Just came back from St. Thomas/St. John U.S.V.I. and saw the sight of my life. I was at St. John at one of the beaches that have no facilities whatsoever. I broke from the family and walked into the brush to have a smoke. I watched this pretty young lady walk down a narrow path, go behind a bush and suddenly drop! I crouched down and quietly crept up behind her. I was about 15 ft. from her. She had on a one piece swim suit that she had pulled down around her ankles. She was in a forward leaning crouch when she started to pee. After finishing she remained in that position and started to grunt and fart. This went on for about 5 min. with no results. She put the middle finger of her right hand in her mouth to wet it and the inserted it in her ass! After moving her finger around inside of herself she withdrew her finger, grunted, farted, and a blunt nobby turd emerged. She started pushing as if she was giving birth. The turd was about the size of baking potatoe and real dry as it started falling apart as it came out. It took her about 2 min. to push it out, and she pulled up her swim suit without wiping and went back to the beach.

Night Owl

Hi. I'm just wondering if anyone knows the answer to this. Twice in the last week, I've eaten salmon with capers on it (Capers---these little salty spicy things). Both times, I've felt nauseous afterwards. I eat salmon a lot with no problems, so I can only assume it's some kind of reaction to the capers. Does anyone know much about these things and if there's a reason one's stomache wouldn't take kindly to them? I'm kind of fighting off the urge to puke as I type this.

I had a friend over and we were playin x-box and watchin tv and i went to pee. I undid my pants and started to pee and all of a sudden i started too poop too. I tried to sit down and undo my boxers but a soft warm log hit the back and i just said "oh shit". It was cool though i claened up and threw the boxers in with some other laundry. Noone ever found out...


Could you give details of the other girls plopping sessions when you worked in the office

Kris (WWLB)
Jessica the teacher,God bless you whoever you are. Although I'm past high school now I wrote about this very topic here about four or five months ago. It has always mystified me as too why the subject of female urinary performance remains such a taboo topic when at the same time, in girl's high school restrooms and in womens restrooms everywhere, females take note at the bladder hierarchy. Who is only capable of taking a short tinkle and which woman is the peeing superstar. As Jessica noted girls in adolescence, a time where cliches form, and ego plus self-esteem become big issues, a girl who is able to go into a restroom with her friends and demonstrate a much larger bladder and peeing capability will generate admiration and a flood of other emotions that enhance her prestige. In other words, she who pees the longest is the most woman. What a shocker!

When a girl is quite young she takes note of a bladder differential and insictively shows interest. "Mommy, why is that lady wee-weeing so long?" The topic is raised numerous times among the childrens group I supervise. In fact I nearly died when I heard three of the little tykes divulging bathroom secrets at home- one saying that her mother peed ten times more than her father. Not to be outdone the second one said her mom went a MILLION times more and the third, searching her brain frantically to top the other two said, "oh yeah, well my mommy can overflow the toilet!" It starts early.

But you'd never know it as it is probably the best kept secret to date. I did some heavy web surfing one evening and discovered in Holland a largely scat site that nevertheless has a small sub-part devoted to women with extemely large bladders. The stills I saw were of a model in her twenties clearly demonstrating her prodigeously large bladder in a series of photo-sets, one where she's urinating and urinating into a toilet, a torrent that goes on for 16 frames, and another where she fills up 9 large water glasses in one pee. The glasses appear to hold about a U.S. pint so you do the math. In none of the four photo-sets I saw did she appear to be doubling over in pain; in fact she seemed to be having fun showing-off her magnificent bladder peeing quart after quart after quart. If it were permitted I would provide a link to the site- let's just say there is pure "joy" in seeing such a peeing demonstartation finally put on the internet. We women are out there and that's how we pee, believe it or not. (Off of my soap box.)

I should finish this post off with a fun little illustrative story. Airport restrooms are a fantastic place to discover if there is a monster bladder in the midst; long flights with ever filling bladders and in my case the unlucky knack of geting the seat in the middle row. Usually I don't care, the plane restrooms are always cramped and I wear baggy stretch warm-ups that permit me to sit for long hours on the plane
and let my bladder fill until I reach my destination. On this flight from Honolulu to Dallas we sat at the gate for an hour while the mechanics fixed whatever, I had arrived at the boarding area late so I hadn't peed since leaving the Waikiki area hotel, add in a long plane flight to Texas without relieving myself and then reaching a restroom at DFW. Lugging my tote bag I followed the crowd of other women on my flight to the restroom adjacent to the gate area. Going in there one hears a myriad of sounds, there are dribblers, gushers, halt and flow types as well as steady streamers. In a flight that carries several hundred passengers there's an invariable waiting period for a stall, so I silently made an observation who was doing what, and for how long. Stalls opened and closed and fairly soon it was my turn when one opened up mid row on the left.

