This is for Jill who got constipated from not wanting to use the bathroom at camp. You are not alone. The same thing happened to me this summer. I am very private about pooping. In my own house, if i poop, I have to close the shower curtain, blinds, linen closet door, and lock myself in the bathroom and run the water before I can possibly go poop. So at camp, there was no way. So about a week into a two week camp sesssion, my t????y started bothering me just a little at first. Then one night after dinner, I don't know if it was something I ate or just that it had been so long since I went, but I got this terrible stomach ache. My counselor thought it was my appendix. She took me to a camp nurse immediately. I was in so much pain I couldn't even walk or sit up so she had to take me in a golf cart. The nurse was going to call my mom but then she ask when did i poop last. I admitted i couldn't remember. She said, honey i know what you need. It was an enema. By that time i felt so bad i didn't even care. I was screaming and bawling and rolling around on the cot holding my t????y. So I let her give me the enema and I stayed the night in the sick bay pooping every little while. At least the bathroom was cleaner and private. The nurse told me most people can hold their poop a few weeks before it gives them a t???y ache but if you happen to eat something that gives you an upset stomach it is blocked up and can't come out and that is what can cause the bad bad kind of stomach ache like I had. So I am blaming the camp food for my night from hell.

ive noticed the more weight i gain the harder it is to control my bladder. is this normal?
the other night i was layin up with my man. we both had da flu. i started coughing real bad and ended up peeing on myself a little. i didnt tell him. last thing i need is for him to have somethin else to tease me bout. i ended up getting that cleaned up before he noticed, cept for a spot on the sheet i couldnt change cuz he was sleepin. later that night i started coughing again and dry heaving and couldn't stop. i didnt notice i had the runs until it was to late. i ended up making a huge mess. he woke up and asked what the nasty smell was and looked under the sheets. n-eway he ended up being kind of sweet and helping me clean it up. it took quite a while for the smell to go away.
is not being able to control yourself normal when ur sick? or is it because of how much i weigh?

Donnie C.
Don't know if any of you have heard this: A few days ago, a Virginia school district sold off 1,000 of its old Apple laptops for $50 apiece. At least 3,000 people lined up for hours overnight to get a crack at them, and eventually there was a stampede. But get this: one woman deliberately wet her pants so she wouldn't lose her place in line to go to the bathroom. Now, THAT'S determination!!! And all for a four-year-old Apple...

Wonder what she would have done if the urge had come at the other end?

one time i shit so bad i backed up the toilet. 3 plumbers could not fix the toilet. no more fajita nights for me!

Potty Pooper
Hello, remember me? :-D

It's been awhile since I was last here. I used to post regularly, from about the late 900s to the
1100s or so (my last appearing post was at the top of page 1145), but then, if you will pardon the
pun, I got... more than a little behind.


I guess I'll probably go back to posting here... occasionally at least.

Well, this is a second go-around at posting this post to the site. The first time didn't make it
here, probably because part of what I said in it the first time around touched on matters that could
very easily be -- in fact almost certainly would be -- misconstrued, so I have now removed that part
of it.

While I was at it, I have decided to add a completely seperate, NEW anecdote on as a bonus, instead.

Anyway, this last, Saturday, me and my folks had just come from a church-sale, first thing in the
morning, where we'd picked up a few things, and had decided to stop at the local Waffle House for

We took a booth at the back, far left, and looked over the menus for a few moments, deciding what
to get. As soon as we ordered, I then got up and went to the mens' room to wash my hands. I'd
actually been thinking maybe I should go wash my hands first and *then* come back and look at the
menu, but decided it was better to go ahead and order first, since otherwise they would have to
*wait* for me to come back before we could order.

This was a typical Waffle House, basically a rectangular little building with bar-seating the
length of the exposed kitchen area, and with booths wrapping around at the end of the building,
with windows all around. The bathroom was at the other end, through a very short, narrow,

The door going in, which had a big, blue, square, mens' room sign on it, had one of those big,
sorta L-shaped doorknobs that go off to one side, where you grasp it like a handle and rotate
it downwards.

