hey everyone,, yesterday was kinda embarrassing for me. see, it all started yesterday morning when i was in the car on the way to highschool and i stoped for a sasage bisket. it wasnt long after finishing it and driving to school my stomache started to ache. it felt like diareaha. so i tried to hold it as long as i could and i got to school and knew i could not hold it all day so like 5 min after i got there it really hit me.... i had to go now! so i started to try to hold it in and walk or get to the restroom as fast as i could and when i got to the ladies room i saw that all the stalls were filled ... everyone of the stalls were filled with girls pooping out god knows what. so i had to go reallly bad so it left me no choice.... i had to to go the guys room.. when i got in there there were a few guys standing around in there including my b/f .. i told turned to them and sayed "i really got to go i dont care" so i went to the stall and none of the stalls had doors on them but i didnt care so i went in one and pulled down my thong and pants and sat down and just let it all out with my b/f and the other guys standing in front of me watching me . i was really relived after i had finished . so i got up and wiped my ass and they were still there .. they asked me y i came in there and i told them y. i think they liked it watching me i dunno. but at least i didnt have to hold the ache in all day


Toilet Hog
Can anybody help me please? For the past few days, I've been very constipated. Every time I need to poo, I sit and squeeze for hours and all that comes out are tiny, pieces of rock hard poo. Today I was in the washroom for almost an hour and I produced one tiny piece of poo. My butt hurts after and I don't know what to do. Do you know of any natural laxatives I could take to soften up my bowel movements?


This was before I knew I was lactose intolerant.
I went to my friend's house one night before going to youth group. For dessert after dinner, me and her had ice cream. I felt fine until I got to the church and had major cramps and stomach aches. I just ignored the pain and it eventually went away. About 15 minutes later the pain increased and it hurt to even walk. So, during one of the games I just sat out and waited for the pain to go away. It never did. I told my friend that my stomach was hurting and that I would be right back. I ran to the washroom and right when I sat down, yellowish-brown liquid shot out of my butt. I sat there for 5 minutes making sure it was all out of my system. I wiped, flushed and went back to the sanctuary and sat with my friend for the rest of the game. During another game,the cramps and stomach ache retuned. I didn't want to interrupt the game,so I crawled out of the room that we were in,and retuned,once again to the porcelain throne. I sat there longer this time (maybe 10 minutes) and let the liquid squirt out of my butt into the toilet. I flushed and wiped and returned to the room where the game was still being played and sat down beside my friend. My stomach still hurt the remainder of the evening, but it wasn't bad enough that I had to go back to the washroom.

Advice to HisLilPeeMonster: Metamucil. Works for me.
Best, Flu

HisLilPeeMonster-- Thanks very much for answering and the detailed discription of your poo struggles. I'd like to ask one more question, instead of laxitives and struggling like you have, have you ever considered using an enema...if not why not? My Mom always treated my sever consitpation with an enema. Now I admit, my Mom's enemas were hot, soapy, water. I can see where that wouldn't be the best idea when pregnant as it really gives you cramps...but I've often taken plane tap water enemas and they sure get the job done quickly and easily. I've
read lots of horry stories about constipation in pregnancy and often wondered why the women involved didn't just take an enema.

This was the first time that I had heard someone in the stall next to me have a bout with the 'runs.' I was at Chapters with my dad when I had to relieve myself (Number 2). I went into the bathroom and there were two ladies. One was in the stall next to me and another waiting by the sink for her friend to come out. Anyway, I sat down and took a dump. The next thing I know, I hear this wet sloppy fart come from the stall beside me and I hear poo hitting the water. This happened about 5 or 6 times before her friend asked if she her stomach was sore because of something she had eaten that night. She said no and that her stomach had been sore all week. Then I heard another series of farts and splashes and the lady moaned a few times. I wiped up and left. 10 minutes later, I needed to pee. So I walked into the bathroom and that lady was still there, moaning, farting and dropping her runny loads. I felt sorry her actually. I have never known a person who had the 'runs' for 15-20 minutes at a time.

