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Hi everyone!
I'm new.. i'm 19 and female, and currently a junior in college. i wanted to share a story about my new job

i just started working as a waitress at a bar. i like the job but i'm a very shy person, and forgot to ask where the employee restroom was on my day of training. i ended up just holding my pee til i got home, but the next day near the end of my shift i really needed to go. It was a day shift so i was the only female working - everyone else was a guy, and i decided to just hold it until i got home again, or a use a bathroom on the way home, rather than asking a boy (I'm shy!)!

I decided to just go on with my work, and clean the seating area - BAD IDEA. As i was reaching across a table to wash it, a little squirt of pee came out in my panties. It was only for a second, but i knew I had to find a bathroom immediately. So I went to the kitchen and just asked one of the cooks, who pointed me towards a door near the alley exit. I hurried in and carefully undid the button on my jeans, so i wouldnt accidentally push on my bladder. then i pulled my pants and panties down and finally took a much needed pee (which started coming out before i was fully seated). Then i looked down to see how stained my panties were. That 'little spurt' i thought i had let out wasnt so little. the whole crotch of my panties was damp and stained yellow. i patted them dry the best i could with some toilet paper, and changed into new panties when i got home.

i have an embarrassing story.
one day i was at school. i had a bad case of the runs.i felt all the rumbles and bumbles of my stomach. i tried to hold it in but i couldnt.then suddenly i felt an anal slippage. i knew i had pooped myself there was no if ands or buts. i was very butt crack felt very slippery so i tried to squeeze my cheeks together.i was wearing a thong so i knew my new jeans were ruined.i asked my teacher if i could go to the bathroom. i hurried on in. i sat down and pooped on the toilet. it felt so good to finally get it out. but when i got up i tried to flush but it wouldnt. so here i was with my pants down and trying my hardest to get the toilet to work. then suddenly the door of the stall flew open. I FORGOT TO LOCK THE STALL ! i it was the popular girl in my class. she closed the door disgusted. She had just seen my butt and knew i pooped at school.that day she told every one and now they call me "poopy panties".

Our company had their picnic early this year. We booked a nice grove in a different park, about 40 minutes from our office. We had a great time, family friends all gathered, we ate, we drank, we ate , we drank, you get the idea....About 3:00, a bunch of us guys hadda find the closest 'little boys room' it was a short walk from the grove....We walked into the gents restroom to find 2 rows of toilet stalls, facing each other, and without ANY doors. They were all occupied, so we had to wait. Man, did it STINK...we finally 'took our seats" facig each other and we all cut loose.... burgers, hot-dogs, deviled eggs, potato salad, beer.... and all of us going at once....phewwwwww !!!! we were laughing our asses off (no pun intended) The CEO walks in and sits across from me.....He drops a big deuce....we all wipe our asses, pull up our shorts, wash ourhands and head back to the grove...My buddy Richie, asked his wife if the womens restroom had doors on the stalls. She said EVERY ONE had a locking door.... Go figgur !!!! LOL ...have a great summer everybody

I have heard that prunes and grapes act as axitives. Is this true?

when people wear thongs, do they get poop stains?

Very Gassy
Hi everyone. This morning I woke up with some bad stomach cramps/pains. Yesterday I ate Chinese food for dinner so that might've sparked something. Well, as soon as I got out of bed, I went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. Well, I farted 11 times! I counted and was amazed. Most of the farts averaged 4 to 5 seconds each and a few were almost 10 seconds long. I had about a minute's worth of gas. The gas sure does accumulate over the night. Well, this is another amuzing story. By the way, I am a young guy if you are wondering.

Cool Dumper
I have a question: In bathrooms where there are no stalls or partitions between the toilet bowls, where do they put the toilet paper dispenser?

Hi Im new to this site, I would like to share my story, i work at Mcdonalds with my friend Jenn, and me and her where the only 2 to close the Mcdonalds up as the other person had to leave early, after we where done cleaning and stuff, and we left, in her car, we where talking about school, then we decided I stay at her house for the night for fun, by the time we got to her house we where talking about other stuff, then she said, hold on I need a washroom brake, I followed her so we can still keep in are conversation, I went in with her but faced my back to her so i dont look, she sat down, we where still talking, first she went pee, then when she stopped, she was still sitting there, 2 minutes after, she said well, i cant really hear when your facing your back to me so you can look at me since where friends, so I looked at her while we where talking, then suddenly, she stopped talking, I saw her butt lift off the seat a tiny bit and her making a face, her face got red, and then she sat her butt all the way down again and started wiggling her legs very fast back and fourth, then she stopped, i said, are you ok, and she said, yeah hold on, she pushed so hard you can hear her grunting, then I heard a splash, then some more dropped out and it began to get very stinky, then she got up and wiped, she apoligized and we kept talking.

hi Im kristen and Im 14, and yesturday, both my parents where at work and it was just me and my older sis who is 20, my sis went to walk about 5 blocks to the corner store to buy some smokes then she was going to the park to have a smoke and look at nature, so I was home alone, as soon as she left, I took this stuff that your only supose to take when your constipated, its a tube and you stick it up your butt and squeeze the bottle, and it goes up your butt and it gives you direhha really quickly, so I went to the bathroom and took my pants and pantys off and threw em on the floor, I took the tube and put it up my butt and squeezed it, after I took it out, about 10 seconds later I had to go poop, but I forced myself to keep it in, I walked around the house naked and holding my direhha in, then my stomach really started hurting, and If I waited any longer I was going to lose it and all my direhha was going to go on are new carpet, I ran to the bathroom, as soon as I walked in the bathroom, I decided I dont want to use the toilet so I went on the hard tiled floor, as the direhha was coming out it made a nice stream on the floor, after about 30 seconds, I stood up while direhha was still coming out and sat on the toilet since there was lots on the floor already, as soon as I was done I wiped, then the worst part was I had to clean it up off the floor, so i did and it was a huge mess, after I was done I had a shower because i felt dirty, after my shower it still stunk in the bathroom and I sprayed air freshner, then I changed and my sis got home and everything was just like when she left!

I was really pissed off at my so called friend i once pooped my panties at the age of 6 and i actually took a picture of it usin my barbie camera the one i just got for my b day anyway she had wanted a copy of it so i gave 1 to her and now we're in 8th grade and 2day she showed the pic 2 alot of my friends. i was so mad and i actually had 2 shit right now too. i just told that b**** off and i had to shit bad...during math class i was barely keeping it together as i was called to go to the board to do a math prob my "friend"(the 1 i told off)tripped me and i lost control and fell backwards on to her just as i did this shit poured out of my ass and started to fill up my pants(i wasnt wearing panties) and whenn i got off she had a big wet brown stain on her all white skirt and smelled like crap. i fortunetly had gym shorts to change in looks like i got revenge on her allright:)

I'm in 8th grade and anyway i was rushing off 2 tech class when i felt cramps and a strong urge 2 shit but i was already late and had 2 get 2 class by that time i had 2 piss 2 walking slowly and carefully. i got here unharmed and sat down class was ending and i thougth i would make it. big mistake when i bent down to pick up my backpack waves of diarehea fileed my panties and i have 2 admit i do enjoy mushing the crap in my panties. well anyway the poop made me pee and i pissed all over and had a big wet spot on the front(and back)of my jeans, fortunetly i was the last person 2 leave so no one noticed. on the bus on the way home with shit and all that mushed in my ass i felt a stabing pain and realized i had 2 crap again imediatley the severe diarehea leaked out and started 2 slip out of my panties damn did that feel good when i got home no one was there so i peeled off my demented panties i had 2 shit again, really bad as i dashed 2 the bathroom more pf the liquid poop slipped out on 2 the floor. by that time i did not have 2 poop anymore i guess i got it got all out :)

yesterday me and my wife were eating dinner and she ask me if i had to poop.I told her no but she said i should go try.I got up from the table and went to the bathroom she followed me in the bathroom.She ask me if i was ready to try and poop.I told her i was she stayed in there with me why i pushed strained and grunted trying to poop but all i did was fart.She told me to stay on the toilet a while longer and to try a little harder.I stayed on the toilet while she went to wash dishes.I pushed out a turd and thats all i could do.When she was finished washing dishes she came back to the toilet and ask me if i pooped yet.I told her i did a little turd but that was it she seemed happy about it and told me to wipe and get up.She ask me if i felt any better.I told her i did and that i would try and poop more for her before we went to bed.That made her real happy when i told her that.These post are great keep posting.

