Lazy Jenny
To Todd: I have quite a few stories, because I still do this, I constantly have more stories to tell. I use adult diapers, not sure baby ones would fit me. You say you poop and pee yourself too? When you do it, do you use diapers or just go in your pants?

And I actually do have a story to tell right now:
Last night was one of those warm summer evenings, and I decided to take a drive to a park about an hour(walking time) from my house. I was sitting on a bench on a pier that sticks out over the park lake when I started to feel the urge to pee. Within a few seconds the familiar warm, wet feeling was spreading from my crotch and my diaper became soggy. A few minutes later I got up and walked back to my car, on the way home, I started to feel the need to poop, and without even realizing it began to push. A few small pieces of solid poop came out of my butt and into my diaper, which was soon followed by a bit of softer poop which really smelled bad. I've mostly gotten used to the smell of poop so this didn't bother me much, but when I got home, my friend Ashley(my friend from my first post and knows about my diapers) was there and nearly threw up when she got too close to me. Usually she'd let me know if she's coming over to avoid this kind of encounter, I guess she'll be sure to do that next time. :)

Your's truly,
~*Lazy Jenny*~

i'm 20, 6 foot tall, 175 lbs, me and my girlfriend love tickling each other till we pee or poop our pants. usually it's her who has the accident first, but sometimes it's me. sometimnes we'll actually go out and buy her some new panties just so she can poop in them. i never thought i'd find anyone like this.

Hey everybody, I am 15, 5'6", have green eyes, and blonde hair., I just pooped outside for the first time! I have been interested in going to the bathroom outside for the last few years, but have never had the nerve to try it because I always think somebody will see me. Well tonight I finally did it! About 9:00pm I started to feel the need to poop, and a little voice inside me said, "go outside." Since I take occasional night time walks, my parents didn't find it unusual that I said, "I'm going to go outside." but as I wandered off I said to myself, "And by 'go outside' I mean 'go number two outside'" On my way out the door I grabbed a few napkins to pick it up and also to wipe with, and walked out the door. Now I was stumped, I didn't know where I could go that wouldn't be in plain site! Then I saw my chance, my parents van was parked beside some hedges by the creek behind my house. I snuck over to it, and stood between the van and the hedges. I was suprised to see that I was shielded from view on all sides! I looked around one last time to be sure, and unbuttoned my pants, I brought them down to about my knees, slid down my panties and squatted with my back pressed to my parent's van. I struggled and pushed, but I was so nervous I couldn't get anything to come out. After a while I thought about giving up, but then I thought, "I might never get a chance like this again, my parents almost never park here." This thought seemed to trigger something and I was soon squatting over a steaming pile of poop! I stood up, reached down into my pants pocket before actually pulling up my jeans, wiped my butt, and then used that same napkin to pick up part of the load. I threw this napkin into the creek and used another couple of napkins to pick up the rest and disposed of them too. I went back inside without my parents knowing anything that I'd done. I was shaking from the excitement of what I'd just done for almost an hour.

To susie:

"but i have and still occassionally do wet my pants in other situations" - This
sounds very promising! Tell us more about those situations, please, and be sure
that details are of interest. Did you have any "dry years" at all or did you
occasionally pee in your pants throughout the whole past decade? By the way, do
you have the habit to hold your pee in until the last possible second? -

To Lazy Jenny:

"Sometimes I find it more comfortable to just poop or pee myself and clean up
later than to wait, hold it, and get uncomfortable" - Did you ever pee yourself
when other people could notice what happened (in public)? I mean, does it happen
that you walk around with a wet patch between your legs and down your pants
legs? Or do you pee in your pants only in privacy (at home) or in diapers so
that nobody is the wiser?

I was working till around 8 pm last night at the hospital, covering on the ward for one of the other girls. Around half seven my stomach started to ache , I dropped a smelly couple of farts. I did not want to use the staff toilet on the ward it is just a single one. I told Margaret the staff nurse , that I needed to go to the Lav in the changing rooms , off I went. Arriving to find them both empty using the 2nd of the 2 bolting up hanging my overall up slipping down nicks & tighs , sitting down , my pee started looking down watching my pee flow. I herd footsteps approaching ,putting other matters on hold the dooor bolted up next to me , rusting of undies etc, leaning forward slightly looking under the crack, avoice said is that you Eileen , repling yes Margaret, both of us strained and chatted there were the sounds of large slapshes coming from both of us , and rather a pungent smell too, Margaret said she had eaten a curry and it has made her go , I told Margaret I had not been for 2 days.

