pants and plopped my butt on the toilet, it felt like the poop was coming but it wasnt, so i relaxed and lied back then a nice smooth short log slid out 2x24 inches, and then i felt really nauses, I crossed my arms and bent forward a bit, a tiny bit of gushy poop came out which was all black but not alot, then some more cam out 34 minutes later, and i stayed on the toilet for a bit longer but nothing else happened so i went back to bed with a nauses stomach ache, thankfully i fell asleep and it was better in the morning!

Is there anyone here who pooped their pants while sleeping over at a friends house? if so please post the story

Carmalita. Pleased to hear that you're still managing to drop some fairly fantastic loads. It must be a great feeling. Keep up the good work!

Fiona. Hi and welcome. It sounds as though you've got lots of great experiences to share. I think you've been very fortunate in being able to be so open about your bowel movements with work colleagues and your boyfriend. Not everyone is quite so lucky. Also I think you've been fortunate in having regular, predicatable daily poos for so long. Being able to regulate the need like that so that it naturally occurs at times that are convenient is a great bonus for anyone. For most of my life I've been able to maintain fairly regular routines when it comes to bowel movements but occasionally things have gone haywire. I'm sorry your routine's been upset recently and I hope you're soon able to establish a new pattern which fits in well with your work. As a matter of interest, do you think airlines should provide separate toilets for crew and passengers on airlines or would that not be feasible? I look forward to hearing more of your stories.

Unusually for me I was very constipated on Saturday, despite getting plenty of exercise and feeling as though I needed to go. On this occasion I didn't think nature would sort things out soon enough for my convenience so I took a dose of Movicol. Fortunately it gently but effectively got things moving early on Sunday morning and things are now back to normal. I think the hot humid weather of recent days probably dehydrated me a bit and that gave rise to the problem.

Mr. Clogs
I've got a post to share. Yesterday, well actually last night after having dinner and stuff, and of course my dieter's tea to help me loose some weight. As I say before, this tea makes you poop, I mean poop a lot! So I felt the urge to go around 11:00 PM, So I had to make a quick dash to the toilet because I about to fill my underwear with poop! So I got in the bathroom, quickly lock the door (for privacy, because mom's was in the house!) and quickly unzipped my jeans along with my underwear (tighty whitees!) down and butt ckeeks spred wide (less to wip) and let it rip! So I was on the bowl for about 15 minutes, and was wiping up. Soon as about to finish here comes mom, she needs to use the bathroom too, and I had to hurry up! I said to myself "shit!". So quickly wiped up, spayed airfresher in the bathroom and wahed my hands and left the bathroom.

Carmalita: Thank you for your warm thoughts, and I'm glad that your friends are doing fine, when you get a chance tell them I said hello. By way I enjoyed your post about your morning dump, and yes that was nice of you to let Nu in to handle her business and to clean up. It's nice to have such an open atmosphere like you have. As always great post, talk to you soon, take care.

C in Fla: Very interesting post, wow that must of been something to listen in on the conversation with her peeing and flushing the toilet while talking on the phone at the same time.

HisLilPeeMonster: Oh, ok, I was just curious as to what type they were, whenever you get a chance, please post. I was assuming that they were normal ones. Were those your favorite pairs that you had to toss out into the trash? Thanks.

Well got to go, take care and have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend, also lets not forget those who continue to survive Hurricane Katrina, my thoughts and prayers go out to them. Take care.--Mr. Clogs

Has anyone ever use a cup or some wide mouth container as a toilet, i.e. going to the bathroom in it?

So today i was over at my gf's house while we were playing Halo...she got mad cuz i would always kill her so she decides she wants to tackle me on her bed...but being stronger i pick her up embrace her in my arms and shake her around alil.She laughs and says "wait i need to pee" but i thought she was kidding so she could tackle me again so i just kept shaking her.She pleads again "no seriously i really need to pee!"but i still shook her then she says "ok you've asked for it" i then feel a wet spot hit my pants and look down to see she peed herself but since i held her so close it came unto my pants and looked like we both wet our pants...we then laughed about it insanely

I once had a boyfriend/pee experiance and i married the sucker

Torie-- I found your story fasinating. Little kids often do things without thinking and I'm sure Devon didn't mean to do anything wrong. I'm glad you didn't yell at him.

I was most interested b something else you wrote:

> Anabel helped toilet train me and I would 'emulate' her.

