ms perfect pee
Ok guys. Hello again by the way. I've posted before but not with my oh-so-loveable name. Anyways so when I pee it's usually a big one. Say.... a minute and a half long. Around that area. But today I wanted to see how long I could hold it. Well, that only lasted the morning because I wanted to go out in public today without stoping to urinate on/in the drains in the street. So I went all the way upstairs because I prefer that toilet because there are no windows and there is a lock on that door [I'm a private person]. But then I looked at the toilet and found it not-so-exciting. So then I went back out and decided to drink 3 big huge glasses of water. And contained it all in the rest of the day. So. At 4 am I was downstairs alone watching mtv when I decided it's time to go NOW. So I ran to the toilet with my hand pressed up against my pee hole. I looked at the toilet and I found that I prefer to go in or on more exotic places/things. So I turned off every light that I had on except the tv and walked onto the patio. I walked around uncomfortably attempting to find something worth unleashing a nice large pee on. When I didn't find anything but a few flower pots and sand toys I walked into the front yard. There wasnt much there either. But then I thought it would be interesting to go on the front part of the lawn nearest to the street. It was pitch black and no one could really watch my do business. Well I was only wearing a large shirt to bed that covers only a bit past the private area. And no underpants. [It was a windy night too, a little chilly but the breeze felt so good]. So I walked to the area I wanted and just spread my legs a bit, stood on the front of my feet, and bent my knees only a little bit so I could take aim and get a good flow to come out. So then I started to let out the most forceful smelly streem of urine you could ever imagine. And it felt nice, nevermind the fact that it came out so hard that I sprayed on the shirt a little bit. So about 2 minutes/2 minutes and a half later I pushed hard so I could finish. Then when I was done I stepped back a few feet and looked at my beautiful huge puddle in the grass. Then I felt a little embarassed that I was so naughty to go pee on the lawn. Then I looked around in the night and I saw a man doing the same thing! A few houses down, except he was on the portch aiming off the side! I only hope he wasn't watching me before he decided to!

Tara K.
Hello All!!!!

I really must say I enjoy reading about other women Farting & Crapping their brain out. I married but have alway had a interesting in other women since I was a child. I have been able to keep that part of my life separate from my husband. Even though there are no picture on this site, I still try to log in and read as many post as possible through my day. Either between meetings or when alone in my office.

Well, my story begins when I was at a Bar after work, after a few drinks I had to pee from the beer I've been drinking, as I entered the bathroom there were 3 empty stalls. But to my surprise there was no doors. I selected the cleanest of the 3, which happened to be the one in the middle. My intension was to piss as fast as I can and get out, but there came in brunette women. She probably was about me age (35-40 yrs old), very sexy thing she was. I could see her thru the mirrow over the sink, byt this time I had the FART really bad but I was trying to hold it. As she sat on the toilet she let a stream of shit, the stench started to take over the entire bathroom........I thought I might as well release my fart, no one could who did what if anyone came in. Another girl then entered, she immediately said 'Pppppp Uuuuuu!" when she entered (she instantly tuen around and left)..........the groans and moans of stall neighbor kind of interested me in listening more, as I wiped and went over to wash my hands I could see her face........she was beat red in the face, with a giggle I asked her if she was ok or did she need any help (she struggle to say no) then I told her if she did let me know, then I FARTED really loud as I exited the bathroom.

To honestly, I was kind of turn on by her RED face and smell aroma stench.


Punk Rock Girl
Hey y'all.

I had a rather humiliating experience last weekend. I was at my boyfriend's company picnic at a state park on Long Island. I really had to take a dump, so I ran over to the nearest latrine and hopped inside.

I unzipped my shorts and pushed them and my underpants down to my ankles and sat my bare buns on the seat. My bowels began to empty and I felt something tickle my butt. I thought it was my imagination at first, but then I felt it again. I lifted my ass up slightly and scratched it, and something stung my finger! I yanked my hand back and a wasp was grabbing onto it, stinging me repeatedly.

Suddenly I felt more tickling on my butt, then a sting on my butt! I let out a yell and went into auto-pilot, because before I knew it, I was outside flailing on the ground, with wasps all around me...and my frigging shorts and underwear around my ankles.

Colin and a few of his co-workers came to my rescue. I managed to get my shorts up and we ran like the wind until the wasps stopped chasing us. After catching my breath and calming down, I was finally able to find another latrine and finish taking a crap in peace.

