To China Girl-

I really enjoy your posts! You are truly a Princess sitting on her throne. Your poor defenseless toilet! I was wondering - if you could let your turds out very slowly, it would be even more unmerciful for it. That would be real control. It feels better too. Let us know if this is enjoyable for you.


Well JW… With my pregnancies it seems like EVERY time I had to poo I was plugged. It didn't matter what time, what the amount, it was always a HUGE struggle and I usually ended up in severe pain struggling and pushing for an hour or more. Sometimes I thought I was going to pop blood vessels in my face from pushing so hard- and got light headed rather often. I'm not sure if it was just pregnancy hormones or that my eating habits changed during pregnancy.. but I ended up spending more of my life in the bathroom pregnant than ever before. Later on in pregnancy I feared I'd break my water from pushing so hard and for so long. I think I pushed harder to take a dump than I ever did birthing the kids themselves! And my biggest fear through all this? Hemorrhoids LOL.. My mother had me convinced the more I pushed the more likely I was to get them. Thank goodness I've dodged that bullet thus far! I noticed even with laxatives (although limited in selection when pregnant) I still was constipated. Well.. semi-constipated. I would have to fight and struggle to get out the initial lump.. and the rest was softer. When I say lump, I am talking enough to make me bleed and/or leave me in tears the entire time.. I'm guessing as big around as an 8oz soda can minimum. It was pure hell. This is what started my having to put pressure on myself down there to even be able to poo. I had to literally manipulate it with my hand from the outside, putting pressure on both sides of my bum, to be able to go. I notice normal, everyday poo is usually fairly uniform in width and length.. but pregnancy poo seems to be one festering lump of pain waiting to happen lol. Anyone else have this problem or am I just special? :P

to anonymous poster:

The episode that I was referring to is number 22.

Happy poopin'everyone :)

Michael explosive diarrhea
I haven't posted in a while,but boy do I have some stories to tell. Ov er the last couple of weeks I have been having huge solid bowel movements. I think thats because I haven't been eating such greasy food like McDonalds. I heard a girl in my class named jaycina talking about how she clogged up the toilet in the girls bathroom with a 2ft turd.
She looks like the girl that takes big shits because she always comes to class 5 minutes after the bell and she eats taco bell like every single day for lunch.Heres a list of the lengths of my bowel movements over the last couple of weeks.10 inches,9inches,11 inches,12 inches,8 inches,14 inches,13 inches,17 inches,10 inches,15 inches and 10 inches.
Heres a story regarding my biggest log in the past couple of weeks.

I hadn't taken a crap in 3 days and I was feeling bloated. I had a big lunch and for dinner I ate a couple plates of pasta. After dinner I had the urge to take a crap so I told my dad I was going to take a shower. As soon as i stripped of my pants in the bathroom I sat on the toilet and pushed out a mammoth log about 17 inches long. I was amazed that I could break the 16 inch barrier. I held it in my hands and it was a good one and a half inches thick.To the people who post on this site:
What length in inches do you consider to be a huge bowel movement?

Loose Bowel Girl
1. What is your sex? Female
2. What is your age? 16
3. What is your race? Indian (Mid East)
4. Are you: Underweight, Normal, Overweight, or Obese? Normal, maybe underweight
5. How much protein do you eat? a little
6. How much fiber do you eat? tons
7. How many vitamins and minerals do you eat? a lot
8. How much water do you drink? tons
9. Breifly describe your average BM. I can't really control it so when I do, I have to rush into the bathroom. It lasts about 30 mins and it comes out slowly
10. Breifly describe your average Poo. It is soft but it stays together
11. If you had a choice for your BM to replace urination so that you poo more frequently, would you do that? No, I have to rush to the bathroom every time I need to poop

To Random Reader,
This episode was on at 4:00 on a christian channel I get that only airs reruns. I had seen it a couple of times. If you are familiar with the Charachters, This is what happened early in the episode:

Jimmy and Christene have money problems so they live in Kim and Greg (their inlaws) guesthouse. Kim and Greg hired Jimmy's plumber friend Bill to work on the bathrooms they were getting redone. Since all the water was turned off in thier house, they were having to use Jimmy and Christene's bathroom's (in the guesthouse). They did mention some other bathroom related humor though.

Kim: "I hate this! I hate waiting outside the bathroom listening to "The insy winsy spider!"

Christene:It helps me relax...okay!"

It was'nt untill the very end that that scene happened with Kim, while the end credits were rolling, so it did'nt have that muck to do with the episode.

I Hope this helps you visualize it better !:p


hey china girl love the stories on how the toilet must feel when you go in it. How do you think your turds must feel?

How do you tell if you constipated...i mean ive been trying to crap but all thats come out is rabbits pebbles never a log i use to poo more but lately its been several pebbles every 2 something off with me?

I don't know if this will be removed, but this story AP (Associated Press) story I found today seems very appropriate to our forum:

"Taiwanese restaurant attracts diners with bizarre toilet bowl theme
03/06/2005 7:45:00 AM


KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan (AP) - Taiwanese restaurateur Eric Wang has given new meaning to the traditional revellers' cry of bottoms up.