Eileen - Thanks for your comments about experiences at the hospital where you work. I was interested to hear that all the female staff that you work with have a #2 at work, including yourself. You said you only go every 2 days - do you go at a regular time? Do your co-workers go at regular times? One thing that interests me about working in a hospital is what the female doctors and nurses do. Their shifts must really cause them problems with their regularity - I know how difficult I found starting with my odd hours. Does your comment about all staff having a #2 at work apply to nurses and doctors as well? They must be really busy at times and have to hold it for a long time. Let us know your experiences and any stories you may have. Also keep posting and telling us about your #2's and those of your co-workers.

In my last post I said I would tell you more about sharing a poo with Karen. As I said Karen only goes every other day and last Monday wasn't the day so I went on the train on my own. On Tuesday we were both working - I was serving breakfasts in first class and she was serving in the shop/buffet. I could feel my poo starting to build up at about 8 but as usual I was busy and knew I would have to wait until it got quieter at about 9. I had arranged for Karen to text me the coach number where she was going for a poo when she was ready and able to shut the shop. I waited for her announcement to say the shop and buffet were temporarily closing - and when it came my excitement began to build. About 5 mins later my phone peeped with an 'A'. I was glad of that because coach A has a large disabled toilet. I went quickly to the toilet in coach A and found the automatic sliding door shut with the out of order sign lit up. I tapped gently on the door and it opened - she had been really clever an taken her key to put the out of order sign on. I entered and shut the door. She said I am busting for a s**t - how about you? I said I was too. She said do you want to go first and I said that I would rather she went first. She undid her belt and pushed her blue uniform trousers down to just above her knees and sat down. I leant up against the hand rail immediately in front of her. We both felt embarrassed but were really excited. The train slowed as she let out a torrent of pee. She the said - are you ready and I said yes. She sat upright, took a deep breath and held it while she pushed hard for about 5 seconds and then let her breath out. She then relaxed and leaned forward resting her arms on her knees. We chatted a bit about how we came to be doing this together and our shared fascination with girls pooing. After about two minutes I said how are you getting on and she said all done. I had heard nothing except a hissing fart after she relaxed after straining. There was no plopping as the train has aircraft style toilets. She looked so good there sharing her private moment with me. I said that I didn't hear anything so she offered to let me have a look. She took some toilet paper and wiped from behind whilst sitting down, and then stood up whilst still holding the paper. The intense smell got stronger as she stood up. As I looked into the metal toilet I saw one of the biggest single turds I have ever seen. I just rested there on the side - it was about 12 inches long and about two inches wide. It was knobbly at one end and then went smooth and tapered at the other end. I said that it was amazing and asked if she always did ones that big. She said they were usually big but not always that big - although she had done bigger. She finished wiping and the pushed the flush button and we both watched as the toilet struggled to suck down the massive poo. I said that I could never beat that - she said it's your turn now as she pulled up her trousers and tucked in her red blouse. I pulled my trousers down and sat on the purple seat which was still warm and inhaled the strong smell of her poo. I wanted to go so badly my poo came immediately without trying. As I peed my poo began to move and I did 6 pieces each falling a few seconds after the previous one. I then pushed a little and let out a long almost silent fart followed by another small bit. Mine was a bit noisier than Karens. I said all finished (probably less than 1 minute total). I felt a bit embarrassed as I sat there with her concentrating on every movement but I was also dreading her wanting to look at my poo. As I began to wipe she said let me look before you put paper on it. So I stood up and we both peered at my load. It was light brown coiled but firm bits about 7 inches long but only about an inch wide. It was a big one though and I was glad that I had put on a good show as she admired it. My poo didn't smell as strongly as hers but it hadn't been in me for 2 days like hers had. We chatted as I pulled up my trousers and as we both gave our hands a good wash. It was clear that we had both loved every minute of our new experience and promised each other to do it again as soon as possible. We also both felt a lot more comfortable as the poo had been urgent for both of us.

That was tuesday and it has now been a regular every other day thing for us. Wednesday I went on my own on the train, Thursday we both went together again, Friday was our day off and I went at home. On Saturday and Sunday I went with my boy friend, but this Monday we both went together again and on Tuesday Karen came with me to watch. Each time we have been together it has become more relaxed and more enjoyable. Next time I will tell you more. Meanwhile, the passengers have to wait while we have our short 'break' at about 9!

