tonight i had an embarassing accident in front of my whole family. we are big yankees fans and we were all watching the yankees play the red sox together. we were all dressed in our yanks stuff, i just had on one of my jerseys and my tight navy blue sweat pants. at one point the yanks had been down by 4 runs and were putting together a big really in one of the middle innings, and i didn't wanna miss a thing but i was dying to poop. i had to poop since the beginning of the game but i kept saying "after this inning, after this inning" until at this point i knew it was really time to go. i wasn't going to just get up and miss the yankees rally and sure enough, deciding against going to the bathroom paid off but with sacrifice...the pay off being the yankees put together the 4 run rally, the sacrifice being my white panties...after the yankees had driven in the tying run and we were all celebrating a little bit, i felt my stomach convulse a little and everyone heard the wet squishing noise that came from my butt. my brothers and my parents all started looking at me and my face was dark red, and my younger brother says "did you just crap your pants?" i was so embarassed, and just said "omg! i just had to go so bad i couldn't hold it in.." i got up holding my butt and it felt so gross, i just let out a big blob of wet gooey poop into my panties and it was squishing and squeezing all through the seat of my panties as i waddled out of the room. before i got all the way upstairs to clean up in my bathroom, i had to stop as i ripped a few more wet farts and filled my pants even more with wet gooey poop that started to overflow from my panties but i got into the bathroom before the mess got too bad.

Calboy's questions:

1. 1. Did you do with or without a peeing device? If without, how did
you control your aim? I have never used a device, but I'm REALLY sorry, I don't know how to describe the way I do it.... basically I just go
2. Have you ever used a urinal before? If you have, did you do it
facing or backing? I have used them before, facing them
3. Where do you pee standing up? A. Everywhere
a. everywhere
b. outdoors
c. at home
d. in public restrooms
4. Do you wipe up after you pee standing up or sitting down? Only sitting down, I can shake myself a tiny bit standing up
5. What is the usual color of your urine (1-5 yellow to clear)? about a 4, mostly clear

Thursday, April 16, 2005

Just do a web search for Houston colonics/natural healing, I can't name specifics on here b/c the mods would kill my post for it. I use an enema bag and hose about once a month, not b/c I need to, necessarily, but b/c I like keeping my colon clean, as it is literally the waste elimination machine for my body. The toxins from everywhere, the air, water, food (animal and by-products hyped up with steroids/growth hormones, etc. are all eliminated from our bodies via the colon, and if this is constipated or sluggish, then imagine how much of these toxins we retain. There are a few practitioners in this area, but also ask them about bentonite clay, or do a web search for that and order some. that helps also.

michael explosive diarrhea
The other day I had a weird dream. I was in the bathroom with my mom and I was taking a shit.There was a nice big turd which was about 10 inches and I showed my mom. She said that she makes much bigger ones and they are very stinky.Well today for lunch I ate a big plate of nachos with cheese and chicken,chicken wings,and a pie of pizza. When we came home my dad headed straight for the bathroom where he proceeded to take a big dump. I heard a mass explosion of shit and ropes of turds hitting the water. I had to take a dump too so I went into my dad's bathroom. I wanted to see my shit coming out of my ass so I grabbed a hand mirror and held it right next to the toilet so I could get a view of my ass. I watched my sphinter push out a long thick turd which kept on coming out. I have never felt so much relief after a shit in my life,it was like giving birth to a black son. After the humongous turd collapsed I let out a couple puffy farts and one small 7 inch turd.The first was about 17 inches and as thick as a girls wrist. I sprayed the bathroom,flushed and went back in my room. My dad went into his room and he could smell the bathroom and when he entered it he said,"Michael,what a stink!"I laughed and told him to be quiet. Please comment on my post and answer my question.Which group of people shit the most. Men,women,teenage boys,or teenage girls

denver s
hi all. right now i am sitting in front of my computer drinking a cup of coffee. i know its going to make me have to shit so its all good. i like to shit. my husband had the shits last night from eating something. i always have had this thing about seeing him take a shit and he doesn't seem to care if i do see him. but he sometimes tells me to come in and hang out withhim in there. he has done this a couple of times and each time it was when he had gross soft poop or diareaah. do you guys here think that he might feel the same way about shitting as i do and maybe even want to ee me pooping too? please tell me.