His Marton eatery in the southern city of Kaohsiung delivers its food not on conventional plates and dishes, but in miniaturized Western and Asian style toilets, both the flush and non-flush variety.

For anyone missing the point, diners are encouraged to stir up mushy, earth-coloured offerings like curry chicken rice and chocolate ice cream to conjure up - well, the real thing.

Located in a downtown area with a variety of competing eateries, Marton - the name means toilet in Chinese - attracts its customers through its some dazzling bathroom decor.

Walking in through an arched door, diners are greeted with a giant toilet bowl sitting between two urinals. White ceramic toilet sets comfortably accommodate their bottoms, and urinals grace the walls.

Giggling helplessly, high school student Chen Yi-lin gulps down a chocolate ice-cream sundae served in a miniature Asian-style squat toilet, and admits that she is smitten.

"This is fun," she says.

Wang, 26, opened the Marton last year after a roadside prototype - a stand offering toilet-shaped ice cream cones - achieved runaway success.

Now, he says, he has moved decisively upmarket.

"Diners come and walk away with the special experience," he said. "Many try to create more fun, stirring up curry and rice so it looks exactly like when you forget to flush the toilet. Then they gulp it down."

For all its scatological excess, the Marton is following in the noblest tradition of Taiwanese novelty restaurants.

Other successful ventures have purposely confined scores of contented diners to coffins or jail cells, or exposed them to full-scale pictures of Chinese dictator Mao Zedong, Taiwan's political nemesis until his death in 1976."

I doubt this interesting experiment in 'cross referencing' would work here in the West... But you've got to give the guy 10 out of 10 for originality!!

Mr. Clogs
Apparently my last post got cut off abit, I'm not sure why, but I'll generate a survey with a small modifications to the questions, all are welcome to post their comments to the questions being asked. So here goes.

Here's the survey:
1. What is your gender?

2. Do you use a container for the purpose of releaving yourself into ie peeing/pooping?

3. If you use a container for that purpose, what type do you use for example a bottle, cup, large open mouth tupperware ones, buckets, chamber pots etc.?

4. When using the container, can you give a description of what type of container you're using, what goes into the container, and how do you position yourself over the container like standing, squatting, place the container on floor and hover over it etc., and do enjoy using the container?

5. When you're done using the container, what do do with contents of the container and the container itself?

6. Are you curious about the opposite or the same sex releiving themselves in containers?

7. If you had a choice to releive yourself into a container or the toilet, which device would you use and why?

Now here are my answers to my survey:
1. What is your gender? Male

2. Do you use a container for the purpose of releaving yourself into ie peeing/pooping? Yes

3. If you use a container for that purpose, what type do you use for example a bottle, cup, large open mouth tupperware ones, buckets, chamber pots etc.? I use a cup to pee in, the large mouth tupper ware container for peeing and pooing, bottle for peeing, those plastic bed pan 1 time for peeing in, I peed several times into a garbage can with garbage in it.

4. When using the container, can you give a description of what type of container you're using, what goes into the container, and how do you position yourself over the container like standing, squatting, place the container on floor and hover over it etc., and do enjoy using the container? When I use the cup and bottle, I stand to pee in because I'm a guy, for the large tupperware containers, I squat over the mouth of the container to poop in it after I peed in it first. I stand to pee and squat to poop into a brass pitcher that I keep in the bathroom under the sink, don't do that much.

5. When you're done using the container, what do do with contents of the container and the container itself? After I'm done usind the container, I dump the contents into the toilet, I use to just pour it in the sink if it was pee. I rinse out the container for future use usually if it was me "pee cup" and my tupper ware container. If it was a bottle, I just throw it out after I dumped it into the toilet.

6. Are you curious about the opposite or the same sex releiving themselves in containers? Yes, the opposite sex.

7. If you had a choice to releive yourself into a container or the toilet, which device would you use and why? A container because it's so much fun than using the toilet, in my opinion, I think we should use the toilet to just dump our waste after using container.

Shellie: Hi, it sucks being a teenager still living at home and what happened to you. I thought my upbringing sucked, but your mom is a tough lady, I felt your mom over-reacted, but not to take defense towards the favor of your mom, but I can understand where she's coming from. Hey things happen, she should of been more understanding.

Jessica: Hi, I know what you're going through about constipation, I guess you're clogged like me, that's why I was given the name of Mr. Clogs by my mom. Weird isn't. What works for me is taking Citric Magnizium which does the trick for me. I never used an enema, but whatever works for you you should stick to it. Good luck, but you really need to get that checked out.

Well I hope you enjoyed my post, please feel free to take the survey and don't be shy. Thanks. --Mr. Clogs

Hello again everybody! I've been gone a long time, but I've always been thinking about this site and I have come back occasionaly to have another look, but until recently my Internet access was rather limited. But now, joy of all joys, I've got ADSL, so I should be able to post here a lot more often :-)

I have done some memorable shits in the last two years, and I hope to be able to share the stories with you all over the next few weeks. My recollection is very good, so there should be no loss in detail.

