i just came back from pooping a huge load. but its normal for me. my average poop size is 9 and a half in. long and 4 in. thick. my poop is always hard as a rock it takes me for ever to take a dump. but anyway i just pooped a huge load, i took a hand mirror and put it so i could see my buthole. as i sat for 10 min. pushing my anus finnaly opened and at first it looked like a small poop but then i pushed harder and my anus streched as the dark chocolate brown colored poop started making its way out of my anus and into the bowl this was incredibal my anus never stopped streching you could even hear it pushing out it sounded like tiny bubbles poping

i am 14 and i was at an ice skating rink with my friend, all of a sudden i really had to poop. it was coming out and i couldn't suck it back in. my turds are huge so it was slowly coming out i grabbed my friend and we ran straight to the girls bathroom. All the stalls were takin! Except one. This one was different, this one had no door, it was a toddlers potty (so adults can watch their children while they are going 1 or 2). I had no choice my turd was already 4 inches out of my butt. my friend covered me, as i squatted over the toilet. my turd kept coming out. its been 5 minutes and the turd is one and a half feet long! It gets worse. people are leaving the stalls and notice me pooping that massive giant. Then, she has to poop she stops guarding and runs into the stall next to me. then, a whole birthday party of people coming walking into the bathroom. They looked about my age. i was sooooo embarrased. my poop was now 2 feet and around 8 inches! instead of walking past me they all stood and stared at me in shock(but who wouldn't?).one girl looked at me and said "is any more coming out"? i said "there were no more stalls open" very shyly. as more poop was coming out, they kept standing there . one girl yelled out "my gosh your a machine" as my turd was almost up to 3 and a half feet. and my friend next stall over was also pooping so when she finished she walked out and started yelling at the girls. they finaly left and my turd was 4 feet long and i had to actually stand on the toilet.

Hello miss, i'm simone from italy. I read your story and i love it, see i like shitting myself , i find an excitement in doing the way here is my story.
An evening of january, i don't remember wich, i got back to my home after 8 hours work in a factory. It was about 11,30 p.m. I entered kitchen and ate a couple of oranges and got to my room to get ready for shower. so i undressed me, but while i did it i felt a bad ache in my bowels. i realized i would go to the bathroom and i had a big quantity of shit because i hadn't gone to the wole day.See i was naked, but instead of running to the loo i sat on a chair waiting for a another cramp.After 5 minutes a bad cramp struck me and it was so strong i couldn't breathe for a wile. So a i pushed a bit and an impressive bulk of liquid shit came out of my ass, running under my legs, onto the floor, with a a sound like squakkkkkk, prrrrrrrr, squikkkk. i stayed on the chair for a while, the smell was orrible but at the same time very exciting for me.When i got up there was the worst part because i had to clean the seat and the floor, luckily nothing of my parents were asleep so i could clean my room with calm. After finishing it i ran to the bathroom and had a shower. It was a bad but a exciting experience for me at at the end of the shower i felt very good.I hope u like my story, i attend an answer from you.
Do u feel excitement with diarreha?
Excuse me for any mistake, but i'm not very good in english.

I was just reading some really old posts, and I got to thinking: some people mentioned that whomever they were listening in on or observing pooping, or them selves claimed the bathroom really stunk, when someone farted while pooping. which brought me to 4 questions for everyone, but more so a theory which I have decided to share. So here goes. Women don't fart much in public. Many of the posts about women pooping that I read, the writers claimed that the women farted during their poops and some even during peeing(I bet Cheyrl could elaborate).
1) Does anyone think that to be the same way?
2)Does anyone think that when their pooping that when they fart during pooping that the bathroom smells worse than without farting?
3)Would that imply that more womens poop smells worse than mens poop because they are less likely to fart in public and because they save their farts for the bathroom and the toilet?
4)Lastly for just the ladies have you ever gone to pee, farted during peeing, and confused the next person who using the toilet or bathroom after you into thinking that you pooped only because you farted?

I hope I get some good responses.

Question: For Venus & China Girl:

What was the biggest turd you have ever done? If you're not sure, could you estimate? Would you be willing to measure them with a mesuring tape, so we could get a better idea? Thanks!

