Michelle (the other one)
There's not much else i can say about that lol....I just sometimes need to pee at night and decide to go in my room on the floor, I usualy squatt, like I said before I really need to pee at night, it usualy lasts between 10-25 seconds, then theres a dark patch on my floor that goes away by itself.

p.s I've also changed my name to Michelle (the other one) to save confusion

AJ :o)
Interesting bit of trivia--At one time, there were many other forums under this one website. In fact, I posted to some of them as well. Now (Would you believe!?!) we stand alone!

The fact that we have continued to survive--and thrive!--certainly says something about a need for this forum. May it be around for a long time, and may I have the experience of posting here on my 100th birthday (which is 47 1/2 years away).

Do you ever wonder what the world would be like then? And, more specifically, what will our bathroom habits be like. What will the toilets be like that we use? How will we wipe after we're done? etc.

Also, what will our attitudes towards answering nature's call be like?

For those of us who are interested, let's put our imaginations to work and imagine a time 100 years in the future.

Also, it would be fun to go back in time as well, if we know of something from the past.

If any of you at any time want to participate in this (a day from now, a week from now, or even a year--or more--from now) it would make for a neat read.

We can make a post with all emphasis on the past, all emphasis on the future, all emphasis on current or not that long ago (as we already do), or we can combine any or all.

I'm going to give you some examples of what I'm talking about.

First off, here's a futuristic one that a friend shared with me several years ago. At the time, he was thinking about having it as part of a sci-fi novel he was planning on writing.

We would, according to him, eventually run very short on natural resources, so human flatulence would be used as one source of energy.

On street corners, there would be booths set up, and, each time you felt the need to let one or more go, you would enter the booth, enter your personal code number on a computer, and, then, sit on this hole and start letting them rip.

This would be recorded at a world headquarters, and the more you contributed the less your utility bill would be.

I would imagine that the guy I mentioned the last time I posted (the one witnessed by the two boys) wouldn't have to pay a utility bill for at least a month or two, if he had enough days as he seemed to be having that day at the beach.

I can elaborate on my friend's idea even more by saying that this would certainly be good for the people growing items such as beans and cabbage, because so many people would be buying those kinds of things to eat in order to be able to make larger and more frequent donations and save a lot of utility money.

Also, people might buy animals known for their flatulence (e.g. horses, dogs, and apes) and not only use them for themselves but, also, rent them out to people who didn't have any.

Those people renting animals would have recepticles set up on their own property, and someone could, say, rent a horse for five dollars for fifteen minutes and hope that those fifteen minutes were good ones.

To rent the horse for an hour would be only $20. The horse might be really full of it at the time it was rented or it might be already all pooted out. So, this would be something on the order of buying lottery tickets.

One important rule: No form of cruelty to the animals allowed or else person would have to pay large fines and/or serve extensive jail time.

And none of the cheese cut while in jail would go towards your own utilities but, instead, the utilities of elected officials.

Anyway, this is one example of a peek into the future.

Here's a blast from the past...

Most of us think about the moats around castles of yore being dangerous because they might have a few alligators or something along that order floating around in there. In some cases, this might be true. But there was something a whole lot less exotic that would make it unappealing to fall into the castle moat.

It often served as the castle cesspool.

If you wonder what the king is doing tonight (as was sung about in the movie/musical, Camelot), he could very well be sitting on a chair with a hole in it on an upper floor of his castle pushing out monster logs--which would then slide down a chute and plop into the water below.

Let the king be on his throne for enough times taking care of royal business, and he will end up with a moat that no enemy would want to risk falling into!

Anyway, I've gotten you started, so start both thinking about the future and investigating the past to see what you can come up with to post here.

We have our celebrities sitting on the toilet listed from time to time, so I'm going to give you some blasts from the past who might be interesting to watch taking a serious dump:

William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Abraham Lincoln, Queen Victoria (or any other member of royalty in any country).

As for modern-day celebrities, I can't think of anyone more interestingly-and-irresistably-adorable than Don Knotts pushing out a challenging dump with those big, bug-eyes and that rubber face of his!


First off, congratulations on winning the marathon--and at such a young age!

My advice is to have a t-shirt custom-made that says something like:

Please focus on my run and not my runs!

Or just join in and poke fun at yourself with a t-shirt slogan such as this:

Kate (last name)
The notorious running runner!

I have a feeling that this is something that is going to be remembered for a long time, so the best thing to do is to get used to it--unless people actually get really cruel about it. If they do, report them for harassment.

In the future, be careful of what you eat (as well as how much) the day before the race.

Your shed apartment sounds neat. Does it have plumbing?

The guy I dated when I was a senior in high school (the one I went to The Policemen's Ball with) had a playhouse in his back yard that had grown with him.

He was several years older than I was and had been married before, but, before he married the first time at 23, he'd continued to live with his folks.

By the time we started dating, he had been living on his own for several years but the playhouse still remained in the backyard of the family home, and he showed it to me and told about some of the things he'd done in there.

At this time, I can't remember if it had any sort of bed or cot--and, even if it did, he usually slept in the house--and it didn't have plumbing.

However, one thing that it had was a table, a couple of chairs, and a camping stove. He told me that his ex-wife (back when they were dating) had cooked a great meal for him on that camping stove and that they'd eaten it at the table there.

The most interesting thing he'd ever had in there was the means to do radio broadcasts back when he was in high school. He tuned his equipment to an AM frequency that wasn't being used by another station and would broadcast a music show on weekends.

People within an area of a couple of blocks were able to pick him up on their radios.

Here's another peeing incident with us.

We were walking on the railroad track, and I had the urge to pee, so he walked up the track about six or seven feet away and turned his back while I dropped my jeans and squatted.

I had to go so badly that it all came out in a matter of seconds, and I got dressed again.

