Hi, my name is Maria! I'm a 17 year old who is 5'6'', weighs 135lb, has blue eyes, and brown hair. I found this place one day when I was searching for embarassing stories to cheer me up from my ex-boyfriend (screw him anyways ^_^). It's so wonderful that there's such a place on the net for poop and pee! Anyways, I wanted to talk about this problem I have:

See, I have this problem with my biological clock...when I was in school, I never used the bathrooms (because the girls never flush the toilets...grody >_<), so I held it every day. Since I always had soooo much homework from my classes, I rarely had time to use the toilet at home (maybe a quick pee a day, but that was it)! The only true time I had bathroom time was on the weekends. By Friday, I was constipated and holding over 4 days of poo, but when Saturday hits, I'm a different story. As soon as I woke up, I rushed to the bathroom, took my panties off, and sat down on the toilet. Instantly, I would have a huge bowel movement that lasted about 2 or 3 minutes. This would happen randomly during the whole weekend (my record so far is 10 times). So...yeah, my body practically had its own laxitive within me.

Now that school's done, my biological clock has been broken! It usually stays on the Saturday/Sunday plan, but sometimes it switches days like Wednesday/Thursday or Tuesday/Wednesday. I hate when that happens because I always have friends over (>_>). Does anyone have a suggestion for my ticking problem?

I hope to be an active poster on here, I have a ton of poop stories! Later!


Hi everyone. My name is Angie and I'm 20 years old. I have long brown hair, green eyes and lightly tanned skin.

When I was a kid my parents were always really relaxed about the toilet. I was potty trained when I was about 2 years old but had semi-regular accidents until I was 10 or so. My parents had the attitude that clothes can be washed, and my accidents never really hurt anyone.

I have always had problems with constipation. It is rare for me to poop two days in a row. Part of what contributes to my constipation is that if I don't "go" shortly after I feel the need I lose the urge and it may be anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 days before I feel the need to poop again.

I told my parents about the problem as a kid, and from then on if I got constipated for more than 3 days my mom would call the school and ell them I was sick, give me prune juice or something to make me go, and then send me back to bed. After I was settled in bed she would always give me the same speech.

"If you feel like you can poop I want you to go to the toilet right away. If you're lying in bed and you feel it start coming, don't fight it. I would rather you go in your pants than make your problem worse by trying to stop it until you make it to the bathroom."

It didn't matter if I pooped 10 minutes later or two hours later she never made me go to school on those days.

When I was younger she would tell me that I couldn't get up and play until I pooped, I either had to be in bed or on the toilet. Naturally, I figured out that the sooner I pooped the sooner I could play, and as soon as my mom left the room after her little speech I would begin trying to poop in my pants.

Now for my questions.

1. Was anyone here ever encouraged as a child to poop their pants to end constipation?

2. Has anyone here ever pooped their pants on purpose while constipated as a child (without permission or encouragement)?

3. Has anyone here ever had an accident as a child because they were constipated, and then they had a sudden urge to go but couldn't make it to a bathroom?

Please share your stories if you answer yes to any of those questions. I'll try to post some stories about my own childhood soon.


1)How often, on average, do you have diarrhea/poop that is runnier than normal? Not that often

2)When you have diarrhea do you take anything or do anything to make it stop? Or would you rather let it all out? I would make it stop

3)Have you ever had an embarrassing diarrhea accident? Explain. yeah my dad and I were going out to lunch and I crapped my panties while eating lunch

4)What is the usual colour and consistency of your diarrhea? Dark Black and chuncky

5)Do you enjoy having diarrhea? No

6)Has anyone ever watched you have diarrhea? Yeah, I let my boyfriend watch once cause he was obsessed and so one day I felt brave enough to tell him that I had to poop and that he could watch, he practically tripped running to the bathroom with me.

7)Do you ever take ex-lax or another laxative and what effect does this have on your poop? (Describe the differences) Yes, The poop just slid out

8)Have you ever had diarrhea in a place other than a toilet? e.g the floor, a chair. Was it on purpose? I actually did poop through a thong onto a chair 4 times by accident

9)Females: Do you get diarrhea when you have your period? No, only constipation

so, I must admit that I have somewhat of a fetish, with digestion that is. Nothing gets me going like a good stomach rumble and poop story. My poop story is full of gurgles and growls for anyone who likes to listen to the grumbling stomach.

