Oh man....Chicken Fajitas! They kicked my ass! Today, I waited until I'd gotten home from work to take my first dump. It had been building up since the previous night and when I sat down, farted, and pushed out three or four reasonably large turds. Half an hour later, I went back to the bathroom and Then came the fajitas. I went out for dinner and had 'em. They were pretty spicy and very tasty. After I got home, I started to get some pain in my stomach and I blew it off, thinking it was gas. I started laying some MEAN farts and all of a sudden, while watching the five-day-forecast, I farted and knew I was going to have diarrhea. I got up, rushed to the bathroom, tore down my boxer shorts, sat down and a flood of wet poop rushed out of my butt. I dropped a huge load of shit and blew out a massive fart. I spent the next 15 minutes pushing and waiting as little hot pockets of poop sqirmed out. Annoying. I got up, thinking I was done, sat back down and pooped for another 10 minutes. So far, so good. I seem to have made it without incident for the remainder of the evening, but I feel a strange rumbling in my stomach as I write this.....

Saturday, March 21, 1998

When I was in the hospital a while back, I used a urinal while lying in bed. A cute nurse came in one day and I mentioned that I had to pee. I grabbed the urinal and took my dick out and started peeing into the urinal while she watched. After that she always asked if I had to go whenever she walked into my room. She held my dick while I peed and she also washed it when she assisted me in having a bath. Then I wanted to sit on the toilet and take a shit. I left the door open, sat down and tinkled, and then pooped after a long wait. She saw me on the toilet with a hard on and asked if I needed any help. So I let her wipe my butt. I thought this was cool and it made my hospital stay a little more exciting.

Im 17 and I've reacently been put back in diapers around the house and at night for wetting the bed. I started wetting over a year ago and this has been my mothers newest plan to get me to stop. It's sooooo embarassing. Im scared that one day my friends will find out. am i alone here or have any of you out there ever gone through something like this?

To Susan: I love your stories! The detail, along with thinking that you also enjoy listening to other girls bathroom habits makes me feel that I'm not alone in this interest. I had an experience recently that I would like to share. I was in a supermarket that I frequent with my daughter. She said she had to go to the bathroom and I was directed to the employee's area in the rear of the store. When we got inside the restroom I saw it had three stalls, all with very poorly fitting doors. There was at least a one-inch gap on the latch side of the door and the metal strip between the stalls. Also the sinks were just across from the stalls. My daughter went into the end stall and I leaned against the sink across from a stall that had one of the cashiers sitting inside. I recognized her from my prior store visits, and would guess she was about 18, thin with beautiful straight red hair. She had just gone into the restroom before us, and was peeing as I took up my position. I could clearly see her head through the gap in the door, and her smock gathered up around her waist and pushed to the side. Her head was bent forward and her hair draped down the sides of her face, and her panties were below her knees (white). She peed for about half a minute, then leaned further forward. I could hear her take in a deep breath and strain several times to no avail. Then after a minute or so I could hear the crackling noise as her poo started out, and she raised her face unseeing towards the stall door. The expression of concentration and straining nearly made me climax. I couldn't believe I was being allowed to see something so personal and erotic. She kept straining for about ten or so seconds with several pffffffts sounding, and then I heard a KA PLOP as it splashed into the water. She did this two more times, each time quietly grunting and raising her face. I could only see half of her body, but she clearly was up on her toes and had her legs spread about a foot. Also, as she strained she rubbed her hands up and down the tops of her legs as it to have a support to push from. This increased in speed as it got closer to the next KA PLOP. By this time my daughter was finishing so I hurriedly went into the last stall. I felt so week and had some cleaning up to do myself! I peeked under the stall wall and watched her legs spread further as she wiped herself about six times from the front. I think it was a bit painful for her, judging by the breathy ohhh sounds she made as she wiped. Needless to say I have relived this in my mind several times, always to great satisfaction. Thank you again Susan and all here for all your wonderful stories.

I am a 26 year old male who likes to watch women use the toilet. I used to think I was the only weirdo who liked that sort of thing until I started surfing the internet. I have peeked on women using the toilet. It's a rush to see a woman's naked hip sitting on the pot. I've also opened the door on women using the toilet. I also enjoy using the bathroom. This may seem like a strange thread, but I figure if anyone wants me to expand on any of the topics covered, they can tell me to do so.

hello guys keep on pooping.i just came to tell you that i have pooped yesterday for about ten times.

