Jessica's tales
Hi everybody, my name is Jessica. I have had a fascination with bathroom related activities since I was 15 years old. This is my first post time posting here so forgive me if I don't do something right. As my name suggests I have a lot of stories involving this stuff, a lot of which I think you'll all like. Well, here goes the first one:

When I started going to college, my parents helped me get an apartment off campus that I wouldn't have to share with anyone. After having all my stuff moved in I came to realize that I could do almost anything I wanted in my apartment(as long as it wasn't against the law). Well, by now I had become extremely interested in pooping and peeing and experimented with different places in my apartment that I could go. Since I never had anybody coming over, one weekend I decided to just cover the entire floor of my apartment with old newspapers.(I'm not sure I'm allowed to say this, but here it goes anyway.) All weekend I walked around my apartment without wearing anything and everytime I got the need to poop I just squatted, pushed it out onto the floor, and cleaned it up when I had the time. It was so fun! I stopped doing it when I started making friends and getting company because the smell lingered and it was always tough coming up with an excuse for why my apartment smelled of poop.

To Chloe the pooper: I tried tht idea of yours, loved it! I can't believe I didn't try it before!

Well I hope everybody liked my old college story, there are plenty more where that came from. Bye now!


HisLilPeeMonster, yes, peeing outside can be very addictive. I still do not understand why it is so badly illegal in most places, but it feels so good.
Years ago, I had a job for many years where I would patrol out in a rural area and check buildings for security at night. I would drink a lot of water and pee all of the time. It felt good to just stop and pee with no regard of anyone around. Also, my cousin, a female, did the same job and she would also load and pee al of the time. We would compare our notes at the end of the shift and try to determine who had let out the most in their area. Even when we had to do the day time checks for other shifts, we would still go. Maybe it was the adventure of it all.

Good morning--stormy here. I just had my second b.m. of the morning; had two yesterday also. In both cases the second was softer than the first, falling in several moderately thin, light brown turds that made nice individual splashes. What I'm really writing about, though, is my first b.m. each day. For the past several days I had watched myself with a hand mirror as I had some really nice long turds. However, when they slid into the water, they curled up so that their impressive length was no longer visible. Yesterday I decided to try something different. I sat, not on the seat, but on the rim, so that my anus was not over the hole, but much nearer the edge of the bowl. Yesterday's first turd exited easily and at length--and when I looked in the bowl, there it was, stretched out to its full length, which must have been nearly a foot! Excellent. Today's was even better. I sat on the rim again, but this time over to one side. The first turd came out smoothly and easily again, falling with a light splash and followed immediately by two shorter ones that went plunk, plunk. I got up to look, and the first turd stretched all the way across the bowl and hooked back around partway, but with its whole length visible. I measured it--13"! It was slightly over an inch thick, smooth, medium to light brown. Obviously I cannot sit on the rim every time, but this experiment shows that it is possible to see more of the sheer length of a long turd by sitting on the rim.
I did have a poop experience of another sort at work. The toilets there are being replaced, but two of the old ones are still there, in the men's room. One of them is pretty thoroughly out of order, and one of the workmen put a sign to that effect on it. Well, people used it anyway, and Thursday morning it was fairly full of smelly pee. I got a bucket, filled it (a laborious task), and sloshed it into the toilet, flushing it fairly well. Later that day, however, someone took a small dump into that toilet--four or five small hard almost-black turds, the longest of which was maybe three inches. The toilet couldn't be flushed, and someone had taken the bucket. As far as I know, that stupid little b.m. is still there, and the smell is worsening. Can't people read? Or don't they care?
Happy pooping, everyone!

Jason: I understand what you feel about not having doors on the stalls in the menīs. I think the problem with that arrangement and what is most embarrassing is the fact that you can be seen from the hallway and the classroom with chicks. Not so much being watched by guys. Once you enter a menīs room with stalls with no doors might be embarrassing at first but you can overcome the situation. But the doorless stalls being completely exposed to the hallway and classroom is a very different thing. I think your college may be very open minded about biological functions so that they planned that strange bathroom layout.

