Man, am I ever exhausted!I just spent the last hour on the can squeezing and straining as hard as I could. I've been constipated since yesterday afternoon and it sucks!

I was reading some of the posts here when I felt something moving towards my butthole. I went into the bathroom and sat down. I spread my legs apart and squeezed. A small light brown piece of poo landed in the toilet with a 'plop' sound. I squeezed again and 3 more pieces fell into the toilet. I squeezed for anothr 5 minutes or so followed by a few more pieces. Then the hard and painful part came. UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHHH *gasp* UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHHH *gasp* URRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *gasp* I looked into the toilet and a piece about 1 inch long slid out and landed with a small 'plop' into the water. UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *plop* URRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *plop* I took a deep breath and then UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN NNNHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAnother piece of poo slid out and landed in the water. I sat there for a few seconds catching my breath before squeezing again. A couple grape sized pieces landed with a small 'plop' below.
UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN *gasp* URRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*gasp* 1-2-3 HURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHI could feel a big piece about to come out but it wasn't budging. I sat and groaned for a few minutes before I was hit with a major stomach cramp. I leaned back and closed my eyes. I squeezed slightly for a few seconds and a huge fart escaped from my butt. Then the stomach cramp disappeared. The piece had still not come out so I continued to lean back and squeeze a little bit. I would hear a crackling sound followed by nothing. I didn't want to stay in the bathroom any longer as it was starting to stink and I was getting nauseous. As I stood up to wipe, 2 small pieces landed in the toilet. I wiped 7 times and it hurt like heck!! I flushed the toilet and sprayed air freshener in the bathroom.
As I write this, I still feel slightly bloated and I think I'll return to the bathroom in about 10 minutes to try and finish taking my crap.

Hey I'm back, and this time I have a story.

This happened when I was 16. I was in the park one day with my (now ex)boyfriend, and we were playing tennis. It was a hot day and I was drinking water by the gallon. About an hour after we started playing I really had to pee, but there were no washrooms and no woods around so I had to hold it. After a while It was just too much and I crouched down in the middle of the court. My boyfriend came running over to me because he thought I was hurt or something. I told him what was wrong and he told me just to let go. I was surprised and he just told me not to worry about it. I thought maybe if I went home I could make it there. I was almost home when it all flooded out. I was wearing light blue shorts and they turned completely dark. It felt so good to let it go that I just kept peeing and peeing. There was no one around except for my boyfriend, and that incident caused some more stories for another time. It turns out that he liked to pee himself too.

hope you liked it

my dog has been goin 2 the lavotory and im not sure if its hygeinic or not
coz i use it aswell
i mean he uses a human one
should i get a new toilet?

This is my first time posting here.
It's early afternoon and I've yet to take my normal regular sized shit.
I normally go by lunchtime, but, all I managed to do is a couple small pieces.
Nothing like I normally do.
Here's hoping I can take a good shit in a little while.

I was having dinner at my great-grandmas house when I started to feel gassy and cramped up. I went into her house and went into the bathroom. I sat down on the seat and there was no effort required. I started to have diarrhea. I let out a huge fart and a piece of poo about 2 inches thick shot out of my butt! I continued farting and having diarrhea. I felt empty and stood to wipe. I wiped 4 or 5 times and then flushed.

I am a slim girl who just completed the 6th grade. I have had to go to the bathroom at school lots of times and had to hold it in. However, I went to my first summer camp this month. The bathrooms were disgusting. I peed in them fast and while bending over. I held in my poop. While playing softball I had to go poop and I leaned against a softball bat. I had to go bad but the bat handle plugged up my butt hole. I did the same thing with a large stick I found in the woods. I sat on my foot to keep my poop from coming out. For over a week I held in my poop. Then on the second week my t????y started hurting. When I farted I felt better. When I farted too much I had to go the real thing. My t????y was really hurting when I went to see the camp nurse. She asked me when I had my last bowel movement. I told her I peed this morning. "No, honey," she said. "When did you last have a poo?" I told her I had not gone since I had been in camp. She said I must really be constipated and gave me a laxitive. My mom came and picked me up because she heard that I was sick. When I got home I had to go poop more than I have ever had to go in my life! I completely filled the toilet up with poop. At first a hard wide log came out then a lot of squishy poop followed. Immediately my t???y stopped hurting. Did my poop make my t???y hurt? The toilet was really plugged up and my mom had to use a plunger to get it all down. I felt embarrassed but totally relieved. Was I constipated or did I just hold it in too long? I like this site and everyone's posts.

poop boy
Hey i was reading a post on here then i felt the feeling in my butt and i had to go take a poop. So i went into my bathroom and sat my butt on the toilet. When i finally got relaxed i started to push, i could feel my butt hole expanding as the log started to make its way out. I started to grunt as the whole log hit the water with a kaplop. I felt more but it was just a little bit so i just let it stay there. So then i started to pee long spurts every few seconds. When i was done peeing i wiped a lot and flushed my log down. Yes it felt great always does. It you enjoyed my story please say so. hope you enjoyed my post.

It's been horribly hot the past few days- in the upper 90s here. I've been spending tons of time at the beach... but my dilemma has always been (at this beach) where do you poo if you have to go? Nobody thought to put bathrooms up.. and the beach has maybe 12 feet of sand that stretches the length of two football fields. Not much selection for this busy beach. Normally I can hold it for as long as I need if I've got to poo.. but today for some reason it hit me hard. I was swimming and felt the urge..ignored it. My stomach started to cramp, so I got out of the water and sat on my towel for a bit, hoping it'd pass. Of course it didn't! I ended up walking down this very crowded beach to a small group of about 4 trees near a dock. I tried to act like I was looking for something (pathetic eh?).. I don't think anyone bought it.. but at that point I didn't really care. I dropped my bottoms and knelt down... hoping that kneeling would be less obvious that the squat. I ended up pooing TONS and peeing on my legs quite a bit. I left a huge pile in the sand in the middle of some leaves. I didn't have anything to wipe with.. ended up darting back into the water to "clean up".
Do any of you poo in the water in public places? Or would you rather find a nice spot in the sand to go?

