Just found this site about a month ago and have enjoyed it a lot. Thought I might share an experience I had in college many years ago(I believe I may be one of the older readers here).

My major was in geology and one of my classes decided to take a field trip to the Rocky Moutains over spring break. It was a graduate class so therr were not very many students in it and there was only about 6 of us going on the trip. I had become good friends with the only girl in the class as we had had many classes together in our under-graduate studies. We were not romantically involved as we were both married but we had become quite close through the years and could discuss about anything. The trip started around 6AM and we were all in a large van that seated about 12 so there was plenty of room. The morning was uneventful and we stopped for lunch around noon. When we stopped everyone went to the bathroom and we then sat down to eat. After we were done we started out to the van when my friend said she better go to the bathroom again before we leave. Unfortunately a bus tour had just stopped to eat and there was a long line at the womens so she decided she would be fine. We loaded in the van and I sat with her in the back. For being early spring it was a rather warm day and being college kids everyone started falling asleep. there was plenty of room in the van for everyone to almost lay down so within an hour everyone was asleep except for me and my friend. About this time we hit a stretch of highway that goes for approximately 180 miles that is nothing but ranches and no towns or trees. Just as we entered this stretch my friend made the comment that she really should have used the facility before we left. I think she had seen the road sign warning that there was no gas stations for the next 179 miles. As we drove on I could tell she was getting more uncomfortable and I finally suggested that I could ask them to stop by the side of the road and she could go then. She said there was no place to go and she would be too embarassed with a van full of guys. I had gotten a drink to go when we left the cafe and I had the cup so I suggested she could use that as everyone was asleep except for the professor who was driving. The seat backs were quite high so she could remain hidden in the back. She thanked me for the offer but said the problem wasn't that she had to pee. I had no solution then so I just tried to talk with her to help keep her mind off of her dilema. This worked for a while but soon she was squirming around a lot and pretty soon was holding her bottom. I offered again to have the driver stop but she said no, in fact she was sure if she stood up it would start coming out. Soon after that she leaned over against my shoulder and I could tell she was softly crying. I felt really bad for her but didn't know what to do,we were still a good hour and a half away from any facility and the terrain was completely flat with no trees. She remained on my shoulder for about 30 minutes when suddenly she sat upright and said "It's coming!" she quickly sat forward on the seat and pulled her sweatpants and panties to mid thigh in one quick motion. I soon saw a tremendous log about 2 1/2 inches in diameter slowly growing underneath her bare bottom. It nearly hit the floor before it broke off and another emerged about half the length. Then about the time it broke free I saw the pee start to come. I had thought about trying to catch the log in the cup I had but decided quickly that it would not work but when I saw the pee I quickly held the cup underneath her. When she saw that I was catching it she let go and peed a large stream that nearly filled the cup. When she was almost done another smaller log glanced off my hand on it's way to the floor. When she was finished she quickly pulled up her pants and curled up in the corner crying. When I finally got her to take her hands away from her face I will never forget the look. I don't think I have ever seen anyone that embarrassed before or since but I could also see a little look of relief on her face. The poor girl had been in serious distress! She soon calmed down a bit and kept saying she was glad it was in front of me and not someone else. I told her not to feel bad as there was nothing she could have done. We looked around and everyone was still asleep so it was time to figure a way to dispose of it. For the first time I really looked down and couldn't believe what I saw. There was about 24 inches of poo lying on the floor in 3 chunks plus I'm holding a cup full of pee. All this from a girl who didn't weigh 100lbs. Luckily it all looked pretty solid except for the last 5 inch log which was solid but looked a little soft. Also the smell was not very bad but a little noticeable. I was wearing a bandana around my head so I took it off and handed it to her as I slid across the seat to open the window and throw the cup of pee out. She slid her pants down a little and cleaned herself then slid across the seat to throw out the bandana. I stopped her and told her we might need it. About this time the guy sleeping in front of us woke up from the window opening and just kind of sat there for a while. Pretty soon I could see him sniffing the air and pretty soon he turned around and said something to me about the smell, thinking I had farted. He could not see the poo on the floor so I told him well it was a pretty good lunch and that was why I opened the window. He turned to my friend and said "You sure picked a ripe one to sit by". She just kind of smiled and said she had contributed some herself" He laughed and luckily went back to sleep. I then reached down with the bandana and picked up the largest of the pile. A good 12 to 14 inches but solid as a rock. I threw it out the window and went after the medium log which was a good 6 inches and still pretty solid. I disposed of it the same way and then picked up the smaller but softer one. It required a little mopping up but I managed to get all noticeable traces of it picked up and threw it and the bandana out the window. To this day I am sure no one on the van ever knew what happened much to the relief of my friend. After she continually thanked me for at least an hour after for helping her out not much was mentioned about the incident. However when we were loading up to come home from the trip she asked me if I would sit with her, then she looked at me and smiled and said "don't worry, I unloaded good last night and I usually only go every 3 days or so". I just laughed and I did sit with her on the way home. I was glad she did mention the every 3 days as I couldn't figure out how that much could be in her at one time!

