well i made a complete ass of myself on thursday...i work in new york city and i have a pretty long subway ride--about 20-30 minutes give or take a few--from the 103rd street station to 34th and broadway where i go to get to penn station at madison square garden to take a train back home. eitherway, i found out its just a tad too long of a subway ride to test my bowels against. i was really feeling the pressure to poop in the last hour or so of my shift but it wasn't enough to persuade me to use the toilet there, as i'm one of many who don't like to poop in public restrooms if i feel it can be avoided. i planned out how long it would be until i got home, about an hour until my shift ended, a 10 minute walk to 103rd street station, 25-30 to 34th street, 5 minutes to penn station, usually only 5-10 minutes before the next train home and only about 15 minutes until i get to newark where i live and another 20 minute drive home. i thought about all that time, a total of 2 and a half hours, and figured i would be able to wait that time to get home to my toilet. after all i'm 27 years old, a grown woman can control herself (or should be able to.) my shift ended and i was heading to 103rd street station when i went to relieve a bit of pressure (which was at that point not very bad) with a little fart, and when i did so it was like all the poop in me took a massive shift right to the on deck circle if you will, and the pressure in my butt got pretty intense. i felt agitated because i wasn't in the mood to be holding back a poop the whole way home but i figured worst case scenario i would use the toilet at penn station, because it's not nearly as filthy as the ones in the subway stations. i hopped on the train at 103rd street and i managed to get a seat because my shift ends before the rush hour, and that was a relief to help me holding it in. so i toughed it out, and toughed it out, and at about 59th street i only had 3 stops to go before mine but i was ready to poop, i mean i really had to go. i debated getting off right there at 59th street and rushing to the bathroom in that station, but the bathroom is beyond the exit and i would have to pay for another metrocard to get back on the next train; but i shouldn't have been so stubborn. as the train was rolling out of 59th street station it happened. my stomach tensed up good and i felt the unnerving tingle through my butt as another fart forced its way out, a loud wet one that made a muffled, but still audible squelching noise on the seat. i was incredibly embarassed..a few people looked at me but no one really said anything..a few tried to move away a bit. people fart in subway cars all the time but you usually just smell it, it's very embarassing when people know you're the culprit. i sat there trying not to make eye contact with anyone, when another intense pressure made its way through my butt and i was doing all i could not to fart again, but the urge was so bad that i winced a little bit and slide my butt forward on the seat, and instead of just farting...warm, mushy poop quickly forced its way out of my butt, oozing and squishing as it spread through the back of my panties against the seat and making a few squelching and pattering noises. i just couldn't keep it back...i continued to fill my panties for 30-40 came out fast and there was a lot of it, and an enormous hot bulge of gooey thick poop formed in my panties. you can't really keep that a secret in a subway car..several people made groaning noises and mumbled things like "god lady" and "jeez.." as they made an effort to move away. yeah, it was pretty humiliating. at about the time i was done, i got to 34th street for the walk of completely shitting myself in a subway car was one thing but the walk through a crowded subway station, on the streets of new york, through the unbelievably crowded Penn station at madison square garden then a 20 minute train ride with a big brown bulge on my butt was no picnic either. i was wearing thin beige suit pants and flesh colored panties so i'm sure the stain showed through with ease. thankfully i didn't get many comments..

needless to say it was the best day of my life! funny thing is that's never happened to me and i never thought it would, but i have read stories of the like on this website in the past..i guess it's just fate. so any lurkers out there who think it can never happen to them, don't be so sure.

coolguy- that sucks what happened to you. I have had it happen to me before like 2 times. one time it was at home and i was able to clean up right was and just put my briefs in with my dirty clothes.

the second time it happened was at school at the urinal. i was peeing and all of a sudden a poop started to come out in to my black briefs. the weird thing is i did not have to go before i start peeing. thank god no one was in the bathroom cus it was after school. so after i finished peeing i went into the stall and by then i had a log out in my briefs and was starting on another. so i sat on the toilet and finished my poop and dumped the one from my briefs. so i went home and changed out of those briefs and washed them. it was a good thing those briefs were black cus when my mom did laundry she did not notice the poop skids, cus she would have been upset at me

