Red Headed Michele
Hey Everyone. I had an experience this weekend I wanted to share. I was at the movies with my new boyfriend when I went to the ladies room on the way out. It was the late show on Saturday night and not very busy. This is a small theatre here in my rural area and there are only three stalls. When I got in the bathroom all three stalls were in use but there was no line. There was no emergency on my part as I just needed to pee pretty bad. I was there wating my turn when this girl came in and was obviously really desperate. She was hispanic with long black hair and a real nice attactive figure. I thought she had to pee too because she was dancing around and doing a lot of squatting and knee bending. I smiled and asked her if she needed to go ahead of me. She thanked me and said she was having a terrible stomach ache and really needed to go. Just then she doubled over and grabbed her stomach. I tried to talk with her but there appeared to be no movement coming from the three stalls. One girl was definitely pooping as you could hear her clearly. I didn't know what the others were doing. Just about then the other girl ran over to the waste basket and dropped her pants and bottoms. Right there in front of me she just let loose this bout of diarrehia. She was crying and clutching her gut as she squatted over the basket. I tried to keep in front of her in case the door opened but we were mostly secluded in the corner. After a minute one of the women left their stall and went out of the bathroom. I was glad they didn't come over by the sink and see her in this condition. I helped her to the toilet and and she just kept thsnking me. I finally peed and was able to leave but I think in the strangest of ways we kind of bonded. Her name was Rachael and I felt so bad for her. I know what she felt like and was glad I was able to make the terrible experience just a little more managable.

props on this nice and open discussion forum! i've been reading here for a couple of weeks and its nice to finally see a place like this where everyone can so comfortably discuss such habits without having to register as a member and without the worry of spam and people complaining and hating on it! props on the moderation, i mean it is kind of a drag that your posts don't come up right away but its better that way because like i said it keeps the spam and hating away. so to whoever moderates this place, props to you, and everyone keep the stories coming!

so i have a story. finally ready to post it after i've thoroughly looked around and read some great stories. so i'm 22 now, female, i'm not all that tall pretty slim, and i have i light brown hair to my shoulders! this story is from when i was a senior in high school, and i consider it my most embarassing moment. the irony is, it came not very long after telling the same people who witnessedf it about my original most embarassing moment. so i had been in physics class one day and i have a pretty small class, only about 15 kids. well we finished pretty early one day on a friday and we pretty much just spent the last 15 minutes of the period conversing and even the teacher was just chatting with people. i don't quite remember how it came up but we started talking about how kids ask to go to the bathroom so much during school, and the teacher said he didn't understand how kids needed to go so many times during the day. we wound up sharing all sorts of little anecdotes, none of very much interest but people seemed to listen to me. i told a story about how when i was in 5th grade i was afraid to ask my teacher to go to the bathroom because she had yelled at a kid who asked to go a little bit earlier, and i couldn't hold it until class was over and i wet myself really bad and had to walk past like 10 kids with soaking wet pants in order to get to the door. people liked the story and a few kids who had gone to elementary school with me remembered that and made comments about it and we all had a good laugh. so eitherway, it could not have been even a WEEK later after telling that story, i was in physics class and we were doing a lab experiment. all the sudden i had to fart, so i was just trying to supress that feeling, but i felt pretty bloated so i decided to go take the hall pass and go to the bathroom, just so i could fart outside of the classroom. i turned around and started to walk up to the front of the room, and i just farted. it was quick and pretty loud, and it surprised me just as much as it surprised my class! most of the people turned and looked at me and i didn't know what to say, and then out of no where i just crapped my pants! i was just in the middle of class and i made a warm soft mess in the back of my jeans in front of everyone. it was pretty obvious too, it was a noisy crap and i'm sure you could see a bulge form on my butt. that was the most horrifying moment of my life. and just consider the irony...i tell them about the devastating experience of peeing my pants in fifth grade, so then i poop my pants in front of them as a senior in high school.

i still have accidents and have plenty to tell about, so i'll be around for a lot of posts. those are just the two most humilating because they're the only ones that ever happened in school so i usually share those first. for the most part i just have bedwetting accidents, but i have and still occassionally do wet my pants in other situations, and thought quite rare, i have some stories about pooping my pants too, which is going to happen in a seconcd if i don't get going so i'll post more later, bye now i have to poop really bad!

when i was in 10th grade a kid had a pool party in the beginning of june, and pretty much my entire class planned on going so i wasn't going to miss it even though my stomach had been bothering me. well i shouldn't have gone because i took a major crap in my bikini 10 minutes into the party so i had to leave. only a few people witnessed it and noticed but it obviously spread around the whole party. the funny thing is, when i was 11 i was swimming in the pool at my house when i suddenly had to poop really bad, and just as i was climbing out of the pool i started crapping my bathing suit really bad. i don't know, something weird about me and pools i guess. thank god i didn't actually poop in the water either of those times...i've had other problems, it's just peculiar that it happened 2 times at the pool. a few other times i messed myself: when i was 15 i woke up in the middle of the night and i felt like my stomach was tingling. a second later i also noticed that something was hot and itchy in the back of my panties and i reached down to notice that i shit my panties in bed. that also happened when i was 13. i was sleeping in the guest room at my grandparents house at the time and i woke up and felt something kind of hard and warm under my butt, and lo and behold i had a big piece of poop in my panties. and finally, the reason i decided to find a place to share these stories at this point in my life is that i am now 20 and about 3 weeks ago i took a really big shit in my jeans when i was driving home from my class. i am a pretty poopy girl i guess. i've never peed myself though, oddly enough.

Hi everybody, I found this website a few weeks ago and I love it. theres something I'm curious about, in the girl's peeing stories they talk about "hearing" when they start to pee implying they don't control when they start their stream. Is the case or did I just misunderstand? Will someone please set me straight on this? Thanks

Hi everybody, I just had a fun experience. I held my bladder and bowels all day long and a few minutes ago, when I felt I couldn't hold it much longer I went to my bedroom, where I had prepared a little area just for this, I had lots of old newspapers layered on top of each other and removed my pants and panties. After a while I couldn't hold it anymore(believe me, I tried!) and it all just ended up on the newspapers. The pee managed to leak through the paper but most of it stayed contained. I had to take the papers out immediately to the dumpster outside my house.

