Peeing in the Yard
Hello. I recently went pee outside in my yard. I was babysitting my younger sister. She was happily watching Dora the Explorer and I really had to go. I'd been holding it in for about 4 hours since i started having to desperatly go. I grabbed some toilet paper, quietly opened the backdoor and found a nice spot beside our garden. It was 10:30 so it was kinda dark. I pulled my pants down to my feet, put my feet out in front with my knees bent (so my bum almost touched the ground), putting my weight on my hands which were at the sides of my body. Then I let go. I heard the crackly hiss as it hit the ground. I wiped, went inside, threw the toilet paper in the toilet and.. well, here I am.

Hey people. I've never posted but this is kind of embarassing so I'll write it for your enjoyment, and my humiliation. Heres a story about taking a pee in various places:

Ok so a while back I started keeping a jar in my closet. A regular jar, origionaly from sauce. It's not that hard to guess that I used it when I had to take a serious wizz. The bathroom is over crowded 24/7 with my brothers so I thought it would be an easy solution from having to wait.

So today I was continuesly excersising and I had like at least 15 glasses of water through out the day. I'm getting ready to go to bed cuz I have to get up and baby-sit tomorrow when all that fluid decides it's time to have a pee. As usual someone is in the bathroom. So I got out my jar and kneeled in the closet to sqaut directly above it. My piss came rushing out and it didn't take long before the jar was getting full to the top. I was haveing one of those huge pees where once you start you can't stop til you are finished with it completely. I wasn't nearly done and theres no more room in my handy little jar. So I had no other option but to keep going. I squezzed my pee hole as hard as I could to stop while I carefully manuvered myself into my pajama pants. All of the toilets are occupied so I ran outside and franticly looked for a cozy spot. So my eyes are darting everywhere to make sure no one can see me tinkle even though this is in the backyard. There was no place that I wanted to wizz at that jumped out at me so I sat down as not to take a leak in my clothes. Then I realize no one can see me from any direction in one spot. A rock. We have a big huge rock in our back yard. So I barely made it over, dropped my pants and continued my large piss. I didn't want to sqaut because my lower abdomin was in so much pain but I did anyways. So just as I crouched into peeing position the monster leak burst out and went about a foot and a half in front of me before hitting the grass. I decided to time it since it was that huge. After what seemed like a year my thick golden stream came closer and closer before it turned into a normal very thick stream that goes straight down and makes a loud splash while hitting the ground. I remember that I was so desperate I was whispering to myself "oh yes, ohhhh that's good. Ah this is a nice one" because well I was completely enjoying myself. Finally it was slower and slower until it stopped. I looked at my watch and it was 3 minutes and 57.3 seconds! That was only the second half! Wow that was probably the nicest urinating experience I've ever had. So I went back inside And turned on my lights outside to see how big my puddle was. But when I looked there appeared to be an ocean Next to the rock all over my lawn. Tomorrow there will probably a large dead patch on the lawn but at least I got that "serious wizz" out. I went back upstairs and one of my siblings was asking another what smells! I left the cap off the pissing jar!

Friday, July 22, 2005

great story penny. you have got to go back to that gym locker room and come back with more stories from there. wish i could be in your place. you dont know how lucky you are to be able to enjoy such a good show like that. all those women sound so uninhibited. they all must be unashamed to be farting the whole time during the workout session like that. that would be enough of an incentive for me to get into shape knowing that i had such an exciting show waiting for me after the workouts finished. i would never miss a class or session if i were you. id be at every one so id not miss a single fart. and id be in such anticipation the whole time knowing what was waiting for me as a reward after i finished my workout. please go back. it makes for great stories that are very entertaining and amusing and funny too.

How manny times have you properly and seriously pooed in one day (24 Hours)?
I have been seven times!
It started from me having a strain injury in my shoulder and had pain killers with codine in them which gave glorious relief but not so down yonder. I was use to dropping two or thre shits per day. The codine reduced me to one hard as rock average size turd every two days. This went on for several weeks. My usual high fibre diet did not work and all the metamucil I took just stockpiled in my gut.
I realised that something would have to be done. First I booked myself into the health resort for a few days (have been there many times before), I stopped the tablets and increased the fibre. For a couple of days before my departure I ate vegetarian only. On e the morning of leaving home I took one small low grade laxative. Checked in to the reort, did an exercise class, a sleep in the afternoon and had a large vegetarian meal for tea. Later that night I could feel thunder below. I sat in my room giving little pushes and laying on the bed massaging my stomach. Then it hit. I could feel a giant rock forcing its way into my rectum push by forces of atomic proportions. I knew this turd wanted to come out but was my hole big enough? The situation approached urgent. I went to the communal bathroom, dropped my tackkie dacs and undies to my ankles and farted a little as my arse hit the seat. I sat there relaxing and sighing. I took a breath and leaned right forward as I pushed grunting as I did it and this giant magnifcent poo slid right out followed quickly by a number of other good size pieces of poo.
Went to bed then and had a good nights sleep but was awoken with the need for a desparate shit and I ran to the toilets ripping down my pants and shoved my bum on the toilet before shutting the cubical door and another flow of shit. It felt sooo good after. That day I did five more bowel movements of substantial amounts. The poo was soft but formed and got less smelly each time , or was I getting use to it?
What is your shitting record???

Not Normal
To Penny,

Was your dump a stinker too? I think your story was great.

Does anyone know why after a night of drinking, the next morning you have to poop and why it stinks really bad?

Kevin: What a coincidnce !!!! WhenI was younger I worked at the Illinois State Fairgrounds several summers, i worked janitorial, and it meant keeping the mens restrooms clean and well stocked. What a job !!!! Since the toilets were in use constantly, it meant an occasional quick swish with a bowl brush between uses, the large toilet tissue rolls had to be replaced while men were sitting on the toilet 'doing their business" same for the 'ass gaskets" in the boxes over the bowls" and trying to mop those floors was an expierence. We had to ask the men while they were sitting to please lift their feet, so we could mop the floors. Each mens room was assigned two males to keep it clean, and it was a non-stop job. Toughest part ws when one of us had to take a dump, we felt akward, like we were cutting off the line of men waiting there...Man, guys were never bashful in there, they would sit with their legs spread open, and if they had a 'teeny weeny' everybody could see the shit dropping from their buttocks into the bowl. Several guys gave me tips of a few bucks for replacing their toilet tissue while they were shiting....And it was Charmin !!!! And my sister worked the womens rooms, and yes they always had private booths.