please post more stories if you have them

Mr. Clogs
Hi everybody, hope everyone is doing well. I haven't posted in a while so I have a quick post to share. This morning around 9:30 this morning, I felt the urge to poop, I havent pooped into the dual purpose conrtainer for a while. I felt the pressure building, I quickly grabbed the container from under my bed (that's my hiding place!) filled with my my urine I had from last night. I removed the cover from the container, peed into it first (that's a trick to keep the turds sticking to the container). So I placed the container me and squatted over the opening of the container (full squat) and let nature take it's course. I squatted over the container for about five minutes until I felt empty, my room didn't smell too bad, but bad enough. Placed the lid over the container and proceeded to wipe up in the bathroom, dumped the contents of the container into the toilet, washed it out for next use then I washed my hands and put the container back in my room so it could dry out. I hope you all enjoyed my post, take care and have a nice day. --Mr. Clogs.

my name is becky, im 16 years old and i just wanted to admit to someone that ive been frequently wetting my pants and trying to keep it a secret for the past 3 or 4 years. it happens like twice a day at the worst of times but it mostly just happens in bed at night. today i had woken up with wet underpants, and i almost peed my pants on the way to school but i just barley made it to the bathroom when i got to school. i wasn't so lucky when i was going home though, i should've went to the girls' room before i left school but i didn't and i paid for it with wetting myself on the school bus. no one knew because i was sitting alone and i felt like i got away with murder almost, but this is getting way out of hand. when it all started when iwas 12 or so it was nothing more than occasional bedwetting, or while i was busy around the house with homework or chores i'd try and put it off but i would wind up having a small wetting accident. the only other real common occurance was when i was walking home from my friend's houses, the walks got to be pretty long sometimes and i wouldn't make it home without wetting in my pants. that was the worst it ever got though and i was able to get away without people knowing most of the time, i've been good about cleaning up my bed and my sheets and getting my clothes washed and my parents have only ever seen me after having wet my pants on 2 or 3 occassions which were far enough apart for it not to be a concern. latley though its gotten more frequent. i feel like i cant hold it at all anymore, and the accidents i just described never happend very close together (besides the bedwetting) but latley i'm struggling not to pee my pants almost twice a day. i need help, but at my age thats so hard to ask for in this situation. first i wanted to know if anyone knows much about overactive bladder...i think thats what i could have but i wanted to know about like, if thats something you always have or if it could just be onset at some point like it is for me...and also if anyone can help me with some encouragement to ask for some help from my parents..i'd really appreciate it..please, its not that easy to approach your parents when you're 16 years old and tell them you can't stop wetting your's only a matter of time before i wet myself at school, and then the cat will really be out of the bag...

any help would be much appreciated

to brand
i dont think a lady's bladder is larger than a man's. i don't know much about it but i assume bladder size just varies from person to person but in a general sense i'd assume a man's was bigger just because men tend to be bigger than woman in several other ways. i dont think the size has all that much to do with how long or well you can hold it in, just the capacity it can hold. i have a closeknit group of friends of both genders and i notice myself and my girlfriends need to pee more frequently than the guys, but the guys when they mention they need to go they go the first chance they get. i guess holding ability varies from person to person, but as far as size goes i'd assume lady's were smaller because we seem to have to pee more often. but who knows for sure?

a pretty cool guy
princess of poop your story was cool, i really enjoyed it. my name is also brian by the way, so your co-work must also be a pretty cool guy.

i have a cute story about my girlfriend. well i thought it was cute, i'm pretty sure she was humiliated. my sweetheart of 4 years was spending the weekend with me at my brand new apartment last month, and i was pretty exhausted from the moving process so we didn't go too wild, we just cuddled up on the couch, watched a baseball game and a movie and had a little champagne for the house breaking. eventually i had moved all the way over and she was laying down sleeping with her head on my lap, and i was pretty tired myself so i decided to go to sleep. i didn't want to move her or anything to wake her up and there was no room for me to sleep on that couch without having to move her, so i just tried to gently lift her head from my lap and rest it on the pillow so i could move to the other couch. as i was getting up i was unable to move her head without waking her, and when she woke up she seemed incredibly confused and uncomfortable. i tried to explain that i was just going to sleep on the other couch, but i then realized it wasn't that that was bothering her. she had a look of guilt or shame on her face and she was speechless, and she said in a weak voice "i'll be right back..." she got up off the couch and knocked the pillow over to cover the cushion and she kind of scurried off toward the bathroom like she was trying to hide behind something, but she couldn't get away without me seeing the big wet stain on her bottom! i didn't say anything to her, i just let her get into the bathroom, then i lifted the pillow and sure enough she had thoroughly peed her pants and my couch! maybe it was too much bubbly and not getting off of the couch for the duration of a baseball game, a movie, and a good hour and 15 minutes of sleep! her little bladder could only hold so much i guess. i don't know why but i couldn't help but smile at it. call me crazy but i just found it adorable that she had an accident. when she came out of the bathroom i just smiled at her and hugged her and teased her in a fun way and i told her we could put her stuff in the wash, and she felt better even though she was still embarassed. when iwas putting her clothes in the wash it was interesting to see the incredible difference in color from the dry part of her panties and the wet part. it was a very pair purple color up around the waist and in the front, and a very dark purple all over the seat and in the crotch where she had peed in them.

