Today at school I was in Spanish. There is this girl named Kim who I don't like. I noticed when she came in she had a hand over her stomach and she didn't look too good like maybe her stomach was hurting. About 10 minutes into class, she raise her hand and ask if her friend Amanda can help her to the bathroom. I guess the teacher thot she look sick because she said ok. They were gone a while and when she walked back in the teacher ask if she was ok and she gave this big fake smile and said i'm all better now. But a little while later i looked over and she was grabbing her stomach with both hands and leaning forward with her back arched and big tears rolling down her face. Right after that the bell rang and when she got up i noticed a bad smell and a big spot on the back of her pants where she had shit herself.

smart guy!!!
This happened about a couple of years ago¡K..

Katlin was going to the high school graduation party, it lasted around 2 hours¡K after that, I picked her up we just started to head back to her place, good thing her parents is on their honeymoon, so we can have the night to our self for a while¡K. After we got back to her place, we just made a very small dinner. After 2 minutes while we were making it, she said that her stomach is starting to feel very painful now¡K. She thinks that she may need to use the washroom pretty soon now.......

So she went to the washroom now, and try to push out the crap¡K. She kept pushing for over 20minutes, but it just wouldn¡¦t budge¡K. Suddenly, she remembered that she was constipated for about a few days now¡K. And she might needed to poop soon because her stomach¡¦s starting to feel like its moving or something¡K. So after 2 minutes, she just got up and just told me that she¡¦s going to bed earlier¡K So right after she got dressed up for bed, then she just ran to the washroom because she can feel like that her poop¡¦s is going to come out

So she just went to the washroom and started to push¡K but it still wouldn¡¦t budge, so she thinks that she may have need to wait for just a little while longer¡K. So she just went to bed and I just slept in the guest room¡K. When it was around 3am at night, her stomach just growled pretty loudly, she accidentally woke herself up¡K. Then she also let out a very loud fart¡K and that made her butt hole open now¡K. She thinks that it feels like a hard one¡K So she just tried to suck it back, but she couldn¡¦t but she did stop it from coming it out anymore¡K. So now, she¡¦s stuck because if she move anymore, she will start pooping, but if she don¡¦t get to the toilet, she will have to do it in her underwear¡K.

Right now she don¡¦t really know what to do, but she did think about just rip it in her underwear because she knows that she cant really make it to the washroom in time¡K so she just stuck like that for around 3 minutes until she just lost a little bit of control of her poop¡K. It started to move out slowly into her underwear¡K. So she just quickly just jumped down and just pulled down her underwear and just started to poop onto the floor¡K. While she¡¦s pooping, she was really relaxed¡K then her poop became a little larger when it came to the middle part¡K it started to get kind of painful. It lasted about 5 minutes, and I think it was like about a meter long¡K and about 4 cm in diameter¡K she said that she haven¡¦t been that relaxed for over a while¡K.

Then after one more hour, she said that she started to feel that she needed to piss now.. so she just went to the washroom, and then she wanted to take a shower too, so she decided to take a shower and then in the middle, she just started to piss in the shower¡K it kept coming out for 2 minutes¡K. then she said that it was about the most relaxed day she ever had in her whole life¡K

hi! my name is roxanne. i am new here but my brother is a regular poster and posts by the name of DR. anyway, i have a bestfriend but i wont put her name down for obvious reasons. Me, her, and a couple of other friends went to a school called dunbar to swim in the pool. well, we were just sitting waiting for the pool to open as we had gotten there a little early. and my bestfriend finally said she had to poop. and she was like "lets go to my house" but we really wanted to stay for the pool because it was about to open. and she said i really got to go!,i cant hold it anymore. so the pool we were at was a highschool and we saw some steps and one of my other friends said to go up the stairs to use the bathroom. and so she said ok, whatever and went up the stairs. but she soon said she was scared when she realized there was no bathroom so we just told her to stop being a baby. and so we all went to get our towels and she just kept farting and it was so smelly, you could even smell it by the pool. my friend went on the floor and i really wanted to take a picture of it. it was funny but disqusting.