Mr. Clogs
Hi everybody!
Hope everybody is doing well these days. Well I got a quicky post. I'm drinking this cleaser's tea to help me loose some weught, I'm over 200, so I gotta get in shape or something like it. Anyways, this tea takes a long time to kick in, so this morning before hitting the shower, I did round one over the toilet. I quickly plopped down on the toilet seat, and took a huge crap. Sat for about 10 minutes and wiped and headed for the shower. Round 2 was after I finished taking a shower, I quickly again plopped down on the toilet seat and made a monsterous pile of turds in the toilet. Round 3 was at work, as soon as I did my tasks that needed to do in the morning, I quickly ran to the bathroom, put some tp to cover the seat, pulled down my jeans and boxers down ans sat on the toilet, sat for about 10 minutes wiped and washed my hands and went back to work. I hope you all enjoyed my post, take care!

Purple pooper
"yucka nucka
Does anyone else like to pee over the phone or listen to someone else pee over the phone. Anyone have any related stories?"

For a while I was dating a girl at work, my nick-name for her was PeePee Girl. She drank diet pepsi by the gallon it seemed.

I'd call her at home and she would have to end the call abruptly to go pee. I solved the problem by buying her a cordless phone and she would take the phone with her when she had to pee.

She know I found it exciting and she would tease me by holding the phone down there for me to listen.

Purple Pooper
(eat beets! v??????s are good for you)

Hello Yall
I dont know what i ate lastnight that disagreed with me but I was awakened at about 5 am this morning witha BAD URGE to go poo, it seemrd rather desprite too, so i carefully made my way to the bathroom and sat down, i thought i was gonna blow the toilet apart,lol, what seemed like a gallon of "burning butt pee" exploded out of my ass i waited to see if i would have to go some more, ok, no, so i wipe and go back to bed, as soon as i layed down i had to go again, this time it seemed like more than the first time, i decide to sit there for a while, good thing, after about 5 min i had several more waves of runny shit, i never got back to sleep, it is now 3 pm and i have shit 17 times since 5 am, how could i have that much inside me i feel another wave coming so i better go (literaly) Later

i was on my way home from a long trip the other day and i felt like iwas about to die from eating mexican food last night . well the way i went home didnt go through any large towns so i was going to have to wait till i got to a small station. when i finally saw one i was about to shit on myself. so i pull in a run inside and ask the lady at the register where the bathroom was she pointed to the side of here where the slot machines r. well i walk over there not wanting to give away my situation and there right in front of the door i mean right there was 2 hot looking girls playing the slotmachine, i auctally had to ask them to excuse me to get by them to get to the toilet. i walk into the oneseater i was about to die in there t nothing but a toilet with a stall door one where u can see the persons feet i thought to myself these 2 hot girls r going to see me take a shit i just couldnt belive it i thought for a second i could just go to the next one but i couldnt wait . so i went in droped my draws just barely and tryed to be as quiet as possible but right then a loud wet fart and that crackingsound the the 2 girls starting laughing and making comments about the smell and to my horror they stood there the whole time i was on the toilet when i finished i just walked out didnt look at them or anything i was so embarsed that was horrible.

Xsore aka Dave
Hey Everyone!

First of all to Kerri: Great Story! I give it my two thumbs up. I don't remember you posting those few months ago, but I wish I could have so I could have responded. This story you gave was great though and I wish I could have been there too appreciate your work ;)

Anyways, I haven't been on in a while and I got a chance to read all the great stories that people have written. I see a lot of people still have accidents. For me it seems like it's not that hard to avoid an accident. I have the ability to hold in my crap for the longest time, but that may be a bad idea at times, so I just go if I'm not busy. As for the peeing, I don't think it's that hard for me to hold it in for a little bit either. I was reading the stories of people in classrooms and they say that their teachers wont let them go until after the bell. I can wait an entire period before I have to go and plus I have really nice teachers too.

By the way, I've had this weird experience once when I went to take a crap. Like when it came out it was two different colors. The top of it was a very dark brow while the bottom half was like a lighter, orangy brown. It wasn't blended together or anything, it was two differnt colors split. Has this happened to anyone else?

I'll be sure to write back soon. I hope to hear more stories from you Kerri.

