To Northern Chik
To try to clear up your question, the movie theater accident was the first time that I peed in a maxi pad infront of other people. Before that though, I was just wondering one night how much maxi pads would absorb. I put one on and peed into it in the shower. After my movie theater experiance, I was kind of scared that this would happen again. After you have an accident once, I guess you are always scared it will happen again.
This next event happened after the theater thing. Since I found that with the combination of these pants I explaned in the last post and a maxi pad, I could acually pee inside my pants and no one would know.
My church youth group went on a camping trip that involved a lot of walking and all that. To be on the safe side, I just decieded to bring some maxi pads along incase I had to have an emergancy pee. I wore my water proof pants with cotton on the inside so I could put my skill of secret peeing to work. This was really for nightime use because I do not want to expose my "area" to a dark place on the ground I can not see. That night we were sitting around the fire and worn out from the hot days walk. I felt really dirty and sweaty withought a shower, and really was not to happy, but I had as much fun as possible. I told my friend that I was going off to pee and would be back soon. After I walked away from the fire it was so dark I could not see much at all. The leaders of the group acually assigned a girls bush and a boys bush for a toilet. That was kind of funny. So I moved over to this girls bush and squated and began to pee. I completly peed my maxi pad and it only leaked a little. This bush toilet was really smelly and aperently some girls used it and did not cover the job up with dirt. I was glad I used my new way of peeing.
I hope I have answered your question, and I will wait for the next event and post it. See ya!!

JW - You asked when and why the word "enema" has become a dirty word. Just today I read an item in my local newspaper that said: who's ever mad at a nurse unless, you know, they've given you an enema or something?" So your observastion is correct!

to jaime's question about if I ever actually had a peeing accident? what happened when you went on the floor? I think I did years ago as kid. I know there was a few times back when I was like 4-8 year old and wet the bed, but did I actually go on the floor. anyway, I remember this time when I was a kid and had soaked my pants and panties after peeing in them and some of it got all over the car seat I was sitting in; this when I was 7 or 8. I was what they called a "gifted child" with ADHD and well, knew a lot of things that most other kids my age didn't; one of them being that I was able to explain how our county sewer system worked; even my teachers were amazed at how " bright" I was. anyway, this may sound dumb and in a way was a good example of pee shyness, but where I lived in long island,new york[ usa] in baldwin our houses were hooked up to the nassau county sewer system[ I remember the "manhole" covers all up and down my street while riding my bike and the boys used them as "bases" for their ball games]; but a few towns to the east in both nassau and especially suffolk they had what you call cesspools[ like a septic tank but just a 10-12 foot deep by 8 foot wide cement cylinder with holes and a dirt bottom buried in everybody's back yard]. one time while we were playing house with our barbies in her yard one of my friend's brothers told us that this thing was where "all your doo-doo and pee-pee went into when you flushed the toilet"; this when the place next door had soapy washing machine water backing up and coming out of the vent,then flowing into her yard under the fence![ it was gross! and obviously that house was still not yet hooked up to the sewers!] in fact I still remember that ad in the nassau-suffolk yellow pages with the screaming housewife standing in the kitchen up to her dress in water with the toilet overflowing screaming which read "CESSPOOL EMERGENCY? call mid-island cesspool 24 hours/7 days a week"] well after that, for some reason I had issues with using anyone's bathroom in a town without sewer covers in the street [observed from dad's car] and would actually ask, dumb as it sounds, all my relatives and even my parent's friends when visiting their houses if they had sewers like we had in baldwin! if they didn't then I wouldn't use their bathroom and would hold it for hours till we got back home. well this one time dad drove the family to see his business friend's in huntington, L.I. out in suffolk county along the "north shore" and just because they had one of those "cesspool things" for their sewer. that day, after my dad saw me with my hand up my skirt on my pantyhose[ with the built-in panty] pulling at my crotch, he told me " you better go to the bathroom now because we have a long ride and I'm not stopping anywhere!" so I walked into their bathroom after being told how I "embarrassed them in front of company" and after closing the door and seeing that long oval shaped toilet bowl with the seat down; I looked at the water in it and imagined seeing my bubbly pee flush down the drain and drop out the pipe into this "underground dungeon" filled with everybody's floating turds; then got scared and could not pee. I immediately pulled my skirt and panty-hose back up and walked out saying " I can't go to the bathroom unless we're at home!" well as we went home I was squirming in the back seat of the car saying "I gotta go bad!" and all of a sudden, I began to wet my panty-hose with warm urine and yeah, got the seat a little wet. well,I know my dad had yelled at me and my mother just cringed in shame like she always did that time, saying " albert! it was an accident!"