My boyfriend still had his back turned, but that didn't mean that he didn't have his ears on, because he made the comment: "WOW! That was fast!"

I usually pee pretty fast, but a whole lot comes out. I've been known to produce a shallow puddle about a foot wide and three feet long.

I was out with another male friend several years ago.

He's a professional photographer, and I enjoy taking him around so that he can get great scenery pictures. We have traveled a lot of backroads, finding all kinds of interesting pics but not too many bathrooms.

One time, we were going along when I thought I'd better step out and relieve myself, so I ordered him to, "Keep looking at the cows!" (they were located on his side of the road).

He replied, "Huh?"

"Keep looking at the cows, because I've gotta pee!"

"Oh no! Not again!"

All seemed to be quiet, and nobody seemed to be coming, so I got out, dropped my jeans, and squatted right outside my car.

I finished quickly, got myself back together, and got back in the car, and we continued to drive. I think he might have shot some pictures of the cows while we were there.

Anyway, not too far up the road, we saw a car pull out of a long driveway and turn in the direction from which we had come. If I had done my business a couple of minutes later than I did--and if I'd taken any longer than I did--that driver would have seen what I was doing there in the middle of the road.

BTW...did I mention that he was driving a police car!?!

We used to have a walking path around the edge of one of our cornfields (the north acres), and my cousins and I often walked around it.

There was this one place we would pass by, and an odor always seemed to be there of someone cutting one that was a strong-smelling version of the most typical type.

We were always speculating about what caused this smell.

Well, this week, I read that snakes were well-known for letting them and that there was no way of missing it when a snake cut one.

Looking back, I suspect that we were passing by a place where a lot of snakes lived, and they were always at it.

That's all for now...AJ :o)

Jack in the Green
This happened about 4 years ago when my wife and I first met. That day my wife, then my fiancee,and I went to a couple of the local shopping malls, and then went to Pizza Hut for lunch, before going back to my house. It was the first time she was over at my place, so I showed her around, and then we went into the garage where I have a weight bench, an Olympic weight set, some dumbells, and a sit up bench. I was showing off a bit, doing bench presses and curls, while I noticed that Peaches(my pet name for my wife) looked somewhat uncomfortable. She said she had to use my bathroom, I said go ahead, so she went, then had to go again.She went back and forth to the bathroom about 4 or 5 times, all the time looking very nervous and uncomfortable. The whole time I was like what the hell is she doing? A little later as wev were leaving, I had to take a piss. When I went into the bathroom it reeked. Peaches told me that the pizza we had didn't agree with her. The funny thing was that she thought that I was going to dump her because she stunk up the bathroom! What a laugh!
I was curious as to how open the guys and gals here are about farting around each other. I always fart around Peaches, I used to a lot more, when we first met if I had to fart and she was in a different room, I would go and fart on her. Sometimes, I would trick her and play horny, and rub my butt up against her, then she would take the bait and grab and fondle my ass, and then I'd fart, lol. Peaches farts around me too, but her farts really stink, P.U. I once read in Penthouse Variations that you are truly intimate with your lover if you can fart in front of each other. As far as seeing each other opn the toilet, we both have been in the bathroom when the other was pooping or peeing, but generally I like my privacy and so does she, so we don't normally watch each other.

Well Kate, it has only been two months. The gossip will gradually stop.


One time, me and my family where camping, Im 19 and my
brothers 21, my brother and I went for a long hike, when we
where in the middle of no where, I checked the map, and I
was checking the map, his stomach started to hurt, I said,
well maybe go try to poop that might help, but the only
place he could poop is the bushes, but he tried anyway, he
went to the bush, pulled his pants and boxers down and
squatted, he started to push, but only got out farts, his
butt was facing me so i got a perfect veiw, as I found the
place we had to go on the map, I was pretending I was still
looking at the map but was actually watching for his poop,
he farted more and more, but thats it, he said, I cant
poop, I said, when was the last time you pooped, he said, 5
days ago, I told him, then your constipated, just get up
and wait till we get back to are trailer, he pulled his
pants and boxers back up, and we headed towards the
trailer, when we finally got there, there was a note from
are parents that they went to hike somewhere else and they
would be back at 6pm, so when we entered the trailer, he
went to the bathroom and told me to go with him so i could
give him advice, he sat on the toilet, the first thing I
told him to do was spread his cheecks, so he used his
fingers and spreaded his butt cheecks, he pushed very hard,
but only farted, then I told him to spread his legs WIDE!
It makes the poop come out faster, (well it does for me
anyway), so he did, he started pushing and pushing, when
the moster finally poked out, I told him, good keep
pushing, he kept pushing, and he said, oww its painful, i
told him, just keep your legs wide and keep pushing, he
pushed and pushed, and when it was about half way out, he
lifted the left side of his butt of the seat a bit and
pushed, his face wasnt to pleasent, but I didnt blame him
for the mosnter that was coming out, then when it started
to come out more, he said, oww oww, I cant do it, i said,
keep on going! its almost out, he started flapping his
legs, pushing when i finally heard a SPLASH! he sighed of
relief and thanked me for the advice, it stunk very badly
since it was 5 days worth of food, although it was poop! i
sprayed air freshner, and we had to use the plunger to
flush it!
Well I hope you enjoyed this story, i have alot more stories to give in the future! If your interested!