and i also want to answer this survey often, on average, do you have diarrhea/poop that is runnier than normal? about once a month
2.when you have diarrhea do you take anything or do anything to make it stop?or would you rather let it all out? let it out
3.have you ever had an embarrassing diarrhea accident?explain. yes, one time i had diarrhea while watching tv. a few minutes later, i had another accident. i was about 5 at the time.
4.what is the color and consistancy of your diarrhea? usually dark brown you enjoy having diarrhea? not really, but i like to fart. i have a farting fetish.
6.has anyone ever watched you have diarrhea? not that i can remember you ever take ex-lax or another laxative and what effect does this have on your poop?(describe the differences) no
8.have you ever had diarrhea in a place other than a toilet? e.g the floor, a chair. was it on purpose? see #3


I do look forward to Danielle's potty training. She's so enthusiastic about the potty, and she's learning a little bit about wiping with her diaper changes. (We just give her the wipes and she does the job, but usually it takes some grown-up follow-up to make sure she's going to be clean.)
As for her diaper in the potty, the diaper went down the drain, too. That's why Amy needed me to get up. Whenever she visits, Amy puts any Huggies that Danielle has... personalized... down the toilet. So far, they've flushed away okay and like everything else that goes in there, I've yet to see any of them ever again.


browneye boy
hello, this is my frist time posting. I'm 16, 5'10, nice build, hairless ass(good for smooth pooping). when I was 12 I had a pooping accident at a friends house. I went over to play video games. while we played I'd get close to him and while he was concentrating on the game I'd lift up my cheek and fart on him. well doing this for a long time eventually ends with poop. We were in the middle of a serious game as I felt the poop building up. I could barely hold it and poop started sliding past my crack and I felt it poke at my briefs. As soon as we were done I rushed to the bathroom and dumped the massive turd then pooped for 5 min. Lots of long smooth snake-like poop and a few thick turds poured from my butt along with occasional farts. I looked in the toilet and it was near filled with brown squishy poop. I cheked my briefs and luckily no stains. that was the last time I ever waited to poop. hope you enjoyed the story. I will have plenty more posts.

Constipated in NC. Brian, unless it's a really severe case of constipation that's gone on for several days I'd leave laxatives well alone. They can do more harm than good - especially if you get to rely on them. If you're an otherwise healthy guy I think nature should sort the problem out of its own accord. Plenty of exercise, fruit and veg should get things moving. Good luck.

Graham. I sometimes leave #2's to the last minute but it's almost always from necessity (toilet not available when required or simply too busy to go) than choice. Given the choice I always try to go sooner rather than later.

Mr. Clogs
Hello everybody, I've got a quick post to share. This one involves peeing into my tupperware type container that I keep in my room for that purpose. Last night (well early in the morning) around 2:30 AM, I needed to pee. I didn't want to go to the bathroom to pee because I don't wanna wake up any one in the house. So I closed my bedroom door to muffle the sound and for additional privacy, and dashed for my dresser drawer to fetch my "pee-container" so I could take a piss in it. So I got it out the drawer with the lid, opened the fly of my sleeping shorts so I could pee into the container and let the pee flow into the container. Ahh. it felt so good to get that urine out of my body filling the container nearly 1/2 way (by the way it's a 2 litre container!) so I didn't have to worry about overflowing the container. Once I was done, I put the lid back on the container and put the container back underneath my bed and went back to sleep.

Ok, now this morning around 8:40AM, I was really feeling the need to pee. Since I haven't made my morning pee of the day, I grabbed that same container from the night before and took my morning pee into the container filling it up to 3/4 up to the brim mixing with last night's pee turning the already clearish yellow to more of a rich golden healthy color. Once I was done, I put the lid back and will dump the piss filled container out later. I got to go, take care.--Mr. Clogs

I havent posted in a while, just to catch up.