One day in the summer when I was sixteen, my friends and I decided to go to the local amusement park because we had nothing to do. Despite the fact that I was getting serious gas cramps, I ignored them completely and went with my friends on the most intense looping rollercoster in the park. As we boarded the ride, my cramps got worse but it was too late to back out. I was so uncomfortable and I wanted to enjoy the ride so I decided to just let out my gas. I did this as the roller coaster car was in the middle of a loop, and unfornutatley the seemingly harmless fart turned out to be the runniest grossest most disgusting diarrhea. It was too much for my tight shorts to hold, and since we were upsidedown it spilled out all over my shirt, hair, the roller coaster car, plus the car below us. When the ride stopped, there was no way for me to hide my incident, because I was covered in brown dripping goo. I had to run as fast as I could to our car with crap dripping down my legs and covering my entire body as people pointed and laughed. To make horrible matters worse, as we stood in line to exit the park, I had another poop attack, and as hard as I tried I couldn't hold it in. Everyone watched, listened, and smelled as I ripped wet fart after wet fart as more mushy poo filled my pants. As if I needed any more attention, one of the park guides came over to offer us assistance, as he lead us out of the park. I sat on a towel for the whole ride home as the occasional turd was added to the immense pile in my pants.

I had to play a violin in a recital the other day. As soon as I got there I had to go number 2. I did not have time to go because I had to get set up and practice beforehand. However, during the actual recital I felt the need to really go bad. It was hard to play at the same time I had to go to the toilet. The recital was two hours and I struggled through it the best I could. A few times I thought I was actually going to go in my panties. I kept shifting in my seat, leaning back and forth. It was hard to concentrate on my music but I did it. I was eminating a slight odor like I had expelled gas and my breathing was erratic. Finally the recital was over and I quickly packed up my violin. I leaned on the top of my chair waiting for the aisle to clear. Then I made a quick dash to the restroom leaving my violin, stand and music outside the restroom. I had to wait for a stall to open and almost went in my panties. I put my hands behind my back and rocked back and forth. Once the stall opened my number two slid out in a matter of seconds. It was a big job, sticking partly out of the bowl. After a few flushes it went down. I was so relieved. My panties did not even have a stain. Love this site. Maybe this or something similiar happened to someone else. I would love to hear an account like mine.

Hey there.
A couple of days ago, me and my friend Tyler went to this pizza place that was a few blocks away from my house. We ordered a medium Cheese pizza and 2 small Pepsi's. While we were eating, Tyler kept letting out farts that smelled really bad. He told me was going to the bathroom. He headed toward the back of the restuarant where the bathrooms were located. I continued eating the pizza. 10 minutes later Tyler still hadn't come back and I needed to take a pee. I went into the washroom and almost fell over from the stink that was coming from it. Tyler was the only one in there, so I figured he was the one stinking up the place!! I stood at the urinal farthest from Tyler's stall and did my thing. I could hear Tyler crapping his brains out and grabbing piece after piece of toilet paper. I asked him if he was OK and he told me that he's been having wave after wave after wave of diarrhea and it wasn't stopping. He contiinued pooping for another 5 minutes before he wiped and flushed. It took 3 flushes for it to all go down. I asked him if he was feeling better and he said yes. We went back to my place and played some video games for the rest of the day.

Later days,

hi every one this is my most embaressing moment ever.i was going to the store with my mom and i ask her if my friend sam could come and she said we were diving down he road an i felt like i needed to fart but i held it in.about five minutes being in the store it hurt realy bad so i ran to some wear no one was at and pushed as hard as i coud"BAD IDEA"when i pushed i felt wet poop start running down my leg.not only that i was wearing short short becaues it was realy hot.and when i ran back into my mom and sam i was crying and she ask what was rong i turnd around and she seen the big brown wet spot on my but and it running down my leg.she gave me her sweter to rap around my wast i was so embaressed.

I've been on vacation for the past week and I haven't had access to the Internet. I'm currently staying with my grandparents for a few weeks and I can now post some stories

1) My family was staying at a hotel in Kamloops when my stomach started hurting. The aches eventually went away and me, my brother, sister and dad decided to go swimming in the outdoor pool at the hotel. 10 minutes into swimmming, the stomach ache returned. I sat on the pool stairs for a couple minutes waiting for the pain to pass. I was sick of waiting so I ran to the pool bathrooms, shut and locked the door (there were other people at the pool and I didn't want them to walk in on me) and quickly tore of my bathing suit. I sat down and immediately let out a wet fart. This was followed by plbthhhhhhh sound and poo hitting the toilet water. I breathed out and I let out 10 small poo pieces. I did about 5 waves of those. I squeezed and a small log came out. I looked into the toilet and it was a dark brown color. I wiped 6 times and then flushed. Then I put my bathing suit back on and enjoyed the rest of the swimming time.

2) This one happened at a beach in Nakusp. I was with my family at the beach when I started farting. They were really nasty smelling farts too. These farts meant that I had to use the bathroom. So I told my dad that I was going the bathroom. I walked through the sand and up to the beach bathrooms. I entered them and they were disgusting! I didn't want to use them when I was bare feet cuz the floor was all sandy and sticky. I ran back down to the beach and put my sandals on. Then I ran all the way back up to the bathrooms. I cautiously entered them and went into the far left stall and locked it. I took of my bathring suit and sat down. I squeezed a little bit and a soft piece of poo fell into the toilet. I squeezed again and that was followed by another piece of soft poo. I squeezed 2 more times with the same result. When I was done, I looked into the toilet and there were 4 pieces of light brown poo about 5 inches long. I wiped 3 times and then flushed.

