Hey, new here. Lots of funny stories.

Last night, on my way home from work, I had to pull my car over and take a dump in the bushes on the side of the road. Luckily, I had worked the late shift and live in a fairly isolated area, so no one saw me. I made the mistake of having a sloppy joe from my company cafeteria, which made me queasy for my last couple of hours at work, but didn't make its way down south until I was about halfway home. I had another twenty minutes, and there's no way I'd make it, and there's no restaurants or gas stations (open anyway) at that time of night.

It was really nasty, explosive diarrhea. I didn't even get to wipe my butt until I got home. I left a nice big streak in the seat of my panties.


I am looking for men who have alot of trouble with constipation to post their stories. How did you take care of it? did you take an enema? what kind of enema? did you have someone else give you the enema or did you give it to yourself? did you use a suppository? did you give the suppository to yourself or have someone else give it to you?Post anything you can about your constipation experiences guys

Hi everyone, I just found out about this place and its great, I've been looking for a place to duscuss peeing and pooping with people in a friendy place with no porn or anything like that...anyway, ill describe myself....

im 5ft5, Dark hair about to my shoulders, but I wear it in a pony-tail, I have brown eyes and im about 5ft5, I also have curvy hips lol. Im 16 years old and live with my parents, my lil sister and my lil brother (both 8 years old).

anyway, I was in the park with my sister a few days ago, we had been there for a couple of hours, then she told me that she needed to wee, so because the toilets where at the other side of the park I took her behind a bush,(because there are only 1 set of toilets in the whole park (which is why i go there alot lol), you see alot of people weeing behind bushes and stuff) when we got there, their was already a kid peeing (he looked about 12), so we kept going to the fence, that was about 12 feet back from the bush and helped her get her Jeans off, she stood with her legs open, and started to wee onto the grass, after about 10 seconds she stopped and I helped her put her jeans on again and we walked back to where we where before, about 1 hour after that we started to walk home, but before we got out of the park i needed to go, so I told her that i was gonna wee and she said that she had to go again, so we both went behind a big tree, i helped her get undressed again and she started, i squatted down with my jeans and thong around my anlkes and started to wee, while i was, my sis' stopped and dressed herself, I was going for about 30 seconds then, I stopped, we both got up and walked home.

thanks for reading :-)

another quick message and a question from me...

Whenever i need to pee at night, I always just go on my room floor, in the corner, does anyone else do this? I know it might sound sick, but ive been doing it for ages and my room doesn't smell like pee, I also notice that I REALLY need to pee at night,i did it for like 20 seconds last night.

Loadius Maximus

Mr. Clogs, asked for stories about people peeing and pooping in strange things. Someone further down the archive, asked for stories about peeing in various containers. Since I enjoy both taking dumps and peeing in abnormal containers (I.E. other than the toilet), I thought I would chime in.

I have peed into yogurt cups before. Rather small, requiring a few empties along the way. Even pooped into one once, when I was twelve or so, just to be doing so. I think that was one of my first container craps.
We buy a lot of Gatoraid fitness water, which comes in tall bottles. Unfortunately, when peeing into those bottles, which I some times do (we re-use them for water purposes, but I spirit one away here and there), they do not have wide enough tops, and air pressure tends to build up within them, which makes it necessary to some times stop a good blast, to, er, move things around, so that air pressure can be released.
I prefer to use the shorter, but wider, juice bottles, which come from another product. These both hold a good amount (but not as much as the others), and have wide tops.
For some reason, I prefer a good bottle, to toilets, any day. Maybe I am lazy, and like being able to simply role out of bed, reach down, grab a bottle, interface with it, and let rip.
Twice now (both this year), I have pooped into, get this, pringles cans. Just wanted to try it, because they seemed an interesting size. While I was thinking about it the first time, I heard the comedian Larry The Cable Guy, do a routine about low fat pringles: how they give you diarea, and how that must be why they come in a tube, because you're going to need something to poop in.
The day after I heard that, is when I tried it the first time, because I had already been thinking about it, and he mentioned it. Just seemed the thing to do.
The process, for me, the first time, worked as follows: I placed the pringles can on the floor, with a bounty square under it (just in case). I then squatted or neeled over it, spread my cheeks, and put my rectal opening, pretty much right on the can, with no room for anything to go anywhere other than the can.
Unfortunately, because of having to spread like that, and press the can just so, I ended up not feeling much of anything, and was disappointed, although the bottle I was peeing into, did not disappoint. The second time, I did about the same thing, but deformed the can a little bit (making the top more oval than round), and gave it an inch or two of distance, so I could feel the exit process. It was better, but still not really what I had hoped for, and I probably won't be doing it again.
I will say this: a good sized log, certainly makes an interesting sound, when being dumped from a pringles can, into a toilet, on a steep angle. (Both times, I let the cans with their loads, sit for about 20 minutes, with the lid on, while I relaxed on the throne.)

