College Pooper
I am a 20 year old in college. The dorm i live in has four floors however I live on the third floor. There are two dorms on each floor with four girls each sharing a dorm. So that means that 8 girls must share one bathroom. The bathroom on our floor contains 3 toilets each with a stall enclosing it. One is wider for handicap acess. The rooms also contain two sinks and 2 shower stalls. Anyways last Saturday I was sitting around the dorm early in the morning reading a book for one of my classes. My roommates along with several of the other girls had gone down to the athletic field to watch our mens baseball team play as they were in our conference championship game. As I sat reading I began to feel a bit crampy. I thought to myself it couldnt be my period that was last week. The cramps produced a little bit of gas and I felt if i could pass a little gas I could relieve the cramps. Bad idea. I squeezed out a quick fart and before I had time to realize it my panties were filled with liquid poop. I made my way to the bathroom hoping no one else was there. By the time i got there it was running down my legs (i had shorts on). I immediatly bolted for the shower clothes and all and cleaned myself off. I squeezed my wet clothing out and hung it on the side of the handicapped stall to dry. I needed to go again and made my way into the handicap stall. As soon as I sat on the toilet the floodgates opened. For the next 10 minutes I had diarrhea like water. Everytime it seemed I finished another blast would shoot out. In the meantime as I was tooting away the door to the bathroom swung open and another girl entered. I heard her enter the middle stall next to mine and sit on the toilet. I saw her shorts and panties drop to the floor and immediatly she began having the same watery diarrhea I was experiencing. We both realized there was someone else in the other stall. I found out it was my roomate Kate. I explained to her how I had reached this point and she said she was watching the ballgame and suddenly felt the urge to go. A few moments later my other two roomates came running in from the ballfield. The first one grabbed the only unoccupied stall and began her bout of the runs. The fourth one desperatley needed for one of us to finish but none of the three of us could stop going. We heard her finally go into the shower and turn the water on and let loose. Finally after about two hours of on again off again diarrhea our foursome was finally able to cleanup and return to our dorm. It turns out that some snotnose little freshman in the dining hall that had a crush on us and kept asking us out had put some laxative in our breakfast's that morning.

China girl
To Anonymous: There are time when I leave turd in toilet by accident. Before I lived alone, my mom had couple of cases where she found my big load in toilet. Also, I admit that sometime at night if I take huge load and then take my daily shower after, I will leave the turd and close toilet lid while showering. Then sometime after shower I flush it down after opening lid and looking with a smile on my face. I like the power and control I have, and when there is big, strong turd that looks oversize in toilet and overpowering, I might leave it there a little bit so toilet can ponder miserable taste it will have when I flush and wonder what it did wrong to deserve such awful thing (of course it did nothing, it is only me being bitch :) Anyway, there is also smell to deal with, so after I wipe and smile with confidence at what I did, I more typically flush when turd is fresh and still warm in toilet, so very rarely do I leave it but it does happen. Any more question?

Venus and Mike: Thank you, glad you like.

To Evonne:

Please share some of your pooping stories with us - I'm sure you have had lots of memorable times squeezing out rock hard, stubborn loads. I love reading stories about people pushing out big hard poos. Do you grunt and groan while taking a dump?? Do you sit down while you are doing a poo or do you put your feet on the toilet seat, with your knees up and squat over the bowl? I have tried that position before while pushing out hard turds and it helps a bit. Do you use anything to help loosen your stools - like laxatives, suppositories or enemas? Has your boyfriend ever watched you take a dump?? Have you ever had to dig the turds out of your butt or been disimpacted?? Do you ever take a dump at work, in public toilets or at a friend's house? Sorry about all the questions but I love reading about constipation stories. I have a few myself if you ever want to hear them.

Girl Poop Watcher
Kylee and JenJen have u guys had any other experiences of pooping outside or in your pants in public i love those kind of stories please post then ASAP!! thanks, Girl Poop Watcher

China Girl:
Sometimes I draw a picture of one or both of my co-workers that I don't
care for and I do the honors of wiping my butt with there face toward my butt, so they can see what there getting. Sometime I put them in the toilet and let them have it.

