Becky M
Hi, it's me, Becky, again. Love all the stories; believe me, there are several I can relate to personally.

As to my "problems", I believe I do have IBS, which seems to be fairly common these days. I had a bout of some type of food poisoning or virus about 5 years ago, and I had diarrhea for about 3 months after. I've never really gotten completely over it. But, I've learned to live with it; it's part of who I am, and it's really up to everyone else to deal with it as well. Some of this may be self-inflicted as well. Vegetarians and health-food nuts would be appalled at my diet.

Funny story time: One day at work I had really get to the bathroom in a hurry. No time to seek out a quiet bathroom. I just ran into the nearest ladies room, entered a stall, and let loose a serious wave of diarrhea. I had been having mostly normal poo for a couple of weeks previously, but I more than made up for it in this session. There was a woman in the stall next to me, a situation I try to avoid if possible. Anyway, right after I finish my second wave, she says "I'm glad I'm not the only one having a bad day today." Then she unloads a torrent of diarrhea herself. We both started laughing uncontrollably from that point on. For the next 15 minutes it was wave after wave of poo, with pure laughter between waves. Thank God noone came in, or they may have thought we were ready for the loony bin.

She finished before me (not uncommon), at which time we both said good-bye and thanked each other for the shared experience. I recognized her from the customer service department on the other end of my floor. Up until that time, I only knew her to say hi. But since then, we've become friends. Take care everyone.

Punk Rock Girl

I took THE BIGGEST DUMP of my life yesterday. I was in meetings most of the day and had to take a shit almost the whole time. I kept putting it off and putting it off. Finally, about 4:30, our last meeting was adjourned. I hightailed it to the unisex, my buns clenched together, entered my fave stall, yanked my pants and thong down and relaxed.

It actually took some work to get it moving, but once it did, it was a long, thick, solid load. It came out really slowly, and the sensation was almost orgasmic. Finally the last of it slid out, but it was then followed by a fart and a burst of semi-soft shit. Damn! If it wasn't for that little exclamation point I probably wouldn't even have to have wiped.

I almost never look at my shit, but I was compelled. I kid you not, it must have been almost two feet long. I was amazed. I wiped my ass and pulled up my thong and pants and washed up. I told Colin all about it and he said he wished he was there.

I took a dump this morning that was far less thrilling. I haven't had the urge since then, but it's still early in the day. I'm a once in the morning/once in the afternoon girl when my bowels are behaving.

Hope everyone is doing well!



princess pee
Hey guys,sorry I've been gone so long!Good news-Bad news time.The good news is,I have a pee story!Bad news,I will no longer be posting.I maybe will come and see the posts,but I'm not posting one. Yep, zip, zero, nada, goose eggs.Well,here we go!

I was at school,and had to go to the bathroom.I went in the bathroom,to find someone else.I don't like peeing with another kid in the bathroom,because I make this loud splashy noise when I pee.we kinda chattered,but get this:she made the loud peeing noise! :-P

never heard from again,
princess pee

. this was my first pee of the day , which considering that I finally went to bed at about 6 AM ; it had been 7 hours since may last visit to the ladies room [ o^o ] anyway, so being that I usually sleep with just my overshirt on and bare bottomed; I quickly slid onm my undies and was off to do what needed to be done. I walked into my bathroom and shut door , and yeah, after first making this loud fart ; I lifted the toilet's lid , pulled down my undies and sat on that nice wlongated white seat toward the back with my legs apart and bent back some. well still half tired and feeling them heavy baggy eyes after a long night of sipping vodka and tonics and writing; I shuffled my bare feet around on the white tile floor until I got comfortable. just over a half minute later and sitting with my flabby white legs apart, all of a sudden I felt this awesome bitchin' warm sensation of my urine run backwards the length of my twat ; and then a lous splashy piddle as my pee exited my labia and splashed into the middle of my toilet's water . for I'm guessing the next 35 secs or so , I heard my pee oh so loudly just piddle and piddle as it splashed against the water below me; making a really deep sound and as I looked down between my legs ; lots of bubbly foam along with a nasty acid-like scent in the air. then it just stopped , so I sat for a few secs before relaxing my bladder muscles and letting my reminaing pee dribble out. taht softly piddled into the water for another 10-15 secs I'm guessing and then I was finished. so I took some toilet paper from the roll on my left , tore it and folded it; then wiped my twat all over. I quickly got up while tossing that into the bowl , now filled with my somewhat dark golden yellow sour smelling pee; the sound of pee foam making a hissing sound as it faded quickly. I pulled up my undies and when I flushed , there was still a few patches of foam clinging to the sides of the bowl water. anyway, when I first began to pee, that loud piddle sound had me thiking of a great verizon wireless cell phone commercial they'd never allow on TV ! hold the phone up to the closed bathroom door outside and say " CAN YOU HEAR ME YET, HONEY?" o^o yeah sometimes I wonder if they'd say " yeah cheryl, we sho' do now" he he he he!