I will post again soon. Love Jane

JAIME: I've only ever witnessed two accidents, and both happened to my boyfriend at the time. We were nineteen and living together in the city. He had problems with urinary urgency like your husband, and often had to make a "mad dash" to the loo in the morning or upon returning home from work in the evening. The microscopic bladder capacity thing was somewhat of an embarrassment to him, so he generally took care to use the restroom before leaving the house and limited his fluid intake before long trips...but there were still more than a few "close calls", the worst of which I'll relate here.

One fall evening, we decided to attend a housewarming party for some newlywed friends of ours on the other side of town. He spent most of it on the porch drinking with "the guys", which I didn't mind too much given how hard he'd worked that whole week. A good time was had by all, and when it was time for us to leave, he excused himself to use the bathroom only to return seconds later because it was occupied. He seemed to forget all about it (being tipsy and whatnot), and before we knew it, we'd said our goodbyes and started out for home.

About fifteen minutes into our half-hour drive, I noticed him convulsively squeezing his thighs together and shifting around in the cramped seat, but decided not to say anything, as I did not want to embarrass him. The beers must have started bothering him pretty bad soon after, because he began to complain about needing a wee-which usually was something he was shy about. By the time we'd pulled up to the apartment complex, his situation had worsened to the point where he was grabbing himself between the legs almost constantly. It was as bad as I'd ever seen him.

Since I still needed to park and felt bad making the BF wait even longer, I tossed him the house keys and helped him step gingerly out of the car. He doubled over and practically jumped up and down before regaining enough control to hobble over to the front door. At this point I really thought he was going to make it, but he must have had to go worse than I thought. Right as he got the key in the lock, he began to lose it in panicked squirts-and that's how I found him when I caught up: squirming madly with both hands thrust between tightly clenched thighs, dark streaks forming quite visibly on the legs of his brand new khakis. I quickly unlocked the door, and he almost knocked me over in his haste to get in (too busy trying not to completely flood his pants on the doorstep in front of me to be embarrassed, I guess).

I followed on his heels to the bathroom to see if I could help in any way, but it was too late. The sight of the toilet must have been too much for his aching bladder, because the wet spot on his crotch began to spread almost immediately. Worse yet, he couldn't seem to stop fidgeting long enough to get his zipper down...and that's when he gave up. For about a minute, I watched my crestfallen boyfriend as pee hissed through his cupped hand, down his crossed legs, and splattered in a large puddle at his feet. I forgot if we talked about it that night-I think he just showered and went to bed. Still, it's a memory I find intriguing enough to revisit all these years later.

Has anything like this ever happened to your husband (ie losing control just before getting to a toilet)?

Bladder Splatter
To cheryl, and Diva:

Excelent stories, we need more good long pee stories

I espeacally enjoyed the "spend a penny" story reminds me of when I was a little girl, We were having a family reunion and me and my girl cousin both about 10 decided to go pee in the woods. We did and giggled and laughed untill we about passed out. I giggled so hard I forgot to put my underwear back on, which had taken off since I was wearing a skirt. we went back a year later and did the same thing, and my underwear was still down there. this started a tradition which we did until we were 16. Good times..good times

o cutie can't go:

Try stool softeners, you can buy them at any drug store and they are cheap. If that do not work, eat more meats like beef, chicken, pork, and white rice. hope this helps.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Does Any 1 Have a Costor Oil Story? If u do please Post it and does any 1 know where the Castor oil Storys are? like What Pages Thanks

To cutie can't go: You should take Zelnorm. It makes you poo 50 logs

I remember an odd word I once heard used for peeing - "spend a penny." The lady using it was English so I think she was referring to the fact (which I found out later) that one has to pay to get into many of the public toilets in England. At the time, I had no idea what she was talking about.