I have a somewhat interesting bucket story, and one about a 24-hour urine test, that I will get to later.


When I was 2 I had to pee really bad and my pull-up ws full and I asked my mommy to take me to the potty. Then she took off my pull-up and made me pee in this sandy area....then I boo-booed in the same spot

To JW: To answer your questions, no, my niece and sister--in-law didn't discuss any poo related, except when Mindy said she would wake up her dad. He was at the next door neighbors' anyway, but I guess Mindy forgot or maybe she meant Marge was straining so loud the neighbors would hear! LOL!

Tell me more about your mother. Did her grunting really wake you up at night? What did it sound like? How long did it last? And under what circimstances did you witness her struggling to relieve her constipation? Very interested to hear any stories about her.


Mr. Clogs
cheryl: Hi there, I liked that post, especially that begining intro which really cracked me up. Anyways, I enjoy and look forward to your posts, keep em' coming.

Venus and Mike: Hey were are you, I miss your posts. Have you ever got a chance to relieve yourself in a container or any strange place yet? Hope everything is going ok

I call this post the bucket post. As you know all know, I've being using the bucket for the purpose of relieving myself in the mornings when I don't want to use the toilet, besides I find it fun and practical to use. When I use the bucket to take a dump in, I actually feel empty when I'm done. Now on with my post. This morning needing to move my bowels, so I grabbed my bucket that I have between the milk crates in my room. So I removed by sleeping shorts, remove the lid from the container, placed on the floor, got into position (squatting, butt cheeks spread apart), and let loose some poop. I was finished like in 5 minutes, went to the bathroom to wipe up. Once I was done cleaning my self up, I washed my hands and brushed my teeth so I could get started on my laundry. Later that morning did the same thing in the bucket. Then later on that morning, I dumped the nasty bucket into the toilet and rinsed out the bucket for next use and proceeded with the laundry and job search online. Well I hope you all enjoyed my post, take care and have a good day. --Mr. Clogs

Has anyone here ever been to Washington Square in NYC? My friends and I were in the Village and were walking through the park there when my bowels started cramping and churning. I had eaten a load of crap that afternoon at a street fair and it was coming back to haunt me. I knew there were restrooms there, so I ran over to the men's room and inside.

I was shocked to see that the toilets were completely out in the open! No stalls, just a wall seperating them from the rest of the bathroom, but nothing seperating them from each other. I almost turned and walked out, but my guts said otherwise, so I rolled off some toilet paper that was hanging from a chain and rushed to the toilet furthest against the opposite wall.

I wiped the toilet down (there were no seats, you have to sit directly on the rim), and laid more paper on the rim. I tore open my belt and zipper, yanked my pants and underwear down and sat. I had loud, painful diarrhea for several minutes.

During that time, six or seven guys came into the section to pee in the toilets. I didn't look directly at anyone, but I saw out of the corner of my eye the look of surprise on their face that there was a guy actually shitting in this restroom. What was I going to do? Risk shitting my pants until I found a restaurant that would let me use their restroom?

After finishing my dump, I leaned forward and rolled off some paper from the dispenser and wiped my ass. It took several wipes and several flushes. Some guy had been standing next to the sink, looking into the toilet area for a while. At first I thought he was staring at me, then I realized he was waiting for me to finish so he could go.

When me ass was sufficiently clean, I pulled my pants back up and got out of there. I went straight to the closest drug store and bought hand sanitizer.

Has anyone else ever used these bathrooms? I was amazed how clean it was. But it was a little weird taking a shit in full view of every guy who came in to pee.

Punk Rock Girl

Survey! Survey!

I've posted this one before, but there's new people here so I imagine it will still be interesting.

What is your biggest per peeve about public restrooms?

1. No toilet paper
2. No doors on stalls
3. No soap
4. Water/garbage on the floor
5. Odor

Personally, I'll say 3. no soap. I think I'd rather take a shit in a stall with no door, deal with the odor and walk out of there with shit squashed between my buns and filth on my shoes than walk out of there without having washed my hands. I can wipe my ass and clean my shoes later... I'd rather not have radioactive hands for any length of time.



