Brown underware
The year was 2nd grade. we had just finished a big writing project. "our own Fractured fairy tailes." well, after already reading my story to the class i sat down in my chair, only to find it strangely warm. Soon after, my chair began to get cold, and i could smell something strange. (it never crossed my mind that i had shit myself.) as i squirmed aroun in my chair i felt a scratchey feelin. like shards of nut shells in my pants. I was totoly cluless, till i got home. i was doing head stands on the orental rug, when the nutshell feeling began bothering me. i walked to the bath room, pulled down my pants, only to find my white tight undergaments cover in brownish green stuff. i threw them away and never told anyone ever.

Summer- I have a serious question for you. As a nurse, can you tell me when and why the word "enema" has become a dirty word and the enema it self a thing to be avoided at all cost? I just had a colonoscopy and for various reasons I had to be hospitalized for the proceedure. They started out giving one oral med. which consisted of two liters of liquid. I got one liter down and got the worst cramps of my life, but no BM at all. They call the doc. and he suggested a fleets enema. The nurse did this and all the while she's appologizing and telling me how sorry she is that she has to give me this enema. The enema made me go, and the cramping from the other stuff left me almost immediately. Then the doc. ordered a second oral med. That made me vomit..violently. So again he orders a fleets enema, again the apologizing and on about how horrid this is, again I went immediately, but its clear I'm not cleaned out. So finally the doc orders two 500 cc tap water enemas...and you'd think the nurse thought she was about to execute me...WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL? My mother used to give me a quart of soapy water if I didn't poop for three days, compared to that, these enemas were NOTHING. In fact when she got the 500cc in me I said to the nurse "is that ALL?" They did exactly what they were supposed to do, they had me pooping in no time. Why is the enema such a NO NO?-- JW

Good morning--cool here. A few days ago I was in a mall bathroom with reflective tile behind the partitions. I was there only briefly, but in that time I did get to see the shadowy image of a man in the neighboring stall leaning well forward and letting three long but thin turds slide softly into the toilet. My own droppings were somewhat louder. Then back to work.
Yesterday and today I got up early, then soon had to poop. I went into the bathroom, took a mirror, and squatted on the rim. I held the mirror down in front of me so I could observe my anus in action. At rest that organ is like a small dot between my buttocks, sort of like this ).( only with the dot a little higher; it is surrounded by a rough circle of smooth skin slightly darker than my other skin. I always expect that, as I apply pressure, it will simply open up as a circle )o(, but in fact the dot lengthens to a slit like this )I( only without the top and bottom cross-pieces. Then, as I push, the turd makes the anus bulge out a bit, and as the turd makes its first appearance, the shape of the anus changes from )I( to )0(, a bit taller than wide. Then the turd thickens to its full diameter (today maybe 1.25 inches), at which point the anus becomes more like )O(, which shape it maintains as the turd completes its exit. Both yesterday and today I had the pleasure of watching two quite long turds come out. Today's were maybe 8" and 6", with a couple of tiny hangers-on afterwards; the first one started out dark and knobby but after a couple of inches smoothed out and lightened up to a medium brown; the second was smooth and lighter brown. They dropped in with satisfying PLOONK noises, and the tiny ones went PLIP! The whole process took only a short time, maybe a minute at most, because I was good and ready before I went in. It felt very good.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Sara Kim
Once I was in the shower and I had the urge it pee and poo.
I tried to hold it until I finished showering.
Then, I just let go and I peed and bm'd in the shower.
Very messy.

I thought about another bathroom experience I had. When I walked into the bathroom to take a piss, their was already a man using the urinal. I used the one right next by that one. While we were peeing, another man walked in. The first man finished before me and washed his hands. Then I finished and went to walked to the faucet to wash my hands. While I was doing my business, he grabbed some paper towels to dry his hands. With his butt facing me, he cut a long, bubbly fart! Then the smell hit me. The bathroom already smelled fithy enough. The fart would only encourage the odor. That is my story.

I am kind of curious about something. Does a male's or female's fart smell worse? Does the rest of you guys know the answer?

