Hi, my name is Melanie and I am 18. My b/f showed me this site about 6 months ago, and ive been looking at it ever since. I have a story to tell about an experience i had when I was 17. Summer was almost there, and I went to school, everything was just like a normal day. I didnt eat anything out of the ordinary. I was kind of dreading after lunch, because I had a hard math test and then I had detention. Detention really sucks bad at our school because its with the gym teacher, Ms. Jones and she is a real b????h. Plus after that i had to go to cheer practice inside the gym. Anyway during my math test i started to get stomach cramps really bad. It wasnt my period, it was gas. I tried to secretly fart a little, but i didn't want to risk pooping accidently. I finished my math test and waited for the bell to rang. When it did I ran down to the lockeroom, changed into my p.e shorts and quickly ran into the stall to poop. I never used the school toilets cause they are really gross, but i made an acception. Right when I sat down I erupted diarrhea into the bowl. it felt sooo good but so gross at the same time. Shortly after that first burst, I heard my teacher screaming for all of us to line up. I sat there and quickly wiped and ran out to the football field to get in line. I figured I would be alright for now since I got rid of some of it. she was already yelling at us to run faster, but my ???? hurt tho. I got in line and she counted us off then told us to start running. it was so hot and miserable outside, it sucked so bad. we live in a really humid state too but i don't want to say exactly where. we were running and i felt like ass. our teacher was right behind us too, she was a tough b????h. my stomach started cramping majorly after the first lap, and we still had three to go. I started to slow up until she slapped me in the butt with her clipboard. so i picked up again. We finally got done running, every girl was miserabley hot and just beat. I myself was holding my asshole as tight as possible. i knew detention just started too. Our teacher then made us do a bunch of leg lifts. that killed me! when she wasnt looking i didn't do em. she was making us do 100, and in the middle somewhere i stopped from sheer exaustion and from the pain in my stomach and from holding my poor butthole. she saw that i stopped and forced me to run sprints! i begged her to plz not make me because i didn't feel good and she said fine well everybody else will just have to do them. so then i just said f???k it and started. it was horrible, i felt like i was going to pass out. i said i have to go in, i'm going to be sick. she said well throw up on the field if you have to. i ignored her and started walking really really fast. about halfway there a fart escaped me and i found myself having an accident right there. it was humiliating! i felt the crap leak out my thong and fill up my shorts and run down my leg. it was horrible. plus the heat and sweat and misery made it all worse. my teacher appologized to me later and the girls kept it a secret. i'm just glad that that is the only accident i've had.

Jason, as a custodian at a city library, I see it all. The women/girls restroom stalls ALL have doors with locks. The mens/boys restrooms are ALL without doors on the stalls. The director (a female) has made it clear, that putting doors on the stalls is unnecessary. However she added, if and when we get 'capitol funds' for major renovations, of course the new mens/boys restrooms WILL have doors on the stalls. I, and the rest of the male staff have used these doorless stalls for years, of course I am 53 y/o and have several bowel movements a day, as well as most of the other older staff members. Once you get into a 'cycle' its not embarrasing at all. We all have seen each other sitting on the toilets, ad its just no big deal, we've all be 'caught' by the occasional female who accidentally mis-reads the doorway and walks in, we just say 'excuse me' cover our 'privates' and go about our business. Only real embarrising moment was when i was caught wiping, and the toilet tissue was covered in brown, i was examining it, and a woman strolled it. I just laughed....My point is this Jason.....feces, if not expelled can cause internal infections,and other health problems....It's not worth it... Use the toilets !!!!

Tara K.
Hello I've been away for a awhile on business and haven't visited here in weeks. I see the women are still holding it down on this site.

I was recently, in New Orleans on a business trip were I stayed at the Sonesta Hotel on Bourban Street. I was attending this business conference at the Convention Center that lasted 3 days.

During the second day of the conference my stomach was really sick from the drinking and parting I did the night before. I had to excuse myself several times from the conference to run to the public restroom. As I would explode load after load in the toilet, I could here several other women giggle as I was empting my bowels. All I could do was to apologize. The smell had got so bad, other women would request for a coutesy flush. This happened at least 6 to 7 times witin a 9 hr period. I thought I wasn't going to make it through that day. My A-hole was so sore anf tired by the end of the day. Honestly, I thought I had hemorroids.