I have heard that people loose bowel control after they die. Is this true?

i had to pee really bad about 3 minutes ago i just went on the floor and it was awesome and doesint smell i think ill pee on the floor more often

Thunder From Down Under
Need a bit of help to poo?
Try getting a full bladder and holding it for a while... wait till you are desparate for a wee... like real desparate... sit on the toilet and push before the wee gets a full flow. This technique works well if you are not too bunged up

Thunder From Down Under
I wish ther were such web sites around long ago. At the end of my teens I suffered bowel problems (suffered being the operative word) and much of the suffering could have been reduced with knowledge and attitude I have today.
In my younger years I had never known constipation. At age 18 my father died, left school, started university and working full time too.
i use to poo once but mainly twice a day with no effort. One morning I got up and went to have my poo but it was a small quantity... I thought that a bit unusual. Nothing more that day. Next morning I woke up and nothing. Got the train to work and arrived at the station very early so I sat on the pot there and only managed a couple of rabbits pellets.
Nothing happened for the next couple of days so I took a laxative on the week end for almost the first time in my life. The next morning I did have a couple of less than average shits and was rumbling in the stomach all afternoon. I went out in the car and during my journey I got the need to go ..badly. McDonalds was close by so I flew in there, as I ran into the cubical I could feel I was begining to loose control. Slammed my bum on the toilet seat and let out a giant torrent of liquid shit. I did not have time to close the toilet door!
Such problems continued but what was worse I thought I had some sinister disease and only to be told some years later that it was only irritable bowel. For several years my life was plagued but made ten times worse due to my ignorance.
I have learned a lot about bowels since then and whilst still a sufferer it is manageable and not a misery.
This web site can really help in that area in that pooing etc is a normal healthy function.

I have only had 2 accidents in my whole life, and 2 experiences that made me like watch anyone pooping (i preffer women though).

The first experience took place when i was in kindergarten. I was very shy about going to the bathroom, specially to take a dump. The school day was beginning and 15 minutes after i got there i had to "go ca ca" as i used to say that way when i was a child. Well, i had managed to pass the first hour of kindergarten with just the pressure in my butt, and i could feel it, and then i had the stomach ache, the second sign i need to go. We were in line for checking some work we had done and i told my friend Eric that i "had to go ca ca" and we had a conversation that was like this:

Eric:"ask for permission"
me:"i cant, what ifshe says no?"
Eric:"tell her it is an emergency"
me:" but if i am in the bathroom and somene sees me, what am i gonna do?"
Eric:"I have to go too, but i will wit till recess, we then go together, and i make sure nobody sees us."

I managed to wait until recess, but when i got to the bathroom, Eric told me he would stand outside the stall, and make sure nobody saw me.But even with Eric i was shy knowing he could listen, smell, or see my feet. I was there, whith my pants around my knees, on the toilet, pretending to be going , when some other kid entered the stall next to mine, and on top of it Eric said he was about to mess hispants, so, with eric in a stall, not checking anyone, and pooping, plop after plop it beat me down until i was pooping small fat chunks.Then i finished and told to eric who was at the next stall still going ca ca i had done it. But the thing was that Eric was grunting every time he managed to get something out, and that was kind of funny and i was curious about what happened in there. I wiped 3 or 4 times and tried to look at Eric, but i only saw his feet movin as he grunted and pooped. 5 minutes later i asked him if he was finished and he said yes, but he still needed to wipe. Then we both flushed and left. THe other kid had left the restroom when he was still pooping.

Then, on another ocassion, i was at Erics house, and i felt the pressue in my butt that told me to go, but i refused to go. I continued playing with Eric, until 4pm after we had eaten, i was with Eric watching TV, suddenly, the pressure in my butt was so intense that i told eric "ineed to go to the bathroom now, where is it?" He took me there but i only managed to saw the bathroom door, because i started pooping a firm but soft and long log in my underwear. I told Eric what had happened, but Eric was cool with it and we dumped the poop in the toilet and threw my underwear in the trash can and he gave me some small trousers he had. I said thanks and we kept playing.

I will post later my other accident and the other incident that made me like watch people poop.Bye

A few years ago i was on a flight to greece, the night before i had eaten a massive dinner as it was my friends birthday meal, id had steak, fries, onions, onion rings, chicken etc etc. I hadnt taken a crap for that night and planned to take one in the morning when i got to the airport, i really need it when i got there but was late and had to checkin, so had no time at all. After a few minutes of rushing, the urge to crap subsided and i felt much better. Feeling better i decided to take a dump on theplane as it had been a while since i had used a plane loo. Eventually i boarded the plane, still feeling ok, i sat at my window seat next to 2 strangers and pulled out a book to read. After about an hour the urge to dump returned and it was very strong, excited about dropping my log, i politely asked the two ladies next to me to get up so i cud get past, once on the isle i went to the back of the plane to the toilet as this one was closest, to find a queue of 4 people, i couldnt wait that long so i turned round to go to the toilet at the middle of the plane. Only to find that the stewards had the food service counter running down the single isle. I couldnt get passed, worriedly i returned to my seat, the 2 ladies next to me had left their seats, and i could see them queing for the toilet at the back. Once in my seat i quickly reached for the sick bag and covered my self up with the flight blanket, looking around alot of people were a sleep so threw caution to the wind and slipped down my pants and positioned the sick bag, quickly i forced out a massive turd, i could smell the stench but there was no noise, pretending i was asleep i got away with dropping a massive solid turd, and didnt feel that there was anymore to be squeezed out, luckily i had some tissues in my pocket, i wiped my ass under the blanket and to my surprise, it was a clean crap, and no marks on the tissue. i slowly pulled up my pants and put the sick bag under my feet, and took off the blanket. Shortly after, my neighboring passengers returned to their seats, the smell of the shit had subsided due to the air conditioning, and i had got away with it so far. After the meals had been served and eaten, the stewards came round to clear up the left overs, whilst passing over the rubbish, the lady next to me saw the sick bag on the floor and kindly said, "i suffer too, ive got pills for it you know" she lent down and grabbed the bag, in shock, i said nothing, the stewardess then took the sick bag and the rest of the rubbish and planted it on top of the counter, as she did the bag opened and out rolled the turd, it fell of the counter and hit the floor. To my surprise no one had noticed. Chuckling to my self, i watched as it was treaded up and down the plane, it wasn't noticed until about 10 mins later when an old guy shouted out, "who's shit!?" For the rest of the flight, the stewards were cleaning the isle, and an announcement was made over the speakers "Please could the person with soiled footwear, remain seated until the end of the flight" Little did they know that half of the passengers on the plane had tread in my turd. And i had got away with it.