Cute Linda
HIYA!! I'm back after being gone way too long. Many of the oldies remember me(at least I hope you do) and as for the newbies..hi, nice to meet you. I took back my old name cause it's simple and easy to recall.(There's another Linda here already and i used to take the name of whatever Pokemon game was out but well I get tired of changing it every so often and now there's a new one on the way so I'll keep this one. Still I haven't felt very cute since I got the scar on my face but oh well.) Anyway, lemmie tell you all a story since a few of been talking about poop desperation. Last week during spring break I went to a short but sweet cheerleader camp.(I think it was just an excuse for us gals not to go and do crazy :girls gone wild" stuff but geez I'm still a kid gimme some credit,hee hee) Anyway, it was fun but the potties there were ACK..god awful. I mean roaches wouldn't even poop on the floor it was so bad. It was a true test of stamina and flexiblity to pee in those potties without touching.(maybe they did it so we'd be training even when going to the bathroom heh)but going poop there was OUT OF THE QUESTION!!! Man, girls complained about ???? aches from holding it, others would get all antsy, some holding there tushies saying "ohohohohohoh don't come out" a couple girls got so desperate they ran off into the woods and came back blushing, but looking a heck of a lot better. A couple of my friends pooped in a bucket(while I stood watch..and peeked a few times hee hee)Anyway, me and my stell will held out for 4 days and when my cousin came to pic me up I was reaching critical mass. (it's not easy going for a pee and keeping the poop from coming out..a few times it peeked out) Anyway my cousin came for me.(he says hi folks and sorry he and Elena haven't posted in a long while either.)And well the long drive home was murder. My guts felt like they were on fire, my tuhsie hole ached from the battering ram trying to break down the gates if you know what I mean. And half way home I could not hold it in any more. I gasped and gribbed the dor handle and my poor cousin's arm as the poop tip force it's way out. My cousin loked at me and said "From the death grip you have on my arm I can tell something's wrong" I told him I had to take an ULTRA MEGA POOP and bad. He laughed and said 'Are there any other types of poops for you?" I would have hit him but it wa taking all I had to keep a mass exodus from happing in my Dear Dan panties. It was dark and well seen way too many horror movies to even think of going out in the woods. So we came to a rest stop a few minutes(felt like hours to me) and we stopped there. I don't even recall how I got out of the car and to the rest stop but I recall freezng in my tracks as I walke din and saw this dimly lit bathroom. There was no way I could have gone there but my tushie said " Oh yes you will" and let out another inch of poop. I yelped whipped down my shorts and panties and sat.I looked at my panties and there was a tiny line of brown.(guess I cut it a little too close)Anyway I sat there and nothign was happening. I felt like I was gonna die. The pressure in my tush grew stronger and stronger, like at any moment my poop was gonna fire outta me like a cannon. I could not go, and I knew why: strange potty, fear, and stress equal no poop. My cousin poked his head in and asked if I was okay.There I was in all my glory: panties and shorts bunched up midthigh, face all wrinkled up and strained... on display. He came in and locked the door and knelt down next to me and asked if I was okay. he sounded worried I must have looked like my appendix was about to burst. I said in a strained voice that I was dying and my tush would not let the poopzilla in me out. he chuckled and told me to relax. I took a deep breath and did. Then we got to talking about stuff I did at camp, heh I even told him about all the poop emergencies I saw there. And relax I did.. untill I tensed up with my legs out straight in front of me and my holding the bowl. I huge spikey poop slowly forced it's way out. My cousin kept me at ease which helped a lot. and dispite witnessing this and hearing all my OOOOO's and AAAAAAA's he did not once laugh or chuckle. 3 huge thick poops made their way out and then serval smaller once which sounded like stons being dropped into a bucket.Then some icky soft stuff came outand I sat bent over commenting how much better that was. My cousin handled me some napkins he brought for me from the car. (lucky me cause there was no paper)And got dressed and flushed. Then we got out of there when the toilet started to over flow.(I like to think it was clogged before I got there.)We got home a bit late and Elena asked us what took us so long. My cousin said I had forgotten something back at camp so we went back to get it. heh he was better off saying I had to drop off something. LOL. Well that's all for now folks. I have tons more to share but not right now.Um sorry if i rambled on a bit too much. i love talking to you guys and well..i's been a while. Take care
P.S. To those who have been looking for movies with girls pooping. I saw one called "Poop" on . Watch it.. it's hilarious.

..Ok this may disturb some of you.. so beware!!
It was a really hott summer day..and I had just got done swimming.. and boy did I have to pee. SO I ran up to the house..and I was about to open the door.. until Jeffrey my moms boyfriend ...said WAIT!.. but I wsa too late.. I had to PEE very bad.. so i walked in anyways.. to a very distubring sight... you see we have this big mirror in our bathroom that's very tall. Well.. he was bending over.. spreading his buttcheeks.. looking at his HAIRY BUTTHOLE. It looked like a lawn that hadn't been mowed ALl summer.. well... I fell to floor laughing.. and You know I had to pee.. well cuz of the laughing.. i had pee'd all over the floor. Jeffrey.. tried to run away.. VERY RED.. and he slipped in my puddle of pee.. it made a very loud sound when he fell.. my mom had rushed to the door.. to see me laying on the floor.. and jeffrey lying on the floor.. surrondedby my puddle of pee.. My mom and jerffrey are still together.. but it's very akward for me and him to look at eachother.. and we ALL KNOCK to go to the bathroom from now on.

Fiona-really liked your story, keep posting your stories!

Fiona-really liked your story, keep posting your stories!
Jackie-Please tell more stories, and your friend's stories.

To Anonysis Male:

See Page 1335 and 1333 from filhold. its called paruresis(shy bladder) and it is normal. I dont know how you stop it. At least you don't get a boner on when it happen to you. this can also happen.