Do you have anyone that you don't care and draw picture in the TP and let them have it?

I had bad cramps last night in my stomach so i went to the toilet to try and poop. I done a couple marbles after straining so hard,and when i got done i went back down stairs to watch tv with my wife.we was setting on the couch,she started i needed to fart so i let it rip.she told me to go back to the toilet and poop some i went back to the toilet and pooped to her satisfaction. i love my wife she just doesnt like me farting.i like this forum keep posting.

1. How long does it take you to poop? usually about 10 minutes.
2. Does it stink when you go? Sometimes, although usually not bad
3. If it stinks do you turn on the fan/ open window/ spray air freshner? No
4. Do you read while you go? no
5. Do you ever clog the toilet or leave skid marks or floaties? They always float - sometimes a small skidmark
6. On average how many times do you have to flush after a poop? one
7. How many times do you have to wipe? just once
8. Do you poop in public restrooms? yes
9. If you poop in public restrooms do you cover the seat? yes
10. How do you know when you need to poop? My bum gets sort of 'tight'
11. Do you push to get it out real fast or let nature take its course? let nature get it out. they always come out easily though.
12. Women have you ever sat to pee, but pooped even though that isn't why you sat on the toilet? Yes
13. Women when on your period do you get constipated/diarreah (explain) Nope, just works as per normal
15. What's the longest you have been on the toilet for a poop? Probably about 30 minutes

hi, well it has been a while since I've come in here and so, some more to add. I'll start with this one, I guess.

1. 6-7-05 first pee of the day , this being after sleeping all night for 7 hrs ; then walking and shaving my legs[ya know all that girly stuff]and fixing my hair. anyway, so after being up about two hrs, I felt the urge to pee. being in the bathroom already and in my undies standing in front of the sink and mirror; I simply went over to the toilet , lifted the lid and dropped my undies for a good pee. and a good pee it sure was , as soon as I sat down , within secs I felt this burning sensation of good strong pee coming out from my twat's lips as I listened to it tinkle into the clear bowl's water . that pee had the most strong scent of really concentrated urine; this by the way it smelled up the bathroom as it continued to tinkle into the toilet water for about the next 35 seconds before slowing to a stop. looking down between my open legs, I could see all this bubbly foam floating in the front of the toilet's water; this as just a little more of that smelly pee began to piddle out into the water; a thin little stream of intensely yellow pee splashing into the foamy, smelly mess. 10 secs later and I was all done; yet could still feel that burning sensation as I took some toilet paper and wiped my twat, leaving yellow sopts all over the white paper before dropping it between my legs into the bowl. then, first I changed my pad as the old one was kind of skanky. then,after spraying my twat with FDS, I got up and slowly pulled up my undies while looking at the bowl's water now all bright and deeply yellow from my pee; scummy looking pee foam covering about 70% of the water's surface. and did it ever still smell of pee in the air , too! not even the water could completely neutralize the odor; though I'm sure that intense pee would have smelled a lot more if the water was NOT there for me to tinkle into when I pee! :-P