Not many people seem to remember their toilet trainnig. I do mine because I was sooooo constipated at the time and it was a big struggle for my mother to get me to go on the potty like she wanted. Could you tell us about "emulating" Anabel and specifically what she taught you about pooping? - JW

Me again, this time Fiona-- I'd love to hear more about your experiences. I've heard that a lot of airline stuardesses get constipated because of dehydration due to the dryness of the air in the cabin. Have you heard many of your girl colleagues really struggling to get a poo out. Do they talk about being constipated much? I'd love to hear some of those conversations!!- JW

Iam a 16 yr old girl and my bladder cant hold day i was at the mall and i had 2 large pepsis, i was walking around looking at stuff and i was in the dvd part wich is at the far end of the mall and is where most of the people usualy are. so i was looking for a dvd and i needed to pee, i thought i could hold it until a got the dvd but i couldnt find it, i looked for 5 more minutes and i had 2 go pretty bad but i wanted to find the dvd first, so i kept looking i loked for another 5 mins and at this point i realy had to go, i finaly found it i bended down to take it off the shelf, wich was a big mistake cos when i bent down a squirt came out and it wasnt just i little squirt it was a big squirt, i was wearing faded jeans, i looked down at my jeans and saw a 3inch dark wet patch on the crotch of my pants , i hurridly picked up the dvd , the eletronics section had it own register and u had to pay there, the line had 5 ppl so i got to the line and lined up. by the time only one other person was in front of me i had squirted more pee into my pants , there was now a 4 inch spot on the front of my pants . the person paid for there stuff so i paid for the dvd and ran to find a toilet. the shop was in a mall so the toilets were outside the store, the woman at the front of the store checked my bags and let me go she said have a nice day but she was staring at my pants, a few ppl had noticed and were staring,so i huried to the toilets, i found them but they had just been opened again from cleaning so lots of girls around my age were waiting at the door desperate to pee or poop, one of them had a stain nearly as big as mine, i sat down on my heel and started rubbing my crotch, i was almost crying from the thought of peeing my pants at a mall, i stood up because squirts had started coming out again, some 10 year old girl had just peed her tight grey sports pants , she was soaked and pee was every where, i started doing the pee pee dance and my bladder forced the pee out , the hissing sound atracted the girls waiting , i was just standing there starring down at the jeans , watching the stain become bigger and bigger, i was standing there for like 2 minutes peeing uncontrollably my shoes and socks were soaked everyone was starring at me but it felt so good to reeive myself,i didnt need to go to the toilet now to a walked away i had to catch a bus home.

The Nature Boy
G. Bogwell-
GREAT story! Even better with the way you wrote it, I had the feeling of suspense a good Bond novel gives me! But like Carmaltia says, be careful eh?

And speaking of, Carmaltia's story was great too! If you couldn't even smell the cigarette smoke in there - da???! But I bet the place isn't as fun since they installed the doors on the stalls in the women's room, huh? ;-) Curious, does the men's room there at the community center have doors too? And if so, how long have THEY been up? Sorry if you mentioned it before, I probably didn't pay attention to that part! ;-p

Via the lovely Google (who needs a site search engine when you know how to Google Advanced Search - groovy!), I checked to see if anyone's posted of the new Battlestar Galactica series, and bathroom references? I saw only one back around page 12XX, and it was just of how the ship has unisex bathrooms.

There is a lot of great stuff on the DVDs (season one). One funny scene has a scientist, Baltar(sp?), follow an analyst into the bathroom when the analyst needs to take a dump. Baltar takes the next stall just to chat him up, since the guy using the john is the one checking on evidence that could get Baltar executed! The flustered tech runs out without washing his hands (which Baltar points out aloud). Then Baltar observes female feet in the next stall. Who she is is a loong story, let's just say she's his g/f AND accuser. And a VERY hot blonde. He opens the stall door (no locks?) and accosts her - don't see/hear anything throughout the scene though.

The Extras show how the cast did some military training to make the characters seem more 'realistic' in the space-military situation. The woman who plays the new Starbuck comments jokingly as they're eating a dinner of MRE's something to the effect of 'are we going to be constipated now?'

And I've only seen a few eps at a freind's house...wonder if there are any more unisex bathroom goodies?

Have any chicks here been out with their boyfriends and see them have an accident? IF so please post the story.

Just out of curiousity what is the longest everyone has gone after crapping their pants without cleaning up or changing?