Jane: Where are you? I've been waiting patiently for your next story...

Johnny Half-Pint

I have said in the past that my garden is not really a particularly safe place for peeing in, as it is overlooked by too many other houses. However, the other night, I hadn't watered my vegetables; and, as the weather is a bit dry side at the moment, I thought I had better do so. I also had a full bladder and it seemed too good an opportunity to waste. So I put on just a pair of shorts and flip flops, and went out with the hose. Under cover of darkness and the sound of the hose, I let rip my bladder contents and felt the warm pee trickling down my leg.

It felt really good, and I am fairly sure nobody noticed what I was really up to! I might try it again if the opportunity presents itself .....


hi i took a good poop before i went to bed.I sit on the toilet for about thirty minutes farting and pooping.I felt so much better after i was done.i felt like i lost ten pounds.i like to take good poops because i fill beter after i wife poops in the mournings and she doesnt allow me to watch her.i like listening to her strain out a big turd and farting at the same time.she isnt bashfull farting around me she just doesnt let me in the bathroom when she is pooping.well i guess im lucky because she at least likes farting.i dont think its gross when females fart they should fart more often.well keep posting i enjoy the post.

Hi all,

Just to recap, I'm a 22 year old male from England, have posted once before.

Well, last night I was working until 3:30am in Birmingham City Centre. When I left, I had to drop off my colleague before driving home. Well, I dropped off Lucy and was just driving down the road when I had bad stomach cramps and knew I wasn't going to be able to drive all the way home like that. I was driving down some residential roads in Edgbaston when I knew I had to stop soon - I wasn't going to have an accident, it was just I couldn't drive safely with the cramps. I pulled over in front of this house and jumped out my car grabbing some tissues. I pulled my trousers and pants down to my knees and squatted next to my car and relaxed. Within a few seconds my bowels opened and there was a fair pile of shit on the footpath. I emptied my bladder and wiped, leaving the tissues in the gutter and stood up to see the pile surround in a pool of pee. My cramps had gone completely so I got back into my car and drove home. I woke up at about 6:30am with the same feeling and went to the toilet with the same result. I later realised it was probably the pizza I had eaten earlier on that caused it. All better now anyway!!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Last week on Monday i had quite an experience. I'm a teacher at a private school K-12. I got up, got dressed and went to work. I tought my first period class when i started getting these cramps, but my period was last week so i knew that wasn't the problem. I went to the bathroom downstairs...the one where there is only one stall and you lock the door, and sat down and instantally started squeezing out liquid poop. When i was done I decided that I'd just go home for the day, as i wasn't feeling to good and as i didn't want to have a diarrhea attack during a class. So i aranged for another teacher to take the rest of my classes and went home. About three hours after i left school I started getting these terrible cramps, and i ran to the bathroom and had wave after wave of diarrhea. This continued all day and when i went to bed i practically had an accident. After that innitial day I continued to have diarrhea of the sort that makes it so that you cannot go to work for three more days. On Friday I was feeling much better and I went to school. I was amazed by how much the students actually cared that i was feeling better.

Hey everyone I have a girl friend named AMy who has Mega colon condition. She always likes to show me her huge poops that are really thick,huge and heavy. She was wondering if there are others who has this condition and would like to share their experiences.

Good morning--hot here. I had an excellent bowel movement this morning. Got up, came to the computer, and felt the urge. I went into the bathroom, sat on the rim for maximum projection--and the feeling went away! I got up, came back to the computer, and gathered my clothes, all the time feeling the urge come back stronger than ever. I went back to the toilet, sat on the rim, and pushed only slightly as what was obviously a thick solid movement slid smoothly out. It took a few seconds, a nice continuous feeling of wide openness distending my anus. The last part fell in with a soft plunk, and I was done. The result? I measured it. The longest of the 4 pieces was 11 inches and stretched from one end of the bowl almost to the other. The other three pieces were 4", 2" and 1" in length; I also measured the thickness, which looked unusually large for me; the turds were 1 5/8" thick, mostly a rich medium brown, except for the hard knobby part which was obviously first out, which was darker. It felt great and looked excellent.
Very few sightings recently. In reflective tile a few days ago I saw a gentleman drop half a dozen hard balls of very dark poop. In the Little League porta-potties I saw b.m.'s in three of the five, but nothing out of the ordinary. Please write about sightings you have also. Happy pooping, everyone!

