cutie can't go
hello, my friend (redneck) just showed me this site, i like to read the posts, I am a girl, 14yo,long blonde hair, cute slim body
well, the reason i am writing is that i am always very constipated almost every time i pooppoo, i don't know why, but like now, it has been 5 days, i have tried different diet, more liquids, things like that, i'm still constipated, sometimes i hold it because i know it will hurt so bad to go, i do eat a lot, i eat like a piggy, i can eat all day and not gain an ounce, could this be it, i was just wondering if anyone else had this problem, and maybee a solution, it has been this way since i was 12 or so

Quick post then gotta run......................

I love poo and yesterday at work I had to poo real real bad all day but the feeling of holding it in is great so all day i held it in getting more and more urgent. The car ride home was torture but worth it and only 1 little turd managed to escape and not even 1 drop of pee haha. I pulled up to my drive way and unlocked the door. Then i striped and lay newspaper down in the living room. Finally when it was dark I walked aroun naked until it was ubearable i sat down watched television had supper and when i was ready to fall over in pain i squated over the news paper and almost emideietly pee poured outa my twat and hit the newspaper with so much force. I new i could hold my poo a little longer and managed anither 2 hours wow right? Well then i squated over the newspaper again and let my buthole open turd after turd log after log fell outa my ass. In the end 9 logs and 18 turds. I found i head held it for 13 hours wowie.

Many more stories gotta go now~Bye

this is funny!!, i was outside a little while ago working on my truck, nothing unusual, i had to fart, i usually just let it rip, unless there is some cute chicks around, lol, so i give it a slight push, then all of a sudden,....OH SHIT!!, something happened to me that hasn't happened since i was a little kid, I had actually crapped my pants, so i slid out from beneath the truck, went carefully toward the house, went inside, thought i had a clear shot to the shitter,cool, almost there, and the worst happened, my girlfriend stopped me and started talking to me about some stuff, i was sure i was busted, i thought for sure she could smell it, finally i was like, "i gotta go, i'll talk to you in a minute, i went into the bathroom locked the door,pulled my pants down carefully so i wouldn't smear shit all over myself, i sat my ass down on the toilet and exploded it was what i call "burning butt pee", lol, after i got done a assesed the damage, my draws were ruined, amazingly enough my jeans were ok, i took them off, empiied the pockets, sprayed some shout in the ass area and put them in the bottom of the laundry basket(they wernt stained, but i figgured the shout would mask the odor, then by the time she did the laundry she wouldn't notice, as far as my draws, i didn't want to put them in the trash, they stunk, so i stretched them out and twisted them up like a torpedo and flushed them down

I do all of my peeing into empty laundry detergent bottles now. I fill it and empty it twice a day usually. (more than a gallon total). I empty it outside (very smelly), sometimes on plants which make them grow vigorously. I've been watering a fig and mesquite tree like this for months and they grew like a rocket toward the sky. Prior to this they had been starved for nutrients and water. The nitrogen in my peepee is mainly the active ingredient. The figs grew fat and juicy, suprising passersby who picked them and took them home to eat. They didn't know they were eating byproducts of the breakdown of nitrogenous wastes in my peepee. Hilarious!!

One time I was driving a long distance with a friend and a girl in a van. We all had gotten out to peepee but later on the girl had to crap. She didn't want to get out and do a dump in the dark by the side of the road. So I got out an old fast food bag and large drink cup and some napkins and offered to help her out right then and there. She didn't want to do that either. Girls like their own toilets, or their boyfriends toilets as long as they are clean. So we are driving along and she's getting more and more desperate just like we were hoping. She's looking at me and again I held up the bag. She's like OK if you want to, let's do it. She yanked down her shorts and I held her butt since there was no toilet seat. I had the cup ready and told her to pee into it first, then her asshole opened and I had an excellent view of it. I got the bag ready to catch her turd. It was just the right size to catch the 8 incher. I informed her of the fact that she had a hanger, I took that off with the tissue. I wiped her pussy and her butt and tossed the tissue into the bag, closed it up and threw it out the window. It was the most unusual shit she had ever taken and was grateful and relieved.

