Innocent Katie
Hello everybody, this is my first post here although I've been a lurker since November. I would first of all like to say to all the guys and gals who poop themselves on purpose: keep the stories coming, I am loving them all!

I have been pooping myself on purpose about once a month for the last 2 years, through this time I've done it in public, in private, in places where I MIGHT get caught in an extremely embarrassing situation, and basically everywhere else. I love to see what people's reactions are to this! Sometimes I'll act like I'm trying to hide it but make it instead all the more obvious. Other times I'll make no effort to hide it, and very rarely I'll actually go while talking to somebody while making it seem like an accident, I'll tell you a story of doing this once:

Last June or July I was at this one department store and I kept looking for the restrooms(even though I had no intention of using them), when I finally knew I was ready to poop, I started acting like I was panicking and held my stomach, I asked a clerk, who was about my age, where the bathroom was, he noticed my "predicament" and offered to point me in the direction, while he was pointing out where it was I interrupted him saying, "I'm sorry!" and I just started pooping my shorts right in front of him. When I was done he offered to lead me to the bathroom to get cleaned up, but I said, "that's ok." and waddled out of the store. I looked back and his face was RED! I don't mean pink, I mean crimson! I didn't check but my shorts must have had a gigantic bulge in them simply because of all the poop in them.

well, i went for a walk one day, and i ahd to crap before i went out, but not bad at all, i figured i'd be alright for a half hour, and about 5 minutes after i left i had this feeling in the pitof my stomach..and i know that feeling..i had to crap like woah. i was with my friends, so i didnt want to say anything, but then i finally did about ten minutes later when i was pretty much in pain. i sprinted back to my house, and i felt a little bit of crap coming out, and i though "oh damn..why did i have to wear my 40 dollar thong today?" i got in the house and lunged for the bathroom... my pants and thong were already pulled down below my knees and i got to the toilet without exploding in the hallway or soemthing, and i sat down and thats when i just exploded. there was a huge wet fart and then just diarreha to follow, this lasted about 7 minutes, just straight out liquid poo. it felt good. and then i had to throw away my thong and take a shower becuase they i felt dirty from the crap and my panties were completely ruined!!!

first thanks mr clogs, dude and yeah you're right about the container idea. but it would probably still be somewhat hard in a place like white plains NY or any city I'd think . well maybe not new york where nobody would give a sh** I bet if I was doing that inside a car. anyway, more from this weekend past. yeah as always when I got to that pagan thing at the ???????????? UU church where we have that ???? group , right as soon as I got there to the beltane ritual, of course I had to fix my hair which was a complete mess as here I drove with the windows down enjoying the awesome weather[ bad hair day? F it honey cause I love the feeling!LOL]. well I got there about 3:10 PM and after bringing in my stuff[ little casual "purse-ette" bag and my carrying bag]and the food; it was off to one of the " uni-girls rooms" to priss up. I walked into the first one on the right in hall[ the "scent-free" one and of course, closed and locked the door. well seeing the elongated handicapped, height toilet toward the back on the left as one walks in, I figured that even though I was not desparate , now was the time to pee. the lid was down and so, after lifting it up; I undid my jeans and pulled them down with my undies to expose my cunt and yeah , pee.[ yeah sitting up on that throne make you feel like you are wearing high heels even when you're not!LOL ] anyway, I sat down with my back " cheeks" on the rear of that white seat, legs apart as usual and soon heard the sound of my urine softly but distinctly tinkle into the toilet's clear water. i watched as it turned that water really yellow, the pee soon making bubbly foam upon contact with the water as observed by seeing how it spread out toward the front water's edge as my pee tinkled straight down into the middle. meanwhile, i reached to my left and with my right hand, took some paper off the roll while holding it with my left to tear it; this as I continued to pee for at least 45 seconds, stop, and for another half minute almost; slowly let a little more softly piddle out till empty. meranwhile, I had already folded the wad and upon finishing, wiped the old snatch as always and tossed that into the bowl. I got up , pulled my undies and jeans back up and after fastening my little belt, looked at the bowl's water full of yellow pee as the foam quickly faded with a little sticking to the edges, when, of course, I flushed my pee and dropped the lid back down. then I washed, prissy'd up my blonde nearly shoulder-length hair and bangs with my little "purse brush/mirror" deal and walked out.
later on that day , as i was driving up into and through southern-central mass., I stopped to get gas in southwick as always [ last pit stop along route 57 before you got to either find a suitable dirt road, park and get out to squat; or fill a coffee cup- which for me I need a super big gulp cup usually! LOL] 5:30 PM-I did pee before leaving the UU church, this time using the 2nd " UNI-ROOM" on the right of course and for over a minute, peed out a nice golden yellow splasher into that mostly dry water saver toilet in the stall which is really deep, elongated, and has just a small 8-9" circle of water in the middle. after walking in and locking door and quickly pulling my stuff down, I sat on that toilet very comfortably in the middle with my back against the back , and at first, began to make a really hissy sound as my pee splattered against the dry porcelain and soon , a tinkkle as I caused that little water spot to fill with my golden yellow pee! upon finishing up with my last few shots landing both into the water[ sploop! sploop!] and against the dry porcelain[ hiss! hisssssss! hissy-hissss! sploooop-hissy-hiss!LOL], I took the paper I was slowly unraveling during that long pee and wiped my twat; dropping it into the mostly dry bowl now filled with my yellow pee droplets and that water completely dark golden yellow with HUGE FOAMY BUBBLES. then, I flushed that bowl, which quietly goes " WHOOSHHHH" as it washed your yellow pee[ or shit] down. anyway, this was only 5:30 Pm and after talking with jim and this new girl, sara about pagan stuff, bush's politics[keep your laws out of mine]and whatever else , at about 6:45 pm I drove off. first to the car wash, then up into ?????????, ?? [ stain'd band's hometown!] to stop and shop and then off through springfield to that last gas station to get gas. lets see by now it's 7:45 PM and yeahm, not really bad did I have to pee but since this is the last toilet bowl available on sundays and late nights[ mobil 24 hrs. " toilet mapping" baby!] I paid fo the gas and walked back . they've got , like nearly all self serve mobil-exxons from VT to florida; the usual single use, one size fits all unisex restroom and CLEAN! it smelled like lilac perfume as I walked in, probably cause the gal clerk has to use the same one and if needed, " prissy it up" I bet![ dirty job sweetie sometimes!] anyway, i knocked to make sure it's empty[ some peeps forget to lock] , then walked in and locked it, wiping theseat with TP even though it looked clean. I took my jeans and undies down , sat and after leaning foward to take a bunch of toilet paper from the dispenser; sat back up and soon began peeing. all of a sudden this splashy stream of yellow pee bagn to tinkle into the clean water and at the same time; spray a few stray droplets up against the dry porcelain in the bowl's front on that roughly 6" slope above the water.[ "improved" water saver]I sat and peed for probably a minute before stopping, leaning foward and peeing out a few more splashy tinkles. whicl going I noticed one of my pee splashes actually hit the seats open front edge as the other made massive tiny yellow droplets up on that white slope; the rest of course all landing into the water like it's supposed to when you pee. [dixie chicks song in my head while peeing, I was thinking "natalie maines or george strait, I guess we are all supposed to tinkle when we pee into the toilet, honey. right??? LOL cher', you sass!"] anyway, so close to a minute and a half later, out came the last tinkles and so, I was all done peeing. I took that wad of paper in my hand, wiped my twat as I got up , wiping some more from the rear before dropping it into the bowl. as I pulled up my undies and jeans I glanced back at that bowl's water now all really golden dark yellow with lots of really hissy pee 'foamies' floating all over in it, covering about half the water's surface and after getting up my undies, took my left hand and flushed my pee water before pulling and zipping/buttoning up my jeans. washed up , quickly tossed my hair and was on my way. - cheryl

