yesterday I woke up during the night and kind of had a stomach ache, i walked to the bathroom and pulled down my pj pants and plopped my butt on the toilet, it felt like the poop was coming but it wasnt, so i relaxed and lied back then a nice smooth short log slid out, and then i felt really nauses, I crossed my arms and bent forward a bit, a tiny bit of gushy poop came out but not alot, then some more cam out 4 minutes later, and i stayed on the toilet for a bit longer but nothing else happened so i went back to bed with a nauses stomach ache, thankfully i fell asleep and it was better in the morning!

Thanks Graham and Sita,

I am not a morning person and just barely make it to school in the mornings. I am having to have bowel movements at school and I am ignoring them. I have to go bad sometimes and my bowel movement starts to emerge out of my butt ring. I keep it tightly closed and try to put opposing pressure on it. When I get home I am ready to explode. I have firm, large bowel movements and wonder how I hold them back at school. My panties keep getting stains on them which I try to wash out. I wish the teachers would let students go during class. Also the restrooms need to be cleaner and more private.

Today, I had another dump on the paper towel. I was playing on the computer and I got this sudden powerful urge to take a dump. I knew it was going to be mushy because I ate alot of vegtables including cabbage yesterday, and I get this extreme urge when it gets mushy. So I went into the bathroom and decided to do my poop on a paper towell again. I laid the paper towell on the floor and squatted over it and leaned forward. Then I pushed. Even though intialy it felt solid, it felt like I was passing a big bulge and a whole lot of mushy poop came out. I heard the crackling sounds from my butt and on the paper towel as I was pooping. When I got up, I saw a two inch solid segment of a dark black log, and connected to it was a big giant blob of mushy diarrhea. Unlike the mush I had two days ago, this was a very light brown. It was smooth, like soft serve Ice Cream and was 3 inches high,6 inches wide, 5 inches long. I picked up the paper towel and it felt quite massive. I flipped it into the toilet. About 70 percent of the butt mush fell into the toilet. I began to shake in the rest, but it was two hard because the poop was quite sticky. So I ended up throwing the paper towell in the dumpster outside.

poopy jr.
a few years ago when I was 11, me and two of my friends used to put up a tent during the summer in my back yard and "camp" on saturdays and have fart contests. first we would make ourselves really gassy by drinking tons of soda and getting my dad to cook us lots of beans. when we got in our tent we began ripping some of the loudest stinkiest farts ever sprayed into the air. sometimes we could barely breath because the air was nothing but super stinky fart gas. one time when my friend was covered in his sleeping bag I pulled down my pants and farted into it and he would gasp for air and suck up the fart. we would fart for nearly an hour then usually we'd poop outside in a hole we dug on the side of the yard.

Sorry I haven't posted for a long time, 'parent issues'.

I was six when this happened.

So, it was halloween party with my bf(and the rest of my class)her as Kit-Kit, Kitty's not MY real name ethier. Well, I was the statue of liberty(it's a one of a kind) and Kit-Kit was a witch. During Halloween games, she told me she had to pee but could hold it. Then we watched a movie. She's known me from preschool, so she told me, but she never ever ever tells anyone else, peeshy, y'know. 10 minutes in the movie, she wisphers in my ear "I gotta go right now and I'm to embarassed to tell the teacher." So she starts holding her crotch, I saID then "Let's sneak out." while evryone was focied on the movie, we somehow snuck under the table, she kinda freaked out silently, but we got out of the classroom to the hallway somehow, I still can't beleive it. So she allmost ran straight into the stall, but on one of the hooks in there got stuck to her witch costume. she couldn't get it unhooked, nethier could I. She started pulling, I guess she really had to go, she was barely trying to leave it 'un-pulled'. But the costume would not tear. She started freaking out and crying, and then her cloth ripped and sent her to slide over to the garbage can. A off a sudden a mob of girls(pretty bad luck, ay?) came in. Kit-Kit couldn't pee in the garbage, too noisy and out in the middle. She basically ran out of the bathroom and out the door up the hallway, and screamed "I CAN'T HOLD IT ANYMORE!" instantly a tiny puddle of pee appeared under her, then she started crying again, I asked her why she was crying, she said that she didn't want anyone to see her, so she stopped in mid-stream and had to pee even worse then when she yelled. She dived in the bush, I guess she was peeing again. She stood up from there and looked at her costume. It was covered in pee so she cryed harder. She ran in the bathroom again into a stall and stayed there the rst of the day. I don't know what happened, but I guess everyone knew, the other kids were chatting and stuff about it. She wasn't there for the next couple of days, when she came back, she was called "Wee-Wee-Witch"(remember, she was a witch) for the rest of the school year.

Take care.

i just had an interesting experience. i had been holding in my pee for most of the day and finally decided to go. so i went to the bathroom and took off my panties and shorts completely. i sat at the very end of the toilet, leaning against [its very comfy] and spread my legs very wide and peed for 30 secs. it was really fast. i wanted to poop because i hadnt all day. i tried over ten positions to try and get it out and every one pushed it out a little but not the full force that i wanted. i would get up and look at it to see if it had come out. finally i got the point of it out and the phone rang! so it was finally out and there i was talking on the phone! so i got off the phone and worked at pushing again. i even tried reading. [its quite relaxing to sit wide-legged, butt on back of seat, leaning back ] so i guess i got some very relaxing time out of it. but anyways, i FINALLY got it out:1 pebble, 2 medium.

im about to throw out sum old undies and was thinking about havin sum accidents in them and then throw them out. has any1 ever done this??

