Adam (not my real name)
Saw a post from "Bri" a few pages back about his sister pooping her pants and it reminded me of a few instances with my sister. Never shared these with anyone and I'm sure she wouldn't see this post, so here goes.

There are three that stand out in my mind, not in any order though. The first one was we were driving to our relatives in Pennsylvania (USA). We were about half way there and still had another hour or so of driving on the highway. My dad was driving our van and my mom was in the front seat. My sister (about 15 at the time) and I (17) were in the far back seat of the van, with another bench seat in front of us where most of the luggage was. My sister Kim asked how much longer until we get there and mom said about another hour. My dad wasn't one for stopping, and it was only about a 2-1/2 hour drive. Kim said to me quietly that she needed to poop but was determined to hold it until we got there. But after about 20 minutes I could tell by the look on her face that she really needed to go. A few minutes later she was gripping and squeezing the bench seat we shared and said really quietly to me "I have to go to the bathroom sooo bad. I have to go SOOOO bad!". I said maybe you should tell mom and dad, but she didn't. I think she knew that she was almost ready to go and there weren't any rest areas nearby and she probably wouldn't go on the side of the road even though we had a big van to shield her, I think she was more embarrased about having family members see her going than total strangers whizzing by in their cars. She kept squeezing the seat and then she stopped and sat there really upright and made a few muffled grunts (like nnhh, nhhh) and said quietly "Oh gosh I'm pooping my pants!". Then she leaned forward, sort of hanging on the back of the bench seat that was in front of us with her butt off the seat, and continued the nnhh's and a few groans for about two minutes; I could visibly see the bulge in her pants growing at her butt. When she was done I could tell she wasn't happy, but I think more embarrased than anything, and asked if she could lay down because she didn't want to make it messier. I asked if we should tell mom and she said no that she would talk to mom when we got there; she told me she knew mom would be understanding but she just didn't know what to do in that situation because her BM needed to come out really suddenly. I don't know what happened after that because my sister and mom went into my aunt's house off on the side entrance where they have a bathroom, along with my sister's luggage. I knew my sister was embarrased so I didn't talk to her about it afterwards.

Ok, these next two won't be nearly as long. One time we were walking home from a friends house along a path; we were young, like 10 or so. I remember Kim saying she need to pee real bad and wasn't sure if she could hold it until we got home. I told her to go behind one of the large rocks along the path. We stopped and she went behind one and was there for about a minute then came out with a smile and said it felt so good to pee behind the rock. I asked her if she wet any of her clothes as she was squatting and she said no, and we walked on.

The other time, she was about 17 and she was in the upstairs bathroom like forever (our parent's were not home at the time). I had my bedroom door open and I noticed she was in the bathroom with the door closed for awhile and I figured she was doing her hair or something. When I walked by the closed door to go downstairs I couldn't help but overhear a few grunts as if she were straining to do a BM. I didn't think much of it and went downstairs to get something to drink. About 5 minutes later I hear the toilet flush upstairs, then I hear it flush again a minute or so later. I go upstairs and Kim was just coming out of the bathroom and closed the door behind her. She said "you don't want to go in there". I said "you smelled the bathroom up?". She said "worse, I clogged the toilet. I haven't gone in almost four days; I know my period is going to start anyday. It needs to soften up some; use the downstairs bathroom." She left the house about 15 minutes later. Of course I couldn't resist taking a look. She sure clogged it; one whopper of a shit. Didn't measure it or anything but it was one solid piece, obviously rock hard, very long and thick and it was rough (knobily I think people say) for the entire length. Gives new meaning to the term "shitting a brick". No wonder she was in there forever!

Well, those are the ones I remember about MY sister.

Can others share stories about their siblings? Would really like to read some good ones.

To Jason,

I think you have a valid point about the boys bathrooms in your school. Its surprising that your parents have not Raised a Stink (No pun Intended LOL) to the superintendant of the district or even worse the media, believe it or not; what is going on in your school is a violation of your constitutional right to privacy. However, there are also perks to some of these things you mentioned, I dont mind a woman who walks in on me, when I was in high school my girlfriend used to drag me into the girls bathroom, and sometimes it was stinky... lol but I always felt the boys bathroom was really nasty and she shouldn't come in there... I would always use the bathrooms in the boys locker room because there was alot of privacy there. It obviously is not fair and under some conditions should be, unelss you like to show off... but here is a question for all of you which, I will also share my answer. Since the female teachers walk in on you, is there any one of them you would like to walk in on? don't name names, but you could describe them.

To Jason...
I'm just interested about what your principal said... What exactly did she mean about doors not being an option? Did she give any reason? If the school can't put doors on the stalls, maybe they should try a different approach, like maybe puting a second door in front of the main door. Or maybe they should put curtains or something. I mean you guys are in high school, that's when you need privacy. If you were in kindergarten or even primary school it would be a bit different.

Anyway today, I went to a shopping centre toilet. I sat down and immediately heaps of hard logs came out of me. It was painful and it felt good at the same time, which made me moan involuntarily. I was kinda embarassed but no one commented.