Grr, I crapped myself today and it was ridiculous cause I was right there! So I have two bathrooms in my parents house I have mine and then there's the master bathroom. My bathroom has low water pressure so you can only pee in there, otherwise it floods. So when I gotta poop I go into my parents bathroom. So today I went in there to take my normal nightly poop but it was clogged. I grabbed the plunger assuming I could quickly un-clog it and get to my business. As soon as I bent over the poo started poking out, I knew I could hold it until it was un-clogged
but it wouldn't go down! I was flipping out and had no idea where I was going to poop! I was farting a lot and trying desperately to un-clog the toilet and hold my crap in at the same time. The farting sound the plunger made when I pushed it in the toilet wasn't helping me either. Finally the poop just unloaded into the back of my pajama bottoms I
just stood there, not able to comprehend the fact that I pooped myself at age 15 I farted more and then eneded up peeing in my pajamas too, I lost all control of holding myself and just kept pooping more. And if this day wasn't all ready a nightmare the doorbell rang while I was still standing there pooping, the only other person home was my little bro who's 7 came barging into the bathroom and saw me pooping myself, he quickly ran downstairs and answered the door, I ran after him afraid that he was gonna tell whoever was at the door what I had done. He opened it and it was the cute guy who lived next door coming to say hi.
Sure enough my brother blurts out "Gabi pooped her pants!" I was crying by this point. The guy looked kinda happy, it was weird. And then he ran home. I wanted to kill myself!!! Seriously, worst part of my life I'm still embarrased.

My sister-in-law told this one on herself. She works for a company which requires her to travel in a 3 state area often. On this one trip, she was on the way back from the western part of our hiome state, when she started feeling a fast growing neeed to empty her bowels. The family has an old farm near her route. There is an old mobile home on the property, and although no one lives there on a permanent basis, there is running water, electricity, and most importantly, a bathroom. She was just over 20 minutes away.There isn't much in the way of gas stations or other places where she could stop, and the few that there were closed up and pulled the sidewalks up before 9 pm. It was now nearly 10. so the farm was the closest place. She knew from the building pressure that she would never make it home, so the farm was her only hope. She released a really stinky fart as she made the turn onto the road that led to our property, but foutunately, she din't follow through with anything more substansial into her panties. Finally, and not a minute too soon, she made it to the drive \way and raced up to the trailer. She took her keys as she got out and tried to unlock the door.
" OH NO, she said to herself I don't have the right keys, the ones I need are on my other key ring. With that, she gave in too the inevitably and pooped in her panties, standing there looking at relief in the form of a working bathroom with in sight. From what she told us, some of the mess was solid in a relative way, but a lot of it was semi-liquid, and ran down her legs. Now, standing there with her panties and pants totally foulked with poop, she got the bright idea to break out the door window and reach inside to open the door. She did and it was a simple natter to open it after that.She went back to her car (leaving a trail of brown drops behind her) got her suit case out and went back inside. The water was on at the pump house, so she at least had cold water to take a shower and clean herself up. Now if any of you have well water, you know it comes out of the ground at around 60 degrees F, year round, no matter how hot the air temp is. So if you can imagine she was turning blue by the time she got cleaned up and was in the beginning stages of hypothermia. I wanted to ask her two things, but I bit my tounge and kept my mouth shut. First of all, why didn't she just pull her pants down and squat in the bushes. And secondnsince she broke the window anyhow, why didn't she do it before she pooped all over herself.I guess you neve can figure a woman out, especially a blond.

For the persons who asked "why dont women fart more?", i have an answer.
They do fart.. either in the bathroom or they do it somewhere sneakily. Or they could just hold it in.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Ugghh... what are they symptoms of IBS? For the last like, 4 months ive had the shits, stomach ache, nausia (No vommiting, i can hold that off thank god!) Whats the worst that can happen if i do have it?

Hi does anyone else have the same problem I have. Been real constipated just lately and when I sit down on the pot to strain and push suddenly I have started to pee like crazy. My penis has shot over the top of the pot with all the wriggling and shot a stream of pee everwhere even though I did not feel I needed to pee so did not hold it downwards into the pot.Any suggestions to stop this happening and has this happened to anyone else.

