Hey everyone I know haven't posted in a while- did you miss me? (i've onyy poseted twice before so prolly not) but I just wanted to let you all know that I haven't forget about you it's just that I havent any good stories to tell you all. Well, still not much of anything to tell you but i figure since I read your posts all the time I might as well share with you all anyways.

So yeah this morning when I got up I felt the urge to poo right away (which isn't really normal for me) so I thought and hoped it would be a good one. Well, it was rather dissapointng because it didn't last that long and It came out too fast to really enjoy. But anyway when I got up to wipe my sexy little bum I looked at it and it was prolly about 1/2 inch wide and maybe 20inches or so long. I was amazed at it's size because it came out in like 5 seconds with no pushing or anything. It was just like my butt is the seat i tiny little fart and out it came.

This dump to me looked like spaghetti compared to my others. Not sure why it was so thin. BUt anyway not much was on the paper and not much a smell either. Which i woulda had someone here to show it too.

Hope you all enjoyed hearing from me again. Maybe I'll start posting more often even if I dont think they are so impressive beacuse I just like be able to share with people that enjoy this as much as I do.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Hey. Haven't posted for a couple of days. Have a story to tell.

Yesterday, I was with my friend and we were watching TV when I got cramps in my t????y that were telling me to get to the washroom as quickly as possible. I didn't want to have the runs while my friend was at my house, so I ignored the cramps. I was letting out SBD's every few minutes too. Then the cramps and t????y aches went away for awhile. Then before bed, the cramps and t???y ache came back. But they were stronger than the ones earlier. I went into the bathroom took my pants and panties off and sat down. I farted a few times and that got things started. After the farts, a few soft pieces fell out of my butt and landed in the toilet. Then there was nothing for a few minutes. So I squeezed hoping poo would come out. Instead a huge wet fart erupted. A few minutes later after that, I farted again. It was a loud one too. This fart was followed by about 10 really soft pieces. I sat there for a few minutes hoping that a few more pieces would come out. None did. So I wiped five times then flushed. Then I put my panties and pants back on.

delaware dookie girl
yesterday i had the biggest shit of my life!i was traveling in new york for a trip with some friends. when sudenly i was hit with killer cramps.i tried to hold it it but i couldnt . i told my friends i would be right back. so i traveled to the nearest bathroom, which was in the worlds nastiest restaurant bathroom. i tried to squeeze my ass cheeks together. then i reached the toilet.i just sat right down i didnt care bout germs i just wanted to shit.i strained on the toilet for what seemed like an hour. then liquid shot out of my fat ass. its splashed into the toilet and hit my cheeks with water.i kept on straining to get more ass was so sore from straining that i didnt even wipe. i just pulled up my thong and pants and went back to my friends as quick as i could.when i saw them they were laughing. iasked them why. then my friend held up a bottle of a laxative.she must have slipped it in my soda. my jaw dropped she said " did u have fun shitting your brains out?"i was so pissed that was the most embarrassing and mean joke ever. she made me feel like finch from the ffirst american pie movie. but i know exactly how to get her back. when we go out again she better watch her back. or should i say bowels. LOL

One day I was all by myself bcuz my hubby was not home from work yet, and i was in the backyard underground pool. i didnt eat much that day, but while i was in the deep end i got cramps. they werent too bad at first but after like 15 minutes they got really bad. i had to hold my buttcheeks together to stop from pooping. my hubby was due home in about half an hour. after 15 minutes, i had to make a decision. get caught naked in the pool, or try to get out and poop on the lawn. i chose #2 (har har). bad idea. as soon as i uncrossed my legs, huge logs flooded out of my butt. it hurt so bad i screamed and screamed. after about 10 poops, i got out, dried off, and went inside. then i started pooping unctrollably again! i ran to the bathroom, sat on the toilet for about 5 min., then got in the shower after cleaning up the house. when my hubby got home, he walked in the bathroom and slammed he door. i got so scared i sprayed poop all over the shower glass, and felldown as poop rushed out of my butt. my hubby watched of course, but i didnt get mad. has anyone else ever pooed in the pool? or in just a g-string? if so, post it!

Hi all,

I accidently came across this site finding some information about a new bathroom. I could have simply go on with my search but a few stories got my atention. So let me tell you about an incident a few days ago.

