Last summer at summer school wich I take for the next year to get it over with, I had a pretty strange experiance. I was going to go to the pool after summer school with some of my friends. So I was wearing my swimsuit under my clothes. The problem was that it started storming outside and that pretty much ruined our pool thing. When I went out to the parking lot to get in my car my bowels made a sound and I felt like a large fart was comming on. Since I was not around anyone at the time, I thought that I might as well give it a good push and make a good fart. I pushed and a huge wet fart shot into my swimsuit. At this point I felt that it was going to be pretty bad. I just got in the car and drove to the store where I piked up a few things. At the store I got this other huge pain and I farted again. At this point my swimsuit was stained and I had to go to the bathroom really badly. To my absolute luke, the bathrooms were closed at the store. I still had things to get, so I went into the changing rooms in the clothes department and put a maxi pad in my swimsuit just to catch the wet farts I was giving off. My swimsuit had a huge stain but it did not show throug. While in the changing room with my pad on, to have some privacy I farted to let of some more pain. A little juicy poop came out, but the pad easily held it. I went on with the shopping feeling a little better. Then my eyes cought hold of the diaper isle. My light bulb in my head went off and I went over and got a package of Goodnites that I have heard good things about on this sight. I would feel strange putting on an adult diaper. But Goodnites are just a little more my style. After I paid I went back to the changing rooms and put the Goodnite on. I then walked out to my car and sat down. After I was sitting in the car, I raised up off the seat a little and just let the liquidy poop come out. It felt so good, the weight was off my shoulders. When I was done I drove off and went through Burger King and got lunch and went home and got cleaned up. It was really nice and I thought it was fun. So now with the rest of the Goodnites I am just kind of going in them for fun. I also wear them out when I do not want to use public restrooms. I just go and move on.

this one was from last friday. well today I was shopping at K mart and bought a whole bunch of of shorts and stuff, and yeah, ; for the gal who usually doesn't wear dresses or skirts that often; a totally killer little route 66 denim plus-sized mini-skirt with hot little flares all around the bottom [ Ooooooh! so "slutty", baby -:P] anyway, hell, I had not peed since way back at K mart about 5:30 PM when I went to the ladies' room. well, I got home after driving around and screaming along to KITTIE, a canadian goth-metal band, like a little teeny "chickster" would, and went home. then after unpacking, drinking 2-20 oz mugs of iced coffee, then another two more of those; along with a 20 oz mug of orange juice and the same of pink lemonade[what's that like a gallon of fluids! k-mart was hot, no A/C on yet, nasty, sweaty and hot enough to melt my eye shadow and stuff! so it all went down easy and mostly stayed in me!]I finally ate my salad and two chicken burgers with the OJ and lemonade of course and while reading this townie paper in my new skirt, I finally had to "go to the bathroom" at 12 midnight! I walked in and after shutting the door, lifted the lid. then I took my hands and began to lift my new "plussy-sized" mini just enough to get at my undies. I pulled them down, sort of wiggling them a bit down below my knees; and then, lifted that denim skirt up waist high to expose my brown haired neatly-trimmed twat. sitting down on the toilet seat with my legs open and yeah, mirror in hand, I watched and maybe 10 secs later; out came this nice easy, but steady stream of yellow urine from my labia's lips as it just dropped straight down, but a little toward my left leg, and tinkled into the toilet bowl's clear water! at first it was thin[well average] looking but then widened into a yellow blade after maybe 10 secs. and bagen to make foam bubbles upon mixing with the water in the front [ 1/3 of the way back] then it again thinned out but continued, got about 1/2 " wide for a few seconds before thinning out as I finished urinating and the tinkle sound stopped about 35 secs later. I say for a few more secs. and yes, a little bit more came out very slowly; a few intensely yellowish dribbles which gently piddled into the water in 2-3 more bursts and after 10 secs max; I was done, hon! then I took some paper and wiped my twat, dropped that in between my legs as I got up to pull up my undies. then I pulled my mini-skirt down and fixed it and my undies. [actually, ya know, it may have been easier to just unbutton/unzip it and drop it as it has a front zipper! LOL] while doing that, I looked at all my foamy bright yellow urine in the bowl's water; some foam toward the front and the rest scattered all around in many patches of bubbly , scuzzy looking " foamies" from where I had tinkled into the water. I then flushed the whole bubbly mess down and watched as it swirled away! "kewl!" [ don't you just love it when someone before you leaves their " pissy, scummy, mess" in the bowl like the girl before me obviously did at K mart! LOL " you F***in skanky ass ????!"]