@ Albert:
The most unusual place I have ever seen someone take a poop was the sandbox on a playground. Well, that was not nice... I was out with my daughter, who was only two at the time and still diapered. A bunch of five- or six-year-old girls were playing in the sandbox and discussing something in a whisper. It seemed that one of the girls had to pee very badly. They were digging up a hole, and the child took its panties off and sort of straddled the hole. It was clearly audible what she was doing. Then another one said: "Me too!" but the first shook her head and said: "Not yet." One of the girls lifted the back of the squatter's pleated skirt a little bit up and proclaimed what she saw as being "real nasty." Nothing could be seen from where I was, but the thing was clear! After the girl stood up they all refilled the hole with sand, giggling like mad... Me, I never again brought my daughter to this playground. The sand box might be infectious.

I had a distant relative who was slightly retarded, and he pooped his pants sometimes even at the age of 16. He used to jump up, run behind a bush and proudly proceed with the correct procedure: Stand with his face to the bush, open his fly, take his willy out (it was so underdeveloped that the task proved difficult when his winter clothing was somewhat thick) and pee, but not on his shoes. The time and training that had been spent on him! He managed nicely, except that he would, at the same time, fill the seat of his pants most luxuriously. I do not know how he managed to do so, with his legs stretched and his body upright...

Of course, we cruel young rats were always behind him to witness things like these. "Michele, you have shit your pants!" He always insisted that he had not.

For some strange reason i pee more then your average person so i'll have more to post i guess.

who cares
girls- do u have too pee or poo more often when u have ur period?

This happened when I was in kindergartin.

I had just woke up and didn't feel good and I knew i had to poop badly and at that time I couldn't wipe myself and my mom or dad had to do it.but we were running late and I said to my mom "Mommy I need toca ca really really bad." (Yea I used "ca ca" when I was younger.) but she said "I can't honey mommy's running late for work. here i'll write you a note to give to your teacher." I was able to read at that age and it said "Paul has to do "ca ca (that is his word for poop) could u please help him wipe his butt. I fear he may have explosive diearrhea so please help him immediatly. Thank You." So when I got to school I felt like I was going to burst. I gave her the note but lied and said that I already went and I wiped well. She said ok. I went to play with my friends and told my friend who is a girl and we liked each other that I had to go "ca ca" badly she said go tell the teacher. I told her I was too emmbarrassed to ask. She said ok and played for about 10 minutes and I couldn't take it anymore I ran to the teacher and scream "I have to go ca ca. I lied before and i'm sorry I was just emmbarrased. Just please take me to the potty. PLEASE!!!!" She said ok but we have to run I agreed and we ran to the bathroom We got there and she pulled my pants down and sat next to me and said "let it all out, I don't care if it's smelly just go." I didn't even have to push it just exploded out of me and she said "it's ok you will be fine but next time u have to go ca ca just tell me or your mommy and one of us will help you." I finished and got back to class and played with my friend again. I told her just to ask she will help you. Immediatly she jumped up and told the teacher she had to go too. It was pretty funny.

Mr. Clogs
Hi everybody, hope everyone is doing well, got a quick post to share. Today was quite interesting in going to the bathroom this morning. I woke up late this morning at 9:00 AM, and needed to use the bathroom. I decided to go to the bathroom in a cup today, I haven't done this in a long time, so I decided to go forward. I had to pee first, so I grabbed an empty stiraphome cup (pardon me for the spelling) that I had some instant cup of soup from last night from the garbage can in my room. I put the cup to me and proceeded to fill the cup a fresh cup of dark yellow color of pee, I filled it up to the top and took it to the bathroom. Since I haven't taken a dump yet and needed to so I decided to dump in the cup as well. I sat down on the toilet seat with my legs spread wide open so I put the cup up to my behind near the target area (butt hole). I had to push a bit to get things churning, let out some farts and gas, and let loose some turds into the pee filled cup! Ahh it felt good but luckly these were small turds, gust enought for it to fill up in the cup. I wiped up, brushed my teeth and went on with my day. Well I hope you all enjoyed my post, I haven't done that in a while, I figured that I share this post and to see what you all think. Well got to go and I check back later.--Mr. Clogs

Hey Guy, You asked for stories from constipated guys. I have suffered from constipation since I was a kid. Have had all the tests etc and have a healthy diet and lifestyle but still have hard constipated dumps. There are a lot of guys who have posted here in the past who have written about their constipation. I made my first post here when there were only about 50 pages. If you go back to the beginning and read the posts you will find: Carlos, Brent C., Fernando (who recently posted again), Daniel UK, Jacob G, Drew, Me, Marc(and twin brother),Brad and others who have all told stories about their constipation problems. Hope some of them post again soon. I usually use fleet glycerine suppositories or an enema for my constipation. When I use the suppositories I still have to strain and grunt to get it out. Guy, tell us about you. Do you suffer from constipation too? Be great to hear from the guys on this subject. Hello to all of you longtime posters. Hope to hear from you! Thom

to diarrhea girl.
)How often, on average, do you have diarrhea/poop that is runnier than normal? Diarrhea rarely, semiliquid poop sometime.
2)When you have diarrhea do you take anything or do anything to make it stop? Or would you rather let it all out? let it all out
3)Have you ever had an embarrassing diarrhea accident? Explain. No, i had one accident but i was at home alone.
4)What is the usual colour and consistency of your diarrhea? Dark brown, it is creamy.
5)Do you enjoy having diarrhea? yes,i feel very excited. when my stomach ache i feel like i'm exploding and when i sit on the bowl the diarrea get out with its violence and spalshes on the porcellain with farts, is a fantastic sensation.
6)Has anyone ever watched you have diarrhea? No, but i would like some girls watching me when i'm on teh bowl making diarrea.
7)Do you ever take ex-lax or another laxative and what effect does this have on your poop? (Describe the differences) No
8)Have you ever had diarrhea in a place other than a toilet? e.g the floor, a chair. Was it on purpose? A time i had diarrea on a chair.