Mr. Clogs
A response to Gracie's survey:
1. when you need to poop...
-do you have to go right away, or can you hold it? Yes if my poop is inching it's way out of me, this usually happens when I take a laxative otr drinking my dieter's tea.
-does your stomach hurt? No
-do you hold or rub your stomach? Sometimes, if I haven't taken a laxative or drinking the tea, in other words, allowing the forces of nature take control.
-do you get gassy? Sometimes, it depends what I eat, especially if I drink sodas or eat chili.
-how long can you hold it if you have to? I think the longest I ever held it in was 3 days.
2. do any certain foods make you poop after eating them? Lots of junk food and sodas.
3. do any certain foods give you the runs after eating them? White Castle Food with hot chocolate.
4. if you had to choose between being constipated or having diahhrea, which would you choose and why? Diahhrea, why you may ask, because it comes out in a liquid form which is easier for me to pass through my system, I like the feeling of it and not that much work that I have to put to if I was constipated. I hate being constipated.

Here's a post of using the container for peeing and pooping in. Yesterday after the Memorial holiday was over (Tuesday), being stuffed up with a lot of fried foods and potato salad. I've been saving this poop in my system for the past couple of days to do it in the container plus the food I've been eating. Around 9:30 AM, I went into the frig and grabbed some frozen white castle burgers and some cheese on it. I heated them in the microwave and put some ketchup on them. Drank some fruit punch to flush them down. Then I cracked open the citric magnezium bottle and drank it and a big 20 oz cup of water. I sat at the computer waiting for it to kick in. I got the urge to go around 10:30 AM, so I grabbed my towel, wash cloth, shampoo and comb, and my dual purpose container and headed to the bathroom. I got undressed quickly and place the container under me while I squat over it and let nature take its course. I was amazed by the smell, sight and sound of me making liquid poop into this container, hey it's better than using the cup to do this. I squtted over the container for about 10 minutes, went to the toliet to wipe up. After I wiped up, I proceeded to take my shower. I felt thr urge to go again while I was showering "I hate that". Grabbed the container again and did the same thing again, not nearly much as round one. Hope you all enjoyed my post. I'll post the next time.

Here is a survey for all of you to take. Please feel free to take it. Here it goes.

1. What is your gender?

2. Do you use a container for the purpose of releaving yourself into ie peeing/pooping?

3. If you use a container for that purpose, what type do you use for example a bottle, cup, large open mouth tupperware ones, buckets, chamber pots etc.? Also list the types of containers you used to pee/poop in to example like I use a cup for peeing in, bucket used to poop and pee in ect.?

4. When using the container, can you give a description of what type of container you're using, what goes into the container, and how do you position yourself over the container like standing, squatting, place the container on floor and hover over it etc., and do enjoy using the container?

5. When you're done using the container, what do do with contents of the container and the container itself?

6. Do you fanaticize

For all of you who like tv pooping scenes, I have seen a really good one. It was on the sitcom Yes, Dear... and it involves on of the mothers Kim, setting her son Sammy on the bed. She's like
"Okay Sammy, mommy has to take a biiiig poop, so you stay here honey, I've been holding in it all day!" And she's breathing heavily. Then she starts to run to the bathroom off her bedroom, but stoppes, and brings Samy some toys, and says.."Here are some toys, Mommy's gonna be a while!"

Then she sprints to the bathroom, only to find a plumber working on the toilet! And thats the end of the episode.

I hope you all liked this, I found it really funny


Gracie's bored survey type thing ;)

1. when you need to poop...
-do you have to go right away, or can you hold it? I can hold it.. I usually wait just long enough to make it a really productive poo.. but not long enough that I feel like I'm birthing a small animal from behind.
-does your stomach hurt? Depending on what I eat- if I hold it my stomach cramps quite a bit.. if my stomach is upset then it knots and growls like it's going to kill someone.
-do you hold or rub your stomach? I don't hold or rub my stomach.. but if I am constipated it is virtually impossible to go unless I apply some pressure with my fingers on my perineum. That habit started when I was pregnant.. I couldn't poo to save my life :P
-do you get gassy? If I eat too much or the wrong thing I get VERY gassy. Horsie sauce from Arbie's is like gas is a plastic packet for me.
-how long can you hold it if you have to? 10+ hours.
2. do any certain foods make you poop after eating them? Oatmeal is wonderful! I could set my clock by how long it takes for me to poo after eating it.
3. do any certain foods give you the runs after eating them? Fast food salads :( Evil evil evil
4. if you had to choose between being constipated or having diahhrea, which would you choose and why? That's a toss up.. I'd have to say constipation. There is a certain sense of triumph you have when you've been battling your own ass for an hour pushing and grunting and finally you've won!