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Princess of Poop
One day when I was babysitting my nephew Daniel when he was about four months old. He smelled bad when he woke up from his nap, so I laid him down in the middle of the living room floor to check his diaper. I had a box of tissues sitting next to us since my sister forgot to pack the wipes. When I opened the sides of the diaper, a single, perfectly round piece of poo rolled across the floor. I grabbed a few tissues and went to retrieve the "meatball". The powder room was just a few steps away so I threw the dookey-tissues in the toilet and flushed. When I turned around, Daniel had rolled over onto his ???? with his poopy butt in the air and was surrounded by tissues. He continued to pull out one tissue at a time and toss it into the air. It was hilarious to watch so I didn't stop him. When he pulled the last tissue out of the box, he sneezed! I started laughing hysterically. My dad heard me and came into the room. He was mad that I let Daniel waste tissues so he started shoving the tissues back into the box... until he dicovered Daniel's dirty diaper under the pile. He then tossed them into the trash can mumbling under his breath about wasting money. I would gladly waste another $1.29 to get this on video!

Beach Life is Great but we need a combo toilet & shower
We just bought this outrageous beach house. It has a very small guest house out back (converted from a garage). The previous owner put a toilet INSIDE the shower to conserve space. It really worked for a number of years, but now I want to update the space.

At first, I was put off by the idea of a toilet inside a stall shower. But as I try to renovate this small space, I keep returning to the same conclusion...that it is better to save space. Note:the toilet takes up almost all the floor space of the shower stall.

Here is my quesetion: Are there any off-the-shelf combination toilet/showers? With a retractable seat? Perhaps it would be used in a boat or other places where space is at a premium.

Living in Paradise

please more peeing topics?

jessica (and sarah)
Just last week Sarah and i were at the beach. There was only one disgusting outhouse, and we both absolutely refused to use it. so we had a lot to drink, played in the water, ran around, etc. finally we REALLY had to use the bathroom. I was desperate to poop, and she to pee. We both didn't know what to do about this, though, and so we just held it longer and longer. Finally sarah was holding herself and sqatting and crying that she was about to have an accident in her bikini. I told her to just go and pee in the ocean, but she refused, saying that if she moved she'd have an accident. Well, i told her that she was being stupid, and because she had begun to squirt pee into her bikini she started running for the water so that people wouldn't notice that she was peeing herself. Sarah made it, and continued her pee in the water. now, i was happy that she was feeling better now and wasn't desperate, but i was desperate and didn't want to poop in either the ocean or the outhouse. Sarah suggested that we start walking home and i could poop there. I agreed, and we quickly packed up and started walking home. We got about 2 blocks from home when i realized i was about to have an accident in my bikini. I pushed out one log into my bikini, and though i still had much more to go i could tell that it was looser, and didn't want to soil my bikini even more than it currentally was. I bent over, desperate to not shit myself. Then sarah saw it! About 20 feet away there was a group of bushes and nobody was there! i ran to it, pulled down my bikini and started shitting. i pushed out three extremely thick long logs, then about three loose logs, then i sprayed around some diarrhea. finally i was done. i pulled the previous log out of my pants, and my bikini was actually in remarkably good condition.

Just asking...
I'm just curious what you you guys think of this. I'd like to hear from both guys and girls opinions. I was at the mall yesterday when I went to the Men's room. I was in a stall taking a badly needed dump when I heard a ladies voice. She was saying "Yoo-hooo does anyone mind if we use the bathroom, the ladies room is out of order." I just yelled back sure come on in. It didn't bother me ot anything. There were plenty of stalls. The two girls went into stalls and one peed quickly and then went over to the other stall with her friend. You could tell she was trying to poop. The other girl was trying o talk to her but you could cearly hear her grunting and straining. As I finished up and flushed she was still in there. I washed my hands and opened the door but I didn't leave. I wanted to hear more. The girl on the toilet complained about her cramps and said she still had to go. The other girl was telling her to rub her ???? and try and relax. (By the way, Does that work, rubbing your ?????)Finally another couple guys walked in so I left. I wonder how they left the bathroom. Would they wait for it to be empty or just walk out.
Now my question is if it's "OK" for girls to sneak into the men's room if their's is out of order or has long lines, I could only imagine what would happen if a dude did that. He would be considered a pervert or something. What is your opinion.