JW, Does Metamucil (or other similar products) help "megacolon"? It certainly works, allowing me daily comfortable quick poos.

He,Im Chris, I was about 13 yrs old attending first babtist day camp in the summer, It was Trip friday and we went to six flags over texas. half way ther i got a tell tale stomach ache wich quickly started moveing down words. My thoughts were "oh no" my first attempt to hold it back asmost was a desaster as about a teaspoon of simi sollid poop shot in to my underpants, With a lot of pain and strugleing i managed to hold it off and the pain stoped and i thought i was home safe in a maner of speaking.

We arived at sixflags and i proceeded to ride the bumper cars about 90000000000000 times than go to the ride called roaring rapids but befor i could go on my second favorit ride the stomach ache came back strong and more ruthless than ever and began quickly moveing downwards as I made a beline to the bathroom with was on the other side of the park , I was about a third of the way ther when i lost a little bif of cortroll and a fair sized log started toslid out so i ran faster, that just forced it out the rest of the way i finaly make it to the bathroom and its full of people , i tryed my best to wait but my stomach got real bad so i bend over cause it hurt so much and to my horror atleast a ton of poop shot in to my pants and ther was nothing i could do to stop it , it just started and didnt stop till it was empty. i almost cryed i was so embarased .

your name (Whizzer)
To: 123

You are not stupid. The reason is that sometimes males only have to pee so we use a urinal. If you have to go No. 2 then we use a toilet, but I sometimes pee along with the no. 2. In the porta-johns, I don't know why they have them, but they all do.

hope this helps.

Mr. Clogs
Hello everybody, I got a quick post to share. I used my 5-quart bucket to pee into last night before I went to bed. I grabbed the container from my closet, opened the lid and let loose into the bucket. I filled the bottome of the bucket abotu maybe 16 or maybe 20 oz full of smelly dark yellow urine. I put on my PJ's and went to bed. In the middle of the night about 1:30AM, I woke up and bursting to pee. So I got up shut the door of my room (for extra privacy) I got the container from my closet and cracked open the lid again and let loose again into the container. I filled the container about 1/4 full, (must iof been all the water I drank!) I put back the lid on and put it between the milk crates I keep in my room, opened the door and went back to sleep. This morning about 8:40AM, I grabbed the TP roll from the bathroom, I decided to use the container to take a dump in. So I grabbed the container, removed the lid with a bucket full of pee, placed it on the floor. Then I removed my pj bottoms (easy for me to squat down on) and squatted over the mouth of the bucket and let loose some poop into the container, it felt so good. Once I was empty, I grabbed the TP roll and wiped my behind several times and placed the dirty TP into the bucket. I closed the lid and placed it back over by the milk crates I have in my room. I put on my PJ bottoms and walked to the bathroom to was my hands and have some coffee. Well I hope you all enjoyed my post, take care and have a nice weekend. Peace.--Mr. Clogs

To both Pee Girl and Mel:

I loved your pee stories.

Was there anytime when you wet yourself by accident?

Also, what are your races(white, black, asians, latino, or other)?

Hola, everyone. For a long while I've wondered if out there, somehwere, there's a site like this; now that I've found it, I've been lurking around it for the past few months admiring all the amazing stories. Now, I'm posting for the first time. I might have some good tales of my own to share soon, either from the past or to come in the future, but for now, I need some advice. First of all, gaw-lee!! I never thought I'd discover that so many of us are really into the exercise of our excretory functions, especially girls; and that we're so open to and comfortable with describing our voiding episodes in such explicit detail. Anyhow, this next inquiry is for Venus.

Venus: I like your name, by the way. For you, girl, there's just no better thing to say but, "Have sweet mercy!!!!" I'm just mesmerized by your record-breaking defecation! I can't help but wonder how in the world you do it. You must get waves of pleasure pumping those long, thick, squishy, brown monstrocities out of your butt - all the time! That's a classic. I sure don't blame you for "absolutely loving" it; I would. That is just awesome; I wish I could poop like that. You practically redefine authentic bowel movements! Anyway, I'd like some help from you, and here's a little background info. I have a long history of chronic constipation, which I might've caused myself from holding my stool in for days at a time as a child. That habit eventually faded away, but then I faced the problem of having trouble crapping (when I tried to) and getting constipated as a young teenager. This called for a few visits to a GI doctor and even resulted in two stays in hospitals! Fortunately, after I began taking dietary supplements from a nutritionist (which I still do to this day), my digestive activity improved and the crapping flowed smoothly for the next seven years. Then, a little over a month ago, it happened. My roommate took me to the ER for severe abdominal pains I was having, and I ended up having to undergo surgery to remove a twisted and dialated section of my small intestine and to have my appendix removed! That threw my system totally outta whack. In the several weeks since I've come home from the hospital, I've been recovering very well and my BM's have quickly gotten back to mostly normal. But I can't say that I'm free of this plight. The CAT scan before my surgery revealed that my transverse colon looks enlarged, weak, and worn out, like that of an elderly man. Furthermore, since the surgery, I've developed a hemorrhoid! Not good. Considering all this, I believe that, although I know that everyone should always be eating a diet high in fiber and protein (like you, as it sounds) I need to do so even more than the average person. Venus, you say that you eat a diet rich in fiber and protein (great job!). Will you help me do the same? What kinds of foods do you eat daily? About how much food do you eat typically in one meal? Please let me know in a list (not an exhaustive one) of several healthy foods that I should eat on a regular basis. I'd appreciate it. I really, really need to watch my eating habits; it's crucial that I do this for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for your input and example. You'd better keep Mike in order with his diet too, while you can. I love your posts; keep up the fabuluous stories. Peace out.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Hey Y'all - I had to share this with you. I was watching TV earlier this evening when my girlfriend Lisa [we live together] calls me from upstairs. Not really wanting to get up, I say "What is it?" She says "Just come up here - I want to show you something." So I haul my butt off the couch and go up the stairs not knowing what she is up to. She is in the bathroom so I go in there and she points to the bowl laughing and says "Look at this thing!" I look into the bowl and there is a turd in there like none I have ever seen. One end was down the hole and it went completely around the bowl and then the tapered end came up out of the water. It had to be 20" long and maybe 2" thick for its whole length except where it came to a point out of the water. When we stopped laughing, I said "Holy shit! That came out of you!?" She said "You didnt know your little honey could lay cable like that did you?" Now let me describe Lisa for you...she is about 5' 6" and 120lbs. She runs every day and is in great shape. She is half Italian and half Puerto Rican and a knockout. I constantly see guys' jaws drop when they see her.
After looking at it some more, I still couldnt believe it and I said "That thing must have been up to your neck!" She says " I know - I was holding that in for 5 days" So then she kisses me on the cheek and says real cute "Would you be a lamb and get rid of that for me" as she walks out of the bathroom. I said sarcastically "Thanks for sharing." I guess she thought it was going to clog the bowl, which she has done a couple of times before. Sometimes I am amazed at how much she eats and doesnt gain an ounce. What a metabolism.
So without her knowing it, I grabbed my camera and took some pictures of this monster. I havent shown them to anyone though. I dont really dont know who to show them to. Some day I will show them to her when we need a good laugh...maybe while we have friends over I dunno. Anyways, I thought you guys would appreciate this story.