speak of filthy public restrooms! friday night on the way down to white plains NY I exited the I-684 freeway earlier cause of construction ahead , stopping it to get gas and a soda and yeah, use the ladies' room. they have a steel door just past the coolers on the right marked "unisex" with the guy/girl symbol and so I walked in and flipped the lock on it. the sign above the toilet tank reads " please help us keep this bathroom CLEAN! FOR YOU!" [ yeah right! as the mop bucket sits you can only wonder how no matter how hard they try to people can be so F***ing GRODY! YOU WONDER IF THEY ARE LIKE THIS AT HOME????] actually years ago this restroom was usually clean at 6:30 PM , corporate/sales men and women tend to have better manners I guess? anyway, the was No toilet paper left and here I left my bag in the locked car taking only my money wallet. well at least the seat was up! "with SLOBS like these a girl has to be happy when they ACTUALLY INCONVIENENCE THEMSELVES enough to remember to do this!" [ say that in your best "neww yo-war-ork" accent like the nanny on TV does! he he!] ah well , so I carefully unbuttoned my jeans , carefully sliding them down yet keeping them off the floor. then the undies to just below my knees to expose my twat to let out some of that " yellow water" from the coffee I drank on the way! [ and did it ever have to come out, "me legs were crossed on '22 honey!"]anyway, that seat, too, was totally gag me with a spoon GRODY and so after lowering it; I just barely touched it with the back of my plus sized hide. I lined my twat up just over the open-front part of that "church seat" to make sure my pee would make it into the toilet , then bent really foward with my hands on my upper thighs and just let that thick stream of yellow urine shoot backwards. for the next 3/4 of a minute I felt relief as I heard my pee hiss loudly up against that toilet's pan and at the same time; tinkle really loudly into the bowl's water [ which by the way, was still slightly yellowish from someone who obviously flushed before finishing to pee! couldn't help but see the left over 'foamies' in it! he he!]I watched myself pee as I now propped up my thighs; tha gushing river of yellow urine just splashing backwards along the pan and causing the water to twirl around like the flood tide on the mianus river! then it stopped and just to make sure , I leaned a little more and quickly shot a few more yellow splashers both up against the pan and also, back into the water like " sploosh! sploosh!" being that there was NO PAPER of nay kind except what was in the overflowing trash bin, I took my fingers and "shook my lily lips" [labia] some ; then quickly pulled up my undies and jeans; buttoning /zipping and belting up. then, as I reached toward that brass colored lever to flush, looked at that bowl's water now all brightly yellow from my probably 40-plus ounce "plus-sized" pee[ at least! hey,us 'plus sized' girls often make 'plus sized' pees LOL], FLUSHED IT, and as I did; lifted the seat back up. now I know why my former friend "randy" used to always lift the toilet seat after peeing in a public restroom! she was a native new yorker from the bronx and long island and so I guess she KNEW what many of them south of upstate new york were like! F***ing PIGS! [ once I saw this sign in this convienence store's bathroom back in center hill, florida years ago while riding my bicycle through town. and it read "OUR AIM IS TO KEEP THIS BATHROOM CLEAN! YOUR " AIM" WILL HELP!"] so if you sprinkle when you tinkle- be a sweetie and wipe the seatie!-:P

I had nice pooping session at work today. I went for lunch with one of my coworkers to near restaurant. As we walked back to work I felt need to poop. It was not really urgent need, but I must slow down pace a bit and clench my ass cheeks together. We got back and as we stepped in lobby I said to my colleague, Hanna, that I must go to toilet. "I'll come join you", she said and we went directly to ladies room. All five stalls were free and we took adjacent stalls. As Hanna was taking up her skirt she let out a couple of tiny farts. "Oh, our meal must be really well digestible", she said and giggled. Hanna is short, full figured woman in in her mid 30's. She has worked for us about two years. We have been together in ladies room several times before, but never having BM at the same time.

We sat down and after short silence we did short pee. I could feel turd coming down as I was peeing. My butt hole opened and head of turd poked out. Texture of it was rather hard so I needed push a bit and I began grunting softly. Hanna heard it and asked "Uhh, are you are doing number 2 too?". Her voice was tense and I figured that she was pushing out turd too. "Yeah", I replyed. Then I groaned some more and big chunk hit the water in the bowl. Hanna pushed harder and harder. I heard crackling sound and a couple of turds drop within 15-20 seconds of each other. Then someone walked in. Lady who came in went in the front of mirrors and started fixing her make up. We stayed sitting and let out a few more turds. I am sure woman heard our splashes and groans. I wiped and flushed. Lady was already gone when I went washing my hands. Hanna flushed and came out of stall. Her face was still red from straining.

wisconsin boy
hi, well yesterday was kinda interesting, i started taking a weekly yoga class. they hold the group in the basement of a local church, before the meeting I went and had a semi big yet healthy lunch, when I had gotten to the church I felt as though i had to go number 2, in the basement I found the mens room, went in and grabbed the closest stall. after a minute or so, i heard someone in the stall towards the wall. I heard a fart that echoes in the small bathroom and than the bathroom door opened and it was two girls!!!! yes two girls, im sitting on the toilet, and you know that crack in the stall where the door hinge is, well one of the two girls took the stall next to me, the other stood right outside my stall door talking to her friend, what is going on here Im thinking, was I inthe wrong john, im sure this woman had to of seen my big fit under the stall, or at least the figure of a man sitting thru the crack, the woman next to me also farted a few times, and for the other stall that to turned out to be a woman, she came out and the other girl went in, one of them must of also taken a dump because it started to smell and it was not me. also now two girls were talkin outside the stall. I waited a good 12 minutes for the three stall bathroom to clear out and right away looked at the sign on the door (mens) just as I thought, upon further investigation i found that in the basement where the womans room was supposed to ne was just an empty room, hmmm .. so to sum it up, I realized i was in a yoga class with all girls so they probably figured it was safe using the mens room in the empty church. no-one ever talked to me about it, I just went on with the class, perhaps it will bring up further observations.

Hi I'm Sarah I've been lurking for some time and never had a story until last night it was so embarrasing!