speak of bubbly yellow pee, this one was a real good one. where to start? well come to think about it I haven't peed in many hours, not since I got home this evening at 10 PM; after carrying up all my groceries first [ 10:30 PM] lets see I stayed up and did some writing, but first dyed my hair shaved my legs and arms while waiting for the dye to set and finally took a shower. anyway, still no pee for a long time and about all I had tonight was some french vanilla coffee at like 3 AM and after eating,about 2 mugs of cranberry juice[ I'm on my third now!:)]and so finally just before at 6:30 AM I felt the need to pee finally.[ 8 hours later!] I went into the bathroom, and pulled down my sweats and undies after first lifting the toilet's lid; then sat down on the seat to pee. yeah, I got that mirror too as something told me this was fixing to be a good one. all of a sudden, the urine just flowed from my "labia majora" [cunt lips]nearly straight down into the toilet's water sort of slightly to the left for about 35 secs at most; making a nice splashy tinkle sound as it permiated the water's surface. within 5-10 seconds while watching in that mirror I saw it create lots of foamy bubbles as it quickly turned the water really yellow; tapering off almost as fast as it started to just a thin dribble at the end. I could see the " hole" in the middle of the foamy water near the front edge from where I tinkled into it! anyway, I took some of that pink toilet paper from the roll and wiped my freshly trimmed twat, then got up; dropping the paper into the bowl's water in front. I pulled up my pants and undies and right before I flushed, I looked and wow! not only was the whole bowl filled with my really golden yellow almost " rust colored" urine [ excess vanilla coffee?]but almost the ENTIRE TOILET BOWL'S WATER SURFACE WAS COVERED IN REALLY BUBBLY FOAM! [ at least 90% was] as I flushed I looked at it all swirl down! what a pee that was!

Mr. Clogs
Hi everybody, it's me again. Got a runny bowel movement experiece I had yesterday to post. After I attended a cocktail party for related purposes. I ate a little, didn't drink any alcohol, I drank soda's, so I was being on my best behavior. So as I got home from the party, I felt like my stomach hurt, not to bad, I just ignored the symptoms. So the next day I feel fine have on a nice business suit because there was a manager's meeting at the job, so I had to look my best. As I got into the building, I needed to go to the bathroom to evacuate my bowels. So I headed for the men's room, found my usual stall, "the middle" one. I quickly put toilet paper on the seat, undid my pants and pull down my undies down and sat on the seat to urinate a little first, after drinking a big mug of coffee. Then proceeded to poop into the toilet which stunk really bad, eewww! Sat on the toilet for about 10 minutes, proceeded to wipe really good so my undies don't smell like poop. Looked at the contents of the bowl found to be liquid with some solid chunks left in the bowl, unusual for me becauuse it takes me a while to make doodie in the toilet. Pulled up my pants and undies back up, flushed that brown liquid mess down, put on my suit jacket, washed my hands good, and left the mens room to eat breakfast. I think it must of ate at the cocktail party the day before. Oh well, but that whole experience felt good. I hope you all enjoyed it, take care.

AJ :o)
When I took the Magnesium Citrate late Monday evening, I had been without solid food for over 24 hours with the exception of one candy wristwatch (sugar candy like those candy necklaces only smaller).

I was surprised to find out that it was not only tolerable but, also, downright delicious!

It was all sparkly and lemon-flavored, and I had it with drinks of water and white cranberry juice with a twist of strawberry, as instructions said that other liquids should be taken along with it.

I noticed that the cranberry juice took on a somewhat peculiar taste when taken with it.

Wasn't sure just what to expect, so I decided not to get into bed and risk pooping the bed.

Instead, I sat in a soft chair that had its seat covered with a bed chuck. I was also wearing protective panties.

When I felt the first urge, I went in and sat down.

A couple of pieces slid out of me rather than exploding out of me.

I looked at them.

They were both a kind of mix of brown and yellow with a kind of green tinge to them as well. There were what looked like tiny pieces of a dark green vegetable like chives mixed in, too. I wondered what I had eaten that would have produced that.