For some of my history, newer members may wish to refer to my older posts on pages 852 - 859, and also pages 861 and 868. Just do a search for my name (press CTRL+F) when you get there and you'll find the posts quickly. After this batch of posts, it looks like I've only posted once more since, on page 1208. So I promise I'll post a lot more in future.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I have been deeply exploring the subject of buddy dumping over the last 18 months, with interesting results. Some of my friends are definitely repulsed by even the very thought of the concept, while others are a bit more accepting. Only one so far has watched me shitting, but he's watched me about ten times since just before last Christmas. Unfortunately, although he's willing to let me watch him shit, I have yet to have this pleasure, despite two attempts late last year (he assured me that he had to shit, but when the time came, his body would not "perform").

I have become quite philosophical about buddy dumping and its place in friendships, to the point where it has become an important factor in determining how my friendships develop. Understanding that this is not a common subject, I usually wait a few months before introducing it to any new friends, and I proceed according to their response. It is sad to say that some friendships have been terminated because of this subject, but I make no apologies for their opinions. My reasoning is that if they can't handle this, how will they ever handle anything deeper?

I've written some deep things about it this year, and I'll post a little bit every day while I write about my recent shitting history.

I enjoy reading all the stories on here from around the world and I am sure you will all enjoy reading my stories when I put them up here very soon. I welcome your comments about my posts.

Come back tomorrow for my next post....


1. What is your age? 14
2. Gender? Female
3. Weight, height and build(i.e. fat,chubby,tall,slim, etc.) tall and slim
4. Race? (doesn't have to clear exact background; white, black,asian...) white
5. About how many times a day do you fart? What foods contribute to your farting? Girls don't fart don't you know?
6. What kind of farts do you rip? (wet, loud, silent, etc.) Does the size/shape of your butt contribute to the sound of your farts? OK, I admit sometimes we do, but never loudly... only at home where only my sister can hear, and then there real loud and BRRRRRRRRP
7. Are you comfortable farting around others? If so who? My sister, my mom, my brothers and my dad, and my friend Hayley
8. Where are you comfortable farting? In the toilet
9. Do you have a reputation of being the person that farts alot? Have you liked farting since you were a kid? No I don't have that reputation
10. Have you ever farted in someones face? If so what was the situation? Or has someone farted in your face? My brother farted in my face once, but i hit him so hard hes never done it again.
11. Do you try to push out farts for relif or humour around friends? Nope
12. Do you enjoy farting underwater to see bubbles? sometimes in the bath.
13. Do you know if you fart while you sleep? Don't think so
14. Do you know someone who rips huge farts? My brother, and tim a guy from my school
15. How many times a day do you poop? Usually twice
16. Describe the way your turds(logs) usually look. (color, size, length, texture, amount of turds, etc.) brown and smooth and a bit shiny
17. Describe the last dump you had? Two brown poops about 4 inches each.
18. Have you ever pooped yourself? How old were you? Not since I wore nappies
19. Did you think pooping was funny or gross when you were a kid? Neither
20. Have you ever clogged a toilet with your own turd? nope
21. Have you ever pooped in a pool or bathtub? nope
22. Do your turds usually float or sink? they float
23. How long do you usually have to wipe? once - one wipe and its clean
24. Have you ever had a dump so big it hurt your butthole? Don't think so
25. Do you feel your butt is the right size/shape contribute to the way you poop?. Yes seems just the right size thanks

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Stinky Pooper
Can anybody explain why cocky smells so bad? I asked my mom, she told me to ask my teacher, but i'm embarrased because my biology teacher is a man. Thanks, Celeste

I'm 18 and a senior in high school and last Thursday, I went in my panties at a softball game. I had to go at the game, but they only had a port-o-potty there and I didn't want to use that. I thought I could hold it in until we got back to our school, but I guess I had to go worse than I thought. I mean, even though the port-o-potty was disgusting, I would have used it if I knew I was going to end up having an accident. I mean using the port-o-potty would have been bad, but it couldn't have been worse than messing in my panties.

But here is the worst part. My mom found out what I did and now I am grounded for a week. I mean it was just and accident and its not like I do this all the time. I mean this was like the first time I messed myself since like 4th grade and mom goes really ballistic and decides I need to be punished.

A little bit come out at the game while I was playing, but it was really solid and it stayed in my underwear. No one could tell what I did. On the bus ride home, it got really worse as the whole thing came out in my panties. But the bus windows were open and the smell wasn't really that bad. I mean people could smell it, but it never got that bad, that it gave me away. When we got back to school, I played it really cool and made sure I was the last to get off the bus so no one could see a bulge from the poop in my panties. I quickly hopped into my car and made it home.

Once home, I carefully made my way to the bathroom to begin cleaning myself up. Like I said, it was a solid movement and my panties held it in. My pants were spared any damage, but my panties were completely full of poop. The worst, though, was that butt was all covered in poop (probably from sitting in it for a while) and the quantity of poop that was wedged in the crack of my butt was just ubelievable.

I stepped out my soiled panties and quickly went to work with a washclothe cleaning the poop off my butt and out of my butt crack. I guess my mother got suspicious when she kept hearing the water running in the bathroom as I was rinsing out the washclothe or that I just skipped right by her on the way to bathroom when I usually stop and talk to her about the game. The bathroom door does have a lock on it, but we keep a key right outside the door.