Hello, I am a 14 y/o african american girl, i wonder why my cocky smells worse than my white girlfriends. My mom says its 'black pride" but i feel embarrassed.

Does anyone besides me think that a toilet is only for use when it is convient,or if alone outdoors you should not go out of your way to find a toilet, unless have to crap and can't find any decent leaves? (I grew up with boys)

16 years, 1 accident
Oh my gosh, all my life I've never had a single accident, that was until today...
Earlier today I was at my boyfriend's house eating supper with his family, and I asked if I could be excused to use the restroom. They informed me that the restroom was currently being fixed because something was messed up, I said, "Oh, alright, I suppose I can wait until I get home." Big mistake. My car is broken so I have to wait for my parents to come get me because I don't feel comfortable accepting a ride from his family. After supper we went upstairs to his room, and soon I started to get really, really desperate. I was shifting on his bed, so I stood up and started walking around, pacing. My boyfriend and I are always open about this kind of stuff so I told him how desperate I was, so he took me outside, just in case. We found a secluded place but I was rushing so much I couldn't get my pants unbuttoned so after a while, I froze, dead stil and said, "Oh, shit..." and bent down a little and I felt a large piece of poop push its way out of my butt and touch my panties, as it came out it ran out of room and started spreading. I pushed several smaller logs of poop into my panties which made my butt bulge out obviously to anybody that might have seen. Here I was, a 16 year old girl who was just shitting her pants for about 5 minutes in front of her boyfriend, who just stood there watching for several minutes as I did so. Amazingly enough he didn't break up with me but I am still SOOOO embarrassed...I hope he doesn't say anything to his friends on Monday...

Tim and Sarah: lol! Your wee in the roses was a really fun story - brightened my day! Please continue :)

Yesterday I remembered the actual first time I saw Jean-Luc have a wee. It's really strange - I'd completely forgotten this incident! It was only because I was reading through some of the old posts, and came across all these hospital stories. My memory gets worse every day - gettting too old here ;)

This happened when we were still pretty early into the relationship (heck, I don't think we were even dating yet!). he had a very bad accident where he fell off a roof, and ended up breaking his arm, ribs, and various other small injuries (nothing internal, thank God!). Fortunately, he was OK, but was in hospital for a few weeks, and unable to leave his bed. He had to have a surgery, which complicated things. Originally, they catheterized him, but after the surgery, the nurses began using a bedpan. I wasn't able to visit him for a while afterwards, but when I did, I ended up spending the night in his room, since his parents hadn't been able to stay, and I was still very concerned for him. Now I should probably explain - since he has such a weird bladder, he absolutely must get up during the night to empty it, or he'll wet the bed. It's not a prostate problem, just overactive or small bladder, I would guess. So this particular night was the first night after the catheter was gone, and while the nurse gave him a bedpan before going to bed, I suppose he didn't tell her that he'd need a second time, since he was still pretty dopey at the time. I fell asleep in the chair next to the bed, pretty lightly, but at around midnight or so I was woken up by him calling out to me. He sort of grinned embarrassedly and told me that he hates to ask this from me, but he needed a wee urgently, and the nurse wasn't responding to his call quicly enough. Before then, I hadn't really had to deal with his bladder problem directly, and at that moment, my heart started beating very fast. I was still pretty shocked, and just stood there for a mintue, until he gestured towards the counter nearby. "Just pass me that," he said "and soon"

After sorting through all the stuff on the counter, I managed to find a fairly big container. I'm not sure if it was intended to be a urinal, as it was only 750 mL, but since we really didn't have time to find a better one, I hurried back to the bed and he tried to sit up. Unfortunately, he was attached to various tubes, and with the casts, couldn't manage it. He was trying to manoeuvre the container under the covers, but was having a lot of trouble, not to mention I could see his desperation written all over his face. So I gently took the container and raised the covers. Between the two of us, the opening ended up on his penis (I was too shy to have a peek under there!) and I heard him start weeing loudly. He sighed, and we exchanged a really goofy grin. The wee continued for quite a while, and pretty strongly. But soon I noticed that the container seemed to be getting pretty full, so I asked him if he was done. He nodded, and I heard the stream begin tapering off. He carefully adjusted it to catch the last few drops, and I pulled my hand away, suddenly aware of what I was doing! We stuck the nearly-full container back on the counter, and went back to sleep. The incident was never discussed again (and I wonder if he even remembers it now :))

Oh, and the pee container was gone when I woke up the next day. I wonder what the nurse made of it, or if she could've guessed how exactly it got there! ;)


Good morning--cool here. During the last three days I had 8 bowel movements--actually, between 6 a.m. Wednesday and 8 a.m. Friday, a period of 50 hours. All of them were good and solid, normal, sizeable movements. When I could, I sat on the rim to see if, again, I could project my turds to full length without letting them curl up so that their length was not apparent. Mostly I succeeded, but a couple of times they curled up even so; those were the softest ones.
I have a question: What differences do you notice in your movements as a result of specific things you eat? Corn and peanuts are obvious; but what about the following foods?
Spinach [mine get soft, though still formed, with blackish-green streaking]
Whole-grain cereal or bread [mine tend to be longer, not quite as hard as usual, smooth]
Pizza [mine get more urgent, sometimes soft, even close to diarrhea if I eat several slices]
Mexican food [mine tend to be solid, thick, even knobby]
Go ahead and add your own foods and how they affect your movements.
Happy pooping, everyone! I'm going to poop now . . .

To cutie can't go:

Try stool softeners, you can buy them at any drug store and they are cheep. hope this helps.