Friday, March 20, 1998

To: Jill Please be sure that I meant it as a compliment! I think you must be ever so proper and elegant! I think that people here do say that they are going to the bathroom or I've heard "to the little girls' room. Sometimes I say I have to use the facilities. Thanks for the description of your outfit, was the blouse sleeveless?
Anyway, the other day I was in the elevator (lift) when I noticed the female senior partner in the firm hurrying to make it, I held the door for her. She is a tall shapely women of about thirty. She was dressed in a great business suit with skirt and carrying a briefcase. We rode up in silence. I've always wanted to talk to her but I never know what to say. The next thing I know I'm hearing this high pitched whining sound. I look over at her and she was blushing. Almost immediately I realized that she had farted. Just prior the only thing I was smelling was her very pleasant perfume, now the smell had changed. The elevator stopped at her floor and she began to leave, but turned slightly and said "See yea!" I'm still thinking about this and wondering if I should say something to her about it?

When I was in my early twenties my girl friend had a small apartment with only one bathroom. I used to stay with her about 4 or nights per week.One summer Kathys' (my girl- friend) cousin Holly was staying with her because she was going through a divorce. Holly was 5ft3' and weighed about 95 to 100 lbs quite slender and attractive. One night Kathy and I were in bed when Holly came home late. The walls of Kathys Apartment are very thin so you can hear everything. Holly imediatly went into the bathroom and I was half- asleep when I heard this incredable fart that went on for 20-30 seconds which lead into a turrent a diaria. That really woke me up, it was unbelievably loud. This went on for twenty minutes even waking Kathy up. When Holly finally emerged I got out of bed and asked her if everything was ok, she looked up at me and laughed and said I'll bet that was the first time you have ever be woken by someone taking a crap, I told her that was no ordinary crap, it was a ! sonic boom, and it came from such a small an dainty person. Holly had some kind of bad intestinal virus. But the story goes on, the next morning I was taking a shower and getting ready for work, when Holly rushed in the bathroom (there were no locks on the door) in a night shirt and white cotton panties, she quickly pulled her down her panties to her knees and sat on the toilet, without even acknowledging my prescence, and started taking an incredibly loud gas fill BM which was the equal to the night before. It smelled horrible and I was still in the shower ( peaking out from the back of the curtain). When I was finished my shower Holly was Still seated, and I needed to shave and get to work. She said don't mind me I won't be going any where for a while. It really was exciting seeing her on the toilet and creating such loud noises. Besides my girl friend, Holly was the first girl I had seen taking a BM and I enjoyed it. Needless to say whenever Holly went in the bathroom, and! Kathy was not around, I made some excuss to go in and watch Holly. Looking back on it, Holly enjoyed having me watch her because she could see how it excited it made me. I saw my girl friend Kathy many times over the years taking BMs but I never let on that it excited me because she just thought of it as a natural function. I think !

PHILIPPE: Yes I am the girl living and working in Toronto and no I havn't been to the bar yet. I have the address from before. I am still planning on trying to get there. You know, it's one of those things to find the time to go. If I do I'll let you know how I make out. SOME GUY: Thanks, it's nice to know your efforts are appreciated. I'll keep the posts coming. Take Care,

Hi all! Hope you liked Moira's story about using the chamber pot. Now have any readers had experience of the metal toilet pans (stainless steel) that some local councils have installed to beat the vandals in Public Toilets? I have recently used these and the sound effects are wonderful! I was driving back from a customer and needed a motion. Parking in a car park I went to the Gents' Toilet adjoining and entered the cubicle, (stall). the toilet pan was stainless steel with an attached wooden seat. Dropping my trousers and panties, (white briefs with a blue star pattern) I sat and my pee tinkled loudly. I then passed two fat balls which went "KUPLONG!" KERPLUNG! followed by a long fat carrot shaped jobbie which went "KER-SPLOONG!. As I was in no hurry I waited till another man used the cubicle next to mine with similar sound effects.

Moira did an interesting motion yesterday. She needed when she got up at 7.00am and passed a long fat sausage which stuck in the pan as usual. She felt she had done all she needed at the time, however about half an hour or so later she needed to pee and as she sat there with her wee wee tinkling into the pan she passed another short (7 inches) but very fat cylinder of poo with a resounding "KUR-SPLOONK!" , she said it just slid out. It was smooth but perfectly formed and solid and sunk next to her earlier jobbie which was still stuck in the pan. Have any other readers male or female had experience of such two stage motions? Moira feels that it wasn't a case a doing two separate motions but that this second jobbie was left undone from her previous motion, though she didn't feel there was any more to come down.