I notice you are still having trouble with hard painfull poos. I posted a note to you, and any one else with similar trouble on page1377, (The last page). I just wondered if any of my suggestions might help you?
Aussie John.

To Tim (of Tim and Sarah),

Wow, what a really neat story! (the garden pee at the roses) Please continue it!

My system has been out of whack since taking a laxative over the weekend. Sunday was the day I finally got unblocked and a week's worth of poo out. Monday I didn't go at all, Tuesday morning I took a big poop and had gas all day. Today I felt normal, but ate some lunch which I guess didn't agree with me because about half an hour later I was hit with strong cramps in the ???? and had to run to the toilet right away. Has anyone else experienced this after taking a laxative?

Yalo. Taylor here. Yesterday, I think I crapped out more than I ever had before. In three seperate movements, thank god. If it was all in one, it would have killed the crapper. The first dump was the worst. I was there, sitting on the crapper, in all my glory, in pain. Arse pain. I was crapping out chunks. Large ones. I think they were a good two inches wide. Painful as well. Not too smelly. When I wiped there was some blood on the paper. For the first time ever. It was seriously damn painful. The second movement was more relaxing. One log. Not very wide, about an inch, but it was just about ten inches long. It felt good to get that out of my system. Then there was the third one. Much, much darker brown than the other two, and with a stronger smell, and a smaller, more spread out movement. It was a tad softer as well, but not very messy. I think I crapped out about two feet of shit in a day! Keep in mind I'm 15. That's my record. And none of them clogged my crapper.
Cheers. Taylor.

I was laying in the bath yesterday morning after a jogging session when my wife walked in and calmly asked if I wanted to watch her having a dump. It seems she has recently been chatting with some very opened minded new colleagues. Yes was my reply. She sat on the toilet then partly stood up and leant forward so I could see her bung hole slowly open and watch the turd emerge. She could see I was very excited so after a quick wipe and a wash of her arse in the bath water she let me earn my brown wings. Later that day she watched me have a shit. We now plan to instal a second toilet pan in the en suite so we can sit opposite each other and grunt and strain together. I thoroughly recommend crapping together.

Wednessday, May 04 2005

anonomous girl
Hello, I've lurked here for a lil while and i have a story to tell about being denied restroom access in the middle of nowhere.

Me and my friend lara were driving home from an overnight cheerleading camp back to town about 3 hours. The camp kinda sucked since it was in the middle of summer and we had to work out all day. We only had our practice clothes on and we both kinda reeked of b.o. but we didnt care cause we weren't gonna be around anybody we needed to impress. i had had the urge to poop the whole camp but thankfully i could hold it, cause i didnt want to use the nasty outhouses at the camp. well we ate a really harty breakfast(sausage, doughnuts and scrambled eggs) and i had drank a lot of coffee. i dont usually drink coffee but i was extremely tired and lara was drinking some. anyway we were about 2 hours from home when the urge started to get really bad. i could feel it was gonna be a big gross one but i thought i could hold it. plus i didnt want to go in any gross restrooms. we were driving longer and i said to lara to pull over at the next gas station she sees. she asked if i was alright and i said i dunno i gotta poop real bad. she said thats cool and kept driving. well about 30 minutes past and we had no gas station signs. i could feel really big pressure in my gut and i had a nasty shit just trying to get out. i didnt feel very good either, i started sweating more. well we finally saw a sign for a gas station and she pulled off. i was thanking god, cause i knew i would've had an accident if we would've waited longer. she pulled in and we both ran inside. we were totally in the middle of nowhere. we walk in and we were surrounded by dirty old men. they all turn and look at us. we were all sweaty and in gym shorts, we knew what they were thinking. i asked "excuse me, wheres the bathroom?" my urge was extreme. a guy said "its offlimits to outsiders. employees only." i was shocked at how they could say no and especially at a time like this. i said "please sir will you let me use the bathroom? its an emergency." he shook his head. lara said "cmon, you can't just deny her the use of the bathroom." he said yes i can. then he said "whats the matter, you need a tampon?" insulted and near absolute agony, we both left. lara asked if i could wait any longer. hunched over i said prolly not. she grabbed a jacket from the backseat and said just in case. we got on the road, and after about 3 minutes I couldn't hold it. the pain was too much and i totally let about a gallon of diarrhea out into my shorts. i was mortified. being dirty and sweaty didn't help matters, neither did my full shorts. it was horrible and i had to sit on the jacket cause it was leaking through. i will never forget that asshole who didn't let me use the bathroom. it was horrible and no one should have to go through that.

