Today I decided to try one of the things that they suggested here on the site.

When I had to go to the bathroom today, I went into the bathroom, locked the door, and took off my pants. I had read the post about the woman who talked about the french-style toilets, so I squatted on the toilet seat and proceeded to pee and poop.

When I first squatted down naked and started to pee, my stream was a little powerful and began to splatter out of the toilet onto the floor. My stream isn't straight, and when I squat it goes to the front. Well anyway, after I managed to control my pee stream and finish, I relaxed my asshole and started to poop. I could tell it was going to be a big one, so I straightened by back and just relaxed. Since my legs were up and spread, my asshole was opened a bit ant that made the poop slide out so much easier. After I was ifnished I carefully got down off the toilet, wiped my asshole, put on my pants and flushed.

Squatting really is the best way to poop.

Hey Guys.

It has been a while since I posted. No one remembers me probably. I have had several poo experiences since I last posted, but never wrote. I actually have to poo quite bad right now, so may not make it through this before I have to sit on the toilet.

My most memorable poo over the last little while was in a public washroom. I had to go bad, so I went in the bathroom, and was happy to see that I have neibours going poo as well. I pulled down my pants to my ankles, and sat. I heard plop, plop, plop from my neibour, so to compliment him, I let out a huge loud pre poo fart. I then heard a fart from anoth stall. Then I plopped a little poo. Then more plooping came from my neibour. It was like our asses were talking to eachother. Well, after the first plop, my ass opened up, and a thich, hard, long poo crackled out. This was followed by two more plops, and another good loud fart. I then was done. I wiped, flushed, and left.

Hold on guys, I have to poo.....

Ok, well since we are on the subject, I will describe my poo that I just did. I ran to the bathroom, letting out farts as I ran. I pulled down my pants, and sat. I immediatly let out a loud, stinky fart, followed by carckling as a long, LONG poo came out. This poo was skinny, but about two feet long as well. It felt so good coming out!

Well, that's all for now.

Keep to the farts, crackling, and poo!

Take care guys.

first time poster long time lurker. Okay so yesterday my buddy came over and we were playin x-box. I had to pee and kinda had to poop. I got up and went to the bathroom. I undid my pants and unbuttoned my boxers. I started to pee. All of a sudden i started to poop also, while standing. It took a few seconds to realize what i was doing but by then it was too late. A warm soft log hit the back of my boxers. I just played it cool went and changed. Luckily i had some laundry i thew it in with after cleaning it up.

maybe more later

Mr. i dont want to show my name
i was hanging out with my HOT friend krysten, and we were watching a movie. she was squrming around. She finnaly blurted out i gotta shit! and was about to run off to the bathroom (((no one was home))) when she suddenly stopped opened her legs and at the same time, there was a loud crackling. She began to tear. i told her that i didnt mind and id find her some cloths. That sort of helped. she was just frozen there with a dump in her tight jeans and thong. it just didnt move down her leg though. i asked her if she wanted me to shit myself also to make her feel better. She kinda smiled and laughed and said that really should make me feel a little bit better...... so i proceded to get up and unload in to my pants. she felt much better. and so did i.. :P she took a shower in my bathroom. i did after her. ive never seen her wet. she's very beautiful. i found her some clothes. they happened to be mine. we disposed of her's. She was very greatful, and vow'ed to be more open about taking a crap, to avoid messing her self. i asked if its happened before and she said yes. she even admit she did it purpously. she said she was on her way home from the store and she said what the hell and blew up in her pants. but she was very very embarresed because she didnt relize she agread to do that. she wore my cloths home and i felt very good. i think she likes me now. i like her. at least she'll undestand if i have an accident. I hope we can go on a *team mission* lol such as going away from a toilet and shitting our selfs. Enjoy! ^_^

Lazy Jenny
Hey again, everybody. I thought I'd tell you all something interesting. I went over to Ashley's earlier and I found a pair of her underwear laying by her dresser, and it smelled like piss! I think she either had an accident or wanted to see what it felt like. I didn't question her about it, she doesn't even know I found them. I'll talk to her about it later though.

The New Number Two
I saw a female poop scene that may or may not interest anyone here. It is in a french film called 'bread and tulips'. This woman finishes doing her business (you see nothing graphic) and drops her ring in the bowl (after she flushes). Then when she tries to retrieve the ring she drops her tweezers. Quite a funny scene.

Is the film Katie Tippell only available on the net?

I attended a First Aid course over the weekend and had the opportunity to listen to members of the oppposite sex going to the toilet. Heard them doing a wee, but it certainly wasn't the 2-3 minute ones that populate this forum.

Any lady out there got any public toilet stories?

Another few questions for the ladies: If your wearing long skirts do you pull them up or down? (Especially if there tight ones?). And how about the tight short ones? Up or down?