My friend has been pooping in her panties for as long as I can remember. When I am at her house I am used to her always filling her panties. She always urges me to try it, but I never do.

One day when she was at my new apartment she said she needed to use the bathroom. I said okay and I pointed in the direction of it. She then grabbed onto a chair and squatted in the middle of the living room. With a crackling sound she proceeded to fill her panties. "No thanks." she said as I seen the bulge form in the back of her pants. I then opened a window because I didnt like the smell. She picked up a newspaper and placed it on the couch before sitting down and smashing all of her poop in her panties. "It feels so good Farah. Try it!" she said. I had always been curious about how it felt so I agreed to do it.

I went to the bathroom and peed before I pulled back up my pink cotton panties and skirt and headed back to the livingroom. I held onto her arm as I squatted down and pushed a warm smelly load into the seat of my panties. It felt wierd at first, but then I started to like it! How naughty I felt as I sat down and smashed it all.

Gruntly Bogwell
CARMALITA: You missunderstood me corazón, the seniorita in Spain was saying rapidemente, because she was trying to get to the toilet before peeing her panties…or thong in her case. Hmmm…I thought Pepiendo Tomas, meant Peeping Tom…but then I was in a hurry to leave after my "accident." You and Nu…she having a pee while you were having a poo…what a lovely thought.

FIONA: Loved your insiders story to the bowel habits of flight attendants. I wrote a long time ago to this forum that a flight attendant told me they often found some guy waiting to use the bathroom in the middle of the night after they had just done a poo in a cabin restroom…then rushing in to be in that tight space with the smell left by the stewardess. Thank you for the images of you and your fellow flight attendants, buddy dumping in the staff toilets before a flight…awesome.

This is a quick survey for the girls & boys if you want answer as well. This has happened to me a few times.If you have read my previous posts you will know that I'm an artist(painter) & that I'm hairy as well. However there have been quite a few times, one was just the other day when I have have had this sudden "inspiration'& nothing will interupt it.
I was painting away when I felt the urge to have ashit. Now I really did not not want to break my inspiration by going to the toilet. At the time I was wearing a pair of bike short as I often do & tank top. I neither tried to stop myself from shitting nor did I try to shit in my shorts. I guess my mind was so much on my work that I let nature just take over, as I stood at my easel I slowly but almost unconsciously shit my shorts. I stood there for about another 20 mins, before the actuality hit me. I was very happy with my work so the lump that was sliding down my leg really didn't bother me all that much.What did wake me up was when I started to piss myself, that's when I ran to the bathroom for a cleanup.

I guess my query is, are there any other people out there who have been caught up in what they're doing they have just let nature take over & crap their pants/panties.

In the mornings when I have breakfast I always sit on the front porch to have my coffee & a smoke while watching the birds feeding, it is so relaxing. This morning I was doing the same when I felt this huge fart build up, I let it reach what I thought was the peak, I pulled my left cheek out with my hand & pushed hard, it was loud as it rebounded off the plastic chair. The problem was I folloed through as well. I almost shit on my hand, I finished my smoke first gathered up the legs of my pj bottoms so nothing would drop on the floor& cleaned up in the shower.

That's all for now,

love ,

Anton, England, I was out walking in the park the other day when I felt a rumbleing in my gut, I knew I would have to find a toilet soon, I started to walk a bit quicker, my gut was really bubling now, I saw a toilet and started to run I dashed in was really desperate now, the only wc was locked and had an out of order sign on it, there was mo way I could hold it anylonger I rushed to the urinal pulled my pants down put my arse over the urinal bowl, and it just gushed out filling the bowl, I wiped my arse on my handkerchief and made a quick exit

Hey peeps.
I'm a 16 yr old english gay and i have never had any poop incidents, however, yesterday i had my first, and just needed to talk about it.
i went out drinking with a m8 of mine and slept at her house. The next morning i woke up with the need to shit, but chose not to as i didnt want to use her toilet. The urge sorta went away, but three hours later as i was walking home the need to poo returned. i thought i would be able to hold it, but 15 minutes later i was in agony and couldnt bear to walk any longer. luckily i was walking along a very quiet stretch of canal and near to an abandoned factory kind of building. i do not make a habit of shitting outside and nave never had to, but these were desperate times.
I went into the building and into the first doorway, which was a rather large room with a concrete floor and a section of roof missing, along with lots of graffiti and old beer cans. i dropped my pants and squatted. i didnt have to make any effort or pushing whatsoever, shit just started shooting out my ass, which was a very weird feelin as it was totally solid but it just kept comin. Wen it finally stopped i looked around to see the biggest pile of shit i have ever seen.
I no this is probably nothin to you guys but its a very new thing for me n i jst wanted to talk about it. it was very strange but kinda excitin in a weird way. i think holdin it in for so long had a strange effect on me though, as i hav had the shits reel bad since then.
Anyone had similay experinces??