While I'm probably a minority here ( this is a peeing topic) I nevertheless would like to illuminate anyone who reads this message board about a phenomena I've observed in our high school girl's restroom. It is something I wrote about quite a while ago here, and what I wrote about then has been re-enforced by my observations since then.

Our school although in upscale suburbia, has a dire lack of enough restroom facilities for the students. Whoever calculated the stall to girl ratio must have flunked basic algebra, because at our largest restroom the line of girls at break and lunch has, at times, been horrendous. In fact I was even requested to be a traffic cop a couple of semesters back to alleviate this problem. Without giving anyone the impression that I'm evesdropping-I'm not-I must convey a behavior displayed by a few of the girl's that can only be catagorized as urinary exhibitionism in the extreme. This is particularly true after school let's out and the girl's restroom has more of a clubby social atmosphere. It is at those times, in the unrushed freedom from class schedules that the girls, or a couple of them, put on a peeing display that is little short of phenomenal. Moreover, I do believe that the ability to "hold a stall' for extended periods of time puts these girls into some kind of restroom stardom or status with their peers. Maybe I'm nuts but as a teacher with a degree in pschychology, this is what I see on a more or less frequent basis.

What enables this bathroom performance is a combination of factors, the long day without voiding, the craze of girls constantly sipping from omnipresent bottles of water that they carry from class to class, and having a genetic endowement of a spectacularly oversized bladder. All I can say is this leads by 3 p.m. to a restroom show of urination as if a faucet were inadvertantly turned on and left on. For the few girls in this catagory comes enhanced prestige among their friends. Two girls in particular enjoy their after school restroom time.

They will come and take adjoining stalls, in effect taking those stall out of service for all other bladder filled students for a long-long time. From behind twin doors I'll here the sound of one, then the other start up their streams, and go...and go..and go... Meanwhile they will talk with each other socially as if they were out at the senior quad. Believe me it is at once both hilarious and jaw-dropping to witness these two endless pissers go at it; magazines like Seventeen and Cosmopolitan being slipped underneath the stall dividers as they read and talk, pee and pee. To either side girls will come and go, some openly staring at the stalls as if to non-verbally wonder just how huge the unknown bladders are inside the green metal doors. I even had to stiffle an embarrassed laugh a time or two.

I recall once both girls had been at it for God minutes (or longer) when one finally tapered off to a stop. I thought "good, at last, one down one to go." They had found something overwhelmingly interesting in a magazine that they had been passing back and forth with a lot of exclamations of "oh wow" and "I can't unsterstand what she sees in him." the usual girl talk. Alright then, so for about a minute or more one girl was still peeing but the one who stopped stayed in the stall. More time went by until I heard, "hey Katie?" All of a sudden there was this big "whoosh" of pee coming from this stall as she started all over again. "Sorry there, I kinda got distracted by what I was reading." The two erupted in giggles while I didn't know whether to gasp or giggle.( I held my feelings internally.) How does one respond to an exchange like "I didn't think you were finished SO SOON." Oh my god! Those two should enter a world long peeing contest.

disgruntled rat
hi everyone...this is a lovely community...i find and admire,the endless aspects of beauty within female relevance..
in reply to..the new number two's kind request..for the knowledge of films featuring SCENES OF..FEMALE RELEVANCE..i will list all of the ones i have witnessed..WITHIN...(((ANTI-MISLEADING)))...FULL DETAIL..

HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE..diarrhea scene..twins...beautiful british brunettes..
Harold and Kumar run from a police man and go into the girls restroom to "hide" they succeed...two girls walk inside..they have the "taco battle shits"

NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE:..diarrhea of a dainty girl..high school student
3 boys enter a ventaltion shaft,which reads (girls locker room,capacity:3 adolescent boys)so they go over the girls locker room upon two girls leaving..they proceed further and see a girl entering a stall..she has diarrhea..the only disapointing thing is..the scene goes from this to a teacher speaking of poetry...