One was a kind of fuzzy-looking strip that was, perhaps 3/4 inch wide and 2 1/2 inches long. One was a kind of cluster of tiny balls (larger than a BB but smaller than a marble) stuck together to form a formation of no particular shape. If shaped like anything, it might have been shaped like a chicken thigh.

They had a mild odor that didn't linger--but it was by no means a pleasant odor. This was probably residue that had been scraped off the walls of my intestines.

Next few times into the bathroom, I produced a maze-colored "gravy."

Shortly after taking the Magnesium Citrate, I went carefully back to eating solid foods, starting with a cup of mixed fruit, some raw baby carrots, and some original flavored Sun Chips. I ate that meal with water. Before I had the meal, I had a health bar (a kind of fruit and grain bar covered with a yogurt icing).

The next day, I spaced out three Spring Mix Salads from (that fast-food place started in a near-by state by an orphan named Dave). Had those with water and Sun Chips. Drank plenty of water through the entire day.

Actually, didn't eat so much because I was hungry but because I needed to eat.

Poop no longer a gravy consistency. Just kind of small, fuzzy strips with a nasty-but-faint odor.

Urine is--if not actually clear--very, very close to being clear.

It's my mom's birthday today, so we went out for some smoothies. But the place we went won't start making smoothies for a couple more days, so we had strawberry Italian Sodas instead.

This morning, I had a bowl of oatmeal mixed with raisins, a banana with a small amount of peanut butter on it, and plenty of water. I also had a few Sun Chips.

Had a couple of cranberry health bars while we were out and about.

While here, I had some Mexican rice I bought at a favorite health food store, a package of almonds, and I'm still drinking a 33.8 Fl. Oz. bottle of kiwi-strawberry-flavored water.

My diet for at least the next several weeks will be small meals that are, for the most part, vegetarian and plenty of fluids.

The place where I'm going to be staying until next Wednesday has ???? cookies out there for guests along with a breakfast buffet that even includes Belgium Waffles.

My stay is free, thanks to points I've earned from past stays at this motel chain, but it has everything complimentary just and when I pay for it--and that includes the cookies and breakfast buffet.

But I just choose the items that go along with my current diet. Just had to have one of those Belgium Waffles before starting this program, so I did. Had it with only butter.

Will have to decide if I'll allow myself one more of them--this time, with butter and syrup--but, if I do, it will be at least three mornings away.

I'm also taking the maximum dose (six per day and two-at-a-time) of fiber tablets.

At some point, I'll probably produce a monster log/sausage where the high-fiber foods and extra fluids I'm taking in now will gather together and make a wonderful intestinal journey (as a solid log/sausage), gathering up any residue left on the walls of my intestines and taking it along to the exit!!!

I think that I'm going to have black beans for breakfast tomorrow.

Will update you in a few days!

Have Fun!
AJ :o)

I had a couple of sightings of guys taking a dump over the past couple of weeks.
Swap Meet-There was a shower curtain where the door should be and I could see an older Mexican guy taking a dump. He had his pants and underwear down just enough to expose his butt. He did stand to wipe, though, and he pulled up some white Tommy Hilfiger briefs and adjusted himself before pulling up his pants.
Also at the swap meet-Hispanic guy, probably mid-20's, took the stall next to mine, and immediately dropped his pants and white briefs to the floor. Started dumping, not too much sound. He would lift his heels every time he squeezed one out. Crapped for a couple of minutes, then leaned to the left as he wiped. Pulled up his Hanes, letting the waistband snap against his skin as he released it. Pulled up his pants and went to the sink.
Public Park-Went in to take a dump, but saw that both doorless stalls were occupied. Both guys were olive-skinned, kinda slim, with black hair. Both of them had their pants and underwear all the way down. The guy on the left had a dress shirt on, wore black pants and blue boxer-briefs. The taller guy on the right wore a long-sleeved t-shirt, brown shorts, and orange briefs. They were "Home Depot orange" and I felt like asking him if he worked there. The guy in the black pants took a leak with his fingers holding his dick, while the other guy peed without touching himself. I could tell he trims down there as well. Unfortunately, they didn't look look like they were getting up any time soon, so I waited for about a minute before leaving.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Anonymous Male
Thanks for the help, all. I'll search those keywords when I have the spare time (I'm rather busy with assignments at the moment). I hope I can find a solution.