When the opportunity to relieve myself came, believe me I took full advantage. With my luggage bag standing behined the stall door, I sat down and started to pee....and pee. When I'm holding a lot- and I was holding a LOT- I'll close my eyes and block out everything for awhile and just concentrate on the euphoric feeling of peeing. (It's not an out-of-body experience but darn close.) I never rush it, I'll just let it flow naturally into the center of the water When my bladder is full it just pours and pours and pours ad infinitum before cutting itself off. Then I sit there and relax, sometimes up to a full minute, before the pee tap is turned back on, then it's back to going and going and going. Anyway I had been going at it for maybe two minutes- how long I don't know exactly -and naturally stalls to either side are opening and closing as women are relieving themselves and running dry, when I heard the sound of the stall door next to me open up and the distict sound of a young mother with a southern drawl and her young daughter come in. (Congratulations to them as there was a small finite amount of space in that airport restoom stall.)

The poor kid was desperate and took her turn first, and within normal parameters I was impressed. She probably peed a close to a forty-five seconds and at a much higher velocity than myself. When she tapered to a stop her mother said, "you DID have to go Michelle." Then they switched seats and the mother started up at a flow much more similiar to mine, and I had fun sort of eavesdroping on them from the other side of the divider. The women peed, and to my surprise, kept on peeing past the usual little thirty second piddles a majority of women seem to do. In fact she kept right on- as did I- right past her daughter's mark without batting an eye, splattering away. (My stream meanwhile cut-off again and I allowed my self time to wait a little before turning it back on.) I look down at my wristwatch and thirty, forty-five, sixty seconds pass and this woman continued to pee. (I started back up.) Then it happened, "Mommy when can we leave?" Oh this was getting interesting. "Now Michelle, you had to really go, remember? It was your turn now it's Mommy's." Kids are really restless and traveling with them puts added stress on the parents.

Anyway, this mother started to demonstrate some real bladder size and peeing ability. With me on her left side, her impatient daughter standing before her, she kept splattering away with no end in sight. More time went by before I heard the inevitable, "Mommy I want to leave now." "Shhh Michelle, we'll leave when Mommy is done." "When will that be?" Then the conversation really started to perk my attention. "In a while. Mommy's been sitting on a plane for a long time so she's holding an awful lot. Remember how bad you had to wee-wee?" Then the segway I knew was coming, but with a surprise I didn't see coming. "How come you can wee-wee so much?" "Well Mommy is a lot bigger than you. See? When you're all grown up you'll take grown up wee-wees." Good answer I thought which only answered it by half (with more to come.) She and I continued to pee, strangers seperated by a metal divider. Over on the other side, a woman came and left. "Mommy she's GONE." "Shhh Michelle."
"But she didn't wee-wee as much." "Well maybe her 'pee -holder' (bladder) can't hold as much. Remember when I said there were tall people and short people, and people with blonde hair and red hair?" This was an educational lesson in how to communicate with young daughters. She continued, "some ladies have little tiny 'pee holders'and when they go they go little tiny wee-wees, and there are other ladies with big-big 'pee-holders' and when they go they go, they go wee-wee...wee-wee....
wee-wee..." It became a little educational game. "Which one do you have Mommy?" As she was still peeing away with a very steady stream I would have thought the child could have made her own conclusion."Mommy has a great-great big 'pee-holder' so when she really has to go she goes and goes and goes..." She tickled the daughter and, bingo, a restless child became a tame one and one interested in this private bodily function.

One last thing, children have a much lowered threshold of modesty. To my infinite surprise, she kept peeing as mine started to change into a prolonged gush and piddle mode. By this time the other side had changed several times, minimum. Somehow my peeing style must have caught the daughter's attention. In a loud voice she said "Mommy, that lady can wee-wee as long as you!" Horrified, the mother told her "Michelle, you don't point out how long a lady wee-wees." I just could not take another moment and spoke right throught the stall divider, "hey, that's all right. I am a girl's recreactional supervisor and that was a beautiful biology lesson you gave." She thanked me through the sounds of pee. I added, "I especially enjoyed the part about ladies with big-big 'pee-holders.' I'm like you, I can relate." I let out a bigger push to demonstrate that I was still going. "You poor thing, your one like me that goes and goes forever like the Energizer Bunny." Not to overdramatize the story but my ego HAD to add, "Going at it before you two arived." " Lordee, you must be able to fill ponds!" (That was so funny.)