I'm somehow of a lurker, but your experience with laxative aroused some of my memories: when i was a teenager (i am 19, still teen :-) my mom found out how much i missed class, going to videogame arcades instead of class and such... well, she opted for giving me some laxative, the trick was she had to do it in the morning and it had to be fast-acting... her choice was a glass of carabana water. I am from spain, and here it is something of an institution, sulphurous water (i think it has epsom salts in it) that when drunk over 1/2 a glass gives you the shits in half an hour... a few times i thought i could beat it and had some spectacular blowups in the most disgusting public restrooms and a lot of close calls in my underwear... after 1 month i realized that if my mom gave me "the water" i was having to stay home in quite a bit of explosive discomfort... the month after, no more missed classes...

Carmalita, where are you? I've been reading all your stories for the past couple days and I loved them. Your stories were wonderful!! Do you still ever come to this site anymore?

Good morning--hot and humid here. Recently we went on a trip; at our destination we stayed with a dear lady who has befriended us over the years. She is pretty, petite and vivacious. When we arrived, we had been on the road some hours, and I really needed to pee. I excused myself to the bathroom, and in the toilet was a wad of toilet paper with a prominent fairly round brown stain on it. Apparently it had not flushed with her latest movement. While there we were served many salads and vegetable dishes. While we eat these things at home, we don't eat as much of them, or as exclusively. Thus, our third day there, I had a bowel incident. After our morning duties were attended to, we had lunch. Then, about 2 p.m., I felt an urgent need to visit the bathroom. Using a small mirror, I watched as my poop came out--first a fairly long, normal log, maybe 10 inches, and thick, if a bit soft; then two more, slightly thinner, softer, and a bit shorter. So far so good. Then came the explosion--quite loud--as a spurt of semiliquid poop shot out. I was leaning forward a bit so I could watch myself; in this case the result was a 1.5-inch brown spot on the back of the toilet seat! Yuck! I cleaned myself up as best I could, cleaned up the seat, and went back to join my friends. A little later, another urge hit; again I excused myself, and this time I had diarrhea, a rarity for me. On the whole trip I hoped for the sight or sound of someone else pooping; a few sounds was all I got. Nonetheless, a nice trip, and I'm glad to be home.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Hi, I found this site by accident and after reading a few posts I decided to share one of my own stories. I am 17, 5'2", 105 pounds and a level 10 gymnast. I really enjoy a good, long poop because it makes me feel so relieved. But most of the time, although I would not call it quite constipated, pooping is difficult and painful for me, and an enjoyable poop is rare. My last good poop was last week so I'll tell you about it.

My best friend Lisa, on my gymnastics team, and I were at practice. We had a four hour practice and about 3 hours in, I started feeling pressure. About 10 minutes later, I noticed Lisa looking a little uncomfortable. I went over to her and asked her if she was OK, and she told me she had a stomach ache, and she might have to poop. I told her I felt a poop coming on too, and since she knows I often have trouble, she offered to come over after practice and help me.

Well somehow, we made it through practice and the ride to my house. We went into my room (I have my own bathroom) but since I didn't feel ready to drop my load, I layed on my bed for a while. Lisa was holding her stomach and taking deep breaths and I asked if she had to poop yet, but she said she wasn't sure. About 15 minutes later, I decided I would try to go. I sat on the bowl and lisa sat on the floor across from me. I pushed a little, but nothing happened, so we were going to go watch a movie. As Lisa got up, she doubled over in pain, and said "uh oh, move!" She pulled down her shorts and plopped on the bowl and farted. Then she looked up and I asked if she felt better, thinking maybe she had gas. She said she definitely had to poop, and took a deep breath, and started to push... but she didn't need to. She exploded. It wasn't runny, but it was a lot. She kept her arms folded across her stomach with her head down and it just kept coming. I rubbed her back, trying to make her feel better. When it finally stopped, she told me she was empty but her stomach still hurt, so she wiped and layed on my bed while I massaged her stomach.

I still didn't feel like I was ready to poop yet, but my stomach was really hurting so I decided to just push and strain until it came out. I figured I was going to have trouble going, as per usual... but I was wrong. I sat down and started pushing. I took a deep breath, and started grunting. After about three grunts and still no success, I leaned back (I have my toilet cushioned on the back so I can rest) and Lisa pushed on my lower stomach. It hurt, but I knew it was working. I sat forward and tried again- and the poop started to come out. I strained through the first log- which was pretty big- while stopping to let Lisa massage me every few minutes. It literally took me about 8 minutes to finally get it out. But then the next piece started to come out all on its own! It moved very slowly, but I didn't push because I can enjoy it more when I can relax. Slowly, I leaned back on the cushion. "Uhhhh, mmmmm..." I moaned so much. The end of the second log got a little thick and I lost my breath for a second, but it felt so good when it finally slid out I couldn't help but practically yell "oh my goooooooodddd." Then the third log began to slide out, very slowly again. This time, Lisa rubbed my stomach lightly... and I was in heaven. "Mmmmahhh...ooooh" I just kept on moaning. Then the fourth and final log started to come out, and it was so thick I had to sit upright. I didn't have to push, but I felt like I was shitting a watermelon. "unngggg uhhhhh.... ahhh" I said, and it was over. Lisa rubbed my stomach for another minute or so, and then I stood up and wiped. She still didn't feel so good, so I massaged her stomach as we watched movies for the rest of the day.

hope you liked it! more to come!