Glad you made it in time Brad. Next time you may not be so lucky. Tim, your friend Mike has the advantage and freedom of not having to rush to the bathroom when ever he feels the urge. He's just lucky he hasn't come across anyone who finds his behavior offensive.

Stevie posting again - changed my handle to StevieP to be a bit more unique. Great posting from Oscar and Rob the other day - that reminds me of the stuff I did when I was their age(s)! I like to read those posts - Simon and Jamie are/were great too - you could nearly republish them as a series of stories!! Mind you - I still 'poo' in the garden sometimes - well quite often actually. I find it hard to believe that so many of you actually have to grunt and push and strain - although I have occasionally heard noises in communal toilets. My own habits are that I have a major shit shortly after getting up - usually in a bucket I keep in the potting (what an apt name!!) shed. This comes out with some urgency usually - I fart a little, then I feel my hiney hole open really wide and the medium soft stinkbomb starts to push slowly but steadily through. This bit is often darker than the rest, and in the form of large pellets which cling together to form a cylinder. As soon as this is out through my hole the rest flows - literally flows! - like lava perhaps, and in the matter of >2 minutes my colon has been evacuated! The average amount is about 300g each day, and it plops in the bucket in a sort of splodge - not as splodgy as a cow pat, but not really a traditional turd either. The colour varies from yellow-brown, through greeny-olive to chocolate - depending on diet! Hey - any of you guys ever eaten beetroot? Try it, and observe the result. Try and keep the shit too, and observe the changes when exposed to air/oxygen!! Sometimes, a supplemntary shit occurs in the evening - usually smaller, always mid-brown, and quite soft. I can usually get three or so passes from one double sheet of good quality tp, so I try not to destroy too many trees. Major morning poo is always immediately followed by major morning golden shower too - helps to keep the contents of the bucket semi-liquid. Next stage is about every two weeks tranfer contents to larger holding container until ready to spread a layer on compost (manure?) heap. So, old friends are seen again!! Colour changes are very noticeable then too - you come across the odd clump of really yellow poo or something!! Very occasionally with visiting ones too - but rest of family are not into this at all. One of my two sons had a friend when they were both about 9 who always dumped in the garden - after a couple of odd discoveries I showed him where was more acceptable. I only saw him go a couple of times, but found it quite exciting tidying up and putting his turds in with mine. He didn't usually wipe either - which was obvious when he changed his underwear if he was sleeping over! Anyway, I'm out of time now. Keep those teenager turd stories coming - perhaps we could do a book one day. As Strider would say - if he is still around - StevieP Off!!

Jean Claude
Yo Brad! Nino??? Izzat you? To: Jillian I have always been interested in female potty habits. I always thought it was a result of being a brother to only brothers. No real chance to see the opposite it were. Maybe that's why I'm obsessed! :) And you?

Hello everyone. I haven't posted in several weeks, but here goes. I wanted to discuss the other night when I drank a lot of beer and ate a can of whole jalapenos. Need I say more? The next morning I had to rush to the bathroom, and believe me, the ensuing bm was painful. But, it was quick and runny, I usually have a lot more content at the expense of regularity: I've had mild diarrhea for almost six months. Anyway, after sitting on the john for about 10 minutes, and feeling confident I was done, I wiped. OUCH! To add insult to injury, I had to go again an hour later, but now I was in class (I'm a college student). I felt compelled to hold it until I was out of class, but that would be four hours later! Fortunately, I succeeded. I have only had a few instances of "near-misses", but luckily no accidents. Any comments on the effects of spicy foods and painful dumps?

To Bob: Well, thank you for the compliment (if that is what was intended)! I hadn't realised that you could still access all that old stuff - well, not much has changed with me as you have probably realised. I guess you are from the US, by your description of me as a "proper English Lady" (as if there are any improper ladies), and the fact that you call a loo "the bathroom". Do you say "going to the bathroom" at work - when it is obvious to everyone that the last thing you are likely to be doing is having a bath? Just wondered! I had rather a lot of wind at work today (that's Gas to you folks from the US), and I was rather surprised to find that it didn't seem to smell. So there I was, quietly relieving the wind pressure all morning - and of course, like so many things in nature, the wind changed! Suddenly, after lunch, I found myself sitting in what someone here once described as a brown cloud - and a guy nearby noticed! There's a lesson there somewhere! As for what I was wearing, (since you asked Bob), being a fairly warm day, I had on a white blouse (having taken off my jacket), and a black skirt - short enough to be fashionable, but still respectable; sensible black shoes, and dark tights; and my hair was tied back with a black band. You fashion conscious readers have probably given up in despair on reading that, but I have the sort of job that requires me to look smart and "sensible". If only they knew!