It all started on my way to my first day of college. I was in my car, having stuffed myself full of breakfast. I ate a piece of turkey, not knowing how old it was, and made some toast. I got through my first 2 classes with no problem. By 5 o'clock, my stomach started feeling funny. And was it loud! I was sitting in Psychology, and everyone within the room could hear my stomach " muroump, groump, bluemrup" I left class, after everyone was staring at me, everyone could hear my churning burbling stomach growling away. I decided that it must be that I have to poop, so, I walked to the nearest bathroom, and sat down. Nothing came out except little farts, which awakened every stomach noise. I got a cold wave over my body, and realized that there must be something else wrong with me. So, I decided to ditch my last class, and go home. On the way home, my stomach was going absolutly crazy! All of a sudden, I felt like I had to puke. I pulled into the nearest parking lot, and realized that there were people standing out there. So, I dumped out my purse, and puked. At the same time, I shit an immense amount of diarrea in my pants. I didnt know what to do with my purse, so, I left it outside. My stomach was still making huge loud gurgling, and massive growling sounds, so, I decided I better hi tail it home. I got home, and went right in the bathroom, and had massive diarrea again. My stomach sounded as if it had bombs going off. I took my pants and underwear off, threw them in the shower, and the poop was dripping down my legs and onto the floor. My mom came to the door, and asked if everything was ok, and opened the door. There I was standing in all of my glory, with poop all over the floor, in the toilet and in the shower. She looked at me as my stomach was going crazy still. She helped me clean myself up. Afterwards I went to the fridge, and looked at the date on the turkey, and realized it had been expired for over a month.

Anyway, I hope that somebody shares their poop stories, and can post what their stomach sounded like through it all. I cant be the only one who gets excited when I listen to other peoples stomachs growl. If you like it too, write a post to me and we will talk growling! Peace!

Your ability is of interest to many of us. Please describe for us incidents where you (chose to? found yourself in a situation where you had to) held for a vry long time.
What happens? How does it feel? Pressure turning to discomfort turning to pain?
Thanks so much, and I look forward to future posts.


To: Albert Poop Decker I often have dreams about shitting or pissing in weird spots, I have always had very vivid dreams but these are always like a movie. I have the most bathroom related dreams when I am only napping and not in a full nights sleep. Lots of times it includes me trying to pee into a urinal (I am a woman) or something else where I have to stand up to pee into

Paul S.
Fiona A while back, about 20 or so pages or so ago I read your story about pooping in your white cordoury pants as a senior in high school. Can you please give the page, I printed it & lost it. I can relate; I pooped my white cordourys when I was in 8th grade; my pants were totally brown & everyone knew. Can you go into more detail of how embarressed you were & how did the poeple in your school react during & after the accident. Did anybody question you about it later. Did you try to ask to be exused before it happened & when it happ0ened how quick was it; was it a big suprise & how did you feel at the moment when you pooped your pants.How did your pants look. Don't worry bathroom accidents happen & your still the same wonderful person. I still occasoinally have pooping accidentsthem; people seem to be less rude about it these days as an adult.

hey im new here. im 16, 5'4", brunette, athletic. all my life ive had what i would call severe constipation. i poop a max of twice a week, sometimes i go up to 2 weeks without going. when i do go the result is quite painful, but over they years ive kinda got used to it. when i go after 2 weeks my poop is very hard and dry and a really dark brown color, it is really thick and feels sharp when its coming out, they can also be very long, ive hard logs that are several inches under water before they break off. these big poos also cause many toilet cloggings. at first my parents would unclog the toilet, but now they have got so sick of it i have to do it, which is kinda annoying and pretty gross. i do enjoy the feeling of relief and of empty bowels after being plugged up for so long, but its getting really old. i dont want to talk to a doctor about it and even though everyone in my family knows about my constipation i never talk about it with them. can anyone here give me some tips to help? is there anyone else like me?

Well, I'm guessing the mods didn't like my other post since it never showed up here, so I'll try again.

I admit it, I've been lurking here for a while. I like to read the stories and I decided I should post some of my own. I'm 18 years old, about 5'7" and I have dark brown hair and green eyes.

I'm really happy that I found this site because I thought I was the only one that was interested in going to the bathroom. I have some stories to post but I don't have time to do it right now. Just a quick question though, is it safe to hold your pee for long periods of time? Like, more than 10 hours?


One time, I got a very bad infection, I went to bed, and had to pee, when I was peeing it was teribly painful, I could barely even pee, I was letting out drops of blood and pee mixed, I thought I was having my period! So i told my mom, she said (at the time) That i was to young to have it, so she told me to go to bed and we'll see what happens in the morning, in the morning when I woke up, some more blood leaked from down below, I called my mom in my room, and she saw! Although it wasnt my period she still gave me a pad since it was similer to my period! I got dressed and she took me to the doctors, the doctor said I have a bladder infection, I cant really remember what they did because I was very young! But I do remember it was a infection! And it was very painful till it was over!