Sam (Samantha)
I was at a two day music festival with my boyfriend a few years ago. We'd been drinking a lot the first day, and I was a little drunk. We'd just crawled into our sleeping bags, when I felt the need to poop. I tried to ignore it and go to sleep. But, my urge was becoming more desperate. Finally, I got up and pulled my jeans on. My boyfriend asked me where I was going. I told him I needed to use the toilet, ans he suggested I just pee in the coffee can he kept for that purpose. I told him it wasn't pee, so he asked if I wanted him to walk with me. I thought that was bice of him and said "okay". When we got to the porta-jons, they were all so discusting that I just couldn't use them. He suggested that we walk across the campground to the main building where they had flush toilets, about half a mile away. We were about halfway there when the cramps hit me. I stopped and clinched my cheeks together. He said, "what's wrong"? I couldn't answer. Then I let out a couple of soft, involuntary farts, followed closely by a large amount of mush into my panties. I was so ashamed that I started crying. He comforted me, saying it was okay, just as another wave of cramps hit and my bowels completly emptied their contents into my panties. I felt my panties grow heavy with mushy poo, and some of it come out around my legs and slide down them inside my jeans. There I was, nearly a half mile from our van, with a huge brown stained bulge in the seat of my jeans. I looked at my boyfriend, and he had a bulge in his jeans too, only his was in the front. He said he was sorry,but my acciden

Eric in Chicago
Emily: There's nothing about human physiology that would make girls' poo and boys' poo different, other than (possibly) different eating habits, but those would probably vary within each sex a lot more than they vary between the sexes.

Cal: Toilet manufacturers seem to think that teenage boys shit the most; although they all have proprietary versions of "sham poo" that they use for most of their testing, they prefer households with lots of teenage boys for final, "real life" testing of their products.

Taylor: A kernel of sweetcorn (just called corn in North America) consists of a starchy center surrounded by a tough "wrapper" made out of cellulose, a form of insoluble fiber. The yellow pigment, which is not water-soluble, is part of the wrapper. The wrapper has a week spot at one end. When you chew the kernels, the pressure causes the starchy center to pop out through the weak spot, but the rest of the wrapper stays intact unless you chew really hard and long.

When you then swallow, the starchy center gets digested (the process actually turns it into sugar) and then absorbed into your bloodstream, where your body uses it as fuel. The "wrappers" are undigestible, so they continue past your small intesting and into your colon. Since they're like little bags with small openings, they tend to fill up with any liquids present (everything leaving the small intestine is still liquid at this point). The colon absorbs water from its contents, but the "bags" stay puffed-up as everything else turns muddy or solid. And then when they come out your butt a few hours later, they look just like they did when you ate them, except they're filled with shit rather than starch.

All that chewing corn really thoroughly will do is tear the cellulose up into pieces so tiny that you can't recognize them when they come out in your shit; all the nutrition in the corn is in the starchy center, so the notion that people "can't digest" corn or don't chew it enough is just a superstition. If you swallow corn kernels whole, like a kid competing in a corn-eating contest, then you'll be shitting truly undigested corn, but it won't really look any different (other than that there will be *lots* of it).

Johny: It sounds like the sport you're describing would be called the "shot put" in English; it's a standard track-and-field event (and may well have been invented in Greece; it was almost certainly part of the very first Olympics).

Hi everyone, i posted a day or two ago telling about a bad public pooping incident i had. I would like to tell everyone about myself, im 20 yrs old and about 6 ft tall, brown hair, im average shape not fat, not thin girls have told me im attractive but i dont really know. I have a story from when i was about 17 back when i played HS football. This took place in the offseason, and since we didn't have any games the workouts were grueling, and lots of guys would throw up it was so bad, the coaches said if u didn't throw up u weren't working hard enough. Well i came so close to shitting my pants one day I wonder what they would've said about that! I think it was about March and if i remember right my stomach was hurting on the way to school, and in the lockerroom before workout, but i knew this one would take a while so i didn't go. I remember making it through the first 45 minuts of the workout allright, but the last 30 minutes the stomach pains started again, and the last 15-10 minutes were unbearable. I remember working out with the medicine balls, doing push ups on them and various other drills, and almost dropping to my knees and holding my stomach. Finally the workout was over and we headed back to the lockerroom, i remember thinkin maybe i should just hold it in all day since i hate going in public so much and just explode when i get home, but when i undressed down to my birthday suit and headed to the shower with my asshole quivering, i thought "no just go ahead and do it just think how much better you will feel" so i went into a stall sat down and exploded diarrhea all into the bowl. I think i was in there for 5 minutes of non stop shitting then the last 5 minutes i just sat there feeling relieved and letting any stragglers out haha! The stalls are really close to the shower and i could hear people talking about how bad it smelled and bangin on the door and messing with me i didn't care though i wasn't embarassed. I finished up wiped and then went onto showere and go to school feeling so much better. I have a lot of other stories of shitting in the locker room but i'll leave that for my next posting.

This is for Red Head Michele: I really enjoyed your storie, you tell it so well, i think my story of desperation is like yours in a way, at sometimes during the workout i didn't think it was possible for my stomach to hurt that bad. Could you post some more stories about more public pooping incidents u have had

super sick teen
Man, one day I got a stomach virus that rattled my bowel to the extreme. It must have been about 2:30 in the morning and I had to get up to let loose some soupy diarehea. So, despite my aching stomach, I staggered to the throne. well i let fly some pretty ronchey crap and in the middle of my pooping episode my stomach decided to get rid of its contents. so as fast as I could I wailed 'round and barfed into the toilet trying to hold in my soupy poo as best i could. Well I let a few drops of brown get on the floor, but it could've been alot worse.
so just remember, if you have to poop and barf at the same time, have a bucket nearby to leak your bodily fluids into just in case.

