today i was driving down the interstate when i felt like i had to shit bad so i began to look for a exit and i found one with one store on it. well as i get out of my truck this van of wemon pulled up and one woman jumped out and had her hand on her butt i guess she had to go just as bad as me.well lucky me i parked closer to the store than them i went in and wlak to the back of the store to find they only have one toilet. it was a bathroom that didnt lock but once u walk in there is a stall in the coner with the walls that go all the way to the floor so u cant tell if anybody is in there unless u go directly infront of the door of the stall. well anyway i just said tough shit for that lady i was about to explode so i wran in and sprayed all over the bowl it was terrible when the lady comes running in and is telling her friends she is first because she is about to shit her pants well to her suprise she runs to the door and startas yaking on the door and i say it will be about 5 or 10 minutes and she replys u have half a minute to wipe ur ass and get out and i said sorry but i am sick and she would have to wait . so she just sighed and stood there in front of the door just clutcheing her gut sayinghurry please after a couples minutes i say i will let u go only if i stay in here while u r in the stall because i am not finished and i am hurting she agrees so i let her in the stall and i stand off to the mirror and damn let me tell u that lady had to shit something bad she let out a blast followed by about 2 to 3 minutes of continues soft smalls logges and it smelled so bad. well she finshed in about 5 minutes and i rush back in and continue she just said thankyou but my friends might be upset at u and left i really didnt care i had to go still well she walked out and one of her friends came in thinking it was her turn i was like sorry i am still pooping in here she just cursed and left. i thoyght this waas a pretty funny story

Davey Jones
There are a lot of daves on this site so I chose the "coolest one" in my mind.
My mother is getting up in years. I am not going to say how old she is. Anyway, back in 1999 she had her uterus removed. Her body had gotten used to it being there so when she has to go to the bathroom she has to go THEN and THERE. One time I was brushing my teeth when I heard my sister say, "What is going on, Mom?" I ran outside to the living room of her apartment and saw yellow liquid coming from between her legs. She got up and literally sprinted into the bathroom and left a nice pee trail right up to the toilet. She finished and I saw a HUGE wet spot on the computer chair. She didn't yell at me but my sister said, "It's not funny!" I had had a huge smile on my face from that wet spot.

Silly Sarah
I recently had the most embarrassing thing happen to me ever. Unfortunately I am no stranger to bathroom related misadventures (including but not limited to pooping my pants at my friends house when I was 10 and laughing so hard that I peed my self when I was 13) but this one took the cake. First some background information. I am 17 and this summer I worked as a camp counselor at an overnight camp. I worked mostly with the 8-10 year old age group. At camp we get two nights off a week, and on one of my nights off I went out to a pizza place with some of my friends. I'm a pop addict and we don't have it at camp so I was drinking a lot of free refills. Now this happened around the sixth week of camp and I was really, really tired. When I got back I didn't feel like walking all of the way to the bathroom so I just collapsed into bed and went to sleep. The next thing I heard was the music that they use to wake us up every morning. I felt soaking wet. I couldn't believe it; I had peed the bed at age 17. I hadn't wet the bed since I was 6. Then I heard the girls start to get up. I wasn't sure how I would be able to hide this one. I looked at the bed. My light blue sheets were dark blue because of a huge wet spot. Then one of my girls sat down on my bed to put her shoes on.
"Hey Sarah your bed is all wet."
"Maybe she wet the bed," another girl giggled, not realizing that it was true.
"No way grown ups don't wet the bed," the first girl said and I really wished that it was true. "She must have spilled something."
"Yeah that's it," I said.
One girl commented that's a pretty big wet spot."
Then I remembered that I had to watch the pool for the polar bear swim. I would have to get out of bed right now not once the girls had left. When I got out from under the covers the all saw the huge wet spot on my PJ's. There was no denying it now.
"She did! She did pee her bed! Sarah peed the bed. Sarah peed the bed!" one of them began to tease in singsong fashion.
"Guess I had too much to drink last night." I said trying to make light of the situation.
Later I did the laundry at our camps laundry machine and another counselor saw me. "One of your girls spring a leak?" she asked.
I just nodded and was glad that she couldn't see the size of the pajama bottoms or the undies.
I made a deal with the girls that they wouldn't tell anyone from another cabin. They didn't but they did continue to tease me for the rest of the week. Here are some of the things that they did:
They checked my bed every morning to make sure it was dry.
When one of them saw me getting a drink before bed she said, in a baby voice, "Now Sarah you can't drink so much before bed. You don't want to go pee pee in your jammies again do you?"
Every night before bed they asked me if I had gone potty.
When someone farted and the cabin smelled bad some one said maybe Sarah pooped her pants.
I'm glad that none of my friends found out but it was still terrible to have an accident in front of all of those girls that I was supposed to be in charge of. Has anyone else ever had an accident in front of your students, the kid you were babysitting, kids at camp etc. It would make me feel better to know I'm not alone.