Mr. Clogs
Hi everybody, I hope everybody is doing well with the peeing and pooping experiences. I've got a post about peeing into my "pee bottles". After I woke up around 12:20AM this April Fools Day, I needed to pee really bad and I didn't want to pee into the bathroom toilet, I wanna use my bottle to measure it and see what color my pee is. Let me tell you, it's been brewing for quite sometime. After I made the morning coffee, before getting ready for bed I grabbed my "pee bottle" from my dresser drawer, put the bottle mouth up to my penis, then I proceeded to urinate into the bottle, this loud hissy sound manifested inside the bottle while I was peeing into the bottle. I finished up and closed the mouth of the botle and placed the bottle in the corner of my bedroom and went to bed.

Chloe the Pooper: I liked your post about the whole paper towel and pooping into your panties. Inovative idea. Pretty cool post. Hey Chloe the Pooper, have you ever peed/pooped into containers and stuff like that? You have any stories. Please post, feel free to take my survey I posted a while back asking that same question.

Take care.

A while back somebody had a survey and one of the questions was about foods that give you diarrhea but you eat them anyway, and I answered it and said coffee. I forgot about the other thing that always gives me the runs, chocolate. I love it but don't eat it much so that's probably why I forgot to put it on that survey, but this week I was reminded about its effects on me when I ate a piece of cake after a friend's birthday two nights ago. It was chocolate cake with chocolate icing and pieces of chocolate in the icing, and I don't know what I was thinking when I ate it. The piece was pretty big and I didn't even finish it all. After about forty-five minutes I thought maybe I wasn't going to get the runs at all, because usually when I eat chocolate I'm on the toilet rubbing my ???? within half an hour. I said goodbye to my friend and got in my car to drive home, by then it had been almost an hour and I was feeling fine. The ???? cramps began when I was about five minutes from home and I knew I was going to poop soon! It was all building up in my rectum and loud gurgling noises were coming from my ????. I ran into my apartment holding my ???? and got to the toilet just in time for a torrent of diarrhea to come out. My roommate came home a few minutes after I finished. I was sitting on my bed talking to her when I got the cramps again and as I hurried to the toilet I told her I was having a ???? upset. This time the poop was a little more solid but still really mushy. After another thirty minutes I was on the toilet again with more runny poop. The whole rest of the night I had gas and ???? ache. I will not be eating chocolate again for a long time! (Of course that's what I said last time I ate it and had a similar experience, and the time before that and the time before that...)

Just got back from the first family vacation of the year. It was interesting because we left the week before they opened the bathrooms from winter. We didn't learn that until we got there, however. It so happens that our RV does not have a bathroom in it. So we parked on the far side of the campground, which backs up to some woods. So we peed and pooped all week in the woods in front of each other. Me and my boyfriend(I got permission for him to come with us) had fun having peeing distance contests. I won two, he won 3, hehe. I'm currently improving my stand-pee method so I can do it more discreetly(read: so its easier to pee in public.) Also, I'm trying to figure out if theres a type of pants that will let you poop without getting them off. I'll keep you posted on that!!!!!!!

I've been trying to teach my mom to pee standing, its a hard thing to teach when you can't show them but about 3 times a day.

To those people who have been asking about peeing in movies:
On TV recently there was a show called "Wife Swap", one of those reality things, where two families switch wives with each other for two weeks. In one episode, the one wife is going to a treehouse(yes, really) and discovers that there is no door on the bathroom, just wire mesh. She is shown right after that sitting down with toilet paper next to her.

Another one: A reality show called "Vacation Swap". Two families have a two week vacation, but one week the first family demonstrates their vacation to the second family, and then vice versa. The first family was rich, from Atlanta Georgia, and had obviously never taken a pee in the woods or anything. When they went on a hike, it showed Shelle(rich gal) saying, "I need to pee", and then it showed her asking her host that week, "Where would a woman pee here?", then showing the two women walking into the weeds. They probably would have shown more, but remember, it was on public television.


Mikey Pee
For Anonymous Male:

Hi !

You won't believe this, but there's actually a name for the
condition you describe, it's called "bashful bladder." No kidding!

I'm 55 and I've dealt with this for most of my life. In certain
venues (like train stations, highway rest stops, airports, etc)
I'm unable to void at a urinal and most of the time I go directly
into a stall.

Without going into all of the physiology, the short of it is
that there's an opening (sphincter) through which our urine travels as it works its way down the urethra (inside the penis or vagina).
Once a person is toilet trained this opening is typically closed
and it's the pressure of our urine in our bladder and against this
opening that creates the sensation of needing to "go to the bathroom."

This opening is opened and closed by muscles, and the muscles need
to relax in order for the sphincter to open and empty the bladder.
If, for whatever reason, you can't relax then you won't be able to
"go" no matter how badly or urgently you need to.

I am disabled by cerebral palsy and, in general, my muscle relaxation
is somewhat impaired, and this probably contributes to my situation,
but it probably isn't the whole story as there are also psychological
aspects that come into play as well.