To answer FILUPHOLD's questions, I have had the problem to a varying degree since I was at least 6 (and I clearly remember being embarrassed about it even then, as unlikely as that sounds), but I didn't become aware that it was a serious problem until I was 14. On a long class trip at the end of 8th grade I was unable to pee despite the feeling of need and 2 trips to public restrooms alongside many classmates and a 3rd (sheepishly requested) trip where someone knocking on the door asking how long I was going to take made me unable to pee. I couldn't get anything out until I was back home that evening, somewhat more than 12 hours after I first felt the urge to pee. After that I was very worried about the safety of my health and the normality of my body and possibly mind. But I was unable to get the courage to tell anyone, in person or online, until my post here. This was the only site I found searching where it seemed like I could ask for advice on my highly personal problem, and I have to say I'm glad a place like this exists.

I'm 21 now, and somewhat better than I was at emptying my bladder under stressed circumstances (my worst time was early high school). I live in a dorm so I have to share a bathroom with the rest of the men's floor (into which girls will occasionally stroll, but that's another story). Now I am often able to pee at a urinal when there are other guys there, but I can't rely on it. I'm afraid of using the stalls when there are other people there, because I don't want people talking about how there's a guy on the floor who sits down to pee like a girl. So when I go in and there is someone there, I usually pretend I just went in to wash my hands, then leave and come back 20 minutes later, hoping it will be empty then.

The things that used to make me unable to flow are: people standing next to me, knowing there is someone in a room directly connected to the bathroom, or knowing that someone is waiting for me to finish (even if they aren't in the building). Now it is only the other guys standing near that makes my bladder undrainable, and I also have a lot of trouble if the people in the next room include a girl, but it will usually flow within 15 minutes (that's my standard time limit where, if it won't come out, I give up and try again later). I've developed the shamefully unmasculine habit of sitting on the toilet whenever I anticipate difficulty leaking. I never think "I can't pee because there's someone next to me" or anything like that consciously. It seems like no matter how much I want to pee my equipment just won't comply. I don't doubt that it's psychological, I just want to make it clear that it's totally unconscious with me.

In response to WHIZZER, I do get stiffness "down there" when I have to pee and have held it in for a long time, and I always have, even since long before puberty. I have always assumed that was normal and common to all guys. Of course it's not like I can ask my friends about it to confirm that assumption...

Probably a lot of what I'm saying sounds terribly strange, but this is my sad situation. Sorry for the long post, I just want to get everything out (in more ways than one).

In elementary school, I was good friends with a girl named Cristina who had a sister two years younger named Carolina. Carolina's class got out of school 20 minutes before mine and Cristina's. Their mom picked them up at school and she would walk Carolina to the car, which was parked by the school gates, and Carolina would wait there while their mom waited by the school doors for Cristina. One day, I was going home after school with Cristina. At the time, Carolina would have been about 7. Their mom met us at the door and we walked to the car. As soon as her mom unlocked the door, we could see Carolina sitting in the backseat crying. Her mom asked what was wrong, and Carolina sobbed "I wet my pants - I had to go so bad." Her school skirt had a huge wet patch and so did the seat.
Their mom wasn't mad, and Carolina told us in great detail exactly what had happened once she calmed down.
Apparently, Carolina had had to pee badly during the last period but decided to wait until the end of school. She said she was squirming in her seat by the time class got out, but by the time she got to the restrooms, all the stalls were full and rather than wait on line she decided just to go to the car and hold it till she got home. She said at the time she knew she had to go, but didn't think she was that desperate.
However, while waiting in the car, she had got more and more urgent to go very quickly. She said she tried to think of something else, then she held herself and bounced around, but she could still feel it about to come out. Finally, about to wet her pants, she considered her options. She could run back to the school and try to get inside, but she said she would only have been able to make it if she held herself and she knew she'd get teased in front of everyone, and by then she had to go so bad, she doubted she could make it anyway. She then thought of squatting by the car, but it was a public area and people would see her. She felt her only option was to try and hold on, but she said probably a minute before we came, she had lost control and it just poured out and wouldn't stop.
Their mom was very nice about it. She told Carolina from now on she should go at school even if there was a line up. When we got to their place, she took Carolina to the bathroom to clean up and no more was said about it.