I estimate about a minute fifteen later her stream came to a conclusion without the hyper-prolonged splatter-splatter dribble-dribble that always pushes my total pee times stratospheric. She had to have gone a good six and-a-half to seven minutes of solid peeing. As she took a tissue and flushed, she called over to me "good luck, I hope you finally finish sometime." Through my splatter-splatter, dribble-dribble, I called out, "thanks. I'm still working on it; I'll empty completely sometime this afternoon. Say 'hi' to your daughter Michelle for me." As she was closing the stall door she let out a "Lordee, you must be able to fill ponds!"

'Till next time.

Tim (and Sarah)
Jaime: Thanks for your words. I hope you also liked the second part of our little adventure ;-). I liked your stories as well, especially the one about your hubby at hospital (although his accident sounded very bad!). It reminded me of a similar situation between Sarah and me, which she recalls better, but I believe her what she said ;-). I was very tired and under drugs after an operation. I complained all the time about needing to wee, but when the nurse tried to help me with the bottle, I could not go. After a few times they got rather impatient with me, lol. Next time I expressed my urge, Sarah took the bottle and held my penis into it. It took a bit, but she said after a little while I finally peed a long stream. I thanked her for being so patient and told her she was a very nice nurse, who reminded me of my wife, LOL! I can't recall it completely and Sarah says it was probably wishful thinking I rather wanted a nurse to help me. I think it's prove enough that I was really able to relax, when she helped me rather than a nurse, which I would always prefer. She's just teasing, anyway. Looking forward to more of your stories.

Does anybody have some funny stories about kids? I had a laugh last week, when I took my son and my nephews to the playground: On the way back from the park my son(6) and my older nephew (nearly 4) had to pee. My younger nephew is 17 months and still goes into his nappies. There were no toilets around so I took them behind some bushes. My son pulled his pants down, held his wiener and started streaming a proud arch into the bushes. I was busy helping my nephew, who was wearing an overall. My younger nephew watched fascinated while his cousin showed him how big boys pee. Suddenly I heard a very worried "Daddy!!!". I looked up and my little nephew held held his hand into the pee stream! I quickly pulled him back, but he started to cry, cause I took his new toy from him. I comforted him with one hand, while I held all the strings and excess fabric out of the wee of my other nephew ( I have to remind my wife's sister to provide him with more sensible pants ) and calmed my shocked and disgusted son down by telling him his little cousin was just a baby ( I think he was exaggerating a bit, as he can be quite little piggy himself, sigh)...That little rascal dried his hand on my shirt, before he was busy with the next mischief...Bag of fleas...LOL

Sunday, May 22, 2005

my 2 cents...

i got a salad for lunch from a fast food restaurant. my friend got pizza, after work we went shopping, we were half way done and my stomach started to rumble. i thought it was just gas in my stomach. then i really felt sick i ran to the potty and "blew it up in there" pretty bad, but i felt better.
on the way home i started to feel sick again. we pulled into my driveway just in time, i opened the door stood up, and puked my brains out. my poor friend held my hair back. again i felt better. i ended up on the toilet for days, with my head in a bucket and ass on the bowl. i have not since gone to that fast food place again!

word to your mother!

Tara K.
Hi everyone!

The other day I was scheduled to attend a very important company meeting in DC. So me an a couple of co-workers agreed om carpooling. Sara agreed that she would drive but the other 3 of us would pay for the gas for her SUV.

I woke up very very the morning of the meeting, and before I knew it Sara was calling on her cell stating she had already picked the other to ladies up and was around the corner from my house it get me. I basically ready to go but I really needed to take a shit before I left. But it was no time, so I got in the vehicle and off we went. About 10 mintues later gas was really building up in my ass, but we couldn't stop because we were running late. I did obvious, I tried to sneak a FART a out on the "DL" to relieve the pressure. OMG, if was so warm as it surfaces between my thighs and out my skirt and stocking..........I was panicing cause I knew it was really smelly.......and cracking the window didn't help, it was too strong smelling. In no time everyone was gaging, and sticking they head out the window. I WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO EMBARRASSED, and I had others to let loose as well. I figured what the hell, let them go as will...........
Sara asked what did I eat the night begfore, (TACO BELL).....