Some Guy
Phillipe- Wow, this is getting personal! Well I stand and use my right hand as I am right-handed. SUSAN- Yes we do enjoy your detailed posts!

To Bridget, glad you have at last watched your boyfriend doing a motion, and it sounds as if it was well worth waiting to see from the size of the jobbie he passed! Good fun and a very great turn on as George and I have found. Now do YOU get him to watch when you go? To Jay and Paige, thanks for the explanation why men still have some unrine left in the penis after they urinate, that's why george always wipes his penis dry with toilet tissue to blot up the dribbles. Thus he only has very slight staining on the front of his panties unless he is bursting for a pee and dribbles himself while holding it in.

we have both used Chamber Pots and have seen others doing so. I have previously posted about watching my mother doing a big jobbie in a chamber pot when we shared a room on holiday when I was a kid. I had to use one when I stayed with a school friend who had an outside lavatory. Again we shared a room, we were teenagers about 14 at the time. Lorna was fascinated when I got up at at 6 and it was summer so quite light and squatted over the chamber pot. I did my wee wee sitting on the pan then got up and squatted over it as I knew my jobbie would be too big to do while sitting as it would squash up otherwise . It was a firm but easy morning motion and all slid out in one long fat sausage which curled round in the chamber pot. the bedroom smelled like the Girls' Toilets at school! Lorna was highly amused and I think turned on to see me doing it. Her 10 year old brother Steve was also highly amused and aroused, as he saw it when I ttok the chamber pot to empty down the outside toilet. Needless to say the jobbie stuck and took several flushes to go away which amused them even more. George will no doubt tell about his chamber pot adventures at some time.

Wednesday, March 18, 1998

When I was about 12 and my cousin Rob 10, I spent a whole summer at Rob's family cottage, and Rob was totally into comparing bowel movements and the size and length and smell of our turds. I thought it was really naughty at first but he was so cool about it that I really caught on and got into it. We would go to a spot in the woods that was a clearing well away from the road when he needed to have a dump, and he wanted me to watch him drop the load. The problem was I usually couldn't drop one myself which always disappointed him. But he could dump almost at will, and two or three times during the day, while I uasually went after breakfast in the toilet. If the parents weren't around he would want to watch me poop in the toilet, and once he got a stick from outside and smooshed my turds around in the bowl with the stick which made a really ripe smell and then I had to scrub the bowl after flushing to get my own shit cleaned off. Rob was pretty obsessed, now that I think about it. We got in trouble finally becuase my sister told my parents that we played with our shit, which wasn't quite true. But close! He always had skid marks and would sniff them when he took off his pants.

Here is some more about Mike. I asked him he sometimes just wears his pj's. He told me that he liked getting the strange reactions that people gave him when they realized that he was wearing pajamas in public. He also told me that he likes the fact that it makes his dick appear more prominent then when he wears jeans. I also once asked him why he whizzes on himself, and why he only did it while wearing pajamas. His answer was that he did it once accidently one weekend in high school, and he enjoyed the warm feeling as his leakage flowed over his balls. As to why he does this only in pajamas, he said it is because they dry faster, and the wet spot is always as noticeable. I hope this is informative to anybody who was curious. By the way, for my own observation, I definitely think Mike enjoys being different and attracting attention and is somewhat of an exhibitionist. Reason: he is 5'8'', blue eyed with dirty blond hair, weighs around 150, and pierced his eyebrow, not his ear. Additionally, I think he is an exhibitionist because, if he wears briefs under his pj's you can tell what color they are, and if he doesn't you can definitly make out his dirty blond pubic hairs, and can see his equipment when his pants are wet.