TWO WEEKS NOTICE:defication urgency,diarrhea:scene cuts sound..

there it is..i tried..

My friend told me the funniest story the other day and I thought you guys would probably enjoy it too. I wasn't there to witness it, but my friend Mike was.

Mike works retail at a store in the mall. One night, about an hour before closing, a group of teenage girls came in. One of them was carrying around a couple of small items and acted somewhat suspiscious, so Mike kept an eye on her. The next thing he knew, the girl shoved the items in her purse and started to walk out of the store. Mike caught her and took her to the store office. The girl was crying and asking if she was in trouble...too which he gave an eye roll and smart ass "Yeah! Duh!" The girl just cried more as Mike filled out the shoplifting papers and waited for the police to arrive. As he was doing the paperwork, the girl got a shocked look, stared at Mike and said "OMG, I just pissed myself!" Mike ignored her, thinking she was just trying excuses to get out of trouble. But when he looked over at her, her jeans were soaked and so was the chair she had been sitting in and the floor all around her. Mike just said "too bad" and finished the paperwork and the police arrived. She didn't have her ID on her, so they escorted her out of the mall, wet pants and all, in front of everyone. Mike found out later that when the cops went to her car, they founda lots of drugs and other illegal stuff, so she got busted big recap--this girl got arrested, busted for drugs AND peed her pants in front of everybody in the mall all b/c she tried yo steal $4 worth of merchandise! Mike thought it was absolutely hilarious and that she got what she deserved...he never gave me any other details, like who cleaned it up, or what the girl looked like or if she had given any sign that she had to pee before, but even if she had, the store policy is that you never let a shoplifter use the bathroom (b/c they might try to flush any other evidence of stealing down the toilet)...I just wish I had been there!

for JASON to read: Jason, I live in Texas, and work for the state as a traffic engineer. I travel all over with my assistant, who is a road surface specialist. Of course, during the course of a 10-12 hour day, we both have to stop and have bowel movements. Jason, we have both been on the job 20 years, and we have never seen a mens restroom on the Texas highway system with doors on any of the stalls. In fact, until recently, many toilet bowls were 'side by side' with no partitions. My partner and I are so used to 'open shitters' (excuse the vulgar expression, sorry) it doesn't phase either one of us. If one of us finished first, the other just stands and talks while the other wipes himself. Usually there are other men in there, and i've never encountered anybody being 'bashful' you can't be.... so i your business, and don't worry who sees you

Good morning--foggy, then bright and sunny here. Last night I stopped by the Little League field; games were in progress, lots of people. There are 5 porta-potties at two sites on the grounds; by taking a leisurely walk I was able to visit them all--and they all contained poop. The offerings ranged from rabbit-like nuggets to thick hefty turds; nice to see.
My own first b.m. this morning was a doozie. I was at the computer about 5:30 and felt my rectum fill; I went through a few more messages and felt the urge get stronger and stronger. Finally the next step was not discretionary, but mandatory, and I went into the bathroom. I sat on the rim again to project maximum length. I had to push, because the beginning felt thick and hard, but once I pushed that out, the rest came very quickly, in two or three seconds, entering the water without a sound. Taking paper for my first wipe (thick dark brown stain), I stood up to look. The main turd stretched from behind the hole to the very front of the bowl, with a quarter of it out of the water. It was thick, long, firm, pebbled in texture for the first part, then smooth and slightly nutty (with good reason) for the rest. Knowing that a single sheet of the toilet paper we use is 4 x 4.5 inches, I measured the big turd: 13" long and 1.3" thick! It felt wonderful. Since so much of it was out of the water, the smell was pretty fierce. That toilet is not a strong flusher, so I was apprehensive; but when I flushed, it slowly but steadily went down.
Happy pooping, everyone!