The first chance I got to go to the bathroom, I did...........I ass was so sore afterwards (felled like I been ?????????????? for hours).........


Frogdog: I imagine restaurants would have the most crappiong going on in their restrooms, because of the relaxed atmosphere and the fact that a lot of poeple have to poop right after a meal.

ya know, just reading these funny stories just makes me have to go potty!!

thanks for the laughs

What up?
I'm 19, 6'1", weigh 190 lbs., have blue eyes, brown hair, and i love to lift, spin turntables, and just like to live life to the fullest partying and having fun. I just found this site out 2 days ago and i'm hooked, i love how people aren't ashamed to talk about sh@tting; especially girls. I would of never known that girls have stories like these and are open to talk about them. Every girl that i have been with or friends with NEVER talks about their bathroom experiences; it's just something that has never came up. The thing that is sexy about hearing women talk about poopin' is because its somehting that is never discussed and is kinda not accepted in our society. I always have friends saying ewwww man girls don't poop and ohhh thats so fu%kin' gross, but i think it's hot. I think that if you can poo infront of your girl, or vise versa, then that shows how comfortable you are together. I like all of the stories and if this post makes it, i'll comment more often about all of the stories i read and like on this site. It took me a while to finally decide and post something up because i was a little afraid to say something. But i figured what the hell, if people talk openly about droppin' a deuce, then i can comment about how tight this site is. Well nice to meet you all, hope to hear more good stories, and hopefully talk to some of you on this site.



I've been visiting this site for the last three years but I've
never had the courage to post until now. I'm a letter carrier,
male, 47 years old, 6'0", 190 pounds. Usually I have to take a dump
within a half hour after my first cup of coffee in the morning, and
today was no exeption. After my first cup of coffee (while still ar
home), I took the sports section of the paper with me and headed for
the bathroom. I pulled my pants and underwear to my knees and sat
on the toilet. After peeing a good stream, I leafed thru the paper
until I found the Cubs story. I began pushing, and a nice, thick
long load began coming out my ass. After about 10 seconds, the end
of it came out with a plop. I finished reading the sports section,
then wiped my ass. I stood up and looked in the toilet, and saw
a nice, 18 inch snake that looked like the letter "J", which is the
first letter of my name.

Well, this may not be the greatest story, but I hope it's
not bad for my first time.

Good crapping, everone

I'm new here,and I like peeing stories.
Diva-I loved your "spend a penny" story! It's kinda weird how the English are different! =B

My boyfriend and I were riding in a car and my boyfriend said"I have to pee real bad" and we were stuck in a traffic jam.30 minutes later he says Rosey, could you and me switch places?" I of course agreed.He was squeezeing his penis and said"Rosey pull over I've got to pee NOW" and so I pulled over and he hurried over to a forest and I followed him and he tried to unzip his pants so he let go of his penis and a small wet spot appeared and he said"Damn Rosey if I let go of my dick I'll wet myself can you help me?"I took his pants down and his undies and held his penis, the second I took it out he gasped in relief and procceded to pee.we got back in the car.20 minutes later he had to pee again.Traffic was moving, and there was no place to go.All I could find was a coke can (those tiny ones) that was half filled. I did the same thing that I did at the tree, and he peed in the can.20 seconds later the can started overflowing, and he was in mid-stream.He held it and said"Rosey hurry find something I really gotta pee!"I found this bottle and drank as fast at I could then he said"Doesn't matter help me fast!"His pee started on the seat and then I grabbed his penis and stuck it in the bottle.(tiny one again, those juice thing ones)It overflowed again and he couldn't stop so it got on the seat and my hand(eww)and he said find something else!"I founda bunch of napkins and rolled it up in a ball, took the overflowing bottle away and put it in front of his penis.Itturned yellow, then he was done.When he took me home, he kissed me.I think that was a little secret no one knew until today.

we went swiming before this.
I remember the time were I was with my sis and her daughter. She said"Momma I gotta pee Momma"and My sis said"can you hold it?" and she shook her head.She asked"Rose, can you search for something?" all I could find was an extra towel.I said to her"this is all I could find!"My sis sid that will do" and gave it to her.She scrunched it in a ball thingy, and stuckin in her crotch.I think she was peeing, it's hard to tell when people wear bathing suits.After a few seconds she said Momma I'm done" she gave it to her,it had a wet spot on it.She put it away.Few minutes later, my sis said"Momma's gotta potty too Rose could we switch seats?"we switched seats, she took her towel off, and she stuckin in her crotch.Still, hard to tell.(I didn't have to use a "towel" I don't like coffee)I guess it's something they do.