It was about 11 am when I had the urge to have a BM. I went into the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. At first,all I did was take a pee. 5 minutes later,I felt something come out out of my bum. It was a small piece of poo and was quite soft. It wasn't diarrhea or anything, but it was soft. I knew I wasn't done yet,so I sat on the toilet for 10 more minutes pushing and groaning and I felr about 20 small soft pieces of poo fall in the water below. A few minutes later, I let a fart and 10 pieces or so just came rusing out. They hit the back of the rim and the toilet lid. I used up half a roll of toilet paper (my bum was really wet and sticky) and I flushed two times.

I'm probably gonna have to return to the bathroom in a few minutes because my ???? is starting to rumble and gurgle and I feel like poop is about to come out.

PS. This dump happened during my period,so that's why it was half diarrheaish and coming out in soft pieces.

i was reading on the couch today and i was suddenly excited by a tingling feeling in my pelvis so i knew i was about to do a very big, soft poop. i sat on the toilet and pushed. the poop started peaking out of my anus and grew into about a 18 inch log that curled around the bowl. it was really soft. it felt so good coming out. i started doing some very wet farts, and more poop came out, softer than before. i looked between my legs at these long, thick soft logs coming out, with pudding-like mush eventually following. i sat there for 20 minutes pushing this soft-serve poop into the toilet. then i farted some more, and hersheys syrup-like poop started coming out. the toilet water was all a dark brown lumpy swamp by now. i wiped and got up. i washed my hands and suddenly i felt an urgent tingling in my butt. i sat down again and a burst of diarrhea came out. "ohhh, OHHH" i said as the farts and diarrhea came sputtering out. the diarrhea was sort of thick and the toilet was very muddy by now. it kept coming and coming. my friend came in the bathroom and said "Ohh" and he glanced between my legs as the bursts of shit came out, "brrrnnnt, pffbrrt, brrrtptrt." i felt done, so i wiped and got up and went back to reading. then another wave came and i ran to the toilet. diarrhea exploded all over the seat and the floor as i pulled down my pants. i was having diarrhea every 10 minutes for the rest of the day.

This is my first time posting a story on here. Lately, I've just been answering some of the quizzes on here.

Anyway,this is my story.

I was at Wal-Mart with my friend and halfway through our shopping, I felt the sudden urge to take a dump. I was farting a lot, and by the smell and type they were,I knew this was gonna be a messy dump. I told my friend that I had to go to the bathroom really bad and that I would be back soon. She said OK and I ran to the nearest bathroom (which wasn't that close.It was by the front doors and I was near the back of the store where all the clothes are). As I was running,I was farting a lot and I could feel the poop start to come out. I was freaking out! I didn't want to have a mess in my pants! When I reached the bathroom, it was out of order due to being cleaned. CRAP! By this time, I had to go to the nathroom really bad now.If I didn't make it soon, I was gonna have a huge runny mess running down my legs. So I ran to the other bathroom across the store and fortunatly, it was open. I ran into the bathroom and went into the nearest stall. I was the only one in there. (Thank Goodness). I made it just in time. As soon my pants were down to my knees and my butt was on the seat,it all came out in one big, wet, slimey mess. I sat there for about 10-15 minutes just farting and letting it all out. Finally,I was done and I wiped. It took about 10 wipes to get my butt totally clean and another 2 flushes to get it all down. I left the bathroom and my friend asked me what took so long. I told her that I wasn't feeling well and that I had the runs real bad. I still had a major ???? ache and cramps,but I finished shopping with my friend and right before we left Wal-Mart, I went back into the bathroom and dropped another 5 minutes or so of diarrhea. When I got home, I went into the bathroom and pooped again. I did that about 4 times that evening. It was the most horrible experience I had ever had. I don't know what I ate that night, but it sure gave me the horrible runs.

Just thinking about this experience makes me want to puke and have the runs!!

This was probably the most painful toilet experience I had ever had.