easy money
the first couple of months i was dating my ex-girlfriend she always went away quietly to the bathroom to the time i was twenty and she was 18, half filipino 5"8 130 very hot. she seemed to very shy about pooping and always lit a candle before she pooped. one day while i was taking a shower and just before i got out i heard my girlfriend(back from a jog) rush in slam the toilet lid down. when i got out i thought she was just peeing until i seen the look on her face. she absolutley exploded on the toilet sweating and breathing profusely, she than quickly reached over and grabbe the air freshner and started spraying it before i could smell what she had done. she then looked at me laughed and said, "i'm taking a shit". i looked and just smiled, walked away and said, "it couldnt of smelled that bad." even though it probably did. after that we were both very open about pooping in front of one another.

Eric in Chicago
Benjamin: you were suffering from what's technically called "impaction." It's usually the result of trying to hold your shit for too long (several days).

Toilet boy: conventional wisdom has it that 14-year-old boys take the biggest shits. A family with 14-year-old male triplets is unlikely to have to pay for their toilets; most toilet manufacturers would give them free samples of their latest model for final testing.

CD: Hydrogen sulfide is H2S, not H2SO4 (the latter is hydrogen *sulphate*, more commonly known as sulphuric acid; hydrogen sulphide is also known as hydrosulfuric acid, though the term is seldom used). The interesting thing about H2S is that while it's one of the smelliest known substances, it's actually odorless in high concentrations; unfortunately, it's usually fatal in such concentrations (hydrogen sulfide is about as toxic as hydrogen cyanide, and has the same mechanism of toxicity, namely tying up cytochrome enzymes).

People who eat a purely plant-based diet consume less cysteine, a sulfur-containing amino acid, and therefore produce less H2S (though they still produce some, since they *have* to consume methionine, another sulfur-containing amino acid, which is essential). That argues neither against nor for pursuing a vegan diet; all I can say is that veganism is only possible as the result of human agricultural advances in the last 5000 years, so it can't be called "natural" (which actually doesn't mean anything important) in any way. Humans are extremely flexible when it comes to diet, as evidence by our incredibly wide range. IMHO, advocating a particular diet on the grounds that it makes your shit stop stinking is an expression of narcissism.

stinky cheerleader fan
Check this out, everyone. (Looks like pooping on pizza is very "ladylike"!)
KELLER, Texas - Four Keller High School cheerleaders were sent home early from camp after allegedly putting human feces on a pizza and trying to frame rival cheerleaders for the deed.
Cheerleaders from rival Fossil Ridge High School had sent the pizza to the Keller squad on the last night of a four-day camp at the University of Texas at Arlington. Less than an hour later, some Keller cheerleaders took the pizza to the Fossil Ridge sponsor, claiming that Fossil Ridge cheerleaders had doctored the pizza with feces.
After questioning, four Keller cheerleaders were sent home, cheerleaders and parents told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram for a story in Thursday's editions.
Federal laws bar officials from discussing the girls' discipline, but such an incident would be considered "serious misconduct," district spokesman Jason Meyer told the newspaper. He said punishment could include sending the girls to the district's disciplinary alternative high school and removing them from the team.
The day after the pizza prank, other Keller cheerleaders apologized and read a letter to the Fossil Ridge squad.


Hi. Don't let the name fool you, I'm a girl! I am in college and live with four other people, two girls and two guys. We all pitched in and rented a nice, big apartment. It's got a huge kitchen, three bedrooms, a big living room, and even storage space in the basement. But it only has one bathroom, which is also the laundry room.

Early on, all five of us agreed that we would share the bathroom at all times. In other words, if someone is on the toilet, in the shower, shaving, doing laundry, etc, anyone else is free to enter and do what they have to do. This has led to many, many occasions where I have taken a shit in front of my guy roommates, sometimes both at once! At first I thought it would be really uncomfortable, but it actually wasn't, mostly because they are really cool with it. Besides, I have seen them shitting as well!