Onece in sixth grade I was in class and three kids entered the class just as the bell rang. One of them tripped over his own feet and fell, knocking over the garbage can, sending garbage everywhere. I laughed so hard, I shit my pants. Right there in front of everyone. I went from enjoying this poor kid's misfortune at falling and hurting himself, to being completely mortified at having just humiliated myself in front of my classmates. I had to waddle up to the teacher and ask to go to the bathroom. She asked me why, and I told her I had to go to the bathroom really bad. She told me to wait. I told her actually, I pooped my pants. She gave me a pass and I went. It was gross. Luckily, it managed to stay contained in my panties, so I was able to clean myself pretty well and spent the rest of the day with no underwear on.

By the way, EVERYONE IN SCHOOL knew I had shit my pants by the end of the day. I was embarrassed for a looooong time.

Courtney's butt stinks
Hey everyone I did not go to this site willingly! My friend found it and told me to post here cause I have some pretty good pooping experiences. Anyways my name is Courtney I'm 5'5" short black hair
and blue eyes. So here's my story, I was at this party where these really mean and stupid guys kept pulling pranks on people they were wrestling and playing really loud music and farting on people!!!!!
I was just sitting there talking to my friend Danny when one of them came up to me turned around and farted right in my face. It was fu#$%ing disgusting. So I had to get revenge cause that's the kind of person I am. So I thought it wouldn't be enough to just fart on them I had to do something grosser. So they were all getting drunk and kept pulling pranks but I just waited and hung out, pretending like nothing happened. And after about 2 more hours the guy who farted on me passed out and I didn't know what happened to the others but the guy was laying on this couch in the living room. And I really had to take a huge dump so I pulled my jeans down and pulled my underwear down and bent over so my butt was right over his hand which was on his stomach and pushed, I let out a pretty loud fart and giggled cause he didn't even know I was there, a very stinky solid brown log of poop squeezed out of my butt and landed in his hand. I pushed the rest out and it kinda landed on his stomach as opposed to his hand but still. After I took a humongous dump on his stomach I walked over and hovered my butt right over his head and let a big one rip right out of my stinky butt. I then went outside with the rest of the crowd and left at about 3:00 AM the thing that sucked though was that he slept through the rest of the party and I never got to see what his reaction was. I wish I had my video camera! Much love... -Courtney

my name is becky and i'm 18, i haven't always had the best control and i have a bit of a history when it comes to having accidents. i don't really feel like taking the time to type out all the stories at once so consider this post my intro! i'll tell the story about my first real accident, real meaning it happened when i was a little too old for it to be acceptable...i mean until i was 5 i used to poop and pee myself frequently, but i got better..for a while.

i did ballet starting when i was 8 and i did it until i was 13. i stopped when iwas 13 for one particular reason, which is what this story is all about! i was at my ballet class and when we were stretching in the beginning i really had to go potty. i was really scared to ask the instructor because she was a rather nasty woman! eitherway, i kept holding on as best as i could but the girls around my could tell probably by my movement and the look on my face that i was in discomfort. one girl said "whats YOUR problem?" in a real snobby way, and i just told her i didn't feel good and to leave me alone. i really really had to go! we finished stretching and got up to go about our routine when i let this little "pllt!" fart escape. it wasn't a big fart, just a short little toot but it was loud enough for 3 or 4 other girls to hear, and the giggling ensued. my face turned bright red, but not as red as it would be in a second. as we danced i was fighting the worst need to go poopies ever, and i was squeezing my bottom together as hard as i could but no matter what i couldn't hold in a second fart, that happened to be a bit louder and more noticeable. a nice big "brrmmpp!" sound came right from my butt and everyone really started to laugh, and i felt my eyes tear up. my instructor got really annoyed and humilated me even further by saying "rebecca! would you like me to get you a diaper or are you going to go use the bathroom?" the laughing certainly didn't lessen after that comment, and in my embarrassment i just stood there beginning to tear up as i went poopies in my leotard. i farted a lot while doing it and it must have been 3 or 4 big solid poopies because i felt how big of a bulge it created on my bottom. i cried so hard! i went and waited in the bathroom with the big load of poop staining through my leotard as my mom was on her way, and when she got there she had to come in to get me from the bathroom. she yelled at me in the car on the way home and told me she was cancelling my ballet lessons because i ruined my outfit and she wasn't going to pay for another one. i really pooped myself bad in front of all those people so i didn't really care that i wasn't going back!

that's my first story, i'll be back to tell about my other accidents later!