I was about 11 and in Girl Scouts, and we went to a day-long jamboree at a camp. The bus ride there was about 2 hours on a schoolbus with no bathrooms, and by the time we got there, people were already loudly complaining that they had to pee. I did too, a bit, but knew I could hold it for a while.
As soon as we got off the bus, one of our brand-new leaders, who was English, said she would take us to the "loos."
We had no idea what she was talking about, but of course she meant the bathroom. And the bathrooms turned out to be outhouses.
I had a fear of outhouses and also did not want to stand in a line of desperate people and go in front of everyone, so I hung back.
We then went to the main campground, got divided into teams, and began doing activities. I was in the English lady's team. For the next hour or two, I was fine, but then I began to feel a growing need to pee. I tried to ignore it as best I could. We were then called for lunch. We were eating bag lunches sitting on the ground. As I sat down, I began to feel my bladder too full and uncomfortable to ignore anymore, so I sat carefully on my heel and pressed it into my crotch as I ate, which really helped. Of course, I had a drink with my lunch which wasn't going to help the situation.
After lunch, our team leader announced another trip to the "loos." I really would have liked to go by now, but I still couldn't bring myself to. While everyone else lined up, I sat down on a nearby picnic bench which felt more comfortable than standing.
We then went to do some arts and crafts thing, again seated on the ground, and I again held it with my heel. Then we played some game that involved a lot of running around, and as I got more into it, I forgot about my bladder for a while. After the game, though, I could feel that I was dying to go more than ever. It had probably by now been 5 hours or so since I had gone before leaving home. During our next activity, I had to go so badly that I began crossing my legs and curtsying when I thought no one was looking, or abruptly sitting down for no apparent reason. I really had to go but could see no way to.
After a while, the team leader beckoned me over to her. I walked over, and she said,
"Do you need to spend a penny, dear?"
I thought she was asking if I wanted to buy something, so I said "No."
She said "Are you sure?" I said "yes", and that was that.
We then went to our next activity - horse rides. We had to line up for our turn to be led around on the horse. As my luck would have it, the two girls in front of me also had to pee, but were being more vocal about it than I was.
"Oh God, I am so desperate," one of them said with crossed legs.
"I'm going to wet my pants," the other one said. "I can't use that outhouse, it's gross." She had her hand in her crotch.
"Are you going to hold it till you get home?" the other one asked. "I can't, I'm going to burst."
"I don't know," said the second girl.
I was listening in, wondering how they could solve their dilemma and hoping that their solution could help me. As we stood in line, I had to keep shifting from foot to foot and pacing in little circles, while they were openly dancing.
Finally, they decided to bite the bullet and ran to ask our leader if they could go to the outhouses. She said OK and they ran off, holding themselves.
When they came back, I was still in line and they resumed their spots in line.
"Oh, that felt so good, I was so desperate," one girl said.
"Well, you went when you got here. I haven't been all day. You should have heard my pee -sssssssss," the other one demonstrated. "I almost wet my pants."
This conversation was not helping me, and I was unwilling to do what they had done and confess my plight to the leader.
I tried to shift subtly around, but I guess it was not subtle enough, because they noticed me.
"Hey, Diva, do you have to pee, too?" they asked.
I shook my head. "Are you sure? You look like you're bursting."
"I'm not," I protested, but I was.
Finally, it was my turn on the horse. As I climbed on, I felt my bladder try to let go, but somehow by some willpower, I tightened my muscles and didn't let it happen. As I sat on the horse, I pressed my bladder into the hard saddle and hoped it would help, but of course the bumping, rocking motion of the horse kept lifting my full bladder and slamming it onto the saddle. It was torture, and made me more desperate, and there was nothing I could do about it. I was so glad to get off the horse, I declined a second round about the pasture although ordinarily I loved horse riding.
We had one more activity before we got on the bus to go home. I knew I could not go a 2 hour ride with my bladder this full, but I was determined not to use the outhouse, so I began coming up with a plan for my relief.
I don't know how I got through the activity without a wetting, so acute was my need. I dearly wanted to hold myself but knew I couldn't. I did everything else, though. I danced, I curtsied, I sat on my heel, I pulled on my underwear to tighten their hold on my crotch, I perched on the picnic bench. I was walking around crossing one leg tightly over the other in giant steps when the team leader came up to me again.
"Diva, are you absolutely sure you don't want to spend a little penny?" She looked at my activities. "Or maybe a big one. Probably sixpence!"
What was she talking about? I didn't want to buy anything - I wanted to PEE! And what was sixpence? Again, I denied it. But I had a plan for relief. As I ran around the pasture area, I dropped my backpack behind a tree where no one could see it.
When they called us to join our groups and visit the outhouses, I stood there doing a restrained pee dance. As I stood there, the team leader came up to me again. "It's a two hour bus ride, dear. Why don't you pop into the loo and spend that penny?" Ah! A light came on - that's what it meant. I again shook my head, and she said "Have you had a wee all day?" A wee - was that a pee? I shook my head again. "Can you manage for that long?" she said in admiration. Thoroughly embarassed, I just shrugged. "I don't want any wet knickers on the bus, then!" she said, and moved on. As we lined up to get on the bus, I put my hand up and said I had left my bag by the pasture and could I run and get it?
"Can you go by yourself?" the team leader asked.
"Yes!" I said quickly, and ran off to the pasture. I was almost wetting myself, so as soon as I was out of sight of the bus, I began to hold myself. I ran to the pasture, plunged into the trees already loosening my belt, and had a squat. I hated squatting to pee, but there was no time to think of anything else. A torrent of pee began to soak the grass as I sighed with relief. I quickly buttoned up, grabbed my bag and ran back to the waiting bus.
Of course, holding it that long (at least 7 hours) meant I had to go again on the bus ride home. I put my backpack on my lap and held myself. Halfway through the bus ride, the team leader came and sat near me.
"How are you doing?" she whispered.
"Fine," I said.
"Remember, no wet pants!" So she still thought I hadn't gone. She could probably see my squirming and thought it was from the first pee. I was bursting by the time we got off the bus. As soon as they let us in the church to wait for our parents, I snuck off to the bathrooms for another pee. When I came out, the team leader was standing there.
"Very good, dear," she said. "You must have been absolutely urgent but you held yourself all day. I'm proud of you."
Strangely, I remember feeling ashamed that I had not managed to wait that long and had spent that penny in the bushes.