Sam S
This survey is for the guys

1. What is your age?
2. What is your height and weight?
3. What kind of underwear do you wear?
4. Do you ever have skid marks in your underwear?
5. Are you open about taking a crap in a public bathroom?
6. If yes to question 5, are you open about farting on the toilet when others are in the bathroom?
7. Do your farts usually smell?
8. Do you ever fart in your bed before your wake up?
9. How often do you get diarrhea?
10. Describe your usually dump IN DETAIL!

I think I have mentioned before that I have a habit of holding my poo until the very last minute. I have done this ever since I can remember and I don't know why. Maybe it's because I just love the sensation of a huge load trying as hard as it can to push its way out.

Well, all yesterday morning from just after I got up I had the urges to sit on the toilet. As the morning wore on, the urges got more and more intense until by late morning I was sitting in my office with my legs crossed and outstretched, clenching my butt cheeks with all my strength to hold my load in. By this time the effort to keep my hole closed during my urge was also showing on my face and I had to make sure no one saw me.

At midday I decided I would take the risk and walk into the mall and get my usual lunch, but those plans were soon changed. By the time I had got to food court, the exercise had brought on such an intense urge that I just grabbed a chair at one of the tables, sat down, crossed my legs and started squeezing. This urge was so intense and so long that I felt my hole starting to open and I was really worried that I might lose the battle right there. Luckily I managed to keep some sort of control and the pain subsided, but it left me with that telltale sticky feeling around my hole letting me know just how close I had come to disaster.

I decided it was finally time to let it out and made for the bathrooms. I fell in behind another guy, I guess he was in his late 20s or maybe early 30s and we ended up sitting in adjacent stalls.

But now it was time for my enjoyment to continue because once I'm sitting on the toilet I get my supreme pleasure from still trying desperately to hold it in but eventually losing the battle. I could see under the partition that the other guy had his pants and unders both down around his ankles and I heard his first soft groan. Meanwhile I was feeling my next urge coming on and was already clenching my butt as hard as I needed to hold my load in. Then I hear a much louder groan and I can tell he's trying to push to get his turd started on its way out. My urge just got more intense and I had to put some real effort into keeping my hole closed and quite involuntarily I let out a long loud groan from the exertion. Looking under the partition I could see he is now gripping his ankles with his hands so I know he's leaning forward as far as he can to try and help his load come out.

My urge dies away a little and I relax; only to hear a very strained voice saying, "Come on….Come onnnnnnn…..Come ouuuuuuuuuuut……..Ohhhhhhhhhh".

By this time I'm becoming really interested and another massive urge hits my hole. Again I squeezed as hard as I can and this time it's just too much. With a loud groan and still squeezing with every ounce of my strength, I feel my turd relentlessly opening my hole in its determination to be free. At the same time I hear him moan again very loudly and a note of almost triumph as I hear…"Yessssss…..come onnnnn…….YESSSSS………YESSSSSSSS". I see he is still gripping his ankles and a loud crackling announces that at last his efforts have paid off and a huge turd is making its way out of his hole.

Meanwhile I am still moaning and squeezing as hard as I can, but with several loud "Phtttts", I lose my battle and my turd inexorably forces its way out of my clenched hole and heads down towards the waiting water.

We both finished shitting at about the same time and as I sat for a moment to savor the wonderful relief in my hole, the irony became very apparent. He was straining and moaning to try and get his turd out, while I was straining and moaning trying desperately to keep mine in.

Mr. Clogs
Hey everybody, here is my bucket post. Yesterday morning (being friday now) lol, I needed to take a dump. Since this gave me a good oppertunity to use the bucket because I could dump it out and wash it out in the bathroom before I take my shower. Since being the first dump of the day and my stomach cramping up like crazy (it's the tea that I'm drinking) I grabbed the bucket from the milk crates, it already had some piss in from last night (oh by the way, makes dumping out the container full of stick poop out easily!). I removed the lid from the container and placed it on the floor, got into position (Mr. Clogs special) and let it rip. I was filling the container with my hot stinky morning poop. Since I needed to pee too still remaining in position, I moved the conainer so I could pee in it mixing with the already stinky poop and piss filled container. Once I was done peeing, I put back on my shorts and went to the bathroom to clean up. Cleaned up, wash my hands and drank some coffee to prepare for round #2 to come.

Now here's round 2. After having 2 cups of coffee I felt the need to go again. So I grabbed my container and getting prepared for round 2. So I removed my shorts and got into position again to let it rip! This time I had to push a bit because as I was pooping, I could feel some poop exiting my body. Ahh...I felt so much better. By then it was getting late and I needed to go out the house. So I took the nasty bucket with me to the bathroom to dump it in the toilet and rinced it out for next use. Took my shower and went out.

EmoGirl: I do to, I keep 2 in my room just in case if you know what I mean.

