Gruntley Bogwell: Hola querido! Hablas espanol entonces? Tal pasión! Me encanta mucha cuando un hombre me habla espanol! I loved your story hon, but please be careful in foreign countries! We wouldn't want to lose you to el carcel! If it were me of course, you'd be invited to stay providing your nose could handle one of my mega-dumps. I like it when men watch, though for a long time lately that hasn't been the case. I guess it's nice to see them get all excited. It's flattering in a way.
Very interesting on the part of the senorita in the stall. I've never heard the expression "pepiendo tomas" before. I've also never heard anyone say "rapidamente" when trying to push. My friend Tesa, who did not speak good english, would sometimes giggle and say "Ven! Ven a momi!". Still, as usual, I love your stories, but be careful!!!
I was helping out with some picking this summer. Out in the fields when the workers have to go and the outhouse is full, the men go to one side of the bush, and the women go to the other. Sometimes you can see the top of the women's heads while they're squatting in the tall weeds. If they're taking a shit, then they're squatted for a few minutes. Another woman or girl always stands guard to make sure no one can see. Afterwards, you can see flies buzzing around the spot where they were! If it's really hot, sometimes the wind will bring scents of fresh poop to your nose if you're working close to the bush.

Mr. Clogs: I'm glad you like my stories sweetie. Thanks for asking about my friends. Renee and Patsy moved back to Texas. I'm living with Nu in a small one bedroom apartment. She's an excellent roomate. Angie only comes over once in a while now.

This morning's poop started off with a loud fart. By the smell of it, I knew that the rest was going to be no vacation for anyone that entered the bathroom after me. The bathroom was warm and cozy. Soft heat wafted up from the vent soothing my bare toes. It rained a little outside, and I could hear the metallic tinkling of drops hitting the roof vent. I was sitting there in a white T shirt and black thong stretched over my thighs smelling my own fart. I kept mindlessly snapping the elastic against my thigh as I let out two more zipper farts.

Nu came in and said she was sorry to intrude, but needed to pee desperately. She slid down her sweatpants and hung her little butt over the tub. Her piss sounded like it was coming from a hose! It kept splattering the porcelain, and Nu was going "aaahhh….ohhhhh-yeahhhh……" I have to say that it felt nice having her knees against mine.

Just then, my poop started crackling and poofing. It came out easy. It was a real big one. I sat leaning forward, elbows on my knees. The turd came out really fat and long. I didn't feel it break off. In fact, I had to hold my stomach and grunt hard, making those witch faces as I pushed it out. By the time it did break off, the smell was bad poo-poo deluxe!

I stood up to wipe because I wanted to see how much I did. It was just one, but it was so long that it folded three times before it pinched off. It was also very thick and looked like a cactus. Nu plugged her nose and went "Eeeeeewwwwwww!" You couldn't even see the hole in the toilet, just a big mound of coiled turd. Nu sat there on the edge of the tub, dribbling her last and holding her nose with her thumb and forefinger. As I pulled up my thong, she said in a plugged nasal voice, "you should weigh yourself now!"

Anyway, it was a real good one. I felt great afterward. Since my smell was so bad, I volunteered to rinse Nu's piss out the tub for her. Ain't I sweeeeet?


At home I had to wait to use the bathroom even though I had to go potty as soon as I got home. The urge was really bad and I almost did not make it. I sat on my foot again while sitting on the couch. When it was my turn the bathroom already smelled from my sisters also going potty. My poop was already coming out as I pulled my jeans and panties down. Thus, I had to really hurry. I produced a big thick and hard poop which felt so good to finally let out. It hurt my butt coming out a little. I am in a cycle where I have to go potty at school. How can I break this schedule? Help, Yvonne. To break the cycle is to hold you poop until dinner time and let it out at night. It will make the schedule better

me and my girlfriend went to a local park over the weekend, we like to go on late night walks, we had just got done eating a big meal at a local pizza parlor when we decided to go. the drive there is about 15 miles and on the way she tells me she is going to have to shit when we get there. so we pull up to the place where we always park and get out, i reached behind the seat and grabbed a roll of tiolet paper i keep for just such an ocassion. we headed down the trail and she said she was looking for a place to go, she found the right spot next to a big tree, so she unsnapped her pants, pulled them all the way down and took them off one leg and moved them to one side, she then squatted down and let out a fart with the shit coming out right behind, it was like soft serve ice cream, she then ask me for the tp, she wiped about four times, she put her pants back on and we went on our walk.