I have the wierd tendancy to hold in my poo for weeks before taking a dump and it led to ALOT of accidents. But I never changed my habits.

This one time I had to go really bad and I was on my way to the bathroom. My brother sped ahead of me and locked himself in there. I pounded on the door. "Haha! Harriet's gonna mess her pants!" he laughed from inside the bathroom. He was totally right. My stomach rumbled and it hurt so bad to try to keep it in. I clenched my teeth and then I knew I was in trouble. I just finally gave up the fight and stood in the middle of the living room with my legs spread open as I started to fill my panties. "Oh god! What am I doing? Oh no!" I tried to stop pooping but it just kept comming. A weeks worth of soft warm poop continued to fill my little white panties. I sat down and smashed it all and continued pooping. It was the worst day of my life!

Bladder splatter:

You asked if any one had peed in a wedding dress, once i came ssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo close

Has anyone ever had to undergo a manual dissimpaction? I just had the most horrendous bout of constipation I've ever had. It started with an absess in a tooth, the tooth was saved but I had to be on pain meds for almost a week...I didn't eat much because it hurt and so it didn't surprise me when I didn't poop. I have constipation problems to begin with so if I don't eat I don't poop. When my mouth started feeling better I began eating again and within two days I got the familar urge to "go". I couldn't get it out no matter what I did. When I finally took an enema and THAT didn't work I headed off to the Urgent Care clinic. I told a Blond headed female doctor, young enough to my daughter, all that I had done to try and have a bowel movement. She called in an equally young nurse and told her I would need to be dissimpacted. For the next half hour the nurse used her fingers to dig poop out of me and gave me enemas untill the final enema actually worked and I spent another half hour having one of the biggest bowel movements of my life!
Bottom line here, watch the pain meds!!!

has anybody got footage of pants pooping accidents in sports?
I know of 6 accidents broadcasted on TV, but I only have footage of on of them.
-In 1982 triatlete Julie Moss crawled to the finish line with here pants clearly wet and loaded during the Hawaii Iron Man triathlon
-Also in 1982 Marathon Athlete Carla Beurskens was leading the women's marathon of Athens. She was given a diuretic pill before the race because she was constipated. In stead of doing its job before the race the pill started to work during the race and this made her do poo-poo in her pants
-In 1985 and 1986 Grete Waitz won the New York marathon with her pants loaded
-In 1998 Catherina McKiernan seriously pooped her shorts half way the London Marathon and crossed the finish line with poop smeared all over her legs. It was all on TV for an hour or so. As she crosses the finish line she looked down and sees the mess and begs the officials to find something to cover it.
-In 2005 Paula Radcliffe had to stop during London Marathon an squatted in fully view of the cameras (I've got a video an an few pictures of it)
If anyone has got footage of this accidents or of other ones please let me know
thanks nuel

My friend Chrystal and I went to the beach one Saturday. I had drunk wayyyyy to much soda beore we had left. Clearly, I do not use porta potties which were the only restrooms on the beach. Half way through, I felt the sudden urge to pee. I was sooooo desperate. I kept trying to hold it durng, frisbee and just bouncing around in the waves. had to cross my legs and have one hand between my legs. Finally i just gave up and let it go on the sand .....

To Constipated in NC:

I get constipated a lot too and I'm sorry to hear you have been having problems. You are right not to take a laxative. I did that once and it gave me such bad stomach cramps that I would never ever take one again.

Now when I am blocked up this is what I do. I try to plan for a night when I am alone or at least know I will have enough privacy. I massage my lower stomach very firmly. I do this for about 5 minutes. Then I either take a hot bath or put a heating pad on my ????. The heat seems to further relax my muscles and eases any bellyache I might be having from being stopped up. Sometimes this is enough to go. When I am on the toilet I will continue to massage my stomach and I will gently rock back and forth to ease the poop out.

If I still cannot go, I do something that I have not really heard discussed here. I use preparation h - it is vaseline consistency stuff in a tube that you insert in your rectum. It is designed for people with hemoroids but I have discovered that the consistency of it will also make you go poo when you need to. This always works for me and finally emptying my bowels brings great relief.

I am not a big believer in enemas as they seem to also give me a very bad belly ache although they do work in the end.

Hi, first time writing! I love stories of peeing and desperate pee! I also love the urge to pee.