One thing that has helped me over the years is not to think about
what I need to do at the urinal. I think developed "bashful bladder"
as a youngster at times when I felt hurried to finish up
at the urinal. The more I concentrated on trying to "hurry on and
get done" the harder it is for me to void. So, I try not to think about it.

But, I haven't completely overcome this and I doubt that I ever will.
Last year I went into a men's room at the baseball stadium and it
was just packed with guys, especially kids which is the worst for me.
I'm a little self conscious because of my disability which is visibly
obvious and so a crowded men's room is not the best place for me.
Anyhow, each urinal had a line, and I needed to go, so I got into line.
The line moved quickly enough, but when it was "my turn" I couldn't
empty. So when this happens, I just flush, fix my zipper, and walk
away as if everything's OK even though it's not. The room was so
crowded that I couldn't get to one of the stalls, although I should've gone directly to a stall in the first place. Fortunately, I got
home in good time and managed not to have an accident.

I don't know if this helps, but you're not alone.

Just out of curiosity, do women have this kind of problem?

Billy and Kevin
Yesterday, we had soccer practice indoors because it was raining so hard. After soccer practice, our dad took us out for lunch at Subway. we all peed and washed our hands before lunch. I felt a dookee coming on, but I knew it would be a while. Both of us, our cousin Billy and little brothers were with us. After lunch, both of us were farting a lot. we both knew we would have to go in about 20 or 30 minutes. We cleaned up and headed for our cabin. I told dad we might have to go #2 on the way. He said that we can stop or if it is raining to hard, we can just poop in the bed pan. We keep a bed pan in the back of the truck for this sort of thing.

About 10 mintues after we got going, jeremy said he needed to go. we got the bed pan out. He pushed out 3 turds. the first one was really nubby. About 10 minutes later, billy dropped a huge turd and two little ones. The first parat of the big one was nubby, with corn from lunch the day before. About 10 mintues after that, kev had to go. It was the first time he had to go in about 2 days. he had diarrhea before. So he took pepto bismal, which made his turd black. It was also corny from lunch and dinner the night before. The other turds were light brown and curled around in the bed pan. then jeremy had to poop again. He made a bunch of really small turds that really stunk.

On the way home tonight, we stopped on at a subway again. we went into the bathroom and peed and washed our hands. while we were washing our hands, a little kid around 5 came and pooped. It was really stinky. He got up to wipe his butt. It was a a foot long and floating. After we ate, Kev, billy and Josh all had to go poop. when we got into the bathroom, that kid was going again. A bunch of little corny squiggly wiggles that floated. It still really smelled. kev went poop. Then billy and Josh hopped on. Josh finished, and wiped himself. billy was finishing up and the little kid came back in. While billy was wiping the kid said oh know, i am going. Billy got up, and the kid sat down. he blasted out diarrhea as soon as he sat down. Billy wiped twice more, while the kid pooped. we washed our hands while the kid pooped. He finished when we done. He flushed the toilet and it almost overflowed. The toilet was full of streak marks. The kid went to the sink, and then ran back and sat down on the toilet as we were about to leave. When we opened the door, the father came and said sorry he came in on you. We said it was ok.

On the way home, Jeremy had to poop in the truck again. Dad said to go ahead and use the bed pan. Jeremy pushed out about 3 turds. Kev and josh had to push out some squiggly wigglies too. our cousin anne was in the truck too. she had to poop too. she pooped out a huge turd and a pile of squiggly wiggles.

Anonymous Male: What you have is a bashful bladder also known as shy bladder, stage fright, or medically, paruresis. Enter shy bladder or paruresis in a search engine such as and you will find that this is a common condition. You will find help there also. I am 18 and in high school. I have two close friends who can never pee when anyone is around. One of them can pee in a closed stall. The other one can't pee in any public toilet. He ends up holding his pee all day. I went home with him once and he ran to the toilet. He was in pain. But he made me wait outside so he could go without anyone in the house. He let me in. I hadn't taken a piss since noon. It was then 4:30 p. m. So I asked him where the bathroom was. My bladder was full of 32 oz. of soda. He asked if he could come in with me. Sure I said. I can pee anywhere. So I stood there at the toilet. With him in there watching me it took me about 2 minutes to get going. I had bashful bladder temporarily. We both started to laugh. Then I peed a waterfall for about a minute and a half.My friend found and got help. Now we are in college and rooming together. He can pee much better in a stall but not at a urinal even with me standing near him. How old are you? When did the problem start? Why do you think you can't pee when anyone is next to you? Even I have a problem if the men's room is really full of people and many are standing behind me needing to piss bad.