Diarrhea Girl
Survey for you all - please answer!
1)How often, on average, do you have diarrhea/poop that is runnier than normal?
2)When you have diarrhea do you take anything or do anything to make it stop? Or would you rather let it all out?
3)Have you ever had an embarrassing diarrhea accident? Explain.
4)What is the usual colour and consistency of your diarrhea?
5)Do you enjoy having diarrhea?
6)Has anyone ever watched you have diarrhea?
7)Do you ever take ex-lax or another laxative and what effect does this have on your poop? (Describe the differences)
8)Have you ever had diarrhea in a place other than a toilet? e.g the floor, a chair. Was it on purpose?
9)Females: Do you get diarrhea when you have your period?
Please please please respond, thank you xxxx

Diarrhea Girl
Survey Response:

1. What is your age? 17
2. Gender? Female
3. Weight, height and build(i.e. fat,chubby,tall,slim, etc.) short, curvy
4. Race? (doesn't have to clear exact background; white, black,asian...) white
5. About how many times a day do you fart? What foods contribute to your farting? Quite a lot, probably between 15 and 30, depends. Not sure which foods contribute, I generally fart after eating anything. I think toast makes me fart more though...weird!
6. What kind of farts do you rip? (wet, loud, silent, etc.) Does the size/shape of your butt contribute to the sound of your farts? A wide range, they always sound different
7. Are you comfortable farting around others? If so who? No
8. Where are you comfortable farting? On the toilet and when I'm alone
9. Do you have a reputation of being the person that farts alot? Have you liked farting since you were a kid? No I don't think so and yes I have always quite enjoyed farting
10. Have you ever farted in someones face? If so what was the situation? Or has someone farted in your face? No I haven't but my brother has farted in my face to 'annoy' me
11. Do you try to push out farts for relif or humour around friends? No but I do when I'm on my own
12. Do you enjoy farting underwater to see bubbles? Yes
13. Do you know if you fart while you sleep? No idea
14. Do you know someone who rips huge farts? Me
15. How many times a day do you poop? ranges from twice a day to once every few days, obviously more with diarrhea
16. Describe the way your turds(logs) usually look. (color, size, length, texture, amount of turds, etc.) usually quite short but fat, made up of little bits stuck together and a medium brown colour
17. Describe the last dump you had? loads of little hard bits that came rushing out with gas
18. Have you ever pooped yourself? How old were you? yes when I was about 4 i did in school and I always end up pooping a bit in my panties when I have diarrhea
19. Did you think pooping was funny or gross when you were a kid? a bit of both really
20. Have you ever clogged a toilet with your own turd? yes
21. Have you ever pooped in a pool or bathtub? No
22. Do your turds usually float or sink? sink
23. How long do you usually have to wipe? I've no idea, I'll count next time
24. Have you ever had a dump so big it hurt your butthole? yes
25. Do you feel your butt is the right size/shape contribute to the way you poop? Hmm I guess so


Tuesday, July 12 2005

Loadius Maximus
Hi, again. I hope my handle is not too pretentious.:) Two quick

First to Alicia:

If you don't want your boyfriend to know that you want to watch him
pooping, etc., why not start out by inventing reasons to need to be in
the bathroom with him? Needing to brush your teeth when you know he
will have to go; when he is going, you realize that you need to as well,
so must go in with him to pee in the bathtub or something (hey, it's "an"
idea). Let him catch you reading this forum (get to a post about
something you want to do, or get to a copy of one of your posts, as if
you just posted it, then walk away with it on screen, and hope he is

Second, to Kelly:

You said: "i'm 19 and i can come up with 3 or 4 occassions off the top of my head from my teenage years where i pooped myself.". Well, if it's not too much of an embarrasment: why don't you post about them here? I'm sure the folks here would be interested in hearing about those events.


Okay, I said I would tell some stories. I have no idea if any of this will be interesting to anyone, but here goes...

I'm one of those people, who likes to relieve myself (both kinds) in my pants. Just something about it I find pleasurable. Maybe a fetish. I do not live alone, and since I am generally a pretty reserved individual (oh, if they only knew!), I have a fear of getting caught, and so don't do this all that often.