If you dont remember i havnt posted in a few months so im 15 5,8 and around 140 in weight. I had a great experience outside

I was on a school trip in the woods two years ago. We could only bring the things on our back litterly. We only had a backpack. Our grade was split up into groups of around 10. During our trip we went to a cave to sleep in walk through. Before our cave adventure we were taught on how to use the bathroom. The girls were in shock because they didnt want to dig a hole and squat to take a shit. You could only use a certain amount of toilet paper and could only use it if you had to take a shit. The girls broke this rule and used it when they had to pee. We were all open about our pee situations but not our pooping situations. We could guess when a girl or guy went number 2 because they would go deep in the woods with a shovle and toilet paper. So when i went into the cave i had to go to the bathroom i decided to hold it until the morning. I woke up with a sromach pain so just decided to go outside the cave that we were sleeping in. It was awsome once i was outside the cave behind some trees it was just me and nature. It was so cool pooping with noone anywhere. I only had one long log that was sorta yellow. I used the shovle and toilet paper. I wanted to do it again it was so kool. That day we hiked to a rest point with one outhouse. Most of the girls were holding it in for a moment like this. Most of them rushed for the porta potty and all took shits, it was funny. Isnt the woods awsome.

Man, I have been desperate SO MUCH lately - can't figure out why. I've noticed after pooping, no matter how much I pee during and after, I usually have to go badly within the next hour or so. Yesterday, that seemed to happen for the rest of the day. I pooped at about 1:30, peed, and then had to leave to first go to a 1/2 hour rehearsal with a pianist and then to a vocal coaching. At 2:30 when the rehearsal ended, I could feel a vague need to pee but didn't think it needed to be taken care of just yet. I had to drive 1/2 an hour to my coaching and on the way there, my bladder filled up fast until I was squirming in my seat. As soon as I got to my coach's house, I had to ask to use her bathroom, and man did my pee pour!
By the time our 1 1/2 hour session ended, I had to go again quite badly but I didn't want to ask again, so I waited until I got home, which was a very uncomfortable drive. I couldn't be bothered to stop anywhere so I just stuck it out.
At 7:00, I had to go to a concert my husband was in. I made sure I peed before leaving at 6:30. The program said there was an intermission. However, no sooner had we sat down than it was announced that one of the players was running late and another had to leave early, so they were going to stall a bit, then start, skip intermission and have goodies after instead at intermission.
Well, by about 15 minutes of stalling, my bladder was already sending me signals. I shifted a bit in my seat to try and get more comfortable and tried to ignore it. The concert started at 7.20, and after about 1/2 an hour of it, I definitely had to go and was squirming a little more. And there was no intermission, meaning that I would still have to sit there for probably another 1 1/2 hours. Even though it had only been about 1 hour 15 min since peeing, which is usually nothing for me, it felt as if I had been holding it a while already. By about 8.15, by which time there would have been the intermission, I was urgent. I contemplated just getting up and going, but I didn't want to cause a disturbance by making the people around me move. So I squeezed my legs tightly together and continued to wait. By 8.30, I was no longer enjoying the concert. I was looking at my watch and the program and trying to figure out how much longer I would have to sit there. I didn't feel like I was going to lose it, it was just very uncomfortable to have my bladder feel so heavy and full.
At about 8.45, I began to cross my legs tightly. Nothing was relieving the pressure of my bladder. I leaned forwards, backwards. Still felt desperate. Around 9.00, there were still a couple of pieces to go. It felt as if this concert would never end. I switched positions again, this time sitting with my legs spread tightly apart, my back arched and my bladder pressed into the seat. I hoped no one could tell I had to go. I really wanted to hold myself, not because I was about to wet but just to feel better, but it was a nice day and I didn't have a jacket or anything to cover my lap with. I spent the next little while shifting around as much as I thought I could without drawing attention to myself and trying not to think about the fact that I was bursting. Finally at around 9.20, the concert ended. I had peed 3 hours ago but it felt like 8. I'd been desperate for about an hour. As we were clapping, I looked around for bathroom signs but I couldn't see one. When the applause ended, I stood up and immediately knew I was trouble. While I'd been sitting down, I hadn't felt like wetting, but as soon as I stood up, I did, and a tiny squirt of pee came out before I clamped my legs together. I had to find the restroom right away. I kind of hobbled to the back of the hall and saw stairs going to the basement. As soon as I was on the stairs out of everyone's sight, I began to hold my crotch. I got to the basement and began looking around but I couldn't see anything. I hurried back upstairs, finding it hard to walk with the weight of my bursting bladder, and had to let go of my crotch. I decided to find my husband who would know where the restrooms were. I didn't see him right away and had a couple more little trickles of pee as I frantically looked around and tried to keep moving. Finally, I saw him. I went up to him and said "Where are the bathrooms? I'm desperate." He said "I don't know where they are." I said, "You guys must have one backstage." He said "Yeah - wait a second and I'll take you." I said "Honey, if we don't go right now I'll be wet." He said "Oh, OK, sorry, let's go then," and we headed back there. Someone was in the bathroom and I tried not to dance around till they came out. Finally, I was inside. I realized the door didn't lock, but I didn't even care. I sat on the toilet and had an almighty hissing pee that seemed like a day's worth, not just 3 hours. I wanted to make sure I wouldn't have to go again until I got home, so I sat there for 3 more minutes, and a lot more pee slowly trickled out off and on. When I stood up and flushed, I felt pounds lighter! I looked down at the toilet and my pee was white and foamy! My husband couldn't believe I was that desperate just for that amount of time.