Justa girl
to: who cares
Well personly for me when I have my period, I poop more, like most girls, they have diarrea during there period! But also some girls are different, some girls pee more! And it also depends for me, sometimes i pee more but mostly for me I poop! Does that answer your question? I hope so, see ya!

We had a family barbecue this past weekend at my sister-in-law's house. Her daughter, who is 7, apparently got too preoccupied in playing and ending up pooping in her pants. I am happy to say that my sister-in-law treating it very casually and didn't yell at or try to embarrass her daughter any further. She just told her, "well, next time try to get to the bathroom in time." as she took her into the bathroom to clean up. In 10 minutes, the poor girl was all cleaned up and back out playing.

Now here is my question. My sister-in-law just took the soiled panties, sealed them up in a plastic bag, and through them in the garbage outside. She didnt' bother to clean them or even to make her daughter clean them. I'm sorry to say that I had my share of accidents in my day -- especially since I refused to do my bowel movements in the school bathrooms -- and oftentimes would have accidents on my way home from school. My mom was generally pretty understanding it all. She did express her dissapointment in me and her frustration (especially when it continued to happened when I was like 11 or 12), but I don't think she ever really yelled at me and she certainly never punished me. There was, however, one thing she insisted on. She ALWAYS made me clean up the mess. I mean just as soon as walked in the door with my messy panties, I knew I was heading straight to the bathroom and cleaning everything up before doing anything else. I had some major messes over the years and cleaning out those panties could sometimes be a major project, but she NEVER failed to make me do it.

I am just curious as to whether your mom made you clean out your soiled underwear or if she just threw them away like my sister in law did.

Hey ya'll i tyhink you should know nnow that i have overactive bladder and often piss myself in bed at home or anywhere else so i atcually wear diapers and i'm lazyy so i shit in them too...i love it when i'm drunk and piss and shit my self.

Hello, Holly here.

Once me and my bro, sis, and 3 of my cousins and our parrents went for a picnic.
We went in this big field next 2 a big burned down mall [at least we think its a mall]
The 6 kids [me, joe, rowan, sarah, austin and dylan] went into the mall [without permiton] to see if there were dead bodys
rowan and austin took the upstairs, joe and dylan took the outside and me and sarah took the downstairs.
After 5 minutes i had to pee, what looked like the bathroom was across the hall, i told sarah i was 'going pee' but when i got in there i relised that i didn't have a clue of how to use it, i finaly disided just to squat and pee.
In mid-stream dylan fell trought the roof [for those who don't understand how this could happen the bilding had had a major fire at some point and the floors were weakened]
It was one of those times when a was 2 shocked 2 stop peeing and pull up my panties, dylan saw it all.

I was in a unisex bathroom for the first time in my life yesterday and boy was it an interesting expierience...well whenn i came in no one was there then i heard someone rushing in, it was a man he sat on the toilet and from what i heard he had horrible diarrhea. in less than 2 min he stood up wiped his but and threw-up all over the floor while he threw up diarrhes exploded out of his but and landed on the ground and really turned me on. i came out of the stall thee same time he came out and i came face to face with the most adorrable hunk i ever saw in my life, you know the california sufer type,extra gorgeous about the age of 20 which would be just one year older than me. he wasn't uncomfortable at all he said hey like nothin happened but i smiled and said hi back...then he said do i want to meet at the movies i was flattered and said yes we settled on the date and time when he groaned asnd the back of his jeans turned brown and wet i just said i'll see you there and left i'll keep you posted on how the date goes.

And to all the women: i have a suggestion try peeing like a man does in a toilet, i've tried and it works!

Crapping girl
Hi Im new to this site, I am going to go by crapping girl, but my real name is Rosa, I have long black hair, just above my belly button, a bit fat, but not really, and I only wear glasses to read, one time, I was at the movie with my friends, Janice, Kristen, and Kayla, and after I had an urge to crap! But I didnt feel I wanted to go yet, so when I got home, I had the BIGGEST urge by now! I went and unlocked my door since everyone was sleeping, because it was late! And I went to my room (everyone has there own bathroom in there room) I got to the toilet, and I pulled down my pants, and panties, and sat, I started to push, and I felt a little movement, then it started to come down, my anus opened up wide, and i lifted the one side of my butt up a bit, and since it was painful, the one side of my mouth kind of did a side smile and the eye on the same side kinda squinted, i pushed some more as It came out more, then i heard a splash, then I pushed again, and another soft log slid out, followed by little soft poops, after I had to wipe three times, then flushed, and I woke up not even two hours later and I had terible diarrea, i ran to my toilet, (oh yeah after my last poop i put on my t-shirt that goes to my knees and took my undies off! anyway and I plopped on the toilet, I exploded, there was lots of liquid diarrea pooring out of my ass, it sounded kind of like pee! and I had a couple chunks in there to, it took lots of wiping! Well thats all for now, but please tell me, what kind of stories do you want! I have many pee and poop stories, but I prefere to read poop stories myself!