Hey, this is my 1st post on here although my sister has posted a couple of survey responses, her last one was posted under the name of 'diarrhea girl'.
As you know my sister gets very turned on by diarrhea. I, however, don't get any particular sense of enjoyment out of it but do find it very interesting.
I am 18 years old and have got severe IBS and it is thought that I may be intolerent to some foods so I usually have diarrhea or sometimes am very constipated for days.
Me and my sister like to share bm's especially when I have really bad diarrhea. Last night was one of these occassions.
At the moment I am going through a particulalry bad patch of bm's and have shit myself persistanly. Last night after eating pizza I let out a long, loud fart and liquid poop shot into my knickers. I ran into the bathroom with my sister following and had waves of explosive diarrhea. It went everywhere. It was runny but quite thick with little lumps in. It was a kind of yellowy colour. I was on the toilet for about half an hour and kept having blasts of this shit. I have not been since then but my stomach keeps gurgling and I am very gassy.

I have so many stories about accidents and so on, I guess this wasnt 1 of my most interesting but I will post some more soon.
Hope you will find them interesting and feel free to ask me anything or if there is any sort of story you want to hear xxxx

Busted (Almost) by a suckey teacher
Okay, this is sooo suckey. I was in class making cards for Fathers' Day (That was in second grade). Okay, so I forgot to go in the morning and I drunk down a WHOLE lot of juice in the morning...
So, this relieve teacher came in and she was a total B***h!
Anyway, my friend had an experience with her b4 and told me "Hey XXXX, you better watchout. She's a real devil, she stops people from peeing...especially when you have to go reallllly bad."
I was an idiot to think "Ah, how bad could it be??????"

It was BAAAAAAAAAD...! On that day, my bladder was totally dying. I needed a restroom...and fast! Mr. Bladder wouldn't hold for another 1/2 hour. Man! Damn it! I thought "Oh my Gosh. Why oh why didn't I listen to that Peepee girl (my friend, after that accident with that teacher, that was her nickname)?" I was DESPERATE.

So....I made a useless try. I went up to that B***H and said, "Er, Miss XXXXX, may i please go to the bathroom?" I was crossing my legs. "Young Lady, do you treat me as a LOO? At once as I step in, you ask to go to GO TO THE BATHROOM????!" ( i can swear, even though in my desperation, she said that. I can promise i wasnt lying). I said, "er..." and went back to sit down...

My friend aks me "Hey, need to go bad?" I answered coolly. "No, just want to wash my hands....and pee." My friend said, "hey go to her 15 mins later, she should budge.....I think."
I had lots to lose...I waited the painful 15 minutes. I went up to the teacher again.

"Can I PlllllEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEE go to the bathroom? it'a really urgent." She was marking the Sixth grade's x-xam papers so she just nodded distractedly.
I ran like no tomorrow. I had to get there...and FAST, super fast.I dashed in...only to see a line waiting. In front was a teacher. I chose the shortest queue of 4 people in front of me.
The teacher knew I was VERY desperate and let me in front. Two people.
I was doing the countdown.

Okay, the cubicle door opened. Closed. One person to go. The clocked ticked. I was envious as I could hear all the pee gushing into the bowl. Followed by tinkles of last drops. I began to cross my legs when a sudden wave of pressure hit. The wave soon "receded" and I was beginnign to try and relax, even though I knew it was like a volcano.

The next was MEEEEEEEE! Yes! THe rejoice was Great.

When it was finally my turn, I sat on the toilet and out gushed probably millions of tanks of water. I was going steady for about two minutes when I was ALMOST empty. I squeezed out the last drops. Then, suddenly, more pee started flowing, the same gushing force. I thought, "My Gosh. I REALLY needed this." THen it ended soon, only to a lighter and less heavy flow of pee. When is this going to end? i thoguht. then finally, the GRANDE finale came and I was finally empty...after that loooooong 3 and a half minutes.

I walked back to class. You'll never believe it. I had to go again for an hour. With that same lion guarding the loo's doors....Well, that's another story...for now, I gotta pee...badly. Ahhhhhhhh! byyyeee!

Well im 18, white, male, medium build and 6 ft 2.
Well i was called last night by my work to go in to work at my workplace (a supermarket called Sainsburys) for half 6 in the morning until 9, because of problems with the freezers.
When I got there I felt fine and was stacking the shelves with these other two people (a guy my age and a women in her 40s)
After an hour I was gettting terrible cramps in my gut and could hardly bear it. I managed to soldier on, sometimes kneeling down to relieve the pressure in my bowels.
Then I couldnt take it anymore, I knew i was going to shit myself so as soon as my two colleagues backs were turned I ran to the staff lavatory at the other side of the store.
I managed to race up the stairs and into the Staff bathroom which thankfully was free. I took the farthest stall, ran in and closed the door.
I pulled my trousers down as fast as they would go and sat down on the bog. A huge gush of diarreah/brown water rushed out of me and I let out a groan and sigh of reief. The smell was pretty unbearable and was geting worse. Just as I was wiping some other men came into the restroom as I sitting there and commented on the smell! Well after I wiped(which was difficult, tool about 10 wipes) and flushed I was embarrassed when walking out of the stall to see my store manager outside the door (he had been standning there the whole time) who had followed me up there!