well this makes my second time to post. and this is my first accdent i have ever had in my life so it was bad enough. but to reframe my self im 19 and pretty thin. Heres my story about three weeks ago my sisters friend was haveing her wedding. but at the same time then i was constipated badly. so i took some laxtives the day of the wedding and thought i planed the times right i was wrong. so i was sitting in the roll and my stomach was going crazy. and i had this horroiable pain in my stomach and it was getting worse. so i doubled over a little and i heard people asking about me i didnt really care at that time. but then from know were the here comes the bride came on so i stood holding my stomache and managed a smile then when everyone sat down i we was there for 20 mins then my stomahe really started turning and i thought i was going to be ok wrong the next thing i know i tried squeezeing a fart when i did everything i ate for a week came out of me so i jumped up holding my self ran to the bath room and looked at the damage it was so horrible

i'm in my second year of college and i got into a conversation with my roommate jenny about a time where i had pooped in my pants in high school. it turned out that she has also pooped her pants at school once, and we were both amused with eachothers stories and sympathized with one another. i've posted my story a couple of other places but they weren't as good as this place which i found last night, and now i have even 2 stories to tell about!

first for my story. mine was pretty bad because it happened senior year, and was unbelievably embarassing, but whatever i never even see most of them anymore. i woke up in the morning and the whole time i was getting ready to get to school i had an unnerving feeling in my lower stomach and i knew i had to poop, but i really did not have time. i decided i'd go to the bathroom in the gym locker room because i had gym class second period and the toilets in there are pretty secluded in a little separate area at the back of the locker room. when i got to school i held it in just fine all throughout homeroom and first period and the urge to poop eventually just subsided and i forgot all about it, even when i went to get changed for gym. i changed into my gym shirt and put my little gray running shorts on over my pale pink panties and headed out to the track. that day we had to run four laps around the track as a practice time trial for when we had to be tested on our speed at which we could run a mile. still not thinking about my previous urge to poop that was still waiting to come back, i started to jog around the track with my friend amy. well i guess it must have been halfway around my second lap when i felt the urge come rushing back with a serious cramp in my stomach and serious pressure and tingling in my butt, and i heard my stomach churn. i immediatley knew i was going to poop my pants. i winced and said "oh god..." amy panted and said "its only the second lap!" and i said "no! i gotta-" and with that there was this wet squishy feeling oozing right out of my butt as i felt the wet poop spread all throughout the seat of my panties and make my shorts sag. it all came out in one mushy load. it came out fast and really filled my panties. i stopped and crouched down a little bit and made it look like i had just dropped to my knee because my ankle hurt or something. amy stopped quickly ahead and turned around and said "what's wrong?" my heart was pounding, i had no idea what to do i was in the middle of the track at my school with a huge load of wet crap in my shorts! amy must have asked me what was wrong 2 or 3 more times before i finally said "i just crapped my pants.." amy was in disbelief, but i had to get up and start to waddle back towards the school. i asked amy if it was noticeable and she said my shorts were sagging down with a bulge and had a noticeable wet brown stain. i was in tears for easily the next 30 minutes. that was the worst day of my teenage life.

since jenny's story didn't happen to me and i wasn't a witness, i can't really go into much detail about it, but she told me in her sophomore year of high school she had to poop for most of the day but preferred to go at home. her and her boyfriend met up at lunch and it was a nice day and they went outside to eat in the courtyard, and during lunch her need to go became unbearable and before she could get inside she lost control and pushed a big soft but solid load into the seat of her jeans. she said not a lot of people knew about it but her boyfriend teased her about it (but in a...cute kind of way she said) for the next few weeks. eitherway i just think it's cool that i happen to be rooming with a girl who suffered just as humiliating of a moment as i did in high school.

seriously, ask any girl the msot embarassing thing you could ever do in high school is poop in your pants!