So we've all seen each other naked, taking dumps, in the shower, yadda yadda, and it has made us closer as friends. The only exception to the "open door" policy is when one of the girls has her period and has to take care of it, or when someone has intestinal problems! It's a good system and has kept all of us from being late for classes one time or another.


i had something so funny and embrassing happen to me the other day. i was on my way home from my sisters house which is in a neighbering state, so u would guess i would have to stop a couple times to #1 and #2 one time. i was travling in south ga on a deserted road and i started getting t???y cramps but i just shrugged it off thinking i could make it home in another 4 hrs. well was i wrong a hr later i was struggling just to breath and i finally had to stop so i found a friendly express station. so i pull in and get out of my car slowly trying not to shit myself right then i had a spasam and i grabed my but and i started walking into hte store very awkerdly. i went to the back of the store and it was a oneseater . the door was cracked a little so figured it was empty i thought to myself thank god i was about to shit in my pants. i flung the door open and to my horro there sat a woman about (40 or so)with her pants around her ankles and her legs spread wide open for every one to see . i just said opps and shut the door and stood there in anguish trying not to shit in my panties. well 4 minutes later i knocked on the door and asked her to please hurry it is a emergency, and to my suprise she replyed (sorry somethings arent made to be hurryed). so i waited 6 more minutes and she finally came out i just ran in didnt even shut the door just dropped trough and exploded i felt so realved i leaned forward and shut the door but it wounldnt lock but i didnt care i was having the best shit of my life. well after about 10 minutes of nonstoped soft pooping the same woman came running back and started beating on the door saying hurry off the toilet right now and i thought about what she said to me earlyer and i just replyed (sorry somethings arent made to hurry) and i sat there about 5 more minutes even though i already finished i wanted her to have to wait like she made me. even adding to her problem the toilet wounldnt flush it was a pile of pure poop and diaerah but i think she didnt care cause she went in anyway and i kind of stood there a second she just cused and then i heard a very loud crackling sound and about 6 big plops, i really feel sorry for the clerk who had to clean up all that shit.

diarrhea girl
hi again,
for the past few days i have had a really bad stomach ache but did not know what was causing it. I kept passing loads of gas and could feel everything gurgling around inside of me, which made me think I might have the runs. Last night I had a poop but it wasn't really runny, it was two small and thin logs which were quite mushy. The pain and gas became worse today and when I was at college I knew I would have to poop soon. On my way home it became even worse, I was nearly doubled up in pain and I had to concentrate on holding it in. As I got onto my front doorstep I breathed a sigh of relief, forgot to hold it in and let out a fart with a little squirt of runny poop. I ran upstairs to the toilet and exploded into it. There were squirts of poop all up the side of the toilet and a load of mush and liquid in the middle. I felt a bit better but thought I would have to go again so I took off my panties and jeans and walked around my house semi-naked (no one else is home). I got myself a drink of orange juice and an orange ice lolly as I thought these would help the poop come out quicker. I then sat on the chair in the computer room to go on here and I was on here for a while when succenly runny poop just flooded out of me onto the chair! I couldn't stop it either :(
I got up and there was a little puddle of creamy brown thick liquid, I then ran to the loo to have more explosive squirts of liquid which went everywhere. I have now cleared up the chair and am waiting to go again. I hope I can cause it feels like I need to.
I am finding this whole experience a big turn on which is really weird, does anyone else get like that?
Hope you enjoyed my story, my sister should have some more for you soon xxxx


Hi, I'm new here. I got a story:)