NEAR MISS---Was driving home from work after a long day, the last couple hours of which I'd been perking some butt coffee. Dunno if it's just me, but it seems that when I'm overdue for a dump I can hold it no problem if I know it's gonna be awhile; yet the closer I approach sweet relief & the countdown is measured in single-digit minutes, my sphincter decides to give up prematurely. Anyway, I stopped at a gas station less than a mile from home & I was already farting. Then the farting stopped ominously, leaving just serious, unrelenting pressure. My unborn even 'poked daylight' slightly. Jumping in to finish motoring home, the brown-capping continued even more urgently and it was all I could do to keep my cheeks clenched in defense (which is hard to do while shifting a manual trans, lemme tell you). Pulling into my community I was now seriously worried. Threw the car crookedly into a space , leaped out & waddled quickly to my door, fumbling with the keys. Christ! The turd, having glimpsed daylight & apparently liked it, refused to stay all the way in & fought to slither out further. I thought that I'd already messed my underwear somewhat. Beelined to the first floor half-bath & as my hand was reaching for the door I felt myself reach that Point of No Return--it started coming, no ifs ands or buts anymore. Instantly I knew if I took even the 3 seconds necessary to undo my belt and pants it would be too late. Desperately I grabbed the outside of my pants and YANKED as hard as I could. Thankfully they came down, and as the turd was already inches emerged I flipped down my briefs, too, which *just* avoided that snake reaching for the bowl-----*PLOOOOP*. Damn, that was the closest call I can remember.

To Philippe- I sit when I wipe. I lift my right hip and wipe front to back. I would think that wiping standing up might be contributing to your skid mark problem. Sitting down the cheeks are spread and the widest area is exposed to wipe. Standing up the cheeks would be slighty closed and there fore you may not be able to wipe deep in that hole area. I know sometimes there is always something left in that inner most area and no matter how many times you wipe you get a little brown spot on that paper. To Young-I where my watch on my left.because I am right handed. I wear the watch there in order not to damage it, as I would on my right hand that is used much more often. I also wipe with my right hand. I'm not sure my left hand would know how to wipe.

Hello everyone!!! Yesterday I finally got to watch my boyfriend taking a shit. It was something I had wanted for so long and now it has finally happened. It was by far the most arousing thing I have ever witnessed. My boyfriend knows about my shit fetish and had agreed to let me watch him the next time he went. We don't live together but we have arranged for me to sleep over that night because, as he puts it, he is a morning shitter. All night I have thought about what would happen the next morning and I have stayed awake with anticipation for most of the night. Finally, when morning came, I kissed him good morning and the first question I asked him was if he had to shit. He said he always went to the bathroom first thing when he woke up. My heart was pounding as we got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. In bed, he wore only a pair of boxer shorts, so when we arrived in the bathroom, he pulled them down and took them off. I sat on the edge on the bathtub as he told me that he had to pee first. He lifted the toilet seat up and turned around to face it. He peed for what seemed like an eternity. When he was finally done, he lowered the toilet seat and sat down. He said he felt kind of strange doing this so I asked him if he wanted me to leave. He said no I could stay and said he would try and relax and do the best he could. I wished him luck and told him he could begin when he felt most comfortable. He looked straight ahead, took a deep breath and after a few seconds, started to push. He pushed for about ten seconds, his cheeks kind of puffing out as he did so. He paused to catch his breath and began on a second push, this time straining a little harder. He farted as he pushed five, six, seven times, his face reddening slightly more every time. He started to grunt frustratingly, as obviously he was having more trouble than he thought. He gripped the sides of the toilet bowl and I noticed that his toes curled inward as he strained. After a while, I was afraid he would give up as I desperately wanted to see his shit coming out of his sexy butt. To my relief, he continued to grunt and said that he felt something coming out. He leaned forward and sure enough, I could see the tip of a hard turd emerging from his butt. He continued straining really hard as the piece of shit slipped out another few inches. Its tip looked hard but as it continued to come out it seemed to become smoother and faster at slipping out. I watched as the piece of shit became longer and longer. I expected it to break off but it just kept coming out until it started coiling itself around the bowl. Finally it was freed from his butt and landed soundlessly at the bottom of the toilet. "Whew! That was a tough one." he said breathlessly, getting up to look into the toilet. In amazement, he said it was the biggest piece of shit he had ever done and I had to agree, it was the biggest piece of shit I had ever seen. Unbelievably, he sat back down and started to push again. Soon after, three more pieces splashed into the toilet. Two were kind of oval-shaped like an egg and the third was a small round one which landed with a small plop. By this point, I was so aroused, I had to keep from touching myself as he tore off some toilet paper and wiped his butt. We both looked at his creation one last time before he flushed the toilet and I kind of regretted seeing such a masterpiece going to waste. Afterwards, he admitted to me that the experience was kind of arousing for him too and said he would let me watch him again someday. All I can say is that I can't wait!!!! Maybe next time I should bring a camera or videotape him----Bridget