To Kate who was in the paper, Since the town already knows you, you should have the paper let you write an article on how you dont like the whispers, and since it's a small town the "paper people" might let you.

mr i dont want to show my name
i had an accident today. i was wearing lose black pants and briefs. i was walking back from the store and i felt a bad bad bad urge and i though i could make it. on my way down the block a old lady (next door niebor) stoped me to ask about the news paper. i was holding my stomach and she was yapping away and i said i need to use the bathroom please excuse me. before she could say ok i shit my pants and it was just flowwing in to my briefs moving to my balls and i was pissing a puddle on the floor, she was shocked and i wasnt embarresed though. i just kept shitting and said im going to go home now. and she said ok.

hey Loadius Maximus,
it's amazing that larry the cable guy can come up with jokes like that. bathroom humor thats also more funny than stupid. like when he was worried cause of the radiation from cellphones and he said he knew for a fact cause he talked on them all weekend and went home and pooped a hot pocket. i nearly bust a gut on that line

very interested in hearing more mister peeper about your aunt. i love to walk in the bathroom after a lady has gone and smell the air and look at her skidmarks. i remmeber once when i slept over my friends house his mom stunk up the bathroom and left little pieces floating around in the toilet in the morning time when i went to shower. please post more. and excellent story about your step-aunt.

To the girl that took a huge #2 in the children's toilet, I loved your story, do you have any other big poop stories?

Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Nature Boy what was wrong with my last post? Ah well....

PRG - I think no TP would be my biggest peeve. I'm a bit of an obsessive-compulsive about wiping. If there's no water from a sink nearby to wet the TP for my final wipes, I spit on a wad of it for a similar effect! (though if I wasn't too embarassed to buy moist wipes, then I'd save myself some effort!)

Mo' survey responses while I'm at it:
Diarrhea Girl:
1)How often, on average, do you have diarrhea/poop that is runnier than normal? ***Maybe once or more a week.

2)When you have diarrhea do you take anything or do anything to make it stop? Or would you rather let it all out? ***I much prefer to let it run it's course. My sound reasoning is that if something I ate is making me sick, it'll make me SICKER if I don't crap it all out fast!

3)Have you ever had an embarrassing diarrhea accident? Explain. ***On 8th grade trip in DC, I let out a fart that was pretty wet - luckily it was early in the morning so I could clean up with no one the wiser.

4)What is the usual colour and consistency of your diarrhea? ***Usually very watery and light yellow. 'Lucky' for me I had some 'reference' an hour ago!

5)Do you enjoy having diarrhea? ***Eh, no comment. I don't mind it, unless I'm out in public or have plans or something

6)Has anyone ever watched you have diarrhea? ***No

7)Do you ever take ex-lax or another laxative and what effect does this have on your poop? (Describe the differences) ***Don't need to take laxatives, so n/a

8)Have you ever had diarrhea in a place other than a toilet? e.g the floor, a chair. Was it on purpose? ***Hmm...nope

Last week I was on holiday in part of rural England. In the accommodation block where I stayed my room was opposite a row of three unisex toilet stalls (none of which had hand basins I might add) and so I overheard a certain amount of coming and going and a fair number of pees and dumps whilst I was there. None of the rooms were 'en suite' though. I one woke in the night needing to pee it was a case of going out on to the landing and risk disturbing other guests, being
'creative' with the wash hand basin in the room or using a container. This time I did the former and used the toilets on the landing. In future though I think I might take a bottle with me so that I can have a wee in my room if I want and empty it out the next morning. Despite it being a fairly normal custom at home, I didn't pee in any of the showers whilst there out of consideration for other guests. As it happens I got quite friendly with some Welsh guests who were there and
on the morning we left a large lady with a robust sense of humour told us at breakfast that she was 'stoking up' for the 8 hour return journey which lay ahead of here. I gently teased her though by telling her to go easy on the coffee at which she giggled and said she'd have to or she'd be wanting to go to the toilet all the time. I think there were a couple of breaks planned into her journey so I don't think she have had to hold for 8 hours - unless she really wanted to.

Whilst I was away the weather was very hot indeed (as it still is today) and despite drinking plenty I didn't actually need to pee all that much. However much I drank,most of my fluid seemed to escape by way of sweat. I expect you sometimes find that too on hot days.

Christine. Liked your story about the dump you took on the side of the road one day after work. I guess you'll be avoiding 'sloppy joes' in future.

Punk Rock Girl. Of the five irritants you mention, number 3 (having no soap) in a public loo would annoy me the most. However I think all the problems you mention would annoy me to some extent.

Mister Peeper. Wow you were fortunate! Your Aunt Leann was obviously very open about bodily functions and simply regarded them as an everyday part of life to be got on with. If you've read further back through the archives you'll have seen that my Aunt Anne is fairly open and good humoured about such things. If she can make a joke of them she will. However I can't quite imagine her asking me to bring her a cup of coffee when she's on the thunderbox!

FAT WOMAN. You asked about some of the old time posters. Well I'm one of the 'old timers' here but I don't post as often as I used to, much as I'd like to, because I'm simply too busy at present. I can't really speak for the others that you're missing but I would guess that they were probably busy too. I've known people who haven't posted for what's seemed like ages and then reappeared 'out of the blue' so to speak, so you never know...