I was at the library after school when I felt the urge to poo. I found the bathroom and sat down on the toilet and expected a log or two to come out. Nothing. I sat there a while longer before I started to moan and heave and squeeze as hard as I possibly could. All that came out was a trickle of pee. Half an hour later, I squeezed out a tiny black ball of poo. I still felt that I wasn't finished yet, so I moaned,heaved,squeezed and even farted a few times before another piece of small poo came out. By this time, I was exhausted. I had been in the washroom for 45 minutes and all that came out was 2 small poo pieces. For the next 3 or 4 hours, I stayed in the stall grunting and groaning and wishing I had laxatives with me until I felt that I was relived enough. It was an exhausting time and I was glad when it was all over. During the time I was in there, I read two books and ate a bag of chips (hoping they would cause my poo to become softer). Plenty of people were coming in and out of the bathroom and I felt embarrassed when people kept asking me if I was OK. Two girls in the bathroom kept coming in and out of it to see if I was still in there.

China girl
To Dookie:
Thank you, I do feel like Princess, although my throne is small toilet in one bedroom apartment. When I sit, even though I'm not fat, I overwelm my throne as it is completely sealed by my butt. Not much of a throne, especially since it has difficulty taking my sticky turds since the water is so low. Or is it my turd taste? Oh, I do many silent turd. I have only post the powerful ones that show force of my butt. I often have long, silent turd, that crackle and hit water softly. Doesn't sound like much, but it is often a large turd that is very moist, and they always stick to toilet surface and hard to flush. It feel very satisfying, and I am definitely in control. I am satisfied that toilet has difficulty with my turd because it is submitting to my force, and it aware that I own it. Perhaps it wants me to take it easy or be more peaceful, but I don't get it yet. Should I show a little mercy? I think slow turd is very controlling, and perhaps more agony, because when it is slow you can hear how long it is as it comes out, and typical with me, there are quiet farts that come out as turd moves out, then it lands as long, sloppy, sticky turd. I think it funny too if my good friend or mom are over and they don't know I did silent turd until the smell spreads. Only toilet knows what is there. Sometime they think I just fart but I have to answer it was a big turd.

To anomynous:
I'm not sure about how turd feel, but my butt is very satisfied. I show that when I wipe as I stand up to wipe and face my butt toward toilet so it can see mess that I wipe. I think turd is just warm, sticky, and possibly worst tasting piece of junk a toilet has to endure.

Thanks both of you for your question.

Any other questions?

Im 16 years of age and want to share my story about my friend Jenn, I was sleeping over at her house, and we where having lots of fun, listening to music, putting on make-up and doing stuff like that, after she started running up stairs and told me to come with her, she went to the washroom, slipped down her jammy pants, and let go, she was having a massive direhha explosion in the toilet, she said sorry, i said thats ok, 10 minutes later she was finally done, she sprayed some air freshner and we went back to her room, 2 hours later she got very bad cramps and went to tell her mom, she knew she was going to have to go again pretty soon, as her mom was talking to her, i was standing there, then she said ok ok ok mom i dont care i really have to go poop now, her mom said ok go honey, then her mom followed her up the stairs, and told me to come, we did what we did last time, me and her went into the washroom but this time her mom came to, Jenn sat on the toilet and had another massive direhha explosion, after she felt very sick and i had to go home because her mom rushed her to the doctors, it ended up she only had a flue!

To gracie:
1. when you need to poop...
-do you have to go right away, or can you hold it?
If it's diarrhea I can't hold it, but if it's harder, I usually can

-does your stomach hurt?
If I have really, really,really bad diarrhea

-do you hold or rub your stomach?

-do you get gassy?
When I have to poop real bad.