Mom opened the bathroom door and walked right in on me while I was cleaning myself. She walked right in to find my standing there with no pants on, a poop smeared butt and badly loaded panties sitting there on tbe bathroom floor. I was mortally embarrased, but still never thought mom would punish me for this. Like I said, the last time it happened was like fourth grade and mom just made me clean that up without punishing me.

But mom went beserk this time. She started screaming at me and saying that this was disgraceful to "dirty" my panties at my age. She kept reminding me that I was 18 years old and should be ashamed of myself. She stayed there and watched while I finised cleaning myself and then she made me take my panties clean those as well. She made me dump the poop out in the toilet, but even after three flushes there was still a lot of poop left in the panties. She made me take them to the sink and scrub them out there. It took a lot to scrub them clean and I even had to use soap to get all the stains out. I know it was my own fault for pooping in my panties, so I guess I deserved having to clean up the mess afterwards, but I don't think mom had to make it so much harder for me and humiliate me the way she did.

And then if that wasn't enough, she grounded me for an entire week. And mom's definition of grounding is not only that I can't go out, but that I'm stuck in my room with no television, no telephone and no stero for the week. She only lets me use the computer because I need it for schoolwork. So I wasted a beautiful Saturday stuck in my room and it looks like another beautiful day that I'm stuck here with nothing to do. Of course, I should have used the port-o-potty and it was my own fault that I pooped in my panties. But I think that having the accident, having to sit in on the bus ride home and then hving to clean it up was more than punishment enough. Making me spend a whole week grounded in my room is ridiculous.

Hey, this is my first time posting in a couple of years. I am ninteen, about 5'8", brown hair, and pretty thin....but not as much so after the frshman 15! I just got back home from my from college a few weeks ago, and of course my constipation problems have only gotten worse. Ever since puberty I've had problems with constipation, but I've always been able to get through it. It was tought though in college sinse I had a roomate and only had public bathrooms to use, so it got a little embarassing because when I get really constipated I often don't go for up to 5 days to a week, which means that when I do go, it wan be painful and I have to work really hard and even though I try not to be, have to be quite loud. I even clogged the toilets every once in a while in the dorms, and I think the girls knew it was me since even though I whould try to poop at unusaul times so nobody would see me, some always seemed to come in while I was straining hard.
But back to home, since I've gotten back I have became really constipated since I changed my schedule and eating. I have tried laxatives and suppositories before to try to get rid of my constipation, and they sometimes worked at getting rid of my poop that was right at the end, but I always got really constipated again right after that, so I stopped and just fought through my really hard poops. But since I've gotten home it has has gotten too bad, and as of this morning I hadn't pooped for nine days. I was really atarting to feel bad and even look really bloated, but I had been trying every day to poop but it just wouldn't move, and by this morning I think the poop was too big to come out on its own. So I thought I would try something different and buy and enema bag. I have tried those little disposable fleet enemas before without much success, but I was hopeing this would be different. So I go to walgreens to buy a bag, but I couldn't find one, so I had to ask this heavy middle age woman that worked there where they were. So she showed me them and then asked if I knew how to take and enema since I think she could tell I was nervous. So I told her no, and she then told me the best way to give myself one, which was wierd since I didn't know the lady and we were just in the middle of the store and people could hear us. But I bought it and brought it home to take. I actually took all 2 qts of it. but couldn't hold it very long. I did it in the sims position where you are on your lest side and bring your right knee to your chest. I was amazed by how well it worked. The big log of my poop still hurt a little coming out, but otherwise it was great, and I feel like a got all my poop out oof my for one. Hopefully, all my future enemas go this well. Sorry this was so long, and please ask any questions and post any of your own constipation stories, it helps to know that other people have trouble pooping too!


random reader
Sarah*** I was wondering if you had more details about the yes dear episode, like when it was on and what happend earily in the episode. thanks

Joeljack-Glad you liked the story. Actually, I've taken a dump in front of someone else many times. Usually, it's in doorless stalls at public parks or beaches, but I don't usually have a conversation with someone while crapping. I have a few times, though.
At a department store, a young guy saw me on the crapper while he waited for the one with the door on it and he commented that I was pretty brave for being able to use the toilet without a door. I replied something along the lines that everyone's gotta crap and when you gotta go, you gotta go.
A buddy of mine entered the restroom at a taco shop right behind me and took a leak as I sat on the toilet and crapped. There were no partitions anywhere, and I think he thought I was going to piss in the toilet. We talked for a minute before he left.
There was a restroom which had 2 toilets facing each other, both doorless. I was already crapping when this good-looking blonde guy, in his 20's, came in and saw there were no doors. He said something like man that sucks, there's no doors. He went ahead and took the stall facing mine. I remember that he pulled his briefs and pants down and started to take a crap. I think he asked if I knew why there wouldn't be any doors on the stalls. I must have said something like it keeps people from doing stuff like grafitti. It was pretty cool, because I saw him dump at the same time he saw me dump. We both wiped from the front and he stood up and wiped as well. Not too many guys would be as open about wiping like that.
A group of buddies and I were at a cabin and we had to all use the bathroom at the same time. I was shaving, and another guy was in the shower. This 3rd guy, Jason, comes in and says he needs to use the toilet. He just woke up and was wearing only white briefs. He lifts the toilet lid and pulls his briefs down, and sits on the toilet. He craps, but it doesn't make any noise. He's talking to me and I'm looking at him on the can, naked, except for his underwear around his ankles. I can see his flat stomach tense a little bit and his face contorts a little bit when he's pushing it out. All while he's talking to me. The door was wide open as well, so he obviously isn't shy about buddy dumping.
At a gas station, the door didn't lock, and there were no partitions, so I'm crapping and this guy comes in and asks to use the urinal right next to the toilet. I say go ahead, and he pisses. Then he goes to the sink and washes up, talking to me about how he's from out of townand he's looking for a particular street. I give him directions. Then we're still talking about the town while I'm cleaning my self up. The conversation continues while I stand to wipe and while I pull up my underwear and pants. Only when I finally walk to the sink, does he say thanks and say goodbye.