Hi, I'm Kate. I'm 17 years old, now going into 12th grade, and i have a few stories about poop and urine. I'm not all that comfortable telling people about my accidents, but I am going to try to relate them to you. Ugh, you have no idea how afraid i am of telling this story. It was two months ago and every year the town i live in has a "marathon." Basically it is a day when everybody from the town gets together and talks and eats and buys clothing and cheap trinkets, but the day starts out with this 10 mile race. For the kids and people in not very good shape they have a 3 mile hike, but as a practical matter everybody from the ages of 15 to 35 does the 10 mile race, and everybody else the hike. Well, given I am seventeen and a fast runner, I decided that this year i would try the race as supposed to the hike. The night before I had spagetti with meatsauce. That morning i woke up with a terrible stomach ache, but i was determined to do the race anyway. I got up and got on my lightweight running clothing, and started the race. I was able to easily keep in the top 10 people, but my stomach kept hurting and i felt dreadfully ill. During the last mile out of nowhere i started to leak diarrhea into my shorts. not much, but some. I felt like i was going to vomit up whatever was making me sick, but i didn't want to do it infront of all of those people. i ran the fastest and hardest i have ever run in my life, and beat the second place winner by over a minute! Well, that is the good news. The bad news was no sooner did i make it across the finish line did I start vomiting all over myself, and worse--diarrhea started comming out into my pants! I didn't stay for the trophy-getting, and went home. At home i barfed once went to sleep, and woke up feeling great the next morning.

The embarrassing part is that I told a close friend about how sick i felt before, during and after the race, how i threw up all over my entryway when i got home (my parents let me fix up the shed a few years ago, and now i have my own little apartment inside the former shed!!!) and slept for the rest of the day, and what i had eaten beforehand. I had completely forgotten that her father was a writer for the local (and i mean very local, as in for my town only) newspaper. The next day there was an article on my win "despite a stomach illness that Kate ****** was suffering from." it went on to describe what i had eaten, how i threw up on my entryway, everything! It was even complete with a picture of me clutching my stomach at the beginning of the race, another of me passing the finishline first and looking triumphant, and then a final one of me vomiting and having diarrhea all over myself. I would have been very upset with my friend, but the artical was overall quite complimentary. Still, ocassionally i hear people whispering about me as "oh, there's that girl...Kate something-or-other...who finished 1st in the race even though she was sick! think of how well she would have done if she hadn't been sick!" it makes me really embarrassed!!! i mean, yeah it was amazing that i won the race at 17, but couldn't people remember me for ME, not the girl who puked and had diarrhea??? oh, and to complete the story I got my trophy the next day, with a small artical the following week about "kate claims the gold!"

I was wondering if anybody had any tips for me on how to get the whispers of the people to stop. as i said, i live in a very small town, and so there isn't much else for them to whisper about, and also it has only been two months...

please, i really need your help here!

michelle I would like to here more about you peeing in your room

Mister Peeper.
I remember back in the late seventies and early eighties when my step-mom's three sisters lived in or near the same town as we did. I remember at one time or another when one would visit, they would sometimes use the toilet and I remember going into the bathroom after they were done and smelling the heavy scent in the air and seeing the skid marks in the toilet. I posted a few times about aunt Nancy, but my favorite "step-aunt" was aunt Leann. Aunt Leann at the time was a beautiful, thirty-five year old who was at the time recently divorced with no kids which may be the reason why she took up with me so well. She had the "big" flowing brunette hair, big hips, big thighs and always dressed and smelled nice. I never dreamed of seeing such a beautiful woman as this on the toilet let alone think that she would ever let me anywhere near the bathroom while she was in it. At the age of thirteen, I was already into spying and staging my walk-ins while various women were on the toilet. Aunt Leann had asked me to go shopping with her one saturday morning. When I arrive at her house, she was already dressed in a short black skirt, pantyhose, heels and sitting on the coffee table watching t.v. and I went over and sat beside her. As we sat and chatted, I noticed she kept raising the left side of her butt up a bit. She did this for a few times until she said, "Before we leave, I'm going to use the commode sweety, If you don't mind would you bring me another cup of coffee to the bathroom?" My heart started beating like a jack hammer as I rushed in the kitchen to make the coffee. My hand were shaking because I knew what I was about to see. I rushed back to the bathroom door and timidly knocked and she said, "you can come in sweety" and as I opened the door I almost lost my breath because she looked so beautiful and sexy sitting there in all her glory. Her pee was dribbling to a stop as I went in and handed her the coffee. She was sitting, leaning forward with her hands clasped together. Her pantyhose and panties were srtetched across the top of her beautiful thighs and her skirt hiked up over her large hips. Her feet in the heels were slightly pointed inward. She Thanked me for her coffee and said, "you can stay in here and keep me company dear but it may take me a little while" and I sat down on the side of the tub and and began to chat. Once again she was raising her butt up slightly and you could hear a few escaping, as she called them, "toots" until a loud crackling and hissing began. At this point our chat stopped and she started, in a slightly grunty voice talking about her turd coming out. She said, " it comes sweety....mmmmmmmI haven't been in a day or.......crackle..sssssssss two....might better hold your nose sweety......sssssscracklecracklesssssssss.......SHEW." and the turd made a "FLADOOOP" sound as it fell into the water. At this point she sat her coffee on the sink counter and we began to chat again and the whole time I heard gentle "ploops" as she finished up. The bathroom was stinking, but not in a bad way, just a heavy scent that seemed to waft up from behind her. I couldn't believe she wiped in front of me a several times and got up pulling her pantyhose up and dropping her skirt revealing a long, light brown turd and several smaller ones in the toilet. She flushed the toilet and didn't say a thing about me seeing her turd swirling around leaving the heavy marks in the toilet. The only thing she said as we were watching it go down was, "SHEW........Aunt Leann had to poopydoo sweety" and then asked me if I needed to use it before we went shopping and I turned and peed and looked at the skid marks a bit more not believing that this sexy woman just left them. I have about three more stories about my aunt leann that I will post later if anyone is interested.