It seems I'm not the only one with an interest in marked/messed undies! Philippe - sitting down, right hand, from the side, front to back. Jeremy - please do tell us more about your friend - is he the only one in your circle of friends? What about his mother, what does she say? Do all the other boys make fun of him? Lara - yes, I for one am very interested, please do tell us about some of your experiences. You're certainly not the only girl to have suffered the way you describe - I remember clearly a girl called Joanna at primary school, who also always wore white panties which often showed poo stains right through to the outside. She was the 'butt' of many jokes! I've also heard of girls who get stains in their pants occasionally, but with many boys it tends to be a regular thing rather than the odd accident. I must admit to having my pants, it rarely left too much of a mark in them - it was always rather solid. Even if it got squashed I usually got away with it, and was rarely told off at home, unlike my brother. He once admitted to me that he often went behind bushes on the way to or from school and wiped himself in his pants afterwards - another example of boys not being really bothered about it. He argued that it was better than having a sore bottom, or pooping his pants. He also often used to hold himself (with his hand) when he needed to wee but couldn't be bothered to go - especially when he thought no-one was looking. I don't know whether this resulted in stains, as his pants were light pastel shades which wouldn't have shown - although the poo still showed. Another thought - did anyone here get punished as a child/teenager or hear of others being told off for marking/messing their pants? What sort of reactions did parents have to such things? Some seem extremely laid back about it, others get very uptight. I've met both types, but more of that another time.

[story1] I woke up today to find a little spot of pee forming on my breifs. this was to first time this ever happen. I had to go so bad ever time I moved a little more leaked out. but I was not going to lay there an pee my pants so I got up slowly an not thing can out yet. As I started to walk i felt my pants get a little more wetter. I quickly grabed me pantsan stood there.IT worked for the time.but I still was not at the bathroom.I walked some more an as before some came out.I my pants were geting pretty wet so said to my selfno more standing around just as I said that me breifs and pant s got warm. So I ran to the bathroom.But I was to late by the time I got there I compleatly wet my pants.idid not know what to I took my underwear and pants off an put on some dry.

[story 2]It was a cool day.I had long BLUEjeansand a thick shirt on. I was waiting for mom to pick me up from night school.[we live In the woods 20 miles from the nearest store]I had a sore throwed so I had be drinking a lot of water that day. When she got I had to pee a little bit so I walked to the bathroom and then got In the car to go home. got around 10-15 miles the house when I the urge that I had to pee . It was not to bad til we got down this long dirt not very smooth . I was holding back hard a small pee spot was forming on my jeans. but we made it to the driveway. more leaked . I was tring to hide the spot with me shirt so my mom did not see it. She know I had to pee bad but I was tring not to pee me pants in front of her . I don't think she would care.If you ask me she was thying to make me pee me pants.I got out of the car and ran to the front door more leaked out but I stopped there was no hideing it by the time she got to the door to unlock the pee came gushing! out right in front of first I thied to back but it was hopelees . She said it would be all right go change THE END

Jay and Paige
Today is the day we're heading off to the UK and France via the Eurostar through the Chunnel. Can't wait, because even though this'll be an exhaustive nonstop typical Americans touring Europe trip, privately for Paige and I, it'll also be a tour of the bathroom facilities. Fortunately, from time spent here in the forum, I have all of the prevailing vernacular on board. When we return in a week or so, I'll post a full report here. You can bet I'll be looking down on the train tracks for a steaming pile of poo from our esteemed Jill. I also plan to have a seat in the loo on the Eurostar just to experience what it's like, whether or not I have to go. And we have ziplock bags with single use wet wipes at the well as these sani-wipe things I use in my medical practice in case I have to go and there are only heinous shit-encrusted toilet seats available. It's like my hair stylist said referring to her daughter's experiences travelling through Europe one summer: "The fuller they were (referring to unflushed toilets), the higher she stood!" Very well put! I'll also have some 4% Chlorhexidine Gluconate, brand name Hibiclens for an effective surgical scrub in case soap isn't available.