michael explosive diarrhea
whats up everybody!
About a year ago I was at a park with my mom and my brother. There were soccer fields and a couple of baseball fields. My stepdad had a softball game and my brother and I were playing baseball behind the backstop.I saw a young filipino woman,pretty hot wearing tight jeans and a tanktop heading over to the porta potties with her boyfriend. I stood behind the porta potty to spy on the woman. She opened the porta potty and told her boyfriend that there was piss all over the seat and that she wanted him to wipe it.She was holding her hands on her ass and she exclaimed,"Do it quickly I have to take a huge dump!"He exited the porta potty and she ran in. From behind the porta potty I could hear her rip her pants down and sit down on the toilet. She started having loud diarrhea like harry from dumb and dumber. The splashing,the farting was so disgusting but at the same time I was very amused.She exited the porta potty and told her boyfriend that she felt sorry for the next person who went in. They left and i went into the porta potty. It stunk so bad in there. THe toilet had diarrhea all over it and there was a big pile of it in it.

i have a problem. when releiving myself i like to stick tissue up my rectum. lately is has been hurting does anyone know if i keep doing it what is might be doing to my insides?
Afraid to ask my doctor please help

random poster
there was a girl named katie m that did a similar pee storry as lindsay posted around page 1320 or so

Diaherria Story #1

Hi everyone! I'm back with a diaherria story! Whenever it becomes "that time of the month" for me I get diaherria at least once or twice, sometimes really bad. Okay, so diaherria is bad no matter what but I'm talking uncontrollable diaherria. Anyway, I was out the other day running errands after work and then I was meeting my boyfriend at an italian resturant. I had ziti with garlic butter sauce, salad, garlic bread and shared chicken parm with my boyfriend. As soon as I finished eating my stomach started to cramp and I knew what was going to follow! I didn't want to tell my boyfriend so I sat there shifting in my chair while he ate dessert. He asked me what was wrong a few times and I said I was just really full. We finally left and when we were driving back home I asked him if we could pull over somewhere cause I really needed a bathroom. We were on the highway and unfort. there was no where to go. I'm sure we could've gotten off at one of the exits but he is not someone who likes to stop for anything and told me I could wait until we got home. He still didn't know I was about to explode. Ten minutes from my house it happened! It came out liquidy and some chunks which I assume had been my lunch from earlier in the day. I had on jeans and panties. It was horrible. His car stunk of shit, the seat got stained and more ruined clothes for me. He was really understanding, but I felt horrible.

Hey everyone! I have a pooping story for ya here it goes.

Last night I fekt sick to my stomach. I got up sat on the toilet to pee and fated along with the fart about 2 sparys of diareahha came out. About 10 minutes later I had to go again. This time tons and tons of diareahha just sprayed out my Anus. Later 5 minutes later I went again this time it felt as if I was peeing out of my but and it came so fast i basically burned my Anus it hurt so bad. So i decided to take a shower bad mistake. As I was in the shower I had to go so bad that as I was peeing (as always) in the shower I squatted over the drain as loads od direahha poured out. I think I had a virus or sumthin.

Chow for Now KC

Hi everyone. First, I must say that I absolutely LOVE this site! It's fun, interesting, comforting, and, of course, non-pornographic like so many other things out there on the web. I'm a 37-year old female, originally from the UK, but have lived in the States for quite a while now. Actually, I think some of my more interesting stories involve my husband, Jean-Luc. He's had a wide range of problems related to this subject since childhood. He was a bedwetter, and then later discovered that he's lactose intolerant and has some form of IBS. He also has epilepsy, which I suspect may contribute, especially various medications he's taken over the years. I think his main problem is his bladder - not only does he seem to go excessively, but he has trouble holding it for longer than, say, 10 minutes or so. Since I've met him, I've witnessed several accidents, but I think it really just brought us closer, and it's not like I really care!

I'll tell you a quick story: when we were taking a trip "back home" (Europe), he fell asleep on the plane. It's a pretty long trip, but he's always been able to nod off quickly, and sometimes even a good, deep sleep. I had been snoozing on his shoulder for about a few hours or so, alternating it with reading my novel. As I lay there, I started to wonder how long it had been since we'd taken off, before realising that it had been at least four hours. Before we'd gone, he'd been drinking a lot of water, and then he'd also had a juice when the stewardess had come by. Knowing his small bladder tendencies, I decided it would probably be a good idea to wake him up before we had one of his "emergencies" on our hands. As it turned out, I was too late.

He woke with a jolt, and sort of stretched a bit. "Do you need to use the toilets?" I asked, getting ready to move out of his way. He nodded, and made his way down the aisle. Within a minute, he was back. Apparently, the toilets were all full. He sat down again, and started to look uncomfortable. I noticed that he kept moving his hand towards his crotch, and shifting around a bit. He muttered something under his breath, cursing the current users :-) I poked my head out the seats and checked to see if he could go yet. By now, he was openly squeezing his penis.

Finally, one opened up, and he went practically racing down the aisle, rushed into the toilet. When he came back, he was sort of pulling his shirt down over his trousers. As he sat down, he told me what had happened (believe me, we're *very* open about this sort of thing!). While running towards the toilet, he'd started squirting into his boxers. Fortunately, he was able to get most of it in the toilet, but there was a slight stain on his zipper. We laughed it off, and it dried, luckily, before we'd even landed.