I work on the other part of town that means a one hour drive, single distance. Normally I pick the train but last week I had an boardroom meeting early and grabbed my car because I wouldn't make it on time with traindelays etc. Anyway, at 6 p.m (after a hectic day) I was about to go home when a female collegue dropped by. I didn't know her very well, but we live approximately 5 minutes drive from eachother and we had met a couple of times in the work-home train. She told me there happened an accident at a railwaycrossover so there was no traintraffic possible.
She's a very attective woman of 23, so she had her ride home!

10 minutes later we were on our way. The traffic was dence, so it took me half an hour only to reach the highway. We chatted about some things - fortunately she could about more than 'work'. A few minutes later I noticed thar she wasn't comfortable at all. She touched herself a few times en the expression on her face told me she needed a bathroom soon. But I dind't ask about it. 10 minutes later - we had come to a stop at the highway - we looked at echother. "I think I need a bathroom soon Dylan"she said. I responded that this could take a while. The next bathroom was after our exit home, and I didn't want to take the risk of missing this exit because that would mean another an hour extra before I was home. She agreed and told me she could make it home. She was biting her lips and I wasn't sure she would gonna make it. I must say: that turned me one! On the other hand I planned to get her home quick so she didn't have to have an accident. "Are you ok?" I asked her when our exit was about to come. "Yeah, I belief so" she responded and insisted that we take the exit. "This is my place", I pointed when we drove by. She looked at me with her big eyes. "Eh Dylan, is it possible I use your toilet, otherwise it goes wrong I guess". I was amazed, because I thought she would make it to hold herself for another 5 minutes. But I'm a gentleman so I turned the car and agreed. I couldn't resist asking if she have to go number 1 or 2. "Defintly number 2" she replied. When I parked my car I suddenly rembered that my downstairs toilet (where my bathroom is) was under construction! I really forgot about it!

I opened my front door and told Christine that she would have to go to the upstairs bathroom. "That's ok" she told, but I saw her eyes get watery and her face turned red. She tried to climb quickly but after two steps she groaned and reached for her but. "Are you ok" I asked her and helped her up. "No I'm not" she told. Before I could ask her something I heard a cracling sound and some small farts. Also I saw the front of her jeans get wet. "Oh no oh no oh no" she moaned and began to cry. I said I was very sorry for her and helped her. She said she could manage and entered my upstairs toilet. But a few minutes later she asked to come in. I opened the door. "I cannot clean myself here", she whispered. I told her I was very sorry and that because of the construction of my bathroom she was not able to take a shower or bath. "Then I suppose I have to stay in my pooped jeans"she responded. I nodded. For the first time after her accident she smiled and tried to comfort me. "It's allright". "Can you bring me home?" I nodded. I grabbed some old towels and but it on her seat. She came out, taking small steps. For the first time I had a good look at her rear. I was amazed that she made a large bulge, and I was more amazed that she didn't drop her poop in my toilet. I didn't dare to ask her about it. She sat down in her shitted jeans. I quicky drove to her place. We dind't speak. When I parked the car, she thanked me for the ride! She gently walked to her frontdoor. The bulge wasn't visible anymore (offcourse) and her rear was a little bit brown. She waved at me. We never ever talked about her accident anymore. But when we pass we smile at eachother and we chat in the train sometimes.

Hi everyone, I'm a 30 yr old male, that just loves poos, and all your posts! I really am curious as to what sie poos we all make? My wife makes small hard ones, the size of cocktail sausages, but once i found one that was 10 inchs long, and 2 inches thick!

Mine are mostly mussy, but sometimes, if i hold in for two days, I can drop one, one and a half feet long, and as think as my wrist! It really parts my bum hole!

I always wanted to know whether us guys do make fatter poos, or do women? I also wanted to know if anal sex makes your poos fatter?

I also love to hear women fart, and I wish more women would fart like us guys! I do agree that womens farts are usualy smelly as they are held in and over cooked!

Any thoughts are welcome!

1)do you purposely crap your pants then enjoy it?
2)do you enjoy pooing and pissing any where else but the toilet?