Luckily, I'm friends with most of the people he works with or I probably would have wanted to crawl under a rock and never come out. I don't mind people seeing my bare ass, but not when I'm not expecting it!

I wound up with three stings on my left butt cheek and several more on my finger. Colin was nice enough to repeatedly spread baking soda paste on my bare ass that night. I'm sure he hated that!

At least the food was good.



I am a model who sometimes does runway shows. Anyway I was running late and had to go both ways. While I was sitting in the chair getting my make-up put on, I had to really take a dump. I kept moving around in my seat and trying to not give myself away. I kept inhaling and exhaling in an exaggerated fashion-- like I do when I exercise. I could not just stop and go to the bathroom because I was due to start very soon. As the make-up artists worked on my hair I could feel my poop keep pushing out against the chair and my panties. I was struggling to pull it back in.

Next, the show got started. I had to change into an outfit and walk down the stage. I walked a little differently than normal. I kept my buns closed together as much as possible. I started to have to pee bad as well. I had to hurry backstage and change into another outfit and repeat the process. Towards the end I was letting little tricklets of pee out into my panties and clothes. Also the end of my poop kept emerging out of my anus and I had to pull it back in. It kept touching my panties.

Finally, the show ended and I told the backstage crew I had to go to the bathroom really bad. The coordinator made me change back into my street clothes. Therefore, I tricked a little more into my panties and accidentally farted while changing clothes. I pulled the real poop in just long enough to sit on the small backstage toilet. I peed full stream and my poop slid out all on its own in less than a minute. My poop was above the water line but slowly went down the toilet. My panties were wet and had a stain in the back, but at least I averted a serious accident. I felt so relieved.


I too have had to go number 2 while giving a piano solo performance. I had to go while I was practicing beforehand but kept sucking it back in. When the actual performance took place I had to go super bad. I slid forward on the piano bench so I could clench my butt cheeks together. I kept playing even though my poop was pushing hard to come out. I sucked it in only to have it push right back out again against the piano bench. Remarkably I kept playing and did fairly well. I was mmmphing and uhhhing under my breath the whole time. Finally I finished got up gave a bow then skirted off stage to the bathroom. I did a big turd in the bowl but it flushed. My panties did have a slight stain. I also got fushed at by my teacher for having bad posture. But what is a girl to do when she is about to crap in her panties? Anyone else with a similiar story?

Poopy Chick
Hi, I want to share my story, I asked everyone what kind of poop storys do you want, and someone said constipation, so I am going to tell me most recent constipation story,
Ok, I was at the mall with my friend, Julian, we where eating at the food court, then planning on going home, after I ate, I felt a little feeling in my butt hole that I had to poop, I told Julian that I will be In the bathroom, I went into a stall, and pulled my pants and panties down, I sat on the toilet and farted, then l pushed and only marble sized poops where coming out, after about 4 minutes I said forget it! And walked out of the stall, after she drove me home, when I was at home, I stood outside for some fresh air, when I began to feel some movement, I ran to the bathroom, pulled my pants down, and sat on the toilet, some more marble sized poops came out, then the killer cramp hit me, and the huge log started to move a bit, I bent forward, and pushed and squeezed as it was coming down, then my poor ring opened incredibly wide and was so painful, I was tempted to "suck" it back in but I wanted it so be over with, so I made sure my legs where incredibly wide, and watched it come out, I saw this monster thing poked out just sitting there, my butt hole was terribly in pain, I pushed some more as I watched it budge out some more, then I went NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and it came some more, it was half way out and it was so painful!!! I then sat up a bit, and held my stomach as it started sliding out more, it made me really nauseas! I thought I was going to puke! Then I took one last push as it slid out, it was so huge and painful, I was so relieved when it was out, I was kind of shaking after from all the work! I was also hungry again (hehe)! I had to plunge it down after! That was the only disgusting part!!!