This happened a few years ago, although I remember it well.
I was co-captain of the cheerleaders in high school. One morning, I got up sort of early to finish an English Lit paper. I showered and dressed (it was a game day, so I had to wear my cheerleading uniform to classes), but didn't eat breakfast because I wanted to work on my paper. By the time I printed out the paper and got to school, I was REALLY hungry. My first period teacher happened to bring in a box of donuts because our entire class did well on the most recent math exam. I never ate that kind of thing because I was worried about gaining weight, and also because the last few times I'd eaten donuts, my ???? did NOT react well. But I was hungry and I knew it was gonna be a long day with the game after classes, so I ended up scarfing down three huge, greasy, sugary donuts.

Within an hour, I knew I'd made a mistake. I didn't have to go to the bathroom, but my ???? was rumbling like mad. It also got really bloated and uncomfortable. I think maybe the yeast from the donuts caused that to happen. By third period, my ???? was so bloated that I kept having to tug my cheerleading jersey down to cover it. My skirt also felt really tight and uncomfortable. I thought maybe passing gas would help; it was that kind of crampy feeling you get when you have gas, so I ducked into the bathroom between every class to sit on the toilet and rub my stomach to try to get something to move. Unfortunately, I wasn't having any luck. I sat in my classes kind of hunched over, trying to get some relief. Again, no luck.

Finally, classes ended and it was time to get ready to cheer at the game. I was still feeling majorly gassy, but couldn't get anything to happen. It was like the donuts were just sitting in my ????, expanding, but refusing to move, lol. I was in the locker room before the game, brushing my hair along with some of the other girls. My best friend noticed me grimacing and leaned over to ask what was wrong. I was embarrassed to talk about it, even with her, so I just said I wasn't feeling well and blamed it on my period being about to start. But I knew there was no way I could cheer like this, so I told the other girls to go and do some warm-ups and I'd be out in a minute. They all left and I was alone in the locker room. I sat down on the floor, legs out in front of me and held my stomach. I could feel it gurgling and churning, but nothing else.

All of a sudden, the locker room door opened and my boyfriend was there. I don't know how he managed to sneak in without getting caught, but he did. He took one look at me and rushed over to sit down beside me. My friend told him I was sick and he'd gotten worried when he didn't see me out with the other cheerleaders. I was really mortified to have him see me that way, but I felt so miserable that I hardly cared at that point. He volunteered to rub my ???? and I said I'd been doing that all day and it hadn't done s***. But he insisted, so I unbuttoned my skirt and he started massaging my ????. I still had my cheerleading bloomers on, but just having the too-tight skirt unbuttoned seemed to help. I groaned and moaned a lot because he was making it feel better, but it still hurt a lot to have someone pressing on my ????. Does that make sense? I don't know what his secret was, but after a few minutes, I was feeling somewhat better and I knew I needed to go cheer. I re-fastened my skirt and went out, making sure no one saw him leave behind me.

As soon as the game started, things got worse. The combination of jumping around and my boyfriend's massage finally made things move, and I knew I was going to have to go #2 before much longer. I made it to half-time, where I again told the other girls I'd be right back. I hurried into the bathroom and had the most horrible diarrhea ever. It was so bad that I was scared to leave the stall, in case I had to go again. My boyfriend had followed me inside the building and he was waiting for me in the hallway. He probably heard me going to the bathroom, but I don't know that for sure. I asked him to get my best friend in there, and he rushed out to get her. I told her I was really sick and asked if she could cover for me for the rest of the game. She said no problem and went out to tell the rest of the squad that I wasn't feeling well and was going home. I don't think anyone had any idea what was going on, thank god.

My boyfriend ended up driving me home, where I immediately had to use the toilet again. I KNOW he heard me that time. He was really cool about it, though. He hung around for a few hours and rubbed my ???? some more. I loved that boy!

I've got a few other good stories I'll type up later.

I recently read a detailed account of the Apollo 8 space mission, which some of you older folks may remember was the first manned mission to orbit the moon in December of 1968. On the outbound journey toward the moon, one of the 3 astronauts became quite ill. The crew hid the extent of the illness from the ground controllers, fearing they would shorten the mission. The stricken astronaut vomited AND had diarrhea all over the space capsule. For normal pooping, there was a cumbersome device employing a flange coated with glue that you had to stick on your ass, then relieve yourself into it and close it up. He evidently could not deploy that device quickly enough. It said there was feces and vomit floating all over the capsule. Keep in mind that the interior of the capsule is not much bigger than the front seat of a large car. And you can't open the window. It must have reeked. And you just know it must have got on the other 2 guys! Eventually they got it cleaned up, and went on to make history.

