Hi My name is Kristin I'm 18 years old and I am 4"1 I am short lol any way my friend showed me the site his name is Scott and he is 22 years old any ways I was reading some stories and this site interested me so I had to post one well my and my friend who I know for 4 years throughout high School asked me to go camping I was nervous at first because I never went camping before till the first time I went with Scott well we went somewhere I for get where any ways we just set up camp I said to my friend I need to use the bathroom he told me don't be embarrassed if you have to go, go I said to him where is the bathrooms HE said they are on the other side of the campground I said I need to go badly before I have an accident in my pants well I never went to the bathroom in the woods before so my friend said to me in a nice way this might help you I totally for got about the TP so he handed it to me and showed me where to go so I went behind this bush I had to go so bad I had to do a # 2 I could not wait any longer I was about to pull down my pants and go and I went back to where my friend was he said did you find it ok I said sure then he noticed me and he looked at me I was crying and he said to me are you ok I said I really have to go and he said why are you afraid I told him the truth I told him I was scared about going outside in the woods and He looked at me and said don't be afraid and also said I be happy to keep you company since this is your first time camping so I look at him I kissed him and he took me into the woods to go to the bathroom when I did pull my pants down he looked the other way so I could go about my business when I finished I looked at him and smiled at him he game me a nice kiss he was a polite gentlemen and he was very helpful so next time I need to use the bathroom in the woods I won't be scared any more I think I will have him go more often take care Kristin

If you're able to start and stop the flow of pee at will , and can move your hips like Elvis.. it's pretty easy to write your name in the snow! :)

to mr clogs and his question about peeing through those tights? or in my case I think I was saying something about bicycle shorts and peeing through them. well yeah , it would get like really super messy , true and there was only one time I think I did that. I was at this lake at some state park which I often ride to by way of this really long 14 mile horse trail [ "double track" along old RR bed] and all of a sudden I had to pee while swimming. and so embarrassed a little I just waded out deeper past all the people swimming with kids and while standing in water up to just above my bike "halter top" [like a sports bra and top all in one]and well, felt that warm pee just flow invisibly into that lake! hell I usually drink so much water while riding cause I sweat like mad in the summer, so I am like often needing to stop and find someplace to pee; while makes the horse path killer with all the woods if you just watch the poison ivy! [they once had some article in bicycling magazine about how those bike racer guys can "pee on the fly" and often do in such events as the tour de france. they don't bother to stop and just hang it out while moving as fast as well 30-40 MPH and yet somehow don't fall over flat. I never knew any guy who could balance a bike and do this without falling over, but maybe those frenchmen who race have a talent there]

2. well just eariler I had to pee badly, this about 2 hours after drinking this 20 oz mug french vanilla coffee. so, the usual , I went to the bathroom , after closing door , pulled down the sweats I was wearing and undies["panties" if you'd like to call em that]and well, after lifting the toilet's lid, sat and began to pee. I sat there and tinkled into the clear water steady for about 45 secs, my pee giving off this somewhat strong but sort of sweet odor as it came out of my twat's lips and splashed into that bowl's water in the front/middle. then I stopped , peed a few more seconds in this slow, spraying dribble and was finished. I wiped my twat, and got up to pull everything back up and here I looked at this bowl's water filled with this really golden yellow urine but no foam. it seems like everytime I drink that vanilla coffee it turns my pee a vanilla color and yeah, that strong scent. [ romance novel] " she contemplated why this was so as she took her left hand and upon reaching over with her pretty little fingers, pushed the toilet's flush lever down and flushed her dainty tinkle water."

yesterday I had to take a shit so i walked in the bathrrom and i found a guy shiting with the door open. and then he started to like strain and push real hard. Then a huge plop landned in the toilet and it smelled so bad.