I'd post more but look how big this is! Next post um, about now!

=B Rosey =B

Hi everyone,

It's been a while since I have posted, but after what I saw yesterday I have to share with y'all.

So I'm at the reference Library here doing some research yesterday and I get my usual 12 noon need to shit. I head to the nearest can and just ahead of me is this man probably in his late sixites. He is panting and trying to move fast. We both enter the can and it is packed with guys waiitng to use the stalls. He turns, swears to himself and hightails it out. I follow him and we both catch an elevator up to the second floor to check out those washrooms. We enter the 2nd can and both stalls are occupied. He turns to me, swears, and then goes back to the elevator. I follow and we get in the elevator that is empty. I looked at him and say, "I think we're heading to the same place". He smiles and laughs a bit, and then grimaces, "I'm in a rush to get there" then he farted loudy and apologized. We get to the third floor and yet again both stalls are full. This time he turns and says, "I'm getting in trouble here". He is shifting back and forth and the guys in thestalls are both starting to wipe and getting ready to leave. The old guy looks back at me with his face grimaced and says, "I should of found a place to go before it ot this bad" Just as the one stall was being vacated, he grabbed his cane to walk into the stall and let loose with a mammoth fart and filled his pants right there, swearing as he did it. He shuffled into the stall and closed the door trying to get his pants down.

With the other stall now vacant I went in, wiped the seat and sat down and let loose. i could hear the old guy panting anbreathing heavy and finally he got himself seated (his butt was probably filled with shit by now) and he let loose into the bowl with a big moan. "Finally made it uh?" i called to him. He moaned again as he pushed out some more and said "Well almost, I've got a mess in the seat of shorts to clean up now. i took a laxative yesterday night and it kicked in on the subway. I should have stopped at a restaurant and relieved myself then but I thought I would make it. I guess I should know by know that when a guy my age takes a laxative it's tricky business!!" We sat thre shitting together and he went on about the problems with restaurants not letting you use their toilets. After I was done I asked if he needed some paper towel or anything to clean up with. He thanked me and said "yes" and thenunlocked his door.

I found some towel and wet it and then took it to him. Poor guy was on the can breathing heavy trying to wipe out his shorts with toilet paper. "Hell of thing" he said - obviously embarrassed. I got him some more towel and then asked if he needed anything else. He said..."Younger bowels"

At least he had a good sense of humor about it.


I did not post here in quite some time so I want to share my constipation stories with everyone out there. I have been constipated for 4 days now and everything that I took to relieve my constipation problem did not work. I took Citrate of Magnesia, Senokot, Suppositories, nothing! It was hurting my colon and felt very irritable along with nausia. I tried a Fleets enema and it worked but not much. I did not know what to do??? I told a good buddy of mine my problem and he suggested that I take a good soap suds enema. He told me he has a enema bag and that I should go and purchase a enema bag from the local pharmacy. I told him that I had a enema many years ago when I was 12 years old and I am now 26. I told him I was not familiar in using a enema bag with soap suds well, he showed me how to do it as he demonistrated this on himself and told me to watch him do it. So I did and I tried it myself and boy to tell you the truth it worked. I felt soooo much better after that enema that I now believe enemas are the best thing to relieve constipation. They make you feel like a new person inside you and whatever fecal matter you have inside your colon is washed out. It's like having your clothes washed. I say the way you take a bath or a shower outside your body, you do the same inside your body. You bathe it...So if anyone out there is afraid of a enema or is reluctant on taking a enema, don't be it brings relief big time.

So thats it for me I'll post more at another time

bye for now

Friday, May 20, 2005

Blue Rizla Girl
I had a great idea for a combined toilet/shower stall. It would consist basically of a French-style toilet, with a plastic tray which would fold down to stand on for showering.