Needless, to say a couple of girls had got together lated that evening to hit Bourbon Street again..........of course I was talked into as well. And the next day, it all happened again. I had shitted so much in those 2 days, it felt like I had ??????????? for a week. Even the slightest farts would slip out on the flight back home.

1)Do you massage/rub your stomach when you poo? If so how do you do it and when do you do it? Yes, if my ???? is aching me (like it is today) I tend to massage a little before and during my time on the toilet.

2)Do you grunt/strain/sigh? If so how and when? Only when I'm blocked up, and it's usually a sigh or moan.

3)Do you sit on tip-toe? Sometimes.

4)Did you learn these from your mother/sister/friend, was it something you started doing by yourself? By myself.

5) Do you get cramps from your period and are they like stomach aches that make you poo? Usually if I have any kind of stomach discomfort at all, it means I need to poop. I get diarrhea a lot during my period and so the cramps I have are the kind of stomach cramps I get when I have diarrhea any other time. The other cramps I have just feel like a bad ???? ache and have lots of gas with them.

Today I've been on the toilet three times without being able to go, but my ???? is aching something awful. I've tried rubbing and pushing but nothing is helping. I'm about to start my period though, and sometimes I get blocked up the day or so before and then have diarrhea the first few days, which is what I'm predicting. Ugh.

Today was my final exam. We are not allowed to ues the restroom during the final exam though. (That suck's dick!!!) So while I was in there taking the test I got a sudden urge to take a shit. Si I was sitting there and my best friend leaned over and said "Why are you sitting so tense"? I told her I had to take a shit. So at the end of class I ran to the bathroom but all the stalls were taken. There was one girl who had the diarrea. My best frioend walked in and saw me. So we went outside to the field and into the woods by the school. We both pulled down our pants and pantie and pissed. We are okay with watching each other shit and piss. Then we both took a nice long dump. To bad for us, the principle saw us. The good thing was he let us off the hook because he liked what he saw. By the way this is my first post. T would like to hear more pee stories. Bye for now!!!

The Nature Boy
Kristin: I never heard of Allegra doing that before...and I work in a pharmacy, I should know!
FYI: We get a lot of reports of Concerta (pills for ADD) coming out in is actually the time-release outer shell that passes right through.

Jason: My high school was the same way, somewhat. At least we had some bathrooms that did have stall doors. Bravo for bringing this to light! Maybe threaten to go to the press as another poster said. And if you are so inclined, you should be able to get those female teachers in deep shit (ha, another pun for your situation!) for walking in the boys bathroom, epecially with them knowing there are no stall doors!
-Good luck!

Cute Linda
Hihi!! Listen I have a question that maybe you all may be able to answer for me. I won't lie I LOVE soda, and I drink it more than I probably should. But sometimes I get like a major urge to poop and it comes out all watery and foamy and kinda fizzy and it makes my tush BURN like I'm pooping acid. Like last night I woke up with the worst cramp and my guts told me you better haul you cute lil tushie to the potty. Trust me I did undressing in the hall and plopped my bare caboose on the seat. I became a human fountain as it poured out of me and BURNED. Oy. Even wiping was torture. My cousin and Elena say it's from all the soda I drink and I wonder if it's true. I told my cousin he was making it up, and he said "oh yeah lil miss bares her tush in the hall in the middle of the night" Yup he saw but he heard me moan and groan and heard me gush and felt I needed to be left alone. I was kinda red but thankful he left me in peace. Trust me I wasn't my cute self on the pot that night. Hee. Anyway thanks for listening. Take care.
To answer roz's survey:
1. Do i massage my stomach when i poop? Sometimes I do, but usually I have my arms folded across my ???? and I give myself a bit of a hug and apply pressure. I find it helps a bit with ???? aches too.

2. Do i make grunting noises? Yes, sometimes a lot of OOOOO's and AAAA's, or so my cosuin puts it. However when I'm alone..I tend to be a bit more vocal. hee.

3. Do i sit on tip toe? Hee, yes. I'm a short girl, always have been. People who have wandered in and seen me (mostly my perv of a cousin) say I look cute seated that way. What do they know!??!