For those of you who like short posts, Im sorry, just scroll.
So here is my story from the office today. I was sitting in my office writing and waiting for my good friend and co-worker Kathy to come do a lot of work with me. We were on a really tight scedule and had a long night ahead. Kathy came by and said she had drunk quite a lot of water and wanted to go to the bathroom before we started, so we wouldn't get interrupted in our work. The restroom on our floor is getting renovated so to get to the bathroom we have to go down 7floors and through the whole floor. I had drunk a whole bottle of water myself, and although I really didn't have to go yet I thought I probably could squeeze out a few tinkles so I wouldn't interrupt our work either. When we got down the line was really long. It turned out all the toilets from our floor and down was getting renovatet! People were squeezing their legs together, bending their knees, holding their crotch, jumping and rubbing like crazy. Two women actually agreed to go in to the stalls together and poop squating on the sides.
I was getting quite turned on, but after waiting for 20mins Kathy and I agreed that it was taking to long and went up to work. After we had been working for an hour and consumed sevral bottles of water each(we're on a fruit\water diet) we were both getting fidgety, moving around in our seats. "You to?" I said and smiled. "yeah, I really feel it now!" Kathy laughed. We both agreed we were on a too tight scedule and keept workig. Yet another hour later I had to get up and stand, bendt over the desk, cross my legs and bend them up and down as I wrote. Kathy was holding her crotch and writing with the other. I guess we both saw it as a contest. after a while we were both standing and really couldn't get any work done. "I really need to pee A LOT!" Kathy moaned and I felt my bladder bursting with pee. "Can't we just go here?" I whimpered. "ok, you take the bin and I take the flowerpot!" Kathy said and lifted the plant out of the pot. "we can face eachother to make sure we aim right." I was too needy to get excited. We both lifted our skirts, dropped our panties. I spread my legs far appart, bendt my knees til I got a good preasure on my bladder and tried to empty my bursting bladder, but it was hard to pee with her watching before she had started. Kathy said she needed to sit to pee and first tried to sit on the pot but she couldn't manage to let the pee out. She bendt her upper body over the desk and sat with her butt in mid -air, spreading her legs. "see if I aim right!" Kathy asked. We both had a hard time letting go , but after spreading hole with my fingres I managed to let out a short hiss that caused Kathy to shout "ohh no, it's comming, watch if I pee on the floor!" After that we both started. Our bladders was so full that we only managed to let out small hisses and tinkles for over a minute! After that we both peed for a solid two minutes! We moaned and wiggled and emptied all out. This is the best pee I ever had!!

Mr. Clogs
Here's some more interesting places or things for you to take a dump, how about a wide mouth large soup can, garbage can, outsise behind a dumpster, behing the bushes, an old mayonase jar, or a chamber pot, in your panties (thongs if wear them). When you get a chance, could you please post. Thanks.

After this incident i started looking on the net for a forum, and now i found one.

This happened last month, my family went to a different nude beach, to check it out. We really liked it there, it was a nice place. At about two oclock in the afternoon i really needed to go for a poop, so i told my parent i was gonna look for a toilet. I walked across the beach, and couldnt find anything, i was about to ask somebody when i heard an older lady saying to her husband that she was gonna go to the washroom. I called to her to ask if she could show me where it was, she said to come along with her. She led me into the bushes and down to rocky place. She said it was no toilet, but just a natural trench that the people that own the beach put a piece of wood across with holes in it to sqaut over. It was all fine to me because i had to go bad. There was five holes to be used, all in a row. The lady grabbed the first one, and i went to the fourth. She squatted over it and immediately started to pee, i went over top and let loose. I was pooping and peeing at the same time. I kinda turned to face the lady beside me because i had a chance to watch and she didnt care. She pooped five smaller logs, i never expected to see this from a lady. When she was done, she stood up, I thought shes not gonna wipe? I figured the poop would smear on her bum, but she walked to a tree and used leaves as she bent over, this time facing me. She put the leaves in the hole also, she aked me if i would be ok, I said ill be fine and she walked back to the beach. When I finished i also wiped with leaves. This felt so great to be relieved. As I walked back a girl my age passed me to go there for a pee, and i walked back to my family, soon thereafter my parents and my sister also went afer i told them where to go.

Flu: I will check that book out for sure. I wet the bed until about the 4th grade so I can definitely relate! I was scolded a lot- and even as an adult have had some moments when I get up in the middle of the night to pee and have that momentary shame (like when I woke up with wet sheets) come over me.. even if I'm sitting on the toilet! Odd, I know, but I've found that this site.. along with the freedom to go any where, any time I wish now has been very very liberating. It's good stuff!

I have an interesting story about my trip to the mall today.
I was headed in to grab a few things and the trip would have taken me from one side of the mall the other and taken a good hour or two.. so I decided I should stop at the bathroom before I headed out. I darted into the restroom by the food court and was shocked to find it empty (or so I thought). I sat down in a stall and began to pee and instantly heard a thud. I looked under the wall next to me and saw a pair of black tennis shoes that weren't there before. I couldn't figure out if this woman had been holding her legs up or what- but the shoes weren't there before and I hadn't heard anyone come in! Usually people in public restrooms are shy.. but this woman was either very comfortable with herself or in a lot of distress. She began pushing and moaning like crazy! I could hear her relief everytime she managed to get a log out, followed by the sound of it hitting the water. I glanced down at my purse that is sitting on the floor next to the wall we share and noticed I could see a semi-clear reflection of this woman in the metal plate that is on the front of my purse! I was almost embarrassed to look but couldn't seem to look away! She had dark brown hair- about shoulder length and was hunched over with her elbows on her knees and her shorts sitting neatly right below her knee caps. I couldn't get a very good look at her.. the reflection was kind of blurry but I got a decent peek at her!
I finished my business and washed up and took off down the mall. I headed into a store and grabbed a few items to purchase. I came out of the store and sat on a bench in the middle of the mall to get my packages in order and put some receipts away. I'll give you two guesses who was sitting right next to me! I noticed her shoes first and looked up to see the same pair of shorts (this time up around her waist LOL) and the same dark hair! I had to fight not to begin giggling like crazy. If she only knew what I had seen!