Some people have asked for pee scenes in movies.
In Halloween 5: the revenge of michael myers [Or halloween 7: h20]
A mother with a female child get out of a 4x4 and walk twards a public toilet, they come to the womens room and it's locked.
They go into the mens and use the toilets.
But for some odd reason they pee with thier pants up

Melissa. The same used to happen to me at school mostly because I just enjoyed the feeling of holding my poop in. You got a little stain because you had a turtlehead and it rubbed against your panties. A turtlehead is where your poop pushes so badly to open your ring that no matter how hard you try to keep your hole closed, the nose of your poop peeps out. Usually when that happens you can't suck it back in, but sometimes you can push it back in if it's nice and hard. I used to go to the restroom, take my pants down and push it back in with some TP. I would usually wipe too, in case my turtlehead had messed up my butt. Obviously, once you made it to the restroom you would just sit and enjoy a nice relieving poop.

There are several things you can try to help prevent staining your panties. First I would try to do a poop before going to school in the morning, and then there is no problem. Or maybe try for a poop last thing at night and then you will probably be able to make it to break or lunch recess the next day. If that doesn't work and you think you might have to hold it in, I suggest wearing an old pair of panties under your nice school panties so if you get a turtlehead it will only mark the old panties. This was the best solution I found and it worked very well indeed. You can also try lining your panties with TP but I found it moves around and doesn't work as well as the extra panties. Panty liners are another possibility and they have the advantage over TP that some of them have sticky backs so they stay secure. If you get a turtlehead and it rubs your panty liner, you just throw it away when you eventually get to sit on the toilet. Hope this helps sweetheart - Love from Graham

Hey Mike,

I read your post about peeing in a public tiolet in Belfast. I was there in 1972 and there weren't any public toilets. They were all closed off because people were leaving bombs in them. Everyone was suspicious of strange cars and packages left unattended. Well, I was trying to get a taxi to take me up Falls Road but no one seemed to want to ride me there. After a while, I had to pee the worst I ever had in my life with no toilets to be found. Finally I found a side street without people or many cars going by and pissed up against the side of a building. When you got to go you have to go. I never got up to Falls Rd. Had to spend the night at Queens University and walked up there in the morning. I was glad not to get caught in some crossfire but I did get pelted with rocks walking back to the train station. Never did figure out why I got rocks thrown at me.
My Belfast friend told me that everyone pees just before they leave the house and planned to be home before they have to go again.

Whitney- I hate when I hear about teachers not letting students use the washroom, it's just ridiculous to do something like that. Anyway I liked your story and I hope you share more!