I want to share with you my pooping story from the last few days. I am pregnant, as my name suggests, and i have a pretty impressive belly by now (6 months). Usually i have no problem defecating, and i enjoy it very much. I find the passage of the stool and the feeling of elimination very pleasureous and satisfying. Anyway, i didn't go for the last few days, when yesterday suddenly the urge hit me. I told my husband i was going to have the defecation of a life time. Little did i know. I went inside, set on the bowl, peed, and waited for the massive load to appear. Nothing happened, but the pressure on my rectum was strong. i was sure it will show up in a couple of second, but all that fell out were some unsatisfaying little knobs. i felt like i was going to burst. I started straining and pushing very hard. Nothing happened! No poop! just awful pressure on my pure anus. After a few minutes a turd emerged. It started coming out and when it was about an inch and a half out, it got stuck! I couldn't push it out and i couldn't bring it back in! I was devestated! I never imagined this could happen. The feeling is of a lot of pressure, like the biggest turd of your life is about to come out, but there is no release! I had to cut the turd with toilet paper, try and shring my swollen sphincter, and i came out of the bathroom crying.
Today i drank lots of water and hoped for the best.
A few hours ago i started to feel the pressure building up in my rectum again. This time it got me scared. i was afraid i won't be able to go and that it will hurt again. I had to wait until i got home because i was in the middle of street.
Well, i got home, and started pooping. this time, although it hurt a little, my massive poop came out rather easliy, without any straining. It was a little knobby, but there were large pieces of turds. I felt such a relief, it's undescribable! I love this empty feeling and the knowledge that i just got this smelly, heavy poop out of my system. I think the part i enjoy most is when it just leaves your rectum and all of a sudden your sphincter shrinks and you feel soooo light. This is a great feeling! I hope i don't experience such of feeling of getting stuck with poop inside my anus again. It was painful and humiliating.
But i love defecating. It is still one of my favorite physical pleasures. And i also like that nobody knows it about me. I secretly enjoy it and to the outside world i seem like this rather shy and inhibited prudish girl...

Desperate Diva
i read the posts on this board sometimes, and right now i have to pee so bad that i can't even sit still! i've never tried holding until i can't hold it in anymore, but i decided to today, and it's a feeling i've never had before! it's so difficult!

Ok I just stumbled onto this page and I found it very amusing, so I decided to add my own story here. Ok, I, my Aunt, Uncle(who sorta hates me), three lil cousins and my sis were all in one big car driving to a b-day party. It was a long ways from where we were, so I made sure I used the restroom before we left. Even so, I started to get cramps in my bladder when we were not even close to the house. We were all watching a movie,so i just adjusted my weight so I was as comfortable as possible, and continued to watch. Unfortunately, as the movie dragged on, I found myself shifting weight more and more, until it got so bad I was doing it every minute I suppose. I hated having to stop by the road, so I simply said nothing. Unfortunately, the pain got so bad, my eyes started to water. I simply wiped the tears away, every movement felling like my last before i would explode. Finally, my one 6 year old cousin notices a few tears, and immediately blurts them out to my sister. "O crap! Don't! Dont tellthem" i thought to myself, but it was too late. I was already using all my strength to stop myself from pissing all over the van. My sis asked me what was wrong, and told her i had to piss REAL bad. Somehow my aunt who was driving heard it, and of course said, "We are almost there. You will have to wait." CRAP! "You dont understand I HAVE to go now." i replied. Well she finally found a stop where we could pee, and i went out first. Ipissed like there was no tomorrow. Really. Before i killed ALL the grass around me, i forced myself to stop. Which was hard but possible. Of course, my lil cousins wanted to pee too. So i got in and they got out. I dont think they really had to go at all. They just wanted to see my pee. They got in and laughed at me for peeing so much. Of course, this wasnt like a cute friendly thing. They were like, 10 and REALLY immature. I hate them soooooo much. Anyway, after i was done chewing them out, my bladder still hurt for like, 3 days cause i stretched it out so much. But it was still all good. That was just about the best pee in my life :).

Too: Andrew(Canada)
I like your stories so far. They are all good and funny. Keep them stories coming.