Tim (and Sarah)
Jaime: Thank for your reply. I think it is lovely the way you are supporting your husband and that you aren't embarrassed in front of each other. I could imagine a few people getting embarassed in a situation like you described and react maybe differntly than you did, but of course I completely agree with you this it the way it should be. I can't imagine either, how you can get angry with somebody for an accident, but then I have seen parents being mad at their kids for having one. It always makes me cross, when they yell at them. Of course, kids have to learn, but they hardly do it on purpose, so why get cross? My son started wetting the bed again last year and a friend told us how cruel her parents had been when she did, like calling her names and hitting. Can you imagine?
It seems like you had to deal with your husbands accidents or more the seizures ( I can imagine this to be very worrying!) at quite an early stage in your relationship. My wife and me just became much more open about bathroom topics a few years ago, when I stated to have colon problems, after we had already been married for seven years. After the first discomcomfort ( which included my confession about posting on this site) it was a very freeing experience (inspite of the sickness of course), which made our relationship even more mature and brought us even closer together. Hope you and your husband are both fine. I would be interested to hear more from you. All the best

Linda from Australia here again. I haven't posted on this site for ages because I've been busy with work and life in general. Last Friday I had diarrhoea all day, from about 5.30am until about 10pm. It squirted out of my arse like water and I felt really sick to my stomach. I lost count at how many times I squirted shit out of my butt. I felt much better the next day and I managed to drop a substantial load in the morning. It wasn't runny anymore but it was still sort of loose. That was the only poo I had all day. On Sunday I didn't feel the urge to take a dump all day. I tried to squeeze one out in the morning but nothing came out and then I tried again a few times throughout the day. I didn't do a poo at all that day. On Monday morning I took a dump before work but it was still loose.

Since Monday, I've had lots of trouble pooping. Usually I poop twice a day but I couldn't do one on Monday night, nor could I do one on Tuesday morning. I felt a huge load in my rectum all day Tuesday and I almost took a shit at work but I decided to hold on until I got home. When I got home, I went straight to the bathroom and closed the door. I took my pants off completely and sat on toilet. I did a long wee first, as I had been holding on for a few hours. Then I let my anus relax and I could feel a big, solid load moving down. I had to push hard to get things moving. The log hurt as it slowly slid out of my anus. It felt extremely wide and at one point it got stuck. I had to push again, this time I closed my eyes and pushed until I thought my ear drums would burst. I could smell the log as it came out and it really stunk bad. It took me about 15 minutes to squeeze the shit out but there was still more up there. I tried to push the last turd out but it just wouldn't come. I had some dinner and waited about 20 minutes, then I went back to the toilet. I was able to squeeze out the tail end of my log but it still took another 10 minutes to get it all out.

On Wednesday, I had the same trouble with my poos. I didn't do one in the morning again. It took me about 20 minutes to squeeze out a HUGE load (after work) and there was a small amount left up my arse that, no matter how hard I pushed, I couldn't get it to come out. It came out after I ate dinner but again, it still took effort. I didn't do any poops on Thursday, even though I tried several times after work, they wouldn't budge. Then on Friday morning, before work, I pushed out several large, rock hard turds. It took 15 minutes and it burnt my anus. I could still feel more poo up my arse but it was stuck. I felt the urge to go all day at work but I held on until I got home. This time it took close to half an hour to get the turds out, plus there was still more up my arse. It took me three attempts, after eating dinner, to squeeze out that last bit of poo. I sat on the toilet for 15 minutes before anything came out. Today its Saturday again. I took a dump this morning that required some effort and another one this afternoon (it took me 2 attempts to get it out). I haven't been eating many fruit and ???? lately so I'm sure thats why Im a bit constipated. Does anyone else have trouble with poos like this?? The worst part is having a turd left over up my arse, after I have dropped a big load. It feels very uncomfortable.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

lying in bed tonight I farted and runny shit spurted out all over my bedding. knowone knows what happend but I still fell ashamed.