Alex M.
Hi everybody, my name is Alex, I am male, 5'11, 21 years old, and I am making my first post here because I just had a really interesting bathroom related experience.

Earlier today my girlfriend and I were at this park about a mile from her house(about 3 miles away from mine), she was wearing a red skirt and a blue shirt and during our stroll through the park she said she needed to go to the bathroom. I walked her over to the small building with the bathrooms in it and she turned the knob but the door was broken and wouldn't budge, the guys bathroom was out of order due to plumbing problems so that option was out. Well luck should have it that she informed me that she had needed to poo since before we came to the park. I asked her why she hadn't said anything, she said she didn't think it'd get so bad that she'd need to go to the bathroom while at the park. The park was crowded with people so we couldn't just find a secluded spot, so I only had one idea left: "Take off your panties." I said, imagine my shock when she told me she wasn't wearing any! Well this made my plan easier; I stood behind her and held her skirt far enough away from her butt and told her to stop holding it. Not two seconds later I saw a huge log of poo fall out from the bottom of her skirt, followed shortly by two equally large pieces. Somehow nobody noticed what we had just done, but what I thought was funny was that as we were walking out of the park we heard a little kid yell out, "Eww! Dog poop!" but there are no dogs allowed in the park. We didn't say anything and on the way home she apologized over and over again, I told her she didn't have to and that it could have happened to anybody, what I didn't say was how much fun I had.

To Jaime and anonymous, Yes it's true that you won't actually burst your bladder by trying to hold your urine, however what can happen is called urinary reflux where urine backs up into the kidney(s). This can be VERY serious. It can lead to pyelonephritis (kidney infections) and damage to the kidneys from the back pressure.

OMG! Hi everyone I'm 16 years old and I just peed my pants! I've never had an accident before but I woke up a couple hours ago and my underwear and bed were soaked. I'm a little worried I've never had a problem like this of any kind then this happens all of a sudden, do you think anything is wrong? Thanx.

Hey Cutie Can't go, you gotta tell us when you are able to go lol. Hopefully you'll feel better soon and keep me posted on if you get over your constipation!

Mr. Clogs
Hi everybody, hope everyone is doing fine. Just want to give a quicky post. I bought another container for me to pee into, but I decided hey why not use thic container as a dual purpose one for peeing and pooping, I haven't pooped in it yet, I'll save the occasion when I take my citric magnisium to keep the shit from splattering arround the toilet and underneath to the toilet seat, I post on it in the near future. I peed into this dual purpose container last night after feeling the pressure building in my bladder and this morning again after the pressure built even worse. This time the pee was more golden in color than my middle of the night pee.

Cheryl: Great posts from the vault and your most recent one about those disgusting gas station bathroom! Cheryl, you gotta carry you some kind of container with you so you don't have to subject yourself to such disgust.

Shana: I liked you quick post of you crapping and pissing on those newspapers!

Well got to go. Take care.

FARTBEAN: I have been using the travelmate for years now. In the beginning I also had a few "accident" where I got pee in my pants rather where it belonged cause I did not position it correctly. But once you really mastered it, it's so comfortable! I promise. Don't give up, yet. It's a bit like driving a car. Once you think "I can do it now", you have an accident. But as I said, I used it for years now and I bumped into a few cars while parking but had no more wet pants while peeing without pulling my pants down. I love not having to do the horsestance accrobatics. As a matter of fact, I seam to forget more and more how that works, as I tried that a few times and got more sprinkles than using the travelmate. Hang on and good luck!

Hey everyone. Had a pretty cool pooping experience last week. The weather was gorgeous so our school took the kids on a field trip. It was on a campground. It was after lunch that I had to take a crap. The bathroom had latrines in it. There were about 6 of them lined against the wall and no doors so you had no privacy in there whatsoever. They were square shaped and just had holes for your butt and a roll of toilet paper at each latrine. They are about 6 or 7 feet deep so your poo or pee has a long way to fall. I had to take a dump and I walked in and I see my boss, the principal with her pants down and reading a book. She's about 32 y/o and she's beautiful, it was kind of wierd to see her taking a shit. She just said hi to me and I was like "no privacy in here." She just said "when you gotta go you gotta go." I had to poop pretty bad so what could I do? I just pulled my pants down and sat on the latrine. I pushed some crap out and as it fell into the water, it made a loud splash and my boss heard it and was like "you too?" I said "Yeah, I wish I had some privacy while I was going to the bathroom." She said "Yeah I don't like crapping in places like this but I had to go." I then farted really loud and then she kept grunting and dropped like 6 or 7 turds in a row then let out a big sigh. She then wiped her butt and finsihed up. She went to wash her hands and asked if I was almost done because she would wait for me. I told her I needed to be in here awhile so she just said she'd wait outside. I let out some big logs for 5 minutes and then wiped. I would have been embarrassed if she had stayed with me. I just didn't want her to see me exposed sitting on the toilet. When she was asking me if I wanted to her to stay, she was looking right at me. All in all though, it was a cool shitting experience.