This is a recount on toilets in boats (small boats)
A long time ago we decided to buy a boat that had a toilet in it. The first boat was 22 feet long and at the front of the cabin was a toilet just sitting there. There was a blind to pull down to give privacy????
What was also interesting was the toilet ,being stuck up under the bow had minimal head room i.e. it was less than three feet from the toilet seat to the "ceiling". Men could not stand up and pee for lack of head room so it was always a sit down job whatever the case may be. I never did #2s in it. In those days we only had day trips and I had no problems holding it and I would push it out when we got home... could not do it these days.
The next boat was a little bigger and had its own "room". The head room was just less than 6 feet which was OK for those not tall. The interesting part was sitting on the pot, because I am not a big person but my knees almost touched the door... I had about 6 inches either side of me. The toilet itself is a small bowl and any noises (farts) would echo...we called it the thunder box!
What was worse was when straining and leaning forward your head would push into the door so it was a good idea to make sure the door was locked. On a boat everybody is at close quarters so you would be shitting or weeing a couple of feet from others.
The next challenge is aiming to wee when the boat is pitching and rocking. The one advantage of such cramped surrounds is that in rough weather you can anchor yourself down when pooing.

Enjoyed your post Fiona.
I use to be a very regular dumper, never missed a day and always before school, soon after breakfast etc... then irritable bowel changed that at about 19 years old..also my shit was never too hard.
These days if I were in the next cubicle you would not be able to recognise me because my movements are different all the time. Some are big and hard, some are like soft serve, sometimes they are propelled by gas and splatter into the pan, sometimes I am unproductive and only give a couple of pplips... other times I really want to go but nothing is not that the poo is hard, it just will not move along.
I go at any time during the day, between 0 to 5 times a day, with between 1 to 3 times the norm. Sometimes I go very quickly, other times I am very slow...the smell varies a lot too. When I fly I get a little constipated but it sorts out in a couple (or a few ) days. Also my poo can be long or short, thick or very thin.
One thing I have learned with IBS (in my case) is to go when I get the urge. I have pooed on planes before... indeed twice at least I presume the flight attendant has had an "official visit" to the toilet by the time she was in there. For your own regularity, and indeed your quality of work I suggest you sit on the toilet whenever you get the desire, or more correctly, the urge. I think your attitude to your bodily functions is great and healthy... I would like to hear more of your stories.

It just blows my mind, some of the stories of bladder capacity a liter or more. I am a 6'3" 215 lb man who occasionally has to pee into a 20 oz. pop bottle on the job (package delivery driver not always near a toilet). When I am bursting to go and finally release into the bottle I barely fill it halfway. Only 10 or 12 ozs. seems to be my absolute capacity. In the summer it is rarely an issue since most of the water is lost to perspiration. In the winter I really have to plan to pee a lot on the route.


OK, about the pee-container(at home):
u know i'm a heavy coffee-drinker, & i usually consume 6000ml (sic) within 2 hours of my routine
internet-surfing at night, & my wife would go to sleep at around 9pm, & she's a light sleeper, so i've
been reserving three Nescafe bottles on the floor right beside my computer desk (net 200g each). u
might wonder why 3 bottles? well believe me, on quite many occasions i've filled all 3 bottles
FUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLL & REFILLED them & REFILLED them during one night. i'd empty the bottles
right b4 going to bed. oddly, my wife never bothered to ask me the purpose of the bottles...
more to come... sorry about my grammer or spelling. english is not my native language.
Fiona (the Scottish stewardess)-- i enjoy your story & i'd love to read more. please share more. thanks.