Poopy Chick
I am using my friends computer right now to ask you all a question, I have many poop stories, but what kind do you want? Constipated, diarrea, outdoor, containers or my camping trip poop stories? I cannot decide witch kind I want to post, so I thought since its all of you reading it I will let you decide!

I really want to know why boys always have poop stains and girls barely do. My boyfriend gets so embarassed, but I know he wipes as good as he can. Anyone fill me in?

hi it has been a while since i have posted. well this weekend i went to a church camp out. there is a lot of young people in there teens and twenties. boy were the restrooms busy after meals. not a lot of noises i heard but it sure smelled. It was that way at all the rest rooms. so u had a choice but some of them would just stand and wait so they could shit.
billy and kevin l. i liked ur stories i hope u will write more soon.
kevin from the fair: love the story any more like it with ur boys.
well that is all for now happy toileting all.

How often do you get skidmarks in your panties,girls?
I get them almost every day but wondering how about other girls?

Explosive Diarrhea
My wife an I used to go to these barbeques at her coworkers house. The guy erswent to culinary school so you'd think he could cook. Anyway, At the first BBQ, I ate a bunch of sood and drank a few beers. An hour later, I feel the rumblings of ED. He only has one bathroom and there are a bunch of people standing nearby talking. I go outside and walk to the other end of the yard and try to fart so I can bleed of some of the pressure. I get one fart out, but have to squelch the second, because I almost shart me pants. I tell my wife we need to go NOW. I managed to make it home that time, Although I'm covered in sweat by time we get there.
At the next BBQ, I eat a bunch of food and feel the rumblings again! We leave in my wifes car and I can tell I'm not going to make it. I tell her to stop the car and I jump out, looking for some bushes to hide behind. But everyone in the neighborhood seems to be outside enjoying the weather and I can't find a safe spot. I sprint back into the car and yell KEEP DRIVING. Finaly we come to a gas station and I run in and it has to be the most disgusting gas station bathroom I've ever seen. The crap is spraying out before my ass hits the seat. Even though the bathroom was disgusting, at the time I thought it was about the best place on earth.

Next BBQ, it didn't eat anything. I also noticedthat the dude would take out the raw chicken, cook it, and then put it back on the same plate!

Hi there guys this is my first time posting , but I have been lurking for a long time. I am 35 y.o., shoulder lenght brunette ,5'7",with average body & a large bust. My nickname probably indicates as to my problem. Ever since I was about 18 I have had an unusual growth of body hair, so I tried all the so remedies from shaving, creams, visits to the salon etcetera, nothing seems to work for a decent lenght of time. So a few years ago I just gave in & let nature take over. So at the moment my pits are very bushy, likewise my crotch which has a treasure trail going up past my navel. When I wear say bike shorts I have quite a bulge from the thick bush, did I say my lower ass is hairy as well?By profession I am an artist who lives in a small rural community, so I have to be careful about what I say to who, I never wear tank tops or cut off shorts in case I provide some food for gossip. Some of the locals lead a very boring life, so I guess my pubes poking out from the bottom of my shorts would enlighten their lives at my expense. So you know a bit about me , but also toilet activities have always been an integral part of my life. I shall tell you a story that happend a few weeks ago, but hope to be a regular poster in the future. I had to go to the local store for the paper & a loaf of bread. I had been walking around the studio in a pair of cutoffs & tank top, so I changed to a T shirt & sarong with a pair of sandals & off I walked. The store is about 300 yards from my place, if you go the short way through a small reserve , cross a dry creek bed via a footbridge. As I approached the store I could feel a bowel movement cooking, my stomach was cramping just a little bit & the sbd' were awful. I went in , got my things , excused myself from the storekeeper saying I was expecting a phone call re a painting. On the way back the cramps started to get stronger & stronger. I reminded myself that I had not pooped for 2 days & this was going to be monster poop, mine always are. I alsdo had the need for a piss which did not help matters at all. I carried the shopping bag in front of me so I could hold onto my crotch w/out being too obvious . The footbridge was not in sight , as I was now getting desperate for a shit & a piss I thought the only solution was to duck under the bridge, relieve my desperate need for shit & wipe when I got home. Just a s I was about to take the narrow track beside the bridge I heard childrens voices coming from underneath the bridge. I was in real trouble now, one of the kids said " Hi Miss Annie(the kids always call me that)come down & play" . I crossed the bridge squeezing my cheeks together, right then I was starting to perspire as well. AS I reached the other side I could feel the knob of a turd protrude from my hole, I knew then I was in real trouble. The kids were still playing in the creek bed so I quickly got behind a small bush that covered me to my waist. By then I was starting to piss myself, I turned to face the creekbed, spread my feet & let it happen naturally. I felt this huge turd spread my ass cheeks, touch the insides of my thighs, then hit the ground with a "flooooomp", this was followed by 2 more. I held my sarong out in front & had a huge piss, which ran down my legs & onto my sandals. I felt so relieved, no more cramps, but I was left with a very shitty bum & my beard as I call the pubes that hang below my split was soaked in piss. I walked home as quick as I could, pieces of poop falling down to my knees as I walked. I jumped into the shower as soon as I got home & washed my sarong. I would like to know if there are any other girls out there who have the same hairy problem as I do , I just got sick & tired of trying to remain hairless for societies so called picture of how a woman should look. All the best............Annie