Billy and Kevin
This week, our freinds were staying with us because their house was flooded. Friday, we went to help them clean up after school. We went with josh and jeremy and Bob and Mike and Steve and susie. When we got there, we went in the cellar. We were using a vacuum and a rug cleaner to clean the rugs. When we filled the old water thing, we dumped it into a bucket which had a pump in it to get rid of the water. Steve's mom also told us to go to the bathroom in the bucket because there was no water in the house because water got into the electric stuff for the pump. It took us about three hours and peed there about 5 or 6 times. i didn't do a poop that day. Kev did one at school when he got there. And Steve and Mike dropped some off at our house before school. It took us about three hours. we also had a hose from a neighbor to hose off the walls. We were done with the room when Steve's mother came downstairs and said they had pizza for us. After dinner, I had to poop. So did Kev, Josh and Steve. Jeremy disappeared during dinner and pooped in the toilet. I asked Steve's mom about using the toilet. She said we can just go in the bucket. I said, what if we have to poop. She said we can poop in the bucket in the downstairs bathrrom and go out in the woods. She said if we go in the woods to get tp in the bathroom. We were folling around for a few minutes after dinner. Then I said it is time for me to go and visit the woods because it was getting dark. Then they said they would go too. When we got to the bathroom, Steve's mom was squatting over the bucket. She was finishing her poop. She said, could you be dears and empty the bucket too? We said ok. She wiped her butt and handed us the bucket and we got the toilet paper. There was aturd about 18 in curled around the bucket and a couple of little turds and about 3 in of pee.

We went out to the woods. We dumped the bucket and took a dump. They have a stone fence about 2 feet high, so we sat on the edge of that and put our butts over the edge. we made a pretty big pile of turds.

We finished the basement while Steve's mom and Mike finished the upstairs. Because they moved everything, nothing really got damaged.

After this, dad took us to our cabin about 50 minutes away. We all fell asleep in the truck on the way up there. The next morning, we played in the wood all day. A bunch of us had to poop after breakfast. There were about 6 of us who had to poop, so we decided to go outside. We wanted to play soccer and not wait for all of us to go. The soccer field was about 5 minutes away. So we stopped in the trail and dropped out turds. it was qutie a dump. i was glad we all went in the woods. It would ahve taken like 15 min for us all to go at home and it would have stunk.

Tonight, when we were coming back home, we stopped for pizza. They had one bathrooom. After we finished eating, i said it is dukee time. I said I didn't go since the woods yesterday. Only Kev and our little brothers went since then. 4 of us had to poop. We told dad. We went to the bathroom to do, but the toilet was blocked. It turns out our old brother Mike blocked it before dinner. We told dad. He said that we could use the bedpan in the truck if we can't wait. about 15 min in the trip, Kev couldn;t wait, so he dropped off his load. Then I went and Steve. Then Jeremy had to go. Finally, Mike had to go. Mike really stunk up the truck. Dad had to stop so we could empty the bedpan. It was a huge pile of poop by then. We dropped of two of the kids at home. Steve and Mike were staying with us on more night. When we got home, we all had to poop and shower. Jeremy and Josh went in first. Tom was sitting on the toilet. he dropped a 18 in turd. Then Josh and Jeremy pooped. We were playing video games. Then they started in the bath. I went poop then kev. Then finally Mike and Stever went poop. STeve said it was funny that we had to poop again. I said, usually, when we poop in the woods or in the bedpan, we don't empty our intestines, so we have to go later. Plus, we had a snack and didn't go since we were in teh woods yesterday. Mike and steve went and showered in the guest room while I went in and showered with josh and jeremy. Then, I help josh and jeremy get dry and dried my self and we brushed out teeth while kev showered. I looked in the toilet. Out pile of poop was sticking out of the water. I flushed, and it all went down. It seems rather funny that it took us all day to make the stuff and about 5 mintue to poop it all out that it goes down the drain in about 5 seconds.

clean up guy
Hey, I"m soooo sorry that i didnt post. Today i was surffing the net and chatting with some friends online. Then all of a sudden I needed too poop. But i didnt want to leave. So got my small trash can and i took off my pants and sat on the my trash can. At first nothing happened so i had to push it out. The poop dark brown, about 9 inches long and 2 inches wide. After that sat there and peed alittle. Then threw out the trash can liner and spayed some air freshener.
Well i hope you guys and gals liked my story.

I have a question.
I hope someone will ansewer it.
I want to try to pee and poop in a maxi pad, do you think this is a good Idea? Or do you think I should buy some adult diapers? Please reply

Mr. Clogs
cheryl: Great post to response to my question about peeing through those tights. Well you're right about the whole experience very messy. I thought you had some kind of "secret" access passage to let the pee through or somthing like it. Great posts as always, keep them coming.

