I know a few things about skidmarks and their causes. My friend who is 11 has a lot of them all the time and it is because he doesn't wipe his bum much or if he thinks to he only wipes it once. Once when he was over he started to go in his pants and then stopped and went to the toilet to finish up. He says he doesnt care too much when it happens as it only happens when he is real busy with something and doesnt want to stop to go. He says he can hold it pretty good but once in school he had to go real bad and did some of it in his pants before he got to the toilet. Whenever we play at his house he always has a lot of dirty underwear laying on the floor or in his bathroom but since he doesnt mind it too much he just keeps on doing it. Except for his underwear he is pretty much normal.

Yesterday (Sunday) I went to a flower and garden show at Metro Toronto Convention Centre. It was great to see all the plants and flowers. Really gets you in the mood for spring. Anyway, this show had a large number of boths from different companies etc. One both was for the GM Visa card. There were about 5 or 6 young good looking people maning the both, trying to get you to sing up for one of there cards. One girl I noticed in particular. She was very tall, blonde and good looking. ( I'm not into other girls, this info is for the benfit of other readers. I'm sure most of the male posting here like these details.) She had on a white golf shirt with the GM logo on it and tight blue dress pants. They were all dressed the same. I didn't stop at the both but kept walking down the isle. About 45 mins later I was coming up the outside isle of boths that just happend to be by one of the womens washrooms. I felt the need to pee so I started heading over to go in When I got in there was a small line up ahead of me. Only 3 other women. But who should be number in 2 in line but the girl from the GM both. As the stalls opend up she went into the one second from the end. And as luck would have the one that opened up for me was the last one on the end beside her. As I walked by her stall door I quickly looked at the hole between the door and partation. She was already siting down on the toilet. I could see that her pants were pulled down just above her knees. She seemed to be sitting very tall and straight on the toilet. I went into the stall beside her and pulled down my jeans and sat down on the toilet. I could hear her peeing beside me. As she finished peeing I watched her feet to see if she had anthing more to do. She was quite for a sec and then I could see feet go up on her tip toes. I lisitned, but I couldn't hear any sounds coming from her. There was also some other noise in the bathroom as other women kept coming and going. I couldn't hear her pushing but then I heard a piece fall into the toilte. This was followed by 5 or 6 more in very quick successon. It sounded like she might have been holding it for awhile. This might have been the case if she had been busy at the booth. She then started taking toilet paper to wipe herself. I was finished by then so Idecided that I should let someone else in line have the stall. As I was leaving I made sure I made one last pass by the GM booth. She was busy signing someone up when I walked by. I'm sure she was able to concerate more easly know. PS. I know some of my posts are long, but I tend to like lots of detail in the stories I read. So I guess I post the same. To those of you who you post with detail, keep them coming I really enjoy the stories. And for those fo you who don't. Try and include a few more pieces of info next time. Take Care,

I was home one evening when my friend Michelle stopped by. She is a police officer in the town I live in and was on patrol that evening. I knew she was working, so I was surprised that she stopped over. Before I could get a hello out of my mouth, Michelle said "I need to use your toilet!" I said sure, as she ran to to my downstairs bathroom. Before, I go on I should dscribe Michelle to the audience. She is 28, about 5'6" with brown hair and has a nice, athletic build. She is very feminine and most guys she meets can not believe she is involved in law enforcement. Most think she is an aerobics instructor because of her physique. Anyway, she did not even close the door completely behind her and I could initially hear her dropping off her gunbelt and moaning, " Oh god, please, c'mon" as she fiddled with her pants. I moved closer to the door which was slightly ajar and suddenly I heard this raucous rage of diarrhea emenating from this physically fit woman! I was strangely aroused even though it did not take long for the heavy odor to reach me in the hallway. I asked her if she was allright and she said "NO" in a weakened voice. Now here's the kicker, she asked me to come in and to bring some toilet paper. I walked in and tried not to look at her on the toilet. However, she reached out and grabbed for my hand and asked me if I could comfort her as she was feeling dizzy and in a lot of pain. I couldn't beleive what I saw! Her gunbelt was on the floor next to the toilet, while she sat there with her Navy blue uniform pants just below the knee and her beige Jockey panties wrapped over her knees. Her elbows were mounted on her thighs and her feet were spread wide and she was on her tippy toes. As she reached over, another wave came out and after being with her for another 20 minutes she finally finished. After, she explained she had eaten some egg salad earlier on her shift and must of had some food poisoning. Well her misery end ed being my enjoyment. WOW