Cute linda - I remember you bright. How goes?

Becky M
Hi there, it's me, Becky again. Just wanted to share a couple of stories. As I mentioned before, I tend to suffer from intestinal angst quite a bit, although I have learned to live with it the best I can. However, some of the more embarrassing situations occur at work. I tend to be pretty private about my life at work, and am shy about pooping in public bathrooms, even though I spend most of life pooping in public bathrooms, if you know what I mean. I usually look for a quiet bathroom or wait until one frees up.

Well, one time, I could not wait any longer, and I started to walk into the ladies room. There was my boss, and she started asking me about a presentation I was preparing for a later meeting. Of course, she had all kinds of questions. I explained that I need "to go", and she said, "That's OK. We can still talk while you go". Arghhhh!!! I knew that this was going to be a bad bout of diarrhea. But I had no choice. So I went into the stall and started to go. My boss did not bat an eyelid, but still kept asking me questions!! Fortunately, after a couple of minutes, my boss was either finished, overcome by the odor, or decided that I needed some private time. She said "Thanks for your help. Just stop by my office when you're done." Of course, for me, "when I'm done" could mean an hour. So I tried to finish as fast as I could (it still took me about 20 minutes).

There was another time I was in mid-poop when someone walked into the ladies room. This was another bad one, and I was making all kinds of noises. Suddenly, the girl who walked in takes the stall next to mine, and asks "Becky, is that you?" I recognized the voice as belonging to the women in the cubicle next to mine. OMG, how embarrassing, when co-workers can recognize you from your pooping noises!!

Take care everyone. Hope to hear more stories and surveys. Gotta go (seriously).


I don't see why society has categorized enemas as being politically incorrect either. personally, I go for a high colonic every month or so, and I take two fleet enemas at once every once in awhile, I'm a 21 year old dude, and some of my friends know I do this, but can't get over the thing about something going up my ass. well geez people, it's smaller than a pencil in diameter for the fleet enema, and for the high colonic the tip only goes in about the length of a pencil eraser. come on now. Would you rather have a belly full of toxins and nasty shit, no pun intended, or would you rather be washed out and clean and feel empty down there? I think someone should make an enema awareness page. lol. I went to Kroger the other day to pick up some meds at the pharmacy and asked the lady for a double pack of fleet enemas and jokingly asked her to package them so nobody could see, and I said 'I swear they're not for me!' she said 'yea right' then I said 'hey, everybody needs an enema once in awhile!' she laughed. anyway that's something I've been thinking about which is why I posted. Have a good one!


Fiona Pooped-R-Self
Responder- Thanks, glad to know that somebody liked my post.

However, it occured to me right after clicking the "submit" button on my last post that I started off the post getting ready to tell you about my accident that day, but got side-tracked by an old story. I'll save that post for later but right now, here's another story:

3 years after the time my first post took place, I found myself in my junior year of high school...By now I had made quite a few friends and had a *cute*boyfriend, well one Friday, after school, my school was having a type of festival thing that was at about 7:00pm, my boyfriend picked me up and not long after getting there I began to need to go to the bathroom, I of course held it, thinking I'm to old to go to the bathroom at school, even though it was after hours. Well, my boyfriend and I went to a game where we toss raw eggs at a teacher, it was a pretty long line because there was a teacher that NOBODY liked getting egged, and the line was about 20 minutes long, about 15 minutes in I started holding my butt, regardless of how many people might have been watching. Finally it was my turn and I paid and got a bowl of 5 eggs. As I threw the third egg my butt just let loose and a load of mostly solid poop spread quickly into the seat of my panties. I finished throwing the rest of the eggs before anybody knew what had happened, I took my boyfriend my his arm and lead him back to his car so he could take me home, but half way there he stopped and asked me if I smeled something, before I could answer he yelled out, "Oh my God, you shit your pants!" I turned CRIMSON when he yelled that and everybody around us stared at me and started laughing...I was sooo embarrassed that I started peeing myself too, even though I hadn't even had a bad urge to pee yet. After I started peeing on myself my boyfriend started yelling, "Why am I going out with a girl who shits and pisses her pants!?!" I ran away, hands over my face and ran all the way home. I got grounded for three weeks because of that and I was made fun of for the rest of my high school time...
See ya' later everybody!


