Does anyone have chamber pots? If so, does anyone use them for the purpose of going to the bathroom in it?

Adam D
Two motel bathroom stories from my past:

1) My girlfriend at that time (Amy)and I had arrived at the motel we had reserved to check in. It was winter and quite cold out. We had probably been on the road for about 3 hours. She hadn't let on that she needed a bathroom, so we both go to the motel office to check in. As we are leaving the office with the key she told me to hurry up because she had to pee very bad. We got into the room, closed the door and she hurriedly took off her jacket and headed straight for the bathroom. She didn't even close the bathroom door, so I saw her quickly undoing her pants, pulling them down, sit on the toilet and then almost immediately gushhhhhh, probably for almost a minute! She said she had been holding it for awhile and it wasn't much of a problem because it was warm in the car, but as soon as she got out of the car at the office it became very urgent. She said she was practically wetting herself as she was getting her jacket off and hurrying over to the toilet.

2) This one happened to me several years ago when I went to a friends wedding in the Kutztown, Pennsylvania area. I had stayed at a small motel for several days in the area, both for the wedding and then as a vacation to check out the sights since I hadn't been there before. And, of course, constipation hits at the worst time: when I'm there. So Monday morning I go to a nearby restaurant for breakfast and am finishing up when the feeling of "man I gotta go" comes on. I head back to the motel room, and spend about 10 or more minutes pushing out this giant hard thick turd. I felt so much better afterwards, but, I knew it wasn't going to flush but I tried anyhow and, of course, it just sat there. I thought of just leaving it sit for awhile and soften, but instead thought I would go up to the office and inquire if they could unclog it. There was a woman in the office, named Betsy as I remember, I think she was the owner. I told her that I had clogged the toilet; her first concern was if the toilet had overflowed and I said it hadn't. I told her that I had just had a large bowel movement and it wouldn't flush down. She said she understood and that it happens sometimes. It was slow for her in the office so she grabbed some supplies and came to the room with me. I could tell she was suprised by the look on her face when she lifted the lid on the toilet. She said that she had seen a few poop-clogged toilets over the years but this one certainly ranked up there. She had asked if it was ok to let it sit and soften up (my idea to begin with), but I told her (even though it wasn't true) that I was expecting a few friends to visit shortly and that I couldn't let them see what was in the toilet. She understood and proceeded to put on some gloves and said that with a solid stool like that its easier to just take it out; and she did, right in front of me and put it in a small trash bag, tied it and put it and the gloves in a container that she had brought with her for disposal. I apologized for clogging the toilet and her having to stick her hand in there and that I was really embarrased about the whole thing; she was really cool about it and said that shes had to deal with all kinds of toilet problems and not to worry about it. I told her I had been constipated for a few days, she said she figured that out when she saw the toilet. She said by the size of it it must of hurt and I said it did. I told her it took about 10 minutes and a lot of pushing to get rid of it; I think that was a little too much information and she just said uh-ha. I thanked her again and she left.

As an aside, I've noticed a lot of ??? recently, in particular with the word "t????y". What's with that? T????y isn't a bad word, is it??

Mr. Clogs
Hey everybody, hope everyone is doing fine. I had an adeventurous experience this morning, I decided to take a dump in a bag (potato chip) today, so I took up the idea from the Puppet Lady. I wanted to give it a shot this morning so I did, besides this was my first dump of the day. I grabbed a empty potato chip bage out the trash can, opened the bag so the poop could fall in nice and easy, got into position (squuatting) and let loose some soft mushy poop! It felt so good but I had to prepare for the cleanup. No I didn't get poop on the floor in my bedroom floor, but I had a lot of wiping up to do in the bathroom. So I dashed to the bathroom and cleaned up there, man it was a mess to clean. When I thought I had wiped up good, I found even more poop stuck between my butt cheeks, yuck! Eventually I got it all up and washed my dirty hands and flushed the toilet. So you're wondering what i did with the poop filled bag? Well I sealed it up the best way I could with some tape to seal in the odor from the poop, double bag the poop filled bag and double bag the trash bag that I had collecting in my room and put it with tonight's trash because the trash collection man picks up tomorrow morning. When I had to do round two, this time I did it over the toilet where I can spred my butt cheeks wide so I don't have much to wipe.

Now this section is to those who are into peeing so here goes. Last night after drinking beer and a big cup of water. You know this makes me pee alot at night. So I felt round one coming on, so I got up and grabbed my large mouthed tupperware type container from my dresser drawer and proceeded to pee into it. I was done about a minute later filling the container 1/2 way, mind you this is a 2 litre container. This might been from the beer and the water I drank before bed. So this morning which makes round two (this was before I took a dump into the bag!) I needed to take my morning piss. So I went underneath my bed to grab the container that was 1/2 way full if pee from last night and proceeded to take my morning pee into the half full container. As I was peeing into the container, I could see the golden stream filling up the container almost up to brim with the aroma of alcohol stench from the beer I drank last night mixing with my morning stream! So I stopped myself from overfilling the container and placed the lid back on the container and place it back underneath my bed so I could dump it later. Eventually I dumped the piss filled containder into the toilet bowl and rinsed out the container in the bathroom sink, and put back the container back in my room to dry out.

Well I hope you all enjoyed my post, sorry for being so "long-winded", but I wanted to share my world with you all. Take care, be safe, and stay cool this summer. Got to go and fix something to eat, take care.

smart guy!!!
hi, smart guy here.... i have another story i like to share... this story takes place about 4 years ago.

me and katlin was playing resident evil games and stuff, my girlfriend started to feel like that she needed to crap... but she said that she can try to wait because she dont want to miss the game... so we just continued the game.. So after 1 hour of the game, she said that her poop was really pushing hard from her butthole and she said that her poop is going to get out pretty soon if she doesnt reach the toilet in time.... but she really really really wanted to keep watching the game.. so she asked me if theres any garbage can or a bucket or anything that she can poop into while watching the game. i told her that i do have an emptied garbage bag that she could poop into... so i told her to wait for just 1 minute... after i got the garbage bag, i told her to poop in that.....

so she just pulled down her pants and underwear and just started to rip it out... it camed out hard and smooth....... so her poop kept coming and coming until it was finished, but she also let out a very loud fart that i think that some people even heard it down in the hallway from my apartment. and the smell of her fart was even worse than her crap.... i think her crap was around a meter long or something. after that had happened, she was really reliefed, and we just kept going with the game...........

i have another story to share with you guys... this takes place about 3 years ago, when i was around 18, and katlin was 17 or something.

anyways, when me and katlin was going out to the fair at 6pm that has a lot of contest, and one of the contests was eating as many hot dogs as they can... and since katlin was very, very, and i mean very, hungary, she thought that she could enter. since the prize was a big teddy bear that she wanted. so she might want to try and see if she could do it.

so she had entered, and in a nick of time, because the contest entry was just about to close, in like 2 more minutes.... we figured out that the contest's going to start in the next 5 minutes.. so she just started to get ready and get as hungary as she can, since she havent ate for over 20 hours or so, so she is really hungary.....

when it was time for the contest to start, she said that she really wanted to win... so after they had started, the people kept eating, and eating, and eating..... she was doing a good job, after 30 minutes, most of the people gaved up and lost, but there was 1 more person besides katlin..... so she just kept eating until 10 more minutes, until that person had gaved up......

after katlin had won, it was around after 7pm... so we just kept wondering around the fair until 8pm... so after that, we decided to go back to her place.... after we got back to her place, her parents left a note saying that they wont be back until 24-36hours later or so... so i decided to stay with her tonight... so we decided to watch movies that she had.... after an hour in the movie, she said that her stomach was really hurting... she thinks that she had eaten a little bit too much hotdogs.. so i went to get the medician for stomach aches that her family had and gaved her one to eat.. so after 1 more hours, she started to feel her poop in her butthole.. and it was slowly coming out of her butthole..

she knows that she needs to go now or she can just ruin her pants. she told me that she cant hold onto the poop because it already opened her butt hole now.... so she told me that she really needs to go to the washroom now, but she cant move because she will really crap her pants if she moves... and that she thinks that she have to go onto the floor because her crap is in her butthole and starting to make through her buttcheeks.... so she told me that she just cant hold it anymore, and she just pulled down her pants and panties, and started to crap onto the couch. when she was pooping, she tried to stop so when it was in the air, she could get to the washroom better... but she was wrong, she just couldnt stop it and just kept crapping on the couch... after 2 minutes, she just slowed down, so she just quickly dropped onto the ground and started to poop there... after she got to the ground, she just kept pooping...

it came out very fast, and it was sooooooooo relaxful, or thats what she said.... her poop lasted 10minutes then she was finished... her poop was around over a meter long... after that, i just helped her clean up the mess, and just kept watching the movie....