Penny. I agree that certain foods induce the urge to fart more than others. It's well known for example that because they contain sugars which aren't easily broken down by the gut, baked beans often have the effect of inducing flatulence. However there are specific foods which also affect individual people differently. Much as I love onions, for example, I tend to find that they make me want to fart. Are there any particular foods which make you gassy?

Stan. I'm sure your wife won't have minded you listening in and appreciatig her efforts so long as you were discreet. I'd advise caution though in case she finds out and misinterprets your interest.

I got home from work today and had an enormous 'panfiller' dump which had been quietly brewing all afternoon. It sure felt good!

Princess of Poop
Hello everyone... Yesterday I took my nephews (ages 5 and 9) to see the movie "Madagascar", which was really good! My favorite part was the two monkeys who played a very minor but funny role if you like poop humor. They were planning an escape form the NY zoo to go either the Metropolitan Opera or a Broadway show (I forget which) and one told the other one "of course we'll fling poop on the stage". Then later they were surrounded by cops at Grand Central Station and one monkey said to the other "if you've got any poop, now would be the time to fling it"! BTW, my 5 yr old newphew was farting and curling up in a ball in his seat during the entire movie but insisted that he didn't have to go to the bathroom. At the end of the movie while the credits were rolling, they showed all of the various characters dancing to a song that repeated over and over again "I like to move it, move it". My 9 yr old nephew wanted to stay in his seat and watch this, but his 5 yr old brother screamed "Let's go- I have to poop!" Luckily we made it to the bathroom in time, but I wish my sister would teach him to wipe his own ass sometime soon!

I was told that most adults have the same size bladder.. and the need to go more often or not has to do with how often/strongly the muscles contract.
I could be wrong though...

before i tell my accident story i'd just like to clarify that i do require the use of a wheelchair and help to get to the toilet..

but anyway, im 19 and this memorial day weekend me, my mom and my brother were going to up to my grandpa's house and he lives in pennsylvania and i live in virginia. it's about an 8 hour drive to where he lives because i'm in the southern part of virginia and he's in the middle of the eastern border of PA I guess like 2 hours from philadelphia. eitherway we were going through maryland and had been driving about 4 and a half hours and i was pretty urgent to go to the bathroom, in both ways. i'm really really shy about mentioning that i need to go to the bathroom so i usually just wait until my mom is going so i can ask her to give me a hand when i am getting onto the toilet. (i'm not incredibly handicapped, i just have a bone condition in my knees so i can't really move the lower parts of my legs or support weight on them, so i need help getting out of my wheelchair) since i didn't want to ask i was just waiting until we got to this one rest area in the middle of maryland that we usually stop at. it seemed like we should have been there at this point and i was very urgent to go #2, i didn't have to pee that bad though. i could feel the pressure in my hips and my lower stomach and my butt and i was really holding it back, when i finally just said "hey mom when are we going to be at that rest stop?" she said "oh i didn't take that exit, it's shorter to just go up around through delaware so i was going to stop in pennsylvania, why are you alright?" well, i wasn't alright but i said i was. i really had to relieve my bowels..but i figured i'd be able to wait until pennsylvania.

i guess it was 25 minutes later when the urge became unbearable and it felt like a lost cause. i noticed my brother was asleep so i said to my mom "is there a place we can stop sooner? i really have to go to the bathroom!" she sighed a little bit then said "can you wait about another 40 minutes or is it an emergency? i dont really have a convenient place to stop." i said "i can wait a little longer but i dont know about 40 minutes." she was quiet for a minute or so and then said "well i'll look for a place to pull over." i was holding on for dear life but it was no use, it was just about 5 minutes later when it started to make its way out. i knew i was gonna go in my pants and i told my mom i was going to have an accident...she told me to wait, and i started to cry a little bit and told her i couldn't and she just sighed. it started to push out and spread into my panties and smoosh between my butt and the seat. it came out pretty slow and made a crackling noise and it was pretty solid, and it felt like a big sticky warm bun in the seat of my underwear. i don't think my mom heard it happened and i couldn't smell anything, but i just kind of blurted out to my mom that i just pooped myself..she didn't seem to want to believe me and told me to relax but i said it was too late. i was trying not to cry because that wouldn't accomplish anything and i asked her to please not tell my brother what i did and she said ok. as long as i didn't wet my pants he probably wouldn't be able to tell since he couldn't see a bulge on my butt, so i would be ok. i didn't have much luck though. even though i couldn't smell anything, once my brother woke up he looked confused for a few minutes and he eventually said "...what's that smell?" it was quiet for a minute and my face started to feel like it was turing very red. my mom just said "nothing, don't worry about it" he turned to look at me i guess because my mom's answer was stranged and he saw how red my face was. he didn't say anything for another few minutes but eventually he leaned over to me and asked "did you poop in your pants?" i guess there was nothing i could say except "Yep..i did." that was a fun road trip.

i peed in my pants before the rest stop too, by the way, but it didn't matter. pooping myself was way worse.