During a rather crowded Saturday at the mall, I was among a mass of shoppers who all decided to cram onto an escalator at the same time. The girl that ended up on the step above me was a cute brunette, high school age, with a guy I assumed to be her boyfriend. She had a nice butt, packed into skin-tight stretchy black pants. Because of the crowd, my face was pretty close to her butt, and I noticed a faint musky smell coming from her pants, like a mixture of sweat and a poop smell. Not overpowering, but definitely there. I guessed that she probably had the tip of a log poking out against her tight pants, but was too embarrassed to tell her boyfriend she had to poop. I'd be lying if I didn't say the whole situation was pretty exciting. If anyone else out there has ever come across girls with smelly pants, I'd love to hear some of your stories...

browneye boy
last night my friend wes came over and we hung out in my garage. My dad and I put an old couch, a tv, and a mini fridge in there so I'd have a place chill with my friends without trashing my room. anyway it was late and by 10:30 we had nothing to do. we sat watching tv and he asked if I had a bucket somewhere in the garage. he went and got it and started pulling down his pants. he squatted over the bucket and cut a long hissing fart I could smell from 10 feet away. I couldn't see his ass but I heard a long crackling sound and 2 big plops into the bucket. i walked over and looked in the bucket and saw two footlong brown turds in the bucket. he told me he couldn't hold it in long enough to go to the toilet. looking at the turds I remembered I had eaten some miniwheats that morning and hadn't pooped since yesterday morning. I pulled down my shorts and boxers and squatted over it as well to make my contribution to the poopbucket. Wes watched as I pushed out a long log of ass chocolate. when I finished I looked and saw my turd which was about 2.5 inches wide and near 20 in long covering his turds. it was one of my most amazing poops

smart guy!!!
hi every one... i have another story that i want to post up... this story has happened about 2 months ago....

me and katlin, was going camping alone... and the camp that we were going to was about 4 hours away and there probably going to be no toilets around on the way there... anyways we started to go at 2pm, about an hour of the drive over there, she said that she felt a very big urge to poop because she forgot to go this morning and in the early afternoon, also she did had a bid dinner last night... so she thinks that it might be a pretty big one, and it also might have a very good chance of being a hard one too, because it most of the time it was a hard one.... but she thinks that she can hold it until we get there, since it was a very weak urge....

when we got there, she felt a pretty big urge.. but she was still holding in since it actually tooked us about 6 hours to get here because of the traffic jam, and it is around 8pm, she prefers to help me build the tent, cause it usually take us both about an full hour to build it.. so after we build it, she feels that she really have to go, but she had an nasty idea about how long she could hold it in until she rips out the poop.. so she just used all her strength and just sucked it back into her anus... so after 3 hours when we had finished dinner, we just got around to the fire that we had made and just drinked coco.. i think it was around 11pm, and she still holding it in... and now, i can tell that she really have to go very soon...

so i asked her whats wrong, she told me that she has to poop out a hard one very soon.... so i told her if she have to go then go to the woods or where she's standing because the closest place that has people in it was at least 3-4km away from us.... she said okay, then she told me ever thing, about that shes been holding it in to see how long she could try to hold it in.... then she said that she can feel that she had to fart now, so she just started to fart a very loud one while she was sitting...

then she felt a crackling sound while the while the poop was emerging to her butt cheeks... so she quickly pulled down her pants, but she didnt pulled down her underwear in time and started to poop into it.. it kept coming out and out.... the first one lasted over 2 minute... then she felt that some more is coming, since she already ruined her underwear, so she just kept going... after a few minutes, she said that she thinks she finished... but then she farted out a very loud one again.... then the 3rd one came out.. the 3rd one was the shortest one.... i think her eyes was closed for most of the time... so i thinks that means that she was very relaxful... after that, she just pulled down her underwear very carefully and dumped it into the ground, then buried it away into the ground...

i helped her cleaned up and gone to sleep after that.......

new comer
My asshole smells like dead fish if I dont take shower for just oneday even if I dont take shit.
Should I go see a doctoer? Does anyone have same problem too? Especially girls?

Also, I wonder what yo all do when you find no TP after you take shit. I usually use my sock or boxer and throw them in the trash can!

Mr. Clogs
Fluidity: That book sounds interesting, but that was cruel of the step-mother to do to Mr. Rhodes. Thank goodness for containers, otherwise there's the floor, the open window or the garden for relief.

Emogirl: I usually do those kind of amounts that you described. I usually do a little more if I drink lots of water. Thanks for your post it's a pleasure to read them.

HisLilPeeMonster: Liked that "miniature mountain" hiking post, and the post about the kitchen sink one. Wow, thats a daring adventure! I really curious as to how you got rid of those turds? I'm assumming that you washed them down the drain. Thank you for responding to my suggestions. Have ever taken a dump over a large "supper-sized" container or cup, or a wide mouthed vase before? You should give it a try someday, you might like it. As you couls read from my posts, I dump into my 5-quart bucket. I occasionally use the toilet from time-to-time like "normal" people do LOL. It was a pleasure reading your posts and you have any, please post some. Thanks.

Pee Man: Thanks for the tip, since I don't have health insurance, I can't really get it checked out. The "foamy" reaction for me is rare, that's when I've been holding it in for a long time and for several hours later decide to do. Thanks for you concern and whenever I do get health care benifits, then I should get it checked out. Thanks.