The common type of French toilet I have seen has a shallow porcelain basin about 10cm. deep set into the floor, with two raised platforms for your feet, and a drain hole about 10cm. across going down to the U-bend just behind and between them, which is positioned right under your arsehole when you take a shit {you face towards the stall door}. So there is a drainage trough in the shape like a square-ish figure of 8 on its side. This can catch even a really strong, gushing piss and keep it well away from your feet. The two foot islands have a slightly rough surface so you can get a proper grip with either shoes or bare feet. The flush is fed directly from the mains, through a push-button valve, and squirts out of a flat fan-shaped jet in the middle at the back. This flushes all around the trough and washes straight down the hole.

If you have never used one of these toilets, you might wonder how anybody manages. In fact, it's the most completely natural thing in the world: when you are in the correct position, with your feet flat on the two platforms and your arsehole over the drain, your shit eases itself out completely effortlessly. I *put up with* poohing in sit-down toilets for hygiene reasons, but I actually *enjoy* using this type of toilet. It's a real shame we don't see them this side of the Channel. They look like they would be vandal-proof, and probably would be quicker to use too -- meaning shorter queues.

Now you *could* just use this toilet for a shower basin; but you would have to keep your feet still, and you could not really use solid soap for fear of dropping it down the hole. So my idea would be to have a plastic tray, hinged so as to fold down when you take a shower, with moulded-in lines and channels for rigidity and grip, and a drain hole going straight down into the trough of the toilet. When you wanted to use the toilet you would just fold the tray up out of the way, squat over the hole, and do your business. If the shower rose was detachable with a long enough hose, you could even use it to clean your hole -- much better than dry TP! The shower could also be used for handwashing, maybe with a simple little basin {again draining straight into the toilet} so as to prevent splashing your clothes.

The main problem I can think of is that these things do sink down quite some way into the floor, so I don't know if you could install one upstairs {in Britain, the sewer pipe is nearly always outside the house and the outlet from an upstairs toilet must go through the wall; I don't know much about other countries}. All the ones I have ever seen have been in places like camp site facility blocks, public toilets, bars and restaurants, and have invariably been at ground level. Another, smaller problem is, I don't think you could use it for a standing piddle -- even a bloke would have to squat, else it would go everywhere. {Can any other readers with experience of seatless toilets confirm / deny this?}

Mr. Clogs
Hello everybody, I've got a quick post. Usually my poop doesn't smell that bad, but today it was down right discusting! Today like around 10:30 PM or so, I needed to use the toilet after I felt the pressuring building up in my stomach, I was also passing some really bad gas (it must of been the rice and chili from lunch)! I quicky ran to the bathroom, pulled down my sweat pants and undies and sat on the toilet to let nature handle its business. I sat for about 15 mins. until I felt better. Then I wiped up the messy poop from between my butt cheeks and pulled up my underwear ans sweat pants, washed up and sprayed some air freshner in the bathroom. Take care and have a nice day. Please post stories about people relieving themselves in strange places and things please.

My name is Jason, I am 19, 5'11, and about 135lbs. I just found out that my best friend, Lily, likes to poop her pants. I've known her since we were about 12 and even went out with her for a few months during out junior year of high school(about 3 years ago), and I never knew this about her! I went over to her apartment earlier today, and knocked on the door. She yelled out to me to come on in, and I found out she was in the bathroom. When she came out I needed to go, so I went in. Suprisingly I spotted, right by the hamper of dirty clothes, a pair of her underwear. I picked them up to put them in her hamper when I noticed the back of them was damp, I turned them around and there was a big, wet, brown stain on them, along with some old, faded stains that looked like they'd been there a while. I flushed the toilet, and took the pair of underwear out to her and questioned her about it. After a long, awkward silence, she started to open up to me and told me that she liked pooping her pants. I didn't know what to think! Here's somebody whom I've known for 7 years, telling me something that I should find gross, but I understand that I should not judge her, and that she is old enough to make her own decisions. I let her know that I wouldn't tell anyone or make her feel bad about it, and she seemed a lot happier when I told her that.