Yesterday we were about ready to go to a family wedding. I was all nicely dressed up in a dressey miniskirt, top and pantyhose but I was on my period and felt like I was bleeding like a stuck pig. All my mother buys is these thick maxipads which she says are more economical and convenient beause you don't have to change them as often. To me they feel like I'm wearing a diaper but I was fortunete to be wearing them as they saved me from even greater embarrassment. Anyway I had just come back from music camp where the tiolets are gross and not privite so I was constipated from not having poop for a week and a half so my abdomin was so fat I had difficultly buttoning up my skirt. I then tried to poop but it felt hard and bigger than my hole and nothing was moving. Not only that but I was complaining of cramps. Big mistake. My mother noticed my skirt was tight and asked me the last time I pooped. When I told her three weeks she got really angry because we had to leave soon and there wasn't time to deal with my problem. So she got out the enema bag and forced me to knee of all fours while she put vasaline on the tip of the tube, raised my skirt, lowered my panties and pantyhose enough to ram the tip up my ass. My humilation was great and as I had to take the whole bag, I could bearly hold it. Meanwhile, my sister and my mother are going in and out putting on makeup, etc. After the bag was empty, my mother made me stand for 5 minutes to "let the water soften the poop". It was the longest 5 minutes ever. I was holding my butt together with all my might, my spincter muscle screaming for relief as small amounts of liquid were leaking past into my sanitary pad. Finally I was allowing relieve myself on the tiolet. First, liquid water came out, followed by a hugh turd, followed by more water and smaller turds. Then more brown water and softer turds and my relief felt complete. It took 2 flushes to empty the tiolet as I wiped myself and changed my pad and pulled up my panties. We were running late so we left right away. After about ten minutes down the highway, these cramps started up and I felt like I had to go again. Like real bad. I didn't dare say anything because I knew my parents wouldn't want to stop so soon especially when they were late. So I was holding my butt and my spinckter and was bent over in agony hoping it would go away. After a while, I felt my muscle losing strength so I let some out soft liquidy poo in my pad, thinking I could change the pad when I got to the church. My mom smelled it but I told her I let out some gas. That gave me enough relief that the cramps went away. When we got to the church I had to walk through friends and relatives to get to the bathroom,and I wonder what they would have thought if they knew I shit myself. Luckily, nothing got on my skirt or my pantyhose but I stained the edges of my panties and had to leave them there in the trashcan with the soiled pad. I had a tough time making a maxipad stick to pantihose properly and the rest of the day I was walking carefully to avoid the pad from falling out of place.

i have a couple of stories to share. one time in 10th grade i was going out with this girl named kimberly. well one time during class(we had the same class. it was spanish i think.) anyway, she had to pee and got permission to the bathroom. she must have really had to go because when she came back i noticed she had a wet stain on her pants, the rest of the class noticed too. they began to tease her a little but she was calm about everything and came to me and wanted to know if her accident bothered me. i was staring at the wet spot on her jeans and didn`t answer immediately but then i lifted my head and answered no, she smiled. i actually thought her accident was kind of cute.

one more story. one time i was at the store grocery shopping when, after a few minutes of looking around, i saw this lady with light blue jeans on who had obviously peed her pants, but she was still looking for food items like nothing had happened.

i have a question for you ladies out there. did you have poop or peeing accidents in public but didn`t change until later.thanks, see you later

Hi all,
Just a quick report on the canoe marathon I went to last weekend. Hubby does the canoeing and I tag along to second. It is an early start so have not had my morning motion but no problem I love dropping it behind a bush outside. We get there and I grab some paper and head for the bushes. Not alone as there are no toilets so everyone takes to the bush. I thread my way through the bushes and get my kit off to shit. As I am squatting and farting a whole team arrives and male and female tracksuits off and down to shit. Some face each other others just go behind others. A bit chaotic but they are all sportsmen and woman and are not shy at all. They also eat a lot cos some of the piles look as if three people shat there. They chat to each other some ladies even change tampons. It is a matter of when you gotta go you just go. No one will remember later on on the river that you were the one with a runny guts or the one that took ten minutes to take a shit. Amazing we go every year but it still amazes me.

Mr. Clogs: My kitchen sink experience was actually pretty recent. I was mopping the floor a few days prior and had to pee. Even though the bathroom was only a few feet from where I was, I decided to be a little adventurous. I dropped my shorts and panties.. threw my bum over the edge of the sink and peed as hard as I could. I hopped off and waddled to the bathroom to clean up (you'd be amazed how much ends up dribbling down your legs even when you think you're finished LOL). A few days later (after being on an oatmeal diet) I found myself having to poo 4-8 times a day. One of those times I was in the kitchen and decided what the hell. I lifted my dress and sat over the sink with my legs hanging down and just started pushing. It was nice really and a lot easier than other positions/ places I've tried pooing in. The kitchen window was open.. people were walking by and had NO idea what I was up to. I managed two pieces.. the most PERFECT shade of dark brown.. it wasn't very long but my hell it was thick!