Me and my boyfriend where driving up state to visit some cousins of his for his moms birthday. Well the party was a blast but driving home was not fun:( About 5 minutes after we left I felt a small urge to go but ignored it. I was having fun listening to music talking wiht my boyfriend Jake. Well all day it had been looking pretty cloudy and it started pouring about 30 minutes after we left. Well my urge to poop got worse pretty rapidly. Soon I really had to go. My boyfriend noticing i had stopped smileling(sp). Anyway he asked me if i was okay and i just told him my stomach was bothering me a little but i was fine. A little later i was really squirming around. He kept looking at me but i forced a smile when he did. Soon I told him I was going to move to the back seat cuz i was tired but really so i could hold myself better. He said okay and looked worried. WHen i was back there I had almost lost it because the presurre on my stomach when i jumped back there. My but was so shaking with me desperate to hold it all in. Then on top of it all i really had to pee. Finally i asked Jake to stop because i had to go potty real bad. He pulled over at a gas station and as i got out a warm gush of diareaha spilled into my thong. I freeze over with fear getting drenched in the process my boyfriend looks worried and sugests that eh help. I say no and sprint to the door marked bathroom. But all the sprinting just was horrible diareaha pured out of me in my terror i started peeing myself to. Finally i ran into the bathroom opened the door and managed to pull my filled pants down and do a little more in the potty. I clean myself up and go back to the car when i tell my boyfriend i was sicka nd he feels bad when we get to his house he helps me clean up and take a shower i vomitted twice and had diareaha all night!


hello, i am a new poster here. I am 19 years old and going to college, i am 5-5,140 and have dark blonde hair. I hate using public bathrooms but i have no choice being here at school, i especially hate when i have to take a dump and their are other girls doing the same. The other day i was in a stall at my dorm when i heard 2 girls come in, one says to the other that it smells really bad, right then i farted sooo loud, i couldn't hold it, i was so embarrased. the girls just started laughing and then continued to go in stalls next to each other. I think i know the one girl from the sound of her voice, she is such a bi*ch, and all the guys want her. The girl next to her peed and then asked her friend if she was done. The next thing i heard i couldn't believe, she said she was going to be awhile because she needs to sh*t really bad, then she farted three times in a row, the smell was awful. I thought to myself, i can't believe we are both taking huge dumps right next to eachother. i couldn't take the smell anymore so i plopped a couple more times, flushed and left my stall. Her friend was over by the mirrors and just looked at me and smirked, i was so embarrased because i knew her too and she just heard me pooping, as i was leaving i heard another loud fart and a plop coming from her stall, i still couldn't believe that this popular girl who all the guys wanted could take such a huge dump. do any of you other girls run into these problems pooping in public bathrooms? does anyone have a story like mine they'd like to share? bye for now

I don't know about "exploding", but I've read in medical journals before that the bladder wall can tear and cause urine to leak into the abdominal cavity, causing poisoning and massive infections. This has happened to people in hospitals and nursing homes who hadn't had their catheter bags changed when they should have been. Also, if the bladder can't hold any more fluid, urine can back up into the kidneys and cause poisoning.
I have the same deal about holding for a long time. I don't have to worry about peeing myself, but it is annoying to not be able to go immediately when I finally get the chance. I imagine the varying degree in muscle control among different people leads to differences in how they can/can't hold it in for long periods of time.

Eric in Chicago
Xsore: "Two-tone" crap is very common. It's the result of two different batches of crap arriving at the end of your colon at different times and partially merging. Generally the part that got there first will be darker because it will have had more water absorbed from it. You can also get "camo crap" where part of it is green from food coloring and part of it is brown.

Speaking of food coloring, today I took a blue crap thanks to some concentrated blue food coloring added to a bottle of pop. Usually when I try to crap blue it comes out either bluish-green or so dark as to be almost black, but this one was all medium-blue.

What an eventful few days its been for me!

First off, my mother-in-law was rushed to the hospital the other day. She's been really sick lately, but last week she started having sever pains and really bad constipation. She couldn't poop for days and her stomach was swollen from it all. So...she overdosed on laxatives. The next thing she knew, she had violent diarhea--completely uncontrollable. I wasn't there for it, but after she went to the hospital from being SO sick, my partner and I went to her house to take care of everything--you know, bring in the mail, feed the cat, pick up some clothes and stuff to take to her in the hospital--when we realized just HOW sick she must have been. Obviously, she was too sick to clean up after her accidents. There was poop in her bed, poop on the carpet, poop all over the bathroom. The entire house stunk SOOOOo bad. Well...being the good son that my partner is, he decided that we should help her out my cleaning the took 10 loads of laundry and 6 hours, but we eventually got the house cleaned and aired out. My mother-in-law is in stabilized but not so good condition...

Oh! Tonight on Will & Grace, Will and Jack were attempting to recall the night before since they drank so much on the cruise of them mentioned that he remembered peeing over the side of the ship...I wished they had shown that! That would have been so hot!

To Sharon: Yes, I have had restroom access denied many times. The worst is when you are in the middle of NOWHERE, and the one gas station won't let you use their bathroom. What irks me the most is when they smirk and act all superior about it. The least they could do is apologize. UGH.

Now for a story. Last week my husband and I went to a state park for the day. The only facilities they have are pit toilets. Everyone's fave, right? I thought it would be a good situation to try out my TravelMate stand-to-pee device. I have used it with success at home, and thought I would try it for the first time in those lovely toilets. The first time I went-success!! I have to pee a lot due to a medical condition, so a while later I went again. I was very desperate, and I didn't get the thing positioned correctly, and I peed all over my undies and my pants. Thank goodness my shirt covered the wet spot, and it dried fast. I felt like a fool!!

Today I took a dump in school twice.