I've never really had too much trouble shitting but I always needed to wipe a lot to get clean.(oftern clogging the toilet) Well I have been using a fiber supplement lately and what a difference. Every morning shortly after I get up I get natures call to sit on the toilet. The results are very enjoyable. Nice logs that feel so good coming out and usually one or two wipes are all that are necessary. This first morning movement is quite large and gives the feeling of being thoroughly cleaned out. I look forward to each morning just for this event!!

Jim: There was a previous post about the Washington Sq restrooms that was similar to what u reported.

Guy: Speaking from personal experience psylluim husk fiber supplement is great for giving easy bm's. It is available plain or flavored & sweetened.

Adam D
Been busy lately and haven't been on for awhile. I had an interesting experience at a friend's July 4th party. He invited about 12 people to his place. He has a small house but with a pool in the back yard. I didn't know the other people, just my friend, but talked with most of them during the day. So around 5 pm he and a few others head out to get some additional supplies at the store. I stay behind as well as the other 7 in the pool (I wasn't in the pool at the time, had gone to my car to get something and then came back into the house). I figured since noone else was around in the house I would make use the the bathroom. I went upstairs and used the only bathroom. I hadn't gone since I got there about 1 pm and needed to pee and also to poop. So I had just started pooing when I heard the back door of the house open and close and then some creaking sounds as somebody came up the stairs. It was quiet for about 30 seconds and then I heard a knock on the bathroom door. I said I would be a few minutes. Then a response, it was a woman's voice and I could tell who it was. Her name was Noel, 24 year old, cute, a little chubby, outgoing personality. She said "please hurry. I'm about ready to explode!". I that point I didn't know if she meant to pee or poop, so I said "ok, hold on a minute." I squeezed out the one solid poop I was working on, pulled up my pants (didn't flush), and opned the door. She was standing in the hallway, in a bikini, and was looking desperate. I told her I would need to go back in when she was done because I wasn't finished and she said thanks and went in and closed the door. I listened at the door. I heard an almost immediate series of loud farts and then a constant barrage of small plops lasting about 30 seconds, and then a sigh of relief. I heard a little tinkling of the water then the sound of tp. She flushed and then opened the door. She thanked me and said "sorry, I just couln't wait". I said "no problem it sounded like you really had to go". I went back in and closed the bathroom door and continued. Her poop sure smelled nastier than mine.

This happened about 3-4 years ago.

When I was 12 I was out playing at my friends house. We were out playing dodge ball. We would play for about half an hour then take a fifteen-minute break and then go back to playing. After a while I started to get a small urge to poop, but this happens to me a lot, so I didn't think much of it, so I just kept playing. As I kept playing the urge kept getting worse and worse, and after a while I had to sit out, because my stomach was hurting me so much. I finally managed to clinch my butt cheeks together, and I started to feel better, so I got back in the next round. During the next round my friend pegged me right in the stomach with the ball, and after that I felt like I was going to poop in my pants right there, but I regained control. Then, I told my friend I wasn't feeling well, and that I wanted to go home. He told me I could just use his bathroom, but I declined (they were always filthy!). So I started walking home. We lived a couple blocks apart, so I thought I could make it. Once, I got half way there I doubled over and felt the intense force of a load pushing against my bum, but after much pain, I managed to regain control, and so I kept going. After I walked about another 10 meters I got the same sensation. Then it started happening to me every five steps. So finally I couldn't take it anymore, and as I got the urge I squatted relaxed my bowels, and let a huge log start flowing into my pants. When I felt my bowels starting to close I pushed as hard as I could and pushed about twice as much into my white briefs. Finally, because I didn't want to overflow my underpants, I stopped and kept walking along the dirt road home. I could feel an enormous load in my pants, but it was so hard I wasn't too scared of it squeezing out. I made it home, and no one was there, which is what I expected. I took off my pants and checked them for any stains, but there weren't any, so I was pretty relieved. At that point I walked into the bathroom, and sat down on the toilet with my undies still pulled up, and then I started pushing again, forcing the rest of the poop into my underwear. After that I walked around for a little while, and then finally cleaned out my underwear, and washed the stains out of them before my parents got home. I also made sure to take a shower

clean up guy
carin: I work at supermarket. And i clean both men's and women's restroom.
When i'm cleaning in the ladies room i always have the door wide open,to let them know i'm in there. Any way i dont close down restroom. I'm gentalman when they walk in or walk up too the door i just step out and them pee or poop. I dont want them to wait on me to finish cleaning the restroom. BTW they are the costomers thats how we get paid.:)

well on page 470 someone said if you pushed at the same time water is running into yuor rectum it goes in i tried and ended up taking a huge dump in my panties, i used a spray bottle and squirted like ten squirts in there i forgot i had to go to the dentist...i really didnt feel like poopimg so i got dreassed and went there the dentist makes you wait so long i had to go poo right now so i let go thinking it was only just water i ended up having waves of diarrhea fall in to my panties and filled them up i was mortified i ran out still messing my panties and went home guess i have to make another appoinntment...

To Jim: Hope you weren't too traumatized by using the john in Washington Square. Here in Texas when you shit out in the open it isn't as big a deal. I think people in New York are little more self conscious. But I'm with you buddy, that's one gamble I wouldn't risk losing. If I was cramping, I would've used them too. Thanks for the story.

The New Number Two
Hi all!

I've got a question I'd like to put to this board:

Why do ladies always seem to wear tight pants and skirts? and more importasntly how do they deal with this when going to the toilet?

Opinions anyone?

Hey i'm holsding my pee i held it from 6:00 yesterdaay and it is 9:00 today and i really have to go. i'll keep you posted.

to Michelle: mabey tis no coincidence mys name is also Michelle but i also pee in my room at night on the ground, unfortunetlly my room does smell like pee thougfh...