Today's post, I was out for my driving lessons, by the way I'm over the age of 21 almost a quater century old this coming June, not saying which date I was born. Anyways, my instructer wanted to go the office so I couls pay for the lesson for today. After I handed my card to pay for my lessons, I asked to use the restroom to pee. So I asked and told me its off to the right and off the fire extingusher. I proceeded to walk in and turned on the light, lifted the site " like a gentalman", unziped and pull out the woody and proceed to pee. After peeing for about a minute "coffee" pee, I flushed the toilet and washed my hands and left to pick up the other student driver. I hope you all enjoyed my post, will post later. Take care.

saw somthing funny
I was in Spainish class and my spainish teacher was out watching people do skits. This one girl in my class was complaining that she "had too potty." When one group finished their skit; she ran out to the teacher and asked to use the restroom. She then sprinted down the hallway to the bathroom. I assumed she had made it until my next class, english, when something smelt very funny. You could tell it was her because it really smelt when she entered the room. Some people asked her if she had pooped her pants or something and she just laughed nervoulsy. Somone pulled down her pants after class and she had totally messed herself. She pulled up her pants and ran away crying. She was back in math class seventh hour though. Now she is the most made fun of student around. She quit the cheerleading team and soccer. Imagine sitting all day in school with pooped pants.

Red Head Michele
I have found this site so funny after doing a search out of kicks for poop desperation. I was just curious after what happened to me yesterday at the mall. I guess I need to describe myself being new. I'm female, 25, with bright red hair. Pretty average fit I guess. I went to a new strip mall that opened just this Weekend. I guess they weren't anticipating the large crowds because the place was packed. After shopping for a little while I had a hot dog and Coke from a vendor. Big mistake!!!. I don't know if there was something wrong with the meat, but I can only presume. After having the lunch, I was in a shop when my stomach really began to hurt. I was in line at the register when I had to hold my stomach from the cramps. I finally got to the clerk and to my luck it was a young male. Being 25 and female I didn't try to make it obvious I needed a toilet in a hurry. I asked him if by chance there was a bathroom in the store. He said no the only public bathrooms were across the mall next to the toy store. I smiled and left and headed for the bathroom. As I got near I just couldn't believe how bad my stomach hurt. When I was almost there I ran into two friends. I told them my situation and couldn't even talk a second. I had to find a toilet. My friend Cory took my two bags and I headed to the ladies room. To my dismay there was a line and there were only two working stalls. The third stall was broken and taped off and not usuable. There were two girls in front of me. I was releaved a little when one stall opened quickly and the first girl ran in. As I was able to move closer to the stalls you could hear the girl on the left having a bad case of diahrea. The other girl who just entered was peeing thank God. Just then another girl came in and almost started crying when she saw the line. She was young, maybe 16-17 and I guess cute with blonde hair. She was clutching her butt and said it was it emergency. I told her I was sorry but I had a big problem myself. The right stall opened and the girl in front of me raced in. After a quick pee she began straining and groaning. At this point I didn't know if I was going to make it or not. My gut was cramping so bad and I had to poo so bad. The combination of the smell from the girl on the left and the moans from the girl on the right did not help. The girl on the left flushed and I thought I was saved but then she just started going again. I finally asked if they thought they were almost done and the girl on the left said just a couple minutes. The other girl just kept moaning and saying she had cramps. After a couple of minutes the girl on the left flushed again and left saying how sorry she was. I didn't even have time to answer as I rushed in. The toilet was a mess but I didn't care. I dropped my jeans and let out the most horrible wave of diarhia. The blond still waiting was really crying now and I could tell something happened. Another girl must have entered the bathroom and I could hear her telling her she couldn't hold it. When I left the stall in another 5-7 minutes she was still there waiting. Her skirt was all stained and she had shit herself. I felt so bad but there was nothing I coulddo. It was her or me. Hope you like the story. Let me know!

i was in my car , i was in a traffic jam. i felt poop coming. the jam was taking forever. i knew i needd to stop somewhere and poop soon. but that somewhere was not in sight. i tried to keep my self from pooping my pants. but the poop was going to fill my pants. i tried to hold it in as long as i could. i saw a sign for a rest area 1 mile a head. i knew i was gonna make i t. but a mile in this jame would take at least 1 hr. i am going to poop in my pants. i felt the poop fill my pants.i was sitting in my own poop.