Diva Girl
Hi every one fist let me decribe my self iam am 22 old cute hottie blond hair blue eyes cute body type so heres my syory the other day i had to go and take a poop so i was at home at the time all alone so any way i sat down and started to pee then i felt the urge to push so i pushed and pushed but nothing would not come out so i put my thong and pants around my ankels and spred my legs wide pushed a little more still nuthing so i reached for the tp and wraped some of it around my finger and began inserting in my put the i started digging out the poop i must have dug out like 10-12 hard nuggets they ploped out easy after that like plop plop plop plop plop then i was done and wiped clean so thers my story so does any other females have story like that and if you do sort of the same thing i did if you do please respond to me thakx talk to every one later with more stores

Diva Girl

Steve that definitely sounds like you got a UTI infection i'd get checked by your doctor as soon as you can in case it is

Greetings Everyone! I have a dump story 2 share with u guys. When I was in the eighth grade, the the class went to a Veterams Day program at my potential high school football stadium. The program lasted a full class period. After the program was over the entire eighth grade class headed toward the bus. As soon as we got on the bus, the class has detected an awful stench. The stench came from a guy who was in our class. He was 15. As it turned out he shitted in his jeans. The class included the teachers had covered their noses. That was the worst smell ever. Unfortunatelty, I felt embarrassed for the guy. For him he went and changed, he had the guts to show his face in class the next day. By the time he showed up, the class has forgot about the incident.

Good bye 4 now.

well when i pee i pee on my rug which is a dark rich red, and it doesn't show up, and it dries by morning and michelle-the other one do you have carpet or a wood floor?

My apartment in the shed is amazing--and yes, it has plumbing and running water. I think it might have actually started out as a guest house or something a long time ago, but my family and the family before us used it as a shed until i got it. it has a little entryway (just large enough to enter, ntohing else), a good sized bedroom with a bathroom attatched, a small living room, and a small kitchen/eatin dining room. It started out when we got it as just one big large room with a bathroom, but my dad and I set up walls and painted and wallpapered, and took out the bulbs and put in cute little lighting fixtures. it's actually really nice, and i can't believe that it is actually mine! laundry and stuff is still done at my parents house, and i have a very small room there that has a bed and a bookshelf in it incase i need to be in my parent's house for any reason.

this is another one of those stories that i find hard to tell. First let me start by saying that i have a bestfriend named Anne. We've been through everything together. one day in the spring that i was 15, our class went on a hiking trip. needless to say there were no bathrooms, and pretty soon i needed to poop badly. I told the teachers i felt sick, and they allowed me to take anne back to the bathroom with me. i made it about halfway to the bathroom when i felt my bowels release, and i am ashamed to say that i was so terriffied of having an accident that, in front of anne, i pulled down my pants and pooped liquidy poop all over the hiking path. i was so embarrassed, because while anne and i are like sisters she's never seen me use the bathroom, because that just seems (to me at least) indecent, and i've only seen her go once and that was because she was desperate. I've seen her vomit countless times, and she seen me--i've even seen her have a diarrhea attack in her pants, and she saw me have one too (and i mean at the time, not at the race) but she never saw my butt. I don't know. i know i'm being silly, but i was desperately embarrassed. anyways, once i was done anne made no big deal of it, i was glad to say, and (because i had supposedly made it to the bathroom, which was another 30 minutes walk to the bathroom and 30 minutes back to our spot) we just hung out there for another hour and a half and then came back to our group. it helped me feel a bit less embarrassed, though, when the most popular kid in my grade wet herself because she was to stuborn to go behind a tree...i mean, i guess it is more humiliating to have an accident infront of 75 girls (the boys did a different "more strenious" hike) than to poop liquidy poop infront of your best friend?

thank you all for your support on my race, and your suggestions! people in my town are still disgussing me. i heard one man say to his wife the other day "oh, there's that girl that ran the race and was so sick! i couldn't believe that she made the whole race and then threwup and had diarrhea on herself." and his wife glared at him and said, "we all have moments like that." in a way that made me wonder if she had had a simular experience. what really embarrassed me, though, was when this really cute boy in my class came up to me and asked me (because i came down with some horrible stomach illness two days ago...but it's gone now) "are you feeling better? it's been a really rough two months for you, hasn't it? I mean, first you had that race ending, and then you threw up two days ago when you were at dinner at that restraunt--i can't remember it's name--with that friend of yours, anne! just to let you know, i sent that article of you and your race ending to a friend, and he was really impressed with your performance under...such inconvienient circumstances." i almost slapped the boy, but he really is such a nice kid (i've been off and on friends with him for a while now) and all i could say was "i'm glad my win at the marathon has provided amusement for somebody, then." and walked off. i wouldn't mind it, but EVERYBODY is saying things like that to me, and really i just want it to go away. it's old news--i mean 2 months ago! of course, all that has happened in my town in the last two months is that some guy or other is divorcing his wife. i mean, i guess my run(s) (haha) tops that, but i just want to leave that day in the past! i'm just hoping that my time during the marathon will help me get into college or something, or maybe a running scholarship or something. (funny, i always imagioned getting a scholarship for writing, which i'm consistantally good at, not running)

well, inless this sounds to whiny, could you please sent me some message of support or something? could you tell me how to not blow up at these people talking about me? i need help...

Dave B.
Hey everyone. Whatever happened to Linda aka LindaGS aka Cute Linda? Has anyone seen her around? I've read a lot of her posts on here and I don't know where's she been. I wonder if any of the old posters of this website will ever be back. She did have a lot of good stories that I liked reading a lot. Hope she'll be back soon.

Strangly, I can hold my pee for a long time! And I'm a really small girl. About 5'2" and 83 pounds. Maybe I'm the opposite as those kids on the "goodnights mean good mornings" commercials. Maybe I have an oversized bladder. haha ;]

Albert Poop Decker
I often dream about taking a shit in the most unusual places (I've never actually shit myself in bed though thank God!)I think the most unusual place I dreamt about was in a room full of people. I was sat on the sofa and was shitting into it (it was acting like a commode I guess.) Rather a humiliating dream that.

Question for y'all: What's the most unusual place you've taken a shit (in real life)?

My answer would probably be behind a railway station when I was a kid. Not that strange, so I'm looking to find somewhere better!

1)How often, on average, do you have diarrhea/poop that is runnier than normal? Not that often

2)When you have diarrhea do you take anything or do anything to make it stop? Or would you rather let it all out? let it all out

3)Have you ever had an embarrassing diarrhea accident? Explain. yeah my dad and I were going out to lunch and I crapped my panties in his car

4)What is the usual colour and consistency of your diarrhea? Light brown

5)Do you enjoy having diarrhea? Kinda, it feels naughty

6)Has anyone ever watched you have diarrhea? Yeah, I let my boyfriend watch once cause he was obsessed and so one day I felt brave enough to tell him that I had to poop and that he could watch, he practically tripped running to the bathroom with me.