Survey about Diarreah Page 1400

1)Probably about once a month
2)Usually I just like to let it all out unless if I have food poisening.
3)Yes, when I was out of town, I got this real nasty case of food poisening. In the airport security line, I had to throw up, so I bent over to throw up and the bag and a big gush of watery diarreah squirted into my pants.
4)With mild diarreah, I have a dark brown diarreah with the consistency of mud. This type of diarreah comes out in enormous quantities really quickly. Severe diarreah, with food poisening or stomach bug is a different story. My first diarreah may be mushy but then it changes to a light brown or orange and changes to creamy consistency and then it becomes like water. This type comes out in waves. Each wave is 5 minutes of constant watery diarreah.
5)I sometimes enjoy mushy diarreah because it is amazing how much shit I can produce and also it gives me immediate relief after a stomach cramp. But the watery diarreah is disgusting, and annoying because it keeps on coming.
6) No
7) No
8) See #3

Diarreah Story
A few months ago, I had a big dinner of three hamburgers and some cheese. After dinner I had a meeting at a conference room. They had refreshments of pizza and coke, so I ate and drank some of that. All of a sudden five minutes later, I had an urgent need to poop. I had a major cramp and I almost exploded right there in my pants, so I ran into the bathroom. The moment I sat down, a solid log flew out of my butt immediately followed by a torrent of mushy diarreah that filled up the bowl. The log was floating on the top and was 17 inches long 2.5 inches wide. I felt much better and went back to the meeting. Not 5 minutes later I had to go again. For the next 45 minutes, I experienced extreme cramps, but I did not want to go to the bathroom because I did not want everyone to know that I had diarreah. Finnally the meeting was over and I went home immediately, sat on the toilet and exploded some serious diarreah. I had a total of 3 explosions that each filled the toilet. The diarreah was watery and light brown. Fortunately that night I had no more diarreah

For those who want to see a great male pooping scene in a movie, you should see the new movie, 'Four Brothers".

In it, there's a scene where Mark Wahlberg is sitting on the toilet, reading a newspaper. You see him from a side profile, so you can clearly see his bare butt. He's wearing a white muscle shirt and his pants are lowered to around his ankles.

He's sitting on the toilet with the door wide open, and one of the guys he lives with is taking a shower at the same time. Then, another guy he lives with walks into the bathroom and waves his hand in front of his nose, presumably because it smells bad. LOL!

The two talk for a while, with Mark's character still seated on the toilet. Then, when he's ready to wipe, he notices that he only has a little scrap of toilet paper left, so he asks the guy to get him some more paper, but the guy just leaves the room. LOL!

Anyhow, I thought it was a great scene!

Pee Man
Cheryl, I really liked your story, and I'm glad to hear that you had that checked out. I like to walk and ride a bicycle, too but I could never drink two 32 oz drinks of anything and not end up having to pee several times. I don't know which vegitables contain the most alkiline, but I do know that asperigas tends to clean you out and makes your pee smell really strong. Exercise also tends to increas the yellowness of your urine and in some cases the foamieness. Some times, people with really fast metabloisms tend to make a lot of foam on ocassion, but it's not like that everytime they pee.

One time my gf took a really foamy pee which had nothing to do with diabetes.I don't remember what she ate, but she had just finished conpeting in a triathelon. She was part of a three person team, and she rode the bike. Anyway, after the event was over, we went out to diner and then to a movie. She ate just about every v??????e entre the restaurant had to offer, and drank green tea like it was going out of style. She also drank orange joice right out of a quart bottle while on the way home from the show. All that day, she showed no sign of having to pee. I was in and out of the rest room a billion times. I had to get up twice during "Fantastic 4" while she sat there nursing a bottle of aquifina.

When we got back to my place, we were both doing the pee dance, but I was much more desperate, so she let me go first. A stringy stream of uring shot out of my &%$ for about 30 seconds or so, then tapered off. It fealt really good, like I haden't peed in years. Then my gf walked in after I was done. She pulled down her shorts and panties, sat on the toilet facing towards the flush box, and hissed out a torrent that didn't stop for a full two and a half minutes non stop. As she started to empty out, she let out a long series of squirts in such a rapid succession, it sounded like a machine squirt gun. The aroma of her pee hung in the air so strong that even a fart couldn't have over powered it.

By the time she was done, there was a layer of foam about an inch thick, and the bubbles were very fine. It was really one of the best pee shows I ever saw.

The Pee Man

Hi sandra!!

Yes i pee through my leggings too
I have been doing it since i was 13 and it started in school
by accident in gym class outside in my leggings and i had to
let them dry on me the rest of the day and i smelled soo ???mie
after. I have been hooked ever since then.

Kara Marie
hey guys, i read this site alot, and just love it, this is my first ever post on here so here it goes...

My boyfriend and I recently moved into a new house, its in the middle of nowhere, and the only neighbor we do have is far away from us.So today i suggested to Cory (my boyfriend) that we just go pee and poop outside. I have always liked going to the bathroom outside since i was little, it just seems more natural to me. So my cory agreed to do this. Well, he was seeming a little shy about everything, so i just went out the back slider glass door and out into some tall grass and peed, i mean wow, i really had to go, it just flowed out of me like there was no tomarrow.Then cory said he didnt have to go that bad, but he would go too, so as i was squatting low to the ground, cory came over and unzipped himself a let a golden arch flow out of him into the bushes.He looked kinda like he was actually liking the freedom of going to the bathroom outside.I'm glad i have found somebody i can do this with daily now!!Well I gotta go poop now, and I'll be sure i will tell you guys that great story!!

-Kara Marie

AJ :o)
You would think that, as much as I pee, there wouldn't be any excess water in my body at this time. You would think. But there is. And there always seems to be more pee getting in line to perform! AJ :o)

Carmalita .. long time no see (nor poop!) ;p

Good to see you're still about though it would be nice if you could post when you can. Hope things are going well!

Last week I accidently walked in on a guy taking a shit! It was very embarrassing! The stupid git hadn't locked the door so I thought the cubicle was free. I'm always gonna knock on cubicle doors from now on!

Hi, I'm Shantell, I have been reading this site for about 2 years now, and found some really interesting stories but never had nothing interesting to post myself, but now I do have a story to tell, last night I had to take my "before bed" dump, I was brushing my teeth first since my sister was going poop, after she was done I pulled my nightgown up and sat on the toilet while my sister brushed her teeth, I pushed a little, and a nice smooth log started to slide out and plopped on the toilet, followed by some more soft chunks, but the last about 3 chunks of poop where a bit runny, after I wiped about 4 or 5 times and flushed and sprayed some air freshener, I washed my face the same time my sister did! After words I went to bed, I woke up about 5 in the morning, I had bad cramps, I relaxed my stomach a little, then suddenly I felt poop sliding down and I quickly squeezed my butt cheeks together and ran to the bathroom, the door was closed and I knocked, my dad said come in! I opened the door, and he was sitting there I could tell he was constipated, I said, Dad, I need the bathroom , I put my hand on my butt, he said, sorry honey I'm in the middle of mine, I work at 6 so I need to hurry and get my poop out, (he only had half and hour because it takes him 20 minutes to get to work and he is expected 5 mins early) I said, but dad I'm getting worse cramps, he said, well I got to finish!! Go in the shower or sink or something, I didn't want to go into the shower because we just got a new shower mat, (those rubber things so you don't slip) so I pulled up my nightgown and sat above the sink, I farted and diarrhea poured out of my butt, my dad said in a weird voice (his voice was weird because his poop was very painful) I'm afraid you have diarrhea, I said, dad I'm a teen I know! Finally when I was done I wiped, my dad started going NNNNNGGGAAA, as he was pushing, I felt bad for him, it must have been very painful! Fortunately that was his last pushes and the HUGE poop splashed in the water, he sighed of relief and sat there for a minute, he was so relieved, he packed his breakfast in a bag and ran to his car because he was almost late for work, but thankfully he got there in time!