Scoot: The passes are to make sure that the kids don't ask to go to the bathroom every period, every day and stay in there for most of the class. Most of the teachers in the school will let you go if they see that you're desperate, just not mine. If it had been during any other one of my classes it could have been avoided. My mom is STILL coming into my room almost every ten minutes to make sure I haven't pooped myself, now that I think about it, I liked the feeling. I've been planning a staged accident since my first post, but every time I have everything perfect; me needing to poop, my mom in the next room, and a pair of old panties that I don't care about throwing away on. I lose my nerve and decide to do it tomorrow, then the next day I chicken out again. I just can't seem to poop myself on purpose.

Lazy Jenny: When you were in the 9th grade, like I am at the moment, how did you start pooping your pants, in private and then come out into the open(such as standing in your room pooping yourself, then walk out of your room and get caught), or did you poop yourself out in the open? Did it take very long to get over the fear of ridicule, or did you ever really care?

Of all the public stalls in the world, where would you say, typically, gets the most pooping action? For example, I believe the busiest public restrooms for pooping are at airports, bookstores and malls while places like supermarkets, gas stations and restaurants don't get a lot of poop traffic.

Jessica- Your stories about you and your twin sister are great, please post more. I have some questions for you remmeber being toilet trained? Did you both do your bowel movements at the same time or were they done at different times of the day. Do you both have the same type of bowel habits when you're not that I mean if one of you is a little constipated is the other of you also likely to have a hard time? Hope you come back and tell all-- JW

Hi everyone,
Can I ask, does any body work with ladies that have quirk habits when doing a number 2 at work , for instance we have somone that puts paper all over the seat, to sit on , and what 's more so fussy very neatly , also leaves it in place when she finishes. Anybody got any quirky stories, write some more soon!! Working later this morning Sat always a good day in the ladies at work

Diva - your story cracked me up! It's amazing some of the differences between the English and Americans on the vocabulary of this area. I remember when I first came to the States, I got the sternest glare from this lady when I asked to use her "toilet." She was a rather old woman, a bit "proper" about doing things, and thought I was being kind of rude by not using the "correct term" - bathroom (or maybe "powder room" in this case, eh? ;)) It took me a while to stop doing that, but fortunately most other people didn't really notice or realised what I meant! Great story, as well - you're one of my favourite posters on this site, and I always appreciate more peeing stories.

Tonight we had another mini-emergency. Jean-Luc has this weird almost-phobia about using other peoples' bathrooms. He was raised in a very strict Catholic household (although I wonder if it's a cultural thing), and taught that it's very impolite to ask to use someone's home bathroom. He had gone to his student's house (he helps tutot this girl in math occassionally), and the plan was for the girl's mother to give him a ride home, along with me, since I would be walking over later (we don't have a car at the moment, and this house was pretty far from ours). Unfortunately, the plans got mixed up, we decided to take a bus instead, and then I ended up stuck at my office with my own student, whom I couldn't really get rid of, since he needed my help pretty badly. I called Jean-Luc, explained the problem quickly, and hung up. He sounded a little tense, but it didn't seem too unusual. Eventually, I finished, and arrived at the house. When I got inside, he sort of pulled me to the side and whispered that we really HAD to get out of there, or he was going to wet his pants! This girl's mother, however, being the talkative type, kept us standing there for another fifteen minutes, and I noticed he was getting very cranky and pacing around next to me.Finally, we got out of there, and he went rushing off down the sidewalk. He finally stopped at the end of the road, where there's this park-type spot, filled with trees and a path. He barely had looked up to see if anyone was watching before unzipping, and proceeding to start having his wee right there! It was still fairly light out, and I kept an eye, but the area was nice and quiet. As soon as he got his cock out, the pee came hissing out, making a small puddle as it spread out towards the path from the grass where he was standing. The stream was very neat, and continued for about 30-40 seconds. When he was done, he gave it a shake, and put himself back together. That's when I noticed the small wet spot near the zipper, since he apparently hadn't quite made it :)

He tends to have this problem if we go to a party, and a couple of times he's actually wet his pants on the way out the door. No one notices, but I wish he wasn't so nervous about asking. Most of the time, in other situations, he doesn't care at all, but for some reason this one bugs him to no end.

Oh, and I measured my bladder capacity the other day (not completely "exploding," mind you, after reading your replies to my question about that. In fact, I've been a little extra cautious about letting it go too long since then!) It's around 800 mL, which seems less than I would've thought, although not too bad, eh? ;)


I haven't been posting for a while, because I haven't had any good stories, but I've been keeping up. But if you don't know me I'm a 16 y/o female, brown hair/eyes, 5'4, 130 lbs.