HisLilPeeMonster: You asked about intersting places to take a dump. Well here's a place, well thing. How about try taking a dump into a cup or some kind of container like I do sometimes. Hey how about a large open mouth vases to keep flowers in. Why not try taking all places that you mentioned. The one in the kitchen sink sounds interesting! If you get the nerve to, could you please post those experiences. Thanks.

cheryl: Wow, your posts rock! The extra estrogen makes it extra foamy! Hey I guess that old saying about "You are what you eat." and the same applies to drinking too. Take care.

Well gotta go to bed, I need some sleep. Take care!

--Mr. Clogs

1) Is your poop normally liquidy? It is frequently very soft and mushy, almost never hard or formed but it depends on what I eat. I have a sensitive t????y so I get liquidy diarrhea every 3 or 4 days.

2) When you are feeling sick to your stomach, do you barf, have diarrhea, or both at the same time? Mostly diarrhea but if i am really sick I vomit too

3) Have you ever witnessed a friend use the bathroom because they couldn't wait any longer? Yes many times

4) is there a food that you eat that you know makes you have diarrhea, yet you eat it anyway? (mine is prunes. I eat one of them, and an hour later i'm on the toilet)
Yes I eat milk products even though I know they will give me a bellyache, gas and diarrhea. Also greasy food will usually upset my stomach.
5) Can you pee standing up? And if so, do you do so often?
I can but don't do it very often

6) Has anybody ever seen you have a BM or pee? If so, was it on purpose? Yes, my roommate and I go in front of each other. She knows all about my stomach problems and has helped me out in some bad situations when I have been sick and not able to get to a toilet.

7) Do you poop in the ocean? If so, do you take off or pull away your swimsuit, or do you just go in it and clean it off later? I have and will if the situation warrants it but I don't go out of my way to do it. I try to take it off so as not to deal with the mess.

8) Did you ever have an accident as a child? Yes I have always had a bad ???? and had many pooping accidents and a few with puking too. To this day if my stomach gets bad I often cannot wait. I can't remember having a peeing accident.

9) (the kind of random one) When was the last time you had diarrhea, and do you know the cause of it? Today, woke up with a sick stomach from the pizza last nite. I actually didn't mind having it it got the offending food out and relieved the bellyache. Its much worse for me if I can't go and have to deal with my ???? hurting all day long. The cramping can get really bad so diarrhea is actually a big relief.

anonymous asked about movies of girl pooping seens, well here's a movie that has a decent one. The movie is Herald and Kumar goes to White Castle and another movie that's on DVD is underground comedy here you'll see up close and personal if you know what I mean (man I got to get that DVD!). I hope this helps.

I am 13 years old in 7th grade. A girl named Marla who I don't know all that well spent the night with me last week. We ate a bunch of pizza and junk and didn't go to sleep until about 2 in the morning. About an hour later I woke up to the sound of Marla kind of like moaning really low and moving around a lot. I asked what was up and she was like I think I ate too much junk my stomach huuuuuurrrrtts. Well I really didn't know what to do because I never get a t???????e no matter what I eat. My mom says I have a cast iron stomach. I poop one poop a day and it is first thing in the morning and it is always firm and normal and only takes like a minute. So I was like marla do you get these t????aches a lot. And she said cheese hurts her stomach. So I was like why didn't you say something we could have gotten something else. By this time she was bawling and doubling over. It was awful. She looked really miserable and I felt bad for her. She ask me to help her to the bathroom so I did. She pulled up her gown and pulled her underwear down and sat down on the toilet right in front of me. I noticed her belly looked really bloated and she grabbed it with both hands, leaned over and groaned. A loud fart came out. It smelled really bad. Then she sat up but almost immediately bent over again with another cramp. A huge gush of liquid poop erupted out of her. I had never had anyone else have a sick poop like that in front of me. I asked her if I should go get my mom but she said no she would be ok after she finished. She had a few more rounds of pooping and said she felt a little bit better. But I noticed she was still holding her belly. I was scared she would get sick again but she just lay there whimpering. She said it still hurt a little bit but she finally went back to sleep. She seemed ok the next day and she said it happens a lot that greasy food and other stuff upset her stomach. Does anyone here know if there is anything else I could do to help someone with this type of t????????che? I know next time not to order pizza but I want to be able to help her if something else sets her stomach off.

Potty Pooper
Any one of you guys watch "Attack of The Show" on American network G4? (It's the show that took the place of "The Screen Savers" after G4 absorbed TechTV.)

Well, this last week, they actually had three different poop-related things on the show, or on their show-notes Website.

One: There is a company making RIAA toilet-paper, for those of us who do NOT like what the RIAA has been trying to do to file-sharing and to our fair-use rights.

Two: There is an R&D company in Singapore that is developing a credit-card sized paper-ish bio-battery that can be powered by -- *get* *this* *folks*! -- urine! You could pee on your cell-phone to recharge it!

Three: There is this place called The Toilet Restuarant, where all the seats are (non-connected-up) toilets, arrayed in front of tables made out of bathtubs with plexiglass tabletops over them. The food is brought to you in dishes resembling little toilets, and soft-serve ice-cream is then brought to you in dishes that resemble urinals (the kind placed on the wall) laid flat. There are big pictures of it online, too.

