Mr. Clogs
Hi everybody, got a pee post to share so here goes. Yesterday () I was out and about, hangin' out with some aquaintances, trying to get work and stuff. I was playing the "holding game" again yesterday because I was at an agency filling out a job applications and taking a skills test on the computer. Man did I ever had to pee soooooooo badly, to the point were I was about to wet myself in a suit no less! So I asked to excuse myself so I could go to relieve myself. So I told the lady giving the test if they they bathrooms. She told me that there is bathrooms in the cafeteria. So I walked over by the cafeteria to find the men's room. I quickly undid my bel, pants and zipper at the urinal and proceeded to pee a very harty pee. I felt sooo much better, and I zipped up my pants and rebucked my belt, washed my hands and went back to the agency to finish up the test.

The other time I had to hold it in again was I went by the college to visit some aquantences (pardon me on the spelling!) to say hello and to hand out a little. Then it got a little warm outside which made things ok. Occassionally the urges would come and go, but I kept ignoring them. I was afraid to even drink anything because it make my urge to go even more. So I got home, and bam it hit me! So I was holding back the urine so I won't wet myself while getting out of my suit. So I had my container that I had some pee in from a couple of days ago and I had some more room to put some more pee into it. So I said what the heck, why not finish filling the container! So I knelt down while holding the container in my hand and holding the "woody" with the other hand so I pee into it. I peed out a nice hot golden stream into the container mixing with the pee I had done the night before and from Saturday night's pee. So I filled the container 3/4 full! I was amazed how long I held that pee in, considering I haven't gone since this morning! I guess I held that one in, oh well! So I guess us guys out here if we really try hard can hold it as long as the girls out here that do the same thing.

Hottie: Hi, great post of wetting your panties in the tub. WOW, you must of held it in for a long time, that's amazing!

Sadie: That was pretty daring of you to go ouside, hope no one was watching!?

cheryl: Hey nice post about the using the the picnic pavillion restroom faciliy. Was that place at least clean to use, because usually those places are not always cleaned well, you know what I'm talking about some stale urine odor in the air. As always, great posts. Thanks.

HisLilPeeMonster: Thanks for responding back, I felt so sorry that you have to toss away your favorite panties. I'm curious about going in your panties, where those panties thongs or regular style panties, meaning other than thongs? There are so many container's to choose from, you should definately scout them out to find out which one works for you, it may come in handy someday, keep me posted when you get the nerve to try it.

Well folks, I'm signing off for another day, I'll check back later, hope everyone is doing well, my sympathy goes out to those who were effected by hurricane Katrina. Take care.

Mr. Clogs

I am testing myself to see how long I can hold my pee. I will not piss until I cannot wait another second, ill post lata 4 my results

Shy Teen
This is an unfortunate story of a little boy who was embarrased for life. This is also my first time posting here.

A long time ago in elementary school, i was in the third grade and one day, i felt i that i had to go to the restroom. My stomach began to lurch and this was new to me, because prior to this event i don't ever remember actually "going" in one of the school restrooms. I'd always wait till i got home to take care of business, or it just seemed that way. I'd occasionally go into the restrooms to hang out with friends sometimes, but never actually went in the stalls to use the restroom. But this day was different.

I felt the pressure in my stomach, and since i was so little, i wasn't able to hold it in long, i hadn't developed that ability yet. So i slowly walked into one of the restrooms. I don't know why, but i felt really nervous going in there. I was all by myself and i wasn't exactly sure how this was gonna work in the public school restroom. I entered on of the stalls and closed the door. Everything seemed normal, it was all quiet and i was getting by just fine, making as little noise as possible. But then, things went from becoming nervous to worse.

The door in front of me flung open; apparently i had either forgotten to lock it or the lock was broken. In front of me were five African American GIRLS!! They were laughing and pointing at me. I was so mortified that in a desperate attempt to stop their teasing laughter, i tried to shut the door without removing my butt from the stall. It would've been a lot easier had i not been still taking a dump. I did try to close the door, but the pushed back and held it open. It was futile. They laughed on at me and i was in panic; my only thought was to just close the door and hope that maybe i can lock it and they'd go away! I wasn't thinking that i had accidentally stepped into the girls restroom, or that the girls were there in front of me. I knew they were there, but i didn't want to think about it at the moment, cause all i wanted to do was close that door.

It was painfully embarassing and desperately repetitive. My sad attempts filled me with soooo much shame.

At last, they let go and decided to leave. I heard them exit the bathroom. I quickly locked the door and continued what i was doing. i wasn't even sure whether the bell for the next class had already rung. I tried to finish, wiping and all, but my heart was filled with the intense fear that they might come back. After the longest wipe i had ever taken in history (due to being cautiously ready for their return). I exited the stall, checked around the bathroom, and no one was there.

I exited the restroom with my head down in huge embarassment and shame. i didn't even want to look at the restroom i had walked into, fearing that it was the girls restroom. Back then, i figured it was just the boys restroom and some girls went in to mess with me. I never saw those girls ever again, but ever since that day i was always afraid of going inside ANY public restroom for ANYthing. Even now, it just feels way too weird to take a dump in a public stall, and i try to do minimize that possibility myself by holding my dumps or whizzes for later. In any stall i'm in, even though i may feel safer or know better, i have never lived down the events that took place that day, and i've never told anyone what happened for the longest time either, and that memory makes it uncomfortable in any public restroom stall.

That is my story. Thank you for listening. Hope to post again with more joyful experiences.

There's a female poop scene in the movie "Prison A-Go-Go," which is a parody on all those awful B-grade "women in prison" movies. Before she goes to prison, the beautiful protagonist is shown pooping in the bathroom while her sister is kidnapped by mad scientists. Although there is an ugly girl that farts occasionally throughout the movie, the aforementioned scene is the only potty reference (there aren't even toilets in the prison cells [?]). The movie's actually kind of funny and before it's over, it has dealt with just about every bizarre fetish under the sun. Just wish there would have been more bathroom scenes.