4. Did anyone teach me this? Nope. All on my own. Hee.


Jason: I've worked for Westinghouse for years. Same situation as yor school. Women have private stalls ( partitions with doors) , Men only semi-privates (partitions without doors) ... Heres a tip by work buddies taught me years ago. Bring reading material to 'cover up" while you are sitting on the toilet....give a 'courtesy flush' while you are making...and when you wipe, just 'rear wipe' and discard tissue without examiing it.... It's like your sitting on a bus, rather than taking a crap :-)))

Hello everyone! My name is Allison and I'm 15. I've never had an accident or any kind of bladder/bowel problem like constipation...until yesterday morning.

The night before I went to bed feeling a little bit full in the stomach. It had been 3 days since I last had a bowel movement but having no experience in this situation I didn't think about it. By the way I'm pretty thin so theres not a lot of room for 3 days of poo to go! I woke up during the night with some pain but it was in my stomach so there wasn't much I could do. It died down after a few minutes and I fell asleep. But then in the morning I woke to a bigger pain a little lower in my stomach and a powerful urge to poop, it was right on the edge just about to come out. I was surprised it didn't wake me up earlier since it was such a strong urge. I quickly got up and ran to the bathroom just in time for my sister to start her shower. Confident in my holding ability I went back to my bedroom to get dressed. I was just putting on some jeans when I felt my stomach suddenly cramp up and start pushing the poo, I had to stand still and squeeze my butt hard. There was an incredible pressure behind it and I had to fight hard to keep it in. It even hurt a bit to clamp it off like that because my stomach was pushing hard. The cramp wasn't letting up so I carefully tiptoed to the bathroom door and yelled in at my sister to hurry up. I was actually getting a bit worried because she takes forever to shower, I also had to pee just like every morning but it was overshadowed by my severe poop urge. Then another cramp hit me and I almost lost it, I grabbed my butt and squeezed with all my might. I yelled into the bathroom again sounding urgent this time but she just said "yeah, yeah." I stayed outside the bathroom squirming before yelling one more time with no answer but then I felt another wave coming. I went back to my room for some privacy because it probably looked a bit funny when I was squirming. I was getting scared because this urge had just come out of nowhere and it was quickly getting worse, I guess I was at full capacity! It was really starting hurt my stomach and I wanted to let it out so bad. By now, even if my sister did come out of the bathroom I could barely walk. I couldn't even yell at her anymore because I was afraid yelling might make my butt explode! Then as I was squeezing hard as I could, the poo just overpowered my butt and started to come out. My heart started to beat really fast and I felt my face go beat red, I knew I was going to have an accident and I couldn't stop it so I just gave up, I squatted down and started pooping my pants. It was a giant solid log that crackled and squashed as it pushed my panties and jeans way out in the back. It felt pretty weird going in my pants since I'd never had an accident, I felt the warm mass growing on my butt really filling my panties and making my pants feel tighter. Then I felt a warm wetness spreading around my butt and crotch and I looked down to see that I was peeing my pants. I just squatted there letting it out until finally I finished my accident. I was pretty embarrassed and felt silly for having an accident like a little kid but at least my stomach felt better. I carefully got up and assessed the damage. My jeans were soaked down the inside of my thighs but a that was all I could see, all the damage was on the back. I reached back and felt the bulge, it was huge! I couldn't believe my jeans could stick out that far since they were pretty tight. My sister had finally come out of the bathroom so I snuck in and started to clean myself up. I managed to keep anyone from finding out but I still felt embarrassed.

Anyway now that I look back on the accident there was something about it that intrigued me, I don't know maybe it was the desperation or the way it felt but I can't help but keep thinking about it. Anyone else have that?

2 Things....

1. I saw a little girl in the supermarket about 2 weeks ago and she was bright red in the face and had her hand over her bum. Her Mum was taking her off to the toilet. She had definitely crapped her pants.

2. The London marathon has just taken place and the lead runner had to stop for a piss on the road in front of millions of spectators, journalists and TV crews. Unfortunately I missed it but I bet it was cool 'cause apparently she didn't take off her shorts or underwear!

The new number 2- you might want to check out the movie Harlod and kumar go to white castle. you can sorta tell its fake, but its still a female poop scene

Hey I posted a week or so ago about my accidents in kindergarten, and i hadnt had one until just yesterday. I had been holding in a poo for 4 days, and it desperately needed to be released. I made it through the day, but on the bus ride home, it started to make its way out. So I'm on a bus with fellow freshmen, sophomores, and juniors pooping my pants. Luckily for me, my stop is one of the first ones, so only a bit had broken off into my white FTL briefs. I made my way off the bus, hoping that there was no stench. However, I think my neighbor might have smelled it, but she didn't say anything. So as I'm walking towards my house, my bowels just let loose. A huge log came out into my briefs. Im standing on my lawn crapping my pants. It was a good thing I was wearing baggy pants, because had I been wearing tight pants, the bulge would've been huge. I got inside, dumped out my briefs, took a shower, and washed the clothes. My parents never found out.