As it happens, the mens' room there was one of those places where the walls were all tile, from
floor to ceiling, and probably the floor as well, where you pushed open the door and the sink was
right in front of you as you went in, in it's own little ante-room that was just slightly wider
than the door you came in by, and straight to the right of the sink was a door-sized opening in
the wall going into the seperate little room having the toilet. That room went perhaps five or
six feet out, and was maybe four or five feet across, with the toilet sitting at the end of it,
facing towards the left if you were standing in *that* door, and there were handicapped rails
along the wall to the right. Well, actually to the *left* of it if you were sitting on the

As I came in, there was a boy of perhaps eight, just then putting his hand to the soap-dispenser
on the wall up next to the sink and spritzing out soap into his hand, while at the same time having
the water running.

He seemed to be a pretty happy kid, delighted even. I stopped in the door, with my arm out holding
it open, figuring he would be done shortly and I could then step over to the sink myself. A moment
later, looking really amused with himself for it, he turned and ducked *under* my arm and headed
right on back to his booth. Hehe!

So then I got to the sink and preparing to wash my hands. At that point, I noticed that the toilet
had apparently just been flushed, and was still running the water. Out of curiosity I went over in
there and looked at it.

The toilet was one of those longer-bowl things, and either it had a low water-closet, or it was one
of the kind that didn't need a water closet. And the toilet seat was of the type that was a little
bit thicker than the usual household ones, where the outermost edge was a bit higher than towards
the middle, so that it sorta wrapped itself around your behind and upper thighs when you were sitting.

Anyway, by this point the sorta-whirlpool-effect was done with, but the water was still going round
and round, and in fact there was still water coming down out of the little holes around the top of
the bowl.

And there were a few little turds still there, showing no sign of going down the drain, since that
part of the flush cycle had already completed. These were a very light brown in color, and were
small-around enough that it was quite clear they'd come out of a little kid. There were maybe
three or four of them swirling around and around. At least a couple of them were little loglets,
less than an inch long, and one of them was a sort of flat little thing, maybe an inch long and a
half-inch across and barely an eighth of an inch thick if even that.

I went back to the sink, finished washing my hands and headed back to our booth.

A moment later, it crossed my mind that the kid had probably gone directly to the sink after he'd
done his business and flushed, which is to say, he probably didn't go unlock the door first and
then go to the sink. And since I hadn't seen this kid heading into the bathroom as *I* was heading
back to the bathroom, it meant he'd clearly been the one using the toilet a moment before.

Which means he was probably sitting there on the toilet with the door unlocked. Had I come in a
few moments earlier, or if someone else had done so, he'd have likely still been sitting over
there with his pants down. As it happens, though, since the toilet was situated way off to the
side, a body would actually have had to make a *point* of turning their head and looking over
there, instead of happening to see it all out of the corner of his eye.

As it happens, it brings to mind something that happened to be when I was a boy, just a few short
years older than this guy.

I must have been about 13 or 14, and some boy or boys at my school had taken to splattering the
contents of ketchup packets wildly and willy-nilly all over the walls and doors and whatnot of
the boys' room at my school. The principal and whatnot was a little sore at this practice, but
they couldn't figure out who was doing it, or put a stop to it....

SO, what they announced was that if this practice didn't stop, they were going to take the doors
off all the stalls in the boys' rooms (!!!), basically penalising everyone for the actions of a
few. A bit drastic, I should think, but... whatever it takes I guess.

And, oddly enough, this was at a Christian private school! Kinda ironic that at a place *for*
people that are even MORE self-conscious about matters of... uh... skin, they were going to force
some persons to expose theirs to each other...! :-D

Crazy world, innit?

It caused quite alot of consternation among the students, but in the days after the announcement,
I never heard anything more about it, or about The Mad Ketchup Splatterer... and the doors never
DID get removed, so clearly the ploy musta worked.