7)Do you ever take ex-lax or another laxative and what effect does this have on your poop? (Describe the differences) No

8)Have you ever had diarrhea in a place other than a toilet? e.g the floor, a chair. Was it on purpose? I actually did poop through a thong onto a chair once, my boyfriend video taped it, lol

9)Females: Do you get diarrhea when you have your period? Not usually

Sorry it's been so long...don't have many stories, Moterater please post this anyways. The question of the day(or year is more like it) is IF SOME PERSON YOU DON'T KNOW, THE SAME GENDER AS YOU BUT IN KINDERGARTEN IS IN THE NEXT STALL AND ASKS FOR HELP, WOULD YOU HELP THEM?

Okay, that isn't much. Later.


My friends and I went to Las Vegas this week. I am addicted to playing slot machines. By the way, I am 17 and 127 pounds. Once I started playing a slot machine, I didn't want to get up for anything. However, I soon had to take a dump. I really had to go, but I sat in my seat holding it in. On a scale of 1 to 10, I had to definately go a 10! I kept putting quarters into the machine mesmerized by the spinning lights. I was going uhh and mmh with my breathing and I kept shifting in my seat. My poop was really pressing hard to come out. I couldn't stop playing the machine though. I didn't realize it but day turned into night and hours passed as I played the machine winning just enough to keep me playing. I could feel my poop pushing through my tired anus and hitting against the seat. I would suck it back in as I shifted in my seat and leaned forward with my legs outstretched. I had to go so bad for so long that I knew my panties had to have a stain on them. I soon had another problem. I had to go pee as desperately as I had to go poo. Finally, toward the morning hours I started to let little squirts of pee out into my panties. And my poop was really pushing against the seat and I couldn't pull it back in any longer. I won some games and had a lot of quarters to cash in. I had to stop because I was going to crap and pee on myself any minute. I foolishly went to cash my quarters in, stood in line for a few minutes, and my poop surged out in my panties and tight jeans. I sucked it back in but too much came out to pull back in. It broke off in my panties and more surged forth filling my jeans. At the same time I wet myself as pee gushed forth from the front end. I ran to the restroom as people stared at me. I spilled my quarters in the restroom, picked them up, and realized it was too late I had pooped and peed in my pants. I ran out of the restroom and to my room. I was totally embarrassed. But at least my friends were out and I showered and got cleaned up. I had a large wad of poop which I emptied into the toilet. I threw my panties away. Sorry if this story grosses anyone out. Love, Karen.

I have been reading the stories on here for a few weeks now with particular fascination, but have not posted anything of my own. I am particularily inclined to enjoy pee stories, but poop stories are still entertaining. I am 17, but since childhood I have been atracted to and intrested by reading Embarrassing moment stories. I have not had any of my own recently, so have refrained to post, but today I had a pretty bad moment. When I was in elementary school I used to have a problem with crapping in my pants. I never really had any control over it, and it just happened almost every day. After a while it went away, and I have not had a public accident in years. For a few days now, however, my stomach has been very upset, and I have been unable to poop. I have been at a summer program at an Ivy League university (would like to still maintain some anonymity just in case), and have been very afriad of clogging the shared dorm toilet, because I usually have very large bowel movements. All day today, I had a supressed urge to go to the bathroom, but continued to hold it. Whenever I really had to go, no bathroom was around, and so I continued. A few hours ago, I was walking with friends sightseeing, when all of a sudden I got an intense urge to go. I tried to softy release a few farts, and as they came out I realized something was wrong. They were not quite wet, nor were there any obvious pieces of poop, but they just felt unusual. I continued to walk thinking nothing of it for a while, and eventually realized that I was walking uncomfortably, as if my buttocks was stuck to my underwear. Touching the back of my pants, I realized that there was a wet sensation. I quickly excused myself, and said I was going back to the dorms. Luckily, my friend did not question me. At this point I did not know if there were any visible stains, so I was moving quite quickly, and worried that someone would notice an marks of crap. I did not want to head back directly to the dorm, because I was afraid that someone I know would see me, and so I went into stores looking for a bathroom. I tried urban outfitters, and climbed up several stairs to the second floor, but could not find the bathroom. The feeling in my pants was getting progressively worse, and I became panicked. I rushed back to the campus book store, and wadled down to the bathroom. When I took my pants of, to my relief there were no stains on the pants themselves, but the boxers were tottalled. I used the toiler very liberally,went back to my dorm ( the other thing about me is that I do not use toilet paper, but rather moist towlets (wet ones) to wipe),I grabbed a clean pair of boxers, and threw the old pair out in a convenient garbage bag. I was so relieved that no one had seen me, I would have been so humiliated. I have loads more stories from childhood and etc, but I will have to post them some other time if any one wants. Untill then I will continue to enjoy reading other peoples stories, keep them coming

Accident at the campground...

I am a 36 year old woman with long brown hair, 5' 8" tall and a medium build. Several years ago, myself and a co-worker of mine went up north on a weekend camping trip that was about a four hour drive from home. Karen (my co-worker) and I were walking back from the beach in my swimsuit to our campsite when I began to feel sharp cramps in my lower abdomen. There were several porta-potties straight ahead near the changing area. there were 3 porta potties with a line of 4 people at each one. I got in line at one of them. The cramps were becoming more frequent, but figured i could hold the bowel movement in until it was my turn. When it was my turn, i opened the porta potty door and it STUNK big time in there!!! There was diarrhea splattered on the seat from someone who used it earlier. I could not use that one! I slammed the door shut and walked away to get in one of the other lines. As I was walking away, I let out a loud, stinky pre pooping fart. A really sharp cramp came and i could feel the head of a semi-soft log rush its way past my sphincter muscle and out into my swimsuit. I stood there as a BIG LOAD of semi-soft poo filled my swimsuit bottoms. I turned red as a beet and really embarrassed myself as I pooped my suit bottoms. I had not had a poop accident since I was 5 years old and had an accident in school in Kindergarten. A couple of guys standing nearby who saw the whole thing got excited. I then walked back towards my camp site to begin cleaning up. As I walked, my butt waddled like a duck from all the poop I was carrying in the seat of my suit bottoms. When I got back to my campsite and began cleaning up, a woman came up to me and told me not to feel bad and that she did a poop in her pants while hiking several months earlier. It was comforting to know that other adults have had poop accidents just like me.