AJ :o)
How many of you are from down South where Katrina hit?

I hope all of you have found a way out and that you and yours are safe.

Thankfully, I don't live anywhere close to there, and all I got from Katrina was a lot of rain and some moderately-high winds, but I'm awaiting word on the whereabouts of this guy I know down there, along with his family and friends.

I remember several years ago when I picked up this farmhand to give him a ride to a friend's place about 15 miles away from where I picked him up.

His job had been shoveling manure--which was easy to detect even without his telling me so.

I'd never met this guy before in my life and, before long, he started whining at me (complaining about everything from my driving to the topics of conversation I chose) and, otherwise, acting like a jerk.

I wondered if I should just tell him to get out and walk, but I didn't.

He finally had the sense to apologize to me, explaining that he had been shoveling manure for several hours and that the fumes had gotten to him and made him irritable.

Possibly, the backed-up sewage has gotten to some of these people in New Orleans--along with other frustrations--because several are acting like a bunch of lunatics down there and actually biting the hands of those trying to feed them (or, more specifically, shooting at those trying to rescue them).

I just read this morning that they hadn't anticipated all of the violence that would be part of evacuating New Orleans.

Now, I think that a lot of factors have contributed to this savage behavior, but are there any others here who think that the fumes (something beyond the odor) from the sewage might be one of those factors?

It certainly made this farmhand act out--and he had only been exposed to them for part of his working time and had already been out in the wide-open spaces heading towards New Castle when I gave him a lift.

It's hard to imagine what life is like in New Orleans now.

I doubt if there's anything fun about pooping down there these days.

I can't imagine this city being anywhere close to inhabitable for a very long time.

And, though I think that the fumes from sewage might play a part in this kind of unreasonable behavior, I think that the problem goes much deeper than that, but I won't get into all of that right here.

At this time, I've already peed this morning, and my bladder doesn't yet feel full. However, I'm ready for a poop at any time but have just been too busy online to go do it. I can tell this by a sort of aching fullness down there and can only imagine how wonderful it will feel to be empty again.

Most times, I sit down and it slithers out of me like a snake, but I've had some times when it seems to me as if a poop log has turned sideways to where part of it will spread my ring as far as it will go but will be too wide to pass because its length has become its width. That can be really painful.

I don't know if this is what actually happens, but that's what it feels like.

Have any of you had that sort of sensation?

How many other short-armed, heavy-set people have had those times when your arm seems too short to stretch far enough to do a sufficient job of wiping? Thankfully, this doesn't happen too often to me, but it's certainly unpleasant when it does!

AJ :o)

C in Fla
PEEING ON THE PHONE--two semi-related stories:
A mutual friend gave my phone number to a woman who lives across the country. Though we did not conclude any business, we have struck up a friendship and often talk for 3 hours or more. One of the best things we have in common is talking openly about our various bodily functions, both shared and gender-specific. Yet the first time I was desperate to pee while talking to her, I was actually modest about it and sat down in order to pee silently. Then, only a few minutes later, I heard the unmistakeable sound of her toilet flushing. When I blurted out "what was that" she laughed and said she'd been peeing and flushing almost every time we talked! Now of course I am no longer shy about it; when I have to pee I just let it rip loud and proud over our conversation. We seem to have a rythym worked out: about half the time we announce that we are going to pee, about half the time we surprise each other. Either way, we can hear the echoing in each other's voice when one of us enters their bathroom, so we know to listen for the tinkling in the backgound.
The other story: today I was in a bank for my family business; the officer who usually helps me, a very friendly 30-something woman, had me sit at her desk while she delegated the very mundane tasks I had for her to the lowly tellers who were closing up their windows. I spent the next hour and a half watching said tellers calling her for help over and over. It grew to be more than a half hour past closing time, and I was pacing back and forth as they made several calls to their legal and techincal departments trying to sort out my very simple requests; finally she came over to me, explained in depth what the (ridiculously minor) problem was, assured me yet again that the end was near, and then, with the same exasperated look that I know I had, unlocked her desk, took out her purse, and in that low voiced buddy-buddy tone said "Im just gonna run to the restroom, OK" Well it was more that OK, since I know that the restroom is behind two unused private offices that her desk backs up to, and since everyone else was ignoring my pacing, I wandered in that direction as soon as she closed the door. I then realized why she took her purse: not for any personal hygiene product, but for her cell phone! The conversation went on for about thirty seconds before her voice became very loud: "call me back with that, but give me a few minutes, I'm in the bathroom!" And the moment her phone snapped shut, an absolute geyser of pee burst forth; lasting a good forty seconds, probably loud enough to be heard at her desk. I think this is probably a regular routine for her, using the time it takes to undo her pants to sneak in a quick phone call. Hopefully, since she didn't mind telling the person she was about to pee, she will soon learn to take the next step like I have: just keep talking and let it rip!