I was with my 2 children, Jake(4) and a David(7). We went on the subway to go home.(WE JUST HAD THE TIME OF OUR LIVES!) We got in and I carried Julia and Dave sat next to me. A few minutes later,Dave she started sqmurring around.He told me she really had to go to the bathroom. The subway then had an electricity problem. Dave said "I'm getting really desprate." I said "It will be fixed in a couple of minutes," but it wasn't. A couple minutes later I felt my side get very wet.I looked at Dave and he had a wet spot on his pants. He said "I'm sorry Mommy." I said it was okay. Julia said "Mommy a really need a wee I can't hold it!" he looked really desprate and held her crotch and crossed his legs and kinda squrrimed around.I kinda had a little feeling I had to go to. I shoved the feeling. Julia said "Mommy I need a wee now!" he held her crotch, crossed her legs and squirrmed around like crazy. I took her of my lap(duh)"Mommy! Mommy!" she yelled looking so desprate. Dave rolled up in a ball looking away. "Mommy I really have to wee I can't hold it!" what was I to do? Huh??? She said "Mommy!" I held her and I um, held her. The subway started, thank god. We got off. he said "I gotta wee! I gotta wee-wee!" I didn't know what to do. she said "Mommy I really gotta wee!" I then ran home, since our house is very near.(yes, I forgot the subway bathrooms) I ran in the backyard, when I was gonna go to the house and pull his little potty out, and everything would be fine. she said "Mommy I gotta go now!" Dave ran in the house, fast. I knew we couldn't go any farther. I saw a lot of people walking around, then I saw the little shed. I ran in, and it was really dark. "Julia?" I said. I bumped into him. "Mommy I can't hold it!" I then took him and pulled his pants and underwear down, instantly I heard hissing of pee. I then took her out, and that was that, rip-off, lol.

til text time,

Wne I was eleven, I was at a picnic with my family in our local state park. I started getting bad stomach cramps and felt a bad case of the shits coming. I hurried to the closest bathroom. I rushed in, and saw that there were two toilets, but there were no stalls, the toilets were just sitting right out in the open. Not only that, the bathroom was packed. I was too close to shitting my pants to let that stop me, so I rushed to one of the toilets, yanked my jeans and underwear down and sat on the crusty toilet seat. I sprayed diarrhea for several minutes before I started to feel better. I did my best to ignore the other guys in the bathroom. When I was done, I saw there was no TP. There wasn't even a roll where any would hang from. I was too embarrassed to ask anyone to find some for me, so I just pulled my pants back up and tried to ignore the squishy feeling in my butt. I rode the whole way home in the car with sticky shit squished between my cheeks. I finally got to wipe my ass an hour later at home. My underpants were streaky by then. Anyone else have to go without wiping for a long time? Your butt gets sore!

Mr. Clogs
I've got a post to share, this one goes out to Venus and Mike and those who are into pooping, hope ya' all enjoy it. Last year, I decided to try something different to poop in, I was bored and needed to take a dump, basically looking for some adventure. So I grabbed one of those black plastic grocery store bags, got my bottoms off, got into a full squatting postion in my room, open the bag and place it close to my behind so none of the poop ended up on the floor, and let loose this smelly brown soft poop into the bag. Let me tell you, it felt so good and felt empty this time. Usually if I take a dump in the bathroom, I never feel empty and have to go in different times of the day. Once I was done pooping, I wiped up with some TP and placed it in the bag. Closed the bag really tight so that the smell doesn't linger in the house, then I placed the pooped filled bag in the garbage bag for the night's trash take out.

Here is a post for those who are into peeing. Last night before I got ready for bed, I needed to pee and was too lazy to walk to the bathroom, even though my bedroom is close to the bathroom, but this time I wasn't drunk. I got the container from my dresser drawer, remove the lid from the container, sat on the edge of my bed and let loose this warm golden piss into the container. I filled the container about 1/4 full, maybe about 24 oz this time. Place the lid back on the container and placed the container underneath my bed. I finished putting on my PJ's and went to bed.

Well you all take care, I'll try to do the same, and keep the posts coming. Take care. --Mr. Clogs

what are those bin things on the inside of a porta potty?

HisLilPeeMonster wrote:
I'd always been told by my mom how horrible enemas were and how uncomfortable they made you...

Thanks for answering my question by the way. I don't understand why the enema has such a bad reputation. I've heard how "horrible" they are more often than I can count. I've had horrible constipation problems throughout my life and I see them as a Godsend. My mother would fill me with warm soapy water anytime She found me straining for more than ten minutes. My mother's enemas were given gently and lovingly. I'd hold in the water for as long as I could and expell it with no more straining or struggling than with a normal easy bowel movement. The slight cramping now and then seems insignificant compared to the struggling often described with a huge stubborn turd.