On Wednesday, my boyfriend was driving me home from his house that night, when I looked at him and noticed that one hand kept on kneading the front of his pants. I asked him if he was all right and he just said. "Yes, I'm fine, I just really have to take a piss. I thought I could hold it but it's one hell of an urge." Finally it got to be too much for him to hold, and he swung around the car into the parking lot behind a motel. He sprung out of the car, and started dashing into the woods. Then he paused, turned around and ran back to turn off the headlights of the car. Then he jogged back to his spot between two trees and proceeded to piss. He stood there peeing for about three minutes, before coming back to where I was in the car.

I had asked him if I could go with him and watch, but he told me no because he didn't want to draw attention to himself, and usually when we start in with things like that, it leads to things that can't be mentioned on this site.

So we finally got back on the road, when less then five minutes later he was squeezing his penis again, and bouncing his leg up and down! Apparently he had to desperately pee again. This time there was no place to pull over. "Use something else!"
"Like what?" He looked around frantically. "I'd piss myself but I don't want to mess up my mom's car." Digging around under the seat, I found a 1/4 full water bottle. I quickly dumped the water out the window, and handed him the empty bottle. "Shit, Kennedy, you do it, I need two hands to open my pants, and I'm trying to drive. Plus if I stop squeezing my dick I'll probably piss my pants." So finally I reached over and unzipped his pants, pulled out his penis and pressed the tip against the mouth of the bottle. The second it hit the bottle he let out this immense sigh of relief, finally letting go completely and relaxing. I held the bottle as he peed for about five minutes, and filled the bottle about 3/4 full. At a red light he took the bottle from me, squeezed the last few drops into the bottle and closed it. When we got to my house he gave me a kiss and I took the bottle and tossed it in the outside trash.

Keep up the stories everyone, especially the pee ones!
- Kennedy

Good morning--muggy here. My b.m. this morning was a single turd, dark brown and fairly smooth, which I measured by a 4" piece of toilet paper. It was 17" long (curving for part of its length) and about 1.5" thick. An excellent specimen; very urgent. I was outside weeding when the urge came; by the time I made it to the toilet, it felt like it was coming out on its own. I sat on the rim for maximum projection, and again it worked.
I decided to figure out the cubic measure of that turd. The formula for the volume of a cylinder is pi R squared x length. Pi is about 22/7, R (radius) in this case is 3/4", which squared is 9/16. Take 9/16 x 22/7, and you get 198/112, or 99/56; take that times 17, and you come up with just over 30 cubic inches--that's a lot of poop! Not my biggest one, but quite estimable.
Happy pooping, everyone!

I was at a small campground last summer with 4 of my girlfriends. This campground had 3 sites in a small circle, set back off the main highway on a small circular dirt road. All the campgrounds were occupied by different groups of people that night. We set up our camp and got dinner started, finished eating, and sat around the fire giggling. We all fell silent when we noticed some leaves rustling and crunching next to our campsite. There was a woman about 5'9" tall with really long blonde hair squatting in what she thought was a good cover of bushes, going poo! We fought back our giggles, trying not to get too uncomfortable, but we all stared as she knelt down and began pushing. One girlfriend glanced away when she noticed this lady's bum bulging- but the rest of us stared in awe as her bum opened up and let out this massive string of poo. It was one solid chunk about 10" long! She grunted a couple of times and finished with a really forceful piss hissing out of her, then pulled up her panties and jeans and walked back to her camp. In the morning we'd still not gone into a whole lot of detail about what we saw, but one of my girlfriends went to the spot where the woman had gone and called me over screaming and giggling about how utterly huge this coil of poo was. I scurried over and we both giggled. I told her I could outdo that anytime and dropped my shorts and began to pee and pushing to poo. Apparently my girlfriend was feeling awfully playful and took the challenge. She lifted her nightgown, dropped her panties, and squatted right next to me. We both peed about the same time… hers was much louder of a hissing sound as she strained to one-up me in this challenge. She squeezed out a little chunk, followed with a very long dark brown log. I managed one solid log- about 12 ½" long. We both burst out laughing when we realized we'd just basically had a shitting contest in the woods! We pulled up our panties and got ready to go back to camp. We both turned to look at this massive pile of poo on the ground and ran back to the campground giggling like school girls. Before we left camp that afternoon we all went into the tent to pack up our clothes and get things ready. I noticed the panties she'd slept in, that she was wearing when we ran off into the bushes, were on the floor of the tent near her sleeping bag. They had a huge brown poo smear almost all the way up the back of them! She noticed me looking at them and snatched them up and threw them in her bag. Her secret is safe with me right? =)