I read on here, I forget where in the archive, about someone who used to take a folded section of toilet paper, hold it under her when she was going to poop a big one, and let the log land on her tp-covered hand, raising up off the toilet seat, in order to let it be continuous. I used to do the same thing, as a child (and man did I have some big logs back then to do it with--some of them up to a foot long!). I can't remember the last time I actually did that, but it is one of the first things I actively did, when I wanted to get up-close and personal with my BMs, as a kid.

During first and second grades at school, I would wet my pants, just a little, a couple times per month (maybe more, it was quite a long time ago). I don't remember why I did this, except that I know that I hated using the school bathroom, because of some bad experiences, which embarrassed me so much that I hated it if anyone was going to be around, and I couldn't always be asking for permission to go separately from everyone else who went on bathroom breaks. So, I would go maybe once per day, and then try to hold it until I got home, or somewhere other than school. I also had a bed wetting problem, up until I was probably ten years old. Some times had a rubber mat under the sheet, and everything. All of these experiences embarrassed me, and would make me cry some times (for example: waking up with a wet bed), so I don't know where my latter fascination and enjoyment developed from. I only once remember waking up, finding that I had wet the bed, and having to go again, that I just went, pee on top of
pee (hey, if you're going to have to have the blankets washed anyway...), and went back to sleep. This was probably one of the last times that I ever did it.

I spent a lot of time growing up, with a female cousin, who was about 10 months younger than me. She had the same bed wetting problem that I did, for about the same length of time. It was just my mother and me growing up, and my cousin was the eldest of a family of six kids; so she spent the night with us on several occasions. I remember that we both wet the bed in one night, once (her a cot, me my usual bed), but neither of us ever talked about these things. However, when we were nine or so, my family was going on a camping trip, in which we would be staying in a tiny cabin, and my cousin wanted to come with, as several of her other friends would be at the same place, at the same time. My mother, knowing our mutual bed wetting problem, even though mine hadn't manifest in a while, decided to buy some rather large diapers for us. The first night, neither of us wet anything. The second night, I don't know about her, but I didn't. However in the morning, alone in the cabin, ready to take the diaper off,
roll it up, and hand it out to my mother (hey, I was nine or so, and that's how she wanted to do it, so she could get rid of it before anyone noticed anything), before getting dressed, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity. So, I stood in the middle of the cabin, and started to release my morning pee. Unfortunately, the diaper wasn't tight enough around the legs, or something, and it started to leak on the floor. That scared me, so I stopped, and upon being questioned, did what I had planned to do anyway, and said I must have used it in the night, and it leaked when I started to take it off. This was probably a precursor, to my current interest in the art and science of peeing and pooping. I'm no infantilist, and I have never used a diaper again, but I still wish I had made better use of that childhood situation.

That's all for now; hope this has been amusing to someone. Sorry for the length!


To Canadian Crapper:

This is just off the wall, but here's a theory. Heat causes gases to expand (and other things, for that matter). Cold causes them to contract. I don't know how cold it would have to be for this to actually happen, and why your body's natural insolation would not keep this from happening, but if gases, poop, etc., contracted enough to be able to start shifting position in the tight spaces of the intestines, the stuff could start to make its way down to the exit more freely. The contracting gases could make room for the crap to move and shift, drop down, change shape, etc., at which point the gases would move, and be the first things out, followed by the poop which they had been trapping.
Now, that theory is really out there, probably, and I have nothing what so ever to base it on, other than fluid dynamics (that is: I have no idea how the internal structure of the body would handle the cold pool, the changing nature of substances, and the heat exchange), but it is a theory, standing to be shot down by someone with greater knowledge on the subject.
Perhaps some minor effect of the kind I described, combined with the physical exertion of swimming strenuously, was enough to tip the scales.
Then again, I could be totally wrong.

All this talk of shitting, has inspired my colon; so now I've got to go!