So yeah, Joeljack, I've had some cool buddy dumps. It's not as easy anymore, because people are shy about their bodies and about talking to strangers. I'll write more when I get more stories.

Red Headed Michele
Hey all! I am so embarresed but my friend said I had to put this on the site. I had my first accident in public yesterday. My friend and I were out shopping and we we at a new complex of outlet shops that had just opened earlier this spring. After coming out of a store we stopped and sat down in a the courtyard. It was really hot outside here yesterday and again today. Highs just around 90 and I think the heat got to me a little. Suddenly with really not a lot of notice at all my stomach really began to hurt. I told my friend Amber that I needed to find a bathroom. She just laughed and said can't hold all that water you drank huh? I just kind of smirked and held my ???? and said it's not that that I'm worried about. We headed inside Kohl's because that was the biggest store nearby and I figured they must have a laddies room. By the time I got inside I was starting to have real bad cramps. Amber asked a clerk if there was a bathroom and she pointed the way. I got to the back of the store and we entered. Damn!!! There were only two stalls and three people waiting. I got in line and was really in pain. At one point I was completely doubled over as the pain was just ripping through my gut. The first two ldies had come out and now it was just me and the young girl in front of me. Finally she went in and now I had justa little hope I would make it. Unfortunately the two girls in the stalls were also taking a dump. I was dying. I was wearing a black tank top and my favorite new white skirt. Another blond came in and she was holding her stomach too. There we were two girls in the same predicament. All of a sudden a little runny poo leaked out of my butt and the girl in the left stall flushed and came out. I rushed in and had the worst diarrhia of my life. My panties were ruined and I had to have Amber get me some new ones. It was a pretty short losse skirt and I didn't need another show on the way out. I just left and went home. I was so embarrased but I guess it happens to all of us.

China girl
Response to "Why females don't fart more": I think it depend on the person, and I think it a little etiqette too. If I fart in public it only because I am not around people or I wait until I can get to toilet. As soon as I get to bathroom, my butt is already relaxed, and when I sit on the toilet, there are typically farts coming naturally that make soft sounds. I don't even have to push these farts out. These farts come until turd starts crackling and shoots out fast slamming into toilet. You may think it nice to have these soft farts when I'm on toilet, but they always introduce a nasty turd, and perhaps this is where girls make up for less public farting. In fact, just other day my mom came to my place as she does frequently and we converse. As we converse I could feel something coming. I usually don't have conversation on toilet so I told her I had to go and we stop talking. I had door closed part way only, because she knows my turds. Anyway, I like to stay quiet on toilet if I can so I can hear the power and control my butt has. I sit very confidently with legs apart. Although it is pleasure experience for me, it's a suffering for toilet. Anyway, I was glad because after my usual farts, my hole crackled and opened and just shot out 2 big chunks of turd that made my mom say "wooo." I sat for couple minute to keep toilet guessing, and small piece did come out. Then I was done and bathroom smell like decay. Then toilet had no choice but to take what was given to it-my garbage and my taste. Oh well, till next time....

HisLilPeeMonster-- I found your comments about pregnancy and constipation fasinating. Sounds like you really had a struggle with you bowels. Please tell us about some of those hour long battles with your "ass" I'd love to hear every detail!

Sarah: do you know what episode of yes dear has the poop scene?