it's hard to hold something like that against the person you've loved for a fairly long time. i know a couple guys who said they would dump a girl if they ever wet or messed themselves on their furniture...i mean what the hell is that? give me a break. i guess if a girl peed or pooped herself in my bed or on my couch just to ruin it, then yeah...but that's pretty extreme if they have an accident! same goes for the other way around, gender wise. anyone ever had a situation like that where their lover had an accident on their furniture? if so, how did you react?

oh one other thing about what i said about her little bladder: she actually does have pretty limited bladder control, but i rarely know her to have accidents. that was the only one i ever witnessed, however a common story i've heard from her friends and her just to tease her is one about when her class was having graduation rehearsal in her senior year of high school, the rehearsal was taking so long that she peed her pants very shortly before it was her rehearsed moment of getting her diploma, and she had to walk up to 'get her diploma' with soaking wet pants! that would've been fun to see. anyway i'm out, keep the nice stories coming.

The other day my girl and I were anchored out on a shallow sand bar. I was in the water at the back of the boat where she was sitting with her legs in the water. In the middle of our conversation she says she needs to pee really bad; I say so pee; and she opens her legs, pulls aside her bikini bottom exposing her all which of course I was totally focused on, and then, dispite her warning for me to watch out, out burst a hot clear liquid fountain, all over me who was just below.

Hi everybody, I'm Adam, I'm 24 years old. I went to a bar near my apartment building with my girlfriend Lorainne(Lori) last night. After a few hours I noticed she seemed to have become very drunk, so I asked her if she wanted to leave. She said no, so we stayed. After a few minutes she started to hold herself, and I asked what was wrong, she responded, "Nothing, nothing..." but after another minute she started pissing her pants. She stopped holding herself and just stood there hyperventilating. I took her home, helped her change, and left. She woke up this morning and barely remembers anything that happened, I'd rather not tell her that she pissed her pants like a kid and I had to help her change because she was so drunk. She's a very shy girl, so if I told her that she'd probably hide in her room for a few days.

Lazy Jenny
Hey again, everybody. I thought I'd tell you all something interesting. I went over to Ashley's earlier and I found a pair of her underwear laying by her dresser, and it smelled like piss! I think she either had an accident or wanted to see what it felt like. I didn't question her about it, she doesn't even know I found them. I'll talk to her about it later though.

Mr. Clogs
Hey, hey it's Mr. Clogs again. I got a quicky post, this morning I took a monsterous dump this morning! I woke up around 7:45 AM to brush my teeth and stuff, I've been home for the last couple of days b/c I was let go by my former employer, anyways. As I got up and headed to the bathroom still half asleep, I felt that I was time to take a dump. I got into the bathroom and locked the door, pulled down my pj bottoms and sat down on the toilet and unleashed this monsterous load of poop!, I sat on the toilet for about 15 minutes until I felt empty. I wiped my behind, washed my hands and brushed my teeth. I just finished 2 cups of coffee, so I'm waiting for another round on the toilet or the container.

Kris (WWLB): Your post was was quite interesting and educating one. This curiousity factor not only occours with fellow girls, but also guys like myself are curious about this topic which I've been fascinated with ever since I was little. Lets not limit this to just urinating, but defecating also. Some guys and even some girls feel less than themselves if their friend or partner in a relationship out do them in bathroom related topics. Like I said this is not just going to the bathroom there's a variety of topics that tackles the issues of ego snd one's right to passage ie manhood or womenhood. Sorry for being off topic but I just wanted to share that point. Please post more.