2. monday night[ 6-6-05] I went down to white plains to this poetry and writing workshop where I haven't been in a while. I hadn't peed since I was back at the danbury mall just before going shopping when I used the women's room about 5:30 PM and of course, had to also change the old maxi pad I really hadn't had anything to drink before that except some coffee earlier. anyway, finished with shopping I drove down old 684 and on the way, drank that large dunkin donuts mug of cold coffee but still did not need to pee upon getting there [ usually I do!] and so, being that I got there a little late and they had another meeting going in the main room ; I did not want to walk past them to the one restroom in the far back. and so, I did not have to go until out thing was almost over ; when it was I said " excuse me , but I have to go to the bathroom before we leave". [ they always rush out like the typical new yorkers!] and so, quietly as to not disturb the other meeting , I snuck back toward the bathroom ; which is an old fashioned one at that with the old pedestal sink and round toilet with seat and flush valve[ no tank] . I quietly opened the bathroom door, then after shutting the first door, I walked in and latched it with the catch hook. seat up, I first put it down and after, unbuttoned and unzipped my indigo colored lee rider shorts[ chubby chick shorts] and let them drop to the floor as I pulled down my undies to expose my brown haired, well -trimmed twat. I sat down on that seat [ the bowl completely filled with water like the ones in those old office buildings in NYC] with my legs apart and quickly began to urinate; the sound of my urine quite audible as it was coming out of my labia [urethra] and tinkling straight downward into that water filled toilet bowl. I just sat there and listened to the sound of my pee as for perhaps the next minute almost it just kept on tinkling into the clear water; giving off that distinct smell of coffee as it turned the water all yellow and bubbly. [ I was watching between my legs! he he he! ahh! power to the pussy!] then it stopped , but as usual , I was not finished and so I began to hear the next batch of pee make that tinkle sound that a woman usually makes as she stops, pees for another 20 seconds; then again stops, tinkle for 5-10 secs., stop; and squeeze out 2-3 more somewhat loud splashy tinkles into the toilet water before she is sure that she is FINALLY FINISHED PEEING![ like ME! he he he!] and so< I leaned foward to grab some of that white toilet paper from the roll holder in the black and white tile wall, took a bunch and after ripping it; scrunched it up like a hair "scrunchie" . then I quickly waiped my twat and tossed it into the bowl, got up to pull up my undies and shorts- button and zip them. as I did , I looked at the bowl's water now filled with my private minute and a half's worth of bright yellow urine and a small patch of " tinkle foam" remaining from where my pee splashed into the water. then, shorts back up, I reached for the handle valve and flushed my long overdue pee; washed up and quickly brushed my blonde hair before quietly walking out. hey, as they say in new yorwwk " WHEN A GIOYWRLS GOTTA PEE! A GIOYRLS GOTTA PEEE HOWNNNEY!" [ how yiddish!]

3. well today[ sat 6-11-05] I went to some pleace in hartford and having only peed once that day so far; about 12:15 PM when I first got up; of course upon getting to my destination at about 3PM almost- I had to really pee! of course the two large mugs of iced coffee before leaving [ 20 oz each- I drink lots of coffee!] and the 20 oz bottle of pink lemonade on the way had to come out eventually; in the form of URINE , of course! he he he! anyway , so I get there and there is the single use unisex room on my right by the soda machine, but it was obviously in use as the door was locked. meanwhile I bought a soda from the machine and sure enough the door opened and the person inside walked out[ a guy] . so I went in and first closed the door, placing my little blue sport bag on the chair to my right under the light switch. then I walked over to the toilet on my far left and after lowering the seat, unfastened my "new york city" prints novelty belt , unbuttoned and unzipped my lee riders and pulled my undies down to expose my trimmed, brown haired twat and pee. I sat my chubby hide down on that seat and within seconds; the silence in that bathroom was broken by the usual " tinkle" sound of my urine coming out of my labia's lips and splashing straight downward into the middle of that toilet's clear water [the elongated bowl being completely water- filled from the back to directly under the front rim]. sitting there in the usual "cheryl style" with my legs open, I looked down and watched as the once clear toilet water rapidly turned yellow and after maybe 15 secs; saw lots of bubbly foam form and spread out all over in the water as I continued to softly, but steadily tinkle for another 45 seconds almost before stopping. meanwhile, the smell of both FDS and coffee-scented pee filled the air slightly as I peed. then I stopped for a couple secs before more pee began to tinkle into mthe already pee and foam filled yellow water; this time for another 30 seconds and in a twisty splattering stream before again stopping. then I sat there for another 5-10 secs and sure enough , another few splishes and splashes tinkled out from my labia's lips into the water[ of course] for the next 20 secs off and on and finally, I finished and my bladder felt completely empty. I reached to my left and after taking a generous wad of white toilet paper from the roll, I scrunched it up like a big old hair " scrunchie" and proceeded to wipe my twat with it ; holding it against my "lilly lips" as I got up before dropping it into the bowl filled with my deeply yellow foamy pee! as I pulled up my undies and shorts , I looked and saw that toilet's water now all densely yellow, foam covering at least 75% of the water's surface from where I tinkled into it! then I turned around, took my left hand and flushed the bowl; watching as all my foamy yellow pee went down and thinking " oh my god! when cheryl's gotta pee she definitely has got to PEEEEEEEEEEE! or is that TINKLE, HONEY!"