To who cares: I pee non stop whether or not it's that time of month.. but I definitely see the poo production over doubling when I'm on my period. Although lately I've been pooing 3 or 4 times a day vs my normal one... must be something I ate? LOL

Monday, July 25, 2005

I haven't posted here for a long time, but I always keep an eye on the site. I'm posting now because I' m really surprised that hardly anyone has made any comment on Heianboy's great post about a month ago, and nobody at all has thanked him for posting it (or if they have, I missed it). So anyway, I want him to know it was appreciated. It was the one describing his experience in a public toilet in Shanghai, and what you see of your neighbour as you are s(h)itting there. I remember another guy, Darius from Australia, described a slightly similar experince from a hotel/restaurant toilet in Beijing a couple of years ago - he promised to post more but never did.

I suppose there was no comment because so many posting now have other interests, an awful lot of them concerned with "accidents" - shitting in their pants. Unfortunately for me that is a turn-off, not a turn-on, just messy and a bit disgusting. Another change is that the gender balance of posters has changed, mostly women now. Don't get me wrong, I have no objection whatever to all these good people enjoying and using the site, it's just that I have to skim through an awful lot more now to find the few posts that really interest me!

What I'm hoping for is more accounts from men of shared toilet experiences with friends or strangers, outdoors or in public toilets with doorless stalls, or anywhere where you see and hear more than usual, or even at home with uninhibited friends. I don't mind posts from women either, but I think I still have a mental taboo that is hard to overcome about shared toilet experiences with the opposite sex. And this has nothing to do with sexual orientation. It's obvious from this site that some of those who enjoy bonding toilet experiences with the same sex are gay, but lots of us are not.

So, any good stories out there, guys? I'm counting on you, because ther's very little chance of finding my own experiences of this kind among the inhibited people where I live.



In response to your survey, here are my answers. And please post the stats on teens having accidents...I'm 19 and have always had peeing accidents...sometimes I feel like the only one....

3.) Have you ever been humiliated by your parents/teachers/friends for something bathroom related? What did they do? I WET MY PANTS IN HIGH SCHOOL A COUPLE OF TIMES AND KIDS MADE FUN OF ME.
4.) Have you been babied (somebody else dressing you, invading your privacy, changing your diapers, etc)? NO, I CHANGE MYSELF WHEN I HAVE AN ACCIDENT
5.) Did you develop any additional continance problems from being kept in diapers too long (bad habits, weakened muscles, daytime problems, etc)? NO...I HAVE WEAK BLADDER MUSCLES TO BEGIN WITH...I ACTUALLY DO TRY TO MAKE IT TO THE BATHROOM, BUT ACCIDENTS STILL HAPPEN SOMETIMES
6.) Did you develop a fetish because of any of this? NO
7.) Did you change your behavior because of any of this (stopped social activities, homeschooled, wear baggy clothing, etc)? FOR THE LONGEST TIME, I NEVER SLEPT OVER WITH FRIENDS OR WENT PLACES WITH FRIENDS, BUT I'VE DECIDED I HAVE TO LIVE MY LIFE ANYWAY

KATE--I love your stories, but it sucks that ppl are being such assholes about your accident. I mean, its not like the accident at the race was on purpose! People need to be more understanding and realize that it could happen to anybody. And it really shows a lot of strength on your part that you finished the race even though your were sick. I've never had an accident that big, although I've had several occassions when I wet myself...all you can really do is grin and say "It could have been anybody" and move on. I know its tough, but you'll be fine once you stop caring what stupid ppl think.