3) I was sitting here reading some of the posts when I felt the urge to go. I got up and walked to the bathroom. I sat down and started straining. I heard a crackling sound and then I farted. I strained again for about 5 seconds when I heard a small 'plop' sound. I look down and saw a light to dark brown grape sized piece. I then spread my legs apart and strained again and again until I was red in the face. This was followed by about 5 of the same poops as the first one. I could feel a big one ready to come out so I leaned forward and held my stomach and strained. I watched as a dark brown piece about 4 inches long landed in the toilet. I sat up and peed for 10 seconds and then went back into the leaned over position. I strained a couple more times and two more logs came out. They were a bit bigger and were a lighter color. I wiped my back 4 times and my front once and then flushed.

Post later,

String Poop Man
One day when i was sitting on my toilet pushing and pushing (as i felt like a pregnant woman when her water breaks)some peices of poop came flying out and one last one was coming out and when it did it was attached to my butt and i stood up thinking it waas gone and flopped all around so then i took a peice of toilet paper and pulled it out and it hurt bad!

Barrel Bladder

I love peeing in the shower to! Its fun, clean, and you dont have to sit down. I usually stand, but I practice squating somtimes as well, sometimes I just relax and let it flow out without pushing at all, this is praticularly nice when you wake up with a painfully full bladder and don't want to sit or push, usualy I use some pressure, and sometimes I pee as hard as I can.
here are some ideas; if you have a tub/shower, lay back in the tub, and pee as high as you can, before each showering pee on one spot on the shower floor, over time unless you have a very clean shower,the spot should turn white. also try peeing as hard as you can on a soft bar of soap, and see how deep of a hole you can make in it.
I would love to hear some of your stories, and ideas (you are a woman aslo assume?)if not love to hear just as well.


very sorry to hear about your peeing incident, I hope you did not have alot left to go when he fell through. Just out of curiousity how old were all of you at the time, if he was relativly young he probably had never seen a girl pee execpt sitting on a toilet (if that), and had no idea how else girls pee, or like you he could have been shocked to from from falling into such an odd situation (i'm guessing he is your cousin?). Also What kind of toilet did the bathroom have that you could not figure out?
For your regular peeing you may want to think about learning to pee standing, or bending over.
Love you all,

Response to Carla:

Your life of hard difficult constipation sounds a lot like mine. I am a woman in my 30's and fairly trim I would say. But for as long as I can remember I most always have a big, hard, rasping, straining stool every 5 to 7 days and even up to two weeks if I don't watch it. When I was little, I was always afraid to go in and sit on the toilet. I knew it was going to hurt me coming out and stink. This fear and dread is still with me. There are times I have an urge, but I put it off. Like you said, you got used to it. Now, here I am, a full grown woman, with painful bowel movements a way of life.
There are times I sit on the toilet in tears, it hurts me, the stool stretching me to the limit, pushing as hard as I can, but the large rock hard stool is stuck right at the opening ready to come out,,, but won't.
It takes me about 30 minutes of pushing and manual manipulation to get it to move past my opening. I grunt and make a lot of noise, taking deep breaths, bearing down for a good forceful push, the only way to get it past my opening so I can even get a hold of it with toilet paper, Sounds bad but some poops I have just had to dig it out.
It's so hard at the beginning, and it hurts more because it's wider and more bumpy there. Thats when I reach back there with toilet paper to pull and dig on it, break it off if I can, just to get relief.

In previous posts I mentioned my sister Liz is the same way. She is a bit older than me but we both have the same bowel habits from the same growing up ways. She has wider stools than I do and I have seen her logs left in the bowl after she went. Her butt just seems to be able to go wider than mine. She is amazing. Recently, she came over and left one stuck in my toilet. I took the chance and measured Liz's award winning stool. Her stool was over 2.5 inches wide and 9 to 10 inches long. Mine are close to that I think.
I know this is gross and graphic but hey, we are in this together so sharing experiences on this site is what it is all about. Maybe it will help somebody.

Connie Crapper
Hi all,
Haven't written in a long time--been busy. To refresh (my first post was on pg. 1345), I'm American female, 28, 5-4 and 125 with med-length blonde hair. I'm pretty poop shy, but peeing is not too big a deal, but I'm still a little inhibited. After reading from several of you here, and with nice weather, I've experimented with peeing outside.

I live near the bottom of a small hilly street where all the houses are close together but fenced off. The side yards are only about three feet wide, and lined with cinder block walls increasing in height from about two feet as they head toward backyards. They have five-foot wooden slatted fences on top of them. At night those yards are dark and shielded from view by the wood gate in the front and from neighbors behind. The only concern is next door, but if I stay low and quiet they never know I'm there.

So I've been using the side yard at night. Sometimes I crouch down and reveal myself and let the pee fly. I've also squatted and pulled the crotch of my panties to the right, holding two fingers between the brown hair and the panties as the pee squirts out.

Last night the uphill neighbor left the porch light on, so the wall of my house was lit. There was still dark along the block wall and the yard, but they have a tree that's taller than the fence to add more privacy. This was my chance to dare myself! I snuck into the side yard and quietly closed the gate behind me. The neighbor had the door open and the TV was on loud. I sat on the edge of the block wall and undid my khaki pants. I raised a bit and slid them and my panties down just past where I thought the pee would come out and kept my white shirt pulled low. I could see nothing of my privates except a tiny bit of cheek on the sides. Feet out front to keep from splashing on my lower legs and shoes.