DeepCloudNine -

I totally agree with you that there should be an enema awareness page somewhere. I have had problems with constipation most of my life. My usual remedy is a dulcolax suppository, which works pretty well, but takes longer than an enema and causes burning and cramping. I have used single Fleet enemas, but they don't work that well for me. My doctor did tell me that I could take two at once, and I have to admit, that is more effective in making me crap. How did you learn to do that?

I want to try a colonic, but don't know where to go. How did you find a practitioner? I saw from one of your posts that you live in Houston. So do I.

I really love that cleaned out feeling, especially if I have been plugged up for a long time. On several occasions over the years, I have had warm water enemas given to me for constipation. Not the Fleet disposables, but the kind where you put 2 quarts of water in an enema bag (which is just a hot water bottle with a hose and nozzle attachment). That works incredibly well in flushing out your colon, and you get amazing relief from it, especially if you can take all of the water. A lot like a colonic I suspect. Have you ever had one of those? You should try it. You feel great afterwards. I cannot understand why people would be so freaked out by enemas, frankly.

I do wish that I knew how to make the Fleet enemas work better for me. Do you just follow the instructions on the box? A friend told me that they work better if you hold them longer, but I cannot seem to do that.

How often do you do one? Do you take them for constipation, or just to feel empty and clean? Thanks to you and JW for getting this subject more out in the open.

Hi all. To desperatetopoop I do the same while doing a long poo, passes the time and as long as it is done in private it is OK. Do you think it helps the passage of the poo? I do

The New Number Two
Thanks to Diva and PV for their contributions.

I've got another question for the ladies.

I've couldn't help but notice (I could but I didn't want to) that ladies out there seem to wear very tight skirts and pants. Do any ladies out there have trouble when their going to the loo? especially if in an emergency?

About the skirts: I suppose with the short ones you just hike them up but what about the tight ones that go to your knees or ankles; do you pull them up or down?

I've also been a 'lurker' here and I'm quite astounded by everyone's accidents and various other stories. To those women who pee for 2-3 minutes is this really true?

I like the ladies room/public toilet stories; quite entertaining. I've also noticed at times that a woman's crap seem to smell alot worse than a man's. What's your take on this?

Thanks for your opinions!

Bre the toilet boy
Yesterday at TAFE during my lunch break, I had to go shit real bad and the male downstairs toilets was still out of order, so I used the disabled again.

I quite like using the disabled.

So I did my business and used a whole roll of toilet paper that I had brought from home to wipe myself with. I then washed and dried my hands and walked out.

After I left I thought won't the next person who uses it get a surprise, because I had done my business and used a whole roll of tp all without flushing.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Haven't had an accident in years and I finally had one that was a doozie. I got strep throat about a week and a half ago, so the doctor prescribed zithromax (z-pack), an antibiotic. He told me that if I got diarrhea to quit taking the medication. Well, you only take this med for 5 days. Days 1-3, no problem. Shitting as usual. Day 4, have 2 close calls. I mean, when the red light goes off, you better be right next to the toilet or else. Still no accident, but I barely made it at work and on the way home from a party. Day 5 have a black tie event that I have to attend. (fund raiser at a pissy hotel) So here I am in my tux looking like a million. As soon as dinner is served I start to rumble and grumble in my stomach. Not good. I go to the john and sit down, nothing but huge farts and tons of gas. Go back to table about 15 minutes later, another round of rumbling. Finally, I go to the john, again, tons of gas and some mustard colored diarrhea. I go back to the table. Third time's a charm. Feel the red light go off. So again, I excuse myself (this is getting real old) and go to the men's room and the stalls are occupied. I almost fainted. So I break out in a sweat and find an elevator to the main floor and look for a john, FAST! I see it in the distance and I am racing to get there. I open the door to the men's room and rip open a stall and then I just explode in my pants just as I am trying to rip them off. I didn't even shut the stall door. Projectile shit is all over the back of the toilet, in my underwear and all inside my tux pants. Nice huh? I thought "oh my god, what have I done?" How the hell am I going to get out of this? I don't want to even move and get more shit all over me. I get up and shut and lock the stall door. I have to take off my shoes, my pants, my underwear and try not to get shit on my white tux shirt. I end up throwing away my underwear. Sneak out to get paper towels to wet and wipe the shit out of the inside of my pant legs. Clean the floor and the toilet. All the while this is a packed hotel with guys coming in and out of the bathroom. I did my best to be discrete. What a disaster. Not to mention my pants smelled like vinegar and shit. I somehow managed to pull myself together and get back to the table where my date was like, where have you been for the last half hour? I just made some excuse about being sick and that I had to go home. I was just hoping no one could smell my tux. Oh well, the life of a high roller.

Question for Becky M, since you usually take awhile to poo, do you read a magazine or newspaper while you're on the toilet?