Hi there,


You said:

"I've seen heaps of ladies wearing high heels, boots and dangerous looking stilettos that could take someone's eye out. I was wondering how the hell can you keep your balance when you want to sit on the loo?"

Well, I love wearing heels, whether shoes, sandles or boots, and the answer is simple -- you keep your balance as you sit down exactly the way you do as you sink with elegant dignity into a chair, then arise once more... It's a knack! :-) The only real difference is that when you sit, your knees come up a lot higher than they usually do, which is very noticable especially on the toilet!

"I was also wondering why do women wear those knee-length boots? Power dressing? if any of you ladies does it affect your going to the loo?"

Power dressing, absolutely! They just feel incredible, and accentuate your outfit so you feel like the queen of the 'burbs when you step out! GRIN! With regards to going potty, yes there is an effect -- if you're wearing jeans *under* the boots, or pantyhose and a skirt, you can only lower your tights to the top of the boots (pants worn over the boots, and panties can go down to your ankles, or course). This means you tend to sit straighter and do your business with your knees fairly close together, which is a rarer technique for me (I usually spread my legs wider). Otherwise, no bother.



Sunday, April 11, 2005

To other guys/girls with shy bladders/stage fright/paruresis.

I am one of you. 1 out of every 7 persons has it in various grades of difficulty. Mainly my problem is very similar to Anonymous Male. I strongly urge him and all others, who have not "come out" on this Board, to look up Google search sign in with can't pee or shy bladder or bashful bladder or better yet, paruresis. (Stage fright refers to too many conditions, from nervous performing on stage to can't perform at the urinal.)

Some of my friends have had paruresis happen only once or twice. Others like Anonymous Male and myself are somewhat better on our own but still have it. Others can't pee except in their own bathroom at home and not then if someone else is near the bathroom there. Like one guy I met at work who lived near by, he had to go home to use the bathroom after holding it for four or five hours. I became friends with him. One day he opened up to me. I shared with him that I had this phobia also. Since then we shared stories about our disability. I can wait up to nine hours, like I did most of the time in high school, before being desperate to pee. I have been blessed with a very large bladder. So I hold it that long and normally pee only 3 times a day: morning, late afternoon, and at bedtime. But my friend's limit is about 4 hours which is normal.

It is a psychological condition because our nervous system which controls peeing and a lot of other functions locks up from stress. We are NOT crazy. Paruresis is also a physical condition. The mechanism of peeing takes relaxing two muscles that hold the pee in the bladder. Relaxation allows this to happen without thinking about it. A baby does this and many of us pissed without thinking about it in grade school. But then came puberty, age 11, 12,or 13. We became self-conscious about a lot of things: one guy isn't circumcised and most other guys like me are (U. S. A.) and vice versa in England and Europe; another has a small penis he thinks (one of my problems). If you can go in a stall sitting down then why not do it. I got over that about half way through high school when even I couldn't hold it and was desperate, large bladder or not. No one really cares and won't know about sitting on the toilet anyway. So it takes awhile to get started, who cares? Ask someone who has been on a long trip with his buddies and has had a painfully full bladder for a long time and hasn't said anything. (That was my foolishness.) Then he finally gets to stand at the urinal. He has never had a problem pissing because of waiting too long. But this time he has held it in so long it takes a long time. Then he finds out one of his buddies has the same problem. This is different than paruresis. It is urinary retention, usually a physical problem.

You can find help. I just began to find it after 20 years after puberty began.

Jane (& Gary)
Hello. It's been several months since I last posted. Many things have been going on, but both Gary and I are doing fine. I've only occasionally visited here, and the other day I noticed Buzzy mentioned me in one of my posts, so I want to say hi to Buzzy. I also saw Rizzo post, but I don't see any of my old buddies anymore, including Carmalita, Althea, Annie and so forth.

Anyway, the other day I had very spicy Thai food for lunch. I had been having mostly small to medium poops lately, but they have been also on the hard side. I thought the food might loosen things up a bit. But by the time I was done with work, I didn't have an urge to poop. I was on my way to the mall to meet up with Sara and Marilyn, two of my best friends. As I park my car in front of Nordstrom, the urge to poop suddenly hit me hard. I went into Nordstrom and rushed to the ladies room.