Hey Everyone

I wrote once before a few months ago but no one responded. So, I didn't know what you all thought---- so i havent written for a while because I didn't have any performaces that I thought you all would be interesed in since you didn't seem to like the last one. Anyway I just got back from the bathroom and I know some of you guys out there would have like to have watched. I hadn't been in a few days ( which isnt normal for me) so i knew when i felt the pressure building when i got up at 9 this morning it was going to be nice to get it out. I just ignored it though know i could hold it and that the longer i could hold it the better it was going to be. well anyway about 4:25 or so ( it's now 5) i couldnt wait any longer. I pulled off my jeans and my panties and sqatted with my feet on the seat ( like a normally do) so i could watch in my mirror. Anyway, before i could even pee i saw the head poking out of my tight sexy ass. well it was movingout fast and broke into several pieces as it hit the water it was about 1.5-2 inches wide... and it was moving so fast. Anyway, after about 5 or 6 pieces were out of me anywhere from 4-7 innches each i finally pissed a little and right was i was done peeing i saw monster poking out. I gave it just a little push and it slowing inched it's way out. This one was even wider than the other i'm guessing prolly about 3 inches or so ( it hurt a little- but didnt hesitate to come out). It just keep coming and coming... after about 45 second to a min it finally broke off. in all it was about 13 or 14 inches long. After giving birth to this monster several more of the smaller turds shot out of me to fast to count. I thought that was all so i got up and wiped. and then right as i was reching to flush i realized i wasn't done. So again i squated ontop of the seat and watched in my mirror as 2 more long thin logs (about 1 inch wide) came out with no effort and another sream of piss trickled down my pussy. Again I wiped anfd flushed. Amaszingly it all went down without a problem and there were no streaks and not much of a smell. This was a wonderful experience, I just wish I could have had someone who'd apperceriate it to share it with me.
Sorry it was such a long story-- I hope you all liked it. Hope to hear from some of you this time.

Went to the family cabin over the weekend. I snuck out around 2 a.m. to pee. It was cold as hell outside! I darted back to a clearing in the bushes, lifted my night gown and just forced it out as fast as I could. It made a very loud hissing sound and ended up splattering back on my ankles and feet. It felt kind of nice trickling through the grass and under my toes though... Do ya think peeing in the woods is addicting? I'm starting to think so!

Hey guys. I live in Hopkinton, MA, and if anybody from Massachusetts posts here knows that is where the annual Boston Marathon starts. The Marathon is held on a local holiday here in Massachusetts, and is a big day for all here in Boston. Anyway, I live a few streets down from where the actual race starts, and noticed something very funny. There were many of the hundreds and hundreds of runners not only lining up at the row of porta-potties near the beginning of the race, but using the several lawns near the starting road as a bathroom! I was very surprised that the runners were so open to pee/shit in someones yard before the race. I didn't really watch any of it until, when I walked down to the starting point from my house, I saw many of the young, fit women ready to run the race drop their running shorts and panties to their ankles and mostly pee, but I saw a few dropping some massive shit right into the bushes. I though it was a great experience, and the race began with no troubles and I enjoyed watching it.

Now the real funny part was whne I was watching the news later that night. Apparently, they showed a report on the lady who owned the "bathroom" lawn, and she had taking pictures of all of the runners peeing/pooing in her lawn! On the newscast, they even showed some of the pictures including women dropping their pants and squatting, but nothing more that that. They interviewed the woman, and she said this happens to her every year, and she pics up things like feces, used tampons or pads, and even soiled underwear. I found this to be hilarious, but it would stink (no pun intended lol) to live in that house!

Keep the great posts coming guys, and hello to oldpoop, Sebastian, Eric in Chi, Buzzy, and Punk rock girl (love your posts- you need to come back here!!)

Also I want to say hi to my favorite poster Carmalita. I love your posts and I enjoy reading them. We need you back here! Tu eres numero uno!;)

See you guys later,

Oh god Oh god last night i was out at dinner and i had this REALLY spicy chicken dinner with my family. Spicy usually makes me neousous but it was 2 good to turn down anyway..... We where about 1 1/2 hours away from my house and literally as soon as we left i had a STRONG urge to crap. I asked my dad and he said "no! We just left." Well 10 mins later u no! Crap just started oozing out my hole i was determined to hold it my asshole was shaking but all of a sudden idk weirdly i grabbed this old tray on our car floor pulled my pants down and a small wet squirt came out of my ass. My dad pulled over i dropped the tray out the now open door and hung my ass over the car and let it flow. God i was sick for a week i'll post bout that later!