-how long can you hold it if you have to?
Diarrhea-can't hold. Have to let it out right away.
Other-1 hour or so

2. do any certain foods make you poop after eating them?
Spicy foods

3. do any certain foods give you the runs after eating them?
Dairy products

4. if you had to choose between being constipated or having diahhrea, which would you choose and why?
Diarrhea, because it comes out right away and I don't mind coming back to the washroom about 5-6 more times that day to let it all out. Plus,I feel a lot better getting it out right away.
With constipation, I can spend up to 2 hours at a time trying to poo and all that comes out is a small sized turd. After leaving the washroom,I feel like I still have to poo and I'm exhausted.

1. What is your sex? Female
2. What is your age? 16
3. What is your race? White
4. Are you: Underweight, Normal, Overweight, or Obese? Normal
5. How much protein do you eat? Not a lot
6. How much fiber do you eat? Very little
7. How many vitamins and minerals do you eat? None
8. How much water do you drink? A bottle every couple days or so
9. Breifly describe your average BM Same as question 10
10. Breifly describe your average Poo light-dark brown, medium lengthed
11. If you had a choice for your BM to replace urination so that you poo more frequently, would you do that? Yes

1. when you need to poop...
-do you have to go right away, or can you hold it?
If it's diarrhea I can't hold it, but if it's harder, I usually can

-does your stomach hurt?
If I have really, really,really bad diarrhea

-do you hold or rub your stomach?

-do you get gassy?
When I have to poop real bad.

-how long can you hold it if you have to?
Diarrhea-can't hold. Have to let it out right away.
Other-1 hour or so

2. do any certain foods make you poop after eating them?
Spicy foods

3. do any certain foods give you the runs after eating them?
Dairy products

4. if you had to choose between being constipated or having diahhrea, which would you choose and why?
Diarrhea, because it comes out right away and I don't mind coming back to the washroom about 5-6 more times that day to let it all out. Plus,I feel a lot better getting it out right away.
With constipation, I can spend up to 2 hours at a time trying to poo and all that comes out is a small sized turd. After leaving the washroom,I feel like I still have to poo and I'm exhausted.

1. How long does it take you to poop? ranges from 2 - 30 minutes
2. Does it stink when you go? sometimes
3. If it stinks do you turn on the fan/ open window/ spray air freshner? No
4. Do you read while you go? Yes
5. Do you ever clog the toilet or leave skid marks or floaties? yes,skid marks
6. On average how many times do you have to flush after a poop? one
7. How many times do you have to wipe? around 5
8. Do you poop in public restrooms? if I have to
9. If you poop in public restrooms do you cover the seat? no
10. How do you know when you need to poop? My ???? feels funny and I have really smelly farts
11. Do you push to get it out real fast or let nature take its course? push
12. Women have you ever sat to pee, but pooped even though that isn't why you sat on the toilet? Yes
13. Women when on your period do you get constipated/diarreah (explain) Diarrhea. Really bad too. In the bathroom for 10-15 minutes at a time
15. What's the longest you have been on the toilet for a poop? 3-4 hours. (I was really constipated)

That episode of Everybody Loves Raymond was on TBS the other day. I did not see the whole thing.

Had a real funny accident the other day. Had been on a trip of about three hours and got caught non moving traffic for about an hour. Well soon I needed to pee real bad and there was no way I was going to wet on the car started squirming and looking for a container to pee into , nothing. I pinched the end like mad and let out a large spirt of pee bad move I was in agony and knew I could hold no longer. Just when I thought I would burst and pee all over the car the traffic started to move on slowly,pinching and holding like crazy I managed to drive to the next pull over by the side of the road. There were a few cars also parked up and I was quite wet from all the spirting I had been doing. I sat there doubled over in agony wondering just how I was going to get out of the car to relieve myself without just letting go. Managed to get out of car in between a squeeze and pinching the end through my trousers with all my might,but as I stood up I knew I would not be able to make it to the bushes to get it out so I just stood right by the side of the car and peed like mad for what seemed like ages right through my dark trousers soaking the front,my shoes and leaving a huge puddle on the floor. Wow what a relief, did not give a dam if anyone saw me as I am sure they did with all the cars parked up it was the best pee I had in a long time and the releif was fantastic.