Still, in the period just after the announcement, it got me to thinking about what I was gonna do
if I DID have to go while at school, and the doors had been removed, and actually came up with a

Bear in mind, these bathrooms where a little on the large side. Lotsa booths, all down both sides
of the room, such that the booths were facing across the room to each other, with urinals all along
the back, and sinks to the front. Come to think of it, the way the entrance was set up, you had a
opening from the hall going into the bathroom, and then a big free-standing wall a few feet past
that that was wider than the opening before it, in a sort of ante-chamber between the hall and the
actual bathroom. The idea being that you didn't have to actually touch a door coming in or out,
but nobody on the outside could see into the bathroom.

In the elementary-school buildings, at the bathrooms they actually had a great big, circular wash
basin thing with a big, cylindrical, all-directional water-fixture thingy where the kids would go
up to it, step on a ring-thingy going around the base of it, turning on the water to all sides, so
that all the kids could wash their hands en masse after coming back from the toilets or urinals.
Seems to me it was out front of the bathroom instead of inside it, but it's been a long time since
I was in elemantary school, so I might be misremembering it.

But I digress...

Where was I?

Oh yes... The solution! :-D

It involved taking one or more of the big, brown, paper-towel thingies we used to dry our hands
after washing up... taking them instead as I arrived at the bathroom and then going into the
stall, dropping my pants down and then covering my lap with them until I'd done my business. As
long as nobody happened to be looking AT me in the stall as I took my pants down and sat, I
wouldn't be indecently exposed.

But, of course, as I have already said, it never came to that, which is probably just as well.

It helped me out, though, a few short months later, however...

It was the summer after that school year, and we were on our usual, cross-state road-trip, going
to, or coming from (I forget which), Grandma's house several states away, or on some other such
extended trip.

It happened were were trundling along down the highway when I had to go to the bathroom, and said
as much, so my folks stopped off at the next available place. Seems to me it was a country restuarant
somewhere in the boonies, with the bathroom off to the end of the building and outside.

Or maybe it was a gas station. Or a gas station AND a country restuarant.

In any event, I went round to the boys' room, and lo and behold there was a family in there, in
formal garb, in front of the mirror, trying to get themselves looking perfect... like they were
heading to a family photo session or a wedding or something... and they clearly weren't in any
great hurry to get going anywhere just yet...

And it happened that the toilet-booth had no door on it.

So, I walked in there, saw them, saw the lack-of-door at the toilet, and thought "Yeeeee gads!
What if one of them SEES me while I'm in there!!?!?!?"

And so I walked right back out of there again and headed back to the car. Mom and Dad asked,
"What, you not gonna *go*?" or "You can't be *done* already!" or something of the sort. And at
the time, I didn't really know HOW to say, "Uh... I think I'd like to try going at a different
bathroom short a ways down the road..." so instead I just turned *right* around and went right
back over to the bathroom again.

Mind you, the booth was at the back of the bathroom and facing to the right, and the sink and
mirror were against the wall to the left, as seen from the door, so that in effect, once in the
booth, there'd be a thin wood wall between me and the sink and the guys there getting gussied up.

Still, I kept thinking, what if one of these kiddies... in a bored sort of way... just sort
of wandered off to the side and back of the bathroom, and happened to catch sight of me
sitting there exposed.

So, what I did was a variation of the solution outlined above, only simpler: I went in there,
dropped my drawers and sat, and immediately unrolled a *whole* buncha toilet paper and piled it up
loosely all over my lap. I then sat there in peace and did my business, all the while the other
bunch continued their gussying up...

Eventually I got done with my business, and started using up the toilet paper on my lap,
dwindling it down until there was none of it left and I was totally wiped clean... and as
it happens, at no point during all this time did any of those boys make *any* sign of
wandering around where they could see me, so by this point I was reasonably sure I wasn't
going to get... uh... seen in the half-altogether, so I felt perfectly relaxed with using up
the last bit of toilet paper on my lap.