My name is D-Love. I want to comment you on a really great shit story. After I read your story, I said "WOW! This dude ate all of that?" He ate 4 sandwiches, hard boil eggs, a candy bar, cookies, a soda? I had a story similiar to yours. I was at my local grocery store shopping. I felt a urge to take a leak. So I went to the store bathroom to take my leak and head to the toilet, and you won't believe what I saw in the bowl. There was this hugh turd in the bowl about the size of a medium watermelon. I mean it was hugh!! So I decide to take a leak in the urinal instead. After that I washed my hands and continued shopping. I wish I had a camera I took a picture of this thing.

Good bye for now.

Again that was a great story.

Thunder From Down Under
Hear is a constipation story from myself, a male and with it a story of the only two times I have shitted my pants since kindergarten.
Well, here goes... I was having my IBS problems which is always constipation and stomach pains. One day during the course of it I was training at the gym, doing squatts and my stomach began to hurt, it felt like it was going to bust, my personal trainer noticed that my abdomen was uncharacteristly enlarged and swollen. I went to the doctor and he sent me straight away for an X-ray and it showed I was full of it but unusually my lower bowel was clear.....I was then sent for a CT scan some days later. All that time I was having only small BMs and was on osmotic laxatives every night but for only modest results. Just prior to the X-ray I had to drink an enormous amount of water... got up on the X-ray table feeling OK , they injected IV iodine into my arm and I became as hot as hell and then the heat quickly went to my bladder region and then around my bum and then... I had this great urge to shit and have never felt anything like it before and I do not know how I managed to hold it in and the sensation suddenly disappeared. I was thinking that they should put a pan under people "just in case". I wished I had a bedpan under me because embarrassment or not I would have let it rip... with all the constipation I had it would have been blessed release!
Anyway, got in the car feeling OK and headed for home ( which was only 10 Minutes away ) Just before I got home another surge in my bowels and this time I did not hold it back and for the first time in years and years I let it flow without too much resistance. Drove into the driveway (nobobdy at home _ great!) waddled inside, squish, squish and I stunk, Ripped off my trousers and my destroyed underpants and sat on the toilet and the main dam busted in one almighty torrent, short and severe... I was then so light I almost floated off the pot. Oh, and importantly I wipped a few times because it was all runny and wet. the clean up and disposal of clothes, as applicable, commenced.
Not totally embarrassing because nobody saw it... but could have been very, very embarrassing and particularly messy.
More next time..

The New Number Two
Hi all!

I've been watching the short film Boomerang. It has been mentioned before in the old posts so I wont go into what its about. I noticed that the women doesn't pull her skirt all the way over her hips and to her waist like women would normally do (I presume). In other words if she did that in real life the poo would come out into her skirt. The same with 'Not Another Teen Movie'. If there going to put these kind of scenes in movies why can't they be done realistically? Opinions anyone?

In my earlier post I asked a couple of questions for the ladies: Why do you wear tight pants and skirts? and how does this affect your toileting? PLEASE answer! I'd be very interested to know!

A few weeks ago I did a foot long poo! I thought such a thing would be some how impossible, but I've been proved wrong!

Do you people in this forum believe that everybody human being in this world actually in a one form or another are coprologists (is that the word?) (eg. like poo, pee and associated topics)?

Sorry about the long post!

The New Number Two

Hi Thom, it's Daniel from the UK. I'm still here, though mainly I just read the posts now.

These days I train with weights, eat plenty of hi-fiber food and I make sure I take metumucil or bran flakes every morning, along with a black coffee. I always shit a big soft log or two each morning about 9:00 (about the consistency of a big brown banana). No pushing, I just sit down, relax my anus and it comes right out. Really feels like I am cleaned out after my dumps now.

Have you tried metumucil? If you take it and still have constipation, I think you must have an underlying problem. Or perhaps you're not drinking enough water.

AJ :o)

I think that the best thing to do is to remember that these people in town aren't being meanspirited and seem to have a lot of admiration for you.

That one boy sounds as if he's really concerned about you, as well.

Keeping this in mind might help you to feel less upset.

But what I would do is simply to be upfront and tell people that this was so unpleasant for you that you'd just as soon not discuss it--but be sure to thank them for being concerned, anyway.

I think that the older you get the less embarrassed you'll be when you look back on the memories--but, right now, this probably seems to be of life-ruining proportions.