Happy poos!!

hi kerri, i really enjoyed your poop story from the other day, and am interested in reading more about your bathroom adventures.

write back.


hi again, just want to tell you about my latest bathroom story.last weekend i was out with some friends when all of a sudden my stomache started to hurt, i asked my friend rachel if she needed to go and she said no but she would go with me, we were at a bar and the bathroom was pretty big, like 5 stalls, i told her on the way that i have to go poop and i hope she didn't mind, she said "oh great". we got in there and there were a few other girls peeing, i tried to hurry so rachel wouldn't have to wait long, i tooted a couple of times then started pooping, i heard another girl giggling i think, oh well,what could i do. does anyone ever have that happen to them when there pooping with someone in the stall next to them, hear them laughing or holding there breath? Rachel asked if i was almost done, it had only been a couple of minutes, i dropped one more wiped, flushed and left. My friend couldn't believe that i could poop in a crowded bathroom at a bar, i told her it was embarrasing but i had to, or else i would be sick. Later on that night i noticed she was gone for awhile and asked if anyone had seen her but nobody had. I went into the bathroom to see if maybe she was in there but i couldn't tell because there were 3 other girls in there, all pooping, i could not believe it. I looked under the stall and recognized her shoes and asked if she was in there, she said yes and told me she has been sitting on the toilet for like ten minutes now because she has diahrea, it smelled really bad from the 3 of them all pooping so i just told her goodbye and went back to drinking, love ya- becky

English Student
For Sarah.

I am 22 year old female and this hapepened about 2 years ago. I was on my way to work and I stopped to get a coffee. I knew it would be really hot so I got a bottle of water to go with it. The drive to work is about 45 minutes. About 15 after leaving the coffee shop I began to feel I needed to pee. I was distracted for a second, took the wrong exit and now I had no idea where I was so I just kept driving to see if I saw any streets I knew. I drove for about 35 minutes until I needed gas. When at the station I asked if they had a bathroom I could use but they said they were out of order so I knew I would have to wait, but since I was getting thursty I bought 2 bottles of water to go. I drove around lost and drinking my water but then about an hour later I got caught in a traffic jam and by then I was in a major desperate need to pee. Soon I was bent over with my hand in my crotch trying to hold it in. As traffic slowly moved my wheels rolled over some large construction bumbs in the road and I felt a little bit of pee start to come out. Plan B; I hurried and unzipped my jeans and grabed my pee hole before any more could come out. My bladder was So FULL it really hurt everywhere down there but I could not pee on my seat. I would NOT pee on my seat. Further up the road I saw construction workers and I knew I had to remove my hand from crotch or they might see, but I was afraid my pee would burst out. I got closer and my desperation was getting worse and then I thought "O come on I'm a big girl I can wait this thing out" so I just let my pee hole go and tried to hold it in like an adult. As I passed the workers a few streams of pee came out but I could not grab it again as yet. More of those bump things were coming up and I didnt know it. Traffic was starting to move faster and when I went over them a huge stream of pee shot out dispite how hard I was trying to squeeze it in. I hurried and pushed my fingers into my pee hole again to get it to stop. It hurt so bad and I was wet and I thought about peeing in one of my water bottles but I couldnt do that and drive at the same time and there was no shoulder to pull over on since they were all blocked off. I had my bags and purse in the passenger seat next to me. It had fallen over and a few things fell out. There were some napkins from lunch the day before so I stuffed them down between my legs to pee into; just a little to releave the preasure. I figured peeing even a little bit would help but it felt so good that I couldn't stop for a good 10 seconds and it soaked through leaving me more desperate then ever. I thought about crossing my legs with my hand up there against my pee hole but I knew I couldnt wait more then a few more seconds now that the dam had broken, so I grabbed an empty water bottle and squeezed the bottle kinda under my pussy. I was so scared because I didnt know if I should let go or not cause the opening was small and I didn't know if it would squirt in it or not, but I just HAD TO PEE so I let go. It was so warm and it felt so good to relax and I wasn't even sure where all the pee was going but I couldn't stop; it just felt too good. Turned out most went in the bottle but some soaked into my panties, jeans, and even the seat. O well, lest it wasn't number 2.

Jessica: No, peeing topics are always much appreciated! Peeing for 7 minutes is unbelievable. Like I said, as I can't wet myself involuntarily, I can hold for very long times, but I've never come over 2 minutes!

Thanks to everyone who answered my question. From reading these posts, I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one who never had an accident!

dazeoftheweek: thanks so much! I'd love to share more stories, although I find it a bit awkward, as I can only tell them from my point of view. I remember them quite well, but it seems rather strange to desrcibe what my husband was feeling at the time - I can only guess! Anyway, I'll try again, but please pardon the clunky writing! :)

A couple of years ago, Christmas time, we were going to visit my husband's parents, and decided make the 5-hour drive, as it seemed quicker and easier at the time (the trains were rather unreliable at the time - even worse than they are now!). So we hired a car, and headed out. It was a very cold day, and pouring buckets out on top of it. Since we wanted to be there for lunch, we got started very early. He ended up drinking quite a bit of coffee beforehand so he'd be alert, although I took over after the first hour. He needed to get some work done, and I didn't mind driving. But after a few minutes he'd drifted off to sleep (his ability to override caffeine always amazes me!). Although the road hadn't been too bad previously, after about two hours we soon hit delays due to some sort of accident further up the road. Traffic practically ground to a halt, so I turned on the radio and waited.