Here's a story of an "accident" I had a while back. I had been away from the house all day and out where there were no bathrooms. I felt the need to "go" all day, but was busy with work and well you know. As I drove home I felt that cramping/pressure/oh-no feeling that I'm sure you are all familiar with. I suddenly had to go so bad my driving wasn't so good! I drove on toward home with my butt clamped as hard as I could clamp it just to keep from messing my pants right there in the car! I finally arrived on my road, but by then my hands were all sweaty and I knew I was in trouble. I pulled into my garage, and as I got out of my car my butt started to spasm and squeeze, and it was all I could do to hold it in. I got out and went to the steps that lead up to my back garage door. As I stepped up onto the first step, It got away from me and I just totally lost it. A huge mound of soft warm mess squished into the seat of my briefs, pushing the seat of my jeans out and pulling the belt down in back some. I felt it spreading all over my buns and everywhere. When the seat of my briefs was full it just squished out the leg openings and down my legs into my jeans, up my crack in the back and all down into my crotch. I thought it wouldnt stop! So there I was on my back steps with my pants totally loaded. As I made my way to the bathrom another wave hit and filled my pants so full they were absolutely tight! When I walked I could feel the bulging briefs against the insides and back of my thighs. I went in and checked myself. There was mess everywhere in my pants, but I cleaned up as best I could, feeling strange all over. That was the "accident" I had, but I have to confess that I found myself messing my pants again on purpose several times not too long after that happened. Has anyone else had an accident where they accidentally messed themselves and then did it again on purpose later? I'd love to know. Thanks.

One Day, it was my birthday party, Im 24 and I had some girl friends come to my house from 2:00pm till 9:00 pm, we ate some hamburgers and had lots of junk food, ususally junk food dont agree wth my stomach, then at nine the girls left, then I went to bed! In the morning I woke up to some cramps, I went for the toilet right away1 I sat on it and relised, First It wouldnt come out and I took some breaths, then i farted and liquidy direhha poored out of my bum, it was burning my butt hole very badly, finally after 10 minutes I was done, I wyped and left, I ate some breakfast, and got ready for work, my work is a 30 minute drive, so I was driving for like 10 minures and my cramps builded up again, I new I had to go again, I was tempted to drive back home but I would be late for work, 5 minutes later, I was almost crying I had to go, but I wasnt anywhere near a store or nothing, so I kept driving, soon I was 10 minutes awa from work and I gave up, i relesed and direhha poored in my pants making it all warm and goopy feeling on my butt it was horible! Then I just called a lady in at work and asked if she can work for me today!

Monday, May 16, 2005

1. If you are peeing in a public restoom, do you prefer using the toilet or urinal and why?
urinal, its just easer
2. How often (if ever) do you have a peeing acident/wet yuorself on purpose?
lots, i wet myself on purpose
3. How often (if ever) do you have pooping accidents/poop pants on purpose?
sometimes, wen i am in stres i somtimes poop in my pants by accident
4. Do you use the opening in your underwear while peeing or just lower the waisteband?
lower the waistband
5. Do you undo your belt and button on pants while peeing, or just unzip?
i just unzip
6. Where have you peed other than in a bathroom?
outide or on other any ware elts ware i can
7. Are you pee shy/ don't care/ turned on by others hearing you pee?
don't care
8. Have you ever let a girl hold your penis while you pee? If not, would you?
no i dont know if i want that or not i wil have to thinlk about it bu if my GF would ask it i would not say no!
9. When you pee, do you just take out your penis, or do you bring out your testicles too?
only my penis
10. Do you wet the bed?
no i don't and i am happy with that
11. What do you think of girls interested in watching guys pee or poop?
doesn't matter to me as long as thay don't look when i am going

Hi all, I'm a 22 year old male from England who has been reading this site for a few years now with nothing to write about - till now :-) I know this is a BM story, but I much prefer to read pee stories, like Louise from France used to write. Anyway...

I had to leave the house at 7:30 yesterday to time a journey to nearby Dudley. I left early without using the toilet properly and as I was driving along, I felt my bowels and bladder waking up. When I arrived, there was nowhere open to "use the facilities" and the car park was very open so decided to go for a walk. There were quite a few people around, so I decided to walk up by what appeared to be a disused building. There were a few corners there that I considered squatting in but nothing hidden enough until I found a little old pathway round a corner that had some bushes in. I was just about to squat in a corner next to some bushes when I noticed a low brick wall around a disused yard. I jumped over it, squatted down on tiptoes and let out two 10 inch logs and left a big pool of pee. I wiped with some tissue I grabbed before leaving the car and left very excited. I paused to pee in one of the corners by the bushes where a couple of girls walking to school saw me and then I walked off.