Jessica goes...
First time poster, long time lurker. I've really been enjoying the stories of women pooping their pants, although I'd also like to read more about guys pooping themselves. Maybe we're just more accident prone than guys are...Well, I've been lurking here since about late September of last year and have quite an interest in accidents, desperation, bathroom "experiments", and basically everything else this site covers. I have quite a few little experiences, but before I get around to telling you all of them, let me give you a little background info about me:
I'm 20 years old, 5'6" about 115 lbs. I have blonde hair, and blue eyes. I found this site due to an already existing interest in bathroom related activities. I was amazed at how many of the posters were women, since none of my friends seem to share my interest. I love all these stories, but my favorites are of guys having accidents, whether real or staged. I also enjoy stories of women having accidents but not quite as much. Next time I post I'll tell you guys and gals some of my own stories. But it's late where I am, and my stories would take a while to type, so I have to be off now.

To IPSUP: Thanks for the encouragement. I haven't been using it as much at home as I should be to stay practiced. I really think the travelmate will change my life, because I love to be outdoors and go fishing and stuff. Ever since I developed this condition, I have hesitated to do a lot of things, but I know if I can use the travelmate well, I will have a lot more freedom. I'm glad you've had success. Sometimes I just get in too much of a hurry and I don't get it positioned correctly. Thanks again!

andrew c.
well,this is my first post so,let me first just ask a question. for the girls:Did you ever pee standing up? for the boys:Did you ever pee sitting down?

hey guys
i just found this site and thought i'd tell you about on of my expereances (it happend on tuesday) a 23 year old female, and a brunette.
there was this ont time where i was taking a walk with my bf and
i really had to poo. my bf turned around and asked me if i was ok (i guess my bf saw the look of discomfort on my face). i had to go like really bad. im a shy girl so i just looked up at him and started crying. he asked me what was wrong (he looked worried). i told him i was about to poop im my panties, but before i could finish my sentance i started pooping! it was soft and mushy. my bf looked down at my bum, felt the poo coming out and hugged me. i was still pooing at this point. as he was hugging me he told me not to worry and that everything would be ok.
later, we got back to his house and he took me up to the bathroom (note,i was still crying). when we got into the bathroom he shut the door, took off my panties and wiped my bum...i told him i still had to i finished he left the bathroom with my clothes and washed them. when i was done he hugged me again (i was bare naked!). he led me to the tub and gave me a bath...
i <3 him so much...

something happened to me today that's got me concerned, and i was looking for a place to get answers. i had very mild cramps in my stomach or most of the day and i just passed it off as inconvenient and figured i'd be able to go to the toilet when i got home from work after my class. well as i was driving to work, the cramps got pretty severe and i had to go number 2 very badly. a very bad pain came over my stomach and i started farting multiple times and i began to push mushy, lumpy poop into my underpants. my stomach hurt so bad that i couldn't bear to keep it back and my bowels just released and i made an enourmous mess in my pants. i've never gone number 2 in my pants before and it really freaked me out. perhaps i have a stomach bug, but i have no other symptoms and i haven't had to go poop since i pooped in my pants earlier. i considered that it could be something i ate but i ate the same thing for lunch that i always have...

any other suggestions as to what made me lose control and crap my pants?

Yesterday I decided that i'd go meet some friends at the mall. I got dressed, and made it half way to the mall when suddenly I needed to poop NOW! now, this only happens to me when i have diarrhea, so i started running home as fast as i could! I made it inside the door to my brand new house (YAY!!!) and suddenly my bowels released and i shit myself about 10 feet away from the bathroom! It was diarrhea, and ruined my pants, and although nobody saw it, i was extremely embarrassed.

I remember once when i was 17 i was having this really good dream. In the dream there was my favorite teacher at the time, who was more of a friend than a teacher and whom at the time i was a bit upset at because she was leaving my school, and yet i was worried about because i knew that her life wasn't going the way she wanted it to. Anyways, in my dream she was sitting down and explaining to me why she was leaving my school (which the day before she had explaned to my class) and suddenly i needed to pee really badly. In my dream I didn't want to get up because i wanted to hear what she had to say, and suddenly my bowels released and i had an accident. but because this was my dream, my favorite teacher did not notice that i did, or even when i started crying because i was so embarrassed. Needless to say, when i woke up in the morning i had wet the bed. I was horriffied because i had not wet the bed for years and years...

Very Gassy
Hi again. Another wonderful gas story. Last night I went to bed at my normal time and after a little while I felt some cramps. I figured no big deal. So I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. Well, once again all I did was fart. The first session was 2 farts that lasted 4 to 5 seconds each. Then after a few minutes the second session of farts were another 2 that lasted 4 to 5 seconds each. After a few minutes, the last session were a few smaller ones that were 2 to 3 seconds each. No poop! I finally went to sleep and then I woke up earlier than usual. I had cramps this time and they were pretty bad. So I got out of bed and made my way to the toilet. This time the fart was a long one. It lasted 12 to 15 seconds! I was hoping I didn't wake anyone up. Then I waited a while and no poop. Then I went back to bed and couldn't fall asleep. I had more cramps and then after a little while of resting in bed, I went back to the toilet. Once again another really long fart that lasted 12 to 15 seconds. So much gas! Then again I went back to bed only to get up again a while later. I went back to the toilet and this one was the longest, 15 to 20 seconds! I had to take a minor pause in between to catch my breath. These farts require some physical exertion! As you can see, most of my farts are long and drawn out. The sounds of most of them are pretty steady and some squeaky. I ate breakfast and then had to go back to the bathroom again..sheesh! This time I finally pooped :). I eat a very good diet with lots of fiber so that may be the culprit. Anyway, hopefully this amuses you. Happy farting!

John R-

I am in a law enforcement Academy in Texas, and the guys are always farting in class, myself included, we laugh about it. Then our instructor recently had his gallbladder removed which supposedely causes lots of dumping so he jokes about it also. Sometimes when we go in the men's room to piss, we know the instructor is in one of the stalls by the way it smells then we talk to him and joke about it. Just wanted to be one to reply to your post. By the way, to the people asking about laxatives, go to the local health store and invest in some senna pod/leaves, etc.