To Brian:
Why don't you asked your Mom to give you an enema? You'll be surprised how good you feel afterward. I know from experience because my Mom had to give me one once when I was sick. Btw, I'm 25, but I was 19 when Mom gave me the enema.

Today I took a big huge dump on a paper towell. I had a mild urge to shit after breakfast and decided to hold it in until the urge got really extreme. When it got extreme I also had to pee, so I started to pee and had to stop immediately because I almost lost control of the poop. I decided to experiment with something creative for my poop and decided to squat on the bathroom floor and go on a paper towell. I was thinking that my poop was going to be a big soft but well formed log. So I leaned forward to allow the poop to come out easier. The minute I pushed, a loud crackling sound followed by this strange vibrating sound on the paper towell occurred. I knew it was going to be a big dump so I kept pushing to get all of it out, which occured in 5 seconds. When I got up I could not believe what I saw. I saw a 7 inch jet black log surrounded by gobs and gobs of mushy poop (not formed but not water, sort of the consistency of mud) piling high (Length 9 inch, width, 7 inch, height 3-4 inches). The poop was shiny jet black and had some areas of partially digested food. I then picked up the paper towell with the mush and poured the mush into the toilet. There was some splattering, but most of the mush and the log maintained basic shape. A lot of the mush was stuck to the paper towell so I jiggled it and pieces of the butt mud fell into the toilet. When I poored all of the contents into the toilet, it looked like I had a diarreah attack, with a big blob of mushy black poo and a lot of small area of mushy poo floating around it and some splatter of liquid from the mush around the toilet bowel. The paper towel still had plenty of poo goop on it and I just folded it up threw it away and washed my hands. What a fun dump!

anonymous pisser
I am a 15 y/o male and am told i'm cute and even hot... this past year at camp i had gone for my last year. and the first day i drak about 8 bottles of water, not usual for me, i went to bed that night thinking i would be fine, now i don't normally wet the bed. as a matter of fact i have never wet the bed before, but i had a dream where i woke up and i had pissed all over myself and my sleeping bag, i suddenly woke up and sure enough, at roughly 2 am i had pissed my pants. i told my counsoler, and after realizing i wasn't the other counsoler in our cabbin, he was totally cool about it. he took my pants and sleeping bag down to the nurse to be cleaned and nobody was the wiser, one funny thing about the story tho is that i forgot i had a pocket knife in my pocket and, well it wasn't allowed at camp, i never saw that knofe again... oh well, i hope i get to post again, i have been reading a long time and really enjoy the peeing stories, especially from/about girls. i hope to hear more of those! ttyl!!!

Some time ago I was a little over weight and the doctor prescribed some medication which had the effect of expelling excess fats eaten
out the other end, post haste.
All was OK when one afternoon late, I ate a large meuseli cookie. Soon later I was walking down the street and had the need to pass wind. As there was nobody around I let it happen... but not what was expected, The fart was thunderous and almost echoed! I then felt something in my undies, very squishy. I scampered to the toilet, dropped my pants and then (carefully) my underpants to reveal a fatty/oily/gross mucusy mess in the crotch and similar in my butt crack. It was orange/brown. I took off my undies for disposal and sat on the seat to wipe my bum, but thought I should give it a "try" just in case there was anything else lurking in my lower colon. A push and I was greeted by a splatter of oily shit that spray painted the toilet bowl. Still no urges but I gave another push and out came some runny poo and then a turd of slightly larger than average size plopped out.
That was it.. gave my bum a good wipe...very greasey.
No wonder that medication works so effectively!

Pee Man
Mr Cloggs:

It you frequently or often produce a lot of foam, then it might be a good idea to check it out, but you are right. There are some ocassions where foam occures naturaly like in Cheryls case, all the Estrogen. Alkiline, and some public restrooms put an aditive in the toilet water to kill germs and that also creates foam.


That's pretty good, being able to fill up a one litre bottle. Like I said before, the very best I can do is about half.


As usual, great stories. Keep em comming.