holding it.
on average, i hold my pee for 9-10 hours a day thatns to school. has anyone held thier pee for more than a day??? i did once, i woke up and started peeing on the floor before i could get undressed, it felt sooooooo good!

Outdoor Jenny
Hello People, I wrote that story about having a poo outdoors with my friend a few days ago on our trip to a lake house in Northern Wisconsin. Well my first night back we felt as though we wanted to celebrate the end of another great summer and go out to some local bars. My friend and I wore Skirts and white tank tops out that night, little did I know the skirt would save me from an accident. When we got there we were kind of hungary so we ordered a plate of nachos to go along with our drinks. Well after a half a plate of nachos and a lot of beer, I had to have a poo real bad and my friend had to pee so we made our way to the bathrooms and all 4 stalls were full with a hefty line. I coluld hear some pretty explosive poops going on in there and i knew I couldnt hold it much longer. There was an alley outside the bar which was usually pretty secluded so my friend and I went back there to releave ourselves. We took some napkins from a table to wipe with.

I was on the verge of pooping my silk panties so I nearly ran out the door, with my friend close behind. I immediatly pealed off my panties and my skirt was short enough so when i squatted over the sewer drain in the alley there was no need to pull it up. I squatted and let loose with a wave of mushy poo followed by two really wet farts. My friend squatted over it as well and peed, when she finished she farted and a small squirt of poo came out. I dropped two more waves of poo and a few more big farts wiped and went back inside. Keep the pooping stories coming ladies!...Until next time!

New Number Two-Like many other people, I also pull my pants/underwear all the way down to my ankles when I take a crap. For me it makes it easier to perform the function as well as cleaning up. I used to get a bit embarrassed by anyone seeing my underwear, but now I don't care. I wear briefs, usually colored, and I just let them sit down there at my ankles without any worry. Maybe I like the fact that if you can see my pants and briefs completely exposed, then there is really no question that I'm taking a crap. I also don't mind using a doorless stall. Maybe I'm actually an exhibitionist!

Outdoor Jenny
Hey Everyone this is Jenny I am a senior in highschool and I live in Wisconsin. I got wind of this site and i love what its about. I really enjoy stories of women in public bathrooms and going outdoors so keep them coming ladies. I thought I would kick off my entry into the site with a little story. Me and my three girl friends went up north for a few days to my friend's lake home, it was so much fun. Except when we got there we found out the water had to be turned off for 2 days because of a contamination problem. So that meant going to the bathroom outside,I had no problem with it because I love going outside, you feel free in my opinion. I do it at home all the time but those are stories i will save for later.
My friend Mary is really shy about her bathroom activities which brings me to my story. We had just gotten back from dinner when Mary turns to me and secretly asks if I will go into the woods with her because Italian makes her poo. She wasnt so secretive because our one friend heard and tried to tell her that she has nothign to be ashamed of, I went out with her and i had built up a good one too so she wasnt alone. We found this fallen tree and i told her i couldnt wait any longer, i pulled up my skirt and panites down and sat hanging my butt over the side, finally she did the same only she had jeans on. SHe said, "I am embarrased, it will be explosive," I said, "no worries" and I let loose with two really wet farts followed by a wave of mushy poo. She just leaned over and couldnt hold it in any longer, she exploded with a massive fart and some really chunky poo. I think she loosened up after that because she said "God Jenny that felt good!" We both had explosive poos for the next ten minutes or so, we brought paper towels to wipe and for the rest of the trip we used our log for a potty.
Well thats my first story, tell me what ya think and ladies if you have similar stories please share. Bye BYe!