Son of a Preacher Man
My best friend Tom and I went to his little brother's soccer game at the high school field with his family. We weren't really watching the game. We were sitting away from the crowd, talking about stuff boys talk about. Tom began to squirm a little, and his face looked like he was in pain. He told me, "I have to go to the bathroom." We got up and started walking towards the school, hoping it would be open. As we went in the door, Tom began to hold himself and said, "I have to take a crap really bad." I really didn't need to go to the bathroom, but thought it might be fun to keep him company while he was on the toilet. He didn't look real comfortable with me joining him in the bathroom. I told him I had to pee. He rushed in to the first stall and dropped his pants, while I stood at the urinal. I acted like I was really peeing for a long time. I think Tom wanted to wait until I was done to let it out, but apparently lost the battle. Just as I was zipping up, I heard him groan, fart, then a wave of soft shit fell. Another groan and more soft shit splashed into the water. I washed my hands, then told him I would wait for him outside. But I didn't leave. I opened the door and let it close, but stayed inside the bathroom. Will all inhibitions gone, Tom moaned loudly, and let another huge pile go. It was falling in to the toilet rapidly now. He was grunting and farting, while pushing out his huge load. I could see his feet going up on his toes every time he pushed. Soon he finished. It took quite a few passes for him to get his butt clean. Eventually I saw him stand, and pull his pants up. At the same time, the door opened, and another kid came in to use the bathroom. I took advantage of the door opening to leave without Tom knowing I was still there. When Tom came outside he looked relieved. I asked, "Do you feel better?" He said, "I had to go so bad, I thought I was going to crap my pants! I must've crapped for five minutes in there!" We laughed and headed back to watch the game. I found the whole thing very fascinating and hoped for a repeat sometime soon.

I have been lurking around the site for a few weeks enjoyng all the stories and decided to post one of my own.

Well to start off ill tell you a few things about myself. I wet the bed till i was 18, so teaching myself to stop without medications has left me with a strong yet unpredictable badder at times. There are times when i can hold it for hours even though painfull, and times when i just have to go right then. Most of the time the urge to go pee hits very suddenly and unexpectidly, some times i can hold it others i cant. My family is very open about these topics so i am very far from shy about talking about it.

Three weeks ago my girlfriend and i were enjoying a nice week long summer vacation at my grandparents house. They live in the middle of nowhere and there is plenty of forest to hike and explore. After coming back from swiming in the river we were sitting on the porch enjoying the sunset. We decided to go on an all day hike to a cave that i had found years ago as a teenager. We went up to the bedroom and started getting ready for bed. I jumped in the shower first cause she takes extremely long showers. About 5 minutes into my shower she knocked on the door.(which i leave slightly open anyway) She said she needed to go to the restroom really bad and couldnt hold it. I told her to go downstairs and use my grandparents toilet, to which she replied that they had gone to sleep and she didnt want to wake them. So i sighed not wanting to get out of the shower. I asked if it was #1 or #2. She said both. I sighed again and told her just to come in and do it while i was in the shower. She scoffed at the request and told me to hurry up. Well feeling like causing a little fun i decided to take my time. Sure enough, she came knocking in about 10 minutes. She said she couldnt hold in any longer and i had to get out now. I refused, holding back the laughter. I insisted again she just do it while i was in the shower. There was silence for about a minute. Then she opened the door and said for me to cover my eyes. I told her just to turn off the lights. She did. She sat down and silence insued again. I was wondering what was going on. She then said that she couldnt do it, that she just couldnt go in front of me. There was a distressed tone to her voice and i could tell she was tearing up. So i got out of the shower wrapped a towel around me and approached her while she was still sitting on the toilet. I left the lights off for her benefit. I could just imagine that she would just start balling if i turned the lights on and she saw me looking at her. I got down on one knee and took her hand. She recoiled and asked me "What are you doing!" I grabbed her hand and reminded her that we are gonna be going on an all day hike tomorrow and that most likely one of us will have to go in front of the other. I also pointed out that we had been seeing eachother for 2 years now and its a little silly that she is afraid to do it in front of me. At this point she was quivering. Her legs were shaking almost violently and she was squeezing my hand quite hard. She confessed that she was afraid that i wouldnt love her as much if she went #2 in front of me. I told her in the most soft and comforting voice i could muster that i wasnt going anywhere, and that i loved her no matter what she did. She was crying now cause i felt a tear hit my hand. Whether they were of pain, happiness, or humility i couldnt tell. She didnt say anything for a minute, so i told her to just relax and just let it go. "Im right here," i told her. Her grip relaxed quite considerably, i couldnt feel my fingers at this point. I heard her urine start to trickle into the toilet, which soon turned into a raging torent. Shortly following, what can only be described as "explosive diaria" started. I could see why she was so uptight about it. The smell was quite awfull but i didnt say anything, especially since mine have been know to be quite smelly at times. She let loose a few sighs of relief during. She didnt stop for about 5 minutes, the whole time i was holding her hand. It quieted down and i could tell she was finishing up. I kissed her hand and told her i was going to get dressed for bed. When she came out a few minutes later she still had tears in her eyes. I wiped a few off her cheek and told her that i loved her. I asked her if she was still upset. She said that she wasnt crying because she was upset but because she didnt know how much i really cared about her. I kissed her and told her that i loved her and that i wasnt going anywhere. We embraced in a passionate kiss and then she went to take a shower.

Hoped you like the post, there is more to the story and i will finish it up later. I also have many other occurances which i plan to share.

Ben out.

I haven't posted here in ages but keep reading. Anyway I finially have a decent story. I just had a seriuos attack of diahrrea. I haven't been feeling sick or anything just hit me all of a sudden. I was playing a computer game & having a lot of gas. I was about to cut another fart when I felt it would be different. I left my game a dashed to the bathroom holding my ass. The second i sat on the toilet I began to crap my brains out. I continued to shit for about 5 minutes & started to wipe thinking I was done. Just as I started to zip my fly here it came again. I barely had a chance to get my jeans down before I started to shit again. This time I did several waves lasting a total of 45 minutes. Finially finished I wiped a bazillion times. I went back to my game but had to stop after 10 minutes to take a wicked piss.
Not terribly exciting I know but it was odd to have to go that was so suddenly.
Question for the guys--when you gotta go realllllly bad (shit or piss) and your in a public place with no toilets around, do you hold yourself or just grin & bear it?