1)yes,i have and i really did enjoy it, the sensation,the feeling,ALL of it
2)yes, i enjoy peeing on the groud, carpet bottle/cup,desk,chair, and my panties. i only pooped in my panties and on the ground though.

i was coming home from a party it was 12o'clock and i was feeling sick. i ate a lot at the party including some food that was probally spoiled, even though it tasted fine. suddenly i retched and uncontrolablly went in my panties i couldnt stop going for about 12min and by thst time my pqnties were full of liquid poo.

Hey guys. I love reading your posts and all of the different stories you all have. I was wondering if you would answer a question for me, its mostly for the ladies but guys may be able to answer to.
--For you ladies that go into a public restroom frequently, do you hear the grunts and groans or of other women pooping or are you only able to hear the small uh and eh's when you are in the stall beside them (or do you hear anything at all)?
--The same question is for you guys that get to frequently go into a unisex bathroom.
I am a male and the reason that I am asking this is because whenever I go into a public restroom with other men pooping in it I can easily hear their grunts and groans. I was just wondering if women do the same thing.
Thanks so much guys for your answers!!

To answer Cool Dumper's question about where they put the paper dispenser if there aren't stalls or partitions. The only place I've seen that was like that (no stalls) is in a minimum security prison camp where I used to teach literacy courses. To get to one of the rooms I taught in you had to go through the dorm, where about 120 guys slept. There were 3 toilets and a couple of urinals and a bunch of sinks along one wall of the dorm (not even in a separate room), with no stalls or separators. It wasn't unusual to see a guy sitting there with his pants down taking a crap right out in the open. The toilet paper dispensers were attached to the wall behind the toilets (you would have to reach around in back of you to get the paper). If my recollection is right (not sure), there were two dispensers (arrangement= toilet-dispenser-toilet-dispenser-toilet). I hope this answers your question (maybe it's more than you really wanted to know!)

pee lover
well today (this happened to my frend)

well we were playin outside and it was kinda raining and she had to go to the bathroom really badly and if she went bak in she would have to stay inside so than she got up went to the side of the house sqauted down and started to pee and she didnt care tht i saw her.

plz have more pee stories

pee lover

diarrhea girl
To Simone: thanks for your story. yes I do feel excitement when I have diarrhea, it really turns me on. I guess it's the same for you.

Anyway, to continue my story - that night I had to go twice more and this time it was pure liquid. I never really understood before what people meant about it feeling like you're pissing out of your ass but now I do! The first time it started coming out before I could sit down and it literaly sprayed everywhere. It was up the wall, on the side of the bath, all around the back of the toilet and on the lid, it was also spotted on the spare tp by the side of the toilet. It took me ages to clear it up! Not long after I had another similar shit but managed to sit down this time.

The next day (fri) I had no bm at all which I thought was weird and guessed that whatever was wrong had passed. However, I was very wrong. On Sat morning I had another liquid diarrhea attack. It was just like creamy brown water and I had to go about 3 seperate times. Then I had to go out and was fine but when I came home I had lunch and then had another really bad lot of diarrhea. It was the same pure liquid and I had to go several times. The final burst of runny shit was later that afternoon when I was at work. I farted and felt a little bit of liquid rush into my panties, it was very hot, sticky and uncomfortable. I quickly went to the bathroom and had more explosive liquid pour from my butt. It smelt real bad but luckily there was some air freshener I could spray.
That night when I got home I had a more solid shit which consisted of tiny little pieces. They were still quite soft and a funny light creamy brown but at least they were more together.
Since then my bm's have been normal I think. Of course, I found having diarrhea a huge turn on and now kind of miss it although it was horrible at times.
Hope you like my story, I will be happy to give more detail if anyone wants it, I would like to hear other people's diarrhea stories with details of colour, texture, what it looked like in the bowl etc xxxx

Hi everybody, it's me again.
Before I go and poop my pants again and my mom bring me to the doctor, I just wanted to know if anybody knows what the doctor might say or do. Is there anyway he can tell I poop myself on purpose, will he think I have something wrong with me? Will he try to give me medication, or what? Because if he's gonna' prescribe pills or something I don't want to take medication for something I don't have.