Mr. Clogs
Loadius Maximus: Thanks for sharing your experiences about peeing/pooping in strange places and things. Now I have pooped in strange things like a cup, but I never thought of the Pringles Chips can? I have to say that is one the strangest in my book! Maybe if could work the nerve, I'll give it a shot, but I worry about missing the target and getting some on the floor, yuck! I have peed into my garbage can in my room with garbage in it, on a load of dirty laundry of mine. Anyway's thanks, and I might consider the idea.

Michelle: I liked your post. The question about peeing on the floor in your room, no I haven't, but if I pee into a container somtimes, I get some on the floor if I miss, or if the container is too small to capture my pee it may overflow and get some on the floor. I am amazed that your room doesn't have that "pee-pee" smell. I also have a question, do you have carpeting or hardwood flooring in your bedroom, maybe that could contribute to the non smell factor. As far as it being a sick idea, to me it all comes down to people's opinion about this, some may considering the idea of using container's as toilets as a sick idea. Like I said it's all about personal optinions about that, I'll let other people decide. Well gotta go, I post later if any, take care.--Mr. Clogs

I felt a bad shit cramp comming on and before i could make it to the bathroom i shit all in my underwear.This is the first time i have pooped in my underwear as an adult.It smelled pretty bad i went to the bathroom finished shitting in the toilet when i got done i wiped got up and jumped in the shower.i Throwed my underwear away.Has anyone else shit there pants acidental thank goodness i was home when this happened.Well i better go just thougt i would post

I was on vacation (Sort of) a few days ago, and we were parked right by a bathroom, which was fine with me, because our camper didn't have a working pump. Anyway, I went in, peed, tried to flush, and then saw that someone else had pooped, clogging the toilet. Well, the toilet flooded, (Really bad, because I was on my period, so there was blood.) and what 's worse, that was when I realized that I had to poop. I thought about going in the other stall, but someone chose that exact moment to come in and take it. Well, I didn't want them to see me, so I stood on the toilet seat, (Which was covered in who-knows-what) and I was seriously praying, "God, please let me survive this." Then the lady said, "Why are you hiding? I saw your feet." So I told her it was flooded when I went in, and she left. So I went into the next stall, did my business, and flushed. I was horrified to see that it didn't go down. But one more flush, and it was sent on it's way. I went to tell the bathroom-plumber guy that somebody, (Not ME, of coarse,) had flooded the girls' bathroom. Man, I'll NEVER forget that!

Greetings Everyone!

I am a frequent visitor of this site. I have a shit story for you guys. One day I had to take a dump. While I was on the crapper, I felt an extemely hard turd coming out of my asshole. I was grunting real hard. I said "What cause shit to be hard?" Anyhow, I was continue to push, and turd got even harder. When it finally came out. Then another turd was about three times a hard. When I wipe my ass, there was a pretty bit of blood on the tissue as well as shit residue. My butt was real sore. I've got to go for now.

I have tried to talk my girlfriend into squatting in her room at night but she doesn't want to make a mess in her room. I wish she enjoyed it like u do.

Answers to Diarrhea Girl's survey:

1)How often, on average, do you have diarrhea/poop that is runnier than normal? My poop is usually runny anyway
2)When you have diarrhea do you take anything or do anything to make it stop? Or would you rather let it all out? I would rather let it all out
3)Have you ever had an embarrassing diarrhea accident? Explain. Nope nope nope
4)What is the usual colour and consistency of your diarrhea? Light brown
5)Do you enjoy having diarrhea? Not really
6)Has anyone ever watched you have diarrhea? Nope
7)Do you ever take ex-lax or another laxative and what effect does this have on your poop? (Describe the differences) Nope
8)Have you ever had diarrhea in a place other than a toilet? e.g the floor, a chair. Was it on purpose? Nope. Only in the toilet
9)Females: Do you get diarrhea when you have your period? Sometimes. But not all the time

AJ :o)
PRG--I would be most bugged by lack of TP and would be so even more than lack of soap, because it would be easier to get to somewhere with soap, wash up, and feel perfectly-clean than to have residue squishing around in my panties for who-know-how-long and even spreading to other parts of my body.

LM--Ever hear of something called "The Turd Twister" that is supposed to shape your poop as it comes out?

I don't know how well it really works (or if it even does and this is just a joke ad/website), but I know it's a real scream to read about--and I somehow found it so funny that I laughed until I had tears in my eyes when I noticed that one of the molds had a star shape. I don't know why that was more hillarious than any of the other shapes, but it was.

Fat Woman--I don't know about somebody's grunts and windbreaking actually waking me up (though I once woke myself up when I let go of a really loud one several years ago), but I can tell you about a time when I was a freshman in college and was watching a late-late movie with another girl from the dorm. I managed to fall asleep (doze off) for a little bit and, then, began to come to. The other girl must have thought that I was sound asleep, so she decided to relieve some pressure. She made a kind of UH! sound--which was followed by a poofy toot and a sigh of relief. She also kinda squirmed and bore down to help things along. I didn't notice any smell, and I continued to pretend to still be asleep so she wouldn't be embarrassed. She only did it once.

Michelle--I never peed in a corner of any room without my potty-chair being there, but I frequently did something that came close when I really had to pee and didn't want to miss any more of what was happening on TV than I had to. I would squat over the register grate (one of those old-time types that was a little smaller than a checkerboard with openings a little smaller than ther squares of a checkerboard) and pee down into the furnace. It was a wonder that the thing didn't blow up or something! I don't think I was any older than seven the last time I did something like that. It felt rather good with the warm air blowing up on me while I peed away.

Today, I'm on what is, likely, the heaviest day of my monthly period (though others come close). I feel bloated and tired, and I'm bleeding all over the place. Most of my bloating is in my legs and feet, and I still seem to find plenty of fluid to pee and bleed out without relieving the puffiness. As I lose weight, this should become less of a problem.