Yesterday I had a coughing fit, or more correctly I had a "coughing shit!"
I had not gone the day before, and I had asthma and lots and lots of gross phlegm. I woke up, sat on the pot and passed a hard plug of poo, and a little more, wipped my bottom, showered and headed to work at a customers workplace. During the day I was coughing and gasping, and coughing low down in my abdomen. I could feel I was loosing control of my hole when I really coughed and I thing ther might have been a bit of poo sliding in and out. I realy needed to bring up phlegm and was scared of doing it in my pants. I went to the toilets (which were deserted, except for me) and decided that it would be wiser to do my coughing on the toilet. I dropped my pants and then underpants (they were my partners which I took because we were behind in the washing) and noticed a little shit mark on them. I sat on the toilet for a good cough deep down and as I did it the force of the coughing produced the sounds plop, plop, plop I did quite a poo without any effort and just allowed the coughing to do the job. I had a nice warm sensation around the ring, the results of last nights dinner which involved a bit of chilli.
TO YVONNE: You have to poo when you need to poo....keep up what you are doing and you will end up with real problems. If you have a laundry, what about a chemical toilet, they can be purchased at camping stores and it may take the pressure off the bathroom... as for school just give it a go. I get power from shitting in public toilets, it shows that you are not scared. Also if you want to poo and can not them are you concentrating on your lessons?
TO NATALIYA: Just let it all out, you were the smart one by drinking plenty of water and your boyfriend should do the same for the sake of his health...and he will be looking for a toilet with you. Those that poo and wee regularly are healthier.. I am glad he was kind about it, but then it could be him!

Have to delurk for a moment to welcome a couple of new guests--

Natalyia--great recount of the longest pee you ever took. I bet you were amazed that you were going so long without running dry. Even more amazed, perhaps, is the lady whom was out-peed by your enormous output. I wonder what she was thinking, or even if she went home and told her friends/family about "the girl who just wouldn't quit peeing" at the rest area. Thanks again for sharing.

Erika--warmest welcome to one who possesses a large bladder but nevertheless is constantly outlasted by the bladder enormity of your roommate. You sound like the Kris/Megan/Lexi's of yesteryear (large bladdered ladies whom seldom post here any longer, though of course are encouraged to prove me wrong). Congrats on your ever increasing organ, and please keep us informed of any stories or anecdotes you may have in the restroom. Perhaps your big-bladdered roommate might recall some embarrassing moments or overheard comments brought on by her never-ending pee stream? At any rate, thank you for posting...looking forward to reading more.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

yesterday I woke up during the night and kind of had a stomach ache, i walked to the bathroom and pulled down my pj pants and plopped my butt on the toilet, it felt like the poop was coming but it wasnt, so i relaxed and lied back then a nice smooth short log slid out, and then i felt really nauses, I crossed my arms and bent forward a bit, a tiny bit of gushy poop came out but not alot, then some more cam out 4 minutes later, and i stayed on the toilet for a bit longer but nothing else happened so i went back to bed with a nauses stomach ache, thankfully i fell asleep and it was better in the morning!

I just started back to school. I needed to have a bowel movement as soon as first period. I was afraid to ask to go so I held it in. As the day progressed I had to go more and more. I sat on my foot while sitting in my seat to keep from having an accident. After lunch I really had to go so I went into the girl's restroom. It stank and there were girls inside already so I was resolved not to go. I held it in all day. Sometimes my butt ring would open up and my bowels would start to move. I had to suck it back in and it would press right back out. I could feel a large, hard one inside of me dying to come out. I didn't have much gas just the real thing. On the bus ride home I had to go so bad. The front end of my bowel movement came out of my butt hole, slid between my buttocks and pressed against my panties while I sat squirming in my seat. When I got up to leave 100 inches broke off into my panties. I rushed home and into the bathroom. The part that broke off was a round hard ball. It did stain my panties however. I sat on the toilet with my panties on and the funny thing is I had a hard time going. My bowel movement kept coming in and out stretching my butt ring open too wide and it hurt. Finally with one big push my bowel movement squeezed out of my butt ring and fell into the toilet with a NUUUUUUUUUUUUUH. It hurt to come out and I could see why. It was massive. I mean it was thick and long 20X10 inches. It also clogged up our toilet. Is this normal for a skinny otherwise petite girl? I hope I don't have to go at school very much often. Does this happen to other girls?

im a long time lurker and a first time poster :D

So right
i am that kinda girl whos really nice on the outside but really naughty on the inside...So i pretty much go on anything but a tiolet(if its an emergency i'll go)But i like to find differnet things to poop and or pee in but if i cant ill always shit and or piss myself right on the spot....none knew of this side of me.until now...
#1:one day i wanted to see how long i could hold my urine in so i decided to go as long as i could without peeing(duh)so i peed at 12:00am
sharp and went to day...i awoke needing to pee bad but it didnt stop me...i went 8 6(counting sleep)without peeing..
i swore i was gonna bust...but i managed till i got home...i quickly rushed to the bathtub with my panties still on and i stood still,i let the urine flow...and let me just felt SO GOOD...the pain was was just pure pleasure.....the urine shot against my panties filling them while treks would shoot out and gently and smoothly run down my legs into the drain,the sight was absoultely beautiful..seeing my red panties soaked blacked while the pee continued to flow....after 4mins. of non stop urine my bladder was panties soaked...

my first story,yay!i hoped yall liked it!

Hey, all. I have a story about peeing. I think there should be more pee stories. Anyway....