Jason: Hey dude. There's nothing all that bad about having no doors on the stalls. I'm in college now, but our restroom at HS had stalls without doors. We all used to take a shit there and no one was worried about it. It was quite common for a guy to take a shit while his bud stood outside the stall and chatted to him. It kinda led to bonding between guys. I remember that guys who shat really large turds would often call other guys to take a look before they flushed. It became kinda competitive at times, lol. Also, the urinals were across from the open stalls and this led to a lot of interactions between guys on the pot and those pissing and we all had a lot of fun joking around. It's kinda weird that girls would come into your bathroom while you are shitting. That never happened at our HS and only male teachers would come in. Guys are naturally less sensitive than chicks so that's probably why the girls' restoom had stall doors. Also, we kinda knew that the absence of stall doors was needed so that male teachers could check that guys weren't doing drugs or jerking off in the restroom. The male teachers would always have a friendly word for guys on the shitter often encouraging them to get done and get back to class, but it was all in good humor. It sure helped to keep down restroom problems. Remember that we all shit and there's no reason to be bashful about it. You aren't doing anything that other guys don't do every day. So relax and enjoy a good shit in the company of your friends.

hey there , here's two more from "the vault". 1. sunday afternoon I went to the pagan planning ritual at the UU church in ????????? and upon arriving at like 3:15 PM , I realized they were having some sort of occasion upstairs [ memorial service later I was told ]so upon asking where the meeting was at and being told downstairs . so I walked downstairs and well, after looking out the window I saw them all outside in the back; this of course while looking around for the women's room [which they do not have and instead have two gender neutral "Wom-Mens" rooms just like upstairs LOL {hurray for feminist ideology!}] anyway, mind you that since about 12 noon or so before leaving my own UU church close to home; was the last time I had used the bathroom to pee or anything. I ate some chinese food I got on the way home at 1:30 PM and with that, drank some diet cream soda [ 20 oz mug with ice]; also a 20 oz mug of coffee [ had none this morning at all] and another 24 OZ mug of coffee along the way after finally leaving at 2:15 PM [ 50 mins drive] anyway before leaving home I thought about using the bathroom first , but since I didn't really have to go except maybe a little bit at most in me; I figured I could postpone a trip to the bathroom at least until I got there. and so i drove all the way there no problem, after finally finishing that cup of coffee after 45 mins of driving[about the time I was rolling past the hartford capitol on freeway I-84]. upon arriving I thought about using the restrooms upstairs in the main hall but with the crowd and all ; having been downstairs before, I knew they had some down there as well. so after walking down and seeing them outside in the 75 degree weather, I decided to use the bathroom first. now it was nearly 3:30 PM and yeah, I felt my bladder filling up and even though I wasn't desparate to pee; I realized that I better go first. finding the restrooms was the easy part, after walking down to the last door on right, I had a bitch of a time finding the light; which was outside on the wall to the right of the door. that took me like five mins and so in a went, locking the door behind me and placing my bag on the floor. I walked into the only stall [ don't ask me why they still have it? former girl's room probably?]and upon seeing the sesame street kiddie potty on the stall floor to " give me some encouragment" [ and yeah remind me of where my life hasn't taken me so far- as in motherhood and the "human breeding ritual" of life -:p ]I walked in and saw that elongated toilet with the seat down already and a nice clean , flushed bowl completely filled with water. leaving the stall door open being the only one in there, I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and after sliding them down; pulled down my undies and sat down to pee. sitting there with my now exposed twat about 7-8" behind the seats inside front edge and basically straight up, I began to take some paper from the roll on my left munted to stall's wall while staring at the kiddie potty in the far corner with " oscar the grouch's" face on it; and lo and behold!; about 20 secs later the telltale sound of myself urinating from my labia's folds could be heard as I began to "TINKLE" into the toilet bowl's water! for the next 35-40 secs or so, that tinkle sound just kept on going as my yellow urine was gently splashing completely into tha bowl's water; of course turning it all yellow as I sat there with my hands on my upper thighs observing the swirls of pee scuzzies and bubbles as they twirled around in the front part of the bowl water; which was rippling slightly from the impact of my urine. then suddenly , it just slowed as the last of my pee gently piddled out and came to a stop; at which time I took a few more secs. to make sure I was finished. again I made one more really quick soft splash into the water for at most 10 secs - which at the end got me all messy by "rimming the length" of my vagina and then was finished. I took tha little wad of paper I had in my right hand and gently dabbed my twat; the excess urine making little yellow sport on that white paper. as I got up to pull up my undies and jeans, I dropped that paper into the bowl's water and of course, looked to see. the once clear water was now all golden yellow from my really concentrated urine and had streaks and patches of foam scattered along the surface covering maybe 20% of the water's surface form where it absorbed the impact of my urine as it tinkled into it. then, being "very much the lady [ like the kids before me I guess?] I flushed 'me bloody wee away so as to leave a nice clean loo for the next lady or gent to use after me" LOL