Several years ago, I ended up puking my guts out at one of my favorite restaurants.

I'm sure that that night's dinner crowd couldn't help but to notice as I created a slimy "tablecloth" of vomit.

Yet, a good dozen years later, I doubt that this would be the first thing to come to any of their minds upon seeing me--though I'm sure that they would remember the incident should I bring it up.

Reading your story brought that incident to mind.

Speaking of restaurants...

I have some friends where the husband has been known to be a regular tooting machine.

We went out for Chinese one evening, and I had to go pee after we'd finished eating.

I was finished eating, and they still had a little bit to eat at the time I went to pee.

By the time I came out of the restroom, they had just gotten up from the table to leave, and I heard this loud BOOP!

The wife (I'll call her Wilma and call her husband Fred) began to get all flustered and embarrassed.

There were my folks--who had accompanied us--and another couple in the dining room at the time, as it was quite late.

The family who ran the place were all back in the kitchen at the time, so they didn't hear anything.

So, it was really just Wilma, Fred, the other couple, my folks, and myself who were able to hear it.

Anyway, Wilma was apologizing all over the place for cutting such a loud one--and I told her that she should have kept her mouth shut, because, until she told me differently, I'd simply suspected the notoriously-flatulent Fred!

That's about it from me for now. I hope I cheered you up some!

AJ :o)

Maria, Loved your story about you and Lisa. Please tell us more about the two of you. Have either of you had to pull poop out with you fingers? Have you ever had to give/take an enema? When you were younger did your mothers have to help you poop?--JW

Becky M
1)How often, on average, do you have diarrhea/poop that is runnier than normal? At least once a week, many times more often.

2)When you have diarrhea do you take anything or do anything to make it stop? Or would you rather let it all out? I let it all out.

3)Have you ever had an embarrassing diarrhea accident? Explain. No.

4)What is the usual colour and consistency of your diarrhea? Light or dark brown.

5)Do you enjoy having diarrhea? Mostly yes. If I didn't, I would be in trouble. Sometimes it happens at inconvenient times, however.

6)Has anyone ever watched you have diarrhea? No.

7)Do you ever take ex-lax or another laxative and what effect does this have on your poop? (Describe the differences). Yes, I did once just to see what happens. It was the consistency of pure water.

8)Have you ever had diarrhea in a place other than a toilet? e.g the floor, a chair. Was it on purpose? No

9)Females: Do you get diarrhea when you have your period? Yes. But I get it other times as well.

I recently submitted this short survey that went unposted. I'll try again. This is for the ladies only.

After you have a bowel movement, do you

(1) wet your toilet tissue?
(2) use a wet pad or cloth (e.g., wet wipes)?
(3) wash your behind?
(4) use powder or some other cosmetic on your behind?
(5) use only dry toilet tissue and pull up your undies?

Thanks in advance!

1- How often do you poop and how much effort do you put into it (grunting and straining)? I poop about 2 times a week. I grunt and strain a lot

2- Have you ever been able to hear a pretty woman grunt while she is pooping without her knowing that you are there? ( even if it is just a small ehh or an almost silen sigh) Nope

3- How oftem do you hear other people pooping and grunting/straining/sighing in public restrooms while they are pooping? Not very often does that happen

4- Do you ever clog the toilet or worry about it being clogged? Nope

Mr. Clogs
Hey ya'll, it's Mr. Clogs again, I've got a post to share, so here it goes. This one involves peeing and would like to dedicate this one to all of those who like to post about peeing especially into containers. Last night (early in the morning about 1:00 AM), needed to pee, so I grabbed my blue 5-quart plastic bucket for releif. I closed my bedroom door for additional privacy, put the bucket close to my (penis) and let loose some water (pee) into the bucket for about 1 minute. Once I was empty I placed the lid back on the container and put it between some milk crates and went back to sleep.

Ok, this one goes out to those who are into pooping, especially into containers. This morning at 9:08AM, I awoke to crampping sensation in my stomach, I know its time for me to make some turds. So I grabbed that same container that was full with piss from last night and placed the container over the floor. I removed my shorts (sleeping boxers), got into position (sqautting) over the mouth of the container and made some dookie into the bucket. It took me about 10 minutes before I was done. So I placed the lid on the container, put on my boxer shorts and dashed to the bathroom to clean up the dookie form between my butt cheeks. So later that morning, I dumpted the nasty bucket into the toilet and rinsed it out for next use.
Now here's round 2, this time I decide to use the toilet. I removed my boxers and sat down on the toilet to handle my business, but this time i left the bathroom door open so I could hear the radio, because no one was in the house at the time. I wiped up and washed my hands and had some more coffee.