I was 11 at the time, my last year in elementary school. I was hoping for a relaxing Saturday before the last week of school. I was home alone, my parents were out of town with my brother. Anyway, I was watching my old baby videos for a few laughes. I was halfway through the 14th one, when the worst urge to pee hit me. I grabbed my crotch and ran upstairs to the bathroom after shutting off the TV. But as I gazed at the toilet, I decided that it was way too boring. So I darted out into my backyard. Finding nothing, I ran out in my front yard, and, spotting a perfect little corner where no one could see me. I got a better grip on my crotch so I wouldn't piss myself before I got over there, and darted to the cute little hovel. I thought about doing it right out in the open, but knew my mom would kill me if she heard, so I just started fiddling with the catch on my pants. Finally getting it open, I pulled my pants and panties off before squatting and letting out all that lemonade and water. It felt so good, I couldn't help but moan a bit. When I was done, after about 12-15 minutes (I pooped too) I stood up and wiped with the toilet paper i had brought with me. I couldn't help but look back at my mess. A giant puddle, which made me need to go again, but I held it in hopes of another scene like this later, maybe at night. I have never done anything like tis before, I felt so naughty! Anyway, I stand by what I said before, more pee stories, be them pissing yourself, or just weird places you went, I wanta see them!



content guy
Hey y'all so one day i'm at my girl friend's house who is 17 like me. We were doing something then she said 'i gotta go to the bathroom...i'll be right back.' She went into the bathroom and close the door. I sneakily followed and stood outside the door. Immediatly i heard one those loud airy farts, then a little trickle of pee. Then, two quieter wet farts. I heard a big plop then a smaller plop 5 seconds later. Then about 15 seconds later a third plop followed. I heard a flush and at this point i left and went bakc to the living room. She came then and i jokingly said i missed you and she said 'sorry but i had to poop' ;)

I was at a friend's house the other day, and we got into a very interesting conversation. There were about 9 of us there and one of my friends was telling us about when she was at the beach the day before. She said she was lying on the beach tanning and she peed herself all over the sand. I wish I was there to see it, because she is a fairly attractive asian girl and it would have been awesome especially in the middle of a crowded beach. That same conversation continued to almost everyone telling stories about having accidents.

The longest pee I´ve ever had..
Hi I am Nataliya 25 years old slim with short black hair came to this site by random I have a story for you I come from Ukraine and I am trained as a professional model and opera singer I live in Vienna since three years and that time I had a new boyfriend he was very enthousiasic with me he was a business person I had to go to some audition to another major city in Europe he offered me to take me with his car he had to do there anyway I didn´t know that the trip would take so long I drank a lot of water ond coffee in the car during the journey I thought the trip would take just six hours mistake but we went on and on and on finally we stopped to take fuel but I am a very shy I was too afraid of going to the toilet although I should have done that I thought that my boyfriend should go to the toilet some time but he didn´t my situation became more and more unconfortable after six hours I felt a strong urge to go to the toilet it became worse and worse and after one more hour it was just impossible. I felt my bladder aching I was in pain and I tried all my best not to wet myself so strong was the pressure on my bladder. Never in my life I was on such a long journey in a car without possible to going to the toilet. Finally the pressure on my bladder became unbearable. I asked my boyfriend how long it would take until our final destination. He mentioned about an hour. I was in real pain. I tried to hold in. All the water and coffee I had drunk during the trip seemed to want to come out of me right now. I couldn´t. I had the strongest pressure of my abdomen as I ever felt in my life. A little later came the moment that I knew I couldn´t make it any longer otherwise I would wet myself. I had no other choice than whisper to my boyfriend that he would have to look for a parking lot or something else because I really needed a toilet. Fortunately we were just before a rest stop. My boyfriend pulled over I jumped out of the car ran as quickly as I could to the toilet through the shop just entered, lowered my jeans, panties and pantyhose and then let it flow. It was really the longest pee in my life. I didnt count but if splashed out of mee like a waterfall. I couldn´t do anything but just to sit there and this came out of me. I was still doing when I heard another girl came into the next available toilet. She peed, flushed but I was still peeing with full force. I didn´t count but it must have been 5 minutes peeing nonstop. I was ok but still some drops came out of me. I couldn´t even believe so much water could come out of me as it came. Finally I also had bad nasty diarreah because I think my nerves were hampered from so much travelling. It couldn´t be another reason as I hadn´t eaten anything during the whole day. The terrible nerves! It just splashed everything in the toilet. I was really dead. Never have been in a situation like that. Finally was able to go back to my boyfriend. He was very understanding with me and told me that I should have told before that I would need to go to a toilet. He told me that he has a long experience for trans-European driving and will never go to the toilet on a 12 hours drive. OK but he doesn´t drink when driving, not even water! Then we were about to reach our destination when I began to be desperate again. Obviously I drank such an amount of liquid that I would have to go to the toilet again. However I could hold it in until we reached our hotel. I wanted to rush for the toilet whereas my boyfriend told me that we would go to our room as he had already completed check-in. Finally we got to our room but I was mortified as I had to tell him I needed to go back to the toilet. He told no problem I rushed in but the problem was that again I had to pee very urgently and a large amount, and I was sure my boyfriend could listen this I have never done it when a boyfriend could listen, even from outside. Unfortunately I had some more diarreah too, but afterwards I was ok. I finished and it was no problem. We had a good time then. And I learned out of this problem: But on the way back again: I had to pee desperately then we stopped at a rest stop I did this and then again had some diarreah. Afterwards I was ok. Obviously I was not made for travelling. Did any other girl have a similar situation?