2. 4-19-05 anyway, this one was my second pee of the day; the first being just before taking a crap and shaving my legs and arms and stuff. that was back around like two hours ago and well , y'all know coffee makes you have to PEE! anyway ,still in my undies with just a white tee shirt over my bra and not exactly smelling like a rose ; but rather a "delightful mix" of sweat and stale FDS spray " down there" ; I went to the bathroom to pee after swallowing some coffee first. after shutting the door , as usual I lifted the toilet's lid and then, pulled down my undies to pee. as I sat there with my legs apart and my back to the rear of that elongated white closed front seat I couldn't help but to smell this totally grody stink of my sweaty twat, an "interesting" mixture of sweat and stale pee mixed with day old FDS [ summer's eve] ; very gnarly indeed! < -:P > . yeah , I said to myself " cheryl honey, you need a shower, gurl!" ; this as I sat there with my big flabby stinky legs spread apart after first grabbing some pink scott paper. which folding that up into a nice wad, I sat legs apart for 15 secs or so waiting for that oh so sweet sound of urine tinkling into a toilet's water. and then sure enough * SPLASHY SPLASH* , here it came out sort of downward into the front-middle of the water filled toilet bowl; making a steady tinkle sound which I could hear get softer about halfway through the 35 seconds of my pee flowing forth from my gnarly smelling labia [ twat's lips or folds] . I looked down, of course, and saw all this bubbly foam forming and twirling around toward the water's front edge; this as the tinkle sound got quieter and " deeper" sounding untill it tapered off and stopped. again I began to make a soft piddle as I peed a little more into the water for about 10 quick secs. , then stopped, sat a few secs before peeing out the remainder of yellow pee out in about 4-5 splishes and splashes between 3-7 secs each at most. and so, after at least a good minute and a half of peeing altogether; I took that paper with my right hand and gently dabbed my freshly shaved/trimmed brown haired twat nice and slow , before pushing it between my legs into the bowl full of peed in water! as i got up, I looked at that bowl's water now all deep golden bright yellow ; a horseshoe shaped U-ringer of flat white pee foam floating toward the back from where I tinkled. that and that stale smell of sweaty old FDS by-products which permiated the air surrounding that toilet. I didn't bother to flush untill not too long after, when the rest of the coffee had me again peeing; some of the foam was still floating on the water before I peed into it this time. by the way, pee only seems to create foam when you pee into a clean, flushed toilet- not one that has someone's left over stale pee in it, I've observed.

On the subject of doorless toilets in schools, I grew up in the Chicago northwest suburbs in the early 80's. In elementary school the washrooms all had toilets with partitions and doors but when I went to my newly-built junior high school at age 12, all of the school's washrooms had doorless toilets. I have no idea how it was for the girls washrooms. When I entered high school at 14 it was the same story. The school had been built during the 20's, then added to in the 50's and 60's. All of the boys washrooms had doorless toilets and trough-style urinals. Both the junior high and high school toilets were at the end of the washroom so no one really saw you unless they came to the far end of the washroom, although the end toilet usually had a view of the mirror and if you stood there and messed with your hair, you could sometimes see a boy in the mirror behind you taking a shit. I can remember many times seeing guys on the toilet taking a dump. I took a school shit maybe once a week, but only if I could slip in there during the study period after lunch when few students were around. Other boys had the same idea, and lots of times when I came in during a quiet period, one or even two or three guys could be on the toilet taking a shit, sometimes talking to each other, sometimes shitting in silence and a bit embarassed. Communal shitting hardly ever happened in junior high, but by the time we got to high school, kids grew up a bit and it was considered ok to do it and if you really needed to go you just found a way to do it. The 14 yr old freshmen were usually still a bit shy.