OK, about the pee-container (in car):
hi i'm back. i've been reserving a red latex enema bag under my seat in my car just in case u know ;).
well the other day i was waiting for my wife (near a shopping mall) sitting in my car, surfing some
newspapers when this pissing urge went screamingly desperate & i did not think i could hold any longer.
i looked around outside my car & found i was surrounded by much by-passers (crowded like sardine)
but no one seemed to be paying any attention on me. i took the enema-bag-lid off, & underneath the
newspapers i pulled down my short pants to pick out my dick, placed it to the opening of the bag, &
tried to relax my muscles & mind, & then i began to piss into the enema-bag, struggling to adjust the
soft bag between my thighs (making sure the bottom lower than the mouth). all the time strangers
walked by my car. just in the middle of my relief-procedure, i heard a knock on the glass of my car so i
tensed up to shut the pee & looked to find a midddle-aged man smiling at me & said something like "hi,
move your car, my son, parking here is prohibitted." i hurriedly thanked him & waited till he walked far
away, & i placed the bag-lid back on & pulled my dick back into my pants & moved my car some 50
yards away. 2 minute later i saw a police officer pace over the plave where i had parked my car. whew!
narrow escape!
please let me know what u think ;o)

Micheal: yes, we loose bowel control after we die (unless we have just got some complete enema right b4 we die). you know, the inner-body pressure is higher than outer one, & we usually can hold any feces up in thanks to the tight anal ring & other strong muscles & valid nerve systems we have.

Hi there I hope you are well. I am a Hotel Services Team Leader in a Hospital here in the UK I'm 40 something still young enough to have a period!!. I am responsible for 3 sites within a local PCT Primary Care Trust. One site dates back years it is very old , there are three seprate blocks of visitors toilets in the 64 acres of the site. Fiona I love to lsiten and like you. I can more or less tell which one of my colleagues is having # 2.I am not to regular on average about every other day, I often use the visitors toilets at thie particular site. For example there is a lady called Rose (50yo) just, she often use the visitors Ladies for #2 if I am in the other cubile (there are only 2 ) if she door bolts Rose always farts loudly as she puts the bolt on, once she starts to pee usually farts a couple of more times then some small pebbles drop , then a pause for a dribble more of pee , then normally a kursplonk, by now quite a healthly smell purculates , around I'm still straining awaiting a large #2 to come slowly out from my anus usually meduim brown about 6 inches long I do about 4 - 6 of these.

Who snuck into the gents and peed standing up using the urinal recently? If so, how accurate was your stream?

Hi everybody. I have just arrived in Sydney Australia and this is the first chance I have had to get to the internet since I left the UK on Monday. Thanks for the great response to my first post. I will give some replies and then I will tell you about this week.

Estrella - I was interested in the fact that you don't like your supervisor talking to you while you poo in the next cubicle. When I was on the European network, I often had a pre-flight poo next to my purser (senior stewardess). We would chat whilst we did our business. She was older than most of the girls and like your supervisor did very quiet and ladylike poos, in contrast to my loud plops. I was never embarrassed though and I would advise you not to be. If she found your movements offensive she would not sit next to you and talk. Tell me - do you both poo regularly at work at the same time, do you hear other colleagues go, do you talk to them whilst they go? I would love to hear more stories about your work poos and those of your colleagues.

Adrian - Thanks for the welcome. Its really nice being open with my colleagues about going to the toilet and the way that everybody openly admits to going and talks whilst going is great. I just wish that I could get enough courage to go one step further and suggest that two or more of us go together in the same room. Yes I was really lucky being so regular and I miss it. Now I am trying to keep my watch on UK time which tends to help me keep track of when I am due a poo and therefore not miss one if I can help it. There just isn't enough space for a separate crew and passenger facilities. The crew one would be very under used compared to the passenger one - nice idea though.

JW - You are right about dehydration. It was never a problem for me on short haul flights but when I started flying longer distances I had to learn to drink more. At first my poo was very hard and dry and difficult to move after a long flight. Now I drink more it has partially solved the problem - the poo is still hard but it is soft enough not to cause constipation. Constipation is a common problem amongst the girls, mainly because of the irregular hours and many girls hold onto their poo because they are busy or because they don't like going on a flight. I have heard colleagues struggling to go before they get on a flight and it is a common subject of conversation.

Gruntly Bogwell - Your flight attendant friend is right - I have noticed that when I have a poo on a flight at night a man often gets up and goes straight in after me, although the toilet next door has been vacant. I guess there are many people that share our interests. When I started flying longhaul, on one occasion got really constipated, I spent about 15 minutes on the toilet in the middle of the night. The time was well spent and I produced the most massive hard turd. I was the widest poo I had ever done and it was at least a foot long. The suction toilet couldn't cope with it and I decided to leave it and lock the toilet off until we landed. I left the toilet to get the key and a man immediately rushed in and shut the door before I could ask him to use another toilet. He was in there for ages and obviously enjoyed the present that I had left him. It was really embassasing though.