I have peed in urinals before. One of my friends lives about 5 hours away. I stop at the Garden State Parkway and then again closer to her house. The second stop is at a large, nice and clean gas station. But it has a unisex single bathroom with a urinal next to the toilet. EVERY time I use the urinal , even if I end up shitting I piss in the urinal first. I love it! If its summer and I just have shorts on (like recently) I will take off my panties and shorts and just stand facing the urinal to pee. If I have on jeans I just face away from it and push my butt into it. I can pee standing up pretty well but don't want to risk getting piss all over myslef when I don't have time to change.....thanks DNA

Red Headed Michele
Hi all! I've enjoyed all the good posts lately and finally had an experience to tell about from this weekend. This involves my friend Lacy and myself. Lacy is I guess what all the guys call a hottie. She has blonde hair, blue eyes and a real athletic body. I'm more the cutie with my only nice quality being my DD chest. Lacy and I went to BJ's Warehouse to do some shopping for her store. After being there a few minutes Lacy looked at me and said she was getting a stomach ache. I asked her if she wanted to find a bathroom but she said no she thought she would be OK. Every once and a while I noticed she was holding her hand under her top and wincing. After a while I forgot about it and we had both our carts nearly full with supplies and food. As we were in the last aisle Lacy looked at me and said she had to get to a bathroom. We found the restrooms in the back of the store and left our carts. We were shocked when we went in the ladies room. It was really dirty and there were only two stalls. There were two women waiting and the place reaked like poop and pee. Lacy was clutching her stomach and really had to go bad. The first woman who was waiting went in quickly and did a very quick pee. I don't think she was in there 30 seconds. When she left the other girl who was younger than us went in. She was peeing and then started a poo. The woman in the other stall had a young daughter with her. She kept asking her to stand still because Mommy has to poo. The smell coming from the two stalls was terrible. I was starting to get really bad stomach cramps. Lacy really had a bad case of diahria coming and now my stomach was cramping up. After another couple minutes no one had moved. The young girl was plopping large pieces into the toilet and the mother was releasing these wet farts and moans. Lacy had her jeans unbuttoned and was ready to go now. I was rubbing my hand across my lower t???y. Finally the young girl flushed and came out. Lacy dashed in and ripped he panties down. I was glad she was able to get in but she was having some terrible diahria. The smell was terrible. I was having terrible pains in my lower t???y. Finally the other woman came out and I rushed in. I pulled down my shorts and had these gasey farts. I couldn't poo despite the pains in my stomach. Lacy was done eventually and went out to pay for the stuff. I eventually came out and she was just finishing at the register. On the way home I started getting the cramps again and finally had diahria when we got back to her shop. It was the worst time I've ever had out in public with my stomach and it just came on so suddenly. I literally thought my t???y was going to explode. Has anyone ever had that happen so quickly while out in public? Please share.

Adam D
To Evonne: I can relate, a little at least. Although I am not frequently constipated, I was recently this weekend. Normally I go about twice daily. I don't remember going Friday, and come Sunday I was really wanting to just get rid of it, as you probably know the feeling well after like 5 or 7 days in your case (I can't even imagine not going for that long!). So Sunday evening and I'm on the toilet for at least 10 minutes pushing and straining, and boy did it hurt coming out. I just wanted to get rid of it already, so I was determined and was able to pass 4 solid (and very thick) stools. It felt so good, although my anus was stinging for at least the next hour.

With all the effort that it takes you to go, I would imagine that you really dislike having to go at all, but you obviously have to. Fortunately I was at home this weekend, and I am sure that you prefer to go in the privacy of your house. But, after 7 days is your need for a bowel movement ever so urgent that you find yourself needing to go through that agony someplace other than your house? That must be really rough if you have an urgent need while at work or at a friends house or in public or something to that extent. How do you handle such a situation like that?