The first time was during our free/lunch period. I went into the boys' room. Three of the five stalls were being used. Actually they were peeing, not pooping. I took the fourth one, pulled down my shorts and underwear, and sat down on the toilet. I farted loudly, and then quickly squeezed out a long turd. Then I wiped my ass, flushed, and left. No one in the bathroom acknowledged that I just took a dump

Thanks for the advice. Spoke to my dad about the situation, since he attended the same high school 25 years ago. He said back then there was a wall that blocked the view of the toilets from outside the boys room, so it was never an issue. BUT he did 'some things NEVER change" as female teachers would stroll in to check for smokers, and girls would also come in to smoke with their boyfriends. He said THAT was embarrasing when he was shitting ! He said they tried to get doors put on back then, but it was futile, so as my dad says "Grin and bare it"

The second time was during my fourth period. I went into a different restroom, as my fourth period class was in a different area of the school. I sat on the toilet, for a little longer this time, but only produced a few small turds. Someone else was in the bathroom, but again, only peeing. Someone else came in, washed his hands, and then left. I simply wiped my ass, and then left. I'm kind shy about drawing attention to myself taking a dump, and I won't openly discuss it unless someone else is dumping with me.

Red Headed Michele: I read your latest post, i think it sucks u got bitched at for just going to use the restroom. Ive never had anything like that happen at work before but my friend did one time, we were both really hung over from drinkin so much the night before, then we had work at the same time and he was in the bathroom throwing up and takin dumps all evening, thank god we didn't have work until the afternoon or i would of been on the toilet like that too! It was good to hear from u. U always have good stories so keep posting more public bathroom attacks. P.S I think everyone has close calls from time to time.

Your name Jane: I guess thats your posting name or is it just Jane? Anyways i like your stories about the women u work with and regularity, i was wondering if u had any stories about those women u said u used to work with who are usually shy but end up going because of urgency, i would really like to hear some of those stories i bet there funny!

Melanie: I read ur post about how u had a diarhea attack at school and had to use the bathroom in the lockeroom. I felt the same way u did about going at the bathrooms at school (yuk!!), but i never had a problem with downloading in the lockerroom, i guess its cuz everybody took dumps everyday, oh well just wanted to let ya know i enjoyed your story and keep posting.

Ive wrote so much i think i only have time for a short story. I went out of town this weekend to visit some of my drinkin buddies that go to a University about 3 hours from where i live and we all went to high school. I took about 4-5 dumps on friday and saturday combined, because i ate so much, i usually only have about 1 or 2 a day i dont go that often all the time. We ate out at taco places and got these huge burritos that had rice, beans, meat, cheese, and sour cream. I had two of those over the course of the weekend along with various other junk, needless to say i spent a great deal of time on the toilet groaning from the pain. I think ive mentioned before that i suffer from IBS so when i over eat i tend to have what i call "intestinal distress" haha! I had to have my buddy rub my belly for me it hurt so bad! We got a good laugh out of that though. The IBS isn't that bad, i can usually make it home in time to take a dump in time, but i still hate it cuz whenever i eat a large meal my belly bloats up and i look so stupid, ill walk around with this belly pokin out but after i go relieve myself it shrinks back to being flat again. Well i guess thats all for now. Ill post again soon.

P.S Is anybody else on here an IBS sufferer such as myself? If so how do u get through the attacks?

Pretty Pooper
Wow, my friend Summer just did the funniest thing. We were at school and she goes "I have to fart, hold on a second." So she leans back in her seat. Now Summer doesn't like to wear panties and today she was wearing a skirt. She grunts and pushes and out comes this big-ass log of poop right on the floor!!! It was so funny, she was so surprised that she just shit like that! The log was about five inches long and kinda soft. After we all laughed like hell, she picked up the poop in a tissue and walks away to flush it down the good stuff

Tim (and Sarah)--i'm so glad you're posting again; i've been reading the posts for a long time, and your stories are some of my favorites. I very much enjoyed the one where you and your wife shared a pee in the shower; it reminds me of things my boyfriend and I do. keep up the good posts, and please do share some more stories!

i am 22 years old and this thing hapepened about 2 years ago. i was on my way to work and i stopped to get a coffee thing at starbucks. well i knew it would be really hot so i got a bottle of water to go with it. well the drive to my work is about 45 minutes. well about 15 after leaving starbucks, i began to feel i needed to pee. well i was distracted by something and took the wrong exit to my work and i had no idea where i was. so i just keeped driving to see if i saw any streets i knew. so i drove for about 35 minutes and i needed gas. so i asked if they has a bathroom i could use and they said no because they were out of order. so i said i can wait, but i was getting thursty so i grabbed 2 bottles of water since i didnt know where i was. so i got back in my car and drove around for a little while longer before opening my water. well so after that i relly really needed to pee, but i was lost. i call my office telling them that i would be late because i was lost and they didnt mind. but then about an hour went by i got caught in a traffic jam {with my luck} and by then i was in desperate need. that traffic was not moving at all. and sooner or later i was driving bent over with my hand in my crotch, because i could move anywhere anyways. then we moved about 10 feet and we had to go over a bumb because they were working on the roads. well when i went over that i felt a little bit of pee start to come out but i hurried and grabed my pee hole before and could come out. and then i got passed that but then i was starting to cramp up from it because my bladder was soo full. further up the road i saw more construction workers and i knew i had to remove my hand from crotch, but i was afraid to. well we got closer and it was getting worse. by then i was thinking "ohh come on i can wait this thing out" so i just let my hand go and tried to hold it in. we finally got passed the workers and i needed to put my hand back in my crotch. going passed them a few streams of pee came off but i didnt want to grab down there with workers all around, but thankfully it wasnt noticable. {i was wearing jeans and a nice shirt} then more of those bumb things were coming up and i didnt know it. the traffic was now moving since we passed the workers, so i was going full speed. and when i went over them i huge stream of pee came out and i hurried and grabbed to stop i was beginning to feel a little wet. i was then beginning to think about going in one of my water bottles but i couldnt do that and drive at the same time and there was no shoulder to pull over since they were all blocked off. then i was deperate. i tried to let to drive faster but it wasnt working. more pee came out. but now u were starting to see a little though my jeans. i could not wait any longer and i just lost control for about 10 it was really wetting but i grabbed my crotch again. well i had by bags and purse in the passenger set next to me it is had fallen over and a few things fell out. well i leaned over to put pressure on it a little so i couldnt feel it. well i saw some napkins in my purse from lunch the day before. so i undid my pants and everything and stuffed them down there so i could pee just a little to releave the preasure. it felt so good that i couldnt stop and it started to go through. so i thought aboutcrossed my legs with my hand up there. i knew i couldnt wait so i unzipped by pants and tryed to unbuckle my belt and grabbed a water bottle. i tryed to squeeze the bottle kinda under my crotch and i was thinking that as it went through my pants it would go into the bottle. i was so scared because i didnt no if i should or not. but i had to and then, i went it was so warm and hot. it felt so good. now that i did that sometimes i fel like doing it at home. i stuff toilet paper up there and just pee it is so fun. you should try it and it goes all over your pants and everything and it is warm it jsut makes u feel good!!