1.[ gender] female

2.[ use container] YES-TO PEE! well sometimes if I need to, I will. last time I remember best was while camping out a few years ago[ alone- I am adventurous and don't have lots of friends in real life, none who go camping] at this state park in upstate new york- taconic state park and the way I often have to pee, you know sometimes I just can't get to the bathroom. could y'all just see me walking out in my undies across the campground and I had this whole family of children right next to my site so that would have not been too kewl! and so, of course in the tent I brought along this tupperware container.

3.[ kind] this tupperware container for juice/water, a 1 gallon sized deal with a big wide 6" opening and a carrying handle.

4. how did I position myself? well, here I was sleeping in my undies in that sleeping bag and wham, the pee feelings just hit. and I was like " f**k! I sure as hell ain't about to walk out in front of all these kids if they wake up!" in my 2 person tent, I squeezed out of my sleeping bag, it was quite warm so I was just laying on top and actually had my undies off with the other half pushed aside, yeah my twat exposed. and so, I climbed out of that bag and turned on my light but kept it shining downward; and on my knees, first opened the cover which screws off.[ I kept it in the back of the tent] then I took the bottle and placed my cunt right over the huge opening while straddling it with my flabby legs and soon began to make this hissing sound as I urinated this huge yellow, 1/4 " wide stream of sweet but very smelly urine into that juice container. with the little bit of light I watched as my yellow urine filed that container; of course making loads of bubbly foam and soon the hiss was replaced by the tinkle sound of me tinkling into my own urine[ but not as loud as in the toilet bowl when I pee into the water!]I peed for just over a minute, stopped, peed some more in about 5-6 shoots which went " splunk-splunk" into that container full of FOAMY pee with the foam making a hissing sound. when finished, I took this napkin I had, wiped my twat and screwed the top back on tightly and placed the paper in a plastic bag and left that at the tent side. I did not want that pee to spill all over inside the tent.

5. what did I do with the contents? WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS! MAKE "CHERYLADE!" well, like I usually do, I saved them in that jar, of course having to pee one more time during that night or actually in the morning. after getting up and while cooking up some oatmeal on the camp stove, I took the tupperware juice container and walked out behind the tent sort of discreetly into the pine woods, opened the pop top spout and scattered my urine all over the ground among the pine needles. and hell it left some foamy " urine-scuzz" on those needles!

6. [curious about seeing the opposite sex doing so]well I have seen this dude[his name was tommy, I think]pee into a container once and it was kind of kewl. this was back when I lived down in florida and we were at this[ grateful] "dead head" gathering, camping out among the slash pines and yeah " moss-keeters" on this deadhead woman's property[ earla's place]and tripping on good acid. anyway, we were in his tent and had just gotten finished "going all the way" when he said " man! I have to pee bad" he took this cranberry juice bottle[ 2 liter, I think] and just stuck his penis right into the opening and peed out this yellow stream, filling half that bottle if not more with his bubbly pee. I was tripping out and giggling , I think while seeing this and was like "y'all guys are so lucky!" after he finished, well I had to pee badly and so I asked him " let me try that! I have to peeeee, too!" and so, don't ask me how I did it, but I managed to line up that maybe 3 inch opening with my opening inside my vulva and , well; most of it made it in with just a little bit which sprayed over the edges and got on the tent's floor. " oh shit! sorry" I said then took my hippie hair scarf and used it to wipe up what I had spilled. we laughed about it all night and well, I filled up the rest of that jar.