Dear Nataliya - interesting story. I have a similar story although I am not an opera singer at all, but it was strictly connected to an opera event. We were recently in Salzburg because my husband is working for a company that sponsors the prestigious Salzburg Opera Festival, and we were invited for a very important opera performance. I know that I have a very small bladder and therefore have to go to the toilet very often, usually every hour, and therefore I normally refrain from dringking anything, even water, before entering a show or performance from which you don't know when you can come out. However on this day it was very hot and already in the afternoon I drank liters of water. Before going to the performance I made sure to go to the toilet and pee out as soon as I could, but it was useless because my bladder filled and filled again. And to make the things worse, we were obliged to go to a party before the performance and drink a lot of champaign with business partners of my husband. I was completely desperate as I knew I would be about to burst soon. Therefore I used the last chance to go to the toilet before the performance, had a very long pee and hopet to be fine during the long opera performance. It was a great mistake! Already a few minutes later right after the start of the performance I felt a very strong urge to go again! With every minute my urge became stronger and stronger. First I was sure that it would become better as I knew that I had just been to the toilet and my bladder would calm down, but it didn't. Obviously it was too much excited with all that champaign and my exitement to see the opera.. However, the pain in my abdomen reached a certain level when I knew I had just a choice: to hurry out to the toilet, otherwise I would definitively wet myself here and now! Imagine my desperation as it was middle in the performance, I finally realised that I wouldn' t make it anymore until the next intermission, and all aroung me were important business partners of my husband! I was sure: better to get out than wet myself in this circle! I took my utmost strength, whispered to my husband that I just simply could't stand anymore without going to a toilet, and made my way. It was very awkward cause I had to cross over some people to get out of the hall. When I was out I ran to the toilet as soon as I could - however it was very difficult as I had a long evening dress on. I entered the toilet, quickliy ripped off my long dress and lowered everything (panties, pantyhose) and in this very moment everything but really everything splashed out of me into the toilet. I cannot describe that relief and I felt - like Nataliya - that it was the very longest pee ever in my life. It was as if tons of water came out of me.. Finally I was done but had no courage to go back to the performance during it. Good so because I had to go once more very urgently before there was a break. My husband was very concerned about me I told him it was just the pressure so it was ok. The second half I made but after the end of the performance I had to go very urgently. So next time I have to be really most careful with champaign, as it makes a terrible urge in your bladder!!

happy one
i love to take a dump after school. but i always poop small turds and mushy shit. but something have changed. since the week begun I have poop quite big things but today it was excellent for being me:) I sat down on the toilet and started to push. It always take about 10-15min for me to be done. So after a couple of minutes my first turd started to come out, it was hard and came out slowly. after a few minutes more of pushing it splashed into the water. I continued and after a few more minutes i had pushed the other one out, before i wiped i checked my turds. the first one was 6inch long and 2inch wide. and the other was 5inch long and 2-3inches wide. it didn't smell anything and i only had to wipe once. the shit had made some seriously shitmarks at the bottom of the toilet though:)

Mr. Clogs
I would like to repsond to the question when the plumbing goes bad in the house, apartment etc. Since I still live at home, my way of releif was finding some kind of container for relief (usually to pee in.) If I had to poop, maybe I go downstairs to my grandparents house to use their toilet. It sucks in way when you have to hurry up, especially if everyone else needs to use it! Just thought I chime in on that question.

Hi i've been lurking for quite a while but i now have a story....