Got a post to share, I was playing the "holding game" today when it comes to taking a nice urine break. I was in Jersey City looking at a training school for me to become certified in computer's. So I felt the need to pee. I held it in to the end of my appointment today and made a dash to men's room, but the door was locked "damn!" I said. So I held it in no big deal I could wait. So I got out the building and made it back to the school where I got my college education from to say hello to some formal couselors and co-workers (it's good to be in good relations with them). So I stayed at the college about 4:10 PM. Now I was ready to go make some "pee-pee", but it wasn't a big deal. So I got to the Square to use the public restrooms for releif. I got to the urinal that was in the last from the right hand corner. I quickly unbucked my belt, unzipped my jeans, and pulled my underwear (tighty whitees!, ok breifs because of the summer months!) down enough so I could pee. I then opened the flood gates into the urinal until I felt better, I couldn't make out the color of the stream because I had on my dark shades and couldn't smell the odor of my piss because it was masked by the odors of the restroom, (you know what I mean, but this one was clean to use). Anyways, I buttoned my jeans and zipped them up and refasten my belt buckle and washed my hands so i could go home.

I hope you enjoyed my post, something different than the usual, you all take care and have a great evening.--Mr. Clogs

Oh I forgot to answer this question in my last post about "Do you know people who live with you or visit your home and they need to use the bathroom, do they leave the door open on purpose or forget to close it when they go to the bathroom?"

Well, my great-grandmother once opon a time when I younger who use to do that, "God bless the dead" she past away when I was a teenager. I not sure if it was do to her health condition or her wanting to do that on purpose, she would leave it open all the time. I used to get annoyed by it sometimes if she was making some really nasty stinky turds and fartind really loud! I felt that was inappropriate for her to do that, but now I'm much more mature now and not scared or turned off by it. Hopefully someday when I do start dating again, I hope to find a girl who would do that and would invite me in wheather she's taking a dump or taking a piss in the bathroom or whereever she feels she wants to go. I just thought I chime in on that question.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Subject Today...BOTTOM WIPING.
I wipe from the front... from hole towards the front..being a male my penis and balls still do not get in the way. I fold the toilet paper and the number of wipes largely depends on the state of my bowels. For hard chunky turds.. sometimes a couple of wipes are sufficient but other times a number of wipes are necessary...particularly if I cannot fully evacuate... and that gives me the shits (no pun intended). I also feel around for little shit balls.. dried pieces of poo clinging to pubic hairs. Even if I am headed straight for the shower I at least give my bottom a couple of wipes.
I have tried to wipe from behind by leaning forward and raising one butt cheek up but do not have good control here. I would like to explore the option of wiping from behind a little more. How do you do it?
On the subject of toilet paper,,, I like plain paper... no fancy patterns... even at work I rush in and buy the paper before my secretary does because she likes the fancy coloured stuff.
TO CONSTIPATED IN NC: BRIAN try not to let yourself get to that state. Reach for the enema sooner. Try a suppository or soap up the bum.
Have you tried prune juice. I drink a large glass and have a hot cup of tea, drink plenty of water and eat nothing and in a couple of hours if nothing happens more prune juice.
Also laxatives.. there are many types around and some are not so bad provided they are not taken too regularly... see your chemist.
Brian, could you let us know the results?
TO CATHERINE: My hearty congratulations.... although there is no need to be an exhibitionist prudish secret behaviour re the toilet is rediculous! You handled it beautifully... not too confronting and you really gave him the options. Having been in a relationship for a very long time it is much easier being open than so private.
TO DEBBIE & ALL THOSE SHY POOERS: Show that you are on top by pushing out a big one.. if that is difficult try a suppository or something. If people object or make fun of you shitting what happens when they want to go? We all have to poo so lets enjoy it and have more fun with an empty bowel.

Johnny Half-Pint
1. What is your age? 34
2. What is your height and weight? 172 and 70 respectively.
3. What kind of underwear do you wear? Occasionally "fitted" boxer shorts, sometimes normal boxer shorts, mostly "as nature intended".
4. Do you ever have skid marks in your underwear? Sometimes.
5. Are you open about taking a crap in a public bathroom? If I'm desperate enough.
6. If yes to question 5, are you open about farting on the toilet when others are in the bathroom? Yes, if they are strangers ..... If they are friends, I try to spread my cheeks a little in the hope that this will silence things!
7. Do your farts usually smell? Depends what I've been eating.
8. Do you ever fart in your bed before your wake up? No, that's disgusting!
9. How often do you get diarrhea? Rarely.
10. Describe your usually dump IN DETAIL! First I take a normal, standing pee. Then I turn my back to the toilet, and bend my legs and waist so my arse is sort of hovering above the basin. I concentrate hard and hopefully push out a lump of shit. If not, then I lower the seat, sit on it and try again; but I try to get through the whole procedure keeping the seat up at all times. After the main performance, I stand up and face the bowl, and lift the seat if I lowered it. I tear off three or four squares of TP and fold in half straight away for thickness; wipe, fold again so the dirty bit is on the inside, and wipe again. I keep folding and wiping until the paper is too small {in which case, I throw the used TP in the toilet and get a new piece} or until no shit comes off on the paper; in which case, I use one more square of TP to polish, pull my trousers up and pull the chain.
Detailed enough for you?