As usual this morning almost as soon as I get up I get the urge to shit. Well this mornings poop was nice and firm and several logs came out each being about 7-8 inches in length. The unusual thing was the color which was almost black. Being concerned about the color I did a google search and read all the bad things that could be wrong with me. Then I got to the part about certain foods causing poop to change colors. Well it's time for all kinds of locally grown produce and fruits. Being a blueberry lover I have been eating many more blueberries recently. (last couple of days). Well of course you've probably guessed what one of the foods was that caused black poop. Yep it is blueberries. Thank goodness for the google search - I figured out the cause without worrying too long and wasting a doctors visit. I'm out of berries now and going to the shore for several days so I won't be eating any blueberries for awhile. I let you know what happens.

Weird Guy
Hi, I'm 15 and want to share my story.

It was last year, I have a friend that's a girl. Her name is Carol.

We both hang out with each other often and we have other friends who are
guys and girls. Anyway, we went to 7-eleven and bought this huge slurpee.
Me, Carol, and my other 2 best friends Tom and Alice drank some, but Carol and I drank more. So we suddenly have the urge to pee...

I told Carol and she told me she had to pee as well. There were no restrooms nearby, so we had to use it the old-fashioned way -- on the ground! I told my other 2 friends to wait for us. It was a dark place in a corner of a building. Pretty abandoned. I was afraid to pee since I thought Carol was gonna peek at my penis, so I got this weird idea to pee like a girl. I never attempted this before, but I tried. Carol went to another corner and there was this old dresser in that corner covering her ass while she was sitting down. I saw her taking off her pants and living it next to her, then I saw she put her panties in the pants' pockets and she sat on the ground and started peeing. Her pee was pretty loud. She didn't looked ashamed at all since she really had to pee. Next was me, Carol was looking at me as she quickly turned around.....and asked me "You said you wanted to pee?" she still had her pants/panties off. I was as I said before, I attempted peeing like Carol for no reason... I took off my pants and underwear and sat on the ground and felt the pee rush through me like crazy!! With a loud tinkling sound hitting the solid ground like rain. It lasted for about 15 seconds. Carol asked "Why are you peeing sitting down?"; "It's just an experiment, that's all" I said. My butt kinda got wet with pee, but it was kinda comfortable peeing sitting down. I had to wipe my butt since it was soaked with pee so I wiped it with a piece of paper I had in my pocket.

Carol wiped hers as well and we left. Before we went, I was curious to look close-up on how much Carol peed. And I saw a whole stream of pee on the ground with lots of bubbles. Hers wasn't nearly as much as mine, though...

It was weird, but I kinda liked it...

Mr. Clogs
Hi everybody, hope everyone is doing fine. Here is a post I've got to share so here goes. Today , was a pretty interesting day in bathroom related experiences, this morning needing to poop. I grabbed my 5-quart bucket that was filled with pee from last nigh of drinking (beer) because I hate taking a dump in the bathroom over the toilet, and plus I like peeing and pooping in containers whixh is so cool. So I cracked open the lid, placed the container on the floor. I removed my boxers that I sleep in which makes squatting easier, squatted over the mouth over the container, pushed a little bit to get things going letting out a small not too smelly fart. Once I felt the turds moving in my body, it let loose some soft mushy turds into the piss filled container. I felt good and I actually felt empty this time. Once I was done, I placed the lid back on the container and placed it between the milk crates in that I have in my room. I went to the bathroom and cleaned up the mess between my butt cheeks with some TP, wiped several times. Once I was done, I washed my hands and went back to my room. Later on this morning, I felt the urge to take another dump (round 2). So again I took another dump in that container. Once I was done using the container, I placed the lid back on the container with me to the bathroom so I could dump the piss and poop filled container into the toilet. I ran some water in the shower, put a little soap into the container to deodorize the clean out the container and proceeded to take my shower. Later on today around (5PM) I was taking out my dark clothes and putting in the white clothes. I was down in the basement in the laundry room and needed to pee. I know that the bathroom in the basement doesn't work anymore. So instead of holding my bladder full of pee, I thought of an idea, why not pee into my dirty laundry bag full od dirty white clothes. I lifted down my shorts enough to pull out my thing (penis) and peed into the bag. It felt so good to pee in the laundry bag. Once I was done, I pulled back my shorts on and put that pissy soaked clothes into the machine so I could wash them. Well gotta go hope you all enjoyed my post, take care.--Mr. Clogs