Well I got to go, take care. --Mr. Clogs

A couple of monts ago my parents went away and left me with a girl around her mid 20's. She was pretty thin probrably aroun 125 pounds 5'9 long normal brown hair.

So it gave me a few opportunity's to listen in and watch her use the bathroom. The first morning i got up and did my usual rutine then i heard the hallway bathroom door shut and i walked over to look. I have a air conditiond vent from my closet that veiws into the hallway bathroom it was perfect. I got down and viewed her walk over and pull down her pants to her knees. she peed for a normal morning pee then she got up and stood up to wipe. I have heard of this but never saw it before. I wondered how she did it. I also noticed she used a lot of tp to do this. This happened everymorning, i liked watching her pull down her sweats over her bottom then standing up to wipe. Her first bowel moevemt didnt start unitl later in the week. We had just eaten hot dos and i wen to do homework and she went to watch tv. This was down stairs so i couldnt see but i could hear. She went into the bathrooom and i heard her pee for a little then it stopped, then i heard a big PLOP. so it was like tinkle tinkle tinkle pause......PLOP. she started to pee again but then i think i heard a few more plops as she peed. Their was no grunting or straining at all not even a fart i awas dissapointed.
I might have heard her again but i couldnt tell, why do some girls dont go as much as others. I enjoyed her bathroom using everymorning but rarely heard a plop ever.

When she left she used alll the tp because she used so much to wipe, does anyone else stand up and do u use a lot of tp? and how does it work, especially with a BM?



Franco- Good question. I walk fast to get my exercise, and the quick pace I keep, plus eating healthy, helps keep the digestive system working. As far as what I do on my route when I get the urge to dump, I used to have a couple of people on my route that would let me use their bathrooms, but they've moved. Now I just wait until I go to lunch, or get back to the post office.

HisLilPeeMonster-thanks for the feedback. You could poop out an "H" if everything falls just right. I once dropped one that broke in half and wound up looking like a "T".

Cool stories, everybody- keep up the good work.

survey-type thing. (i was bored. lol.) answer if you want.
1. when you need to poop...
-do you have to go right away, or can you hold it?
-does your stomach hurt?
-do you hold or rub your stomach?
-do you get gassy?
-how long can you hold it if you have to?
2. do any certain foods make you poop after eating them?
3. do any certain foods give you the runs after eating them?
4. if you had to choose between being constipated or having diahhrea, which would you choose and why?

my answers:
1. when you need to poop...
-do you have to go right away, or can you hold it? i prefer to go right away but i can hold it if i really have to.
-does your stomach hurt? most of the time, especially if i don't go right when i get the urge.
-do you hold or rub your stomach? yes, when it hurts.
-do you get gassy? yes.
-how long can you hold it if you have to? about 20-30 minutes. but the longest i ever had to hold it was almost an hour (i was on a bus for a school trip) and my belly hurt sooooo bad by the time i finally got to a bathroom.
2. do any certain foods make you poop after eating them? i always have to poop after eating a lot of bread or meat.
3. do any certain foods give you the runs after eating them? anything from taco bell or mcdonald's, milkshakes.
4. if you had to choose between being constipated or having diahhrea, which would you choose and why? having diahhrea, because i can would rather have cramps and be able to relieve myself quick than be bloated and uncomfortable.

Hey,back again. I've mentioned before that I have an older brother and a younger brother. So there is alot of goofing off and horse play in my house. Now my older brother is 18, about six foot two, and near two hundred pounds of mostly muscle. I am only 5'10, 135lbs of skinn-ness, but he thinks it a fair fight when we try wrestle around. Anyway I'd eaten alot of gassy foods last night like chili dogs, cheese, milk,brocoli you name it. Plus I hadn't pooped in a few days so I had that with a huge gas build up. Before I got to bed, I just had boxers and a t-shirt on, my big bro bumrushes me and tackles me to the floor. We wrestle around for about 30 seconds, but then I feel all the gas rush to my butt. I tried to tell him I had to go to the bathroom and that my boxers were pulled half down my ass but he wouldn't stop. I got him on the floor and tried to rush to the bathroom, but he grabed the back of boxers and I fell back. I could barely hold it in any more. I landed on his chest and my barebutt was right in my bros face, I could fell the tip of his nose on my crack, however I just couldn't hold it in. SO I let go: BBBWWWWWAAAAAAARRRRMMMMMPPPPTPTPTPSS, I farted right in my bros face. I rush down the hall as the turd slowly came out my hole and got to the toilet. I dropped 4 11inch turds in about 5 minutes. They were pretty firm and didn't need much wiping. I was afraid to go back to my room, but my bro was just lasghing and said, "Damn bro I never noticed your ass was so big for a white kid".