I had been drinking a lot of soda and water all evening in preparation to go outside, so I really had to go (it was about 11:00). Strangely, I got a little stage fright. It took a couple of minutes and some leaning forward and back up straight to get going, even though I thought I would burst. Finally a strong stream started, but stopped after a few seconds. I went in fits and starts for probably 15 minutes. It was weird. I didn't really think I would get caught, but I had to really think about gushing water to get it going. Because I could see pretty well for a change with all the light, I wanted to be able to watch my pee stream from the side. That's an angle I never get to see; I normally can only watch between my legs and see it fall from the source. I did get to see it from the side a couple of times. It was interesting, as though it came out of nowhere. Unfortunately, it never lasted very long at one stretch. As I sat idle, the block was leaving quite an indentation on my butt. There was also a breeze which I could feel underneath, wafting the tuft of hair down there (guess it's time for a trim):)

Finally I felt like I was empty. I had nothing to wipe with so I carefully slid up my pants and fastened everything like it was so I could go out the gate and back across the driveway to the front door. I usually don't worry about wiping because I go in, put on a nightshirt and go to bed. The panties go in the laundry anyway, so it doesn't matter if they're a little wet. If my vagina is still damp when I'm ready for bed I just grab a couple of squares of TP, dab and toss it into the toilet to flush with my morning pee. (I'm saving water!)

I want to try again with the light on because it was a thrill. Next time maybe there will be less stage fright. I've got some other outside pee stories I'll save for another time. Sorry for the length. Bye for now--Connie C.

I had a chance to see my friend Linda again last week and this time asked to go to gym with her. As we had coffee before we left I mentioned to her that I felt like taking a shit but knew that it was a little early so could we get going and I would dump at the gym. We arrived about 15 minutes early and both headed off to the loos. She was just having a pee but I needed a well earned dump. We took cubicles next to each other and got comfortable I could hear her let go a silent fart followed by the tinkle of a pee. I let one out to and leaned forward with my elbows on my knees as the hard plug that starts me off slowly started to push past my ring. Linda was wiping when she said she would see me inside. I said OK as the plug popped out and my normal mushy load splashed into the water. Feeling very relieved I peed and farted a short zipper. It was early and very quiet at the gym so I just sat and let everything drop out. A small push produced a few skwigglies and a bit of wind and watery poo. As I sat there I could hear a lady approaching the loos and she come across and entered the cubicle next to me. Much huffing and puffing as she started to strip off her tracksuit pants. I could see them all the way down to her ankles as she sat down and by the angle of her legs I could tell she was a "spreader". A sigh followed by a strain produced a long fart followed by another strain. A longer one this time and then the splash of a few nuggets. Another long push produced a mixture of shit and wind cascading into the water. Another lady came in and sat down next to her. She immediately dropped a huge log that splashed into the bowl. She asked Is that you Kate? To which Kate next to me said Yes. She then asks if she is taking a crap to which Kate amswers Yes I have been traveling the last few days and haven't had a good shit for a few days. They both then proceed to pee and strain as more wet shit cascaded out of their arses. Then paper being pulled off and a lot of furious wiping can be heard. By now the gym is waking up with others arriving but no one coming in here. I wipe and get dressed and flush as the smell now starts to waft around. I flush and join my friend in the class as the other two also leave to join us.

Hey Holly,
You said you "pee a lot." Does that mean you pee often, or you pee large amounts? I pee large amounts often, hehe, sometimes in proper places and sometimes in ones that are not. Guess I drink too much but that's ok cause peeing feels so good.

Girls do Poop. I was at Barnes and Noble one night with a friend and I had the urge to go. I went upstairs almost running to the second floor to make it in time. I was all alone and it made it more comfortable to do my business, but suddenly two girls younger than me by a few years go in and laugh. Both of them are pooping. They were talking about it and said, "Maybe the third girls is pooping too." I said, "Yup, sure am." They laughed and I finished my business and left. "Well, have fun pooping." I went back to find my friend when those two girls walk by and said, "Hey, we pooped with your friend." Outloud to everyone, yes, public humiliation is the greatest. But I sure love pooping.

Once I was camping and I had`nt gone in days so I asked my very large friend to go with me to the bathroom because there were no doors to the stalls.She stands in front of the door I squated over the toilet being that there were no seats .I ask her to be quit so that I can consentrat.I finally start to poop.One,Two and then some people walk in so I`m trying to pinch off as quickly as possible,I stumble,slip and slid right into the toilet where my one and a half poo lays.My friend hearing the comotion of me in the comode turns to help me up she is laughing so hard so is`nt moving that fast.Right as see bends down to help me out the people pass by to go into the next stall.Right then this lady and I made eye contact.With all the comotion going on how would`nt?It was horible,there already wasnt any showers.We went swimimg right away.Needless to say I did`nt poop for another few days.

hi my name is zack and i am michelle's boyfriend, she said i just had to put this story on here so here it is:
i gueess most girls would say i have a nice body cuz i work out a lot but i also tend to shit my pants with hot slimy diarrhea . well one day i was at the gym working out i had to crap but i din't have a choice the gym had only one bathroom and that one was broken. i couldn't hold on much longer. i just stood up and completely filled my briefs with diarhea. it dripped a little thru my shorts but not to much. it was quite arousing to me i always have newspapers in my car for this purpose so i spread some out and sat on them, it was preety awsome...

I just spent a grueling 25 minutes on the can 'finishing' up the poo I started earlier today. I went into the bathroom and sat down. 30 seconds later, I peed. While I was peeing, I squeezed a little bit and heard a crackling sound. Nothing came out though. I squeezed a little harder. I didn't want to strain loudly because other people were in the house and I didn't want them to know I was constipated. My stomach started to feel gassy so I let out a fart. The fart got things rolling. I squeezed and heard a plop plop plop sound. I looked into the toilet and saw 3 hard brown balls. I squeezed for another 10 minutes and saw a piece coming out of my hole. I squeezed harder and 2 minutes later, a 1 inch piece of poo landed below me. I did another one-incher 3 minutes or so after the first one. I sat on the toilet waiting for things to get moving again. A few minutes later I feel something about to come out. I squeeze until I'm red in the face and two one-inchers slid slowly out of my hole. I felt as if I was done and stood to wipe. I wiped 4 times and then flushed. As I was wiping though, I felt something ready to come out. I didn't have time to sit there for another 10 minutes squeezing so I just left.

I'm going to my great-grandmas for dinner tonight and I'll try to finish up there.