I have a survey here, all are welcome to participate, this one involves more pooping than peeing. So here goes.

1. What is your gender?
2. Do you leave the bathroom door open while taking a dump?
3. How long does it take for you to take a dump?
4. Can you describe the shape, texture, color and smell of your poop?
5. Do you pass aome gas before, during or after you poop?
6. Does food or some stress effect your ability, quantity, or texture of your poop?
7. Do you pee before, during or after you take a dump?
8. Have you ever took a crap other than a toilet like containers, outdoors, in a trash can, or on the floor, etc.?
9. Are you shy when using a public toilet, at some cost do you avoid it altogether when you in desperate need to take a dump in a public restoom toilet?
10. Do invite others while you're taking a dump, also do you have those buddy or group pooping sessions, have contests to see how much you or your friends take a dump?
11. Do you wipe up after you've taken a dump, if so do you leave skid marks in the toilet and/or in your underwear?
12. BONUS: Do you wash your hands and flush the toilet wheather you're at home, using the toilet in a public restroom, at a friends house, etc.?

Well got to go, I hope you all enjoyed my post and the survey, take care stay cool and safe and talk to ya'll later. Peace. --Mr. Clogs

1. How long does it take you to poop? 45+ minutes
2. Does it stink when you go? Sometimes. It doesn't stink that bad though
3. If it stinks do you turn on the fan/ open window/ spray air freshner? No
4. Do you read while you go? Yeah. If there's reading material available
5. Do you ever clog the toilet or leave skid marks or floaties? No I've never clogged the toilet or left skidmarks. Sometimes my poo floats
6. On average how many times do you have to flush after a poop? one
7. How many times do you have to wipe? five
8. Do you poop in public restrooms? Yeah
9. If you poop in public restrooms do you cover the seat? No
10. How do you know when you need to poop? I get cramps and a stomach ache
11. Do you push to get it out real fast or let nature take its course? I strain very loudly
12. Women have you ever sat to pee, but pooped even though that isn't why you sat on the toilet? Yes
13. Women when on your period do you get constipated/diarreah (explain) I get a little bit of diarrhea
15. What's the longest you have been on the toilet for a poop? 4 hours. I was really constipated that day

1. How long does it take you to poop? 20 minutes
2. Does it stink when you go? Yes
3. If it stinks do you turn on the fan/ open window/ spray air freshner? I spary air freshener
4. Do you read while you go? Nope
5. Do you ever clog the toilet or leave skid marks or floaties? I've clogged it on occasion. I don't leave skidmarks and sometimes I leave floaties
6. On average how many times do you have to flush after a poop? 2
7. How many times do you have to wipe? 6-12
8. Do you poop in public restrooms? Depends if it's really bad diarrhea or not
9. If you poop in public restrooms do you cover the seat? No
10. How do you know when you need to poop? My stomach hurts really bad and I have a lot of gas
11. Do you push to get it out real fast or let nature take its course? I let nature take its course. It's usually runny anyway so there's rarely any effort required.
12. Women have you ever sat to pee, but pooped even though that isn't why you sat on the toilet? N/A
13. Women when on your period do you get constipated/diarreah (explain) N/A
14. What's the longest you have been on the toilet for a poop? 1 1/2 hours

What is the longest pee you've ever done, state the time and your gender, i want to see if girls pee longer then boys

My longers is 7:46
And i'm a girl

I enjoy all the girls' accident stories immensley. The other day I saw a chick with wet shorts so I know how they let it out in little squirts.

A couple of surveys I found:

1. How many stalls are open when you use a public restroom to poop or piss? Usually they're all free to use
2. How many urinals are free when you guys have to piss in a public restroom? N/A
3. How many times have you found no toilet paper in a stall? None
4. Have you ever seen a person through the door of a stall on the toilet? Yeah
5. Do you guys look at other men pissing when you are pissing in urinal? N/A
6. Do you use them in a school after other boys or girls pissed and did not flush them? Nope.

1. Do you always cover the seat in a public restroom when you have to poop? No
2. Men do you put the seat up when you have to piss or leave it down? N/A
3. Have you ever pissed your pants and did not change them until later? I purposely peed myself. But I did change right away
4. Ladies do you cover the seat in a public restroom when you have to piss? Nope
5. Does the toilet paper have ripples or not? No
6. Do you use toilet paper afer pissing and pooping? Yep
7. Have you ever found a porta-pottie that someone had pissed on the seat that was dryed and stunk a lot? Nope
8. Have you ever found a porta-pottie that was pooped in and stunk a lot? Yep

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