Monday, March 16, 1998

To Jill: I wanted you to know that I've read all your posts in the Daily Dump Archive. I especially liked your posts because you seem to be the proper English Lady, but are still willing to share the details of your bathroom adventures! Also, I've learned a whole new vocabulary. I've never heard "it" referred to as a loo before. Please, in future, more details about what you are wearing when you go and more details about wiping. Look forward to more posts from you!

GT I know what you mean about that unexpected sensation that that last drop is coming out. Usually the act of sitting down will make it happen. If I'm standing up the sensation lasts forever and I usually will sit down just to get it over with. If these things wer'nt meant to happen, no-one would have invented underwear. After all why wear two pars of clothing? Althiughwhen zippers got invented then us guys knew right away that ther better be something to protect the prize possesion from that metal monster that likes to pinch it.

That poor girl, her bladder must have felt like an iron when it was begging her for relief. And apparently, it certainly got it. It just goes to show you if you have to hold it, you can do it for a long time, no matter what.

pooping girl
Susan: For me even when I go to the toilet for a tinkle it seems like I let some gas go. If Im constipated I seem to have the problem of grunting and straining and all that comes is alot of gas. I hope you got better results later in the day


Others have posted of their BMs so mine this morning was unusual. I didn't get my Metamucil last night. No BM this morning. Mid-afternoon I had a very unsatisfactory plastic poop; all thick, viscous, sticky mush which would not all vacuate on schedule. Not nice. Back to regular Metamucil tonight. It works for me and has for over a decade; I'm regular and they are easy poops (in case you are interested). ...fluidity

Jean Claude, we did some pee-tests that you might find interesting. My friend that I mentioned before and I spent a long evening drinking and relaxing, and after a while, talk drifted to the forum, and after discussing your posts, we decided to take some serious measurements. We put a funnel in a 3 liter bottle, and the rules were that you had to hold it as long as you possibly could, and then stand and pee into the funnel, just to make it a challenge. She is a lot bigger than I am, but I figured I had the edge in accuracy and in this contest, anything that misses don't count. Well, I found to my surprise that when I'm drinking I can hold a lot more pee, about a liter and a quarter. Well, the first time Melinda tried it, she knocked the bottle over with her stream. The second time, she got most but not all into the bottle, and it looked over half full, I figure she managed almost one and a half liters, not counting some that missed. We watched a movie, and then dozed off, and I woke up dying for a pee. I got it almost half full that time, and it really felt great. Melinda woke up, and she rapidly filled the thing half full, then took a breath, and with a contented sigh of relief, she brought the level to two-thirds full! Wow, now I am beginning to believe the volumes folks post here!

The more I ask of friends and fellow medical professionals, the more fascinating this subject of dirty pants becomes! One of my old friends, a mother or 3 boys & 1 girl, responded in some depth when I asked her about her experiences. It would appear that her daughter and eldest son have not had many problems in this area, but her other two sons (and her husband!) have. She says that her middle son (aged 14) gets quite severe staining, probably from actually messing himself, at least once or twice a week and hardly ever goes a full day without some kind of skid marks. She has tried to deal with it as best she can, but he just doesn't seem bothered about it - she's convinced that he does it on purpose. He says that most of his friends do it, so he doesn't feel any peer pressure to improve. The youngest, aged 11, simply doesn't seem to have learned how to wipe properly and her husband refuses to get involved - she says she thinks it's because he's rather careless himself.! Pee stains are quite common too, she says, but as she insists on clean pants for all of them every day, she says that they don't show too badly. She estimates that there are in the region of 15-20 soiled pairs of pants in her laundry each week. As we were in her kitchen and she was doing the laundry whilst we were chatting, I can confirm that this is no exaggeration!