I went into a stall, pull up my skirt and pull down my white panties and sat just in time. Erupting from my butt is a nasty cascade of soft poop, ending in not just one but two loud thuds. I quickly flush the toilet while seated. I repeated the same nasty wave of soft poop and flushed the toilet again. A strong poop smell was emerging, and my stomach was cramping as I pushed out globs of soft poop in rapid succession with no sign of stopping. I flushed the toilet while seated again, continued to push out ropes and globs of soft poop, and had to flush again. I sat for a few more minutes to settle my stomach, pushing out a couple more pieces. Then I wiped and flushed a final time. There was a small skidmark in the toilet and a lingering poop smell. I felt much better after that.

After I washed my hands, I headed out of the ladies room, when I saw Marilyn and Sara waiting for me in the powder room. I asked what they were doing here, and they thought I would be here since I was late in meeting them. We got something to eat and did some window shopping before visiting Carrie, who just had her second child, in the hospital as well as looking at the new baby.

Take care everyone for now.

Tim (and Sarah)
I have seen a television commercial a few days ago, which was quite entertaining: It's for a „Purair" toilet, which is supposed to absorb the bad smells of your buisness...First you see a guy on the pot and a woman knocking on the door, asking him to hurry up. You see his alarm going off, as he is embarrased about the stink of his droppings. But with the new toilet, it does not stink! So we see him leaving the bathroom with a happy smile. She sniffs while she enters and smiles suprised as the air is clean. Next thing we see that the woman (pretty lady in a dark nighty and with dark, short hair) has made herself comfortable on the loo. We hear her fart, followed by the slogan: „We have taken care of the smell. Now we are working on the sounds..." I guess this would be quite a horror to many here, who like to listen...J.

JAIME: Thanks for your story. I think the support you are giving your
husband is wonderful. I am sure, he very much appreciates that he can be so open with you. Were you always so uninhibited? I share a great relationship with my wife, which involves being able to talk about such things as well, but it took as a long time to get there. Now she would treat an embarrassing moment like you do. It's a great gift to have a partner like that!

RIZZO: Thanks for your nice words! But honestly, I did not want to worry you or anybody else. I just wanted to explain; you said about my health looking good last year and I did not know how to reply...Anyway, it's all fine at the moment and we are in good hopes! Sarah says hello to you. I can't find words for her support and care; the last year was really quite difficult as my medication and maybe other things brought on some depressions and moodiness that I often found myself unbearable. I am just glad we live door to door with our great friends Peter and Robert in a converted farmhouse now! They were of so much support with the kids or any other help. It took a lot of stress from Sarah and we all enjoy living together. Peter is kicking me out of bed in the mornings now to go ‚power walking' and we already had our first „welcome spring buddy dump in the woods" a few weeks ago. I liked your story. There is a German internet site were a guy took videos of guys and girls peeing openly on the Roskilde Rock Festival. They seem to have e very long gutter there for mainly guys to pee into, cause they would probably use the fence as a urinal anyway, but some ladies squat there as well. It's probably not a good thing he recorded it and puts it on the internet, but while it's there I admit I like to take a peek. Looks like an interesting happening. Men and women all next to each other whizzing away...I guess some of our old friends, would have protested about your remark that only guys leave a stain on the wall...;-). I miss them. I hope you had a nice trip and will entertain us soon with more interesting stories. Take care! Hugs from Tim and Sarah

BUZZY: Hello! Thanks for your greetings. I honesty thought when I looked at my last post that I forgot, I wanted to say ‚hi' to you. I guess you are looking forward to the summer as well. I hope you will find some nice ladies for a buddy dump... I wanna start cycling more in the future as well. Maybe I'll have some sightings to post about. Always enjoy your stories. All the best, Tim

ERIC: Hi to you as well! Hope you are fine and you keep being regular!