More stories as I think of them!

TO CAMP COUNSELOR: great stories about the summer camps. I also remember your excellent previous posts when you yourself pissed your boxers on a camp trip when you could not hold it any longer. Have you any more stories of you or older campers wetting their underpants? Or have you yourself had any other genuine accidents?

In school on a tour one year when we were 13 a friend of mine wet himself after an hour of a bus ride. He had started to leak in his football shorts on the bus and as he got off it turned into a flood. His white underpants were soaked and the pee streaks were visable down his legs. He was so ashamed and cried back in the room after some bad slagging.

To Outdoorpee:

Its good to know someone else shares my view. If you are wearing pants it can be hard to manage, espeacaly if they are tight-fitting. I usualy bend over, however I have thought of holding a magnolia leave to my "twat" like a rain gutter and pee standing up but have not got up the courage to try it, I craping in a high squat so gravity can do its job. As for stories I really dont have any, I just grew up with some boys and a few other girls and we were comfortable peeing with each other and craping around each other.

P.S. Are there any non-sexual words for a womans gentitals that dont sound scentific?

Jane - Hi
In responce to your enquiries!! I dont do a #2 at the same time , it usually occurs in the afternoon - evening, most of the Nurses use the changing room toilets for #2 some complain that they have been holding on for ages and it is not right that they have too. My co workers seem to go at all different times there seems to be a lot of traffic after lunch , some after morning breaks 10 - 1030 , I dont know why Saturdays after mroning breaks there is a lot of traffic in the chnaging room ladies mostly #2's. Saturdays only front line staff work, the place has less staff. there is medical secretary called sally a lady in her 40's that always uses the satff Out patient ladies around 10:00 for #2 , also she is very smelly!!. Jane can I ask have you used a public ladies for #2 latley, if so was it busy , and were any other ladies doing the same.
Bye for Now Jane Eileen xx

To Red Headed Michele: I liked how you explained in detail regarding the woman at the movie theatre restroom; I could just picture her desperation.

AND, speaking of movie theatres, this one happened some fifteen years ago (I can't believe it was that long ago, gosh I'm getting old!). My girlfriend and I went to see a movie (can't remember the name of it though for the life of me), likely it was a Friday or Saturday night in the early Autumn. This theatre-plex has 6 screens and apparently the lobby was very crowded when our movie was over (they had several other movies starting about the same time after our movie ended), so they did something I don't remember them doing before... they let us out the emergency exit which opened onto the parking lot at the back of the building. My girlfiend's car was close nearby so we just headed for her car. I really didn't need to use the restroom and I figured she didn't either. So, as we frequently do, we sat in her car talking for awhile. It was a little chilly out and I noticed after about 20 minutes she looked kind of uncomfortable. I asked if she was ok, and she said yes but that she really needed to pee and was thinking about going back into the theatre to use the restroom. I remember being a bit bold and asking her to hold it for awhile longer; I think I was hoping I could help her with the holding part, but I didn't. After another 5 or 10 minutes she was really tensing up and said she really had to go soon. It was secluded in the parking lot there, nobody around and an overhead light not far away. I asked her if she had a cup or towel or something like that. That surprised her I think and she said do you want me to pee in the car? I said kind of, I think it might be fun and you'll feel a lot better after. At first she seemed a little apprehensive, but then she said she still had a beach towel in the back seat. I looked back and saw it and brought it up front. She still was unsure, but then she looked around and saw that nobody was around, then she said I can't believe I'm going to do this, and she undid her pants (she had gray sweatpants on) and scooted to the edged of the car seat and pulled down her sweatpants and panties. I gave her the towel and watched as she looked around again and then looked down, held the towel between her legs maybe a few inches away, and carefully peed onto and into the towel (the towel was folded a few times already and she moved it around a bit as she peed so that it would absorb in different places on the towel). She let out a quiet sigh as she started and then was silent the rest of the time; I could hear the sizzle sound as her urine was hitting and soaking into the towel. Probably took her 30 seconds to 1 minute. She patted herself dry with the edge of the towel and said she had a plastic bag on the floor in the back, which I got and held open for her as she placed the now-wet towel into the bag and folded the bag shut and gave it to me and told me to put in on the floor in the front so she could remember to take it in with her to wash when she got home. She looked around again and then pulled her sweatpants back up. I asked her how it was. She said she was embarrassed, felt a bit naughty for doing it in the car like that, but also said it felt so good to let her pee out. It was neat to watch her pee into a towel and I can just imagine the relief she had felt as she was doing it.