So i was at my prom and i had on this really pretty light blue dress that was a little longer than my knees and i look really cute and everything. So the night finally came i was so excited that all day i only drank water...So i got there and me and my friends where all dancing and having a great time...So about 15 minutes after i got there I started having to pee a little but i held it. So about and 20 minutes later I reaaallly had to go and decided to run to the bathroom i was almost holding myself! But then this really hot guy aske dme to dance to i did and i was really desperate though! After i danced with him he invited me to go outside with him ((HOW COULD I SAY NO!?)) but anyway I was so glad that atleast it was dark outside so when we got outside I kept grabbing my self but it wasnt easy becuase i had a dress on. So our prom was but the beach so we climbed onto the lifegaurd stand to talk. Wel climbing didnt help and i could feel gushes of hot pee trying to come out. No i grabbed my crotch hard and sat down holding my self. I looked atthe guy ((TOM)) and noticed him squirming. Im like um u ok? He was like uh yea im fine. I was sooo desperate I was sticking my hand up my dress and stuffing my hand up my crotch! So we where talking and he offered to go get us drinks ok i said. As i watched him go inside I jumped down and tried to undo my dress my hands where fumbling with the zipper i couldnt undo it and i could feel a hot gush of pee come out I grabbed my self and started to cry! Bye then I saw he start walking toward me! When he got there Pee had started running down my legs I was soo emmbarressed! He looked at me and smiled and quickly explained that he just almost peed his pants and showed me a big wetspot on his pants! I was still struggling so he helped me walk up the beach and get to a porta potty since it was closest. I was so grateful and he even unzipped my dress and i rushed inside and as soon as i pulled down my panties a loud stream of pee rushed into the toilet My panties where soaked but i felt so relieved! When I was done Tom was still waiting outside I hugged him and he even kissed my cheek. He's my boyfriend now but i'll always remeber the way we met LOL!

XOXO Love Miya

Mr.Clogs: They were normal panties.. was having my period when this experience happened. ;) I'll be sure to try it in a thong soon though!

becky-i guess u could...well i know the symptoms so i'll tell you them:
*you have a weak stream when you pee
*you don't make it to th br at least twice a day
sorry there are more but i can't rmember them.

Mr. Clogs
To Emogirl, Sadie, and to all of those who post here who are interested in pee stories especially from the fellas. Well, I'm a male age 25, I'll pleade the 5th on the question of race 5'9", on the chubby side, but you wouldn't think that because I wear a lot loose fitting clothing that covers up LOL. Well I got a quick pee post to share, so this one I dedicate this one to ya'll!

Last night needing to pee, I was tired of running to the toilet for relief, so I got out my container that I use to pee in at night from the dresser drawer (that's my hiding place). With the lid tucked under my arm, I believe it was the right one, with the right hand holding the container and my left holding my thing (the woody) so I could aim into the container and proceed to pee into the container. Pheww...I felt so much better! So I filled the container about 1/4 full, put the lid back on the container, and place the container undeer my bed and went back to sleep.

Now for this morning, I was really feeling desperate! So I woke up in dire need of a health morning pee. Instead of using the toilet, since I had some room to pee in the container, I decide to take my morning pee into the container. So I did pretty much the same filling the container 1/2 way to be exact (bear in mind this is a 2 litre container)! Then I dumped the piss filled container in the toilet. Took my morning dump (trying to stay on topic), brushed my teeth and had some coffee to prepare for round 2! Well I hope ya'll enjoyed my post, yeah I do love pee posts on this site especially from the ladies, and those involving going in places other than the toilet. Please we need more posts about going to the bathroom (peeing/pooping) in containers.

Venus and MIke: Hope ya'll doing ok, miss your post, come back sometime!