Hey all,

I posted last probably in the summer of 2003. Been somewhat of a lurker ever since. I wanted to relate an outdoor poop story that just got completed. For those who don't "know" me, I'm 24, male, 5'9, 200lbs., single and looking, and I live on the coast of NC. Very hot weather we're having this year. I'm in the process of moving, so I'm stuck inside for the day today packing and such. Anyway, in need of a break, I decided to take a walk around outside my current house. I had a small urge to poo, so I grabbed a small roll of TP before I walked outside, determined I'd get to go in the neighborhood at least one last time! As I was walking around my yard looking for a good private place, I really got hit hard with the "I've got to poo...soon" feeling. I glanced around, and the only private place near where I was at the time was in my neighbor's yard, near his pool fence and air conditioner, and surrounded by trees on two sides. The neighbor hasn't been around in a while, as his yard has a lot of overgrowth, so it was decided...I'm gonna poo beside his air conditioner! The ground beside his AC is pretty much mostly white rocks, and little green sprouts of weeds are growing up from the rocks. I walked over to the AC, behind a small pile of chopped firewood, hidden from our road, and found my spot. I was wearing jean shorts, a tshirt, and tennis shoes, and since I still haven't mastered shitting with all my clothes on, I basically stripped all of my clothes and laid them on the neighbor's firewood pile. By the time I got my boxers off, the poo was wanting out. So I squatted down and 10 seconds later out came a two foot monster, which curled up around itself as it settled on the ground. I didn't have to pee very badly, but I squeezed out as much piss as I could right in front of me, but aiming down into the rocks. It took about 30 seconds for the piss to start coming out, and about a minute later, I was all done. I wiped with the TP I brought out with me, four pieces, and threw the pieces on the wood pile in front of me. One piece had some crushed red pepper on it, presumably from what I ate for dinner last night. The poo was very curled together, almost in a spiral. The first quarter or so of the log was very dark brown, but the rest was my normal medium brown. The whole turd was about an inch and a quarter thick! It even stank rather badly, so I was proud of that. Being highly content with my creation, I came back inside my house and wiped more thoroughly, then went back out with my digital camera to capture my creation. I wish there were a way to share it with all of you. But that's it. I'd love to hear more outdoor stories, particularly from the ladies.

Zack I really liked your post. Please post more about other poop experiences.

AJ :o)
Puppet Lady--Your pooping in a bag story is so funny!

That really would have been something if a neighbor happened to come along, and you had this conversation covering everything from theater to pooping in a bag.

You could have said, "You know...I write some of my best plays while pooping in bags! In fact, I'm currently working on a documentary about the pros and cons of a number of bags--and locations where I am while using them!"

Here are some ideas about locations and bags:

Sleeping bag at a campout where everybody is in a circle around the campfire.

Going to the dollar store or supermarket and picking up a box of sandwich bags, making a deposit in each one (there are usually about 20 to a box), and zipping them up.

Then, you can put them all into a shopping cart.

How about a duffle bag?

Rent a locker under an assumed name for a few months.

Poop in a duffle bag and leave it in the locker.

Make no further payments on the locker. In time, the owner of the locker rental place will want to re-rent your locker and will need to clear it out.

Actually, I wouldn't do any of those things if I were you(except for the sleeping bag oneunless you would like to have a different kind of pooping in one of those jail-cell toilets!

I've never pooped in a bag, but there was a time when I peed in a bag every morning.

Was recovering from a knee dislocation and couldn't get to the bathroom in time (when it came to peeing), so I would holler for my mom to bring in a bag, and she'd bring a wastebasket liner and hold it under me while I peed into it.

Tia--In answer to your question...your constipation was, obviously, caused by your holding in your poop. Frankly, I don't blame you. Somebody at the campground wasn't doing his/her job of keeping the toilets clean.

ANY sort of campground should offer clean toilets--and this is especially true when it's a campground used, mostly, by children.

These days, if a child hasn't dropped his/her baby fat by a certain age, there's this big fuss over that child being "obese" and endangering his/her health.

Why, then, isn't as much (or more) concern being raised over germs a child might come in contact with by sitting on a filthy toilet that either the hired people are not doing their job of cleaning or else somebody is trying to cut costs by not even hiring someone to clean them.

Although I'm rarely constipated, I certainly was last night!

I felt as if I were giving birth to a handful of butt-plugs--one at a time every ten or more minutes with about half-an-hour before I was able to push out the initial one.

Felt much better when they were all out.

They left a small amount of residue to be picked up by my toilet paper, but they were too hard to leave much.

Had a major pee while in bed yesterday morning, and my disposable panties didn't even begin to catch it!

I'd been exhausted the night before and had gone to sleep in my jeans and top.

As usual, I'd been lying on my side.

All up and down one side of my jeans--and even up and down the side of my blouse!--I was pee-soaked.

When I sat up, I soon became pee-soaked in my crotch as well.

Was glad to hit the shower and wash up!

That's all for now...AJ :o)

Cap'n Crap
Been lurking around this board occasionally since
'98, so I thought it's time to throw my hat in the ring
and post...
Way back in '88, I was in basic training (U.S. Army...) I
was nonplussed, shall we say, by the near-total lack of privacy.
Now, in the world I was a once-a-day guy. But I found my
body cooperated with me... I took my first dump 4 weeks
into the training cycle (had a few minutes of privacy I put
to good use on K.P.) and the funny thing is, I hadn't even
felt a NEED to take a dump until that moment.
I've heard other guys tell similar stories...
Was it the food? Nerves maybe? Or were the sages of old correct...
that the mind controls reality? I've often wondered if this
wasn't a case of "mind over matter"...
Anyone else had their body "bow to the will of your
mind" like this? Sure would be cool if this kind of body
control was usable in everyday life, over other things
besides "body functions"...