CHow kayli the 16 year old

Red Headed Michele
I've got another story that happened a few months back. I used to work a grocery store and wound up being the closing manager. One night it was especially busy. I was helping in the deli when I began to notice that my stomach was hurting. I had another guy helping me in the deli and we had a lot to do and customers kept coming to. I just kind of put it out of my mind. Shortly after, I was called up front to help ring register. I had a line of customers when my ???? began to remind me it wasn't happy. It was those sharp cramps where you know you have to poo pretty soon. I tried not to think about it but the pains were getting worse. I would try and hold my stomach under my apron but I didn't want to make it obvious. Finally I waited on this final lady who I remember was writing a check of course. As soon as she was done I hurried to the backroom where the bathroom was. I was completely caught off guard when the door was locked. There was a mother in there with a kid as I could hear through the door. By this point I was almost doubled over with poo cramps. I knew I was about to have diarrhia real bad. I took the stupid apron off so I'd be ready. I even cheated by unbuttoning my jeans. I was hoping to take some of the pressure of my gut too. I was now doing my best poo dance by leaning forward and squatting at times. JUst when I thought I couldn't hold it any longer the mother came out with her daughter and I went in. I was in there for fifteen minutes. They called me twice to the front but I didn't care. The next day I actally got in trouble because I wasn't there to answer a customers question. Needless to say I don't work there any more. Anyone else ever get in trouble at work because you had to use the bathroom?

Glad you liked the other post Sebastian. I've had lots of close calls and never knew there were other people too.

I am a 26 year old female that sometimes wears protective underwear at night because I have diarrhea in my sleep when I'm under a lot of stress.
Yesterday, however, I wet my pants!!!!! Luckily I was still wearing one when I was taking my friend to her classes. We had coffee, I dropped her off. I got half of the way home when the urge to poo hit me bad!!! I was only 5 blocks away. I could make it. Unfortunatey, an ambulance and a fire truck were blocking traffic. Ten minutes later, I was sweating I had to go so bad. Then, I had a cramp. I involuntarily began to push mushy poo into my pants. I tried to take an alternate route when I got the chance. I found one and started speeding home so I wouldn't completely fill my pants. Then came the sirens. I was being pulled over. The noise and shock made me lose it completely!!! Hot diarrhea filled my pants and my bladder released!!! I was still going a lot when the cop got to my window. By this point, the underwear was so saturated with liquid diarrhea and pee, that pee began to leak onto my pants!!! When I rolled down the window, I think he knew what was happening. I was crying. He asked why I was speeding. I shamefully told him I was trying to avoid having and accident and I failed. He looked down and saw the wetness spreading. He sort of smirked and let me off with a warning. That was good, but I wanted to die!!!


I must admit that I have never seen a girl pooping, and I don't know the difference. When I have to poop I poop a lot,my logs are quite big, and I also fart very often. and unfortunatelly I have problems wiht pooping at school because the stalls of the toilets have no doors.
I hope I will find a solution for this problem soon, because today I had nearly an acident. Has someone else the same problem?

I have a pretty good poop story. I was at a campsite in France and was rather pleased to discover that the toilets were unisex. I went in them every day. One day I got lucky. Under the partition I saw the door swing open. I could see two pink sneakers walk into the stall. They swivelled round and the door shut and the girl locked it. She shuffled a bit, then I heard the rustling of her pulling down her panties and her khaki shorts. I could hear her breathing heavily. She started with a quick pee. Then she started to poop. She started to strain slightly 'uuuh, uh, uh'. Then I heard a splash. She then farted a bit, followed by a few more splashes. She strained for a few seconds, which was quickly followed by another fart, a bit of pee and then a few more splashes. I was a bit shaky after that.