Regarding pee stains in men and boy's underwear--I'm sure the highly educated and well informed Moira may have overlooked the question, because I'm sure she knows this. I'm referring to the fact that the old saying about how no matter "how much you shake and jump and dance, the last drop always goes in your pants" is true because of the action of the smooth muscle lining the male urethra. There is continuous contraction of these muscles lining the urethra to effect complete emptying of the lumen, or space within the tube. Therefore, when the stream stops, there's still a segment of the duct that contains urine and the muscles act to clear it out, even after the zipper goes back up! Talk to you all soon! J & P

Having read all the current and lots of the Old Posts, I felt it was time to start contributions! Let me set the scene with some background - I am male, mid-30's and a great believer in outdoor dumping! Prefer not to use unhygenic artificial facilities! Hobbies include gardening - I am (naturally) an organic gardner - so you can all imagine where my surplus waste products end up being re-cycled!! I have definite voyeuristic tendencies - both being watched and watching others going - male or female - slightly subjective in that I prefer to find the performer/audience attractive!! I shall start at the beginning - my very first 'Toilet' memory - I was no more than 2 years old and being looked after by a neighbour's daughter. She retired to the toilet, with 2 year old toddler - just toilet trained - following, throwing tantrum outside locked door. I clearly remember knowing what she was doing, and shrieking that if she didn't let me in I would do it in my pants!! Result; Marie rushed out, I charged in and saw toilet full of teenager's turds!! The memory of that - my first sight of someone else's shit - is still clear - and there was no paper, so I obviously hadn't given her time to wipe! Of course, being the age I was, I needed help going, I objected to her turds floating about under my bared bottom and hiney hole - one of the few Americanisms that I really like is hiney hole - very descriptive sound to it! Finally, when mother came home, I - little wretch that I was then - reported the fact that Marie had left her #2 in the loo!! This sets the scene for future postings, which I shall try and keet chronologically posted. Stevie

Tuesday, March 17, 1998

There has recently been some discussion here on skids on underwears. I must confess that I am not a master at leaving my underwear absolutely clean and mine sometimes have skids. I am too embarrassed to put them in that washing machine, just to have my wife or mother-in-law think that I do not wipe myself better than a 5 year old. Actually, I think I have a rather sensitive anus, because wiping myself tends to hurt in those delicate parts of my body.

I have a question for everybody here. How do you wipe:
a) Do you lift a hip (left or right) tuck her hand underneath and wipe ?
b) Do you sit, and just open your legs ?
c) Do you squat over the toilet?
d) Do you stand ?

Well, I'll tell you, I stand. How about everybody else ?
I also have a question for Susan: If you are the person who lives ion Toronto, you may recall that I indicated to you the existence of BAR 501 where you could safely see girls on the potty. You replied that you'd try to check the place out a day. Have you ?
Regards to all of you.

Sue- more info on dirty pants, if you're interested. It's something I've been mildly curious about since I was a kid, and in some ways your "survey" did more to embarrass me than anything that happened to me in the past! (To do with this subject, that is). The reason being that you seem to have found that girls of 10 to 15 don't get messy nearly as often as boys of that age. Well, in that case I was as different as I always suspected I was! I hasten to add that nowadays I'm clean as a whistle most of the time, with the odd rather unpleasant lapse, but back then I seemed to mark my underwear badly almost every day, made worse by the fact that most of the time I wore white ones. I used to live in terror of changing for PE, swimming etc, and especially having my skirt flipped up, whether by some of the nastier kids or just by a gust of wind. Yes, I admit it, sometimes it was so bad it showed through on the outside of my knickers. I always used to wonder whether anyone else was in the same state, but certainly I never saw anything like the mess I used to make. OK, I only saw girls' underwear, but of course everyone knows boys do it all the time. As I say, you've made me feel worse (only joking!) by confirming that females don't do it. Did you never have a little crisis yourself? Don't you ever see girls in a mess in the course of your work? I've got so many stories of lonely times in the school toilets trying to make the best of it I wouldn't know where to begin!

Hi again everybody, it's quite a while that I'm not posting here. Well, sorry to my fans, because I'm quite busy for now, but I'll always have time to check posts here. Today when BMG open this site he found that the girl on the picture is different. He said that she looks like me (I'm wearing glasses too). Well, he's right, but I never use TPs (You have read my old posts know that I'm using soap and water instead). Don't worry I'm still pass good size logs and my friend Patsy still can't blocked my toilet. I read that most recent topics that have been chatted here are skid marks and left or right hand. About skid marks I'll always be sure I'm really clean and dry, so skid marks are minimal, but I found some pee stains on BMG's brief. BMG tell me that he always tinkled to the last drop and wash his tool with water. I guess it must be water stain, not pee stain. Here's our question that been bugging me. Is there any relation beetween where you put your watch (right or left hand) with which hand you use for cleaning duty. I'm left handed, wear my watch, bracelet, even my engagement ring on my right hand. I keep my left hand free from any thing 'cause I do my cleaning duty with my left hand. BMG wears his watch in left hand, and he's right handed. He always remove his watch before taking a dump, and he done his cleaning job by left hand. My friend Patsy wears her watch on right hand but she wipes with right hand. Is there any relation? I wonder.... love to you all from BMG & me

New Guy
I judge how good a movie is on how willing I am to hold my pee.