Hey there, everyone! Well, I had a few more dumps of worthy mention the other day, yesterday, and last night.

The other day, I got home from work, and I went into my bathroom and sat down on the pot. I don't think I even farted. I got out a couple of green-and-brown logs. About an hour later, I sat down again and only squeezed out a skinny log. Shortly after, I was hungry, and started out to go to Wendy's in nearby Hurst, Texas. But then I decided to go to CiCi's Pizza Buffet in the strip shopping center on Harwood Road. After I parked my truck, I thought about trying that Chinese Restaurant two doors west of the pizza buffet place. I decided on the Asian cuisine, and so I had the szechuwan pork with tofu over rice. Damn it was good 'n spicy!!! Belly full and back at home, I had to shit again, so I sat down and squeezed out more good-size logs. Still green and brown. I had to wipe my ass quite a few times (Why do males have hair in their anuses? Very difficult wiping!!!). I had to shit a couple more times that night. They were much looser plop plops with gas! The next morning at work, I had to shit yet again! I went and sat down on the crapper, farted, and pushed out two good size logs. They kind of wrapped aroud like a spring. You might say they were shapped like the curly fries you can buy at Arby's and a few other fast-food restaurants. I had to wipe my ass a lot again (Damn those asshole hairs!!!) My intestine still felt like there was more to come. But I had to get back to work, so I flushed, washed my hands, and then went back to printing and delivering reports, and making computer software license folders for the data processing department at my bank. Later on yesterday when I got home, I only managed a small log. I thought I finally was near through getting it out of my system. And so after the news, I went to the Hurst, Texas Wendy's on Grapevine Hwy, and had their chicken pita pocket. It was very good. Still hungry, I walked to the Boston Market restaurant next door, and had their "turkey carver" sandwich on wheat. I smothered that mother with tobbasco sauce!!! Damn good sandwich!!! When I got home, I felt the need for yet another shit! I sat down, and pushed out two more almost-lincoln-logs, then all of a sudden I farted pppppttttt! and splashed out several loose squiggly wigglies. Afraid of backing up the toilet (drainage not great in my part of town) I flushed then pushed some more. A LOT more squigglies came splashing out of my ass!!! A lot of gas too!!! pppppttttttttt! I flushed again, then after the tank shut off, I pushed some more. I waited several seconds, another false finish, then many more squiggly wigglies exited my anus and went right into the drain. So I flushed, and I had three more fairly impressive squiggly dumps before I was comfortable I wouldn't shit myself in bed. Wiped, flushed, washed my hands, and went to bed around midnight (It's the weekend so I didn't shower.). Got up this morning, and pushed out two skinny logs. I seem to feel somewhat lighter today as I write this. I think I made up for lost time on the throne this week dontcha think?!!! Take care everyone! May everything come out all right during your time on the throne! Mike Bacon.

To: Jerry Thanks for telling me how much you enjoy my posts. It always fascinates me how other people (usually men) seem to be interested in my toilet habits - whereas I am preoccupied in my own toilet experiences, but not the least bit interested in what other people (male or female) get up to. I am sure I must have posted a desription before, but for your benefit, I will do it again: I am normally very regular and go twice a day; after lunch, and after dinner in the evening. I am what you would probably call a "big eater", and the process of eating a big meal seems to provoke my bowels into action. My after lunch dump is usually the larger but not always. I don't normally take more than about three minutes, and in that time there will be two or three big logs and some smaller bits. My poos are firm and smooth rather than solid and lumpy. They only get lumpy if I hang on for too long! I have never taken a ruler in the loo with me, but I estimate they are usually about two inches thick, sometimes a bit more; and vary in length from about six to nine inches. Sometimes though, there is a particularly long one, and that's when I have trouble getting it to flush! The colour is normally about the colour of fudge, although it does vary, and occasionally I can see bits of food matter in it. (Yuk!) I can't really describe the smell - but sometimes it is worse than ! others. Rotten cabbage and rotten eggs come to mind (You must think I am awful!). Finally, wiping - usually four or five times, front to back, and at the end I wipe right across my pussy as well to make sure I am dry, and I check to see how clean the paper is. Well I hope that satisfied your curiosity. It is now half past two on Saturday afternoon, and I am off to the upstairs bathroom to do you know what!