When I was a boy, I once dreamed I'd gone to a toilet-themed restuarant, one where there were toilet-seats hanging on the walls and attached to the seats. This one is for real, though. I have no idea where in the world it is located, though.

TO NICKY: A story about a looong shit from a (handsome????) man.
Some years ago I had a series of colonic irrigations in an attempt to help irritable bowel... I was also taking psyllium three times a day. One day I arrived home after a colonic and was in the back yard and had the need to fart so, of course I did, however, it became apparent that there was more in there than wind. I raced into the toilet and did s poo like I had never done before. It was like a mud slide and came out with one long plop. It had no form at all. It was like diarhea only thickened and enormous.
The second episode was a day after a colonic I sat on the throne for a morning poo and I push out and looked into the bowl to see turd hanging from me right down to the water and curling into the water a bit. Except for its lenght it was just like any other.... now as to its length it is one foot exactly from hole to water (I measured it with a ruler...there would have been a couple of inches (or a bit more) in the water and the end was still in me and I would say at least a few inches...that totals 17 inches at a bare mimimum. I have never done anything that lenght before or since.
TO FERN: My partner walked in on me when I was sitting on the toilet this morning.... she did not exactly walk in. I was sitting there and she yelled out whether I would be long... I said a few minutes but come in if she wanted anything, so she did and got her stuff and left.

I have always been a constipated kid. I always went to the bathroom and took off all of my clothes and push the poop out and it was always big and kind of hard and lumpy. Today i tried to take a dump and not pull my pants down to my knees, just far enough to go. I went to the bathroom and did that, and relaxed a little and pushed and this big turd started to come out. It was about 13 inches long and dark brown. I kept pushing and gruting and i got to a point i could not push more. That meant i had to rest and pull down my pants to my knees, and then i pushed more and it came out more easily. Then i pushed more and more poop came out, but this tome was softer,smooth and soft,sausage shaped, while the other was hard and lumpy. I finished after 7 minutes or so and wiped 6 times. Then i flushed and pulled up my pants and washed my hands.When i came out my younger sister came in and said:"it stinks in here,have you just went dookie?" I said yes and left.

Later this day, i had to take a dump again, so i went to the bathroom and pulled my pants down as the poop came out surprisingly easy,because i did not have to push a lot. Just a little push and a grunt and 3 logs came out. I wiped and flushed.

To Billy & Kevin: How old are you and do you have to make any effort or push to make the poop come out and any noises or does it come out without effort?

To Potty Pooper: I remeber your posts, they are good. Keep posting.

To everyone else, keep posting those good stories. Bye

Bum Fluff
Is it just me or does anyone else always seem to choose the cubicle with the nastiest mess in the toilet? Every flippin' time I go to use a cubicle, I pick the one with either a huge turd stuck in the u-bend or the one where someone's missed the pan. I swear I'm cursed!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

One night my family,(daughter & wife) dine at the mall. I enjoy a spicy Italian steak. My wife wanted to go to Sears to look at clothes dryers. So while they tie up a salesman, I head to the tool section to drool over garage enhancers. I finally look up and notice that the Sears staff is beginning to lock up some of the exit doors. My watch says its nearly closing time.

So I begin walking toward the appliance section to round up the girls. As I'm heading that way, all of a sudden a tremendous cramp hits my stomach and I begin to get those pre-terd chills. The pressure becomes enormous in my bowels, somethings got to give soon. I squeeze my cheeks and stomach and begin glideing toward the girls in that pinched butt ballet. I swiftly ease up to the wife and tell her I'm heading for the men's room. The diahhreac pressure has reached Defcon-4 as I run in the bathroom....and discover all the stalls are taken.

In a full blown panic, I rush out and under extreme panic start that Richard Simmons-like run toward the Mall public restroom. I'm certain I feel some spotting as I rush in the door and blast open a stall while some poor guys in there mopping up the floor. I jerk my drawers down, but the volcano erupts before I can sit. The brown soup flies all over the wall behind me and covers the back of the comode and seat. I can hear the cleaning guy cussing a blue streak.

I'm bent over with poop mocha all over my legs and butt and nowhere to turn. I look up and theres like 9 inches of toilet paper left on the roll. I grope bent over as another hard blast leaves the chute and splatters the environment behind me. I hear the mop hit the floor and the custodian leaves with a few parting dillys. In desperation I open the kiddy change station and rob it of some complimentary napkins.

My saving grace is that the toilet is one of those turbo-charged flushers. I take inventory and after swiping all the sanitary paper seat covers, I begin to make headway on at least swirling the goop on me. I notice my underwear and the bottom of my jeans are soiled. So the old Boy Scout training kicks in. I pull out my pocket knife and cut my underwear off. Theres a slight area on my briefs that serve as a wiping tool. Now the jeans....I end up cutting them off up above my knees. I now have a salvageable pair of cut-offs. I use some of the jeans legs to help further clean my boody.