TO Stinky Pooper:
Why does it smell? Billions of bacteria in your G.I. tract breaking down various components of the food you've eaten. Foods especially high in sulphur - for example, cabbage, cauliflower, eggs and meat - are usually the underlying cause. While breaking down those foods, the bacteria produce hydrogen sulphide (H2SO4) which gives farts & stools their... shall we say... very distinctive aroma.

Don't want smelly farts & poop? Go Vegan & watch what plants you eat very carefully. While you're never going to have BM's that smell like perfume, most people who go the vegetarian/vegan route will tell you that the odour & consistency of their poops are much improved under their new lifestyle.



Toilet boy
I am a 14 year old male and i usually have huge shits. 12 inches each log usually and almost 2 inches wide.. My younger brother (age 10) shits very little logs like 3 inches each one and he pushes out 4 logs.

We usually fight because one of us is in the bathroom and takes a long time because we want each other to "suffer". The other day i was walking to the bathroom when my brother appeared holding his stomach and i ran straight to the bathroom. I closed the door and pulled my pants down and started to shit. As i said before my logs are quite big so i started pushing this one and as it came out my brother said "hurry up, i really have to go" so i did my logs come out slowly. After i finished i wiped 3 times and flushed. I got out and my brother ran in. I stayed outside a moment and heard a "uungh" and then 6 plops like this: plop, plop,plop, plop,pause, plop, pause, plop. After that i left him alone but i am sure he did a lot more because he was there 12 minutes, and he usually takes 3.

Hey, i have to go now, but i will keep posting

Well i think my last story got posted. Oh well, anyway i thought i tell everyone a little more about myself.

Well im 22 now. I had bed wetting problems my whole life. And i finally got over them at age 17 or 18. Anyway, im not sure what caused the problem. Ive always figured that it was becuase of my heavy sleep habits and my overactive bladder. I havent actually been diagnosed with that but im pretty sure that i have some form of it. I do drink a lot of liquids, but i usually can never feel the urge to pee coming, it just hits all of a sudden and i usually have to right then and bad. I have a sister who is a nurse and she says my smoking is probably causing it, or some of it. Also at an early age i had problems going #2. For some reason i would always hold it. I would go through stretches where i would hold it for weeks. Finally it got to the point where i had to go to the hospital. Now the details of that are a little shady cause it happened when i was 10 and i was totally freaked out cause my parents didnt tell me why i was going to the hospital. But i ended up on a table, a man came in and inserted a large(at least compared to my 10 year old body) hose into my ass. This next part i clearly remember, i sat laying there on the table for what seemed like hours with this large hose up my bum. I was laying on my stomach, but i didnt want to move cause it hurt. During that long period i could see a group of people in a back room, joking around and what not. At the time i felt as if they were laughing at me. Now i realize they were most likely not. Anyway, finally someone came back in and told me when he pulled it out i was gonna have to run to the restroom really fast and sit on the toilet. He pointed to the door in which the restroom was located. I said ok, extremely scared at this point. I felt the hose move and it hurt a little, really it was just completely uncomfortable. Anyway i guess he un-pinched or whatever the hose and the enema solution came crashing down into my ass. It felt like someone had turned the garden hose on full blast. Im pretty sure that a cry escaped my lips. It was like i was being filled like a water balloon. I could feel my stomach bulging. But almost as soon as it started i felt him pull the hose out real fast. I took my que. I jumped down off the bed and ran to the door. Now this part makes me laugh. Now if i look back, i can say that the distance between the door and bed couldnt have been more than 25-30 feet. But as i ran to the door, it felt like an eternity. And it was so hard to hold it in. There was so much fluid up there. I made it to the door, didnt bother to close it. Luckily the toilet was right there cause my ass erupted just as i turned to sit on the pot. It all went into the pot, or they would of had a big mess on their hands,lol. Ive never shit that hard in my life, even to this day. I kinda felt like the garden hose now. It was pretty much all liquid, but towards the end the larger peices started to come out, shot out by the presure of the liquid behind them. I took a 5 minute shit, and judging by the volume, would take me a good 15-20 minutes now a days. I did feel great after that whole ordeal though.