Hi, my name's Melissa, I'm new here. I'm 32 years old, live in washington DC, have a 36D-26-36 figure, and am about 8 months pregnant with my second child. I have been taking some of the greatest dumps ever while pregnant, my huge belly doesn't get in the way at all. Last time I was at a maternity mall shopping and I had the sudden urge to go poop. THere was a very long line, but many women saw that I was pregnant and let me go in front of them. When I got into the stall, I pulled down my maternity thong and pushed out a really long log for anyone's standards, about 15" long and 2.5" wide. TWo smaller logs about 10" long and 2" wide each followed. During my pregnancy, all my dumps end with one bout of very liquidy diarrhea which lasts for about 1 minute straight, and really stinks up the place (that's at least what my husband says) Perhaps I dump like such a truck because I'm eating for two? ANy ideas? Greatly appreciated!
Expecting #2 and loving it - Missy

wild willy
My wife and I went camping and since she had her nightgown on she didn't want to walk to the portapotty. So she squatted down and peed at our campsite right next to our car. I said "you shouldn't be doing that because it will stink up the campsite for everyone". Just then a guy came walking by and saw her peeing. She even left the toilet paper on the ground for someone else to pick up.

D-Love (optional)
When I was in high school. It was during the summer at football camp. We were practicing in the heat for the upcoming football season. Me and four other guys had to take a dump, problem was it was a pretty long distance from the gym bathroom. So we had to go through the bushes and there this hugh ditch. So we all went to this deep ditch, squat down as we dropped our shorts and took a shit in the ditch. All five of us did number 2 for about twenty minutes. We all were aroused by it. The rest of the football team did have any problems doing number 2 in front of others with absolutely no privacy. Similar to Dazz's story, the entire football team picked the time that was the busiest to shit with all the others guys on the team. After we finshed taking our dumps we wiped our asses on the grass.


We all agreed, just to be courteous, that if we were doing anything "extra gross" (e.g. a case of the shits, intimate hygiene activities) that a closed and locked door meant "privacy." I do see a difference between simply being seen naked in the shower and pulling a blood-soaked tampon out of my vagina. I do not mind someone seeing me naked or on the toilet, but I do mind someone seeing me putting something in or pulling something out of my genitals, or suffering through a gassy, stinky case of diarrhea. Apparently my roomies felt the same way. It's not a "big deal," it's just friendly courtesy. Flirting has nothing to do with it. Not having to feel grossed out or embarrassed is the point!

I used to be terrified to take a shit in public or at school when I was a kid. I don't know why. If I absolutely had to, I would, but only if there was a stall. The boys rooms at school, of course, didn't, and more than once I narrowly avoided shitting my pants holding out until I got home.

One day, I had some bad bowel cramps and knew I couldn't hold it, so I asked the teacher to use the hall pass so I could use the restroom. I ran down the hall, and into the boys room. There were several "bad kids" in there, and I almost turned and walked right back out, but a glob of diarrhea squirted out of my ass, which I managed to contain between my butt cheeks, and I knew I had little choice. I went to the closest stall, pulled my pants and underwear down just past my ass, keeping my crotch covered and sat on the toilet.

I vividly remember the sound to this day! It was like "BBBBBBRRRRRRRRAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSPPPPPPPPLLLLAAAAAATTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!" It was like a stream of chunky soup jetting out of my ass like a fire hose! Right away, the bullies in the bathroom with me started laughing, and they kept poking there heads in so they could see me stuck on the toilet shitting my guts out. It was humiliating.

I finished shitting and wiped my ass and got up. I washed my hands and walked past the bullies who kept laughing and teasing me. Later in the day, one of them came up to me at lunch and said really loud so everyone could here, "Wow, that was some dump you took today!" That experience did little to relieve my fear of shitting at school or in public, but I slowly got more at ease with it over the years.

The purpose of a urinal in a porta potty is so that women using it have less mess to contend with cause frankly some idiots never learned to put the seat up and pee all over it for some poor unsuspecting lady to have to plant her cute little buns in. And women think its bad guys not putting the seat down!