PV: Nice to see you are back! I bet your poop was very enjoyable. I am myself producing quite good piles at the moment! It sometimes hurts cause of the damn haemorrhoids but otherwise it's very satisfying. I often do two a day.
I posted to you a few weeks ago including the answer, why you are asked to use the toilets at the National science museum in London...I think they would need to pay us with the amounts we are leaving behind ;-)...Take care!

Hey everyone, love your posts. keep them coming!

I was at work as usual last Friday. I have these unusual colleagues. They have no qualms annoucing when they needed to go shit. I wish I was as brave to say when I needed to shit! So in the afternoon I felt a strong poop urge. So i went to the loo and took the 1st cubicle. Not long after my poop popped out but about a quarter way, it just stopped! Despite all my push and curses, the darn poop wont come out nor break. I decide to shift my position a little and lift up the toilet seat. I didn't want any accidents so i moved real slow and carefully. However, after lifting the seat and getting up, no matter how hard i tried, the poop just broke and fell off! I hurriedly readjusted my position but to no avail. the poop was on the floor! I was embarrassed but fortunately, I was the only one in the toilets then and the poop was dry. the result of constipation, no doubt... So i just grabbed some toilet paper, picked it up and dropped it into the bowl. Too bad I couldnt poop any more after that, the urge just vanished!

Zip: nice to see your posts again, keep those sightings coming!

Tightly whities: hope you were too badly affected by your lil accident. Like they say, accidents do happen! Where are you from? If you don't mind sharing...

Yalo. Taylor here.
I've had some wonderful shits over the last few days. Just yesterday I pushed out two rather large logs, one about seven inches long and the other about ten. The longer one was softer and light brown while the other one was hard and dark brown. And the day before that, I pushed out one bloody gorgeous log. A firm twelve incher that was about 1.5 inches wide. Oh yeah, I don't know why this is with me, but if I'm going to push out a log, I don't really have to strain at all. I don't nearly pop a vein in my forhead like I usually do. Its blooming weird.
HisLilPeeMoster: Don't worry about pooping in work. Just do it. Its not too bad. Hey, just go in when somebody else is taking a dump.
Elizabeth: Sounds like a 24-hour stomach bug, except longer, and worse. Trust me, those really are nasty. I had one in Feb, at the start of the half term holiday, and my stomach didn't feel right for ages.
Mr Clogs: I agree with you. Ladies, I would love to see you return.
Sarah: Hey, I don't want to sound like a nag, but you should have gone to the loo at work. Nobodies going to do anything. However, if the bogs are dirty, then I can't bloody blame you.
Diva: I think that nearly once happened to a girl in my school, who shall remain anonymous. She really needed to go in last period, and she acutally said she needed a wee. Well, some guys started being mean, doing waterfall impressions, and I just stayed out of it. She was allowed to go.
Oh yeah, I learnt a new trick. If ever any teenagers here have a mate over for the night and are feeling very mean, fill a bucket full of water, and when they fall asleep, take the water right next to where they're sleeping, put their hand in it, and they should piss themselves.
Cheers. Taylor. The Topless Wonder.

I was wondering... any girls ever wright their names in the snow? If so, how?