Hi everyone I'm back. Yesterday my younger brohther stopped at a taco bell to get something to eat. We both finished a complete meal and made are way back to the car. Before I got in the car I felt a huge movement in my gut. I would have to poop in like a minute, so I asked my brother if he had to also. He said he'd try and we went into the bathroom and sat down in the 2 stalls. Immediately as I sat dowm I pushed out a long rancid fart that was quickly followed by a massive turd that launched from my anus. I could hear my brother grunting to push out a few logs that splashed in his toilet. Then after my first turd I slowly pushed out two more logs of the same length. It seems to me that my biggest dumps, in terms of size and number of turds, come right after eating fast foods. Does anyone else have this pattern? If so please post

Hey i was wondering is thre anyway to poo for fun besides in you pants?

Thunder from Down Under
I will call this post "Constipation and Romance."
A long time ago a new girl friend arrived from overseas and stayed with me at my house for a couple of days and then we got up early and headed to the mountains. The weather was crystal clear - perfect for sight seeing. Later that afternoon we checked into a charming and grand guest house. It was not holiday time and there was hardly anyone there. The bathroom was opposite our room (it was not labeled Ladies or Gents).
We brought a bottle of wine and had tea at the guest house... the food, wine and particularly the company was magnificent. Towards the end of the meal I could feel things happening down below. I had been a bit constipated for the last few days...ever since Roxy arrived.
The pressure and urge built up and I said to Roxy I had to go to the bathroom before returning to our room. She daid she had to go too as she had not been able to go since arriving from overseas. We both took adjoining cubicals ( our first ever recognition of bowel movements).
Roxy walked in , dropped her jeans, she does not wear underpants, and sat on the toilet. Although she did not seem to be in an urgent state the second she hit the toilet she dumped a heap of poo... no grunting or anything. As for me I passed a hard constipated turd but did it quickly; the remainder came out bit by bit....plop....plip...ppplop etc.
Roxy finished well before me and went to the room to prepare for our time together.
The next morning we both woke to the urge, again took ajoining cubicals and shit poured out of us simulaneously.... we wipped and got on with our day

Jessica, what your three "so-called" friends did to you is despicable. You seem like a kind person and I'm sure you will make real friends. I have had a few accidents myself, so I know how humiliating it can be. I also witnessed my girlfriend who was 16 at the time have an accident. The hurt, fear, and shame on her face is something that I will never forget. I will post the story when I get more time. Meanwhile, hold your head up.

littlelover. I often enjoy taking a leak in the shower and I wouldn't be surprised if it was a fairly commonplace activity.

Holly. Needing to pee a lot can be a symptom of a variety of things. If you've been feeling very thirsty it could be a sign of diabetes. Alternatively, if you've been having pain peeing it could mean you've got a water infection. In older women the need to pee a lot can be due to weakening of muscles in the pelvic floor as a result of childbirth. The latter can usually be treated by kegel exercises to stengthen the muscles in question. My advice would be to see your doctor. He or she should be able to eliminate any obvious causes of your problem and, if necessary, refer you to a specialist who can help.

HAIRY ANNIE. Hi! I enjoyed your first time post enormously. That must have been a really huge accident you had on the way back from the shops. If you'd not moved your bowels for a couple of days it's hardly any wonder you needed to go in a big way. That walk to the store and back must have "got things moving" a lot faster than you ever expected. Have you had any other memorable accidents or 'close calls' that you'd like to share? Also, do you find that being 'hairy' makes wiping difficult or is normally fairly straightforward?

Yesterday, Thursday, I did two huge dumps. The first was at lunchtime when I managed to drop four huge jobbies about 5-6 inches long and a good inch thick. Later on in the evening I felt the urge come on again and I went to the loo and passed what looked like a circular Cumberland sausage and some odd bits and pieces. This morning I had a mushy motion with bits of nut in which I remembered eating on Wednesday night. This evening I did what was nearly a repeat performance of yesterday lunchtime's performance. What's more, I've not eaten noticeably more this week than any other - at least so far as I'm aware. Obviously my system must have decided that it needed a good purge!

mr kid
hi im new but i would like to tell a story whean i was in 2 grade my my friend travis (travis is my name to)had to pee but he could not hold it in no more and a big splash went all over the place the teacher dident evin kare how rude lol.

mr kid

It happened to me in 8th grade after PE class a lot of water and a long mid term. It started coming out just before the bell. All the kids knew what I was doing when I jumped up to hand in my test rushing out of the room. Pee was dripping from my seat making a puddle underneath and running down my legs into my shoes and socks making them wet and causing splotches where I walked. By the time I made it down the hall it was obvious to everyone along the way I hadn't made it. Inside the bathroom there was nothing left to do except hide in a stall to hide my wetness and wait for the bell to tell students to be back in class. But a clique of sixth grade girls who saw me go in hid around a corner waiting for me to come out. Because I was in a hurry to get off campus I practically ran into them when they stepped out in front of me. They just stood there staring and giggling while covering their mouths trying to hold in their laughter. My socks and shoes had become squishy plodding pee blotters making pee tracks as I went. It was way too embarrassing standing in wet jeans in front of all those giggling girls. One of them says, "Excuse me! Did you pee pee in your pants little boy?" I remember my cheeks being warm and wet with running tears. The obvious answer was an obvious, I hated to say it, "yes" The girl laughs and says, "What did you say!? We didn't hear you. Can you please say it louder?" I was embarrassed and angry and said, "Didn't you ever have an accident!?" The girls stop giggling and start laughing. Then one says, "I haven't had an accident since I stopped wearing diapers when I stopped wetting my pants. You still wet your pants so you must still wear diapers huh!? I didn't want to cry but my tears kept coming out. Choking with emotion couldn't respond anymore.