Wow, that was fairly long! There was one other thing:

CHERYL: have you ever actually had a peeing accident? What happened when you went on your floor?

DIVA: what does your husband make of this interest of yours? Is he like that as well? Do you ever discuss it?

Thanks! ;-)


Andrew (formerly Lurk or Soft Touch)
hi all,

i've been reading this site since its's gotta be, what, eight years now? I posted waaaaay back in the beginning under the names "Lurk" and "Soft Touch" - there's a fiction piece i posted back when i was seventeen, it's

i've had a lot of issues surrounding my turn-ons around women using the bathroom. I've had psychologists say it's related to feelings of humiliation and powerlessness, which knowledge has done me precisely zero good in trying to be "normal". at this point in my life, i'm kind of over trying to normalize myself, and i figure at this point it would be a lot better to just enjoy it, since about three years of the former have done me almost no good whatsoever :).

about me - i'm 25, male, dark-haired, about 5'5" and 160 lbs. I'm a little out of shape, but only a little, and i'm working on that...i've had quite a few people tell me i'm good-looking, and i think i am as well. modesty, on the other hand, is not something i'm accused of as often ;)

i have quite a few stories - if anyone is interested in hearing them, it would probably help me get over some of my own squeamishness about my own bodily functions and help me to "get", on a real gut level, that taking a dump is something everyone has to deal with, male or female. and hopefully i could develop a sense of humor about it too! :)

any takers?


Once when I was young, I wet myself at the market.

Diaherria Story #2

The incident in the car was bad but the second day was even worse for me. I was at work and my stomach didn't feel right when I had gotten up in the morning but I didn't want to call in so like a trooper I got up and went. My office was having a birthday party for one of our co-workers and there was tons of food- I couldn't resist eating!

I had worn a skirt outfit that day. It wasn't a short skirt (just above the knees). Everything was fine after lunch, my stomach had seemed to settle a little. At about 2:30 it all changed! More stomach cramps and this time I headed to the bathroom asap! I ran into the bathrooom, locked the stall and as soon as I had my skirt up, panties and stockings down I let go. My ass wasn't even on the toilet yet! Shit went everywhere!!!! It was on the floor, the toilet and in the toilet. Some had dripped down on the back of my thighs. The shit kept coming out of me and I didn't know what to do. I couldn't sit down and I felt funny hovering my ass over the bowl. When it let up a little I wiped myself off and made sure no one else was around. I was able to get out of the stall grab some wet paper towels and soap and get back into the stall to at least clean myself off. As for the stall, well I didn't even try. I was so grossed out that I snuck out of the bathroom and didn't tell anyone. No one had seen me go in or out so thankfully my coworkers have no idea who exploded!

Hey. Taylor here.
Alexandra: So you had diarrhoea, and you threw up. I guess you probably had a twenty-four hour stomach bug, like I had back in February. Hey, its not so bad.
Things have been getting more and more uninteresting for me in terms of bowel movements. All I've been able to push out recently are chunks. Hard ones and all. I haven't had a good soft movement in I don't know how long. So I'm going to deliver a story from when I went to America. Its a short one.
Me and my parents had just spent three days in San Francisco, and we were about to go to Las Vegas. Well, unfortunately, I had a bout of Diarrhoea, and I didn't even know about it. I just sat down, and farted (I wasn't on a toilet, by the way), and when we got to Vegas, there was a brown stain in my underwear. No smell, or anything. Guess I just followed through.
Oh yeah, somebody a few days back asked if anybody knew any great poop scenes in movies. Well, I don't have a poop scene, other than the one in 'Not Another Teen Movie', but I have a peeing scene, and one of the funniest ones you will ever see. An anime film, 'Dragonball Z: Broly; the Second Coming', features it. Trunks, one of the main charecters, is hiding from the main villain, Broly, behind a waterfall. Well, after Broly attempts to grab him, Trunks says 'I feel an emergency coming on'. Trunks' best mate, Goten, calls him, saying he has found the last Dragonball. This causes Trunks to reveal his hiding place, and Broly to notice him. After exchanging words with the bad guy, Goten gove into the cave where Trunks was hiding, while his unlucky friend is attacked by Broly, who attempts to break the kid in half over his head. Trunks then says 'I can't hold on for much longer', and then gets and extremely relaxed look on his face. I then swiches to Broly's face, and he has a clear liquid, which appears to be urine, running down it. The look on his face is one you really must see. It then switches to Trunks' pant leg, which has piss coming out of it, and then to the front of his trousers, which are wet. Whenever I see that scene, I can't stop myself from laughing. I would highly reccomend this movie to anybody who likes Dragonball Z, anime, or who just like peeing scenes. However, you must see the dragonball Z movie 'Broly, the Legendary Super sayain ' first. Hilarious scene.
Apologies to the Moderator about the length of this post.
Cheers. Taylor.