Hi Im Masey! I am from Canada, I am 17 and I love to party, i go to lots of partys, and have lots of fun! One time, at this girls birthday party (I dont even no who she was, but she invited me,) me and my friends where getting ready, when we got there her building that she rented was incredibly HUGE! There was a big disco ball on the roof and everyone was dancing, i put my gift in the pile of gifts, me and my friends went dancing to the fast dance music, then the DJ anounced that we where having a dance contest, as we where in are dance contest, i felt i had to poop, but the prize was $100 and there was no way i was going to pass $100 bucks! The more i danced the worse my stomach got, then the dance stopped, and this other girl one the $100 dollers, after i said to my friends Im going to the bathroom, they said, where coming, we gotta fix are make-up anyway, i was kind of worried noing that ive never pooped infront of my friends, well we walked to the bathroom, as soon as we got there we shut the door, i slowly pulled down my panties, and pulled up my white mini skirt, and sat, i farted followed by a bit of pushing and squeezing and a nice smooth log fell out and hit the water followed by some mushy plops, my friend Sarah looked at me saying, your kidding, right, this is a dream right, i turned red because i was embarresed, i tried to stop but my poop wouldnt stop, my other friend Kylee said, eww, uhh spray some air freshner, i finally stopped and wiped, they said, finally, that was gross, i mean, you dont shit anywhere besides home if your kewl, thats just like socail sucicide, i pushed sarah who said that and ran out of the washroom crying, i stayed for the cake and gifts and made new friends! Then I drove home, I dont no how Sarah and Kylee got home, and i dont really care how they got home!

The Nature Boy
I got to be around while my younger cousin (11) had what was apparently another bout of the runs tonight. She was in her room while I was there most of the time resting up from having company...for several weeks! She came out later though. Her older sister asked her to do something for her, and she said she would after she used the bathroom. I was sitting in the floor not far from the bathroom talking to the family as she went in and shut the door. -Which dosen't have a lock, I bet that leads to some embarassing moments! I thought I heard a pair of farts not long after she went in there, but nothing much else. I went out to the car to get a newspaper with an article to show my family while she was pooping. She came out after about 5 minutes total, and I noticed no smell. Having to appease my curiosity, I went in there for some TP to blow my nose shortly after. There's not a roll holder in there, so she had left it right by the bowl. Bending down to get it, I could see a very small turd left around the out-drain of the toilet, and the water was tinged very light brown. Yet there was still very little smell (odd since I figured from my 'discovery' she must've had a bit of the runs....but the window was open and I figure she must have turned the fan on as well. I showed her the article then and joked to her that I should have brought it in sooner, she could have read it on most peoples' favorite reading chair! While she's not overly shy about the bathroom, she dosen't elaborate about it much either....

Like another cousin (30) and close freind. I stayed over at her house one night while I was 'displaced' by invading relatives. She got up early in the morning and went in the bathroom. The combo of fan and heater meant that I heard nothing, but I figured she must've had to poop since (a) she was in there about 10 minutes and (b) she flushed....since the spring-water supply is limited, it's an unspoken rule that you don't flush the toilet *every* time you pee. (In fact once she was having her period and didn't flush, tho it was probably the middle of the night and she was only half awake and forgot about me. I went in for an early morning whizz and found her bloody paper in the bowl. I think I flushed after I finished to save her embarassment....)
Right, so anyhow a few minutes after she flushes and leaves, I go in there to get dressed and go to work (hey, it was time for me to get ready...honest!). When I walk in, I'm greeted by an unmistakable poop smell...well, unmistakable unless she sat there for 10 minutes but could only manage to fart! Her scent was stronger than little cuz's, but still not really 'Bad.'

Anyway, between my, er, 'natural state' that time of the morning, coupled with the fact that an attractive young woman had just finished taking a healthy morning dump in there, let's say it was better for my aim that *I* peed sitting down that time!