By the way, who do all of you think have better bladder control, strength and capacity? Men or women? Just curious.

Based on my own personal experience, I have to say women.

The Pee Man

embarresed but not
2day i shit my pants on accident, 2 times!!!! the 1st was in a pair of pj bottems (light blue...) and undies. i went next door to ask the elderly ladie in the back yard if she had seen a ball of mine latley. she said i can look around and i went to kneel over but had to grab my ???? instead, she said are you ok? and i said no im gonna shit my self!!! i held my dick and ass and unloaded a little bit. and pissed all over. she was in shock, i just pissed all over my self. but i shit about a 3 inch log in to my underwear. i said i cant move ill shit myself more, she was in shock at my openness, i tryed to leave this situation but blew a full on load in to my small bikini type briefs. my pj bottems sagged. it was hard logs 4-6 and diaria so it was brown liquid and piss covering the pj's. she asked if it ever happened b4 and i said yes, alot. she then pointed out another time i was over in her yard and i wet my self uncontrollably. not my finest moment but i had to go pee so i did. She said to go clean up and i stated to walk but shit more and more (((i had bad stomach cramps))) the lump was large and wet. i was holding the lump right in front of her, i didnt care it was a embarasing briefs were saturaed and the shit made its way through the small under's up to my balls.i went home and sat on the toilet fuly dressed shitting away...
The second time was just b4. i still had cramps and just ate dinner, i went for a walk (big mistake) as i was walking back i sat down at a bench in a field and held my stomach. i yawned and went to fart but blew a load in to my NEW undies. i peed uncontrllably and left a huge wet stain on my black pants (still noticable) i walked home and kept shitting my pants it was very noticable and embarrasing to me when kids pointed out the stain lump and puddle forming under me.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Constipated in NC
I am new here. My name is Brian and I am 17. I am currently experiencing a very bad bellyache from not being able to poop. My stomach looks swollen out and feels bloated and gassy. It is achy with dull constant pain but not sharp cramps. I am passing smelly farts but I can't get a poop to come out. Today after school I spent 45 minutes on the toilet straining but I can't go at all. The last time I took a laxative it gave me very bad stomach cramping. Does anyone know any rememdy other than a laxative to get things moving and cure this bellyache. It has been over a week since I was able to go and the pain is getting more and more every day. I am tired of hurting. I feel like I cannot go out anywhere until I am able to poop and hopefully get rid of my bellyache.

This is the story of when I was 5 years old. Me and my friend Lillian, who was a year and a half older then me at the time, went to a halloween party. It was on halloween night, so I dressed up as a genie (with a blue dress like thing) and she as a witch. It started at about noon so when we came back it was already dark so we went straight out trick or treating. It was a blast and we both when back to my house and sat on my bed sorting candy. I was so excited I didn't even relize I had not gone to the bathroom sense about 9 a.m. Over 12 hours! So as I was about to eat a piece of chocolate, the strongest urge to pee EVER came over me!! I gasped and flew out of the bed telling Lillian I had to go soooooo bad. She ran with me to the nearest bathroom- my mom and dads. Once there I began the painful task of trying to get teh coustume off! I felt the pee PUSHING to get out. It hurt so much I thought of just letting rip but knew my mom would be very mad. "It's about to come! It's about to come!" I kept yelling as I tore the blue coustom off as fast as I could. FINALLY i got it off. I literally FLEW onto the toliet and before my butt hit the seat pee GUSHED out. It would of been sweet relife if only I remember to lift the seat up!! I gave a cry, seeing the pee run dow the sides and jumped up to lift the seat,, only I couldn't stop my pee from coming. I had just held it in too long and i knew I wouldnt have the slightest control until I was empty. I got the lid up and then let myself relax. Oh it felt soooooooooooooo good. I screamed "AHHHHHH!!!!!" in relief. I peed for about 2 minutes straigh! I was so loud my mom came running and when she saw the pee on the floor she grounded me for a week for not relizeing that i hadnt gone in over 12 hours and going before i whent trick or treating.