Alright, well I have this one experience that I will never forget. I went to spend the night at my friend Charlies house and I found out that night that none of their bathroom doors have locks! Anyways I grew up in a house where no one even mentioned poop unless they were young. And everyone locked the door and made it as discreet as possible when going to poop. So here I was upstairs watching Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure with Charlie, sucking down vitamin water (my favorite drink ever) when I had to pee, so I headed downstairs to the bathroom I thought was unoccupied. The door was closed but I didn't think anything of it so I opened the door and his 15 year old sister is sitting on the pot without any pants on, I almost jumped through the ceiling, she startled me so badly! all the lights in the house were off except upstairs and I thought we were home alone. So without even saying anything I slam the door shut and apologize I started walking back upstairs to wait until I heard "no no it's ok, did you need something?" I said "I just have to use the bathroom but I can wait" she said "oh no come on in" so I walked in and saw her sitting on the toilet and leaning forward slightly "sorry I just have to take a dump and then it's all yours" Being 14 at the time I was kinda grossed out and turned on at the same time, I had no clue what to say so I just said "cool" "I just started so it will be a few minutes" as she said this I heard her peeing "So how come you guys don't have locks?" I said "My mom never thought we needed them so I pretty much grew up that way" she leaned forward and farted then said "here it comes" I heard her grunt and then a large plop splashed into the toilet.
I kinda wanted to leave but I didn't want to be rude so I just casually inspected the bathroom (I must have looked so stupid to her) "ahh" she said she farted a few more times and the bathroom was starting to stink
I heard 2 or 3 more loud splashes. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw her wipe a couple of times, she stood up to wipe which was very odd to me then she turned around and flushed. She washed her hands and said "there you go hope you don't mind the smell" I watched her walk out of the bathroom with only her t-shirt covering half of her butt. I closed the door and peed as fast as I could so I could get back upstairs and stop feeling so awkward. I flushed the toilet and ran back up and finished the movie. The next morning when Charlie and I went downstairs, I walked into the kitchen to eat breakfast and his sister was sitting there eating a bowl of cereal, "good morning" she said and winked at me, I swear I turned bright red and replied "morning". I got a bowl of cereal and went upstairs to eat it, I wasn't brave enough to be in the same room with his sister after that, Until about a year later when I asked her out. Now we both look back at that and laugh. She is still fully open about her bathroom habits and sometimes poops with the door wide open. I on the other hand don't even have the door unlocked when I pee so we're both very different when it comes to the bathroom but we're still going out, she's 20 now and I'm 19. Charlie laughed his ass off when I finally told him about our "encounter". Anyways hope you enjoyed this even though it was kinda long. I'll post more if I get another interesting story out of her.

I'm Kim. Long time lurker that finally got the nerve to post with my name. I had an embarassing accident. Actually, I've had many due to a condition called IBS and extreme stress. I'm 26, have long brown hair, and weigh about 105.
Anyway, I was with my boyfriend and we were coming back home from the store. Suddenly, I felt a violent cramp in my intestines. I hunched over in sickning pain and said," Oh god, I need a bathroom fast!!!" He realized my desperation as I put my hands on my but to stop the imenent wave of diarrhea that I was about to have. "There's nowhere for me to pull over in this traffic", he said. Hold on just a block to the gas station." Traffic was backed up and my stomach and guts where gurgling. I was really desperate and realized I was about to go. The light turned green and we got into the parking lot. I stepped out of the car and a suddent violent wet fart shot out of my butt and filled my lacy panties with hot, mushy diarrhea. Before I could run to the bathroom I was hunched over with another cramp. This time I had a series of four loud, splurting farts. I was pooping my pants big time!!! My panties were filled and my jeans where getting stained as I ran to the bathroom. I was humiliated. I tried to clean myself up, but I really had a bad accident. When I got back into my boyfriend's car, he had a towel for me to sit on. I was crying and mortified. He tried to console me. "Hey, I've fooped before to, what had an accident" he said. Right before we got home, I felt ill again. We got out in the driveway when I vomitted and simultaneously had diarrhea. This time it ran down the legs of my jeans. My boyfriend was staring in shock. Then he helped me to the bathroom to clean up. I love him for being so understanding, but that was embarrassing!!!!