your name Jane
This is my first post here although I have been reading for over a year. This is my first post because I haven't ever had anything to tell you about before, although I really love this site. I am a female, 25 years old, with long black hair. I am short at 5foot 2 inches and quite petite although I think my bottom is too big. Needless to say my boyfriend likes it though. I have always been interested in pooing. I love going to the toilet and having a really satisfying poo. For as long as I can remember I have also loved to watch and hear others having a poo, in particular other girls. Whenever I poo at home and my boyfriend is there he always comes with me and I always go with him when I can. When I was at school I really loved going to watch my girlfriends poo - most were really open about it. When I left school I went to work in an office. I have always been fairly regular. Most days I went for a poo before leaving for work at about 8. If I couldn't go or didn't have time I held it until I got to work, and usually had a good poo as soon as I got there or after a cup of coffee. I liked hearing my colleagues go. It really surprised me how many girls have a poo at work. I worked on a floor with about 20 other girls of varying ages between 18 and 35. I would say that at least half of them had a regular daily poo at work - and I got to know their time and often went into the next stall and listened. Most of the remainder occasionally went for a poo. Out of all the girls there were only 2 that I never heard having a poo. The ones that went at the same time as me I would sometimes wait for them to go in, and we would plop together. I often tried to start up poo conversations but they never seemed to bite. I so wanted a friend to poo with at work and to be able to go in with them to watch. But it never happened. I did however have lots of fun listening and sometimes looking at what they had left. One girl in particular went every day after lunch and just dropped one massive turd. Although she often flushed twice it was often left there for me to see. If anyone is interested I can tell you about each of the girls pooing habits and I have some quite nice stories to tell about girls who don't normally go and who are shy, and eventually end up going at work because it became so urgent. I recently changed jobs and have now started working as an on-board catering assistant for a large UK train operator. Basically I serve food to first class passengers and sometimes help in the buffet. It's totally different and I really enjoy it because I meet so many new people, but the days are very long. On my usual shift I get a train that leaves at 615 and I have to be at work about 545. I don't usually finish till 5pm. That means I am away from the house from about 5 in the morning until about 6 at night. When I started I had real problems with keeping regular. There was no chance or time to have a poo before 5 in the morning and once I left I was busy. I tried going when I got to the station but that didn't work and anyway the loos were grotty. Some girls managed to go at that time but I couldn't. We all shared the problem because the job played havoc with our regularity and we very often ended up constipated. When I got on the train serving breakfast I often needed to go badly but had no time. Sometimes I waited till just before we arrived on the first journey and went on the train - sometimes I had a massive satisfying poo and sometimes nothing would come. I then tried hard to go a little later ach day so I could go after I got home but this just didn't work. I have now trained myself to go about 9 on the train when things are a bit quieter. This works most days but I still have problems especially after weekends. I was so used to just sitting down and relaxing and letting 6 to 10 3 inch bits plop out effortlessly, that I really hate these problems. A lot of the girls talk about it and you often hear long hard straining in the staff station toilets. Because of this most of the girls are very open about pooing. We often have long conversations and I know a lot about many of them. On my shift is a girl called Karen and I think she shares my interest. I heard her on the toilet in a station and knew she had been in there for about 10 mins. I stated up a poo conversation with her and she seemed to come to life and be really enthusiastic. I told her recently that I poo on the train at about 9 so if I am missing she knows where I am. She said that she often goes then but usually only every other day. She actually said perhaps we should go together and have a chat and keep each other company. I couldn't believe what I was hearing but said yes that would be good - and we both laughed nervously. That was only a few days ago but my plan is to find out which day she is likely to go and say to her in passing that I really need a poo. Hopefully she will say that she needs one too and that we ought to go together. I cant wait and I bet she does really big ones if she only goes every other day. Today is my day off so hopefully it will happen next week. I will let you know how I get on. And by the way, if you are travelling first class on a red train in the Uk at about 9am and the service is a bit poor for a few minutes, just remember it could be that your hard working staff are answering a call of nature!