Hello again

One time me, my family and my cousin's family took a plane trip to Spain.
As many of the Toiletstool posters will know, planes are notorious toilet story generators…

We counted how many times we got up to use the toilet:
Me: Eighty-three (83) [my own record] I several times defied the 'seat belts on' sign
Sarah: Sixty (60)
Austin: Twenty-four (24)
Rowan: Two (2) [Barrel bladder, meet my sister]
Dylan: Forty-one (41)
Joe: Sixty-five (65)

Rowan never shows the need to go, she never wets herself and very rarely goes.

Sarah was constipated and here's that story...
When we got off the plane everyone except Rowan went to the toilet.
Sarah and me went into adjacent cubes.
I herd her grunting very loudly
I knocked on the side of the cube
"Sarah?" I said "Are you okay?"
"Yes *grunt* well, sort of"
"What's wrong?"

For the whole of our two week holiday Sarah was constipated
It got so bad that she could barely stand up straight
ten minutes before we left for the airport Sarah tried once more
Through the shut door she said:
"Holly, can you come in here a minute?"
I came in
"Can you rub my t????y?"
Sarah looked up at me from the toilet with pleading eyes
"Ok I suppose"

I did.
But after two minutes nothing happened
"Soz Sarah, my arms gone numb"
"Thanks anyway, Holly."
"Hey, What are friends for?"
She smiled
I smiled back

When we got to the airport Sarah was on the verge of tears it hurt so badly.
Five minutes after we got on the plane, Sarah grabbed my arm so hard that I yelped.
"Ow, what was that for?"
"Holly, it's ready to come out, I can't hold it to much longer or I'll… F***, Holly, Help, I'm going in my pants!"
"Sarah, how can I help?"
"Well I suppose that you can't, Oh my F***ing god, it's stuck against my panties, it has no where to go."
"Sarah the only way to do this is this..."
"Quickly!!!!!!!!!" She begged "What is it!!!!!"
"…Is to get up, hold yourself, run to the loo and hope the flight attendants don't catch you."
"As bad as this is I think I'll wait until the seat belt sign is off." She moaned
"Good luck with that, cuz." Said my brother Joe [Who by the way I told a friend on Planetarion (An internet uber-server game) was dead and he believed me, what a sucker he was.] Who had apparently been eves-dropping on our whole so-called private conversation.
"Shut-the-F***-up ass-hole"
"Sarah! I understand that you are not in the best of states, but, be if not nice, civil to my brother."
"Yo, sis"
"You're really not helping, Joe."
"Hell straight, Hols."
"Lay off each other you two!"
"What died on this plane?" said my pratt cousin, Dylan.
"I don't know." I said quickly
"Nor me," Said Sarah "I have a blocked nose."
"I haven't noticed anything" said Joe, winking at me
I winked back

Fifteen minutes later

"Holly, I need to go at both ends now, if I get up I'll shit my-self, on-the-other-hand, if I stay here I'll wet my self. What am I going to do, Holly?"
"I told you earlier."
"You did?"
"I forget, what did you say?"
"get up, hold yourself, run to the loo and hope the flight attendants don't catch you." I quoted, "But this time the flight attendants won't care at all, the seat-bell sign is off."
"You think it'll work?"
"It might not, but what other choice do you have?"
But then something hit me
"You ok, Holly?"
"I really, really, really, need a piss."
"Should I let you go first?"
"No you've been constipated for fourteen days, you have priority, plus you've started already"
"And I probably have a permanent stain in the panties from this"
We got up. Me holding my front crack, [Don't laugh, I used to call it that all the time] a girl in front of us holding her ass, Sarah holding both.
"Sorta make you wish you were still wearing diapers" said the girl.
Me and Sarah agreed whole-heartedly.
Only one loo out of four was working, the other three wouldn't flush [I knew Rowan did it, I also knew the would beat me up if I ratted on her]
As the girl came out of the cube she said:
"This one won't flush either, but it looks like you two can't make it to the other end of the plane."
Just as Sarah went in a little girl and her 'mommy' came up behind us holding her front crack [Remember what I said before! Yes you eating the cookie!]
"Little Hannah has to pee very badly" she explained "Is it ok if we go a head of you?"
"Sorry but I'm running out of time myself" I said, now hopping from foot-to-foot in utter desperation.
"I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled the girl who was bending over, holding herself, hopping and almost crying
"I'm sorry, she's only four." apologised the mother.
"It's okay" I said
To be honest I felt sorry for the little girl, if I had been less desperate I would have let her go first.
Sarah came out, looking happier then I'd ever seen her [as she'd told me later Dylan said "Did you pop one or what?" I suppose that does explain why his nose was bleeding]
When I got in it stank to high heaven, but I couldn't care less, I pulled my jeans, tights and panties, lifted the lid and jumped on to the toilet.
"Oooohhhhhh yyyyyessss, aaaaaaaahhhhhhh."
I said as I just leaned back and let it flow out my pee-hole.

When I got out the girl rushed in but then rushed out, complaining that it stank.
"I'm sorry, I forgot to tell you that the flush is broken"

She ran to the other end of the plane.
But half way there she tripped and started to pee.

Isn't it odd the little kids won't go in a dirty toilet no matter how badly that they have to go?

I've seen a lot of t????y, what the F*** is that?

Sorry if it's a long post.
I just had a lot to say.