Thunder from Downunder - I am sorry to hear about your IBS. My advice is to drink lots of water when you fly to avoid constipation. I liked your story about the 2 flight attendants you thought had an official visit. Did you go in after them?

Eileen - I am glad you share my interest in listening. As you only go every other day I bet you give the person next door a good show - Kursplonk. Do you always go at work? I would love to hear some stories about your poos and those of your colleagues. Do you hear doctors and nurses go too?

Now for my week -

On Monday I woke up at home and got up slowly as I wasnt needed at the airport until much later. My boyfriend had already gone to work by the time I had breakfast and needed a poo, so he missed it. I started needing to go about 9am but held it because I wanted it to be a good satisfying empty as I was going to be away for some time. I had a second cup of coffee and was really needing to shit badly, and my wind which was becoming ever more frequent was beginning to smell bad. I decided to go at about 1030. I left the bathroom door open so that I could watch the TV in the bedroom whilst I went. It was a really good one - I sat down and let out a long silent fart. I then sat forward whilst parting my bottom cheeks on the seat. I find that this helps me to go and make for a cleaner poo. One slight push started the movement. After about 10 seconds the first loud plop came and this was followed by a further 10 plops (!!!) of similar size. I sat there for about ten minutes watching the TV but only tiny little bits came so I decided to wipe and finish off. It really was a big satisfying one and I felt lighter for it. I flushed and it all went first time but left wide skid marks in the bottom of the loo.

I needed to get to the airport at about 1930 for my 2150 flight to Singapore, so I just pottered around doing jobs for the rest of the day. I showered and put on my uniform before I left for the airport. I got to the airport early and signed in. I went to the toilet, not because I needed to go but to see if I could hear any of my work mates having a poo. I sat there for about 10 minutes and was about to give up (only quick wees) when I heard the noise of someone else approaching. I thought that I would just wait for her and I struck lucky. She went in the cubicle one away from me. I heard her pull up her skirt and pull down her pants and sit down. She sighed loudly and I immediately heard a really loud crackling noise which seemed to go on for ages followed by one massive kerplunk. She sighed loudly again and then stared a long loud wee. When she finished she immediately began to wipe, so I wiped and left. I was waiting at the mirrors when she came out. It wasn't a stewardess, it was the hostess from the first class lounge, who I vaguely knew and had spoken to in the past. I said hi to her and she said hi and sorry for the noise but I was desperate and had been holding it for about four hours. I said don't worry and I bet you feel better now. Then onto the plane and take off and many busy serving for hours. We arrived at Singapore at 1730 local time on Tuesday (which is 1030 UK time). I keep my watch on UK time just so that I don't get disorientated with my poos. I needed to go for about an hour before we landed but it was a busy time and I decided to hold it for the privacy and comfort of my hotel room. Got to the about 1900 local time and agreed with the rest of the crew to meet for dinner later. The first thing I did when I got to the room was to have my long awaited poo. Although I really needed to go it was a bit slow to get started but it was a good one and I did about 8 loud plops - each about 4 to 5 inches long. After dinner I went to bed. Wednesday was our rest day so I relaxed all day. I was lying next to the pool at about 1600 and began to need to go. I said to Nicole next to me that I was going back to my room because I need a poo. I had hoped that she would say me too and come with me but it didn't happen. I have often heard Nicole poo at the airport and we openly talk about it so I thought that she may pick up on it but no luck. However, when we met for dinner she did say how was your poo and I said good and she told me that she was constipated. I almost offered to talk to her whilst she tried to go next time but I didn't have the nerve. I hope Nicole will pick up on it though.