The Nature Boy
I stayed with my cousins over the weekend, and witnessed (at least via my ears) one of them having a bad case of the trots. I wished at first that they had saved some pizza for me (I got in late) but later I was *very* glad that they had taken it down to my other cousin's house. The victim is 12 and a little pudgy (a side effect of a medication she's currently taking). About 1:00 Saturday morning I was reading a magazine in bed in one of the spare rooms right next to the bathroom when I heard her get up (She and her mom were 'camping out' in the living room). Her mom asked her what was wrong, and she whimpered that her belly hurt. She shut the bathroom door and as soon as she sat on the toilet she blasted two wet farts and started squirting out waves of watery poop. After about a minute of this it stopped, but she moaned and it started up again (I felt bad for her, the only thing worse than diarrhea is having it but having to strain to get it all out!). She sat there for about 10 minutes, with the occasional rapid - then slowing - series of plops, before I heard her wipe a few times, flush, and leave. Without washing her hands, tsk-tsk, but I think they also keep alcohol hand gel in there too...and even MY hearing can't pick that up!. Her mom asked her if she'd had diarrhea and my cousin said yeah and laid back down.

So, me eating a bowl of Trix cereal for supper that night was a GOOD thing! Since she was only sick that one time I knew of, it must have been the pizza, though the stomach virus is everywhere here now....

Pretty Pooper
Hey everyone!

Kind of embarrassing to admit, but I love the stories about the people who poop on the floor/ground or poop themselves for fun. Anyone got any good ones?

Love you all!!

this morning i had an awesome pooping experience!! let me first tell you that i am 21 years old and about 5'5" and 120 lbs with brown mid-back length hair and green eyes. I woke up after a long nights sleep this morning. i went downstairs to check my email. my ???? felt a little weird. i knew i had my period and just thought they were cramps. After a while, it was pretty evident that i had to poo. I went up to the bathroom. It was the kind of poop that was so eargent that when you sit on the tiolet, poop would come out before pee. i knew this, and i wanted to save the best for last. i carefully held my poo and allowed my pee to come out (i have excellent bladder and bowel control). It came out in a steady but weak stream. I had been a little constipated for a while before my peroid but i think that it was helping my poop situation. After my pee was done ilet my hole open and i felt a log RIGHT there ready to come out. It started to come out slowly, and my belly still hurt. I started to hear the soft crackling/ sputtering noise that my poop was making as it was coming out faster now and was pretty soft. Soft poop came out at a steady pace for about 10 seconds crackling and sputtering but making no PLOPS in the toilet, just some soft watery sounds. As it was coming out, i could feel my stomach and bowels just empty so smoothly and calmly, and i felt 100 percent better! YAY! I looked in the toilet when i was done bfore whiped so there was no paper blocking my masterpiece, and whati saw was very satisfying. There were about 10 logs all about 4 to 5 inches long each and maybe 3 inches around. They looked flaky but were none the less solid logs. I whiped and flushed. When i flushed the water turned brown as the logs couldn't take the flush! It felt sooooo good to get that all out of me, i hope that happenes again before my peroid is done. thanks for listening to be brag about the best poop ive had in a long time!!!! toodles!!