I watched a film the other night called Dead Babies and there was a scene in it where this guy is sitting on a log taking a crap. This bloke comes to talk to him and he's kind of embarrassed and says something like 'Can we talk later, I'm trying to take a crap.' It was a funny moment.

Mr Bimmerdriver
I was out at the junkyard this past Friday to grab a few parts I needed for my BMW I'm putting together. I get out there, carrying all my tools, and walk and walk and walk all the way back to where they keep the BMWs. It was so hot that day too, 98 degrees already and its only May. I climb underneath a car to get a part and then I feel some rumbling and that all too familiar "call of the poo" as I like to call it. There is no bathroom facilities at this yard. I climb back out from underneath the car thinking if I stand maybe it will go away. I was wrong, the poo felt huge. I started letting out lots of gas. That just made it worse. I couldn't stand straight anymore, I was kind of hunched over. I looked around some and kind of panicked. There is no way I can haul all this stuff back to the truck a 1/2 mile away and make it to a bathroom. I felt the poo right at my asshole it was coming out and there was nothing I could do about it. I took one more quick look and then ducked down between two cars towards the end of the row. I took off my jeans because I didn't want to have bad aim and miss. I then bent down close to the ground and squatted and held my butt cheeks apart (no toilet paper, all I had with me was a small rag in the tool box to wipe my hands off when I was done). I didn't really have to hold them apart cause in a squat they kind of naturally seperate. I then relaxed and the poo literally flew out like a little missle. This thing was huge and thick too. A dark chocolate brown, easily 6 inches around and at least a foot long. More gas came out, god it felt good. Then 3 more poos came out, 1 about 3-4 inchs long and 1-2 inches thick, the other 2 poo little balls. I grabbed the rag and dapped at my asshole, I didn't see any poo on it though. Glad I squated ;). I left the rag and I then put my boxers and jeans back on and then went back to my car business 5 rows over.

Connie Crapper
Hey, it's been a while. I've wanted to write, but I've been wayyy busy.

Kennedy--Squatting is a good idea, but I have the same problem with controlling the direction of my stream. It's hard to get pointed in the right direction. The only problem for me is, I either tore a bit or got hemorrhoids, because I had some bleeding afterwards. It even happened for a couple more days in a row when I didn't squat. Watch out!

Something weird happened last week. I went to a convention in Las Vegas, so I guess I was out of my routine or something. I was sitting in a public ladies room stall when a woman came in and sat next door. (I saw her afterwards. She was blonde and about 5' 5" with big breasts and a fairly big butt.) She peed sharply for about 30 secs. and stopped, peed 10 more secs. and stopped, then 10 more secs. and stopped. I don't usually listen in, but that kind of deliberate stopping and starting didn't seem right. She didn't make any other noises, so maybe it's normal for her, or stage fright.

That night in my hotel, because it was Vegas where it's really hot and dry, I drank a LOT of water. I didn't want to get dehydrated. So, naturally, I had only been asleep about an hour when my bladder woke me up. I was a bit groggy and didn't want to turn on the light, so I stumbled into the bathroom, got my nightshirt up and panties down (they fell to the floor) and found my way onto the pot. Being alone, I didnt bother to shut the door. As badly as I had to go, it took a few seconds for anything to happen. I finally peed a hard stream, stopped, streamed hard again, stopped, and streamed hard again before stopping. I don't think my times were quite the same as that woman I heard during the day, but what a strange coincidence! Normally, I just have a steady stream that tapers off and trickles a bit. Even in my state of sleepiness I noticed. After stopping the third time, I wasn't sure if there might still be some left, so I leaned forward and back a couple of times, which I rarely have to do. I sort of felt like I still had to go, but nothing more came out. I then reached out to my left and found toilet paper, tore it and wiped. I had to fold the paper a couple of times because there was a lot of splatter underneath and on my legs.

I stumbled back to bed and lay there remembering about that woman and wondered if the power of suggestion could really be that strong. More later, bye.

Does anyone have any stories about your friends' mother taking a dump or entering the bathroom after any females outside the family.