I keep a large water bottle in my room to piss in during the night. It works well. It's translucent but it's red so when I take it to the bathroom to empty it nobody knows what it is and I wash it out afterwards. Works well and cost about 99 cents from Wal-Mart. I'm a dude, wondering if any chicks would do the same thing and if so, how? Also once as a prank when I was in jr. high I pissed in a coke bottle and put it in the trashcan I was in there for awhile and a female custodian came in and caught me and told the assistant principal who was cool about it he didn't give me any d-halls. I was upset when I got caught cuz I was embarrassed but the AP said it's cool you're not the first dude whose done that and you won't be the last I've seen a lot worse just don't do it again. Too bad the custodian wasn't Donny I'm sure he would have been cool about it. If I were the AP I would've made the kid take the trashbag out to the dumpster and maybe clean the restroom as punishment but I wouldn't have told anyone else about it.

Mr. Clogs
Hey everybody, it's me again just trying to stay cool in NJ, haven't had any thing interesting, just the occasional taking a dump in a piss filled bucket. Nothing exciting, just checking in. Well as to someone who asked about keeping large cups or large container's in their bedroom for the purpose of going to the bathroom in it. Well as you know I do keep a large 2 litre wide mouth tupperware type container (in the dresser drawer) for me to pee in at night when I don't want to venture to the bathroom, and a 5-qt bucket for peeing and pooping (usually when no one is in the house, I don't want my folks to know my dirty little secret! LoL). I use to use these big 32-48 oz. cups to pee in at night. I usually drink large quantities at water, and you know it makes me pee a lot. On several occasions, I filled those cups up to the brim and some pee overflow on the floor! So I retired those cups and switch to those large tupperware type containers. I sometimes pee in bottles, in garbage cans with trash in it, but never taken a dump in a trash can full of trash. I've dumped into cups, usually those large 32-48 oz. ones because it's so cool, but it can get messy if you don't know what you're doing or the cup isn't large enough.

cheryl: Great hiking post, as always a plesure to read them keep them coming.

Carmalita: Hey great to hear from you again, please come back and write some more of those great Carmalita posts. I have to confess, I've been lurking around this site for a long time before I decided to post about a couple months ago. It's a pleasure to read your posts, your posts rock!

Poopy Chick: Great post about taking a dump in that cup! I though I was the only one that did that, but I guess women do it too. Please post some more stories about dumping into containers.

jenny: great post, luckly I commuted to school from where I live and never really experience dorm life and stuff. I too keep container's in my room for that purpose.

HisLilPeeMonster: Great response to the question, so do I, lucky for you have the basement to do such thing. Hey those container's are usefull especially if you live in the basement and don't have the convience of a toilet down there. Great post though.

Venus and Mike: Hey where are you guys, I miss your posts, hope ya'll doing ok and enjoying the summer weather.

Well everybody, got to bed right now, talk to you all later, take care, be safe and stay cool. Bye.--Mr. Clogs

Good morning, it's me again. Hope everyone is doing well this sunday morning. Well I had a nice healthy dump on the toilet today. After having first cup of coffee of the day (which usually gets things churning) I felt the need to use the bathroom. I got in, removed my shorts and undies and sat on the toilet and let out this massive load of soft loose poop into the toilet. I sat on the bowl's seat for about 10 minutes until I felt better. I wiped up really good put back my undies and shorts back on, flushed and washed my hands and have my second cup of coffee to get things going again. Well got to go and check back sometime. Take care. --Mr. Clogs

For those who are interested, there is a pee scene in the movie "Hollywood Flies." Two guys kidnap a beautiful Italian girl and when one of the guys takes off her gag, she says "I have to pee very badly." Problem is, they're out in the desert in a big tin shed with no bathroom. The guy lets her go outside and you can see her pulling her pants and panties down as she leans against the building. No peeing is shown, but it's a reasonbly good scene.

To JJ: I think it usually take me about 10 minutes or maybe bit more for sitting on toilet. But this include pulling knickers down and wiping and pulling knickers back up. But if turd really angry with me and in big hurry to come out it take less time. Sometimes turd opens my bum and looks at water and change its mind and I have to stay sitting on the toilet and wait for it. This not happen very much but I have been 30 minutes sitting on toilet when it happens.

To Postman: Yes I have that feeling too sometimes but not very often. It most wonderful feeling and it happens if I have really really big enormous turd and its been asking very nicely and very gently for a long time if it have permission to come out. I think some people say that is "full" feeling. Once turd is out then I get empty feeling.

I also have a question for everybody and I like to know if this happen to you.

Sometime if I have very very big long difficult poo it take very long time between nose peeping out to end of turd coming out. And it also open my bum hole very very wide and sometimes hurt. But sometimes when I wipe I can feel like my bum hole is still open, like it didn't shut properly after turd came out. But there is no more turd inside. Also I can feel with fingers that there is something like a ring all around my hole and it feel very very sensitive and it feels nice too. It still feel strange when I pull up knickers and jeans and walk out of toilet but it goes away in a few minutes. Does anybody else get this - please tell me - thanks, Sita.

I thought I might share this experience... It's certainly toilet related but perhaps a bit off topic for our site.

For five years I commuted back & forth to my job on public transit like millions of other "cattle". But only (relatively) recently did I discover something that solved a mystery...

On the bus, every time I would go by this one area neighbourhood I would get a whiff of a REALLLLY bad fart. The odour was soooooo strong that I naturally thought I had let a bad SBD (Silent But Deadly) go without realizing it. Other days, the smell was a little different (but quite definitely made from a human), and for most of the time there was no 'aroma' at all. It seemed to be happening again & again, randomly, and I was wondering why this kept occurring over this particular stretch of road. Why would my body always fart there?? The odd person sitting beside me would seem to get up & move to another seat, which embarrassed me to no end.
However, eventually I was convinced that it wasn't me farting... Even when I changed my diet away from dairy & other gas producing foods, I would still get that stink every so often - at that particular area.

Being a guy, I naturally thought my hygiene habits may have been the blame. So every morning I washed & scrubbed especially thoroughly in the shower & put on a healthy dose of cologne.

It seemed to work, but not always. The riddle remained...

I finally tracked down the cause on a VERY HOT & SMELLY day when I decided to get off my bus early & walk the few blocks to the train station.
It turns out that my gas/hygiene paranoia had been misplaced. Even though I had been going that bus route for ages, I didn't know about a **sewage treatment plant** that was down by the lake (Ontario.)
On some days, the wind would be coming off the lake, blowing the stench of thousands of human turds further onshore.

I left that employer recently and I must say that my heart goes out to the thousands of people who live in homes near the plant. Some days were totally NASTY!! Hold your breath & close the windows type of nasty!

The govt. says they'll install updated equipment to fix the problem, but it won't be online until next year.

Anyone here live downwind of a simmilarly smelly zone? I hear those near big corporate pig farms get the same stinky effect.