After sitting there for a few minutes, my husband got woken up by this loud honking behind us (some stupid squabble about getting out of someone's way, despite the fact that no one could move whatsoever!). I had actually begun to wonder about taking a break, since he usually does go every two hours. As soon as he woke up, he grabbed his penis and sat up straight.

"I need to find a toilet right now," he grunted. I explained the traffic situation to him, but he insisted that he absolutely could not go another few minutes without losing control. We began frantically ransacking the car for some sort of container, but no such luck. By this point, he was seriously holding himself, and getting more and more desperate by the minute. I rubbed his back, tried to console him that we'd be out soon, and felt really sorry for him. He absolutely cannot hold it after about fifteen minutes, and especially after he wakes up.

Of course, we were still stuck in the bloody traffic, which still hadn't budged. This was the most desperate I'd seen him in a long time - hunched over, pinching himself, rocking back and forth. Suddenly, this car came screeching up beside us, nearly slamming into the passenger door, and he jumped up. Then a wet spot appeared around his zipper, and although he tried squeeze himself quickly, it just grew larger and larger. He was gasping with relief, yet blushing like mad. After scooting his hips forward so as not to stain the seat, it all finished. I asked him if he was OK, and he muttered something like "yes, I think." The strange thing is, even though we try not to get embarrassed over his accidents, there's always this awkward period afterwards. Later, we can laugh about it, fortunately, but sometimes it can be a little uncomfortable in the aftermath when neither of us can think of anything to say!

Anyway, after the traffic finally got moving, we found a place to stop, and he changed and cleaned up a bit. By the time we reached his parents' house, it seemed like such a ridiculous situation that we were joking about it again!


Tim (and Sarah)
Marlina: Thanks for you nice words! I feel flattered. Yes, I remember that specific pee in the shower. It's a very fond memory ;-).
I thought about my favourite event from last year to tell you about and ask my Sarah for permission. She went all red and said, she hoped that really nobody reads here, who knows us personally, but I was allowed to tell you, if I wanted.
After that weekend, Sarah and me had such a stupid grin on our faces that our friend Peter said to me while I starred absentminded into the sunset: „ Must have been a really good trip...;-)!" So here it goes:
I had a buisness appointment on a Monday near the place where my parents-in-law live. I don't know if you read our stories from the beginning, but our relationship had some bad tensions as Sarah's often have different opinions to us, which led to some arguments in the past. Anyway just to help you understand, why we behaved like tennagers, whose parents went away for the weekend. Sarah parent's were indeed on a holiday and I did not fancy staying in the place on my own. In the end we decided that she would join me and we would rather use the perdiems, I get from my employer for a nice thing for the kids. Those we left with our friends Peter and Robert, who at the time to them where the cooler parents anyway...;-). So we drove there at Sunday noon. When we arrived I was dying for a leak...I asked Sarah to get the keys from the neighbours by herself as I really had to pee and I did not want to get into a long conversation or any other obsticles between me and the much needed toilet. My heart sank when I saw her standing in front of the door, reading a note and coming back without a key. They went for a walk and told us to ring them on the mobile...We did and had to wait. I guess if we still had to drive for a bit longer it would have been more bearable, but the hope of relief in the near future had increased the urgency even more. Sarah stroke my arm while we waited in the car and told me to pee in the front garden, if I could not wait...We both had to laugh at the thought of her parents hitting the roof without return, if they heard from their neighbours that their son-in-law pissed into the front garden. It was funny but mean, cause laughing made my problem worse. Suddenly Sarah's face lit up: She jumped out of the car, started digging behind some stones and produced a key to the backdoor, which at least let us into the garden (with some sheltered corners). We went into the garden and Sarah told me to find a corner. I grinned and hesitated at the same time. At home, no problem, but I could aready guess that Sarah's mom would see it in my eyes I had urinated onto her roses, I joked to Sarah. She told me not to be silly. Then she let me by the hand into a good corner, where all the views from the neighbours are blocked by the trees and where we indeed found her mom's „holy" rose growings. I suddenly realised Sarah was having fun here, behaving like a naughty child in her parent's garden and I have to admit that I started to like the idea more and more as well. When Sarah opened my zipper for me, I realized this was going to be even more fun, than I had expected. She held me with one hand and stroke my back with the other, telling me to go ahead in the same loving way like she used to announce to our children that they could relax, when they still had to be held while going potty.
I did not need much encouragement: As soon as my wiener felt fresh air it started streaming onto the world and the world being, as mentioned, my mother-in-law's rose bushes. The forbidden deed was immense fun and with my wife directing and a relief that was devine in itself, I rate that piss as definately my closest to a big O ever. And like a good was long and enjoyable. Sarah's fun was also obvious. She thoroughly cared for as many roses as possible to be ‚watered'. I finished with some slashes and inbetween breaks...When I felt empty, Sarah carefully did the shaking and squeezing, but when she thought the deed was done, I had to tell her to hold on for a sec and another short stream splattered onto the grass. Sarah jokingly told me off: „Hey what do you think you are doing, ey? I just dried it...!" I grinned with an acted bad conscience and said, „sorry". She let go and told me with a kiss that now I had to dry it myself. I did take over and while I put everything back into position Sarah announced that she also had to pee and took off her panties underneath her summery dress...
I know it's mean to stop the story here as now comes the interesting part, but I would like to take a break at this „cliff-hanger" in order to get not too long. It's a lot already...I will continue, if this one get's posted. So hopefully stay tuned, lol, cause it get's interesting, when the neighbours `suddenly"