I still have this memory I can't get out of my mind of my best friend in high school's mother one morning after I had slept over his house earlier that night. I was watching Sportscenter with my best friend at the time and his younger brother in his bedroom with his door open when we heard a huge fart come from down the hall. We all looked at each other and started laughing knowing that he must have come from his mother because she was the only other person home that morning in his house.

It all started last night, I had been a little bloated for awhile and things had been backing up. After dinner the situation was worse, having been on a low carb diet last year, I had experienced this form of constipation before, so I knew what to do. However, during my time on the low carb diet I had always taken regular milk of magnesia, 8 tablespoons full to have any action at all, 2 maximum strength ex-lax pill never produced any result for me so I heard about a new form of milk of magnesia from Ex-lax, I thought I would give it a try, I headed for the store and came home with some Rasberry flavor liquid, the dose called for 2-4 tablespoons so I went for all 4 and downed it with 2 glasses of water. About an hour later I felt the need to go so I headed to the bathroom and was pleased with the muddy flow of relief not to urgent but relief. I headed back to bed and went to sleep I went one more time before going back to sleep, I was pleased with the results, I drank a little more water and headed back to bed. Around 3 am I woke up with a slight gassy feeling forgetting my previous action I decided just to let one slip this started a steady stream of poop as I eased out of bed trying to avoid a mess I headed for the bathroom without even turning the light on, I tripped over the rug, the pressure of falling on my stomach made the pooping even more uncontrollable as I made a huge mess. I cleaned myself off and headed back to bed. The lesson I have learned is to be careful with EX-Lax of any kind! The don't guarentee it for nothing!

Nate in NM
Seems like years since I posted but have been a dedicated lurker since the forum was back in the 300s. I'm wondering where all of the old people are; Carmelita, for instance. Realize that people come and go, but I miss the old crowd, I guess. The stories just don't have the same quality for me. Maybe others share my opinion.

But this forum was, for me, a revelation in realizing that I was not the only one with fantasies about going to the bathroom. Maybe others would like to share how they first became attracted to this. Mine came from watching my sister who was 3 years younger, have her BMs. I would sit in front of the toilet and watch as she strained and grunted them out. I was probably ten or so at the time, and must have been imprinted heavily, for watching and listening has been for me far and away the most exciting thing I've ever witnessed. I'm now 67, and those fantasies are as powerful now as they were back when I was a boy.

So every few years I'll check back in, but just wanted to say how important this forum has been to me.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Linda from Australia again. My pooping habits are back to normal again, after a few days of trouble. I didn't eat any fruit or vegetables for 2 days so it made my bowel movements long and painful. However, my loads were only medium sized but it took a marathon effort to squeeze them out. On Thursday I had a big bowl of fruit salad for lunch and lots of ???? for dinner. It didn't really help loosen up my stools because when I went for a dump, it still took 25 minutes to complete. I had to push as hard as I could, infact I pushed so hard that I thought my ear drums were going to explode. On Friday I dropped a small load in the morning and it was much easier to push out. I didn't feel finished though but I couldn't get any more poo out. I went to work and I could feel a small turd stuck up my arse all day. When I got home from work, I went straight to the toilet and sat down. It took about 10 minutes for the small, hard turd to slide out of my anus. All last night I could feel a load building up inside me. I farted several times while I was getting to sleep. This morning I pushed out another load which came out much easier and I felt finished afterwards too.

Linda from Australia again. I've been eating lots of junk over the last few days, like pizza, hard boiled eggs, chips and chocolate. I didn't eat any fruit or vegetables for most of the week, which explains why I've had trouble pooping. I haven't been eating my high fibre cereal lately either. Today I ate lots of fruit and vegetables, in the hope that it would move things along.

I took a dump on Tuesday morning and one that night but neither were very satisfying. I normally do 2 poos per day but on Wednesday I only managed to do one. When I tried dropping a load in the morning, nothing would come out so I tried again that night. It took me 25 minutes of straining and pushing and I finally managed to squeeze out lots of hard, skinny and sticky turds. They really burnt my anus and I still didn't feel satisfied. Today was the same: no morning poop but another 25 minute job and I didn't even get all of the logs out. I had a stubborn one stuck up my butt that wouldn't budge. I wiped my bum and did a few other things, then I tried again. The second attempt took me 15 minutes and I only managed to squeeze out a small turd. I had to wipe about 10 times. However, I felt much better after that, although I still think there is more shit up there. My anus is still burning after that poop.