great web site.... heres a funny from my Las Vegas days. Iworked at a pizza joint,and we delivered pizza to most of the casinos. now and then i would roll out some pizza dough,about as big around as your finger,and 2 feet long,dip it in pizza sauce,and then curl it down into the deep about 2 mins.i would take out the dough.IT looked just like a huge pile of human CRAP..! ! then after delivering pizza i would leave the pile in an elevator or out in a hall way,,,oh gawd we would laugh ourselfs SICK...... try it ,,youll laugh your ass off pizza people......later ,,,have a great day..

Hey everybody, my name is Olivia. I'm 15, a freshman in high school and yesterday I had my first accident since kindergarten! My school monitors how many bathroom breaks you can have each quarter, there are 9 weeks in a quarter and you are allowed 9 passes a quarter which of course means one bathroom break a week. Well, that apparently isn't enough for me because at the VERY end of the school day yesterday,I tried to go to the bathroom but I was out of passes, so I couldn't. Every ten minutes I got up and asked my teacher if I could go to the bathroom, and every time she said "No, not without a pass." During literally the last two minutes of class I couldn't hold it anymore and started pooping my pants right in front of my class! It didn't smell THAT bad, but stupid me had to yell out, "Oh my God, I'm pooping my pants!" everybody started laughing, one other girl laughed so hard she ended up peeing her pants but not as many people laughed at her because it was just a wet spot on her pants, mine was a big, (kinda)smelly bulge that stained my light blue jeans an ugly brown. My mom was called since I couldn't very well go home on the bus in pooped pants, she was shocked when she found out what I had done and grounded me for 3 weeks, despite the fact that it WASN'T MY FAULT Now every ten minutes my mom comes into my room to make sure I haven't had another accident...maybe I should have a fake one just to see what she'll do.


I agree with jessica more stories about guys having accidents would be nice. Great website though. I'm glad theres a place where people can talk about this kinda stuff.

More peeing topics,please!

Mr. Clogs
Hi everbody got a post to share. This post is in regards to my new container that I use now for peeing/pooping in. Today after I went downtown to do some personal shopping, I was gone for about an hour or so. So I bough some food at KFC and got home and at some of it before hitting the shower. I took this citric magnesium to flush out my insides. This stuff makes you poop come out like water coming out a faucet. So as I finished taking my shower, it felt the citric magnesium kicking in and time to use the container, filled half full of my pee from last night (golden yellow). So I grabbed the container squatted down in the tub and placed the container under me, and I let nature take it's course. After I was finished, took the container and dumped the urine and liquid poop filled container and dumped it in the toilet and rinsed out the container for future usage. I proceeded to clean myself up and continued on with my business. Well I hope you all enjoyed my post.