Now remember some details were sketchy so if something isnt accurate, im sorry.

Ben out.

Hello everybody, im new here, but i just had to post a story of mine.

Ill admit that i get a little excited when i poop my and pee my panties, so ill do it every now and then. Like the other day at work. I work in a big office building. I stayed late to catch up on some work when i felt like taking a break. Well everyone goes up to the roof to smoke, so i went up and had a smoke. I was enjoying the scenery when i realized i had to go. The bathroom was downstairs, so i shrugged and found a nice secluded corner on the roof. I squatted down and hiked up my skirt. I wasnt wearing any panties, but i was wearing pantyhose. I had done this before, i started to pee, and it passes through ok, a little splatter and soaking but i didnt care. I then felt the need to go #2. So i relaxed, breathed a sigh and let it out. It was a pretty solid poop. I could feel a great bulge growing in my pantyhose. But my poop was too big, my pantyhose stopped giving and it started to squish out. I didnt stop, it was too much of a relief. I continued to go and it ended up being a pretty big movement. When i was done i impulsively reached back to feel the bulge. It was dripping out and down my leg. I stood up, and took a mirror out of my purse so that i could see. I reached around and put the mirror where i could see my rear. I giggled. I put down my skirt and skipped to the ladies room to clean myself up. I just took my pantyhose off and wiped off. I through the pantyhose in the trash for some unsuspecting janitor, or nosey co-worker to find. I went back to my desk and continued on my reports.

Id also like to tell you about something else while im here. I dont like to get up to go to the restroom when im at work. So i found a "bladder" at an online store. Its great, it can be used by men or women. It has an attachment for women that covers the whole "area" down there. You usually have to hold it when you go, but i brought a belt from home. It has a handle you hold when you go, so i looped my belt around the handle and strap on the belt. Its so great. you guys should pick one up.

Messed up stomach guy
Well this is my first post here though I've been looking at this site for a while. I'll have stories to tell later, I'm having a bad case of the Taco shits.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Hi all,
The perils of thongs, G strings and lacy panties and high loo partitions was made very clear last week when I was shopping at the mall. I was standing in line to pay behind a very attractive young brunette. She had a pair of panties and was giving off a rather agitated vibe. I had a bra I think. We eventually got to the front of the line and she went to one till and I went to another at the same time. I was rather relieved as my next stop was the thunder box. After paying I went out and headed down to the ladies. As I entered this brunette comes in right behind me walking very fast. There is one cubicle open and she asks if I mind if she can use it as she says she has a little ooze which has to be dealt with. I said no problem it happens to us all. She says lacy panties do not help at all. I agreed as the cubicle next door flushed and the door opened. I took that one and by the warm seat and smell the previous occupant had obviously had a really good shit. Skids all over the bowl. We both get our kit off and sit down. The partitions are particularly high and as you glance down you can see half of the next persons calf and down to the feet. Brunette has now got her slacks down to her ankles and a pair of lacy panties are resting on top. As she farts and dumps a load of really soft stuff in the bowl she bends over and removes her shoes and slacks. The panties have a wet skid mark that has leaked through to her slacks. She is muttering away and wiping shit that has rubbed off on her leg and calf from the lacy frillys. I am dumping a huge log and happen to be able to see all of this. I ask if she has enough paper. She says yes but this is the problem with lacy panties. They do not help in this situation. She said she had just been window shopping and sneaked a fart which was wet and had forced her to go and buy a change of undies. I dropped my mushy follower wiped and sat waiting in case she needed a little water to wipe down. She said she would be OK and started to pee as she put on her new panties slacks and shoes. The moral of the story is that before you sneak a fart be sure that the panty will carry the load and not leak out.

Did anyone see the episiode of Everybody Loves Raymond(before it got canncelled):"Pee-Pee Raymond"?