MD Mark
Hey everyone, I'm a long-time lurker but first-time poster. I want to start by saying that I love this site and it's great to see that there are people who can talk about this kind of stuff and not get all disgusted or ashamed about it. I'm a college sophomore, male, 6'0", about 200lbs, blond with blue eyes. I have an athletic build and wear a Marine Corps high-and-tight(from ROTC). Anyway, on to my story.

I had a pretty interesting and awkward experience the other day. My twin sister invited one of her friends over to the house (I live at home during the summer) and they were going to head out to the mall. I had had some pretty bad gas the whole day and my stomach was starting to get some pains and pressure. I knew it was going to be a pretty long and smelly dump so I didn't want to go before my sis and her friend left...really out of courtesy to them. So, as soon as they headed out the door and I heard the car start, I went straight into the bathroom. I pulled down my shorts and boxers and sat down. Before I was even comletely on the toilet, I let out a long airy fart, PSSSSSSSSSS. Then the first log came right out. I mean it just slid out like it was greased-up with lard or something. I had about 4 of these total, all measuring about 8 inches to a foot in length. Now, thinking I was the only one in the house and being in a bit of a rush, I didn't close the door to the bathroom all the way. A mistake I would realize later. About halfway through my second log, I hear the front door to the house open and my sister's friend comes running up the stairs to the bathroom. She flings the door open, and bursts in while I'm just starting my third log. She's about 5'7", blond, very attractive with a great body and a great butt, so I was definitley excited by this. I was also kind of embarassed because I have never had anyone burst in on me while I was on the toilet, especally during such a smelly dump. She turned to the toilet and saw me there and her mouth just stayed open for a while. I think she was pretty surprised. Apparently, she had the same problem I did. She turned to start out the door, but I guess her body already thought it was going to be on the toilet because she let out a really juicy fart . She was wearing skin-tight black work-out pants so I could clearly see some poop starting to rush out of her butt. She lets out one of her logs and keeps farting at the same time. Her farts were really, really juicy, like they were almost underwater. I could hear the crackling of the poop as it came out. She dumped, I guess, about 4 or 5 logs into her pants, all in about 15 seconds, farting like crazy at the same time. She looked absolutely horrified. I was just finishing up and about to flush the toilet. I told her she could clean up in our bathroom. She looked a little less horrified, and muttered an acknowldgement. I left her in there to clean up and went and told my sis that she was having some stomach problems. I haven't seen her since then, but I'm hoping she's not too embarassed about it.

one day i had too poop really bad and could not hold it anymore so i pulled over and stopped the car quick and looked for my roll of toilet paper after i found that i got out of the car really fast just as soon i stepped out of the car the poop started its way out so i ran up the hill fast and found a tree and dropped the roll of toilet paper on the ground next too me fast and looked around too see if anybody was looking then i kiked my skirt up fast but i could not pull my panties down yet because the poop was coming hard so i put my hand on panties and butt too try too get it back a little and it didn't work so i took my hands off my panties and pulled my panties down stood there for a min
and then i farted and then the poop started on its way out my butt fast so i squatted down and pushed the turd came out then i peed and wiped my butt then pulled my panties up and went back too the car thanks jessica

Eric in Chicago
I just set my own all time corn-plopping record. I had some canned corn chowder soup about 4 hours ago, and I just took a shit and there was corn in it! That's the fastest it's ever gone through me. I was shitting a lot today (4 times in the last 24 hours) but it wasn't runny. I'd always thought Billy and Kevin were exaggerating when they talked about eating corn for lunch and shitting it the same afternoon, but I just did the same thing.

Becky: A little pee is about..maybe 200-300 mL. An average is about..500-600 mL, and when I really need to pee very badly, I can fill it to the 1 L mark. I've done it a few times before, maybe 5 or 6 times.

here's another story, which happened just recently.

Last friday, as you may or may not know, Southern Ontario was hit with a huge rainstorm, with lots of flooding. In my basement I was up to my knees in water. I was so busy trying to save my things that i didn't even bother with going to the bathroom for at least 8 hours, when I felt that I needed to go. Since my pants were wet from the water in the basement already, I decided to have a bit of fun and wet myself. I let go and flooded my jeans for what felt like forever. It was such a relief. I haven't wet myself for the longest time until then. It felt great. I left those jeans on for the rest of the day and no one noticed the smell because of all the water.

To Constipated in NC: After my bad bad constipation I posted about here a little bit back, my sister and me talked about difficult poos and I discover she know a lot about it. She say there are things like big pills you can put up your bum that make bum work very fast. They don't hurt when you push them in because they not too big but she say sometimes they make bum feel very warm inside. She also say you can buy something that like a small pipe you push into bum and fill bum full of water. She say it called enema. But she say you must sit on toilet straight away because it make bum work very fast and big big mess come out very fast.

To Melissa: I hated to ask to go toilet too when I was in school because it too embarrassing to let everyone know. And if you take long time they all know you had to let turd come out. Also toilets not always clean and other girls know you what you doing if you make noise while turd coming out, or if it make big splash noise when it hit water in toilet. I also hold turd in and sometimes it get very very angry because I not give permission for it to come out. But if turd get so angry that nose start coming out of bum hole I give up fight and ask teacher to go bathroom because I don't want brown marks in panties. I also very skinny and not tall. Love Sita.