The assistant principal came up and asked where I was going? A girl says, "Can't you see? He's going in his pants!" Another girl says, "He's not going. He's gone!" The assistant principal tried to hide her smile while telling me to go to her office and call my mother. Another girl says, "Yeah, and be sure and tell your mommy to bring you some soft fresh diapers." The clique of younger girls kept laughing and started chanting, "Look at the 8th grade boy who pees in his pants."

The assistant principal told them to report to 'after school detention' for being late to class and being mean to another student. That's when I ran home, several blocks away, and hid behind a neighbor's fence in my wet pants. I was too embarrassed to ask them to use their phone. They also had a 7th grade daughter I kind of liked. Anyway the school had called and told my mom that I'd wet my pants in class and left campus without permission.

"Wet or dry" I still got in a lot of trouble for leaving campus without permission. My mom told me to "change into dry jeans and get back to school!" When I returned it was obvious everyone knew I'd peed my pants. Worse yet I had to report to detention for leaving campus without permission. Those same girls were there and kept whispering among themselves, and to me, that I was a "sissy pissy boy."

I got teased by those nasty girls and others for a long time. The name stuck and I was often called "sissy pissy boy" during school and sometimes while walking home or even at the mall. Wetting my pants at school with everyone watching, especially those nasty staring giggling girls, was the worst embarrassment ever! Although it happened a long time ago I still remember it as though it was yesterday. It was awful!

To Jordan: You said you wanted to know why guys had stains on their underwear and girls rarely do. I think the reason is because guys have so much hair around their assholes. It's really hard to clean up afterwards unless you carry wet wipes or have a shower handy. If you have a crap in the middle of the day whether it be at work or at school, you just have to do the best you can until you get home and shower. I know I've gone at work and wiped myself raw, and still somehow there's somewhat of a stain on my undies. Sometimes it IS because guys are lazy and don't wipe well, but alot has to do with all the hair back there. What's a guy to do? :)

puppet lady

And now, it's time to talk about pooping in a bag.

Pooping in a bag, also known as bag pooping, is a new trend among young people. And by trend I mean "odious, contemptible obsession" - and by young people I mean, me. I wasn't always a bag pooper. Until recently, I, like most folk, liked to deposit my excrement in a lavatory. But then something happened that changed everything.

It had rained for days. Water poured out of the skies like, well, heavy rain. It was the third day of this downpour when I received a knock on my door from my landlord, informing me that the sewers were backing up and he had to turn off the water for twenty-four hours. Most important, he emphasized, was the restriction on flushing. Under no circumstances was I to flush the toilet. For if the toilet flushed, the contents therein would back up into the shower of the basement apartment. My immediate thought was, "What? No water? How will I make my martinis?" But then I remembered that martinis do not contain water, and I felt much better. I next panicked about not being able to shower. If there's one thing I can't stand next to being sober, it's being dirty. But I soon realized I could shower at my gym, if I could just remember how to get there. So, I consulted a map, packed a bag and went off to cleanse myself.

I must say, I felt very clever on the ride home. Showering at the gym - what a wonderful idea. Ha! My superior intellect had triumphed again. I returned home, mixed up a batch of martinis, and lit a cigarette. Plopping down on the bean bag chair, I took the first drag. Ah, the first drag of a cigarette. That rush you get, that feeling throughout every cell of your body that says, "Um, you need to poop now." "Shit," I thought. "Yes," my body replied. I had completely forgotten about pooping. There was only one thing to do - call Stephanie. She's good with poop.

"You have two options," she slurred. "One, you can crouch in the yard and hope you look like a really big dog. Two, you can poop in a bag." Poop in a bag? I had never heard of such a thing. "Stop thinking aloud," she replied, "and get your next column in to me by tomorrow. I'm updating the site."

Cut to fifteen minutes later. I'm creeping down the driveway toward the garbage can, jumping at every noise. What if I get caught? I can see it now - I bump into my downstairs neighbor. "Hello, dear. How are you this evening?" "Not bad. A theater in Portland is considering producing my play next year, and I just pooped in this bag. And yourself?" It would be horrible. Devastating. Just thinking about it made me have to poop again.

So ten minutes later I'm back in the driveway with a considerably heavier bag. The sound of crunching gravel - quick, duck! I dove into a bush, but it was just a cat, who crept past me with a look of disdain. When the coast was clear I snuck back out. I dodged, I parried, I did one of those dives that turns into a somersault. Finally, I was in front of the can. Deftly, I nudged the lid open and dropped the bag in. Victory! I felt flushed. I felt alive. I felt twenty pounds lighter, which, considering the weight of the bag, was probably accurate.

The next day the water was turned on and life resumed normalcy. Sort of. You see, I just couldn't go back to pooping in the toilet. Not after discovering the secret to an exciting life. And so I live with this dirty secret, keeping it from my boyfriend and neighbors, hoping that no one will catch on. And no one will - until, of course, I go and do something dumb like put it in a column on eatymeaty.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I must go ponder the delights of "pissing in an old soup can".

Public Bathrooms
Public Bathrooms

There are 6 stalls in the bathroom on our floor. I'm the only person in there. Explain to me why I see feet walking into the stall next to me. Am I the only one who thinks that it might be a good idea to skip a stall? When you walk on a bus, do you take the seat right next to the only other person on the bus? No. When you go to a movie, do you sit in the seat next to the only occupied seat in the theater? Of course not. If we can't bare to eat popcorn next to a stranger if we don't have to, why oh why do I have to pee next to a co-worker if I don't have to?

You walk into the bathroom and happen to noctice the woman (at least in my case) in the first stall pooping. That's fine. Not pleasant, but fine. We all do it no matter how hard I try to deny it. The problem starts when the pooper leaves, and leaves the stink behind. As long as you're the only one in the bathroom, you're the cause of the stink. As far as the next person to enter the bathroom is concerned, you're the pooper. Really, the worst thing that can happen is that the new person will, she stinks, or...oh, she just pooped, but for someone who denies any bodily function other than burping, that's bad enough.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Julie S.
I am 16 and petite. I went to a water slide park the other day. I soon had to go to the bathroom from behind and kept ignoring it. The restrooms where I changed into my bathing suit were too dirty to go. So I held it in. When I went down the slide I sat on my mat and the force pressing against my butt kept my load in. Standing in line was the hard part.