hey , yeah I know, have not been here in a bit. anyway , here's one from last week and one from sat. the week before [in parentheses] last week I was out riding my bike around this old gravel pit which has miles of bike trails, and yes, if I had to bad enough, could of just dropped the old shorts and squatted and peed , but did not have to, yet! anyway, os after riding back out to the highway and down this dirt road , I get onto this paved road and wham, " gotta pee!" well just up the hill is the town park[ the old one] and yeah, in the back by the picnic pavillion they have this little "family bathroom" which is always open during the day anyway[they now lock it at night and this I discovered by trial and error and well, that night ended up needing to pee so badly, I just walked behind the pavillion and quickly dropped the bike shorts, squatted low and left the hugest puddle of urine you ever saw! possibly 1.5 liters plus I bet LOL]anyway, so I get here and quick as I could, locked and left the bike outside. opening door I walked in and then locking it, I saw the seat down and looked at that nice clean, flushed toilet with the water directly in the center filling about 2/3 of the bowl and was thinking "TIME TO TINKLE, HONEY!" and tinkle I did all right, after of course, struggling to get those bike tights[ shorts] down! with my shorts down to my ankles almost, I sat down on that worn seat with my legs open and soon began to hear that distinct sound of myself "going to the ladies room" and allowing my desperately needed relatively large quanity of urine to emerge from my labia's folds and of course; splash pretty much straight downward into that toilet bowl's water and for the next minute; make quite a racket as that little bathroom echoed with the sound of myself PIDDLING into the bowl and quickly turning the water all yellow and bubbly. then it pretty much stopped, but of course, resumed as another good half-minute of pee came piddling out in bursts alternating between fast and wide, and yeah, slow and splashy;landing mostly into the water but also up against the dry front "landing" on the inside of that bowl and leaving little droplets of yellow pee. meanwhile, I was slowly unraveling some toilet paper off the holder to my right and taking it; clutched it between my hot looking blue fingernails. I stopped, but of course, sat for maybe 10 secs and sure enough, just a little more pee which came out in probably 5-6 little yellow blasts; all of which landed into the water completely and finally, after two mins almost, my poor lil' flabby twat was finished "going to the ladies room" and yes, ready to be wiped! LMAO and so I wiped, front first and then, as I stood up, from the back as well; dropping the paper into the bowl. while pulling up my bike shorts , I looked at that bowl's water now all golden yellow from all my pee with just a couple small circles of "pee scuzzies" floating on the surface and thought to myself, " there goes all that 3 calorie raspberry crystal light, cher!" turning around and now facing the toilet, I took my left hand and flushed all that messy pee and watched as the bowl refilled with clean water before going over to wash my hands before unlocking the door and walking out. * NEXT*


I believe Emogirl when she says that she can fill a one liter jar- I can easily do that and quite a bit more in fact. It's only my opinion but I think bladders come in a wide range of capacities. Some people can only hold a little before they are bursting at the seams, then when they go it's for a little ten second tinkle. Other people seemingly never have to go and then they'll just pee and pee forever and ever. They just have naturally huge bladders.

I used to think mine was really enormous until I met my dorm roomate last year. She and I now share an apartment near campus and so I can tell you for a fact that she can take some unbelievably amazing pees, especially in the morning. Sometimes I'm brushing my teeth or whatever when she comes in, sits down on the toilet and starts to talk to me while she's peeing. So I'll be standing there like uh-huh, uh-huh, and she'll be talking and talking and just peeing and peeing. This will drag on like forever and ever, and I'll be thinking are you ever going to run dry? When she pees I swear she can tell me about ten different subjects before her pee stream finally ends.

What is funny is that I think I have subconciously grown my bladder since I've known her. Like I said my bladder was already pretty big, but I've gotten to the point where I'm sure I hold more than before. Know how I know? Last week we signed our lease and moved in to our new place. Both of us drank a lot of beer and went bar hoping to celebrate. After about the third place both she and I went into a restaurant/bar restroom to pee.

Before this she was always out-peeing me, sometimes by an embarrassingly long margin and I am a pretty long pisser. Sometimes it would be unreal with me standing there like an idiot waiting, pretending to brush my hair while she would be in a stall going and going. But this time I just knew my bladder was holding a lot when we went in to the stalls. So we started up and just went...and went...and went, all the time talking about some B.S. or another. And you know what? At last, after all these minutes of peeing, she pipes up with "Erika, when did YOU get a bladder like that?"

I nearly died.

Has anyone ever peed in their prom dress because it was to hard to get in and out of?

has any of the girls here ever had a nasty diarrhea accident, if so please post it. thanks

To the person who asked: Has anyone ever talked on the phone while going to the bathroom whether it's in the bathroom, bedroom, or whereever you decide to talk on the phone?

I used to talk on the phone while I went all the time. I don't spend as much time on the phone latey.. but usually I don't even think twice about it. If I'm feeling a little shy about them hearing something they're not expecting I'll tell them I'm "Taking them to pee with me" LOL. Go figure.

Mr. Clogs: I have gone in my panties before.. but only once. It was an interesting experience. I'm thinking next time I should try it when my poo isn't going to be so soft. I ended up having to throw away my favorite pair of panties! LOL That (along with 90% of my experiences in this dept) was a 2 second decision that ended in .. what the hell.. may as well try it.
As far as the sink adventure.. ended up working them down the drain into the garbage disposal. You would have laughed if you had heard that poor thing struggle to chop it up lol.
The pile on the mountain I just put a few leaves over.. although I didn't make a big effort to cover it up.
I will definitely try some of those containers when I scout out the perfect one. I'll keep you posted!

And last but not least the survey!