Does anybody have any good pee stories???

Sara E
Hey everyone! I am new to this site my little bro showed it to me. I have a story to tell. first i am 17 and going to be a jr. i was at cheerleading camp last week, and the very last day i ate some catfish during dinner thinking that i could digest it. i have had problems with fishy foods in the past, but i figured i could eat a little of it and it was very fresh too, they just caught it earlier. well later that night in the middle of a game i had to sprint to the outhouse. and i mean sprint! my stomach felt like it was doing back hand srings and i got real sweaty and nautious. on the way there i accidently farted and my entire meal and everything came out the other end. it filled my shorts and ran down my legs. it was obvious to cause they were red cotton. it was sooo gross. well i waddled into the outhouse almost in tears. i sat down, my thong and shorts were gross and hot and ruined. i sat there shitting my brains out. people came and checked on me and i borrowed a pair of shorts. i messed those up too later but not nearly as bad as the first. the night sucked and i had diarrhea until early morning.

happy hiker
Heianboy's encounter with that Chinese toilet reminded me of my experience at a boy scout jamboree many many years ago. When we arrived, the toilet situation was explained to us. You could use any tree for peeing, but if you needed a number 2, there was a long trench dug, with a blanket hung on a rope between two trees to provide "privacy" (sort of). For the first 2 days, I was too embarrassed to use the trench and just held it, but the morning of the last day, I woke up knowing I was going to have to go there. It was still very early in the morning and I figured there wouldn't be anybody there. Wrong! When I got to the trench there was another guy squatting over it, facing away from me (I guess he had the same idea of going at first light when it wasn't crowded). This was the first time I ever saw a turd actually come out of somebody: the guy was grunting when I got there and I saw his rear-end dome out and a long, light brown turd slowly slide out (at least 2 feet long!). My eyes must have been as big as saucers, but I didn't have time to stare, or watch him wipe, since I had to take care of my own urgent business! I still remember the stink of that place, with flies, etc. around (there were a couple of hundred scouts using it). There was a pile of dirt next to the trench and you were supposed to use a little shovel and cover up your BMs, but most guys didn't do a very good job. You could look down and see a collection of turds of all different shapes, sizes and shades of brown, with big wads of paper. Man that was nasty!

I was going to a party at the end of the year with my classmates, and at the beginning of the party, one of my classmates, Kenny, was walking downstairs.
 "I really need to use the washroom!" he said.
I told him to sit down and wait for someone to come. He did so, and started to jiggle around and hold his crotch. "It won't work!" he said.
After a few minutes of waiting, he found the washroom and closed the door. He was grabbing the front of his pants and trying to lock the door. I heard a loud stream of pee come out of him for a few minutes. He must have really had to go. When Kenny came out, he sighed and had a smile on his face. "Oh, that felt much better," he said.

If anybody remembers me, some time a month or two ago I posted about having an accident in my pants and being grounded for it, well now I got grounded again because I pooped my pants again, twice actually, but these times it was on purpose, but my mom doesn't know that.
My mom and I were out at this thrift store, because my mom volunteers there on weekends and she drug me along. At the thrift store I noticed the perfect opportunity to poop myself, which I'd been trying to gather up the courage to do for a while now, the restroom was locked and the manager that had the only key was out sick for the day. I started making a fuss with my mom about how I was desperate(which is true and also how I found out about the restroom being locked), she told me to try to hold it and that we'd be out of there in about half an hour. Now, I could have easily waited a half an hour, but that would have ruined my plans. I told her I didn't think I'd make it and she told me to try. After the half an hour was up, she told me to come and we'd leave. I was on the other side of the store behind some shelves and stuff, so I was completely out of her view, so I was like, "Ok, here goes nothing." And I squatted down and started pooping myself. On the way to the door I tried to make it seem like I was still desperate to go, but when we got in the car she caught on, and asked me if I pooped myself. I was looking out the window and shook my head "yes". When we got home I got cleaned off, and changed my pants. No punishment this time, guess she understood.

The second time was a couple nights ago, and I was near home. I told my mom I was going on a walk, but I actually just went outside and into the yard of the empty house next door. I stood there and wondered what my mom would do if I kept on pooping myself, maybe take me to the doctor's or something more drastic. When thinking about this I got the sudden urge to poop, but kept thinking. After contemplating what would happen for about 15 minutes, I decided to find out, and hid inside the shed in the empty house's yard. Inside I was completely hidden from all view and just leaned against a wall and let loose. I felt a quite a decent size bulge forming in my pants, and I felt with my hand, and it was huge, almost as big as when I had my real accident. I experimented with it, sat down and laid down, walked around and such with it in my pants, and soon went back home. My mom flipped, for the second time in a week I had crapped my pants, she grounded me and told me what I had guessed, if I continued she was going to take me to the doctors. Now I can only wonder what the doctor would do, I don't think there's any way to PROVE that I did these things on purpose...


Jayson, please explain the reasons for the exceptions to your open bathroom policy. If a guy can walk in and see you naked drying yourself off from the shower while he takes a whiz, so what if you are changing your tampon or ("intestinal problems"?) taking a dump?
I graduated from college just as co-ed dorm rooms were sweeping the country so I never had that experience, but with the relationships I've had it did not take long for us to feel quite comfortable with being open to the various functions performed in the bathroom WITHOUT it being an invitation for any further intimacy (unless flirting sent it there). In your case flirting would obviously be utterly out of bounds so... what's the big deal?
Thanks, Flu

ok one time i went to go to this party at a mansion with my best friend Jen she drunk ten beers and so did i and then we just had the urge 2 go to bathroom but as soon as we ran there they were out of bathrooms cause ppl were already in there doin there thing my friend said i cant hold it anymore!!!!!!!so she pulled her skirt down and panties went to the bathroom in a corner and everyone saw!!!!i just sat there having to go so bad it was like i was dancing around!!!with my legs crossed i sat down and gently tinkled on myself everyone laighed at me and her then they kicked me out!!! i was sooooo embarrased to go to school tomorrow cause they called me tinkler and poopie pooper girl!! >:( so then i hid crying in the girls bathroom.....has that ever happened to u???

thanks. i have another question:what is the point of having a urinal in a porta potty (or in a public restroom for that matter)? sorry if i'm being stupid, but i'm curious.

When I was a kid, like eight, me and my best friend, who was a girl, used to play in the woods by our neighborhood almost all day every weekend. One time we both had to pee, and decided to pee in the woods together. She told me I had to go first. I said okay, whipped out my penis and peed in the bushes. Then it was her turn. She pulled her pants and underpants down to her ankles. She said, "I can pee syanding up, too." I said "Oh yeah?" She bent her knees slightly and peed ... right into her underpants. "You're peeing in your pants," I said. She looked down and said, "Oh no!" She quickly squatted and continued peeing, this time on the seat of her pants! By the time she was done, her underwear and pants were soaked in pee. She was pretty upset about it. She pulled her pee-soaked pants up and I walked her to her house, where she changed.

Another time, we were playing in the woods, and I said, "I have to run home." She said why. I said, "I have to go to the bathroom." She said, you can go right here. I said, "No, I have to poop." She said, "You can poop right here." I had never pooped in front of a girl before, but I figured why not. I said okay, and pulled my pants and underpants down and squatted. I pooped and farted, which made her laugh. She said, "Wow you make big poops!" Then I realized I had nothing to wipe with. I was afraid to use leaves, so I just pulled my pants up without wiping.