A Castro
i was driving the other day and had to take a shit like you wouldn't believe. The worst part is that i was stuck in traffic,the fu** BQE bites make a long story short i shit in my pants ...terrible feeling..shit was all over my car seat...does anyone know how to get shit smell out

wisconsin boy
TO STEVE , about your cloudy urine question, the same thing happens to. mostly I night, I found this happens when Im either dehydrated or have had too much soda, hope this helps.

Hi, Im Karlee and i just found this site, i love it! Ive been looking for somewhere to share my toilet stories but never found a place, and then i found this website on a google search, I am 13 years old, im 5'4 and way 95 pounds, and i want to tell you about the big log i pushed out of my small bum at the mall, me and my friend Janice where at the mall, and we where in the petstore getting are pets some stuff, while i was in there, i felt very bloated, and told Janice that im going to pay then go to the washrooms, instead of useing the food court washrooms i used the pet stores bathrooms because there never busy, i dont even think anyone goes in them, me and janice entered the washroom, it was very clean and only had 2 stalls, janice took one and i took the other, when we sat, i told janice that i may be a while, she said no prob, theres no one to hide from in here, so i went pee, and heard janice go pee, after i sat there, and spreaded my cheecks, i started to push, and farted, and janice was listening i could tell because she was keeping everything qiet, i pushed some more, and felt the rock hard poop budge a bit, then it VERY slowly started to come down, it had been 6 minutes now and Janice told me to hurry up not in a mean way though, so i pushed harder and i felt it poke out, it was a bit painful, then as it came out more i had tears to my eyes, it became very painful, about 10 minutes later it was half way out, it was the most painful place and it was stuck there, then i spreaded my legs wide, and took some toilet paper, and grabbed my poop, and started pulling it down preying to god it wouldnt brake, as i was pulling i was painful, but also felt very good, my hand then touched the water it was so long, then i took one big fast toug and i came out and i let go of it and it splashed in the water, it was a foot long, and i said! WOW janice come look at this, so she did, and we both laughed over how big it was! I couldnt flush it so we left it for the next person to see!

Mr. Clogs
Hi everybody, I hope thay everyone is doing fine in toilet land. I got a quick peeing post to share. Last night I needed to pee, still a little drunk, instead of using the toilet, I grabbed my dual purpose 5-qt blue plastic bucket and proceeded to pee into the bucket. Once I was finished, I placed the lid back on the container and placed it between the milk crates and went back to bed.

TURN-OFF-GIRLFRIEND: It's obvious that you're trying to change his bad habits, although I could be wrong. These habits start off as children and his parents probably never got after him about it. If this is a problem for you, maybe it's time to part your differences and move on, but my advice is not to change him. Maybe he has alternative motifs to his bad hygiene habits.

Well hope you all enjoyed my post take care and have a nice day.

To Kevin: Your family sounds like the family I grew up in. We made the most out of shitting in state fairs, campgrounds, and rest stops. All of which had no doors or had low dividers AND no doors! There are three boys and my dad, so we had some pretty "heavy hitters" if you know what I mean. Great story. Can't say that I've seen the mayor of Houston take a dump though. lol

To Dave: That story is hilarious. I cannot believe you got away with taking a dump in the sick bag. The only thing I've ever done under a blanket in a plane is j/o. lol If I had tried to do what you did, I would have had one of those "splatter shits" with my luck. You are one ballsy dude.

Haven't had any interesting shits lately though. Pretty much run of the mill. I'm going to the gym today, so the buddy dumping there is always entertaining.

mr peeper: keep those stories about your aunt comin :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hi all,
I had a great morning the other day. Went to visit my old friend Linda, remember her from the horse shows, and she invited me to go to gym with her. I was intrigued so we went along at about 5.30 am. This is before my normal morning dump but she assured me there were nice loos there. We arrive and join a ladies class for aerobics. Nice shapely girls in leotards and tights, I felt a little out so got into the back row.
After about half an hour of jumping and stretching I felt a definite need to get to the pot and looked across to Linda who indicated we would be finished now and she also needed to crap. As we finished up I noticed a distinct smell of some one who had cut the cheese. This got quite pungent as we stopped and Linda said that quite a few of them started to fart as the session ended and that we should get a move on as there was normally a bit of rush for the loos. What an understatement! As we enter the ladies change room there are the sounds of farts leaking out as the girls now walk across to the loos with some urgency. Some are already peeling off the leotards as they open the cubicle doors and just push them half shut in the rush to get their bums on the porceline. I stand in line and listen as a barrage of farting, peeing and hard and soft shit is dumped into I think 6 loos. Farting and spluttering all the time while they were chatting. Groans and sounds of relief and pushing accompany this lot. One lady says "Jill did you have garlic and red wine again last night?" to which Jill answers "Yes rotten isn't it." This is followed by a windy mushy mess. The first lot start to flush and leave and I get my turn. The smell is horrendous. I go in and sit and let go a much needed shit plus a long pee. Surprise no loo paper. I ask the girl next door for some and she replies that she does not wipe as she showers straight afterwards, and that there is a roll on the lockers but most of them shower. I see under the partition that she has stripped off her leotard and has her feet just about in the cubicles next to her. Obviously a very wide spreader. I finish up and join these naked girls going over to the showers. 2 private cubes are taken so Linda and I line up for the army showers. 8 in a row no stalls. As we stand there you can see the ones that took a while on the pot. They all have a ring impressed on their bums and upper thighs. Rather funny. I am sure one had little spots of poo, probably splash from a very wet shit on her buttocks and another very skinny girl had a little skid on one buttock. The washing was fascinating as they all got under the water and first washed there arses with a lot of soap and bending over with plenty of finger work. Brought then all down to one level. Rather funny thinking back after washing drying and doing hair and make up that some of these smart young lady executives half an hour ago were parked on the loo dropping large spluttery wet windy loads, without wiping, then washing their bums like boys in the army. Imagine the giggle in the boardroom later that day as the nicely manicured hand with a gold pen that was scratching shit out of her arse two hours earlier was now signing a million dollar deal. I smiled at the thought all day. I will go back one day, not for the aerobics but for the ladies change rooms. Even my serious husband had a laugh.