This is a differnt pooing experience for me... has anyone else had anything like it???
Several years ago I was getting lots of colds and flu`s. I was referred to this doctor ( who was brilliant and had the personality of a blade of grass) and he discovered I had candida which was causing my problems. The requirement was for me to avoid yeast and sugars.. so no bread, alcohol or sweets and just vegetables, rices and grains that did not involve yeast. Very soon I was feeling much better, however my bowels were only moving every couple of days and not that big either.
The diet continued for a few weeks. It came to New Years eve and were travelling north to visit the in-laws and checked into a motel on the way. That night I suspended my diet and had two beers and a bread roll (along with the rest of my meal). Next morning woke up and did a usual poo and was packing up the car prior to depature when the sudden urge hit (sudden urges are rare for me) so ran and sat on the toilet and with record speed out flew one very large piece of poo and did it stink!
It stank the whole motel unit out.... it was surprising because other than the previous night my diet was very bland and boring.
Anyway the diet resumed, however a few days later I thought I had been on it long enough so returned to my normal diet that day. Later that day my partner and I went to a small private hotel to spend the night(a break from the kids). Had a loverly dinner and upon returning to our room had to desperately sit on the can and pooed and pooed.. but it took a long time. Throughout the evening I could not stop farting,, it was continual and a couple more sits on the toilet for significant results. After a good nights sleep woke up early and straight from bed to toilet for a long long session but at the end of it I felt all the load had left my colon and felt so clean and light.
I do not know what this was all about but it seemed as though I was accumulating crap whilst on this diet and the reintroduction of yeast really got me expelling?

Continuing on with my shameless shiting exploits.
The lady above my office has been off work for some days as she has had surgery. I was by myself at work when I really needed to pee and also a poo was needed. The toilet is a typical outside toilet in the back yard and Kate was sitting about 10 feet from the toilet reading in the sun. I thought will I or won`t I? I really needed to pee and my pooing has not been to good for some days and I felt I had a productive urge.
As I am the champion of allowing nature to take its course I just walked right out, said "Good morning, Kate" straight into the toilet, closed the door, dropped trousers and undies and put my bum on the seat (Kate was only feet away). I thought if Kate decided to park herself there, and it is my toilet then what happens, happens. I hoped I would not have a loud fart but if so.... so what. I just peed and peed and then got down to business with one push and a large solitary turd plopped out of my hole into the bowl; that was it ; I wipped my bottom, flushed the toilet (pulled up my pants too! ),boldly walked out and had a chat with Kate for a few minutes. She would have known I took a shit and maybe heard a small amount. It gave me a sesnse of confidence and accomplishment.
No worries about Kate...maybe she was constipated after her surgery but that is only a guess...but if so she would have been soooo, soooo jealous!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Has anyone ever gone #2 in a urinal?

I remember about 4 years ago when i was 17, I was on my way to my car after getting out of school when this guy in front of me farted pretty loudly. We kept walking, but he started walking faster, I picked up the pace to keep up with him. He farted again and this time started to clench his cheeks and said to his friend next to him "Oh man, I have to shit bad." I couldn't believe I was seeing this, could I finally be witnessing a real poop accident? Well, as this kid is clenching his cheeks as he walks, he let out 2 small airy sounding farts, then he immediately reached back and stuck his fingers against his ass to stop anything from getting out. When he did that I thought for sure I'd witness him load up his pants. He turned to his buddy and said, "I don't think I can hold it man," he sounded pretty scared. He got to his truck that was about 3 spots away from my car. I walked to mine and just put down my book bag and pretended to search for my keys. The kid had a truck that was jacked up, so he had a big step to climb to get in. I unlocked my door and opened it, and turned around one last time to see how he was making out. He stepped up on the running board and lifted his right leg to get into the truck when I heard, "Damn" I didn't hear any pooping sounds, but I knew what had happened. His friend just started laughing and said "hey, I'll catch a ride with someone else" and walked away chuckling. I could see the unfortunate dude sitting in his truck with a look on his face that basically said, " what am I going to do now?" I wish I could have been closer to witness the whole thing, but that was good enough.

Hi Somebody. You asked about me as I was reading some of the newest stories. I'm suprised that anyone remembers me. I rarely do visit here anymore since I'm so busy. I've seen some familiar names though.

I can tell you about yesterday though. I had one of the best poops of my life. I must have squeezed out about a pound of turds. It felt really good because the poop was soft and creamy and slid out nicely. I'd no more than lifted my skirt and got sat down when it started coming out. I like those kind. The turds were thick, but they pooped out easily. It was a nice 5-minuter and gave me time to read a magazine article. The smell was pretty nasty. About a gallon of pee sprayed out too. I wiped 6 times, then stood there in my panties waiting to see if it was all going to go down. It did, but left a race track around the bowl. I had to spray air freshener for about 20 seconds; typical for me. It was a lonely one though. I like it when people watch me or talk to me while I go.

Hey Punk Rock Girl! How are you?


Poopy Chick
One time, I was with my friend David on the highway from a week trip, on the way back we where just talking when I had to poop! But I wasnt that smart and didnt go when we where at the gas station 5 minutes ago, about 5 minutes later I really had to go! I told david to stop the car, i need to poop, he said, i cant where on the highway (there where many cars) I told him its an emergency, he sped up a little, finally we found a empty parking lot, it was way to cold to go outside, he gave me his empty tim hortons cup, and opened the windows, I told him not to watch, so he just looked out his window, I took my pants off, and squatted over the cup, right away a nice smooth log came out and plopped into the bowl, and i farted followed by some more plops, david was chuckling and I was so embarresed, I was tempted to stop but I couldnt! It just kept coming out! and it stunk so badly, after all of that i had to pee but the cup was full! I told David, but he was still laughing from the poop, i told him to smarten up and reminded him that time he had the runs and went in his pants, he stopped laughing, and he told me to hold my pee, so as we where driving the pressure on my blatter was getting worse, I was getting desperate! I told him STOP THE CAR!!! He pulled into a road on the side of the highway that leads no where because a fence was blocking it, I ran outside, cold enough as it was i pulled down my pants and squatted, i let out a long stream of pee, afterwords i felt so empty, but i was so cold! I pulled my pants back up and my panties and went back in the car! Whenever David brings it up i bring up his accedents! Its just the way it goes!!!

To the person who asked if people keep a container in their room to use the bathroom i do. I am in college and the bathroom is down the hall in my dorm. My stomach acts up a lot so I keep a trash can lined with a plastic trash bag for when I get sick and have diarreah in the night. Last night I had to use it. I had eaten hot dogs and a milkshake earlier in the day and I think the milkshake is what upset my stomach. Anyway I woke up with bad cramping and had to go in the trash can. What I do is sit sideways on a wood chair with no arms. I put my bottom over the side and the trash can under it. I can usually tie up the trash bag and sneak it out to a big trash can without anyone noticing. None of the girls on my hall know i do this but my roommate knows. She's not there much but like I said I have a bad stomach and get sick a lot so I have had to do it in front of her before. In fact she is the one who suggested it. My poop last night was thick but runny and had a greenish tone to it. Most of it came out in one big squirt but then I had about three more small episodes before I was done.

When I was at summer camp once when I was 12 I had an embarrassing moment... luckily the only person who ever found out was my little sister because I told her. So anyways about halfway through the week, I dunno what happened but I wet my sleeping bag. It was so embarrassing for me!! I managed to conceal it thank god but it was so scary!!!! And embarrassing!!!!

oh my god i just woke up and i pooped myself while i was sleeping. I woke up and there were pebbles in my pants. this has never happened to me before. why did that happen.

Once I was watching my baby cousin. We were at Church in Line for a clown the church had hired. Suddenly I heard crying and you see my cousin squating and holding her legs together and a puddle growing on the floor. I ran her to the bathroom. This was a few years ago, but I still feel the guilt.

For the person who asked about keeping containers in your room to go to the bathroom in:
I used to keep a large cup in my room when I was a teen. My room was in the basement and the only bathroom in the house was upstairs. Having to pee multiple times a night, it was really a pain in the ass to constantly run up and down the stairs all night. I also just peed on the floor (there was no carpet) in the corner for about 7 months straight. Come to think of it I would sit on the top stair by the basement door and pee too. More just for the hell of it and less to save myself a trip to the bathroom lol. Hope that doesn't make me sound horribly lazy.
Just a month or so ago I woke up and thought "I wonder how much I pee in one day" LOL. I ended up keeping a 2 liter bottle with a funnel in it next to my bed to get a good idea of how much.
But other than that.. it's not a regular thing for me :P Maybe I'll try it again sometime soon lol

I remember back to when I was in seventh grade. It was a bad year for me accident-wise. I probably had more accident in that one year than I did in any other. But anyway, one day while I was in language arts class I felt the urge to poop. I didn't think much of it at first, but as the class continued and the teacher droned on I felt the urge growing and growing until it really started to hurt. I first tried raising my hand, but the teacher did her best to ignore me. So finally as the cramps got worse I just yelled out that I needed to use the restroom, but my teacher said this lecture was too important to miss, and demanded that I stay. So I sat there, shifting my position back and forth trying to make the urge decrease, but it was to no avail. Finally I couldn't take it much more. I asked the guy next to me how much longer until the class was over, but as he checked on his watch he told me that we had at least another half an hour. So I sat there and continued to fidget until I finally got the idea to just walk to the bathrooms without permission. As soon as I left my seat I was yelled at by my teacher, and she informed me that if I did not retake my seat immediately I was going to get a referal. So I sat back down with a pouty look on my face and just stared forwards unmoving allowing the poop to get closer and closer to my buttox.