I recently bought a package of 10 mg Bisacodyl suppositories, for me and my girlfriend to have some fun with. The first time I used one, I ran the suppository (in the foil wrapper) under cold water first, I had only slight cramping, a fairly large, soft dump, and minimal gas. The second time, 4 days later, I did not use cold water so it was a bit soft, the cramping was much more intense, though still enjoyable, I was very gassy, I only pooped a little bit, and some of the poop was greenish and seemed to contain undigested bile, because it stained my underpants (yes I like to poop my pants). The second time I also was very desperate to pee and I had a pee accident at the same time. Both times I have been dissapointed by the short time the suppository's effect lasted, and felt that the poop did not come out completely freely, and that I had possibly some left. Does anybody have advice for using suppositories for fun and not for constipation? I want to increase the size and freeness (how easy it comes out) of my suppository dumps, and hopefully not reduce the cramping too much. Also I would like to make it last a bit longer, or end more dramatically, like after I poop out a big turd. The way it's felt before is that in the midst of trying to hold back my dump (I enjoy the feeling of losing control of my poop) I suddenly don't need to go anymore.

1) How long should I wait between using a suppository?
2) What foods will change the way it feels?
3) Should I try not to poop for a few days before in order to have lots of poop and/or make myself constipated (I don't really enjoy being constipated, but it would be worth it for a satisfying induced accident)?

Thanks, guys!

Hey Its me again, I like this site I think I will become a regular.
anyways, I wnted to tell all you poor souls who have had a messy wattery or mudy poop that wipeing a hundred times may not do the trick but you probibly knew that already, so let me share something that has helped me many times, We have one of those shower heads that you hold in your hand , so after i have a muddy poop i just turn on the warm watter and use the jets to spray itall down the drain, aside from it being affective and working well it also feels sooo good. I realy works ,but you dont have to take my word for it, try it ur slef.

Hi Im Nancy, today me and my sister went to the movies, during the movie, we where eating popcorn with butter and salt and vineger flavoring, after we where walking to the bus station when my stomach started rumbleing, i got a bit worried, it was a fast ride though, we walked home the rest of the way because of course the bus doesnt go right to are house, as i was walking, my stomach got very bad cramps and was rummbleing alot! as soon as I got home, I immedeitly ran to the bathroom, i took the downstairs one because I didnt wanna stink the house up, i ran downstairs, went to the bathroom, pulled my pants and panties down and sat, I let go of my butt cheeks that have been squshed togehter for like an hour, I had a huge direhha explosion, finally after 10 minutes, i was done, but then I started farting like crazy, It took many wipes then I went upstairs, and then I keep running to the bathroom because i have to go again, well thats all of my story, I feel my stomach cramping up again so bye!

Pee in Shower Guy
Hi, I am a male and I like peeing in the shower. Can anyone here please give me some ways of peeing in the shower? Below are some ways i have already tried:

Squatting and aiming my tool to the drain without touching it.
Standing and aiming my tool to the drain without touching it.
standing as far as possible from the drain and shooting as far as I can
being on all fours above the drain

I would like it if you give me mor Ideas!
- Pee in shower guy

I save my empty laundry detergent bottles and pee in them instead of the toilet. They hold about a gallon and I empty it once a day. After about 2 weeks it gets really stinky so I rinse it out with a bleach solution. I like it a lot better than peeing in the toilet. There is a spout on the inside that you have to remove first with a pliers. The opening is big enough for a girl to use, standing up.

During my high school football camp, me and the rest of the team was out in the hot sun practicing for the upcoming football season. Me and about four or five other guys had to take a dump. Problem was that it was a long distance away from the gym's restroom. So we all had to go through the woods. After we went through the woods there was a ditch, all six of us went in the ditch, squat down as we dropped our shorts and took a shit in the ditch. We were in the ditch for about 25 - 30 minutes. We talked and laughed while we were doing number 2. Each of dropped our logs that were about 10 to 12 inches long and about 2 inches thick. None of us were embarrassed when I took a took out in the open. We'll dump again and again. I will pick the busiest time to take a dump in the ditch with all the guys. This experience was a total blast for us all. We're not ashamed to dump in front of others at all. After we finished we all wiped our asses on the grass.