I would like if people could post outhouse stories or outdoors stories port a potty stories thanks

I'm 14 years old and my brother found this site and keeps telling me to post a story =P Anyways I HATE PUBLIC RESTROOMS, they are soo disgusting
especially ones at convienence stores. So my mom and I were going to this farm in the middle of the country cause her friends live there or something and needed help that weekend. But it's a two hour drive and there are no stores at all, like anywhere only some crappy gas stations every so often. I pretty much had to poop the whole ride but I didn't say anything cause I wasn't desperate or anything, finally my mom said she was going to stop and use the restroom (at the grossest oldest country store ever). She went into the bathroom and then came out and told me that the toilet wasn't very clean and that she would hold it until she got to the farm. I on the other hand got out of the car when she went in and the feeling to poop got worse. I told her I had to go poop really bad and she said "well if you can't hold it then go" so I walked into store and was kinda grossed out because the guy that worked there said "hey there pretty lady" when I came in and he was like 40,eww. So I walked into the girls bathroom and my mom was right it was sick there was a pile of crap in the corner of the bathroom and there were like poop smears on the toilet seat. By this point I could feel the poop poking out of my butt and I had a wedgie from riding in the car so long, I knew I would have a stain. I looked in the little paper sanitizer thing and it was empty! There was no way I was going to sit on that seat. I pulled my jeans down and slid my underwear out of my crack and looked, there was a small soft blob of brown poop in my panties. I didn't really care, I had to go! I thought about just standing over the toilet and letting it out but then I thought about the splash and how weird it would feel standing up. Luckily they were fully stocked with paper towels =P I grabbed a bunch of them and layed them on the one clean spot right in front of the door. I crouched down and tried to poop it was so hard and it felt so wrong doing this, nothing would come out and crouching was starting to hurt so I got on my knees and bent on my hands forward and pushed as hard as I could, I'm sure I made some kind of grunting noise. I started to pee and suprisingly enough it missed the paper towels, I didn't care though that bathroom was gross enough, I farted really loudly and then the poop started poking out of my butt again, I pushed the first log out and then farted a few more time, then pushed another one out it landed on top of the first one. The last one poked out but no matter how hard I pushed it wouldn't come out, I actually had to grab a paper towel (cause the toilet paper had this yellow stain on it that I wasn't even going to question) and had to wipe it out which smeared it up my buttcrack. I grabbed a few more paper towels and wiped, one of them ripped while I was wiping and I got poop on some of my fingers. I wiped until there was abosolutely no brown left on the paper. I picked up the pile of paper towels with poop on them and dumped them all in the garbage, then washed my hands as best as I could, put on my jeans (by themselves cause my panties had crap in them, and then got into the car
my mom asked me if I went poop. I answered "no it was too dirty" she didn't know why I was gone for 15 minutes but she didn't ask. We drove for about 45 more minutes and my mom couldn't hold her bladder anymore she said she needed to get to a bathroom fast, and then I heard her say "oh ??????????????" and I glanced at her pants for a second and saw that she had soaked herself with pee.

Going on the floor is way better than waiting and having an accident in your underwear. I'll post if I have anymore interesting stories
cause pretty much I just pull my pants down sit on the pot pee, fart, poop, wipe, and I'm done. Nothing abnormal. Ok well I won't take anymore of your time cause this was a long ass story.

Jim D
Anyone here ever get caught in the middle of taking a shit outside?

One time, while on vacation with some friends in college, we went to the beach and hiked to this desolate location. We built a fire and drank beer and ate chips and stuff. Lots of fun. So, in the middle of our festivities, I felt a case of the shits coming on. I tried to ignore it, but it got pretty bad, so I started looking for someplace to pop a squat.

I saw a fence and a patch of reeds popping up in the distance and headed that way. My friends asked where I was going, and I said I had to answer nature's call. I headed over to the reeds. It was a small patch of them, but thick enough to shield me from my friends. Every other direction was wide open, but I didn't see anyone else.

I unbuckled my belt and unzipped my jeans and pushed them and my boxers down to me knees and squatted. Semi-soft glop started pouring out of me when six of my friends (three guys, three girls) lept in front of me and yelled. A couple of them took pictures with their digital cameras.

I yelled, "Holy ???!" I was more startled than embarrassed. I laughed, but was a bit mortified. Not the greatest position, you know? Bare assed with diarrhea gushing out of you and surrounded by your peers. I told them to get lost and let me finish in peace and surprisingly they did. A few squirts and farts later, and I was done.

It was then, of course, that I realized I had nothing to wipe my ass with! Let's just say neither my ass or my boxers were in the best shape when we got back to our cabana.

Within three days of getting home, pictures of me, bare assed and staring wide-eyes at the camera were circulating among my friends. At least they didn't capture the pile of shit beneath my ass.