I kept clenching my buns together and raising up on my tiptoes and back down again. I kept holding my breath. As the day progressed I had to go more and more. I sat down on a bench and stretched my legs out. I tightened my buns and closed off my opening in the back. My friends kept urging me to continue. I reluctantly got up. I had to go to the bathroom badly. My butt ring kept opening and my load kept starting to come out. I had to pull it back in again and again.

To make matters worse I had to go from the front as well. I dribbled a few drops out because I really had to go both ways. When drops turned to small squirts I knew I was in trouble. I mean no one could tell because I was already wet. But they could tell if I started going full stream.

I desperately did a bad thing. I let loose from the front as I went down the water slide. Again no one could tell. Now I really had to go from the back end. I kept clutching my butt ring shut. I was really going up and down on my tip toes in an exaggerated fashion. Finally my load came out more than I could force it back in again. A piece broke off and went into my bathing suit. More of my load was pressing to come out at the same time. I could not hold it. I got out of line and kind of walked with my butt clenched to the restroom. I walked like frankenstien.

I kept sucking it in as I waited for a stall to open up. Then I went in and put toilet paper around the seat. My load was coming full steam outward as I quickly pulled my bathing suit down and sat down. It felt so good to let it out. It splashed in the toilet and about a third of it came up out of the water. The piece in my bathing suit was hard so I just had to throw it in the toilet.

Embarrassingly the toilet would not flush. I tried several times but my really large load just sat there. I could see why I had to go so bad all day. I left the stall but there were other girls waiting to use that toilet. I embarrassingly raced from the restroom. I wonder what the other girls thought of my enormous load. I bet they were mad because they could not use the toilet. I wonder if they had to let a load out as well. Has this happened to anyone else? By the way I am really sorry for having a front ways accident on the water slide. I should have gone to the restroom no matter how smelly and dirty it was.
Love and kisses, Julie S.

Hey everyone, it's me again and I have another story about Lisa and I. She came over last night for a sleepover. We rented some movies and ate SO much - popcorn, cookies, candy, ice cream, chips, soda... I thought I was going to explode. We fell asleep pretty early, around midnight, feeling full and tired. I woke up to my name being called. I looked at the clock, it was almost 4 AM, and Lisa was calling me... from my bathroom. I got up and went in to find her sitting on the toilet, her arms folded across her stomach, doubled over. I asked what was wrong, and she said she had terrible, terrible stomach pains, but couldn't even fart let alone poop. I told her she should get up and try to go back to sleep, maybe she'd be able to go later, but she said her stomach hurt so badly. So I told her to lean back, and I massaged her stomach while she moaned in pain. Not even three minutes later, she sat upright, and before I could even ask why, she let out a small push... "uh"... as she practically exploded in the toilet. She let out a big groan as this mushy, watery mess flew out of her butt. The first wave stopped, and she took a deep breath. Then she grabbed my hand and squeezed as the second wave came. This time, it was still runny and mushy but there was much less water. Once that ended, she gave a decent sized push, and exploded again... wave #3. Lisa then said she felt better. She got up, wiped, washed her hands, pulled up her pants, and walked about 4 steps out of my bathroom before she 180ed it back to the toilet. She ripped down her pants and sat down. Waves 4, 5, and 6 came and went, and Lisa moaned and groaned the whole time while I rubbed her back and talked to her, telling her to relax and that it would be over soon. I felt really bad for her, she was in so much pain. After wave #6, she started to push, and a very large, solid, green turd inched its way out of her but. "oh my gooooooooood" she said as she grabbed my hand with one hand and the side of the toilet with the other and gave a good, strong push. before I knew it, there was a HUGE HUGE HUGE solid green turd plopping into the toilet on top of 3 waves of the runs. Lisa was a little out of breath. I asked her how she felt and she said she was sure she was done pooping, but that her stomach still hurt. We both went and laid down and I gently rubbed and massaged Lisa's poor stomach.

I'll tell you about my poop the next morning next time :)


Pee Man
This is my very first trip to this site, so please forgive me if I say anything out of turn.

Basicaly, I have a preocupation with urination, and enjoy reading pee stories and relating my own. I am also into holding, but I am not really good at it. There are several people, all of whome are women, who are much better endowed in that area. When I try to hold my pee for as long as I can, I usualy measure it with a chemists flask. My largest ammount to date is 500 militers. My Girlfriends largest was 1300. When we have contests, she allways wins.

Mel, that was a great story.

The Pee Man

I love reading all the stories here i have been lurking for a while and have finally decided to post I am male i have a few accidents (lol) over the years but the one i will post today was a genuine accident i was like 11 or 12 and i was out playing hide and seek down the road and i had to poop really bad so i finally decided to start running home and when i got there the door was locked i rang the bell but by the time my sister got there i pooped my pants i was so embarrassed that't all for now If any females have accidents stories please share them

Dave B
Hey Crappy girl :)

You know if you wouldn't mind I'd like to hear some more of your poop stories mostly ones that invovle going to the bathroom to poop not ones where you have accidents. I'd like that a lot ;) I'll be sure to share some more of my stories soon, but nothing too interesting has happened to me.

Does anyone on here have an occasional floater? Up until about a few months ago my poop used to sink down to the bottom all the time, here lately it has been floating, some of it still sinks to the bottom though. I really dont like my poop to float, it feels more manly to have ur poop sink to the bottom.