Just had to give a shout out to some names I haven't seen here in quite some time.

Jessica--I so vividly recall your post from now two years ago. The magnitude of some people's bladders (particularly the ladies) must be phenominal. Please continue with your observations and report back to us whenever you can! There is certainly one reader who appreciates what happens behind closed stall doors and bladders capable of filling buckets. No doubt your boyfriend/husband (or perhaps new flame) still enjoys your little (or should I say extremely large) bladder obversations?

Mickey--Another name which has not appeared in so long but is certainly not forgotten! I just ran across an old post of yours recently and was wondering if you were still around. Glad to know Jill is well and still holding loads in her storage tank! You mentioned the other two ladies went ahead of Jill, leaving the men to no doubt enjoy the ensuing performance. Have there been occassions where the women have witnessed, through conversation or just the great sound of an impossibly long, strong stream, the bladder enormity of your wife? In any case, you are truly living the dream my friend! How I envy you and hope to find a great woman with a great bladder someday myself.

Cheryl--I should also say that I am a big fan of your posts and should have posted as such sooner. I wonder if you have ever been given odd looks or even had someone comment on one of your patented long, loud pees? Thank you for continuing to post!

Thank you all so much again for sharing. Wish I had something more to add in that department, but there's always hope for the future!

1. What is your sex? female
2. What is your age? 28
3. What does your poop look like? brown
4. What does your poop smell like? ...
5. How much poop do you have when you poop? medium
6. Does it feel good when you poop? yes :-))
7. Ever pooped in the bathtub while bathing? No
8. Ever had an enema? No
9. Does the enema feel good? ???
10. Ever watcked the opposite sex poop? yes
11. Are you comfortable pooping in public? sometimes
12. (girls only) If your bf wanted to watch you poop, would you let him? yes

1. Have you ever peed in your pants by accident (after a point ware it shouldn't happen any more)? If yes tell us about it and how you felt.(if you did it ones in public then tell that story in stead of the privet stories)

yes, when I was 5 years old

2. Have you ever pooped in your pants by accident(after a point ware it shouldn't happen any more)? If yes tell us about it and how you felt. (if you did it ones in public then tell that story in stead of the privet stories)

yes, when I was 16 years old

3. Have you ever peed in your pants on purpose? If yes tell us about it and how you felt. (if you did it ones in public then tell that story in stead of the privet stories)

Yes, but only at home in the shower or on the toilet. It felt nice and exciting.

4. Have you ever pooped in your pants on purpose? If yes tell us about it and how you felt. (if you did it ones in public then tell that story in stead of the privet stories)

Yes, but only at home in the shower or on the toilet. It felt very nice and exciting :-)

5. Have you ever peed in your bed by accident(after a point ware it shouldn't happen any more)? If yes tell us about it and how you felt. (if you did it ones in public then tell that story in stead of the privet stories)

Yes, when I was 5 years old

6. Have you ever pooped in your bed by accident(after a point ware it shouldn't happen any more)? If yes tell us about it and how you felt. (if you did it ones in public then tell that story in stead of the privet stories)


7. Have you ever peed in your bed on purpose? If yes tell us about it and how you felt. (if you did it ones in public then tell that story in stead of the privet stories)


8. Have you ever pooped in your bed on purpose? If yes tell us about it and how you felt. (if you did it ones in public then tell that story in stead of the privet stories)


9. Did you ever had a "hold it" contest with someone (a contest who can hold it the longest) If yes tell us about it and how you felt.


i have been a long time reader only post 2 times this will be my third i have a survey for the girls here

1.what points of the day do you usually have the urge to poo. long do you usually poo for big is ur poos usually many times do u normaly wipe?
5.what do you like about going poo?

Thanks i hope i get some responses i would like to hear some sotrys from the girls about ur daily poos.

thanks i will post agian and i will have some storys about my poos

1. What is your sex? girl
2. What is your age? 16
3. What does your poop look like? Brown usually but it can be orange, black or yellow
4. What does your poop smell like? it is pretty mild and my friends say so
5. How much poop do you have when you poop? A lot
6. Does it feel good when you poop? it sor of tickles but it feels so good
7. Ever pooped in the bathtub while bathing? Accually I have
8. Ever had an enema? yes
9. Does the enema feel good? sometimes
10. Ever watched the opposite sex poop? yes
11. Are you comfortable pooping in public? yes
12. (girls only) If your bf wanted to watch you poop, would you let him? Of course
Sorry this sounds alot like the take the toilet survey but try to answer them.

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