My mate John turned up for band practice the other day with his HOT girlfriend Alison and my other frend, who id never met before then.(hes a singer,the other friend was rythm guitar, she came to watch).
Well when i answerd the door they were perfectly friendly and she was greeted by my two little westie dogs too:). After sayin hello she straight away asked where the bathroom was, as though she was desperate , and I told her where it was,downstairs to the side of the house.
I went to collect some sheet music for the rythym guitatist from a room next to the bathroom, by now all the band were down the practice room in the garage. I couldnt help overhearin Alison close the Bathroom door, and to be honest this excited me so I crept up to the bathroom door and cud see well through a crack in the door. My downstairs bathroom has a very small room, with just a toilet in and sink to the side and the door directly facin the toilet so i could see her face on.
I got there in time to see her just sittin her cute ass down on the toilet. She had her jeans and black panties down all the way around her ankles and i cud clearly see her (hairy) vagina etc.... She was a sexy pink t shirt as well. She stared down at the floor as she peed. Then To my huge excitement she began to grunt, signallin she was goin to pass more than water in my toilet!!!! She grunted again and stared downwars still. "PLOP" a huge turd penetrated the water beneath her bottom. She strained again and let out a very audible fart, obviosly thinkin she was alone.She turned around and looked at her creation then She let out yet another "PLOP" followed by more flatulence.
The poor porcelain beneath her ass suffered for at least 3 more minutes, and i cud tell after each shit was passed beneath her cheeks that she was highly relieved. Finally she stopped and began to wipe her bottom, it took her about 4 wipes, checkin the paper each time and then she flushed stood up and pulled up her jeans and panties.
As She washed her hands she sprayed her perfume from her bag to rid the small room of the smell and that was the point were i had crept of.

IT seems funny to be that one of the first things this hot chick wud do in my house wud be to bless my toilet with a huge dump!!!!!!!!!!


Mr. Clogs
FAT WOMAN: Hi, I happen to agree with with you about the old crew that you mentiond, wondering were there are? I hope they come back to this site again, there posts were interesting. I enjoyed reading your post about your sister-in-law over the toilet. The question you asked about waking up others while they were on the toilet or feel guilty of waking up others, I have. Since I live at home with my mom, I sometimes wake up by the sounds of flushing the toilet. Welcome back and please post more stories, thanks.

I got a to go and I'll post later.--Mr. Clogs

canadian crapper- If a dip in cold Water is all it takes to get your bowels moving you should consider yourself REAL lucky. While I have never heard of this happening before, it stands to reason that cold water would make the belly muscles contract and leave less room for you stool, thus forcing it out.
FW-- Great to see you back, I loved your story. It brought back memories of seeing my Mom straining at constipation. What did your niece ask her Mother while she was straining? Did they discuss her bowel movement or just kid stuff? And yes My mom woke me a few times straining on the toilet
Kate-- What's your dorm situation like, do you usually take a dump with a bunch of other girls? Got any good stories of oneof them being constipated and hearing them strain?--JW

pooped caitlin
Hi i am a 15 year old girl from colorado and this is my first time posting here. The reason i am posting is because i had an accident this weekend that i wanted to share with you. So anyway i wanted to go to an amusment park this weekend with my freinds. Everyone said they wanted to go and they invited their boy friends. I was single so i decided that i would just hang back and pick up my own guy there. So that morning i got up and put on a white thong, white bra, white thigh high skirt, and a light pink top. SO anyway we all piled into the car and drove there. When we got there everyone wanted to ride the teacups but i wanted to go on the mind eraser (it does loops and stuff). So i split off from the group and got in line. I saw this really hot guy who was standing alone in line. I went up to him and asked if he was riding alone, he said yes. I told him i would ride with him and he said that would be cool.
Right before we were abot to get on the ride i felt like i had to shit really bad. But this guy was hott and i thought i could hold it. I got into the chait and was strapped in, this was bad, i knew i had to finish the ride now. He grabbed my hand and he ride began moving up.
I was squezing my butt cheeks together the entire ride. When we got off i started walking away slowly, for fear that my crap would fall out of my bottom. I dropped my phone and bent down to pick it up, thats when the shit popped out. It pushed past my thong and landed with a thud on the sidewalk. The hott boy ran up to me and held me against him so that people couldnt see the brown patch on my ass. I squezed another one out all over his jeans. I ran away screaming and hid in the bathroom the rest of the day.

AJ :o)
Haven't been over here that much for the simple reason that my computer first started misbehaving--then, it looked as if it were going to die on me.

In fact, it almost did.

A good friend (who lives two states away) tried to fix it for me during a visit but found too much to do, so he took it with him and thought he'd have it ready in a few days so that I would end up getting it back the same week.

What a surprise!

The computer turned out to be very complicated to fix--but he has installed some new hardware and software that is supposed to make it easier to repair.

But I didn't have a working computer for a couple of months! UGH!

Tried to visit this site once in the library--and it was blocked. (Imagine that!)

Last time I talked to you, I was about to give myself a good cleansing.