Finally I just couldn't stand it anymore. I made a clumsy motion and knocked my binder under my desk, knocking a few pencils free as well. With that done I ducked under me desk, hoping I wouldn't attract attention and got into a squatting position and began to push into my pretty white flowered panties. I figured it wouldn't be too noticable underneath my jean miniskirt, and so without further ado I pushed as hard as I could, turning my face a beat red and making a soft grunting sound as I pushed a few logs into my panties, causing them to bulge outwards horrifically. At this point I rocked back on my heels and squished my poop a little, allowing for me room to push the rest of my load out into my panties, which I did quickly. Now that I no longer had to go to the bathroom anymore I quickly grabbed my pencils and shoved them back into my binder, before emerging from below the desk and slowly sitting back down, allowing my load to comfortably mush below me. This didn't really bother me, I was potty trained late in life due to circumstances with my parents and my mommy never made a big deal about pooping my panties, so I often did it in extreme circumstances where there was no bathroom around or when I couldn't hold it anymore.

Well since the poop was hard it didn't smell right away or leak through, but after about five minutes the guy next to me grinned at me and started laughing and I knew he knew what I had done. It didn't take long before the rest of the class caught on and finally a boy three seat away exclaimed, "PU!". It was then I knew my fate was sealed. I put my head on my desk as my face turned red from embarassment and the teacher quickly found her way to my desk, making it clear to the whole class I had pooped my panties. She yelled at me for a few minutes and then had a campus aid escort me to the office, not even letting me go to the girls room and clean up first. Once I was at the office I had the option to clean up, but I figured I'd just wait till mommy came to get me. When she arrived at school ten minutes later and at first she seemed mad at me, but after I told her what happened she told me not to worry about it, and took me home and got me cleaned up. When I came into school the next day the teacher apologized and was acting really nice, and I didn't find out till years later my mother had given her a few choice words and nearly gotten her fired, but that still didn't help allieviate the embarasment I felt.

This recount is about nautical crapping at close quarters.
I brought an open fishing boat about 18 feet long. I met up with a keen experienced angler, Frank was his name. On one of our first off shore trips there were three of us on board and heading out to sea Frank said he had been constipated all week and had a few pains but that was OK. We soon stopped and started fishing and I thought that Frank might have been in some discomfort and if we are going to spend hours at see something needs to be done about the crapping situation... I certainly did not want to poo but had not pooed that day and maybe I might need to. I thought that up the front hold of the boat was the area that offered the most privacy (if there is such a thing as privacy). I announced that anybody that wants to ever want to take a crap could go up front with a bucket and let loose. Frank said "he could really go a shit, but hought he would be OK" I said he should go. Minutes passed and Frank succumbed to his constipated bowel and went up front and squatted awkwardly over the bucket... there was not much sounds but after some minutes I heard him emptying the contents of the bucket and a trail of poo drifted under the boat. A short time later the other crew member gave the bucket a successful try, he grunted as he continued his conversation on a certain fish. This all "broke the ice" and we all went up front (individually) when the urge arose. After some "goes" we found it more comfortable and easy hanging our bum over the back of the boat and the crew would go up the front of the boat to give the other "privacy".

holding it
anyone have a good way to gain control of your bladder so u can make it to a bathroom?

POSTMAN: Great poop story. Wish I could've seen what that looked like in the bowl. Sound like a "museum piece". lol

Does anyone here keep a large cup or some kind of large container in the bedroom for purpose of going to bathroom in it?

I lived in a house with 7 grad students. One day I had to go in an empty
bottle of coke I cut in half because one of my roommates would spend hours in the bathroom jerking off. I then placed the whole thing in a plastic bag and took it out to the garbage bin-- I should have place the whole thing under my roommate's bed to teach him a lesson!

movie buff: OF course Im interested in u posting some movies with women on the toilet. I know quite a few myself. One movie i know of is called final cut and jude law stars in it.

Hi everybody, I'm more a lurker than a poster, mostly because I don't have much very interesting to post about. But I love reading about girls who have accidents and it reminded me of something that happened when I was real young.

When we were about 7 years old my uncle and aunt took my cousin and me to a pop concert at the local park. We were playing and chasing each other around when she suddenly stopped and went over to her mom. I discovered that she had to go to the bathroom and since I felt I needed to pee, the three of us set off for the porta-johns. We hadn't gone too far when Sarah stopped and cried out that she couldn't hold it in any more. My aunt quickly looked around, pulled us off to the side, and seeing not too many people close by, put her hands up Sarah's dress, pulled her panties down, and made her step right out of them. She still had her dress on, and my aunt told Sarah to just stand there with her feet apart and go. I couldn't help staring at Sarah, standing there like she was rooted to the spot. It was then I noticed a stream of pee running down her leg. Of course my eyes were absolutely glued to the scene and my aunt had noticed too. I guess in reality my aunt expected it and told Sarah not to worry about it and just keep going. She only had flip-flops on her feet so nothing important got wet. Her stream died away and I figured that was it, but Sarah didn't move and instead, her face took on a funny kind of expression. She stood staring like this for a few seconds then let out a long soft grunt. As she finished her grunt a huge long brown turd came down between her legs to land in the grass between her feet. Then a second smaller one fell down and landed on top of the first one. I just stared in total amazement at the huge long poop lying on the grass because I had never seen anyone else poop before. My aunt asked "Did it all come out"? and Sarah just nodded. We went on to the porta-johns where I did my pee and I'm supposing my aunt made sure Sarah wiped herself and put her panties back on.

My question is: Have any of you girls who got caught needing a desperate poo with no bathroom close by, tried taking your panties off and standing up and letting your poo come out like Sarah? Chances are no one would realize what you are doing, your dignity is pretty well preserved and your panties wouldn't get all messed up.

JJ from Canada
Question: I spend about 1/2 hour on the toilet each morning. Sometimes I have a BM, other times I do not. I enjoy this quiet time reading. Is this too long? What is the average time spent on the toilet each day for a BM?

Billy and Kevin
On Saturday, when we got up, I had to go poop. We are staying at our friend mike's house. His sister Jenna was sitting on the toilet peeing up a storm. Her little brother was peeing in the shower. She said we could too. Kevin peed in the shower. I said, that won't help me much, because I really have to dump. So I went and brushed my teeth. When I was done, she got up. I looked in the toilet and said, you really had to go. There was one huge log, about 14 or 15 in. and about 4 little ones about 6 in. She smiled. I sat down and started to go. A huge turd of my own started out. It was like 16 in and full of corn. Her little brother said hurry, i am groudhogging it. I said I will be a couple of minutes. little turds are coming out. I dropping little turds, about 1/2 in. I said you want me to back up and you can sit down with me? He said, yeah, becuase it is coming out already. I moved back and started to pee. He sat down and pushed out two big turds. The first was about 18 in, and the second like 14 in. The both curled up on his turds and my big one and in front of my pile. I wiped him and then myself. When I flushed, the whole mess went down the drain in about 2 sec. But we left some huge skid marks.