I just wish these folks were more open about their bathroom habits. Well, they're not totally uptight. Little cuz didn't bother with the fan or running water in the tub to cover the noise from her pizza-induced late night explosive diarrhea a while back. Her mom often has the trots (her favorite euphamism for diarrhea) and talks openly about it....but when she had them with me around, she did both of the above things to cover the noise. Tho she must have had some bad gas as she ripped a fart so loud I could hear it over the water and fan when she was finishing up!

I think the oldest daughter (15) is shy to poop around company...I know one afternoon I was over there and she kept complaining that her stomach hurt. Finally her mom said in front of everyone 'Go in there and try to POOP, see if that helps!' I was on the way out anyway, so I dunno if she was just to shy to take a dump with me around.

Then again I'm a hypocrite I suppose since I'M shy to go around THEM! But like the mom, I don't really mind talking about it....

I feel like I ramble so I'm gonna wrap this up...Marie, great story, ditto Julie. Duane, wish I was as uninhibited as you! I love my cousins and sister-in-law, but doubt I could go in front of THEM, let alone freinds or even acquaintences(sp?) like you did. STILL, better than crapping your pants in front of them I guess eh?

-Later, TNB

Hey im new here. ive read just about every page of this site and i absolutely love it. steve and bobby from the 700 pages are my favorites, but im really liking the most recent stories, like angela's movie poo in her panties and michelle. well i could never really post here cuz i never had a story to tell, but now i do. i was driving home from work on friday and i really had to take a crap. i was about 20 minutes from my home when i got a huge cramp. usually i have great bowel and bladder control, but this cramp just shut down my entire system, so i took a huge crap into my white briefs. i had had accidents in the past and i liked them, and this was no different. it was a solid poo so it was easy to clean up. i should have accidents more often. its rather fun when theyre not messy. ill have more stories later hopefully.


Michelle... in response to your question about pooing in fun places... I had a great "first" today. I went tubing with some of my family members down a river about an hour from my house. The water was pretty calm and not many people there besides a few groups of tubers here and there. I ate right before we left and only felt a slight urge to poo when we got there. There are no bathrooms ANYWHERE on this river, so I was kind of stuck. We all jumped on our tubes and took off (if you could call it that since the water was so calm we were practically still lol).. After an hour or so of tubing the urge was horribly painful.. the gas was building up and I was constantly shifting positions. I ended up sinking my bum through the center of the tube, pulling my swimsuit to the side, and pooing! It was WONDERFUL! The water felt wonderful... it relieved tons of pressure.. and nobody had a clue what I was doing. I managed about 5 logs measuring 6" or so each. It was my best poo experience so far! I hope you get a chance to try it :)

hello it has been a while since i ahve posted but i had a intrested experince the other day. i was at a party with a lot of people there and i started to feel like i needed to go #2 ( i havent gone in 3 or 4 days) i just put it off and kept socializing i walked outside and tryed let some tension off with a fart but my luck it wasnt gas it was a load ready to get out . so i went to the only bathroom in the house and to my dismay there was a line of a few girls, so i waited and a few more girls got in line behind me . when it was my turn i ran in pulled my pants and panties down to my ankles and got started ( it takes me about 20 to 30 minutes) well after 5 minutes i guess the girls behind me were quiet anxciuos they were beating on the door and i just yelled i would be about 10 minutes i heard them cussing me saying things like if u r taking a shitt u need to go home we dont do that here, and either shit or get off the pot, i just replyed sorry it was a emgerency and i kept on pooping out small logs. well i guess that got mad and left i didnt hear anything for about 10 minutes when all of a sudden the door comes flying open and a guy just staring at me says sorry but this is a emgerency off the toilet now and i said i cant iwas midlog and to my suprise he just droped his pants and shit a wave of dieareh in the tube and his friends came running in luaghing saying they put exlax in his food. it was kindof funny but i was still there naked as hell for everybody to see my ass and hairy cooch. i just finished up went outside by myself to sober up and went home.

DNA: That was an interesting dream about having to pee in a urinal? Well, while dreaming, how accurate was your aim? Did you or anyone you know ever have to do that in real life? If so, we sure like to read about it. I love to read stories about chicks using the urinal facing it. Especially when it becomes a dare to sneak into the gents. I've only dreamed of seeing chicks using the urinal while asleep. You girls should post more!