I have an outdoor pooping story, the other day i was sitting in front of the TV when my stomach started to rumble and my asshole felt all wet like i was gonna have the runs. My roomate was in the restroom and i didn't wanna bother him so i grabbed some paper towells cuz i knew this was gonna be a really gross wet one (i could tell by the noises my gut was making). I ran outside behind the shed in the backyard where no one could see me, dropped my drawers and let loose. Usually when i have to crap outside and it is not diarhea it takes a few pushes but since i had the runs it shot out almost like a cannon and sprayed the grass behind me. I stood up to wipe my ass when i felt like i needed to poop again, so i squatted again and had a little bit come out. Then i wiped my ass pulled up my pants and went inside, i was so glad i did that too, i felt so much better too.

Well that's my outdoor poop story, i'll post again if i have anything more interesting happen.

I dunno if I've already answered this survey but I'm gonna do it again whether or not I have.

To diarrhea girl.
)How often, on average, do you have diarrhea/poop that is runnier than normal? Daily. My poo is always runny.
2)When you have diarrhea do you take anything or do anything to make it stop? Or would you rather let it all out? I'd rather let it all out
3)Have you ever had an embarrassing diarrhea accident? Explain. Not yet...
4)What is the usual colour and consistency of your diarrhea? Light brown or yellowish. It's really mushy and creamy
5)Do you enjoy having diarrhea? I have it everyday. I'm getting used to enjoying it now.
6)Has anyone ever watched you have diarrhea? Yes. My mom. When I had this really bad stomach bug, she came into the bathroom and rubbed my back for me.
7)Do you ever take ex-lax or another laxative and what effect does this have on your poop? (Describe the differences) No
8)Have you ever had diarrhea in a place other than a toilet? e.g the floor, a chair. Was it on purpose? Nope

Message for Hairy Annie

I enjoyed your post as I am hairy too. I am a 49 year old divorcee, tall, brunette, with a full figure and pear-shaped bottom. I live and work in London.

I have a black hairy crack between my bottom cheeks which is visible without me bending over. Needless to say I am hairy in front as well with a line of black hairs down from my navel. I use hair removal creams for my legs, and a razor for under my arms (Summer only).

I did shave my crotch once - but never again as the itching of the regrowth made me sore and uncomfortable.

The downside of a hairy bottom is keeping it clean and smelling fresh. Wiping after doing a bm usually leaves some residue of excrement on the hairs - which is smelly and can leave skidmarks on panties. A bidet or moist wipes are the answer. Personal hygiene is an absolute must with all my hairy parts.

Regular (!) readers will know I only open my bowels every 4 to 5 days and sometimes up to 10 days, and that my turds are hard and wide (up to 2.5 inches in diameter). This fortunately means that I very rarely have messy wipes.

Care is needed with any type of anal insertion not to trap any of the hairs as this is painful. Lubrication is essential.

My boyfriend loves my hairy middle (and underarms during the winter) - so good on you Annie and keep yourself as nature intended !

Sam S
Here is a survey that I would like the male gender only to take.

How old are you?
What is your weight and height?

1. How many times a day do you guys fart?
2. Are your farts usually loud and silent?
3. Do your farts usually smell?
4. Has anyone ever farted in your face before? Or have you ever farted in someones face before? If so explain in detail.
5. Have you guys ever farted and then pooped your pants?
6. Are you comfortable farting in front of your friends?
7. Do you guys usually fart when you poop?
8. Are you comfortable farting in a public restroom?
9. Have you ever farted at a urinal or heard someone fart at a urinal?
10. Are you comfortable taking a poop in a public restroom?
11. Do you wait until everyone else is out to start your poop or do you just start no matter who's in there?
12. How many times a day do you guys poop?
13. Have you ever farted in a public restroom on the toilet while other people were in the bathroom?
14. Have you ever listened to your friends poop before?
15. Have you heard all or most of your friends fart before?

Mr. Clogs
PB: Nice story, too bad you had to resort to such use, but things happen sometime. Maybe if you had a cup with you, peeing standing up wouldn't be a problem for you I suppose. Thanks for the post.

Barrel Bladder: Great responce to littlelover's question about peeing in the shower. I often pee in the shower too. For us guys out here is a snap, but for the ladies you have your own methods.

puppet lady: Great post too, and great topic to discuss about. I didn't know that pooping in a bag is a trend among young people. I am being young person myself (Oh by the way, I'm over 21) so I guess you could consider me a youth. About that idea, I tried it once like last year because I was bored and looking for some fun. I have to agree with you, you do feel about 20 lbs. lighter, and of course the bag heavy with the massive load produced. I should give it shot some day. thanks anyway, ofh by the way if you have any stories like "pissing in an old soup can" or caontainers, please post. Thanks.

Well got to go, I have to take care of some business, I'll post later.--Mr. Clogs

Thunder From Down Under
PENNEY: I liked your earlier story about the gym. I am jealous!
I wish all I had to do was exercise early a.m. and then poo my insides out! For me the results come later in the morning or early p.m. but often from waking up I need to go but the poo is too high up in the colon.

My recent slight constipation story was that I took a codine pain tablet
Friday night. Saturday a.m. needed to poo but nothing was shifting. That afternoon for my exercise I went on a short bush walk...felt rumblings below and several reasonable farts. Decided to give an outdoors poo a go. Found a secluded spot and squatted... a few pushes and nothing happened. I then sat on a rock (bare bottomed) and did some pushing... felt a little movement so resumed sqatting. a very small rock like turd dropped out and that was it! Wipped but nothing on the tissue, pulled up my pants and resumed my bushwalk.
That night sat on the toilet and passed three much smaller than normal turds.
Next morning, nothing, just a full t????y. Went to the office in the afternoon and got a bit of soap and soaked it well so it was a bit soft.
I put it in my anus and pushed it right up with my finger going all the way it could.. I cleaned the poo streak of my finger and sat down to work. within minutes I suddenly got this urge... went out to the toilet and with one push this very large piece of poo lands in the toilet. followed by a bit more....relief!
For my constipated friends try soap... it is cheap, quick and effective.
TO JULIE S. at the slide park: If you need to go push it out... you have to go anyway and you might as well go now. Enjoy your poo and you may enjoy your day!

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