1)Do you massage/rub your stomach when you poo? If so how do you do it and when do you do it? I massage and rub my stomach sometimes, but generally only when I'm really constipated, or have diarrhea.

2)Do you grunt/strain/sigh? If so how and when? I grunt and strain when I'm constipated.

3)Do you sit on tip-toe? I do when i'm not in pain for some reason or another.

4)Did you learn these from your mother/sister/friend, was it something you started doing by yourself? Something I started doibng by myself.

5) Do you get cramps from your period and are they like stomach aches that make you poo? I always get cramps from my period. With me they hit me really hard, and hurt alot. When I have my period I tend to have diarrhea too.

I just clogged the toilet for the first time in a while. I started getting cramps during school, but waited until the end of the day, somehow made it home, sat on the toilet, and shit so much it covered the whole toilet, and you could nto see an inch of hte bottom!!! Needless to say, i severely clogged the toilet.

Annie -- that's really nice of your mom to do that for you!

A few weeks ago I had the most terrible stomach bug. It's been going around my school. Anyways, i woke up feeling really crappy. I went to school, and at school i KNEW i needed to use the bathroom, but the teacher wouldn't let me so infront of everybody i had diarrhea in my pants. My mom took me home, and i stayed home for the rest of the week because i was so sick. but people still make fun of me :(

Maxi pads don't hold my pee, but i need a reliable method of maxi pad like thing (NOT diapers) that i can wear to school when we have overnight trips! After pissing myself terribly on an overnight bus trip, and my best friend shitting herself, i know that i need to find something, but i absolutely refuse to wear a diaper.

Did anyone see the LOndon Marathon.

I missed it but would have loved to see Paula Radcliffes toilet break.

All the papers here are saying she stopped for a pee but I think it may have been a lot more than this as she says in her apology about needing to releive stomach cramps and it being caused by eating too much.

Surely its more likely to be a number 2 if its stomach cramps and if it was pee she would have just gone while running

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

This afternonn I sat on the toilet farted loudly. I then let out 3 long turds which made the bathroom stink badly. I wiped 4 times, fluched the toilet and opened the windows for ventilation.

Dear Kristin: I enjoyed reading your camping story. I would like to ask a question out of curiousity. While you were camping did you fart in bed if you felt the urge or did you hold it in?

Does anybody know the real reason why the girls restrooms in high schools all have doors on the stalls, while the boys toilet stalls are all without doors? We eat the same food in the cafeteria, so it's the same poop coming out of all our buttocks, male or female...I've heard all different stories, from smoking, to vandalism, to masterbating, but our stalls NEVER had any doors. I'm not embarrased to 'do my business' in front of other guys, but often female teachers will just walk in totally unnanounced why we have lgs or squirts coming out of our buttocks, and the room stinks really bad...also, some of the boys bathrooms stalls are clearly visable from outside in the hall, and the one in the history wing, well, both stalls, and the guys sitting on te toilet bowls, are clearly visable to the front of a classroom, with female teachers, and female students.....and sometimes, guys drag girls into the boys bathrooms, while we are sitting there with everything exposed. I find this humiliating....What do you guys think? Love your opinios and thoughts...PS...we already approached principal, she said stall doors for men & boys were NOT an option...

Hey guys! It's been a while since I posted because nothing eventful has happened - until now!
I had a breakthrough. I finally took a dump in a public bathroom, which I haven't been able to for over a decade. Not only that, but there were two other women in the bathroom. Here's what happened...
I decided I was going to do a colon detox to clear up my skin. It called for a really strict diet to be followed - only fruits and vegitables, but no beans, nuts, or avocado. It was hard to get enough calories. When I don't get enough calories, I can't take a dump, so after the first day, I had to stop taking the suppliments. I drank some coffee and literally crapped five pounds.
I took the suppliments again today, but decided to do a different detox instead, so I thought I should go to McDonnalds because I won't be eating it again for a while.
The McDonnalds was practically deserted. I had a salad. I felt the urge to crap. I knew I wouldn't be going home for a while, so I should try a public bathroom again.
As weird as it sounds, I always had dreams lately where I would be in public, need to crap and not be able to go (like in real life). In my dream this morning, I had a breakthrough and took a dump at a restraunt so I figured I had a chance.
When I went into the bathroom, I didn't see anyone, but I heard a woman in the next stall. There was a kid in there. There were three stalls, the other two were empty.
When I sat on the toilet, my anus felt very tense. With nothing to read, I wasn't sure if I could do it. I had a very strong urge to go, so I pushed a little bit. With no additional effort, I could feel the poo coming all the way out of my ass. That already was a breakthrough for being in a public bathroom.
The toilet was automatic, and I could not see how it flushed from the angle I was at. I just started pushing more and the toilet flushed on it's own.
I pushed it all the way out while it was still flushing and took a peak between my legs at it. It wasn't as big as I hoped, going through a detox, but was still larger than average. IT was two inches thick, soft, and at least a foot long.
After that flushed down, there was still more in me. It was an inch - and a half wide and five inches long. It was also soft.
There wasn't much toilet paper nessisary when I wiped. After I left the stall, there were two women by the sink.
Before this breakthrough, I couldn't even take a dump when nobody was around if I wasn't at home. Now, I took a dump when two people were around.
Hopefully now, I will have many more stories,