To Yvonne: I felt very sorry for you because teacher not let you go to bathroom. I was always too shy to ask because I didn't want everybody to know I had to go toilet. So I had to hold turd in like you. Sometimes turd get so angry at me. it stick its nose out even though I try to hold my bum hole shut as hard as I can. I think you have stain in your panties because turd nose come out of bum too far. Also sometimes my panties get stuck in bum and get very very close to bum hole so nose only have to come out tiny bit and it able to touch panties. I think it best if you try and let turd out before going to school. When I was at school I sit on toilet every morning and do push to see if turd want to come out. If it not come out I know where quietest toilets are at school so turd can come out there and it not likely that too many girls know what Im doing. Also most teachers let us go bathroom if we need so I hold turd in until I get teacher I know will let me go sit on toilet and toilets are usually empty then. \

To Graham: I don't understand why you still hold turd in when you sit on toilet. I like to know very much why you do that. I always so glad to let turd come out and turd always very very happy too. Sita

To Jill: I had big big diarrhea and my stomach hurt real bad once and my mum stayed with me. There was nothing she could do to make pain better or make diarrhea go away but it so nice to have her there just to be with me. I think you did very nice thing being with your friend so she not alone specially because you stayed with her when horrible diarrhea was coming out of her bum. I very much like you for a friend. Love Sita


It sounds like your friend
Marta might be Lactose Intolerate. She should go to her doctor just to be sure.


Hello....I'm new to this site but I've been a lurker for a while :o)

Yesterday my boyfriend Tom was over for a date of movies and popcorn....after a couple of hours I really had to pee so I excused myself and headed for the toilet......I decided since we have been dating about 3 months that I would leave the door open and see how he is about watching me go to the bathroom.

I went into the bathroom lifted up my dress and pulled my panties to my knees and peed away.......I could hear Tom stirring out there as I was trying to be as loud as possible...........after my pee stopped I was done but decided to sit a little longer and try to see if I needed a poop.......I started to grunt really loud and waited for a reaction....after about 5 minutes of this Tom came back and stood next to the bathroom but did not look in....he asked if I was ok and why I didn't close the door.....I said I was fine and that you can come in if you want.......I don't think he knew how to take this but came in very slowly. I could tell he was a bit shy seeing me there on the was sooo cute....:o)

I decided I embarassed him enough for one day and wiped, flushed washed my hands and went back to the livingroom...........I must say I think this did wonders for our relationship............I will post more soon!!!!

Cheers Catherine

Hi: HisLilPeeMonster
You wrote:

For the person who asked about keeping containers in your room to go to the bathroom in: ...

I suggest the following book:

A Hole in the World: An American Boyhood
by Richard Rhodes

Mr. Rhodes writes of his youth when he was terrorized by a step-mother. His younger brother can not hold his bladder throughout the night but the step-mother had effectively prevented him from relieving himself. The older brother (the author) collects jars which are used during the night to whiz into and are collected... I have read the book and it is a very powerful document.

Do you know people who live with you or visit your home and they need to use the bathroom, do they leave the door open on purpose or forget to close it when they go to the bathroom?

I woke up with a stomachache last night. For a minute I thought it might go away but the cramps intensified and I realized I was going to have diarrhea. I thought I would explode the minute I got to the toilet. I went to the toilet and pushed but nothing really came out and the cramps let up. I laid back down and they started up again. The second trip to the toilet brought a huge gush of dark brownish green sludgy shit. After that my stomach was relieved and I was able to get back to sleep.

I have some questions for those of you who have diarrhea a lot: 1) Is it common to have cramps but not be able to go at first? 2) Does leaning forward while you squeeze help it to come out? 3) How about leaning back? 4) Any other tricks to help things along when you feel the runs are imminent?

Brian (Constipated in NC)

I would suggest you take a enema if you did not go for about a week. I don't know if you ever had a enema. But a enema is an injection of soap suds and warm water and a enema bag with a nozzle you insert in the rectum. Let the water solution flow into you about 2 quarts you will feel very crampy from the water try to empty the entire enema bag and boy you will go like a champ. So If you don't know how to use a enema bag have your mom or dad assist you with it.. You can get a enema bag which is called a fountain syringe in the local pharmacy or drug store they are about 10 to 15 dollars... or if thats not possible try a fleets enema. Let us know how you did.


Has anyone ever shat themselves during their driving test?

I went hiking today on a "miniature mountain" in my town. It has tons of trails that lead to little beaches.. and a small waterfall at the top. Most people don't make it all the way around this thing.. it's quite a hike. I ended up making it to the top by the waterfall and found myself all alone. I felt an urge to poo. Not a major urge.. but enough that I knew I could leave my mark up there. I slid behind a few trees and bushes in the middle of a bunch of sticks and leaves and dropped my shorts and panties. I had to strain a bit to get it all out. I didn't take anything to wipe with (bad bad idea lol). I ended up leaving 4 logs.. about 7" per log. The breeze was so nice... the sound of the waterfall.. the leaves crackling under my feet. There is something about being surrounded by nature while you're pooing that is just so relaxing. I ended up hiking the rest of the way down, stopping once to pee on the trail. When I got home I was REALLY wishing I'd taken some toilet paper with me. My panties had quite a smear in them.

My constipation at camp was caused by holding in my poop for such a long time and it eventually hardened and got impacted - that is why I had to have the enema.

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