7.[if I had a choice to use container or toilet? which one? well between those two ONLY , well I think you know the answer when it comes to me peeing! yeah the toilet wins out. but there was this time back while living down in orlando florida and even though I was at home, I still used this handy way " big bad woof" cup with the wide mouth 46 oz and I filled it to the top with bubbly yellow urine which smelled like the crystal light fruit punch I was drinking. AGAIN, WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS, WHY NOT MAKE A "BIG BAD MS. WOOF" CUPFUL OF "CHERYLADE" [ just don't let the cupeth overrunneth on the floor!]

new guy
i have never posted before, but i gotta tell about this experience. i am a 15 year old male(for anyone who wants to know). my magnet program took a trip to epcot center in florida and we stayed in a hotel for a night. anyway, at about 3 am, i snuck out and went to the room of a girl that liked me. i was planning to stay in their room for the night, so i brought shower clothes. i was in their bathroom showering when all af a sudden, bianca(the girl that likes me) comes banging on the door as hard as as she can. so i put on a towel, and open the door. as soon as i twisted the knob, she rushed in and and told me she can't hold it any longer. then she sat on the toilet and took the BIGGEST dump i had ever seen. she let out a series of plops and splashes for about 3 minutes straight! then she stood up and started for the tissue when she says uh oh and sits back down. then she released a god knows what that almost lifed her off the seat. i was standing there looking stunned. then she stood up and got some toilet paper and wiped. by now the smell was beyond was so strong i could taste it. i also heard her roommates complaining about the smell form outside of the bathroom. i was amazed. this 120 pound girl stunk up the entire two room hotel suite in one five minute dump! still sitting on the toilet, she apologized for the incident. i said it was okay and then she stood up, pulled up her pants, kissed me on the cheek and walked out. she didn't flush the toilet. i looked in and almost passed out. all i saw was shit. no water and no gaps. just shit. her shit pile was so thick that when i flushed the toilet the first time, it didn't move! it took 6 flushes to get down! later that night, she made up for the incident in ways i cant tell you.(wink wink....)ha ha.

Hey China girl would you ever let your turd stay in the toilet for a while?

I once had to poop really bad after I ate. I am a 13 year old guy so this is amazing. I sat on the pot and immediatly this huge log gets squeezed out. When I look at it I see it's almost 2ft. long! I think about 20in. It took 3 tries to flush. But that's not all. after I flushed it down, I had to go again! I let loose a 10in. log. That's the ultimate dump.

Crappy Pooping!

Last year my family went to the beach for a family vacation. At night I left our hotel room just in my swimming trunks and a hoodie to walk the beach and boardwalk because there were not that many people out at that time and enjoy the sound of the ocean. After walking for about 10 minutes I felt a rumbling in my gut and let out a few wet farts. After about 6 farts I began to feel a big poop poking its way out of my starfish. I squeezed my buttcheeks hard becasue I didn't want to take a dump in my only trunks. I looked around and there were maybe 5 people scattered around the beach. I was too far from the hotel room so I decided to chuck a brown eye under the boardwalk. I walked calmly as I could under without dropping the logs. Then I pulled my trunks down, squatted with my arsecheeks wide open with my hands on my knees, and pushed the first turd out. It was hard, about 6 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide on the front but pointed in the back. After it dropped I ripped a huge fart that blew up a small cloud of smelly sand. But that fart was cut a little short by another massive turd near two feet long that cmae pouring out of my ass. It was ver soft and felt good. Afterwards I covered the turds in sand and went barebutt in the ocena to clean off my ass. The water felt nice and cool against my hole, so I let out 7 more small turds underwater. ahh good times

When i was 18 and driving home from visitng family..i got a sudden urge to go really bad. Traffi was terrible and about a blcok away from my house I couldn't hold it. I pooped in my pants. It smelt pretty bad and i blamed it on the parents came home half hour after i got to clean up but they could smell it.