Today I had a very humiliating accident. I don't like using the bathrooms at my office so I...well...didn't, even though I needed to pee and shit a bit. So i got into the car, and started the drive home. Soon i really needed to go badly, but i was stuck in a traffic jam and couldn't move! I urge to shit got terrible, and so did the need to pee! I had to concentrate very hard not to pee and shit myself. I started getting terrible cramps, and my stomach would contract, and while i concentrated on not shitting myself a little bit of pee would squeeze through, and i'd concentrate on not peeing in my pants, and then i'd get another cramp...Then suddenly I felt my bowels start pushing out a load of crap! I was so upset! I still tried not to shit myself, but it was hopeless. Suddenly I farted, and with it the log shot into my pants. My stomach muscles contracted and started pushing out another large log, and then my bladder released and i pissed myself too! I peed for like a minute, yet i kept pooping. By the time i was done I had five large logs in my jeans, and poop and pee smeared all over my thighs, and the car. When i got to my house I parked and ran inside and cleaned myself. i was crying so hard.

katie- sorry to hear about your accident, that must have sucked.
haley- i liked your story, good thing no one found out.
Tighty Whities- liked your story. I'm a white briefs man myself, and I've pooped in my briefs a few times, and it can be pretty embarrassing, but not as bad as wearing boxers and having the log slide out.

Anyways for my story: Many years ago when i was about 7 or 8 ('97-'98), i went out to applebees w/ my mom, and later to a movie. Dinner was nice, but once I got to the movie i wasn't feeling too well. In the theatre, i saw a friend, so I went down to sit with him. The movie had been going for about ten minutes, when a terrible cramp hit me. I tried to fart, and I thought that I did, but I ended up pooping a little into my briefs. So I ran to the bathroom, and tried to clean it out, luckily it was not that much, and it wasn't watery. My mom came in a little later on and asked if I needed to go home. So we went home, and i cleaned up, no biggie. Oops, as I was writing this, i felt the need to poo really badly, and it just came out into my white briefs. I'm gonna go clean up.

Yesterday i haad a stomach bug that has been going around. I woke up when my alarm woke me up at 7:00 and felt like crap. My stomach hurt sooo badly, i had a headache, and I had a small fever. I decided that i should go to work anyway, so I got dressed, had some tea and a piece of toast, and started walking down my driveway to my car. Halfway there I got the feeling you get right before you are going to barf, and bent over and started heaving, yet i didn't throw up. I decided that perhaps i should stay home afterall, and walked back into my house, picked up the phone and called my boss and told her that i wouldn't be in work today as i felt sick. I then took off my clothes, put on pajamas, and lay down. It was barely a half an hour later when my bowels started churning, and I ran to the bathroom, grabing a bucket on the way "just incase." I sat on the toilet, and had awful painful diarrhea. I started heaving too, and grabbed the bucket and threw up some toast and tea. When i was done, i went back to bed. I was asleep until 4:00 in the afternoon when i woke up to hear the phone ringing. I felt sick, but i picked up the phone, and it was my boyfriend. I told him i was sick and couldn't talk, hung up, and went to the bathroom again and threw up and had diarrhea. Still tired, i went back to bed.

At roughly 7:00 last night i woke up and to my horror found that i had had diarrhea in bed. My stomach churned, and i vomited on myself, before fainting.

This morning i woke up at three, vomited, had diarrhea, called my boss at 10:00 and told her i wouldn't make it to work, put on an adult diaper, put a bucket by my bed, and slept the whole day. It's roughly 6:00pm today now, and i still have the bug. it's getting better though, and now it's mainly giving me diarrhea, though i have thrown up a few times. I hope i'm getting better...

Hi everyone I've been lurking around this website fro quite sometime. I'm 21 5"10 I have blonde hair brown eyes and weigh 115. As I said I've been lurking around for a few months and have never posted because I've never had a accident or had anything exciting to post about. But on Wensday I had quite an embarrassing excident that I'm now ready to share with everyone here on Toiletstool.