When my boyfriend and I first started dating, we lived about 40 miles apart, and he would call me and talk to me for hours. One night, he was on the phone with me for four hours, drunk and reading T.S. Eliot poetry to me. He went outside to pee, and I could hear it hit the ground, and the zipping up afterwards. I couldn't help but laugh at him over the phone. He was too drunk to be embarassed about it, and we've always been pretty blase about bodily functions anyways.

A quick story: I used to live near the shore of Lake Michigan, in a vary small town, and in the summer I would spend long afternoons wondering a long ways up the shore, where there were high hills, bluffs, lots of trees and birds and usually no people, except sometimes at sunset when they hang out to watch it, all romantic-like. I used to sunbathe naked and pee in the sand or the bushes all the time cuz I was all alone and out of sight of anyone.
One late afternoon, after downing a bottle of SoBe, I was wandering down the beach when my bladder suddenly felt very full. I wasn't too worried, as there were plenty of places I could pee and not be seen, or so I thought. But every single liitle sandhill, bush or tree I came across as I walked along had a couple making out behind it. Finally, about a quarter mile down, I came to a space between the bluffs, with a little wooden bench and some grass. It was kinda in the open, but no one was walking too close behind me, so I figured I didn't have to worry about being seen. I went over to a grass patch, pulled my pants down and squatted. I had trouble getting started, as I had been consciously holding it for a while and it was taking a few minutes for my muscles to relax. My bladder emptied sheepishly, with a light tinkly stream that seemed to go on for ten minutes, but it felt really nice.
This was before I learned to pee standing, or otherwise I wouold have just gone--for some reason I'm not embarassed when I go standing, as there's less stuff showing and it's easier to hide what I'm doing.

I have read back on the posts about teenage boys pooping the most. I find that to be the biggest amount of BS I have ever heard. When I was in high school, I was athletic (and I still am at 22) a three sport student,(Football, Bastketball, Short distance in Track)and I would go to the bathroom once every 2 days and it wasn't very much. I was 5' 11" 160 Pounds, skinny and cute(at lest thats what the girls said). Well anyway, my girlfriend was 5'5" 100 pounds and she pooped more often then I would. She would poop everyday in the morning before school or right before homeroom, attendance and announcements.I used to wait out side the girls bathroom for her sometimes. Not only did she poop more than I ever did, they were bigger than mine. There was one time that her and I stayed at my best friends house over night at a slumber party (His parents were obviously not home for the weekend) and right on schedule, on saturday morning before we both went to work she had too poop, I asked her if I could shave while she was doing her business, she said she didn't mind and followed her in and closed the door. She had on a blue t-shirt and some light blue jeans with her timberland boots, she unbuttoned her jeans and sat down as I reached for my toothbrush. It wasnt about more than 30 seconds after I heard her pee that she farted very loud. She said sorry and I just said its cool. Well by the time I finished shaving (which was about 5 minutes, but I also brushed my teeth so it was about 10 minutes) she was finished she sat as she wiped and as she leaned over I saw all her poop. there was 3 big turds and 2 smaller ones but still good sized. I have never ever not even pooped that much and I have seen her do that several times before we broke up. the smell was foul but it didnt seem to bother me too much. she stood up and and pulled up her jeans and thong then flushed and left a small poop streak at the drain in the toilet. Then moved by the mirror next to me to adjust her braids into a ponytail. but just seeing how much poop she did was something that sticks out in my mind, and makes me disagree with what has been posted about teenage boys. A teenage girl probably poops just as much. I think they make toilets based on life styles households and families. I think I will search the web and see what I can discover.

Well I want to share something I saw on TV last night. I was watching George Lopez's show on ABC and the episode was about his best friend dating a woman who was kinda shady. Well he and his friend get in a fight because his friend felt George was trying to de-rail his desire to be happy. So after the fight, George is sitting on the couch watching womens beach volleyball when his, beautiful wife walks in wearing a pink shirt and some tight jeans. He explains to her that he and his friend used to watch this an look at the women, and he then hetells her he feels bad about his best friend not being around. His wife tries to cheer him up by acting like a guy. First she is trying to act like she is looking at the women, which George looks at her funny. Then She smiles and burps. George reacts by sliding away from her on the couch. The she starts shifting her but around on the couch and gets a look of discomfort on her face. She turns to George and smiles puts her hand out saying "Pull my finger" just as he says no. their daugter walks in and tells George that his friend is in the kitchen. George leaves and his daugter sits down and his wife says to her "Please Pull my finger" her daugter asks why and his wife with a more discomforting look says "just Pull it". She is such a beautful hispanic woman that I wish I was there and that she wasn't acting. The scene cuts away to George in the kitchen talking. I wasnt concerned with that anymore, I wanted it to be real wondering if his wife farted sucessfully and then headed up stairs to possibly poop. To Bad it was just TV and not real.