Why don't females fart more?

I work with females 8hrs every day and I never hear them fart (or even smell a fart). It's impossible to be in close proximity of another person for 8hrs and not let a fart slip out at least once per week.

Becky, it's got to be pretty tough to deal with this as a teenager The fact that it has been going on for about 4 years, would suggest that a UTI would be ruled out. I suspect that you are correct about the possibility of an overactive bladder. However, have you had a significant increase in your thirst? That is, are you finding your self thirsty all the time, drinking alot and still thirsty? Are you also finding yourself needing to pee frequently? If so, these together may suggest that you have diabetes. What ever is happening, it's most likely easily treatable. The important thing is that you find the courage to confide in one of your parents and or your doctor so that you get checked out and treated if necessary. Also, you might want to consider wearing some type of protection. It could be protective underwear, or one of the pads that looks like a sanitary napkin on steroids. If your worried about what your friends might say, if they found out about your wearing protection, would that be worse than having an accident in front of them, or worse in front of people who don't really know you that well? Wear protection at night too, it will simplify cleanup in the morning. Whatever is happening is not because you are lazy, or not tryng hard enough. Hey, if you can't talk to one of your parents about it, who can you talk to? If you're concerned that they might be upset with you, that would be like being upset with you if you got sick, or developed some chrinic illnesss. You didn't do this, it's something that happened to you.

Swim Girl
Hey! I just recently pooed just a minute ago. I'll tell you the story.

I woke up feeling the urge to poo. I went to the bathroom where my 8 year old sister was pooing. I had to wait some time untill I decided to open the door. She forgot to lock it and she had really watery poop that looked like she kept an enema in there for days. She got up and shoved me out the door. I had to wait for 15 more minutes untill she flushed. I was relived that she finished. I went into the bathroom and undid my pants. I pushed out a really nice log and many more nice logs followed. After that, I got a really bad cramp and I naturally pushed like hell and some really mushy poo came out. That wave lasted for about 5 minuts but it felt so good. After that, I wiped and went to this lovely computer talking about it.

I also want to do a survey.

1. What is your sex?
2. What is your age?
3. What is your race?
4. Are you: Underweight, Normal, Overweight, or Obese?
5. How much protein do you eat?
6. How much fiber do you eat?
7. How many vitamins and minerals do you eat?
8. How much water do you drink?
9. Breifly describe your average BM
10. Breifly describe your average Poo
11. If you had a choice for your BM to replace urination so that you poo more frequently, would you do that?

diarrhea girl
another survey response from me....

1. when you need to poop...
-do you have to go right away, or can you hold it? i can hold it and i usually do 4 a while
-does your stomach hurt? yes nearly always when i need to go
-do you hold or rub your stomach? sometimes
-do you get gassy? yes very
-how long can you hold it if you have to? probably a couple of hours
2. do any certain foods make you poop after eating them? i dont think so but when i eat loads of junk i need to go
3. do any certain foods give you the runs after eating them? not as far as i know
4. if you had to choose between being constipated or having diahhrea, which would you choose and why? definitely diarrhea because it turns me on and it is nice to let it all out rather than have it all stuck inside

Brussels Man

Hello, it is my first post I submit to this forum, although I have been a regular lurker for at least three years. I feel I must share with you a memorable experience concerning the 20 km street race in Brussels. Having read posts about e.g. London and Boston marathons I knew that the famous Cinquantenaire Park in Brussels would be the right place to visit. With 25,000 runners registered for that race the organizers have generously provided three toilet blocks with a maximum of 18 stalls. The division into "Gents" and "Ladies" soon disappeared, as it was obviously the ladies who desperately needed the facility. Of course, such a number of stalls was quite inadequate regarding the number of runners, their families, supporters etc. No wonder then than the Cinquantnaire Park was soon turned into a giant outdoor toilet The first moment I entered the Park I run into a guy taking a piss. Half a minute later I spotted the first female squatter, accompanied by a male companion, who protected her from the front, but did not care much about her rear. Going deeper into the park I just saw scenes I simply could not have imagined to be true, with so many males and females relieving themselves. Virtually every two meters you could see someone in the act. And although the number of males was clearly prevailing, the faire sex was also well represented. What is important, they did not really care that they could, and obviously were watched by males. Only one of them yelled at me something like: "can you see the other side?" All of the female runners were young and nicely shaped, so seeing their peeing bums was a real pleasure. Two of them deserve special attention because of their totally uninhibited approach to bodily functions. The first (aged about 25) chose a place right at the entrance to the park and since the fence surrounding it did not really provide any cover could be seen perfectly well by all passers-by
But the real champion was another girl or rather a woman, who could have been 45 or even 50, all the same tall, slim and nicely shaped . She did not look for any secluded place but simply dropped her runner's trunks and squatted in a place where everyone could see her first releasing a stream of pee and then pushing out a shot of soft poo. She did not even wipe but pulled up her trunks and just went away. I wonder whether she just did not care for being watched or staged that show for a purpose. Anyway, that was really my happy hour. I think that next year I shall register for the competition and with my starting number on my chest I shall see even more than today.