Good afternoon--cool here. My last two submissions didn't make it to the forum--internet problems? Something I said? In any event, I'm trying again. A few days ago I visited a Little League field where Porta-Potties are used. As I came up to one, a pretty young lady came out, gave me a sweet smile, and headed back to watch her son play. I went on in and saw, partially covered by toilet paper, two very large turds, both at least 1.5" thick, the longer one close to 8", the shorter one about 5". Did the pretty young lady drop these excellent specimens? I don't know, but I think probably so. A good sighting.
I got up today about 5:30, knowing I'd have to poop soon. I sat here at the computer, looked up this form and one other, and felt my rectum fill. I farted softly several times, and felt the turd slide down closer to my anus. It actually started feeling sharp and textured from the inside. Just then my wife got up, went to the bathroom, and peed. By then I had dialed out of this form and into my e-mail, to find several new messages. She walked down the hall to the kitchen, and I greeted her, then excused myself to the bathroom. Taking the large hand-held mirror, I sat and watched my anus dilate, then open to permit passage of a fairly thick, knobby, dark-brown turd. It broke off after a few inches, and the continuation was smoother and came out at least 8" before breaking off. The third piece was a little thinner and maybe 4" long; it broke off and I could see a hanger-on dangling. I pushed a bit, and it came out a bit more before dropping. All four of these made nice plunking sounds when they entered the water. A very satisfying b.m.; I had to use only one 3-sheet pad of toilet paper, wiping with the whole pad (small brown stain), then folding it once, applying a small dab of Noxzema to it, and wiping again. As usual, I cleaned up into my anus, and I could feel the emptiness of my rectum as my finger cleared the anal canal.
About an hour later I had to go again. Again I watched myself; this time the poop, though as dark as the first time, was softer and broke into close to a dozen thin turds a few inches long. The other difference was the sound: My first b.m. was silent as it emerged, making noise only upon entering the water. The softer second b.m. made all sorts of sputtering, sliding sounds as the moist soft poop came forth. I think these are the "crackling" sounds so often referred to; for me they come only when my movement is unusually soft. Other people may, of course, have quite different experiences.
I've just finished lunch; now I need to go shopping. I shall probably stop by the men's room to see if anyone has left anything interesting.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Hullo again,

Well, I had a chat with my husband, finally. Even showed him this site, which was really fun! He really doesn't mind me posting stuff, as he said it's kind of a relief to share these stories and it's anonymous, as well, I suppose!

To answer Tim (and Sarah), we weren't really very open when we first met. At the time, he was having a lot of seizures, and so occasionally he'd have an accident during one. The first time I witnessed one, I was too concerned about him to really notice, although he was terribly embarrassed. He always tried to avoid me afterwards, but eventually we sorted things out, although the real issue here was the epilepsy, not the accident.

Come to think of it, we eventually started joking around about stuff like that, and he'd kid around about how often he needed to go. But the first time he ever had an accident in front of me was a really long time after that, on one of our first official "dates." At the time, our relationship had just turned from that "good friends" stage to more of a romance, and I guess maybe he was still not relaxed enough to feel completely open about his problems. Also, as I recall, the previous week we'd been on a date, and he'd needed to have a wee about four times, due to all this tea we'd been drinking (yeah, yeah, we're not terribly exciting people - but hey, it was a cold night!) I really didn't notice, but apparently, as he told me later, he felt really embarrassed by it, and wanted to avoid the situation happening again.

Anyway, we went to this movie, and ended up cuddled together in the back. He had his arm around me, and I was sort of hugging his waist with my other arm, head on his shoulder. It was a VERY long movie, so I began to get a bit bored, and noticed he was shifting around in his seat. Thinking he was uncomfortable, I tried moving around so he could sit differently, but even then he still seemed very stiff. The movie got a bit more interesting after that, but I could still feel him twisting about. When the bloody thing finally ended (one of those artsy, drawn-out features which drags on way longer than it should!), we got up and shuffled out. He was walking very tensely and slowly as we headed back to the down the road. I guess he couldn't take it any more, because that was when he actually admitted his problem, and we decided to try making it back through the crowd at the theatre to their toilets. They didn't have any! It WAS a small place, but seriously - that's not even legal, is it? While making our way back, he was really showing signs of being desperate, and then actually stopped walking. At first, I didn't see, since I was still scanning the area for a toilet, but then turned to see him a bit hunched over.

"I'm sorry, I can't hold it anymore," he gasped, and then I saw this barely-noticeable wet spot forming on his black trousers. I looked away, but I could hear the piss splattering on the concrete below. When I turned back around he was bent over, and I really felt terrible for him. His crotch was soaked all around his zipper area and thighs, and a small puddle had dripped to the pavement below. To make matters worse, there were people milling around the area, practically stopping to stare. I put my arms around him, and we walked back home. Along the way, I tried to make him feel better, and told him it's OK, not your fault, etc., but he was still nearly in tears. So I hugged him. At the moment, I really didn't care about getting urine on me, and he looked so terrified and humiliated. We had a very long talk that night, and I think that's really when we first became so open. He'd never had anyone to talk to about his accidents, and people have been really cruel to him, especially in high school. I am extremely grateful that we can have such a great open relationship. Reading previous posts here, I really don't see how people can berate their spouses for this sort of thing!

clean up guy: I would recommend just going with adult diapers. Maxi pads hold almost nothing, as far as pee, and I've never even tried a poo!