It seems that even nurses are jumping on this "enemas are horrible" band wagon. I was in the hospital recently for a colonoscopy. They started cleaning me out with a new laxitive. Nothing happened. I got horrible cramps but I was so constipated at the time that I just could make myself go. The nurse finally came in with a tapwater bag enema, and apologized all over herself for having to use it on me. She would only put 500 cc's in at a time. I told her that was nothing and actually asked her for more! It worked perfactly, with five minutes the blockage was cleared and BOY DID I POOP. Try some tapwater in an enema bag next time you're may be very plesently surprised. -JW

On the weekend I attended a festival at a nearby park in town. There would have been at least a few thousand people of all ages. The good thing was that the organisers had setup plenty of toilet facilities. There were in the form of those portable toilet blocks that usually separated mens and womens sides. The good ones have proper toilets with water in them so you can hear the person in the next side.

I walked around a bit taking in the atmosphere and watching events. I'd done a poo that morning but I often go later on to get it all out. So I wandered about looking for the toilets. I came upon a block out of the way from the main entertainment area near some trees. Walking into the mens I noticed three cubicles but the far one immediently took my attention. Between the dividing wall of the womens side was a gap, a bit less than a foot, like a normal cubicle gap. Fortunatly no one was about so I went into that stall. I excitedly sat down in anticipation of hearing a woman do her business. I remembered I needed a poo myself so I began my business. After dropping some logs I heard footsteps on the womens side. My heart pounded and I became shakey with anticipation. She took the cubicle next to mine as the door slammed shut. I leaned down and saw jeans with some casual shoes, I guessed she was about middle aged. I heard her undress and a 'clack' as she sat on the seat. Seconds later she began to wee, it started weak but progressed into a strong hiss that lasted for about 20 seconds. When it stopped there was silence and I hoped she would stay to do something else. It wasn't to be and she wiped up and finished. I also wiped up and flushed but stayed seated, I wanted to see who else would come in.

I spent the next ten minutes sitting while a few men came in and used the facilities. I was about to leave when again I heard someone enter the ladies side. They took the stall next to mine. This time it was corduroy pants and sneakers, I guesses she was probably mid 20's (can't be sure though). She grabbed some paper I assume wiped the seat then turned around and sat down, her pants piled around her ankles. There was silence...then a short, weak tinkle...ploop!...klup....plonk, plonk. She grabbed some paper and I heard her wiping, she did this three times. I thought she'd get up but she stayed seated. Because of the gap the smell started drifting into my stall, it was a healthy poo smell which added to the experience. I listened intently and thought I heard a poo falling onto the paper and other poo in the bowl. She then wiped again, dressed, flushed and left. I wanted to leave and see who it was but was way too excited.

Yesterday a friend of mine came over to my house cuz he said he was bored. His name is Dan and we've been friends since 5th grade. He's about my height, slim like me too, and has medium dark brown hair. We hung around my house for a while. I was sitting on the couch and he gets up and rips a rancid fart. Then he bolts up to the bathroom, passing gas along the way. I waited outside the door and heard 2 splashes in the toilet, then a moan and a another big splash. He came out just pulling his pants up. I asked if there was a reason he didn't wipe and he said when he gtes hard turds they don't leave much behind. About 30 min later we decided to walk around and get some pizza. We both ate 5 slices each and onion rings then we left. We went to another friends house for an hour. When we left we were still hungry and we had $20 between us, so we got some Taco Bell. I got two chalupas and a taco and he ate a burrito. By now its 10:00, and we're a couple miles from home, but because we ate so much our stomachs feel funny and I can feel poop pushing up against my starfish. So we decide to walk down a path in the woods that almost no one walks at night where there is a short cement fence near a part of the woods. So we pull our shorts and underwear down past our butts and sit with them a little over the edge so the turds can fall over. This is the first time I've ever done this, and the first time I'd ever watched him poop. It was cool though. We were there for about 15 minutes just talking and pooping. It was also kind of funny becuase we'd be looking at each other while we we're talking and there'd be a turd caoming out as one of us was talking. We'd watch the other's butt as we'd be chucking a brown eye to see what king of turd it was. He pushed out a long stringy light brown turd and it reached from his hole to the ground then broke of. I made a couple of thick, dark brown shits that ranged from 5 to near 2 feet long. Then he looked up and said he had an idea and to save up anymore poop I had left in me. We sarted running so I followed him while pulling my pants back up. We then ended up at this house that I didn't know who lived there. There was a white car parked in the street in front of it. Dan said watch this as he made his way up to the car. He pulled his pants down and sat on the hood of the car for about 10 seconds. When he got up there was a huge black-brown turd on it he got up and we bolted to my house. At my house he told me that was a persons car who got mad at him and kicked him in the groin. I burst out laughing but while I laughed I pushed the last huge log into my boxers. I was still laughing, then he told me don't worry as he pulled down his pants and showed me a big turd sitting in his tighty-whiteys. He said he was glad the only thing he had left were old briefs. He left but not after he cut a wet fart in my face which sounded like he let loose another turd.