That's about it for today.

Oh yes!

One more interesting story I read sometime back when I was online.

There were these two little boys (either best friends or brothers--or both, perhaps), and they were at the beach and needed to go use the restroom.

The restroom was in a block building, and they went back to use this stall.

Soon, this young man (looked to be in his twenties) wearing swim trunks came in and went over by the urinal. He didn't pee. Instead, he kept standing there and pushing out gas, giving a big sigh after each expulsion (probably, part sigh-of-relief and part sigh-of-letting up from straining).

He was really going all out in an attempt to remove all of the built-up gas from his body, and kept it up for a long, long time.

The boys decided to be quiet and stay in the stall to see how long he did this.

It kept going on and on:

BOOP! Aaaahhhh!

BOOP! Aaaaaaahh!

BOOP! Aaaaahhh!

And on and on like that for awhile with one or two toots at a time followed by a sigh.

At one point, he went Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop! (followed, of course, by a big sigh)

and the boys could hardly control their giggles.

Then: boooooopity-boop-boop-boop-boop-booooooooop! (another big sigh)

And that was too much for the boys!

They disolved into hysterical laughter and ran out of the bathroom and rolled over and over in the sand.

They said that the guy never came out, and, as far as they knew, he was still in there tooting away!!!

My guess is that he must have been with a girl whom he wanted to impress, and he must have eaten something that gave him fierce gas, so he decides to go off to the restroom to let it all out so that he wouldn't do it around his girlfriend.

But he had no idea as to how long it was going to take.

It's a wonder that his date hadn't gone looking for him and would, then, learn what he was up to. I wonder how she would react?

How would you react?

Personally, I think it's kinda sweet that he was trying to be such a perfect gentlemen! He was certainly working at it!

AJ :o)

MICHELLE--I have never intentionally peed in my room...I've had a few accidents, but never on purpose. However, my friend Mike has. He's 19, 6'4", boney/skinny, pierced and goth. He used to pee in the corner of his room just to piss off his dad (they had a very bad relationship). But since he moved out and got married, he quit...since his dad isn't there to get upset about it anymore....

PUNK ROCK GIRL--in response to your survey: What is your biggest per peeve about public restrooms?

1. No toilet paper
2. No doors on stalls
3. No soap
4. Water/garbage on the floor
5. Odor

My answer would be the odor. The toilet paper thing isn't a big deal b/c I never poop in a public restroom. I don't mind peeing in front of other guys, so I can handle no doors. I never get pee on my hands, so I can deal with just rinsing my hands and not feel like I HAVE to have soap. Water and garbage on the floor aren't too bad usually, but the ODOR is so bad sometimes! I hate walking into a horribly bad smelling bathroom that smells like poop or worse. Once I walked into a bathroom in Wal-Mart where a guy was in a stall throwing up...just the smell was enough to make me halfway sick!

1. What is your age? 19
2. Gender? male
3. Weight, height and build(i.e. fat,chubby,tall,slim, etc.) tall and thin/toned
4. Race? (doesn't have to clear exact background; white, black,asian...) white
5. About how many times a day do you fart? What foods contribute to your farting? I've never really counted, but not a lot...beans and taco bell make me fart more.
6. What kind of farts do you rip? (wet, loud, silent, etc.) Does the size/shape of your butt contribute to the sound of your farts? mostly loud, but not wet or too smelly usually...I don't know if my butt size has anything to do with it
7. Are you comfortable farting around others? If so who? only my roommates
8. Where are you comfortable farting? home or in my car
9. Do you have a reputation of being the person that farts alot? Have you liked farting since you were a kid? not really...I'm not big into it that much
10. Have you ever farted in someones face? If so what was the situation? Or has someone farted in your face? no, never and they better not or I'll kill them...
11. Do you try to push out farts for relif or humour around friends? only if i really need to
12. Do you enjoy farting underwater to see bubbles? Not really
13. Do you know if you fart while you sleep? Don't know
14. Do you know someone who rips huge farts? most of my friends do the silent-but-deadly
15. How many times a day do you poop? usually once a day
16. Describe the way your turds(logs) usually look. (color, size, length, texture, amount of turds, etc.) usually firm medium brown logs
17. Describe the last dump you had? one single firm brown log.
18. Have you ever pooped yourself? How old were you? I did several times as a lil kid...
19. Did you think pooping was funny or gross when you were a kid? just a fact of life
20. Have you ever clogged a toilet with your own turd? yes but only once
21. Have you ever pooped in a pool or bathtub? no
22. Do your turds usually float or sink? sink
23. How long do you usually have to wipe? just a couple of times
24. Have you ever had a dump so big it hurt your butthole? yes and it really sucked
25. Do you feel your butt is the right size/shape contribute to the way you poop?. I guess so

who cares
Ok, 1st time poster. Neway, I just got back from a skol trip. The whole time they gave us like 0 bathroom breaks. I hadn't gone shit the whole 3 days! On the way home, I had fallen asleep. When I woke up, we had arrived @ the rest stop. Good thing too, cuz I really had to shit! Well, I got in line, a looooooong line. I waited 4 like ever, having to shit my brains out. I finaly got to a frre stall. Problem- no tp. Shit. Then I saw another, but, there was no lock. I didn't care, all I wanted to do was shit. I went in and shit this turd like almost a foot and a half! Then more came. I couldn't stop. Bout 5 min later, I was all emptyed out. It felt sooo good. I no this was a shit story, but does ne1 have a good pee 1? We need more!. Also, has ne1 held their pee all day 4 fun? Plez tell!


i've used the washington sq bathrooms before. pretty clean most times - just be careful of the drug dealers.

Thursday, July 14, 2005


If A man cleans a womens restroom or if a woman cleans a mens restroom, they are suppoosed to close them. I came across that one time in a mall.

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