I will post again soon. Love Jane

My answers to roz
1)Do you massage/rub your stomach when you poo? No.
2)Do you grunt/strain/sigh? No, I think because my shits usually are quite smooth and easy to get out.
3)Do you sit on tip-toe? No, not when sitting on an ordinary toilet. But I think I tip-toe a bit when squatting for example when doing necessary things in the bushes.
4)Did you learn these from your mother/sister/friend, was it something you started doing by yourself? Don't know! But when I was younger I sometimes saw my mom and dad going to toilet both at home and when staying outside in woods. As far as I can remember none of them tip-toed at home but dad tip-toed when squatting. Also did my brother but not my sister. I will think about it and return if I recall more.
5) Do you get cramps from your period and are they like stomach aches that make you poo? No, but sometimes some very soft stools at the beginning of my period.

Friday, April 23, 2005

I have been noticing that my allegra tablets are coming out of me in practically the same exact way they came in...........LOL I also had been feeling like I am not too sure how well they are working for me anyway. Why would these pills not digest? Any suggestions? THANK YOU


Subject: re: Jason's comment re: toilets in schools
From: francois, April 18, 2005

In reference to Jason's complaint that there is a lack of privacy in toilet rooms in schools, I feel that an additional comment is in order.
I have never seen any complaint about this situation in writing anywhere, and I am seventy-five years old! I agree - this is an affront to people's privacy, anywhere, anytime!!

As a child (male) in grade school in NYC during the Depression, the smaller lavatories on the fourth and fifth floors had neither doors nor partitions, or, for that matter, they had no toilet paper. Yech!. Moreover, the toilets did not individually flush. A huge tank, connected to the row of toilets, flushed automatically every twenty minutes or so according to a janitorial schedule. Believe me, as a sensitive child, I found it embarrassing, and preferred to "hold it" until I got home for lunch or after three o clock.

Whether the girls' rooms were also like that, I never knew, as in those days girls and boys did not ever discuss private toileting needs and facilities. That itself was too embarrassing!

In high school, a very large building in NYC (almost 8 thousand students), the older wings had lavatories with doors, but the newest building, built in the last part of the Depression, was short-changed; there were no doors (but yes, there were partitions) on the stalls, and it was embarrassing for high school students, too. As for the girls' rooms, I am sure that there were doors. But agian, in those days, most kids did not discuss those intimate details with their peers or even their parents. And if they did complain to their parents, again, in that era, parents did not seem to have any clout in the schools.

So, I must sympathize with Jason, and again, I am much impressed that he was able to express his indignation about the situation. Perhaps some good will come of this one day.

And don't give me the excuse that this kind of lack of privacy will cut down drug usage in schools. If a kid wants to use drugs or tobacco, he/she will. And that's that. FSC

The New Number Two
Thanks to everyone for their contributions!

I was curious. Have anyway seen movies that have poop scenes involving the female of the species? (human that is) I've seen heaps of scenes in the old posts but I was wondering if people had any new movies they'd like to add.

roz's survey
1. Do i massage my stomach when i poop? No i usually just try to relax and go. but sometimes when i have a belly ache i massage my stomach right above my pubic area
2. Do i make grunting noises? i do when im home alone i do. no really loud ones or anything. when i know people might ba able to hear me i try not to make any noises as far as grunting is concerned. unless its my man!
3. Do i sit on tip toe? i usually sit with my feet flat on the floor. but when i am trying to push out a poop i might strain and go up on my toes while trying to get the thing out.
4. Did anyone teach me this? No i just go that way. i never really seen anyone poop until just the past few years (im 21) when i met my boyfriend
5. What are perod cramps like? Well lets see... hmmm... some cramps feel like you have gas and nothing comes out. some cramps are acually gas and then you fart and you feel better until the next one come 2 mintes later. Some crams are sharp sudden pains that just suck. But some cramps just feel like your bowels are moving around inside. these cramps feel like if you sat down on the toilet and push, your large intestine and colon would come out. usually when these cramps happen you start to feel like you are going to have a wet shit or maybe diarreah. the cramp hurts and you feel like to should get to the bathroom soon because you feel unpredictable. usually those cramps make you produce a shit thats kinda soft and usually lot comes out with little to no effort. sometimes the cramp feel similar to a diarreah cramp and usually that causes diarreah. i get diarreah a lot then i have my period... PEACE!!!

yucka nucka
Does anyone else like to pee over the phone or listen to someone else pee over the phone. Anyone have any related stories?

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