Very Gassy
Hi everyone. Tonight I had a real problem with gas. It was at night after my shower and all of a sudden I had the urge to fart. Ok, so I decided to go to the bathroom since my family was downstairs to spare them the deed. So I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet and farted. Then I kept farting about once every 2 to 3 minutes. I must've farted 4 or 5 times then I was done. No poop. Then about 10 minutes later I had more gas. So this time I went into the other bathroom and sat on the toilet and started farting. This time I farted about 6 or 7 times each about 2 to 3 minutes apart. They varied in sound and length. Most were short and a few were a little long. Again no poop! I am a young male with so much gas. Another story was a few months ago. I ate a fast food restaurant before I had class at night. I got to my school and had huge stomach cramps/pains. I knew this would be bad. So I went to the bathroom, luckily no one was in there. I sat on the toilet and all I did was fart for 20 to 30 minutes and no poop. This time my farts were very slow and long. They lasted about 10 to 15 seconds each and were about 2 to 3 minutes apart from each other. I did that about 4 or 5 times. Then towards the end I was still farting but they were a bit shorter. Do any of you have this problem with gas? I mostly have gas as oppose to pooping. I also read stories about people who can urinate a storm, but for the body to have this much gas? I wonder...

Hi! I´m a 23 year old guy from Sweden. Last Monday I had to poop while I was at the aiport so I headed for the toilets. When I came in there there were 3 stalls and no urinals. All the stalls where taken and a teenage boy was waiting outside to use them. I guess he was about 18 and was good looking with nice Lee Jeans.
I was really hoping he was going to poop. There were no fans but the guy in the middle stall had turned the tap on. But you could still hear faint plops and farts from all the stalls. After like 3 min the the guy in the middle stall turned the water off and started wiping many times. He then washed his hands and exited the stall, he looked to be about 25. Then the teenager went in and closed the door and I could hear him unbuckling his pants and sitting down. Then he let out a few loud farts and like 5 quick plops. After the last plop he let out 2 farts that sounded wet. Then he started wiping, pulled his pants up and flushed the toilet, but he didn´t wash his hands. After that he opened the door and gave me an embarrased look before he hurried out. At the same time I went into his stall the other guys started wiping and stuff. When I came into the stall there was a strong shit smell and I closed the door and pulled down my jeans and boxers and sat down. The seat was warm and there were some skidmarks in the toilet. I farted and let out a few logs and finished with a wet fart and some looser stuff. Then I wiped carefully, flushed the toilet and pulled my pants up. I then washed my hands and went out and I saw there were two middle aged men standing there waiting to use the toilets.
That´s all for now.

mr. d
hello everyone i dont have any stories but ive enjoyed these. i just started reading current one because i kept wanting to ask someone where they went only to remember their post was 5 years old
bye for now

JOEYMARS--you asked what causes erections in the morning--Some ppl believe it happens b/c of a full bladder putting pressure down below, but my friend is a doctor and he says it happens every 90 minutes in a guy's sleep to just keep everything working right...if you wake up when you're dreaming, you'll most likely ave an erection. If you want more info, do an online search on REM sleep and erections...

For those of you wanting bathroom scenes on TV, watch "House" on Fox on tuesdays at 9pm...its a show about doctors in the hospital..there are usually either scenes in the bathroom or at least some comment referring to bathrooms or bodily functions. This past week, the male doctors had a "meeting" in the bathroom where the female doctor couldn't be and there was a young teenage boy in one of the stalls straining and straining to poop. Finally he comes out and Dr House comments that he should be careful or he'll get hemmeroids if he keeps straining like that. Last week, they showed Dr House using the urinal.


Tom N. (New Poster)
A Couple of years back when I was 14 I went on a holiday with my family and another girl called Kim and her family. Our parents are good friends and I guess that is the only reason I know Kim, I don't see her apart from that.
We were on a camp site, and one night I was secretly in her tent. We could hear the parents still awake in one of the caravans and we were making as little noise as possibl til they went to bed. I was getting very desperate to pee, and did not know how long it would be before I could safely leave the tent. Kim started looking round for something I could go in, all she had wa a 1.5 litre coke bottle which was nearly full. Well she started drinking it as fast as possible but after about half way she was just getting really full, as you would and said she didn't know if she could carry on. Well I didn't want her to waste the coke so I tried to think how else I could go.

Tom N. (cont'd)
I figured I could get my dick out in the open even if i couldn't get out myself. There was an inner tent and an outer tent and I had to find a way not to pee all over the outside tent or leave a puddle in Kim's tent entrance. In the end the only way I could do it was to unzip the inner tent a little at ground level, then take off my pyjama bottoms and lie on my side with my ass against the tent door. I then stuffed my dick between my legs and through the unzipped hole in the inner tent door, and pointed it under the outside canvas where it rises a little between two pegs. It came out very slowly in a narrow stream, because my dick was squashed, but it shot out quite far because the foreskin was pulled right back.
After I just put my pyjama shorts back on and we carried on talking as though there was nothing unusual about what Kim had just seen. We were just talking about the other times we'd been desperate to pee. All the coke soon filled up Kim's bladder but obviously there was no way she could pee in the same way I had just done, so we waited til the coast was definitely clear. I wanted to wait longer but Kim was squirming around so she risked it and went outside.

Mr. Clogs
Good morning, hope everyone is doing fine in their bathroom adventures.

cheryl: Thanks, hey it's a great idea to take into consideration. I could understand your point about using the container in a car and the difficulties that may come. Hey, give a try, it's so much fun! Try using those big tupper ware containers for the purpose of peeing/pooping into, or go to an antique store and look for a chamber pot to use. Much more sanitary than those plastic tupper ware ones.

I got a post of using the new container that I got from the dollar store for that purpose. On Tuesday before taking a shower to wash my laundry, I decided to use the container to poop in it. I dumped out the night time piss that I had in it and rinsed it out. I felt my bowels moving and quickly grabbed the container from the bathroom sink. I filled the container with water 1/2 way, placed the container underneath me and let nature do it's thing. It felt so good, I actually felt completely empty that time. Dump the contents of the container into the toilet and wiped up and took my shower.The second post was just this morning, I had to pee really bad, I waited until 8 minutes after 7 AM this morning when my mom went into the bathroom to take her shower, I ran to my drawer and grabbed that same container, proceeded to urinate into the container after pulling off the lid off. Finished up, placed the lid back on the container and place it under my bed and got up and started on my way. Well I hope you've enjoyed my posts, take care and be safe. Please post some stories of releaving themselves into containers, cups, bottles, chamber pots etc. Take care. Mr. Clogs.