I have been long overdue for one and have, in fact, done it twice since spring.

Might do it again before summer is over.

We'll see.

Lots of healthy stuff to eat in the summer.

Let me tell you that I've had my share of blueberries (and then some), and what shows up on the toilet paper when I've had a considerable amount of blueberries, will be a black residue with a touch of blue.

One time, I sat down and felt something slither out of me like a snake.

It felt as if I'd done a pretty long one, but I haven't had time to see what's been coming out down there lately.

However, I still have this kind of etching on the toilet bowl as if that long snake had made an impression. It's coal black, and the part that's showing is about five inches long and between one and two inches wide (I'd say about 1 1/2 inches).

Of course, the rest of it slithered on down the hole, but I can just imagine how long it was.

Have more to tell, but I just wanted to let everyone know I was okay--just absent due to my computer.

How close my computer came to totally dying and taking several things such as manuscripts of books I've written and am writing; photos; etc. reminds me of how one might be with diarrhea and a bathroom still in the future.

Many years ago, I checked into a motel.

Fortunately, each room was freestanding (like a cottage) instead of being in a row or my next-door neighbors would have had some interesting "music" piped into their rooms.

It was so loud that I wouldn't be surprised if someone on the outside heard me on the inside, anyway!

But, as soon as I got into the room (even before I could unpack), I locked myself in, made a direct dash for the bathroom, and seated myself.

You know how lightning hits so close at time that the thunder almost seems to sound at the same time?

My seating myself on the toilet was like one of those close-lightning times.

It was just a fraction of a split-second before it was:

BOOOOOOOOOOOOPppppppp BLaaaaaaaTtttt! etc.

It's more common with me that going with the runs will sound as if I'm merely urinating. But there are those times...and that time was certainly one of them!!!

But did I ever feel better when done!!!

Now, I've got to pee (for sure) and poop (more likely then not), so I'll hang it up for now!

Happy Going!
AJ :o)

1. What is your age? 28
2. Gender? Female
3. Weight, height and build(i.e. fat,chubby,tall,slim, etc.) tall and curvy
4. Race? (doesn't have to clear exact background; white, black,asian...) white
5. About how many times a day do you fart? What foods contribute to your farting? at least 23 or 24
6. What kind of farts do you rip? (wet, loud, silent, etc.) Does the size/shape of your butt contribute to the sound of your farts? silent to soft and always wet.
7. Are you comfortable farting around others? If so who? very few people
8. Where are you comfortable farting? on the toilet and when I am alone
9. Do you have a reputation of being the person that farts alot? Have you liked farting since you were a kid? i like farting when I need to. Don't have that rep that I know of
10. Have you ever farted in someones face? If so what was the situation? Or has someone farted in your face? Never farted in someone's face. Did get farted on once when I was giving a ?????????? to my ex husband.
11. Do you try to push out farts for relif or humour around friends? Yes
12. Do you enjoy farting underwater to see bubbles? Yes
13. Do you know if you fart while you sleep? no
14. Do you know someone who rips huge farts?
15. How many times a day do you poop? once every two weeks
16. Describe the way your turds(logs) usually look. (color, size, length, texture, amount of turds, etc.) they really vary but mostly decent size and a dark black.
17. Describe the last dump you had? one long poop about 19 inches that broke in half. fairly hard
18. Have you ever pooped yourself? How old were you? not that i can remember
19. Did you think pooping was funny or gross when you were a kid? gross, I always held it until i could be alone. i was constipated a lot because of it
20. Have you ever clogged a toilet with your own turd? no
21. Have you ever pooped in a pool or bathtub? Yes
22. Do your turds usually float or sink? float
23. How long do you usually have to wipe? many many times and I still can't seem to get clean without a wet paper towel
24. Have you ever had a dump so big it hurt your butthole? yes but it is kind of a turn on
25. Do you feel your butt is the right size/shape contribute to the way you poop?. I think my butthole is too small but that is ok since I like the feeling of the stretch