well it's been almost a week since I posted, so here it is, i guess. been working helping the old ladies around here doing some flower planting and sh**, even turning the soil and sowing the seeds in the community gardens. yeah workin' gal [ but NOT that kind of "work" unlike the gals on hollywood blvd or south OBT in orlando LOL]who's hopefully gonna shed some fat off her already chubby ass, right! anyway, down in the community gardens they've got this shed with this little lavatory [ sink,toilet] and so, , me who drinks a lot of water when doing anything physical; it's convienent when you desparately need to go and " shake the old lilly lips". mostly it is used by theold men, as you know that for years women have been taught to be more of a " suzy homemaker" than a " suzy-belle farmer"' at least this side of scranton, PA they have anyway![ or upstate new york where the girls do the " cow milking" instead of the fingernail polishing! LOL ]anyway, so I got there and was doing at least a good hours worth of work and of course sucking down a water bottle full of water [ 20 ozs] and at least another half of one; and considering that I had not peed since I left the house [ where I live and take care of my elderly mother] about noon ; it now being 3:30 PM and almost done weeding/pitchforking the soil in one garden-wow that water had gone right through me to flush out the last of the morning's caffiene! squeezing my legs together in a cross legged stance, I stopped just short of finishing and was like mumbling to myself " gotta go for a wee! must go for a bloody wee! " of course imitating those british girls I hear online who say " must got o the loo for a desparately needed wee!" LOL and so, leaving everything there off I walked really quickly to that little shed and of couse, the lavatory. I walked in, pulled off my filthy gloves, laying them on the toilet tank lid. then, BANG! down with the little white seat and real quick like, I unbuckled my canvas sliding belt, unbuttoned my shorts as they just fell to the floor as I peeled off my slightly sweaty undies; and plopped my ass smack down on that toilet seat. that seat is funny, as it's one of those open front "church seats" and is like higher toward the back and sloped down toward the front; I guess to make it easier for the older people to get back up after finishing their business. anyway, soon as I sat almost, legs spread, that pee just shot out of me hissing loudly and at the same time, splattering backwards like a brooklyn fire hydrant with one of those " sprinkle caps" on it [that the city kids play in summer under] as it made a really loud extremely hissy-hissy tinkle sound. it was blasting out of me for the first minute or so in 4 huge yellow jets of really hissy pee; coming out fast and hard as it appeared to be not only splashing like a wide fountain the complete circumference of the bowl's water; but also hitting the back and even sending stary shots of yellow pee up under the rim in the front. I was looking down and watching all that intensely dark yellow pee and sudsy pee scuzzies as it was causing the water to swirl around like crazy; sort of like a river below the rapids would! most of it out by now, it stopped for a few secs, but of course , I felt more stuck in me. so I leaned foward and spread my flabby white legs even wider and as I did , I pushed another 10 good splashes of yellow pee out from my twat and into that bowl water. some lasted 10-15 secs[ 1st 2-3] each and then , about another 7 shots of pee-all of which sent stray twisty ribbons up against the front inside of bowl under the rim as well as bubbling into the front of water for 3-5 secs each and making more pee scuzzies. all this time I'm pulling a nice large chunk of toilet paper off the roll , scrunching it up like a hair scrunchie as my "lilly lips" kept on dribbling and tinkling away! finally, I was completely empty and so I took that wad of TP and pressed it up against my twat; as I got up I dried my legs and wiped from the back as well [WET honey! oh yeah!] dropping the paper in the bowl now full of my really dark golden yellow pee and a few spots of " pee scuzzies" [ the foam seems to quickly dissipate in this bowl-maybe because so many people pee in it all the time?]. I slid my undies up , reached behind me with my right hand and flushed. the I pulled up and fastened my "daisy dukes" [ cut off jeans] , washed up and back to work [ only to drink so much water that I had to make at least 3-4 more " white-water pees" that same day in the next four hours!

2.saturday-today, after not peeing since getting up during the night , I took my morning pee. and in those 6 hours at least, it really had a chance to soak up all the " impurities" and come out nice and concentrated- as in really YELLOW! anyway, so I tossed on my undies and walked off into my bathroom where I closed the door first. the the usual, I lifted the closed lid[ I do this as to not get sink water all over the seat] before yanking the good old undies [ hanes her way, baby] down to expose the brown haired twat[ trimmed "bikini-line" honey-even though I'm too dammed " plussy-sized" to wear one! LOL] then I quickly sat to pee, and after tapping my legs a few seconds, out came that nice easy, sweet-sounding tinkle of pee into the toilet bowl's water. it just came out from my twat nice and gentle for the next 30-35 secs at most; about 1/4 of the way through I could smell that sweet scent of a good, strong pee in the iar! about that time I looked between my legs[ I prefer to sit with 'em open!] and saw all that really yellow pee bubbling as it contacted the water, of course filling the front with a soft "cushion" of smelly foam. as the tinkle sound slowed, I heard that foam hiss as it sizzled, this especially when my pee stopped [but didn't quite finish LOL!]remaining seated and taking some toilet paper from the roll on my left with my right hand; I tore it as I gently splunked out my last 3 splashes into the bowl's water [lasting 2-3 secs each]now very yellow and smelly; adding more of "Cheryl's Special Sweet-Pea Fragrance" unto the powder room's air! [ Estee` Lauder? are ya with me here, sweetie?? :D LMAO!] upon finishing, I took that wad of folded paper and wiped the front and middle of my twat lips, and pressing it against me as I got up; took the other side and wiped from behind. as I tossed it into the bowl and went to flush, the water was now all deeply golden yellow from my pee and had a thin layer of soft bubbly foam covering almost the entire right side of bowl[ the paper holder/wall side/ and yes, that sweet smell of my pee was still in the air, and lingered after the flush!