Lazy Jenny
I was just wondering if anybody else besides me poops and pees their pants just because they don't want to bother holding it? I do this all the time when I'm busy with something that really needs to be done. My parents find it gross that their 19 year old daughter would rather crap or pee her pants than take 20 minutes away from doing something. I'm not talking about having accidents, I could easily make it to the bathroom in time, I'm talking about just being too lazy or busy to go. Sometimes I find it more comfortable to just poop or pee myself and clean up later than to wait, hold it, and get uncomfortable. I started doing this a few years ago when I was in the 9th grade, my parents got fed up and started buying me diapers when I was a junior, it's been a real help since I don't have to wash my underpants anymore. I go to the bathroom when I can, but a lot of the time it's more convenient to change myself later. Just last night I was walking home after supper at a friends and it was a 10 minute walk(I like to walk instead of driving everywhere) and I had a slight urge to go to the bathroom. Since it was dark out I just found a spot behind a few shrubs squatted and pushed, I felt a soft bit of poop begin to push it's way out of my butt and as it slowly made it's way into the back of my diaper it made my butt bulge. After a couple minutes of pushing I had a nice, mostly solid load in my pants and I continued walking home. When I got home, I cleaned myself off, took a shower, put on a fresh diaper, and went to bed.

But overall I was just wondering if there is anybody else that poops or pees themselves on a regular basis just because they are busy, lazy or just don't want to deal with the certain uncomfortability that comes from holding it?

Your's truly,
~*Lazy Jenny*~

RE: Jane's Toilets at work
I'm a domestic team leader in a hospital. Most of the females I work with all do a number 2 at work including me. I'm not that regular about every 2 days. I was cleaning the visitors ladies the toher day in came Rose a lady who works in The sterilsation dept , she is about 47, went straight into the second cubilce , I herd her rusling alot she was chatting to me also, her pee started, she ripped off a wad of paper rusled that, an odour perculated, phew I went she said um it is a big one on its was , there was rather a large splash, she farted and more large splash's could be herd.

Good morning--still chilly here, but could hit 80 later today. Yesterday I had a good sighting. Stopped by the Little League park just long enough to visit the Porta-Potty by the parking lot. There were b.m.'s from three separate individuals quite visible. One was quite dark brown, knobbly, short and thick; another was still somewhat dark brown but with a strong gray coloring, short and triangular, a little softer; and the biggest was a nice medium orange-brown, smooth, two nice turds, about an inch thick, six and four inches long. I didn't have time to visit the other Porta-Potties.
My own b.m.'s continue at 3 per day, all nice and big. Yesterday's first was excellent--19" long, curled at both ends with a long straight portion that went from one end of the bowl to the other, medium brown, smooth but knobby at the end that first came out, about 1.2" thick (again using a toilet paper segment as a measuring device--it's 4" on the shorter side). When I sat on the rim, at first I had to push fairly hard, then it came out as a single swift impulse, with a single FLOOMP! sound. If it took over a second, I'd be surprised. It was nice and solid, just very urgent. My second poop was early afternoon, a single 7" turd maybe 1.3" thick, much darker brown, knobby at one end. My last one was after supper, about 8 o'clock; I watched as three large turds came out, all over an inch thick, each 5" to 6" long, medium brown, knobby on one side, smooth on the other. Counting up all my turd lengths, I did 42" yesterday! I don't know if that's a record, but it was a lot, and it felt excellent. Perhaps it was all the hard physical work in the yard.
Happy pooping, everyone!

I've decided to poop my pants at the computer again. Here I go! Push! It's coming, and coming and coming It feels so good All done. It was fun got to go

so i had a rather alarming experience this morning....i'm 16 and it's pretty embarassing but i have a bit of a bedwetting problem. it's not as bad as it was 2 or 3 years ago when it was happening almost every night, but i still wet myself in bed about once or twice a week, sometimes less. well this morning i woke up to the usually feeling of wetness in my panties and on my sheets, but when i sat up i felt a gooey squish under my butt. i leaned over and looked at the back of my panties and they were stained dark brown! i'm really worried about it because i've never messed myself in my life (well not including when i was really little) and i don't know why i messed my panties in bed last night. my stomach has felt fine and i have been having bowel movements normally latley, so it has me concerned. i don't know if it has anything to do with bedwetting, because like i said i've been wetting my bed my whole life and this has never happened. if anyone has an information for me or suggestions on why that could have happened i'd really appreciate it. i'm just really scared about messing my panties in bed again, it's bad enough that i still wet myself!

I've been busy recently so it's been a while since I've posted a message. So I'll put one in now while I've got a few minutes to spare...

My BM's since my last posting have been surprisingly satisfactory actually. No toilet-blocking jobbies, but a few times I got quite a 'rush' from those feelings of desperation you get when a good dump is aching to get out. I'm fairly regular mid-afternoon dumper and two of these events were noticeably outside of my regularly scheduled poops. One, about 1/2 hour before I was leaving the office around 8 PM (I was working late.) The urge came to BIG TIME when I was talking with a few office friends - just on my way out the door. Needless to say, I diplomatically cut the conversation off when that extra-strong cramp hit (I nearly bent over, it was so strong), turned around and headded *quickly* back to the mens washroom.

The other incident had me seriously straining & fidgeting around - moving from seat to seat - to keep it inside me on the train & bus. When I finally came through the door about 10 that night (another late day at work), I dropped my bag and ran to the toilet - top speed. I almost couldn't get my pants off fast enough. Turds started to come out even before I was fully seated. For a second I thought I'd missed the bowl and dropped a few on the bathroom floor. False alarm though… (Then again, I was so desperate I don't think I would have cared one bit if I dropped a big pile on the floor!)

I've had a good run of solid, un-constipated poops for a couple of weeks and it looks like that has come to an end. i.e. My 'roids feel like they're acting up again. I've had a sore feeling for the last 3 days, but luckily it hasn't become nearly as bad as previous flare-ups. But from past experience, I know that can change in a heartbeat.
<<sigh...>> I'll just have to make sure I wipe even more thoroughly with every BM until things get less swollen.