1.what points of the day do you usually have the urge to poo? In school or at my house long do you usually poo for? 20 minuts big is ur poos usually? Quite big many times do u normaly wipe? Allways except when I thake a shower or bath afterwards
5.what do you like about going poo? Pooing sort of turns me on especially when my bf is watching

I'm nearly 19 and i live in Australia.
I took a great dump this morning after I let out some loud and smelly farts. I sat on the toilet then 3 long, thick pieces of poo came out of my butt, followed by some smaller pieces. The logs floated and they were a light brown color. I rolled off some TP and wiped my butt until there was no more brown on the paper, then I flushed the toilet. I used the brush to clear the skidmarks that were on the porcelain, then I switched on the exhaust fan to get rid of the strong smell of poo.

JOSEPH: Thanks for the advice about the Enema. When i'm constipated I always eat foods which are high in fibre(Wholegrain bread, pears, baked beans, hi-bran weet bix).

SANDRA: To answer your questions
1. I fart a minimum of 20 times a day. I only fart in the presence of certain people, otherwise I wait until i'm by myself. My cousin enjoys complementing my farts.
2. My theory is that girls don't fart as much as guys and they do it when nobody's around because they're shy about it.

I read the story by the guy that had just come back from St Thomas about the lady that put her finger in her arse to get things moving.
This is quite a common occurrence with us girls. We are often a little stuck and this is a way of getting things moving. I carry a little flat tin of body cream with me to help the finger and to apply after a good dump.
A friend of mine Jane had a similar problem. She was a really good looking blonde with a body to die for but little did any except her close friends know that she had really bad constipation. She ate normally and exercised a lot but could only shit every 4 to 5 days and then it was a struggle. If she managed in a public loo then she would have to wait until her face went back to a normal color after straining.
We went to the beach with our families one day and she said before we left that she could easily stay at home as she would most likely have to try and shit that day but rather than get teased by her husband and children she would come along. I said not to worry I had a plan for her as I had just found out that she did not use the finger trick...
After lunch at the beach she whispered that she needed to pee and would I come with her as their were no facilities but the bushes. We went off and I took my little pot of cream along too. Having found a suitable spot we stripped off our costumes and squatted down to pee. After peeing I said that I was going to take a shit and proceeded to push out my usual plug and covered it with the usual mush. She stayed bent over and started to push. I said wait. Try the finger method to which she said what the hell is that? I gave her the cream and told her to lube her longest finger and push it up her arse and stir it around to loosen things up. After taking it out push a blob of cream in before your anus closes. This she did and then spread her ankles and started to push. Well with a surprised look on her face a knobby lump started to come out of this incredibly sexy arse followed by a log about 13 inches long and about beer can diameter. This was followed by a fart and then about six little logs all in quick succession. She was ecstatic and asked about wiping. I said no need as the cream keeps you clean. To this day she carries a little tin of cream and still only shits every 4 days but without straining at all.

Just a quick post now because I am busy and have been having problems with my internet access.

Eileen - You asked about other girls quirky habits. There was one girl at my last job called Chris. She used to have a #2 at work every lunchtime. When she went into the cubicle she put loads and loads of toilet paper down the toilet before she started - presumably so nobody heard her plops. The funny thing was though she was a really noisy strainer and the poo really smelt because it sat on top of the paper ou of the water.

Also Eileen - you asked about my last #2 in a public toilet. I suppose I go in a public one most days on the train but I guess that doesnt count. The last one I had in a proper public ladies was two saturdays ago at the big indoor shopping centre in the city centre. I tried to go before I left but it wouldnt come, so I knew it would happen whilst I was out. As soon as Rachael picked me up at 9 I felt it moving. About 10 I told her I needed to poo. We went into the ladies in the big new department store - very posh with yellow tiles and frosted glass partitions. We went into adjacent cubicles and I did a realy big poo quickly. Short push followed by 6 big plops in quick sucession followed by a wee. Rachael said that was quick you must have really needed that! She just had a wee but one of the young shop assistants went into the third cubicle - next to me - as we went in and she dropped one massive kerplunk. How can someone so small drop something so large. Racheals wee too about as long as my poo.
Eileen - I would love to hear some detailed accounts of your poos at work and a description of yourself. Also can you describe some of the urgent nurses poos - why do they go in the cloakroom and not on the ward?