Of course, I wouldn't mind if you would share some stories about you and your boyfriend as well. Would you like that? Anyway take care!

swim girl
Hello. I am a 17 yo girl who does lap swimming for my highschool. I am athletic and a lot of guys think I am cute. Anyway, 2 years ago, it was the state finals for swimming and I had the extreme urge to poo. My coach said that I have to wait untill I am finished. When my turn came, I could barley swin and by then, I really needed to go. I finished and walked down the hall. I could barley move and I was basically giving myself a workout by holding it in. I got to the girls lockeroom and I found out that it was locked. So I walked to the boys lockeroom and went inside. Halfway twards the stalls, I fell to my knees. A guy was there and he asked "what are you doing here?" I replied "JUST TAKE ME TO A STALL!!!" So he carried me into a stall and I undid my swimsuit so he basically saw me naked and taking a poo. I finnished and I saw 5 huge logs and he also saw. I pulled up my swimsuit and we just talked for a while. In the end, I thought that was reallu embarrasing but the wierd thing is that he is now my bf(he is a complete nerd though). Well, that is my story.

southern belle
I went to hang out the washing once in the winter time in barefoot. It was a dumb move.
I stood there for a few minutes hanging out the washing and when I was done I noticed I'd peed myself. I was astonished that I'd wet myself without realising. My feet were frozen and I guess it had sent a signal to my bladder to let go.
I rushed back in the house and upstairs hoping my boyfriend wouldn't see me. Luckily he didn't so I then had a shower and changed.
I like northern chik's idea of using a maxi. I once got caught out like you did and made a wee in my pad. It felt a bit uncomfortable, but not as bad as the washing line experience.

guest male
hi, I need help, I am constipated for 4 days, and I would be pleaed to hear some food sugestions that enables me to take a dump.

Jane-- Thanks for answering. Your stories about the women you work with are fasinating...please tell us about the others. I have a question, do your office mates ever talk about constipation and what they do about it or how difficult it is/was to go? When I lived in the dorm in college...sometimes...if a guy really had a struggle he'd come out and tell everyone how hard a time he had. Is that a guy thing or do women do it to?-- JW

Redneck, Not a good way to dispose of your drawers. i did the same thing a couple of years ago and days later there was a clog in the main drain. The town workers came and opened the sewer in front of the house and found my shorts stuck there. they came to my house and sid "Here's what was clogging the drain. Boy was I embarrassed.

Kerri-loved your posts, please post more!

your name JANE
Great post-please tell us more about the girls, their pooping habits, and what the turds look like that you saw! Thanks.

Two stories about the most unenjoyable piss/crap I'd ever taken.

The times I've pissed when my twat was irritated and made it feel like lava coming out sorta sucked, but the absolute worst piss was that way for emotional reasons. In college, a lot of tremendously stressful things happened to me, and I was a few days late for one of my periods. I figured it was just from the stress, so I waited. Then it was two weeks late, and I started to panic. I had just become sexually active, and even thoughI'd only had sex 3 or 4 times and he used a condom, I was scared, and I needed to get tested just to be sure. I was supposed to go to the campus health clinic after my 8 am class and take a lab pregnancy test, so before I went to class I bought a bottled water and drank about half of it before I got there. I gradually drank the rest over the 1 1/2 hours of class, waiting for my bladder to fill and worrying about the test and whether or not I would be able to wait until I got to the clinic to go to the bathroom once all that water was done filtering through my kidneys. I wanted to make sure I had enough pee to give, and timing it just right so I wouldn't empty myself too soon. When the bottle was empty, I drank from the drinking fountain during breaks. Amazingly enough, by the time the class got out, I didn't feel like I had to go very much, but I figured it was because I was too nervous in my head to feel my body very well. At the clinic, the assistant was very sweet. She handed me a cup and showed me to the little bathroom they had in their office. I sat on the toilet with my legs apart, and tried to position the cup as carefully as I could despite my nervous trembling, afraid I would pee everywhere but in the cup. I sat there a good five minutes before I could start going, as my muscles were clenched so tight they almost hurt. When I finished it was only about a third full, not because I missed but because that's all I had had in my bladder. Great, I thought, now my kidneys are screwed up, too. "I hope that's enough of a sample," I told her with a half-hearted smile when I came out and handed it to her. The next ten minutes were torture as I sat there and waited for the test results. The rest of the water was starting to go through me, and being so scared and restless didn't help. The test came out negative, thank god. I walked down to the other end of the building to the public restroom and took a long, relaxing piss to celebrate, greatly relieved all around. I went home for the weekend to chill out, and I started bleeding literally as soon as I walked in the door.

The least enjoyable crap is less dramatic. It was the outgoing of some very tasty but insanely spicy microwave chicken strips I had made the night before. It felt like hot molten lead coming out of my asshole, and the smell was ungodly. The worst part is it came in about three or four waves, so I had to endure it more than once. I had to wipe my ass off with wads of toilet paper soaked in cold water to sooth it, and that didn't even help much. Sad thing is, if I could find those chicken strips again, I'd get 'em cuz they were just sooo damn tasty!

I've always noticed that I always have to piss like a racehorse immediately after I go swimming, maybe because I accidentally swallow water or soemthing. Does this happen to anyone else?