One quick question for all the workaholics out there...

Do you always bring work with you into the toilet too? If so, how much work do you think you actually get done in there?



Tim (and Sarah)

Hi to Adrain! Good to hear your IBS is causing you less trouble. Funny what you say about tomatoes. They never give me the runs, but sometimes make me puke...
So to Marlina, Adam (thanks for your compliment...) and everyone else who enjoyed the story, heres part II:
After Sarah had taken off her panties, she told me that while watching me pee onto her mother's roses, which she very much enjoyed, she realised that something deep inside her said, that she always wanted to do like that. „A little silly, childish revenge for everything from my childhood", she explained with a smile. Can you help me, she asked, while pulling up her dress far enough. „I have to hold my dress up and you can direct me better anyway....", she really managed to make it sound very innocent and plausible. As if there really was no other way, lol. Of course I loved to help her and we both stood with spread legs, while I hugged her from behing and carefully spread her lips. After the first stream we had to readjust but then the peepee arched proudly onto the poor flowers. She weed with full force and slipped a little fart by pressing, which I felt in my fingers and on my lower buddy, as she leaned against me. I felt her pee on my fingers, as it sprinkeled a bit. She breathed calmly and obviously enjoyed it. It was a magic moment as the sun suddenly appeared (as in approval) and made her pee stream shine golden. She had already finished, but we just stood there and enjoyed the sun on our faces. I whiped her dry with my bare hand and we were just about to forget our situation and move over to some buisness, even the church could have no word against, as we are a legally maried couple....when we heard our names being called. The neighbours had arrived and as we did not hear the doorbell, they had let themselves through the house onto the terrass...(luckily around the corner from us).Ooops!!!
Sarah dropped her dress and in a panic threw her panties behind a bush, which still makes us laugh like mad, when we talk about it. She ran towards them in such an obvious embarrassed panic, that even the most innocent soul would have suspected something being foul here, lol. I pulled my T-shirt over my jeans to hide any possible bulk and followed a bit more relaxed, but it was still bad acting. The neighbours could tell, we had been up to something, but where polite and educated enough to go along with the play. Of course they reached out for our hands and we shook them. During the polite conversation I stood behind Sarah and hugged her like a human shield to hide any evidence. I think the shock prevented me from there being any, but I did not dare to check...After they disappearred we laughed so hard, we would have peed our pants had we not just emptied our bladders into the garden. Sarah said, she felt so guilty shaking their hands after what we had just done. I told her, she needed to talk, pointing out what my right hand had just functioned as. I had just managed to whipe it onto my jeans. „Oh my god...", was all she could reply. We continued our cheeky behavoir during our stay. It was great fun, but this will stay amongst us. As last year wasn't always easy, this was even more special to us. On a final note: Several Sundays later I was lazing in bed cuddling with our children, listening to Sarah, who was on the phone to her mom.She sounded rather bored, but suddenly grinned and sad with supressed laughter: „Oh, that's nice!". Then she coughed to camouflage the laughter. After she handed the phone to the kids to say hello to their grandma, she whispered into my ear: „Mom says her roses are so beautiful again this year...and so many...she has got a huge bouquet on her table right now...

My best friend is named Jaimie. She has peed in her pants in front of me I think 6 times. I will record the other times another day, but here is what happened one time that stands out:
One time in Junior High we were on a field trip. At lunch, I remember she had the hiccups, so she drank a TON of water, plus before that she drunk a whole coke, since on account of her healthy mother that is a luxury for her.
We had to take a train back home to our school in the afternoon, and while we were waiting, she drank some more water.
"Do you want to come with me to the bathroom, Jaimie?" I asked.
"No," she said, but I knew this was because she was talking to an evil "popular" b*tch, as I so lovingly refer to them as. I could see her shifting uncomfortably on her seat.
When we had about 20 minutes left, she turned around and asked the teacher how many minutes.
"Quinn, I really have to pee," she said. I didn't take her too seriously, but as the ride went on, she started putting her hand to her crotch and bending over and moaning. With about two minutes left, she said, "I'm not gonna make it."
To shorten the story, we made it to our school, but when I reminded her we had 3 flights of stairs to climb, she said, I won't make it and asked my teacher to go downstairs. He said no.
When we got to the bathroom, she saw the long line and dropped to her knees. A wet patch appeared on her jeans and she started crying. A few minutes later, she lost control and peed all over the floor.

"HOLD IT IN" kid
This is my first post here. I'm 11 years old and i would like to post something, since my sister and me are interested in these things.

I generally get urges to go shit in the afternoon. I dont mind going in public places, but my sister does. After eating today, in a restaurant, we went to a shopping centre to see some things. A little bit after, i felt the urge to shit, so i headed for the restrooms, leaving my family. While i was heading there, a guy from 4th grade was going there also. When i got to the restroom, i took a stall and shut the door. I recognized the feet from the fourth grader and while i was pulling down my pants and underwear he asked me what was i doing there. I suppose it was more than obvious what was i doing there, shitting. I did not answer to that, but we continued talking. I was a bit constipated and so i was answering him in a strained voice while i was pushing a solid log that was about 8 inches long, and then a couple of small egg shaped balls. As soon as i finished i wiped, washed my hands and left.

I will be posting more in a future.

it's been quite some time since I have posted anything about my wife Jill and her amazing bladder. I have been lurking for some time, and thought a good pee story may be in order.

As some of you long time readers know, Jill has a very huge bladder, and is able to take quite remarkable pisses.

Many a comment has been made by those who have either seen or even heard her thunderous streams go on while standing outside the bathroom door.

Well, now a new group gets to enjoy her power and prowess several times a day! She recently was hired in a busy trucking company dispatch office. There are 5 employees in an old building that is tight on space and luxury.
Her desk is right in front of the only co-ed bathroom on their floor. She is the first to hear what everyone is doing behind the closed door. Mind you, there is no fan or any other device to muffle or supress the noise coming from within. Very resonant were her words to describe the sound outside the door. You can hear everything someone is doing in there.