I finally focus on my t-shirt. I cave in and rip it off and use it to finally clean off the last of the muck. I race to exit to avoid a showdown with the sabotaged custodian. I grab up all my solid waste and hide it in the kiddy-change fold-up. I take one last look at the brown sugared wall and wince before racing out like Jesse Owens. I find my bewildered family who are waiting and shocked when they see me mostly undressed. I hurry them to the car and I can assure you, though painful for me, we cried duck tears laughin all the way home.

I sometimes pee in a container.
I keep a one litre wide mouth Nalgene bottle in my room, and i use it sometimes. It's especially fun because it has these measurements on the side so I can tell how much i pee. I often completely fill it up.

Barrel Bladder
Hi everyone

I'm sure these questions has been asked before, but I'd like to know what you all think. If a girl grew up by herself in the woods, was never taught about squatting, and wore no clothes, would she squat instintivly to pee, or would she stand with her feet apart?, and would she wait until her bladder was fairly full, or when she first felt the urge? Also If a girl wore no clothes, and never learned about sitting on a toliet to pee, would she sit, or stand over it? Something to think about :)

I had a really gross experience a couple of years ago. I was meeting some friends at a club one night and as I pulled into the parking lot I felt like I had to fart. I got out of my car and started walking toward the entrance, and the urge to fart hit me again, so I figured I'd just let it rip before I went inside. It was REALLY loud and a small amount of mushy shit came out, splattering the seat of my panties. I froze, trying to decide what to do. My butt felt very wet and squishy. It was pretty smelly, too. I had never shit my pants before, although it wasn't much. I finally went inside, paid my cover and headed straight for the womens room. I went in a stall and removed my panties. I sat on the toilet and pushed out the rest of the shit that was in there. I wiped my butt. There was shit on my buns, but luckily none managed to get out of my panties. When my butt was clean, I exited the stall and threw my panties in the garbage. I spent the rest of the evening with no panties, being careful not to let my skirt fly up too much!

I am 16 years old and I pooped outside the other nite for the first time ever. I had been eating junk all day and while I was driving over to my friends house my stomach started to feel sort of gurgly and queasy. When I got there it was hurting pretty bad. I told her I had a stomachache and she gave me some tums but that didn't help at all. By that time I started to feel sick like I was gonna puke and have the runs and the cramps in my belly were getting really sharp. Well, her house only has one bathroom and her dad was in there taking a bath. So I was sitting there on her bed holding my belly doubled over in pain and feeling like I was gonna die! I was trying my best to hold the poop in and keep from puking til the bathroom was free but finally I felt a little beginning to squirt out. I went running out the back door into the back yard and pulled my pants down and squirted liquid poo out on the grass. At the same time a huge wave of vomit came out of me. It was embarrassing but I felt too sick to care. Afterwards, my friend had to drive me home. On the way home the cramps started up again and by the time we got to my house I had spent half of the car ride doubled up clutching my stomach and crying in pain. I had to go running in the house and straight to the bathroom with another attack of diarreah. I had first thought my bellyache had been caused by eating all that junk but it ended up being a stomach virus. I was up and down all night and the next day and a few days later my friend and boyfriend both ended up getting it.

L.C.pee pants
its me again.tell me if you people experince this.before my best friend moved away we go places together but he always want me to stay with him so we want go looking for each other when it is time to leave.i had to go #2 and he'll go in the bathroom with me and he'll stand next to my stall.and before i begin he'll tell me to next time i'll try to loose him and hurry off and hide and when he is away from the bathroom,i'll go in.and this was when i was 10 ant a elementry school in the 3rd grade hallway there would be two bathrooms one for girl the other for boy.with only 2 stalls and one sink,no urnale in the boys.they be located between two class rooms and the light switches to the bathrooms are in the classroom.near the end of the school year me my friend went in there and no lihgt. it was dark so i had to use my hand to find the stall i got in front of the toilet adn started to pee,adn i heard a scraem and found out i wasn't alone in the i ziped up and me and my friend hurried out and walked in the class room liked nothing happened.i never knew who i peed on.

Does anyone have any interesting places they could suggest for pooing? I've tried it at the beach, in a river, on the floor, in the tub, outside camping, in my panties.. and just recently tried the kitchen sink and standing up with a skirt on. I've found it to be very freeing ;)

I'm eager to hear your suggestions!

Random Reader
I was watching Regis and kelly on the TV today, and on this episode they had a doctor in to go over your body to tell if it was healthy. The doctor took blood pressure and showed them to look at certin signs like bleeding gums means gingivitis and so on and so forth. Then he moved on to the bathroom and how to check your poop to see if you are healthy, during this Kelly Rippa was like well I have this friend (clearly talking about herself) and the doctor kidded her about it then she said her friend pushses out rabbit pellets, and the doctor told her how to fix that and what the cause was. I just thought that was hot how a pretty woman like Kelly was talking about her bowl movements on TV.