I went to see the movie Titanic last week. Towards the end of the movie, I discovered that I had to pee really bad. I didn't want to go to the bathroom and miss part of the movie so I tried to hold it in. Finally, I couldn't stand it any longer. Since I was wearing a short skirt and didn't have any panties on, I decided to pull up the back of my skirt and pee right on the skirt. I tried to pee slowly but I had waited so long that my pee gushed out. It pooled on the chair before soaking into the chair. I peed and peed and when I was done, I heard the lady sitting in front of me telling her friend that she could smell something funny.

Today at work I made the worst mistake. I had a bad case of the runs, so after i tried to make myself as empty as possible, quite noisily i might add! i thought i would place a tampon into my butt to hold anything off. When i went to my purse to get one, i was out. So being the blonde that i am, and not asking someone for one, i took some TP, and slowly worked it in. I know, i know! i can't believe i did it either, but i just wasn't thinking! Anyways, that was quite painful!!!!! but it least until i had to walk! ouch!!!! I managed to carry the rest of the day out, and get home. The first thing i did was tried to get it out! Retrieval did not seem to work, so i resorted to my last resourse....expulsion. It was so hard, i cannot explain it!!! I could only work it to the point of almost coming out, but it was way to hard and to big around. I strained with all my might for literaly half an hour, finally ridding myself of my stupid mistake. It turned out it was only about 2 inches long, but it was soooo wide! i did that almost 5 hours ago and my sore anus is still hurting. There was a little blood too, but only a few spots. I know most people would never do this, but if anyone even thinks about it, dont do it! It isn't worth it! IT HURTS!!!

Are any of you wondering whether Johnny was tell a tall tale about a beautiful middle aged lady at a university. Last December, I was a lady coming out of the president's office; she was wearing a bery short skirt and was very attractive. I asked the lady if the cloths were very cold for that time of year. She seemed to ignore me or was so focused on what she was doing that she did not respond. Even though was weather sunny and in the 40's, conditions could change sharply in just a few hours. I wonder if a little extra-curricular activity occurs between the president and male staff and that woman. Her dress was not professional, even though whe looked attractive. I also hear middle aged women have fairly strong sexual appitites, stronger than women in their early twenties. Also I this or another post their was stories about a women about 60 taking a crap in the bushes. Some people when they get older are less inhibited. Yes, I do believe Johnny's story. I also enjoyed, the post it is good however it is not one of my favorites. Sexual promuscuity is discuating and sometimes prominant in the administration of a university. Lots of money attracts often attracts the rats.

Jancie, Yes I was mistaken and wrote stalls on the doors, I meant doors on the stalls. Back then I probably would have been embarassed if I was on the toilet talking to Karen in full view. At 37 years old it would not bother me anymore. Last year I was on the road when I needed to to take a #2> I was near a state park and went in an found port-o potties, which I generally do not use, but I really had to go. There was no latch on the door, but I felt secure because it was in the middle of the afternoon and there were few people at the park. I was wearing shorts so when I pulled them down they fell to my ankles, and my underwear was just below my knees. I was on the toilet for only 3 or 4 miniutes when I heard some people approaching on the path. I was hoping they would just walk by or use the other toilet. The next thing I know the toilet door is wide open and there were three teeage girls outside looking at me. They were as shocked as I was because the girl froze for at! least 5 or 10 seconds before saying she was sorry and closed the door. I could hear them laugh, but they must have had to go also because one of the girls went in the next toilet and I could hear her pee hit the bottom then I heard a couple of small splashes. Janice I was not very embarassed, But I did sit there a while hoping they would be gone when I came out. But When I heard one of the girls taking a BM I figured they would be a while so I wiped and and went out to face the other two girls. I spoke to the girls about the weather and went on my way. Ther have been a few other times girls have seen my on the toilet whom I was not intimatly involved with, but I'll share them with you another time. I think I feel more comfortable taking BM's with women present or hearing distance then men. Do you have any more stories like your post with men hearing you taking a poo? talk to you later Kevin Message to Copro - those "full monty" string bikinis are more comfortable than they look. After a minute you dont give it a thought. Of course they're not the same coverage as a pr. of shorts but eminently suitable for club/lounge wear. Like shorts - if you get skidmarks you're gonna get them, if not you won't. Most males are not bothered by this either way. As for "shitting accidents" - what? oh i say o.m. a truly wet fart could put a damper on things depending on your outlook, i suppose.