" beltane pee-nectar of the goddess" oh my god! I'm sure!

anyway, sweetie; it had been like 5-1/2 hours since I last peed, this while visiting this well-known artist's studio whom I know from my UU church; when before leaving I asked if I could use her bathroom.[ oh my god did I fill that whole little water saver bowl with really bubbly, foamy dark yellow pee after hearing myself tinkle softly into it for a good 45 seconds. WINE will do that honey!] this was about 7 PM and here I went all evening till about 12:45 AM without even needing to go. this of course despite adding some cellulite to my already fat 176 LBS ass by eating half a medium pizza and a salad, and yes drinking at least one 20 oz. mug of diet root beer and like 4 mugs of iced coffee in those 4 hours plus! [ yeah, like one of those country gals workin' in the convienence store behind the counter, I'm a fat but somewhat fit,PIG. maybe that's why I like peeing sp much, aint' much else I've donne with my " thang" in goddess knows how long, sweetie :) LOL ]

and so, finally at 12:45 AM that urge to pee came and I headed into the bathroom and after shutting the door and lifting the lid; pulled them pants and undies down to below my knees and plopped my fat ass down on that white seat. my legs spread out as usual and my knees bent slightly back like I was wearing heels [ which I rarely do-they hurt!]; I sat there with my shaved brown twat exposed and seconds later [ with the mirror, yes!] ; watched as that nice wide, solid yet twisty looking yellow gusher of urine tinkled loudly into the bowl's water below! as it first contacted the clear water I could see how quickly it was turning it all yellow and yes, as it often does when I haven't peed in 2 hours or more; make lots of foamy bubbles as it splashed into the water! and wow, did it ever come out very quickly! the whole big splasher took only 30 secs. to completely tinkle out from my flabby little " hissy lips", right down to the last golden drop which just went "piddle" and finished. I took some paper to wipe my twat, but one blot and I dropped it through my legs[in bowl] before getting up. as I was pulling everything back up I looked and the bowl's water was like a bright golden sharp yellow; scattered patches of little flat-looking sudsy " foamies" covering about 25% of the water mostly in back. most of that faded, but some was still floating in the water as I was shaving my arms and legs; then finally flushing all that golden wee!

My first experience with ExLax was today. Here's the story...
I was blocked up all week (since last Saturday), not able to go at all and my ???? was really aching me. My roommate was going out of town for the weekend, and before she left on Friday she told me that she had some ExLax chocolate flavor tablets in the cabinet if I needed them. I didn't want to take any because I had only taken one laxative before, I think it was Dulcolax, and it gave me the worst ???? upset. I know they are supposed to make you cramp but it made me feel nauseous as well. But by Saturday afternoon I was feeling bloated and sick to my ????, and so I decided if I still hadn't been able to go by the time I went to bed I would take the ExLax. I tried everything to be able to go, I even drank two cups of coffee hoping it would give me the runs like it usually does, but it only added to my ???? ache. I took the ExLax right before bed, it tasted bad and I felt really nauseous for a while after swallowing it. I woke up this morning feeling still bloated and sore, no urge to go at all. I fell asleep again, and this time when I woke up my ???? was cramping, so I ran to the toilet, and tons of soft poop just poured right out. It lasted about fifteen minutes, and I have never been so happy to have the runs!!! I wiped and flushed, and about half an hour later I had cramps again and even more poop came out, a little bit more solid this time but still a LOT. I feel so much better, even though I'm still feeling a little bit funny in the ????.

To Carolyn - hope you feel better now. How comes you had an adult diaper at home? Is it common for people to have them "just in case"? Do you use it often? Tell us more.

Cutie can't go, it sound as if you need to see your doctor and consult them about it. The fact that you are not gaining any weight could be because you've got a very high metabolism during adolescence. However, as you get older, that's likely to change. Being constipated and not emptying your bowels for five days at a time, sounds like you may have a GI tract problem. Although it is painful to relieve yourself the buildup of fecal material can be serious. While it is very important that you have this checked out, don't freak out as it is likely something that is easily treatable with medication or a specific diet.

Once I was on a hike and REALLY had to pee, but was to modest to go behind a tree. Well, it was almost a three hour hike, or it seemed so, and by the time we got back, I was bursting. I practically ran to the bathroom. once inside, I couldn't hold on anymore. I literally peed my pants right next to the toilet! I didnt even have the sense to pull my pants down. it was sooooo embarassing walking out of there as I had nothing else to wear. This happened when i was in first grade.

Hey, Shana!

LOVED your post, wish I could have seen that HUGE pile of yours! Was that your biggest one ever? MORE stories, please!

I am a 16 yr old female who has a diarrhea fetish by the way, here are my answers...

1. How long does it take you to poop? ranges from 2 - 10 mins
2. Does it stink when you go? usually yes
3. If it stinks do you turn on the fan/ open window/ spray air freshner? spray air freshner, sometimes open window
4. Do you read while you go? no
5. Do you ever clog the toilet or leave skid marks or floaties? yes, often have to push poop down toilet and sometimes leave marks on bowl
6. On average how many times do you have to flush after a poop? twice
7. How many times do you have to wipe? never counted but probably around 10 times
8. Do you poop in public restrooms? not if i can help it
9. If you poop in public restrooms do you cover the seat? yes
10. How do you know when you need to poop? i get a pain and feel it start to come out
11. Do you push to get it out real fast or let nature take its course? push
12. Women have you ever sat to pee, but pooped even though that isn't why you sat on the toilet? yeh quite a few times
13. Women when on your period do you get constipated/diarreah (explain) usually get diarreah or poop that is softer and comes out quicker than most, sometimes get constipated but less often
15. What's the longest you have been on the toilet for a poop? probably about 15 mins when i had runny poop

Hey Everyone,

Eric of Chicago - Thanks for the information on the different colored poops Eric. I kind of figured my bowels were doing some mixing in my colon. BTW I live like North West of Chicago so we're not too far away.

Kerri - Where are you? I wanted to see more of your exciting post :( Well I guess I have to give you time to get back on or find a good story to tell.