Hi everyone it has been a long while since I've posted anything but I have a pretty good story about something that happened just last night I thought I'd share. To keep everyone updated I actually have my very own apartment now, I've had it since late spring and it has been wonderful finally having a place of my own. It's also great for a gal like me that can be quite shy about going to the bathroom if any people are around. Let's just say I am making good use of having the privacy of my own bathroom. I never even close the door when I am using it! Most of the time I don't even bother turning on the lights or fan either, I just walk in, plop my lil fanny right down and enjoy the peace and quiet ^_^

This story is something that happened in the evening after a long day at the office. Soon after I arrived home and was changing clothes and putting my things away I felt a slight urge to take a dump but since normally when I get the urge it is loud and clear I decided to ignore it and go off and do my normal things I do to unwind after work like watching TV and surfing the net. A few hours had gone by and I had finished cooking dinner and cleaning up. I called my boyfriend like I usually do on Tuesday nights and while I was lying on my couch talking to him I could feel the urge coming back but it was still a slight urge for some reason. After we were done I went straight into the bathroom (with my phone still in hand because sometimes he calls right back if he forgot to tell me something). I put the phone on the rug in front of me and pulled my bedtime shorts, that I just wear all time around my apartment now, and my panties all the way down to my feet.

I then sat down on the bowl, which is somewhat smaller than the one back at home, got into my normal position (leaning forward with my arms crossed over my lap and my feet raised to almost tippy toes) and began to push. It didn't take much pushing before I could feel this poop moving towards the exit. First a teeny tiny pebble plipped in the bowl and then a surprisingly large turd began sliding out. I couldn't believe how long and fat it was considering the weak urge I felt. As it came out I could feel it was hard in the beginning and soft at the back end, and this is quite unusual for me but it STUNK, bad! After this long poop came out of me it felt like there was more so I sat for a little longer waiting while I took my after dump piss but it turns out there wasn't. Maybe it was because I was still stretched out from the last one I don't know.

I stood up to wipe as usual and I took a look at what I made. Floating in the yellowish water (my poop ALWAYS floats now since I moved, don't know why) was a little pebble and a long, fat 5 inch behemoth turd that was hard and knobby on one end and a bit softer on the tail end. The hard end was dark brown and soft one was probably a shade lighter in tone. But before wiping I waddled over towards my kitchen to put the phone back on the hook because my guy had not called back.

I waddled back in and pulled off a wad of paper and began to wipe. After stepping out for a sec and coming back the smell hanging in the air was even more noticeable. Well, I had a feeling I'd be quite messy and I was right. After about 6 wipes I was still seeing small brown streaks on the paper like there was another turd stuck up there. I then decided to do what I normally do in this situation and pulled up my shorts and panties to leave it to finish wiping later. When I was all done I flushed my beautiful creation down and watched as it spun around and around leaving a few streaks as it went, then getting lodged in the hole at the bottom of the bowl before being sucked away.

Who used the urinal today or recently and would like to share it?

smart guy!!!
one time at school about 4 years ago, me and katlin was going camping with the school for some kind of nature hike and stuff.....

so when we and the rest of the class was hiking to a place for us to go for our lunch at 11am, katlin told me that she needed to crap pretty soon, and she thinks that its going to be an hard one again... but she can hold it until we get there, besides, its around 5 minutes away from here.... after we got there, katlin asked the teacher where the washroom was, the teacher replied to her that the washroom is actually everywhere here, in the nature... she was kind of not surpised that she was going to say that because katlin couldnt see any washroom for miles.... so after she asked the teacher for permission to go to the washroom, she told me to ask the teacher the same thing so i can go with her.....

so i did, and she said yes..... so we went into the woods, and she told me if theres anyone near us... i told her no, even though the closest person is like 350meters away from us... so she told me that she has to let it rip there, and she told me to tell her if theres anyone coming... so i did, when she pulled down her pants, she farted very loudly, and then she started to push out a very big, solid crap..

after 3 minutes, when she was finished, we went back, and just kept going with our class like if its a normal trip....

i have 2 story to share!!!!!

about last year, me and a group of people was going to katlin's birthday party... when me and katlin was dancing, she told me that she needs to poop very soon.. so before the dance was over, she brought me to the bedroom, and then she wanted me to enjoy this, so she just pulled down her pants and just started to rip away onto the bed.she was pooping on the bed, after 7 minutes, her poop was finished.. she was sooooo relifed because she was holding it in for 5 hours...

about 4 weeks ago, when me and katlin was driving from the fashion show, which is like 3 hours away from my apartment, i think she was drinking soooooo much that i think she was drunk before we got back. and when we were like an hour before we got out, she was saying to me in a weird voice that she has to pee.... so before i can do anything she just started to pee onto the seat... warm yellow pee, like streams, kept coming down from her skirt... she was really relaxed until she was finished after 2 minutes.... then she just started fall asleep on the wet seat.... so after we got there, i just have to carry her up into the apartment and help her get cleaned up while she was still sleeping....

so i had to burn that seat the next day because it was full of her pee smell, and i think that i also had smelled her very loud fart that she did on the way there........ so now, she had to sit at the back seat from now on.......