Mr. Clogs
Sara Kim: I had that experience before, I was taking a shower when the pressure begain to build up in my stomach, then I peed and pooped in the shower, oh yes, very messy!

cheryl: Great post, I liked the part when you make reference to the artist who submerged the cross in the jar of urine, and the part about peeing through tight nylon tights if you're wearing undies underneath! Cool, doesn't that get messy?

Pee bottle post, before I went to bed last nigh, I used the pee bottle before hitting the sack for the night. Figure I share. Take care!

luv to be desperate to pee!
ok... I have a million accidents to inform you on... first of all, i am squirmin right now because i have to pee sooooooo badly. I mean really badly, my bladder is literally (or close enough) rock hard! if i even touch my bladder i know for a fact that im gonna wet my panties. ok well anyways, as i was saying, i have at least a million peeing stories. i dont know about you all but i love the feeling of beeing desperate to pee and the feeling that if you dont find a toilet in a minute your gonna wet yourself. though all exept one accident was... an accident. one time when i was about 7 years old (7 years ago) i was attending sunday night school at my church. well, i had drinken alot of juice and water considering the fact that it was the middle of summer. we sat down the whole class though which was better for me but... yeah. anyways, about a quarter of the way through the class i had the biggest urge to go pee. but the bad thing is that even if im about to wet myself, i dont like asking to go pee because it was then and still is embarasing to me. so i waited till it was like halfway through the class. I said "Mrs. Sarah(was her name), can i please use the bathroom?" and she asked if it was an emergency... of course i said no even though i was really squirmin and desperate. so about 20 minutes away from the end of class, i asked again because i was seriously squirting out little tiny squirts out every minute or so. so she let me go. i sprinted to the bathroom, and i went into one of the stalls, but i realized i shouldve gone sooner because i was wearing my really tight pants and in order to get my button and zipper undone on those pants you have to push into your bladder. but i just couldnt do that. so i tried to pull away and undo my pants a different way. but i couldnt so i went out of the stall (desperate to move around alot) and tightly squeezed my hand against my pussy hoping for a miracle. but i knew i wouldnt make it so i tried to undo them again,,, but as i pushed in... it all let loose. i tried to stop it but I COULDNT DO ANYTHING! so there i am standing in the middle of the bathroom peeing in my panties. lucily i was wearing a long baggy shirt because i used my shirt to wrap around my legs (it looked like i was in a ball) and i sat on the ground of my moms car so she diddnt knowtice either. luckily nobody knowticed but me. i have many more stories than this but i will post again soon. hope you liked!

Hi again. I have posted a couple of times before.
I have one story back when I was 7-years-old.

On that day me and my friends went to the 7-11 store to get slurpees. After when me and my freinds got home we played nintendo I can't remember what game. After 20 mins of playing one of my friends started to fart alot then after 5 mins a big bulge appeared on the back of his pants and it stank bad. My other freinds were now laughing at my other friend for pooping his pants, they were laughing so hard they wet themselfs. It was funny all my friends had accident. Then it hit a big urge to go poop I strated to fart alot and my freinds were saying to poop my pants because we messed ours so I said ok so I got up and bent down and pushed a big bulge appeared in my pants and it stank.After my friends left I went to the bathroom I pulled my pants down and my red breifs were now stained brown then another urge hit so I finished the job my briefs were filled so much they were about to exopoled so I empty them into the toilet and threw my breifs down the laundry shoot then I went for a shower. When I got dressed my mom called me down to the laundry room and showed me my soiled breifs then she spanked me and she grounded my for pooping my pants on propose.

Tighty Whities
I'm 21 years old boy from Asia. I came to Australia 1 year ago. Now I have found the place, here to tell my stories. I often go to toilet for both pee and poop but in my country, there are heaps of public toilets everywhere so I didn't have any problem with toilet. However, here in Aus there are not as many toilets as my country. I know that there are fewer toilets than Aus in US. I don't think I can live there because I've had frequent accidents even in Aus. I'm gonna tell you one of the accidents I recently had.