Sunday, March 15, 1998

This will have to be a short post. Today after lunch I had the feeling of a good dump building up. When I got into the bathroom and sat down all there was gas. And a lot of it. Of course when your sitting on the toilet it sounds10 times lounder than it is. It was a strange feeling. I was sure there was a dump, but only gas. I wonder does this happen to other people?? Take Care,

I am a teacher at a school abney elementery. and last week we went on a feild trip. We were going to central park. after wards we were going to go to the lazzer tag place. Free drinks and pizza. One group of girls was talking about how much they want to be skinny and how pizza was fattining. One said that water was her new diet and that it was not so fattining. they drank a lot and praded around like kings. after all of this water they were obviously going to have to go to the bathroom. all of them did except melone. she had some more water and then we wentto go home. while we were crossing the bridge to get back to slidell she asked if she could use the bathroom some where. i said no there is nowhere to stop. i started to wache her slowly break down. at first she just went backa nd acted like nothing hapend. but after a while she begane to shwo signs. first sign was hiperness. secont was grabing. she would very secretly when no one was looking grap her self in a attemp to hang on. next i notised she toped mocing all together. then she was slouched over locking sick. she was now red and looked like she was going to through up. she came to me and said that she had and emergency and that she need a restroom quick. i said there is no restroom. then it hapened i noticed her eyes filling pu with tears and then boom every hwere pee. I would have never imagened that suck a little girl could hold so muck water. she peed for over a minuet and cryed all the way home.

I'm right-handed and always wipe myself with my left hand. I have no idea why.

Something From Me
I just took an incredible load that I want to share. I am a 28 year old male and I would like to know if you women out there take this type of dump. My first log was really thick!! I think thicker than Pooping Girl's. It hurt so bad, I was forced to lean over in the "ladie's" favored position. I thought for sure there was a tear too. This log continued and continued and continued (without a single break!) until at least almost 24 inches. It curled at the bottom of the bowl. WHEW! Unbelievably, three more fat knobly pieces came out... but not as thick as the first. GOD what a relief that was. I only had to wipe two times. The first wipe looked pretty clean though. My usual amount is 8-9... I like a really clean bum. I agree with the other posters about farting makes a dirty hole and leads to skid marks. What I yearn for are more posts of women dumping at work... making noisy messy power dumps... and love having others listen and smell them. What a RUSH!

To "Pooping Girl":
It would be nice to spend fifteen minutes on the loo, but it's not often I can afford that amount of time. I'm not one for reading in the loo, I tend to get on with it and leave, although as I think I mentioned, I have experienced the "incomplete movement" problem, and I have to return a while later. Having read your description of almost jamming a poo in the toilet, I did just that at work earlier this week. It must have been a bit thicker or harder than usual, or perhaps it was the angle it landed at, but it just would not flush!
To Tracey:
Yes, train toilets that open straight onto the track. We have relatives in Canada, and last time we visited, we went on a tourist train. I expected everything to be clean and hygenic, unlike some of the trains in this country, but oh no! We stopped somewhere for a picnic lunch, and everyone got out of the train to admire the scenery. After lunch, as is usual with me, I began to get the urge to have a poo (I needed the bathroom as they say over there!). Well, the queue for the ladies was rather long, so bright idea, I thought why not use the train loo. I had been in there for a pee earlier in the day. As I was sat there on the loo in the almost empty train, doing my stuff, I heard a child asking his mother "Mummy what's that horrible smell?" They were walking past the train, and my poos had dropped straight down onto the track, close to where people were walking! I hung around in the loo for a while before venturing out :)

Moira is still away busy with her clients in a Court case so I will tell you about Aunt Helen's big "accident". I have read some of the old posts from before I discovered this website and see that "pant filling accidents" interest some readers so I hope this will be to their liking.