In any event, my guess is that the boy I mentioned way up at the start of this post probably had
a similar feeling about HIS state of not-likely-to-get-looked-at-ness, and was probably perfectly
fine with himself, sitting over there totally exposed... since anyone that DID walk in to wash
their hands while he was there would probably make a special effort to NOT look at all in his
direction once they knew he was there... say, if they suddenly heard him unrolling toilet paper
way off to their right...

And anyone that actually walked *in* on him (WHOOOPS!!!!) would undoubtedly make a special,
concerted effort to NOT look directly at him, either, even if *having* to wait right there
in the bathroom with him because they were desperate for a poop, or something.

Still, the impression I get is that there are at least *some* young boys who simply don't CARE
if anybody sees them naked... unless, of course, the other person happens to GAWK at them... at
which point these boys would probably, instinctively, run screaming into the hills...

...whether or NOT they were done with their business at the time.

On the other hand, with *some* boys and girls, if *they* were to innocently, accidentally catch
sight of some other young-person naked, it would be enough to make *them* run screaming into the
hills, out of sheer embarrassment...

Go figure.

hi all.... to the poster who walked in on a guy taking a shit? tell us more about that?


hi y'all here are two more.
1." extra heavy on the ESTROGEN, please!" [ makes it 'bubble' better?]
yeah, it was that 'time of the month' around aug 1st and here I was riding my bicycle around town, beginning around sunset and ending about two hours later; when of course I finally had to pee! the last pee that day was down at the garden shack in the condo community where I live with mom; they have a small unisex restroom in the tool shed. of course, this being " period time" I used the opportunity to tape a new 'maxi' into my bike shorts. anyway, just after sunset I finally got to ride , here I went all around the busy state roads and down this dirt road past the old farm, up the main street , and finally after heading up 6 and getting howled at by a few local rednecks in trucks yelling " fatty" out the windows; I rode down the quiet dirt rd and began to feel that need to PEE. no problem, I knew there is a little unisex " family restroom" at our twon park , and they leave it unlocked at night. well, ready to wet the bike seat almost, I turned off and QUIETLY rode past the park's pool fence; dimming my lights since the park is legally closed after dark . I parked the bike right near the door by the picnic pavillion where the restroom is at ; then quietly opened it; fiddling with the light switch which is supposed to be automatic but often goes out soon as you open that wide " handicapped " door . that restroom has sort of a funky smell to it , probably from the old diapers and maxi pads in the trash bin; BUT AT LEAST IT WAS REALLY CLEAN! anyway, seeing the seat down[ many yuppie moms use it during the day to change diapers and do the "mommy's gotta tinkle thing" LOL! ]I struggled to get those majorly sweaty bike lycras down in order to get my pussy exposed and urinate; which I BADLY needed to do! the toilet was one of those low-flow types, elongated with a short tank and deep bowl-the water filling it from close to the back of bowl to about 6" from the front rim directly in the middle. well, after "peeling" those sweaty old lycra bike shorts down to about halfway between my knees and ankles, I sat my plus sized ass down on that closed front white seat , which was a bit worn out in the inside front[obviously from girls who "spray" while peeing I guess?] and sitting with my legs apart in the usual " cheryl-style" I began to PEE! about five seconds after sitting down with my blue polished fingernails on my knees, the right one holding the toilet paper I just unraveled from the roll on my right; the outside sounds of crickets and the restroom's silence was soon overshadowed by the somewhat loud and splunky tinkle sound of myself urinating into the toilet bowl's water almost directly downward into the middle but maybe a bit toward the back . for the first 30-40 seconds, I felt it INTENSELY coming out of my pussy in what had to be, by the sound it made as it splashed into that water; one really huge, steady wide stream I'm guessing at least 1/4 inch wide by the feel of it! it felt so good! like the goddess' flood gates of my labia had just opened up and were flooding the toilet bowl with all that desperate to come out yellow urine! I looked down between my legs and watched as the once-clean water quickly turned darkly yellow; within 10 secs. after I began urinating into it my strong urine creating lots of yellow foamy bubbles as it mixed with the water! finally