Hey, today I did something I've been wanting to do for a while. I crawled under the shrubs by my house into an empty lot that's surrounded by shrubs, and I just pulled down my pants and pushed out a few logs onto the grass. I've always wanted to poop outside, but never had the guts. I started freaking out when I remembered I didn't bring anything to wipe with, but I just snapped off a branch from shrubs and used it's leaves to wipe. Later, at about 9:30pm, after it was already dark, I crawled down into the creek behind my house and peed quite a bit into the water. I might make a routine out of doing this!


I'm an actress, and it is sometimes a little tough to find decent bathroom facilities. Usually, it doesn't end up being a real big deal, but I had one gross experience a few years ago.

I was doing a play at a small theater, and the only bathroom there was for the cast and crew in the back was a portable toilet set up behind some curtains. I was having intestinal problems during one performance, and during the intermission, my ass was planted on the porta-toilet, shitting my guts out. Nasty, nasty and LOUD diarrhea. The curtains did not muffle the noises someone was making at all, so I know everyone knew I was suffering through the shits.

I was still on the toilet, with what felt like hot pepper pudding squirting out of my ass, when one of the stagehands stuck his head in and told me the curtain was opening in less than one minute. I was supposed to be on stage! It was then that I noticed that no one had thought to provide toilet paper!!! I could tell my ass was a stinky, sticky mess, but what could I do. I yanked my underpants and pants up, and ran out on the stage. My character was on stage the entire second act, which ran nearly an hour. The whole time I did my best to ignore the cold, slimy sensation between my ass cheeks. By the time I made it to a bathroom wth TP, my asshole and buns were itchy and chafed to the point where they felt burned. It was awful.

Nothing that unpleasant happened again, although another time I had to take a dump in full view of about ten people when I couldn't hold it and the curtains hadn't been put up yet. At least there was TP that time.

To answer Stinky Pooper: as far as I know, shit smells so bad for one reason and one reason only: BACTERIA. When anything starts to decompose, it smells more or less the way shit smells. I used to date a guy who worked in a lag, and the bascteria cultures they had in the lab smelled like shit.


when i was in junior high i had a good friend named jenni in my little circle of girlfriends, and she ALWAYS had to poop. i mean we'd be out places all the time and it was almost garunteed that at some point she'd be like "I have to poop!" and she'd go off to the bathroom. there were times when we'd even be out walking somewhere like into town just hanging out and she was always the first to go home because she had to poop, but sometimes she came back afterward. it kind of stopped halfway through highschool but not before this happened...

when we were all in 9th grade me, jenni and our friends ali and phi (phoebe) went to six flags during spring break and ali's mom was driving us. well it was like a 2 hour ride and i guess it was like 35 minutes into it when jenni was just like "uh oh." we had all been talking and giggling screaming and stuff the whole time so no one really knew what she was saying uh oh about or anything and she never said anything from there and we just carried on, but she got really quiet and just sat there looking out the window. at one point ali was like "jen whats your problem?" and sure enough she said "...i really gotta poop!" we all reacted with our groans and mocking like we always do since she ALWAYS has to poop, and i just told her to hold it! we never really made any other reference to it until about 20 minutes later she goes "oh no!!!" and then there was this big squishing noise and her face went TOTALLY red! we all just stared at here and said "oh my god" almost at the same time and she went "i just pooped my pants!" we were screaming and laughing for like 5 minutes and ali's mom was freaking out trying to figure out what our problem was and ali just kept yelling at her to roll the windows down and jenni's face was so red but she was laughing too. it smelled sooo bad too. it didn't take much effort for her mom to figure out what the problem was and she kept asking if she wanted her to take her back. well it's not like she had a choice because she had no change of panties or anything and she couldn't be walking around an amusement park with a load of poop in her pants all day so she said we could just drive the rest of the way and she'd go back with ali's mom, haha. i felt so bad for her but it was still funny. when we got there before we all went in jenni got out of the car to try and go clean herself up some in the bathroom, and when she got up there was a great big lump on her butt and we just could not stop laughing, it was so ridiculous. we mocked her a little bit but then we felt bad since she couldn't even go in with us so we said goodbye then she went to get cleaned up and we went to the park and had a pretty fun day. it would've been nice to have her there but hey, she decided to poop herself instead haha. if it was that easy for her to poop herself on that short of a car ride i can't imagine how many times she must've pooped her pants when she was walking home all those times when we were in junior high. no wonder she HAD to go home whenever she had to poop. it all made perfect sense then and there was even a time in 7th grade when we had all had a sleep over and in the morning she wouldn't come out of her sleeping bag when we all got up and when we were having breakfast she just said she didn't feel good and rushed off and we had suspected she peed herself at night or something but i guess she might have pooped herself that night actually.