Mr. Clogs
Hi everybody, I hope everyone is doing well in toilet land, as for me I'm hanging in there taking one day at a time. I've got a post to share, I used my container last night while I was drunk from drinking beer and having nanchos with cheese, chili and 3 bean dip salsa, y???y! As I was getting ready for bed, I needed to pee, so I quickly grabbed my dual purpose container from my dresser drawer without any undies and PJ bottoms because I was too lazy to walk to the bathroom to use the toilet, proceeded to pee a hard and fast into the container a thick golden stream filling the just bare bottom of the container, not that much, about 12oz. of pee. After I was done, placed the lid on the container, placed the container under the bed, finished putting on my PJ bottoms and went to bed. As for this morning, around 7 am bursting to pee (full of beer piss) . While my mom was in the the bathroom taking a shower, I got out of bed, closed the door for some additional privacy, grabbed the container from under the bed, opened the container lid and allow nature to do it's course, hissing away loudly! I filled the container half way with golden urine about a 1 litre full! Placed the lid back on the container and put the comtainer back under the bed

Venus and Mike: Hi there. Thank you for your comments. I'll try to keep the posts comming that may be of interest. I'm glad you enjoyed my posts, and I'll do my best to deliver them to you. I'm sorry about the survey containing mostly peeing questions, and I'll try to make the survey the next time more geared towards pooping. If you like, you could still use the survey to post instances of pooping into. Have you ever taken a dump into a cup before? I have, and you wondering how, well it's kind of awkward at first. Once you get use to it, it becomes a snap! I must warn you, if you don't position the cup under you, it could get pretty messy, yuck! I recommend if you're going to try it, use the squatting position. If you're balancing challenged person like me and a little on the overweight side, squat up against a wall in your corner or your bedroom up against your bed, hey it may be fun thing you and Mike to try!

Well I hope you've enjoyed my post, I'll post later, you all take care. Peace! --Mr. Clogs

scott from wis.
for the person who commented on the underground comedy movie with the cover and two supermodels sitting on the toilet, during several scenes in the movie they show the two girls sitting on the toilets farting loudly, fake farts I think though, i still thought it was kinda sexy.


Hi there everyone - ive been enjoying many the posts on this site for quite a while, but have hardly ever posted before. Im male, 19 and 5'7'', I get really turned on by the idea of watching a girl taking a good, large, firm shit in front of me and I really hope I can experience some of this activity sometime! :P If I do ill certainly inform u lot!

Jessica - after reading your post I felt I had to post a reply, I just felt really sorry for u having to deal with being constipated for such a long time, it must have been really difficult and really uncomfortable for u - especially when living away, as I have had to do the same back at Uni. Im glad that your enema worked and I agree with Mr Cloggs in that u shud get it checked out especially if u have had constipation for that length of time. I didn't mind your post being so long as it really helped explain everything u were going through! I wanted to know what your diet was like at the time u were away and when u moved back home - how much fibre / fruit / veg did u eat? Also could u tell me how your romate or the other girls reacted when they saw u straining hard? Let us know how your poo's are going now!, id really appreciate it!

And to the rest of u lot - some great posts - keep them coming! Hopefully I'll be able to post something interesting soon, but if not I will happily offer advice / give my opinions etc when I hav the time :-)


I don't know why I never used an enema JW. The thought really never even crossed my mind. I'd always been told by my mom how horrible enemas were and how uncomfortable they made you... (not that being plugged up with a baseball sized mound of shit would make you feel any less uncomfortable). I'm just being opened up to the idea that a good enema can make the world of difference. I haven't used one yet- but I'll keep ya posted! Any brand or kind better than the other? :)
And you can ask any questions you'd like :) I'm not a shy girl.