1. What is your age? 28
2. What is your height and weight? 5'9" :P stuck somewhere between anorexic and fluffy lol
3. What kind of underwear do you wear? Thong- thong-thong.. unless of course it's that time of the month.. but even then I wear one if I'm feeling naughty.
4. Do you ever have skid marks in your underwear? Sometimes!
5. Are you open about taking a crap in a public bathroom? Eh depends on how bad it's going to gas the other folks out of the restroom.
6. If yes to question 5, are you open about farting on the toilet when others are in the bathroom? Sure, if I've got to.
7. Do your farts usually smell? Usually enough that you know I've farted.. but not enough to wilt flowers and kill small animals.
8. Do you ever fart in your bed before your wake up? LOL Can I plead the 5th on this one? I do it waaay to often for it to be safe to answer :P
9. How often do you get diarrhea? usually a few days before my period.. and during my period... :P Way to make it more enjoyable eh?
10. Describe your usual dump IN DETAIL! Normal dump.. hmm. I sit down.. I pee... I give it a tiny push to get things going. Usually I don't push after the first one. I just let it kind of work its way out on its own. I pee about halfway through.. then at the end.

On friday i went camping with some friends. We got there about 5 pm and went to our cabins (one for the parents and one for us). We were 6.
Tim, me, George, Mike, Joe and Tim`s sister. We went for a walk in te woods and we had our lunch to eat there and then come back. We went back at 7 and played some videogames in the cabin and watched TV. By that moment i started to feel pressure on my ass. I went to my bed and opened my backpack and looked for some tissues. I walked to the outhouse outside the cabin and went in. I pulled down my pants to my thighs and started to push hard. This poop was hard and lumpy and while it was coming it broke and fell with a thud. I continued pushing and then another piece fell. But there was still this log that was hanging. Then i heard some giggles. I turned around and thre was nobody there. Then i pushed some more and it fell. Then i heard "wow, you pooped too much. Your poops are big." Then i turned t the hole and there was Tim's sister. I hadnt even wiped myself and hadnt pulled up my pants so i quickly put my hands on my private parts and told her to go away. Then i wiped and pulled up my pants. I went out and saw thwt there was only a hole and the ground under it. That had happened before. Then i went to tell her not to tell anybody. I continued playing videogames and watching TV. We came back yesterday.

To Billy and kevin: How old are you? And do you have to push to make the poop come out?

Gruntly Bogwell
CARMALITA - Mi corazón de "poo stories." Mi dia es completo, ahora! What a pleasant surprise to check in on the Toilet Forum after many weeks away and find a post from you, describing one of your healthy poos and the gassy one of the latina teen in the next stall in the Recreation Center restroom. Your descriptive prose and attention to detail allows us to almost "be there" with you.

You may be interested in an experience I had in Spain this summer. I was visiting an art exhibition in and old palace, one of those ones not well-frequented by tourists. I had just walked some distance in the hot Spanish sun, so I was hot and sweaty, but the old palace was cool. I was in need of a bathroom and asked the attendant just inside the door and she directed me. It was not your usual restroom, having been installed where there was none in the original palace, with a wall butting up against an old window higher on the wall which, allowed light into the men's room and as it turned out the women's room too, but they had to cut the makeshift wall at an angle near the window…which allowed sounds to pass back and forth too. There was hardly anyone in the museum, as I made my way to the men's room, shut the door, backed up to the toilet to unload the over-indulgence in paella and tinto de verrano from the night before. I pulled down my tan cargo pants, but I had to tug my briefs out of my sweaty crotch, and lowered my skinny bum on to the toilet seat where the cool air above the toilet water helped me relax and soon my full rectum was disgorging a steady steam of ragged, gaseous, soft serve poo into the commode, stinking up the place, while I peed furiously (in what I call a double-ender…peeing and shitting at the same time). I was finished after a short time and tore off the scratchy, non-absorbent Spanish toilet paper and began to clean my anus, twitching from the rough paper.

Suddenly, through the partition opening high on the wall by the palace window, I heard the door to the women's room bang open and then lock, while someone was saying "rapidamente, rapidamente…" under their breath. There was a swishing sound of a skirt being pulled up…a sliding down of panties, a plop of a bum seated quickly on a toilet seat and a vociferous flow of urine, gurgling into the commode. I did a poor job of finishing wiping in my haste to get a better view of the women's room, having just noticed a rather wide window ledge supporting that part of the partition next to the stone wall of the palace. Under cover of flushing the toilet on my side, I hoisted myself up on the ledge and peeped through the opening and the ceiling. I caught my breath, because reflected in the mirror in the women's room was the profile of a very pretty senorita seated on the toilet. She was looking toward the window with a wad of toilet paper in her hands, ready to wipe. She had a pretty face with an slightly up-turned nose, with a beautiful olive-skinned complexion, her coal black hair in a ponytail tied with a light pink ribbon. She wore a pink blouse and her white linen Spanish summer skirt, that goes to the ankles, when standing, was bunched around her waist, revealing smooth tan legs and thighs to the curve of her butt, below the knees just above those canvas shoes, with the rope-like side soles, and the slender straps that tie criss-cross style halfway up the calves.

She leaned forward to finish peeing, while I broke out in a sweat, then sagged back spread her legs and wiped herself. BUT, she didn't get up…she instead rummaged around in her purse and pulled out a brochure about the art exhibit in the museum, sighed and settled into read. After about two minutes, she looked up from the brochure and began to concentrate, I could see her t????y muscles at the turn of her leg and stomach working to produce a BM. She straightened up then leaned forward and fixed her eyes straight ahead….and grruunnnted, finishing with an ahhh…caught her breath and strained again…then shifted back and forth, and leaned up on her left butt cheek, briefly revealing a hard brown butt plug in her anus, as reflected in the mirror. My legs began to shake on my side of the partition. The pretty senorita next door began to umph and umph…and eeeehhhehhhhhuuunnnnt…PLOoomP, the turd she had been struggling with dropped into her commode. She sighed heavily and I heard her say, "Dios mio," She strained and grunted a few more times, then reached for the toilet paper, grabbed a handful and went to work on her bum, wincing a bit because her nether hole had to have been a bit ruffled to say the least. I had to be careful she didn't see me peeking, as she leaned again up on her left check to wipe under her with her right hand.