Am I the only one shy about going to the bathroom at work? I work in a small mortgage office in my town. The building I work in was originally meant to be a nursing home... so the halls are long and the rest room is placed right up front. Right across from the bathroom are two desks, a few cubicles, and the front door. I've never been on a real set schedule when it comes to pooing.... the urge just comes depending on how much I eat and what time of the day I eat it. I got to work a bit early yesterday after downing a double shot mocha. I probably had to pee 4 times in 90 minutes! When I sat down to pee the last time, I felt that evident pressure of needing to poo. I knew I couldn't do it there! Who would hear? What would they think, smelling that when I was done. I let a few small puffs of air pass and decided I'd better hold it. Bad bad idea. I was ok for about 2 hours... then the pressure built up. I was letting small farts out non stop all day and forcing out larger ones when nobody was around... trying so hard to get rid of some of the pressure. A few times I even felt like I was going to start going in my pants! I left a half hour earlier than normal and braved the miserable 45 minute drive home, squirming and adjusting the entire trip! I had been holding myself for a good 8 hours by that point. I pulled in to my complex parking lot.. grabbed my purse and keys and darted for the front door. By this point I could feel it starting to peek it's way out. I fumbled with my keys, got the door open, and quickly shut it behind me. It seems like right as the door shut I just couldn't hold it anymore. Once I had felt the first bit come out, I figured there was no point in trying to stop it! This wasn't anything watery.. it was thick peanut textured poo. TONS of it. I pushed a few times and hobbled in to the bathroom to clean up. I slid my pants down past my ankles and sat them on a small stool in the bathroom and followed with my panties. I stood up to get a better angle at this whole cleaning business and noticed the toilet seat was covered with my poo! What a mess! Imagine trying to explain this whole ordeal to my sweetheart when he got home from work... 10 minutes later.

well finally after being out all afternoon and not having went to the bathroom since about 3:30 pm [ yeah coffee :] , here it was probably 5:30 PM and while traveling from new haven toward the wal mart, I had to really pee badly and so, I stopped at this gas station along the way. being that I had to get gas anyway and that it was a pay first place,as I walked in I said , "may I please have the key to your restroom on the side, sir? " to which he gave me the key and as I walked around I saw this hand written sign on the door saying "out of order". nevertheless, I unlocked the door and upon walking in saw that it was working fine. I checked to see if that door locked from the outside, it did, and so after closing it, I put the seat down and then saw that there was no toilet paper at all. anyway, upon lowering that seat I saw that it had some pee splashes on it left over by all the rude guys [and gals who " hover" and spray!]; but not too bad as whoever used it last must've wiped it well. anyway, so i quickly undid my pants and lowered them and my undies most of the way down to just below my knees. looking again at the empty roll, I realized that I forgot my denim bag in the locked trunk; as I usually just carry around my slim little money wallet when I go to cities like waterbury, or new haven- which I just came from. good thing I changed my maxi pad earlier at the last pee time. [ yeah that most bitchin' "fun" time of the month; which with me, is always worst around the first week. LOL] "NO PAPER! DAMN! it's wet pussy time again!" anyway, so I sat down, but just on the front half of that seat [ hey, I'm almost 180 lbs, a "chubette chicki" and it's hard for me NOT to sit to pee! LOL],leaning way foward, and I soon began shooting out this really yellow hissy splash of pee! at first, it sort of shot against the back of that low-flow toilet with the oblong shaped puddle of water in the middle-back; making tons of extremely foamy urine bubbles as it also made a very hissy, deep splashy tinkle into the bowl's water. I could help but see, through the open front seat, all that foamy yellow pee coming from my twat as I hissed and splashed into the bowl till it stopped about 40 secs. later. I peed out even more splashes of really yellow pee, filling that water with nasty yellow, bubbly, foamy pee; like one of 10 secs and two more-5 secs each right down the the last drops of yellow urine. no paper! ****! , so I had to shake my labia majora's folds a little and at the same time, force the last droplets of yellow pee into the bowl; at which time I just got up and quickly pulled up my undies; staining them with some of that yellow pee! then I flushed the toilet , which was still full of my really foamy pee; and lifted up the seat so that the next "fireman" wouldn't take his "firehose" and spray it with his high pressure nozzle! LOL [ gods! I hate that, do y'all?]