And how about your wiping technique: through the legs or around the body?

Do you sit with your legs open or closed?

PV: I read in your posts that you come from Australia. I do too. Have you got any good stories to tell?

Hi everybody, I'm Adam, I'm 24 years old. I went to a bar near my apartment building with my girlfriend Lorainne(Lori) last night. After a few hours I noticed she seemed to have become very drunk, so I asked her if she wanted to leave. She said no, so we stayed. After a few minutes she started to hold herself, and I asked what was wrong, she responded, "Nothing, nothing..." but after another minute she started pissing her pants. She stopped holding herself and just stood there hyperventilating. I took her home, helped her change, and left. She woke up this morning and barely remembers anything that happened, I'd rather not tell her that she pissed her pants like a kid and I had to help her change because she was so drunk. She's a very shy girl, so if I told her that she'd probably hide in her room for a few days.

Blue Rizla Girl, thanks for posting about the French toilets and the suggestion of making a combined toilet/shower. I am sure that I have read somewhere about this actually being done, but cannot find any reference to it on the web.

To answer one of your questions. I have not seen or used one for some years, but yes a guy can do a standing pee in one. However, like when using a normal 'seated' toilet, I think that it is normally done standing in front of the toilet (with back to the door) rather than standing on the foot rests. May I ask a question on how women use them for weeing? It seems to me that if a woman were to lean slightly forwards (which I think is a natural posture) when squatting then it might direct the stream so that she pees directly into the drain hole. Is this what women normally (or even are supposed to) do or is it more common to piss into the channel between and in front of the foot rests?

Who are the regular posters who poop themselves for fun/convenience?

I know there's Lazy Jenny and Todd, and myself, but there has to be more than that!

as of tonight i hadn't had a poop in a few days, but didn't have any ???? problems or anything. for some reason i was really wanting macaroni and cheese for dinner, i love the kind out of the box even though it usually makes my stomach sort of upset. i ended up eating it anyway and feeling bloated and a little nauseated. i laid down on my bed and started to rub my belly--bad idea! i guess it was because i had just eaten, my stomach started gurgling and churning like crazy and i ran to the bathroom. i didn't exactly have diahhrea, but it wasn't solid either, and it smelled awful. it wasn't much, and i knew there was more to come out but nothing would and i started to feel bloated again, so i was queasy and bloated at the same time--blech! i haven't been able to get anything out since then, so i'm feeling that way still. i think i'll hold off on the macaroni for a while.

joeljack: what's up man, thanks for hollarin' back, actually when i think about where that whole sleeping thing, watching each other go and all was from a girl i was with in college last semester. I asked her what is considered comfortable in a relationship in an argument, and that was her answer lol; that ended the argument pretty quick cause that was just so random and funny. Never got her to do anything in front of me bathroom wise, which is fine cause she made up for it lol. For me, i just have normal bowel movements if anyone is wondering (probably don't care). Go once a day and that's about it, sorry. I know i have some kind of stories from college and all that i will have to tell on a later post that are good and funny. talk to ya later.

Princess of poop: crazy story, never heard of someone using "Lipton Onion Soup Mix" as a type of laxative, sounds better i guess than taking pills lol. I've also liiked your other stories on here that i have read, keep up the good stories. hollar back

Peace ya'll


coolguy, your lucky it was a wet poop and not a solid log as it would have fallen out of your boxers


I haven't posted for such a long time because Ive been so busy over the last few weeks. On Friday night I looked after my nephews while my sister went out and I stayed over. When I got into bed, I could feel a big load developing. I had dropped a medium sized load that morning (as I usually do) but I almost always drop another one at night too. I was too tired to try squeezing one out and I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I woke up the next morning with a very tight feeling in my stomach and I felt a bit bloated aswell. My stomach was rock hard too. I went to the toilet to do a wee and I also got the urge to poop. I thought it might take a while to squeeze out my load so I relaxed as it moved towards my anus. I did a few farts and I heard some crackling then I pushed a bit and a huge turd fell into the bowl. I pushed again and another big turd came out, followed by another big turd that I didn't really feel coming out (I heard it splash in the water). After this, another five or six decent sized logs slid out of my butt, they were relatively easy to squeeze out, although they hurt my hole a bit. I had a look at my job before I wiped and the bowl was full of shit. Some of the logs were sticking out of the water. They were dark brown in colour and looked very firm. It didn't take long to finish my dump, only about 10 minutes.

Was shopping today and had one hell of a painful ????. Went off to the loo and exploded all over the bowl. I could not even flush it off. What a smell, vile!!