She never did poop in front of me, but she finally perfected peeing standing up. I don't remember how, exactly.

Venus & Mike-great stories, please post more. I love hearing about girls pooping large thick turds.

I was hiking the other day and came across a woman in her early twenties, squatting down. Through the trees I could see her light brown anus slowly open, and a large thick brown turd slowly slid out of her and down to the forest floor where it curled around and formed a large steaming pile. She wiped once with a tissue, pulled up her pants and left. I was left mesmerized, with my heart racing, as I gazed in admiration at her huge dump.

China girl- fantastic descriptions in your stories. I wish I was your toilet. Please post more stories.

Pee Girl
Hey, I'm 16 and have a short story. I was in the woods with my best friend. We were laughing and drinking a lot of soda until we both had to pee. So we had no choice but to pee in the bushes. I had no idea whatsoever on how to do that neither did my friend. So we did it this way: We took off our pants/undies and stood near some bushes with our legs opened wide. My friend felt pretty uncomfortable. I didn't care since I had to go BADLY! So then, the pee finally came out strongly. As I saw my yellow pee drip on the ground, my friend was just doing little drops of pee (she was uncomfortable). As I was peeing, I cracked a joke and all the pee came right outta her! I saw it hit the ground, and the grass was all yellow as her pee came flooding out. Pretty funny. So we wiped with some kleenex; looked at our pee in amazement. We never peed sooooo much! And went back.

I was having a conversation with a woman (college age) I mentioned this site and she thought it was cool. I then asked her how she felt about urinals in womens restrooms and she thought it was a neat idea. She had never used one and I explained how she could have used one if she really wanted to. So she is going to sneak into a men's restroom and try it. How many of you chicks reading this have used urinals and did you like them???

Nigeria Titanic Problems
One time i really had to go when i was 5 at school. i thought i can hold the pee but then and oh yea im a gurl so u can luv this story i ran to the girls room but i just couldnt enter some reason though i had to goo realllllll bad so then i went ousideat recess having to go to a corner of the school then i pulled down my mini skirt and let it all out i think i left some dried up waves back there and i wet my skirt a lil :( but then nobody noticed i was so embarrased though i saw a boy watching me when i was doing not paying attention and i said oh nooo
and wet my skirt a lil more :((( then he laighed and told da teacher and my mom got [new panties :)for guys only] and i put them on
i didnt notice until later today i wet the bed too!!! i was so embarresed cause my bro was in there sleeping with me then he woke up elt the wet stain i was gone though hiding in closet terrified!! thats it then oh yea i went to mall wit my sweet bf Josh and i wet myself again cause no bathrooms were free!!! now i always in my purse i always carry more panties just in case and TP

Hey guys, I have a story that just happened recently. When a woman walked into a unisex restroom, I was outside waiting for her so that I could use it after her. From outside, I could here her take a loud, hissing piss. During her midstream, she stopped for a moment and blew a loud echoing fart into the toilet. Then, she started peeing again. After she finished, she let out another fart. This time it was even louder. Although, I would really like to see what it smells like because I have never smelled a female's fart other than my mom's.

I finally took a dump yesterday (Wednesday) as I haven't been able to do a poo since Sunday afternoon. I normally drop a load twice per day but for some reason, I couldn't go for nearly 3 days. I had been eating lots of fruit and v????s but this didn't seem to help. Yesterday morning, I took some vitamin C capsules in the hope that they would get things moving. I could feel a big load sitting in my rectum all day and the turds slowly moved down towards my anus. As I was at work, I didn't want to take a shit there. Every time I went to the toilet to do a wee, I could feel a big log of poo sitting in my anus, ready to come out. When I got home, I went straight to the toilet and closed the door. I took off all my clothes and sat on the toilet. I did a wee first. As I was doing a wee, the log in my anus started to move down a bit more. I pushed relatively hard but the log started sliding out quite easily. It stretched my hole a bit, although it felt great and it didn't really hurt. I managed to squeeze the first log out, without too much trouble and after that, 5 or 6 more logs slid out. These logs were about the same size as the first ones, I still had to push hard but they felt great coming out. After that, a smaller turd came out, followed by another small turd. I did a wee and pushed out yet another small turd. I wiped my butt, even though there was hardly any poo to wipe away. I had a look at my job after I was finished and there were several medium sized logs in the toilet. They looked very solid too. It only took about 5 minutes to get it all out. I was surprised that my dump didn't take a marathon effort after being bunged up for practically 3 days. I felt so much better afterwards and about an hour later, I went back and did another poo, this time it was a much smaller load.

Mr. Clogs
Hi everybody got a post to share. Yesterday I have say was quite an interesting day, let see where I could I start first. Ah! I got something, yesterday morning I had severval heathly dumps on the toilet, not the 5 quart bucket although it would been quite interesting. First round errupted around 7:30AM, I felt the pressure in my stomach building up, I quickly ran to the bathroom. I closed the door, unbuckle my belt and undid my jeans and pulled down my underwear, and plopped my behind on the toilet seat and release this massive amount of soft mushy puree style poop, it felt so good! I sat on the toilet for about 10 minutes until I couldn't squeeze out anymore. I wiped up really well, pulled up my jeans and underwear back up, re-buckle my belt wash my hands, looked at the massive load before flushing it down and I said to myself, "Wow, it must of been the mashed potates, spinach, and beef roast!" I usually complain about beeing clogged, but I was unclogged by the spinach and green tea that I drink, if I had my camera, I'll take pictures of it! OK round 2 wasn't as massive as the first one, that happened around 8:30, I quickly ran to the bathroom, undid my jeans and undies again and released some more poop. I sat on the toilet for about 10 minutes, wiped up, pulled up my jeans and undies and flushed down the poop and TP down the toilet, washed my hands and left for my 9:30AM appointment for unemployment.

This one involves peeing, no I didn't accidently wet myself if you all are thinking about, but I had to play the holding game. During the orientation, I could feel my bladder filling up, so I continued to hold back the flood gates. Torwards the end of the orientation the, pressure intesified, so again I had to it back. So I decided to go to White Castle in Clifton NJ to get something to eat. I ordered 4 White Castle Hamburgers, some fries and a drink. Paid for my stuff and waited for my order, got it about 10 minutes later, by then I was ready to open the flood gates, but it kept the pressure back so I won't make a fool of myself, by the way, I haven't peed since I last used the bathroom which was 8:30AM which was now 11:30AM! Agony! I proceeded to walk back home with a bladder full of piss, White Castle Food, got home around noon, I quickly put my stuff down, headed for the toilet this time. I quickly undid my jeans and pulled down the fly of my undies (briefs, white) and opened the flood gates into the toilet's bowl. It felt so good and the pee was light yellow in color with a faint odor of coffee and some foam (this one goes out to cheryl)! I zipped back my pants and washed my hands and ate my food because I had to go for a job interview in Wayne. OK, here is another incident that I had to play the holding game again. After my interview was over, my bladder was ready to open the flood gates again! This one was even mor agonizing than the one this morning, to top if off, I was wearing a suit (wool) one, it was hot, thursty and hungry. Finally the bus came around 4PM, got on it paid the fair back to Paterson. I was holding on to the flood gates! Finally got back to Paterson on Main St, I quickly got off the bus and dashed for the jiffy busses to Clifton so I could get some filters for my Britta water pitcher. I found one, waiting in line to pay for it, now I was ready to pee their right on the spot, being a 25 yr old man, like I said before I dind't want to make a fool of myself. So finally it was my turn, paid for the water filter and walked home hit and sweaty. Finally I got in the house, quickly changing my clothes and headed to the bathroom. I undud my jeans and undies, and stood to pee into the toilet bowl. Again it felt so good to release those flood gates! This time the pee color was a darker yellow, more like gold in color, and the odor had a faint coffee and orange HI-C drink. Zipped up my jeans and washed my hands and went back to my room.