To Jason: I own a neighborhood tavern with a long-time buddy. When we took te place over, the womens restroom was a single person restroom with a locking door. The gentlemens room has two toilets and two urinals and a sink. the toilets are next to each other and there are no dividers, and of course, no doors, when the main door swings open, everything is in plain view from outside, by the payphones and cigartte machines, and any women waiting. Of course, when you work till 2 am you will need to shit sooner or later, thats just a fact. My partner and myself both use these toilets, and we both been sitting there when the door flies open, and there are beautiful women outside. Fact of te matter is....most women don't want to look in, they are not interested in watching men sitting on toilets, my bartenders use them also, its never been an issue for any of us. So I say...Use the restrooms, don't worry about being seen, cause most likely, they ain't looking or caring...

To Jim: We are all grown up now (my sister and I), she's 40, but some memories just seem to linger! We had a pretty good childhood I think, including the usual sibling rivalry of course.

Jaime: I really enjoyed your posts. You and your husband sound like you have a wonderful relationship. metioned that he's had several other wetting accidents in the past---please tell us about them. :)

I know guys have pee shyness, but us girls have a different kind of pee shyness. Last summer I was at a big outdoor party at a remote campsite drinking beer with my friends. It was dark and there was plenty of woods around, but I was embarassed to leave, because people would know I was leaving to pee. I was about to burst when one of my friends finally said she needed to "freshen up," so we both headed into the woods. I could hear her urgent relief, so she was feeling as relieved as I was.

To HisLittlePeeMonster - Once you've mastered outdoor peeing (where you have a relaxing posture and don't get any on you), it can be quite nice. Letting is fly while standing is the nicest, once you have mastered it.

To Sharon - I've been in your "employees only bathroom" situation before. Usually driving late and pulling up at a quick store with a maxed out bladder after every other place is closed. Urban areas are bad because people are always around and every store has cameras, so forget the parking lot. Even women clerks are cruel. Here is my answer to this dilemma - carry a suitable container that works for you, such as a small trash bag or widemouth bottle and a jacket or towel to cover from the waist down with in your car. The most important thing is practice in the bathroom first then in your car (in your garage or dark parking spot). Make sure the container is big enough (esp. if you are going to tilt it). Most women underestimate how much there bladder holds - I once stood guard while my sister-in-law tried to pee a full bladder into a travel coffee mug instead of using her kid's sand bucket, like I suggested...that was messy.

Cheryl - Like your stories. With the amount of traveling you do, you should carry a back up device. Let us know what works best for you!

I read a post that reminds me about something in highschool. Here goes...

In highschool i used to never take a crap at school because i never had to pee or poop until one day I got up late and didnt take my morning pee or poop. 3 Period I just couldnt hold it anymore and a turd started poking out my but and little pee squirts came out. I again asked my teacher and she said NO. The turd was hanging and i wouldnt sit down my butt was raised of the seat. My bladder was about to pop and I told my teacher i felt i was gping to puke and ran to the nurse. While i was runnign pee just started running down my legs and the turd just fell of i gave up and ran into the nurses. She said "poor baby" and led me into the little bathrrom. Where I was just pushing furiously at my poops as they where comeing out log after log until finally i stopped pulled down my panties and continued to have diareaha into the toilet. The nurse helped me clean up and didnt tell anyone she just called my parents saying i had been sick. She was soooo nice.


doubts on aloe
stumbled upon this forum while doing searches... I am a 26 female, slim constitution and recently I have had a long bout of travel's constitation (just moved overseas). I have visited a local herbal shop looking for a natural laxative, something to flush my system fast. The herbal person gave me Aloe Gum powder, aloe ferox, and told me to have 1/2 teaspoon... BUt I have been reading around the net and there are all sorts of comments on the maximum dose being 0.5 g... Is a half teaspoon so little? If anybody has had experience with aloe powder (gross yellow stuff) please help. I don't mind some cramps and the runs after 1 week bunged up, but i don't want to end up in the hospital...