Some Guy
TJ- Most men carry to the left. I carry both ways and I can't tell which way I carry more, but I was watching Pop up Video and something around 75% of men carry to the left. Right now I'm right, and I am right handed. Coprologist- I heard these string-bikinis-for-men called "Florida"s. You can probably guess why. GT- The squirt has happened to us all one time or another, but it can be avoided by staying on the toilet a little longer, unlike the damned inevitable afterdrip! Grrrl- I don't, but I usually have to pee after or right before an orgasm.

Does anyone here have any experience using chamber pots?

My roommate, Mike, who I lived with in my freshman and sophomore years had a bit of a strange habit. He would sleep in light blue cotton pajamas bottoms, usually without underwear, and a t-shirt. What was strange was on days that he had eight o'clock classes (two of which I had with him), he would just pull on a pair of sneakers, grab a hat, and go to class in his p.j.'s. Additionally, on the weekends, he would go to the dining hall dressed the same way. Now, it is true, that going to class in pajamas is odd, however, what was stranger is what he sometimes did. Every so often, while sitting in the lecture hall, with some 150 other students, would leak in his pajamas. He would just sit there, with a smile on his face, and a wet spot growing around his crotch, and sometimes a puddle growing on the floor. He did this at least once a week. Sometimes he would even flood his pajamas while standing outside talking to friends. One time, he even leaked a little while we were lifting weights in the rec center. One morning as we where sitting in our third class for the day, English Lit, a girl sitting next to us, who noticed Mike's wet and now almost see through pajama pants, asked him if he had wet his pants. He said, no. She said then what happened, his answer was that her tense was wrong. He hadn't peed in his pants, but was presently peeing in his pants, at which point another flood occurred, and the girl laughed hystericaly. Go figure, Mike is a strange dude.

Hi! Its great to be back after along court case in Edinburgh. (We won). During the case I had to sit with my client and his counsel and on one day I really need a motion. I had no problem holding it in, (sorry for "accident" lovers this lawyer didn't produce the "evidence" in her briefs). I did however blow off a few sbd's. One cannot just get up and go out of a court, only the judge can call an adjournment. After a few hours, and long after the urge to go had passed off, we adjourned for lunch. My articled clerk, a young girl called Paula, and I went to the Ladies' Toilet an impressive marble room in the court built in Victorian times with old fashioned large high ceilings and old style toilet pans with cleaming brass pipes, wooden seats etc. We entered cubicles (stalls) next to each other. Paula did her wee wee and what sounded like a single reasonable sized jobbie which dropped into the pan with a loud "Ku-ploonk!" . I did my tinkle long and loud then felt my bowels move. Having had to hold it all in for a few hours my motion had become hard and lumpy and a bit constipated and at first I passed two great fat lumps the size and shape of goose eggs "ker-sploonk! ker-splunk!" Paula who was still next door heard me going "OO!OO!" and straining and asked "Are you okey Moira?" Still straining I replied "yes, Im just a bit constipated" I did another ball, "Splonk!" then felt the big jobbie start to come out. Having got rid of the hard lumps the rest was firm but smooth and easy sliding out of my back passage, with the usual "cracking" sound, and dropping into the pan with a gentle "floomp!". I wiped my bum and pulled up my panties ( deep cut white ones with a floral pattern under a plain black skirt for those interested). When I pulled the flush the lumps went away but the single long fat jobbie stuck, I estimate it was a foot long and over 2 inches thick, the end of it was sticking up out of the water for a few inches, slightly lumpy at the start and fudge coloured and for Jill's interest there were some pieces of sweetcorn in it from a meal I had eaten 2 days before. As I washed my hands I saw Paula go into the cubicle I had used and look down the pan and gasp. As we left the toilet she said , "I bet you feel better after that Moira?" I laughed but actually felt quite proud and thrilled.

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