Well I hope you all enjoyed my post, talk to you all later. --Mr. Clogs

Mel 14 and embarassed to tell this...there was one time me and my friend were camping. She had to pee badly..she told me to come with her...
As she entered the bathroom with me, she took off her shorts and pink panties and sat down. Suddenly, a peeing sound came -- it was like the sound of a faucet turned on to its fullest! I was like "WHOA" .. she was all red and told me if i dun mind hearing her peeing. I said "nah..". She peed for a pretty long time and let out a small fart. But as i was hearing her, i had the urge to pee as well. So I told her to move over quick -- she didn't even wipe yet. LOL And I saw her pee was almost to the top of the toilet all yellow, bubbly .... and I sat down (it was pretty warm) and began to pee as well on top of hers... The toilet nearly overflooded with pee since she peed a whole river. Such relief I felt when the pee came down and hearing it sounded ...peaceful? My friend was waiting for me to finish since she still had her pants/underwear down standing I wiped myself and flushed. My friend said: "Look at our pee conbined! we can make a whole river with that". I laughed... and she began to wipe herself... and we washed our hands and left.

To Evonne:

Thanks for sharing your 'poop struggles' and answering my questions. For some reason, I love reading about people taking a big long dump. It sounds like you have a really hard time squeezing out those massive loads. I have trouble pooping from time to time, although I usually do a poo twice a day. However, I haven't done a poo since Sunday afternoon and its now Tuesday night. Sometimes I will go one day without dropping a load but its been 2 days now. I really hope I can go tomorrow. I'm starting to feel a slight urge to go but when I tried earlier, all I could manage was a small fart. My stomach is a bit bloated too. I will let you know when Im finally able to do a poo.

Hey Krysten, be glad that you've got such an understanding b/f. It's the things like this that true love are all about. It's not how well you perform together in bed

Friday, June 24, 2005

Punk Rock Girl
Hi y'all

Been a while but now I'm back. Not much to report. I took a shit in the woods while hiking over the weekend. I was smart enough to bring TP with me this time, though it was a nice solid dump and I could have gone without wiping.

In response to KEN: Yes, I have had to forgo wiping a few times in my life. My worst experience was in college. It was during finals and a mixture of bad food for lunch and nerves had made my bowels extremely tempermental. I was about fifteen minutes into a three hour long test, when my guts cramped up fiercely and I almost shit my pants right there.

I took my test and blue book up to the professor and begged him to let me use the bathroom. I actually said to him, loud enough for other people to hear, "I am seriously about to shit my pants." He took my test and blue book and said, "Be back in five minutes."

I sprinted to the closest bathroom, which was a unisex with one toilet. I ran in without even locking the door (mistake), tore my jeans and underpants down and sat on the toilet and shit my brains out. In the middle of it, a guy opened the door to come in. He saw me and said, "Oh God, sorry!" I said, "My fault, I didn't lock it. He was nice enough to click the lock and shut the door.

After two or three more explosions of liquid shit I was empty. And that's when I noticed there was no TP. SHIT! What could I do? Residual diarrhea between my buns for another two hours or a zero on my final exam? I chose the diarrhea between the buns.

Over the next two plus hours, I finished my test, doing my best to ignore the clammy, itchy glob of slimy shit irritating my anus and inner buttocks, and handed in my test. I waddled back to my dorm and headed straight to the showers, where I cleaned my itchy, stingy hindquarters and then massaged it with some Vitamin E lotion.

That experience is etched in my memory like a car crash!



This is for Shellie, the high school girl who got grounded by her mom for making a mess in her panties at a softball game. I think your mom and my mom should meet. It happened to me last summer. I didn't get grounded for my messing accident, but mom wasn't at all pleased about it, either. I don't know what it is, but it seems that some parents really take it badly when a kid has an accident.

Like I said, it happened last summer. I was working on the boardwalk in a summer resort town. I was running one of those boardwalk game stands. I was working the stand myself, so I couldn't just leave the stand to go to the bathroom. Thats not to say that the accident wasn't my fault though, because we have a walkie-talkies where we can call for someone to come if we have an emergency. I could have called for someone to come and take my place for a few minutes while I went to the girls' room, but for some reason I was kind of shy about calling in and saying I had an emergency to go to the bathroom. Besides, I wasn't too keen on using those awful boardwalk bathrooms to take a dump so I was determined to hold it in. It was also close to the end of my shift, so I figured I could wait and poop in comfort at home.

For a while I was winning the struggle to hold it in. The poop would try to force its way out, but I'd hold my cheeks together and force it back in. But, of course, the urge to go only got stronger. Then suddenly it started to push out and I couldn't push it back in. All I could do was stupidly stand there while this big mass of poop forced its way out into my panties. It was a big load and though I could tell it was smeared badly all over me, it seemed to be solid enough to stay in my panties.

I managed to get through the rest of my shift without getting caught and I bypassed the boardwalk girls' room as this was not something I wanted to deal with in there. I don't know what it is about moms, but no sooner had I stepped in the door than I got caught. She started yelling at me and telling me that I should be ashamed of myself and can't believe that I'd do this at my age. When she found out how it happened (that I never called for someone to take my place while I went to the bathroom) she become absolutely enraged.

I should have just stood there an let mom vent her anger, but I tried to defend myself by playing it off like it wasn't a really big deal. Well, mom definately thought it was a big deal and mentioned how bad it smells and that she "shouldn't have to be smelling poop loads in the panties of a 17 year old." I think it was probably the smell that gave me away in the first place when I walked into the house. Well, by this time we are already in the bathroom and I'm in the process of sliding off my loaded panties. Foolishly, I said that the smell wasn't so bad as my mom said or something like that.

Well, at this point mom goes ballistic and grabs my panties. She then takes them and makes me stick my nose right into the mess. I mean she put it right in there so I got poop on my nose. She started to screaming at me to "Smell it!, Smell it!, smell the disgusting mess you made." I tried to hold my breathe at first but she hold my nose in there for several minutes and I had no choice but to smell it. Then she starting screaming, "How does it smell it now?, How does it smell now?, Do you still think it doesn't smell?" It wasn't until I answered "yes" (several times) that she let me pull my nose out of the mess. By this time, I was ready about ready to puke from that.

Fortunately, mom left my alone in my disgrace as I went about cleaning myself with a washclothe and than I had to scrub out the messy panties -- first in the toilet to get the big stuff out and then in the sink to clean out all the stains. It was really a waste of time because there was no way I was ever going to wear those panties again after this, but I guess it was part of my punishment.