do you throw used toilet paper in a trash can, or in the toilet? All my friends throw it in the trash can, but i do it in the toilet.

Hi again,
Yea so yesturday "Memorial day" my parents had some things to do and left for most of the day. That left me at home all day to sit and be lazy. The problem was that today I started my period and the day befor always is not to fun if you know what I mean. I sometimes get different symtums and yesturday just turned out that I had diarrhea.
So in the morning I got out of bed at about 9:30. My parents had already gone away. After chainging into sweat pants and a tank top, I went to sit and watch T.V. for a while. About five minuets later I got a pain that did not feel like regular period cramps, so I figured it was gas. I pushed and a very nasty, jucy fart came out. The kind that stings a while after farting. I laughed, it was a great sound. I still felt that I needed to fart so I pushed again and another huge fart went into my panties. I was wearing panties that are kind of strange. They are pretty thick and almost water-proof. The outside is pink with that shinny material. To tell you the truth, I love farting. However being a girl and all it is not to accepted, so it is always at home or when no one else could hear it or smell it.
As I sat there I farted yet again, at this point I knew that it was time to get to the toilet. I sat down and just had a major blow out on the toilet and knew that it would keep up. My panties were stained realy badly from the farting, but I figured I would just leave them on since I would probably be farting and having diarrhea all day. Later that day I still was at it. After I had lunch I farted again and shoot out a tiny bit of wet poop into my panties. At this point I decided to put a maxi pad on and fart into that since they were all so jucy and save me the work of trying to clean my panties. The problem is that I obviously do not have much self diciplen. Since I was wearing the pad I just pushed hard on the farts and eventually had a realy wet poop in the pad. It was realy gross and cleaning my butt was so hard. Later I kind of stopped having so many diarrheas. But that was a pretty bad day. I am glad it is over with.

ok, well me and my friends were caming out in the woods, and we were playing dare and it was my turn! and my friend dared me to pee in my pants i said ok. so i went looking for a nice big bush to pee in my pants in so i counted 1...2... i started to pee in my pants and soon after the camp put.... I DID IT IN SCHOOL! as soon as it was over every1 just sat there and stared at me ohhh the embersment!

Hi everyone. I'm new here...I hope you like my posts...I really like most of the stories on here, but I especially like the stories about peeing and pooping accidents from the guys. I have a very weak bladder and its worse when I'm stressed, so its nice to know I'm not alone in this. I'm 19 y/o male, 6'2", skinny, brunette with red tips.

The other day, I wet my pants so bad...I worked for 4 hours at a toy store. While I was there, I had a 10 minute break and still had to ask to use the bathroom twice while working. My boss is really nice so she always lets me go when I need to. After work (and drinking a full 20oz coke during my break) I decided to skip using the bathroom before getting in my car to go home. I live about 10 minutes from work, so its usually not an issue. After I got in my car (and the mall was closed) I realized that maybe I should have peed before I left. But stupid me tried holding it anyway. As I drove home in the dark, the urge got stronger and stronger. I pinched my penis through my pants, trying to hold on and wait it out until I got home. I pulled into the parking lot at my apartment, jumped out of my car still holding on, ran to the door--and couldn't find the key fast enough. As I looked for the key on my key ring (which has intirely too many keys and keyrings) I started to leak in my tan work pants. Finally I started beating on the door, begging my roommate to open up. he did, but by then, I had hot pee running down my legs and all in my pants and briefs. He opened the door and I ran to the bathroom, but by the time I got there, I was finished peeing. I was so embarrassed...I'm just now out of my mom's house and I have no idea how to do laundry or anything. I just wanted to cry. Luckily, my roommate was really cool about it. While I was locked in the bathroom too em,barrassed to come out, he knocked and asked if I needed help. He ended up teaching me how to do laundry and he was really understanding the whole time. He's 18 and he admitted to me that he had just stopped wetting the bed last summer. He said it was okay and that everybody has accidents. He's an awesome roommate.