She got up, and flushed…I got to see her anal offering, dark brown, knobby, six inches long and 1.5 inches fat, swirling around in the bowl…as she pulled up her thong, adjusted her clothing, watched the turd disappear…and went to the sink to wash, so I ducked down behind the partition, so as not to be seen in the mirrors reflection. Next thing, I heard her say was "no es posible" as she rushed back to the toilet…I peeked back to see her reach up under her white skirt, snatch back down her pink thong, this time all the way to her ankles, seat herself on the toilet, this time with the skirt hanging down, covering her pretty thighs…as her back hole opened with a gassy poop, that sounded soft and splattery…not diarrhea, but one of those Whoa Nellie shits…the smell rolled through the opening in the partition like volcano gas, making my eyes water. She was going so fast and hard that her heels were shaking up and down since she was squatted up on the balls of her feet. Just then, my foot slipped off the ledge and I slammed down into the wall of the partition, full out, catching my hands in the partition opening above. The toes of my shoes bashed a hole in the wall of the partition. The senorita, started hollering "ayudame, ayudame," calling for help and "Pepiendo Tomas, Pepiendo Tomas." I rebounded off the wall, jumped down and ran out the door. Fortunately, for me the hollering senorita, attracted the guard from the front door, who was pounding on the women's room door hollering "Qué pasa, qué pasa?" and I went by the front desk unobserved, and out the front door, sweating profusely. It wasn't long before I heard those European police sirens "deedoh…deedoh…deedoh…deedoh…!" heading in the direction of the palace, while I strolled up the paseo as if nothing had happened, except for the pounding of my heart.

Mr. Clogs
Hi everybody, I got a post to share. I was getting lazy running to the bathroom to take a leak so I grabbed my container from my dresser drawer out to take a leak in. So I opened the fly of my boxer shorts that I sleep in a little to pee into it, place the container near my fly opening and let loose. I was done about a minute later, so with the container's lid in my other hand (left one) placed the lid back on the container and place it under my bed so I could dump it, ah...maybe Monday, then I went back to sleep.

Today I took a huge smelly dump in the bathroom today about 1/2 hour ago. I felt the need to go, so I made my way to the bathroom to a poop break. I pulled my shorts down and tossed them to the side followed by my undies and sat on the bowl with my butt cheeks spread wide appart (makes less of mess to clean up!) and let it rip. So I was done about 10 minutes later, wiped really good so I don't get that smelly poop odor on my underwear. I washed my hands and went back to my room.

Carmalita: Hey great post about the 2 girls at the center. I felt sorry for you that you had to plung the toilet out. Do you still keep in touch with the crew that you use to post about a while back? I miss those post about them and it sounds like you'll had lots of fun together. It was a pleasure to read your post and take care.

Katie: Nice post about filling your panties with poop and your older sister doing the same.

new comer: Maybe you should get that checked out, I'm assuming that you wash down there, if not then that may be due to personal hygiene issues. I guess that no matter how hard you try to keep it clean, it still smells. Do expect that region to always smell like roses? It's all up to you, hope this helps.

HisLilPeeMonster: Hey great post about using the mall bathroom. I hope that the person that was using the stall next to you didn't notice.

I forgot to respond to the question about using the phone while going to the bathroom. Well I did that once when I was in highshool while dating this girl who was half indian and half british. She never knew, oh well.

I got to go for now, I stop by later and check in. Take care.

Mr. Clogs

Today Tom and I went to our county's fair with some friends. After a couple of hours I had to pee real bad (I pee a lot or so it seems..LOL)....the porta potties were full and the line was long...I knew I couldn't wait so I suggested to Tom that we go over to the wooded area near by.........Tom was like "you want to pee outside?" I really have no choice...either I pee in the woods or in my pants, was my reply :o)

So off to the woods we went and our friends joined us.....I was able to find a nice spot near a tree to let loose......Edith, a friend of mine decided to join me.............we had a ball peeing and she even had to do number 2.....then Tom said he had to pee so he goes right with us........Tom said I had the perfect solution to our "nature's call"........we headed back to the fair and had a blast..........Tom will be coming over for dinner tomorrow night so I hope something postworthy comes of it...stay tuned!!!!

Cheers Catherine :o)

I went shopping with my wife at Asda yesterday. I headed for the toilets for a pee,
and there was a man and his wife outside. He showed her where the ladies was and she went in.
He went into the toilets, and I followed him in. he went into a cubicle, and I heard him
pulling his pants and underpants down whilst I was peeing. He did three cracking wet sounding
farts, and his shit splattered into the water. He pulled the chain, probably because of the smell.
I left then because my wife was outside, but I would have like to have seen him rejoin
his wife. |I wonder if he would have told her he'd just had a good shit

Monday, August 29, 2005

Has anyone ever talked on the phone while going to the bathroom whether it's in the bathroom, bedroom, or whereever you decide to talk on the phone?

To Sita and Graham:

I live with 4 other sisters and only 1 bathroom. I have a hard time going at home especially in the mornings. I pee, but that is all I have time for. I had to go potty at school again and had to hold it in again. I could feel my poop really pushing to come out. My "turtle" as Graham calls it did come out a little and press against my seat. I finally resorted to sitting on my foot and my poop finally gave up and went back in. I could detect the faint odor of poop but I did not expell any gas. How come it smelled? I did not have an accident.

At home I had to wait to use the bathroom even though I had to go potty as soon as I got home. The urge was really bad and I almost did not make it. I sat on my foot again while sitting on the couch. When it was my turn the bathroom already smelled from my sisters also going potty. My poop was already coming out as I pulled my jeans and panties down. Thus, I had to really hurry. I produced a big thick and hard poop which felt so good to finally let out. It hurt my butt coming out a little. I am in a cycle where I have to go potty at school. How can I break this schedule? Help, Yvonne.