Mom didn't ground me like Shellie's mom did, but warned me that if it happened again, I'd be "one very sorry young lady." She didn't have to warn me. After an experience like that there is no way I'm ever going to be so stupid as to mess in my panties again. Several times since then, I've used the walkie-talkie to ask for a bathroom break and I no longer care how bad the boardwalk bathrooms are. I use them all the time now because I never want to have an accident again.

one day while driving home for school i felt an urge to take a huge shit. i had not gone to the bathroom all day. i knew i wasnt going to make it home so i quickly pulled into a gas station. as i was getting out i thought i was going to poop my pants but managed to hold it. i rushed in and there was only a single unisex bathroom. i opened the door and a man was just finishing washing his hands so i closed the door and waited and he emerged. i rushed in and shut the door but then noticed the door lock was broken. for a second i thought about leaving becuse the toilet was in the middle of a huge room and there was no way i could hold the door shut. suddenly i felt the poop coming out, so i ran over pulled my pants down and blew up on the toilet. it was the biggest dump dump i had ever taken, and i knew i was going to be on the toilet for at least 6 or seven minutes. i treid to finish quickly but i couldnt breath until altough poop was out of me. i tried pushing as i hard as i could, just then some guy walks in without knocking and since the bathroom was right in front of the counter everyone that was standing in line saw me sitting thier on the toilet. he quickly turned away and slammed the door shut, but unfortunately he slammed it to hard and it swung back open. unfortunatley i was still pooping and there was no way i could get up to shut the door, and no one standing there was polite enough to come shut the door for me. they were acting like i wasnt sitting there taking a huge crap, but a coulpe kept glancing over. after sitting there for about thirty seconds i finally just pulled up my pants and ran out even though i could have sat there for five more minutes. that was the most embarrased i ever felt probably. when i got home i went into the house and into the bathroom with a magazine and locked the door to finish my poop in peace. thats the only place i feel safe pooping.

nobody special
does anyone know of any male pee or poop scenes??

I sometimes volunteered to stay after school to help the janitors clean up when I attended a Catholic high school. I always did the bathrooms right after last class. I would start with the girls bathroom, that way several girls would have to come in and go before they left for the day and I would get to talk to them while they were on the toilet. They were perfectly cool with having a tinkle while I wiped the sinks, never shy about it. One chick took a nasty dump and clogged the toilet while I was in there and she was like sorry. I was like no problem I got out the plunger. I once found a nasty used sanitary napkin clogging a toilet and I very bravely pulled that out with my bare hand. A dude came in to pee in the girls room one day because the plumbers were working in the boys room and commented that he could not believe that I was volunteering to clean the freaking restrooms. So I'm like it's a nice place to meet girls, which was true. They were always conversant with me and were sort of happy to hang out with me in there. That's just the way it was and for whatever reason they got a kick out of the fact that I wiped off their toilet seats. A group of them were cutting class and playing cards on the floor one day believe it or not and got all giggly when I started wiping the toilet seats. They cracked down on smoking in there which was a good thing, it really stunk up the place so by the time I started there no smoking at all so you had the natural odor of girl urine. I don't know, when you are in a school like this the bathrooms are like a sacred hang out and I enjoyed my work.

Has anyone used an open style trough toilet that is still common in some Asian countries. I recall an interesting experience when I was "forced" by stomach cramps to use such a toilet when I visited Shanghai, China a while ago. The Chinese trough toilet is not exactly recommended for squeamish tourists who are advised to use the regular cubicle toilets in hotels as far as possible. But on one particular morning after breakfast, I got hit by cramps that told me I had to hunt for a toilet. The street toilet was easy to find and the entry charge was reasonable - only a few "mao" which was less than even 1 renminbi. It was the first time I had entered a street toilet in Shanghai and didn't know what to expect. After paying the female janitor, I proceeded to the men's section and immediately saw a queue of about 4 guys outside the entrance. Next to the queue was a small section with a trough urinal, and there was no one using it. I realized immediately that the guys were queuing to do a number 2. I had no choice but to join the queue behind a thin-looking pale-skinned young man who looked like a college kid. In front of him were 3 guys in their 30s and 40s. I peered in the toilet and it was basically a room with tiled walls and a simple trough along one section of it. It had 4 doorless cubicles separated by walls about 3 feet high and guys were squatting over the trough. Two cubicles became available and we had to wait for another 5 minutes as the queue moved forward. The man in front of the college boy, was next to go into the cubicle nearest to where we were queuing. As he hurriedly pulled down his pants, he farted urgently and as soon as he squatted, immediately dropped what sounded like a big mushy load (I dared not look). Soon the trough toilet flush was activated just as 2 other front cubicles became available. College kid and myself proceeded and he took the cubicle in front of me. As I pulled down my pants and squatted, I was a bit horrified to note that there were 10 inch gaps between the trough floor and the dividing walls. As I squatted, that gave me a full view of the college boy's ass as he took his position in the cubicle in front. No doubt the occupant in the cubicle behind me had a similar view of my ass, and the thought created momentary panic and made me consider trying to hold in my load and rush back to the hotel to take care of business. As I contemplated that, the college boy let out a sharp burst of gas as he squatted, no doubt signifying his imminent bowel movement. I watched in a mixture of embarrassment and fascination as his anus domed out dramatically and he immediately started unloading. It was my first time actually watching another guy and human being having a bowel movement at such close range and I really didn't know what to think of it - it was interesting though to note that in a short space of about 3 minutes, he had dropped a load of three huge dark brown, chunky, 8-inch to 9-inch logs that were pumped out without much straining on his part. His logs made a muffled PLOOP PLOP PLOOP sound in intervals as they dropped into the watery trough below. There wasn't much of an offensive aroma even at this point. As he was pushing out his turds, the college kid at the same time started letting go a heavy stream of piss that jetted noisily into the trough water below. This young man was definitely not at all bowel or pee-shy. On the other hand, his body seemed able to achieve both acts of release (bowel and bladder) simultaneously. This I thought was rather strange as I always thought turds and urine have to be passed out one function at a time. However, I did notice (again strangely) that the guy's stream of piss had a part 1 and part 2, and seemed to be interrupted and stopped halfway through his bowel release, and the pissing only resumed again gradually and heavily a short while after the third log had been pumped out. I was getting more flustered as in the meantime, my urgent stomach cramps turned into a tight knotted discomfort and I was STILL unable to go. Instead, here I was squatting on a strange toilet in a strange country called China analyzing another guy doing his morning dump, and I had to smile at how strange and ridiculous it all was. I tried pushing and straining again and only succeeded in squeezing out a soft hissing fart and squirt of pee. It didn't help matters that the cubicle behind me was still occupied and I imagined the occupant having a laugh at my apparent anxiety-induced constipation. I tried closing my eyes to concentrate, but my mental effort was interrupted by the college boy in front who farted loudly again and started on the second part of his BM. I couldn't help but stare as softer, lighter brown mushy stuff, quite unlike the three solid logs passed earlier, began to emerge, falling softly into the trough on top of the logs. These started out slowly at first, coiling in a pile above the three logs but soon the momentum picked up. Finally the tail-end of the guy's bowel movement exploded out together with a wet fart that splattered the trough walls slightly with small streaks of shit. The college boy hissed and sighed softly in relief while I backed off a little instinctively, recoiling at the force of the gas blasted out. Then, miraculously, the guy's explosive fart seemed to trigger a release signal for me. I squatted and pushed slightly, and the load in my bowels started to pump out almost involuntarily. I knew I was going to be doing a semi-mushy express-train release - meaning whoosh and it all comes out in one go. True enough, the revived cramps inspired an auto release, which ended in a big burst of gassy watery diarrhea on top of a huge mushy load in the trough water below me. The trough flush was activated again at this point, and the water pushed the piles of turds from the front cubicles through the trough below me. I had a few seconds to glimpse the load dropped by the college kid as it floated past. It was a huge load by any standard, 3 large chunky coils exceeding 22 inches in total and a huge pile of softer mushy stuff like a melted mud cake on top of it. It seemed hard to imagine ALL of that stuff coming out of the slim-built young Chinese guy in one go, and it must have been uncomfortable for him to hold it in prior to his visit to the toilet. The college kid wiped off with some toilet paper, pulled up his pants and exited the trough toilet. This then, was my first Chinese public toilet experience and sighting, and I can't say it was totally a disgusting experience. It showed that in some countries like China, shitting could be a semi-communal experience, and among mainland Chinese guys at least, there seemed to be a casual, practical attitude towards a natural body function that is so unlike the uptight toilet experience encountered in Western societies. Comments in response are welcome from my fellow posters.