To Canadian Crapper: I have heard of your situation before. I know there is a form of alternate Hydrotherapy where thet immerse the patients lower half in cold water to relieve constipation. My guess is that your muscles might spasm a bit and get things going.
To Tia and all the other constipated people fighting with their turds. In my time I have done a bit of weight lifting and the golden rule is to breath and by what I am reading you could be holding your breath. Try this; when you are ready to push take a deep breath way down into your t????y. then really relax your hole and then push but as you push exhale.. I find a grunt helps. If nothing has happened after a few tries sit there just for a couple of minutes and try again. Do not persist too long as that could damage your anus/retum (haemorroids etc)
Give it a short break and have a brief go at squatting. If no go try a suppository, or try soap (but make sure the soap is soft before inserting). I tried soap the other night with success. Try prune juice, it works rather fast.
You will probably want to be at home by yourself or with a very good partner for this one. Rather than sit on the toilet straining and probably doing damage put on an old pair of undies etc and do something relaxing like watch TV, or even visit this site and give a few gentle pushes now and again and when the urge hits strong push then and there.
This method, although gross takes maximum advantage of natures call.... and clean up afterwoods
Good luck, keep trying but not too hard.

Mr. Clogs
Hi, this it me again and got a peeing post to share. Around 2001 while I was working as a dietician at a Nursing home about a month of me being employed. Since it was health care facility, of course drug testing and you know what that is pee in a cup time. So the day that I was scheduled to take the test, I had some yellow pee brewing inside of me. So I got to the testinging place, I told them that I had to take a UA. So they gave me this small about 5 oz cup for me to use to pee in and told me to leave it there on top of the toilet tank. I took the cup from them and proceeded to the bathroom to pee in this tiny cup so I could pass the drug test. So I got in bathroom, locked the door for some privacy, unzipped, put the cup close to me and proceeded to let loose some strong yellowish-brown color pee with a smelly scent to it. Much to my surprise, I filled the cup up to the brim and it didn't overflow, apparently I had enough piss to fill the cup. So once I was done, I zipped up, washed my hands, walked out, and went to work. Well I hope you all enjoyed the post. To all of you, could someone please post stories about people or themselves peeing and/or pooping in strange things and places, thanks. Mr. Clogs

Any of you guys seen that show "whose line is it anyway?"
Its an improvisation show and one of the games is where random scenes are pulled out of a hat and the people on the show have to act them out.

On one of the episodes, a scene was pulled out saying "Bad conversation starters" and one of the people on the show came out and said "How does food turn into poo?" LOL! that would be an ineresting conversation starter! Another time he came out and said "So, what color is your poo in the morning?" That was pretty funny too. One time, a scene was pulled out that said "Songs about embarrasing moments". One of the improvisors came out and started singing in a very melodious tune "I wish I could control my bowels!" lol!

I have a story about my friend Camden. I guess first I'll describe him, for those of you who want to picture this. Camden is 19, about 6'2", thin/toned, dark tan, big brown eyes, short spiky blonde hair....he's sooooo beautiful...he looks like he just stepped out of an Abercrombie ad...anyway, he works at a store in the mall and his sister Rose works at another store a little way down the hall. Camden often works alone, therefor he can't take breaks whenever he wants to (or needs to). One day, Rose went down to Camden's store on here break and she could tell something was wrong. She asked and Camden told her that he was working for 6 hours that day and couldn't take breaks and he had REALLY needed to pee for an hour, but couldn't go. Then he asked her if she could watch the store while he went to pee, since he knew he couldn't hold it much longer. She agreed and he ran to the back of the stockroom and went, returning saying he felt much better. I guess Rose takes care of Camden, but she also likes to annoy him.
She told me another story about him. One morning she was in their only bathroom with the door pulled closed but not locked and the lights off. She had just gotten some new glow-in-the-dark accessories and wanted to try them out and the bathroom was the only room in the house without a window. Camden had just woken up and needed very badly to pee, and since the door was unlocked and the lights were off, he assumed the bathroom was empty. He went in, still halfway asleep, flipped on the light and saw Rose and screamed. She scared him so bad...she thoughtit was funny. She was like "look at these things glow in the dark!" All he wantedwas to he demanded that she leave. She said she finally left, but only after pestering him some more and making him watch her accessories glow...
I guess that's all for now...keep up the great pee and poop accident stories! :)

to untitled. i don't have any particular stories to share but would love to hear some of yours if you don't mind sharing them. i'm also curious as to whether you are male or female.

How many of you gals would object if there was a dude in the girls room cleaning? The vast majority of girls using the restrooms that I take care of don't mind if I'm in there. I wipe off their sinks and toilet seats and restock the toilet paper. So, I would really like to hear from you all about this. The only time I found an objector was an older school worker coming in who didn't recognize me and thought I was just some random dude hanging around in the bathroom.

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