1.what points of the day do you usually have the urge to poo? In school or at my house long do you usually poo for? 20 minuts big is ur poos usually? Quite big many times do u normaly wipe? Allways except when I thake a shower or bath afterwards
5.what do you like about going poo? Pooing sort of turns me on especially when my bf is watching

Tueesday, May 25, 2005


CRAIGER: Glad you like the site. I think it's cool how everyone is really relaxed about shitting. You're right. If you can date or sleep with someone, why can't you poo in front of them? Hope you have some good stories.

dazeoftheweek: Your boyfriend does seem to have a very similar problem to my husband's. To answer your question, yes, this has happened twice that I know of (sorry it took so long, the site seems to update at odd times for me!) Actually, he has mentioned before that as he gets nearer the toilet, the urgency increases, but usually he can make it on time. He's also said that even thinking about a toilet when desperate can double the need, and make him start squirting in his pants.

The first time was when we were living in this flat above a shop. At the time, he was working late nights, and I was usually asleep when he came home. That night, I got woken up by something (probably the dog needing a wee himself :-)) and was sort of lying in bed, trying to drift off again for whatever sleep I could get before it was time for work. Around 7 am, I heard him trying to get in the door, then racing up the steps. Every now and then, he'd come rushing in for the toilet, but almost always made it, as long as he'd gotten past unlocking the door okay (it wasn't too far from the front door to the bathroom, but the lock was rather tricky, and stuck pretty easily) I stood up and went out to greet him. When I reached the living room, he had come up the steps, juggling his bag and an umbrella, and sort of hunched over, squeezing his legs together. He dropped everything, grabbed his crotch, and started running to the toilet, barely noticing me standing there. He hissed something like "oh damn, I'm pissing myself!" as he got to the door to the bathroom, and then stopped. I had noticed a small wet patch near his zipper before, but as soon as he saw the toilet, he started really floodiing his pants. The smaller spot darkened very quickly, and he let go and moved onto the tiled floor so that the pee wouldn't get on the carpet. It spread down his legs rapidly, and dripped down all the way to his shoes and socks. I could hear that hissy churning noise, and he shifted his legs, trying not to let it get on the floor too much.Then he kind of sighed, out of relief, I suppose, looked up and saw me watching. We laughed, and that was when he mentioned that something about the sight of the toilet causing him to lose control.

The second time was another key problem. We were at a hotel, and went out for some drinks one evening. The bar had no toilets, and the street was too crowded to nip off to some alleyway. I hadn't thought he neede it, but by the time we had begun attempting to find the way back, he seemed kind of anxious to try looking for someplace to go. Eventually, we figured out we weren't that far from our hotel, so he decided to wait it out. Within a few mintues, though, he'd started doing that walk - legs pressed together, bending forward, grabbing at his penis. Usually, he does, in fact, have pretty good judgement about when he shouldn't try holding it, but alcohol really impairs that, plus, with his bladder - you can never be certain. He'll go through periods of near-incontinence, then be perfectly fine for a while. It's very strange. But, anyway, we reached the hotel, and then had to walk through a pretty crowded lobby. Then he tried sort of hiding behind me, taking quick sqeezeswhen he thought no one was looking. He did the same thing in the elevator, since another couple were also in there. This sometimes happens in public, where he'll use me as a shield, in order to hold himself or if he's got visible stains on his pants. Does anyone else do this?

When we reached our floor, we both hurried off to our room, then began the most ridiculous search for the key! I could've sworn I'd given it to him, but then he remembered that he'd dropped it in my purse earlier, and I quickly started jiggling it in the lock. But it wouldn't open, no matter which way I turned or pulled at it. Finally, after realising that you needed to pull it out right away, (like a millisecond or something :-p) the door swung open, but by then I'd noticed a rather large wet patch on his pants, and by the time he'd reached the bathroom, he just gave up, leant against the doorway, and let it go. I think he'd probably gone so much in his pants that it really wasn't worth trying to finish in the toilet.


Postman - enjoyed your first I have a question. I always wondered if letter carriers every run into trouble with having to dump while on the job. I always see these guys walking fast and wonder...are they in need of a good dump or are they just getting exercise?

What do you do if you get the urge...knock on someone's door or head to the nearest bushes??

Keep up the good posting


Ladies, is a womans bladder larger than a mans, or can you just hold it better?

Goody- Salads from fast food places tear my stomach up like that too. I get sick to my stomach and am on the toilet with serious diarrhea minutes after I finish one. :P Atleast there is some truth to the weight loss part of their salad advertising if you can't keep them down.