Venus and Mike
Hello everybody! This is Venus. I am an 18 years old pettite,5 foot 4,long,haired,busty, blonde,girl who goes to college near my home. My boyfriend Mike,goes to the same college that I do. Even though I am a small woman I happen to squeeze out enormous logs and love doing so! Just last weekend my boyfriend and I went to a broadway play in new york. while we were sitting enjoying the play I felt a sudden strong urge to pee and poop so I quickly got up and excused myself and ran to the ladies room. Inside one of the stalls I quickly pulled down my skirt and panties and sat my ass on the bowl. I then started to push as my butt started to quiver and open up real wide as an enormous bowl movement started to come out of my ass. I then pushed harder as my log grew bigger and bigger. I then gritted my teeth and squeezed really hard as my log really grew gigantic. I then looked down in the toilet bowl and saw an immense log hanging out of my butt. I then took one final deep breath and exploded a giant log out of my ass. my log landed in the water with such force the water came up and splashed my quivering ass. To top it all off I then added a great amount of pee to my whopping torpedo.. I then wiped myself with toilet paper but did not flush because I wanted other people to see how great I went into the bowl. I then put the used toilet paper in the basket outside,washed my hands and rejoined my boyfriend at the play. Wow! It felt fantastic banging that monster log out!

Swim Girl Survey-
What is your sex? female
What is your age? 18
What is your race? white
Are you underweight,normal,obese? normal
How much protein,vitamin and minarels, do you eat? A lot! I exercise at a YMCA and I am always on the go.
How much water do you drink? I usually drink water throughout the day.
briefly describe your average bm? huge,brown and knobbly.
If you had a chance for your bm to replace urination so that you poo more frequently would you do that? probably but I squeeze out big logs almost daily and I aint complaining! thanks for survey swimming girl!

It's 6:50 AM on Saturday, and I just got finished with my morning dump. I was quite proud of it, so I thought I'd share the details. I was reading the posts on this site when I felt the urge. So I took the morning paper with me and sat down. It slid out quite easily, without much straining. After wiping, I turned around to check it out. A pretty long turd, coming up out of the hole, curving to the right, then back to the left, flopping over the top of itself. I flushed and washed my hands, then came back to the computer.

Well it's now 7:00 AM. I guess I better get ready for work.

Bye all.

Travelling Man
While driving across the state, I decided to stop at a local family restaurant for lunch. Before leaving, I headed for the bathroom to take care of business before getting back on the road. As I passed a father and his young son, the boy was kneeling in the booth, holding himself. I heard him say, "Dad, I have to go to the bathroom". His father said, "Okay, let's go". I entered the bathroom first and headed for the urinal. As the young boy and his father entered, the father said, "What do you have to do?" The boy, still holding himself, said, "I have to go poop". They both entered the stall. The boy dropped his pants, jumped up on the toilet, and said, "I really have to go bad". I could hear the sound of his poop falling in to the toilet. He paused for a second. His father asked him if he was done. The boy replied, "I think there's still some more." A quiet grunt preceded more poop splashing into the toilet. As he finished up, the boy commented, "Dad, I really pooped a lot didn't I". His dad, "Yes you did. You're a big boy. Let me help you wipe your butt." The boy said, "No Dad, let me do it." After the boy wiped, his father said, "Okay, turn around and let me make sure you got it all". The father then took some toilet paper and finished wiping. I left the restroom and headed for the cashier. As I was paying the bill, the father and son returned to their booth. I heard the young boy proudly tell his mom, "I went poop a lot, and wiped my own butt!"

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Hey Zip: Cool buddy dump story. Was this the first time you crapped in front of someone else? It's really not that big of a deal when you think about it. I think when you're with someone that's uninhibited, then it just sort of happens naturally. Hope you have some more good stories in the future!

Whilst out walking along the beach front the other day I suddenly had a real bad urge to have a pee. There is nowhere on the beach to go and it was very busy near the water and the walkway. I was getting desperate and knew that if I did not find somewhere to go fast I would pee my shorts. I started to do a pee dance and started to pinch myself I felt a spirt of pee hit the fromt of my shorts and walked as quickly as I could to a bench in the middle of the beach on the sand. I sat down and started to squirm, my pee was about to gush out. I had to do something real fast,I pulled my shorts to one side lent slightly forward and sitting on the edge of the slatted bench, got out my penis shilded it with my hands & just let rip. My pee just shot out in a fast gush onto the sand in front of me I was so desperate that I rally did not care if anyone saw me, the relief was so great. I sat there peeing a fast torrent for nearly two miniuts until I was compleatly empty, leaving a large wet patch in the sand in front of me. I sat there for a few miniuts I felt so pleased with myself that I really did not care if anyone saw me.