The 5 people are 3 women and 2 guys, and assorted truckers that come in and out during the day for paperwork, etc.

After her first day, she commented on how strong and long her male boss could pee. She said he drinks coffee all day long, and when he does pee, it is a loud long event.

The other 4 people in the office have their desks fairly close to her's, and can surely hear everything that goes on in the bathroom as well during the work shift.

Last week she had the chance to shine....big time! They were all taken out to lunch for Administrative Assistant's day. The lunch lasted 2 and a half hours, during which Jill drank 3 large glasses of water, and 2 large ice teas. All the time without any visit to the "Ladies".

She said upon return to the office, the 5 of them all had the need for a pee. The other 2 women went first as one of them was truly desperate by that point. After they were finished, Jill's turn came as the 2 guys and 2 truckers plus a young man of 19 who is doing an internship with the firm stood by her desk and right next to the bathroom door as they waited their turn . goes Jill- she said she could hear the voices of the guys like they were standing right next to her with the door open( even though it was closed).

She started her usual hissing stream, and kicked it into "high gear". When she does that, the piss stream becomes about an inch and a half wide, and the pressure and sound is tremendous. Loud continous high pressure "hiss".

She said as soon as she started the fast push, it got very silent outside the door.
She maintained her loud hiss for over a minute ( she said she really had to go, and when she says that, she means it!)

After the flow finally slowed a bit, she continued to spurt and hiss smaller streams and finally whet seemed like a never ending piddle to finish up.

Silence was still the order of the day outside the door.

After a wipe and re-dress, she came out ...Her boss, who is also the power pisser put his hand up to "high Five" her ! He said, "man, nice beat most of the drivers around here!"

The young intern simply said he had never heard a woman pee like that before.

Jill seems to have found her true element working with this group. She expects it to get quiet everytime she heads for a pee from now on.

Any other women who can marathon/power pee at work with the ability for guys to hear loud and clear???? Thanks for reading- Peace! Mick

I was sick on day with the flu and my mom had to go to work so i just stayed home alone. I was watching TV so i felt a fart coming on and i farted. I then tried to sit up right and did that. I felt something sqwishy my underware. so i checked it and there was shit in it i was so ebaresed.

Hello all!
I'm 21, male and I can pee 5 feet in front of me.
When my girlfriend and I have pissing contest she alway's beats me because she can send her torrent at a distance little more than 10 feet.

A few months ago I was in the woods with woman who gave me a new job. She is 43 years old. We drank a lot of beer and talked about perspectives of the new work. When I feeled that I full enough I said to her that I need pee. She asked me to play with her - hold it as long as I can, and she holded it too. 30 minutes later I sad:
- I can't hold it longer!
- Ok, can I see how you pee? - she answered.
- Of course. - said I.
She looked at me pissing, than gave me more beer and said:
- When you feel urge to pee again we'll pee together, ok?
- Ok - I answered.
I tried hold it as long as I ever could, I wanted to see her urge to pee, I thought I could 'cause she hasn't peed yet. But her bladder was more stronger than I could think.
Finally 2.5 hours later I said:
- No I can't hold it anymore, lets pee.
She drawed a line on the ground, squated over it (I understood that she wanted to see how far I can pee.)and said:
- Come to line, let's pee. I'll see again how can you pee, and you'll see how can piss I.
I was standed over the line and began to pee trying to get better distance. 5 seconds later she started her fantastic torrent spurt out of her old pussy. My best distance was more than 5 feet, and I was standing, but she made me wonder: she was sitting on the ground and shooted at least 7 feet. It was a fantastic stream that was much thicker and more powerful than my trickle. My cock got very hard in moment and then I couldn't pee more than 3 feet. She pissed for about 20 seconds and next 25-30 seconds I was continued my trickling.

I could never imagine before that 43 year old women can win me in pee-for-distance contest. And she did it sitting when I was standing!

I have a couple of question especially for girls:
1. Have you ever beat guy in pee contest?
2. If you have, tell about it in details please. I wish to know his pissing distance and your distance compared with him.

Best regards,

Alex M - I really liked your story about you and your girlfriend in the park. Was this the first time that you have seen her poo. If not, tell us about seeing her go at other times. Does she poo regularly at a certain time each day? Does she go every day - it sound like she may hold on to it a bit by the size of the one she had in the park.

Stephanie - What a wonderful story about you sharing a poo experience with your principal. My boss is also very attractive and about 30 but I only get to see her on training days and when she does inspections on the train. I would love to poo with her. Is this the first time you have been with her when she poos or have you been in the next stall when she pushes out her load at school. Do you always poo at school when you are at work? Do many of your fellow teachers poo at school and do you sit next to them and listen? Tell us about any stories you have.

JW - Thanks for responding. You asked about constipation. As I said at my last job not many of the girls would be open about going to the toilet or even talking about it. But now I work on the train many of the girls suffer from irregularity. If you think about it most of us are out of the house from before 6 in the morning until about 6 at night. Most of the girls I have ever know either poo before they leave the house in the morning, during the morning at work or after lunch, and our hours cover the whole of that time. Consequently most of the girls are a bit messed up going to the toilet. They talk about it a lot and you quite often hear them in the staff station toilets pushing and grunting or sometimes rushing to have an urgent on that they have waited for until they finish their shift. I know a bit about what individual girls have said and could pass this on if you are interested. As you know, the hours caused me some problems but I have now sorted it and go most days at 9am on the train after the busy breakfast rush.

Jim - Thanks for your comments. One girl in particular always seemed to leave her turds behind. It was Sally - a tall and rounded but not fat girl with long blond hair. She would go to the toilet at lunchtime each day and within about a minute of her sitting down you would hear a massive kerplonk. She would then wipe immediately and flush. She usually then waited for the tank to fill to flush again and left. More often than not she would leave a big wide (2inch) piece about 9 inches long in the bottom of the toilet that would just not flush. It was always dark brown and smooth with a very slight smell.