So Wensday morning was the usual got up at 7:00 had my cofee and toast with jam then took a shower took my usual dump and got dressed for work. I had a client at 9:15 so I was a little rushed to the office. I was behind all morning if someone had an apointment at lets say 10:30 it would end up being at 10:35. Well after lunch I was rushing and didnt have a chance to pee although I had quite a bad urge to go. All afternoon I was jiggling about until 4:15 when I finally had a chance to go before I left for home. But after sprinting to (the only womens room in the building) it said out of order my heart just stopped. I stood there for a second but I then ran to the car and figured I could make it 30 minutes from here to my house. NO I was wrong. 15 minutes down the road and I new I had made a mistake. I have a giant bladder and that giant bladder of mine was swelled to the size of a baseball. One had was on the steering wheel the other stuffed up my croch. When I was less that 5 minutes away from my house I could feel hot squirts of pee making their way into my thong. Finally I pulled in my drive way only to notice that I left my keys to my house at work. I was so desperate that right when I got out of the car and saw I forgot my keys I burst into tears. Then My bladder gave way and I stood their for a good 10 minutes peeing and crying. I was so embarrased when my husband came home 5 minutes later he unlocked teh house and helped me clean up. That was terrible!

Keep me posted about all your stories~ xox Tisha

JW - Thanks for your post. When I worked in the office There were about 10 girls who regularly went at work. Perhaps if I tell you about a few today and then add more next time. Sandra - long blond hair, thin and about 25 used to get into work quite late - about 930. She then had a coffee and about 10 or 1015 she used to go for a poo. She was very fast and if it wouldn't come she went back later. She usually did 3 soft plops very soon after sitting down and then wiped quickly and left. Probably less than 2 mins in total. When I had a poo at work, I quite often followed Lucy in - She was very tall, well built but not fat with short dark hair. She sat down and did a wee, she then grunted slightly and if it was quiet in the toilet you could hear the crackling start. She usually did two very loud and heavy kerplonks. Again she was quite quick and did not sit after the second bit hit the water. She was also smelly and you could smell her in the next stall. I very often sat next door to her and we plopped together. Julie used to go every day at about 345 before her boyfriend picked her up at 4. She usually sat for a few minutes with a few high pitched strains, and the her poo came out in a series of fairly distinct and loud plops. Usually about 5 bits with about 5 seconds between each. A non regular pooer was Lynne. If you saw her go into the toilets there was a chance she was in for a long session. I heard her complain to her friends about constipation. She would take 10 to 15 minutes. She would strain loudly and grunt. She also seemed to squat in front of the toilet to get herself going. Typically she would go in - wee - starin - fart a few times and then give up on the toilet and squat. She then pushed hard and you could hear her NNNNNNN aah clearly. You then sometimes heard squeaking and crackling from her bottom as the massive compacted log began to move. When it was almost out she sat back on the toilet and pushed even harder with even louder NNNNNNNNNNN's then a massive kerplonk followed. She was really smelly. I always loved to listen to her- especially if she was successful at the end. Well that's 3 of the 10 - I will tell you about the others if you want later.

Its now Monday night and I have been back at work on the train today. The weekend has been bad for poos. I have been a bit constipated, which has disappointed my boyfriend. On both Saturday and Sunday I only managed to push out about a 3 inch bit. This was after much pushing - my boyfriend stands in front of me and I push hard against him which helps move me. I hate not going properly. Because of this I set off to work this morning with almost 3 days worth of poo in me. I tried before I left the house quickly but it was too early. As I could have predicted it hit me bad at my busiest time between 730 and 830 but there was no chance of going because I was too busy serving breakfast. I was also hoping to go with Karen who had dropped a hint last week. I waited and waited until I heard her announce over the speaker system that she was shutting the shop temporarily to stock take. I went down and chatted to her and the dropped into the conversation that I really had to go because I was busting for a poo. She had remembered what she said last week and said that she went yesterday morning and therefore probably wouldn't be able to go today. She suggested we had a poo chat tomorrow. I enthusiastically said - that's a date - I was excited and wanted to talk to her more but really needed to let out my massive poo. I told that I had to go and made my way to the larger disabled toilet with an electric door. There was someone in there and we are not allowed to queue for toilets. So I waited in the lobby looking busy. Eventually one of the trains regulars came out - unusually not a man but a very smart irish lady about 30. She must have had a poo because of the marks on the bowl and the slight smell - I made a mental note to keep an eye on her for the future, Eventually I locked the door, ripped down my blue trousers and sat on the purple toilet seat over the metal aircraft type toilet. Immediately a long wide turd began to move out of me - and it kept coming and coming. No plops because of the type of toilet but really smelly because it was not sitting in any water. Eventually I finished and looked in the bowl - It was just coiled like a rope in the toilet - probably about 3 foot of it. I wiped and pushed the flush button. The suction flush had graet difficulty in sucking the massive poo down but eventually it went leaving a smear of poo all around the hole. I tidied myself up washed my hands and left feeling much better. It was one my biggest poos ever. As I left Karen walked past and asked me if it was a good one. I told her it was one of my biggest ever, but I am sure there is lots left for tomorrow. She said that she was sorry she had missed it but looked forward to tomorrow - and said she would try to put on a good performance. I cant believe we are talking like this as I have always been fascinated by girls on the toilet. Then back to work clearing tables and looking forward to Tuesday! I will let you know how it goes.

Hi Kirtin i read you mensage (the first) and i would like to know how do you dicovered you enjoy of poo pants? how do you started, and where?, and you said that you like to do it in public places, tell us some of that times, where do you were? how old you were? what the people do or if they knew about you dirty panties?