In the afternoon, we were playing soccer at a park. I had to do another dookie. Kevin and the little kid both had to go, too. We went into the bathroom. There was no stall doors. They had those toilets that flush by themselves. They had only two toilets. Kev took the first one and I took the second one. Then I said to the kid, you want to share again. He said ok. So he sat down. He pushed out another two turds about 14 and 16 in. I wiped him and then myself. I squeezed out an 18 that went into the hole at the bottom and curled around the top. It was weird getting up and just leaving. It flushed while i was washing my hands. A teenager came in just after I got up and sat down and pooping while it flushed.

smart guy!!!
hi, i have a good story to say now....

last summer about a year ago, i was driving me and my girlfriend to the beach we had found earlier... we had also bought a lot of drinks along the way... about half way there, katlin(my girlfrined) had drinked too much stuffs, started to tell me that she thinks she is going to pee soon.... because her pressure is rising... she told me that shes going to try and do it at the beach..... about 3/4 of the way, she told me that she thinks that i may need to let her stop on the side of the road let her pee...

but i asked her if she could wait for about 10more minutes? because we were that long away to our privit beach we had found... she said fine... after we got there, i parked the car somewhere and we both got out at the same time.... she told me that shes soooooooooooooooo desperate to pee that she thinks that she may just go onto the sand... i told her to just let go of her pee. because shes already standing on the sand already. so she had decided to just start walking and started to pee.. she thinks that she felt sooo relived to pee..

even i saw her walking while shes peeing... i think it was kind of weird..... anyway, after she was finished, both of us had finished swimming, and both of us just got out of the water... then we started to put our blanket on the sand and just lay there while we were both getting a tan..... but shortly after, she said that shes starting have a urge to poop.. and this time, she asked me if i mind if she just squaded beside me and just poop into the sand? i told her that i dont really care, just as long as shes confortable of doing it...

so after that, she thought for a while, then she had decided that she would just let it go.... so she said that since this is just our own privite place, she kind of just wanted to just let it out.... but she wanted to wait as long as she can and then poop when shes desperate enough... after 3 hours of going in and back out of the beach, she said that she nearly crapped in the water......

then she decided that maybe she is desperate enough to poop... after she got up, she asked me if i wanted to watch, i said okay, what ever... then she undoed her bathing skirt and just through it to the side... the after that she was kneeling down, she started to dug a hole that she can poop into... but she already started to feel her butt hole opening.. so she told me what shes going to do later." then she said that she think this one's going to another hard ones, like the ones she used to get all the time..... so after she waited long enough, she started to open the butt hole. but she quickly closed it up again because she thought of a better idea, she remembered that she had brought extra clothes, expecially underwear, so she think that maybe she could ask me to let me sit at the back of the car. because she wanted to see if she could hold it till all the way back home....

so when we just got ready to leave, she can feel that her butthole is really pressuring down.... and her plans going as planned, she ended up sitting at the back with just my underwear and a tshirt.... when we almost got back to my place, she was already nearly in big trouble because she can already feel her butthole opened a bit... so she told me to drive faster so she can try to make it all the way back home.. then after we got to my place, it was already 11pm..... so it was dark outside....

then katlin thinks that shes not going to make it inside my house... so after she tried to get to my apartment, she can already feel the poop starting to move again, from her butthole.... she asked me if she could go and take a shower, i said sure... she was really actually thinking of going into the shower....

while that happens, her poop really want to come out but she doesnt want me to figure it out. so she jsut sucked it back in... then as she entered the washroom, she locked the bathroom and gotten into the bathtub shower thingy.... then she right before she started to take a shower, she just started to poop on the washroom floor... she just kept pooping onto the ground until she realised that her poop was going to be partly sticky, so she had to make it stop... but it was too late.. because it was already coming out too fast to stop it.. so since she already started to ruin his floor, she might as well finish it.... it tooked her 6minutes to finish.. then she quickly cleaned that up and tooked the shower then kept the secret away from me until now......

hope you'll have fun reading this as much as i typed this up.... so, TTFN!!! bye guys...

Hi again... been ill the last couple of days with a flu-virus type thing so spent a lot of time in bed reading the posts here. Also had constipation for the first time ever (ouch!) I think it's due to lack of movement or something. Fortunately it wasn't that bad and only lasted a few days and I'm good now.

Thunder - I don't think its the actual 'state' of the toilet that concerns him, just knowing other people are around. And I had to laugh at your suggestion - yeah, it's a good idea but I know if I did that he would probably never talk to me again. He gets mad at me when I just talk about it! Plus I have two toilets in my flat and both have locks on the doors so I couldn't just run in when he's in there.

Don't worry - LOL! Yes, I have considered that but I think it would give him a heart attack!

this story takes place about a few days ago, when my girlfriend, katlin, has to go to a interview for a summer job at a clothing store that has the needed help sign in the front window... when she got there to the store and asked if she apply to the job, she started to feel like that shes going to pee....... but since it was just a small one, she just ignored it... so when she had filled out the application, she started to feel that pee again, and this time, it was a little bit more harder to control... and she doesnt like using the washroom in the mall because she thinks its gross in there and she said that theres usually unflushed toilets there.. but then she said that it was still a weak one, so she decided to call me an asked me if she could pee at my place.... i told her okay, but she has to wait for around 20minutes.......

then went i got there and pick her up, she said that she think that she had to pee kind of bad.... so i told her to try and hold it until we got to her place... she told me that she will try.... when we got to my apartment door, she told me to hurry up because she is doing the pee dance.... when i opened the door, she ran to the toilet, but right before she reached the toilet, she had lost control and started to pee before she had pulled down her pants... she quickly just jumped on the toilet and started to just pee when she only pulled her pants down while her underwear was still on her.... so she tries to stop it so she can pull her underwear down, but she cant control it anymore.... so she just kept peeing on her underwear and into the toilet until she was done...

when shes done, she just got up, and throwned her underwear in the garbag can.

around a month ago or so, i went to my girlfriend's(katlin) apartment at 7:30pm because we were going to have a date.... when we got there, we just decided to go rent a movie together and watch it here in my place.... when we got back, it was already 8:15pm, and she had felt her stomach and it felt kind of bad, like it was really warm or something... then she figured out that she may have to have dierriah later..... so she asked me if she could use my bathroom because she may have to have to dierriah really soon.......

so she just went to the washroom and sat on the toilet... right after she sat on the toilet she just started to have massive explosion of dierriah.... it came out from her butthole like a rocket jet.... after she was done, it was like around close to 9pm.... so we just went to watch some movies we had rented earlier. after the middle of the movie she said that she has to poop and she thinks that this time its very solid because she can already feel it in her butthole and she said that she cant make it. so i told her that she can poop in the garbage can that was beside her or on the floor if shes tooooooo desperate... so she decided to poop in the can.... when she stands up, her poop had made it through to her underwear... she quickly grabbed the can, pulled down her pants and underwear and just let it rip.... she said that it was sooooooo relaxful.... her poop lasted for around 5 minutes..... after she told me that she was finished, she went to tie it up and went to the hallway to through away the garbage through the garbage chute......

poopy watcher
i saw my sweetie poopthis morning it was weird i never had before it took about 20 minuites

To Graham: I need to say thank you for telling me about the Vaseline because yesterday I use it for very very painful turd that tried to hurt my bum very badly. I tell everybody the story below. Also yes I love feeling of big turd hanging out of bum but not coming out any more. I get all nice feelings when bum hole have to stay wide open for long time and I like to sit on toilet and enjoy them a lot.

Yesterday I have most terrible and angry turd try to hurt my bum so badly. It was worst I ever remember. I think it so big and hard and angry because it stay inside me for four days before it ask to come out. When it ask to come out I was very nice to it and go straight away and sit on the toilet and relax so it knows it has permission to come out. It start to come out very quickly and I feel it pushing on inside of my bum hole which begin to open. I soon feel that hole is open a bit and tip of turd is looking out and can see water in toilet below. But I think nose of turd not long and pointy enough because it try straight away to open my bum hole very very wide and it start to hurt bad. Then it like turd get very angry with me and it push very hard and I get so much pain in my hole that I cry out.