GRACIE--here are my responses to your survey:

1. when you need to poop...
-do you have to go right away, or can you hold it? I can hold my poop for a LONG time...several days, even...I'm not so good at holding my pee
-does your stomach hurt? not usually unless I'm sick
-do you hold or rub your stomach? no
-do you get gassy? not usually
-how long can you hold it if you have to? I have held it for 5 days
2. do any certain foods make you poop after eating them? pizza hut
3. do any certain foods give you the runs after eating them? this resturant in my hometown (buffett)
4. if you had to choose between being constipated or having diahhrea, which would you choose and why? doesn't feel good, but at least I know I won't be running to and/or searching for a bathroom every few minutes

Til next time...


I took a dump in front of five people on Saturday! I was at a party and we were all a bit tipsy as the night wore on, and a few of us (men and women) decided we should all go to the bathroom together. Everyone had to pee, so the two other guys and three women went before me. I then announced that I had to take a crap, and they all said, go ahead. I figured, I can take it if they can. I dropped my pants and boxers and sat on the toilet and took a pretty loud and smelly dump. I apologized for the sound effects and smell, and sprayed some air freshener. It was weird, shitting with three of my female friends in the bathroom with me, but it was also kind of a bonding experience. I'm less inhibited than I gave myself credit for! I've had plenty of girls pee in front of me, but none shit in front of me. Well, I'm young.


TO gracie:
1. when you need to poop...
-do you have to go right away, or can you hold it?
>When I feel the urge I usually don't wait very long to stop what I'm doing & go to the gents. My 'clock' normally signals me to go during the afternoon at work - so I don't take the chance that I'll be caught on the phone or in a meeting with my bowels demanding attention, "NOW!!"

-does your stomach hurt?
>Not usually. Mostly when I'm faced with one of the two extremes - i.e. A bad case of diarrhoea or constipation.

-do you hold or rub your stomach?
>Perhaps once in a blue moon when a BM is extremely crampy & painfull. On the whole, "no."

-do you get gassy?
>Very often. I'm lactose intolerant and get gassy unless I avoid milk products.

-how long can you hold it if you have to?
>That depends... For my regular afternoon poops, I can hold them for 2 or 3 additional hours if necessary. But all bets are off if I have a bad gas or diarrhoea attack. (Off hand, I'd say I can hold on for 30 minutes for one of those.)

2. do any certain foods make you poop after eating them?
>Just the usual. Fibre products... spicy foods... et cetera.

3. do any certain foods give you the runs after eating them?
>Soup... Some East & West Indian cuisine... TV dinner spaghetti meals.

4. if you had to choose between being constipated or having diahhrea, which would you choose and why?
>I'd say option #2 since I know I'll get something accomplished and I can see the results of my efforts. If I have to come back in an hour or two... Fine.
With constipation, I can spend forever-and-day pushing & shoving and I still end up leaving the washroom feeling bloated & tired.

My poop/fart survey
1. What is your age? 16
2. Gender? Female
3. Weight, height and build(i.e. fat,chubby,tall,slim, etc.) 98lbs, 4'8,short
4. Race? (doesn't have to clear exact background; white, black,asian...) white
5. About how many times a day do you fart? What foods contribute to your farting? Depends what I've eaten that day. Usually dpicjy foods.
6. What kind of farts do you rip? (wet, loud, silent, etc.) Does the size/shape of your butt contribute to the sound of your farts? moderate sounding.
7. Are you comfortable farting around others? If so who? Not really
8. Where are you comfortable farting? Alone,or in the bathtub
9. Do you have a reputation of being the person that farts alot? Have you liked farting since you were a kid? No
10. Have you ever farted in someones face? If so what was the situation? Or has someone farted in your face? Yes. My brother. I wnated to. Yes, I have been farted in the face.
11. Do you try to push out farts for relif or humour around friends? Yes
12. Do you enjoy farting underwater to see bubbles? Yes
13. Do you know if you fart while you sleep? No
14. Do you know someone who rips huge farts? Yes. My grandpa
15. How many times a day do you poop? 4-6
16. Describe the way your turds(logs) usually look. (color, size, length, texture, amount of turds, etc.) light-dark brown, medium to long shaped, smooth, varies
17. Describe the last dump you had? Small, dark brown
18. Have you ever pooped yourself? How old were you? When I was 3
19. Did you think pooping was funny or gross when you were a kid? Yes. Gross
20. Have you ever clogged a toilet with your own turd? No
21. Have you ever pooped in a pool or bathtub? Yes. When I was little
22. Do your turds usually float or sink? sink
23. How long do you usually have to wipe? A few times. (5)
24. Have you ever had a dump so big it hurt your butthole? When I'm constipated.
25. Do you feel your butt is the right size/shape contribute to the way you poop?. No

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