Last month, when I went to buy some clothes in the city. When I went into the store, I found my favourite kind of jacket but that one was too expensive so I decided to go to some other store another day. But I wanted to buy something because I paid for the bus to go to the city. I found several lovely tighty whities.(I don't like boxers because they don't hold my stuff propery and don't look sexy either.)I just bought them and then I went home. It takes 2 hours from the city to my house. On my way home, I noticed something rumbling in my stomach. I had to poop. I looked for a toilet but there was not. I knew there is a toilet near the harbour so I decided to hold it until there. As I walked, pain was getting worse and worse. Then I felt a little fart coming down and I thought If I let it out, the pain would get bit better so I stopped walking and went into a narrow place between two buildings to make sure nobody can see me or hear my fart. Then I just stopped there and let it out. It was a long fart. I pushed and opened my ass, fart came out and then I closed it but soon I felt something hot and sticky on my ass crack. I realised I had shit my pants. I was so embarrassed and sad. I started to walk down to the harbour again. Soon as I walked, I a had terrible feeling just in between my ass and crotch. When I had shit my pants, I'd already known I would have that feeling. My white briefs were sticking to my crotch. I was so embarrassed but I kept walking and I finally got to the harbour. I was going to catch a ferry and one ferry was just going leave there. I knew there is a toilet near the harbour but I knew there is also a toilet on the ferry so I ran to the gate, put a card through a machine and I went onto the ferry. Then I ran straight to the toilet. But Oh My God.... All of the stools had a broken door!! So I thought I should have used at the harbour...but it was too late, the ferry had already left there. I didn't move at all because I knew if I move, my briefs would stick to my crotch and give me that feeling. When the ferry arrived at the wharf, I got off and I dushed to the toilet. I finally could use the toilet. I just put my trousers down and then I didn't do anything in there for 2 minutes. I was embarrassed and hesitated to look at my tighty whities. 2 minutes later, I finally put my them down. I saw a mess on the back of them, it made a huge brown stain on clear white color. I was embarrassed so much but I knew it would be like that. I took the new pair of tighty whities that I bought in the city out of my bag. I was lucky at this point of view because I could change my underpants. Then I just washed that soiled briefs and put them into another plastic bag and went home. At home, I washed them again but I couldn't take off the stain but I could settle down because I was already at home, nobody saw my accident.

Roberta-Thanks for your pee-standking up story. However, I have some stories for you:
1. Did you do with or without a peeing device? If without, how did
you control your aim?
2. Have you ever used a urinal before? If you have, did you do it
facing or backing?
3. Where do you pee standing up?
a. everywhere
b. outdoors
c. at home
d. in public restrooms
4. Do you wipe up after you pee standing up or sitting down?
5. What is the usual color of your urine (1-5 yellow to clear)?

Hi all,

I see lots of new names here -- it's been a while since I last posted.

I wanted to tell you all about my morning poop today -- for the first time in about two years I seem to be back where I used to be -- going large and with definite feeling!

I had been active for a while, very busy, and went when I couldn't hold on comfortably anymore, and when I sat and started to go it was heaven. But after a few seconds I realized I was going an awful lot, and looked down between my legs.

A toffy-brown, medium-soft rope nearly an inch thick has already down underwater and turning over to go round the S-bend, and I was still passing full-blast. I thought, rather aptly, "shit!" A few moments later it dropped free and collapsed, but my length estimate is over 18 inches! I dropped a little more to finish the session too (and went again, later!), and it took several wipes to clean up.

That was my biggest dump in a very long time -- maybe the huge serve of apricot chicken the previous evening had something to do with it!

Bye all,

PV Down Under

Yalo. Taylor here.
Just as I said my dumps were getting boring, I had a beaut of a dump on Sunday. I was out for a drive with my mum, and we stopped at this very cute countryside village, name of Burnsall. Well, we stopped in at some cafe for something to eat. Well, after my snack, I had 'The Feeling'. Yes, that feeling. So I made my way into the toilet, Locked the door, And took a seat. Well, I was pushing out my usual supply of Chunks, but they were softer than normal. Well, after about twenty odd of those, I pushed out a nice, soft log. Quite thin, but lovely and long. About 9 inches. Well, it was a bit niffy in there, so after I wiped up and flushed, I sprayed the Tesco Air-Freshner they had in there. Usually, I never spray after a shit, but in this case, I made an exeption. I'd usually rather smell the shit than the spray.
Cute Linda: Welcome Back. Great story. Hey, that's what you get for holding your poo in for four days.
Mara: Hey, that's not too disturbing. funny though.
Michael S: Why don't you let her see you take a dump first. That might open her up a little.