I cry out so loud that my sister hear me and she come to see what is wrong. She see me sitting on toilet and crying and I explain to her that huge turd is trying to come out and it much too big for hole. So she ask if I can push it back in and I take pieces of toilet paper and try and push tip back inside very slowly. I can feel turd is very hard but not pointy like usual and I very surprised because it go back in without getting more angry and my bum hole is able to close again.

She tell me to get up and go very slowly to bedroom and lie very quietly on bed and try to relax so turd wont get angry again and try to come out. Then she comes back and she give me three pills and I see they are called Ibuprofen which we take sometimes for any bad pain. Then she tell me to lie very still for 15 minutes so pills have chance to work. She come back again and she have small bottle and some Q Tips and a tube of Vaseline. The small bottle have medicine called Ambusol which our mum use for bad sores inside her mouth. My sister told me I had to put lots of Ambusol all around hole and inside my bum with the Q Tip. So I get up very slowly and take my knickers off and bend over and push Q Tip inside my bum. It feel all warm at first but then it start to feel like I cant feel anything and my sister tells me that's very good and to put a lot more inside and around outside of hole. Then she give me tube and tell me to put Vaseline on my finger and rub it inside bum and specially where hole is closed shut.

She take me back to bathroom and I sit on toilet and she tell me to give little push to wake turd up so it will ask to come out again. I have to give second push then turd wake up and I feel it trying to open bum hole. It keep coming and coming and It feel very strange because its very very big and I feel bum hole hurting but it more like a big ache now when before it more like someone sticking knife in bum. I feel it coming out and my sister is also kneeling in front of me rubbing tops of my legs which feel really nice. But turd still hurt bad and it make me moan but it not bad enough to make me cry like before. I feel it coming out slowly and then pressure start to go away and I feel tail of turd come out of hole. It make no sound at all except tiny noise as tail falls from bum hole and it slide into water in toilet. I still have some pain in my bum hole but I breath big sigh and I get up and we both look in toilet. My sister not believe how big turd was and very long too.

So if you have big very angry turd that want to hurt bum hole very badly I promise medicine like above work very well to let turd come out and stop pain making you cry.

hey, ive got a very good story to tell...

about a month or so in the summer time, me and britney(girlfriend) was going to a concert that was near my house.. after that concert was finished, it was around 9:30pm, we just started to go back to her place.. so since we have to go to the her house, we had decided to go to the park that can get us over there in half an hour. about half way there, she told me that she thinks that she may needs to go to the crap really soon and she thinks that she cant make it back to her place in time, so she told me to let her crap in that part of the park that has a lot of trees and bushes that was around 5 minutes from here because its really dark in there so people probably wont see her in there. and besides, she also said that she thinks that her butthole is already opening...... so we quickly walked over there while she kept saying that her butthole is opening and her buttcheeks was already starting to open. after we got there, she quickly ran over there and already started to poop before she had pulled down her pants... she knows that she has to stop because if she doesnt she'll make a mess in her pants very badly....... so she used all of her strength and just try to stop her poop....... after around 2 seconds, it stopped she quickly pulled her pants and underwear and continued to poop... she said that she was sooooooo relaxed that her eyes was closed too... after 15minutes she was done pushing her long log.... so after we got back to her place, she told me that she needs to pee as well.. so she told me to help her unlock her place and let her in because if she does that by herself, she might start peeing in her pants... so after i unlocked it and opened it, she started to run up to the washroom... but right before she can enter the washroom she started to piss in her pants because she was tooooooooooo desperate...... wave after waves of pee just exploded out of her poor peehole and bladder.... after she stopped, she just ran to her room and started to cry while she was getting to change to something clean..... after we cleaned up the pee puddle, we never ever told her parents about it.......

Hello! I posted a couple of times last year, but due to lack of time and good stories I have not been able to do it again till today. Now I have got a great constipation story (these are my favourites!) to share with you.

Two friends and I made a trip through Europe last July. We travelled by train, slept in cheap hostels…the usual thing when you don´t have much money. In one hostel we shared the bedroom with three Italian girls. The day we arrived I was brushing my teeth before going to bed. Opposite the washbasins there were three stalls. The one in the right seemed to be occupied. Suddenly I began to hear grunts and straining noises. The grunting sounds started to get longer and louder, sort of MMMMMMM…MMMMMMM…NNNNNNNGGGHHH…Interesting, I thought, and decided to take my time brushing my teeth. The grunting and straining went on for five more minutes or so, until I heard some cursed words and the sound of clothes being pulled up. The door opened and one of the Italian girls called Stefania came out.

She went red when she saw me and looked rather embarrassed. I said to her "hey, don´t worry, constipation is a usual trouble when you are travelling". She answer that certainly it was, but she had not been able to go in two days and felt very bloated.
My friends were waiting for me at the bedroom, so we ended there our chatting.

Next day we met the Italian girls again at the hostel in the evening. We talked about the city and how much we liked it. I managed to ask Stefania if she had had any luck. She answered that she had tried really hard after having lunch, but still she could not go. That evening I saw Stefania sneaking into the toilet again. I followed her without being noticed, and heard her desperate straining NNNNNNNNNNGGGGGHHHH….NNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGHHHH….NNNNNNNNGGGGHHHH…to no avail. I pitied the poor girl, but at the same time enjoyed the sounds she was making very much. She went on like that for ten minutes or so, I left the toilet before she went out of the stall.

That night I was sleeping when I hear some movement. I noticed that Stefania had put on her trousers and gotten up. I knew what she had in mind, and asked her if there was something wrong. She told me that her ???? was hurting that bad she couldn´t sleep, and that she desperately needed to get rid of the load inside her bowels. I found myself suddenly asking "maybe I can help you" and my surprise was even bigger when she replied "yes, please, come with me". We both came into one stall, she pulled down her trousers and panties to her ankles. She grabbed the seat with both hands and started to strain really hard, NNNNNNNNGGGGHHHHHH….NNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGHHHHH…pant, pant, NNNNNNNNGGGGGHHHHHH…ten minutes of straining and nothing had happened. I told her to stop straining that furiously or she might hurt her ass. She replied that her hole was already burning from the past efforts, but wouldn´t stop until she was able to pass her stool.

Then I had an idea. I decided to go to the kitchen and take a bottle of oil we had used to cook our dinner. If Stefania would apply it in her hole it might be easier for her to pass the turd. She agreed. I came back with the oil and Stefania put a lot of it around her ass. I could see it was red and sore after all that straining. She told me that she could feel the tip of a really hard turd inside. She seated again. I told her not to strain that strong, but take longer strains instead. I took her hand and she began straining again NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH…pant…NNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH. Now and then I rubbed her t?????y and her back and encouraged her. Ten minutes had passed when she said that she felt the turd starting to move. She went on straining for another fifteen minutes or so, until the turd fell into the water.

Stefania was exhausted and red in her face. I congratulated her for being that brave, and she thanked me for the help. She told me that constipation is an usual matter for her, but never that bad. We both took a look at the turd. Simply GIGANTIC, super thick and hard, its colour very dark brown.

She recovered for some minutes and said that there was more to come. She began to strain again. She was shivering from the effort and her face was red again and covered with sweat. Some minutes later I heard a much lower PLOP and then some PLIPPLIPPLIPPLIP, quite a lot of rabbit pellets were falling into the water. When the last of them fell she said that she was done. The poor thing looked almost like she had given birth, her sweaty hair was stuck to her forehead and was gasping for air. She had the most relieved expression I have ever seen. It was time for wiping. She started to do it and showed great pain, despite the oil her hole was on fire. I offered to wet some toilet paper for her. Although still in pain, she managed to wipe that way. Then we went to sleep.

Next morning both us and the Italian girls were leaving the city, so Stefania and me said goodbye and exchanged our e-mail addresses. When I was back from the journey I read her e-mail. Luckily, she had not suffered again from such a strong constipation. We have written each other some times and now and then remember our night in the toilet.

Hope you liked my story. By the way, I had some trouble with constipation too during our journey…but I will tell about it on another post.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

L.C.pee pants
this one is for poopy chick.this was when i was 6. my dad got a cup of coffe at the store and it was in a sterafoam cup it had some kind of picture on it when it was empty i took it in the back yard and craped a small one in it and put a lid on it,and threw it down the hill in a wooded area.i told my bother and he told my mom and mom said don't be doing that no more and my dad said he wanted to keep that cup.