Me and my buddies Chris, Rob and Billy went to the beach. We were surprised that the BRAND NEW restrooms had all doorless stalls for the men. They were really nice, clean, well lit, plenty of toilet tissue in each stall, as well as 'ass gaskets" and they all had automatic sensor flushing. We all used them with no problem, cuz they were just so nice, we didn't even care that we were 'on display' while we were shitting. We asked the janitor why there were no doors, and he had no clue, but he also said he loves using them himself, cuz they are so modern. He said that the women have doors on their booths

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Kind of a funny story--
I don't have a driver's license, so I walk all over town sometimes after work. After walking around for hours I was incredibly tired and just wanted to lay down and sleep, so I walked to where my boyfriend works to take a nap in his car. The place he works is right on a small highway, and across the street is a house belonging to the owners that no one lives in and a dirt parking lot for employees out front. So I crawled into the car, out the front seat back down and passed out. I woke up an hour and a half later and needed to pee really, really bad. I thought about going looking for a bathroom, but just shifting in the seat made my bladder hurt, so I said screw it, I'm gonna go behind the house. I looked around in the back and spotted a nice dark corner, so I snuck into the shadows, pulled down my pants, crouched and let loose. It felt soooo good at first, but it became real uncomfortable quick because of all the weight and pressure bearing down on my abdomen. I hate squatting to piss and much prefer to stand, but standing is obviously much less stealthy. And of course, when I was about halfway through, a car went by on the side street, but hopefully it was dark enough that they couldn't see me. It left me feeling nervous, but I still had a lot of urine left in me, so I relaxed and kept going for a while longer til I was finally sure I was finished. I wish I could have seen how big a puddle I left, but it was way too dark out. I went back to the car, and it was maybe ten minutes later when I had to piss real bad AGAIN, but I waited for about an hour before my BF got out of work and drove us home. He went to a friend's who lives right nearby, and I went to our apartment, stood in front of the shower and pissed and pissed, and I couldn't help but moan a little because it felt so good.

one time when i was in 4th grade i had to pee really bad! we only had 1 breake time so during beale i ran to the grils room i got in to the stall i pulled doen my jeans too late! i was peeing in panties i stared to cry and still peeing

there was another time, in 4th grade we were having a spelling bee it was me and the new kid i had to pee so badley i squesed my legs together and the other kid got out so all i had to do was spell the easy word and i wold win i had forgotten i had to go to the potty so i let go of my had and un crossed my legs and while i was spelling i felt a warm stream between my legs i stared to cry.I won the spelling bee

I understand having to go so long that you know you're going to have a stain in your panties.

I recently got hired as a waitress at a bar. A few nights ago at the beginning of my shift, I began getting the urge to poop. I hadn't gone in a few days so after a bit it was REALLY pushing to come out. Now, i don't use public restrooms, so I knew I'd be holding this dump back until I returned home at the end of the night. I have pretty good control over my bowels, so i was able to keep it in, but every now and then i could tell the tip was poking out a bit. Just like you, i simply kept 'sucking' my poop back in. Sitting on my stool and being hostess near the end of the night, my poop would push out about an inch and was only stopped by the chair i was sitting on. I knew it was probably staining my panties a bit, and honestly, i was really worried about someone smelling it, as i had been letting out a lot of really smelly farts earlier.

poopygirl-your gurgling stomach story was awsome, I'm a guy and I too find stomach gurgling noises interesting. tell more if you can. I have a story myself about intestinal noises. A few years ago when I was probably about 16 this girl i knew was over my house who was about 15. She was nice looking, alittle extra weight with light brown hair. Any way we were sitting there I could hear her stomach making soft gurgling noises and she looked alittle uncomfortable sitting there they got louder making noises like muurplpl and a bubling groaning noise and she did not say anything it kept getting louder when finally the loudest noise I ever heard from a stomach came from really deep inside. She then asked me if she could use my bathroom. I said OK she goes in and released a wet fart and what sounded like mushy poop which then became more liquidy sounding and then lots more farts. She came out after and sat back down without saying anything but she had her shirt up and I could see she was still holding her cute little belly. Her stomach was still making all these noises like bubling, groaning and popping and was still loud, finally I ask her if she was ok she sain that she was it was just she had a little bellyache. Anyway she ran back in the bathroom and had about 4 massive diahrrea explosions I've never really heard anything like that before. She said she wanted to go home, she only lived like 3 houses away. I asked if she wanted a belly rub so I rubbed her belly for her and I could feel all the action going on in it, it felt as though something were moving in it. I told her thats ok I'll clean up the bathroom which was a mess with diahhrea all splattered all over. She must have had quite a belly ache. Anyone else have any diahhrea/stomach rumbling stories.