The New Number Two: I do love skirts, and with longer ones there's I usually undo the zipper and pull them down. Never had a problem with not having time to do this, I don't think!

Oh, wow, it's getting pretty late here, so I'd better go!


yesterday at school i found myself desperate to go potty. i was really holding on tight and having severe cramps, and i didn't think i could take it much longer...not even another minute. i had on a dark blue skirt almost down to my knees and underneath i was wearing small light yellow panties with a white flower design that i was very unweiling to i slowly raised my hand to ask permission to use the my teacher called on me i humbly mumbled "um, can i go to the bathroom?" my teacher glanced at the clock and looked back at me and he said "there are just 8 minutes left in class, do you really need to go now?" i felt compelled to be honest and confess my severely desperate need to use the toilet at that very moment but for some reason the way he questioned me about it so publicly caused me to panic and say "no i can wait." OMG why did i do that...just because i was too embarassed to say it was an emergency...i was so dumb because not facing that embarassment made me embarass myself even more. not 40 seconds later, beyond my ability to control it, a fast and fairly quiet wet fart squirt from my butt and made a slight squelching noise between the chair and my butt, and i felt the seat of my panties become warm and sticky. i was in terror, i had just squirt a little wet poop into my panties, my butt felt hot and sticky and there was a little bit of a gooey consistency in the my panties. my need to poop got tons worse and the girl next to me had even heard the wet fart i did and was smirking at me and covering her nose subtely with her arm. i was actually shaking a little and i pressed my butt together even harder and looked at the clock, and almost burst into tears right then to see there were still 6 and a half minutes left, and i had to poop RIGHT THEN. a major cramp made me double over my desk and raise my butt off the chair a little bit as i violently realeased a torrent of wet poop into my panties with a loud squelching fart. i was in a state of utter shock and i just staid completely still with my face burning red with embarassment and i could feel the messy wet loud weighing so heavily in the seat of my panties that the bulge was sagging down, and could feel what was either poop starting to drip down the insides of my thighs, or i was also starting to pee myself. my stomach convulsed again and i tried to stand a little more to leave the room and my butt erupted a second time, and wet poop just squeezed rapidly into the mess already in the back of my underwear and spread completely across my butt and even partially into the front of my panties. i barely kept myself from falling back into my seat and mushing the poop everywhere and creating a huge mess, but i managed to start waddling to the door not even in tears yet. infact i didn't even burst into tears until i got halfway down the hallway because at that point i could hear my class starting to express their thoughs on my incident in several ways since i had left, and i also completely lost control of my bladder and wet myself almost as bad as i had pooped myself. it made a huge pee puddle in the middle of the hallway, and one kid 2 grades below me walked by and saw me standing over the puddle.. i was so warm and wet but so disgusting, but i'm just glad it stayed so well in my little panties...some oozed out between my thighs and on the waistband at the small of my back, but other than that all the wet poop stayed in my panties...i almost felt like pooping again, but when i got in the bathroom i just sat one the open toilet in my panties and called my mom on her cell phone to come get me. i didnt even formally sign out, i just got my mom to come and ditched school. me and my mom can be close like sisters so she was real supportive about it. we decided that im not going to go to school until wednesday or thursday maybe next week and she called the school and said i have a severe stomach virus. to explain why i messed myself so badly and can't be in school......i'm always going to be so embarassed about it..but still, may as well not go back to school for a while..i just can't believe i had such a messy accident in my underwear at school, or why i had to wet myself in the hallway to add insult to injury...oh well.

Hi my names Cassy, and Im a girl, Im not comfortiple saying my descripton but would love to tell you my poop story!

Me and a couple of my friends where going to the carnival, we decided to go on the rollercoaster, that goes upside down and all around, I was really nervouse, before I went on I decided to go to the washroom, my friends waited out the door for me, I felt cramps in my stomach, walking into the washroom, it was one of those outhouses! It stunk really badly, but I was going to go anyway, I shut the door, and my friends where saying hurry up, then I sat down and relised, lots of direhha came out, then after, I new it wasnt done, I felt a hard one coming now, *sigh* my friends where like, coming hurry with that dump, I pushed really hard and my face was probly really funny, and with a gust of wind the door flew open and all my friends saw me going with a very stupid look on my face, they laughed so hard, but the poop was half way out, I told them to shut the door but they wouldnt the kept watching, and then my pooop dropped and they all heard it, after I farted and they where all laughing and making fun of me, and Im not there friends no more!

BRENT C - WOW, im so happy you are posting again!! I love your posts, but i feel so bad for you, tyhat you have to endure all that pain. I would love to help ease that pain and comfort you sweetie!!

Why are there no more guy constipation stories?? What happened to FAT MAN??? and all you other wonderful writers???