Melissa: I know just how you feel. I hope you can go when you need to.

Hi, I'm Torie (nickname for Victoria) and I am 20 years old. I used to post on here a lot around 5 or 6 years ago, when I was just beginning high school. I have lurked around ever since and remember posting something about a year and half ago.

I finally have a story that I think is worthwhile. Yesterday, I went over to my first-cousin Anabel's house after I finished work (I am between my second and third years in college). Anabel is 28 and used to baby-sit for me when she was 12-14 and I was 4-6. She and I have always been very close. This is relevant for what is to follow.

Anabel has a 4 year old son, Devon, who is also relevant to this post.

By the time I got to Anabel's I felt like I had to take a massive dump. My bladder was also ready to explode.

I got to the house and, after greeting Anabel and Devon with the customary hug-and-kiss, I said I REALLY had to go to the bathroom! Anabel said something like "well, you know where it is."

I went into the bathroom. The last time I was at her place, about a month ago, she said the lock had broken and, as of this visit, it still wasn't fixed. I shut the door securely and went to the toilet, which by this point was more valuable to me than any amount of silver or gold!

I sat down and immediately began peeing and "dropping kids off at the pool." The bathroom began to really stink and, like the Energizer bunny, I kept going and going...

About two minutes later, the bathroom door flew open and in came Devon. I was a little shocked, but not particularly embarassed. "Hi Devon," I said. "Torie, are you going poo-poo? It smells like poo-poo in here." I answered back to Devon, now feeling a little sheepish, "yes, I am going both pee-pee and poo-poo." Anabel came running toward the bathroom and yelled "Devon, GET OUT OF THERE NOW!!!" Anabel then looked me and said, in a much softer, almost remorseful voice, "Torie, I'm so sorry, honey." I said "no big deal."

The door shut and, as I continued sitting on the toilet finishing up, I heard Anabel continue to yell at Devon, telling him that he should know better than to walk in on somebody going to the bathroom. "Poor Torie must be so upset about this!," she yelled.

I got up and, since the bowl was so full, flushed before beginning to wipe. Surprisingly, I got clean in 'only' five wipes.

After washing my hands, I came out of the bathroom.

Anabel came toward me as if to give me a hug. "I am so, so sorry about what happened. I love you with all my heart. You must feel so embarrassed!" At this poing Anabel was sobbing.

Anabel then turned to Devon, who was sitting quietly on the couch and said, "Devon, YOU APOLOGIZE TO TORIE, RIGHT NOW!!!" "I'm sorry I walked in on you, Torie," said Devon. I told Anabel, speaking of Devon in the third-person as he was sitting with us, that "I'm sure Devon didn't mean any harm."

Anabel then said that she was sorry that she saw me on the toilet. I quipped that "it's been about 15 years since the last time you saw me; I think you were due!" This immediately broke any ice and Anabel and I both got a great chuckle out of this!

See, when I was younger, Anabel helped toilet train me and I would 'emulate' her. As with a lot of little kids, I didn't like to wipe myself, so if my parents weren't around and Anabel was babysitting, she would always come in to wipe my butt.

Hope you liked this. Love, Torie

embarrassed but not: that sucks that that happened to you. please post about previous accidents

My older sister is a panty pooper. Whenever I go to her house she's always filling her panties. She talks about how good it makes her feel and how she feels exited and naughty when she does it. Once when I was at her apartment she told me I should try pooping my panties. I told her no and that I thought it was gross but she kept bugging me about it. Then, when we were watching a movie I got up and said I was going to go use the bathroom. She told me to just do it in my pants. I told her no again but she kept bugging me and it was getting on my nerves. Finally I just gave in and pushed slightly. I felt wierd about pooping in my panties and I had trouble getting started. Then my sister stood up and completly filled her panties and even peed. I squated and pushed the poop into my little pink panties. I was horrified at first at what I had just done, feeling the warm sticky mess press up against my butt. I didn't like it very much and started crying as I waddled off to the bathroom to clean myself.

My friend Jennifer got really sick at school yesterday. I noticed in 2nd period she had a hand on her stomach and looked uncomfortable. During class change I asked what was wrong she said it was just a little t????e and her stomach felt a little bloated. Then in 3rd period, she was kind of bending forward but not holding her stomach. After class she went to the toilet and she said she was having stomach pains and a little bit of diarea. At lunch she just ate some crackers and drank a coke hoping it would settle down her stomach. Then she got 2 chocolate milks and drank those. Going in to 4th period, she seemed better but when she noticed we had a substitute she said oh good she will let me go to the bathroom if I need to. So about halfway through class she ask to go to the bathroom and said she had a little bit more diarea - not super runny just a few loose pieces.

Then in 5th period science, things got really bad. I think all day she had been trying not to let on to everyone else that she wasn't feeling good but when I looked over at her she had both hands on her stomach and was doubled over and crying. She was sweating along her upper lip and starting to look green in the face and I was scared for her that she would puke right then and there. A few minutes later, she jumped up and went running out of the room without permission. The teacher was like where did Jennifer go. This boy Mark goes, she went running out looking like she was about to hurl. So the teacher tells me to go check on her. I find her in the girls bathroom sobbing with liquid shit just pouring out of her. It happened about 6 times while I was in there. She said she had been so sick, it was burning coming out.

When she was done, I walked up to the office with her and told them to call her parents to come get her. I left her sitting in the office holding her stomach and moaning with a trash can by the chair just in case. When I got back to class everyone was like did she throw up, did she throw up? And I just said, nooooo she didn't throw up but I didn't tell them what really happened because it is really not anybody's business what someone does on the toilet. I called her when I got home. She was feeling better by the time I called. She said they had eaten out at a seafood place the night before and she thought she got some bad fried fish that made her so sick.