Linda from Australia - It sounds as if you are a twice a day girl which from my experience is quite unusual. It sounds as if you usually go before work and after work - is this because you don't like going at work? Do your colleagues at work poo at work sometimes or is it more usual for girls to try to go at home in Australia? Tell us about some of the other girls at your work and any poo experiences you have had.

JaLe - just loved your story about you and Hanna doing a #2 together at work. Will you make this a regular date or was it not the usual time for you or Hanna. Do you usually poo at work? Have you had a similar shared poo with anyone else at work?

Sebastian - Thanks for your reply. I have a few stories about girls who were shy at my previous work. One that comes to mind is Debbie. She didn't normally poo at work but on one occasion I thought she seemed to need one. She was very fidgety and couldn't seem to sit still. On two occasions I heard her ???? groan as if she was holding in a massive load and once I think I could smell her wind - her desk is just a few feet away from mine. Eventually she walked slowly to the toilet and it looked as if she was gripping her bottom together. I followed and got into a cubicle. As soon as she heard me she flushed the toilet and left without even taking her jeans down. We sat back at our desks. About an hour later she was clearly very uncomfortable again and set off for the toilet. This time I followed further behind and went into the room as she was pulling her jeans down. This time I didn't go into a cubicle - I just washed my hands. As I was doing this she sat silently. Then I opened the door and let it shut without leaving so she would think that she was alone. I didn't move a muscle. As soon as the door shut I heard crackling and a massive plop. This was quickly followed by about 15 smaller plops and then a massive windy fart. She sat for a few seconds and I could hear her panting with relief. She then grunted and strained for a few seconds and then began to wipe. She had clearly been constipated and then a few days worth came together. I left quietly and went back to my desk. When she came back to her desk she was very red faced. I went back into the ladies to see if she had left anything behind - no bits just loads of long wide skid marks and a slight smell.

Bobby B - Thanks for asking for more stories and I hope you like the ones above. Keeping reading and responding.

I seem to have gone on for too long and left no time for my big event. After Karen not going to the toilet with me on the train last Monday, it eventually happened on Tuesday. It was a wonderful experience and one we have repeated 3 times now. She looked so good on the toilet and does such nice firm big poos. I will tell you all about it in my next post very soon.

Love Jane

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Amanda, The first thing to make sure of is that you do not have a UTI. If this is the first time that you've ever wet the bed, it could be a symptom of something else and there are many possibilities. If you are taking a new medication, you may want to check with your doctor to see if this is a possible side effect. It could also be signs of a sleeping disorder. these are only two of many possibilities. Up until about 3 years ago I was having trouble with gastric reflux when I slept, needless to say it was a very rude awakening. On a visit out to my folks, I fell asleep on the couch one morning, and my mom said she couldn't be sure, but she thought that she heard me stop breathing. I knew that this along with other things happening in the past, was very likely a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea. It was. I now use CPAP at night and have no more problems with it. When looking back on the past, I suspect that I've had OSA long before I started having problems with the gastric reflux. I did also have an occasional problem with wetting the bed which I had thought might have been from a different antidepressant that I was trying, but it could have been a symptom of the OSA too. OSA can happen at any age and is not just associated with people who are overweight. Go to to find out more about sleep disorders

guest male: Have you tried pineapple juice? I haven't ever noticed the effects myself, but I heard it works like a laxative.

Has anyone else tried the other STP devices similiar to Travelmate, like the P-Mate, Magic Cone, etc.? How well did they work?

Cutie Can't Go
Adiran & Anon thanx for the advice, i will look into it, as far as getting exercise i am a cheerleader, so i'm pretty active, maybee i need to see a doctor. well, Xsore, you wanted to know so here it goes, i wasn't able to poop till 2 days after i posted, 7 days all together!!, i had been trying and trying, but nothing would come out, i was up in the woods with redneck that night and it started to hurt REAL bad, i knew i had to go no matter what or i was gonna get real sick, we were going through a mudhole in his truck when this hit me so the bouncing made it worse when we got through it i told him i needed to go NOW he stopped i went behind the truck and dropped my pants and panties, started pushing as hard as i could it felt like it started to poke out, but it wouldn't come out all the way, i started crying, he came aruond and asked if i was alright, i said i don't think so and explained what was up, he said he would take me home so i could try to go un the toilet, i told him i needed to go here and now!! and asked him to help me, he said what can i do, i said ANYTHING he told me to bend all the way over and push hard, i did it, then he started pushing on the sides of my hole as i was pushing, kinda streatching it out i guess, he told me to push as hard as i could, i did and OMG, it came out, but it hurt SOOOOOO bad that i screamed!!, he said OMG that is HUGE!!, i squatted down again and pushed out 7-8 more huge logs into a pile these hurt bad too i was crying, he was holding me and said it would be ok i pushed out a couple more (painfully) then i looked at what i had done the first one was so big i don't know how it came out of my little ass,(i am only 14 and weigh about 110) the other ones were bigger than anything i have ever done before, wow, he took me home and asked again if i was ok, i said i would be fine, i went to bed and when i got up i had to go real bad again, my hole hurt so bad that there was no way i could push something out of it, so i held it, that was yesterday and i still havn't gone, so i bet i will be plugged up real bad again, this sucks, i don't know what to do about it, i just wish i could poop easy

Emily (bowl problem)
Hi I have a story that happened last summer. I was 13 and since I couldn't go into the pool because I have no pooing control. Anyway, I usually put a single sheet of toilet paper up my bum when I swim so that I have enough time to get to a stall. Well one day I was swimming with a very tight swimsuit and I felt the poo forcing the paper back. I ran out of the pool and into the girls lockerroom. I didn't have time to get to a toilet so I went to the showers. I started buldging in my swimsuit and it started to show some poo. I had so much poo that pieces were falling out of my swimsuit. I finished with poo all over the shower. I waited for my poo to dissolve and go down the drain. After that, I went into a stall and put some more toilet paper up my bum and continued to swim.

John R.
Hey this is kind of a "Survey" and is one for the guys ... my buddies and I have a bet going on:

How many times a day, on average, do you guys fart? ... and, do any of you have to do it in the Office where you work and, if so, do you just let it rip trying not to cover it up or go to the bathroom and do it ...


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