Hi Emily, In response to the question, I'm a guy and would have to say GENERALLY most guys poos are longer and darker, but some ladies on here CLAIMED to shit 12"-18" logs!
I myself would love to see that, as Im a Janitor, and have never seen a full log in the women's room!!! But I have seen that partial logs are lighter brown than mine! My Logs/snakes are most always 12+"!!!
I hope I answered fully?

Hello everyone! To start this baby off me and my friend would just like to say thank you to all of you who post. We are so happy to have found a website that can relate to us so much! Now we have a story for all of the people who have shared their heart-touching and funny stories with us.
-Now, you see every year when our class went to a ranch over a weekend. There was a lake and horses just about your everday ranch. It was my first year there and everyone was in the lake they were all having a grand time and i wanted to go join them. So i ran and jumped in the water! All of the sudden i had a sudden urge to poop.Dont you hate it when you have to poop wet? Well i had to poop and i was wet. Our cabins were to far away and i didnt wanna miss out on any of the fun. So i was forced to poop in the lake. When i was down i scratched but and got it out of my suit quickly and ran off to enjoy the time left.

Thanks again, we have grown to love you guys-PLEASE POST BACK TO US!!!


I agree that it can be a real shock to find that your younger sister s**t her panties

Hi everybody, ive posted on here before under the name worried, i was worried about my bowels a month or so ago because i had a problem with leakage but now im allright. The main reason i wante to post was to talk about a bad public shitting experience i had the other day. I had had diarhea all day, nothing to serious just lose poop. I stayed home from school my first two periods (not because of the diarhea im just lazy). I have a night class at 6:00 and there isn't hardly anybody on campus maybe 1 or 2 people walkin around, when i arrived i just wanted to sit in my truck and study before class started, but it was really hot and i was sweating a lot plus i was gettin stomach cramps, i usually hold it in no matter what, i hate pooping in public but ive done it before in emergencys ive even been known to hold in real bad diarhea. The cramps i was having at the time were not even that bad i just felt uncomfortable and i didn't wanna go the next 2-3hours squirming in my chair so i said screw it and walked up to the campus. I entered the first building i saw, ive peed in this building before and maybe have seen one person in there tops, im trying to get across how empty this bathroom usually is, and thats during the day at around noon. I went in the bathroom at about 5:45 and went in a stall and sat down, as soon as i sat down, my ass just shot out diarhea like a machine gun. This lasted about 20 seconds then i just sat there for 5 minutes to see if i needed to go any further and enjoy the post dump euphoria i was having. At about that time some dude came in and started to pee, i thought it was funny cuz he didnt know i was in there and was talking to himself. I thought he was gonna be in there forever cuz he kept washing his hands, because i was ready to leave. So as soon as he was leaving another guy came in and they started shooting the shit, pardon the pun, and they talked for a few minutes then another guy came in and was peeing at the urinal and another guy came in and had to use the stall next to me to pee in. I was so pissed off. Ive been in that same bathroom at like noon when the campus is crowded with people and only seen one person in there and this time it was like almost 6 in the evening and there were 4 guys in there besides me, i felt totally safe to go in there i guess i was wrong. Oh well nothing bad happend of it, i felt a lot better after that and thats all that matters right?

This is for Becky M.: I was reading ur post about how u have intestinal problems and have to poop in public a lot even though ur shy about it like me. I would just like to tell u im sorry and to hang in there and i know how u feel after my experience, its nice that uve learned how to cope with it. Do u have a certain medical condition like IBS? I have had IBS since i was about 12 and sometimes it causes me to have really bad gas and bloat up like a balloon. I like ur stories so keep posting

I'm 15 years old and from greece.
There was a school competition yesterday, and a friend of mine (let's call her pat)was participating in (well i don't know how it is called cause i m greek) this game that you throw a small ,heavy, metal ball.
Well pat is not so strong so se had to put very much effort to compete with the others. She had three more throws when she told me (i was in the side of the pitch) "John i have to go to the toilet" . I responded laughing "it will be hard to hold it in that kind of sport" . She was wearing tight grey pants and she looked great. Now there was her turn, she threw the "ball" (it was a very bad throw) an she immediatyely put her hand on her butt and i started laughing " Stop laughing right now , that was close" she said... By now she was holding her butt all the time and she was fidgeting like crazy. Her turn again he gave me a look an she went to throw the ball... she threw with much power , a very good throw but as soon as she throwed the ball a bulge started forming in her pants , all the other girls started to laugh, she was crying, it was obvious tha she pooped her pants cause there were a little brown by then. She came to me crying "I can't believe i pooped my pants" she said "and i want more" then the bulge got bigger an she was crying uncontrollably... When she is sad i tickle her to make her laugh and feel better so i started tickling her... She immediately put her hands in her crotch but she couldn't hide the wet spot that appeared in the front of her trousers... She was really embarrassed...

I have more stories to tell ....
I wish that you understood my story , cause my english are bad...
Does anyone else have stories of girls who poop or pee during sports or when tickling 'em...

C u all!

Yalo. Taylor here.
I haven't got any stories to tell this time, just a very interesting question: What is it with Sweetcorn? You eat it, and it always comes out showing in your shit! Why? This is something I need answered. Could somebody please give me an explanation, scientific or otherwise, behind the mystery of Sweetcorn in Crap. It needs explained.
Cheers. Taylor. With a grudge against sweetcorn.

Hi, I have a few questions for the females out there:

1)Do you massage/rub your stomach when you poo? If so how do you do it and when do you do it?