I havent posted in a while i guess the censors didn't like my last one. Anyway the otherday i was watchin TV and started getting stomach cramps i knew it was gonna be really gross diarhea so i went into the bathroom. I was about to sit on the toilet when i realized i needed a cup to spit in cuz i had a big dip in, by this time i was getting pretty desperate my asshole was quivering pretty bad so i rushed over to the closet to find a cup i couldnt find one right away, i had to move some stuff around when i found one i ran over to the toilet and sat down in a rush and shot diarhea out of my ass.
It was like one of those shits from the movies like dumb and dumber, its very rare that when i have diarhea that its like the shits in the movies usually i just sit on the toilet for a few seconds and then it comes out with a lot of farts but nothin real special or anything.

I wanted to post a survey since people do that all the time, ya'll can answer it if u want (i posted my answers too)

1. How often do u poop in one day? 1-2 times

2. Do u go in public when nature calls or do u hold it in until u get home? usually hold it till i get home unless i have the runs

3. If u do go in public do u hold it in until the restroom is empty? yeah if i can unless its really hard to hold in

4. How long does an average dump usually take for u? usually 5-10 mins then i just sit there and read

5. When u do take a dump do u squeeze it out or do u just sit there and let it come out naturally? i like to let it come out naturally

6. If u could see any 5 celebritys take a shit which ones would they be? Britney Spears, Courtney Cox, Giselle Bundchen, Terri Clark, and Elizabeth Hurley

well talk at ya'll later

Do you feel your friend's pee stream was one of the stronger, if not the strongest ones you have ever heard?

Hey Bubba, firstly, thanks for welcoming me. was strong alright. I was so freakin scared since it was so loud and fast. I could see it just pour like crazy from her you-know-what. She had her legs wide open, so I could see the pee just dropping down the toilet like a huge stream.

Did your friend say anything about always peeing loud or hard like that, and if so, was she embarrassed by her peeing style?

She didn't mention anything; in fact, I did and told her that she peed like crazy. She was pretty embarrassed about it and she has one of the weirdest (and longest) peeing styles ever!

How long do you think she peed compared to others you have heard? Also, you stated that you both filled the toilet quite a bit...was this a makeshift toilet since you were at a camping site?

Yeah, it was. The toilet was medium-sized and when my friend started peeing, she filled nearly half the toilet while I peed on top of hers and left it to the top. =P

My friend and I haven't peed before except for that one time since we had no choice. I never peed with someone before since I was too embarrassed. Apparently, this experience wasn't so bad, but I wouldn't mind attempting it again if I was in that situation once more. Besides, it's just between girls.

Thanks to everyone who comment on my story. :D

Wedneday, June 29, 2005

123-Whizzer asked what the purpose of having a urinal in a portapotty was (in some of them, anyway). It's so that if you just have to pee you don't have to lift up the seat and see and smell all the bm's down there, I think. Your pee ends up in the same place, just through a different tube!

I woke up this morning with the urge to poo. The feeling wasn't that bad, so I held it for a while longer. Then while I was reading some of the posts on here, I let out a fart and that was a signal for me to go to to the bathroom. I went into the bathroom, pulled my shorts down and sat down on the cold toilet seat. There was no pushing required to get this poo out. What came out was a soft, slightly wet, brown turd. When it hit the water, it made a 'Slosh' sound. I did two more of these poops before wiping and flushing.
See you all later,

Hey there.
I woke up around 8:30 am with the urge to do number 1 and number 2. So, I got out of bed and entered the bathroom. I pulled down my pants and sat down on the seat. I let out a stream of pee that lasted about 15 seconds. The poo was going to be tough one to get out. I squeezed and grunted until I realized that that wasn't working. So, I spread my legs apart and squeezed. About 30 seconds later, I felt something cominng out of my butt. I squeezed some more. Finally, I hear a big 'SPLASH.' I looked into the bowl and there was a fat,round turd.It must have been 1 inch thick!I wiped two times, then flushed. Boy, did it ever stink! 5 minutes later, when I went to brush my teeth, it still smelled!