2. i went on to wal mart to get a new electric razor for my legs, arms; and a face and bikini trimmer as well { hey, I'm sick of the razor cuts from the blade types I've been using since my old electric one broke!] before going in I had one 12 oz can of sam's diet cola, which I gulped down real quick; and even after spending nearly 3 hours shopping, did not have to go to the little girl's room! at the end while wlaking out at 8:30 PM I felt a slight urge but decided to wait till I got home to tinkle. also, I had to return a jim morrison poetry book and some country music CD's I borrowed. anyway, finally at 9:15 I got home but was able to hold my pee until I revoved my shoes and pants. now 9:45 almost, I finally go to my bathroom and after shutting the door , pulled my undies down and sat down on the seat; after lifting lid and getting that mirror! within ten secs the pee just began to release from my twat's lips; at which time I felt a sensual rush as i urinated into the toilet's water. I peed really hard for at least 35 secs I'm guessing the first time; my smelly pee just splashing out in a nice wide, twisty splattering stream of yellow; within ten seconds, making the bowl's water all bubbly and foamy! I stopped, then more came out in a few more, smelly splashes of yellow pee; adding to the foam layer which had long since covered the bowl's water surface. this time I peed harder, then dribbled into the water for at least another 20 secs more; stop! splash! splash stop! sploop! I took some pink [paper and wiped my twat, and as I got up - tossed it into the bowl's water now filled with my yellow pee and abundant foam streaks and patches, covering at least 3/4 of the water's surface. after pulling up my undies, I flushed my foamy pee; wondering if that smelly pee came from that 12 oz can of soda!

Mr. Clogs
Hey where did Carmelita, Sara T, Lily, Liz go? Please come back ladies, miss ya posts!

I started feeling sick around 3 a.m. Tuesday morning while in bed with my husband. My stomach was rumbling and it sounded like World war three was about to begin. I continued to try to sleep. Suddenly I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom, quickly pulled my nightgown up, and sat on the toilet. Immediately I let out a torrent wave of diarrhea for about 20 sec. As I sat on the toilet my stomach continued to rumble, and hurt terribly. I had three more waves of diarrhea. I started to feel somewhat better and wiped four times and went back to bed. I thought that it must have been something that I had ate that didn't agree with me. I awoke at 6 a.m. and started to get ready for work. As I was putting on my make-up, my stomach started cramping. I quickly lowered my pants and underwear and sat on the toilet and had three waves of diarrhea. Then I started to become nauseous, I picked up a waste basket and started to dry heave, having another wave of diarrhea at the same time. I sat there wondering if I had caught the stomach virus that one of the other girls at work had two days before. I wiped 5 times and redressed and joined my husband and two daughters--13 and 7 -- in the dining room where he had prepared breakfast. Ham, eggs, hashbrowns, toast and coffee. He asked me what I would like? I told him that I was sick again with diarrhea and felt as if I could vomit. He said that I looked pale and should proably stay home. I decided to have a piece of toast and a glass of OJ and try to go to work. On the twenty minute drive to work my stomach continued to churn. I wondered if I had made the right decision. As I arrived, another severe cramp hit me and I made a dash to the one toilet restroom and had another 4 waves of diarrhea. After about ten minutes I went to my desk and started filling out papers and answering emails. While I was on the phone I felt that I was going to have diarrhea again, I clenched my butt as tight as I could, the cramps were becoming unbearable,also my nausea was getting worse, I quickly finished the phone call as fast as I could. When finished I asked the girl working next to me to cover for me if the phone rang as I dashed to the restroom and had the worse diarrhea yet. It was mainly brown water but wave after wave. I felt so sick! I felt like I was going to vomit . I flushed and quickly kneeled in front of the toilet and vomited my orange juice and toast back up. I was feeling weak as I wiped my butt 4 times and flushed the toilet. I pulled my panties and pants back up. I then went to the sink and wet a paper towel and placed it to forhead as I was feeling a little faint. Suddenly vomit was rushing up from my stomach and I ran back to the toilet, barely making it. I vomited three times into the toilet and then dry heaved twice. As I dry heaved I squirted some diarrhea into my panties. I lowered my pants and panties and continued with three waves of diarrhea into the toilet. I took off my panties and threw them into the trash as they were ruined.Lucky for me my pants were not soiled. After about 30 minutes in the restroom I redressed and told my boss that I was going home. On the way home I stopped once along the freeway and vomited another two times, and stopped at a convenience store with another bout of diarrhea.At home I have had diarrhea about every 45 minutes and have vomited another 4 times. My husband has been a real sweetheart helping hold my hair back as I vomit and changing the sheets on our bed when I had an accident with diarreha.