I will post again soon - Jane XX

Sandra. I fart quite a bit as I'm a fairly windy person and suffer from mild IBS. As regards the question of whether men fart more than women, I think on average they're about the same. Indeed my experience of life has led me to believe that some women can out fart men any day. There is a cultural dufference though. Men are likelier to do it in company as a dare or a piece of bravado, I think, than women are. When women fart it's more likely because they genuinely need to pass gas or are overdue for a visit to the toilet.

Goody. I don't think men necessarily have bigger or stronger bladders than women. If anything I think it's an individual thing which transcends gender.

showergirl. I regularly take a pee in the shower and I think it's perfectly okay to do so. It involves using less water than flushing a toilet separately would for a start.

Hi to Tim & Sarah, Penny, Linda and all the old timers - as well as the newcomers of course!

Hey, Lazy Jenny. I do it too, only I do it for more than just convenience. I like the feeling of it. As a matter of fact, I just got done playing 3 hours of Soldier of Fortune, and I only had to urinate 3 times. It was nice not having to get up. I'm going to have to take a dump as well, which I'll do in a few minutes, of course, that is without getting up from my PC chair.

After I have a BM, I wipe my butt clean (no poop left). Then about a half hour later I get the feeling i need to wipe again. and yes, i do need to wipe agin!!!

Sandra (optional)
I would like to ask you: how many times do you fart per day?
What do you think? Do girls fart less thab guys?

BRAND: "Gray's Anatomy" says, "[The] bladder is considerably smaller in the female than in the male." All medical websites I've found that cover the topic concur. Also, if you look in any anatomy book with cross sections of male and female pelvises, the male's bladder is always depicted as larger.

I remember reading that the micturation reflex is triggered in males when the bladder contains approximately 150 mL, and in females when it contains approximately 100 mL, but I cannot find the source.

brand - i personally think men have bigger bladders, i know my husband can drink fluids all day and pee A LOT at once.
me on the other hand, i pee so much throught the day i might as well have a toilet strapped to me.

its probably because men dont have there reproductive organs inside of them, allowing for a bigger bladder. (just my opinion)

Hi everyone!

I knew poop could come out in a surprising variety of colours depending on what you've recently eaten, but this past Thursday evening I got quite a shock!

Typing away at my keyboard, I felt the urge and so strolled to the washroom to relieve the pressure. Working on an important paper, I knew I couldn't concentrate with a strong bloated feeling bugging me all evening...

After walking down to the bathroom and quickly pulling down my pants, I commenced with task of clearing my bowels.
The actual effort was pretty unremarkable. It took a minute or so of pushing with moderate effort to get things going, but eventually I heard the sound of 5 or 6 stools plopping into the water. Then I passed what felt like 3 logs sliding out. The logs came out with practically no effort and I heard them fall into the water too so I knew they would be pretty ordinary... 1 1/2 wide by, say, 5" long.

Along with the turds came enough gas to fill a blimp or two. It was most certainly all that wind that made me so uncomfortable rather than the amount of poop inside me. But flatulence or poop, I was simply glad to get it all out so I could get back to work.

Pushing hard a couple of times to make sure nothing was left, I got up and turned around as usual to take a look before wiping.
With shock and utter amazement I saw that everything was a bright green! Every last turd that had fallen out of me!!
Not the muted brown-green colour you sometimes see when you've got diarrhoea, but a unbelievable 'jade' or "St. Patrick's Day" variety of the colour! I mean... even the skidmarks were green as well!

I stood there for about 5 minutes just staring... wondering if something SERIOUSY wrong was going on inside me. Then I decided that was crazy and eventually the logic reason for this mini-shocker came to me as I was wiping my bum. (Not much of a mess actually, but also a strong green colour on the TP.)

To save a few bucks, cafeteria lunches are now off my budget list and I now bring sandwiches & inexpensive microwave TV dinners to work.
On Tuesday, I brought a linguini with broccoli in sauce TV dinner for lunch. I have little doubt that was the culprit for my 'primary coloured' dump. I've eaten that brand of TV dinner before and tiny lumps of broccoli usually appear in my stools a day or two afterwards (though rarely with any significant colour changes to my BM's.)
The company that makes it probably added a new food dye to give the broccoli a more aesthetic look.

It's now Sunday and my stools are back to their lovely shade of brown just as they should be... (But I'm still pretty blown away seeing them that 'bold' colour of green.)



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