I'll write more later,


Though I could hardly call myself a regular poster here, I'd still like to welcome you to the board! The topic you brought up is one that has fascinated me for some time now. If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to post some followup questions to your short anecdote:

You sound as if you were surprised at the strength of your friend's pee stream as it hit the toilet. I take it this was the first time the two of you have ever peed around each other? Do you feel your friend's pee stream was one of the stronger, if not the strongest ones you have ever heard? Did your friend say anything about always peeing loud or hard like that, and if so, was she embarrassed by her peeing style? How long do you think she peed compared to others you have heard? Also, you stated that you both filled the toilet quite a bit...was this a makeshift toilet since you were at a camping site? Though my heart races at the thought of a lassie filling a conventional toilet with her pee, such an act might be considered impossible. Have you had any other peeing experiences with this friend? Please share!

Sorry for the barrage of questions, but this topic is so rarely covered and, like I said, is dear to my heart. I can remember when I was around your age, hanging around with a couple of friends and one girl I didn't know very well. After a few sodas this girl announced that she had to use the bathroom, and for some still unknown reason to me I felt compelled to sneak near the bathroom door for a listen. I didn't need to get too close, however, as soon I heard the most intense, furious stream of pee that I believe to this date I have ever heard. It was, as you described with your friend, as if a faucet had been turned on full blast. I couldn't believe that such a slim, attractive young lady was capable of urinating that hard and loudly, and to this day I wonder if her bladder still bursts so violently, and if others might have the same reaction as I did. Thanks again for posting.

Mel- that was a really neat camping pee story about your female friend and you almost overflowing that toilet. I wonder how she and I compare in the maga-bladder department. One thing I know now about those unisex mountain campsite restrooms, if you are going to take a really really long pee in one be prepared for some weird looks and behavior. When I go, I don't Whoosh it out like a lot of girls, but I pee a medium stream out forever and ever, then it stops and starts up all over again. At my high school none of my friends pee anywhere near as long or as much as I do. But on to the story.

Over Memorial Day my family went up in the mountains to this pretty and rustic camping area by a lake. Dad's RV has a tiny little restroom with a pottie in it but it's Yuk to use. Anyway I don't want to hassle my parents and my younger sister in the morning when I have a huge bladder filled with pee. So, I woke up and walked to the stone restroom in the campground. When I got in there I could see this metal trough against the wall for guys to pee into and about five regular and one handicapped stalls on te other side. Without thinking I ducked into the corner regular stall, pulled my thermal snuggies down and started up, like psssssssssssss...stop...pssssss........
I was having a merry 'ol pee, right? All of a sudden I heard an older adult male voice, a younger guy, and a kid's voice and suddenly realize, hey this is a unisex restroom. I've heard stories about 'em but never knew they really existed. Oh no. From where I was sitting these three- obviously a father and his two sons- walk right up to the metal urinal and pull out there things and start peeing. I tried to draw up my pee to a quiet little tinkle while these guys were pouring it out into the metal. The father and the younger son finish up and pause to wait while the older teen age son finished his pee, but obviously the older son either has to really go or has a much bigger bladder than the other two. After about thirty seconds the father tells him just to come back for breakfast when he's through. Whoa, I nearly starting giggling right then.

With them gone it was just him and myself peeing away in this stone mountain unisex restroom. Weird! Having tapered my pee stream to a tinkle I still felt like I had a gallon left in me, and the combination of a giant bladder with all the kegal muscle exersices finally culminated in the pee dam bursting pssssss all over again. Loud. Right into the center of the water. My pee went on and on and on for like minutes and minutes and that's no lie. At long last it tapered off to a long series of spritzes and spurts and spritzes until at last my bladder was drained. I cleaned myself off, opened the stall door and then OH MY GAWD! This guy about eighteen or nineteen was standing at the restroom entrance just staring at me with eyes as big as saucers and I think I turned beet-red! I quickly walked passed him and mumbled something like "good morning."

The story has a postscript too. When I got back to my family's RV I tried to put the embarrasing incident out of my mind, but it turned out that this boy's family were camping in an RV diagonally across from us. I swear everytime we saw each other he would get this goofy look and just stare at me. We left the next morning for another campsite but it would have been fun to find out what he was thinking. Maybe he just never heard a girl pee that long before.

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