I wear stiletto shoes and boots all the time, because I like the look, and I like the height added to my petite frame. I'm very used to them so doing anything in them is no problem. No issues using the toilet either!

To Andrew in Canada:

You must be pretty open with your friends about this! Please share more stories; I've always been curious as to if this goes on among friends! Thanks!!

does anyone know what volume of the blind date uncensored series has the girl on the toilet in the post date interview farting and peeing?

Hi I'm new here. I've been lurking here for a while and I love this site. I'm 15, and i love accidents. I sometimes do them on purpose. However, on one day in kindergarten, accidents weren't really my best friend. I had three that day. If I remember correctly, it was Halloween, and I was wearing my costume, which was made of the same material as sweat pants. I had peed when I woke up, so I didn't really think that I would need to go this badly. Early in the school day, I had to go, but before I could ask I had gone in my pants. It showed up, but it dried remarkably fast. No one even noticed. During music class, I had to go again, and again a went in my pants before I could ask. Again it dried, but it left a huge puddle in my chair. Finally, later in the day, I went again, only this time after having been excused earlier. On my way to the bathroom, I went. I went back to class, and no one said anything. It dried before my mom picked me up to go home, not like it would have mattered.

Hello again,

Cherly: wow! Interesting about the cesspools - I was actually scared to use houses with septic tanks for anything other than a pee when I was younger, because I was always told that it could clog easily or something!

Hmmm . . . I've been trying to think up some of my better stories, but there's a small problem: would my husband really appreciate me telling everyone these things? Like I said, he's extremely open and casual about it, but I'm not sure how far this extends! Does anyone here actually tell their spouses that they post their "accident" stories on the web? Maybe I should just have a little chat with him. I'd love to show him this site, but I don't think he'd be too keen to post, as his English isn't so great!

As for myself, I suppose I've got a few stories, so I'll tell one now:

I find it really interesting that other women have used their Maxi pads for a wee, even experimenting to see which holds most, as I've done the same many times. I always feel much more secure when I've got one on, and it has come in handy a few times!

Probably my worst ever was this time on the bus when I'd been gulping water all day, trying to remain hydrated on a really hot day. It was quite humid, and everything was really hot and sticky. Now, this bus ride was especially long today, as I'd gone uptown to have coffee with a friend. At that time, I'd gone to the toilets, but only to change the pad, mostly because I was in a hurry to catch the bus! But by the time I'd found a seat and we'd driven off, the effects started to make themselves known very quickly. My slight need earlier grew stronger and stronger. Soon, I was sitting cross-legged and practically grinding my teeth together in pain. The thing is, I usually don't have a problem holding it, it just bloody hurts! My bladder was starting to spasm, and I realised with agony that I still had another 30 minutes left. That's when I got the idea to do it in the pad. Although I'd tried this before, it was never more than a few squirts, and always within short distance to a toilet.

But the pain was terrible, so after a bit of concentration, I let out a few drops. This of course, made the urge stronger, and I was able to let out several long spurts before "closing it off" again. My pad felt a bit warm, and sticky, but a quick swipe of my hand convinced me that the back of my trousers was still dry.

The pain had lessened a little, but the urge seemed to be increasing. Then I decided it would be best to stand up, as I wasn't quite sure how "covered" I was back there! ;-) Fortunately, the bus was becoming a bit crowded, so I was able to slide out of my seat, and stand in a tight little spot facing the window. There, I began dribbling again, trying to concentrate on the window, not the woman sitting in front of me - she had no clue! And I swear, if I'd looked at her, I would've lost it, and not been able to start going again.

I got more and more brave as I dripped into the pad, still sort of brushing my bum to check for leaks. But soon I felt it grow really heavy and droopy, and I figured I'd better stop. However, the bus ride still had 20 minutes or so to go, and the pain was still there, not to mention how much I'd just stimulated my vulva - which made it want to remain open! I let out a few small squirts, and then finally gave up and raced off the bus at the next stop. I was very glad I had, as the second I had rushed into the nearest shop and found the toilet, I was starting to lose it. The pee came swooshing out as soon as I sat down, and took about a minute to finish! When I took a look at my pad, it had been completely soaked in pee, and even my panties had a small wet patch, which had, embarrassingly enough, snuck through to my trousers. Not really noticeable, unless you looked closely, but still very uncomfortable to wear home, especially after I had to use a tampon since I was out of pads!

I caught the next bus, and the wetness had dried when I reached home. I'm so glad I had that pad on, though! One advantage of that "lovely" time of the month, eh? :-)


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