to jessica: wow! yeah I'd say that peeing for a full seven minutes is unbelievable and I don't think I have ever come close to that one! back on page 1351 was one of my longest for sure after holding it quite a while. that was that new hampshire store bathroom when I sat there and peed for nearly four minutes[ 3 mins 45 secs I think; the first huge tinkle alone going for almost 2 mins non stop-the next for 1 and finally a wide spray for 45 more secs] the other one[ page 1348] was for nearly three minutes[ 2 Mins 40 sec] in that vermont country store bathroom where my first burst took like half min to even start but when it did, it widened and I was suprised that in that old fashioned toilet with the half-bowl of water, it still tinkled barely staying an inch or two back from the front dry part[ I watched it splash between my legs]

"Anonymous Girl": I read ur story that was posted on pg 1379 and i know how u feel, ive been denied the use of a restroom before in an emergency poop situation however i didn't mess myself (but i came very close!) That guy that said u couldn't use the restroom was an asshole, how evil do u have to be to say no to someone who obviously needs to use the restroom real bad? Anyway i just wanted to let u know i liked ur story and to post if u have anymore.

"Jessica Goes...": How long have u had an interest in bathroom activities? I guess ive been interested in women going to the bathroom since i was in jr high, maybe earlier i cant quite remember when it developed. U said u like accident stories so i thought i would share one of mine. Once when i was i guess a junior in high school (this was about 3 or 4 years ago) i had a stomach virus at the time and i was constantly on the toilet with diarhea, it was quite painful too. It lasted about 2 or 3 days and all this was taking place during the late winter early spring time because i hated going to offseason for football because the workouts were very hard and they just plain sucked! One particular day i woke up with bad stomach pains so i went in the kitchen to eat something light to settle my stomach before i had to workout, i didn't feel at the time that i needed to poop but when i was by the sink in the kitchen eating a piece of toast my stomach rumbled a little and i got a stinging feeling in my lower stomach, and just crapped my pants right there in the kitchen, it was running down my legs and everything!! So i went and cleaned up in the bathroom. I got dressed in my offseason workout clothes and drove to school, when i was parking my truck in the parking lot i crapped my pants again and i was wearing a jock strap so u could see the stain on my gray shorts!!! Luckily i had another pair of shorts in the backseat and i threw those on while sitting in the front seat. Thankfully i didn't have anyother accidents during the workout.
Well i hoped u like my story, i dont primarily have an interest in accident stories i tend to like more of desperation situations with women in public bathrooms involving diarhea, do u have any stories like that? If so post one sometime. Thanks.

Right before i started writing this post i took a really long shit, it didn't feel like it was going to be that long but it was! When i was sitting there it just felt like any other poop that i have but when i got up and looked in the toilet i was amazed it was seriously about 12 inces long!! And it was surrounded by a few other turds but they were underneath the big one, this turd was so long that it poked out of the water, man ive never seen that before, ive read people on here talking about that but ive never witnessed it myself.
That was my second dump of the day, i usually only have 1 or 2, but my friend has always talked about how much he poops in the course of a day. He averages about 4 a day he says, and one time i was talking to him on the phone and i heard him grunt, and i asked if he was takin a dump and he said "This is number 7 dude" I couldn't believe it when the day was over he had taken 9, and he says there all regular sized too! Does anyone on here poop like this?

Well i guess that's it for me today, thanks for listening to me and all my crap haha.

P.S: I have a question for the girls on here, how many dumps do all of ya'll average a day? Bye

cutie can't go
You should eat more beef and white rice. It will be more easy to poop. Try it

To Lazy Jenny
I really liked your story. If you have anymore stories I would like to hear more of them. What type of diapers do you wear are they baby ones or adult ones? And your not alone both men and women do it. I do it sometimes to.

To Christine
I really liked your story to. You have a nice bf that helped you when you pooped your panties. If you have any other stories I would like to hear more of them.

I was in a music class one day when i had to use the girls room badly but there was a gang of smokers in the toilet so i had to hold it so i did so what i did was i went or sneaked into the female staff toilets and there was only 1 stall that stinks of verbal shit and there was a puddle on the floor as the toilet was flooded and the seat was totally covered in toilet water,there was square tiles,the wall was mucky

i diddn't realy want to use this toilet but what else could i do
after looking around the room i undid my belt then i undid my button took my handbag off by shoulders put it on the scanky floor pulled my trousers down til they were touching the floor and sat my big naked but on the small toilet seat (i dont bother to wear underwear i dont realy see the point)by but is so big that it took up the whole seat.

i had realy bad dihhorea and it smealt so bad that i needed a gas mask
i wiped and went.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

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