Well got to go, take care.--Mr. Clogs

Emogirl, and the last post reminded me of my outdoor shitting experiences.
As a lad I was in the scouts and went away for a bush camp for the first time. That evening I wanted to do #2 real bad but was too shy (or stupid) to let it loose outdoors. Anyway the urge went and did not return till I got home to the safety of my own toilet. Some weeks later went camping again and that afternoon one of the fellas said he had to shit, did anybody have some paper? He got some newspaper and went off and reported back as to the results. I thought if he can do it so can I and furthermore I would feel much more comfortable if I did. I only went on a few more camps and each time attempted a bowel movement but not much of an urge and only passed a little.
When I was 16 went to work on a new house up the coast in a suburban location. There was no connected plumbing and the dunny was a can against a back yard fence with a couple of sheets of corrugated iron around it to offer privacy...the BIG problem was the can was almost to the brim with shit! Even I could not use the thing...fortunately the house backed onto a national park so every morning I would go for a "jog" through the bush and drop my pants somewhere quiet and back one out. In those days my bowels were regular and fast and easy.
A few years later did a couple of trips around Australia, where there were no toilets and sometimes no trees to hide behind.. still had no trouble pushing them out. I found it very liberating and easy and healthy.
Some time later went camping with a friend and his girl friend... she was quite constipated when she left and the next morning wanted to go real bad but would not go outdoors...we both tried to talk her into going but she would not. Later that morning we walked past some public toilets and she was in there forever (which I can fully understand). Late that afternoon we pitched tent in another location (remote bush) and then P (the girlfriend) walked into the bush with a roll of tp and a hand shovel...well done...saw the light at last!
Some years later my own girlfriend would not poo outdoors but one day she did... and in the back yard. She arrived home, desperate and without the keys. A part of the back yard was private and she went there. I would never have known about it except I was about to clear the scrub and she told me what she had done.
THE NEW NUMBER TWO: In the mens` room I think all drop their undies to their ankles... I cannot see what is so embarrasing about undies?

Johnny Half-Pint
To whoever mentioned going to the toilet while on the phone: YES! I do that all the time, both answering and ringing out -- at least if it's only Little Business and the person on the end of the phone is a good friend. I only need one hand to hold my phone to my ear ..... I use the other hand to aim at the porcelain so as not to make too much noise. I do not like the thought of talking on the phone while doing Big Business. Even if I put the seat down and wore my handsfree, I think I would still make too many noises I would not want to hear if I was on the other end ..... as well as having to interrupt the flow of the conversation.

The funny thing is, I can hold a conversation on the phone while piddling with absolutely no problem. But if the person I'm talking to is actually in the room, or even outside the room with the door closed, I get "Stage Fright" and my bladder absolutely refuses to co-operate. {I blame all this on a hysterical lecture I received, about 30 years ago, from a nosey neighbour who caught me piddling outside, and told me it was filthy and disgusting and I was a pervert who would go to hell. I realise she was well out of order, I was just four years old and enjoying myself, but it doesn't make it any better. The psychological scars run very deep.}

Still, now my friend Helen {who is very open about her bathroom habits; she used to live on the road} is living with me, all this might change and I might lose the stage fright for good ..... I hope so really.


Today was day 6 of constipation, after a 5 day stretch before that and a 4 day stretch before that. I finally relented and bought an enema kit and it cleared me out pretty quickly. I can see I'm not digesting things properly, and not just your run-of-the-mill corn-filled poop. It started brown and toward the end I was shitting nearly black. My stomach is sore from straining, and not I'm crapping out yellowish mucus and farting the most godawful sulphurous stenches.

When I get like this I worry....will I end up eventually dying of colon problems? :(

1. What is your age? 26.
2. What is your height and weight? I never bother to find out
3. What kind of underwear do you wear? Panties
4. Do you ever have skid marks in your underwear? Rarely
5. Are you open about taking a crap in a public bathroom? When its the only option
6. If yes to question 5, are you open about farting on the toilet when others are in the bathroom? Sure, if I've got to.
7. Do your farts usually smell? Mostly
8. Do you ever fart in your bed before your wake up? O don't understand
9. How often do you get diarrhea? Odd times
10. Describe your usual dump IN DETAIL! PERVERT!

Desperate to poop
Hi all,

I just had a big buddie dump with girlfriend. We had both been out for a curry and later on in the evening we both shot up needing the toilet at the same time. As we were both to let go with a large load we did the only thing possible and used the toilet together back to back. Mine was particulary soft serve. My Girlfriends was more solid and quite big infact it slightly tickled my bum on the way down. We were both on for at least half an hour and the place reeked afterwards. We both shared a shower afterwards to clean ourselves.

Happy pooping all.