AJ :o)
Within a day or two, I'm going to be starting the initial phase of a cleansing program--with a bang, so to speak!

Will be drinking Magnesium Citrade.

Never had it before, but I hear it tastes nasty (even though it looks like some kind of lemon lime pop)--I also hear that it's very effective.

Will write to you in a few days and let you know what the experience was like!

Happy Pooping!
AJ :o)

Michael S.
Hi. My name is Michael. I am a 23 year old male. She dosent know it but I finnaly got to see my girlfriend poop yesterday morning. We both live in the same house together but we sleep in seperate bedrooms. Our one bathroom is right in the center of the house. My bedroom is down the hall on the left side of it and her bedroom is past the living room on the right side of the bathroom. She is a beautiful 20 year old girl and I have been wanting to see her take a dump for a long time now. The problem is that she is EXTREMELY shy about her bathroom habbits, especially pooping. If I am around the bathroom, she will be as quiet as she can on the toilet and trys her best not to stink it up. She trys her best to keep her poop from loudly splashing the water and I never ever heard her grunt on the toilet until now.
Yesterday morning I got paged to come into work early (about 5:45AM). I got up and went to turn the shower onand let the water get warm (the shower is in our bathroom). I had just got ready to turn the bathroom light on when I heard her bedroom door start to open. I hurried into the shower behind the curtain, not turning the bathroom light on, hoping she was coming in. I closely watched as she entered the bathroom and turned the light on. The first thing I saw was the newspaper that she was holding in her hand! This was great! I had never known her to read on the toilet before. She pulled down her pajama pants and sat down on the toilet. I was peeking through a little hole between the shower wall and the shower curtain. A few seconds later she let out a gnnuhhh. WOW! a first!She surely thought that I was sleeping soundly because I know she would have never done this while I was awake. It was silent for about 45 seconds but then she laid down her newspaper, clasped her hands together in her lap, and leaned forward with her eyes closed. She then let out an UHHHHHHH. Not to loud, but definately audible. She did the same thing again and I could hear the poop cracking out of her butt. She let out a little ehh and then a louder grunt. After that, her poop mad a floop noise in the toilet. She wiped 4 times and threw her toilet paper in the toilet (she never throws it in the trash unless she only peed). She stood up, flushed, and watched the poop go down the toilet. After it was gone she reached over and got the toilet brush and scrubbed around the inside of the bowl, probably getting rid of her skidmarks. She picked up her newspaper, waved the door back and forth (to dilute the smell), and then turned out the light. After I heard her door shut, I stood up and caught my breath because of what I saw out of her. I didn't even bother taking a shower because she might have though I was awake listening to her. If she would have found out what I did, that would have been it. On my way to work I started thinking that maybe she does her best poops around 5 or 6 in the morning. I mostly go in the evening but I'll start checking early in the morining more often to see if she goes.

I was wondering if any of you guys have any interedting stories of watching your wife or girlfriend poop without her knowing it. What does she do and what sounds does she make? I think its more natural to see a person poop without them knowing because they do not put on a show or hide anything, its natural.
You to ladies. Have you watched any of your friends that are women poop without them knowing you are there?

Thanks alot guys for reading. I hope you enjoyed and I am looking forward to what your answers are to my questions!!

Chloe the Pooper
i read what you said and i had to try the thing with the paper towels and it worked great and it did
feel good but the only diference is that i am a guy

Anonymous: There are a few websites and online support groups for that. The condition is officially called "avoidant pareusis." Apparently it's mostly psychological, but there are physiological processes that cause it, i.e. being tense or nervous and how it affects muscles, etc. I actually did a paper on it once, just for shits and giggles, but the research was actually pretty interesting.