To Linda,
Good to hear from someone from my country, however sorry to hear of your trouble with constipation. I noticed where you said that passing some of the big hard poo was painful. Have you thought of lubicating you bottom with something when you know that your poo will be big and probably painful to pass? Olive oil or a hemaroid cream would be two things I could quickly think of. Also you mentioned the bad feeling of still having poo in your rectum even after passing a large poo. Have you thought of a enema? Even just a small bulb type would be very effective. I noticed a post a few weeks ago from someone who found it strange that the medical profession appologised profusely about giving him/her a enema as though it were some terrible torture. Actually, apart from some cramping (maybe). they are painless and many people enjoy them.
Regards Aussie John.

Yalo. Taylor here. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I just got of the bog from a really good dump. It was a soft one, with one log, about eight inches long, and a variety of chunks. I can say, the log was the best bit. It felt really good coming out of me. Nice and long, fudge brown, with no noise, but it had some undigested food in it (Not Corn). The rest were just soft chunks. It smelt quite strong though. No straining involved. It felt really good. That's the only noteworthy poo I've had recently.
Just one more thing: They have a new rule at the school I'm in; at Lunch time, you have to wait to go to the bog. Outside. Consider that I'm in high school. Can't a guy take a piss in peace.
Cheers. Taylor.

Tuessday, April 26, 2005

hello everyone, i tried to post for the first time last week, but i didn't make it on, well i'll try another story sinc i have a good one
I was getting ready for work this morning, my girlfriend (24yo,135lbs.,5'8",brunette) was still asleep, i was taking a shower when the bathroom door opened and my girlfriend came in, she said she had to go, i was like ok, just dont flush till i'm out of hte shower, she said she would probably still be on the crapper when i was done i asked if she was constipated, she said she had been for 5 days, but she had taken a double dose of exlax before bed and now it was time, she then asked if i would like to watch, well i have always wanted to watch her go, but i never asked, so i was like sure, i got out of the shower and watched as she proceeded to explode with wave after wave of loud diarhea, i asked if sh was ok, she said she was so happy that she finally could go that the diarhea didn't bother her, she was leaning forward slightly and had her elbows on ner knees, she was letting go for over 20 minutes, then she said she felt 15 pounds lighter (which I actually believe was true)she wiped well, got up told me to have a good day at work and went back to bed, she didn't flush, leaving a bowl full of dark brown liquid with corn floating on top, i thought that was weird, we hadn't had corn for 6 days or so, i flushed it, got dressed, shaved and went to work

In response to yucka nucka's post, I've never personally tried to talk on the phone and pee at the same time - it really doesn't take that long, anyway! I had my mobile ring once while in a toilet, but just ignored it as I didn't want to talk at that moment ;-)

I was just reading some of the old posts, and I noticed someone had posted something about Tycho Brahe, the famous astronomer and scientist, and his rather strange death. Apparently, his bladder exploded when he held it for too long during a party! It could be a myth, but I wonder - is this possible? For myself, I find that it's probably not possible to have an accident. As soon as I try holding it for a long period of time, I don't start losing control, it just hurts very badly, and almost seems to be harder to pee when I finally go. I once read a story in a magazine ("embarrassing moments" part) about a girl who held it for too long during a school field trip and ended up having to go to hospital. Does anyone else have this problem, or information on the likelihood of one's bladder exploding? I suppose you could get an infection, but I always figured you'd just lose control before any sort of danger like this!

My husband told me a funny story today (this has been happening a lot since I discovered this site, actually!), from when he was in college. His roommate was a bit of an idiot, from what I remember of him - always getting drunk on the weekends. Now their room had a sink in the corner which was fairly big, not to mention quite deep. One night, Jean-Luc (my husband) and I went out together, and he didn't get back until very late. As he opened the door, this horrible odor hit him straight in the face. Thinking it was just this roommate farting in his sleep or something, he crawled into his own bed without bothering to investigate. A few hours later, he actually got woken up by the stink, and this time turned the light on. Apparently, his roommate had actually shit in the sink! Too drunk to bother, I suppose. It was the most awful mess, and my poor husband ended up cleaning most of it!


To Scott: nice story keep them coming

From Sharon,

My husband and I travel by car a lot, and in certain areas, have had restroom access denied to us altogether, even after making a purchase at that store. Recently, while driving through Chicago, we needed gas and I also had to pee very bad, so we pulled off the interstate onto North Avenue and into a gas station. My husband filled the car while I went inside to use the ladie's room. The clerk said nobody is allowed to use it because of the heavy drug problem in that area (people come in off the street and shoot-up in the restroom). I new I couldn't hold it much longer and insisted to no avail! My husband came in to pay for the gas and blew his top when he heard, also to no avail!
We got in the car, pulled back on the interstate and hadn't gone 2 miles when I finally couldn't hold it any longer and totally wet myself! Has anyone else ever had restroom access denied like this?

I've lurked here for a long time. I am quite interested in the subject of female relief, specifically of solid waste. And Kerri, given that reading your story was the closest I've ever come to actually seeing something like that happen, which I would enjoy, I would request that you recount more stories. These things are a pleasure to read about, but I felt it was necessary to come out of lurkdom in order to address the issue of doorless stalls raised by Jason. I personally would be outraged if I was forced to use doorless stalls. I wouldn't have a problem with going in front of one female who I trust and have a kinship with, but going in front of many male classmates, as well as whoever happens to walk by/walk in? That's insane.

I recommend civil disobedience here. The only way something's going to happen is if you make it happen. Bring in slabs of wood, or if you don't want to spend money like that, cardboard. Make makeshift doors. If they get taken down, then go above the principal to the school board. Write a letter to the freakin' GOVERNOR if you have to. If this doesn't work, use the girls' side. They've got doors, don't they? And how can you get in trouble if people on the guys' toilets are in plain view from the hallway, and female teachers go in the guys bathroom anyway? It's amazing what double standards can do today. That's simply wrong and horrible. And yes, some of you may get in trouble, but if everyone does it, they'll have to put doors on. Because what will happen is that the girls' parents will get mad at the school for allowing boys in the girls' room, and the school will be forced to solve the problem. Maybe people are smoking in school, but taking out the doors doesn't make the situation better.