Mr. Clogs
Doctor Blah: I like your post and I decide to take some time to answer your survey, here goes:
1.) Have you ever had accidents? How did your parents/teachers/friends react? No, never had one.

2.) Have you ever worn diapers or incontinence pads? When/How long? Was it your decision? No

3.) Have you ever been humiliated by your parents/teachers/friends for something bathroom related? What did they do? No, but if I'm using the public bathrooms especially if I'm making some "stinky" turds, I could hear people commenting like "Damn, it stinks in here!"

4.) Have you been babied (somebody else dressing you, invading your privacy, changing your diapers, etc)? No, no one babied me.

5.) Did you develop any additional continance problems from being kept in diapers too long (bad habits, weakened muscles, daytime problems, etc)? No

6.) Did you develop a fetish because of any of this? If you say so, I like to pee into containers i.e other than the toilet, now as for pooping into containers, this idea or fetish started during my teenage years out of curiousity. Usually if there's no toilet, just lazy, or in a desperate , I releave myself into containers.

7.) Did you change your behavior because of any of this (stopped social activities, homeschooled, wear baggy clothing, etc)? Not really.

Michelle (the other one): I like your post, I'm amazed how you do it w/o getting caught or the smell accumulating in your room. When you say you leave a wet spot on your floor, do you have carpeting or hardwood flooring in your room?

AJ: Great post, hey those ideas may come to be handy some day, it may be a renuable energy resource. Strange as this may sound, some cultures accross the world uses these recycling waste techniques. Cheaper than those fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Keep the posts coming.

Venus and Mike: Hope ya'll doing ok, I miss your posts, please come back soon.

Mister Peeper: Like your post, you must be pretty luck guy to get to witness such thing, if you have any more stories like that, keep the posts coming.

Loadius Maximus: Got anymore posts about peeing/pooping in strange things and places?

Well got to go, If I have any post of interests I'll send one, but in the meantime you all take care and have a nice day, stay cool! It's hot today in NJ!--Mr. Clogs

TURN-OFF-GIRLFRIEND. Some staining of the underwear, at least occasionally, isn't all that uncommon and I shouldn't be unduly alarmed at finding your boyfriend does it. It can be caused by all sorts of things such as infequent bathing/showering, inadequate wiping after bowel movements (easily cured), bowel problems or simply infrequent changes of underwear. However clean you are if you wear a pair of pants for long enough they WILL stain! If you're worried about it, why not discuss it with your boyfriend? If he respects your opinion he will at least listen to what you have to say about his personal hygiene.

Steve L. Cloudy urine can be caused by all sorts of things. If you've been having pain or discomfort passing water with it I'd go to the doctor and get checked out in case it's caused by a UTI.

Thunder from Down Under. I've suffered from mild IBS for a number of years and so I can identify, at least in part, with your experience. Most of the time my bowels are reasonably well behaved but occasionally they mutiny and go into rebellion! The best teacher to guide you in terms of dealing with the problem on a day to day basis is experience. Try to find out what triggers the problem, which foods you can safely eat and which to avoid. Also, are there any situations which exacerbate the problem such as being under a lot of stress? That doesn't particularly affect me but I know it can some people.

Diarrhea girl here is my answers to your survey

1)How often, on average, do you have diarrhea/poop that is runnier than
normal?- i don't get diarrhea very often

2)When you have diarrhea do you take anything or do anything to make it stop? Or would you rather let it all out?- i rather let it all out

3)Have you ever had an embarrassing diarrhea accident? Explain.- yes quite a few my worst one was when i got food poisoning at my friend's house

4)What is the usual colour and consistency of your diarrhea?- the color is usually light brown or yellowish brown

5)Do you enjoy having diarrhea? not really

6)Has anyone ever watched you have diarrhea? yes

7)Do you ever take ex-lax or another laxative and what effect does this have on your poop? (Describe the differences)- i never took a laxative

8)Have you ever had diarrhea in a place other than a toilet? e.g the floor, a chair. Was it on purpose? no

This morning I did a poo and it was long and very thin, a bit like a snake. This has happened several times before. Does anybody know why this happens?


Hi there!

I have been reading at this site off and on for a while.

My latest poo story is an experience with a strong laxative given to me by my mother.

She gets real mad when I leave the house with a visible panty line showing through my thin summer skirts, for one thing.

Last night I said something like "F you" and that was it. I was in for a punishment laxative. This I dread more than being grounded for a week.

She stood in front of the door and ...gave me this big dose of castor oil in a glass of OJ, then said, "now you can go out, dear". Ha!

So I stayed at home and waited for the purge to clean me out, which took about four hours. Lots of cramps and gurgling in my poor bowels.

I was reading in my room when the purge kicked in, made it to the bathroom to drop my panties.

Just in time, and my bowels exploded violently into the toilet. The poo was real soft and splattered all over the inside of the toilet. This made my mom even more mad and she said "clean it up or you will get another dose when you get home".

Have any of you ever had laxatives given for punishment?

Kate, the best thing to do is nothing. After a while, the excitement will die down. Eventually even you will get to a point where you can have lots of laughs about it.


Punk Rock Girl- about your survey, I would say number 4 would bother me the most. I can't stand a filthy restroom. But actually what bothers me the most is when the person in the next stall insists on carrying on a conversation with you. I personally don't like taking a shit and talking at the same time, but maybe that's just me.

Now that thats said, here's a little survey of my own.

1. How long was the longest fart anybody can remember ripping? I had one the other morning that I swear lasted about 8 seconds.

2. How long was the longest turd anybody can remember? My own personal best is about 2 and a half feet.

Hope everybody has a nice day.