learned something new about a dear friend
today at the end of the school day i was trying to find someone who could drive me home. i was by the parking lot when suddenly i saw a girl who at one point very good friends with who lives in my neighborhood came out and i acted excited to see her and made small talk, and she smiled but didn't say much. i asked her if she could give me a lift home and explained that i couldn't find a ride, and she looked nervous but then smiled and said sure. so we got to her car and she pulled out of the parking lot and up the road rather quickly. we were coming down a side road to get on the road into our development when we got behind a school bus and immediatley started whining and mumbling curses. i said "wow i never knew you had such road rage, haha" and she just said "no i just..really wanna get home." she wiggled in her seat a little and looked very uncomfortable but i hadn't thought much of it at the time. we finally got onto the main road after the bus moved and got going but she had a very pained looked in her eyes. we were coming up a hill that curves when she slowed down significantly, and i looked at her and she had raised her butt slightly up off the seat and she had a scrunched up face, and she sighed twice and tried to sit back down and drive. i had no idea what was going on at first, and she didn't say anything, but seconds later the car was filled with this outrageous odor. i didn't say anything but i was just kind of looking at her in a puzzled way and eventually she just mumbled "sorry but i pooped my pants. it happens to me a lot because i hold it in all day at school and i cant make it home sometimes...thats why ive been so bitchy kind sorry this is really embarassing.." and she stopped because she was beginning to cry. i tried to tell her i was sorry for making the trip longer for her and having to be there for her to have an accident in front of me to make her even more ashamed of herself and humiliated, and i was feeling really guilty. i just tried to tell her it's okay it isn't her fault.

she calmed down relatively quickly. after a while she thanked me for being so understanding and i said "well hey some people have a little more trouble than others." and when i said that she blushed a lot. she said "..yeah it's probably not a good thing that i'm pooping my pants at least once a week..i should probably do something about that." and i told her to poop in the locker room bathrooms when she has study hall because those bathrooms are secluded, at least the one in the guys room is. eitherway she said she hates pooping at school, so i just said "well decided what's more embarassing, someone knowing you're pooping in the bathroom, as if it's a crime, or someone knowing that you're in 12th grade and that you crap in your pants everyday?" she interjected and said "i don't poop my pants EVERY day!" and i said "come on, you shouldn't be pooping your pants ever, but you're doing it 2, 3 times a week, so what's the difference? you need to get it under control." and she said "well i'm trying it's not like i'm pooping myself on purpose." and i just said "well think about what i said. if you need to poop at school then you'll probably risk pooping your pants when you drive home, so you just go to the girls locker room and poop when you have study hall. she still had an unbelievebly flushed face as she was having a very embarassing conversation for herself, and it suited her very well with her legs all pressed tight and the smell in the air suggesting she obviously messed herself. it was a real turn on to my surprise, but i gotta say i was very weired out when i felt that way and i kind of wanna get it out of my head. anyway, that's all for now.

What's up ya'all...

1. How long does it take you to poop?
2. Does it stink when you go?
3. If it stinks do you turn on the fan/ open window/ spray air freshner?
4. Do you read while you go?
5. Do you ever clog the toilet or leave skid marks or floaties?
6. On average how many times do you have to flush after a poop?
7. How many times do you have to wipe?
8. Do you poop in public restrooms?
9. If you poop in public restrooms do you cover the seat?
10. How do you know when you need to poop?
11. Do you push to get it out real fast or let nature take its course?
12. Women have you ever sat to pee, but pooped even though that isn't why you sat on the toilet?
13. Women when on your period do you get constipated/diarreah (explain)
15. What's the longest you have been on the toilet for a poop?

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