Hi Everyone - This is my first post but I have been lurking for about 12 months. I will tell you a bit about myself first. I am a Scot by birth but live close to London. I am 26, 5ft 4in tall, with a petite but rounded figure. My bottom is more rounded than my top. I have long reddish blond hair. I work as an air stewardess for a major UK airline. I have always been interested in all aspects of pooping. I love the feeling of going myself, I love watching my boyfriend go and letting him watch me, and I like hearing my girl colleagues and friends go. I don't know why but I just do.

I have always been lucky to be regular. I go every day, and very occasionally twice a day. My usual time is about 1 to 2 hours after I get up. At this time, I can sit down and the poo flows easily and satisfyingly from my bottom. Doing the job that I do means a lot of early starts. Until recently, I worked on European flights on the 737 fleet. Most days I would be on a flight to somewhere in Europe out at about 7am - the business flights. This would mean that I would get up at about 4 - 4.30am, get showered and dressed and be at the airport by 6 at the latest. After signing in, my first job would be to head for the staff toilets for my daily dump. The toilets would be busy at this time and more often than not one or more of my colleagues were in there emptying their bowels, prior to flying. Because of this we would be very open about it. Quite often I would say to a friend that I was going to the loo and they would say they needed to go too and we would go together. We would chat, strain and plop together without any embarrassment. Over the years I suspect that I have heard most of most close colleagues go. Everybody's bowel movements seem different from some really soft rapid plops to loud single plops to big kerplonks. I love to listen any try to guess who it is if I do not see them go in. I am very often correct! My own bowel movement is usually easy - I sit and push gently, I often get a soft hissing then about 6 loud plops. Each bit is 3 or 4 inches long, dark brown, and fairly hard but not particularly wide. I am usually finished in about 3 minutes. That is one thing we all seem to have in common - there is not enough time to have long 10 or 15 minute movements. So most days that was my routine - if for any reason I did not have time to go or couldn't go, I held onto it until I got to the turn around at the destination airport. Once the cleaners had been through the plane I would then have my, by then very urgent, shit in the plane toilet before the next load of passengers boarded. A number of other girls had this routine as well.

This all worked well until recently, when I opted to be re-trained for the 777 fleet to do long haul. The hours and time differences have played havoc with my regularity. After all what is regular if you gain and loose 10 hours in the course of a week or so. I find myself always needing to go mid-shift on the plane, with passengers on board. This is not ideal and I try to go when the passengers are asleep, but I am sure they notice that I am in there for more than a wee length. I share this problem with many of the other girls, although some seem to be able to manage their systems perfectly. One girl I work with has never shitted on a plane with passengers on, and has trained herself to always need to go as soon as she reaches the hotel. How cool is that - work a shift, book in and have a massive dump!

I have got lots of stories about my poos, shared experiences with my colleagues and buddy dumping with my boyfriend. If you are interested I will tell you. Now I am away in hotels a lot what I would really like to do is to find a colleague or colleagues who share my interest and would share a poo with me. Although I have heard lots of them poo, and we talk openly about it, I have never been in the room with one whilst they are going. I would also love them to enjoy me going.

I will post with some more experiences soon. Please respond. Love from now irregular Fiona XXX

albert H.
hello. i havent been posting yet.. so this is my first one, so i try to make it the most interesting as i can... but i should say something about us, im 23 right now, 5"7.5, sort of slim, black hair, and have a girlfriend named jenny.. she's 22 as well, slim, 5"4.5, and have blonde hair..

this story happened about 2 years ago when we were both 20... me and my girlfriend, jenny, were going out on a date at 7:30pm, so we decided to go out to grab a bite to eat... we went to this mexican place and she ate more than i did.. i think she ate like, over 3 tacos, 2 burritos, and a bowl of chilli... i only ate a burrito and 2 tacos...

after we got out of the mexican place, i think it was over 9:30pm when were finished.... since it was kind of late, i just tooked her back to her apartment. but its around 30minutes from the mexican place.. and after 5 minutes, she said that she thinks her stomach is starting to feel painful... she told me that she was constipated for a few days, and she thinks that it could come out pretty soon... so she told me to hurry it up and get to her place... about half way, she said to hurry it up more because she told me that her poop is starting to come out of her butt....

after we got there, she tooked my hand and ran while she was taking me along with me. so since she was very desperate right now, she told me to hurry up and unlock the door for her.... so i quickly did it, and she just burst in there to the washroom... but right before she got to the washroom, she just pulled down her pants and underwear and just start to just rip it there onto the floor.....

it kept coming out for 2 minutes..... she said that it was soooooo relaxful... it was kind of hard like usual.... after that i helped her cleaned up the place and try to make the rest of the night good....