Thank you for your answers to questions I put to you in an old posting.

I reply - and you will see my insides are somewhat similar to yours !

I am older, a divorcee, approaching 50, brunette, tall with an attractive full-figure and a largish but pear-shaped bottom. I live and work in London.

This is a typical scenario if I have not been for 5 to 7 days:

I do not have the urge to go but feel a bit bloated - my rectum has not filled at this stage i.e. the hard lump is somewhere lodged higher up in my large colon.

At some stage I will feel some movement inside me and a large fart forms as the large plug of stool moves slowly down my descending colon towards my rectum.

This sometimes happens when I am asleep and on waking I can blow a very large dry fart - of equine proportions my boyfriend says and it can wake him up !

At other times I can hold my fart until I sit on the lavatory bowl when it can be very noisy - being amplified by the bowl and can be embarrassing if I'm not in my own house.
At the office I just blast away in the Ladies and have heard gasps from other cubicle users.

Once this wind has been expelled in one or more farts, my rectum then feels very solid as the hard plug fills and stretches it. I try to defecate but might not be successful for a day or two more or I may decide to leave it until a more convenient time. The urge to go subsides but I remain aware of the presence of a large compacted lump either by an aching rectum or if I have to sit down on a hard chair.

I usually "try and make myself comfortable" every 4 or 5 days at the office - mainly just after the lunch hour.
There are 3 cubicles to the Ladies on each floor. Each cubicle is typical with a thin plywood partition and a gap of about 12 inches underneath and a gap above the partition top up to the ceiling. Not much privacy from noises but I do not mind.

Farting and then straining hard usually produces hard plip-plop pebbles from marble to golf ball size breaking off the much larger mass. The stool that follows can get stuck owing to its diameter, and I have often just sat there for 10 minutes or more with my anus fully stretched and plugged. It is then I sometimes have to resort to some lubrication of that well known jelly - which I keep in reserve in my handbag. I let the stool retreat back into my rectum and then lubricate the anal walls. I keep my index fingernail short on my right hand for this very purpose.

I would never dream of using any laxatives.

The resulting stool always splashes water onto my bottom and generally will not flush. It sometimes bobs about semi-submerged. Occasionally I do a really long one and no splashing is involved.

I have no qualms about leaving it for the next person to see. It is not unusual in the Ladies to see large turds left on display by accident or on purpose. Women in the office tend to get to know over a period of time who passes large stools - but only your closest work colleagues would ever mention it. I recall seeing some whoppers from time to time and mostly know who has passed them.

My anus often takes an hour or two to recover from its stretching. Fortunately I only suffer occasional slight bleeding - never a painful fissure or piles.

As my stools are usually dry and hard there is little to wipe - which is just as well as my bottom crack is quite hairy and I hate the risk of soiling my panties with skid marks and therefore smelling. I tried shaving my crack at one time but the new stubble growth became so itchy making my anus sore that I decided never again.

At the time of writing this in the office during a quiet spell it is very hot and sticky - no air conditioning - and I have been constipated for 8 days - always worst in hot weather. I have tried during the last two days to go but without success.

Best wishes to you Evonne, also to Linda, Anne and Moira.

Friday, June 17, 2005

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