Well, I took one major poop this afternoon! This is just to let you know how long I spent: I took a people magazine in and read all about Brittany's baby shower while taking a giant shit. I could feel a turd coming. This thing was a freight train. It just kept coming out long, then longer. When I pinched it off, it coiled like a thick snake in the bowl. I spread my legs and looked down to see it. It was a big one!

I was really hoping that I'd be alone, but I was at the community center where I work. Now, this is a story that I am going to call: "Teenage Mexican Girl Poop". I heard these two Mexican girls come in. They were going on in Spanish, laughing and carrying on. Then, one girl told the other one that she had to go number 2 bad. So, she stepped into the stall to my right. I heard the door shut and latch, heard her belt buckle, and zipper come down. After a second I could see her tennis-shoed feet. I dipped my head down and watched as her jeans dropped down around them. She started pissing like a fire hose, then farted 2 long zipper farts. I heard lots of grunts, then I heard her poop start crrackling. I guess she did have to go bad. A load came out of her. I could tell it was a big one because I could hear turds splashing, one after another. I can't tell you how bad it smelled either!

She sat in there grunting over and over "unnnnhhhh….unnnhhhhhhh…unnnnhhhhh…."
The soft grunting went on for a bit, then I heard a couple more soft plops. After that I heard her grunting some more. I wiped myself, flushed and left because her smell was waaayyy too bad for me to stay! She totally polluted the place! Plus, I didn't want anyone to think it was me who stunk it up like that.

Once I was back at my station, some other woman came up and told me that the toilet in the ladies room was clogged up. She said to me "is bad in there." So, I got the plunger and went in. The smell just assaulted me! Once I entered the stall that she'd occupied, I was grossed out. The chica's poop was a bright greenish color and looked like a big, fat pickle. It was ultra-raunchy. In the toilet, under a soaked wad of stained toilet paper was a cigarette butt. Obviously, she was smoking too which is against the rules. When I was in there, I didn't even smell cigarette smoke. That's how bad her poop was! Fortunately, the toilet wasn't clogged, it just didn't flush everything. I'd say her turds could be quite large. The one that was left was broken off on one end and tapered to a point on the other.

I looked around the center, and saw two teenage Mexican girls at the computers. They were both cute, one was really dark with long wavy hair. I looked at her feet, and what do you know-tennis shoes! Of course I couldn't confront her about smoking, but at least I know who she is for next time. My personal advice to her: go easy on the guacamole!

Of course, I'm one to talk, huh?


Billy and Kevin
This week, my friend mike, his twin sister paula and his little brother bob are staying with us. When we got up this morning, I knew I would have drop a load after breaksfast. I wasn't surprised, because I didn't go at all yesterday. When we went into the bathroom for a pee, my oldest brother was on the toilet. Bob used his little potty chair for a pee, but we decided to wait until after breakfast. After breakfast, we all went in for a pee and to brush our teeth. Kev, Josh, Jeremy and mike all peed in the toilet. Bob sat on his little potty and took a dump. My brother's turds were in the toilet. There was one long one (mybae 15 in)going into the hole and about 10 little ones on top. When they were done, I was just about bursting at both ends. I sat down and started to go. Paula came in the bathroom and said she really had to go. I told her to use the guest bathroom, but she mom was in there. I said, you can join me. She sat down and dropped 2 logs about four in. She said I will finish up when your mom is done. She put on her panties and left. I wiped myself. I used those little moist wipes they make for little kids.

We were playing games in the morning. Paula had to poop while we were playing monopoly. It was really stinky. THere were about 20 turd that floated.

After lunch, we went to play soccer in the field. We played for like two hours. Kev said he had to poop. So we went into the woods. We all peed. Paula also pooped out a pile loose poop. It had corn in it from lunch. Kev dropped his load on hers. He dropped his turds on hers. He pooped out one big log, maybe 12 in and about 4 little logs. One of them landed in her poop and stuck up in the air.

We went to the after school program at school for a couple of hours. They home alone 3 on, so we watched. They also had popcorn and stuff. Affter that, we decided to play soccer and then go for a swim. On the way to play soccer, Jeremy had to poop. We stopped near where went earlier. Paula said she had to go again. I said, what got into you. She said, I don't know, but we'll see in a minute. She pooped out about 4 more corny turds. They were better this time, not so loose. Then Bob said let me try that. He pooped out about 5 turds on top of Jeremy's. After we played soccer, Josh and me pooped. we both pooped out about 5 turds, with corn. Josh went first, and I said, hey, looks like lunch. He said the same thing when I was going.

After dinner, when it was time to get ready for bed, we had to baths. Paula and Jeremy were both dumping when mom told. Jeremy was using the little potty. Paula got up and went to her bathroom. She said she would finish up there. She left about 5 5" turds in the toilet. So what ever got into her wasn't bothering her much.

One day when I was riding in the car with my dad I reallized that I had to poop really badly. I had been holding it for about a week for some strange reason.
"Dad, can you pull over. I have to use the washroom!" I said, sitting in my legs.
"We can't princess. You'll have to wait untill we get home."
Just then a bad cramp hit me and I lost controll.
"Oh! Oh no, dad! I can't hold it any longer. Oh my god..."
"What? You mean your having an ACCEDENT?" he screached
"Oh, I'm having an accident! Oh no. Please pull over! Oh, its comming out!" he quickly pulled over onto the side of the road but it was too late. I lifted my butt up off the seat and all the poo came out into my panties.
"Ummm...nevermind." I said, blushing.
"What?!? You mean you went in your panties?!? I cant believ you!"
As I cried, my stomach tightened and the poop came out faster, creating a very large bulge in the back of my pants. When my dad hit the gas, I flew back into my seat smashing all the poo in my panties. It oozed out the legbands and it got all down my legs and on my jeans. But the bad thing is, I couldn't stop pooping!

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