I just started back to school. I needed to have a bowel movement as soon as first period. I was afraid to ask to go so I held it in. As the day progressed I had to go more and more. I sat on my foot while sitting in my seat to keep from having an accident. After lunch I really had to go so I went into the girl's restroom. It stank and there were girls inside already so I was resolved not to go. I held it in all day. Sometimes my butt ring would open up and my bowels would start to move. I had to suck it back in and it would press right back out. I could feel a large, hard one inside of me dying to come out. I didn't have much gas just the real thing. On the bus ride home I had to go so bad. The front end of my bowel movement came out of my butt hole, slid between my buttocks and pressed against my panties while I sat squirming in my seat. When I got up to leave part of it broke off into my panties. I rushed home and into the bathroom. The part that broke off was a round hard ball. It did stain my panties however. I sat on the toilet and the funny thing is I had a hard time going. My bowel movement kept stretching my butt ring open too wide and it hurt. Finally with one big push my bowel movement squeezed out of my butt ring and fell into the toilet. It hurt to come out and I could see why. It was massive. I mean it was thick and long. It also clogged up our toilet. Is this normal for a skinny otherwise petite girl? I hope I don't have to go at school very much often. Does this happen to other girls?

Anonymous guy
It was Sunday and my 21 yo girlfriend had accompanied me on a trip downtown to go and visit my mother. After we had gone out to lunch and done some shopping for while it was time to catch our train to go back out to the suburbs. We originally planned to go back to my mom's home and rest a while before our train but we were quickly running out of time and she had to drive us directly to the station. We were about a half hour early and while we were walking into the station she told me 'Man I really have to go to the bathroom'. I told her I did too and we could go in the station before getting on the train. Her response was 'I'm not going to the bathroom in the station; the bathrooms in there are really dirty'. I suggested she try squatting as a joke and she said she's not doing that either and she could wait.

By the time we were walking back to my apartment from the station back in the suburbs she mentioned again she really had to go and I told her we're almost there don't worry. As soon as we got in she went into my bathroom right away and I went into my room which is next door to put my things away. We always leave the door open so I casually peered in there (instead of sitting in there with her, which I wasn't quite in the mood to do at that moment) and could see her on the pot and could hear her peeing a nice strong torrent. When I was done I went into my living room and sat down to watch TV, soon after, she called to me from the bathroom 'Hey come here'. So I went in and sat down on tub where I usually sit when I watch her go, she was still sitting on the toilet with her shorts and underwear (which was a pair of MY underwear because she slept over and didn't bring a clean pair) just under her knees.

She lifted her bottom off the toilet and I could see she had taken a big dump. It was all light brown in color and soft looking, there was a 5 inch banana shaped turd floating at the top and a pile of about 4 smaller ones lying at the bottom. It was the largest of her dumps I had ever seen in person. She then told me she could feel a little more and sat back down. She started pushing in her way that I can tell she's pushing but she tries not to show it. Then she straightened up her back and sat up to push harder, she always uses that position to push hard. I could clearly hear the squelching and crackling of another little soft turd trying to make its way out as she pushed. Once in a while she'd also push out short puffing farts and she'd look at me and laugh. This went on for about 10 minutes until she pushed out a couple more little pieces and she was done. When she was done she stood up and bent over with her ass pointed at me and spread her cheeks and asked 'am I dirty?' I told her she was REALLY dirty and there was piece stuck to her (there was soft shit smeared around her asshole and a small turd still clinging to her). She laughed and sat back down.

She then began pulling paper off of the roll next to her. She lifted her bottom up again a little and reached behind and underneath to wipe. As the poop got smeared on the toilet paper as she wiped the smell got much stronger. I could see the paper as she looked at it and it was covered in brown streaks. She folded the paper over and stuck it back underneath to wipe again. As she looked at it the second time she complained she had gotten shit on her hand, and I could see it on her palm under her thumb. After wiping 6 or so more times she was STILL dirty and asked if I minded helping her clean up. I said ok and she stood up and bent over again with her ass pointed at me.