Does anyone here keep a large cup or some kind of large container in the bedroom for purpose of going to bathroom in it?

Mrs. Log
Hi I'm Lacey and actually I am a female, Im 24, really athletic, and as guys say really cute, one time I was at my soccer tournament with very cute guys there, I was waiting to get on the field when I got bad cramps, I let out qiet farts, but they started to smell so I stopped, but I still had horrible cramps, I asked my coach if I can go to the bathrooms, he said, no time! I said, cant someone play for me please I have bad cramps, he said, sit down now and your playing in the game!! I went and sat back down, finally it was my turn to get on the field! As we where playing my cramps got worse, but I held it in, then this girl kicked the ball very hard and it hit me and nocked me down, thankfully it didn't hurt, but as soon as it hit me, diarrea started to fill my white shorts pass my underwear, and some of it even dripped out of my shorts, I started to cry, and ran to the back, my friend on the team followed me and a couple of more girls, but my best friend help me clean up, she gave me some wipes, (because all the toilet paper was out of the stalls) a towel, and I got my pants and clean undies out of my locker and also a shirt incase I got some diarrea on my shirt while cleaning up! I waddled to the bathroom with lorrie (my friend) and she shut the door, she slowly helped me lift my soiled undies and shorts, I threw them away since they where perminatly stained, I wiped my butt really well, I used 3 wipes, until I smelled better, and put my clean panties and underwear on, I changed my shirt because I actually did get some poop on it, and washed the part of my skin with another wipe that got some poop on it from the shirt, after my coach walked in and appoligized for not letting me go to the bathroom, I forgave him, and about a week after I was back playing soccer! And thank god everyone was acting like they forgot all about it!

When I was younger, and my sister baby sat me (I was like 7 years old at the time, and she was 10) She would dress me up in her shortsleeve black ballet leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet slippers, with the pinn tights under the black leotard, and make me do ballet, against my will. Well one day I decided to get even. Here's what happened: I was doing the ballet moves, and when I went down for a ple'ie I could feel that I needed to pee, and poop, so I PURPOUSLY let it go into the leotard, and tights, and she saw me doing that, and asked me, "Are you making poopy?". I shook my head, and said "No." but she didn't believe me, so she grabbed my butt, and felt the pee, and poop in the leotard, and tights, and spanked me HARD on my butt, and called me a "Naughty girl" She then made me wear the leotard, and tights, and ballet slippers until our parents came home, and she wouldn't let me sit down either because If I had sat down, I would have gotten poop all over the furniture. When our parents came home, she told them that she had caught me in her room wearing her leotard, and tights, and she also told our parents that when she had asked, and then demanded them back I had peed, and pooped in them, which was a TOTAL LIE!! Naturaly they punished me for 1; 'Stealing" the leotard, and tights (Which I DIDN'T DO!!!) and 2; they punished me for peeing, and pooping in my sister's ballet outfit . I couldn't sit down for a month after that, and I was not allowed to leave the house except for going to school, and my sister had told everyone in school the same lie that she had told my parents. :(::(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

P.S. The poop was soft, warm, wet, and runny.

Pee Man
PRG I read your story about the wasps, and I had a really NASTY experience with a wasp one time while on vacation in Minisota. I was about 11 years old at the time, and hiking in the woods with my two older brothers when I had to take a leak.

I stood before a hollow log, unzipped held "it" out and began to let one loose when a huge wasp came out of the log and stung me right on my penis. I screamed, and my two brothers came running. Jack, the oldest of the two, stepped on that log, and a whole swarm of wasps were all around us. You never saw three guys run so fast.

The Pee Man

Last night, i woke up with a stomach ache. I needed to take a dump. I got up of my bed and went to the bathroom. Then i closed the door. I sat down and relaxed a little. The shit was firm, so i helped pushing it out a little. However, i felt very full of it, and i had gone that mornig also. The first log was firm, and and it fell down. It was not long, but it was thick. Then i pushed out a second log that was a little larger. Then my sister knocked at the bathroom door and said it was an emegency and to let her come in. I opened the door and she said she was about to wet and mess herself. Since i had relieved myself a little i let her sit down. I told her to hurry because i wasnt finished yet. She peed a lot and then she let two soft chunks come out, she was done in about 2 minutes. She wiped and left. I sat down again and pushed another couple of logs. Then i finally pushed the last log, this was large and thick, and finished. I wiped myself 5 times and washed my hands.

Today i woke up at 11:00 and went again to the bathroom. I pushed some soft logs, really small, and peed while i did this. I grabbed some paper after i was done and wiped myself well, and took me about 9 wipes to get clean.

Does any1 have stories about u being in a public bathroom w/ your kid and they r bugging u to get off the toilet so they can use it but your pooping so u cant i just love thoes stories!!

I'm 15 and live with just my mom and two younger sisters in a small apartment. Of course there is only one bathroom, so we have just gotten used to sharing space and used to smelling each other's poopy smells when someone leaves the bathroom. It's embarrassing, but we get over it.

What's bad though is if I have a friend over the apartment or something and I have to use the bathroom. When I come out it's bad enough that my guest can probably smell what I did, but I also have to get teased in front of them by my sisters and sometimes mom about how "Taylor dropped a bomb", "What did you do to get a stink like that going", and so on.

When I brought it up to mom, she smiled and said "You need to remember your poop stinks as bad as anyone else's here." Well, I didn't think I'd forgotten that, I just didn't think it needs to be said when my friends are around! What does everyone else think?

smart guy!!!
hi, its me again... i have some more stories that had happened to me and my girlfriend, katlin, again..

when i went to pick up my girlfriend, katlin, up from work, she told me that can she go to my apartment for a minute, because she needed to let go a poop into the toilet. when we got to my place, i quickly opened the door, and she just started to ran to the washroom. right before she got to the washroom, she already dropped her underwear and starting to poop her long hard logs again, i think it was nearly down to the knees when she reached the toilet ...and when she got to the toilet, she started to keep pushing her poopshe told me that it felt sooooo hard and painful, but feels soooo relaxful.

when she was finished, she thanked me because she told me that she was very desperate to go to the washroom when she was at work but her boss just wouldnt let her..... and she was afraid that she was going to go in her pants............

Hey Guys!

I had three dump stories that occur on the sixth of this month.

1) On August 06, 2005, I was in Publix Grocery Store. I had an urge to take a whiz, There was this young black dude (around 16 -25 years of age and medium light complexed) taking a shit. As I was urinating I heard three loud plops hitting the water. He had a big one. After he wiped he washed his hand the same time I washed mine then he nodded what's up and I nodded back.

2) I was in Shoney's I had to shit, then a guy next to me was shitting a heard two very loud farts the kind that sounds like an explusion then it was folowed by an explosive shit hitting the water.

3) I was at KFC at lunch at I was shitting I was farting more than I shitted. My fart sound like a malfunction car engine and it was pretty loud.


It's Tuesday morning, and I just got done taking a HUGE crap, the best I've had ina long time. I did'nt go yesterday, which is unusual for me, since I'm normally a once a day guy, and on Sunday all I could muster up was a little 4 inch floater, so this morning, while getting ready for work, I could feel the fullness building in my lower abdomen. After finding something suitable to read, I headed for the bathroom, all while feeling the tip of the log pressing on my asshole. As soon as I got my pants down and sat down, I relaxed and the turd began crackling out on it's own. It snaked out very slowly, and I could tell it was a long one. Finally I felt it begin to taper off, and with a final grunt, it slid out, not even making a sound when it landed. After finishing the article I was reading, I wiped and stood up to look. It came up out of the hole, curled around back across itself, then straightened back out, with the tapered end sticking about an inch out of the water. It was one of those rare shits where you feel completley empty afterwords. After flushing, I washed my hands and finished getting ready for work.

I could honestly say I felt 10 pounds lighter after getting rid of that monster. And I hope everybody else can experience a totally satisfying shit like that.

Catch you all later.

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