An extreme solution that I would recommend you to not do, but chuckle about to yourself, is going into the ladies bathroom when the principal herself is in there in all her glory, kick down the door, and take a picture. That would show her.

I apologize for my first post not even being about a personal experience, but something like that needs to be addressed.

i had the 4th accident of my teenage life this weekend. i was on my way to a baseball game with my family, and the park is about 2 hours away. not long into the ride i had a mild urge to poop that i could feel throughout my whole abdomen and my butt, but it wasn't a severe urge, just noticable. i just relaxed and listened to music the whole time and just ignored it, even though it got harded to ignore as we drove, but i knew it wasn't that long until we got to the park and i would go to the toilet there. it must've been an hour and 15 minutes into the ride when i was really struggling to hold it in. the pressure was hard in my butt and i was really wiggling in my seat, and my jeans were really tight around my butt and everything so it made it harder to hold it. finally, there couldn't have been 30 minutes left until we got there and the worst of the worst happened, i couldn't hold on and let it all out. with a slight fart and a crackling sound i just felt big soft pieces off poop lump into my underwear and mush into a big warm bulge in the seat of my jeans, and i was overcome with horror. i'm 15 and i couldn't make it through a 2 hour car ride without pooping my pants. the worst part was i was on my way TO the game, i mean at least if i pooped my pants on the way home i knew i'd be able to change my pants and underwear and get cleaned up right away. even though the poop all mushed into one big bulge in the seat of my pants, it was still fairly solid and the smell wasn't very bad...i could smell it but only very slightly and my baseball jersey would hang down over my butt when i was standing so no one would be able to see the big bulge on my butt, so i decdided i should be able to get away with it. well as my luck usually goes, even though sitting in the car pretty much flattened out the bulge, as soon as i got out of the car my mom had gotten out of her door too and was turning toward me just as she went "oh, katie you have a big stain on your pants." it felt like the world stopped and i was just in terror and i felt my face turning red. i just said "where?" and she said "on your bottom it looks like you sat in something let me see." i stood still and she just said "there's napkins in the car you can just wipe it off-" and just then she turned and looked and stopped talking. she looked at my face and saw how red i was. then she looked bacdk away and said "katie why didn't you say anything if you had to go to the bathroom?" and i started to cry and said i was sorry, and that i didn' think i would poop in my pants. but i definitely should've known i would because it's happened before. that baseball game was not fun to sit through especially since my team lost. the ride home was bad too. next time i'll go before we leave.

My name is Haley...
Hello everybody, I recently had a very embarrassing accident. I am 27 years old so I know I shouldn't be having accidents but I couldn't help it. I'm so embarrassed but I'm going to tell you all what happened.

Last weekend my boyfriend convinced me to go on a church camping trip they were having because of all the warm weather recently, well what my boyfriend didn't tell me was that it was an hours drive there and it took about 2 hours because we got lost on the way. well about an hour into the trip I start to feel the need to go to the bathroom and I've never gone in front of my bf and wasn't about to tell him I needed to go. We got there and I asked the head of the church where the bathroom was, he told me that it was across the park. I walked over there and the restrooms were shut down due to construction, I almost pooped and peed myself right there out of sheer shock! I went back and told him that it was closed and he said to go out into the woods. I didn't want to go out into the woods because I hated the idea of going where there was a chance of being caught, so I held it. An hour later everybody started eating supper so I snuck off into the woods while I had the opportunity. I found a nice little clearing and started to undo the ties of my jogging shorts when I heard some people talking, I ran a little bit further into the woods and a sharp cramp hit me, I started panicking and couldn't get the ties undone, I tried just pulling my shorts down but I couldn't and I started crying, I started push and soon I felt a large log start sliding its way out of my but and into my panties, it just kept coming! soon it had filled up all the empty space in my panties and I had a lump that must have been the size of a couple baseballs in my pants. I began to walk back to camp and realized that while pooping myself I had also peed and my bright white jogging shorts were now pale yellow all around my crotch and between my legs and even a mix of brown and yellow on my butt. When I got back to camp I told my boyfriend what had happend and he helped me get cleaned up without anybody else finding out.

Hi Adam: I enjoyed reading the scenarios about your sister. How old is Kim now?

your name Jane-- I found your post fasinating. Please tell us more about what other woman do on the toilet. I particular like to hear about girls grunting to get out big constipated turds. Have you ever been in a restroom when another women was really struggling?- JW

fred from sweden
hello i would like to ask linda from australia some questions could you describe in more detail how you look like when you push ? you writes that you are sitting on the toilet for 15 to 30 minutes do yoy push all the time and if so how many times do you push? do you hold your breath for a long time when pushing? how do you sit on the toiletstool ? describe as detailed as possible. i would be very grateful for your answers. i think your letters are the best of all right now.

The New Number Two
A survey for the ladies:
1. What do you do with your skirts if their: a) short or b) long? (especially if there tight)
2. When you wear high-heeled shoes or boots do you sit with your knees together or apart?
3. Wiping: sitting or standing? and do wipe around your body or through the legs?
4. Even of you have interesting tales to tell in a public restroom?
5. Any of you seen female poop scenes in movies?
6. Do you sit on tippy toes? Thanking all who reply!

Bobby B
Jane your story was great. I would very much like to hear some more stories about the other girls at work having their poo's


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