The bowl was full of paper and shit so I flushed so it wouldn't clog up then I pulled some paper off and dipped it in the water. She still had shit smeared on her ass crack and some around her cheeks so I took the wet paper and did my best to clean her up. When we were all done the bathroom smelled pretty bad (or good depending on who you are!).

When we go hiking and camping in the winter all the girls and guys use the Nalgene 1-L bottles that Emogirl talks about for relief overnight. Nobody wants to expose their butts to below zero temperature. I don't think I have seen anyone fill one over 3/4 way in one go.

Do tell more. How much is your little pee, average pee, and really desperate pee, if you have done all these measurements.

Barrel Bladder:
I think a female raised in the wild would do what is natural:
Pee at the first real need, no matter where she was. She wouldn't hold it longer than necessary without good reason - unlike modern women. For #1, I think she would bend her knees only slightly just to avoid getting her legs and feet wet. For #2 about all mammals squat, so I think she would be no different.


Sorry to hear about your bad stomach ache at camp. I have had an enema too and it made me feel better. Did you have the urge to go number 2 and just held it in or were you completely constipated? I had to go really bad (number 2) at school today and managed to hold it in until I got home to my private bathroom. I am just so shy about using public toilets and will hold it in rather than go in one. I have to lock the door at home and draw the curtains even at home when I go. A lot of girls I know at school hate using the dirty toilets at school and will hold it in if possible. I also really expelled an odor today when I went at home and produced a big specimen. I don't want other girls to smell,know, or see what I am doing or have done in the restroom.

One time, when I was on my 3rd date with my girlfriend (Julie), we where out for dinner! We ordered a plate of noodles, chicken balls, and a whole bunch of stuff, on are loong drive home (ok not to long like half an hour) Julie said, I need to use the washroom, do you mind pulling to a gas station or something, so we pulled up by the Mac's store! I went in with her to get us a slurpee while she went into the bathrooms, as i was getting mine and her slurpee i heard her run in the washrooms, slam the stall door, and she farted very loudly that the whole store can hear, and you can hear the diarreah explosion happening, she just kept farting and pooping, the slurpee was making my hands cold so while she was in there i put the slurpees down and phoned her, i said, are you ok? she said, yes! I said, hurry up the slurpees are melting, she said, I cant it wont stop, i said, ok hunn! we both hung up, 5 more minutes later i finally heard the toilet flush and she washed her hands, I payed for the slurpees and we left, when we got in the vehicle i told her about everyone heard her going, she just kind of sat there, after when we got to my house she had another diarreah explosion there, and alot more times that night! Where lucky we had air freshner because she stunk the whole house up!

School just started today and I needed to go potty badly not long after I arrived there. When I asked the teacher if I could go to the restroom she said no. I was forced to hold it in. I tightened my buns and slid forward in my seat to block my rear end "potty" exit. I am a skinny girl but I produce big poops. I could feel a big poop inside of me and it was pressing urgently to come out. My little ring would open up and I would have to clench it shut as my poop started to come out. I was afraid to go in front of the other girls so when I had a break I just kept on holding it in. After break our class watched a movie on trains. It was dark in the room. I slid my hand under and between my butt buns and sat on it. This eventually did the trick because as hard as my poop pressed out it was blocked from coming out. The urge to go finally passed as the movie ended. A few of my classmates complained that someone had farted. I think it was me and the real thing that they smelled. At home I had to go right during dinner. I did a hard big poop that did smell pretty bad. My panties had a poop stain on them but I did not have an accident. Why did I have a stain on my panties and what can I do about having to use the restroom at school? I don't want to have to hold it in all year like I have in the past.

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