When I was about 9 or so, Debbie 11 and Nicky 13 we went into Glasgow city centre with my Aunt Helen one evening just before Xmas to do some gift shopping. About 9.00pm we were waiting for the bus back to the suburbs were we lived when Aunt Helen said that she needed a motion and was just going to go to the nearby Ladies Public Toilets, however, no sooner had she said this than the bus came into view. As it was the last bus and we would have had a very long walk she didnt go to the toilet but said she would hold it in till she got home, the bus stop being only a few yards from the house. All was well although she farted silent but deadly ones which amused me and the girls greatly. Then the conductor came up to us and said that all passengers had to get off at the next stop as they were to return to the nearby garage. We hadn't noticed that this was not the bus going the full route and that there would not be another to follow.

We got off and Aunt Helen asked us to walk fast as she really felt the need to do a jobbie quite strongly now. It was still over a mile and a half to go. She was farting quite loud and strongly now and I noticed she was walking with her cheeks clenched. Suddenly she stopped dead in her tracks and said "Oh no, I can feel it starting to come out in my knickers" she also said "damn Im peeing myself" as no doubt trying to hold back the jobbie caused her to dribble her pants. We could smell the strong fecal smell more powerful than a mere fart then she moaned "Oh the hell with it!" and we heard the "cracking" sound that many readers refer to when a jobbie is coming out then, after a short while it changed to a sort of squenching as the jobbie started to squash up in her knickers. It was all over in a couple of minutes as, her pants now soiled, she bore down and went "OO! EH!" as if doing her motion normally on the toilet pan and filled her pants. Fortunately she was wearing cotton interlock briefs with tight elastic threaded through the leg openings and her motion had been solid so no shit leaked out down her legs. The smell was terrible but neither myself not the girls laughed nor made any fun of her as we had all had such accidents ourselves and she had been sympathetic to us. When we got home she went straight into the bathroom and stepped out of her skirt. Since this was a loose pleated one not a tight bum hugging garment it had escaped being soiled as had her stockings. What was then visible was the huge lumpy bulge hanging down in the seat of her pants pulling them down at the back against even the strong elastic through the waist band and away from their normal position snug against her bum. By the size of the bulge she had obviously passed one of her big fat jobbies which if done normally would have stuck in the pan. As she had also wet her pants and shit is thixotropic, (that is it liquifies when put under pressure), her white cotton knickers had a brown stain in the seat. Nicky got her a clean pair of pants and as she stepped out of the soiled pair I could see the huge mass of squashed up poo. After she had washed herself in the shower she turned her knickers out over the toilet pan and then washed them in the sink.

Naturally all of us said we were sorry she had had an "accident" in her knickers but she just laughed, now she was washed and clean in a fresh pair, and told us all to make sure we went when we needed and didnt take the chance as she would have got a taxi had she known this would happen.
I hope this interests readers.

I took my 5-year-old son to school yesterday, and after handing him over to the teachers I asked if there was toilet I could use, they pointed out the boy's room near the entrance. I went in with the intention to do #2 as I was then leaving town and had quite a distance to drive. The toilet cubicles had very low doors, this obviously for safety reasons with small children using them, when the staff directed me to this room they must have assumed I just needed to pea. As I was walking past the closed doors I could quite easily see the boy's on the toilet, as I did need to go I picked a cubicle furthest from the entrance and went inside. I kept down really low so I was not obvious and sat down, I was shocked to find a lady staff member standing outside the door. I didn't think she see me at that stage, so I just kept low and hoping she would go away, she then she walked along looking over the doors to check if the children were alright. When she looked over my door she clearly see me but tried to make out she didn't and vanished.