2)Do you grunt/strain/sigh? If so how and when?

3)Do you sit on tip-toe?

4)Did you learn these from your mother/sister/friend, was it something you started doing by yourself?

5) Do you get cramps from your period and are they like stomach aches that make you poo?

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Today I had a poop desperation attack. This has happened a few times this year, and I'm getting worried. Anyways, after school today (I'm in senior year, and I'm going to Yale College next year) I decided to go jogging. After a while jogging I started getting terrible poop cramps. I jogged to the nearest bathroom (30 minutes away) and almost started crying when I saw a 15+ people line...I had to go sooo badly!! So i waited, and waited, and there was only one open stall. The person infront of me was having diarrhea, and took FOREVER! Finally she got off, and i ran into the stall, sat on the toilet, and pooped. I could barely make it, though...two more minutes and it would have been in my pants.

Sarah: Don't feel bad about your highschool expierience. I had an expierience like that, and personally, i think it is more humiliating (of course, it did happen to One day, a month or so ago, I woke up with cramps, but i was running late so i didn't use the bathroom. I waited most of hte day because i didn't have a chance to go, but finally in chemistry i knew i could barely hold it any more. Finally i asked my chemistry teacher if I could use the bathroom...and she said NO!!! Suddenly, to my horror, I felt my spincter contract! I asked again, and once again i was denyed. Now, though, everybody was looking at me because they knew that i needed to use the bathroom badly. Suddenly i felt diarrhea get all over my butt! I ran out of the classroom crying. Everybodfy knew, which was terrible, and people called me "ashley diarrhea" the next day...some still doo (haha, bad pun)

To michael explosive diarrhea:
About your post, I think teenage boys shit the most

:D Lurker
Has any one been in a situation in which someone accidently knocked in you causing you to squirt when you need to pee?

tonight I hadn't peed since like 6:30 PM when i stopped to get gas at this mobil station; which by the way always has a really clean restroom. anyway later about 7:20 I arrived at this poetry thing early and had ample time to wrie something quick. anyway while at the weds night poetry open mike [and feature poet]which had began at 8 PM I didn't even feel the need to pee all the way through the first part[ the open mike]; which was weird considering that I had drank this huge "king cup" of diet coke with my chicken sandwich at BK and then re-filled it of course to bring with me to the open mike; this after drinking most of it while eating. what's that? like 32 oz each cup! [then again at a " plus size " of 176 lbs I can really suck down a soda when I'm mad thirsty :)he he he he!] of course I bought another liter of diet pepsi back at that gas station and well,after going out during the break before the feature poet; I ended up sloowwwly sipping that during the half hour while that poet read his things [ which actually was quite amusing and very " pee related"; about his dream where he was standing at the toilet in the morning unable to pee and had an interesting conversation with his clothes hamper LMAO]. since I did not get a chance to go to the bathroom in back during the short break and didn't want to be rude and miss his presentation, I swear when he even mentioned the word " pee" I sat with my legs crossed even tighter as I felt my bladder and could about hear it say "hey I gotta TINKLE" anyway, so it now being about 9:40 PM I still waited until the questions and answers to the feature poet was over[ now 10 PM] and wham, after that I grabbed my bag and walked quickly back toward the single "ladies/mens room" in the back. [ yeah the one with the door that don't close all the way and the metal latch with the draw curtain separating the toilet bowl from the sink and window! "pee shy"???? he he he he!]and so I walked in, moved the paint pail holding it open with my foot and latched that door. then after walking back behind the curtain to that nice clean round toilet bowl[ seat down] completely filled with clean water; I slid that curtain over toward the window's side. I unbuckled my slim brown belt and first unbuttoned my jeans and lowered them below my knees before sliding my undies down, exposing my brown haired trimmed pussy facing that curtain before sitting down on the seat to pee. I sat, hands on my upper thighs while grabbing some toilet paper from the nearly empty roll and twisting it around my hand while folding it, for like 15 secs or so listening to all the voices outside a little nervous until I heard this soft [but definitely audible!] tinkle as I began to urinate into the toilet's water nice and easy for probably the next minute at least; filling the air slightly with the sweet scent of my long awaited urine now escaping from the folds of my labia as it gently splashed into the water. all the while of course I watched between my legs as my urine was turning the water really yellow . finally I stopped for a few seconds but soon resumed gently tinkling into the water some more; this time for about 30 secs before pausing a sec or two before slooowly again continuing to empty my remaining urine; at first making this soft piddling sound as it splashed all around into the now really yellow water before again pausing; piddling some more as I leaned foward and finally slowing down to a dribble which I could feel "run the length of my pussy" before it dripped into the back of the bowl's water making a " plip-plip-plip" sound and FINALLY stopping! I took that really small piece of TP and gently dabbed my really wet labia's lips and yeah legs too, holding it as I got up and then wiped from the back as well. as I dropped the TP into the bowl, I looked down at the bowl's water which now was filled with my deep golden yellow somewhat foamy urine; the foam quickly fading yet still clinging to the sides of the water. also I noticed "rainbow-like streaks" of urine scuzz floating in the water as I went to flush all that concentrated urine away. then I pulled up my undies and jeans, rebuttoned them, fastened my thin belt and after washing, spent some time with my little conair "purse brush" fixing my hair in the mirror; which actually took way less time then the 2 minutes and 30 secs I wasted just urinating alone! "hey honey when you really gotta tinkle- you gotta tinkle!" he he he!