The next day I woke up at 6 in the morning and ran to the bathroom and had painful diarrheam, felt vomit come into my mouth and grabbed a trashcan and vomited into it. When I was done i wiped and washed my hands thouroughly. I couldn't go back to sleep, so I waited until it was seven o'clock in the morning and woke my older daughter, Katie, up for school. "I don't feel good" Katie told me, and I told her she could stay home from school if she wanted to. but like me, she always tries to do her best, even if it means going to school when she is sick, so she told me that she would just like some OJ and toast. Then I woke my younger daughter, Lily, who got up her usual cheerful self. By this time my husband was making breakfast; toast for me, toast and OJ for katie, and eggs for lily and himself. He offered to drive the kids to school, and i agreed, thanking him. I ate the toast, and called my boss to say I wasn't going to be there today. Then i started heaving, and barely made it to the bathroom to vomit up my toast. While i was vomiting i had diarrhea all over myself, so i then took a shower and washed my nightgown. At roughly 1:00 I got a call from the school nurse at Katie's school saying Katie had thrown up during history. I groaned -- i wasn't doing to well myself -- and took my car and picked Katie up. Katie was looking green and flushed, and I gave her a plastic bag to get sick in if she needed to. I'm only 33, so I remember what it is like to be 13 and sick. Somehow I didn't get sick on the way home, and neither did Katie, although she kept heaving and crying because nothing would come up and her stomach was "on fire." Just as we pulled into my garage Katie ran out of the car, and vomited all over the driveway. I noticed that her pants turned brown too, so I knew she had diarrhea in her pants. She started crying, so i helped her inside, and get changed, and she went to bed. She's self-sufficient, so she was okay by herself once home, though i've had to change her bed sheets twice so far. As for myself, I spent the whole day in the bathroom with diarrhea and vomiting.

It is now 12:30 a.m. Thursday. I feel some better, no more vomiting. Katie is still as sick as ever, and Lily seems to be coming down with it, as she has a fever now. My husband has been such a sweetie, helping us all. I hope he doesn't get sick too. OOOOH NO! I have to go. I have the diarrhea again.

First for some info: I'm five foot four, 110 pounds, natural dark orange hair, I'm a pretty open person about peeing and shitting, but for some reason i am always extremely hesitant to use the bathroom at work! So yesterday I drank a lot at lunch, and by the time it was time for me to go home, I was bursting for a pee! So i walked to the car, shifting from leg to leg, and got into the car. It's normally a 25 minute drive, and so i got on the highway, and there was an accident and traffic was all conjested! So as my car crawled the 30 miles to my house at between 0 and 5 miles an hour, i got more desperate to pee! Pretty soon I was holding my crotch and pressing as hard as i could to not piss myself! Warm squirts started squirting out despite my attempts to stop them. Pretty soon my crotch was soaked, but I still couldn't hold it! I pressed my hand into my crotch harder, but the floodgates opened, and I started pissing myself and the car. I peed for three minutes, and then stopped. I had to sit for the remainder of the car in wet pants. When I got home I pulled into my driveway and ran to the house in my wet clothes. The seat is dry, luckily, and isn't stained. I've had other simular expieriences, and some with my boyfriend, so I'll keep you posted!

When I was 17, and still living with my parents, one day I spent the whole day needing to pee but not going for some reason or other. So I got to the house, and I had left my keys at school, and my parents weren't home yet! I held myself, and jumped up and down, and finally I realized that I was just going to have an accident! SO i ran to the back lawn, squatted down without having time to pull down my skirt, and peed all over myself and my skirt. To embarassed to leave backlawn, I went to the door leading to my house, and somehow managed to pick the lock. I was clean by the time my parents came home.

If anybody has any stories about having pee accidents infront of strangers, or friends, could you post them? Thanks!

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