Kevin: while reading your yesterdays post I noticed you stated "stalls on the doors", I assume you mean there was partitioning between the toilets and doors on. At first I thought you meant that you were on the toilet in full view of your friend Karen while you were chatting, I was wondering if you would have been the slightest bit embarrassed if she could actually see you on it. Your post reminded me off an incident that happened to me couple of months ago when I had a new carpet fitted in my hallway. After the fitter arrived I made him a cup of tea while he was bringing in the carpet and his tools, then explained to him where the carpet was to go before he started cutting. As I was chatting to him I felt had a need to go to the toilet, the toilet door is situated off the hall near were he was cutting the carpet. I have a separate bathroom and toilet so if anyone is in there for anything more than a couple of minutes it is obvious which number they are doing, it's not as though you can pretend to be washing your hair. I told him to excuse me while I climbed over the carpet to go into the toilet and closed the door, when female friend visits I don't think any of us close the door. To do this with a strange man present would be too much, it's a little different if you are unaware he's watching. I was sitting on the toilet peeing while I could hear him pulling the carpet about outside the door, after I had finished that I stayed on the toilet to do #2. With no flushing sound after a couple of minutes I think he guessed what I was doing and started talking to me while working the other side of the door, I chattered back to him telling why I chose that particular carpet. It was about five minutes before getting to the stage of feeling anything moving, and then I had to stop talking to him so I stain properly to get rid of it. He must have realised why I stopped replying to him when it was followed by a loud plopping sound, which he must have heard it quite clearly. I continued talking to him while just finishing with small bits, then lifted just off the seat to wipe myself. I think he must have heard everything almost as clear as if he'd have been in there, I pulled up underwear and straightened my skirt before flushing and washing my hands. When I opened the door and came out I said I was sorry about that, and he remarked its alright it's what the little room is for. I would be curious to know of your experiences of actually seeing somebody going 2# or when somebody has watched you go, or if a girl just walked in on you how you would react?

this is something incredible that happened to me a while ago that i just couldn't believe. it was something i always thought about but never imagined would actually take place.

i work as a consultant to an east coast university and so am frequently on campus for one reason or another. working in the main administration office is an incredibly sexy woman. she is maybe late 40's blonde, very pretty and perfectly proportioned. when she walks you can tell by her poise that she has studied dance. needless to say she is a woman who inspires.

i always see her around the university giving tours, smiling and laughing with obvious vip's. she usually wears very tasteful outfits with the sexiest pumps to match. i was particularly taken by her shapely legs with their perfectly formed calves. being completely out of her league, or so i thought, i limited myself to hello and hi. then one evening at a school party i found out that fantasies come true.

there was some kind of a bash for a new addition to the library that involved showing up to kiss the right butt. being attuned to the political currents that ebb and flow i decided i better be there. the party was boring enough and seemed to go on too long with no sign of stopping. the one bright spot was miss pretty pussy, as i had taken to calling her, who was there and looking absolutely marvelous!

she had on this tight fitting black cocktail dress that accentuated every curve on her body and showed off her ample breasts. it was like a rollercoaster. and at the end of the ride was a deep plunge from the top of her shoulder all the way down her back and right to where your imagination told you was the very hint of the top of her behind. as a matter of fact, if you were able to stand close enough behind her when she threw her head back to laugh you could see the top of her sheer black panties!

all night i watched her out of the corner of my eye. she was engrossed in any number of conversations throughout the evening. all of the eggheads and stuffy trustees were under her spell. as was i. it wasn't till late in the evening that i found myself at the caterer's bar standing next to her.

"nice party," i ventured.

"do you really think so? i'd much rather be screwing one of the busboys right about now!" she said this with the most gleeful sideways glance in my direction.

i couldn't believe she said that. this elegant, very proper woman. i immediately chalked it up to too much drink. but the light tone in her voice told me she was probably drinking pellegrino all night and just wanted to shock me.

i was reeling from this and couldn't reconcile it with my past experience of her. but before i could spend much time sorting it out we began talking and i was completely charmed. we spent close to an hour talking about everything from networks to pasta to '67 Chevelles.

the party was beginning to thin out and people were filing by saying their nighty nites to miss pretty pussy, and generally ignoring me when she announced, "i have to take a leak!" well i was floored but before i could recover she said, "i think the ladies room is broke, could you be a gentleman and come with me to the mens room?"

could i? man, i was so shocked i spilt my drink on the front of my pants. she looked down at my pants and laughed. then she grabbed a napkin and dabbed the crotch of my pants with it. i almost had an accident. "come on let's go", she said and led me out like some salivating moron.