The New Number Two
A question for any ladies out there?

I've seen heaps of ladies wearing high heels, boots and dangerous looking stilettos that could take someone's eye out. I was wondering how the hell can you keep your balance when you want to sit on the loo?

I was also wondering why do women wear those knee-length boots? Power dressing? if any of you ladies does it affect your going to the loo?

all opinions welcome!

The New Number Two

My older sister Heather has always been open about her bowel habits as long as I've known her, and the following recollection I tried to post a couple of months ago without success, so I've shortened it a bit.

Heather suffers IBS and has a list of foods that upset her. Despite this she is a big eater, enjoys her food and is quite a bit overweight.

Last summer we decided to hire (rent) a gite in France for a couple of weeks and have a girlie holiday. For those who don't know, a gite is a rural house or cottage. This one was quite isolated in the Loire valley, and we drove there after taking a car ferry to Cherbourg. The cottage was beautiful and very old; we loved it straight away.

There was only one toilet in the house and it was connected not connected to a main sewer. A notice warned us that only bodily waste and paper was to be flushed and a special toilet cleaner to be used. If any blockages occurred the owner had to be contacted.

After a few days visiting chateaux, sunbathing etc. Heather announced that she was constipated. She purchased some 'fibre gel' and proceeded to drink a double dose late that evening. The following morning she spent half an hour in the toilet and I could hear a few small plops (I listened!) but it was clear she was bunged up. After she emerged all red faced and flustered she suggested she hung around and sunbathed in the garden because her ???? was sore.

She ate a massive bowel of high fibre breakfast cereal and much to my amazement a whole bag of French prunes. By the afternoon Heather was well into a book as she lounged in the sun and she started farting like a trooper. She apologised every time she lifted her ample bottom and let rip. The smell kept drifting my way and it reeked, a bit like rotten eggs and cabbages all thrown in. I made tea about 4pm and served it in the kitchen to give us a break from the sun. As she supped her tea she farted one more time, this time a silent one but I knew for certain by the smell and ominous rumble in her gut she was about to shit. After another apology for the smell she picked up her tea and said, "Do you need the loo Ginny, I think I better finish my tea in there, sorry Ginny." She stood up and clutched her abdomen and said "Ohhh, I need to Poo." She waddled off and when out of sight I followed. I could smell her gas all the way to the toilet. The toilet door didn't quite fit; it had a large gap at the bottom so I could hear everything.

I could hear a lot of grunting and I distinctly heard Heather say 'Please' several times. After a few minutes I heard a distinctive crackling sound and a massive FLOMP. Heather whispered, "Oh thank God". Another minute past and suddenly I heard a rapid series of plops, like as if very soft stuff was coming out of her and which ended with a loud wet fart - and that's when the smell hit me! Like the stink I'd been getting all afternoon only stronger. Several more minutes went by and nothing much else happened then another series of squelchy farts and sloppy stuff shot out of her. After a lot of cleaning up the toilet flushed, then again and again.

I retreated to the kitchen and when Heather came out the loo I said, "Alright?" Heather replied, "You could say that, however the toilet is blocked and I'm sorry to say it is a bit smelly". Smelly was an understatement; the whole house was smelly. I suggested she find a stick or something to break it all up and Heather went off in search in the garden and to an outbuilding. I took this opportunity to look in the toilet, and the most massive log was sticking proud of the water surrounded by mounds of sloppy shit and paper, I was gagging. The back of the toilet was splattered. Thankfully she managed to unblock the toilet, I assume the massive log just needed breaking up.

That evening Heather suggested we walk to the local village and eat and drink on her. She was clearly feeling better. Heather ate everything including what she shouldn't eat (as usual) and got pretty well drunk. As we set off to walk home in the dark she started giggling and said, "You might not believe this Ginny but I need to Poo again." As we passed a farm gate she announced that she was just going to poo into the field, she was giggling uncontrollably and had hiccups. The gate wouldn't open so I helped her over (she was too fat). In the fading light I watched as she hastily dropped her panties, I was able to stay with her because she was so drunk. Her bowels immediately exploded and I could see a pool of shit a bit like a cow pat. The smell hit me like a sledgehammer. I couldn't believe so much shit had come out of one person in the previous few hours - but that's Heather!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

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