L.C.pee pants
this was when i was in the first grade,the teacher had me to go get a rag and take it to the bathroom to get it wet at the sink,and i got in the bathroom and my cousin was in there and he showed me on the stall walls that there was brown handprints.and he told me to smell them and i said no way. years later i said what did they smell like and he said they smelled like poop.

Bladder Splatter

Does anyone have any stories about peeing in a wedding dress?

holding it
hey, have ne of u not peed for a whole day? plez tell! i want to try.

Can anyone pls post movies with girl poop scenes.

Mr. Clogs
Hey everybody, it's Mr. Clogs again. I was going to through some of the posts just now, ah...I thought just camw to me while reading one of the post from Mushola. So this story involves diarreaha so here goes.

I could remember back my Junior year back in high school about 7 years ago, I was on the football team and fairly in shape (never had a problems with my bowels) until after I got home from practice. I don't know if it was the 24 hr virus or something I ate that day, but all I know I had runny liquid stool. I told my mom about it and she stopped at the Chinese resturant to get some white rice to bind up the loose stool. So I got home and felt another wave of diarreaha came over me, so I dashed to the toilet. I tried to hold back the diarreaha from making a mess in my pants, I removed my pants and shorts and sat on the toilet to unleash the wave of liquid poop. I thought I was done, so I wiped up myself the best I could, and I put my shorts on. BAD IDEA! I felt like throughing up, so I did on top of the poop filled toilet, ahh... I was awful. After that I felt a little better, but I still had the runs after that. Once I ate the rice with nothing with it, it seamed to work, but I wasn't well enough to go back to school nor practice the next day, but I felt better though. I might of been the corn beef that I ate the day before from my grandmother's house. That is probably the only diarreaha story I could think of.

smart guy!!!: Great post about your girlfriend and her pooping experience over at your appartment, man that had to be a loud one! Hope it didn't bother the neighbors down the hall and thought the worst.

Pee Man: Nice post about your gf and her peeing experience. Her pee must of been some powerful stuff, she must of had it in her for a long time. I think that foam residue when people pee I think, althought I could be wrong is when thay hold in large quantities of urine in the bladder for long time. I sometimes produce a foam when I pee if I drink large amounts of liquids like sodas, fruit juices, mixing it with some water to wash it down and holing it in for long time. I agree with you that it shouild be checked out, maybe I should. That foaming sensation is rare for me. So I shouldn't be too concerned right!?

Take care!

Mr. Clogs
I would like to chime in about the question about chamber pots and wheather I use it for the purpose of going to the bathroom. Well I do have several pots lying around the house, but I never use it for the purpose of going to the bathroom in it, althought I would like to some day. I mean that's what people used before indoor plumbing was a standard in households. Speaking of chamber pots, when my bathroom was being fixed up because the bath tub kept leaking downstairs bathroom. So it was redone to somewhat modern standards, but for like a week, we had no toilet to use to go to the bathroom. So we had to resort to using cups and containers for relief. Only if had those handy chamber pots for relief, it would have been interesting. It's amazing how we take things for granted, and how hard some of us who don't have the conveinence nor the luxury of having indoor plumbing. Hey if the plumbing in my house goes on the fritz, then I'll use the chamber pots until the it gets fixed. In the meantime, take care. Mr. Clogs

Adam D
To Sita:

That was really nice of your sister to help you out when you were not able to pass the large turd. I have heard of using vaseline before, but not Ambesol. But it makes a lot of sense that the Ambseol would numb the rectal area nicely and it wouldn't hurt so much. That is such a great idea. Although I don't mind having a large bowel movement I would like them to come out with little to no effort, but unfortunately that is not always the case and a hard thick turd can be very difficult and painful to pass.

Here is another idea, don't know if I read it here or heard about it someplace else: Since your sister had you lie in bed, after the ambesol and vaseline were applied and you were ready again to try to have the bowel movement, you could have had your sister spread out a large towel on the bed and lay either on you side or your stomach (your side would probably work better). Since you are more likely to be relaxed lying down, and if you or your sister weren't opposed to the idea of "not using the toilet", you would likely be able to lie in bed and push your turd out onto the towel. I know it sounds a little gross, and it would probably smell very strong in your bedroom because the turd would be just out in the open on the towel, but such a position would be very relaxing I'm sure and would help you to have a much easier time of getting rid of that large bm.