I don't really have any stories to tell you all this time, but maybe hopefully soon something will come up. This site is so great and to find people like me with the fasicination for bathroom related topics.

I'll write back soon! See ya!

Tim (and Sarah)
If I may add another thing: It is not true, that a bladder can not burst!! I asked a friend about it, who is a doctor. It is rather unusual, as the bladder is "designed" to be able to stretch a lot or it will rather empty involuntarily. In extreme situations e.g. with paralized patients it can happen that the bladder can not empty by itself and it can overstretch or even tear. I always find it worrying when I read about people on this forum, who experiment with holding their urine for an overlong time. Mostly nothing will happen, but there is a slight danger of injuring your bladder or kidneys. Just watch your health-it's not worth it, please!

your name )JoeyMars
PEEING- with an erection is not an easy thing to do. I'm always errected in the morning getting out of bed. there's a tendency to spray because of the swell, the little hole in the head closes a bit. I usualy get two, mabe three streams squirting out simultainously wide. What causes the penis errections while sleeping anyway? I Guess If I were a doctor I would know. Other than this, I have no problem peeing. Pooping- I got to say, getting it on my fingers. Not always but sometimes.I wadd the paper and wipe from the top downward first instead of an upward wipe, and then after that, any which way.
I found that I get alot less on my fingers if any at all with the downward technique. Some people wrap the paper around the hand and fingers I don't.

Happy Hiker
A memorable experience this AM involving projectile defecation: as I do almost every morning, I bent over to pick up my underwear and let loose with a terrific fart, to get rid of the gas that's accumulated overnight. This morning's blast had the feeling that it was going to be an especially satisfying one! But it turned out to be a surprise..... about halfway through this nether eructation, a small turdlet, about the size and shape (and color and consistency) of a "Miniature" size Snickers bar flew merrily out my asshole and sailed across the room, landing right in front of our cat, Chairman Meow, who was sitting patiently waiting for her breakfast (*we named "her" when we thought "her" to be a "him"). She decided I was playing a game with her and proceeded to bat it around the room! I've finally finished the cleanup of the places it bounced off the walls.

As one of the 'old timers' here I'm sorry I haven't posted much recently. It's partly because I've been very busy just lately and partly because I've not had a lot to report just lately. However, here are some replies:

cutie can't go. Constipation is a fairly common problem and it's not unusual. However it seems as though you get very bunged up indeed. You also say that you eat a lot. Well, it generally helps people to eat healthily - plenty of fresh fruit and veg - and have regular gentle exercise. I would advise cutting out junk food for the most part and eating normal sized portions at mealtimes. The odd hamburger and fries shouldn't do you any harm so long as such things are just occasional treats. I wouldn't advise eating that sort of stuff regularly though. Do you do sport or play games at school? If not, it's probably worth taking up a sport which will give you some exercise. Hopefully your bowels should have moved by now. If they haven't and/or you keep getting constipated, I'd get your Mum to take you to the doctor for a checkup to rule out any underlying medical problems which could be causing the condition or making it worse than it would otherwise be. It's very unusual for young people your age to have any serious medical problems but it's worth getting a checkup nevertheless in your case. Good luck.

Becky M. I've suffered from mild IBS for some years now and it can be irritating to say the least. It's worth finding out which foods aggravate your condition and eliminating them from your diet. In my case I've found I'm best avoiding cooked tomatoes if I don't want a dose of the trots. I can get away with having the odd one as part of a larger meal but if I decided to eat a plateful of them I'd be on the toilet all day! Also I've found Imodium to quite effective at controlling my problems when they'e arisen. It may not necessarily suit everyone though and something else may work better for you.

Punk Rock Girl. I enjoyed your post about that monster poo you did - it sounded as though you were well ready for it.

Tim and Sarah. Hi. I agree that openness about toilet problems is important in relationships, particularly within marriages. Sadly it's an area in which too many married couples don't share their cares and concerns.

Did anyone see the coverage given by newspaper's the other week to Paula Ratcliffe's 'pit stop' in the London Marathon? I was surprised to see that it even got mentioned in the London Times.

Best wishes to everyone!

Linda from Australia again. I'm still having some difficulty pooping but not as much as last week. I've been taking a shit each morning, although they have been long and laborous (Ive also been taking a dump at night too, also requiring lots of effort) On Thursday morning, I got up, ate breakfast and had a shower. I could feel a turd moving down but I decided to wait a while before attempting to push it out.

I got dressed for work and did my hair. After that I pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet. I did a small wee first and then I did a few farts. It felt as if a small turd was stuck in my anus so I pushed but it wouldn't move. I felt my anus with my finger but I couldn't feel any poo. I pushed again, harder this time but the turd still wouldn't budge. I kept pushing as hard as I could, even to the point when I thought my ear drums would explode and the turd moved slightly. After lots of straining and grunting, the small turd slowly slid out of my anus. It took about 15 minutes and even though the turd was small, it was rock hard. My anus was burning after this and I could still feel another turd stuck up there. I didn't have time to squeeze it out so I wiped my butt (it took 6 wipes to get it clean) and pulled up my pants. That night, I squeezed out a bigger turd. It took about 15 minutes again but it wasn't too painful.

Then on Friday morning I had a similar experience. This time I sat on the toilet as soon as I got out of the shower. I sat on the toilet naked and it took a few minutes for my load to start moving. I had to push hard again and it burnt my hole this time too. It wasn't a huge load but it took about 20 minutes to squeeze it all out. Yet again, I still had some 'left over' shit stuck up my ass that wouldn't come out. I did another shit after work and although it was huge, it didn't require much effort. This morning I had a looser shit but I haven't been able to do another one all day.

Monday, May 02, 2005

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