To the girl that took a huge #2 in the children's toilet, I loved your story, do you have any other big poop stories?


Hi, I need all the help you can give me. For the past 2 months I have been dating this wonderful guy whose hygene habbits are starting to turn me off, but I don't know how to approach him about it without making him feel really bad. It all started out when he began to spend the night at my place. I would notice that he would go to bed without brushing his teeth. So a couple days later, I surprised him by buying him a tooth brush. He took it very well, however, he still rarely uses it. Also the other night I happened to see his underwear, and notice poop stains. I freaked out, it was discusting. I haven't confront him about it. I just don't know how. I don't want to ridicule him, but the truth is that it is turning me off. Please help!!!!

Steve L.
Every so often when I pee, my urine is cloudy. Why is this? Could this have anything to do with drinking so much orange juice? I have also noticed that when it is cloudy it smells worse. Any feedback would be great. Thanks

Man. I have been a fan of this site for YEARS. I loved it! And since I've had internet access just off and on (until now) I've only been able to read here and there, but I plan on devoting my entire day to reading as many back posts as I can.

With that said... I am in a current relationship that some of you would find very interesting. My girlfriend (yes, GIRLFRIEND GIRLFRIEND, LOL) and I are both 19. We have been together for over 2 years, and lived together the entire time just about. Well, she has some sort of problem (that she refuses to get checked out), and can't feel when she has to shit. She shits in her pants about once a day or so. She wears diapers sometimes, but for work she refuses to. She says she has no feeling in her butt when she has to shit, and is just now catching onto when she has to by the feelings she gets in her stomache. I can't tell you how many loads of extra laundry I do a week because of this reason. Also, I am constantly having to wash things like bed sheets, cushion covers on the couch, etc... because it sometimes leaks through to whatever she is sitting on.
Now I have always been turned on by accidents. I don't like the after effects of shitting on yourself, but I love the way it feels when you hold it until you completely lose control (same with pee), but she doesn't have the same feelings as I do (about pooping. Peeing she does).
I have soooo many stories I could tell you guys. SO many. I will have to post more as I get time. For now, I am off to do much reading catch up!


Doctor Blah
I have been on quite a few medical sites and help sites and have heard a lot about people who are humiliated for their bedwetting, accidents or incontinence (pretty harsh). Just wanting to ask you guys and girls if any of this has happened to you:

1.) Have you ever had accidents? How did your parents/teachers/friends react?
2.) Have you ever worn diapers or incontinence pads? When/How long? Was it your decision?
3.) Have you ever been humiliated by your parents/teachers/friends for something bathroom related? What did they do?
4.) Have you been babied (somebody else dressing you, invading your privacy, changing your diapers, etc)?
5.) Did you develop any additional continance problems from being kept in diapers too long (bad habits, weakened muscles, daytime problems, etc)?
6.) Did you develop a fetish because of any of this?
7.) Did you change your behavior because of any of this (stopped social activities, homeschooled, wear baggy clothing, etc)?

Thanks much

BTW, For those of you who don't believe that many young people in their teens and 20's have accidents, wet the bed or are incontinent, I have some medical stats to show how prevalent it is and research as to why that is. If anybody is interested please ask for it.

@ Michelle: How are you doing that in your room? Don't you leave a puddle and afterwards a spot or something else? Doesn't somebody sees what you are doing there?

Every year we go to the Illinois State Fairgrounds, My wife, myself, our two sons, ages 18 and 16 and our daughter 16 (twin to our younger son) We have a gret time every year withlots of activities and tons to eat. Inevedibly, we all need to use the restrooms. Since this is 'family time' one rule is NO CELL PHONES... they stay home, no interruptions from friends, etc...So we stay close all day, When one famly member has 'to go' usually it's a good sign for the rest of the gang...So, the men part company with the women for a while... We get on a line for the mens restroom which moves at a steady rate, faster then the women...we finally get into the restroom, and as usual, there are the 8 toilet stalls, all very short dividers, and no doors on any of them. Every toilet is occupied, so yo can imagine the sounds, and smells coming from in there..they have steel trough urinals, but most men usually have to use the toilets....They have banners in the restroom advertising Charmin™ toilet tissue, and how Charmin™ sponsers the restrooms and thats the toilet tissue of choice at the fair. we all get a good laugh at that every year. As we got closer to our turn, we started seeing familiar 'faces' the mayor, the county commissioner, and other prominent gents sitting in view. Finally we stepp up to the plate, two toilets are available, I say 'by age, Jason' so my oldest son, and myself hop on the two open bowls, and we cut loose....phftttt...we all start laughing, then Jason gets a seat, and we fart, poop and wipe....My oldest son says really loud "Hey dad, this Charmin™ is really soft on my heinee LOL, maybe mom can buy it for home ' LOL we and other guys waiting all laughed. We finished up, wiped, flushed, hiked our shorts up, and waited outside for the girls. When they came out we all laughed, as it took 30 minutes for us to all go to the bathroom. BTW they said all the stalls in the womens restroom had doors with locks. And Charmin™ too !!! Have a great summer all !!!! Kevin, Denise, Ryan, Eric, and Lynn

FW- You asked about seeing me Mother struggling on the toilet. When I was being toilet trained (I trained really late - 3-1/2 and still remember) my mother used to taken me into the bathroom with her. There was a potty for me beside the toilet and we would both sit together. My mother was always constipated and often took enemas to make herself go. But when she didn't need an enema her bowel movements were long drawn out affairs with lots of straining and grunting. Mother would sit on the toilet and rest her weight on the balls of her feet with her legs spread so I could easily see her pubic hair. She would make a fist with her left hand and press it into her inner right thigh. Her knuckes would go white and her face would turn red when she bore down. Oddly she never referred to it as "pushing" she always said she was "bearing down". Mom's grunts sounds like someone trying to lift a heavy object and she would often do this for fifteen minutes or more before she was done. A few times, when I was with her, no amount of bearing down would move her bowels and she would take an enema. When she did that she would put the tube between her legs while on the toilet, hold it there, open the clamp and take the water up her bowel. Then there would be more straining and grunitng to get all the water out.- JW

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