Thursday came and it was time to fly off to Sydney. The flight was at 2000 (1300 UK time) and we got to the airport at about 1730. I tried for a poo in the toilets at the airport before we got on the aircraft but no luck. I did however hear this really pretty Australian Quantas stewardess have a really urgent sloppy poo. We took off on time and I was beginning to need the toilet. It was almost mignight when we finished serving and clearing and settled the passengers for the night. My first stop had to be the toilet because I was really desperate by now. I told Karen that I was going for a poo and she said OK see you in a minute. I headed for the business class toilet and sat down with great relief. I did three bits - wider than normal and really smelly. Although urgent I took some effort to get going. I tried to hurry because I hate it when passengers know what I am doing. I finished and sprayed perfume around to hid the smell and left. When I got back Karen said my turn now and she headed for the nearest loo. I would have loved to have gone with her but the toilets are too small in economy anyway. I stood outside the door casually and through the folding slit I heard he grunt as she strained but because they are suction toilets I heard no plops. When she left I made an excuse to wash my hands and you could just smell her poo in the air and there was one wide skid mark down the side of the toilet. You only get these kind of marks when you do a long hard wide heavy bit. We landed at Sydney a few hours ago and I am looking forward to a rest before heading back for the UK.

Hope you enjoyed my week. I will post again soon when I am able. Please respond - Its great sharing an interest. Love Fiona

Estrella. There isn't really a 'quick fix' to your problem. At best I think the only option open to you is to try and arrange to do #2s at home rather than at work and try to plan necessary pee breaks at work so that they don't coincide with those taken by your supervisor. It's probably easier said than done but I don't know of any alternatives.

HAIRY ANNIE. Hi. I enjoyed your stories about the accident you had whilst painting and about 'following through' whilst taking your early morning coffee on the porch. If you're painting at home and no one else is present, maybe one solution would be to keep a bucket or some other receptacle close to hand so that you can more or less carry on working and deal safely and cleanly with calls of nature when they crop up. With regard to 'following through' I think more or less everyone does that some time or other. I remember visiting the gents at an amusement park when I was 18 and, as I stood at the urinal peeing I farted and followed through with what I've since learnt is called an "ambush" motion. It's vaguely reassuring to hear stories of other people 'following through' though. I may have asked this before but my feeling is that you probably only go for a poo when prompted by the need and don't have a set pattern of going. Would that be right?

Earlier this week two very different UK newspapers excelled themselves. One day a columnist in the London Times who was writing from Tokyo told us that it was the 25th abbiversary of the launch of a special Japanese toilet, I think it was called the Washlet, which has all sorts of high tech gadgets and something like a hose to wash the bottom with in place of toilet paper. Apparently it's never taken off in the West due to the plumbing regulations of many western countries. On another day a certain tabloid reported that Caprice had something of a reputation for not flushing the loo after her. She'd admitted to it in an American interview in which she claimed she often forgot.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER A couple of days ago I purchased an enema and gave it a try.
I had discomfort in my first attempt at the enema was not as successful as the second. I lubricated the "nozzle" and inserted it up my hole...very gently.. I lay in the shower recess for this as it is a bit of a wet experience.. I could quickly feel myself filling up and I kept the water running to a point where I could feel myself about to loose control. I pulled the hose out and slammed my arse on the toilet seat just as I was loosing it all in one almighty gush... I only seemed to pass water (brownish water) and a few little turds.
Next day I tried again.. I soaped up the water a little first...slipped the nozzle in and when I was feeling like I needed a big poo I pulled the hose out and laid there... the urge subsided a little. As I rosr to my feet I had a small squirt and dribble from my anus but stopped that with a wad of toilet paper. My stomach was bloated and tight and urges to poo came and went. After several minutes I reconnected the hose and poored in a bit more. I turned off the hose and laid there a minute or two. I turned it on again and this sent me to extreme urgency. I plonked my bottom on the toilet seat and I was having uncontrollable squirts with each peristalsic cramp and then despite my every effort the dam burst and my butt became a fire hydrant for several seconds ... the rush then became a brief trickle. Looking down into the toilet bowl the water was darkish browm, the bowl was dotted with brown splashes and there were a number of "rabbit poos" floating.
Another urge hit and another gush of water but with it plop, plop, plop, plop, (the sound I wanted to hear, and feel) and it stank. I felt so much better and still do a couple of days later.
I will certainly repeat the enema experience when the need arises.
TO ESTRELLA: What a novel way of having a staff councelling session.
I wish she was my boss, I would be late and making mistakes all the time. All jokes aside she was quite improper and the industrial laws in the country I work in would call it harrasment and she could be in trouble.. or more likely laughed out of the court room with your boss`s actions the subject of mirth from both sides of the case.
Estrella, the way it would be handled in this country is that you would be telling everbody what happened and it would be treated with the utmost hillarity and your boss would look like a goose! This would be a good story down the pub.

Monday, September 05, 2005

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