Impressive postman! The day I'm able to crap out an "H" I'll let ya know! hehe

my messy girlfriend
quick little anecdote.

about 5 months ago my girlfriend was in the hospital for a weekend with a very severe case of bronchitis, and i had been going to visit here. now, i don't know if she was just so ill that this happened or if she was too shy to ask for a bed pan, but on two separate occassions i had been sitting in with her watching a movie and she messed in her panties. i just thought that was a little interesting, i mean shes 19 and she never messes her panties, at least not to my knowledge. has that ever happened to you or anyone you know while in the hospital?

well well well, i've been reading this site for the past few months now and really appreciate it's humour and honesty. Initially the pooping stories were a bit shocking but i've learnt to skip them and move over to peeing ones instead.
I have a weird story of my own though.. this one time when i was about 16 (almost 10 years ago), i was bathing with a girlfriend, nothing sexual - just taking a harmless shower, when i really felt the urge to pee. And before i could do anything about it, it just came out of me though i tried to squeeze my thighs together. It was probably the effect of all the water everywhere and the sound of the shower as well.. Anyhow, once i started i just couldn't stop and prayed that it would be camouflaged by the water running from the shower and she wouldn't notice. Thankfully it was colorless and didn't smell at all as i'd had a lot of water to drink. We never spoke about it ever, thank god, or i would have died!
By the way Diva, your stories totally rock! More please.

Princess of Poop
Weekend Outing...
One Thursday after work a co-worker (Brian) and I went to our friend/boss's house for a cookout dinner. We had burgers and potato salad. The hamburger was extra tasty so I asked what kind of seasoning was used. I was told it was Lipton Onion Soup Mix. A few minutes after devouring the delicious burger I started to feel a rumbling in my bowels so I excused myself and went inside to use the bathroom. There was pee and toilet paper already in the toilet, so I attempted to flush, only to discover the only toilet in the house was not working properly. I decided to pull down my pants and shove some toilet paper in my butt crack so I could safely let out some gas. I felt a little liquidy but didn't smell, so I lined my panties with more t.p. and went back outside. I needed to leave ASAP, but Brian had driven us there and I felt bad asking him to leave early. But then I noticed that he seemed to be in agony too, so I asked him if he would drive me home. He leaned over and whispered "you have more than one bathroom at your house, don't you?". I told him I actually have three. We left right away and drove with the windows open, not saying a word to each other. We got to my house (8 miles away) in about ten minutes. As soon as I unlocked the door, I shoved him in the direction of the first floor powder room and I ran upstairs. Within about 15 minutes and 3 flushes later, I felt some relief. I went downstairs and waited in the living room for at least an hour for Brian to finish. I could hear grunts and splashes over the noise of the exhaust fan (which I was glad he was using!). He finally emerged from the powder room and sat next to me on the couch. We sat there staring off into space for a while, then I offered to let him sleep on my couch. He accepted my offer so I brought him some pillows and a blanket, then I went upstairs to my bedroom. My stomach gurlged all night but I could not get out anything but gas before I went to bed. I woke up early in the morning and had to run to the bathroom for another three flush crap festival. When I was finally done I had that weak, drained, empty feeling so I called work to leave a voice mail message for my boss that I was too ill to come to work. Then I went downstairs to check on Brian. He was not on the couch and not in the powder room. I looked outside and his car was still in my driveway. I then noticed the pillows and blanket were missing. I started to worry so I began looking for him in every room.
when I got to the basement I noticed there was light coming from beneath the bathroom door so I knocked and asked if he was okay. He opened the door and moaned "Lipton Onion Soup Mix". He said that he went to the downstairs bathroom becuse the powder room was too small to sleep in! He used my phone to call in sick, then got in his car and drove home. I was sick all weekend and didn't even call Brian to see how he was doing. I felt well enough to go to work Monday. When I arrived at work, my boss called me into his office. Brian was already there. My boss told us that he noticed on the caller ID that Brian had called in sick from my phone and that he figured out that we left the cookout early to go have sex all night long and thats why we couldn't come to work on Friday. He also commented that we were both walking a little funny (probably from all the sex). He said that since we were all friends, we shouldn't lie to him and he was happy for the two of us. We said "thanks, it won't happen again" and left the office laughing our rubbed-raw asses off! We will probably never have sex all night long (I'm fairly sure he's gay or just asexual), but we did become such good friends that we began exchanging gifts such as toilet paper, air freshener, diaper rash ointment, Depends, Gas-X, Immodium, Baby Ruth bars, and of course "Lipton Onion Soup Mix"! I have since used the soup mix when I get really constipated and have a few days of recovery time to spare. It really is delicious!!!

first time poster long time lurker. Okay so yesterday my buddy came over and we were playin x-box. I had to pee and kinda had to poop. I got up and went to the bathroom. I undid my pants and unbuttoned my boxers. I started to pee. All of a sudden i started to poop also, while standing. It took a few seconds to realize what i was doing but by then it was too late. A warm soft log hit the back of my boxers. I just played it cool went and changed. Luckily i had some laundry i thew it in with after cleaning it up.

maybe more later

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