I was peeing in a service station in Belfast - I was pretty desperate, so I was in a hurry to get there. Also, the door did have a lock, so it was half open. As I finished up, a really pretty girl, on the way to being drunk, came in and saw me. She was obviously in a hurry too, because when she saw me, she didn't back out as I thought she would. She came in and waited behind me.
"Can I go now... please?" she said.
I stepped aside, still wiping my cock and and closing up my jeans. Within seconds, she had pulled up her mini-skirt, pulled down her panties and started to pee. I had my eyes on her the whole time. She must have drank a few pints, cause she was really making some noise. I could see the frustration lift as she let it all out. I could watch everything happen as I never had before.
"That's so good" she said - not really to anyone in particular. She opened her eyes and saw me looking at her in all her peeing glory. I wasn't really turned on, just facinated at this unexpected, close-up, unexpurgated pee-pee show.
"Seen enough?" she asked, stirring me out of my reverie. She wiped herself with three sheets of roll and pulled up her panties as she stood up. I could smell the pee in the small cubicle. We both washed our hands side-by-side like old friends.
I never saw her again.

Pee Man
Hi Folks:

I remember one time when I was a pup, me, my sister, cousen, gf at that time and several people I don't remember got into an argument about bathroom habbits, and whether or not men or women have stronger bladders. The girls pointed out that adelesecnt boys were more likely to be bed-wetters and they were also able to point out the fact that none of them wet the bed, but I, and one other boy in our group was. This was years ago. My sister also loved pointing out that I was allways running to the washroom at school and on vacation while she could hold longer then I can.

On the other hand, us guys pointed out that when people become adults, women tend to have more issues with bladder control, and there were several examples of women in our family who used Depends, two of whome who were elderly, and one of whome recently gave birth at the time.

As for our own group, we were allways up for a game, and I actualy thought my bladder control problem of that time was genetic, and not related to actualy weakness, so we all decided to have a contest. We used a kitchen timer and the garden hose in our back yard. Each one of us had a paper cup, and would drink an entire cupful of water before setting the kitchen timer to 30 minutes. This went on for about 6 hours, so we played various board games while it went on. I do not remember all the details because it was so long ago, but the just of it is that I was the very first to have to pee, so I was the loser. There was one girl who beat me by about 40 minutes before she lost it in her panties, and the winner was a tie between one of my sisters friends and her girl cousen. Needless to say, the girls did better.

In my adult years, I have never met a girl who could not hold for a longer time and pee harder and more abundantly then I could, so based on that, I believe that women do tend to have larger and stronger bladders and stronger sphincter muscles. I am not a medical professional, so I can not back this opinion up with any clinical or medical facts, but based on my experience. Now, I must confess, that I have a relatively small capacity compared to most people. I did actualy measure my output on several ocassions, and my absolute limit still holds steady at half a litre (500 militers) and that's not a confortable or managable hold. That's my on-the-verge-of-bursting maximum. I know that most people, male and female can hold up to a quart, ( I don't know how much in militers) which is probably about a third (as a guess) that I can hold, so that has to be taken into consideration.

But, I still think that women have superior bladder capacity and control in general.

The Pee Man

VerY -

Great story about Danielle's interest in the potty! A future super-pooper if I ever heard of one. I was curious tho, why did Amy put Danielle's diaper in the toilet while you were using it? Wouldn't that make it messier? Did she take it out of the toilet? Or did Danielle's diaper go down the drain with your poop when she flushed?



I'm a twenty six year old male. I live in New York. I suppose I have as many bathroom related mishaps as anyone else. The earliest I can recall was when I was in seventh grade. It was my first semester in junior high school. I had been in the boys rooms plenty of times to pee. I had noticed that the stalls had no doors and were barely even stalls. They were formica partitions that basically just seperated the toilets from each other and had a roll of TP attached to it. When you were sitting, it only came up to your chest. I would have never dared take a dump in the boys room unless it was a dire emergency. It wasn't long before a dire emergency came up.

One day, around third period, I started getting bad intestinal cramps. They came on fast and strong. I knew I had no choice but to shit in the boys room. I asked the teacher for a hall pass, hoping to go before break so I'd have as much privacy as possible, but there was only a few minutes left in class, and she told me to wait. As soon as the bell rang, I ran to the boys room.

By the time I got there, it was packed. I rushed to the first vacant stall (guys were peeing in others) and quickly yanked my pants and underwear down and sat on the toilet. Everything came out in one loud eruption. It was that kind of not-quite-diarrhea, the consistency of pudding. Well after ignoring the looks of disgust on the other guys' faces, I reached over to grab some TP. There wasn't any. I asked one of the guys down from me if there was TP in his stall. He said no. Then another guy said that the school had confiscted all the TP from the boys rooms because of guys making spitballs and stuff.

That got a laugh from most of the guys, who now saw me trapped on the toilet with shit squashed between my butt cheeks as a very funny situation. There was very little I could do. I stood, pulled up my pants and washed my hands. There weren't even paper towels. I just went to my next class and did my best to ignore the wet, slimy feeling between my butt cheeks.

I checked out a few other boys rooms during the day, and sure enough, all the TP was gone. I finally got to wipe my ass when I got home from school. I had a big skid mark in my underpants by then.

More later!

My Mum told me today that she once shit her pants on the way home from school. She said it didn't really make much of a mess 'cause it was a 'constipated ball.' Haha!

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