to 123:

Are you female??, I think the bin things are really urinals for males to pee in or females if you can reach them and pee standing.


hello everybody, im new
i had the most emberrising(sp?) accident on thursday.
i was out with my bf at this BBQ at a park and i had to go to the
bathroom. well being that im a super shy person i didnt tell anyone,
or anything like that. i was walking around and stuff acting like nothing was wrong. but like an hour later i really had to go. my bf noticed me acting strange and stuff and asked me what was wrong, i told him nothing was wrong...but he could tell and so like 5 min later hae came back up to me and goes "are you sure your ok?" and at that moment i felt a spurt of pee go into my pants my face turned red and i quickly answered "no" an i didnt want to humiliat(sp?) myself in front of my bf so i ran into these small woods that were almost right next to the park and i kept running until i felt this cramp that i've never felt before, i stopped dead in my tracks, doubled over, and released lots of warm, soft, mushy poop into my panties, and i peed a bit too.
i was in tears, but my bf had followed me into the woods so he saw the whole thing...i was a wreck. he was sympathetic(sp?), he helped me clean up and get out without anyone seeing me then we went back to his house where he held me until i stopped crying (when i finally stopped crying his shirt was all wet from my tears). after that he counsled me and told me to just ask and not be so shy next time.
has anyone else had an accident like that infront of their bf/husband?
cuz i feel alone and cant look him in the eyes whithout crying...weird, eh...
later <3

I have always thought it bad manners to turn blue in someone's bathroom.


Mr. Clogs
I've got a quick post to share. This morning I had a pretty healthy dump in my 5-quart bucket. I felt the pressure building up in my stomach and felt the need to relieve myself into the container instead of the toilet. So I got off my smelly boxers toss them off to the side, grabbed the bucket and squatted over the mouth of the bucket, and started pushing to release the turds out of my behind. Finally the turds started to push out and plopped into the bucket filling up the bottom with the soft mushy poop! As soon I was done, I wiped several times up and put the TP into the bucket to dump out later. I got up from squatting over the bucket, put my smelly boxers back on and put the lid over the bucket so that the smelly poop odor doesn't linger on in the house! Another incident happened today while I was getting ready to get out the house to got to the bank to make a deposit, since I'm unemployed, I have nothing but free time. I was ironing my clothes to go out the house in dire need to pee. So I grabbed that bucket full of piss and poop and dirty TP, opened the bucket's lid whipped out my thing (penis) and proceeded to pee into the bucket, wow it felt so good to release that coffee pee! The smell of the contents inside the bucket began to intensify. Once I was done peeing, I quickly placed the lid back onto the container and quickly finishing ironing my clothes and take a shower. Later on around 11:30 AM, I took the nasty bucket and the dumped the contents of the bucket into the toilet, rinsed out the bucket and proceeded to take a shower. Well I hope you all enjoyed my post, take care and have a nice day. Peace. -Mr. Clogs

I saw Linda's post asking more specific questions:

Do you grunt and groan while taking a dump??

Yes, I do get loud grunting and groaning if I am having a really hard rasping straining stool. When I go, I have to put a lot of effort into it and it causes me to make long strenuous - pushing sounds. I prefer to do this at home in my own bathroom. I have to be where no one is around so I can get relaxed and ready. (except my bf has seen me straining on the toilet)

Do you sit down while you are doing a poo or do you put your feet on the toilet seat, with your knees up and squat over the bowl?

I never squat over the bowl. When I feel the hard mass in my rectum I make the decision to go into the bathroom and sit on the toilet. I usually sit normal but leaning over a bit with my feet flat on the floor. It takes me a long time before it is ready to come out, about fifteen minutes at least. During that time I periodically push hard to start it coming. Sometimes I move my feet back along the side of the toilet on just my toes to lift up a bit to reach around and spread my butt wider over the seat and sit back down. This helps to stretch my butt wider. Then lean forward to give a good strain.

Do you use anything to help loosen your stools - like laxatives, suppositories or enemas?

I have tried that fiber stuff which is a powder you mix up in juice. But after a few days and wound up with the biggest stool of all.
Since my bathroom schedule is so slow, all it did is make it so big that I could not get it out at all. It was just sitting there at my butt hole hurting me a lot. My butt was stretched open as wide as it could go but the stool was bigger than that so it was really stuck. I remembered that my sister Liz left one of her fleet enemas under the bathroom sink quite some time ago. I tried to use it but when I tried to get the tip it in there I was so tight around the stool I could not get the nozzle in past the stool to squeeze the water in. I tried to push the stool back in so my hole would close so some water would be retained. It just made a big mess. I had to resort to using my finger to 'dig' it out. Took a long time and I figured I better not use that stuff again.

Has your boyfriend ever watched you take a dump??
Yes he has a few times. But I usually like to just go it alone.

Have you ever had to dig the turds out of your butt or been disimpacted??
As stated above, I have done that when it is at the limit and the stool is too big and hard.

Do you ever take a dump at work, in public toilets or at a friend's house?
No, first, I don't like the smelly toilets that everyone else has used, and second, I make sounds when I have to strain and people would hear me. I would also clog it for sure and the smell would send everyone home. People in the office might talk about who clogged the ladies toilet. They might even embarress me by getting me a plunger and room deoderizer for my birthday all wrapped up in a bow.

I have a few myself if you ever want to hear them.
Well, it would be interesting to hear.

I was visitng my friend Marianne last Sunday. We have just finished coffee and we were sitting in living room and talking as Marianne suddenly said that she needed pop in bathroom. She got up and walked to the bathroom which was in end of hall, between living room and kitchen. Marianne left the bathroom's door ajar so we could carry on our conversation. I was sitting on couch and bathroom was not more than 15 feet away so I could hear as Marianne unzipped her jeans. Then seat slammed down. I could even hear Marianne's butt hit the seat. While we talked I didn't hear any sounds of peeing or pooping. No ripple of pee, no plopping, no farting, no gruntind or straining. I already started wondering could she pee and poop so silently but then after 3-4 minutes, in the middle of Marianne's speech, I heard a sharp plop. It sounded like rather hard and small piece of poop hit to water in the bowl. About a minute later I heard another, almost identical plop. Then after short silence came 2 light plops: blip…blip. If previous 2 pieces were small, these 2 must be really tiny. Then I heard Marianne straining first time, but just a little. I barely noticed it, she could talk almost with normal voice. After a minute there was a good plop. It must be at least medium sized chunk. It was followed by faint crackling sound and 2 nice splashes, just within 10 seconds of each others. Right after last splash Marianne started pee which lasted about 10 seconds. Then she remained sitting and about a minute later I heard one more plop. Instantly after plop she began grabbing toilet paper. She wiped at least 6-7 times. Her whole bathroom visit lasted 10-12 minutes. When I was leaving (about an hour after Marianne's pooping session) I deciced go to pee. Of course there was not any smell of poop but I saw two thin poop streaks at the bottom of bowl.