after peeing out a storm for the first 45 secs, it began to slow down and eventually stop; this after at least a minute. but not for long, as soon the quiet hiss of pee foam in the water gave way to more tinkling as I began to let out the rest of that definitely once- full bladder; the strong coffee-like smell of my pee sort of overcoming the funky moldy smell a littleas I peed mostly downward into the water but a little against the dry part between the front rim and water's edge. for the next 20 secs or so, my pee came out in a wide splashy spraying yellow stream, then stopped; again tinkled like a shower into the water near the front edge in about 3-4 stop and start splashes for the next 30 secs before FINALLY STOPPING. just to make sure, I stayed seated for another 10 secs or so, and after moving those bladder muscles a bit; out came a little more in the last 4-5 sec tinkle and I was finished for sure! using the paper I had in my right hand, I reached between my legs and wiped my pussy really well; I was WET honey! * giggles* holding it between my legs, I stoood up and threw it into the bowl . as I was pulling the bike shorts up slowly and fixing them to be comfortable, I looked down into that tiolet. the once clean water was now all dark golden yellow from my urine and had three little circles of ' pee scuzzies' from the left over foam which didn't dissolve , floating on the surface. that and the white paper partially submerged yet clinging to the dry front. I then took my left hand, and with those blue fingernails on my index and middle fingers, flushed the toilet; watching as all that yellow urine and the paper washed down and the bowl refilled with clean water ready for the next person to use it. at least I didn't need to change py pad yet! kewl!
#2 today[ ] after not having peed in at least 4 hours or so, I finally needed to go. I went to mt bathroom at home and after closing the door , lifted the lid and unbuttoned my shorts; quickly pulling them and my undies down and allowing them to drop to the tile floor. then, I sat down on the white elongated seat and within seconds, could hear the nice gentle tinkle sound of my pee coming out of my shaved, brown haired pussy and splashing into the bowl's water. for the next 40 secs I'm guessing I tinkled non-stop ; watching in the mirror as my yellow urine hit the water in the front-middle of the toilet bowl and less than 15 secs later; began to create foamy bubbles which spread toward the water
s front edge as the water turned yellow. I stopped for about 5-10 secs , then gently began to tinkle some more; this time for about 20 more secs before stopping. I waited like a few secs , made another five sec tinkle and was finished; the hissing sound of fading pee foam dissipating in theater as I reached over and ripped off the last of the pink scott paper. folding it up, I reached between my open legs, wiped my twat in front , and as I got up ; also wiped from the back before dropping it into the water-filled bowl. as I was pulling my undies and shorts up, I turned and looked to see . the bowl's water was now all brightly yellow and had some left over bubbly foam clinging to the water's edge and floating along the sides and back. it covered about 10% of the water's surface a minute later as I took my fingers with those awesome looking blue polished nails and flushed the bowl like the goddess' lil' chubby honey that I am!

-Cheryl Lynne-

SHANTELL - great story, do u have anymore about your dad being being on the toilet, how did u kno he was constipated???

Where have all the handsome man with great big poops go?? I havent read any stories lately :(

Hi I have lurked here for a while, felt that I could relay a story from about 30yrs ago when I was a Traffic Warden in North London. it goes with outsaying the nature of the job, the need to use public toilets. One my beat was a clean Ladies with an attendant which had approx 10 cubicles. I was in need of a #2 as I went in I briefly chatted with the attendant went to cubilce about half way along the line ( good location to listen )used a coin to enter bolted the door wriggled up my skirt pulled my knickers down and sat on the wooden seat , crumpled some paper ( the rough noisey sort) my pee dribbled to start with, straining to start my bowels moving, a loud fart echoed out I pushed some more a thick lump was slowly edging its way out , it hit the water with a large splash, four or five smaller lumps went in quick susession. I could feel more waiting to com , straining again looking down I could see another large lump poking its head out this one hit the side as it droped, wiped my self clean and flushed the toilet. leaving some large brown marks behaind and strong smell!!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

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