Friday, September 02, 2005

When your plumbing in your house, apartment, at work, school, ect. How did you, and what thing and/or find relief from the incoveinence?

I live in an appartment building.
Inside the bilding at the center near the stair well, there is a big shaft that goes through all the floors upside down for ventilating the restrooms. Each restroom has a window opend to the shaft. Most of the times these windows are shut because you can view everything that happens in the restrooms of the lower floors if your are standing at the top of the stairs.

There is an old couple that lives at one of the appartments of the 1st floor. The husband is very ill so they took a nurse to take care of him 24/7. She's young brunette at her late 20's and looks very nice.

Yesterday on the way down I noticed one of the these bathroom windows open, and the light turns on. The hot nurse enters the toilet!! I stood still on the stairs paying that she doesn't notice and close the window. She didn't. She was too busy untying her gown and undoing her pants and removing her panties, putting everything away so it doesn't touch the bowl. After she was done, she hovered over the bowl and released a hard and thick stream of pee. Her stream flew backward diagonally directly to the center of the stall and hit the water...
When she was done, she stood up and wiped... Then suddenly gave a deeper squat over the toilet. Few nuggets of hard poo fell plopped from her butt to the water...She stood up again waited couple of seconds.. then with her hands spread her butt cheecks as wide as she could... She gave another deep squat over the toilet while spreading her butt...Then she stood up a little bit..then deep squatted again.. She repeated it 3-4 times, until suddenly the head of huge turd emerged out of her butt. She stopped pushing, stood up a little bit rolled some TP and dropped it to the water. Right after she gave another deep squat and released the rest of the monster... It was a 1footer 2inch wide turd, and smooth. It was dark at the beginning but lighter brown at the end of it... She wiped twice, (checking each time that the paper is clean) flushed the water and dressed up....

Sadie: I agree. Pee stories are better and more of them are needed. Especially from the males.

When the plumbing in my house was broken and I couldn't use it, thank god I was home alone at the time and I could just go wherever. I peed into the sink whenever I needed to and I went outside to poop. It felt good because it was the first time that I ever had to poop outside and it was cool because I could hear my neighbour next door doing what sounded like the same thing. (I live in a townhouse so normally when one plumbing gets messed up the other ones do too.) It was such a turn on to take a crap right on the other side of the fence from a really hot guy when he didn't even know I was there.

The New Number Two
Hi all!

Just to clarify a few things:

I've heard mentioned in several posts the the rectum of a woman is actually larger than a mans, which means they can do larger bowel movements. Surely this can't be right? I know that women have larger pelvis' than men (babies etc) and slightly different plumbing but this doesn't extend to the size of their rectums?

I've noticed in many posts that some people, both men and women, pull their pants etc, down to their ankles, even in public. Wouldn't you get embarassed about people seeing your underwear? Wouldn't it be easier to just pull them down to the thighs or knees?

Opinions anyone?

New Number Two

to knd: yes i pooped in my underwear and then threw them out, it was pretty cool.

i have another story for you guys.
one time when i was in jr. high there was this cute girl in my class. she had just transfered from another school and became popular real soon. well, one time in class she was talking to her friends about one time when she almost had an accident at the laundrymat. here`s the story...

i had went to the laundrymat to wash some cloths and felt that i had to pee. the laundrymat didn`t have a bathroom so i had to wait. my cloths took forever and soon i was dying to pee. i had no where to go so i just went to an empty room, pulled down my pants and went on the floor. i had nothing to wipe with so i just used a sock i saw lying on the ground and went about my business.

thats the story. a couple months after she told the story she tansfered again, but its still freash in my mind. there were times when i was desperate to pee and had to go some place other than a bathroom. did anyone here even have situations similar. if so, post them. thanks.

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