she crapped her pants a lot....
a few years back i dated this girl for a year. we started going out around thanksgiving and around april when baseball season started,i started to take her to a lot of yankees games with me because i always get season tickets. well, she seemed to have a good time most of the time, but it was strange...about halfway through the season she began to consistently start having accicdents in her pants at the baseball games. the first time it happened we were at a game where they played the royals and it was a total blowout by the 5th inning. i was just chilling out enjoying a nice game and she was just quiet the whole time. i noticed a pretty crappy smell at one point and after being offended by the odor for several moments i turned to her and just mumbled in a gossipy way "the hell's that friggin smell?" and she just had the most miserable look on her face and goes " was me." i said "what?" She said, "do we need to see the rest i don't think they're gonna lose so let's just go." i said "hey come on, what are you talking about what happened?" and she just stared daggers at me. i knew damn well that she had a taken a shit in her jeans but i just wanted a confirmation you know? eitherway she wound up demanding i take her home. soon thereafter, she actually started crapping her pants (or undies if she had on a skirt) at every couple games we went to and demanding i take her home...she used excuses for her frequent ballgame pants-crappings such as "the food must make my stomach uneasy" and "the bathrooms at the stadium are disgusting and i can't always hold it in the whole game..." i had a suspicion for a while that she may have been purposefully crapping her pants all that time just as an....interesting scheme to leave the game because she didn't enjoy it. i don't know which is more off-putting, the fact that a 22 year old woman control herself for 2-3 hours without pooping her pants, or that she was doing it on purpose. but, she went on to crap herself at about 11 games we went to, including one playoff game, and at the playoff game something changed, and i thought maybe this little habit of hers wasn't so off-putting. for some reason her accident at the playoff game made me feel much different... she had very runny diahrreah and made a horrible mess. most other times she just had a regular soft dump that just made a bulge in the back of her pants that she would just flatten on her seat, but this time it was a wet one. i was standing up watching for an important play when i actually heard her rip this incredibly wet fart. i turned to her and she was hunching forward, grasping her stomach and looking horrified, when i witnessed just about the most amazing thing when it comes to witnessing a woman mess herself. i looked at her butt with her tight blue jeans as she hunched forward, and immedialtey after the first wet fart she ripped there was already this little wet spot on her butt right where her crack goes between her legs with a faint brown stain to it, and then, in serioulsy less then 2 seconds, she ripped the most difficult to descripe fart ever...the best i can descripe it was is "FFFFFFFRRRRRrrrrffffflltttt.." it actually sounded just how you could imagine an explosion of wet poop in such 10th pants, and the way the bulge formed was just rapidly, as fast ws the explosion fart was ripped, an enormous bulge spread in the back of her pants across her entire butt and her face was instantly red and she blurted out "oh my god!!!" i looked at her in shock with the incredible bulge with it's brown stain now soaking through..and for some reason it really really turned me on even though all the times she had taken regular poops in her pants i was just weirded out. well it caused a few things. she looked at me in horror and was like "oh my god we have to go!" and i dont know if i was overcome with the playoffs or how i felt about that accident, but i said to her "???, you're 22 why dont you grow the hell up and stop shitting yourself so i can have a little fun at the game, huh? it's the playoffs!" my heart was pounding. i knew i lashed out in that way not just to see the playoff game but because i wanted her to sit there in that big mess for the rest of the game. she looked very hurt when i lashed out and just sunk into her seat (with a very interesting squish sound) and didn't speak to me the rest of the game. the game didn't wind up going well but i couldn't keep my mind off the huge gooey mess she made in her jeans that she had to sit in. the game ended and we headed out. the bulge was completely flattened but her pants were all bunched up right in the middle of her ass and most of her butt and between her legs were damp, and stained brown. it looked like she pissed her pants after she sat down becdause there was a lot of just dampness in her jeans where there weren't brownstains, but i don't know the dump could have been that wet. eitherway, it wound up being pretty irionic because she broke up with me after the game. i guess because i yelled at her and made her sit in that awful accident. damn, a whole summer of her crapping her pants in front of me and i didn't appreciate it until the last one...but i will never ever forget that and how i felt. that was a very exciting thing to witness for anyone who is at all fascinated with poop.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Jaime theres no chance a bladder can burst more like Tycho died from mercury contaminated medicines supposedly for a enlarged prostate or UTI.

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