Hey. Does anyone pee on the floor here?

Wow, this is realy the first time that I have talked about this anywhere. I have this problem that I can not believe that I have. You see, about two months ago I woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible need to pee and I had already squarted a few drops into my underwear. I got up and ran to the toilet and peed, chainged my clothes and went back to bed. (The amount that I peed was not enough to go through my underwear.) I thought that that entire thing was stupid and had no idea what made a 16 year old girl almost pee the bed. The next night the same thing happened. And again a few nights after that. I eventually told my mom that this was happening and she took me to the doctor. All the doctor said was that I was probably just experiancing some things along with growing up. That to me sounded like a line of crap, but who knows. He said that I should just grow out of it soon and until then I could just wear a maxi pad to bed. The next few nights I wore a pad to bed and nothing happened. But that chainged several nights after that. I woke up at 2:40 in the morning squarting pee again. It was so hard to hold back the pee. When I got control I ran to the toilet loosing drips into the pad the whole way. The next day I decided that I had enough of the getti

Mess Out West
Decided to take in a minor league baseball game last weekend at a stadium about 90 miles from my home, including some long stretches of road without any place to stop. I left the house knowing I needed gas and planned to fuel up about half way there. When I reached the gas station there was a line for the pumps (this is a popular stopping off spot either coming or going and there were several boats, rv's, etc.) There was also a long line for the rest room (only 1, it's unisex.) The last few miles before I stopped I could feel my stomach cramping up and would need to go when I arrived. With the number of cars waiting to fuel and the long line for the restroom I rolled the dice and headed for the next small town about 10 miles away. BIG MISTAKE! The cramps got worse and I felt a HUGE mess heading through me. I ramped up the speed but had to slow down as I reached the next town (the speed limit drops about a mile outside this burg.) To my horror the first gas station was on the other side of town and this huge, messy dump was now trying to get out! I frantically pulled in and raced for the bathroom as a semi-liquid mess was starting into my underwear. By the time I got into a stall and pulled my pants down there was a sizeable mess and worse, some fell onto my jeans when I pulled by briefs down. I was lucky no one else was in there as I began to clean myself up. I decided to go on with my trip and hope the smell wasn't too bad, which it wasn't. There was that wet feeling in my underwear and a small stain on the back of my jeans. When I arrived at the game I actually felt well enough to eat a couple of hot dogs. About the 3rd inning the cramps came back and I headed for the restroom where I unloaded another huge runny dump. Right after I hit the stall I heard someone come running in and slam the door next to me. I looked down and saw a skateboard and 2 small feet so it must have been a kid. He sat there for nearly 5 minutes, finally flushing and left. When I was finished I looked where he was and saw from what was left his stomach was as upset as mine.

I really appreciate this site because now I know I'm snot the only one who has problems from time to time. I don't have many accidents and this last one was the first in the last 3 years.

I am 12 years old and have read some stories here before.I would like to share a problem with you guys.I have a real problem with automatic toilets.I either don't use it or have my friends go in the stall with me and cover the flusher.Any ideas of how i can get over my fear?And is any one else have this problem?Please respond!!

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