hello it has been a while since i ahve posted but i had a intrested experince the other day. i was at a party with a lot of people there and i started to feel like i needed to go #2 ( i havent gone in 3 or 4 days) i just put it off and kept socializing i walked outside and tryed let some tension off with a fart but my luck it wasnt gas it was a load ready to get out . so i went to the only bathroom in the house and to my dismay there was a line of a few girls, so i waited and a few more girls got in line behind me . when it was my turn i ran in pulled my pants and panties down to my ankles and got started ( it takes me about 20 to 30 minutes) well after 5 minutes i guess the girls behind me were quiet anxciuos they were beating on the door and i just yelled i would be about 10 minutes i heard them cussing me saying things like if u r taking a shitt u need to go home we dont do that here, and either shit or get off the pot, i just replyed sorry it was a emgerency and i kept on pooping out small logs. well i guess that got mad and left i didnt hear anything for about 10 minutes when all of a sudden the door comes flying open and a guy just staring at me says sorry but this is a emgerency off the toilet now and i said i cant iwas midlog and to my suprise he just droped his pants and shit a wave of dieareh in the tube and his friends came running in luaghing saying they put exlax in his food. it was kindof funny but i was still there naked as hell for everybody to see my ass and hairy cooch. i just finished up went outside by myself to sober up and went home.

DNA: That was an interesting dream about having to pee in a urinal? Well, while dreaming, how accurate was your aim? Did you or anyone you know ever have to do that in real life? If so, we sure like to read about it. I love to read stories about chicks using the urinal facing it. Especially when it becomes a dare to sneak into the gents. I've only dreamed of seeing chicks using the urinal while asleep. You girls should post more!

Ring Master
In the interests of Science and of (F)Art...

Here is a survey that I would like the male gender only to take.

How old are you? -- 48
What is your weight and height? -- 6'0", 145lb

1. How many times a day do you guys fart? -- Typically 5 to 10. Some foods may produce more flatulence, e.g. lamb, pizza.

2. Are your farts usually loud or silent? -- From being 95% inaudible at one time, now about 50-50.

3. Do your farts usually smell? -- 90% of the time. And like everbody else, they smell marvellous to me (even when they don't).

4. Has anyone ever farted in your face before? Or have you ever farted in someones face before? If so explain in detail. -- Yes, yes, and no I can't as it breaches the terms of this site, but it was not accidental.

5. Have you guys ever farted and then pooped your pants? -- Yes. A couple of times by accident, fortunately without too much solid emission, but as a consequence of having to break wind. Once by accident with substantial produce being caught short (I might write this one up). A few times not by accident to check out the pooping-in-your-pants deal, after which I conclude, yeah, I can see why people get into it, but heck it loses its body temperature after about 3 mins which makes it uncomfortable, and then there's having to clean up. OTOH, were a sig.other involved I could take a different view (after all, shitting is *much* more private and intimate than sex), but never had the occasion.

6. Are you comfortable farting in front of your friends? -- By definition, a friend is someone you can fart in front of.

7. Do you guys usually fart when you poop? -- Of course, that's what farts are for: to get you in the right frame of mind/body to shit. (The other reason they're there is entertainment).

8. Are you comfortable farting in a public restroom? -- Yup, I'm a big boy.

9. Have you ever farted at a urinal or heard someone fart at a urinal? --
Yes, these days I seem to fart most times I do a piss, which maybe age related (but then again might not be hehe).

10. Are you comfortable taking a poop in a public restroom? -- If it's a comfortable restroom. Even men, universally acknowledged to be grosser than women (a preconception this site is slowly changing, hehe), have limits as to how gross a restroom should get. OTOH I don't have a problem if I'm not the first user of the toilet.

11. Do you wait until everyone else is out to start your poop or do you just start no matter who's in there? -- Depends more on how I feel. Sometimes it's fun to be acoustically exhibitionistic. Other times I just want an intimate and personal crap.

12. How many times a day do you guys poop? -- Usually daily or every other day. Any longer and I can feel it getting solid and sluggish in my ascending colon. Solid but soft is ideal (ladies know that :)

13. Have you ever farted in a public restroom on the toilet while other people were in the bathroom? -- Yes.

14. Have you ever listened to your friends poop before? -- Yes.

15. Have you heard all or most of your friends fart before? -- Couldn't say, it's not the sort of thing I tally up.

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