Hi everyone! I'm new here but I've been a reader for quite sometime. I finally got the nerve to post hear for myself. First off: I'm female, 5'9", and roughly 137 lbs. My friends and I have pooping contests, and I usually walk away the winner for longest, thickest, logs (How I got my nickname). They all tell me that watching my round bubble-butt push out a poop is amazing. Well, for my first story, I have a solo poop in my bathroom, not involving the regular toilet. See, when I was little, my parents bought me one of those, my-own-potty toilets. After I was potty-trained, they cleaned it out and stored it away. I knew my parents would be gone for a business trip this past weekend, so I've held in my poop for a few days to see how long of a log I could get. When they were gone, I thought about this site and how awesome a story this would make. I went to the toilet, but thought it was boring and cliche'. I thought of alternatives that wouldn't be too messy, and that's when it hit me: use my old potty you could just dump out! I got it from the basement and put it in the bathroom (which is big) right in the middle of the floor. I attached the toilet seat back on and sat down (my butt got bigger since). By this time I had to poop so bad I was cramped up. I peed for a few seconds and it stopped. Barely just getting the potty ready for what was coming. I could feel a fart coming so I let it go: brrrrnnnt. And finally, it came. The turd of my life! Slowly, it inched it's way out, sliding my quivering butt hole open. It squeazed out, now half way dangling out of my butt, in mid-air. I gave a push, and another few inches slid out, messaging by butt every which way. It finally came out, as half of it was touching the bottom of the potty. I heard a quiet thud. I stood up and saw a monsterous 15" log about 2.5" around. I took a picture to show my friends, and cleaned it out, dumping it in the toilet, chopping it up with a plunger so it would flush. My friends were quite amazed at my ability. Thanks for reading! Later- LawgQueen

This story isn't about me, but read if it you want anyways. Once I was
in the ladies room, washing my hands, when this girl ran in clutching her bottom. The stalls were full, and there were 2 urinals in there. She pulled down her jeans and panties, but not fast enough because a load of diarrhea exploded out of her bottom and landed on her panties. Then she sat on the urinal and moaned and more diarrhea came out. she sat there for about 5 min., then stood up, but she grabbed her stomach again and started pushing out more poop. More landed on her panties before she could get on the urinal again. after another 10 min. she stood up again, and then her bladder let go and she peed all over the floor. she threw her panties in the trash, then went back to the urinal and stood over it for another 10 min., pushing out more poop and groaning. it seemed she was done, but then she started farting and more poop came out. when it seemed she could poop no more, she pulled up her jeans and started to wash her hands next to me. Just as i was about to walk out, i heard her moan. i turned around and she had her jeans pulled down again, pooping all over the floor! i watched for about 5 more mins. before i finally had to go, so i dont know what happened after that.

Mr. Clogs
Hi there, got a post to share and here it goes. On thursday 6/16/2005, I was out and about shopping in the dollar store. There I saw this 5 quart bucket with a lid (blue, because it's my favorite color), it's simular to those enamel ware chamber pot containers used back in the days when indoor plumging was a hard to come by. Anyways, I picked up this container with a few items from the dollar store, paid for the items and continued to shop. I decided not to use it yet until Friday 6/17/2005, when I was going to use it to take a dump in it because taking a dump in my bathroom is very unconfortable. Besides I like using containers for the purpose of going to the bathroom! So on Friday, I decided to use it for the first time, so I put some of my urine that I had in my other dual purpose container into the bucket, I might to restrict to using that one for peeing only. The new dual purpose container hase a 8 inch opening, plenty of room for aiming and no worry neither, no more poop on the floor, yuck! Let me tell you, it fits the contour of my @&& just perfect, thats why I say plenty of room to aim! I squatted over the mouth of the container, spredding my butt cheeks wide, "this keeps the messy turds from sticking to your butt crack, which means less to wipe! So I let nature take it's course while I was in a full squatting position. Once I was finished, I took the bucket into the bathroom so I could dump the piss and poop filled container and dump it into the toilet so I could rinse out the container for next use. I proceeded to take my shower, do my laundry and clean up the kitchen.

Venus and Mike: Thank you for your comments, I hope you like my post. Maybe the idea of taking a dump in a cup was far fetched. From the posts, I would have to agree with you, the cup wouldn't handle the logs you produce! How about those large tupper ware containers with the large mouth giving you plenty room to aim w/o worry. Maybe I should of been more specific about the size of the cup, usually those "super-sized" cups would be ideal if you're going to try it. It's amazing that a person like yourself could produce such massive logs! Hell I can't produce such massive turds unless I drink my dieter's tea or a laxative if I get constipated. Maybe I don't eat enought fiber or protein in my diet, that's way I stay so clogged! Hey that idea may come in handy some day. Well you and Mike take care, talk to ya soon.

stinky cheerleader fan: Yes I have to agree with you, what those cheerleaders did was nasty. Perhaps they got that idea of pooping on a pizza thing from a Comedy Central cartoon that comes on late at night, I call it the "discusting cartoon"because the cartoon charater's do and say such discusting things. From the cartoon, there is a pig charater that took a crap on the pizza and handed back to the delivery guy and told him no sausage! Ha...ha...!

Moo: Good post, it the festival must of been some adventure huh, anyways, good post and keep them coming.

cheryl: Hello, I was wondering where you've been. I've been thinking about you and missing those posts from the vault. Anyways, I enjoyed reading your posts from 6-7-05, 6-5-05 at the poetry workshop, yes us New Yorker's and New Jersey folks like myself are in such a rush, knowing you, I see you like to take your time, I'm like that too, and I can't be rushed especially when it comes to going to the bathroom. The last one from sat 6-11-05 up in some place in Hartford was cool. Hey when those urges hit ya, it hits ya! Finally, the survey that I posted a while ago, thank you for your reponses. I liked your responses to the questions about camping in the tent using the container in the position you were in, the description was excellent. The reponse to question 5 was cool, I really liked the part about" WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS! MAKE "CHERYLADE!" ". The repsonse to question six was cool, the part when you needed to pee was interesting, I don't how you made it with the bottle/jar what ever. Hey when you got to go, you'll make things possible in order to get the job done! The response to question seven was cool, especially about cup with the wide mouth 46 oz. This quote should go down as a classic "AGAIN, WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS, WHY NOT MAKE A "BIG BAD MS. WOOF" CUPFUL OF "CHERYLADE" [ just don't let the cupeth overrunneth on the floor!]". Thanks cheryl again for your comments and post to the survey. It's a pleasure to read your posts, keep them coming. Talk to you later.

Well folks, got to go, I hope you enjoyed my post, now I have to go to take a piss and a crap right now. Take care, peace! --Mr. Clogs

Ken- Tell Amy she is not alone...being in a wheelchair I only did my poops at home as a kid. The ADA was unheard of when I was growing up and must bathrooms were in accessable. As a result I learned to hold me poop...the longer I held it the bigger it got. Over the years I too developed megacolon, its a pain in the butt. How oftem dpes Amy go? For me its now about once in ten days. Its an EVENT I have to prepare for. Usually I take prune juice on day nine and then I have to be prepared to spend half hour to 45 minutes on the toilet struggling to get it all out. What Amy's cause for mega colon and what routine does she have for dealilng with it? Does she use enemas often?

ramdon reader
I just returned from senior week in Ocean City Maryland. It was a lot like Mardi Gra because there was drunks everywhere and you could give girls beads to see the boobs. Anyway I went to a party and there was two pooping stories that i must share. First someone was talking about one of the girls named Crystal pooping, she just replied that she had to poop. The next was a hot blonde named sarah pooping she whispered to her friends that she had to poop then everyone made a big deal about it, everyone was like sarah has to go number 2 and she was trying to deny it. She headed to the bathroom to poop and she had a boy stand and guard the door to make sure no one came in. About 8 minutes later she came out and everyone was like oh my god it stinks so bad in here, and she said it dosn't stink and she waved the door around to act like a fan to air out the room. I went in a few minutes later to pee and there was a faint smell of poop lingering in the air. It was so hot.

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