as we walked down the hallway to the little boys room my head was swimming. when we got there i took my position at the door as she went in. "don't you want to come in?" she asked. i mumbled "sure," and followed her in.

with one quick motion, as her eyes stayed locked to mine, she lifted one shapely leg in that way women do when they are taking off their panties and leaning against a sink with her hand she pulled them off. like a magician performing his best card trick she did it so quickly and gracefully that it was over before i realized it happenned. "oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god," i silently repeated over and over in my head. this was too much for me.

then she did the unexpected. instead of walking over to the stall she sidled up to the urinal, spread her legs and with both hands doing something at her crotch she prepared to pee. was this an abomination or did i hear heavenly trumpets? a woman doing the unthinkable. and not just any woman, this woman.

i was dumbstruck with voyeuristic paralysis. as she started to pee she suddenly let out two farts, one light as a breeze and the second one noisy. it was at this one that her face darkened. "uh-oh oh no!" she cried. "i have to go!"

i gathered i was in for something good as the obvious discomfort she was suddenly in revealed itself to me. she asked me to help her as she rushed into a stall. i followed her wondering what she wanted me to do. the stalls are completely enclosed and as the door closed and the light and fan went on we were suddenly alone.

she bent down as if to sit but stopped short. "i can't sit on these things, they're filthy. hold me so i don't fall." now i was so close to her face i could feel her warm breath on me and i could smell the scent of scotch from her mouth. she was drunk and i could feel her unsteadiness as i held both her ass cheeks in my hands while suspending her above the toilet seat.

by this time i was squatting down in front of her and i could see her in all her nakedness. she had her black dress bunched up around her with one hand and her sheer panties in the other resting on my shoulder. then she began to pee. a great thick torrent came splashing out of her pussy and splattered against the porcelain. it was warm and musky smelling and some of it splashed on me. i could see the relief in her face as she smiled to herself.

then a loud fart and the pungent smell of sulfer filled the small room. it was positively putrid! coming from anyone else i would have wretched. but from her it was like a blast of rose petals. there were two more smaller farts and then the tip of a log showed. it slowly and silently grew bigger and then cut like a knife into the water.

after this first behemoth, that i simply could not believe came from this ravishing beauty, there were several smaller soft brown turds and some more wet farts. her face was transfixed on something above and behind me the whole time. but on it she had the look of a satisfied woman. then she said she was done and reached for the paper. as she moved her hand toward the roller. feeling emboldened by our new intimacy i stopped her and said "i'll wipe you." she looked a little puzzled and then smiled. she allowed me to guide her behind toward me and i was completely spellbound when she presented it to me.

her tight little asshole sat like a dot above her completely shaved pussy. it had a coat of brown shit on it and i set to work cleaning it. after three or four scrubs it was pink and clean again. she asked if i had done a good job and i said yes, i had. "then lick me!" she said.

it was as if she was trying to one up me. well, without getting into too much detail i gave her a few extra wipes and then a quick going over with my tongue. it was at this point she seemed satisfied and dropped her dress that she had all this time been holding. she straightened up and smiled and said thanks for being such a gentleman.

she opened the door of the stall and walked right out of the bathroom as if nothing happened. "don't forget to wash your hands!" she called out as the door swished shut behind her.

i've seen her many times since and we always say "hi" or "hello." go figure!

I work as a school janitor. While I was cleaning the bathroom in the nurse's office last week I noticed a bag full of little kids underwear, of various sizes. I know it's there for when the kids mess their underpants. There is also a large lost and found box and the kids can get clean clothes anytime they need to from the "donated" box. Often I find wet or messy underpants and clothes in the trash. We also have a washer and dryer on campus and one time we washed and dried a kids jacket that got shit on. If they mess up their "nice" clothes, we can wash and dry them if the kids aren't too embarassed to ask. Many times I have cleaned up kids who have messed themselves. They sometimes cry and think it is very overwhelming. I also wipe shit off their toilet seats, and I have also wiped many little bottoms. Some of these problems happen at the high school level also and the kids know that the janitor doesn't just clean buildings.

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