Flu- I will keep that in mind. You'd be amazed how clueless some folks are (even doctors) when you ask what you can take to help you out. I was only told laxatives and offered no other alternatives. I'll stock up on Metamucil- I may run into this situation in near future ;)

I don't know why I never used an enema JW. The thought really never even crossed my mind. I'd always been told by my mom how horrible enemas were and how uncomfortable they made you... (not that being plugged up with a baseball sized mound of shit would make you feel any less uncomfortable). I'm just being opened up to the idea that a good enema can make the world of difference. I haven't used one yet- but I'll keep ya posted! Any brand or kind better than the other? :)
And you can ask any questions you'd like :) I'm not a shy girl.

Flu- I will keep that in mind. You'd be amazed how clueless some folks are (even doctors) when you ask what you can take to help you out. I was only told laxatives and offered no other alternatives. I'll stock up on Metamucil- I may run into this situation in near future ;)

coolguy, I guess you were wearing briefs and not boxers or the turds would have dropped as you walked. Usually i can tell by the smell of my farts wether to risk letting them out or seeking a recepticle right away.

hi i have looked at this sight for a while and thought i would drop a wife hates me farting and makes me crap every time i fart around her does anyone else have this problem.

Hermione questions:

I saw your questions while looking at back postings. Just thought I would answer them since they seem to relate to the way my bowels work.

1. What is the longest time you have been constipated?
I am -always- constipated! It is a way of life. Normally I have a big hard stool every 5 days. If it is my -time- it can be up to a week+.

2. What was the diameter of the resulting stool ?
It's always big. I cannot remember when I had a small or normal stool unless I am sick. It was so big once that I tried to measure the diameter of that really big stool, was about 2 1/2 + inches across, or a bit larger on the first hard lumpy part.

3. How hard or soft was it ?
Hard to rock hard. Like large marbles all packed together in a hard, large mass right down at the end.

4. What did it look like ?
As I finally strain hard enough, the first part is BIG and lumpy, over 2 1/2 inches in diameter, hard to get out. It hurts so much I get all tensed up. Then after a struggle, about 3 inches has come out, it gets slightly smaller and a bit smoother. All one piece about 11 inches long.

5. Was it very dry?
yes, very dry. So dry that I can only get it to move by straining really hard, the first part is very difficult, it stretches my hole so tight it hurts and my face turns red from the effort.

6. Did you need a lubricant to pass it?
Sometimes I do. If it is stuck so bad that I can't force it out at all, I have to resort to toilet paper. By using toilet paper on three fingers I push what is stuck in my hole back inside my rectum and then put vasalene or some KY jelly in there and work it around a bit. This helps to lubricate it so it will finally come out.

7. How many times a week do you normally go?
As stated before, about 5 days or a week if it is my time. This is normal for me. Somehow I just don't get the urge to go. The stool builds up in my rectum to a large hard mass and when I go to the toilet at work to wet I sometimes check in my hole with toilet paper on my finger to see how big and hard it is. Then I wait til I get home to go. At home I know I have to face the enevitable and try to get it out. I really hate to poop because it always hurts and takes a long time to get it out. (up to 45 minutes), This fear I have of pooping may be how I got this way. 35 years of fear going to the toilet.

8. Does it amuse or disgust your husband/partner/boyfriend when you fart in bed ?
I try not to pass wind when my boyfriend is around.

Is this similar to the way you go?

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Man. I had just gotten home from school and I hadn't eaten all day. I was starving so i decided to make nachos. BAD IDEA!!!!! Later on i started to get gas which normally happens after I eat Mexicen food. However I think the taste is worth the results. But anyways i was watching T.V. a couple hours later and I pushed out what seemed to be a few harmless farts. Once again BAD IDEA. Two short logs of crap began to make their way out. I stood up and started walking to the bathroom which only forced the logs out. I just went into the bathroom and put the logs in the toilet and began to clean up. Luckily none was home. This and my other post are the only accidnets I have ever had.

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