tonight I hadn't felt the need to pee for the longest time , well almost . about 7:30 PM was my last , just a quick lil' tinkle and a change of my maxi pad [yeah, it's that "time" of the month!lovin it baby? gag me! LMAO!]before setting out to do avery important task; go to the package store before 8 PM closing, and yes, pick up some mudslides in the 4-packs, and another 1.75 liter of " uncle" burnett's vodka[ el cheapo! but mixes well with lime tonic real sweet! ] anyway < I shopped also and came home, did some clothes washing and drying, and didn't even feel the old bladder begint to kick in , untill I was brewing some coffee. [ the "sauce" I am saving for later tonight and yeah, the vodka for the whole week probably, at least.], still I didn't really have to go that badly , yet; and so I drank my iced coffee [ 20 oz mug] and then I felt it coming. it was like the evening's worth of accumulated pee, and set off that signal that says , " time to go to the bathroom, cherr- honey!" * giggles* and so, wearing my tights, I pranced off to the bathroom and shut door.then, after first lifting the lid and grabbing my hair mirror to watch, I wiggled off my tights which really cling, and after getting them down to below my knees; pulled down the undies to expose my snatch and then, sat to pee. [ hair? well,it's supposed to be brown, but now dyed light blonde clairol XL 02; and now , almost shoulder in back and to bottom of my ears on the sides, with front bangs. medium length style :)not bad for this " plus sized" gal of "around 170" and 5' 8" :) LOL -:P ] holding the mirror, I looked and a few secs later this yellowish, solid, but twisty thin ribbon of pee began shooting out from my labia and tinkling into the toilet bowl's clear water; a little bit to the left at first, then directly downward into the fornt , -middle of the bowl's water. quickly, it began turning the water yellow and after maybe 10-15 seconds; in the mirror I observed it making massive amounts of bubbly foam spreading out all over; along with the tinkle noise softening some, due to the foamy " cushion " which seemed to be " absorbing my pee" as it splashed into the water! less then 40 secs later and I was about doen, just one more gentle "tinkle" of maybe 10 secs and that was it. I think most of what had to " escape" did so in probably 30 seconds! anyway, taking some of that nice, "pretty in pink", scott tissue from the roll on my left wall; after tearing off a generous piece, I scrunched it up and wiped my brown-haired snatch , then slipped it into the bowl before rising to pull up both my undies[ panties, if y'all like.]and tight nylon tights; which can be a real pain, but if you're not wearing your undies/panties, you probably could pee right in them and they'd dry before the pee smell could even form!as I did, I glanced over and saw that the bowl's water was like a golden yellow and had acattered streaks of pee foam still floating in it; all which looked totally awesome swirling down with that pink paper. talk about contrast! maybe that artist who submerged the cross into the jar of urine could use mine???? LOL [ "now hush up! cheryl, you sass!" LOL :)]

Monday, April 04, 2005

Hi everyone again!

Just for the record... i was exaggerating (sp??) about needing a colonoscopy for my hemmheroids haha. Im a nurse and that makes me no expert, but i am aware i dont need one, also what hemmheroids are and feel like! :) I'm truly confused about my hemmheroid situation though, hmm, oh well!

Buzzy~ i liked the story! Although, i'll admit i always like your stories! I know the tonsil procedure really is no big deal, but i'm such a baby when it comes to doctors and being in pain... and i do love ice cream haha!

That's all for today

Dear Anna, I know that you must be very shy about talking about peeing to a new boyfriend. But don't you know that the average person with an average size bladder needs to pee about once every two or at the most four hours. You may have a small bladder holding about 300 ml. The average size bladder contains about 500 to 600 ml. Everyone has to pee sooner or later. You should tell us how often you normally pee in a day, 4, 5, or 6 times. Most of us go about 5 times a day. Now if your boyfriend only goes twice a day, his bladder may hold 1000 ml, a very large bladder. Or does he cut out most liquids the day before the trip so that he is dihydrated? Holding too long with pain is dangerous for your kidneys (urine backs up) and getting dihydrated is also dangerous for the human system. It can interfere with kidney function because it allows the waste material to build up in the blood.

You need to lighten up a bit and say how envious you are for his big bladder. But some of us are different and can only hold comfortably for 4 or 5 hours. Surely he has met other men and women who are the same. What about on the rest of the trip? Do he go to the toilet after you arrived or when you went home? If not, he is a once a day pisser--very, very unusual. He is the freak of nature. You are normal. Stop being afraid of being an adult and talking about necessary bodily functions which we all have.

All I can you are to be congratulated on holding out so long. You could have caused a mess in his great car. It would have served him right for being so arrogant and uncaring about your normal needs.

Chloe the Pooper
Hey everybody, it's me again, the one who tried the experiment with the paper towels in my panties. Well, today I did it again, all alone and I added something, I took some plastic wrap and put it on the outside layer of paper towels so that even if it did leak through the paper towels, it wouldn't stain my panties(how smart am I?)! And when my parents went to work today(I'm on spring break by the way) I just walked around my house and after a few hours I finally felt "the need" and started to push. Well within a minute or so I had managed to expel what I THOUGHT was every bit of poop out of me and I did something i didn;t get to do last time, I sat down. This felt so good, I wish I could have shared it with somebody, well next I went outside and I did something that enhanced the feeling, I got on my bike and rode around the block a few times, well after a while the poop started to get a little cold, but then something happened, I suddenly needed to poop again, and...I did, while still on my bike. But it didn't go quite as planned and some fell out of my underwear and into my pants. I rode home as fast as I could and when I got home I was relieved to find that it hadn't stained my jeans and on top of that as soon as I got off of my bike some of the poop fell down my pantleg and onto the ground. I kind of giggled and picked it up and went inside and flushed I am typing this and I still have to clean myself and get rid of the smell before my parents get home in about an hour. I'll be sure to post again when I do this again.

Bye-bye for now,
Chloe the Pooper

Anonymous Male
I have a problem. I have a lot of trouble peeing when there are one or more other guys at the urinals near me. Sometimes I can't even pee standing up, I have to sit down in one of the stalls and relax for a few minutes before it will flow.

Is there something wrong with me? What can I do to fix this problem?

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