No Name
Hi I am a girl, I dont feel compfortible saying my name but i will still post my story

Yesturday, I ate some good meals, some hamburgers and french fries, with a side of some tastly salad, after before we left the resturaunt I excused myself to the washroom, my stomach felt like direhha cramps, so i went to the washroom, seeing that there where 4 other girls in there fixing there make-up and one of there friends going pee, I decided to wait, I could tell the girls werent that nice of girls and they had attitude, so I waited before I went to the washroom, I was holding my direhha in my butt witch was really hard, then one of the girls in a very mean voice said, there is 1 stall open go in it, duh! I said, well ok, I slowly walked in and the girls remained silent, I sat down and tried to just go pee first but I accedently let go and filled the toilet up with direhha and the girls where so discusted, I was so emmbarresd, when they where gone, no one else was in there, when I thought I was done, I stood up to wipe and noticed there was no toilet paper, I went to the stall beside me but none there either, I was so scared, so I just pulled my pants up and went back in the resturant, people where saying I stunk very badly, then i went home and showerd!

Irish Sarah
I'm a midwife working in a busy London hospital, the shift work plays havoc with the BM routine and I normally have to take a shit when I get both the urge or the time. This morning was pretty normal, I got onto the ward for a 7am shift, the only staff toilets is one stall in the changing room, I needed a shit straight off but the stall was in use, it turned out to be a colleague Eileash, I asked her if she was going to be long, and she said that she really needed a good clear out and was going to be a while. It was getting desperate, at the moment another colleague Jude came in, "need a shit?" i asked, she replied that she needed it badly, we made a run for the staff canteen toilets, took adjacent cubicles, and noth took long big shits before heading back to the ward, already in trouble for starting late. Eileash finally joined us ten minutes later advising us not to go into the changing rooms for a while to let the smell die down

To;Bubba- Thanks, guy....glad to make your day. Oh, yeah...many the time men and women both have commented about Jill's piss power. I have mentioned several incidents throughout my submissions to this site about the amazed look some folks get while watching or hearing her take a long, loud, hissing pee.

Her stream is remarkable. It still fascinates me as to how big a female urethra can expand when pushed by great Kegel's. When Jill is full ( after work, after lot's of fluid, and especially , first thing in the morning) I can put my hand across her belly and sometimes give a teasing push. She resisits with extreme counter muscle strength. It is like a solid rock when she pushes, and the pressure and length of time that she can go really blows the average bladder folks away!!

As I said, it is the visual or even the ability to hear the subtle changes her bladder and urethra make during the time of the pee.

At first, it blasts out with a high pressure hiss that is deafining! The stream comes out like a fire pumper truck at full throttle. It usually holds at around an inch to an inch and a half wide, and the hiss can be heard down the hall from a closed door bathroom!

She will often start and stop during as well.Just when you think that tank is empty, another push results in more hissing and the stream once again widening and spraying with force.

It is so cool at the end to listen to sometimes just air hissing out of her. The Kegel's are so strong that not only every drop is drained, but a 8-10 second hiss of air, or even sometimes several of these continue.

Lot's of other women come out laughing and kidding her about her talents. I know the guys at work have to be enjoying their new employee. Like I said, the door is paper thin, there is no fan or other noise muffler...just resonance!!!

I am also interested as you are, Bubba to hear from other women who really can pee, espacially at work, and even better, when others, especially men can hear them.

There is nothing like the sight of a full, desperate woman forcing piss out- make it a wonderful day!! Mick

TO Jessica's tales:

I just noticed your post about your activities in your college off campus apartment... I just wanted to say that I did something similar when I was in highschool.
Being a "latch-key-kid", my home was empty for most of the day. For a while, I put big plastic bags (& some Tupperware bowls I secretly bought specifically for this) around the place so I could just 'go' pretty much wherever I wanted to. Besides the floor, I even 'fertilized' the soil of a couple of large potted plants we kept in the living room a few times. Great fun, but I made sure my plant pot BM's were small & solid turds since I would usually bury them 6 or 7 inches in down into the soil.
My 'potty-days' (as I called them) were always enjoyable. I think about them to this very day...

Unlike your situation of course, my parents were still very much in the household so I took extreme care to plan those days when I could have my fun... Usually on those evenings when they went out visit friends across town or Teacher Activity days when I would get the day off from school & have the whole house to myself for nearly the entire day.

Eventually I stopped my 'potty-days', partly because I simply became bored, but mostly because my parents began to notice the odd 'aroma' in the house. They thought it was something wrong with the plumbing though, and never once looked to me.



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