i'm 18 male, i just found out my 16 year old sister katie still poops her pants. there were always times recently where i suspected she had an accident in her underwear, because the only time i ever really see her is when i have to get her up for school in the morning and at dinner, but whenever i would knock on her door she never answered it by opening it she would only yell. she never left her room until several minutes later and sometimes i'd see her open the door a crack and look out before she left her room. one time about 2 months ago i was sitting about part of the way down the steps petting my cat in the morning and i heard her open the door a crack but she couldn't see me, and i couldn't see the door. next thing i know she leaves her room and moves quickly across the hallway, and i glance up at her but she gets into my mom's bathroom pretty quickly but i did notice she was pulling her t shirt she wore to bed down to cover her underwear. i didn't think much of it at the time i thought she was just trying not to show her underwear but whatever. eitherway i was a little bit suspicous during that time because a few weeks later the same thing happened but there was a bad smell in the hallway after she walked through, and the thought crossed my mind...did she crap her panties?

well folks i believe today i confirmed it, in fact i confirmed it with 2 pieces of crucial evidence. first off, while i was looking for a particular artical of clothing this morning that i wanted to wear to school, i decided to look through everything in the laundry room at one point. well i was eventually going through a basket of my sister's...clean laundry, and there were brown stains completely covering the seat of all her undies, like they were COMPLETELY stained brown. there was no way she didn't poop in them. i couldn't believe that my 16 year old sister who's a sophomore in high school poops her undies. as if that wasn't confirming evidence enough, later in the day katie came home from school. i had already been home because as a senior i get early dismissal. eitherway she came in wearing a light blue t-shirt and she had a bouncy white skirt on, and she looked really tired. we were both headed up stairs and she went before me and i noticed she just had a plain pair of gray undies on, sure enough faded right in the seat with a faint brown tint. she went into my mom's room where she always watches tv and laid on the floor and fell asleep and i was in there (this room now even) to use the computer. well i was writing an essay earlier and after about an hour of work i heard a little pattering type sound, and i looked around for a second until i noticed the smell filling the room. i immediatley thought of my sister because i found out she actually poops her undies, and i looked down to see a tiny bulge in the seat of her undies, but big enough to push her skirt out. i was horrified at first but also curious enough to watch. seconds later, the bulge just slowly started to grown in her undies without there being much noise and a dark brown stain began to show through her panties, and the bulge stopped growing after it was already the size of a fist and completely filled her panties. i was going to just wrap things up and leave, but i really needed to work on that essay so i actually had to wake her up..and tell took me several minutes to get ready to do that, but i eventually just gave her a light shake on her shoulder so she opened her eyes and i just said..."i think you shat yourself" and she immediatley burst into tears and rushed to the bathroom holding her butt. she didn't come out of the bathroom for almost an hour but i never confronted her about pooping herself..

i also have a story about how my sweet girlfriend once had an embarassing accident. she was in new york for a weekend and we hadn't gotten to talk because she was busy, but she called me during the train ride and talked to me from the train while i waited at the train station for her in jersey. eitherway, at one point during the call i heard her gasp or something a couple times very lightly and she seemed distracted for several minutes and sounded very off-put the rest of the phone call. anytime i asked her what was wrong she told me "nothing!" in a whiny way. well i saw what the problem was as soon she she returned to new jersey...when i saw her her cheeks were puffy from crying and her jeans were totally soaked right in her lap and down the inside of her legs, and her butt too. she also had that unpleasant bulge right in the seat of her pants, but only smelled faintly like poop. she cried and put her head on my shoulder and told me all about how she never had a chance to 'go potty' all day and there wasn't a bathroom on the train and she just couldn't hold it in anymore, and i just gave her a hug and tried to hold my breath. thank god she only had that one accident and doesn't poop herself or pee herself a lot...well at least not to my knowledge.

Joeljack, great story. You ass must have iched like hell. I doubt I would ever wear that tux again.

Went out for some Mexican food this afternoon, and I've only been home for forty minutes or so and I've already been on the toilet twice! I knew I had to poop while I was driving home, and by the time I got to the toilet it had already started to come out a little bit. Three chunks came out pretty easily and I didn't have any ???? discomfort or anything, so I wiped and flushed and went in my room. Ten minutes later my ???? started to hurt and I was back on the toilet with some really mushy poop. I just took some Pepto Bismol for the ???? ache, but I'm feeling queasy again so I think I'm going to make another toilet trip. More later if this keeps on.

Emily (Bowel problem)
Hello, I am a 14 year old girl and I was born with a condition that makes me poo with no control. I have no control when trying to hold my poo and it comes out fast with a soft and sometimes mushy texture. It lasts for more than 5 minuts and I make a lot. Anyway, I wear an adult diaper and I have allways worn them since I was born. Many people have change my diaper such as family members, friends(girls and boys) and my boyfriend. Luckily, My poo doesn't really stink and I usually don't buldge. I am also really interested in poo and I usually check the girls bathroom and see what other peoples poo looks like. But I have never seen a guys poo EVER and would like to. So this gives me a question to ask. Is there a differance between Girl poo and boy poo? And if so, what is the difference?

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