Ok, here we go guys (and gals) - the "log book" according to d-Wizz, beginning 2004. To avoid reader's constipation, the stories will be posted one at a time, with the next in the series bring posted as each one appears on this page. This way, if any stories happen to be censored for whatever reason, I will have an opportunity to edit them and so keep the continuity of the series intact.

Let me welcome you to the wonderful world that is d-Wizz' shit life.

Date: 2004-01-02

This story requires a bit of background, so here goes.

In the last 18 months, I have met a large number of Korean students. This all began after my sister became interested in teaching English, and eventually had a Korean student boarding with her. As they moved on, another took their place. This is how I met Jamie (many Koreans assume English aliases to assist people who may not be able to get their tongue around their real name), and many others since.

Jamie stayed in Brisbane for about 8 months in 2003, before moving to Sydney around September to get a job, as he was unable to find one here. I planned to visit him and travel with him to Melbourne, as I had some friends there to visit as well, so we decided to do the trip together and share the costs of petrol. We planned it for the first three weeks of January.

Jamie and I had become good friends before he left, but I never talked about shit with him...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

On New Years' Day, I set out from Brisbane on a trip which was to cover 17 days and over 6,000km... and 5 shits, two of which were memorable enough that I can still write about them 18 months later.

I can't remember when my last shit of 2003 occurred, but it was definitely not on either of the last two days. So, when I left Brisbane in the early hours of 2004, I knew I was probably due for a BIG shit by the time I arrived in Sydney, probably the next afternoon. The 1,000km drive was rather uneventful, but early on 2004-01-02, I could feel the pressure starting to build, and my and I made a promise to myself that I would save it for Jamie, because I knew it would be a classic d-Wizz megashit - and as these are not common, they should be shared. All day, I was wondering how I would explain the practice of buddy dumping to Jamie. By the time I arrived at Jamie's boarding house in Darlinghurst shortly after 1600, my megashit was truly ready and knocking on my back door. I could hardly contain my excitement, but I kept my composure as Jamie greeted me and welcomed me inside. He introduced me to his friend Ji-Oung, who he had met while in Sydney. "Great" I thought, "two witnesses for my megashit!" We went through some small talk, catching up on what Jamie had been doing in Sydney, and then I decided it was time to make a move. I started by telling Jamie that I had to do a big shit, and I asked him where the toilet was. He pointed down the hallway, and then I asked both Jamie and Ji-Oung, "will you watch me shit?" They were both a bit confused by this question, so I started to explain about buddy dumping, and that I really wanted to share this experience with them because it was going to be very special. I showed them my mirror and explained how I watch my shit coming out with it. When they realised what was involved, they both were a bit reluctant, and eventually Jamie said that he would not watch me this time, but "maybe later". So I simply said that was OK, I will now go and enjoy my big shit by myself - Jamie laughed with me and I went off to the toilet with my mirror to begin proceedings.

The toilet was on a pedestal, so when I sat on it, my feet were almost completely off the ground, only the tips of my toes could make contact with the tiles on the floor. I took up my shitting posture, with my knees 60cm (2ft) apart. Despite having held this huge shit in my system for probably 10 hours after the first signal, it wasn't particularly keen on moving from its home. And I wasn't in a hurry either, I quite enjoy the feeling of a full shit in my body, so I just waited.

Eventually, I farted (what I call the "methane cap"), and that was enough to trigger things. I felt total ecstasy and I quickly positioned the mirror and saw that my anus was opening really wide - the shit was not there just yet, but a few seconds later I could see it as the sensations continued to give me great pleasure. Ever so slowly, the big piece of shit inched its way to the edge of my anus. I was not pushing - the longer this takes the better as far as I'm concerned. The shit makes it past my anus and keeps going... and keeps coming and coming - it's thick, BIG and long, and (man!) my ecstacy meter is off the scale as I'm watching a d-Wizz megashit show live in the mirror. "What a way to welcome 2004", I begin to think. The shit is probably 6 inches long by now, and it breaks off into the toilet. Unfortunately, it didn't make a memorable splash, yet its presence in the toilet was one of dominance. But there was still more shit to go yet!

After the first 6 inches fell off into the toilet, my anus was still open wide, with the rest of this massive shit still behind and inching out further still.

Well, to cut it short, it all came out after about one minute, and then I had the absolute pleasure and privilege of anointing this mountain of shit with a big piss. The extreme solidity of my megashit negated the need to wipe my anus, as I once again achieved a clean break (I could see this in the mirror). I flushed the toilet, and after watching my megashit disappear into oblivion (actually, probably to Maroubra), I closed the lid (yes, unusual for a male I know, but it's my habit), put my clothes back on and came out to enjoy a hot & spicy Shin-Ramyun noodle that Jamie had prepared for me. I didn't tell him or Ji-Oung about my big shit, because I didn't want to push the point too hard too soon.

To this day, Jamie has not buddy dumped with me, but I came close earlier this year (2005). You'll have to keep reading these stories to find out about that. I haven't seen or heard from Ji-Oung since they both went back to Korea in February 2004, so I guess buddy dumping is off limits for him for now.

Anyway, it was a good shit and I'm glad I could finally share this story with everyone.

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